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419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 5:45pm On Jan 29, 2008
I'm just curious; who are the main dominant of 419 in Nigeria?
A. Igbo
B. Yoruba
C. Hausa
D. Equally Dominated

Please, no fighting!
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Iman3(m): 5:47pm On Jan 29, 2008
When you are not swinging off IBB's willy,you are busy stoking ethnic brickbats grin
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Nobody: 6:09pm On Jan 29, 2008
Big B1:

I'm just curious; who are the main dominant of 419 in Nigeria?
A. Igbo
B. Yoruba
C. Hausa
D. Equally Dominated

Please, no fighting!

Let's talk about how IBB and his cohorts should be arrested and prosecuted immediately and leave out ethnicity here.
But if you insist on knowing, then first things should come first.

Who initiated 419 and which tribe was he?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 6:13pm On Jan 29, 2008
why don't you go ahead and tell me?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by amsky(m): 6:15pm On Jan 29, 2008
how can you post such and expect people not to fight?? people go hammer themselves for here. grin grin grin

let me runaway before the battle begins.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by debosky(m): 6:19pm On Jan 29, 2008
The tribe is known as the Babangida tribe - members are drawn from the usual ethnic nationalities, but membership of this super tribe means you have sworn that money is your god and you will lie, cheat, steal and corrupt your way to getting the money.

You will of course keep up appearances to look good and share your 'loot' widely so that you have people to protect you when the poo hits the fan.

Your allegiance is to money alone, you will do anything to get it - even kill your best friend.

I happen to know that this Babangida tribe (started by IBB) is the most corrupt in the world, not just Nigeria, they are the cause of our bad name.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 6:25pm On Jan 29, 2008
how can you post such and expect people not to fight?? people go hammer themselves for here.

Believe it or not, if folks could just maintain by focusing and exhibiting matureness, this could be the beginning of the rectification of 419 in Nigeria.

Aren't you tired of receiving fake letters 7 times a day from Abacha's family?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 6:29pm On Jan 29, 2008

Could you please stay focused and stick to the topic?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 6:52pm On Jan 29, 2008
I’m ready to reveal names of 419 lawmakers - Aliyu

The Chairman, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Nuhu Aliyu, restated in Abuja on Monday that he was ready to disclose the identity of fraudsters in the National Assembly to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Senator Aliyu, who said on the Senate floor last week that fraudsters populate the National Assembly, has been under pressure to reveal the identities of the fraudsters.

The senator, who spoke to newsmen in the Assembly on Monday, said he would only honour the summons of the House if Senate President, Senator David Mark, compels him to do so.

The retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, also stated that he would not reveal the identity of the 419 lawmakers to the Senate Committee on Ethics, Public Petition and Privileges which had been mandated to investigate the allegation.

“Nobody invited me to come here. I was not here when I learnt that a number of you (newsmen) visited me in my office to talk to me about what is going on currently in the National Assembly, especially with regards to my stand on offences related to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), what we used to call 419.

“I repeat, and I repeat it again, I stand by what I said. The only thing you are not going to hear from me is the names you want to know. I will not mention these names you want to know. I will not mention those names.

“I will not provide any name to anybody because it would leak. I was prepared to name names on that day but I have changed my mind. I won’t mention names except to the Senate president or the Speaker of the House of Representatives. If it leaks out, I will know the source,” he said.

Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 6:56pm On Jan 29, 2008
I wonder if this list would reveal the true dominant of 419 in Nigeria.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Mamajama(m): 8:02pm On Jan 29, 2008

BIGB1 do not forget Aliyu was a DIG under GAMBO the IGP that BABANGIDA PICKED?

Do you see the transition here?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Mamajama(m): 8:03pm On Jan 29, 2008
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by doyindamus: 8:06pm On Jan 29, 2008
Thank you for reminding me of Gambo.

I have never seen such a physical manifestation of corruption in my life. . .

With his puffy cheeks and slow disposition. . . .he reeked of Egunje.

The Ultimate IBB disciple angry angry angry angry angry angry
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Mamajama(m): 8:20pm On Jan 29, 2008
BIGB1 this topic should have been change to who has the bigest tommy GAMBO? IBB OR ALHAJI ALHAJI.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 8:33pm On Jan 29, 2008
Of course, I may be wrong, but based on my research here is my findings:

Igbo 65%
Yoruba 25%
Hausa 10%

It is what it is, no disrespect!
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Mamajama(m): 8:38pm On Jan 29, 2008
@ his_grace please slow down with this your FELA ENGLISH lol

I told you guys BIGB1 spend all this day drinking and enjoying the money his dad stole from Nigeria.

HAUSA 10% where did you get that percentage ?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Mamajama(m): 8:40pm On Jan 29, 2008
@BigB1 the money and fraud that UMARU DIKKO, IBB and the famous Alhaji abubakar alhaji "Triple-A" stole from Nigerian alone is more than 60%
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 8:48pm On Jan 29, 2008
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 8:49pm On Jan 29, 2008
The 419 Coalition Website

Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 8:51pm On Jan 29, 2008
See a 419 scammer caught on camera!

Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 8:59pm On Jan 29, 2008
This is a one man campaign against the bad press Nigerians have been getting over the years about fraud and corruption. As a Nigerian, I find it is very hard that everyone, including some Nigerians, are quick to point a finger, name and shame, and blame Nigeria for credit card fraud, advance fees fraud (a.k.a. 419 scam) and anything to do with fraud in general. Let’s face it! - FRAUD IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM - not only a Nigerian problem.

This "label" is making it very difficult for me and good honest, hard working Nigerians to do business outside Nigeria. It seems no matter how hard we try this "label" follows us wherever we go. My intention is to make people (you included) aware that, there are genuine Nigerian businesses and individuals who are trustworthy and incredibly good at what they do. I am all for naming and shaming individuals who commit fraud but why blanket an entire country?. The British do not like it when people categorise them as football hooligans, the Spanish as lazy, the French as arrogant, nor do the Americans like it when they are called bullies.

The 419 Scam - Advance Fees
The only people that fall for this scam are the greedy and often corrupted individuals - so they deserve to be conned - that is my view and it’s the only view I take on this subject! If it sounds too good to be true, then walk away.

If you have been affected by this type of fraud or any other types of fraud - please contact the Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The authorities in Nigeria are doing everything they can to combat fraud and they are making progress - read the latest news on what the EFCC are doing to fight fraud in Nigeria.

Credit card fraud
Basically means using a credit card that belongs to someone else. This type of fraud has its roots in the western world - developed countries - long before the e-payment or Internet shopping boom. There are bad people all over the world, even on your street, who will do everything to take advantage of the weak, the innocent, and the disadvantaged - so singling out Nigerians is DISCRIMINATION! Report all international fraud committed by Nigerians to the Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

There is corruption everywhere! In developing countries (I hate the term but I will use it to get this point across) it’s simply called CORRUPTION - and in the developed countries - its called CREATIVE ACCOUNTING, WINE & DINE or A DEAL. Corruption occurs in every country every day. So why does everyone single out Nigeria? We did not create it. It’s all about money - a global disease - the most powerful and destructive weapon ever developed by man. In Nigeria and I am sure in your country too, corruption is encouraged largely by companies and individuals who will do anything to win a contract. It takes two to tango, my cry to all those (governments, businesses and individuals) who want to do business in Nigeria is this; if you are asked to pay illegally for something you are not supposed to pay for, walk away. You will be doing us a favour, unless you are one of the greedy ones.

Our problems
Nigeria is not as sophisticated in electronic commerce as some other countries because we are always trying to catch-up with the rest of the world, and by the time we do catch-up, the world has moved on. This is partly because;

We lack the necessary infrastructure to enable us to adapt, adopt and embrace new technologies.
We try to run before we can walk - i.e. we sometimes, in order to please the so call developed countries, implement solutions and or policies that are doomed to failure because of pressure from various countries.
There are many people in Nigeria working hard to ensure we are able to keep up with the pressures and demands for open business and we are making progress.

Is it safe to do business in Nigeria? YES!
Many people and companies are doing business with or in Nigeria everyday. Nigeria is a very big country/market with great potential for growth. We are not as backward as you are made to think. I know most western press (digital or print) only show the jungle, the wars, the disease, the starvation, and the corruption when it comes to talking about Africa in general; its all bad press. But be assured, we do NOT have lions and elephants in our back gardens nor do we dance with monkeys. We are connected to the internet, wired for business, we have cable TV, mobile phones, cars, microwave ovens, Play Stations, DVD, TFT, WiFi - you name it, we've got it.

Remember this - you never do business with a country - you do business with an individual and a single individual does not represent the nation.

Doing business in Nigeria
If it's too good to be true then walk away - you need to think outside-the-box. Nigeria is not UK or USA, so do your research, understand how things work in the country before you step in. If you are worried about getting paid for products or services, then demand payment upfront.

For more info: http://www.nigeriafraud.org/
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by bawomol(m): 9:00pm On Jan 29, 2008
the biggest scams are committed in the corporate world and government. going by tribe is just plain stupid.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 9:10pm On Jan 29, 2008
Moslem North not involved  The Southern elite • The real reason behind Nigerian scam letters

There has been some speculation in the western media about the destination of money acquired from 419 advanced fee scams. Among some of the wild theories put forward by some analysts is the terrorist connection. This is not only far-fetched but highly unlikely. The background and most importantly religion of the perpetrators make this connection improbable. At least in Nigeria.

Although this type of crime originated in Nigeria, it has now spread to many other countries in various forms but the objective remains the same - to relieve the victim of money without giving anything in return. Some of those operating from other African countries are identified as Nigerians because they carry Nigerian passports. It is not very difficult to obtain this document for the right 'fee'.

Moslem North not involved
To explain the improbability of Nigerian 419 scammers funding terrorism I would go into the make up of the country. Nigeria has over 120 million inhabitants spread over 36 States and a Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). It has over 250 ethnic groups and about the same number of dialects. The three main tribes are Hausa/Fulani (Moslems) in the North, Igbo (Christians) in the Southeast and Yoruba (mainly Christians) in the Southwest.

The Hausa/Fulani Moslems of Northern Nigeria are largely backward economically, educationally, infrastructurally, industrially. Although there is universal free education in the country, they rarely complete elementary school and will more often than not send their children to Arabic schools to study the Koran instead. Most follow the strict Islamic code of Sharia that espouses amputation of limbs for stealing and the stoning of women to death for committing adultery. Women are subjugated and do not have the same rights as men.

The Southern elite
In the South the picture is a stark opposite. The Igbos are the most educated in Nigeria and are known for their aggressive entrepreneurial endeavors. They bore the full brunt of the 1967-1970 Nigeria civil war when the entire southeast was raised to the ground by the Nigerian army. Within 8 years of the war ending everything was rebuilt and they continue to prosper. The Yorubas follow very closely behind the Igbos. They are mostly academicians and have excelled in various fields.

The majority of the 419 scammers come from the Southeastern/ Southwestern of Nigeria. It is very difficult to say precisely why. One theory is that the sheer complexity, audacity and 'intelligence' required to plan and execute this crime is way beyond the faculties of the illiterate Northerners.

The real reason behind Nigerian scam letters

Poverty is not the reason why people indulge in 419 because a large percentage of them are already wealthy in their own right (not through 419). They employ people to scam for them while using their legitimate business as a front. Lower down the ladder, you get the newly qualified professionals who are caught up in the 'get rich quick syndrome' pervading southern Nigeria in current times. This group would rather wait for the maturity of one scam than work their way up the employment ladder.

Why do they do it, I hear you ask?  Because the input is miniscule and the returns astronomical. If a scammer sends out 2000 letters or emails, with a response of 1% or lower, s/he has hit the JACKPOT!!! As long as some greedy individuals continue to respond, they will stay in business as they are always one step ahead of they law.

The money from these crimes finance mainly drug trafficking, mistresses, property, exotic cars. It is all about ostentation, ostentation and more ostentation. There is a story about one of them that had so many cars that his palatial mansion resembled a car dealership. His wife use to drive a car to color co-ordinate what she was wearing. If she drove a different car everyday it would take over six months to drive all the cars.

There certainly is no terrorist connection. The religion of the perpetrators make it highly improbable. Even if there were Northern Nigerian advanced fee fraudsters (which is doubtful), their fanaticism is not sophisticated. The typical Nigerian is too selfish for that kind of sponsorship.

Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by osisi5: 9:13pm On Jan 29, 2008
Big B1:

Of course, I may be wrong, but based on my research here is my findings:

Igbo 65%
Yoruba 25%
Hausa 10%

It is what it is, no disrespect!

See the popular CNN story "how to rob a bank" and see your brothers in action.
Your statistics are wrong honey
I'll try to find the transcripts

oya count the criminals mentioned by ethnicity since you love statistics
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 9:20pm On Jan 29, 2008
There is absolutely no doubt about it, I may be wrong, but you need to prove me wrong.

For now, my statistics stay the same.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by osisi5: 9:28pm On Jan 29, 2008
oya click and count
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 3:04am On Jan 30, 2008
what am I clicking or counting?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by iykrion(m): 11:14am On Jan 30, 2008
This is a complete solecism coming from you. Need I remind you that anybody can bear any name to carry out crime?Remember when Mrs Iyabo Obasanjo turned to Mrs Daminola Akinlawon, just to conceal her identity.
When you talk about '419' one thing should come to mind, and that is anonymity. You don't see your proposed business partner eyeball to eyeball.

Therefore, the names don't count. I will consider this spurious correlation of yours as one done without proper thinking of the magnitude of it's effects.

Don't incite ethnicism here, because people will take you to the cleaners. Do you know that there's no amount of loot from your supposedly '419ers' of Igbo extraction that will equall the $12bn oil windfall that IBB cornered during his tenure? Let me quickly state that I'm not in support of fraud no matter where it emanates from.

It seems that you and Mamajama are only interested in causing confusions. Why this ulterior motive of yours?
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by Afam(m): 11:41am On Jan 30, 2008

Can you concentrate on the reason why 419 become popular in Nigeria? A former head of state/president institutionalized corruption and 419 and his name was and is still IBB.

10% for the Hausas? Well, maybe 419 letters are usually written in English.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by oldie(m): 1:24pm On Jan 30, 2008
There are two types of 419ners
1. The type Big B1 is talking about.
His figures might be wrong, but his classification is right
2. The IBB type - duping the governed. Almost all our leaders
are guilty of this.There is no ethnic colouration

In most cases the IBB type breeds the first category
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by chidichris(m): 1:28pm On Jan 30, 2008
i just want to inform the author of this thread that his full name is big fool.
how do u define 419? who are the famous 419ners in nigeria and where did u draw ur conclussions from?
what are the reasons behind this 419?u are so parocial in ur reasoning that u have forgotten who and who that efcc have used as examples in nigeria.
like i have said to some other fools like u, u must not send a topic. if u do not have what to post, u can read other people's posts and contribute and stop embarrassing urself.
it is obvious that idiots like u will always hide thier identity.
if u think u are proud of ur tribe, tell us so that i will reffer u to ur tribes" men and their roles in the 419 symdrome in nigeria.
Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by BigB11(m): 3:01pm On Jan 30, 2008
It is what it is, we all know the truth; but the truth is simply very difficult to handle; and I'm not surprised to receive all these names calling. It doesn't bother me at all.
I'm not here to cause any trouble or to disrespect anybody, but to indirectly discover a way to rectify 419 and polish our image as Nigerians all around the world.

My statistics stay intact till you prove me wrong.

I love you like my brother, but based on my research I think 65% is fair and close enough.
No need to fight, just prove me wrong.

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