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Religion / Re: Bitter Truth About Blessed Virgin Mary by abbey621(m): 9:07am On Dec 17, 2013
Sal C: Are you greater than the angels because you said so?

Bible clearly state we are lower than angels for now but will be greater than them in the world to come.

Stop bragging dear read Heb 2 concentrate on Verses 5and7

You know what our pope and rev frs know yet we don't know them right?

You guys just make me laughgrin

The bold statement is incorrect! Try not to read the bible word for word but look at the deeper meaning, Hebrew 2 verse 7 talks not about importance but physical attributes, the angels are majestic beings and have certain attributes humans do not have but humans were created in God's image and represents God's greatest creation. Furthermore read more about why the devil was cast out of heaven and you'll understand why humans are called God's greatest creations.
Religion / Re: Bitter Truth About Blessed Virgin Mary by abbey621(m): 8:12am On Dec 17, 2013
Drizzyjusti: Nope God sent his son Jesus BUT Jesus is also Genesis 1:1 In the begining was the word(Jesus) and the word was with God,and the word was God

It's people like you that makes Christianity seem like a joke! You offer no proof and yet somehow in your twisted mind you equate Jesus as the word and him ultimately being God. Stop spreading nonsense and get some education!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 5:08pm On Dec 10, 2013
Hi pals, my friend just got her visa today at the Lagos embassy. Her interview was at 7:30am.

VO: Hello pass your documents
her: Hello ma, passed first set of documents
VO: Why are you going to the U.S
her: For my undergraduate studies at Kennesaw State University
VO: Why did you chose the school
her: I chose it over 2 other schools because they have a well structured program and they are genuinely interested in helping international students succeed.
VO:How old are you?
her: 25
VO: Who will sponsor you?
her: My mom
VO: What does she do?
her: She is a retired accountant and now manages the hotel business left by my late father.
VO: Can I see her income statement?
her: passes document
VO: Your Waec result please
her: passes WAEC result
VO: Kept staring at screen and documents, smiled and said congratulations, you can pick up your visa on Friday.

The biggest key here is confidence, she came prepared with the answers to every possible questions thanks to Nairaland, yet her interview was determined by God's grace and her confidence, also a word of advice, when completing the DS160 make sure it is completed as accurately as possible. Research is the key, VO's are humans too, thanks pals.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 7:37pm On Dec 09, 2013
jaskinbo: Hi gurus in the house.....I went for my interview today and below was the transcript.
Me: good morning sir
Vo: good morning how are you doing?
Me: fine sir.
Vo: where are you going to
Vo: what are you going to do
Me: to do my masters degree in safety management
Vo: OK
Vo: what will you do with this?
Me: when I finished my program I will come back to Nigeria to find a mid level carreer position in a multinational company to introduce the modern technology of my profession to the industry in order to contribute to man-power development of this nation.
Vo:OK......where did you do undergraduate
Me: obafemi awolowo uni
Vo: can I see the cert you finished with
Me: I passed him and he look at it very carefully
Vo: you write any test?
Me: yes I did GRE and TOEFL
Vo: can I see your GRE ?
Me: I passed it to him and he looked carefully again
Vo: you are working right?
Me: yes sir
Vo: where
Me: Denro allied agro
Vo: as?
Me: marketing executive
Vo: what are your functions there
Me: bla bla bla
Vo: applied to only this school?
Me: no sir I applied to 4 schools altogether
Vo: why this this school?
Me: cos they have a well structured course curriculum that is in line with my with academic and professional goals. They offer specialisation and actively conducting research in my field of interest. They have quality laboratories in manufacturing ,robotics and vision system and that more reason why the school is classified by Carnegie foundation as among the best research based uni in US. Moreover,they have seasoned professors who are prominiet in the safety management. The like of Dr Daniel Della who have written about 20 books on safety management some of which are presently used as reference teaching materials in uni all over the world.
Vo: gave a satisfactory nodding
Vo: so you are .married?
Me: yes Sir
Vo: are you going with your wife?
Me: no sir she is working here as a medical doctor in ondo state specialio hospital.
Vo: OK.......who is paying for your ticket?
Me: my dad
Vo: what does he do?
Me: he is a wood and timber contractor and he has a sawmill company.
Vo: Hmmmmmm unfortunately you are not qualified for the visa at this time...thank you for your coming.......

House a beg wet in be my error?

The major red flag is the perception that your dad is sponsoring you yet you have a medical doctor has a wife. Also you are going for safety management, yet your work experience is in marketing? What does a degree in safety management do for your present career?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Reasons New Graduates Cant Get Jobs by abbey621(m): 7:35pm On Dec 03, 2013
The number one reason graduates are not able to secure jobs is that the ratio of employers to graduates is highly skewed. Everyone wants to graduate and secure jobs, zero innovation, zero foresight! I know lots of graduates that are still looking for jobs since we graduated in 2008, 5 years ago. How can you secure a job when people are not creating enough. My advice to those in school now is to develop business skills, learn a trade, something that can fetch you income, this will give you the necessary backbone to withstand any economic hardship till your dream job arrives. Not everyone is meant to work for someone, some were born to be inventors, creators, entrepreneurs!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 5:23pm On Nov 29, 2013

You still making a fool for yourself cos people are laughing ooo and still yet you still dont understand why i keep saying is equal to zero for now

Her result say not available....
ETS told you they are currently reviewing all score....
ETS told your friend that result is not valid.....

the 3 statements above can shows that is equal to zero over 100 for now until the results were available and valid.

Can someone with not available result and no longer valid gain admission ahead of someone whose result is available and valid even those he apply for admission?

This is all about reasoning and dont think am speculating cos i cant imagine 2 people calling ETS and at the end they cant reason together with the girl whose result say not available and you can still say not available and no longer valid is not equal to zero..

Bro abeg reason and dont think am insulting you in-order words i said apple is equal to fruit and u didnt agree with me. I also said oranges are equal to fruits and u still dont agree with me.. Can u please tell me a general name u will call apple and oranges if u dont want to use their names or another language to call them ? Wont u call them fruits?

I wonder alot about you and why you still dont reason that not available and no longer valid is equal to zero for now until it is valid and available when it will be above zero...

If you are a project you will be hard to bind...
If you are cassette you will be hard to rewind...
If you are a bike you will hard to ride...
If you are a car you will be hard to drive...

Anyway sorry if you think my words serve as insult to you.. but you haven't answer this my question ooo '' When something is said is no longer valid how will you rate it in your your score? Are u giving no longer valid 1 over 100 mark or 5 over 100 marks or which marks will you award for it?''

N.B------ A result can only be valid if its available and if its not available is equal to zero for the moment until its available the result is said to be above zero and be called valid

Well done clap for yourself, you are a true professional! It's no use arguing with you, I know what I know and I'm sticking with it. I do not feed you so I cannot tell you how to act or talk. Good luck 2 u!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 4:09pm On Nov 29, 2013

Bro stop confusing urself about unavailable and no longer valid.

Tell me did ETS used unavailable or no longer valid for your friend result?

Since you said ETS said its no longer valid cant u see that it means zero for now? It will only be above zero until it is vaid so as for me anything that is no longer valid or unavailable is equal to zero until it is available and valid to be above zero

If i may ask have ETS contact your friend's school and told the school that the result is no longer valid?

When something is said is no longer valid how will you rate it in your your score? Are u giving no longer valid 1 over 100 mark or 5 over 100 marks or which marks will you award for it?
Am Sorry For this example cos dis aint politics thread.

Why cant inec announce winner in anambra election afterall some local goverment result was under review and not available since they didnt vote and due to election misconduct in that local governmen. Cant u see that inec placed those place to be zero for now until after they conduct election there and add the results to those results they have with them

I hope u will understand why i said is equal to zero for now.. Anyway dont forget to answer my questions pls..

This is what I hate about Nigerians, mixing apples and oranges in order to make a point. Bro stop it! Her result says not available, it never said canceled or invalid. I told you I called ETS and spoke to someone in charge, as of now, they are currently reviewing all scores from Nigerian test takers over the last few months. Until ETS informs my friend that the result is not valid or informs the school, I refuse to be drawn into mere speculation, you have no authority on this matter, your opinion while noble remains nothing but an opinion until you call ETS yourself and verify things, don't call me confused, I find that very insulting!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 3:31pm On Nov 29, 2013

Bro u havent tell me the difference between result cancel and result not available? Pls state the differene cos i wish to know cos a result cancel means zero although it can still be release later in future while not available is still zero although it can still be release later in future and both are still grade as zero over 100 which is not useful for now until it is release or available.

I didnt say test is sole reason of giving visa maybe u didnt grab my point where i stated someone can be qualify for visa but still not elligible for visa i think u should read one of justwise post on one of the UK thread during his early days on nairaland.

Can someone use unavailable result to gain admission now? Cos there are some people who did toefl a month ago and want to use the result to gain admission, will they tell the school to use the print out he/she printed out since ETS is doing review? Maybe this example will let u know why i said result cancelled and result unavailable is equal to zero.

Maybe u dont know that ETS can still go further to tell those schools that a result sent to disregard it due to the outcome of their review which tagged the person for exam misconduct/fraud/malpractise and the school will obey?

My brother lets look for a way forward rather for us to learn from each other which is the best thing and remember everyone opinion is either useful to someone or useless to somone

Bro slow down, let's take it a step at a time. Firstly, if a result was canceled it is an automatic zero, the schools and candidates are sent notification of this. If a result is under review or not available that means there's still hope that it can be released, you cannot say such a score is invalid or zero.

Furthermore, remember I said each person should do what is best for him or her! In my friend's case, her official score report was sent to her chosen institution and they made a decision based on that, until ETS informs them that the result is no longer valid, I have no reason to doubt its validity.

Lastly, opinions are different from FACTS, most of us are guilty of mistaking one for the other, each candidate affected by this should call ETS or email them at if in doubt or confused. May God help us all!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 2:37pm On Nov 29, 2013

If the test were genuine why would ETS declared administrative reviews on toefl and gre? Cant u see that ETS noticed fraud or malpractise on these exams cos i dont know why u are still arguing cos result cancelled is equal to zero and result not availble is equal to zero. So can you state the differences on both since they are equal to zero? Because i dont know how to spot differences on both ooo.

Instead you should rather be thinking of what u will tell VO if u are being ask why is your result not available online anymore or u should be praying that VO should not ask ur toefl result print like that guy on this thread who scored very low in gre and the VO didnt ask for his result print out and he was granted visa.

FYI the VO all knew why ETS is doing administrative review concerning toefl and gre but ETS still believe that not all people who sat for this exams are guilty which is a normal thought but they are doing this to seperate the innocent from the guilty and VO does not accuse applicants for fake documents

Havent u read of someone who is qualified for visa but not still elligible to be issue visa? My brother lets pray for God's unmerited favour during visa interview and lets stop arguing pls..


Bro I get your point, but what does that have to do with visa interview, when the VO asks did you write any standardized exams? Would you say no I did not or would you say I did and I have the copy of the official score report sent to my university? Visa interviews are all about the ability to express oneself. Sir there's a difference between a canceled result and result not currently available due to reevaluation. I personally called ETS, spoke to one of the supervisors and she explained that this is a widespread issue and that they are still working on it, so I don't know where you got your idea of zero from.

Mr. Walspring, lack of standardized test will not be the sole reason a candidate is ineligible for visa, if you heard otherwise, you heard wrong! God surely helps those who help themselves, it's all about confidence, I just hate people being scared for no reason, my advice is simple, do whatever you feel is best for your situation!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 1:41pm On Nov 29, 2013
Ricky Rozay:

Even the Official copy sent to the school, which she intends taking to the embassy will still be VERIFIED online by the VO to detect the true AUTHENCITY of the Scores.

The VO verified my Official SAT score report i received from collegeboard, she verified it right on the spot.

They don't have that time to start giving ETS/collegeboard a phone call, to know if the student truly took the Test.

They will just try to access the database online to verify the scores.

Bros no one is saying that they won't verify but you can't be accused of fraud for a genuine test. There's a difference between scores canceled and scores not available. The VO cannot accuse someone of fraud if the person truly took the test. But each person to their own, it's all about confidence. Even the visa officers are now aware of what's going on between ETS and Nigeria, so a simple explanation such as " I only have the copy sent to me by my school or I only have the online print out" will do. It's still way better than telling the VO, "I did not take any test" shocked shocked shocked


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 1:02pm On Nov 29, 2013
Ricky Rozay:

I have a question to ask you. Your friend that was fortunate to print out his TOEFL result online before it got Canceled by ETS.

Did the VO verify his online TOEFL score card, which he submitted to the VO?

Because to me, I feel like one is putting him/herself into trouble @ the Embassy if you take a TOEFL score report that cannot be Verified online by the VO. Because most of the VOs verify most standarlized score card one submit to em when requested! They verify it right on the spot.

What is for example, you got lucky to print out your TOEFL score report before it got Canceled by ETS and you eventually take the TOEFL score card to the embassy, and the VO demands to see your TOEFL score card, and you give him/her the Online print out which you were lucky to print out before it got canceled later, and while the VO tried running a Check on the AUTHENTICITY of your TOEFL score report you showed him/her and to her surprise, the VO discovers something else written on the website which is much different from what you showed her. Na Gobe be that ooooo.

Seriously one can put himself into trouble with this issue I gave up there. Because the VO will smell fraud here. And you will have so much explanation to give here. If you are even the nervous type and you are innocent, you can be judged wrongly by the VO as bring a FAKE TOEFL score card to the embassy.

So before anyone goes to the embassy, Please, I will suggest you CONFIRM and check your scores online, a day before going to the embassy, to know if your scores are INTACT before you think about printing it out and taking it to the Embassy! Be Mindful!

Bro there's no such thing as fraud here as long as you took the exam, an official score report was sent to my friend's school. All she asked for was that the school include a copy of the test score along with her I-20 which they did. Toefl never informed her that scores were canceled, just that she cannot view it online. You people are funny o, Visa Officers are not gods!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 3:17am On Nov 29, 2013
dnpasion: I wrote my TOEFL test in September and viewed my scores barely a week after the test date but when i logged in now to print out the result , it says "Not Available". House please i want to know if anyone has experience this before because this is really getting me worried and my interview is coming up next week.

Toefl is currently reevaluating all exams from the past 4 months taken at a Nigerian test center, same thing happened to someone I know. You can call ETS till Jesus comes they won't give you a concrete answer. Anyone fortunate to print the result before they took it away can definitely use that print out. I personally paid and helped my friend register through the ETS website and I intend on taking legal action against them. Nigerians should not be treated like common criminals just because they seek quality education.
Violent Crimes / Re: Student Sentenced To Death For Stealing Recharge Cards And A Mobile Phone by abbey621(m): 4:00pm On Nov 21, 2013
It depends on the circumstances. However the state has a responsibility to protect society from the activities of armed thugs and bandits who threaten the lives and property of innocent hard-working Nigerians. That said I am not in favour of just caging these hooligans for life at state expense. They should just be shot by firing squad or hung so high that the crows would not be able to get at them. That is the real deterrence.
Again which one be toy gun again, I can assure you that his victim that night did not think it was just a child's play.

HaHa! Now I understand your point of view, kill or be killed abi? There are three questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are really better than the person who was convicted. 1. Have you ever lied? 2. Have you ever taken anything that did not belong to you? 3. Have you ever cheated? If the answer to 2 or more out of those 3 questions are yes then you sir should be locked up! If Nigerian laws were truly efficient or effective, 90% of the population should be in prison by now, including those who made the laws. The guy made a huge mistake in life, he did not kill anyone, take away his freedom, put him in rehab, why death?
Violent Crimes / Re: Student Sentenced To Death For Stealing Recharge Cards And A Mobile Phone by abbey621(m): 3:28pm On Nov 21, 2013
That is not what that law says. Armed robbery is a capital offence regardless of the value of the goods robbed or whether the victim was killed or maimed. What has that got to do with anything. By robbing with firearms the robber is already threatening the precious life of his victims, so he needs to be eliminated if caught after proper charge trial and conviction.
There should be and will not be any review revision or abrogation of any such law. If you want to campaign for the ending of the sight of the state to execute armed bandits and hooligans go ahead and do so but you will be wasting your time

So anybody that threatens your life should be eliminated, why go through the law, why not use jungle justice since you are so quick to kill, I wonder what you would say if your family member was involved in such a case. Each case should be considered according to the facts or circumstances and not by some outdated law. The story said he used a toy gun, no shots were fired, no physical injury to the victim, why not give the boy a long sentence, or even better, a life imprisonment. Why death? Mr. Tensor777, did you know that someone that steals a tomato and someone who stole millions are held to the same penalty under law? This is the type of hyprocrisy evident in the Nigerian legal system, pure nonsense!
Violent Crimes / Re: Student Sentenced To Death For Stealing Recharge Cards And A Mobile Phone by abbey621(m): 2:42pm On Nov 21, 2013
Anyone that is capable of robbing their fellow citizens, should be locked up. If you kill or injure anyone in the process then it should be punishable by the maximum penalty which is death. This particular case did not involve death or injury, so why the death penalty? Why The Nigerian judiciary system needs revamping, robbery is robbery regardless of the person's status, a poilitician should not be treated differently from a common citizen but we all know how it is right? Nigeria is lawless, it's all about who you know!
Religion / Re: Anti-tithers Are Playing On The Intelligence Of Nigerian Churches by abbey621(m): 12:54am On Oct 15, 2013
I often wonder if Nigerians should be tested for mental illnesses. For goodness sake, this nation is probably the most religion driven nation in the world. Everywhere we turn, we have churches and mosques yet poverty everywhere, people dying like flies, one disaster after the other, yet we have so called Christians who call their pastors daddy all because he can perform magic tricks, we have people killing each other all because of some ignorant imam or senator. Now back to the topic, I find it interesting that certain aspects of the old testaments are done away with or no longer valid because of Jesus and the new testament, yet when it comes to tithe Christians love to go back to the old testament, we have pastors focusing more on tithes than spiritual healing, some of them eager to tell their congregation that they would not make heaven if they do not pay tithe, we have pastors buying jets, sponsoring politicians, building mansions and universities all out of money received from hard working Nigerians, yet the same people that diligently paid their tithes, cannot afford to send their children to the universities or even fly on an airplane. I believe man made religion and not the other way around, it is not by tithe or offering but by the magnitude of kindness in one's heart, Nigerians go to church or mosque every single day, pay tithe and act holy yet they beef their neighbors, ignore starving children and judge anyone or anything they do not understand, shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!


Family / Re: My Husband Spits On My Face During Quarrels by abbey621(m): 8:42pm On Dec 30, 2012
Whenever I read stories like this, I end up questioning the motive. You've been married for 5 years, he's been doing this for 2 years, you are not in Africa where you are restricted, you are in a country where the woman has greater power and yet you do nothing. WOMAN WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE? There's always two side to a story, he did not just wake up one morning and decide to start spitting on you, if you can not communicate effectively with him, seek professional advice or better yet spiritual advice.
Phones / Re: Nairaland BBM Group: Drop Your Blackberry Pin by abbey621(m): 3:38pm On Nov 18, 2012
Add me, please no sellers or marketers. I'm a guy, in the states, looking for friends from all around the world. 29937951.
Phones / Re: Blackberry Phone Becomes A Source Of Shame For Users by abbey621(m): 7:38pm On Oct 16, 2012
Whoever wrote this post must have been sleeping for the past 5 years, Blackberry was never a major force in the American market, the market is controlled by Apple and Android, Blackberry's major power rests in Europe and Africa, so people do not panic!


Family / Re: Should I Greet & Call My Husband's Younger Sister 'Aunty'? by abbey621(m): 3:19pm On Oct 10, 2012
Girls of nowadays, overzealous pride and humongous ego, what would it cost you to do what will bring peace to your marriage? Let me tell you something, there's nothing worse than having in-laws that despise you, even if your husband loves you crazily, he will bow to pressure from his family at the slightest sign of wrongdoing by you. Another question, why the stress? Why let a simple issue like this worry you, you talk about feeling belittled but to me it sounds like you are over-complicating things, if you don't have to see them everyday, calling them aunty or brother or sister, takes nothing from you but if you have to see them everyday call them nicknames, you are matured and should be able to put out any fire at the slightest sight of smoke, be wise, things like this have a way of resolving if you learn to see it with a little bit of humor.
Violent Crimes / Re: Desola Ade-Unuigbe Supports Aluu Community by abbey621(m): 4:31pm On Oct 09, 2012
People are entitled to their opinions, please let's not curse them or intimidate them. Here's my point of view, I grew up in the ghetto community of Mushin, where robbers and thieves are dealt instant justice, not because there's no law but because the people have been oppressed for so long, being robbed in daylight and so on, the people have decided to deal with thieves mercilessly, that's why if you steal tomatoes or laptop, you get the same treatment. I also schooled at O.O.U, where cultist kill and injure so many, where the innocent are frightened out of their skin and all innocence is lost. My point is people get killed everyday, robbers rob everyday, if we had respectable law enforcement maybe so much lives wouldn't be wasted. Some of you have never been to that community, we don't really know if those boys were innocent or guilty, we can only pass judgment from far away, my question to you is if you saw something like that happening in your community would you interfere and attempt to save those boys or would you just watch and silently condemned? Yea I thought as much, as a society we have failed, even more importantly we have failed as humans, sometimes the right thing isn't always easy to do!

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Health / Re: Help With Cure For 'Pot Belly' by abbey621(m): 2:00pm On Sep 11, 2012
y2kaustin: ...D bitter truth is alway harsh baby,i knw his dicck,definitely wil b lyk a tooth pick,dats y d babe moved on and 4 ur informate.Pot bellied men normally av dat kind of dicck,they'l av 2 raise d stomach up b4 d triumphant entry into d .....Em,em!

Mr. know it all, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, the size of your belly has nothing to do with how developed your stick becomes. Stop feeding us nonsense, HABA! Try hereditary or other biological factors, I believe that would make more sense, for example Asians have the shortest stick length while Africans the longest, but that does not mean there are no short stick men in Africa or no long stick in Asia.
Health / Re: Help With Cure For 'Pot Belly' by abbey621(m): 1:16pm On Sep 11, 2012
You are only as good as you feel, the girl didn't leave you because of pot belly, your confidence diminished because of your physical limitations causing you to seem dull in her eyes. People spend more time trying to diet and slim down and really lose sight of the simple things in life. Forget about the girl, are you comfortable with your body? If no, then exercise and diet but if yes then you don't need suffer yourself, raise your confidence level by making sure you are successful in other areas and girls would be lining up at your door step. Many have tried to change themselves in order to satisfy a woman, not knowing that it's impossible, do your best and worry less.
Family / Re: How Do You Welcome Your Husband Home After Work? by abbey621(m): 4:05pm On Aug 29, 2012
The thing that always baffles me is the average Nigerian's way of thinking that all situations are the same. When it comes to marriage, people have their own way of doing things. In the U.S, most households consists of the husband and wife both working, sometimes they don't see each other till late at night, sometimes the husband prepares dinner, other time the wife does, both are working in order to pay the bills, so they pay little attention to frivolous things. the truth is as long as the couple understands the mechanism and are satisfied with it, why should you be concerned??
Islam for Muslims / Re: Honest Opinion Of A Sincere Muslim by abbey621(m): 3:50pm On Aug 27, 2012
@Poster - Coming to Nairaland and raising religious tensions won't solve anything, neither would your gentle words of encouragement for Muslims to take action. Nigeria is a messed up country and the people are responsible for their own sufferings, we all can blame religion all we want but whenever we decide to get back to reality, we would realize that the problem is greed, corruption and the cowardliness of our Nigerian people. Only in Nigeria do we protest name change, fuel prices and other menial issues and leave more crucial issues like violence, corruption and economy behind. Any country in which the people are not willing to die for their freedom is bound to fall. The central bank is busy introducing monetary policies that will triple inflation by creating a 5,000 naira note, our president is ensuring that more terrorists would emerge in the future by negotiating with extremists, more and more people are being killed by the death traps known as Nigerian roads and aviation industry and yet, we blame religion and yet we still see each other as Muslims and Christians instead of brothers and sisters, it is easier to blame the person from another religion instead of tackling the government, Nigeria needs a REVOLUTION not a religious SOLUTION.


Travel / Re: What Are The Most RACIST Countries? by abbey621(m): 5:26pm On Aug 22, 2012

You have a point but you are derailing this thread. The OP asked for 'most racist countries' (in terms of which countries discriminate against black people the most). I agree that black americans are very hateful towards blacks of other nationalities and cultures. I should know because I live in america and have been a victim of their misplaced hatred and bigotry time and time again.

However, that is not what this thread is asking for. People like you keep mentioning Nigeria and what not. The purpose of this thread is to educate Nigerians of the racist countries out there so that they can hopefully exercise caution and be alert of their surroundings if they choose to travel to such countries for any reason. It's better to be safe than sorry. Just because we Nigerians are dealing with varying degrees of tribalism in Nigeria does not mean we should turn a blind eye to the atrocities commited against black people around the world because doing so would be really foolish. Please let's not derail this thread any further.

Excuse me! My response was in reply to a post and you'll see the post in quotations. What you and some others fail to realize is that bigotry, racism and tribalism are all fruits from a single tree known as discrimination. Call it whatever you want, one is just a milder or more cynical form of the other. Of course you can't have racism in Nigeria because we all belong to the same race, but tribalism which to me is just a younger brother of racism exists. You can't enlighten people about racism when you fail to put out the burning fire at home, which is tribalism. Threads like these makes me sick because often we want to label others as evil or racists, when we are walking the same path. Racism leads to hatred, division and inferiority complex, guess what, so does tribalism.... shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Travel / Re: What Are The Most RACIST Countries? by abbey621(m): 4:56pm On Aug 22, 2012

It goes without saying that two wrongs never make a right...

However, there is only so much wrong that one party can take..

I didnt go abroad looking for nothing. All it was to me was a chance to broaden my horizon and see if indeed the grass was greener on the otherside.. And guess what?! It aint!

You say stop dwelling in the mistakes of the past.. HELLO!!!! We are not talking about the past, its still happenning now.. Today, this second.. As we speak.. White Cops are gunning down black people everyday.. Did you not watch the case of that white vigilante guy who followed a black kid over two blocks from his(the neighbourhood watch guy) and gunned down the kid who as it turned out was selling candies and his defence was that he thought the kid had a gun..

Nwokem, leave this matter.. I am a vengeful person.. My Momma thought me to forgive, but when the erring becomes repetitious, do something about it!
Like I said, Fhuck White people and Arabs..

Once again you keep shooting yourself on the foot. In Nigeria, how many innocent people die from police brutality or accidental discharge? Things happen but that doesn't mean because of a few bad eggs that a whole race should be condemned. Everyday whites are discriminating against blacks but you also forgot to say blacks are discriminating among themselves and American blacks are one of the most discriminating bunch of people, when I first got to the U.S, they mocked me for my accent, told me, how come I can speak English, asked me do I know what a car is? Have I ever slept inside a house or do I live in a hut? Sometimes discrimination comes from ignorance and you don't pay ignorance with violence. You need to stop taking everything so personal, life is too short to hold grudges. Now let me enlighten you with some statistics, did you know in the U.S, there are more blacks dying from gang wars or black on black crimes than blacks dying from racial violence or maltreatment by the white cops? Did you know that every year, majority of robberies occur, with black men robbing rich or middle class white men? Yes racism is real and exists abundantly and we still have 50 to 60% of white race more racists than ever but the majority of them are racists out of fear or ignorance and as such I can't really help but to pray for them, killing them or repaying them with violence solves nothing, it just proves to them that the black man is dangerous.

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Travel / Re: What Are The Most RACIST Countries? by abbey621(m): 4:28pm On Aug 22, 2012

Let me see if I get your point, just because I am not the only one who has been racially victimized makes it okay or means I shouldnt be pissed off?!

Like are you fhucking shitting me right now?!!

If Nigerians are persecuted because of Abumutallab, then thats their business.. I am not a terrorist, never showed myself to be one, never acted like one so why should I be treated like one? However, should you decide to go ahead and treat me like one, dont comeinto my country and expect me to smile and laugh with you like we are cool.

Did you read the News about the Nigerian student in Ukraine that has been in jail for over 6 months for defending himself with a bottle after being beaten to a pulp by over 5 white guys.. And guess what?! he had only just picked up the bottle and broken it on the floor when the Police arrived o!! None of the white kids had any injuries or swollen face.. But the Nigerian student with all his injuries was arrested and charged with 'ATTEMPTED MURDER'.. According to you, its cool afterall he isnt the first Black guy to be wrongfully accused by the Police.. he should look at the Positive side which is that his Jail cell in the Ukraine is better than what he would have gotten in a Nigerian Prison!!

All I did was tell my story and air my view on white people!!

No come dey form say na you holy pass.. Missed the Chance to see the light my Bottom.. Do I sound to you like who dem don ever deny Visa for ehn life.. I started seeing light in Nigeria way before I ever left the shores of Nigeria!!

Guess what, after travelling the world, obtaining an American H1 Visa, 8 year multiple entry British Visa, French Resident Permit and a Canadian citizenship... I AM STILL LIVING AND WORKING IN NIGERIA!!

FHUCK WHITE PEOPLE!! (Except my former Boss.. Best White man I have ever met)

Stop using illogical reasoning to justify your twisted point of view. Everyday we have people of different origins being maltreated, does that mean it's okay for them to maltreat others because they were maltreated. This is exactly what's wrong with the world nowadays, the spirit of vengeance, I have this silly colleague of mine, that keeps insisting that the white men took his fore fathers as slaves and hence by stealing from the white men or robbing him, he's just trying to get payback. Two wrongs never made a right, if you keep dwelling in the mistakes of the past, you can't fulfill the promise of the future, you have been to many countries in search of something, if your country Nigeria could provide you with the necessary tools to succeed, you wouldn't have needed to travel in the first place.
Travel / Re: What Are The Most RACIST Countries? by abbey621(m): 3:56pm On Aug 22, 2012
[quote author=Okija_juju]

[size=12pt][font=Book Antiqua][color=#000099]Then you must be missing the point!!

I never denied being racist!!

If I catch a whiteman on the streets of Naija at night without the popo being by him, I will personally mug him.. And should he act a fool, I might just kill him.

You dont want me to give you my history with whitefolks.. I am also very well travelled. These animals are not worth having mercy on..

Are you the only one that's ever been maltreated, you are still using the past to determine your future, please get a life. Just listen to yourself, you'll mug a white man or kill him, just because of something he had no part of. It's like All Nigerians being prosecuted for what Ambdutallab, the Nigerian underwear bomber did. You said, you are well traveled but you failed to learn anything positive from your exposure to western cultures, you failed to see the bigger picture, you are blinded by all the negatives and you missed the chance to see the light.


Travel / Re: What Are The Most RACIST Countries? by abbey621(m): 3:03pm On Aug 22, 2012
omodapson: Racism goes beyond skin colour. Has anyone asked why we call people of a particular tribe a race? thus Igbo race, Yoruba race, etc.

Race as defined, is the classification of humans into large and distinct populations or groups by either by their distinct characteristics, geographic ancestry, physical appearance, ethnicity, and/or social status.

I think you and other people that defines Igbo, Yoruba, e.t.c as a race are largely mistaken. Have you ever seen a white man claim to be Igbo or Yoruba? I don't think so because these tribes are 99.99% part of the black race. Have you ever seen a Yoruba man or Igbo man claim to be Caucasian? We have Mexicans, Spaniards, Puerto Ricans all belonging to different tribes but none of them can be classified as a race because they all belong to a race called Hispanics. Knowledge is power!

@poster- Racism has many forms, we have reverse racism, internal racism and so much more. Internal racism occurs when people of the same race criticize one another based on the variation of their skin color or characteristics. I have seen a black person abusing another black person because he was too dark. I have seen another black person being abused because she wasn't black enough. In terms of the region with the highest amount of racism, one cannot overlook countries such as Ukraine, Germany and Russia, these countries have laws that promote racism and are less strict on racism cases.


Islam for Muslims / Re: When Someone Insults Islam: How To Behave by abbey621(m): 5:21pm On Aug 08, 2012

Well, i'd like to tell u that ur concern about someone coming from the dead to tell us the right way, was addressed by Jesus while on earth when he told the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. the rich man was in hell after leaving this world and begged that someone be sent to earth to warn his loved ones not to join him in hell. U know what Jesus said- THEY HAVE PROPHETS AMONG THEM. IF THEY WOULD NOT LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS, NEITHER WOULD THEY LISTEN EVEN IF ANYONE ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Furthermore, I recently listened to a man of God (Pastor Abraham) who died and came back to the earth. His testimony is a proof to the eternal truth that JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE (NO ONE GOES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THRU HIM). This is not to say that identifying with christianity as a religion is the gateway to heaven, but christianity as a way of life is. We will be well surprised to know also that some people who were not known here as christians may be found in heaven (just like the thief on the cross with Jesus who made a last minute decision for Christ) while the highly celebrated xtians here on earth would be missen.

If you are confused, stay confused but don't try to confuse others with your jargon. Your religion is based on words from a group of writers passed down and modified from generation to generation. The original Hebrew bible is so different from the modern English translated bible, unfortunately so has the true meaning of Christianity. Islam may be guilty of being overly aggressive and not being clear enough to people of other religion but Christianity is just as guilty of manipulation and propaganda. Imagine you claiming you listened to pastor Abraham and that shows proof that Christianity is the true religion, I find it hard not to laugh at your gullibility. Here is a fact that no Christian or Muslim can dispute, God works in mysterious ways, and no one is guaranteed heaven or hell, he alone decides that, so spare me the story and stop being slave to religious bigotry.
Islam for Muslims / Re: When Someone Insults Islam: How To Behave by abbey621(m): 3:02pm On Aug 08, 2012
I could care less about religion. It's nothing but one group or the other trying to enforce their point of view about the best way to worship God. I have yet to seen anyone that died and came back to reveal that Christianity or Islam is the true religion, and until that happens Christianity is not superior to Islam and Islam is not superior to Christianity. Throughout history it has been one group killing the other, earlier it was Christianity doing most of the killings, with the wicked roman churches and nowadays Islam has grown stronger and dark and evil minded extremists have misinterpreted the religion and taken the law into their own hands. The biggest tragedy of all in regards to Nigeria is that, the issue is not even religion, it's more of a ethnic, political and poverty triggered manipulation of the populace, you ignorant fools are so blind that you celebrate pastors, general overseers, alfas and sultans and put them on a holy pedestal, when most of them are nothing but crooks willing to watch you and your neighbor destroy each other.

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