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Phones / Re: Which Internet Data Subscription Are You Currently On? by Wsx2: 1:32pm On Feb 14
so what are you doing there. why not come back to nigeria.? nonsense

This is what you gullible youths do all the time, what does sharing reality have to do with why don’t you come home. You youths never grow up
Phones / Re: Which Internet Data Subscription Are You Currently On? by Wsx2: 1:29pm On Feb 14
liar youre enjoying unlimited data per month with calls and sms tell people the truth.

Before you quote people note that it’s not only youths are are on this forum. Adults are also here on this forum. I have been visiting this website since 2004. I don’t know where you are then. This is the reality here. Their is no such thing called unlimited data, when you come here one day you will know how life is.

There are providers here charging 30dollars for 500mb . Everything is cheaper in Nigeria due to competition. To buy Houses here in Ontario now going for 1.7milllion dollars upwards and this is why your politicians always aspire to steal billions. They don’t need the billions in nigeria , they need it here because a billion can only buy just one house here.
Phones / Re: Which Internet Data Subscription Are You Currently On? by Wsx2: 7:00pm On Feb 13

Is data this expensive in Canada?
$19 for just 1gb is crazy man!

Everything is expensive here , this place is not for common man, car insurance cost $300 dollars every month, 1 room self contain rent is now $2400 dollars every month in Toronto . Anyone that have no money to survive for long shouldn’t bother coming here


Sports / Re: AFCON: Our Tactics Cost Us The Final, We Played Too Deep - Omeruo by Wsx2: 6:45pm On Feb 13
No excuses for worst performance they played woefully the coach is senseless Simon should not have been benced in first half he runs faster they didn’t have Osihmeh single chance to hold the ball the coach should have changed tactics before first half ended
Phones / Re: Which Internet Data Subscription Are You Currently On? by Wsx2: 6:29pm On Feb 13
You guys are lucky, this is what we pay for 1gb in canada, roughly N19500 in naira and the speed is as useless as something else only thing is it’s unlimited calls and text. Don’t know why canada is still very backward in technology because their is no competition only 2 companies feeding others.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 1:35pm On Dec 09, 2023

I don’t think the bolded is true..


While the immigration level plan has increased for 2024 and 2026 by the government

Stop doing permutations, i currently live here and telling you the situation of things. The Draws they are doing nowadays are selective, not everyone is doing healthcare or tech, not everyone can write or speak French, not everyone can afford 30k cad to buy LMIa to boost express entry score . My messages goes to those people. It’s really hard here now. Do not go by what people who don’t live here says or using google to do research, listen to those who live here. 70 percent of these students falls in these categories, now what is their hope of staying back after spending over 60k cad to study here. The Canadian government stopped canada experience class draw since 2021 which was what the students relied on to get PR.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 12:03pm On Dec 08, 2023
Guys, this is an advice for those still considering coming to canada to study and have plans to stay in Canada after studying. Please consider your plans before making the move because it doesn’t worth it anymore.

If your plans is to come and study and go back home then no worries. Over 32,000 PGWP are expiring in March 2024. Canada government has told them to go back home . No more extension. Some of them are in the express pool with scores ranging from 460 to 490. The Canadian government has purposely increased the score so that most of them wont be able to get the ITA.

It is clear now that the government only want to make money off the students and send them back home. Also the country is very tough now and difficult to survive, cheap labour everywhere and the cost of living is way too high compared to other countries. Most Indians are now going to the US for their studies. Statistics shows that Indians which are the major students coming to canada , their applications to canada has dropped by over 50% percent in the past few months because the government has made it difficult for people to get PR after studies.

If you have the money and ready to invest in just education then you can come. If your plan is to stay back, it is better to consider other countries that can give documentation easier without having to waste huge resources.

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Celebrities / Re: Portable Excited As He Witnesses Snow For The First Time In His Life In The U.K by Wsx2: 7:26pm On Dec 01, 2023
The cold for UK na die..
Imagine make concrete dey freeze... How human being body Wan be...
Like this so... Na 3 shirts, 2 jackets, 3 trousers, 3 thermal socks, thermal boots and 2 head warmers I deh wear.... No be me cold go kill...

Oga stop that, their is no cold in Uk , come to canada and see what they call winter, russia Alaska and north pole regions are the coldest. I am outside in Vancouver now I can’t even fold my hands
Family / Re: Single Nigerian Ladies In Diaspora, Any Reason Why You Turn Down Our Guys? by Wsx2: 4:52am On Nov 30, 2023
Leave Nigerian single women abroad alone , most of them are miserable, rude, disrespectful , have high expectations, too much ego, controlling, never submissive and carry the same attitude from Nigeria. Out of 100 atleast 98 have the characteristics above. This is why at 40 plus close to menopause they still wait for a miracle hubby to sweep them off their feet . Be at peace with yourself and try dating other race or bring someone from nigeria if you are looking for love without much headache.


Family / Re: Japa: ‘many Nigerians Trapped In Illegal Marriage Contract Abroad’ by Wsx2: 4:46am On Nov 30, 2023
24m to japa okay na

This firman generator for sale urgently
Location Abeokuta
Working perfectly
Asking price 170k
WhatsApp number on profile

You need atleast 30million plus to live and survive in canada just for a year program as a student. Tuition plus current living expenses, if you don’t have that, do not bother to come here or else you are coming to suffer. No one is going to save you. This is the reality . If it is 2 years then you have to double the amount.
Travel / Re: The Shelter Where Some Nigerians Are Living At Mississauga In Canada by Wsx2: 1:35am On Nov 25, 2023

Many things you said about Canada here is false sha except say another Canada dey lol

If you are coming to Canada, make sure you have 6 month accomodation sorted and you will be good. The earlier you are able to sort out the accommodation the better.

Before you reply with insult just know you are replying someone that have 90% of his family members in Canada. cool

Everything the op said is true except you are old or aren’t following the situation in the country, you don’t read the news, you are isolated in your own space, you don’t care about concerns of others or you are a politician or rich man pikin that immigrated for enjoyment in canada , Or you were here 10 years ago. Things has gone from better to worst in Canada. Cost of living is affecting all Canadians and newcomers. It is difficult to save money. It is difficult to survive, there are no jobs. Many are unhappy. For a Canadian To buy a home now in most part of canada is now nightmare .
Travel / Re: The Shelter Where Some Nigerians Are Living At Mississauga In Canada by Wsx2: 1:31am On Nov 25, 2023
Canada is a small country with massive land mass. Canada's economy is not booming like that of US, UK, Germany, etc. Canada doesn't have enough skill jobs that is why they demand for so much including Canada experience and all that because if they have more than enough jobs like the states, UK, etc, their employers will waive some freaking requirements they ask from skilled migrants who spent a fortune to enter Canada via express entry, etc.

So please before you decide to relocate to Canada, bear in mind that it will take you some years to gather all the useless Canada experience and other requirements to secure a befitting skilled job in Canada.

People mistake Canada as paradise but unfortunately Canada is just another UK. You complain of income tax in UK, are you aware that consumer tax in some Canada province will make you broke despite what you earn? Imagine paying as much as 30% VAT on whatever you buy after collecting your so called salary or wage?

If you are young, have big financial dreams and want to succeed big financially through migration, please find way migrate to US legally. You are better off in Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium than in Canada.

Canada is overrated. There is no much economic activities going on there and most part have harsh weather condition.

The only good thing about Canada is easy route to PR if you entered legally, aside that, UK = Canada. In fact, UK is far better than Canada when it comes to ease of securing a job, you will secure a job faster in UK than in Canada that have a struggling economy. Ask yourself, what and what does Canada produce and export to the world? Canadian government is hyping Canada with so much fund to attract immigrants to come into Canada with huge money to help Canada economy grow in maybe 100 years from now.

Don't mistake Canada as a nation with booming economy and so many high paying skilled jobs, you will be disappointed.

Canadian government is trying to build Canada's economy by collecting money from skilled migrants and students, they are trying to replicate US DV lottery thinking it would build their country's economy but they cant because they dont have the intellects and technology experts to do what US did.

US is a magical, wonderful nation, the best country on earth. The country where you can pick money on the floor if you are ready to put in the work.

May God continue to bless America

You just nailed it, I live here and anytime I told any of my friends in Europe to stay back in Europe, they never believe me until one came from Finland and saw for himself, he ran back after 3 weeks. Canada is overhyped and their is nothing much here , it was better several years back now worst, housing crisis, no jobs, employers shortchanging skilled workers due to scarcity of jobs, high cost of living , difficult to succeed for those who aren’t in with huge cash to start a business.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 5:37am On Nov 14, 2023

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 5:36am On Nov 14, 2023

Travel / Re: Please Nigerians Travel Out If You Have The Opportunity by Wsx2: 12:30am On Nov 14, 2023
Never trust any politician Boi can not perform any miracle, the old cargos has finished Nigeria already

No one can save Nigeria except Nigerians themselves. Revolution is the only solution to Nigeria crisis

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 5:14am On Nov 08, 2023
Immigrants are leaving canada in masses

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 3:20am On Nov 06, 2023

Get out of here with your 3kcad abeg.
Shouting up and down

Also he meant to say 90 percent of jobs posted on indeed are fake. Those jobs aren’t real. They are recycled. That’s why you do not get response from employers. They are mostly automated . And you kept receiving unfortunately…… has moved on. If you are new here canada, do not waste time on indeed. Use google to check for new jobs post within your postal code or areas where you can commute, check jobs post with physical address and phone numbers and call the companies directly and also visit to drop your resume.


Travel / Re: VIO Uses Robot To Control Traffic In Abuja, Drivers Obey (Video) by Wsx2: 4:27am On Nov 05, 2023
We are getting there

Stop , this is setback not progression, this is robot abuse . This is not what it’s used for. I have never seen anyone controlling or directing traffic in canada, it is automated. If you overspeed or cross traffic light thinking that no one is watching you just get pulled over in the next stop and get a ticket!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 10:28pm On Oct 29, 2023

The situation is becoming dire. Almost 830k international students will be out of status if urgent pathway is not created. Indian students have been protesting about their current situation, where most of them have ran out of status. My relative that got to Canada since July hasn't seen any job yet. Course work and assignments, coupled with Canadian lifestyle is taking a toll on her.

True, someone who even moved from sakaskchewan to Toronto has been looking for jobs for the past 2 months. No job, dude has a job in sakaskchewan before moving and he thought Toronto is better. He moved here now he is stuck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 7:34pm On Oct 29, 2023

Thanks for the valuable information you just drop. God bless you grin.
Please can you please share more light on the route to PR for migrant on study permit.

Well, there are limited pathways and nothing is promised , for those who are interested here is a video released this week by the immigration minister . Students are only aware that there are limited pathways when they entered canada. This has called for concerns especially by the indian population here asking the minister questions since they stopped their CEC canadian experience class draw which was what students hugely depended on to transit to PR. The minister promised to announce fresh pathways for those who are already in. Some in Atlantic provinces get PNP but that is also getting tighter now and requirement is getting tougher. This is because as of 2023 over 1.8million temporary residents entered canada within 2 years.

I have uploaded the video here , You can watch his speech below .like and subscribe.

All the best to everyone


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Wsx2: 3:20pm On Oct 29, 2023
How are you guys doing, it’s part 23 already. I haven’t been here since April , fast forward I am keeping my hope alive here in canada after a year plus. This was my last conversation here when buchito1 shared his own experience in April part 22, it’s been very hard for me here but by God grace, I am surviving. I will not discourage anyone. I want people to come and experience things here themselves.

Hey guys! Been soo long here! I really cannot remember how long it has being.

Today 2nd April 2033 makes it exactly 1 year of me been in Canada. And all I can say is that it's only been God, support and encouragement from my family back home and the family I already created here in Canada. How I have been surviving? I don't know! It's only God!

Cause without him, I wouldn't be writing this epistle right here.

The struggle has been hard, crazy, intense, lots to learn, combining working and going to school (even the jobs ain't easy to come by). God has been faithful to me, brought good people around me (Nigerians) because really, good people are hard to find here. Over here, nobody has time for you, nobody really cares about you. Everybody's trying to survive, everyone's almost lost in the struggle. That friend wey you think say na your bestie, ask am for $50 and watch as e go tell you him life history come run leave you in seconds.

Guys don't believe anyone who tells you Canada is all bed of roses! It is a fat lie!!! Canada is not for the faint hearted!!! Nothing is easy to get here, you must work like a donkey and follow due process to get anything you want.

When I was in Nigeria, I have never worked like the way I do here! Even the school wey them dey tell us that year say e easy pass primary school, I can categorically tell you that our education at home is decades away from what they're doing here. The education system here can make you mad! Most especially if you don't make enquiries and also ask questions (follow who know road) you'd be lost! I almost lost it in my first semester, till I began to ask questions.

For the work aspect, guys, don't mind those nonsense people keep saying, say "work full Canada", Zero your mind you might not do anything here for months. Even if you see something doing, you'd do everything you've never done in your life. There's no Job I've not done in this country, I think the only Job I haven't done is to wash dead body, which I'll never do. ☠️

Be prepared to be humbled. Jobs you feel you could never ever do in Nigeria, be prepared to do them here, unless you came into the country with a sh*t pile of cash, but if you're like us, wey tell IRCC say we get 100K USD for the account 😂 then you have to be prepared to do all sort of things just to survive.

I know lots of people who haven't done anything in more than 5 months here. Living with their Naira's from Nigeria. Like I said, don't be deceived by what you see on the Internet on how excess jobs in Canada. The good jobs here, nobody's ready to leave it, especially those Indians (I call them Fulani Herdsmen) those Herdsmen are everywhere like flies! Every nook and cranny, them dey, and trust me, na them dey get update pass, but never trust them, they'll boot you off when they have the chance!

For the weather aspect, I live in British Columbia. It's fair to say it's the warmest province in the whole of Canada. But when I mean warm don't think Nigerian warm or South African warm. Warm in the sense that were currently on 3°C and during extreme weather conditions it could get to like - 14°C. Don't forget freezing point for your freezer na 0°C grin so literally, we live inside freezer.
I stayed in Toronto for about 4 months and the weather is way more extreme than British Columbia. Good thing is for those coming in this April, the weather has gotten better, but is still gonna be so cold for newcomers. So please come prepared with good winter dresses.

Another thing is this, guys don't do the mistake of coming to Canada without any $$$, abeg come with something to support yourself for sometime, e dey very important. You don't wanna come here and start begging, you need funds to survive as a first timer. It's extremely important.

Mehn, it's being a journey for me here, trust me, so many ups and downs, if I tell people, them go tell me say better days dey come... Like this, I still dey find that better days oh! 😭 But God dey..

Thanks to SEUN for this platform! Without Nairaland, my journey to Canada wouldn't be possible. I also thank all the good people who assisted me during my process e no easy! Lianna, lekiboeboe, I can't remember the rest... Y'all are the real OGs!
By the grace of God, it'll rain PPR for everybody here! This thread 22 is gonna be your thread of testimonies! If you believe say a big AMEN!!!
Those refused, please don't give up! You know what you want, restrategise and hit them again! Trust me, you're gonna get it right this TIME! Na who give up fu*k up! I'm rooting for you! kiss

If you're coming to UCW or Vancouver and need information on anything kindly reach out to me, I'd do my best in explaining everything and anything to you.

Thanks for reading my long story guys. Have a lovely night rest ❤️

My brother the truth hurts and you just nailed it. I was expressing the same thing in the express entry thread and someone who I am sure has never travelled kept saying Bla bla bla
That I am trying to discourage people from coming .

I am in Toronto eglinton area and With what I have seen here in canada I am disappointed. This is not what I expect. There are centennial college students who has been here for 5 months looking for just common menial jobs and they can’t find any. Anyone that have high hope coming here will regret it. It will take several years to get things together in canada.

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Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 2:56pm On Apr 10, 2023

Why is it so? Too many people and/or fewer jobs?
few limited skilled jobs with many qualified people on the queue and many people are also coming , the unskilled jobs are very hard and also difficult to get a better one!
Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:45am On Apr 10, 2023

Always check the registration date to know how long the moniker has been on Nairaland. Some of them (they've been caught) are people who have been repeatedly denied visa to foreign countries and are currently on the mission to dissuade, create cock and bull stories to paint the exodus in a bad light.

This is reality here I don’t know this op , I am in Toronto and life is hard here . this is what most Nigerians facing here and this is to encourage anyone coming here to have an idea of what they should expect and come prepared with strong financial backup back home.

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Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:37am On Apr 10, 2023

Stories like this is far too common now, people leaving Nigeria with little or no money to survive abroad, then we have threads like this people complaining that abroad is hard and Nigeria is better but they will never book the next available flight back to Nigeria and allow us to hear word

Dear except you are politician children who live on stolen funds , no matter how much you come in here with , within few months without job you will be close to broke,

If you come to Toronto with 15,000,000million naira changed to cad , you will end up spending it on rent and food within 1year and few months, now tell me how many people can even afford 15m in nigeria , how many civil servants can raise 15m easily in nigeria
Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:34am On Apr 10, 2023
Toh.... POF wahala 🤣🤣🤣

OP look for online remote customer care jobs. You're better placed than many back home to score these jobs. Don't give up 💪🏾

It’s not easy to get menial jobs here not to talk for online remote, I have people in my neighborhood who has been searching for common warehouse jobs for 2 months
Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:30am On Apr 10, 2023
naaa she isn’t
She has her doctorate in nursing
She’s to be paid more than a gp doc over there sef
It’s all by qualification
Everything has level o

That’s a lie sister, a nurse in the uk earns 14pounds per hour , they still protest last month for wage increase so how is someone getting 6k a week in US
Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:27am On Apr 10, 2023

Right on point.

Very correct. Nigerians lie online a lot for clout and make everything look real and everything cozy it’s very hard out here . My focus is to save whatever penny I am making and focus on investing every dollar in nigeria so that I will get something to fall back on because I can’t last in this canada , it’s not for me. It’s hard out here
Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Wsx2: 1:20am On Apr 10, 2023
Hello, guys
I don't want to bore you guys with long epistle. Yes, as the title suggests.

I travelled to Canada through the study route this January but I can tell you for a fact that I'm already bored with this place.

I'm redoing a 2 year program that I have already concluded in Naija but just because I want japa, I redid it. But that's not the issue.

The issue is that I'm working in a company but the department I was posted to was a physical demanding one..

To the extent that if I work for a day, I feel pain all over my body for a week. And this is seriously affecting my education because anytime i go to work, i wouldn't have the energy to do anything again as i would be so weak. but i have to work because i have bills to pay.

Nobody send you for here except you want sleep for cold outside.

Even half of my salary goes in the form of settling bills.

The work makes me depressed. This is not what I bargained for. .

For me to raise money for my tuition fees and travel expenses, at least I wasn't doing bad in Nigeria before i left. In addition, I hardly have time for myself.

My situation is even better, most of people who we came same time haven't found jobs yet.

My thinking is if I should ask for refund of my remaining tuition fee and relocate back Naija, or go back Naija and take some courses online, as there seems to be an option for that.

Dear I am doing construction labour job in Toronto weekdays and Weekends I work as dishwasher in a restaurant I wish I could post videos of what I did yesterday for 10 hours lifting heavy items and mobbing moving to pick dishes cleaning meat machine and other equipments, this is not those small restaurants in naija these are big restaurants where you can wash over 20,000 dishes using hot water. If I post the videos here no one will want to come to canada again.

Here is not easy . I was doing pretty good back home and I thank God I Invested home so I can come back anytime when I finally get tired. On the outside looking it many people don’t know what is going on here in canada. They only hear the name canada and everyone want to come here. I advice my friends in Europe to stay back in Europe one of them didn’t listen to my advice, that God be came on holiday trip and saw what is going on here in canada . If you buy a house here it can take upto 50years to pay up mortgage if you are still alive and if the house isn’t foreclosed for payment fail failure except you are those african politicians who bring stolen funds from Africa to Come and buy houses here.

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Travel / Re: Canada As A Whole Is Wildly Overrated by Wsx2: 4:46am On Apr 06, 2023

I totally agree with you 1001%
I keep telling folks this and they will never believe me until they experience all you have said first hand which of cos i Have! I am guessing you are in Manitoba probably Winnipeg, i moved to Alberta same thing! the worse part is i cant deal with the useless Indian people they are like a plaque and a virus ( all though they look out for themselves, while Africans and most especially Nigerians envy and hate themselves and want nothing to do with each other, isnt this crazy? omoh i tire abeg, fyi i lived in canada for 10yrs)
My Brother far and wide there is no place like home, most importantly any day 9ja gets it right i will move back, but until then na to persevere and make use of the bright side of canada. Honestly Africans, Nigerians forget it we are accomodating and friendly and also loving to strangers but not out here.

Toronto is worst brother no job at all everything is expensive too

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Travel / Re: Canada As A Whole Is Wildly Overrated by Wsx2: 4:33am On Apr 06, 2023
Those that aren’t here will not understand what the op is saying .though better than nigeria but life is hard here and it’s not easy .on the outside looking in people think canada is the best . Everything is expensive. You are paying 1200 cad for a room with monthly wage of 3500 cad , food phone bills are still waiting . Many graduates are doing menial jobs after appending thousands of dollars to go to school. The jobs are not there. It’s hard to make it in canada .house is very expensive and people who brags online saying they bought house bla bla , most of them will not pay up mortgage till they die.

If you own a house in nigeria it’s yours , if you say you buy house here in canada then Be ready to sacrifice your whole life to pay for it.
Everything is expensive and it’s hard to make it . I always advice my fellow Nigerians to invest back home due to exchange . Our own people are not also helping matter, this is what mrs ngoni chioma in lawrence avenue sold to us for 134cad
A cad is around 610naira black market
Food that doesn’t worth upto 15k in nigeria .

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by Wsx2: 4:01am On Apr 04, 2023

You are so funny! Like electric bike are cheap, They cost almost $1800-$2000 or how many Nigerian can ride electric bike inside this canada weather. One can only do ubereat if you have a job to alternate with, you can't survive only with ubereats in Canada. This Japa journey I won't even advice any of my family member or even enemies to come with borrowed funds. My own cent is, if you are doing 2years program, have at least one-year tuition, or even full tuition, and your one-year living expenses in handy, and make sure those funds are readily available to you. No con come here and start be doing Mumu video lol. Students are working unlimited hrs now that if you submited your study permit application before IRCC announce the unlimited hrs. If you recently submits your application nah just 20hrs you fit do. Make friends with other races, and don't forsake the black community, coz most part-time jobs are based on referral. If you are coming to BC this summer. Holla me when you land, my company will be recruiting this summer (only for guys), if you sabi drive and have an original 9ja license that's a plus for you with additional $, all you just to need to take is one driving practice test, and learn those road sign. Pls its might take me longer to respond. Coz time nah money for here. But send me a message you have arrived. Will send my number to you for link up. Shalom

You just nailed it brother,
I don’t think the person is even in canada talking bla bla Uber eats he must have thought it’s nigeria where anyone can get on the road and ride a bike.

A PR holder’s driver license was withdrawn last week and 6points removed from his driving point and also ordered to come to court for common simple accident which didn’t even affect anyone but just his car and they also jacked up his insurance fee to 1,000 cad each month so as to frustrate him from driving again. The man is depressed as we speak. Someone who makes 3500cad a month and insurance want to take 1000cad each month when rent is still there and food and phone bills and this will last for 3years just because he drove his car to barricade and the car was even written off . Now he has to use the train and spend 3 hours to work everyday as we speak he is already planning to move to Quebec from Toronto! Electric bikes cost 3000cad above and you want to even rent one and learn to navigate the routes and also pray it’s not -5 degrees above out there . It is well


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by Wsx2: 2:59am On Apr 04, 2023
uber eats with bicycle or electric bike is there they should go do that one. There are many fast food stores, grocery stores etc looking for staff. What kind of job did you think will be available to students in the first place. Many students came to Canada with borrowed funds and showing proof of funds. Now they are crying. You better endure and wait for better days. After all no one forced you to apply.

It’s easier to type on phone when you are not in people’s shoes . You just saying Uber eat bla bla grocery stores , you have one in Canada right and you are currently recruiting . I dare you to apply for jobs in Toronto right now. Set up account online and apply and see if you will get something in a month or 2.

I currently work with a construction company. I met a lot of students in groups Indians Bangladeshi Lebanese not just Nigerians looking for common menial jobs everywhere and there. You are saying people come to canada with bta. Good for you since you have bta and you thought these people don’t have bta. You thought everyone is buhari’s daughter right.

People are paying 1200 cad each month on a single room in Toronto, now come with 15,000,000 million bta and change it to cad and see how long that one will last you in Toronto without working . Nonsense


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