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Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 12,506.87/week (39.0% discount).

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6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Heartbreak!!!! 100% guaranteed (1) (2)
by 2BB4CB3E. 72 posts & 1634 views. 1:42pm (Vincent41)
What This Guy Did To His Facebook Girlfriend Will Shock You (photo)
by mezynaija. 29 posts & 2748 views. 1:41pm (BlackMbakara1)
Yoruba Pple Know How To Respect One Another But Is This A Sign Of Respect?
by ernesty20. 6 posts & 158 views. 1:33pm (Trendin)
Ladies Only.. Guys Keep Off
by ernesty20. 15 posts & 372 views. 1:32pm (Boring)
Person Resemble Dog! (1)
by NairalandEFCC1. 39 posts & 459 views. 1:32pm (WindUpMerchant)
Reasons Why Many Have Broken Marriages
by cutebobo. 18 posts & 532 views. 1:32pm (Suspectzero)
Nigerian Woman Buys G-wagon For Boyfriend To Say 'I'm Sorry' (photos) (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by lovdoc. 279 posts & 50671 views. 1:28pm (chriskosherbal)
A Nigerian Lady Buys G-Wagon For Her Man (new Pics/videos) (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by AdoraAmadi. 143 posts & 48361 views. 1:21pm (Ligxy)
10 Reasons Why Marriages/relationships Fail In Nigeria (1) *
by voiceoutng. 60 posts & 17725 views. 1:16pm (Favourkings)
Ladies! Why Makeup And Makeup Artists Are Bad For You
by newsphase. 4 posts & 108 views. 1:15pm (mizzbouqui)
I No Dey Play With You Again ( Cc ) (1)
by abbeyology88. 46 posts & 445 views. 1:15pm (Ryabcool)
Why Men Patronise Prostitutes (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by winkmart. 143 posts & 35375 views. 1:15pm (Luukasz)
17 Bad Boy Traits Good Guys Dnt Have (1)
by Ebuka2016. 58 posts & 2459 views. 1:12pm (Ebuka2016)
Unbelievable! See How Three Teachers And Six Students Where Found N^ked Inside A
by Naijabash. 6 posts & 1046 views. 1:01pm (Danielle22)
Happy Birthday Refiner!
by WindUpMerchant. 20 posts & 203 views. 12:59pm (WindUpMerchant)
If Uve Never Bleep A Lady B4....come Nd Let D Ladies Reason U
by kratosonofzeus. 11 posts & 212 views. 12:59pm (kratosonofzeus)
Can I Have Paternity Test Without My Husband's Knowledge
by sanky346. 22 posts & 385 views. 12:55pm (Maiconyoung)
Are You Attending A Wedding This Weekend?
by EkoErrands. 10 posts & 76 views. 12:54pm (EkoErrands)
Check Out The 25 Diseases Cured By SEX
by AmeboPlugger. 7 posts & 202 views. 12:52pm (solid3)
The Boobs And Hips On This Lady Though (1) (2)
by new247. 83 posts & 8168 views. 12:52pm (new247)
MR NAIRALAND 2016 ; Breaking News !!! Kinginvahala Disqualified!!!!! (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
by MRDAVIYJONES. 207 posts & 1881 views. 12:44pm (WindUpMerchant)
I Fell Inlove With A Girl I Met For The First Day Bcux She Cook For Me
by danxzy. 27 posts & 680 views. 12:43pm (Vincent41)
Ewoo! Woman Shows Off Her Private Part At A Wedding Reception (Photo). (1)
by mizzbouqui. 33 posts & 5228 views. 12:36pm (whitestar01)
Please Help A Brother!
by DBos. 17 posts & 299 views. 12:28pm (DBos)
What Song Reminds You Of Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend? Crazy Or Cool Slow Jamm?
by MICHROZZAY. 9 posts & 93 views. 12:26pm (MICHROZZAY)
Romancelanders Get In Here! Know What Ur Birthmonth Says About You (1)
by Ladycloud. 49 posts & 312 views. 12:25pm (Nickymezor)
Hilarious Pix. Ladies Be Sincere, Who Will You Marry???
by lonikit. 4 posts & 169 views. 12:20pm (lonikit)
Afro Candy Is At It Again
by kingmaxspaxx. 2 posts & 115 views. 12:15pm (mizzbouqui)
WICKEDNESS: Maid Tortures 9-month-old Baby To Death
by fingard02k. 8 posts & 129 views. 12:00pm (halfricanadian)
(photo)woman 'dumps Newborn Baby In A Plastic Bag TWO HOURS After Giving Birth'
by amakoro. 3 posts & 66 views. 11:59am (cruzita)
Is This Woman Truly A Wife Material?
by ProTouchDesigns. 7 posts & 217 views. 11:57am (halfricanadian)
Is It Appropriate To Answer Your Hobby/bf Sir? (1)
by queencalipso. 38 posts & 487 views. 11:47am (shulamitewoman)
Real Men Still Exist.....
by TWINKIE. 13 posts & 458 views. 11:43am (teekay213)
How To Be A Dominant And Take Over Women
by Essence6055. 1 post & 78 views. 11:41am (Essence6055)
How Do You Slim Girls Feel? (1)
by womanlover. 50 posts & 1002 views. 11:41am (Ebuka2016)
Can You Solve This Simple Mathematics?
by Justiyke4u. 24 posts & 428 views. 11:38am (Justiyke4u)
My Photo File
by Janeify. 11 posts & 418 views. 11:37am (STFUareyouG0d)
Blind Young Kelly Joins Prostitution[photos]
by justiz5. 6 posts & 464 views. 11:35am (chojo3000)
A Man That Talks Too Much: Yay Or Nay?
by lawlhee. 20 posts & 202 views. 11:35am (shulamitewoman)
‘chinese Woman Set Hotel Ablaze To Kill Lover’
by JoelNkantaBlog. 2 posts & 66 views. 11:23am (agbonkamen)
She Wouldn't Let Me Use Protection. Please I Need Advice.
by PEPPERified. 31 posts & 1040 views. 11:23am (PEPPERified)
Wiz Take Me,you Can Have All Of It ! See Guy Reaction
by govou. 1 post & 40 views. 11:20am (govou)
I Need A Wife ASAP Wedding Is This Saturday!!!
by honestman123456. 14 posts & 209 views. 11:19am (shulamitewoman)
Boyfriend Doesn't Call Me As Much But Claims He Loves Me
by mamagee3. 11 posts & 291 views. 11:17am (pembisco)
Aren't Men Awesome? See What Ladies Do For Us
by donestk. 14 posts & 178 views. 11:14am (DuchessGloriana)
Is Sexting Also Cheating?
by JustHere2Observ. 15 posts & 483 views. 11:10am (sainttwist1)
Is This Not Madness?
by Pweetiedude. 9 posts & 173 views. 11:10am (squarelead)
Tears Of A Bleeding Heart....a Must Read (1) (2) (3) (4)
by seedgreen. 142 posts & 7210 views. 11:06am (seedgreen)
Do Modern Day Nigerian Ladies Prefer This Wooing Method? (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by groomed. 138 posts & 34795 views. 11:05am (obontami)
When You Try To Block Your Partner From Talking To Her Ex
by marvelck. 7 posts & 177 views. 11:03am (agbonkamen)
Unknown Lady Steps Out Unclad In Very Transparent See Through Outfit (18+)
by veeluv2015. 1 post & 217 views. 11:03am (veeluv2015)
instagram model spill out her big boobs while smilling on the floor with herHips
by Lianabae. 29 posts & 3226 views. 11:01am (Lianabae)
Couples Caught Having Sex Live In A Moving Train
by Rafael2230. 3 posts & 219 views. 10:52am (Rafael2230)
What Is Easier To Give Than Receive?
by dancok. 16 posts & 220 views. 10:52am (dancok)
Best Way To Stop Early Release Of Sperm
by Rafael2230. 1 post & 184 views. 10:51am (Rafael2230)
Dear Girls, Dear Guys : A Relationship Advice (10)
by TeflonMe. 8 posts & 89 views. 10:48am (sainttwist1)
See These 8 Nigerian Wives Who Are Stronger Than Their Husbands (Pics). (1)
by mizzbouqui. 41 posts & 2488 views. 10:42am (mhizAnnie)
Every Girl Is Naturally Selfish
by marvelck. 10 posts & 156 views. 10:42am (mizzbouqui)
Having A Female Friend
by frubben. 7 posts & 101 views. 10:39am (mizzbouqui)
WTF? Check Out What This Lady Wore To A Party
by NEHLIVE. 9 posts & 226 views. 10:38am (agbonkamen)
Just Broke Up With My Bf (1) (2) (3) (4)
by Juliet11111. 156 posts & 4367 views. 10:37am (drunkpunk)
The One Thing Every Girl Fantasizes About.
by xxxtedyxxx. 9 posts & 440 views. 10:35am (xxxtedyxxx)

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