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Foreign Affairs / Re: Criminal charges against Wagner Force dropped, leader heads to Belarus - Kremlin by Xisnin(m): 9:23pm On Jun 24
This must be fake news. Putin never backs down.

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Politics / Re: The Number Of “AND” In The Nigerian Constitution Is 1589 by Xisnin(m): 4:49am On May 16
The number of “AND” in the Nigerian Constitution is 1589.

All the ANDs are to be treated equally.

No “AND” is more equal than the others.


Why do you guys always skip section 299 of the constitution?
I don't think there is anything more explicit and need no interpretation.

Let me help you with an excerpt:
"The provisions of this Constitution shall apply to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as if it were one of the States of the Federation."

It doesn't matter if there are a billion ands in the constitution, each "AND" is subject to interpretation based on context and the overall spirit of the law.

Even going by your logic of "equality", every and you listed actually treated all states equally.
There is no plae where Abuja was entitled to three appointments as a special state while other state are given one.

I understand how laymen can be confused on the issue of law, what is even more painful is SANs with no integrity making spurious podcast and granting interviews to further mislead their listeners.


Crime / Re: Met Police Shoot Chris Kaba, An Unarmed Black Man. Family Cries For Justice by Xisnin(m): 8:44pm On Sep 10, 2022
UK police don't normally carry guns.
Those that do are only called on special occassions.
So the so-called investigation will turn up nothing.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Russia's Military Withdraws, Explains Withdrawal by Xisnin(m): 8:17pm On Sep 10, 2022
Stop listening to CNN(aka Crooked Network News ) . The Ruble keeps getting stronger and Russia's energy threat is already holding Europe and her allies by the balls, yet you say "harsh economic climate "? Where are you getting your info from ? grin
I don't know why your likes like to cry on behalf of others.

But in the event that you are just a confused gullible mark, then know
that the final result of a war that matters.
Just like full pregnancy, no amount of conspiracies can hide it.

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Education / Re: I'm Not Moved With Pressure, Threats From Western Associates. Uju Anya by Xisnin(m): 8:05pm On Sep 10, 2022
This hate-filled thug suffering from inferiority-complex again.

Well, lunatics are never moved by sane people's reactions, they double down.

Now, the coward is hiding under "African justice" .

That is what her type always does to avoid criticism, it is either appeal to race,
poverty, or some stupid undefine "justice".

If only people know how rotten she really is. She hates African Americans, she hates
Africans, she hates Christians, she hates Muslims, she hates Asians, she hates men, and also
especially hates "traditional" women too.
In fact, named any group or person and she has publicly expressed banal hatred for them.

Unfortunately, she has found an audience among those who worship hatred as a virtue.

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Politics / Re: Britain Under Queen Elizabeth Borrowed £500b From Biafra- Anonymous by Xisnin(m): 5:01pm On Sep 10, 2022
Fake news.
The actual amount is 5000 Trillion pounds. Yes, 5000 trillion.
And it is the old pounds value which is 50 times todays value.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Liz Truss Expected To Be Named As British Prime Minister Today (photo) by Xisnin(m): 4:53pm On Sep 10, 2022

UK, France, Italy, Portugal held meeting in the US and agreed to colonize Africa and turn the people to slaves. Here you are defending them against Russia that not only did not participate in their evil act but also helped Ethiopia be the only Africa country to not be colonized.
Slavery was already banned before colonization.
But the idiot feeding you with lies won't mention it or they are too stupid
to know the difference.

It is pathetic that you are so gullible that they can manipulate you into
an emotional wreck without you knowing it. Who knows what they told Mutolab the shoe bomber?

Be very careful before you lose your mental faculty to shady characters.

BTW, the "Africa", the word you so love to throw around was created by these evil oppressors,
you should have at least learned the political history of those you want to defend.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Liz Truss Expected To Be Named As British Prime Minister Today (photo) by Xisnin(m): 11:48am On Sep 05, 2022
No, it's Rishi Sunak. Britain cannot be under rulership of old wrinkling vaginas of the queen and Liz Truss. Except they're the most ridiculous idiots of the world

Women have never done well being UK's PM, we can take a clue from Teresa May's administration. sad

Are the men in the UK finished??

Stop crying and make sure you stay away from sniper.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Liz Truss Expected To Be Named As British Prime Minister Today (photo) by Xisnin(m): 11:45am On Sep 05, 2022
LoL, Vladimir Putin no get Joy at all, Boris Johnson that was pushing for Russian sanction was disgraced from office, he has now been reduced to a prank star.
This one will also claim to be educated.


Politics / Re: Bandits Turn Villagers Into Slaves In Katsina - Bashir Kurfi by Xisnin(m): 8:09pm On Aug 24, 2022

Dr Kurfi cited one incident that he witnessed in which 40 bandits gang-raped nine women for a whole night. He took the victims to the Federal Medical Centre.
Why are fatwas not being issued against these bandits?

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Politics / Re: Shekarau: Kwankwaso Betrayed Us by Xisnin(m): 5:49pm On Aug 22, 2022

Old politicians parroting new Nigeria, but the way they secured their ticket is the old ways of political prostitution and ticket hunting without any loyalty to party ideology.

Does Obi even know the manifesto of the Labour Party?
Can you link to the source of that quote?
Politics / Re: Can Senator Aishatu Binani Become The First Elected Female Governor?)) by Xisnin(m): 6:54pm On Aug 21, 2022

Times have changed
Time have not changed.
Adamawa is a mixed religion state, she wouldn't even be the candidate in a state like Kano or Katsina.
Politics / Re: Can Senator Aishatu Binani Become The First Elected Female Governor?)) by Xisnin(m): 6:53pm On Aug 21, 2022
northern believe woman cannot lead, there views from religion.
There is nothing like "North". The restrictions are religious-based.
Adamawa is a mixed religion state, the only impediment of this woman is Atiku's candidacy.
Politics / Re: Support Our Obedient Son. APC House Of Rep Campaign Billboard In Enugu by Xisnin(m): 8:02pm On Aug 06, 2022
I'm actually not a Yoruba but I've lived in Yoruba land, Lagos precisely for long

Any Yoruba, Hausa or fulani man and woman campaigning for Obi should have a rethink and retrace their step back. Though this isn't supposed to be so but you see those IGBOS have turned this election to tribalistic one. They have even turn it to religious one

I will support and vote for Tinubu. He has more achievements, antecedents and legacies to point at as a governor and when he left government than EVERY other contestants

Tinubu is very much accommodating and tolerance than other contestants. IGBOS are taking political position in Lagos. IGBOS are civil servants in Lagos and other South western states. IGBOS are doing businesses freely in Lagos and other south western region

Please go to any eastern state to see if you'd see any Yoruba or Hausa man as ordinary councillor. It is a TABOO to the Igbo

To them their igbo president in form of Obi is the best after bread and butter while others are nothing to write home about. Support Tinubu or Atiku and watch them curse, bash or threaten you. They accused you of being paid for supporting Tinubu or Atiku while them are doing it freely. They always insult the Fulani and Hausas and call them all sorts of names. They even call them cow, almajiri etc. They insult the Yorubas calling them fulani slaves. They condemned Nigeria as a country. Claiming Nigeria is a ZOO


For the northerners who reside in the north you can ask any of your family or friends living in Lagos and other South western states they will tell you how Yoruba are so friendly, loving and accommodating. Go to the state headquarter at Alausa ikeja you'll see igbos holding top position without any discrimination

Go to east and see how all positions are occupied completely by all igbos.

An average IGBOS are resentful, spiteful, hateful, bittered et al. They literally see themselves better, superior and more sophisticated than other tribes.

PLEASE verify this my claim if you aren't aware of it and make a decision on who to campaign and vote for

I leave you to your conscience
Rule 2, 18
Seun, Lalasticlala, Mynd44 do something about this spammer.
He is on every thread pasting this.

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Business / Re: Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria by Xisnin(m): 8:00am On Jul 28, 2022
Most of these guys aren't running their Virtual cards.
Which one are you currently using?
Politics / Re: How Exactly Has Osinbajo, a Christian Pastor, Helped The Christian Community? by Xisnin(m): 8:59pm On Jul 10, 2022
Since it doesn't matter where the president or VP comes from according to you,
I think Kwankwaso or Atiku will be a great choice for 2023.


Politics / Re: Okada Ban: “When Will You Ban Agero?” Twitter User Asks Sanwolu. by Xisnin(m): 12:27am On Jun 02, 2022
What a stupid question.
You might as well ask when the jobless and drunkards will be banned.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey Will Never Let Finland & Sweden Join NATO by Xisnin(m): 9:15pm On May 14, 2022
Those bodies look like several days to weeks dead.
They are not even up to 15.

Going by the position and lack of cloth on some of the bodies, the majority were executed
by the cowards after surrendering.

Well, this poor propaganda piece is expected after Putin's troops were recently driven out
of several Kharkiv positions.


Politics / Re: Kill More Blasphemers, Islamic Clerics Urge Nigerian Muslims by Xisnin(m): 1:26pm On May 13, 2022

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Politics / Re: APC Southern Aspirants Keep Mute Over "Letter Of Voluntary Withdrawal" by Xisnin(m): 8:46pm On May 10, 2022
Southern leaders have perpetually refused to be smart and learn how the politics of Nigeria works. The North seems smarter... yet, they are the most uneducated of all!
It is not about smartness.
It looks that way because NW, NE, and NC are not pursuing different agenda
like SW, SE, and SS.


Foreign Affairs / Re: NATO (ukrainian) Waepons Captured By The Russians by Xisnin(m): 4:50pm On Apr 28, 2022
Can this Zelensky stop .
What will he gain?
Called a hero by the West or what?

Oh, another one of "why can't Zelensky just surrender so I can celebrate" crew.

You see how dumb you sound.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine War: Poland Says It Will Manage Without Russian Gas by Xisnin(m): 8:02am On Apr 27, 2022
I read the news a few days ago here that the EU has agreed to pay in Rubles.
So why the cut-off again?
Oh, I forget, it was fake news to make Putin's fans happy.
Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma: Linda Ikeji Was Part Of The Reasons My Marriage Failed by Xisnin(m): 9:03pm On Apr 22, 2022
Did she force you into adultery?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Visit: Ibadan Is Sweet Today. It Was Free For All by Xisnin(m): 8:03pm On Apr 22, 2022
It seems the headquarters have issued new instructions.

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Education / Re: Chrisland School Sex Scandal: Where Are The Boys? by Xisnin(m): 7:00pm On Apr 19, 2022

You no sabi chrisland school website?
Typical! Make false claims and then run when challenged.
Education / Re: Chrisland School Sex Scandal: Where Are The Boys? by Xisnin(m): 2:26pm On Apr 19, 2022
The boys were punished and some suspended.
The matured parents of the boys kept mute and chose to discipline their child.
But one opportunist of a mother chose to blackmail the school and try to destroy the lives of young boys while protecting her own claiming rape.
We are so thankful, there was a video showing the girl as a professional riding both front and reverse that even my girlfriend rarely does. Imagine the boys in early teens having to be tagged rapists all their lives. Such psychological trauma.
As for the silly girl's mother, Ubi franklin and other lunatic feminists that tried to propagate the rape story, your judgement is coming.

Can you tell us the punishment for the boys?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Positions Missiles, Heavy Military Equipment On Finland Border (Pics) by Xisnin(m): 7:28am On Apr 13, 2022

You are free to associate with who ever you want, NATO and Warsaw pact had an agreement.
The Warsaw pact obeyed the agreement but NATO did a U-turn.
Do a research you will see reasons why Most Asian, Middle East nations like Israel, decide to go neutral
Post the content of the agreement verbatim between Russia and NATO.
I will likely be waiting forever.

BTW, Israel is not and has never been neutral. Its position on Ukraine
does not define its entire foreign policy.

Any person with proper knowledge of middle-east affairs
would understand Israel's current position on Russian war based
on Syria's situation.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Amaechi Visits Emir Of Daura With Ali Ndume by Xisnin(m): 10:03pm On Apr 11, 2022
Amechi visits Emir with Boko Haram founding senator.


Politics / Re: Many Injured As ‘MC Oluomo’ Loyalists, NURTW Clash In Lagos by Xisnin(m): 10:01pm On Apr 11, 2022
Sanwo olu is the brain behind this... If Mc has problem with the national body, he go should settle it How can a governor create a body for a rebellious member of a union?

There will be more problem and bloodshed coming up if care is not taking.
The governor can take over any park he wishes to.
Oyo and Ondo governors did it a long time ago and NURTW can only grumble till date.
The mistake here is leaving enforcement in the hands of civilians instead of the police.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Be Warned, Osinbajo Will Turn Us To RCCG Village: Farooq Kperogi by Xisnin(m): 9:49pm On Apr 11, 2022
Stop referring to Kperogi as a scholar.
He is a jobless keyboard warrior who answers to the highest bidder.

Kperogi disappoints this time around.
I was expecting another 10 reasons why Osinbajo will cause world war 3 article
since the first one did not cause the religious riots he expected.

This guy is so foolish that he is wasting energy on a candidate that
is unlikely to win his party's primaries.

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