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Religion / Re: Photo: What A South African Said About Nigerian Pastors by abbey621(m): 8:11pm
Truth is bitter. Nigeria still remains one of the most religious countries in the world, yet darkness still dominates. Redeem alone has over 50,000 branches, MFM, Celestial and so on. We have Ansar -ud- deen, ahmadiyya, Quranists and so on, yet the crisis is never ending. How can religious leaders claim to be prolific when they can't even put out the fire in their backyard? I have no doubt that if these religious leaders come together and pray towards saving Nigeria instead of going for personal wealth that Nigeria will see the light again but we all know that ain't gonna happen angry angry angry angry
Politics / Re: 54 Incredible Facts That You Might Not Know About Nigeria by abbey621(m): 3:02pm
4. There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them.

If you believe this crap then truly you must be delusional! Can anyone verify this?
Politics / Re: Fashola’s Trouble Deepens As Group Lists His Sins In Petition To Senate-Naij.com by abbey621(m): 8:59pm On Oct 05
Out of all the names on the Ministerial list, one would think Fashola would be among the top candidates based on caliber. There's hardly any Governor in the history of Nigeria that would match up to his accomplishment. Even with the overwhelming greed of Tinubu demanding 50% of all income in Lagos State, this man overcame all odds, stuck to his principles and made sure truly that Eko o ni baaje! Sure he's not perfect but Lagos before him was a mess and now after him it is manageable. This man is stubborn, very tactful and knows how to get the job done, he would fit in perfectly with PMB's administration.
Romance / Re: 10 Shameful Acts&Immaturity Guys Display After Getting Under The Skirt Of A Lady by abbey621(m): 2:03pm On Oct 05
Something really bothers me about Nairaland! Why would a guy be writing about behaviors other guys exhibit during or after sexual encounters, I would think the females would have been a better source, don't you think? It's like females writing about how big of a backside they've got grin grin grin grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: I Am Ashamed To Call My Self A Chelsea Fan. by abbey621(m): 12:22am On Oct 04
@OP You wish you could be a Chelsea fan! I know your type, you have no foundation, you have no history. Jumping from team to team, you ain't got no loyalty but keep in mind true chelsea fans don't tell stories. We remember before Mounrinho when we settled for 8th or 9th place per season, that is why things like this do not faze us. OP- I can only imagine if you were an Arsenal or Liverpool fan, you would have died of hypertension long time ago but no lele, the sky is still blue, our blood is still blue, a season without winning the premership isn't gonna break us smiley smiley


Religion / Re: Woman With No Vaginal Opening Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Lagos (Photos) by abbey621(m): 6:28pm On Oct 02
Well I know that the Christian God can do anything.


Matthew 15:
29] And Jesus departed from thence, and came nigh unto the sea of Galilee; and went up into a mountain, and sat down there.
30] And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus' feet; and HE HEALED THEM

On the Other hand, because Allah cannot not heal,
he hates those who are blind & deaf


SURA 8:22
Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the deaf, the dumb,

SURA 2:17-18
Allah taketh away their light and leaveth them in darkness, where they cannot see, Deaf, dumb and blind.

Are you insane? Why would you quote something you do not understand? Ignorant folks like you would just sit down somewhere and think of ways to display your ignorance.

8:20 O ye who believe! Obey Allah and His messenger, and turn not away from him when ye hear (him speak). (8:20) "Obey Allah and obey the messenger, and turn not away from him when ye hear (him speak)."
8:21 Be not as those who say, we hear, and they hear not.
8:22 Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the deaf, the dumb, who have no sense (Not physically deaf and dumb but those who can hear yet they chose to be ignorant aka The unbelievers.)

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Family / Re: Woman! Know Thyself! You Are More Than A Ring And A Title. by abbey621(m): 2:10pm On Oct 02

Right! Even my partner would like me to sit at home and cuddle him all day , but he knows that I need to go to work and find my own career.

What if he has an accident at work or dies or something terrible.

All we are saying is that women should not rely on a man!

Nairaland men will complain that women are chopping their money but will raise hell if a woman decides to make her own money.
What do Nairaland men want?

Like I said earlier, it should be balanced. Don't chase success while sacrificing your relationship, at the same time don't focus on your relationship at the detriment of your success. A good man should work with you to achieve a balance and a good woman should not use her career as an excuse to neglect her home!
Family / Re: Woman! Know Thyself! You Are More Than A Ring And A Title. by abbey621(m): 1:57pm On Oct 02

How will i build a good home if I don't have money to run it??

That's the good thing about being African my dear, you are only meant to support the man. It is the man that must take up most of the financial responsibilities. I would say man 70%, woman 30%. Even if you had all the money in the world, a right thinking man would still feel uncomfortable not doing his duties as a man grin grin grin
Family / Re: Woman! Know Thyself! You Are More Than A Ring And A Title. by abbey621(m): 1:50pm On Oct 02

So you mean all my personal achievements that I have accomplished mean nothing because I am not married or currently managing a home??

I guess I have been living life wrong, Its time for me to tear that degree, close that business down, end that career and start looking for a husband.

If that's all you got from my response then you are still disillusioned! How old are you now? Would you still value your personal achievements over having a good home in 10 years? What about 20? The problem with your thinking process is that you focus heavily on how you feel at the present and not really thinking about your future state. I use myself as an example, the things that were important to me at the age of 18 was getting a degree, at the age of 25, it was turning a million into 10 or 20 million and now my main priority is building a family.

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Family / Re: Woman! Know Thyself! You Are More Than A Ring And A Title. by abbey621(m): 1:17pm On Oct 02
I believe that such backward thinking, rather than creating strong stable marriages only leads to a weak form of it. For a marriage should be between two individuals who know themselves and are complementing each other on their personal growth and development and NOT where one person seeks value and worth in another person or institution

If this is not the dumbest thing I've read then it must surely be the second dumbest! I keep telling feminist that no one is against women being successful but don't drag your man down! Look at the so called advanced countries, what is the divorce rate? What about the rate of single mothers? It is the so called backward thinking that still gives African countries a lower rate of divorce than some of the disillusioned advanced countries. Even the almighty gives a man certain dominance over his woman as long as he treats her fairly, so what's the stress? African women are conditioned to focus on marriage because as Africans we are all about family, all about multiplying and expanding our empire, we realize that while it is the man that usually builds the house, it is eventually the woman that makes it a home. So you might call it backward but what does all the personal accomplishments profit a woman if at the end of the day she can't keep her home? What shall it profit her if she has all the qualities of a boss but none of a good wife and/or mother?

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Man Assaults Yvonne Nelson For Refusing To Hug Him by abbey621(m): 8:20pm On Sep 30
I don't know who is more challenged mentally, the writer of the article or the outraged man? Had to slow down in order to navigate through the paragraphs angry angry


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: As A Graduate, Can You Work In Restaurant That Pays 80k And Above? by abbey621(m): 1:53pm On Sep 28
80k is a ridiculous amount to pay a graduate but considering you have no work experience then I would suggest you stop pondering and accept the offer. Use the experience to brighten your CV and before you know it, the doors are opened with bigger opportunities. My first job was at a grocery store, it was beneath me but I took it because it allowed me to meet people and expand my horizons. Unless you have a large amount of savings or your parents are still feeding you, I suggest you take the offer without thinking twice!
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Working For Boko Haram – Falae by abbey621(m): 8:15pm On Sep 25
Trek 30km, get the f*ck out of here! A 77 year old man? Story for the gods!

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Politics / Re: Captured Boko Haram (ISIS) Leader Can't Pray Or Read Quran (Video) by abbey621(m): 5:40pm On Sep 24
You people still don't get the point of the video. A true Muslim lives by the Quran, they are enlightened to know what is right or wrong. The video proves that Boko Haram members are mostly illiterates who do not understand the Quran but are rather puppets of some deranged individual or people powered by greed and evil. Can a person validate being a Christian without reading the Bible? Can the Jews validate being Jewish without living by the Torah? the only thing that I'll agree with is that the Islamic religion needs to be revolutionized just as Christianity transitioned from the Dark ages to what it is now. Too many groups out there are twisting religion to bring havoc and chaos into the world, Islam is and will never be the problem, the problem is interpretation because if we should remove Islam, there will be some group somewhere twisting the remaining religions to justify supremacy. God is able to defend himself(There's no compulsion in Islam), real Muslims believe this, it is only the radicals who would spill blood all in the name of religion!
Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 12:17pm On Sep 23

Odedimu, just as I suspected your reality is the life you live. Hope you weren't trying to impress me with your POS 250k starter home grin

The America I know is TOLERANT but I sorrowing myself with educated people and not dredges of its society.

Why shouldn't we close our borders to protect our people? That's not being intolerant but being responsive.

Like I said get out of that Deep South and come out to civilization.

With your kind of sense even an amoeba is intelligent.

You're still not making sense! Still the same baseless rhetoric! I've probably traveled to more States than you can count and yes 250k house is not much but considering it is not mortgaged it is very much valued! You associate with intelligent people yet you think Southern California is the apex of civilization grin grin grin grin . My friend you are a nobody, you are not even a true American so stop using "we'" as if na your papa be Abraham Lincoln.


Romance / Re: I'm In Love With A Married Man. by abbey621(m): 10:13pm On Sep 22
he explained he impregnated the girl and his family forced him to marry the girl...in short, three kids, two boys and a girl from the woman,(first boy and a twins).

And you believed him, are you mad? No guy can be forced to marry a woman due to pregnancy and he ends up having two more children with the lady. The guy was not forced in anyway, he's a flirt and a very good storyteller!


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:58pm On Sep 22

Please don't school me
Nigeria issue is cause by the greed of few
We have the resource and brain power
but lack leadership

I don't disagree, everyone knows the problem but only a few can actually solve it.

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Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:48pm On Sep 22

Do u understand that Nigeria was way better 28 years ago than today for Majority of Nigerian
Today Nigeria is better for the few

Of course, after going thru military rule and then starting a young democracy it is expected that the country would need some type of rebuilding. Nigeria is bad right now but remember it is less than 60 years old, America at 164 years old dealt with poverty so bad that people started dying of starvation, they called it the Great Depression. Look at America now!
Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:40pm On Sep 22

I have heard that before
wait and see game for me
Regarding leadership in Nigeria
I am not hopeful

Without hope there's nothing! It is hope and grace that took an immigrant working at a grocery store all the way to the number 1 Auto insurance company in the US of A, it is that same hope and grace that took him from an associate all the way to management, be hopeful!


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:37pm On Sep 22

You have to make the Sacrifice too
No Sacrifice No Victory
Opportunity cost (What are your trade-offs?.)

I don't understand your question!
Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:34pm On Sep 22

Yes every country have up and down
Nigerian is going backward
Electricity was better 28 year ago, If we didn't have light for two hour, we think the world is coming to an end
No Water--- water supply was better 28 year back
NO good road--- Road was able 28 year back
Please school me on Nigerian going backward
The only good thing in the past 26 year Cell phone
May be banks----Not so sure

That is why a new government was voted in and if they don't perform, they'll be voted out and another one would come in till we get it right, Nigerians are waking up little by little, not like 1999 or 2007 when majority of voters were clueless.

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Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 7:17pm On Sep 22

Obviously there's no place like home, but when "home" is a keg of gun powder i'd rather be a migrant. And yes, all your lofty dreams are easy to display here on NL but you and i know both know what's up, don't we? wink

And there's nothing wrong with being an immigrant, almost all my families are here in the States. Dreams are easy to achieve if you believe, it's all about God directing you and favor finding you...... wink wink


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 6:41pm On Sep 22

You need not look further than the front page of NL. Have you read some of the stup.id shiit happening in the country today. Things that normal people should and must not endure but it's absolutely normal to them. Don't get me wrong every country's got it's own issues but come on. Like i said, i am thoroughly confused as to why a person who has lived in an enlightened society would want to go back to the stone age. The only reason i would consider is the usual Nigerian mentality. It is a very dangerous mentality. Well good luck bro. From what i have gathered from you post, you want to be a king surrounded by slaves. You need to feel like an oppressor. Well you are in luck; there are a lot of oppressed Nigerians to take advantage of. You are on the right track. As for me, i want to live a normal, safe and simple life with a somewhat predictable future for me and my family. Yes, i may pay a lot for health insurance, but at least i have QUALITY healthcare which is more than i can say for ninety percent of Nigerians. Yes i pay for car insurance, but at least when i get in an accident with another vehicle i don't get in a fist fight or a shouting match with the other occupant because i know my car will be fixed to factory specifications. Yes i pay tax, but at least i know my taxes are being used to make my life bearable. I can call the police and in ten minutes they are my residence ready for action. I have 365 days of power supply, regular gas and water, no interruptions. Yes, i am not an oppressor in the U.S but thank God; I am living a very, very, very, very good life. If i decide to step it up a notch, the enabling environment for me to do so is available. God help the Nigerian mentality.

Every country has its ups and downs, most of the defects with Nigeria is because of poverty, with money things seems a lot brighter. I have many friends from wealthy families and when they come to visit me in the U.S, they spend heavily and I'm always amazed! This type of people have made 9ja their paradise and are enjoying their life. I look at myself and realize I spend more time at work than anywhere else, for some they enjoy it but for me the entrepreneurial spirit in me is screaming to be free. I mentioned having a maid, a gateman and a driver but you took it as being an oppressor, you really have to change your thinking! You should see it as providing employment for the unemployed, in Africa labor is cheap, it's not about oppressing but paying for services. I wouldn't be able to afford that in the US of A! You also mentioned 365 days of power supply, I can have that too in 9ja, I'm a big believer of solar and alternative energy. You mentioned safety but fail to realize God is the ultimate protector, I grew up in Mushin, schooled in Ijebu, served in Borno, I was safe throughout. There's no place like home my guy grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 6:32pm On Sep 22

Then why in the name of God are you in the USA? We're a tolerant society, I have many friends who are alternative lifestyle folks and they are the most compassionate people I know.

They require neither your sympathy not accrotance.

I'm outta this thread, I'm allergic to brain dead bots.

You call the US a tolerant society grin grin grin grin You're more daft than the average American! A country where majority of the society believes all Muslims are terrorists, a country where racism still exists deep within the confines of every society and last but not least a country trying to force gay rights on every developing country out there including Nigeria. No, the U.S is not tolerant, the people are highly intolerant. The recent issue with Ebola taught me so much, majority of Americans shouting close the borders, send the Africans back to their country, yea very tolerant grin grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 6:25pm On Sep 22

Visa lottery winner JJC, sit your punk a$$ down.

Go back to your village and slaughter animals there in public view.

You're a dredge of society if you reside in hoods with gang activities, pawn shops and poor schools. Let me guess you live in one of the white flight forgotten barios in Hotlanta and Hoeston?

If you ever take your dumb a$$ to SoCal call me and let me show you where successful Nigerians live in.

Dimwit half idigit.

Oya clap for yourself, in your eyes you've actually said something reasonable grin grin grin . It's people like you with nothing that usually make the loudest noise, I stay in a $250,000 house in a nice neighborhood but it doesn't mean I'm not aware of good, hard working people who live in poor communities due to the hard economy so your premise of people like that being a dredge to society is not only whack but moronic! You stay in Southern California and you are shouting, your state is in a deep mess, it's broke and suffering from drastic drought so if I were you I wouldn't brag too much grin grin grin . Finally, you called me a visa lottery winner JJC, why would I play visa lottery when both my parents have been U.S citizens for over 20 years, my people perish for lack of wisdom, get sense my broad, get sense!

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Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 4:45pm On Sep 22

Good for you too. But since the question was directed at me, i answered as it pertained. The only way i can imagine anyone being poor in america is if the said individual is an illegal immigrant or an akata. With that status there is no hope for you. But wait a minute, you work for a fortune 500 and make all that income and you still stress on moving to Nigeria. See why i am confounded? You are in an environment which is conducive enough to achieve whatever dreams you desire, a place where you have adequate security, a place where all amenities are functioning and you want to trade it for a lawless country where nothing works and the future is uncertain. I must be the crazy one. Yes, i am definitely insane. There is no other explanation.

Yes America is great until you realize no matter how much you want to believe that you are one of them you are not cos there's really no place like home. Yes I make a lot of money but in reality it is chicken change compared to what I could be making in 9ja as an entrepreneur. You mentioned that all amenities are working but you forgot that it's not free. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an Aries but I just don't like when a system is designed to take advantage of people; social security is a scam, insurance is mostly rip-off and seriously 7k just to give birth, ridiculous! This is exactly what the American system was designed for, you make money but spend it all in the US. Over 80% of Americans can't boast of 10k in savings, that's just a measly 2 million naira and yet people buy large houses and so on. The smart people in America are those able to take advantage of the system and invest wisely, those able to use the tools around them wisely, this is where being an African has its advantages. God willing, in the next 10 years I plan on investing heavily on real estate in Nigeria, beefing up my savings and finally saying good riddance to corporate America(Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM is stressing me out). In Nigeria I can truly live like a king and with continuous income, I can enjoy it for years to come, I can afford a maid or two, a gateman and a driver and it all won't cost me more than what I'm paying for insurance per month. In 9ja, I can own my own company and truly impact people's lives. I can be all that I can be and more; in America I'm just a puppet, making money but not really living! Salah is coming up yet the Mofos expect me to manage my department regardless. I don't know about you but life is too short to be limited, America is just a stepping stone for me to get to my final destination, it will and cannot ever be called home!


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 4:08pm On Sep 22

That's the thing. I'm not poor in america. my pay would make your eyes water. What you don't understand is that i am not an illegal alien and i have followed a proven path that leads to success. Go to school, maintain great credit, stay out of trouble. Too easy. If i had illegal status, then that would be a different story entirely.

Good for you but I doubt if your pay would make my eyes water. I just completed my second Masters in the USA, I work for a fortune 50 company(State Farm), just got my citizenship this year, make over 70,000 dollars after taxes and I have a 780 credit score, so please spare me the rhetoric! The question I asked was not about your specific situation but in general. Would you rather be poor in America or rich in 9ja? If 9ja was so terrible, you would be inclined to choose the first option wouldn't you?


Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 3:19pm On Sep 22

Money ain't everything. Peace of mind is. A somewhat predictable futures is not what you can count on in Nigeria. Why the hell would anyone want that.

I hate to argue with you, so let me ask you a question and be honest with me. Would you rather be poor in America or rich in 9ja? The answer would determine if 9ja is truly as bad as you make it out to be grin grin grin

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Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 2:06pm On Sep 22

Lol...Two words that should never be in a sentence together; paradise and Nigeria. Tracking?

Anywhere can be a paradise when you have money and know your way, 9ja is no different!

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Travel / Re: Why Are White People ''expats'' When The Rest Of Us Are ''immigrants''? by abbey621(m): 1:08pm On Sep 22

Well said!

I think its a nationality thing. For example even some group of white people are seen as immigrants too in the western world (e.g non western Europeans like Polish, Bulgaria, Ukraine etc), its apparent in the UK and `ireland, to name a few. If youre are from a 1st world country, its very easy to escape the ''immigrant'' label.

There have never be a situation of mass immigration of westerners to Africa (or to a 3rd world country) and for the past 60 years, its has always been a diametrical opposite quotidian event. An American for example can easily be perceived as an Expat because to most, its very preposterous to immigrate to Africa.

In the western world, the label of the word ''immigrant'' usually mean migrating for a better life and most of the non western migrant fit into this category, thats just the underlying truth. The handful (if not majority) of the Western workers in Nigeria are Expats, not immgrants. They are not here to look for a job, descend so low to jobs most natives will not like to do, thats the difference, although I recognise that not all Africans fit into the category of an immigrant.

This is the most intelligent post I've read today, it's like you took the words right out of my mouth. Excellent analysis!
Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 1:05pm On Sep 22

I'm glad you realise the absurdity of your initial post and have quickly started changing it. This is why NL's need to stop and think long and hard before clicking "submit".

No pal, you just need to learn how to read and comprehend instead of jumping to conclusion! My original post is still there for everyone to see, an educated person can easily comprehend what I wrote smiley smiley

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Travel / Re: Which Country Would You Rather Live Apart From Nigeria? by abbey621(m): 1:02pm On Sep 22

I can change your life boy; come to 9ja

Pathetic....I was just in 9ja a couple of months ago for my house warming and wedding, sorry but my life is perfect just the way it is smiley smiley

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