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Story:lost In A Cold World(an Emotional Story) / Jos, December And Cold. / UNYIME-IVY KING – “burning Hurt” Akwa Ibom’s Bestfemale Literary Fiction Writer (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 10:57am On Dec 12, 2012
We'll surely bear with you.
But i'm really itchy wanting to know the experience of Peter in his first lesson as a reaper.
is his name Peter?
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 11:34am On Dec 12, 2012
brokoto: is his name Peter?
Re: The burning cold by dubem3(m): 2:09pm On Dec 12, 2012

buhahahaha. Guy u're funny.
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 9:43pm On Dec 12, 2012
which time?
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 9:51pm On Dec 12, 2012
brokoto: which time?
I don't get you? His name is peter na.

I will update tonight though. Wanna wait until the network really improves before typing
Re: The burning cold by jslimz(f): 11:44pm On Dec 12, 2012
Mynd_44: I walked into the hall; it was dark but lit (as usual). Just the way it is every time I went. Sometimes I wonder if my boss had to get some internal decorator to do the designs forhim. I found myself walking through the passage. For a person this old, He/It did not have any desire for painting or any form of art. The art he knew or was familiar with wassimple and that was what I was here to handle. I went to the first door and it openedby itself as though it has a special sensory capability (but I know better). Immediately I stepped in, I got the feeling. The feeling I always get when I go see the Boss. The minions all around you feeling you, touching you probing your heart, brains and mind to see if you are carrying or hiding something.
Typical you might think because all Bosses who deal in power have the thought that their staff might betray them and mine was not different. It has trust issues and I don't blame it. After all, I have done in the past 6 months; I doubt It will trust any thing again. Not even the minions, which He/It trusts.
I will explain the minions later because they on their own are a separate story all together. I continued walking, as the minionsare not the type to spare you if they suspect you are hiding the slightest thing. I went to the second door and again it opened. The way this door opens always amuse me. You walk up to it and it just vanishes into thin air, I always find it amusing but today, I was in trouble and little things like vanishing doors could not put a smile on my face.
I wanted to enter but I could not move I knew this effect was coming from me (I was scared). I looked up and there It was in his"normal" form, appearance and glory. Glory because if an artist could draw this, it will be the best picture he has ever seen. However, of course that artist will die or run mad before the pencil even touches the paper.
There it was bent down and looking into those scrolls. Those were the scrolls, which got me in this mess, and I knew It Knows. I stood there for more than five minutes just watching It. There were once rumours that the book itself emanates from Him/It or a higher authority. However, who will ask? There are worse things that death you know.
I still stood head almost bowed, legs itching, heart pounding and fear present when I heard that voice. The voice comes as always the same way. It comes at once and stops.
I look in the direction of the source and It looked up at me. There It was cladded in a garment as dark as blackness without any part of this flesh or skin (if he has any) revealed. The voice took the form of words inmy head as usual and I started making it out
"I am the end of all mortal,
The coldness that burns your heart,
The inevitability of all things,
The oldest of elements…
I am the one who calls and all mortal answers,
The one who takes and has never given,
The one who wipes a smile and compound sorrows,
I am the one who maintains the balance and who records it.
I am the REAPER. The Grim Reaper.”

With that, I fell to my kneels, all thoughts wiped out and all concerns stopped.
He continued

"I am the first punishment and the only one you can't fight. The only way you must pass and the one from which there is no escape"
"Your lord, master and owner"
"raise your eyes and see me"

I looked up into that black hood and instead of a face, I saw noting just a stare that was filled with suffering, agony and contempt, no eyes but two fiery dots in the midst of the dark. I felt It go through me and I felt Its essence run through my being. I looked again and saw the soulless daze It had on me.

Yes my name is Peter and I am standing in front of my boss the GRIM REAPER also know as DEATH.
Re: The burning cold by True2myself24(f): 4:00am On Dec 13, 2012
Very impressive.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 5:40am On Dec 13, 2012
I looked at Toba with untrusting eyes and he looked back

"Well, let's go. There is someone waiting to die"

I headed to the door, opened it and held it open for him to pass through, he shook his head and said

"The schooling process for reapers have been changed a lot but there are a few basic points which I doubt can ever be changed. "

I looked puzzled and asked

"What can never be changed?"

"Well my student, Reaping has to do with collecting of the souls of dead humans and passing them through the hallways of the Grim Reaper but there is a very important factor to be noticed"

He continued

"The basic behaviour of all human beings is to survive. It has been genetically imprinted in their DNA and it is the law we all live by. We eat, sleep and do everything we do just to stay alive. Staying alive is what we have to do, what we must do, it is like our primary assignment in this world."

He looked at me to see if I had started to drift off and then continued

"We all want to live and continue living. That is why you cannot commit suicide by holding your breath. That is why at the first sign of injury, your body starts healing itself. We don't want to die and that is primary."

He continued

"You might be wondering what this has to do with Reaping right?"

I nodded

"Well, since humans don't want to die, their souls too don't want to die. When an human dies, the soul is supposed to leave that body and go to Death but because the Soul wishes to be alive, it will not do so on it stays on as a Ghost and try to have it's past life back.

You see, Ghost are not really harmful beings, they are just dead souls who could not make their way to the reaper hence they stay here. But once the body rejects the soul in death, only the powers of the Big Two can put that soul back in the body"

He paused, walked over to where I had some sachet water and took one. The way he walked was casual and without bother.

Then he continued

"You do know who the Big two are right"

Again, I nodded.

"Well, since these souls which becomes Ghost can't make it to death and the can't go back into their body, they try to live the life they had before and so they get on with it. This is the reason you hear sometimes after the death of someone, close friends and family might claim to see him or that a Ghost is haunting a house."

I asked,
"So Toba, what you are telling me is that Ghosy exists and they try to live as they were before they died?"

His reply came immediately,

"Yes that's what Ghosts are. They don't have a purpose, a reason or direction. Most Ghosts are sometimes confused as to why they don't feel as the removal of the soul from the body has no memory. It just happens and the Ghost will not remember.

Now I had a question

"But sometimes, Ghosts help friends and family, like they actually have strenght to guide and protect them. Why is that so"

"That is the same way Demi-gods are created. If a mortal gets enough worship for his/her soul to be strong enough to pull energy, it gets powers just like an elemental but this power does not last as most times, the mortals who worship them grow tired and they get weak and become normal ghosts. Okay the hour approaches, let's go reap a soul"

Again I made for the door and he started laughing this time.

"We don't need the door, we wil be transported there by the powers we serve. Doors are made for when we want to do normal human things. Personally, I even transport myself when I want to take a dump in my own toilet"

I move away from the door, looked straight to him and asked

"So how does this work?"

He asked

"How does what work?"

I replied

"The disappearing thing. How do we get where we are going?"

"Just follow me"

That was all he said and he was gone. He went in light too as I stood there just wondering how I was supposed to follow him. I steeped into the reminants of the light he left and nothing happened. This was disappointing to me.

I moved around the room hoping I missed something and I could remember but noting came. There was no spell, nothing. He just vahished. How was I supposed to do that I thought when I heard a familiar voice in My head. MUM's!!!!!!!

Her voice was clear as always and commanding too. It caught me by suprised but it came anyway.

"The bracelet son. It is the source of your strenght. It is your connection wiht your master. Just let it guide you"

And she was gone.

So now I atleast had an idea of what to do but the how was still hidden. I closed my eyes and tried to channel myself into the bracelet on my hand. I tried really hard and still I felt noting.

I was still in my room and Toba will no doubt be waiting for me wherever he went.

Then something hit me. How was I supposed to go somewhere if I did not know where? It is impossible. That's why ghosts are lost cos they don't know there way.............
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 5:57am On Dec 13, 2012
Toba and his stream of light was the only connection to where I wanted to go and I picture Toba in my front. His face came clearly as though he was standing in front of me and then he vanished in a greenish puff. Then a strange feeling came over me.

I felt thrown. I felt like I was being sucked throygh a pipe of some sort. All around mem there was a stream of green light and before I could make sense of anything, I found myself standing in a small room. A look around told me it was no doubt an hospital.

A Figure lied on a bed with three people around it. It could not speak and then I felt some energy from the Figure. With the energy came wisdom and information. The Figure was male, 85 years old and he had high blood pressure. I felt his hear about to stop beating I heard him dying and I felt the energy calling to me, pulling me towards the man even as one of the people around him picked up the man's right hand and muttered something.

I started moving towards the man when I felt a hand on my shoulder. With the hand came a voice. Don't be so impatient, he is not going anywhere soon. Let him say his goodbyes before taking him.
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 8:14pm On Dec 13, 2012
Sorry my man. I forget the guy name before. . .
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 5:14pm On Dec 14, 2012
Sorry the updates are not coming in ooo. My phone has been on low battery since yesterday. I don't want to type and lose all I typed when the phone goes off.

The power supply here is frustrating. I will update as soon as I can charge my phone to a resonable percentage.

Please bear with me
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 6:42am On Dec 15, 2012
"His goodbyes"?
I asked.

"well the man already sees his death and he is saying bye to his family"

I turned around, looked at Toba and asked him

"What is going on here?"

He looked at me with an unconcerning look and answered

"the old man on the bed is sick. Very sick and his organs are failing already. He suffered a stroke and he is just living on his strenght now. Death is sure for him and he is almost due for it"

I tool a peak at the man on the bed and one of the people gathered around him looked in my direction and just looked as if I was not even standing there. Her look tended to pass through me as though she was looking into a glass sheet.

"No one can see us while we reap boy. It makes the job a lot more easy"

Again I asked

"So no matter how much they look at us........"

He completed it for me,

"They cannot see us unless we decide to show ourselves"

"Does them not seeing us apply only to when we are reaping or anu time I wish to be invisible, I can?"

"You have this gift, you can be unseen any time you want and travel to anywhere you want through disappearing but you should realise one thing"

"What I asked?"

"your being unseen is only to Mere humans. More powerful people will notice you immediately you enter. They might not see you but they will feel your presence"

Now this got me curious

"Feel my presence? Hoe does that work?"

"well I am sure that when I left you in the room, there was a light which you followed me with right"

I nodded

"well, every time you transport yourself, there will be a leftover light. That light can be seen by everyone with power who got to that place before you"

Now it got clear to me. Why we saw him in the bush the night before.

"I asked, but my mum saw you clearly and not just the light. How come she did not just see the light?"

"There are some people you can't hide from. It will be a waste of time. Your mother is one of them"

"why is this so?" I asked

"well it is quiet simple, she is too powerful to just hide from. Some people can even see you before you get to them. It has nothing to do with how strong you are. The power around them is just too much to hide"

About this time, I noticed the pendant on his chaid started glowing as all of a sudden, the room was brightened, and I felt bands of energy roll all around me. The energy went through me and the room was feel with an arid smell.

"Time to reap kid" Toba said

I saw as the man's hand was held as I noticed the all the enrgy in the room suddenly went into him. His handswent limp, then his leg and the he was engulfed by tiny sparks from the energy surrounding him.

"Are You going to go towards him and collec tit or something?"

"No. Immediately the soul is realeased, it will look for a way to to cross and we are the only pathways here.

As he said that, the energy came back out of the man and headed towards us. There was a ball of light in the centre and I did not need to be told to realise what it was. Some of the energy entered my bracelet while some just bounced around the room buth the bulk of it was around the ball of light as it drifted towards Toba and entered the owl pendant. The pendant gave a glow and switched off.

He turned at me and said.

"Class dismissed you are free to go."

Now I was amused.

I asked, "Thant's it?"

"what were you hoping for?"

"I am not hoping for anything but are you not going to take it to the Reaper himself?"

Now he looked at me smiled while he answered. This pendant and that bracelet as pass ways into the domain of the reaper. Once a sould is in, there is not point following it as it can't get lost. Plus the minions are always on the other side waiting to recieve it so don't worry"

I nodded.

"Don't worry Peter, you will get a hang of this as the time goes. And did I mention that this is the best job ever? Right now, I have nothing else to do but go home an sleep, I advice you do the same"

With that, I saw doctors run inside the room trying ti revive the dead man. Apparently, the sould leaves the body before the heart stops.

Toba shook his head at the doctors and said.
"Furtile actions"

With that, he said bye and went away in his usual bust of light.

I stood in the hospital room for some seconds and then I left too. I transported myself to my room and throughout that day, I could only thing of what it will feel like to die and to be waiting for someone to die.

I fell asleep aroun 6 pm that day and was woken up up at midnight by a voice that sounds dreamy. The voice was total, whole and clear. What is said could not be mistaken.

It was Time complete to the last second, address complete to the last room, and a face of a yound woman who I could only call beautiful........
Re: The burning cold by dubem3(m): 1:03pm On Dec 15, 2012
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 6:00am On Dec 20, 2012
The message came all to clear to me. The date, time, address and the bracelet on my hand chunning out some kind or energy I could not imagine it ever had. I sat up after the voice came and thought of calling mum. The implications of what I had seen was all to clear. I am supposed to reap some young woman named Sheila at 9:39 pm the next day. I sat down on my bed and felt cold. Not because the temperature in the room was dropping but because the bracelet was filling me up. It kept pumping the message into my head and there was a surge in it's energy.

The life of someone is about to leave and I am supposed to witness it and bring it home without being seen and warning her was out of the question. I remember thinking why me? Why now. But I knew I had to do it and get it done with

Atleast I would not be killing her. Just watch her die and make sure her soul found me. It sounded easy to me as the bracelet continued to fill me up. I sat up for almost 3 hours just doing noting. Seeing her face in my head over and over again with nothing.

Her face did not just appear as a frame, I saw different angles and different times like I was been given pictures of her in different attires so I won't miss her and bring in the wrong person and the more I thought of it, the less I found the need to call mum.

I picked up my phone and sent here a text instead

"Wish you were here"

I could not tell her more. This is my destiny and I have to face it myself.

I fell asleep around 3am and I can remember seeing her face throghout my sleep. I had lectures that morning and they would end in the early hours of the evening so I ate before leaving home.

I went for classes and mived with friends. Some of them were at the fresher's dinner, and we just laughed off the events that happened and the whole day passed like it meant nothing. Most of those around me knew nothing of someone dying that night neither about my experience with the witches in the bush clearing. They just seemed to go on with their lives like it did not exist. They were just oblivious of the world around them which threathened to take them at the slightest chance.

This is the curse of a knowing few and since we are sworn to secrecy, we should do our job and shush.
I got home by 5pm and headed straight for my room. I said a quiet hello to my old landlady at the door and went straight to the back, opened my door and entered. I had two very stron feelings, I was hungry and my head ached

I had a change of clothes and just when I was about to open the door to ge get some food, Bunmi walked in.............
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 12:14pm On Dec 20, 2012
Oya do small kpekus before u reap. Its good for the heart.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 12:22pm On Dec 20, 2012
brokoto: Oya do small kpekus before u reap. Its good for the heart.
Na so na
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 4:18pm On Dec 20, 2012
Oya,do it faster and go and reap b4 u get reaped
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 2:10am On Dec 23, 2012
I can't believe it has been so long since I updated last.

I am back to base now so let's do this.

I am going in.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 2:49am On Dec 23, 2012
......Her face betrayed only one emotion, anger and a very serious one at that. I sent a quick probe down my already aching head in a bid to figure out what could have caused this face and I got none except for the fact that since we slept together, I had not called, visited or even said hello to her. As a matter of fact, I had not said hello to anyone. The whole issues of reaping with Toba the previous and now me going to reap had taken all of my time and I had forgotten about her.

My stomach turned reminding me that I had not eating. The pounding in my head started again and the face of the lady I was supposed to reap flashed in my face. Serious businesses that all demanded my attention.

Bunmi did not say a word instead she just stood there and leaned on the wall and was looking at me with those eyes. If looks could kill eh.... I opened my mouth in a bid to say some appologies but words failed me. I was not good at sweet talk and at this moment and this was a bad time for that characteristic to show up.

Finally, my almost dead brain came up with some words

"Good afternoon Bunmi. How are you doing"

She stood there and muttered some barely audible sound I took as fine.

"So I have been looking around for you since yesterday but I can't seem to reach you" was my second statement.

Now she replied audibly.
"you really don't think I am silly enough to believe that Peter, do you?"

Not only her can make faces and I gave her a confused face(I know it must have looked silly) and she just broke into a laugh

"And why are you laughing?" I asked

"I came here mad at you and hoping you would start appologising and then maybe I can bite your head off but that face of yours is just too funny. What is it supposed to say?"

I knew there was an advantage here. I had gotten her to smile so I said.
"Well I don't know but the way you entered like you just caught your husband sleeping with another man had me scared"

She smiled again and still leaning on the wall she responded
"Peter, you sound, look and do things like a great guy, one a girl won't have a problem with so why did you not even try to say hello?"

"I have been busy" I replied

"I live in the same house as you dude, if you knocked at my door at 1am, I would answer and hello does not take long so how busy could you have been?"

"Honestly Bunmi, school has been crazy with assignments and I guess it just skipped my mind I am so sorry"

"skipped your mind? Peter, are you trying to appologise or trying to make me feel worse? I skipped your mind like I was too small to be noticed or something?"

Now I knew I was on thin ice her and I had to watch my words.
"Look, it is not that way. I have been seriously busy. So busy that I did not even have time for myself. It might sound hard to imagine and believe but that's the truth"

"How can you have been so busy that you actually did not remember to say hello? Do I mean so little or is it that I was not up to par with the other girls you have been with? I don't get this Peter, maybe you can help me out"

I was now confused. How can she say maybe she was below expectation and I realised this was one of the moment I had to be honest
"Look Bunmi, I can't really say you were below expectation or over it because you are the only experience I have ever had. I was not even sure about half the things I was doing the other day as I more or less guessed"

I paused and looked at her face. No change of expression dang

I continued "The truth is you are the first person I have been with and I guess I got scared and got shy maybe because of the way you left in the morning or something. I am not really good at girl's talk and I did not want to show up at your door and look like a f00l. Well I guess I look like one right now anyway"

I continued, "And about me being busy, It is true, this past days have been crazy you won't imagine that I have not eaten anything today. I was about going out to get some food when you walked in. I am sorry"

Then she let her hands drop to her sides when I mentioned the food part and said.
"you really have not eaten today right?"

I nodded

"You poor baby, I am sorry I was so hard, it is just that you did not call or anything and I was begining to get all sort of ideas in my head"

At this, she walked over and gave me a tight hug. She pulled back and said
"You are forgiven."

"Thank you" was the only reply I could think of.

Now My stomach rumbled again and I think she heard it too.

She narrowed her eyes and said
"You really haven't eaten today, come I made some food for my roommate, you can eat it afterall you are more important"
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 3:09am On Dec 23, 2012
I did not even pause to think about what she said as I followd her and she gave me a very nice meal consisting of Rice, plantains and beans.

She watched as I devoured and she was smiling. When I was done eating, she can to where I sat and sat on my laps facing me and she kissed me. I kissed back. Her hands were behind my head at that moment as she pulled my head closer towards her then the unimaginable happened.

I got another flash of the lady I had been seeing all day. A reminder of what I was supposed to be doing and preparing for but with Bunmi's tongue in my mouth, it might be difficult to break off. All of a sudden, I had another flash and this time, it was not the lady's face I saw, I saw two digital clocks one was constant and the other was moving naturally

The fixed on read 9:12:54 while the one moving read 7:35:21 and the seconds were counting. The message was clear to me. I was on a tight schedule so I either had to speed this up or break it up and come back later to finish. This would be my first reaping thing and I could not afford to be late.

I Broke the kiss and Bunmi had a puzzled look on her face,
"What's wrong Peter"

My head screamed as a pain ripped through it. And a flash came again. This time I saw an image of my Boss in his darkness. His face was not bent over those books but was straight towards me. The point was clear and I got the message.

I looked at Bunmi while trying to block out the pain in my head.
"Look, don't you think we should wait a bit"

She replied,
"Wait for what. This will not be the first time so what are we waiting for?"

An idea then creapt into my aching head
"What if your roommate enters? It will be really awkward don't you think?"

"Don't worry, they door is locked. She will have to knock"

And as if on cue, there was a knock on the door as her roommate called
"Bunmi, Open the door, I have to use the toilet"

She hissed and cursed under her breath as she she walked up to the door and opened it.

Her roommate entered and rushed into the toilet came back out and said
"I saw two pairs of shoes outside do you have a guest?"

Then she saw me.
"peter, I did not know you are the person here, How far?"

I replied with a "Fine", got up and excused myself and headed back to my room. I had barely entered my room when I got an sms from Bunmi appologising and saying she will see me later.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 8pm, shut the door and spoke a spell I learnt from Toba into the door. The spell makes the door close from the outside which gives the impression that the occupant is not inside. I pulled the address out of my memory and I was set to go and do my job..........
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 7:59am On Dec 23, 2012
So na only food you fit chop. You be Jew man o. Free kpekus de call u and u just de run. Smh. Nice one sha. Try correct all these typos them na
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 8:36am On Dec 23, 2012
Brokoto, she u no c say im must go reap b4 oga 4 darkness reap am instead.
Re: The burning cold by IZUKWU(m): 8:56am On Dec 23, 2012
For my mynd, i thought you have forgotten us. Good work though. I love how you write , your writing simply flows. How are you preparing for the festive period.
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 9:04am On Dec 23, 2012
Damex333: Brokoto, she u no c say im must go reap b4 oga 4 darkness reap am instead.
quickie things man. . .
Re: The burning cold by Nobody: 9:05am On Dec 23, 2012
Damex333: Brokoto, she u no c say im must go reap b4 oga 4 darkness reap am instead.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 9:08am On Dec 23, 2012
Re: The burning cold by dubem3(m): 9:24am On Dec 23, 2012
There is no point
No.arguing it
You are.good
The flow is tight
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 9:26am On Dec 23, 2012
The four of you just dey make my head swell more and more. Thanks
Re: The burning cold by dubem3(m): 9:34am On Dec 23, 2012
Just finished fear.
O boy na WA ooh
You good
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 9:44am On Dec 23, 2012
dubem3: Just finished fear.
O boy na WA ooh
You good
Y'all make me good
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 7:31am On Dec 24, 2012
I have not fotgotten this story yet. Update coming after I take some cornflakes
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 7:54am On Dec 24, 2012
Erm...... I changed my mind. Make I type without eating. Please if you see this message, don't comment until I say so. I will ask cuddle to hide it if you do. I wanna blaze so I don't want a reply in the middle.

Thank you

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