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Sports / Messi Confirms Stay At Barcelona by wenson(m): 2:58pm On Sep 04, 2020
Lionel Messi has reportedly recorded a statement confirming he will stay at Barcelona for one more season.
The 33-year-old has been offered a £623 million ($A1.1bn) contract to join Manchester City after handing in his transfer request.

But Sphera Sports claim the Argentine has decided to see out his contract at the Nou Camp.
Messi’s father, who is also his agent, jetted to Spain this week for face-to-face talks with the club bosses.

Source: https://www.independent.ng/breaking-messi-confirms-stay-at-barcelona/

Health / Re: 138 New COVID-19 Cases,199 Discharged And 2 Deaths On August 30 - (1277 Tested) by wenson(m): 11:53pm On Aug 30, 2020
Let us go back to school ooooooooo
Am tired already


Politics / Reply To Kashamu: Let’s Be Kind To The Dead, Tinubu Tells Obasanjo by wenson(m): 10:43pm On Aug 09, 2020
I'll be as brief as possible.
So after going through this thread on Nairaland:
There's this curiosity in me yearning to be quelled. I have realized that whenever someone dies, especially in Nigeria, we always say don't speak bad abt d dead! Even when it is so glaring that the person didn't lead a so-good life. We tend to sweep every bad deeds under the carpet. And then only focus on somewhat better part of the individual's life.
My question is, why can't we talk about the the evils or ills of an individual after death? Is there a particular reason?
Travel / Re: Travellers To Arrive Three Hours Before International Flights by wenson(m): 6:35pm On Aug 06, 2020
Politics / Re: Buhari Extends Eased Lockdown By 4 Weeks by wenson(m): 6:22pm On Aug 06, 2020
What do you expect from a country where millions of her educated citizens with a critical and sound mind closes an old General dat is lacking in many intellectual capacity to rule her?
I really don't get what we are still doing in this country.

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Crime / Re: Fulani Militia Attacks Kurim Masara, Kaduna. Many Residents Killed (Graphic Pic) by wenson(m): 6:15pm On Aug 06, 2020
Is there any hope for our country still?
I mean how do these our leaders manage to cope everyday amidst these evils? Don't Dy have a heart? embarassed embarassed embarassed

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Politics / Re: Major Fuel Price Increase Looms In Nigeria by wenson(m): 4:24pm On Aug 05, 2020
Health / Re: 304 New COVID-19 Cases, 242 Discharged And 14 Deaths On August 4 -(15,088 Test) by wenson(m): 11:59pm On Aug 04, 2020
Wetin dem come see na?
Dem 4 leave am make e dy go down everyday.

Wait o, how dem take discharge 10k once? shocked shocked shocked
Abi dem run comot d isolation centres?


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attack On Zulum, Proof We’re All Vulnerable -Governors by wenson(m): 3:43pm On Aug 04, 2020
Car Talk / Re: Oilserv Partners INNOSON Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Company.(photos) by wenson(m): 9:02am On Aug 04, 2020
Nice one
Politics / Re: Lance Corporal Martins Feared Dead As Buratai Attempts Coverup - SaharaReporters by wenson(m): 10:01pm On Aug 03, 2020

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Politics / Re: School Feeding Programme Gulps N500m During Lockdown – Minister, Sadiya Farouq by wenson(m): 9:57pm On Aug 03, 2020
[color=#000099][/color] shocked shocked shocked
I have never been dis schoked in my life.
Which way Nigeria? The way people lie dese days, it will b difficult to find any honest Nigerian in govt.


Politics / Re: Dele Adesina: NBA Presidential Election Was Grossly Manipulated by wenson(m): 9:26pm On Aug 03, 2020
Lawyers na dem sabi lie na grin grin grin
How dem no go manipulate deir own election wen dem b Chief manipulators.

Buh on d oda hand tho... Will dis Adesina person say dis of d System favoured him?


Politics / Re: Kingsley Otuaro And Timipre Sylva Meet Osinbajo Over Oil Shutdown Threats by wenson(m): 8:06am On Aug 01, 2020
I wonder what their resolve would be. For a long time our people, especially dose from Delta have been marginalized. Bad leadership n greed has eaten deep into the minds of dose representing us. I doubt anything good will get to d poor masses in dese areas
Celebrities / Re: AMCON House Takeover: Toke Makinwa Laughs Off Report by wenson(m): 4:18pm On Jul 27, 2020
Nigerians and our attitude to fake news sha.

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Education / Re: WAEC: Secondary Schools To Reopen On August 4, 2020 For Exit Classes Only by wenson(m): 4:14pm On Jul 27, 2020
Finally our clueless Govt. are beginning to get it right... Should have done this earlier. Not like people care about deir Livescore update every day anymore


TV/Movies / Re: The Federal Government To Ban Big Brother Naija by wenson(m): 9:40pm On Jul 24, 2020
Lai Lai Mohammed
Business / Re: Access Bank Completes Acqusition Of Transnational Bank (Kenya) by wenson(m): 4:05pm On Jul 20, 2020
Make dem better no carry dsame leg wey dem use 4 Naija go dere o.
Crime / Re: Countries Where Castration Is A Punishment For Rapists by wenson(m): 4:05pm On Jul 20, 2020
Politics / Re: Mr President, Take Charge! By Simon Kolawole by wenson(m): 11:27am On Jul 20, 2020
This is interesting
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 3:22pm On May 13, 2020
O.P and people in your shoes, you all have a very low Human Psychology Quotient.

I know friends or should I say acquaintances that would sleep with my wife or girlfriend if they have the chance, I also have female friends that would sleep with my friends, brothers or neighbors if the chance presents itself.

The signs are always too telling, I stopped myself from dating a lady I met here last year because the signs were written all over.

I always go with my head into anything, over analysis na my problem but my instincts have never failed me.

Leap before you cross, lest motor jam you.
Sir, how was I supposed to know when am not always around? Sometimes I think it's cos of d distance.
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 3:20pm On May 13, 2020

Shebi I tell am, he was saying she is my friend and he is my bestfriend yen yen yen.
Until they give am wedding invitation e eye go clear grin grin grin sha invite us
grin grin grin I won't attend
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 3:19pm On May 13, 2020
u have every right to react bro...evn u fit cut ties with him if u want...but I think life big pass phussy matter my brother..who would have thought the guy that betrayed his friend would come tru for him this year when he needed it badly...just use wisdom, even if u finally settle with him.
Thanks a lot man

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Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:38pm On May 13, 2020
All this made-up stories grin ..well incase it's Tru.. a friend of mine once bleeped another friend of ours babe ..the guy raised hell, he was gonna do this or that..laslas they are settled now and the fucker even loaned him a huge amount of money he couldn't get elsewhere in the beginning of this year...moral of the story, na d girl no get sense and na she dey surfer consequences now.. inshort na olosho den dey call her now undecided
grin grin So I shouldn't react much when it comes to my best friend?
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:36pm On May 13, 2020
yes oh. We dey call am virus. E get some people way no believe in commitment or loyalty when e comes to relationship or friendship; na them dey run virus. If u no fit spot/identify people like that, u go surely learn the hard way, e go hard u prevent the doom way dey ahead.
kiss Now it's going to be hard trusting any lady again
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:34pm On May 13, 2020

Forgive them both, I said it earlier. Don't make the attempt of wanting to have your girlfriend back. Shit happens. Just keep them as casual friends.

It might not be easy keeping her as a casual friend since I loved n still love her. It'd be better if we cut each other off.

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Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:28pm On May 13, 2020
All this made-up stories
I pray u don't experience it!
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:28pm On May 13, 2020
You are confused and don't know what to do

Pray for them and forgive them both, you don't necessarily have to keep the relationship or friendship kiss kiss

Next please!

The thing is I love them both n I value our friendship. I don't know if I should listen to them
Romance / Re: Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:26pm On May 13, 2020
cheesy virus ....welcome to the world
U had similar experience?
Romance / Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated On You With Your Bestfriend? by wenson(m): 12:23pm On May 13, 2020
So I only See it in Nollywood movies and I never believed it would happen to me.
We have been dating for over a year now and due to the nature of my school( A private University), we don't get to see often.
I introduced her to my best friend one month into our relationship and since then, we usually hang out together whenever am around.
Long story short, When this Lock down began, since my girlfriend's house was close to mine, I strolled down only to find my best friend on top of her........ I gently closed the door without them noticing.
NB: My best fried also lives in the same vicinity.
Since the incident, over three weeks now I haven't taken any of their calls neither did I allow any of them to visit me.
I am confused and I really don't know what to do right now.

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Politics / Re: Truth About The Office Of The Chief Of Staff To The President You Never Knew! by wenson(m): 10:17pm On Apr 26, 2020
Weak President = Powerful Chief of Staff.
Hence the reason y dat post seems exotic now

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Politics / Truth About The Office Of The Chief Of Staff To The President You Never Knew! by wenson(m): 5:34pm On Apr 26, 2020
My people perish for lack of knowledge.
Requisite knowledge for URGENT PRAYERS for the unconstitutional scam called "The Presidency" in Nigeria by Dr. Ugo Njoku


The office of the chief of staff to the president, is not known to the Nigerian Constitution or any law for that matter. However, section 171(2)(e) of the Constitution allows the president to have personal staffs. At best therefore, the chief of staff to the president is merely the head of the president's personal staff like cooks, drivers and media aides.

For the avoidance of doubt, staff in the office of the president who are in the civil service of the federation are not personal staff of the president, neither are Ministers. Personal staff of the president which the chief of staff heads, means nothing more than personal staffs.

Section 5 of the Constitution vests the executive powers of the federation in the president. The president can either exercise the powers in person, through the vice president and ministers or through officers in the public service of the federation. The express mention of persons through whom the president can exercise his powers, is the express exclusion of persons not mentioned.

The chief of staff is not the vice president, a minister or even an officer in the public service of the federation. One begins to wonder on what bases a chief of staff would be exercising presidential powers even to the extent of going to Germany to "negotiate" power contracts for Nigeria.

The office of the chief of staff which is not known to the Nigerian Constitution cannot be above the least office in the federal civil service which enjoys constitutional flavour. It was therefore very unfortunate that Nigeria had a chief of staff that attended federal executive council meetings, national security meetings and signed nearly all the documents that emanated from the president's office.

If the president intended to abdicate his responsibilities, or is intellectually incapable of effectively carrying out his responsibilities, under section 5, the presidential powers will devolve first, on the vice president, ministers or officers who are in the federal civil service.

What Nigeria witnessed in recent times, was a grand abuse of office by the chief of staff. It was a case of taking undue advantage of one's closeness to "an unaware" president, to usurp presidential powers. Those who would justify it on the grounds of loyalty and trust, are abundantly ignorant that in a constitutional democracy, exercise of powers is as provided by the Constitution. We could as well argue that the chief of staff to the Senate president can attend Senate plenaries.
Fighting with Aisah Buhari was in order as he was the head of kitchen staff. When then will we wake up from this slumber with all the SANs, Profs and Drs of Law yet no one knew or challenged this. Little wonder prominent men were lobbying for the office even before mallam was buried.
Can any serious pupil lawyer now approach the courts to ask that this point be cleared before another pseudo president emerges to rule dictatorially in the octopus name they called "The Presidency". This is if the NBA or the SANs or the Body of Benchers are part of the scam in Nigerianized surrogate presidency we have been subjected to in Lugard's failed and expired amalgamation of diverse nationalities for the gross exploitation of the south for the sole benefit of cabals and parasitic prodigal profligates that have misruled and held this nation hostage. The sins of Lugards and the British Government against the indigenous people of Nigeria will be paid for in full in the near future. The natural laws of sowing and reaping is still alive. Only repentance, confession and restitutions can ameliorate the degrees of retribution for gross conspiracies and sins against others. The earlier Britain starts looking into their sordid past in Nigeria, the better for them and the future of the British.

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