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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:18pm
You see why they are to be left on their own, until when they are ''developed'', and are able to ''tolerate'' others. But some will not learn!

We can't just abandon them, we have to stop the radicalization and make Nigeria better as a whole not just develop some parts and forget the rest. This is why militant groups like Avengers thrive, poverty and neglect!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:15pm
la ikraha fiddin, no compulsion in religion, there is no 1 forcing the other to accept islam, but saying ill agaisnt the holy prophet is completely unacceptable. And mind you just bcoz i havent been in western skul does nt make 1 illiterate. And all nigerians are living in poverty.

There's no compulsion in religion but what is prevalent in the North is the intimidation and outright cruelty to people of other religion. Burning churches, houses and destroying lives is not the way to solve problems. If someone speaks ill of a prophet, does that give anyone the right to kill or injure that person? This is where illiteracy comes in, the proper education resolves 50% of the problem. We cannot create a life without the blessing of Allah, so why take such a life?
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:10pm
how many people are killing in the name of christ as Islamists do in the Name of whatever. world war wasnt a religious war, it was a fight for control ask google as well and several countries participated, all this sects i mentioned especially al queda has countless members and they all give thanks to thier god before blowing everyone up. even innocent people who were there by chance, why do you guys have so much penchant for killing? there are several means of conflict resolution but your kind always choose violence and killing why?

Now you're just blabbering! The fact that people killed and died in the name of Christianity is enough proof that violence is not synonymous with just one religion. Now if Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram were killing only Christians I would say you have a point but seeing that they've killed numerous Muslims along with Christians, I see no reason to entertain your ridiculous theories! Now the bold part of your comment confuses me? I never referred to World War, so what are you talking about? Please read up on the Holy Crusades, Adolf Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust then come back and show me what you learned!
Politics / Re: Abdulahi Olatoyan Meets Ben Murray-Bruce (photos) by abbey621(m): 12:53pm

until you learn to have sense and be reasonable with your life, nobody will ever meet you.

opportunities always smile at those who distinguish themselves from the crowd.

This dapper windscreen washer has emerged from the crowd hence the spotlight.

Stop being counted among the millions of unemployed graduates. stand up and stand out!

Where do Nairaland recruit animals like you from? You just believe you can talk to anyone on social media anyhow just because you are fortunate enough to have a phone and enough MB left to browse, are you mad? Who the hell is Ben Murray Bruce when I can meet Johnny Isakson and David Perdue easily? Better stay in your lane!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:36pm

Sorry I said Muslims, I ought to specify northern Muslims because we don't have issues with the southern Muslims but those mofos up north no be am .

Now you're talking! I also agree that most Northern Muslims have been radicalized, the only way for them to become enlightened is for the government to develop the area and educate them. The youths are enslaved to the clerics and elders and there's no end to the daily radicalization because government is non existent!

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:33pm
you that have sense how many times have you seen a Christian terrorist organization? boko haram majority Muslims, al queda majority muslims, shitte majority muslim, isis majority Muslims, Fulani massacre una join, idiot tell your archaic religion to practice peace for a change

Just because you are privileged to be in the era of modernization doesn't mean you should be ignorant of the world's violent history! Some of the biggest crimes against people of other religion were committed by Christians, a simple search on Google would enlighten you but that's not even the point! A religion of over 1 Billion people is bound to have radicals and people willing to exploit the faith. All the organizations you mentioned above have less than 100 million members, so I guess the remaining 900 million are just pretending to be peaceful grin grin grin ****

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:25pm

And you Muslims see anything wrong when you attack the Christian religion abi? You people insulted Christ times without numbers and all that we revere. Am not holding brief for the alleged blasphemer but Muslims use that to settle scores. We have forgotten the murdered Gombe teacher whose female students accused her of touching the Qur'an because she prevented them from cheating in the exam.

egbe eeegbe piakpu kwa gi isi
shatap according to Zebrudaya

Would you stop with your hasty generalization please! If Nigeria truly enforced its laws and human lives are valued, things like this won't happen regardless of religion! There are good and bad Muslims out there just like we have good and bad Christians, no need to make it seem like one is worse than the other. If religion was truly to blame, wouldn't Southern Muslims be just as radical? This alone shows you that the problem in the North is far beyond religion!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:19pm
sharrraaap id.iot , no any real muslim ever even called the name "isa" Jesus christ without adding (MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM) we love respect Jesus, but the problem with you is your followin him wrongly . Hes not a son of god but a slave and messenger god, jst as other messengers. And whats shocking is the ppl that liked your comment it seèm they all knw nothing.

You are also in the wrong, let people practice their religion the way they seem fit! We Muslims must recognize the true problem in the North is poverty and illiteracy, this is why they interpret many things wrongly! Human life is sacred, it should not be cut short because some fools believe they are fighting for dignity of their religion!

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:12pm
Ignorance, poverty and outright cruelty is prevalent among Northern Muslims. Those responsible should be apprehended and hanged! Now to those who think social media is a tool to spill rubbish, think twice! If you must write defamatory comments make sure you do so anonymously!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:09pm
Muslims its like terrorism is in thier blood, doctrines and nature, worst has been said of Christians but i haven't seen a group of christians take up arms to terrorize people. every little thing cause sudden homicidal rage the next thing is killing of people like cow and thier Islamic leaders will feign ignorance, like the way those useless Fulani's killed scores of people in agatu benue state and buhari did nothing about it. i went there and i was an eye witness. i just pray one day christians will team up and we will carry guns and terrorize them even if its only for 24hrs

When someone calls you and your generation fantastically corrupt, you get bothered and defensive, you try to explain that while some are corrupt, you are not! What you just wrote above is the same way Cameron generalized all Nigerians.....get sense!!!!
Politics / Re: Abdulahi Olatoyan Meets Ben Murray-Bruce (photos) by abbey621(m): 11:59am
Hypocritical humility at its best! Senator go out and meet the millions of unemployed/underemployed graduates out there, they are humans too and deserve every bit of your kind gestures!
Politics / Re: Alimi Sulaiman: Buhari Lacks Educational Qualifications to be President by abbey621(m): 6:30pm On May 30
This issue of certificate or qualification should be dead by now, it's nothing but a charade and it won't lead anywhere. Buhari will serve his full term and in 2019 he'll surely have a say in who's to become the next president. Now I could understand if we want to impeach Buhari based on failed economic policies but qualifications? Really? Una no dey tire abi!
Celebrities / Re: Medical Doctor Gives Olajumoke A Painted Portrait Of Hers (photo) by abbey621(m): 1:14pm On May 28
This is why those abroad keep viewing Nigerians and Africans in general as myopic and senseless at times! So because the guy is a medical doctor, he's automatically in an elevated status? What if it was an engineer,professor or CEO? Why can't the title just say, Olajumoke receives painting? This over-hyping surely cannot be maintained in the long run!


Celebrities / Re: I Tried To Get Wizkid In Roc Nation & Drake Copied Wizkid In "One Dance" --Wale by abbey621(m): 12:21pm On May 28
Wale instead of you to try and get your ass signed up with Roc Nation . You are still bench warming at MMG .. Meek Deh dash you L's anyhow and you are still with MMG

Blasphemy, thou shalt not speak ill of MMG! What ya' know bout Wale? Nigga already got his props and dues in the music industry and he's well known in the game. He's got his last two albums on Billboard #1 and you still comparing him to lame ass Meek? Comparing Roc Nation to MMG when it comes to rap artiste is like comparing onions to tomatoes in 9ja right now, INSANITY! Just watch out for Wale's 5th LP and MMG's Self Made 4 Album to know Roc Nation ain't sh*t to rap artiste,maybe R&B like Rihanna or Willow makes sense but artiste like Big Sean(Rookie) and J.Cole(where ya at since 2014?) are not enough to give the label rap credibility and the days of riding on Jay Z's street cred are over!

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Celebrities / Re: Dickson Iroegbu Writes An Apology To Jonathan by abbey621(m): 10:26pm On May 27
Well deserved apology! In 2012 I wrote several comments on here why subsidy should be removed but some Nairalanders only see what they want to see. Now that it's finally removed,maybe we can all start using our brain and stop this over reliance on oil!!!!


Family / Re: Ethnicity Difference: Should I Stay Or Just Move On Already?? by abbey621(m): 12:10pm On May 26
If you had to come on Nairaland and ask then you've already lost 50% of the war! Love is a war, it's either you fight or quit. It's also important to know who or what you are fighting for! You 've dated the guy for 5 years so you should know his behaviors and the type of relationship he has with his parents. If he's the type to succumb to everything and does not have a voice of his own then don't expect him to fight for you, it is better you move on! On the other hand, if he's the oldest child and very influential to his family then there's hope. If there's one thing I've learned about African families and their dynamics, it is the fact that money speaks loudly, it has a way of making the unacceptable more acceptable. All in all, you should know your man way more than any of us!!!!

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Food / Re: N1000 Tomatoes That I Saw Today In Lagos by abbey621(m): 6:35pm On May 25
How long will it take before you people start using your brain? It takes about 3 months for tomatoes to grow, it is very easy to plant and doesn't cost much. Maybe when two or three pieces of tomatoes starts selling for 2,000 Naira, maybe then we can all start planting angry angry


Politics / Re: Obi: I Stopped Obasanjo From Sleeping In Anambra And Saved Money by abbey621(m): 6:08pm On May 25
If something like that had truly happened it would have been all over the news or at least OBJ would have retaliated. This is purely a lie from a man possibly nursing future political ambitions. You people will believe anything grin grin grin OBJ in the early 2000s was more dictatorial than Buhari of 1984 and Buhari of present!


Politics / Re: Current Price Of Items In Buhari's Administration (pic) by abbey621(m): 2:22am On May 25
The global economy crashed since 2008 but Nigerians under the disguise of corruption hardly felt the hit as government and political leaders were mortgaging your future and your children's future in order to maintain stability. You bought fuel at 86 Naira per liter instead of 120 or more, the government pays the difference. You refused to diversify from oil,so when oil price crashed, the government started using money meant for infrastructural development to accommodate subsidy and other unnecessary governmental spending but Nigerians don't care, as long as they got fuel at 86 Naira and imported rice and tomatoes at normal price. Nigerians don't want stable electricity, good roads and more jobs, these things don't matter as long as fuel is 86 Naira or below, I can see them now shouting "BRING BACK OUR CORRUPTION' grin grin grin


Family / Re: Help! This Girl Wants To Destroy Our Family by abbey621(m): 2:04am On May 25
Funny how people hear one side of a story and automatically become the judge & executioner. Everyone could be wrong, the OP might only be seeing things from her point of view hence the emotional tone in her write-up. Some mother-in-laws can never be satisfied and until we truly hear both sides of the story we would all be guessing. The only advice to give here is for the OP to work harder and get married, if she marries a successful man she wouldn't need to worry about the inheritance and at the same time she would be able to take care of her mom.....case closed!


Politics / Re: 14 Things President Buhari Has Changed Since Assuming Power by abbey621(m): 8:33pm On May 24
The problem with this presidency is not action but too much action with little results. The president should focus on 2 or 3 things that would make a positive impact on the lives of Nigerians for years to come and accomplish it. This is the Fashola model that worked so well in Lagos, if the president can do this then he has effectively signed the death of PDP till 2035!
Politics / Re: EFCC Declares Iyiola Omisore Wanted For N700m Fraud (Pic) by abbey621(m): 5:56pm On May 24
Must all PDP members be indicted for corruption? I am beginning to see insincerity and one sidedness in this war against corruption. Where is the like of Amaechi, Tunubu etc.

Look at it this way, if the last administration had done its job and prosecuted the individuals you named above, they wouldn't be roaming free now would they? The fight against corruption must start from somewhere, today it's PDP, tomorrow it might be APC or are you saying the individuals accused so far are not guilty of the crime? grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why A Guy Should Not Marry A Girl His Age by abbey621(m): 8:12pm On May 23
It's a shame this came out of a normal human being, perhaps the OP is not normal? Who knows! Beauty fades regardless of age, if you marry someone because of nice boobs or a six pack then it speaks volume on your own shallowness. Imagine 27 year old guy marrying a 17 year old girl or a 25 year old guy marrying a 15 year old, in a sane society the OP would be labeled as a Pedophile but in Nigeria he's just ignorant!

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Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 5:33pm On May 23

You don't get it. It is not about being "smart." It is a provision available to everybody but some are just not aware of it.

Pay attention to you pay stub, there you will find the number used for tax deduction, it could be any number from 1-7 or more. If you claim a higher number, you get more money in your (bi)weekly pay check but less tax return. However, when you claim a lower number, you get less less money on you pay check but at the end of the year, more money as tax return.

The advantage of getting one on tax return is that the money was deducted pre-taxed. So you get it back as tax return they same way it was taken.

One thing you do not know is that you can NEVER get the exact amount taken out of your paycheck back via tax return, there's a limit on what you can get back! Someone making $120k a year will have a total tax liability of over $18k using 0 or 1 personal exemption. Now unless your friend paid more than that in taxes, he's not going to get a dime back. This is why people have deductions and credits such as child tax credit, American opportunity credit, business deductions, medical deductions and so on. My point here is that your friend's W2 played only a little part in what he got back from the IRS when compared to his deductions and credits. You can ask him for confirmation!
Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 4:48pm On May 23

Why don't you cash in on the recent unfortunate hike in dollar exchange rate. I have access to dollar @ between 280 to 300. You can quickly sell off in a day or 2 and have your funds back with profit.

I'm not in Nigeria!
Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 4:44pm On May 23

My friend made $120k and got $8k back. Like I said, it depends on what you claimed on you W2 form.

Your friend is either very lucky and/or very smart! I don't mess with the IRS, they're worse than the FBI and CIA combined grin grin grin
Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 1:24pm On May 23
Have you considered running loan facilities at reasonable interest rate for some individuals/institutions?

The risk factor plus inflation makes it very unappealing to me! Unless we are talking about at least a 20% flat yield, I'm not sure it's wise!
Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 1:20pm On May 23

You didn't tell them about money from your yearly tax return. Based on your income and of course what you claimed on your W2 should not be anything less then $7k every year.

Hahahahaha.....Doesn't work that way bro, the more money you make the more tax liability you get! This year I had to pay almost 2k back to the IRS, apparently they tax investment income very high angry angry angry
Politics / Re: Incredibly Accurate Predictions Ayodele Fayose Made In December 2015 by abbey621(m): 12:17pm On May 23
90% of those statements could be seen from a mile away, it does not take a prophet to know there will be strikes when workers are owed several month's salaries. It does not take a genius to know that the level of corruption under the last administration would lead to astronomical debt and consequences! You don't have to be Einstein to know that once you cut off the funds and the corruption within government and public sector that things would be difficult at inception due to cash shortage and strict policies. It's simple people, you can either suffer now and build a better Nigeria for years to come or continue with the way things were done before and mortgage your children's future!!!!
Education / Re: Students Going Into Relationships On Campus, Do Or Don’t? by abbey621(m): 9:44pm On May 22
There are different type of students, some are under 20 and some are over 30, you cannot tell a student in his or her late 20s or early 30s not to engage in a sexual relationship. So you see you cannot generalize! The same philosophy applies to males and females. Males can afford to have many sexual relationships while in school but females must be much more careful due to reputation and unfair stigmatization.
Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 8:38pm On May 22

Okay, good. It is surprising that someone with your level of financial intelligence(as you stated above) will still be searching for more knowledge on investment from this platform. From your post, you should be a consultant or are you trying to mock us? You seem highly financial literate, so why the unnecessary question? You should know what to do with your millions na? Wishing you good luck.

No one is an island! Half of the things I know in life, I learnt from listening to people. The proposals I've received so far are highly educative and I'll be picking two out of those proposals to invest in once I've conducted due diligence!


Business / Re: I Have 20 To 25 Million To Invest, Looking For Good Investment Opportunity. by abbey621(m): 6:35pm On May 22

How did you make your money, what is the source of your wealth. In 6 years you have grown from poverty to wealth (according to you) why not keep doing what you are doing?

Trust me I'm going to keep on earning, I just like to diversify my investments. How did I change my status? A mixture of blessing, luck and being in the right place at the right time. I make nothing less than $8,000 per month after taxes as an I.T Auditor. I've managed not to get myself in trouble by keeping my expenses manageable and diversifying myself. I own about 4 different investments fetching me between $4000 to $6000 every 12 months, this amount I've been sending to Nigeria and investing in Treasury bills, since 2014. I've kept on reinvesting the profits and the principal. Just last year I received a bonus of $6800 from my job and a bonus of $8200 this year. All sent to Nigeria, chilling in the bank. The lucky thing here is that I did all this before I built a family! Some people work way harder than me and earn way more than me here in the US and cannot save a quarter of what I have, this is why I call it a mixture of blessing, luck and opportunity!


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