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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (19916 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (36936 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 11,308.02/week (41.8% discount).

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Most UNBELIEVABLE Coincedences Ever
by pcoolioz. 19 posts & 827 views. 9:42pm (Kaylexzy)
Advice : Pls Help Me With My Pregnant Gf
by TeaBoy007. 12 posts & 285 views. 9:42pm (beeyhive)
Women Want Sex More Than You Think!
by phveektor. 6 posts & 373 views. 9:36pm (chukwundukc)
Jealousy! (1) (2)
by MChaze25. 72 posts & 719 views. 9:29pm (halfricanadian)
7 Reasons Why Love May Never Be Experienced
by Lsofdk. 27 posts & 217 views. 9:26pm (Lezzlie)
Proof That Girls Are No Longer Interested six Packs
by dayojags10. 31 posts & 940 views. 9:20pm (MetaHuman)
A Nairalander And Lalasticalala Pictured Together(20pics)
by naijamakossa. 15 posts & 1175 views. 9:16pm (naijamakossa)
6 Ways To Boost Your Sexual Intimacy With Your Mate
by MidasTouche. 2 posts & 166 views. 9:08pm (Boring)
How a foolish friend made a lady Lose $84,250?
by harsysky. 16 posts & 195 views. 8:58pm (harsysky)
Why Some Girls Live With A Guy On Campus...
by marvelck. 11 posts & 279 views. 8:58pm (skarlett)
Another Undisputed Fact To Proof Chicks Are All Bitches...see4 Urself (1) (2) (3) (4)
by PaulKillerman. 136 posts & 7890 views. 8:57pm (PaulkillermanAg)
Lagos Girl Adds Boyfriend’s Wife On Bb,tells Her I Will Deal With You(live Chat) (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by segtak25. 291 posts & 47458 views. 8:48pm (Leriebloom)
You Won't Struggle Around Women Anymore
by leslimark. 1 post & 132 views. 8:43pm (leslimark)
Miss Oliviaarims Eyes Only! (1) (2)
by uyisteven. 73 posts & 1111 views. 8:39pm (Oliviaarims)
Clara The State Governors Daughter
by Kelvinsaint. 2 posts & 133 views. 8:38pm (Uthman51)
Honestly, Who Suffers A Heartbreak Most After A Relationship; The Guy Or Lady?
by Tunchi101. 6 posts & 153 views. 8:32pm (Smellymouth)
How Will You Feel When You Realized Your Child Is Homosexual (1) (2)
by dauntless15. 74 posts & 676 views. 8:30pm (Kdon2)
My New Song Dedicated To Ivvy , My Love..
by Iamsynord. 23 posts & 102 views. 8:29pm (AnalyticEngine)
My Ex Wants Me Back Badly But I Do Not Feel A Thing
by argon500. 8 posts & 237 views. 8:26pm (bentlywills)
I Need Help-does joystick Pumps Really Work??
by sillyking. 31 posts & 399 views. 8:26pm (stevecantrell)
Your Take:joint Account Or Joined Wahala? (1)
by Blackfire. 38 posts & 403 views. 8:25pm (Anas09)
Why Do Nigerians And South Africans Engage In E-fights (1) (2) (3) ... (12) (13) (14)
by ganaziah. 478 posts & 2718 views. 8:23pm (ZeeAfrica)
Advice On How To Get Over Heart Break
by cana882. 19 posts & 322 views. 8:20pm (BiafraBushBoy)
Watch V!deo: Pastor Caught On CCTV Camera Doing Things To A Girl During Prayer
by ucccharles. 1 post & 194 views. 8:12pm (ucccharles)
Hard Thruth...
by Ifakiland. 8 posts & 129 views. 8:11pm (Ifakiland)
Please I Really Need Answers (1)
by onstelly. 60 posts & 2579 views. 8:10pm (onstelly)
78-year-old Man Ties The Knot With His 28-year-old Soulmate In Kogi State
by ucccharles. 2 posts & 89 views. 8:09pm (pweetychyka)
Whats The Highest Amount Of Money You Have Given Your Lover And Was Given? (1) (2) (3)
by MRNipples. 104 posts & 1220 views. 8:08pm (Ferdyboss)
Please Help, I Have The Problem Of Chosing A Partner (1) (2)
by whiteybankz. 65 posts & 421 views. 8:08pm (whiteybankz)
Share Your Experience Of The Game"devil Basket" (1)
by donkizzydaboss. 52 posts & 535 views. 8:02pm (Yuneehk)
Why are girls usually vulnerable while dancing??
by donkizzydaboss. 21 posts & 1274 views. 7:59pm (LordofNairaland)
Photo Fashionable Or Half Unclad
by Princepoint. 13 posts & 557 views. 7:58pm (Jdesilentkiller)
Are U Being Sexually Harassed? This Device Might Help U (1) (2)
by oozo8080. 95 posts & 3651 views. 7:48pm (ooozo8080)
Question Of The Day, Guys! [photo]
by Riwo11. 17 posts & 395 views. 7:42pm (nelxxy)
South African Man Claims To Have Slept With Over 100 Of His Twitter Followers (1) (2) (3) ... (15) (16) (17)
by examhall3. 567 posts & 5790 views. 7:34pm (babadee1)
Photo Of The Day
by dipopooo. 11 posts & 213 views. 7:31pm (Julietcutie)
I Am Now Officially A Member Of #teamforeigngirls (1)
by BoiledHead. 63 posts & 701 views. 7:30pm (Babzilla)
See Beautiful Engagment/wedding Rings: Take A Peep (1) (2) (3) ... (10) (11) (12)
by ozo8080. 400 posts & 12923 views. 7:30pm (ooozo8080)
Ladies Can You Flatulate In Your Boyfriend's Presence? (1) (2)
by Lezzlie. 94 posts & 1867 views. 7:29pm (ilovetheline)
Do U Need A Makeup Artiste??
by ooozo8080. 30 posts & 296 views. 7:29pm (ooozo8080)
Do U Wanna Propose/wed?? Enter Here (1) (2) (3)
by oozo8080. 105 posts & 1687 views. 7:28pm (ooozo8080)
Ladies Are You Aware Your Man Loves The Football Club He Supports More Than You? (1)
by Sleekydee. 57 posts & 680 views. 7:14pm (sammyogboso)
Reason Why Some Girls Find It Hard To Break Up(photo) (1)
by Jarizod. 41 posts & 3088 views. 7:12pm (juhan)
Maheeda Reveals How She Enjoys Sex, Says Dick Size Is Not Important
by GloriaSabipeepz. 2 posts & 195 views. 7:11pm (BUTCHCASSIDY)
Who Benefits More From A Friend Zone? See Mind Blowing Survey Result.
by DamabelStudio. 7 posts & 140 views. 6:50pm (thesicilian)
Healing Rain.
by lovean. 14 posts & 180 views. 6:50pm (lovean)
His Love Encounter, Whats Your Take On This, Read Carefully Please
by ChiomaUdemba. 8 posts & 190 views. 6:49pm (ehix89)
Bad Breath
by annnikky. 18 posts & 321 views. 6:47pm (annnikky)
How Would You React?
by alexistaiwo. 9 posts & 117 views. 6:41pm (Strawman)
Is It Right To Marry A Cousin?
by djraymy. 17 posts & 258 views. 6:41pm (rosieluv)
Bread Lady Or Gari Lady....which Are U? (1)
by lovean. 37 posts & 508 views. 6:36pm (lovean)
What Women Want
by Girlwithwings. 24 posts & 552 views. 6:36pm (AdewaleAdron)
by redarrr. 13 posts & 122 views. 6:26pm (UyiIredia)
Photos/video: Hot And Kenyan Vixen, Vera Sidika, Twerks In A Bathtub
by Dianaplayblog2. 3 posts & 300 views. 5:57pm (Dianaplayblog2)
Dear Ladies, 10 Bitter Truth You Must Learn About The Men!
by kayjasper. 31 posts & 1777 views. 5:37pm (TuneChi369)
Pls Help.....
by Adudavidlee. 9 posts & 108 views. 5:30pm (mizzkweenbee)
10 "Unpopular" But Extremely Beautiful Nairalanders (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by thatNUPEboy. 186 posts & 4012 views. 5:30pm (vicdall)
My Conversation With A Weird Girl On Facebook.
by Vickyydera. 15 posts & 612 views. 5:28pm (nonny400)
Why I Love Nairaland
by iLegend. 6 posts & 76 views. 5:27pm (iLegend)
Jane Was Jumping Up And Down On Top Of My Long Hard ... (pics)
by fairlyusedpant. 3 posts & 278 views. 5:25pm (suzan404)
When A Girl Doesn't Want To Leave A Guy She Can't Marry
by marvelck. 12 posts & 350 views. 5:24pm (VaginaTerrorist)
Lies Nigerian Ladies Tell (with Pictures) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Suigeneris93. 169 posts & 53199 views. 5:24pm (sesaan)

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