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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20587 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (38108 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 13,157.34/week (45.6% discount).

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Five Crazy Things Women Do Because Of Men In Nigeria (1) (2) (3) *
by jidon3. 115 posts & 46550 views. 10:07pm (oshikoyaodemi)
When I Get To Heaven And I See Eve
by techtalkative. 4 posts & 151 views. 10:07pm (tunmidob)
Are You Having Problem In Your Relationship - Then Come In Let Discuss
by jidon3. 11 posts & 135 views. 10:05pm (oshikoyaodemi)
I Caught My Brother's Friend Sniffing My Panties (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
by bunsexy. 204 posts & 122322 views. 10:04pm (Smallville10)
Attractive Words To Always Say To Your Girl
by jidon3. 3 posts & 395 views. 10:04pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Some Reasons Why Relationships Don’t Last Again These Days
by jidon3. 8 posts & 631 views. 10:03pm (oshikoyaodemi)
How To Win A Girl’s Heart In 12 Minutes
by jidon3. 20 posts & 1247 views. 10:01pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Reason Why I Spread My Legs For Him
by NellyKelly. 18 posts & 2442 views. 10:01pm (Ifakiland)
Three Ways To Attract A Woman Without Speaking To Her
by jidon3. 29 posts & 4098 views. 10:00pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Must Read - 4 Things Girls Do In Movies But Don’t In Real Life
by jidon3. 5 posts & 336 views. 9:58pm (oshikoyaodemi)
30 Hot Sex Tips: Make Him Want You!
by jidon3. 8 posts & 557 views. 9:57pm (oshikoyaodemi)
How Do You Know When A Guy Is Crazy About You & Not Just LUST
by jidon3. 13 posts & 854 views. 9:56pm (oshikoyaodemi)
5 Explosive Experiences From Having Sex From Behinde
by jidon3. 19 posts & 2488 views. 9:55pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Some Benefits Of The Backdoor Sex Action
by jidon3. 26 posts & 1754 views. 9:54pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Eight Levels Of Passionate Experience In Women, A MUST READ!!
by jidon3. 3 posts & 156 views. 9:53pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Improve On Your Sexual Performance With Samsu Oil For Men (1) (2) (3) (4)
by Humblegoodman. 144 posts & 4580 views. 9:43pm (Humblegoodman)
Girl Makes Erect Manhood Image Of All The Guys She’s Slept With (1)
by Jamesmatic. 42 posts & 6985 views. 9:42pm (PerfectHeart)
What Name Do You Call Your Lover In Your Language? (1)
by MyneWhite1. 35 posts & 23941 views. 9:40pm (naijaj630)
Over Come Your Sexual Challenges With Samsu Oil For Men (1) (2)
by Humblegoodman. 96 posts & 1961 views. 9:39pm (Humblegoodman)
Tell Me You Won't Look
by Naijagoodman. 11 posts & 715 views. 9:36pm (Naijagoodman)
He Says I Don’t Know How To Cook, But I Cook Just Fine.
by Talk2Bella. 18 posts & 152 views. 9:35pm (Talk2Bella)
Why Are Men So Selfish ?
by Jenny1010. 13 posts & 238 views. 9:33pm (Smallville10)
What Does It Take To Turn You On Or Off? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by Sweetnik22. 172 posts & 4855 views. 9:33pm (Sweetnik22)
Why Is Abortion So Prevalent In Our Society?
by Taiw. 6 posts & 118 views. 9:31pm (Taiw)
7 Things Girls Don’t Like In A Guy (must Read)
by Samhyme. 17 posts & 1585 views. 9:29pm (armpit)
How To Make Your Woman Love You More
by NellyKelly. 8 posts & 258 views. 9:25pm (bitchcrafts)
Man Drinks Poison After His Wife Dumped Him For Her Ex-boyfriend
by Perolski. 13 posts & 257 views. 9:23pm (Jackossky)
I Need Any Available Lady For A Relationship
by gymnasium. 3 posts & 58 views. 9:18pm (uboma)
I Need A Girlfriend
by gymnasium. 5 posts & 67 views. 9:16pm (uboma)
Latest Haircut In Town, Guys Can You Rock It? (pics)
by Drdreyy. 6 posts & 936 views. 9:10pm (Maxi112)
REVEALED: New Tricks Lagos Guys Use To Woo Girls Inside Public Buses (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by segtak25. 180 posts & 54161 views. 9:02pm (ijci)
[story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 7 Full Episode
by Naijacard. 25 posts & 2607 views. 8:58pm (Naijacardcom)
African S€x Story LOVE IN NAIJ@ Episodde 1 (1)
by Naijacard. 39 posts & 12710 views. 8:57pm (Naijacardcom)
Several Things Men Can Do To Turn Women On Instantly
by Topza. 8 posts & 1308 views. 8:54pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Beware! 4 Lies Men Tell To Get S*x From Women!
by Topza. 9 posts & 962 views. 8:51pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Ladies : No Woman Can Snatch Your Man If You Have These 6 Attributes
by Topza. 21 posts & 1372 views. 8:50pm (kelval)
7 Ways To Spot A Hot Woman From Afar
by Topza. 7 posts & 320 views. 8:50pm (Harwoyeez)
What's Your Best Masculine Or Feminine Body Feature(s) (1)
by olendave. 43 posts & 857 views. 8:48pm (oloyolo)
If You're Truly Good Enough...wait For The Kind Of Love You Deserve
by Ereholuwa. 2 posts & 65 views. 8:47pm (KevMitnick)
Several Ways To Touch Her Pleasure Point
by Topza. 5 posts & 680 views. 8:46pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Drive Your Man CRAZY In Bed With These 25 HOT Tips: Be A Sex Goddess!!
by Topza. 8 posts & 879 views. 8:44pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Beautiful Pictures Of Wedding / Engagement Rings! Come In: (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by moorejewelrymal. 226 posts & 7528 views. 8:41pm (Charlieo)
Simple Ways To Drive Her Crazy By Simply Touching Her Br3asts
by Topza. 24 posts & 3733 views. 8:40pm (oshikoyaodemi)
9 Ways Ladies Behave When They Are No Longer Virgins
by Topza. 4 posts & 331 views. 8:39pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Several Places To Touch A Woman And Drive Her Wild (1)
by Topza. 33 posts & 3319 views. 8:38pm (oshikoyaodemi)
What The Shape Of Your Bμtt Says About You (you Will Be Very Surprised)
by Topza. 13 posts & 1206 views. 8:37pm (oshikoyaodemi)
6 Problems Only Girls With Big Butt Face
by Topza. 11 posts & 1219 views. 8:36pm (oshikoyaodemi)
I Mistakenly Swallow Sperm Last Night
by Nobody. 23 posts & 2768 views. 8:36pm (ZeeAfrica)
When Your Girlfriend Stops Complaining (1) (2)
by NairalandEFCC1. 69 posts & 1470 views. 8:36pm (KvnqPrezo)
How To Make Her Fall Hopelessly In Love With You
by Topza. 10 posts & 1070 views. 8:36pm (oshikoyaodemi)
The Perfect Guy
by Ereholuwa. 5 posts & 64 views. 8:33pm (charijee)
Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship
by Esthersblog. 2 posts & 110 views. 8:30pm (missKiffy)
She Shout That My Stuff Is Touching Her Womb
by Swaqwiz. 17 posts & 1646 views. 8:29pm (Harwoyeez)
OROBOR VS LEPA. Pre Wedding Photo That Got People Talking
by klassykute. 13 posts & 709 views. 8:27pm (EHMIR)
Moments You Shouldn't Approach A Girl To Woo Her (1) (2) *
by krissconnect. 95 posts & 27410 views. 8:20pm (Phonon)
Herbal Tea, The Secrete Our Fathers Used In Satisfying Their Wives. (1) (2) (3)
by Flexherbal. 105 posts & 11024 views. 8:18pm (Flexherbal)
7 Types Of Breasts (photos)
by Samhyme. 19 posts & 1450 views. 8:14pm (dnawah)
What Is Your Take On The Print Out
by Rushtec. 8 posts & 89 views. 8:11pm (Rushtec)
Wedding Photo Of A Couple Kissing As Boy Looks (1) (2) *
by olaboo123. 81 posts & 47336 views. 8:03pm (SHOCK7)
Does Anyone Know Why Vizkid Deactivated? (1) (2)
by Threesome. 76 posts & 863 views. 7:56pm (jordinsparkles)
Looking For Hot Girls In Obalende
by Buharifan. 3 posts & 83 views. 7:52pm (scaramenga)
- (1)
by FuckTheM0ds. 48 posts & 1775 views. 7:51pm (FuckTheM0ds)
My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like To Kiss Me (1)
by Talk2Bella. 43 posts & 1144 views. 7:49pm (Talk2Bella)

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