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Politics / Re: Yoruba Agenda: Stop Deceiving People, Falana Tells Afenifere by abbey621(m): 1:46pm On Mar 02
A Yoruba proverb goes thus-- Any one that aspire to be old in life must not take a walking stick forcibly from an old man. Falana has no moral justification to condemned the Afeniferes for their stand on President Jonathan. This body in question comprises of all notable Yoruba Sons and Daughters. So who is Falana?.

Oga keep quiet jor! Everybody knows Afenifere is as irrelevant as the 'P' in psychology. The truth remains that the only recognized Yoruba leader right now is Bola Tinubu, good or bad at least he's able to make things happen and fight for change not like some old goats blinded by money.
Politics / Re: APC Formed To Install A Northerner As President - EDWIN CLARK by abbey621(m): 5:44pm On Feb 27

On the contrary. Be honest with yourself and tell me a Fashola wouldn't beat GEJ hands down in March. Now replace Fashola with Buhari who has lost thrice?

What is the benefit of picking Fashola when he won't be able to win in the north or Rochas who can't even win in the south south or southwest. APC installed the best candidate with the best chance of pulling votes from all sections of the country, forget tribal/religious sentiments and think for yourself!

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Family / Re: I Can Beat My Wife And Yes, I'll Beat Her. by abbey621(m): 5:08pm On Feb 24
Any woman can be slapped or beaten if she deserves it. We are all humans, I've learnt to never say never when it comes to relationships. Women are always quick to cry foul whenever issues of domestic violence comes on but if we carefully analyze majority of domestic violence situations, women were the instigators especially in western cultures(My uncle's wife slapped my grandma, my uncle slapped her back, she called police accused him of domestic violence. Uncle lost his house and his freedom).

My advice to real men out there, if a woman starts demanding equal rights in your home, get rid of her. If she doesn't see you as the head of the household, you're only going to get frustrated and we all know what frustration leads to....... Finally there are several ways to deal with a woman besides hitting her, a wise man should educate himself on a few of these methods, it pays far more than violence!


Family / Re: See What This Wife Did To Her Husband(pic) by abbey621(m): 6:18pm On Feb 23
Quite a lot of responses here refer to beating their wives if they do such a thing!! I find it depressing and disturbing that Nigerian men see nothing wrong in domestic abuse, I have seen boyfriends beat girlfriends up, husbands beat the living daylight out of wives and I worry at the scourge of domestic violence it is so rampant here in Nigeria and I think only Ekiti under Fayemi passed a law that prescribes 7 years in jail for anyone convicted of beating his wife this law should be replicated nationwide and I hope to push it with Prof. Osinbajo when he becomes the VP in May. Guys, please have a different mindset to settling disputes or venting your anger say no to wife beating in 2015 and yes I am married 16 years now never lifted a finger against my wife. And yes we do have our disputes regularly but wife beating has never crossed my mind my parents didn't do it why should I .


It's post like this that really makes me question some people. You want to propose 7 year jail term for domestic abuse, when majority of Nigerian ladies depend on their spouse for financial support, I believe such laws would just put the family in more harm. Whatevr happened to counselling, rehab and so on., why is it that in Nigeria we always take things to the extreme? Furthermore, did you ever consider that domestic abuse could also happen when females are the aggressor, would you also recommend 7 years of jail time in such a situation?

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Romance / Re: Signs Of A Potential Wife-Beater by abbey621(m): 2:21pm On Feb 23
It's a pity most of you ladies are able to detect signs but still find yourselves in such a situation. This goes to show that when we talk about matters of the heart anything can happen at any time. Some women will provoke their man to the point that he is forced to get physical, some do it thru nagging, others do it by cheating or even striking first. I've seen men say with big conviction that they'll never hit a woman but only for life to put them in such a situation, life is funny that way.


Celebrities / Re: Fans Attack Basket Mouth For 'insulting' Nigerians On Facebook. (see Pics...) by abbey621(m): 9:46pm On Feb 22
Some Nigerians and their frustrated souls, they never seem to amaze me. If you are hungry and stressed out just say so instead of bashing a comedian for speaking his mind. When Celebs perform abroad they are treated with much respect, nothing like begging but in Nigeria touts plenty everywhere, the guy just dey do comparative analysis, why una dey get high blood pressure?

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Romance / Re: What To Do If Your Man Watches Porn by abbey621(m): 2:11pm On Feb 21
There's nothing wrong in watching it as long as you know when to stop. Forget the religious crap, it actually helps men perform better in bed. There's nothing more sexier than a woman who watches porn with you and afterwards practiced what was watched grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Federal Government To Send Job Creation Bill To National Assembly by abbey621(m): 11:37pm On Feb 17
One good thing that will come out of this election is that whoever becomes president will be heavily scrutinized and monitored. Nigerians are no longer sleeping, imagine Job creation bill after how many years grin grin grin

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Family / Re: Does Infidelity Make One A Bad Spouse? by abbey621(m): 3:15pm On Feb 16
The golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated, if you cheat on a spouse that never cheated on you, then you have broken this rule and no amount of goodwill can change this fact until you repent. Now let's be realistic it's a lot harder for men to be faithful than women because most women fear being judged by society and most men believe that as long as they buy gifts and take care of the woman financially they can do and undo. The fact still remains anybody can be unfaithful, anyone can make a mistake but what you do after matters alot! Would you repent or continue towards the path of destruction?
Politics / Re: Buhari's Wife Implicates Her Husband by abbey621(m): 1:25pm On Feb 14
Seriously some Nigerians are just dumb, there's no doubt about it! When GMB said he borrowed 25m for nomination form, people automatically assumed that he's broke not knowing that some of the wealthiest people in the world do business on credit or borrowing. The more money you have, the more banks and other lending facilities are willing to give you a loan, even Dangote owes the bank some money. Nigerians should stop all these nonsense distractions and focus on real issues, how can we call ourselves people of a great nation when an election is decided by certificates and propaganda instead of the status of the economy and the safety of the people.
Travel / Re: On A Road Trip to rural America,come With Me by abbey621(m): 9:53pm On Feb 12
I think Nigerians need a refresher course on the meaning of rural, urban and metropolitan areas. The photos clearly shows this is not a rural town, rural areas in the United States shows large farmlands, cornfields, animal stock and so on.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Accepts Bible Gift At Meeting With Northern Christians by abbey621(m): 5:08pm On Feb 12
Anybody can accept any gift but does that make him to read it or accept Jesus Christ as his personal lord and Saviour?

And why should he accept Jesus? Are you trying to impose your religion on him?? The man as a sign of respect accepted the gift, that alone is remarkable considering he's a very strong believer of Islam.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo: It’s An Insult To Question Buhari’s Credentials by abbey621(m): 12:07pm On Feb 12
This is not new to me or any well meaning Nigerian. It's only those religious/tribal/sentimental people that would continue focusing on certificate, as if running a country is by certificate, we can all see where a PHD holder has led us. Seriously, we need to talk more about unemployment, security, the economy and so on. I will gladly vote PDP if they can show me a viable, concise plan for the next four years, I will vote for them if they can show me a plan that is different from what we have witnessed since 2011. Let's put all these certificate issues and other propaganda aside, its just a waste of time!
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Warns Of Coup, Isn't That Treasonable? by abbey621(m): 3:40pm On Feb 11

With the state of things in Nigeria, if the miliatary strikes, the international community will do little or nothing against it. Obasanjo is an intelligent man that witnessed all the coups, and stands a chance of saying when government may be toppled. Besides, as one of the soldiers that fought during the Civil War to keep the country as one, he won't fold his arms to watch anybody plunge the country into another civil war.

I completely agree!
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Warns Of Coup, Isn't That Treasonable? by abbey621(m): 1:52pm On Feb 11
Those who insult OBJ are obviously dead brain fools. This man knows how the military works, the elements are ripe for a coup. When you take a clueless president pair it up with an aggressive opposition, add religious/tribal/sentimental issues and top it off with terrorist/militant hostility, you create a nation of instability, a nation of chaos, a nation ungovernable by civilians! The president should put measures in place to make sure such a thing does not happen, any attempt to rig the election or delay the election further will surely result in chaos. The world is watching.....
Politics / Re: The End Of Buhari’s Presidential Candidacy - Femi Aribisala by abbey621(m): 9:27pm On Feb 10
You guys are so funny, prejury really?? Don't make me laugh! To convict someone of prejury you would have to prove that he lied willingfully and prove intent. Something INEC, the military board and PDP lawyers can't possibly prove. In addition, if APC can show that GMB used the same academic qualifications to contest previous elections then the burden of proof becomes very difficult.

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Politics / Re: INEC Hasn't Officially Announced Election Postponement Yet by abbey621(m): 3:06pm On Feb 07

I now understand why many people go for change they do not know anything about. Hence, they go from bad to worse. I will rather go for a calculated change than living in a mirage. God bless Nigeria

Good for you, everyone with his or her choice. For some people the suffering is too much and are willing to try anything else, for others life is good and are willing to maintain the status quo.... wink
Politics / Re: INEC Hasn't Officially Announced Election Postponement Yet by abbey621(m): 2:36pm On Feb 07

I, as an unrepentant Nigerian want change but not the type backward change APC has to offer. Not even with the retired mind like Buhari / Osibanjo own. God forbid

Then you don't want change badly enough, your case is just like the businessman who invests in the same product year after year expecting different outcome, at which point in time do you take a chance and go with another product? Do you judge a book by its cover? If this current government works for you, vote PDP. If change is what you want, then the only option is to vote APC, it's that simple. You can't eat your cake and have it!


Politics / Re: Jonathan In Presence Of Osinbajo Receives Loud Ovations At Reedemed Camp by abbey621(m): 2:30pm On Feb 07
I expected him to get a friendly cheer from the crows, after all it is a religious gathering and there's no place for enemity or hatred but don't confuse that with support. Majority of people are going to vote based on the events from 2011 till now, if the Nigerian government made your life better and safer from 2011 till now, by all means vote GEJ, vote for PDP. If the Nigerian government made life more stressful and dangerous from 2011 till now then vote for change, vote APC. Remove sentiments, remove religion/tribalism and vote for your conscience!
Politics / Re: Group Supplies ICC With Evidence Linking Buhari To 2011 Post-election Violence by abbey621(m): 12:13am On Feb 07
I continue to laugh in swahili! They keep claiming that there are plenty of evidence that he's behind the 2011 violence, some even say he's the Boko Haram sponsor yet not one evidence can stand in court. Even the clueless one knows this, this is why Buhari is still a free man. Take him to court or shut your mouths! Can you imagine from 2011 to 2014, the lawyer must have been sleeping because I can't imagine it takes that long to gather evidence or is it the fact that Buhari has gained so much support compared to 2011 and the opposition is at a point of desperation?


Celebrities / Re: Dbanj Is Not Broke: 10 Differences Between Dbanj & Donjazzy by abbey621(m): 6:00pm On Feb 06

My 10 differences between Dbanj and DonJazzy

1. Family Background
2. Mohits Records
3. Generousity
4. Business sense
5. Endorsements
6. Foundation
7. Influence
8. Diversification
9. Music Concerts
10. Age & Humility

Donjazzy has always hidden details about his family background obviously based on the fact that its nothing to be proud of. As you all know, his brother Dprince is from same mother but different fathers. However dbanj has a solid close knit family with kids brought up with christian values. No wonder we hear such inspiring lyrics from some of his songs like mobolowowon, olorunmaje, mr endowed(remix) and the recent collabo with oritsefemi(double wahala remix). Mohits first crib was given to them by dbanj's mum(a bungalow at michael otedola estate) and their first official car too. dbanj is from a good and admirable family with successful siblings and responsible parents.

Despite the misinterpretation in the media that donJazzy owned mohits, it became clear to all(after the break up) that its was a partnership between the two friends. They both owned the record label 50-50 and dbanj had more controlling power(that's why he could sign artistes at will). Donjazzy never owned mo-hits records, it was a partnership between both of them(that was why donjazzy had to drop the name when they broke up). When 2face left kennis music or when wizkid left EME, tell me did baba keke and banky W change their business names. Dbanj even had more shares in mo-hits. He was everything and controlled the label. That was why all concerts they performed back then, you will always see "Dbanj & Mo-hit all stars" on handbills or bill boards. The whole group leveraged on his brand name.

Donjazzy is a stingy and greedy guy that was why wande coal left when he felt cheated. He was just wasting the boy's life away performing at shows but no album to show for it. Wande left and immediately was endorsed by telecoms giant globacom; and released his own songs under his black diamond. If you doubt me search it on google on "why wande coal left mo-hits.

I pity those three new recruits(Reekado banks, Di'ja and Korede bello), donjazzy will just keep using them and hiding under the disguise of "mavin all stars" but they won't av any album to their name except they wise up like tiwa savage who spends her own money to make videos(backed by support of her manager/husband)

Dbanj is arguably the most generous artiste in africa. He once said when asked how rich he was in an interview. I quote "money is just a material thing and vanity upon vanity, all is vanity". He gave wande coal a brand new Prado after he crashed the car he won from Hiphop World awards(now the headies). He bought six range Rovers few years. gave D’Prince an LR 3, after he crashed it, he bought him a Range, and it’s no news that he bought two Bentleys; one for himself and one for Don Jazzy.

DonJazzy has never even bought a car for his brother Dprince so how can he buy for others in Mohits. And after the MoHits break up with Jazzy, Dbanj bought a Benz C-class worth over N9million for Kswitch and a luxury automobile for himself - the Aston Martin Vantage V8. He also got a 2014 Honda CRV jeep for his sister as a wedding gift. What a generous man.

At Mohits, Donjazzy was in charge of music production while dbanj ran the business aspect. There are many music producers eg lengudury, idcabbasa, Jmartins, Dr frabz, J-soul, Spellz, Sosick, Sarz, TY-mix, Cobhams etc to mention a few. So dbanj doesn't need jazzy to make good music(as he can simply employ the services of any good producer) but jazzy needs dbanj to be business oriented. No wonder dbanj has achieved much more business wise after the Mohits break up. But all jazzy has been doing is just making music(that majority of the income goes to marketers like obaino music, Tjoe records and Ahbu ventures) the three kings that run alaba international.

In 2013, D’banj received an invitation from Hennessy to visit France and was the headlining act for the 2013 edition of Hennessy Artistry. In 2014, Dbanj's song "Bother You” was the official soundtrack for the highly acclaimed and world renowned “Half of a Yellow Sun“ movie adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's best selling novel.

Don jazzy has very lucrative endorsement deals including one with Loya Milk worth about N50m. MTN is worth N25m, and his endorsement with Samsung Africa also made some millions.

In 2013, D'banj was named the Bank of Industry (BOI) ambassador worth multi millions. In Nov 2013, D'banj re-signed a multi-million Naira deal with Globacom, the company he parted ways with in 2010 where he cashed in over $500,000. In October 2014, D'banj was named the official African ambassador for Beats by Dre(a company owned by Apple). The biggest ever endorsement deal by any african musician.

For a software giant like apple and perhaps the most innovative infotech company in the world notable for unique products like ipods, ipads, macintosh OS, apple MAC laptops, iphones, apple watch etc to chose dbanj out of the multiple artistes making hits in africa is quite awesome. Indeed this man is highly favoured.

Donjazzy from our records has no operational foundation. D'banj is the founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development and has been involved in many humanitarian and charitable programs both locally and abroad. This act has opened doors for him globally and with his great sense of humour he keeps endearing himself to top executives locally and on the african continent.

Dbanj is far more influential that Jazzy and has become a global brand. Dbanj has met with the who is who in the world through the ONE campaign and other platforms. Bill gates, Mo Ibrahim, Aliko dangote, mike adenuga, femi otedola, goodluck jonathan, issa hayatou, sepp blatter etc. Dbanj performed at the CAF nations cup in 2014 a deal worth over $200,000. He also has relationships with top american artistes like kanye west, Jay Z, beyonce, Snoop, 2chains, Big sean to mention a few.

He is also Nigeria's first United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace. Dbanj is the ONE campaign ambassador in support of agriculture investments. He was among the few stars invited to the prestigious white house to raise awareness on agriculture in Nigeria as part of the Bono’s global humanitarian group. He also led 18 other African artists on the song "cocoa na chocolate" and won Best African Collaboration at the All Africa Music Awards in 2014.

Don jazzy is only known for music and his nite club but dbanj has succeeded as a musician, entertainer, ambassador and now diversified into various forms of business especially agriculture(cocoa farming to be precise and his koko garri that has been endorsed by the richest nigerians). Following the foot steps of foreign artistes before him that have diversified into other profitable ventures; knowing fully well that you cant keep churning out hit songs for life.

After the break up of mohits, dbanj's DB records av staged two high profile concerts that was sold out. Koko concert and D'kings men concert. This two events enjoyed massive sponsorship from multinationals, banks and top nigerian companies. The two concerts game him a combined income of over N250million from ticket sales alone and others from sponsorships. Mavin records till date is yet to organise any notable music concert.

Dbanj also has over 35 awards to his name which includes: BET Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards, Fizz Awards, Ghana Music Awards, The Headies, Kora Awards, MOBO Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Nigeria Music Video Awards, Sound City Music Video Awards, World Music Awards, 4Syte TV Music Video Awards and the recent All Africa Music Awards in 2014.

Despite being older than DonJazzy, dbanj still respects him and created a high profile for him which made people to adore jazzy. The words "its don jazzy again" became a popular slogan during the Mohits era. It was all his idea to make Jazzy look like the Don.

Jazzy on the other hand isn't humble but very arrogant. He once ordered his body guards to beat up a guy in a nite club. He once had a grudge with ikechukwu which made them to part ways. Dbanj also had issues with ikechukwu but later settled it and accepted him back to his crew at DB records. DonJazzy disliked Dr Frabz out of envy just because frabz created the beat for the highly successful "WHY ME" that shot them to prominence. Jazzy never acknowledge publicly that it was Frabz beats. Due to this Dr Frabz left mohits too on a bad note. (Frabz, kswitch and myself attended the same university in Nigeria so these are confirmed facts).

Dbanj and Tuface are the most humble nigerian artistes you can ever meet. If you've been shunned by other artistes in public you will understand what I mean. Dbanj response to his fans is very impressive despite his A-list celebrity status.

Dbanj has a great sense of humour which makes him very likeable. He thinks globally but jazzy prefers to be a local champion. This was the reason for the problems of Mohits. Dbanj was thinking ahead and planning to expand the Mohits brand when they met Kanye west in the US but DonJazzy couldn't humble himself because kanye was also a producer and he knew he may be relegated to the background. No matter what our entertainment industry(whether music or movies) is doing today, its was all adopted from the west. Even the gadgets and equipments we use to produce music was manufactured by europeans and americans. So please tell me is there a crime that Dbanj was thinking big.

The latest tape released on "THE TRUTH" also exposed the envy that existed in Mohits from the outburst of Dr Sid stating that "his brand and star is too big, its overshadowing...". What a wicked world that the same people you call family can gang up against you just because of your success. Imagine if a kelly rowland envied beyonce, will their relationship still be intact today.
The truth is no one can be trusted except God. In conclusion, my advice to Dbanj is to "forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace".

Now to all bloggers that may copy this piece and paste on their blog; my advice to you is that "be original because imitation is your limitation and your originality is your greatest value" This is a copyright by my humble self so ask for permission before using it.

Check my nairaland profile to contact me. God bless Nigeria. One love.

Is this guy for real, just look at the bolded statements! Next time you want to write a piece on a social forum, kindly state at the beginning
IMO or that this is just your opinion and not facts angry angry angry


Politics / Re: BAKARE BOMBSHELL: How I Was Forced To Sign Resignation Letter As VP Candidate by abbey621(m): 4:48pm On Feb 06

LOL u keep making a monkey of urself. U look foolish enough already no need to disgrace urself the more. Here is my reply to you when u tried to project ur ignorance on me.

The part in red clearly shows I acknowledged the context in which ur assertions would be correct. U obviously don't pay attention and argue blindly. I have advised u to pay attention to details before u run ur mouth. I hope u will learn one day. Now run along. U have been put in ur place. Please refrain from joining in a discussion that is beyond ur ken from this day forward. tongue
If u need tips on how to build ur mental muscles, let me know. LMAO.

Baboon stop trying to justify yourself, even the parts in red shows your ignorance, they don't have to be impeached, they could resign voluntarily and the senate president will take over before a fresh election. The more you try to sound intelligent the more ignorant you look. See fool trying to school me on taking things within or out of context, your whole premise is invalidated by your lack of comprehension, taking one part of the constitution and using it without looking at the remaining parts. I repeat, you are nothing but a demented character looking for solace in the ignorant bliss of your own madness, freaking baboon!
Politics / Re: BAKARE BOMBSHELL: How I Was Forced To Sign Resignation Letter As VP Candidate by abbey621(m): 4:14pm On Feb 06

U be mumu.
I bet no one taught u about context. Keep convulsing. What started this whole discussion? This is what started it: PDP guys were claiming that the same deal they tried to make Bakare sign is what they will use to replace Osinbajo should APC win. Some of them are even claiming Tinubu intends to do so and make himself closer to becoming president thus since he would be vice president and in case anything happen to the 72 year old president.
Then being a stupididiot that u are, u rushed in and started insulting people without using ur head and calling them goats saying their proposal was impossible? Did u not? That was when I replied u and told u to think and see the possibility of it happening and then reminding u of ur foolishness since u were claiming others were the foolish ones. Is that not how the conversation started?
Now u are talking poo about me thinking of Osinbajo becoming president and nominating Tinubu for vice. When did I say that? U be mumu. Not everyone is as foolish as u to think that kind of nonsense because we all know the president and vice cannot come from the same region let alone tribe.
Next time pay attention to details before mouthing off. Pathetic mugu. LMAO grin

Listen up hegoat, if not that you are daft and careless, you would have used that same context to look at my points before rebukking it. If you read the constitution like I pointed out, you would know that my points are valid. I can clearly tell from your writings that part of your brain lacks oxygen otherwise you won't talk to me about context, your entire premise is based on taking things out of context, baboon!
Politics / Re: BAKARE BOMBSHELL: How I Was Forced To Sign Resignation Letter As VP Candidate by abbey621(m): 3:02pm On Feb 06

Thank u for exposing ur foolishness to the world. This is what happens when halfwits try to pass themselves off as intellectuals.
Here is what the constitution says:
(3) Where the office of Vice-President becomes vacant:-

(a) by reason of death or resignation, impeachment, permanent incapacity or removal in accordance with section 143 or 144 of this Constitution;
(b) by his assumption of the office of President in accordance with subsection (1) of this section; or

(c) for any other reason,

the President shall nominate and, with the approval of each House of the National Assembly, appoint a new Vice-President.

See your life? Dung beetle.
The president nominates and appoints the new vice president in such a case.
The same even holds for Deputy governors. Whenever they are impeached, the governor nominates the new Deputy governor. It happened in Enugu, Lagos, and many other states in Nigeria. Never has the House Speaker taken over except when both the governor and his deputy were both impeached at the same time.
What u said only holds true when both the president and vice president are impeached or both die.
Hope u have learnt. Now go back to whatever senseless thing u were doing before and leave the thinking to people that have brains. This is beyond u, worthless goat. U have been schooled.
Thanks for making a mockery of urself. U didn't even research and u came here shooting ur mouth off. Now whose ignorance is amazing? LMAO grin

If not that you are a nuisance, read the bolded words carefully and see if what you wrote afterwards makes sense. If a president is dead, the VP becomes president and can choose another VP, everybody knows that. My point was in the case where we lost both the president and VP, the senate leader takes over. If you can't comprehend simple English then you better educate yourself. Furthermore, by your fantasy you actually believe the scenario: Buhari elected==> Buhari dies, VP Osibanjo becomes president and appoints Tinubu as his VP==> Osibanjo Resigns or dies and Tinubu takes over, I think you've watched too many Nollywood movies!

146. (1) The Vice-President shall hold the office of President if the office of President becomes vacant by reason of death or resignation, impeachment, permanent incapacity or the removal of the President from office for any other reason in accordance with section 143 of this Constitution.
(2) Where any vacancy occurs in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) of this section during a period when the office of Vice-President is also vacant, the President of the Senate shall hold the office of President for a period of not more than three months, during which there shall be an election of a new President, who shall hold office for the unexpired term of office of the last holder of the office.

So who's the fool here, you freaking baboon!
Politics / Re: BAKARE BOMBSHELL: How I Was Forced To Sign Resignation Letter As VP Candidate by abbey621(m): 12:55pm On Feb 06

Sorry dude. But u are the one with no brain here. Think!!!
The VP resigns and Tinubu is chosen as the new VP. Then from there anything can happen. If something bad were to happen to the president who is already 72, Tinubu sure has the presidency.
So it is stupidity that will make someone say it is impossible. Use ur head. And stop reasoning like the goat u call others.

You are the fool here, I suggest you go and read the constitution, if the VP resigns or dies, the senate leader becomes the next president. Your ignorance is amazing, before you come here and argue blindly how about you do some research you freaking baboon!
Politics / Re: BAKARE BOMBSHELL: How I Was Forced To Sign Resignation Letter As VP Candidate by abbey621(m): 3:02am On Feb 06
Plenty people with head but no brains. Even if Buhari dies and VP is forced to resign, according to the constitution Tinubu can never become president without a fresh election. This is nothing but a cheap attempt to cause controversy but whether you goats like it or not, Nigerians have decided, it's going to be the clueless GEJ or the experienced Buhari, take it or leave it!
Politics / Re: Give The Youths A Chance. Say No To Recycled Leaders. by abbey621(m): 11:04pm On Feb 03

Unfortunately, you're consistently missing the point.


Buhari is not a presidential material.

1. He's not educated.
2. He's old at 73 to rule Nigeria.

And you are arguing blindly, show me a leader in the world that has performed magnificently because of his age. Show me a leader in the world that has not performed well due to his age and his age alone. You'll be surprised that it is those old aged leaders that outperform their young counterparts. For your information, some of the worst dictators in the world are youths wink wink

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Politics / Re: Give The Youths A Chance. Say No To Recycled Leaders. by abbey621(m): 10:45pm On Feb 03

Every one you listed here was educated, unlike Buhari a semi illiterate that can only boast of WASC (secondary school certificate).

Also let me inform you we're in 2015 brother. Those people can no longer rule their country today. The world order have changed since 2001.

By-the-way, Regan was born in 1911 and became president in 1981 at age 70 not 73 like your Buhari.

Perez is a ceremonial head of state. The real ruler of Israel is Benjamin Netanyahu. Get your facts right.

The other you from Netherlands you mentioned is too archaic to get a mention here. The world have changed as I told you.

Can you see your life? First you protest against his age, now it's about his qualifications? So there's a real difference between 70 and 73 Like I said I won't argue with you too much, age is useless when compared to experience.

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Politics / Re: Give The Youths A Chance. Say No To Recycled Leaders. by abbey621(m): 10:04pm On Feb 03

Unfortunately, Buhari when he was your age have already done his best for Nigeria and have nothing more to offer today. Good luck with your choice though.

By-the-way, can you list me names of prosperous democratic countries with presidents at 73?.

Google Ronald Reagan and find out how old he was when he was president or Prime minister Jong of Netherland(99yrs old) or Napolitano of Italy or Peres of Isreal, my guy do your research and see how age is not a factor. Age has nothing on your quality of leadership, in Nigeria we are focused on worthless things such as age, religion and ethnicity when the real qualities we should be looking at is experience, communication and effectiveness.
Politics / Re: Give The Youths A Chance. Say No To Recycled Leaders. by abbey621(m): 9:31pm On Feb 03

Very funny how you call a 50 years plus Jonathan an old man whereas a 73 years old man is perfectly ok by you. Sometimes, I wonder whether you people think in reverse order.
You can as well go to your village and vote the oldest man there as the next president of Nigeria. I think that would be very good since age doesn't matter.

Sho gbadun, did I inform you that I'm okay with Buhari's age? I'm trying to tell you that by your definition of youth, they are both disqualified. However seeing that we don't have a choice but to vote for one of them, I would rather vote for the experienced machine capable fo tacking Boko Haram, not a figurehead who would rather negotiate with them!


Politics / Re: Give The Youths A Chance. Say No To Recycled Leaders. by abbey621(m): 9:19pm On Feb 03
By your reasoning, even GEJ is too old to be president. The fact remains that most youths in this country are still not capable of leadership and whether we like it or not, the elecion is between a clueless president with 6 years of mediocrity or a proven general with experience and momentum on his side, vote wisely and shine your eyes!
Family / Re: Concern As More Us-based Nigerians Murder Their Spouses by abbey621(m): 7:06pm On Feb 03

I personally have this view about Westerners. I feel, a whole lot of them have mental problems innately. They only wait for the "right time" to strike.

Whatever the woman did, can never be enough reason to murder her. Our Nigerian women- go through a whole lot in marriages...they don't go killing sprees.

I have to disagree with you, is it not in Nigeria where we see several cases of Women hiring assassins to kill their husband, is it not the same Nigeria where women patronize witchcraft just to control their husband or preserve their marriage? The cases pointed out by the OP is far and few, it represents a minority when we look at the number of married Nigerian couples living abroad. Individual personality matters a lot in these cases, a combination of a weak/violent man mixed with a stress filled situation.


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