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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (22279 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (41282 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 11,668.35/week (56.9% discount).

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If Monogamy Is Unnatural, Then Why Do We Have Jealousy?
by valkaka. 4 posts & 131 views. 4:40am (valkaka)
God-fearing Married Lady Needed In PH.
by hooklover. 13 posts & 366 views. 4:36am (Kobicove)
Photos:two Female Pastors Tie The Knot In The U.S
by johnnyvid. 4 posts & 107 views. 4:30am (johnnyvid)
Why Do God Created Big Black Dicks ?
by whywhyogun. 17 posts & 732 views. 4:02am (whywhyogun)
Another Nigeria Slay Queen Advice Ladies How To Use Their Private Part(pics)
by loneatar. 13 posts & 880 views. 3:52am (EponOjuku)
Kenyan Woman Shares Sex Post On Whatsapp Prayer Group (1) (2) *
by stane007. 74 posts & 64524 views. 3:52am (frankoben)
Dating Drills! Guys Only! (1) (2) (3) ... (151) (152) (153)
by HARDDON. 4924 posts & 317574 views. 3:27am (HARDDON)
Why I May Never Stop Masturbating
by frustratedrat. 30 posts & 1669 views. 3:24am (frustratedrat)
Girls Only..send Ur Account Number
by stacyadams. 8 posts & 147 views. 3:21am (PMWSpirit)
Can You Cope With No Sex Relationship Till Marriage? (1) (2) (3) (4)
by Rexsul. 142 posts & 4981 views. 2:28am (Mrwealth933)
She Blocked Me After The First Night Out. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by mamuzoOMAH. 212 posts & 36576 views. 2:23am (starboyflight)
Christian Dating -for Christians
by malove22. 2 posts & 69 views. 2:01am (greatnaija01)
6 Mysterious Reasons Men Always Touch Their Man-hood In Public
by aldexrio. 29 posts & 1352 views. 1:55am (GrandFinale2017)
Do I Need To Sex Her?
by Rafael2230. 4 posts & 399 views. 1:50am (Iwaycee)
Being Honest In A Relationship.
by cooldrinks. 1 post & 69 views. 1:48am (cooldrinks)
Whats This? Pls Help
by MrAkias. 6 posts & 330 views. 1:43am (GrandFinale2017)
Why Do Guys Hate This Word So Much? (1)
by LadyGoddiva. 38 posts & 2029 views. 1:38am (mofeoluwadassah)
Kaduna Govt Warns Ban On Protest Still In Force
by Amark. 1 post & 36 views. 1:35am (Amark)
How Long Will It Take To Build My Butts
by elegantslayer. 18 posts & 526 views. 1:27am (Burgerlomo)
If You Are To Marry A Nairalander, Who Would It Be? (1) (2) (3) ... (11) (12) (13)
by unapapadeycraze. 417 posts & 4163 views. 1:25am (olayinkaboss11)
guaranteed loan without collateral.
by iyzeek. 27 posts & 729 views. 1:15am (drisaac4luv)
Why Are You Viewing This Section?
by Ennyhorlar. 5 posts & 126 views. 1:01am (mofeoluwadassah)
Who's The Oldest Nairaland Member?
by Samfigo1. 18 posts & 477 views. 12:53am (raphy)
Why Do Most Nigerian Guys STANK!!!! (1) (2) (3) (4)
by LadyGoddiva. 129 posts & 4466 views. 12:49am (BraniacX)
The Tragedy Of Procrastination (episode 1)
by Fatherherokay. 1 post & 61 views. 12:41am (Fatherherokay)
What You Call Love Can Kill You
by Riwo11. 6 posts & 166 views. 12:38am (Skinni)
Babes Who Want Men To Suckle Their Boobs,finger Them In Bus-share Your Experienc
by moscobabs. 3 posts & 564 views. 12:32am (Skinni)
Know If Your Partner Is Cheating Easily Without A Lie Detector
by obanipeter. 1 post & 128 views. 12:20am (obanipeter)
Whose Sister Is This? Slayqueen Or Nay! (1) (2)
by olaboo123. 80 posts & 6399 views. 12:03am (Divay22)
Confused........ Experienced People Should Help (1) (2)
by Gracesofar. 71 posts & 1353 views. 11:49pm On Sep 20 (SEEDORF441)
Here Is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Have Tattoos (1)
by FitnessDoctor. 41 posts & 1528 views. 11:42pm On Sep 20 (Realkenny)
Happy Birthday To PROF. ADAKSBULLET!! (1)
by sexybbstar. 38 posts & 259 views. 11:29pm On Sep 20 (tosyne2much)
Say Something Nice About Your Ex (1)
by Sylverly. 42 posts & 495 views. 11:27pm On Sep 20 (pansophist)
MACA ROOT Buttock Enlargement Food Increases Libido Enhance Fertility
by kem12jez. 5 posts & 282 views. 11:24pm On Sep 20 (kem12jez)
PROMO! PROMO!! PROMO!!! Get 30 Latest Videos On Gele, Makeup And Bead
by iyoha240. 2 posts & 68 views. 11:20pm On Sep 20 (iyoha240)
Learn How To Make Pink Lips Balm On Whatsapp
by iyoha240. 3 posts & 207 views. 11:20pm On Sep 20 (iyoha240)
What Is The Worst Thing Your Neighbour Has Ever Done To You
by dpete1. 22 posts & 532 views. 11:20pm On Sep 20 (cassyrooy)
That One Bad Attitude That Spoils Every Excellent Qualities In Your Partner?
by iphi. 24 posts & 432 views. 11:02pm On Sep 20 (Fornication)
Virginity Is Over-rated By Mitch-ihejerika (1)
by stephenmorris. 46 posts & 392 views. 10:57pm On Sep 20 (stephenmorris)
Love Is Not The Success Of Any Relationship
by ladyprowezs. 17 posts & 255 views. 10:51pm On Sep 20 (frankkydee)
Couple Take Pre-wedding Photos Under The Rain (1) (2) *
by WotzupNG. 87 posts & 39457 views. 10:48pm On Sep 20 (Primenet)
End-time! Two Lesbian Pastors Wed In Church (PHOTOS)
by eduandgist. 1 post & 152 views. 10:39pm On Sep 20 (eduandgist)
Is This True About Nigerian Girls Of These Days (1)
by victorch1. 40 posts & 1764 views. 10:28pm On Sep 20 (frankkydee)
Advice Needed, My Cousin And I Dating Same Girl
by slimfairboy. 24 posts & 423 views. 10:27pm On Sep 20 (Oyebee91)
Swaziland's King, Mswati III Marries A 19-year-old As His 14th Wife (photo)
by GistMeMorenews. 18 posts & 1453 views. 10:25pm On Sep 20 (WORDWORLD)
What Your Breasts Shape Says About Your Personality! (1) (2)
by nikkypearl. 72 posts & 5856 views. 10:21pm On Sep 20 (alexialin)
14 Interesting Facts About Sperm That Will Blow Up Your Mind (1)
by Manson1. 63 posts & 4699 views. 10:16pm On Sep 20 (luminouz)
See The Luxurious Wedding Dress And Ceremony Everyone Is Talking About (photos)
by slimjaney. 11 posts & 886 views. 10:11pm On Sep 20 (Viserion)
See Difference Between What Men Want And What Women Want In A Relationship
by Finfadei. 2 posts & 238 views. 10:09pm On Sep 20 (FemiEddy)
What Type Of CAR Can Your Current Bank Account Buy? (1)
by johnnn20. 61 posts & 782 views. 10:02pm On Sep 20 (paix)
Why I Decided To Marry At 21 (photo) (1) (2)
by OLisaMacaulay. 65 posts & 3263 views. 9:51pm On Sep 20 (bitchcrafts)
10 Unusual Steps A Woman Should Follow If She Desires Marital Happiness (Pics) (1)
by Toks2008. 39 posts & 799 views. 9:49pm On Sep 20 (Toks2008)
I Told Her I Can Neva Stop Tithing, See Her Reaction
by jonaifame22. 5 posts & 433 views. 9:47pm On Sep 20 (jonaifame22)
Two Students Fight Dirty Over A Man (1) (2) (3) *
by Choiszman. 108 posts & 46270 views. 9:43pm On Sep 20 (paix)
Opinion: If A Girl Slaps Me, I'm Returning The Favor. (1)
by cuvox. 41 posts & 311 views. 9:37pm On Sep 20 (bitchcrafts)
You Must Have Observed This Trend At Some Point On Social Media
by Maxvasia. 9 posts & 311 views. 9:33pm On Sep 20 (Emarvel)
Ways And Manners In Which P*rn Is Difference From S*x In The Real World
by don9ja4. 7 posts & 1042 views. 9:30pm On Sep 20 (WORDWORLD)
Finding Your Why?: Why Do Good Men End Up Leaving You
by brianblogmoney. 4 posts & 143 views. 9:29pm On Sep 20 (brianblogmoney)
Watch The Latest Zee World Movie Teasers & Get Weekly Story Updates
by zodd. 1 post & 36 views. 9:29pm On Sep 20 (zodd)
Are You This Emotive?
by Gentlebabs. 4 posts & 92 views. 9:25pm On Sep 20 (czarina)
How To Maintain And Control A Woman (1) (2) (3) ... (38) (39) (40) *
by tai2. 1291 posts & 93040 views. 9:24pm On Sep 20 (2sexyus)

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