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Romance / Re: A Man Without A Wife Will Die Faster Than A Woman Without A Husband by Xxx123xxx(m): 3:01pm On Dec 01, 2023
You brought JD's teaching to naira land, well done I.
Romance / Re: It's Over Between Us UPDATED by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:36pm On Nov 16, 2023

Firstly, you need to give your life to Jesus Christ, He would direct you on kind of woman to marry for your dream to come thru. Secondly, Her character was consequential to you that why you were drained to nothing.

You need to pray and move on with your life.
where did Jesus ever promise to help anyone find a wife.
Romance / Re: I Am Just Angry Tonight. by Xxx123xxx(m): 2:32pm On Nov 06, 2023
It's morning already wake tf up.
Health / Re: Please How Do I Get Rid Of This Stubborn Infection??? by Xxx123xxx(m): 12:38am On Jul 22, 2023
Virgin get staphylococcus keh

Not even once but twice

Abi you eat am soup or you match am for ground

Abi you borrow person your penis e go use rerun am back
... Were I😂😂
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 8 by Xxx123xxx(m): 6:39pm On Jul 03, 2023
@duchess90 and co guru

Please help diagnose this.

I got offer from Salford around March, I did my TB test around April 5th with the intention of processing my CAS but unfortunately my TB certificate was delayed for almost ten weeks because I was told to undergo sputum test. While waiting for sputum result, Salford withdrew my admission because I didn't pay the required deposit to secured my place. I subsequently applied into Ulster University which I was given offer.

Now, I am preparing to get my CAS from Ulster because I have gotten my TB certificate after my sputum test result indicate Negative.

My complain now is that my TB certificate has Salford University address which Ulster has already clarity that it's not a problem, but my wife is about doing her TB test.

Should she use the same Salford address as mine or use Ulster?

If she uses Ulster University address as my dependant which is different from mine, hope UKVI won't see this as a fault?

...Bro pls I need your help.. I just got an ulster conditional admission through an agent from AIMS but am not sure he is legit..pls leave me your what's app digit
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by Xxx123xxx(m): 10:29pm On Jun 16, 2023
Hello everyone. Well done for the wonderful jobs you do here. Please I haven't been able to pay my application fee for the three schools I applied to. My cards keeps getting declined.

Please how did you guys make your payment?
..Use chipper virtual dollar card .
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by Xxx123xxx(m): 2:15pm On Jun 13, 2023
Please suggest a virtual card I can use to pay for application fee aside payday

Payday don frustrate me before I don’t want them again
..am looking to pay my application fee too please let me know if u get Any solution.
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by Xxx123xxx(m): 9:02pm On Jun 01, 2023
Good day people,

Please is the local government identification compulsory for passport processing?

If yes, how can someone who is an indigene of Osun state but lives in Lagos get it seamlessly?

Also, is local government identification needed for children aged 3 and 6?

Thanks in advance.
..search for osun state liaison office in lagos , there's one in ikeja you will be able to get the required document there.

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Romance / Re: 9 Guys Share Their Worst Sugar Mummies Experiences by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:37pm On Jun 01, 2023
Whether true or not I enjoyed the cruise, my favorite was they guy that was bleeped #833.33k per round for six rounds.


Phones / Re: How Good Is The Beepee Solar S1 PACKAGE by Xxx123xxx(m): 6:57am On Apr 03, 2023
thanks soo much for your response,I want to use it for light usage to power fans TV and to charge phones
.. I think it would be too small for what u want to use it for, You should rather install a normal solar system design according to your pocket , e get why. Reach me on WhatsApp via 08066834401 if u need more explanation.
Phones / Re: How Good Is The Beepee Solar S1 PACKAGE by Xxx123xxx(m): 7:08am On Apr 02, 2023
[quote author=Aphrygian post=122209895]Due to the planned subsidy removal on PMS,I am looking for an alternative energy source,so that I won't be putting on the generator every time so I came across the Beepee S1 solar system. I have someone using it for the past one year and he has no complaint whatsoever,but I need pools of review so that I won't waste 220k ..Am a solar Technician, from the price I can deduce it's likely 1 battery one panel setup? What appliances do you intend to use with it and for how long?
Travel / Re: Urgent: Save Me From Agents For Schengen Visa Costing 3.5 Million by Xxx123xxx(m): 6:57pm On Mar 29, 2023

My brother told me he saw one guy from our village who came back last Christmas and wants to change to another country there.

He saw him in the man’s office and he confirmed the man is legit.

This is what he told me now.

Please advise
..sorry for your loss bro.
Romance / Re: Help!!! I Feel Too Dirty by Xxx123xxx(m): 5:43am On Mar 22, 2023
Guys i dont even know how to even start saying this

I got married to the love of my life and you know before our marriage we already agreed on a no sex before marriage. My husband is a devoted muslim and he understood my plight very well although we had romance section once a while but no penetration

Fast foward to when we got married hmmm the night of our wedding day i notice my husband doesnt get tired easily and he had me in a very much intense way , dont blame me for complaining i am not the sex type but then i had to endure although i enjoyed it too but he was too strong and intense

😞Guys hmmm i didnt know my ordain yet my husband like sex too much and it is already affecting me too. he sex me in such a way that i feel like a prostitute and feel so dirty inside. Now all i think of is my husband sexing me i already got too use to him that if we dont ask sex for one day i wont get myself, i know must of you will be like then why am i complaining

The other day i couldnt hold it to the extent that i had to go and visit him in the office he works at Alahusa and he is a director so he has his own space i didn't know what came over me i started seducing him till he mounted me again and did it so good that i feel ashamed of myself for going to meet him at work

Now i cant focus on anything else in my life when he is at home there is nothing more going through my head and when he is not home i cant hold it any longer. And i blame him so much for turning me to something like this sometimes i think of my self as a sex object alone i just want him inside me everytime

Guys help me out do i need a psychology or what this guy doesnt know the beast he has created inside me i am scared of if he is not at home to satisfy me will i be able to control myself

Help me out guys!!!!😓😓
..What do you do for a living?
Career / Re: A Teaching Job In Benin Or A Microfinance Bank Job In Lagos? by Xxx123xxx(m): 4:02pm On Feb 22, 2023
I have a neighbour who resides in Benin city, works as a Physics teacher in a private school and earns 60k as salary, plus extra 55k as a private lesson tutor.

She was recently given a job offer, after applying, in one Microfinance bank in Trade fair, Lagos state. The Microfinance bank has its headquarter in Europe.
The pay is 76k for the first 6 months. After which there will be an upward review to 96k.

Problem is she doesn't know which one to choose, as she is tired of teaching and life in Benin. And wants to experience Lagos life.

I wanted to tell her of the life, stress and traffic in Lagos. But had to withdraw, because I haven't been in Lagos for years now. So chances are that i may tell her what is not true.

And secondly, she has no accommodation in Lagos, but wants to go stay with a friend.

I do not know what to tell her.

Your suggestion highly needed.

Thank you.
.Ask her if she's has a backup plan just in case the Lagos deal goes south , then wish her the best.

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Romance / Re: My Conscience No Gree Me Rest by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:04am On Feb 22, 2023
See wetin hunger cause...

so dis mrn around 10am,i was going to meet a frd of mine to see if he can lend me sum money bcus i was 100% broke and cashless due to dis buhari new policy and better hunger dey wipe me...

i was walking behind a man carrying a bag along the busy mbiama market road,then i saw money fell down frm the bag the man was carrying,i quickly moved forward to picked the money and i was still moving bhind him...

one mind said to me"michael...gv the man he money nah.....the other mind said"oboi na better hungry go beat u if u gv dis man dis money..

dats was hw i divert my movement,enter 1 near by store then took cold pepsi and bread to step down,i counted the money and it was 8500(all new note)

my problem now is dat my conscience has nt let me rest since mrn till now,bcus i did nt return the money bk to the man,i have spent jst 500 frm it...

i don't knw the man,if nt,i wud hv given him bk his money ooh....

i no steal the money,nah see i see am pick ooh...
..The first step to inner peace is accepting the facts, you are a thief , if it was only hunger your should have remove 1k and returned the rest.


Romance / Re: Do I Consider Her As Online Beggar, It's Very Disappointing, Pals Pls Advise by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:16am On Jan 19, 2023
You can see clearly see she's not for you but the big nyash and hips no go let you think well.

Money go come if what you said about your work is true you just need to face front and arrange your life first.


Politics / Re: I Will Stop Corruption When Elected — Peter Obi At Chatham House by Xxx123xxx(m): 5:02pm On Jan 16, 2023

The best way to fight corruption is you yourself. If your are not corrupt, your wife is not corrupt & your family is not corrupt, you reduce corruption by 50%. Hold me responsible, that’s what I’m going to do. @PeterObi

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Family / Re: Depression setting in! by Xxx123xxx(m): 7:38am On Jan 16, 2023
First things first drop the pity party you no need am. People full outside with no degree and dem dey do their thing.

If your degree no put u for strong position , starting out again by acquiring skills and certifications . Become valuable , people will seek you like silver or gold.
Politics / Re: Visit Amuwo-odofin And Ojo To Know The Capability Of The Igbos by Xxx123xxx(m): 10:45am On Jan 15, 2023

What stupid nonsense tolerance are you talking about. The lands were not gifted to them. The Igbos bought ever piece of land they own. Many times at very high prices. They settled Omo onile. They paid in full. The Igbo's do not depend on your tolerance. They create value that's why they are able to achieve so much against all odds.
..Your response is more emotional than logical, clearly with no need for real data , Igbos own more Investment per head in Lagos than anywhere else in Nigeria. The question is why ? Simply put Lagos embodies the right condition for all who are willing and able to achieve their dreams regardless of tribe and ethnicity.
Politics / Re: Visit Amuwo-odofin And Ojo To Know The Capability Of The Igbos by Xxx123xxx(m): 10:31am On Jan 15, 2023
I am not Igbo but from kogi

I have noticed many Nigerians do not really know the Igbo aside from the few they see in their localities or those that sometimes travel to the east.

Those in Lagos also do not know them as their major base in Lagos is in the amuwo-odofin, Ojo areas.Which many lagosians I have come to realise do not visit as it is in the outskirts of Lagos.

I came to this area in the early 2000s,back then it was a scanty backwater area,only fg built Festac and satellite were in the area

The area was a bush.

Forward 22years later. The whole area is filled with mansions and businesses dominated almost entirely by igbos.

The area as expanded beyond recognition and it's one of the most developed area of Lagos despite government neglect.

The area is probably another lekki in disguise.

I realise many lagosians aren't familiar with this area also.

I tell you I have seen what gradual progress and development is like with the igbos in this area.

I have lived with them,they aren't perfect and have their issues just like any other tribe.

But i have really seen what the igbos are capable of.

It's unfortunate their region as fallen into chaos now.However that is not a valid reason to dismiss them as the north is in more choas yet people are considering a Fulani to Fulani transition.

Visit amuwo-odofin and Ojo you will realise what the igbos can do if you know what the area was like in the 90s.

Note: the area as long been neglected by successive Lagos governments until recently under sanwoolu.

I have not seen any other community that as achieved this much in Lagos under two decades virtually on their own.

This performance ability is what NIG highly needs now,not a mele mele(lackadaisical) presidency.

We need performance, I think the igbos can do it.Nigerians really need to consider this.

I hàve observed many people love to disparage the igbos,like I saw a thread of ABA being a slum.

Many people do not know the true wealth of the igbos considering their near destruction during the civil war,it's a top notch performance

I can tell you if you want to name any slum dwellers in NIG, count the Igbo out.

The igbos are proud and stubborn, but it's high time we had a president with pride,gutso and backbone to raise Nigeria level in the comity of nations.

Nigeria don big pass all these slave mentality Presidents
..Igbos are best at driving their individual agendas, leadership wise majority are just average and crooked like all others. If not the east should be center of everything Nigeria if what is required is just business acumen.
Until my brothers and sisters from the east learn how to play the leadership game long term. Their dreams will be trapped in the Nigerian nightmare.
Family / Re: How Would You Express Your Displeasure To Your Wife?? by Xxx123xxx(m): 3:54pm On Jan 08, 2023

You have a good marriage, you pamper and take care of your wife, family and responsibilities.

On this particular day, your wife wanted to travel for an event, you asked her not to go for this particular event, kindly note, she is very social and travels a lot, you allow her, give her the freedom she needs.

Now, she ignored you and travelled, what can you do to express your displeasure, get her to apologise and avoid a repetition of such?

Creative solutions asides sex or money should be proferred

Married men and women only*

To the women, if you were the woman in this scenario, what can your husband do to get you to apologise and make you not repeat such?
Abeg leave creative ways of expressing your displeasure, from the little information you fitted us with you have been giving her this kind of freedom and pampering from the onset.
Please correct me if am wrong she's has almost as much financial muscle as you do plus she runs your family's day to day with you playing financier.

' And she travels a lot ', you said . My brother you have lost leadership,you are the under dog in this battle . Brace your self , take one for the team as always.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Quit My Job And Continue With Business by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:25am On Dec 08, 2022
I’m confused right now and need a solution!!

I’m actually working (45k month) and I’m also doing business but my business is booming sometimes I sell close to (150-200k a month) and the work is really giving me small stress sha! It a government work. I’m thinking of quitting and focusing on my business but I’m scared that if I quit I will loose to opportunity of doing government work or what if my business crash tomorrow.. I do sell stuff online and it kinda generating me good money… but I don’t know what to do.

Your opinions are needed here! If you were in my shoe what will u do?? No insult please
..Do not quit, I repeat Do not quit. It would profit you more to manage your work stress then lose you second source of income. Times are hard don't shoot yourself on the leg.


Family / Re: Should I expose him ? by Xxx123xxx(m): 6:10am On Oct 19, 2022
I have payed keen attention to our behaviour and society and its hard to argue that the black race is not cursed.
We fail to learn from the mistakes of our fathers and continue to repeat the same cycle thus stagnating and refusing to evolve, the oyinbo man would evaluate the life of those that have gone before him and adapt and thats how he has progressed.

I currently live in France and my caucasian friend just told me something today that broke my heart and don't know whether to ruin this Naija guy life.
She is married to a Naija guy who from my investigation just needed the oyinbo for papers.
But that's not the issue, this lady asked me if it is normal for Nigerian men to beat their wives.

This stupid guy without papers has been beating his wife, this is very sad and I am trying to really manage my emotions.
My wife wants me to tell the lady the truth so that she can report and expose him(I found out the guy has a family in NIgeria).. I wasn't going to involve myself in the matter but what the lady told me today really provoked me.

What is wrong with black people in general, why are we always behaving in this manner, how can someone take you in and feed, clothe and support you yet you are assualting her despite that you do not have papers and you can be deported if she goes to the police.

Do you guys think I should expose ? I don't want to get involved but my wife is putting pressure on me.
..Quickly please, the guy has worked hard for what he's about to get. Refusal to the proper thing in this case will be seen as aiding and abating his appalling behaviour.


Politics / Re: I Will Subject All Arms Of Govt To Audit - Peter Obi's Speech At ICAN Conference by Xxx123xxx(m): 11:42am On Oct 13, 2022
Story ,Tell that to the kids following you, like say na only you one go run the government.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Work As A Maid For 20k Monthly - 3 homes in need by Xxx123xxx(m): 9:59pm On Sep 22, 2022
Work as a live in maid for 20k monthly

Prepare kids for school and keep the house clean. Also pick the kids from school.
Females needed

Drop you contact number

Reach to me on WhatsApp on my signature
. Them for no pay at all.

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Family / Re: My Mother Is An Ashawo. No Wonder My Grandparents Banned Her From Visiting Us. by Xxx123xxx(m): 5:10pm On Sep 21, 2022
I am 17 years old, I am done with my secondary school, I stay with my grandparents in the village, Uromi Edo state. I started living with my grandparents since I was 8 years old around 2013 when my parents got separated. My father live in Abeokuta and he is married to another woman with 2 children. Although my father has been the one paying my school fees and sending me money for up-keep, he even told me to pick jamb form in order to further my education in uniben.

My mother live in Lagos, she has a daughter for another man but they were not married. The man took his daughter and kick my mother out his house. Now my mother is Single, she own a mini bar where she do her ashawo work. She sleeps with men that come to drink in her bar. Her house is just opposite the bar.
No wonder my grandfather ban her from visiting us in village. 9 years I didn't set my eyes on my mother. So when my uncle visited us, I begged him to carry me to Lagos just to see my mother, I also begged my grandparents too.
When I got to Lagos, My mother was looking like a slut. Long eye lashes, nails, chewing gum, tight leggings revealing her bum bum & hip, her skin looks bleached.

Since on Friday evening i came to Lagos I have been crying. She couldn't even respect herself. She have just 1 sales girl in her shop, the girl is also an ashawo, she dressed seductive like my mother, she would be in her early 20s. Anytime men comes around to drink and they want to have sex with my mother or her sales girl, my mother will jst take them to her house opposite the bar.
I told her I will be going back to the village tomorrow, she gave me 25k but I rejected it. I was crying, she was crying too. She could sense that I hate her reckless lifestyle cry cry cry cry
I am at my uncle's place now, I am so devastated, My heart is wounded. My uncle told me so many things but he said I should forgive her, a day will come that my mother will come looking for me by herself.
I will be at iyare motor park tomorrow morning going back to the village
..Hmm wahala dey this life.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Feel When Your Friend Becomes Your Boss by Xxx123xxx(m): 9:04am On Sep 20, 2022
Hello guys~ my best friend and I live together in the same neighborhood. I introduce him to were I was working at the moment because he was seriously in need of a job... Though! He had a job he was doing but the money they are paying him is just token, so when he came for an interview today. He passed the prescription test that was given to him, and he was made the assistant Boss and I have been working there for long without been given dis offer. Being his first time of working with us he has started giving out policy in which I don't like, he's trying to change the system for us making it unbearable for us to cope. And
to crown it all, his salary his x2 higher than mine and we both have same qualification, so am thinking of going to my Boss to lunch complain maybe to ask him to renew my contract.
What do you all think about my step.... Should I still go on with it?
. But if he was someone unknown you won't do all this, You are clearing hating and beefing him, It hurts to see him frog leap you in such a short period with almost the same qualification. I understand the anger you no be Jesus.


Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Xxx123xxx(m): 5:03pm On Sep 19, 2022

What do you mean by talk ill, insult or shout at your son....?? Give example....

Im asking because this your complain is one of the reasons men dont date single mothers...

..because their behavior or style of relating or even playing around their lovers kid is always under high and biased scrutiny....they will awlays be walking careful and not be free because of what may get the mother angry

.if it was his real father that shouted at him you probably wont see it as he doesnt like his own your kid...you will just feel he's a strict dad or being funny...

My aunt calls her own 6 year old daughter sisi kpelebe and enú já wire, becos the daughter is very slim and talks alot....yet an outsider dares not make such remarks or related about her daughter if you dont want to see her madness...

dont get me wrong i ddnt say you shouldn't look out for red flags ...i'm just saying u should be ready for things like this if u want to bring an outaider into your sons life....

the same way you will beat your son.....if an outsider does same...u will go ballastic... so u have to learn when to identify when its not a big deal and when to enter beast mode against an actual threat if you dont want to push your suitors away
..This one get functional brain borrow sense from am on this matter.
Family / Re: Depressed I Want To End This Sufferness by Xxx123xxx(m): 7:41am On Aug 17, 2022
its not easy for one to be schooling and be working same time in Nigeria, if there's a work I can do online It'll be nice
Am sorry to be the one to tell you this but there is no easy way out of your current dilemma.
Family / Re: Depressed I Want To End This Sufferness by Xxx123xxx(m): 7:35pm On Aug 15, 2022
At this stage am depressed, my name is Glory I school in auchi poly I am in HND1 I am the first born in a family of 6 (2boys and 4girls) I lost my dad in 2012 while in js3 my mom as been taking Care of us with the little she makes, luckily she met a man that took stress from her, he paid my fees from SS1 through and that of my immediate younger sister from JS2 to 300lvl in AAU in fact he's the one taking of everything even my aged grandma since my mom is her only child.
Unfortunately we lost him last year Oct and life is been hell for me, the guy that lend me my money to pay school fees as been disturbing me and I am squatting with a lady. The only thing in my mind is suicide
...You need to get a job.
Travel / Re: This Is Oba, Anambra State (Pictures, Video) by Xxx123xxx(m): 8:04pm On Mar 21, 2022
Don’t be carried away by the things of this world,what awaits you in heaven can’t be compared,live a faithful life and obey God so you can enjoy everlasting happiness.Shalom
..If e no sure for you for this life my sister forget heaven. Anger, hate and jealousy no go grew you.

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