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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20953 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (39027 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 11,196.46/week (54.4% discount).

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Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. (1) (2) (3) ... (18) (19) (20)
by PamelB. 641 posts & 51137 views. 10:26am (abefe99)
Top 4 Most Funniest Nairalanders For The Year 2016
by clintflux. 20 posts & 462 views. 10:22am (buffalowings)
How Many Times Is Too Much When It Comes To Having Sex in a day
by davydskillz. 23 posts & 1691 views. 10:16am (harffie)
Pleasure With Pain Part Five
by gistblognaija. 1 post & 84 views. 10:08am (gistblognaija)
The Disadvantage Of Being Disvirgined Before Marriage. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by NBossConcept. 223 posts & 29495 views. 10:08am (Fearcom)
Who Can Identify The Nude Lady On The Left Pix
by ericuzor. 25 posts & 5112 views. 10:07am (Jadoskii)
Pics All Nairalanders Can Relate To.
by Prectega. 24 posts & 222 views. 10:04am (olofunmi)
I Met These Girl On Social Media.
by francislin. 24 posts & 1728 views. 10:04am (rosieluv)
4 Simple Ways To Identify If Your Girlfriend Is A Lesbian Or Spot One Around.
by Beneh. 12 posts & 362 views. 10:01am (drnoel)
Is There Anything Wrong With A Woman Proposing To Her Man?
by Nnamdisblog. 11 posts & 109 views. 9:58am (Notime5656)
Lady Curses Ex-boyfriend After Doing Series Of Abortion For Him
by Enyocole. 8 posts & 245 views. 9:58am (Raine80)
Must Read : See The 7 Things Men Find Attractive In Women
by dammieowot1. 4 posts & 151 views. 9:52am (vitalisdiho)
Which Is The Best? (1) (2)
by Twaci. 79 posts & 919 views. 9:49am (nuelzz04)
What To Do When You Can't Get Over Your Ex
by apinexcee. 7 posts & 151 views. 9:45am (Raine80)
Is This Right?
by sandypetals. 11 posts & 170 views. 9:44am (Fidelismaria)
Good Morning Class!
by vybzkartel. 3 posts & 56 views. 9:43am (mofeoluwadassah)
Couple Comes Under Fire Over Their Racy Maternity Shoot (photo)
by contactmorak. 13 posts & 583 views. 9:43am (Raine80)
15 On-bed Experiences Between A Guy And A Girl (pictures)
by emusmithy. 28 posts & 2236 views. 9:39am (acenazt)
See What Made This Mother Cry.
by meekyrozzay. 1 post & 66 views. 9:37am (meekyrozzay)
Did You Ever Cry For Someone? YES OR NO
by meekyrozzay. 24 posts & 274 views. 9:31am (meekyrozzay)
Check Out This Lovely Pre-wedding Website For A Client
by leksmedia. 26 posts & 1933 views. 9:20am (leksmedia)
When A Lady Needs A Man Desperately (1) (2)
by emmaak2. 85 posts & 4697 views. 9:09am (mofeoluwadassah)
Are You Looking For A Sexful Relationship In Your Area? Read This!!
by Enyocole. 1 post & 81 views. 8:56am (Enyocole)
If He Does These 30 Things, Date Him!
by dammieowot1. 3 posts & 139 views. 8:56am (thesicilian)
Lady Flashes Her Bum For Her Man In Pre-wedding Photos After 10 Years Of Dating (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by CastedDude. 149 posts & 78169 views. 8:50am (Boyooosa)
Why Do Most Men Get Sleepy After Sex ?
by lady2lady. 18 posts & 303 views. 8:42am (lady2lady)
Ugandan Couple Weds In A Shrine (photos)
by Mrop. 9 posts & 307 views. 8:25am (loomer)
Body Care Product; An Ideal Xmas Gift For A Female Colleague
by DeoSleek. 1 post & 39 views. 8:21am (DeoSleek)
How Real Is "Karma"?
by Ifakiland. 6 posts & 87 views. 8:17am (Olizey)
If You Come's Back From Work Just To Meet You Wife Like This What Will You Do? (1)
by golor. 44 posts & 7515 views. 8:16am (firstking01)
Is It Cool For Ladies To Ask Guys Out?
by Tunexclusive. 5 posts & 79 views. 8:16am (vitalisdiho)
My Pastor Is Better Than My Husband In Bed: Mrs. Glory Desmond (1)
by Vaxt. 39 posts & 2752 views. 8:09am (agbonkamen)
Lady Narrates Her Horrible First-date Experience With A Stingy Guy
by Goldenzeneth1. 27 posts & 913 views. 7:53am (nmreports)
Easy Tips On How To End A Toxic Relationship - Get In Here Folks
by kheengjay. 1 post & 42 views. 7:50am (kheengjay)
How The Internet Changed Everyone Into A Porn Star "Must Read Thread"
by Enyocole. 1 post & 144 views. 7:48am (Enyocole)
Checkout This Village Inspired Pre-wedding Photos
by Davidblen. 8 posts & 198 views. 7:39am (Tolexander)
Is Relationship Just All About Sex? (1)
by Geraldyne. 35 posts & 1410 views. 7:34am (bakynes)
Gals Are Evil O....
by Ifakiland. 29 posts & 517 views. 7:32am (Ifakiland)
I Need A Guy Who Would Offer Me His 50% Salary. I Would Love Him To Earth
by meekyrozzay. 10 posts & 279 views. 7:23am (sexy74)
Why Do Ladies Expose Their Cleavage Everywhere?
by Dreyl. 31 posts & 1494 views. 7:21am (WafiJoe)
Why Does Men Expose Their Joy Stick Carelessly!!? (1)
by Vick4rill. 42 posts & 2877 views. 7:20am (WafiJoe)
Watch Controversial Preacher Who Says He Can Enlarge A Man's joystick Simply By...
by Alisegun. 2 posts & 67 views. 7:16am (Khd95)
Where Can I Get Neutrogena Soap???
by Oladimejyy. 8 posts & 278 views. 7:08am (kdfemi)
PLS Help Me! How Do I Ask Her To Marry Me And Get A Yes?
by mrlycan. 14 posts & 141 views. 6:59am (Heterodox)
Here Is Our Secret Formula For Growing Powerful Butt, Hips And Boobs (1)
by cleanstar. 33 posts & 1410 views. 6:52am (suzan404)
About My Girlfriend
by Kakamorufu. 10 posts & 535 views. 6:52am (kenir)
Lady Comes Under Fire After Posting Half Unclad Photos Of Herself On Facebook (1)
by PrettyCrystal. 35 posts & 2869 views. 6:50am (reminiscing)
Journey Of A Hundred Miles. (1) (2)
by Hadez. 66 posts & 377 views. 6:28am (photoshoot)
I Need A Wife. Wish Me Luck (1) (2)
by Sincerity22. 84 posts & 2009 views. 6:16am (Sincerity22)
Wish 5 Romancelander A Happy New Month.
by peeparty. 32 posts & 133 views. 6:11am (JLopez)
10 Things Most Girls Do When Going To Meet Their Boyfriends (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by Nobody. 281 posts & 65341 views. 6:00am (obontami)
6 Signs You're A Desperate Lady....
by Ifakiland. 12 posts & 531 views. 5:52am (DaddySLY)
The Bro Code. (1)
by Masikay. 45 posts & 562 views. 5:43am (photoshoot)
Sexual Identity: Why Bisexuality In Women Is More Than Men
by Brendascouch. 6 posts & 214 views. 5:41am (Raine80)
I Caught My Wife Committing Adultery With A Neighbor’s Husband
by tyokunbo. 31 posts & 1837 views. 5:27am (firstking01)
Males Or Females: Who Enjoys Sex The Most?
by DoroBad. 11 posts & 630 views. 5:24am (Raine80)
If He Does These 30 Things, Date Him! (1) (2)
by youngsahito. 69 posts & 2507 views. 5:14am (Tajbol4splend)
Remove All Ugly Stretch Marks With This Amazing Magical Carrot Paste
by don9ja. 15 posts & 245 views. 5:08am (Raine80)
“I Love Both Men. They Have Different Strengths”–zimbabwean Woman With 2 Husband
by wedoAmebo. 1 post & 52 views. 4:59am (wedoAmebo)

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