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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (18189 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (34123 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 5,948.18/week (69.7% discount).

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Diana’s Confession: Entangled In A Concupiscence/lustful Drive With My Cousin (1)
by newmuzik. 38 posts & 2179 views. 8:38am (newmuzik)
The Hot Romance That Almost Killed Me In Delta...must Read (1) (2) (3)
by newmuzik. 112 posts & 11083 views. 8:35am (newmuzik)
Types Of Boobs Lol Guys Pick Your Choice (photo) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by lawvelyn. 182 posts & 10536 views. 8:30am (SonOfEl)
12 Ways To Be That Romantic Guy She Wants
by stupidity. 11 posts & 316 views. 8:21am (missbehave247)
She Saw Porn In My Laptop While Searching For A Movie,what Should I Do Pls?
by kstadaura. 16 posts & 763 views. 8:18am (2dice)
I Don't Trust Women And I Don't Think I Will Marry.
by Tydies. 7 posts & 171 views. 8:17am (Eurelaz)
Girl's Facebook Photo Accidentally Shows Family She Owns A Massive intimacy gadget
by 175. 20 posts & 3162 views. 8:16am (hiroz)
Pictures : A True Love Story! Another Surprise Proposal (lovers From Age 16) (1)
by baseg25. 52 posts & 2463 views. 8:14am (missojugo)
Breakups And Revenge
by 1stworldview10. 23 posts & 315 views. 8:02am (Rukkydelta)
Should I Text Her (1)
by ayogun22. 37 posts & 729 views. 7:56am (ayogun22)
For The Ladies. At What Age Did You Start Wearing Bra? (1) (2) (3) (4)
by KillerBeauty. 148 posts & 5078 views. 7:53am (mumu9gerian)
Guys, What Says You To This Pix? (18+)
by shumuel. 14 posts & 1596 views. 7:45am (richommie)
See 89-year-old Grandma Who Attended Wedding As Bridesmaid! See What She Did :)
by mazechdotcom. 11 posts & 303 views. 7:36am (mazechdotcom)
The First Word You See Describes You [PHOTO] (1) (2)
by Wizzz. 73 posts & 3677 views. 7:19am (Wizzz)
What's Up With Some Guys And Under Age Girls?! (1) (2) (3) ... (9) (10) (11) *
by SkinnyDude. 371 posts & 33672 views. 7:09am (machi25)
Do You Need A Urgent Hookup Sugar Mummy Or Sugar Daddy Hookup
by mark111david. 1 post & 51 views. 6:55am (mark111david)
Guys!! 10 Things Your Girlfriend Actually Wants For Her Birthday.
by Riwo11. 2 posts & 177 views. 6:30am (Axeurdaddy)
is he flirting with me or what? Weired (1) (2) (3)
by chocolateme. 120 posts & 2550 views. 6:24am (MrCork)
What I Will Do If I Were A Girl
by KachiVictor. 15 posts & 172 views. 6:24am (misspicy)
Is She Intrested In Me?
by Treash. 9 posts & 210 views. 6:23am (pretydiva)
Last Night Was Fun..
by rheether. 7 posts & 393 views. 6:20am (MrCork)
Are Igbo Girls The Most Beautiful Of All Tribes (1)
by badaoyeyemi. 60 posts & 1723 views. 6:16am (MrCork)
Y Do Quiet, Handsome & Introverted Guys So Complicated? (1)
by geni340. 53 posts & 2930 views. 6:06am (SkinnyDude)
Guys, Can You Marry A Taller Woman? (1)
by NoRetreat. 53 posts & 727 views. 5:24am (christinie)
Why Do Girls Always Believe That Cute Guys Are Players?
by SexyNairalander. 31 posts & 538 views. 4:58am (tpiander)
How To Deal With An Ex Who Doesn't Want To Let You Go.
by Riwo11. 3 posts & 176 views. 4:57am (Beesluv)
+pics Nigeria Comedian Bovi Starring At A Girls Butt
by JIMMYWAT. 5 posts & 346 views. 4:39am (delishpot)
If You Need A RICH GAY Or LEXBIAN Urgently Call Dr Lawrence_07035717085.
by mrlawrence255. 2 posts & 51 views. 3:56am (bendutch)
Social Media; Its Effect On Modern Day Relationships And Marriages
by Cutehector. 12 posts & 165 views. 3:31am (chukxie)
I Saw My Lagos Neighbour Last Night - Prostituting In Port Harcourt (1)
by ashmanpolo. 50 posts & 2814 views. 3:25am (suave558)
Has Love Anything To Do With Sex?
by Osirimononaye. 17 posts & 242 views. 3:01am (donholy28)
Fun Time, I Beg Comment
by fajani. 12 posts & 132 views. 2:54am (donholy28)
Four Supposed Women Behaviours Men Now Display. (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by Chidexter. 237 posts & 4939 views. 1:54am (MrsPhyno)
Help! I've Been Friendzoned Again...
by Opioko. 29 posts & 597 views. 1:53am (jagorinho)
Glad Tidings For Some Lucky Peeps
by Chaclaitmilk. 12 posts & 108 views. 1:23am (lekjons)
How To Make Forming Pretty Girls Crazily Fall In Love With You. (1)
by MzzCutie. 64 posts & 3247 views. 1:16am (iameugene)
If You Need A RICH And HANDSOME Sugar Daddy Call_07035717085.
by mrlawrence255. 1 post & 21 views. 1:10am (mrlawrence255)
13 Reasons Women Don’t Date Nice Guys
by BiggerBangs. 21 posts & 504 views. 12:03am (seal123)
Practical Solution To Erectile Dysfunction
by adeg. 5 posts & 413 views. 12:00am (adeg)
How To Restore A Broken Relationship And Marriage
by Nicky776. 2 posts & 110 views. 11:49pm On Sep 01 (MRBrownJ)
The Most Accurate Definition Of True Love
by alexistaiwo. 3 posts & 151 views. 11:44pm On Sep 01 (Rukkydelta)
Food For Thought
by kepal99. 3 posts & 88 views. 11:41pm On Sep 01 (MRBrownJ)
The Amazing diverse Beauty Of Women(photo). (1)
by Toks2008. 43 posts & 1362 views. 11:23pm On Sep 01 (Toks2008)
Discuss Your Relationshp Issues Here With Mature Minds. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by Toks2008. 166 posts & 1413 views. 11:07pm On Sep 01 (Toks2008)
Men & Skinny Jeans (1)
by PunkyVeer. 51 posts & 1059 views. 11:03pm On Sep 01 (Sabrwahaqqo)
She Is Loosing It
by halfrica. 7 posts & 254 views. 11:03pm On Sep 01 (kinglekan)
Mother's Love.
by Ultimate300. 5 posts & 69 views. 10:47pm On Sep 01 (grad2012)
Can A Naija Parent Beat Their Child Above 18+
by Durent. 22 posts & 355 views. 10:44pm On Sep 01 (Mznaett)
Found Condoms In My Girl's Box (1) (2)
by enyinna4. 67 posts & 1520 views. 10:44pm On Sep 01 (lrguru)
Update On My Wife To Be That Got Impregnated By Her Ex-boyfriend In South Africa (1)
by ganiberry. 51 posts & 1095 views. 10:40pm On Sep 01 (passionate88)
PHOTO, VIDEO: Man And Woman Receives 100 Lashes For Premarital Sex
by adesegun121. 9 posts & 434 views. 10:27pm On Sep 01 (passionate88)
Quote Of The Day (1)
by ggrin. 36 posts & 446 views. 10:26pm On Sep 01 (KingTom)
6 Reasons Bad Girls Get Married To Good Guys.
by NEPABOY. 3 posts & 123 views. 10:23pm On Sep 01 (NEPABOY)
Is It Godly for Married Couples to suck their privates while having s*x? help!
by mcodedprof. 7 posts & 448 views. 10:13pm On Sep 01 (Pamelayoung)
The Saddest Way To Find Out Your Daughter Was Raped
by Johnpele. 8 posts & 317 views. 10:00pm On Sep 01 (400billionman)
Spirit Of Handling Breakup
by KachiVictor. 1 post & 71 views. 9:40pm On Sep 01 (KachiVictor)
Reflections About Love
by sureguy02. 15 posts & 182 views. 9:05pm On Sep 01 (zaragal)
How True Is This..??..
by demmy0325. 9 posts & 210 views. 9:01pm On Sep 01 (Teempakguy)
Abortion Plans And Execution Who Is To Be Blame Most
by succyreal. 4 posts & 82 views. 9:00pm On Sep 01 (HalfBaked)
Came From Work And Met Your Wife With A Friend/somebody In Your Bed Room
by unuane1. 12 posts & 334 views. 8:54pm On Sep 01 (donholy28)
When Man Meets Woman: Texting Do’s And Don’t For Dating
by dunsman. 4 posts & 172 views. 8:49pm On Sep 01 (NEPABOY)

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