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Romance / Re: Nairalanders With The Most Handsome Faces by abbey621(m): 3:31am
No guy is ugly, it all depends on perception. Even those like me with an acceptable face still get teased by some certain females that I no fine at all, so it's all about perception. Girls nowadays care more about your pockets than face grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Nairalanders With The Most Handsome Faces by abbey621(m): 9:50pm On Dec 18
No surveys, no voting polls, who came up with this list, they deserve to be flogged grin grin grin grin
Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 5:25pm On Dec 18

i am talking of nigerian women who have never travelled out but they still maltreat their husbands.their are cases of some of these women they treat their hubby like slaves and they pick up fights at the least opportunity.Sometimes when i hear arguments by nigerian guys based abroad that nigerian women at home are submissive i laugh.My bros come home and see the coco grin.

I'm not doubting that there might be a few cases here and there but do not be mistaken it's nothing compared to what we are witnessing here. The Nigerian society still gives the man much more power over the woman and unless some form of spiritual battle is involved, most Nigerian women cannot physically overpower their husband. Over here, the law is on the women's side, she can do and undo and you dare not raise a finger at her or even shout at her. It's highly depressing, that's why 9ja men abroad usually look for wives back home. Like I said before I'll take my chances with a 9ja born and bred woman anyday anytime than to risk it with the deceitful, parasitic women of the United States.
Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 4:55pm On Dec 18

na wa 4 u.we also get naija girls 4 here wey dey act as psychopaths.what of those jealous ones wey dey bath their boyfriends with acid.

You think I'm talking of one instance, I'm talking about a pattern, a way of life. I'm not talking of American born Nigerians because basically they are the same, I'm talking about Nigerian raised women, those living in 9ja or fortunate enough to migrate over here, they still value human lives more than the evil women living here in America. Most American women over here basically have no regards for their men, men are continuously undermined and reduced to nothing.
Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 4:27pm On Dec 18

Hey don't get mad at me, I didn't do the survey nor the cheating, maybe if the men would stop cheating on the women, the women may find their long lost morals and values.
62% is pretty damn high, The men must have been forking up big time. lol... Payback is a mother. grin

Girl please, statistics or no statistics, you can't pay me to marry an American woman, the risk far outweighs the rewards. Nigerian women will always come out on top and are less likely to end up as drug addicts, lesbians or psycopaths grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 4:13pm On Dec 18

Yes I believe it just like you believe and promote all that crap about American women.
Sorry if your feelings are hurt, but it has been proven that Nigerian women are the biggest cheaters in the world, #1 and 62%. lol grin grin grin Statistics don't lie.

Hurt by whom?? Woman what you been smoking grin grin grin


Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 3:49pm On Dec 18

You don't know anything as a fact, just because a couple of people hit on you doesn't prove anything.
I believe these statistics by Durex are true proven facts, why can't you?
It's funny how people always like to post negative stats on this about Americans, and lord knows the many negative untrue stats that are posted on black Americans.
Now the shoe is on the other foot so wear it proudly, grin grin grin
Ps..... just because Nigerians aren't divorcing as much doesn't mean they aren't cheaters, both male and female. Food for thought.

Oh so you are quick to accept data published by Durex without questioning the sources but are very skeptical of someone with real life experience? Black or White, Americans still have the highest rate of infidelity among developed countries, they have poor moral values and marriage is becoming a mockery day by day. Durex is a joke of a company and only an ignorant person would accept their statistics without exercising due diligence. My personal experience with married women goes far beyond what I can explain on social networks but it's safe to say most American women are shameless, they cheat on the flimsiest of excuses and unfortunately their men are a lot worse! They can't really be blamed much cos they are a victim of the media which constantly promotes infidelity, feeling of entitlement and the belittling of the man in relationships.
Romance / Re: New Survey Ranks Nigerian Women As Top Most Unfaithful Wives In The World by abbey621(m): 2:02pm On Dec 18
I can't help but laugh! Durex, really, you people are taking Durex seriously cheesy cheesy cheesy. This company is not trustworthy, they have been known to stir up controversies and it is so obvious the statistic is bogus. For example, how did they conduct the survey? Did anybody actually witness it? Sources Mumu Nigerians will believe anything. I know for a fact that American women are much loose than African women, marriage in America is becoming less important day by day and majority of divorces involves extra marital affairs. I work with a lot of married women and I can't count how many times I get hit on daily, they see nothing wrong with it, there's even a TV show which encourages married couples to explore alternative sex methods such as sleeping around. Durex probably based their statistic on condom sales grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 4:48am On Dec 18

You seem to have hard time understanding the premise:

1. We have an oath here in the US when we want to join the armed forces:

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

That oath is very simple - defend the constitution, obey the president and my superiors as long as it is lawful. That is why we have regulations and code of military justice. A democratic government is not a tyranny; we have laws we all follow, even the military.

2. The Nigerian oath is similar with some core differences - since you know so much about your military history; please read on it before you make yourself look online. A section of that oath stipulates the following:

I will, in the performance of my duties, eschew and expose corruption and will not corrupt others or aid or abet corruption in all its facets.

I take God beg you, please do more research in the future. Your brothers graduating from the Nigerian Defense Academy has nothing to do with military doctrine or military laws. We have military attorneys and lawyers that study military laws.

What you have going on now is a show and those innocent soldiers are been used as scape-goats

Now you are just ramblings and trying to justify yourself by comparing apples to oranges. What do you mean by lawful? Where in the Oath does it say lawful and also are you telling me this oath applies to the Nigerian military? Please do not insult my intelligence! I'm in the U.S and I am very familiar with the oath, you do not disobey a direct order for any reason, it would land you in military court and a quick dishonorable discharge. Nigerian military laws are much stricter than U.S laws, so please stop trying to justify yourself with the rubbish you posted. You are not an attorney, you do not know anything about military laws and I have my doubts you ever served in the military and if you did definitely not in the U.S Armed forces, cos based on our conversations so far, you can never pass a military psychological evaluation, your fellow men in the armed forces can never trust you in battle and hence can never be allowed to serve! Stop posting rubbish and trying to justify yourself by mixing apples with oranges.

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Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 4:10am On Dec 18

NNSS Ojo set of 2000. My close friend who I can't mention is a Nigerian Major at this moment. I did a stint in the Liberian conflict. I was stationed in Richmond Virginia - unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the missions but I can give you a couple of the cities I was at.

Impersonation smiley; you don't say smiley

I would love to educate you but I think you have a great resource at your disposal. Why don't you ask your close friend about the oath? Because I feel like I'm going in circles communicating with you. I come from a military family, with two siblings currently in the Nigerian military, both of them graduated NDA in 2002 and are now Majors in the armed forces. If that is not enough, how about using plain old common sense, do you honestly think you can join the armed forces without pledging your allegiance? Even common police officers undertake an oath, so I'm surprised a military man like yourself is debating this issue. Like I said before arguing on here solves nothing, I suggest you reach out to your close friend for a little more enlightenment on military laws.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:39am On Dec 18

Can you tell me the oath every soldier takes before signing up as a Nigerian soldier? Since you want to talk about military laws - I am interested in what you know

If you ever had any military training then you would know the oath every recruit signs. It's obvious you need more education. If you pm me your details, I might be willing to help you meet someone that can educate you on military laws(I'm serious, free of charge!)
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:36am On Dec 18

Look at this one - I have more hardware at home than most of your military friends have used or handle. You seem to know little of military procedures and laws - go look it up before you embarrass yourself. I was raised in a military family, went to a Navy school, served as a veteran. I will ignore your lack of authority on this subject

You are a flat out liar! What's the name of the Navy school you attended, what year?? Where did you serve? Call yourself a Veteran, which battles have you fought. I hope you know that impersonation is a felony punishable under the law, it might be ok to do it on a site like nairaland but please don't do it in real life o, you could land yourself in serious trouble!
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:30am On Dec 18

Dude - I will not go into a battle without enough ammo and no one should either. They didn't run away; they refused to take an order because they considered it unlawful

Dude do your research on military laws, you are just making me laugh!
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:25am On Dec 18

Dude - every military man take an oath before joining the army. It's not under all circumstances that you obey and carry out the orders of your superiors. For example - if your superior tell you to go to a village and kill everyone there i.e. kids, innocent women, unarmed men etc - you can decide not to obey that order.

If your officer tells you to go and fight without the proper tools, you can decide not to go and fight. There are military rules of engagement in war.

Oh men, can you hear yourself? I'm just laughing cos it's obvious you know nothing about the military world. If you are given a direct order to kill your father, if you disobey you would immediately be arrested and scheduled for a trial. I suggest you stop looking at things from a civilian point of view and do your research on military laws.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:22am On Dec 18

Who pays the military? Is it not your taxes? Who writes their budgets? Dude - try and be objective

I am being objective, imagine if you were among the soldiers in the middle of a war and 80% of your fellow brothers refused to fight, leaving you vulnerable and susceptible to an invasion by the enemy, would you feel safe?? The military does not operate under the same rules as the civilian world, why can't you guys comprehend this simple fact
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 3:17am On Dec 18

Start with the corruption of military officers. Stealing public funds especially military funds is what treason and mutiny is. How can you give AK 47 with 3 mags i.e 90 bullets to go and fight an insurgency that has more weapons than the army of the Gambia?

I would die for a just cause but not for a silly cause. These are some of the reasons people will leave the army and support the insurgency even if they don't agree with their ideology. It's terrible to see corruption eating at the core of the Nigerian army where the army can't even provide decent weapons for it's soldiers.

If you want to fight corruption then do it by tackling the lawmakers and the executive level of government. You don't tackle corruption by disobeying a direct order, that disobedience is not only a treasonable offence, it also jeopardizes the entire mission, the enemy could have used that opportunity to infiltrate their base and kill them all. Joining the military is a choice, they all knew the rules and swore an oath, it's not like an office job where you can just quit whenever you feel like it.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 2:38am On Dec 18
There is no report like that until you prove so. The article made it clear that they are sentenced for refusing an order. In the article, it clearly states the first batch of twelve were accused of shooting at their superior. If there was a shooting case here, it would have been stated.

If you can not prove it, stop making accusations.

I don't have to prove anything to you, you have your opinion and I have mine. All I know is that Civilians have no business meddling in military affairs.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 2:21am On Dec 18
I did not follow the case, no place in the article said they fired shots. Can you post an article that said these 54 soldiers fired shots?

Cannot do that but Google is your best friend, my assertions are based on 2 family members in the Nigerian military and my close friends. This is not the first time mutiny occurred in the military and not the first time such a sentence has been passed down, civilians should stay out of military affairs!

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Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 2:00am On Dec 18
If anyone reads your comments, it looks as if they shot on their superior. So be careful not to create misinformation.

They refused to fight, they fired their weapons and caused unrest among the units, I suggest you do more research on this case because there's a lot more to it.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 1:58am On Dec 18

So, do you think these young soldiers deserve the death penalty for insubordination?

No they do not deserve the death penalty, they should be discharged dishonorably or imprisoned but unfortunately they are subjected to military laws and Nigerian military has one of the harshest military laws in the world.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 1:47am On Dec 18
Read the article again. These set/batch did not shoot at their superior. They refused to go on a suicide mission.

I'm not basing my assertions on just this article, I'm well familiar with the case.
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 1:46am On Dec 18
Kindly enlighten me then.

Do your research, if you have time to type on nairaland, you'll have time to read military books and laws. Google is your best friend!
Politics / Re: Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed by abbey621(m): 1:40am On Dec 18
Of course, they are not supposed to shoot at their commanding officers but when you're frustrated about something, you'll forget protocols. These are guys that risk their lives everyday to protect the country from insurgents yet, due to their commanding officers' greed, they're made to face death penalty. What makes you think that they haven't tried various ways to reach their superiors? Have you worked in a military setting before? Do you know what it takes before you reach the main head?

We read here about the letter one of them wrote to the president. This is to tell you how desperate they are. Their hands are tied. They cannot do anything when they are not being provided with weapons, rather, their superiors embezzle the funds meant for the procurement of weapons.

It is very easy to condemn when we haven't been in that situation before.

Then again, this is what they signed up for. I can only hope the superiors note that they are not safe anymore should they continue with their lavish lifestyles while the junior ones keep dying due to negligence.

Stop spewing rubbish, you know nothing about the military. These men are entrusted with guns and not only protect themselves from the line of fire but also protect their fellow men. If there's no order, no discipline then how can they conquer the enemy. Shooting at your fellow army men is a treasonable offence let alone shooting at your commanding officer. The laws in the military differs from the civilian world, treason, mutiny and vices similar can never be tolerated. While I disagree with the death penalty, the law is the law and they must face the consequences of their actions!
Politics / Re: Why I Withdrew From Vice Presidential Race- Bola Tinubu by abbey621(m): 10:23pm On Dec 17
the APC started well.however,I don't and can never support a situation where capability is sacrificed on the altar of ethnopolitical calculations.I agree that ebele is a failure and it was my hope that the APC will damn the consequences andd throw its doors open to competence,vision and a capacity to lead a country in the 21st century.I would have loved to see a fashola as candidate.or a pat utomi,rotimi amaechi,kwankwanso,adams oshiomole and a lot more capable folks.I would have loved a situation where any of those people was allowed to partake in a free and fair primary.if buhari then wins,so be it.but a situation where it is already concluded that the presidential candidate must be northern isn't healthy for our democracy.

If buhari isn't the savious like you say,why should I vote for him?its 2months to the elections and I haven't come across buhari's manifesto.I haven't come across his mission statement neither have I come across his concise plan for this country.its a big disappointment that a lot of folks were hoping he would pick an articulate and energetic individual as running mate.that shows that its already agreed buhari won't necessarily bring the change we desire but it is hoped that his vice will bring the desired energy to his government.I don't like that

Life isn't complicated, it is people that are complicated. At least we can agree on one point, PDP is useless and 4 more years of GEJ will amount to nothing. Based on this agreement, there's only one solution, vote for the opposition. You might not agree with all their principles but why don't we give change a chance, or do you prefer the same mediocrity?? PDP is a party that has gotten too big to help the masses, the opposition still has a lot to prove and would want to prove to the masses that they can be trusted. I understand you want the perfect candidate but Nigerian politics is way beyond that, change is systematic, it starts little by little, as much as I would want to vote for a youthful, vibrant candidate, Nigeria is still being run on a party system, it's either PDP or APC, do not be fooled!

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Politics / Re: Why I Withdrew From Vice Presidential Race- Bola Tinubu by abbey621(m): 6:10pm On Dec 17
I understand your point but voting is a personal thing.I like the APC but I don't believe in a buhari presidency.I don't think the APC should have limited its options to the north just as I don't think buhari is the best the APC has to offer.I can't vote buhari simply because I want ebele dislodged.I can't vote a candidate I don't believe in.I was hoping the APC will present a fashola as VP at the least.or even amechi or kwakwanso.i'd rather abstain from voting than voting a candidate who doesn't appear to have a clear cut agenda

Then my friend you are part of the problem. There's only one thing worse than those who vote for the same party or person and expecting change, that is those who refused to vote. If you don't vote you don't matter, you cannot be an agent of change! I will implore you to reconsider, you might not like Buhari or his choice of a VP but keep in mind this election is much more than that. We have all seen what absolute power does, we all know it corrupts. While I have nothing personal against GEJ, I believe he is just a pawn in his political party. The power that PDP has over Nigerians is overwhelming, it's high time Nigerians taste something different, let's stop being pushovers and reason for once; APC is not perfect, Buhari is not the savior but at this point we must vote PDP out, a political party cannot be greater than the people, impossible!

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Politics / Re: Why I Withdrew From Vice Presidential Race- Bola Tinubu by abbey621(m): 5:10pm On Dec 17
how are majority of those in lagos state civil service muslims?the LSCS is a very wide and broad organization that encompasses over 50 branches so I wonder how you arrived at your conclusion.

I admire bola tinubu's sagacity and I have much respect for him but I sincerely don't agree with the choice of buhari as presidential candidate and osibanjo as his vice.buhari doesn't seem to have an idea of what a 21st century nigeria should anti-corruption mantra isn't enough to move a country forward.despite the monumental corruption in lagos,fashola has still achieved a lot so I believe a president with a vision can still achieve a lot inspite of corruption.I would have loved seeing a fashola on the ballot or even an amaechi.its unfortunate they weren't even allowed to put themselves up for consideration

Osibanjo has no political weight.almost on the same level with tunde bakare and fola adeola.wrong choice

As for me,my vote will go to tunji braithwaite.I believe in his ideas even though I don't understand his politics.ambode gets my vote just as all APC candidates in my constituency.unfortunately,I found it difficult to tune in to the buhari frequency though I sincerely hope he wins because this nation cannot endure 4 more years of the fedora wearing buffoon.

You have good intentions but you sound a little naive. How can you hope to stop PDP by voting for someone that can't possibly win? Why not support the opposition? At this point anything other than PDP is worth trying, unless we want to deceive ourselves, the election is between PDP and APC, one represents the same mediocre governance since 1999 and the other a slim hope for change.


Politics / Re: General Buhari Shares A First Shot With Prof.osinbajo His Running Mate. by abbey621(m): 5:03pm On Dec 17
Will still lose

they can hire African votes



we all know where this mind game is going, using Christians to divide GEJ = biggest joke of 2014/2015.

always remember. 22 states (including APGA) supports President Goodluck

apc has 14 states, including 3 under SOE (state of emergence) the rest will always stand with Jonathan Rivers, KANO, IMO, EDO, Lagos (majority of valid voters are IGBO)

now tell me. HOW WILL BUHARI WIN grin

Please note, Igbo can always separate church and their choices grin yes i know apc has bought nairaland or senu adding likes bot, that will never change anything. remember what happened during George Bush second term election? 90% voted him out on MEDIA But Human like me Voted him in on election day


Typing in huge bold fonts, signs of inadequacy, attention seeker(Perhaps deprived of attention as a child). Next, religious undertone in your post shows you are indeed myopic. Furthermore, your tribalistic references are highly inaccurate(Igbos does not represent the majority of voters in Lagos, I dare you to come up with proof of such!). Finally based on my analysis I suggest you seek counseling as you suffer from a condition called INSANITY. Unfortunately many Nigerians suffers from this tragic condition, as the white men would say insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Voting PDP since 1999 and expecting your lives to be better is just plain silly!


Nairaland / General / Re: PHOTOS: The Most Dangerous Things People Do In Lagos by abbey621(m): 3:50pm On Dec 17
shocked shocked :oLike seriously? where did you get this info? you mean about 8 out of every ten Nigerians live below the poverty line

You better believe it! The poverty guideline is based on living on less than $2 a day, that is about $300 to $400 naira a day. We have about 170 million people in Nigeria, a workforce of about 20 million, which leaves room for most of the population to be dependents. Poverty is real, back when I was in school I lived on less than 200 naira a day so it is very possible!


Family / Re: Nairalander's Boyfriend Wants Her To Keep Washing His Clothes. Please Advice by abbey621(m): 3:42pm On Dec 17
Wonders shall never end! You can't wash abi? When a guy treats his girlfriend as a wife this is what happens. It is customary in African traditions that the woman cater to all the man's needs as long as the man does his part too. Forget about not being married yet, you did not complain when you spent the night or started living with him. You did not complain about cooking or collecting gifts or him paying some or all of your bills, so please chillax! Any girl that does not want to be treated as a wife while in a girlfriend status should stop putting herself in situations, you can't eat your cake and have it.
Romance / Re: 10 Signs You Are A Woman Now by abbey621(m): 2:46pm On Dec 17
Funny how everything that makes a real woman involves a man in one way or the other, yet some of those feminist hypocrites try to downplay the importance of men in their lives. Nice thread grin grin grin
Family / Re: Woman Divorces Her Husband Of 25 Years For Turning Her Into A Punching Bag by abbey621(m): 3:24pm On Dec 16
What do you expect when you mix poverty+ illiteracy+ polygamy.
Family / Re: Which Should Come First Between Career & Marriage In A Family? by abbey621(m): 3:27pm On Dec 15
Part of being an adult is learning how to balance all things to work for the greater good. Married people must learn to balance their marriage and career. One must not affect the other, in a typical Nigerian society, the man is the workhorse so naturally he should be more career minded and the woman the home builder, she would be more concerned about the welfare of her marriage but when the situation is reversed, men must learn to be understanding cos at the end of the day all that matters is survival, if my child or children don't have food to eat and their mother is the only person that can get some type of income then as a man I would support her career and try to understand.

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