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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (19910 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (36927 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 10,941.65/week (42.6% discount).

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This Is What Makes Palmchat Special (PHOTOS)
by mrprezident007. 4 posts & 233 views. 4:51pm (NevetsIbot)
Twitter User Calls Out Cheating Bride-to-be On Hen Do
by WAECFlyer1. 2 posts & 79 views. 4:49pm (WAECFlyer1)
How Many Nairaland Guys Can Do This ??? (1)
by Oluwaxhango. 37 posts & 777 views. 4:44pm (NevetsIbot)
Touch Me Here..do Me Hard.
by Lebinfoz. 4 posts & 332 views. 4:40pm (johnsonpolice)
Nairaland Is It Fair
by Thylord. 10 posts & 107 views. 4:36pm (hfinest1)
My Parish Priest Insists I Abort This Pregnancy
by FMary. 9 posts & 283 views. 4:31pm (FMary)
Lesbian Couple Gets $80,000 Settlement After Arrest In Hawaii For Kissing
by CFCman. 4 posts & 157 views. 4:21pm (CFCman)
Please Epp Me,am Scared Of Being In A Relationship
by RichieDaVinci01. 21 posts & 204 views. 4:20pm (HCF)
Men Can Beat Wives 'lightly' Says Pakistan's Islamic Council
by copley. 8 posts & 75 views. 4:15pm (Psittacus)
Am In Love With A Deaf And Dumb! Advice Please (1) (2) (3)
by Tonyet1. 100 posts & 1800 views. 4:13pm (ZeeAfrica)
What Type Of Kiss Is This?(photo)
by thozin. 4 posts & 408 views. 4:08pm (faruz)
Break The Silence... Boys
by youngbah. 13 posts & 198 views. 4:06pm (okikiosibodu)
Top 5 Unarguably Husband Materials Of All Time In Romanceland.. (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8)
by firstking01. 264 posts & 1561 views. 3:50pm (tosyne2much)
Polygamy Is Key To Long Life- Research
by prinsam30. 4 posts & 89 views. 3:41pm (mineANDurs)
Anyone That Gets This Question Gets My Number..lol (photo) (1)
by Jarizod. 63 posts & 2486 views. 3:38pm (KashyBaby)
How Girls Pose In Restaurants And Hotels(photo) (1)
by Ginaz. 34 posts & 2873 views. 3:34pm (juhan)
Natural Supplement To Reverse Diabetes.
by HealthCoach1. 29 posts & 689 views. 3:33pm (HealthCoach1)
Fashion Or Madness? (1)
by possibilita. 43 posts & 699 views. 3:21pm (Julianyao)
15 More Beautiful Photos From Toolz And Tunde's Wedding
by oleeverking. 1 post & 137 views. 3:10pm (oleeverking)
What Really Motivates A Girl To Stare At A Guy? (1)
by ritzybaby. 52 posts & 2385 views. 2:56pm (Millz404)
12 Years Old Girl Kissed By Her Boyfriend Is 22 Years - Police Confirms
by WAECFlyer1. 4 posts & 226 views. 2:55pm (Zehner)
Difference Between Boyfriend And Boy Friend (1)
by ellacute45. 34 posts & 1991 views. 2:47pm (ellacute45)
Banky W Vs Linda Ikeji
by warriiboguy. 23 posts & 522 views. 2:36pm (onstelly)
(May Edition)Award For Funniest Post Of The Month Goes To...
by zikIPE. 22 posts & 392 views. 2:34pm (Timothychima)
Is This The Cutest Couple Ever Or What?!
by SKAMM. 1 post & 239 views. 2:29pm (SKAMM)
Guys Help. First Time Sex!!! (1)
by sexyboy10. 34 posts & 1842 views. 2:22pm (venatus25)
Don't Rush In Only To Rush Out Later
by Dojupyo. 14 posts & 565 views. 2:19pm (halfricanadian)
Lies Girls Can't Stop Telling Guys (1)
by Vegasailin. 35 posts & 1039 views. 1:42pm (sapiosexual1)
Who Knows Kulboy Please??? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
by optional1. 215 posts & 1766 views. 1:39pm (optional1)
Enjoy Sexual Pleasure And Last Long In Bed With Samsu Oil For Men (1) (2)
by Humblegoodman. 70 posts & 2923 views. 1:29pm (Humblegoodman)
Improve On Your Sexual Performance With Samsu Oil For Men (1) (2)
by Humblegoodman. 70 posts & 2013 views. 1:29pm (Humblegoodman)
Over Come Your Sexual Challenges With Samsu Oil For Men
by Humblegoodman. 22 posts & 472 views. 1:28pm (Humblegoodman)
What Do You Do When Your Gf Always Ask For Breakup When There Is A Problem (1)
by mrsharpman. 41 posts & 881 views. 1:26pm (halfricanadian)
Ladies: How Was The Experience Like The First Time Of Going Out With A Bra On?
by lawnreigh. 10 posts & 260 views. 1:21pm (Oma307)
baby saved by a dog...picx
by refiner. 27 posts & 358 views. 1:19pm (SuperSupremo)
Nigerian Guy Who Turned Gay After Fiddling With A Love Machine Needs Your Advice
by ObiOmaMu. 10 posts & 200 views. 1:13pm (ronald4lif)
Where Do All The Good Girls Go (1) (2)
by Dan42. 85 posts & 1249 views. 1:03pm (rhymxkid)
Video: Woman Sparks Outrage After Filming Herself Rapping While Getting Ba.nged
by klassical. 4 posts & 455 views. 12:55pm (STFUareyouG0d)
You can also be your woman's Superman. Here is your way out of boring s*x
by abdultobz. 12 posts & 777 views. 12:54pm (Maxi112)
Use Your Hidden Power To Become Successful In Marriage..
by jagadahindus. 32 posts & 1201 views. 12:51pm (jagadahindus)
Oya Guys Let's Get Naughty; Has A Girl Ever Flirted With You?
by EverestdeBliu. 3 posts & 191 views. 12:39pm (EverestdeBliu)
Nigerian Babe Slams Men Who Borrow Money From Their Girlfriends
by ObiOmaMu. 14 posts & 260 views. 12:32pm (tommychow)
Mobile Dry Cleaner
by youngest85. 1 post & 43 views. 12:31pm (youngest85)
Why I Became A Womanizer And Why I Need To Stop. A True Story — Ilegend.
by iLegend. 24 posts & 1320 views. 12:26pm (emitoz)
8 Awkward Places Nigerian Ladies Snap Profile Picture (1) (2) (3) *
by wristbangle. 102 posts & 34659 views. 12:02pm (RJayson)
So Hot! Observe These 6 $ex Rules And Every Night Will Be Like Your Honeymoon
by klassical. 1 post & 264 views. 12:02pm (klassical)
My 17 Years Old Cousin Is Dating A Guy Of 29 (1) (2)
by AngelAhnie. 82 posts & 2059 views. 11:46am (demzylahot)
Ladies: 10 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You
by amzee. 30 posts & 824 views. 11:44am (sapiosexual1)
Post Your Favourite Photo/photos On Your Phone/pc Gallery. (1)
by SucrePlum. 35 posts & 537 views. 11:32am (afezy110)
I Finally Find My Contestant In the Miss Nairaland (1) (2)
by slimthugchimee. 65 posts & 618 views. 11:26am (hringbraut)
See How Man Murders Prostitute Because She Did Not Satisfy Him In Bed
by klassical. 4 posts & 193 views. 11:25am (DRISKLEF)
What Would You Do In This Situation? (1) (2) (3)
by AngelAhnie. 127 posts & 2747 views. 11:11am (iLegend)
5 Telltale Signs Of An Unhappily Married Man
by alexistaiwo. 10 posts & 278 views. 11:10am (ellacute45)
For The Ladies:what Do You Like Most About Being A Lady (1) (2)
by Mariamoyiza. 82 posts & 688 views. 10:57am (KingCheezyPuff)
Urgent Help Cud She Be A Witch Or Marine Agent
by mattiu. 32 posts & 415 views. 10:46am (valdes00)
Advice Needed: I've Fallen In Love With My Friend's Ex-girlfriend (1)
by drizzy009. 35 posts & 395 views. 10:45am (drizzy009)
How Nigerian Couples Fight.. (1) (2)
by suzan404. 73 posts & 1338 views. 10:43am (Yuneehk)
Dont Stress Over Any Girl That Is Not Your Wife Yet...
by marvelck. 4 posts & 224 views. 10:42am (UyiIredia)
What Kind Of Kissing Is This One? (1)
by Ayima. 33 posts & 1121 views. 10:17am (Ayima)
Are U Being Sexually Harassed? This Device Might Help U (1) (2)
by oozo8080. 94 posts & 3597 views. 10:15am (ooozo8080)
This Nairalander Won't Stop Looking At Me..is She Inlove? (1)
by doctorkush. 51 posts & 730 views. 10:10am (jimmyolasun)
"Smart" Ways Most Nigerian Ladies Keep Guys On Their Waiting List (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by psychic101. 170 posts & 33231 views. 9:55am (bobojoshua)
How Most Girls Now Hasten Their Guys Into Marriage... (1)
by marvelck. 58 posts & 2261 views. 9:55am (KingCheezyPuff)
Abuja Man Disrespects A Lady In His Car
by Tizzy123. 1 post & 183 views. 9:54am (Tizzy123)

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