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Politics / Re: Election Results: Arewa Influencer, Sarki Cries Out On Twitter by vickylala239: 12:58pm On Feb 26, 2023
I just pity my Igbo brothers and sisters from the east.

U guys should keep on being obidient until Tinubu start showing u guys shege.

Obi has used u people to give Tinubu presidency....... enjoy Tinubu presidency.
So sad that you are a lady

Being a lady is already suffering from menses, child birth,no husband,menses pains, menopause
Politics / Re: Obi: INEC Should Have Had Pictures Of Presidential Candidates On Ballot Papers by vickylala239: 4:10am On Feb 26, 2023
Obi has to be the dumbest presidential candidate ever, so INEC Should have ur flatherded picture on the ballot because this is the first time they're conducting an election.
Was ur useless picture on the ballot when u contested for governorship?
Foolish, dumb retard

You are angry cuz he is too strong
Politics / Nigeria Presidential Election 2023 : Situation Report by vickylala239: 10:50am On Feb 25, 2023
Here with pictures or video
Polling unit
Give us situation report of the unit you are voting.
Politics / Presidential Election:: Report Any Incident Of Violent In Your Unit Here by vickylala239: 10:42am On Feb 25, 2023
Please confirm your Report before posting
Details ,unit,state is important.
Avoid propaganda.
Just say and upload exactly what you saw
Business / Re: Supply Me Dangote Cement At Low Price by vickylala239: 3:28pm On Feb 25, 2022
Business / Supply Me Dangote Cement At Low Price by vickylala239: 11:03am On Feb 25, 2022
I could like to know if there is a good distributor who can supply dangote cement at a good price to me.
I want to deal on dangote cement,so I need any good supplier who can give me a mouth watering supply price.
Or who can guide me on being a major distributor at the same time tells me what's the factory price of dangote cement is.
If you are a scammer you will be wasting your time,cuz am over too experience,why because 2kobo will not leave my pocket expect I see goods in my doors step n visit your site.

Business To Business / Re: Dangote Cement - Buy At The Cheapest Price From A Distributor by vickylala239: 8:50am On Jan 14, 2022
Am interested
Business / Re: CBN Bars BVN Violators From Opening Bank Accounts by vickylala239: 4:50am On Nov 26, 2021
What if I decide to tell the new bank that I don't have a BVN and they sign me up for new one?

I know BVN is attached to biometric and personal data but it can still be spoof

You can't!!!! Thump wil match
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Goes Out With Other Guys Because I Am Broke by vickylala239: 12:02pm On Oct 28, 2021
My girlfriend likes food a lot...
Sometimes what she wants might be above my budget
I just graduated...no job yet ..
She can call guys on the phone in my presence and beg them for money...
There is this "married" man she sees and has actually spent the night with him and she swears that nothing happened between them...
I can't provide for her needs....
I can't also stop her from getting them...
I love this girl so much
She loves me too..
Anytime I think about this...
It makes me sad
I wanna end everything...
But I can't...
What do I do

Oga go and make money.
Go out with other business n let her be
Family / Re: My Wife Is Always Sad Whenever I Send Money To My Family by vickylala239: 12:01pm On Oct 28, 2021
Don't hide anything important.. but don't disclose everything sha..

So if you buy boxers and singlet you will now go and tell her too??

She's just naturally greedy.. you need to understand your wife and follow her the way she is to avoid getting issues with her..

The man na mumu...lol
Na fresh marriage dey worri am
Family / Re: My Wife Is Always Sad Whenever I Send Money To My Family by vickylala239: 12:00pm On Oct 28, 2021
Dear Nairalanders

There is this issue that is bothering my mind, I have promise to be faithful to my wife and always let her know whatever comes in for me.
But the problem is that I always tell her how money is spent, and whenever I present list for whatever we buy and all other expenses, but each time she sees anything like I sent 10k to my mother, she always pick up fight with me, and I have not been biased, I send money to her mother too.

I don't know why she is acting like this, and It doesn't make me a happy man at home.
Please I need your advice on what I can do, I don't want to hide anything from my wife.

Mumu man!! You spent write list and stabd in front of your wife to explain..And call this love
Does your wife bring list and include your mum in her own.

She will soon kill u,once you show a woman that u are weak, your days are numbered


Crime / Re: Court Denies Woman Who Tortured Her Househelp In Abia Bail by vickylala239: 8:42pm On Sep 30, 2021
Why did the husband not arrested too
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Just Broke My Heart by vickylala239: 8:38pm On Sep 30, 2021
My girlfriend just ended our 8 month's relationship with no suitable reasons. When I asked her, she said because I don't give her attention anytime she's talking and she mostly talk about celebrity and social media life style which I don't find interesting topic on.

I'm so tired this evening feeling down about this!!

Mummu man woman say e no want u dey down,no b JuJu b that?
A man that bhv lik woman na man b that.
A man should not b having Rubbbish mood lik woman.

Fckkkk her n rest
Get another bitccch
Celebrities / Re: Davido To Trevor Noah: I Got Into Trouble For Supporting #EndSARS (Video) by vickylala239: 8:28pm On Sep 30, 2021
SMH. Those innocent people who got their businesses burnt and citizens still bearing the brunt of the coordinated arson in Lagos are the ones who actually got into trouble . You didn't see or get into trouble sir. You're a member of the privileged and unpatriotic political class viciously struggling for power and damming the lives of others because most of you carry multiple passports and valid visas to other countries in the event everywhere, God forbid, is burnt in Nigeria.

Once the panel finishes its sittings, the role you all and Twitter played in the whole coordinated arson need to be revisited, at least to forestall future occurrences and get justice for all the true victims of the carnage and widespread destruction, looting and coordinated arson in Lagos .

Happy Independence Day in advance to all Nigerian Patriots. May God bless you and may the blessings from the bowels of this land be your portion and those of your descendants. Your labour of love and sacrifice to this great nation is not in vain . You are living proofs that all our heroes past is not in vain. Thank you so very much.
Here is free book on business ideas & money sources directory for you, it's 100% free!

And fooooooolisssh post by a fooolissssh muslimmmm
Politics / Re: Buhari Seeks National Assembly’s Approval To Borrow Fresh $4bn, €710m by vickylala239: 12:58pm On Sep 14, 2021
I'm urging the leadership of national assembly to speed up this request so live can more bearable for the masses. God bless president Buhari.
Little did u knw what it means

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Politics / Re: Zulum Commissions Houses, Remolded Chibok School Where Girls Were Kidnapped by vickylala239: 5:52pm On Jun 12, 2021
And people wil still go back to that school
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by vickylala239: 8:25am On Mar 23, 2020
USD needed to dom account

Tell me your rate
Romance / Re: Man Grabs His Fiancee's Massive Backside In Pre-wedding Pictures by vickylala239: 10:45pm On Feb 26, 2019
points off correson, there is a difference between GRAB and TOUCH. E.G picture above is touch,picture below is

This is painful Chai
Family / Re: My Wife Has Reduced Me To A Common Trash. by vickylala239: 7:33pm On Feb 26, 2019
I've never been happy for almost 8 years of marriage with 3 wonderful kids.I wake up everyday asking God how I got entangled with the worse woman I've ever met in my life.

I'm a very responsible and decent man who provides for his family.My family has always been my priority, but my wife's disrespectful attitude towards me has rendered me hopeless,shattered and broken.

She insults me at any slightest argument,raises her voice to attract the attention of neighbours and the kids whenever we have a misunderstanding.She hates been talked to,even if she's wrong.

I have my own imperfections too as a man,but it really baffles me when a woman you paid her bride price sees you as trash,challenges you in a very rebellious and arrogant manner for the whole time you've ever spent with her.

My kids has been the ones keeping me from leaving the marriage since I've complained to virtually all her family members yet it seems to be worse. I die in silence and pains everyday.

My wife can't serve me food with water to wash my hands,I'll always go and wash my hands myself and mostly take the plates back to the kitchen if the maid didn't do it.She has never asked why I rejected a particular food,she'll just take it away without remorse.

I'm just nothing to her and her family members. Her sister even called me to warn and threaten me one certain time we had problem.It even became worse when she got a job,I'm a laughing stock because I lost my job.

I usually send her money to pay the kids fees,I was owing some little amount this term,surprisingly,the gave the school accountant my number to embarrass me.

I've come to realize that any woman disloyal to her husband definitely has someone she's loyal to and if you don't let her go,she might end up killing you or you do the unthinkable out of frustration.

Divorce might not be the best way to end an unhappy marriage,but it can surely prolong the lives of the couples involved. Kids will surely grow into adults someday to understand things. This is my point of no return.

She started as a terrible girlfriend and ended as a bad wife.I pray my daughters don't ever take after their mother because I can't wish a fellow man what I've experienced for almost 8 years.No body should ever marry a man or woman with flaws thinking they'll change with time;they don't change,they only get worse.

Lots of people are really misquoting me.I only lost a high paying job but still got a very big business which is already yielding income,just that my spending pattern changed.I still run all aspects of mybhome.

My wife's money remains her business and she's not mandated to spend it on me or the family.I truly assist her to the best of my ability in domestic chores and otherwise.

She's a very bad tempered woman that doesn't regard or respect me and that's where the problem lies.My only crime is that I wanted respect from her.

You are too weak for a man a single slap,u hate weak me with passion.. Get one room empty it no sit no nothing, push her in and lock her up there.

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Politics / Re: My Experience As A Potential INEC Ad-hoc Staff. by vickylala239: 7:53pm On Feb 24, 2019
Good morning nairalanders,

I would like to share my little experience and the challenges I encountered at the INEC office in Orile-Agege LGA, Lagos.

First of all this information is not to discredit INEC as a body but to tell Nigerian's how the EO of INEC in Orile-Agege has compromised her responsibilities there.
I would try as much as possible not to mention names except the names of INEC officials.

Few Months ago I saw a thread on Nairaland about the recruitment of INEC Ad-hoc staffs by INEC, so being qualified for the job, I decided to apply on the Inec website for the job.

The next day I decided to go and really get information from the INEC office close to my home concerning the job, they told me that they are not accepting the online Applicants that you have to apply physically at the office for you to have any opportunity of getting the job...

Luckily for me the form was still on so I decided to fill the form. But before I got the form I had to beg and beg, they said form has finished and there was no time to photocopy because they were busy giving out PVC's.. I had to pay 1000 naira before they finally gave me the form to fill.

Then and there I descovered that they are not following the online requirements for application, anyone who hasn't even gotten to secondary school before can apply for a job meant for potential Corpers (Penultimate Students), Corpers and Ex Corpers.

Few weeks after I got a message from INEC asking me to come for 3 days training from Thursday 31st January 2019 to Saturday 2nd February, 2019. 2pm daily at Government College school Ipaja road, Agege.

I was extremely happy afterall efforts have not been wasted. So the Thursday came, I took permission earlier from work. I rushed down to the Government College by 12pm and I saw nobody. The security man told me that there was nothing happening there on that day and so I decided to check their office maybe they changed the location... When I got to their office they said they have Rescheduled the training days to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.... I went home very disappointmented at least they should have concluded plans before choosing date or better still, send us another text for the rescheduled date.

The NEXT day which was Friday I went to the training ground again around 2pm... See crowd just like a BBNaija audition center... Over 5000 people still waiting for the officials to come.
When they came, they started pasting names on the doors of each class room. Everyone started looking for their names... They just scattered names, I was wondering why they didn't input the names alphabetically to make it easier for people to see their names considering the large numbers of trainees and how big the school compound is...
It took me over 2 hours to see my name.

I entered the classroom, hooked up with some guys in the class. We were all waiting for everyone and everywhere to be calm... Around past 6. The SPO(Supervising Presiding Officer) introduced himself to us as our SPO and a Lecturer from Unilag. He started lecturing.
By past 7pm everywhere became dark so he stopped and told us to resume 8am in the class on Saturday.

The classes held from 8am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday (I had to miss church on Sunday to avoid stories).

NOTE: no form of exam/test was done in my class, we complained to him that other classes was writing exam. He said that exam would not be marked, that it was attendance that mattered most.

After the three days intensive training they said they would get back to us.

Few days after the training one of the guys I met at the training center called me that they have started pasting names of successful trainees at Their office, I told him maybe I wasn't chosen because I didn't see any text... He said nobody got text so I took myself to the INEC office that day... See another set of crowd looking for names...(what would it have cost them to send text to successful trainees, that would have reduced the crowd coming to look for names)
They pasted list on already pasted lists.. they didn't care if people choked their self to death... Come and see people fighting to look at list...(very disorganized)

To cut the long story short...
I saw my name as APO2. On the list some names came out 3,4 and 5 times on different wards and NO APO3 on all the lists.... Out of 60+ people in my class only 3 of us saw our names... Same thing applies to every class... Everyone started asking who are these names on the list.... We descovered that over 80% of names on the list didn't come for training....
I felt very bad for people that didn't see their names... The officials came out to address the people complaining about the list.... They said, they should all go to the RAC center that most names on the list will not come for the job, they would replace them with people available for the job....

On February 15th(Presidential Election Eve) I went to my RAC center at 3pm....(the whole world heard what happened and the conditions they left us in but unfortunately only the Corpers were mentioned in news... Nobody considered or talked about the other ad-hoc staffs)

On February 16th I got a call that they have started paying trainee fees so I rushed down to the INEC office only for me to see that only Corpers were being paid...

On February 22nd(reschedule presidential election Eve) I got another call that they started paying other ad-hoc staffs their training fees so I rushed down to the INEC office to collect my training fees... When I got there I saw a new list... They said we should look for our names again and write out the ward/unit and we are to use the information plus an ID card to get our 4500 naira.

To my greatest surprise I couldn't see my name on the list... They changed some names on the list... In my mind I said thank God I took pictures of the list where my name is and my SPO,PO(Corper) and APO1 can testify to it. They replaced my name with a name without phone number... We couldn't call the person to know who the person was ... I wasn't the only one with this issue.... I went in to explain the situation... The INEC officials said they can't pay me if my name is not on the new list... I even showed him the picture of the the list where my name is and he said "sorry we are working with this new list"... In my heart I felt pain... I have been robbed of my hard earned labour and I have nobody to fight for me....

I asked them if I can still do the ad-hoc job, they said yes.... The INEC officials said I should just move with my team to the RAC center (which means that they know that those names they replaced us with are ghosts, they won't come for the job)..

I also asked on what assurance do I have that I would be paid after working... They said the attendance of those that worked would be used to pay us not this list...

So I accepted my faith, went home, freshened up, moved to my RAC... All my sufferings would not be in vain... After all I have had sleepless night at the RAC before, done 3 days stressful training so I have more to loose if I don't go....

I got to the RAC around 6pm, met with my team... Waited for materials to come in...
This time they gave us Mat to sleep on, they gave Corpers Camp bed to sleep on....
Around 11pm election materials started coming in...

Around 12am They called all the PO's(Corpers) and started distributing materials to them...

They finished disturbing the election materials around 4am on election day...

The INEC official(Mr Deji) at our RAC(Ward8) started calling attendance with the list they used in paying trainee fees...

The SPO's complained that most people on the list given to them are not around... They had shortage of manpower...

It was already 6am Mr Deji said orders was given to him by the EO not to replace anyone...
Some polling units had only one person on ground.... Remember EO has removed all APO3 so 1 man(PO) is left to do the job of 4(PO, APO1,APO2 and APO3).

The Corpers said they can't go to field without complete team... People like me were on ground to fill in but Mr Deji said No...

I don't want to work for free, I called some other people at other RAC(under same EO) they said their SPO's had replaced absentees with people on ground since 3am...

9am Corpers were still at the RAC, election observers, Media and the likes have started coming to know what is happening at our RAC(ward 8 awa ul islam primary school at oba akran road headed by Mr Deji)..

We(those of us that was robbed) started begging the Corpers to go because we didn't want the election to end up badly...

As at 10am the Corpers left the RAC.

At 11am Mr Deji left the RAC with a danfo(yellow bus)

Unknowingly to us he went to pick up his people wherever they were to replace the vacant spots...
The Corper I was suppose to work with called me around 12pm that Mr Deji brought someone to his RAC to fill in the empty space APO 2 (my rightful position)..
He told the Corper that they took me to another polling unit... While they left us all at the RAC...

Some people that their names isn't on the "new list" and still followed the corpers to the polling units were changed around 1pm, they brought them back to the RAC...

Now these people wasn't trained nor pass through the stress people like me passed through....

The only names they didn't tamper with was the names of Corpers...

The reason I am sharing my experience with Nigerians is for them to know what people like me who doesn't have anyone in high position is passing through....

It is obvious that Mr Deji has used his position to compromise the election process at ward 8 and I am of the believe that the EO is aware because she came to the RAC around 5am... She didn't come down from the bus... She called Deji into the bus, they spoke for few minutes and she saw the situation on ground but didn't interfere... The SPO's called her attention to the issue but she told them that Deji would handle it then she drove off...

There are 41 polling units and 8 voting points at that Ward... Ward 8 has been compromised by Mr Deji the RAC center official.

Please pardon my grammatical errors if any and kindly help me push this to front page so the world can see this...

I would still post this on other social media platforms as I have no money to sue INEC for the pains they made me pass through....

I believe someone with a good heart and the might would stand up to fight for us.... It's unfair.
Clifford Kelvin.

Oga this job was meant for corpers,i don't know what u were looking for oh?

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Politics / Re: BLOODY!!! Abak Youths Resist Akpabio’s Fake Ballot Papers In Otoro 3 (pics,vid) by vickylala239: 8:19am On Feb 24, 2019
Burn the car
Autos / Re: Check Out This Cheap Car!!!! by vickylala239: 8:03am On Feb 24, 2019
Car Talk / Re: How Cars 45 Ripped Us Off by vickylala239: 7:58am On Feb 24, 2019

pls don't go in that direction

Thanks!!! They are very bad honestly.. I don't advice anyone to go there
Car Talk / Re: How Cars 45 Ripped Us Off by vickylala239: 11:25pm On Feb 23, 2019

pls don't go in that direction

Those guys are crazy they priced my car 300k while I sold it to someone 700k

They are criminals


Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by vickylala239: 10:11am On Feb 22, 2019
The platform offers best way to buy and sell bitcoin it’s all free no commission needed to be payed just signup [url]otc.hbg.com[/url]

Huobi MENA

Naria is not there
Autos / Re: Check Out This Cheap Car!!!! by vickylala239: 7:30pm On Feb 17, 2019

Still available
Autos / Re: ASK GAZZUZZ by vickylala239: 7:45am On Feb 06, 2019

I am sorry I will be unable to give an opinion on any of these vehicles because of their age.

Do you advice on how to easily sell car at affordable price. I have 2009 Hyundai elantra to sell.. Where and how do I see this off without much stress
Car Talk / Re: How Cars 45 Ripped Us Off by vickylala239: 7:37am On Feb 06, 2019
I was thinking of selling my car to them 2009 Hyundai elantra... Who knows they Culd hv offered me 120naria


Autos / Re: Check Out This Cheap Car!!!! by vickylala239: 1:24pm On Feb 05, 2019
Autos / Re: Check Out This Cheap Car!!!! by vickylala239: 9:44am On Feb 03, 2019

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