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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:31pm On Aug 16, 2017
She was indeed beautiful and sexy and when I used my laptop at the dining, I watched her tiptoe from the kitchen through the lobby to the living room before she resumed whatever she did.
I usually pictured the rest of what her cloth revealed -- the tip of the two big soft fleshy organs on her chest scantily covered by a light blouse or her buttocks that seems to expand her shorts. There were times I watched the bare face of her fair soft laps as she rest a pair of leg on the back rest of the sofa.

If she dressed sexily and scantily, I wonder if she did it purposely or she was just representing the youth she was. But who else would she dress-to-kill for ? Anyways, she is doing it right because I lose my senses and I become hard in my pant.
I just always took caution of incest to get over the thoughts.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:34pm On Aug 16, 2017
I approached the wooden door which I swung open just after the second knock. I immediately got startled and withdrew, shutting the door quickly.

Dad had asked me through the gallery to get him his briefcase from his car. I collected the case from the boot of his SUV and made my way up to his room. I would normally barge in or at most knock twice before going into dad's room.

I did the usual, finding dad sitting on his side of the bed which was placed directly opposite the entrance -getting dressed for work, but then, a stunning figure cladded only in a pant reflected through the mirror which stood on the other side of the bed. I withdrew and kept repeating "sorry sorry sorry" till the door was shut.

"Come inside Junior, bring my case. She's your mum now" dad jested.

I went back into the room, but this time, dad's wife had wrapped herself with a towel.
She didn't look bothered but was instead applying cream to her body parts almost carelessly. I delivered the briefcase and left.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:35pm On Aug 16, 2017
The thought of what I saw couldn't escape my mind. Not that I had the chance for a long gaze, but the glance alone was overwhelming.
The thought of holding her firm boobs and having a full view of her bum.
I don't think it would be possible. It's a mere fantasy that I hoped to overgrow.
Nothing happened after the incident , no caution from dad nor his wife.
I only noticed the sense of communication between her and I increased gradually, but non ever referred to the incident.

I walked in through the main door leading to the ante-room ,then the living room. I had initially gone to prune the hedges.
Dad's wife was lying on the sofa which backed the entrance, and as usual was using her phone with an ear piece fixed in her ears. She probably or most likely didn't know I already walked into the living room, but I noticed how startled she got when she noticed a figure had walked in. I don't know why she got startled, but I glaringly saw her remove one of her hands from her black shorts, apparently, her cvnt region.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:38pm On Aug 16, 2017
I didn't give it much thought, besides it might be one of those subconscious actions.
I was proved wrong when I subsequently caught her on different occasions about thrice in similar act and even more convincingly that she throbbed her cvnt. I concluded she watched porn on those days she uses an ear piece.
I could only wish and fantasize helping her out her misery.
Somehow, I still had interest in checking what she does on her phone, but I've never seen an housewife that uses such a strong password pattern. A few times she left the phone out of her sight, I tried tracing her pattern through the finger marks on her screen but all always ended incorrectly. Although communication between us had increased, but it wasn't enough to ask for her password.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:43pm On Aug 16, 2017
u actually killed her.

Lol. Most likely. cry
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by boomssey(f): 4:07pm On Aug 16, 2017
"So Dad, when have guys been seeing?" KC asked.
Dad agreed that they had been going out for about four months already.
I quickly wished in my mind that this one would stay . For the first time, I wished to be in dad's position.

Dad just brought us a mother who is barely ten years older than I am.

Seven months later, Aunty Linda had become our new Mum and she now lived legally in the house.

KC and Aunty Linda got along so well, possibly because of his casual nature but I found it very difficult to call her "mum". She could only pass for an elder sister to me.

If it became necessary to talk to her, I made sure I mumbled the first part or I simply jump directly to the issue if I don't need to call her attention.
She probably noticed my sudden introverted nature towards her and decided to keep to herself .
KC was still in the university and I was being held at home because of the strike.
It was obvious she became bored most times and she had made her phone or the TV her companion when dad was out, or she simply treated her nails or go out shortly on very few occasions.
interesting so continue
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:29pm On Aug 17, 2017
On one of the evenings that dad came back, obviously stressed, he passed me his phone.
"Check what's wrong with my whatsapp, it's taking time to come up" he instructed.

"Where's your mum" he asked

"She's in her room" I replied.

"Don't worry about my dinner, I already ate before coming home" he said

"What about the 9pm news?"

I was replied by the sound from the door of his room which he shut behind him.

I simply wiped some caches off the application memory and the application was up and running in not time.
The first contact after the recent message from a group chat was "Love" . I knew dad saved his wife's contact with that.
Not that I was really curious, but I just decided to check what they said to each other.

In the chat, she mostly complained of how sex starved she was. Dad always replied with an excuse that he was tired from work and he would make sure he complies on the weekends. She went on to complain that the weekends sex weren't frequent and the last time it happened was three weeks already after she got starved for almost a month already.
There were blurry picture messages received from her that looked like an unclothed female, but meant dad had deleted them from his phone gallery. I guess she had tried to arouse dad through her unclad pictures. I don't think it worked anyways.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:31pm On Aug 17, 2017
I took caution to knock the door well and got the instruction to come in. I walked up to dad who seemed to be getting ready for a sleep and passed him his phone.

"It's working now" I said

"Thanks" he replied and almost flung the phone to a corner of the bed. I paid no obvious attention to his wife who was clothed in a loose night gown and leaned her back against the wall with her arms folded across her chest. She wasn't far from dad and I had immediately pictured they were in an argument session before I obstructed. I went downstairs into the dining and launched a movie on my laptop.

I was joined shortly by dad's wife who sat directly opposite me. I was forced to pause the movie and we gist about irrelevancies. I tried as much as possible not to focus on the sides of her boobs which escaped from her night gown. Her nipples poked the soft silken gown.
She caught me at times but took no measure to adjust.
"How are we gonna celebrate your 27th birthday?" she asked .
I watched how her sweet lips produced words clearly and how she supported her white teeth with her tongue to produce "27th".
It took her another glance for me to notice I was supposed to answer her.
"Oh my birthday, I almost didn't remember I had one" I jested.
I tried cracking her up during the chat and seized the opportunity to take an almost satisfying views of her boobs which bounced against each other whenever she laughed hard.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:33pm On Aug 17, 2017
"I'm off to bed, it's late" she said and sprang up to her feet.

"Alright ma'am" I replied as I watched her buttocks following her and vibrating to her rhythmically timed footsteps. Just as she accessed the stair hall, she paused at the bottom step, looked back and caught me staring. It was already too late to turn my face and so I nodded instead. She smiled and it was literally seductive. She continued her way up the stairs but then she did it quickly. Her asś took their time to bounce their way up till she cornered towards her room and then the sound from the door meant it has been shut.

"goodnight" I said subconsciously to no one.

I adjusted my boxers which was about giving way for my hard d!ck. I resumed the movie to at least overcome the seductive thoughts, but the movie seemed to be watching itself. I went to bed wishing my school would resume soonest , perhaps, I would satisfy the urge with one of the girls.

It became difficult, rather uncomfortable not to stare lustfully at dad's wife. Her seductive style of dressing had gained a new momentum after the night at the dining.
Yesterday, after dad had left for work, his wife came down to the living room still clothed in a short white night gown. It was obvious she had taken her bath. A strand of her hair dropped water which ran into her chest. The black pant she wore reflected through the silken gown and her nipples explained she wore no braziers. Her necklace ran seductively in-between her breast and I could almost see the end of the pendant. When she took a step too wide, her bum did well to lift her light gown.
If she did this for dad, then he isn't home to enjoy the view , but if she did this for me, then it's definitely working.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:33pm On Aug 17, 2017
The following day, we bumped into each other half way the ante-room which led to the lounge. She said she was just coming outside to announce that lunch was ready. All the while she spoke, she ran her hand on my broad chest and sometimes, her artificial nails pinched my nipples.
My eyes danced around trying not to focus on her revealing wears.
She wore a skimpy see-through black blouse that could pass for a fishing net and a black bum short that barely covered the top of her asś as she walked out. Her bright yellow skin showed through the pores and every part could be distinguished including her bare boobs. Her perfume was strong and nice.
I was stunned.
Many times, I assumed she didn't know the implications of the things she did, perhaps, she might be very exposed but then, the assumption is ridiculous.

"Junior! Junior come here!!" Dad's wife called. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Dad wasn't back and I had stayed in my room since the afternoon putting calls through to friends and also reminding Lizzy that my birthday was coming up the next month. I dragged my feet to the kitchen to answer to her call.

"Do you want to waste my food? I went through stress to prepare you lunch and you just left it there to waste" she yelled.
Only then did I remember that I hadn't taken lunch and it was past 7p.m already. I have never seen her in such a mood before and in fact, she never yelled at me before. As she yelled and complained, I couldn't help but notice a bare nipple poking it's head out of the hole of her cloth.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:36pm On Aug 17, 2017
I suddenly lost control of myself and moved quickly towards her. I dragged her by the waist to the tiled kitchen wall. I held her to the wall and squeezed her boobs roughly. She had replaced the initial yelling with a voice of ecstasy.
"Oh Junior, oh junior, what are you doing? Ok, wait, take it easy" She kept whimpering.
I pressed my bulging hardness against her and I ran a wet kiss from her ear to her neck and she replaced her whimpers with "oh Junior, what took you so long" and this time, she reciprocated by reaching roughly and lustfully for my body.

We kissed and smooched our way out of the kitchen, and halfway into the living room, her náked firm boobs caressed my bare broad chest. Our tops and my singlet littered the way.
Our slippers took stations at different positions like non belonged to the other.

The romance sent us staggering to my room and I pushed her on the bed.
I laid on her an flat tommy cautiously . I pressed my hardness against her and cupped a boob in my hand and sucked on the other. Her nipples were hard and her breast pointed at an inclined angle. She let out a squeal as I sucked voraciously
"Junior, oh Ju.. What took you so long , whaaat..."
Her fingers ran into my hair caressing my scalp.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:39pm On Aug 17, 2017
I knelt across her laps so I could unbuckle my belt. I had pushed my trouser down while she was unbuttoning her short when dad suddenly blared the horn of his car.
Both of us jumped out and scampered to get our clothes to wherever we flung them.

I escorted dad and helped him carry his office bag into the house. His wife, looking composed,gorgeously descended the stairs and welcomed him with a kiss. Dad whispered into her ear and she wore a look of surprise. They joked and played all the way up the stairs. Dad tickled her at times and she would fall into his arms.
I followed sheepily behind till I was able to drop the bag in the room.

It was obvious dad was going to finish what I started. I laid on my bed angry and frustrated. I couldn't really say why or who I was vexed at -I shouldn't be angry at dad who perhaps did as a man would to his wife. I couldn't blame his wife who acted like a wife to her husband . I thought I should blame my self for taking too long to make the move, but then it's not my fault, maybe.
I give up, I'm just angry at everything but nothing.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:40pm On Aug 17, 2017
Still aroused and needed to ease myself, I decided to put a call through to Lizzy and was willing to do the impossible to make sure I had sex too.
Lizzy and I never had sex after the first time and in fact she didn't visit often again after mom's death.
I would normally put a call through not more than twice to an unresponsive recipient but I did more. Lizzy picked on the third call but sounded so drowsy that I could hardly pick sense from whatever she said and then she dropped the call. I called two more times but she never picked.
I took umbrage at the innocent wall and then dozed off.

I woke up to a call from Lizzy.

"Hey, I saw your missed call, I'm sorry I slept early and deep" she said noticing my coldness.
I wasn't interested in what else she had to say. I excused myself and hung up.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:42pm On Aug 17, 2017
Dad's wife and I never acted or referred to the romance we had. I had began trying hard not to give her attention and barely spoke to her and it seem to work a bit, not until a week later.

We ate breakfast at the dining and dad made to leave for work. None spoke to the other except the utensils. She and dad hardly look at each other and I could see the coldness in her eyes when she watched dad leave.

I shut the gate and came back to finish my meal. Her seat wasn't far from mine and she easily reached for my knee with her hand.

"Junior, please make me feel like a woman. Let's finish what we started" she pleaded and I could see the sexual urge in her starving eyes.

Dad was supposed to make her feel like a woman, but then, She was right, we started it already, perhaps, I hadn't lost interest at all.

I stayed mute for a few seconds and then sprang up to my feet , taking her along. She gasped from fear.
My hand ran across her back and then moved down to her asś.

Her gown,normally, if worn by a lady -would barely get close to the knee, but on dad's wife, her bum made it worse. It took it up higher and her laps oozed sexiness.

It wasn't time for chances and I was determined to continue from where we stopped or a step further. I wasn't interested in a pre-intimacy. The last time I applied ice to a cake, someone else ended up eating it.

Things have changed since mum's death. I kept at least a sachet of latex in my wallet to save me on an unannounced rainy day. The rainy day is actually here.

I aggressively tossed her round and made her lay by her chest on the table.
I bunched her gown up her waist, pulled her black pants down her thigh and finally, her yellow big bum stared directly to my face.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by aprilwise(m): 7:54pm On Aug 17, 2017
Junior want to eat from the pot his father is eating from. nice store. well done

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:42pm On Aug 22, 2017
I immediately reached for my wallet which stayed in my back pocket. I brought out a sachet of latex and tossed the wallet away. I pulled my trouser and shorts down at the same time. My hard dick sprang out and pointed curiously. I rolled a latex on. My singlet was swiftly dealt off and dumped.

Her big bum made it quite difficult to locate her cvnt as I searched it with my dick. I could hear her moan in anticipation to the 7 inches than caressed her region.
I spread her legs further, pushing them apart with mine , and there the cvnt was!

I held her by her waist and entered her all at once which made her give out a long moan.

"That was for giving dad my labour freely" I thought .

I waited till she had finished her long moan before I continued.

I thrusted her at unpredictable velocity. Sometimes moderately and sometimes very quickly.
The utensils on the table always produced a shout of jubilation when I thrust hard and they seem to sing in various voices when I thrusted faster.
Pounding her from behind was easy. Her asś would bounce me off and all I had to do fall back on her.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 1:43pm On Aug 22, 2017
Dad's wife has sexy moans which gave me the urge to keep up my work . When she seems to get used to my thrust, I sharply thrusted to a side which made her jerk or give a sudden shout.

Sooner, her legs quavered and her cvnt became slippery. She would raise and support herself with her hands holding the age of the table and then she would fall back on her chest.
Her wetness increased rapidly and I could feel my climax coming at me.
She could barely stand. She would sometimes push herself with her red painted toenails till she regained a little more strength.
I thrusted forcefully one last time and she let out a loud long moan.
I pressed and held on in her till I released my load.

I withdrew and carefully pulled off the latex. She dragged herself off the table to sit on the closest chair.

"Thank you junior, thank you" she said as she watched me get dressed.
She managed to pull up her pant and drop her gown.

We knew that day marked the beginning of an adventure.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by aprilwise(m): 5:21pm On Aug 22, 2017
The day marks the beginning of adventure. wonderful. more update. nice job
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Chiefheywhy(m): 5:29pm On Aug 22, 2017
Nice story...Kudos!
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Modsenemy(f): 5:39pm On Aug 22, 2017
Awesome. Comman update pls
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:30pm On Aug 23, 2017
"Junior, I said I'm sorry. I wouldn't purposely ignore your call, i was actually fast asleep"

"Not the call alone, I think you are also avoiding me, most likely, because you think I might ask for sex"

"But you know we were brothers and sisters" said the feminine voice on the other end of the phone.

"No, We were never siblings. We simply outgrew our childishness and did what our body asked" I replied.

Normally, I regretted the aftermath of the last sex with Lizzy. We killed my mum, but at this moment, sexual urge seemed to be speaking for me.

"Well I think the truth is, you didn't enjoy the sex we had"

"Junior! Ok. I'm shy to say this but it's the truth. Since the first and last sex we ever had, I've always craved for more but there was no way I could ask you for more. I feel guilty for the aftermath of the incident and I didn't want to bring back old memories and eeerrmm... Never mind"

"And what?" I fired.

"Ok, I don't get too convenient seeing your step mum around buy I promise to make it up to you"

"It's not the first time you promised and failed. Just suit yourself"

My honest self hoped she would fulfill the promise but I decided to spice it with a little pride.

"Ok, I'll come over to your house this afternoon"

"I hope you will" I said and hung up.
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 7:34pm On Aug 23, 2017
Immediately, there was a knock on the door. It was definitely dad's wife. She doesn't come to my room usually except it was very necessary but there she was, knocking on my door. I was clothed in just a pair boxers and never bothered to get dressed since I was in my house.

I sat up at the edge of the bed -a position not far from the door.
"Come in" I said.
She swung the door and walked in majestically into the room even farther in than where I sat and shutting the door behind her.
"I came to tell you lunch is done and you can serve yourself when ready" she said jauntily.
Dad's wife would have called out to me from a distant position in the house but this time, she flaunted her lustful body in her sexy dress.
She dragged herself to the door and hesitated to leave. I got out of bed and shut the door before she stepped out. I leaned on her and absorbed the cushion effect of her buttocks with my arms wrapped around her flat belly. Her perfume smelled nice and her moist cheeks caressed mine. I kissed her neck and she responded by rubbing her self seductively against me, triggering a hard-on. She threw her soft palm across her shoulder and caressed my face, rubbing a side of my face to her hers.
"We should do this often" she said softly.
She freed herself from my grasp and pushed me by the chest to the bed.

I sighted my phone which laid close to me and dialed the last call.
"Lizzy, don't bother coming this afternoon anymore, I won't be around" I said with utter concentration on the figure who took her time to UnCloth herself.

"Wait! What?! Are you still angry" Lizzy said just before I could drop the call.

I watched dad's wife kneel by the bed side and slowly pulled down my boxers till it came out under my feet. My d!ck pointed upwards and strong. She wrapped her soft palms around it and massaged it. Sometimes, she applied a little pressure to the cap and would wear a seductive smile when I jerked like she made fun of my reaction.
She stretched her arm and pushed my broad chest to make me lie on my back.
I perceived her as she pushed my d!ck towards my belly, then I felt a sizzling sensation. My balls landed on her tongue!.
I became incoherent as she sucked on the balls.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Chiefheywhy(m): 9:25pm On Aug 23, 2017
Wonderful...But the update is very slow!
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by pu7pl3(m): 9:27pm On Aug 23, 2017
Men this story got me gripped


Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 10:20pm On Aug 23, 2017
Wonderful...But the update is very slow!
Bear with me Biko! I'm an hustler
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Chiefheywhy(m): 10:42pm On Aug 23, 2017
Bear with me Biko! I'm an hustler
Hustle tight!
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Chiefheywhy(m): 8:31pm On Aug 24, 2017
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Nobody: 9:49pm On Aug 24, 2017
Nice story you got there, fam wink
Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 12:29am On Aug 25, 2017
***dedicated for chiefheywhy** sorry for keeping you waiting ...

She sucked from the balls up to the tip, and when she did that, I gasp for breath. She went on and on till she had enough to wet the tongue.
We switched postion. I knelt by the bed while she sat on the edge.
Her cvnt stared directly in my face.

"Does dad not ask why you shave when he doesn't suck y...."
Before I could complete what I said, she placed her feet on my shoulders and buried my face between the delicate inner face of her thigh.
Her flavor was good.
I threw out my tongue and licked her every corner. Her eyes slid shut and I could hear her utter obscenities.

Her pink inner surface was warm and soft, and each time I sucked recklessly on it, she lifted her body off the bed and my shoulder carries the weight exerted by her feet.

Her moans of delight expressed how much she missed it and her quavery thighs closed about my ears.
Sooner, my face damped in her wetness and I drank freely of her.

She pulled my head out of her cvnt and reached for my lips with hers. She must have had a taste of her self too.

"I want you now , Junior, I want you" she said as she pulled me up the bed with tears almost dropping from her eyes.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 12:33am On Aug 25, 2017
I grabbed my wallet which laid close to my phone and brought out a sachet of latex. She snatched the sachet from me and commanded that I just lay on my back.

I relaxed and watched her cover my hard shaft with the latex. She switched into a very excited mood and climbed on me.
Her tender laps crowned my Unclad thigh while she held my d!ck in her palm. She moved up and placed my tip on the lips of her slippery cvnt.
She sat slowly and penetrated herself. Her pink walls were visible and expanded to take me in.
We were both consumed in passion as the ribbed flesh-bone moved up in between her warm walls till it swallowed it all up.

With her hands now placed on my chest, she began to bounce. Her cvnt lost grip of my d!ck gradually and we were engulfed. Our moans filled the air and the bed squeaked to out aggression. Her boobs flapped aggressively and I wondered if they might pull off.
I held on to them at times and yet, they evade my grasp.

When she got tired, she would drag herself in directions that stretched me.

Her cvnt tightened against my d!ck and she let out a long narrow moan. It loosened again and her warm liquid flowed before she collapsed on me.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by Officialgarri: 12:36am On Aug 25, 2017
**last post tonight for SmellingAnus**

I allowed her to rest a little and at least catch her breath, then I made her lay on her back.

I knelt and placed each of her thigh across mine so that each stretched towards my back and my d!cked pointed directly to her region.
I pulled and lifted her closer by her waist so that so that there was space for her bum to rest on my hard thigh.
It was easy as I entered her again.
I thrusted her rapidly and she screamed in ecstasy.

I feared she would tear off my bed sheet as she clutched on it tightly.

I audibly heard my balls slapping hard on her bum and I was delighted by how her boobs vibrated to the rhythm. Her eyes closed tightly.

I was set to release after minutes of rapid and energetic thrust when she suddenly swung herself up to me and circled her arms tightly round my neck. She held my lips in hers and her thigh held me closely. I shot my cum in the latex still in her and I felt her own wetness dripping and dampening my pelvic region.
We had released just about the same time.
She let go off me and we both slumped into the bed.

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Re: 18+: Daddy's New Wife by xdos(m): 12:41am On Aug 25, 2017
Midnight story...


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