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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (21450 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (39853 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 11,496.47/week (56.9% discount).

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Samsu Oil
by mysureadmission. 1 post & 44 views. 8:50pm (mysureadmission)
Meet The Hot Lady Who Happily Flaunts Her Thick Bo0bs On Instagram (photos ) (1)
by Freeman50. 33 posts & 4729 views. 8:49pm (gypsey)
Why You Didn't Get A Second Date
by CFCman. 3 posts & 73 views. 8:47pm (CFCman)
First Date Gone Wrong (relationship)
by saydfact. 5 posts & 180 views. 8:44pm (schumastic)
Bride And Groom Crying At Their Wedding (Photos) (1) (2) (3) *
by PrettyCrystal. 127 posts & 61996 views. 8:38pm (profhezekiah)
It Happened So Fast
by Myles23. 6 posts & 452 views. 8:36pm (Myles23)
See Nigerians Searching For Partners, Others
by Baze1. 2 posts & 103 views. 8:34pm (youngest85)
Ladies, What Would You Do In This Situation? (Photo) (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by Henrybright. 297 posts & 52669 views. 8:32pm (Aleora)
When You Are Welldressed For The Interview
by shumuel. 6 posts & 209 views. 8:30pm (kratosonofzeus)
Does Rita Dominic Encourage You To Lose Weight (photos)
by FitnessDoctor. 32 posts & 510 views. 8:29pm (hahn)
Dearest Hubby, Please Don't Cheat On Me o. (1) (2) (3)
by Incrizz. 102 posts & 2134 views. 8:29pm (Valkyr)
Ladies, What Make Up Item Can't You Do Without!!
by naughtyDiana. 7 posts & 130 views. 8:20pm (tossedbae)
Where Is The Strangest Place You've Had Sex (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by piperson. 174 posts & 10959 views. 8:20pm (kratosonofzeus)
Kenyan Man Shares After-sex Pictures Of Him With His Sister-in-law
by pitlaterine. 9 posts & 500 views. 8:18pm (jonaifame22)
This Semi-virgin Is Asking If She Should Give Her BF Her "Remaining Virginity"
by AdoraAmadi. 14 posts & 332 views. 8:15pm (SlayHER)
Which Will You Marry Among The Three? (pix). (1)
by Penisman. 52 posts & 2757 views. 8:07pm (adedayourt)
See How These Babes Exposed Their Vaginas:now Guys Would You Take These Types...
by xkid1. 12 posts & 3750 views. 8:04pm (BUTCHCASSIDY)
I Am Still Virgin (1)
by darkandclear26. 33 posts & 504 views. 8:01pm (ZarZar)
The Girls' Guide PART 2. "For Guys Only"
by TWOYANSH. 20 posts & 916 views. 7:57pm (TWOYANSH)
Is It Love Or Lust??!
by youngbelieve. 10 posts & 264 views. 7:53pm (agohmamuda)
Movies To Look Out For Dis Year (1) (2)
by Smallville10. 67 posts & 1968 views. 7:53pm (khiaa)
The 5 Stages Of Relationship (most People Crash In Stage 3) (1) (2) (3) *
by TonyeBarcanista. 114 posts & 42872 views. 7:52pm (Etosonc)
. (1) (2)
by Iamcool82. 72 posts & 824 views. 7:47pm (chinybelle)
Should I Accept Facebook Friend Request From My Girlfriend's Dad?
by helinues. 10 posts & 141 views. 7:46pm (UltraLeslie1)
Why Women Live Longer Than Men
by TosinDru. 10 posts & 240 views. 7:38pm (UltraLeslie1)
Pay Back Time
by ochobaba. 5 posts & 97 views. 7:37pm (wiringdpt)
6 Places You Should Never Toast A Nigerian Girl (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Opinionated. 191 posts & 47364 views. 7:24pm (Incrizz)
Difference Between A God-fearing Lady And A Slay Queen! (1)
by modelmike7. 47 posts & 1834 views. 7:19pm (Sleekydee)
My Girlfriend Is Too Jealous And Doesnt Trust Me
by waze63. 22 posts & 473 views. 7:15pm (ExplorerReturns)
Poster Of A Man Getting Married To Two Fiances Spotted In Delta State (photo)
by Ovokoo. 24 posts & 585 views. 7:15pm (dyadeleye)
How to Know If You Are Heading For A Miserable Old Age (PICS)
by FitnessDoctor. 12 posts & 323 views. 6:59pm (FitnessDoctor)
I Am Impotent & Frustrated (1) (2) (3) ... (11) (12) (13) *
by helpforever. 446 posts & 31655 views. 6:55pm (Kayodemichael)
Pick Only One
by KINGOFJAPAN. 4 posts & 121 views. 6:47pm (unstableaswater)
Nigeria Man Set To Break Record To Marry Two Brides On Same Day(see Bannar)
by danchiwasco. 13 posts & 263 views. 6:43pm (ochobaba)
See What Was Spotted In Delta State.
by Treash. 1 post & 160 views. 6:22pm (Treash)
I'm Getting Old I Need To Get Married. I Need A Nigerian Lady Living Abroad.
by mankind9. 20 posts & 364 views. 6:18pm (Julietcutie)
Is He Eligible For Marriage With This Economy?
by sexsells. 6 posts & 158 views. 6:16pm (SNOWCREAM)
Five Correct Ways To Clean Up Vagina After Sex
by Flexherbal. 12 posts & 1824 views. 6:15pm (Flexherbal)
I Am Not Romangoddess But Help My Dreams Come True
by edoboy33. 2 posts & 205 views. 6:07pm (FitnessDoctor)
Why I Will Never Kneel Down To Propose To Any Lady. (1)
by jonaifame22. 33 posts & 395 views. 6:03pm (jonaifame22)
4 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Date -thatyorubadude
by Thatyorubadude. 10 posts & 313 views. 5:58pm (Thatyorubadude)
Ladies Wont You Like To Date This Classic Barber (1)
by coolestchris. 41 posts & 1187 views. 5:41pm (SlayHER)
Guys: Beware Of Penile Fracture
by redbeans. 25 posts & 473 views. 5:32pm (chiraqDemon)
Five Sex Position You To Try With Your Partner
by nupeg234. 6 posts & 453 views. 5:22pm (ToriBlue)
I Can't Control My Sex Urge HELP (1)
by AshawoGirl. 55 posts & 3208 views. 5:16pm (escapellee)
Couple Ride Bicycle In Their Pre-Wedding Photos (1) *
by jonhemma11. 60 posts & 38728 views. 5:13pm (Mhizkel)
Nairaland Get Together Party (Easter Version) (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10)
by vizkiz. 328 posts & 2437 views. 5:12pm (adewumiopeyemi)
UBA Staff Sleeping With My Sister's Husband, Sends Him Her Nudes - Nigerian Man (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by ObiOmaMu. 151 posts & 81046 views. 5:07pm (Sunsets)
I Need A Date
by patosky3310. 4 posts & 70 views. 5:07pm (patosky3310)
Why Do You Behave The Way You Do? (1)
by pweetixandy. 54 posts & 521 views. 5:03pm (ItsQuinn)
How To Detect A Lie
by Stephychiky. 2 posts & 94 views. 5:02pm (knightsson)
Tasty Apple Of A Kind
by highrise07. 5 posts & 72 views. 5:01pm (highrise07)
How Do I Revitalize My Relationship (1)
by Presh900. 52 posts & 777 views. 4:58pm (Jewelnutch)
This Is What It Means When Your Man Loves Giving You MouthAction
by BabaGrinz. 2 posts & 261 views. 4:46pm (Davidgrey)
Getting The Bang Rule E-book
by fooke1. 4 posts & 523 views. 4:37pm (Tmacks)
Man Gets Married To Two Wives In Delta State
by gentlestorm2. 3 posts & 102 views. 4:35pm (krasican)
How Keep The Lady You Are Dating
by Bubblewitch. 5 posts & 257 views. 4:34pm (Timblaze)
Feminist Need To Read This And Change Before It's Too Late
by onyeezeigbo. 19 posts & 291 views. 4:19pm (ItsQuinn)
It's Time To Murder English. (1) (2) (3)
by naijamakossa. 97 posts & 2099 views. 4:16pm (Lighthouseman)
What Is phone S.Ex, Sexchat Etc
by 120guy. 17 posts & 245 views. 4:12pm (emmyid)
Feeling Intense Pain During S*x? Something Isn’t Right
by nupeg234. 5 posts & 259 views. 4:11pm (ItsQuinn)
Five Sex Position You To Try With Your Partner
by nupeg234. 1 post & 144 views. 4:07pm (nupeg234)
Whatsapp Voice Chat Challenge (1) (2)
by Cutehector. 69 posts & 320 views. 4:06pm (Alesandese)
Can I Find Love Here
by chiomababy22. 26 posts & 1011 views. 4:03pm (Syfex)

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