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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (19272 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (35953 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 11,148.64/week (53.2% discount).

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Time To Settle Down
by Teacup. 14 posts & 147 views. 7:03pm On Feb 10 (Sparkles003)
Long Distance Relationships: Idk How To Break Up With My Best Friend
by Adelinagirl. 2 posts & 72 views. 6:58pm On Feb 10 (eyeon)
What Is Your Worst Fear/that Thing You Are Scared Of
by mayweather40. 15 posts & 94 views. 6:53pm On Feb 10 (dukeolumde)
Are You Happy In Your Current Relationship? (1) (2) (3) (4)
by mayonnaise. 132 posts & 1588 views. 6:49pm On Feb 10 (mayonnaise)
Most Amazing Sex Story You Have Ever Seen
by adedapo1994. 3 posts & 134 views. 6:41pm On Feb 10 (Smellymouth)
Ladies What Do You Really Want From A Man (1)
by nduprincekc. 38 posts & 413 views. 6:31pm On Feb 10 (shulamitewoman)
Importation Restrictions
by Vavana. 4 posts & 71 views. 6:24pm On Feb 10 (2sex)
When She Finally Unveil The Valentine Gift U Bought 4 Her (hilarious Pix)
by wins18. 15 posts & 1435 views. 6:24pm On Feb 10 (wins18)
Valentine's Day Is Not For Those Who Abuse True Love
by Orikinla. 1 post & 56 views. 6:22pm On Feb 10 (Orikinla)
New Male Pregnancy Test Can Inform Men If Woman They Slept With Is Pregnant
by amiskurie. 2 posts & 115 views. 6:21pm On Feb 10 (Niyeal)
Cute Guys, Upload Your Pictures Here. (1) (2)
by delectablegyal. 90 posts & 1265 views. 6:18pm On Feb 10 (Rollar)
30 Rules For Changed Women
by LadyVerah. 3 posts & 65 views. 6:18pm On Feb 10 (Smellymouth)
Valentine: This Is What Happens Before And After Valentine (pics) (1) (2) (3) *
by MaxiMoney. 112 posts & 48227 views. 6:17pm On Feb 10 (habsydiamond)
Who Is A Real Man? (1)
by Misselocon. 35 posts & 642 views. 6:08pm On Feb 10 (3rdlegxxx)
New Member
by Vavana. 16 posts & 93 views. 5:51pm On Feb 10 (ojun50)
Why Would A Single Female Friend Tell You...
by sinequanon. 8 posts & 297 views. 5:47pm On Feb 10 (sinequanon)
Abimbola Fernandez Comes Out As A Lesbian (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by GurlFriend. 156 posts & 54837 views. 5:44pm On Feb 10 (truthspeaks)
The Enchanting Marriage Rites Of The Ibibio
by robosky02. 14 posts & 134 views. 5:41pm On Feb 10 (kellz0)
My Advice For The Prospective Friendzoned Niggas (picture)
by Ojestas. 12 posts & 199 views. 5:38pm On Feb 10 (iykekelvins)
Love No Dey Exist. Valentine Na Scam
by cuvox. 9 posts & 79 views. 5:35pm On Feb 10 (mayonnaise)
Ladies If You Are In Her Shoe. What Will You Do?
by iliyande. 11 posts & 298 views. 5:35pm On Feb 10 (Adaure4ever)
This Is Very True 'picture'
by Vikkiboi. 9 posts & 213 views. 5:34pm On Feb 10 (jopretty)
by edetty. 1 post & 30 views. 5:32pm On Feb 10 (edetty)
How Do You Handle A Boyfriend With Raging Hormones. (1)
by lifeisabitch. 36 posts & 973 views. 5:18pm On Feb 10 (markkaycee)
Attention Boyfriends & Husbands:hear What Women Say About Our Joystick Sizes! :) (1)
by imaginethis. 54 posts & 3402 views. 5:16pm On Feb 10 (imaginethis)
I Make Love Every 3 To 4 Times Everyday Said By Popular Actress (see Photo)
by iniedo31. 4 posts & 620 views. 5:16pm On Feb 10 (mariosam)
When A Guy Leaves U For Richer Woman And A Woman With Documents (1)
by Europija. 47 posts & 881 views. 5:08pm On Feb 10 (Europija)
The Bitter Truth Most Ladies Refuse To Accept (1) (2)
by swimcash. 69 posts & 2791 views. 5:08pm On Feb 10 (boostdom)
It Goes In Dry And It Comes Out Wet. See Pix (1)
by solid3. 35 posts & 4399 views. 5:06pm On Feb 10 (solid3)
Matured Minds: Quality Advice Please!!!
by nsiazu. 10 posts & 206 views. 5:01pm On Feb 10 (Strahovski1)
Ladies This Is Why Nigerian Guys Are Not Romantic
by marycool18. 13 posts & 258 views. 5:01pm On Feb 10 (Adasun)
Am A Sex Addict (1)
by itokam. 34 posts & 855 views. 4:59pm On Feb 10 (itokam)
Survivors Of Suicide
by Cholls. 6 posts & 53 views. 4:57pm On Feb 10 (Adasun)
Rihanna Unclad Pictures Of All Her Leaked Nudes Images And Pics
by Pius666. 1 post & 152 views. 4:57pm On Feb 10 (Pius666)
When 'sin' Becomes An Excuse...
by Azil. 19 posts & 359 views. 4:57pm On Feb 10 (firstking01)
Read How To Deal With Being Alone In This New Year Season
by datprincess. 5 posts & 182 views. 4:47pm On Feb 10 (Adasun)
12 Things Everyone Who Loves A Woman Must Do
by sheriffden. 23 posts & 918 views. 4:32pm On Feb 10 (DanielGb)
What Level Are You On This? (picture) (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by Targatarga. 234 posts & 39873 views. 4:28pm On Feb 10 (hoebamaa)
Who Finished First? (photo)
by Teddeebear. 4 posts & 172 views. 4:07pm On Feb 10 (Teddeebear)
Serious Matter - When Your Boyfriend Or Husband Has Big "Boobs"
by imaginethis. 12 posts & 520 views. 4:07pm On Feb 10 (imaginethis)
My Girl Friend Broke Up With Me: She Said She Is Not True To Herself
by shatux. 15 posts & 308 views. 4:06pm On Feb 10 (blackfase)
My Boyfriend Is Asking Me To Marry Him But I Am Afraid Of Him...
by SydneyBrowse. 5 posts & 295 views. 4:06pm On Feb 10 (HateU2)
Can A Virgin Wear Tampon?
by lifeisabitch. 22 posts & 660 views. 3:47pm On Feb 10 (firstking01)
#Buttocks - 5 Proven Ways To Get A Bigger Butt
by Godbest. 7 posts & 217 views. 3:39pm On Feb 10 (funshyboi)
Funny Reasons To Breakup Before Valentine..
by whytepawn1. 1 post & 50 views. 3:37pm On Feb 10 (whytepawn1)
Premature expulsion:do You Want To Last Longer?
by zemellive. 4 posts & 155 views. 3:34pm On Feb 10 (vault)
Rape: 19-yr-old Housemaid Arrested For Defiling Employer's 14-yr-old Son
by Daniel2289. 12 posts & 614 views. 3:34pm On Feb 10 (CertifiedFreak)
Improve Your Sexual Performance With Samsu Oil For Men (1) (2)
by Humblegoodman. 65 posts & 1762 views. 3:33pm On Feb 10 (Humblegoodman)
Cossy Orjiakor Goes Braless In New Photo@cossydiva
by Sabipeepz. 1 post & 124 views. 3:27pm On Feb 10 (Sabipeepz)
10 Couples Who Mysteriously Vanished..photos.
by smsshola. 22 posts & 1295 views. 3:27pm On Feb 10 (Smartguy001)
Reasons You Should Not Live Together With Your Boo Before Marriage..
by datprincess. 12 posts & 485 views. 3:27pm On Feb 10 (datprincess)
Relationship Sex Tips All Couples Must Know
by Sabipeepz. 2 posts & 134 views. 3:23pm On Feb 10 (Cutehector)
Free Steamy Romance Ebook For The Valentine Season
by sablewriter. 1 post & 25 views. 2:58pm On Feb 10 (sablewriter)
Flowers For Valentine
by sablewriter. 1 post & 26 views. 2:45pm On Feb 10 (sablewriter)

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