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Family / Re: Gender Equality, Advantages And Disadvantages by Yonce(f): 10:15pm On Apr 15
Gender equity >>>> Gender equality

I think it's better to recognize that men and woman are different and create spaces where there's fairness and resources for each gender to operate on a level playing field for maximum output


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 10:12am On Mar 30
Guess the drama title without vowels


Reply 1994
I got one


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 10:11am On Mar 30
Buisness Proposal

Its a trope as old as time. So many generations have done it but the writers managed to make it stand out thanks to the cuteeeeee lead couple.
Light hearted fluff. No conflict. Bomb second lead couple (seriously, I can't remember when last a second couple looked this good! Give them their own show)
I love it!

The second lead guy Minwo needs to take a long walk off a short pier. I get a copy of my death certificate mailed to me everytime he appears on screen. . .what a douchebag.


Music/Radio / Re: Which foreign song do you love without knowing the meaning of the song by Yonce(f): 5:47pm On Nov 12, 2021
Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS
Me Cuesta Tan Caro Quererte by Marco Flores
Eres by Gabby Villanueva
As if it's your last by Blackpink
Du ddu ddu by Blackpink
Rosa Diamante by Eli Flores
Suddenly by Kim Bo Young
TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 5:40pm On Nov 12, 2021


I don't have Second Lead Syndrome cheesy

Am I normal grin shocked

You've never had second lead syndrome?
Like ever? shocked

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 7:41pm On Nov 07, 2021

Long time baby girl!!!
Life ain't bad oh.
Did you join this set to graduate from med school?

I absolutely loved W, the suspense, romance, everything! It gave me chills. cheesy

Lmao how does Tale of Nine Tailed Fox look recycled? Is there any series similar to this? shocked
Biko recommend to your girl oh.

grin grin grin Okay, I'd check the Law School series then. Thank youuuuuuuuuu baby. kiss
Have you watched "Touch your heart"? It's a legal drama with comedy and romance too.

Graduation is next year hopefully.

There's too many kdramas about the mystical gumiho or nine tailed fox. Like don't they have another mythical animal in Korea? Na only fox with nine tail dem get?

Touch your Heart.
Yasssss. The couple were sooo sweet and the chemistry! What even made it sweeter was that they were the second lead couple in Goblin but had few scenes and a vague ending.
I like to think they were reincarnated in another life and continued their romance in Touch your Heart.

Similar dramas to Tale of nine tailed fox
My roommate's a gumiho
My girlfriend's a gumiho
Korean Odyssey
Gu family book

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 2:30pm On Nov 07, 2021

Lmaoooooooo I enjoyed True Beauty despite all the stereotypes you mentioned above.
I finished watching W recently too and Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox.

How have you been? kiss

Holaaa sweetie! Long time.
I've been good. How's life going in general?

You must have enjoyed W. Despite its chaotic rushed ending it was one of my favourite kdramas.
Yet to see Tale of the nine tailed fox, the storyline looks recycled. lipsrsealed
You should give the drama Law school a chance, for obvious reasons.


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 5:56am On Oct 23, 2021

Lol is there anyone who will come out and say hey look at me, I'm evil. Las Las we all try to present the best version of ourselves to people, i just wish everyone would actually have the decency to be good and kind in all aspects of their lives not just their public lives.

Nobody comes out to say they're evil but Korean entertainment take their "innocence" to the extreme.
The stark contrast between the conservative image they so desperately try to sell and the reality of their society is so glaring.
It's almost as if no one makes mistakes over there. Like everyone lives in a utopian society or something.

Just hypocritical. Tueh


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 11:34pm On Oct 01, 2021
My people una well done. kiss
Drama update!!!

This drama was a colossal waste of time, treasures and talent.
What an anticlimactic unreasonable ending.
It should have ended with Nabi murdering Jaeon after finding him cheating and keeping his dismembered member as a souvenir, that would have been more memorable.
I really gave my heart and soul to this drama only for it to turn to radioactive waste.

Squid Game.
Holy mother of God.
Chineke. Like who came up with this sadistic and entertaining concept?
It's like watching a train derail into and incoming plane crash, you know it's going to be a catastrophe but you can't look away.
I'm glad it's getting more people interested in kdramas.
What a show!!!

Hometown cha cha cha
The cutest, most wholesome show I've seen in a long time.
The dimple couple, the supporting cast, the cinematography. Watching if felt like a soothing balm after the chaos that was Squid game.
The dimple couple continue to remain the general sponsor of my bisexual panic.

If you've claimed this my future husband on this thread by mistake come out. I'm ready to fight angry


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:12pm On Aug 06, 2021

Be healed in Jesus name!

Sorry it's too late.
That man exudes big dìck energy. I'm hooked, lined and sinkered at this point. cry
Tf was Blackpink's Jennie thinking when they broke up angry

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:09pm On Aug 06, 2021

Have you seen Falling Into Your Smile?

I'm not into gaming so it's hard to follow all the talk about games and positions players assume on the team and their relevance plus I feel like you'd have to have a background in gaming to enjoy this drama.
15 episodes in and the ML has been bland. Just another pretty boy with cash to burn.
I like the FL's ambition but she's a tad bit childlike for me. lipsrsealed

Have you seen Feel at ease Mr Ling?
TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:05pm On Aug 06, 2021

Did not notice the bad CGI till I started reading comments on YouTube. When I was done, I read several analysis, re-watched parts on YouTube for several days and finally read the novel the series was adapted from. cheesy

I watched it on Netflix though.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I love love Phoenix, the Moon God & the Devil Princess (she called Muci till I started hearing Muci everywhere).

Phoenix was an interesting character. While he makes a fantastic husband and Team Lead, he is not suited to be the Heavenly Emperor. He is too guileless, innocent and magnanimous for that role. Luckily, he never had the ambition. Runyu was a better fit.

I don't even think he should be overall leader of anything; same behavior he had as King Yi. He is too emotional and needs to be balanced romantically to function. I have been looking for proof however, I think he was a virgin the first time he slept with Jinmi.

Runyu has a lot of fans; I always sensed something was off from when he went to pick Jinmi from the Floral Realm. Before his manipulation was open, I just thought Phoenix's love was the type that would make Jinmi blossom while Runyu would end up damping her spirits.

I loved when P & J met, I loved her time as his page 'boy', I loved their stint in the Human Realm especially when they were together in the Mountains, I loved when Phoenix went dark and Jinmi trying to win him back. I loved his speech on their wedding night when he said he was too 'soft hearted'; I loved the showdowns at the White Wedding and Black Wedding.

I did not understand the talk of Jinmi not understanding love till she killed our baby Phoenix. Phoenix was the only man she wanted around her. Infact, she was the one always touching him. Her revenge did not make sense to me; I would have preferred if Runyu hypnotized her or something. I am sure if she killed Phoenix the first time she pointed a knife at her mother's memorial stance, he would have forgiven her. To pretend for three years, give him your hair to keep on the most important part of him and stabbing him from behind? Na

And to think Phoenix was still asking about lobe at the point of death and was concerned that their tree died when he went to visit his parents' memorial. Omo, that guy is a lover boy, how I like them.

I watched 'A Beautiful Life (movie)' and loved it.

After AOL, I started Love 020 and dumped it. While I actually like the ML, I did not understand if the FL was in a relationship with a deity or a man.

Honestly didn't care for Runyu, like at all. Phoenix had my heart (and J's heart) from the get go.
All the parents' shenanigans and Runyu's trauma was just boring stuff I had to get through to get me some sweet dose of the phoenix and his flower girl. kiss

If you like historical dramas with badass FL you can try Palace of Yanxi. I think it's also on Netflix and it's on YouTube too.

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 6:23pm On Aug 06, 2021
Happy birthday EXOLs

I'm not a fan of Exo but watching Kai wine his waist in that utterly gorgeous red suit in Love shot did things to my poor weak heart. cry


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:03pm On Aug 01, 2021

Ok. That's good. I saw Falling Into Your Smile on Kissasian and thought I might try it. I hope it's good. Although it's 31episodes now .

This was just recommended to me this evening on Youtube.
I might try it. I just hope it's not too childish cause Cdramas are famous for their doll-like damsel-in-distress heroines. undecided

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:27pm On Jul 31, 2021
Snowdrop will finally air in December. Aigoo that drama and everything related to it has faced a lot of stress. I bet they had to re shoot almost every scene involving the female character since they changed her name. *sigh* I hope the drama doesn't end up being canceled after all the stress.

This people are just not okay. I've been waiting for this drama since last year when I heard it was going to air in May.
Now it's December, mtcheew. Nonsense and ingredients. undecided


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:25pm On Jul 31, 2021
Who has watched Ashes of Love (a Chinese Fantasy Drama)

Let's discuss smiley

I watched the whole thing on YouTube in like 4 days which is hilarious to me cause the CGI. . .oh lawd! grin
I had to drop my brain at the door to throughly enjoy it.

Have you seen other Cdramas?


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 12:19am On Jul 09, 2021

There's just something about the scenes on this show. The tension between Nabi and Jeon feels so heightened.
The soundtrack, the lightening, the sudden silence when they stare at each other, the hand placement and the soft sensuality is honestly different from anything I've seen in Kdramas.
Maybe cause a woman directed it so we're seeing 19+ chemistry through the female gaze for the first time.
Nevertheless, I love it!

Overall the show is like a car running way above it's speed limit, you just know it's going to crash and you should look away but you just can't. lipsrsealed

My Roommate is a Gumiho

To keep enjoying this I had to check my brain out at the door.
I can't believe it's been 14 episodes and Dam is still calling her boyfriend "Sir"
Maka whyyy?? lipsrsealed

Doom at your Service

This story should have been told in 5 episodes tops. lipsrsealed


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:40am On Jul 05, 2021
Birthdays :

1. Ji Chang Wook

Happy birthday to my baby daddy and personal antidepressant. kiss


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:05am On Jul 05, 2021

As at this moment, Stayc is probably my favorite rookie girl group. I love those girls so much and honestly black eyed pilseung finished work when it comes to how he's promoting them. Plus the girls are so talented so they're basically golden in my book. My favorite thing about them is how every member can comfortably sing in both high and low registers. That is so rare to see in a rookie group and I stan!

*currently watching*: racket boys, hospital playlist 2, age of innocence
Song of the day : I love you boy - suzy

What are your thoughts on Aespa?


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 7:48am On Jul 04, 2021
The definition of a vampire. Good morning everyone, day 3.

I think the skincare companies in Korea must have patent rights to the fountain of youth.
That will explain why they hardly age.


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 7:41am On Jul 04, 2021

what's the name of the movie?

It's not a movie, it's a show titled Nevertheless.
Just 3 episodes so far but it's fire!


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:30pm On Jul 01, 2021

Oh my gosh.
Is this a kdrama?
Like for real?!!!
Did I stumble into an alternate reality where Koreans are suddenly having realistic sexual and intimacy conversations on tv?
Or kissing like adults with secondary sexual characteristics and not a fish kiss?
A heroine actually having racy and sexual dreams?
A hero with more red flags than the Olympics (thankfully the heroine's fav color is red)?
A potentially gay couple?

I wanna wrap Na-bi and protect her from the big bad wolf (and dose her with a heavy dose of self esteen) but the wolf is so irresistibly gorgeous and I want her to explore the inner workings of her womanhood with him.
I'm so torn.

Can they like drop all episodes right now cause the wait is killing me cry cry cry


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 6:16am On Jun 25, 2021
Doom at your service

I had high hopes for this drama, I mean its Park Bo Young and SIG but what the frack is this mess?
What's up with vagueness and broken dialogues?
I think it wasn't probably translated to English because their conversations don't seem to flow lexically.
The leads chemistry are sorely the only thing pushing this show.

So I married an antifan
This trope has been done so many times. And I cannot take the villain seriously
There's nothing intimidating about him. Lol.

My Roommate is a Gumiho
This is soothing like a hot tea on a cold, clamy day.
I love it.


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 9:37pm On May 14, 2021

LOL @yonce was having intercourse with spiritual husbands that used my oppas face, she knows Ji chang wook is not responsible for that pregnancy

LMFAO. grin grin


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 7:48am On Mar 07, 2021
lol it is true you never can tell by the look on the face he just doesn't suit him even se-xual assault shocked

Wow. And I just finished all released episodes so far shocked
As I always say, the face is no idex to the heart.
It must have been so hard for his victims to watch him act like the charming regular boy-next-door all the while being a grade A asshole underneath.

I hope his career takes a huge nosedive.

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 10:28pm On Feb 21, 2021

If somebody thought I wasn't going to answer this well sorry for that person

1)The heirs
2)My dreams
3)Yesterday's dream
4)The spirit husband in yesterday's dream
5)The spirit husband and the dreamer in yesterday's dream
6)Spirits don't use protection but you're safe ma
7)Husband without the spirit in real life
8] In a drama, someone very sexy, I need hot hot scenes. Hmmm Lee Honey. In real life: I want him to park that big mack truck (I hope it's big) right in this little garage!!!!



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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 10:22pm On Feb 21, 2021
He is so beautiful, he reminds me so much of REN.

He is also a great dancer.

Found another baby to protect

This is a he? shocked


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 8:54pm On Feb 05, 2021

Really, I LOVE IT.

Strong female lead
Adorably awkward Male lead
A second lead couple to die for
Strong mother who know her weakness
Great friends
Storyline that developed smoothly and has a destination
Teachable moments and life lessons

What exactly don't you love about it?

The second couple is really cute I must admit.

Tbh besides the snail's pace the story is progressing my other reasons are superficial like way the male lead's ears distract me and idk who is styling him for this role. lipsrsealed

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TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Yonce(f): 8:46pm On Feb 05, 2021
Let's share our top 10 Korean Dramas. Mine are;
Crash Landing On You
Because This Is My First Life
1% of Something
Kill Me Heal Me
Legend Of The Blue Sea
I Am Not A Robot.

Raphael Ladd

Crash Landing On You
Descendants of the Sun
City Hunter
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
King 2 Hearts
Something in the Rain
Mr Queen (seriously the charm this drama has! I hope it breaks 20% rating)


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