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Travel / Re: Moving Back To Nigeria From USA by abbey621(m): 7:18pm On Dec 08
It takes a brave heart to ask for advice from Nairaland sharks, kudos! I'm going to be frank with you, your question raises some serious concerns! First of all, your 30k usd is peanuts when talking about buying land or property. What will you use to survive? Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenses? You'll definitely need a vehicle and don't forget those pestering you constantly for money, yes my friend you automatically become an ATM. Next, what is pursuing you? Why the eagerness to come to Nigeria? You do realize with 10 to 15k usd, you can get your green card and work permanently in the US? Finally, you might want to explore work visas, at this point you want to try everything possible but return to 9ja. It is the WORST thing you can do right now unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have the resources to survive, this is my two cents, THINK DON'T BLINK!


Politics / Re: "Sylvanus Nsofor, Ambassadorial Nominee Too Old" U.S Tells Buhari by abbey621(m): 9:55pm On Oct 23
Where are all the people shouting marginalization and tribalism? He finally chose one of your own and some vultures are still complaining.....lol. This Buhari sef, you no see mama peace put as ambassador grin grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys With Exotic Car And House Arrested By EFCC In Lagos. Photos by abbey621(m): 7:09pm On Oct 19

oga shut the fvck up and stay off if you got nothing sensible

na scam yes but how many people have you helped in your miserable life

u go USA make we no hear word


A boy would definitely say boyish things, grow up and stop this hooliganism!
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys With Exotic Car And House Arrested By EFCC In Lagos. Photos by abbey621(m): 2:47pm On Oct 07

Nigger I ain't your friend

You dey usa how you wan take kno wetin dey on ground for naija. Who knows whether na even scam you dey do there.
Scammer crucifying scammer..lol

Kindly respect yourself and stay off my mention

Nigga keep shut and don't let hunger keep making a fool of you! I just left 9ja after more than 4 months in 9ja and I can tell you one thing, responsible people don't justify scamming with poor economic conditions or political looting. This is what I called you out for and I'll do it again anytime you type such nonsense. Peace my nigga!
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys With Exotic Car And House Arrested By EFCC In Lagos. Photos by abbey621(m): 1:46pm On Oct 07

There is no justification in stealing is stealing.
it seems u didn't read what I wrote and u no see where I condemned the act
why should I be careful
You just want to act righteous and pretend all is well in naija

Typical Nigerians always suffering and smiling
Fela kuti

My friend be quiet, you wrote an epistle justifying the reason why people scam and a little caveat at the end does not negate the premise!
Celebrities / Re: Davido And Caroline Danjuma Invited By Police Over Tagbo Umeike’s Death by abbey621(m): 2:04am On Oct 06
Common sense would have them do an autopsy to certify the cause of death but in Nigeria everything can be explained supernaturally or traditionally but when it comes to medically, we play deaf and dumb angry angry angry angry
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Videos His Baby Mama Harassing His Mother In U.S, & She Sets Him Up by abbey621(m): 5:52pm On Sep 22

The law there is on the side of women 100%...The man knows that,thats why he played safe by keeping his cool.

Any rough play from him and.he will land in Naija via deportation faster than Usain Bolt uf he is not a citizen.

If he is a citizen,he will still be in big trouble.

Who is going to deport a U.S citizen?
Phones / Re: Investor BJ Orders 5 Iphone 8 (Photo, Video) by abbey621(m): 3:48pm On Sep 22
My sincere advice for people like Investor or Hush is to come back and tie something down in Nigeria, legit or illegal just be wise, many kings and queens have fallen in this game of thrones grin grin grin
Adverts / Re: Items For Sale In Eti-osa West by abbey621(m): 12:11am On Aug 30
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 5:50pm On Aug 29
Apart from confiscation of their properties and business interests in the US.

Also these people will not step foot in America and in over 110 countries that has extradition treaty with America.


What is so special about the USA and other countries if you have the money and the fame in 9ja? grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Chelsea Agrees Fee With Arsenal For Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by abbey621(m): 9:31pm On Aug 28

You can't be too sure bro, Moses only played a season so far in that position meaning someone else can do more!

Of course but not Ox, Ox and Moses are on the same level!
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: ‘Okechukwu’ Buhari won’t abandon south-east by abbey621(m): 8:29pm On Aug 28
Point of correction, buhari didn't make that promise. Adesina did.

Then Buhari should call Adesina to order grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Chelsea Agrees Fee With Arsenal For Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by abbey621(m): 8:28pm On Aug 28

You are right thou, but i still think he should have given more chances to their junior team, and try to build players, and let Moses do his thing.

As it is now Moses chances would be more more limited, because Conte would want to give chamber chance to also play

Moses is a starter, OX was just bought as a replacement and to fill up the Homegrown requirements, unless Moses loses form, Ox won't be a starter. Yes the youth should be given chances but that position had nobody close to Moses quality, not even close!
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: ‘Okechukwu’ Buhari won’t abandon south-east by abbey621(m): 7:59pm On Aug 28
Buhari don't promise what you cannot fulfill. You haven't taken care of the ones who voted for you, how the heck are you going to appease those that didn't vote for you? At this stage of your presidency if only you managed to accomplish just half of your campaign promises, the whole country would be solidly behind you in 2019 but it saddens me to know that you just like all the previous leaders of this country are compromised! There is no democracy in 9ja and the sooner we all realize this the better!


Sports / Re: Chelsea Agrees Fee With Arsenal For Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by abbey621(m): 7:51pm On Aug 28
I am,not a Chelsea fan, but honestly truth be told, this is real misplaced priority, they don't need this guy in their team.

What is Conte thinking?

BTW: Arsene Wenger, seeing his player moving to Chelsea after lossing two matches in a row, would be like.

Make unah kuku kill me grin

You are definitely not a Chelsea fan otherwise you would realize how crazy the market is right now and we have a very depleted squad. This signing takes care of two problem, a cover for Moses and a speedster capable of getting into the box.


Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 6:36pm On Aug 28

ATCA consultant based in Oshogbo! Tell us how you intend to advise the US jury in favour if the criminal Nigeria government officials. Stupid bombastic grandstanding olodo without the foggiest substance.

Why so aggressive bruh? I've never been to Oshogbo but I hear they have nice weed, recommend you take some to calm your nerves grin grin grin

On a serious note, you are urged to disprove my opinion with your own if you feel you know more about the US legal system instead of ranting smiley

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Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 2:46pm On Aug 28

Yes, the ATCA only seeks financial compensation. But assuming the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, the defendants' assets could be frozen in the US, and may be used to pay the compensatory damages to the plaintiffs.

If the plaintiffs present new evidence of violence by the Nigerian state (and her agents) to the ICC, that court could even agree to hear the case.

You are assuming the defendants have assets in the USA grin grin grin I believe the ICC is the real place for extrajudicial killing related justice, these US courts are only making money for the lawyers angry angry
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 1:12pm On Aug 28

the pretrial was June 9th 2017 (google John Doe vs Buratai et al)

the court accepted the case.

The lawyers came to Nigeria this August for on ground Investigation.
In his report he tag:
North as Muslim extrmist region... unsafe for Christians.
Hausa Fulani as terrorists.

The news his every where... all over international media

You are getting it confused, acceptance of a case does not determine if the case would make it into a real trial. The evidence gathered by the lawyers will definitely be useful in helping the judge determine legality and proceeding forward with the trial. A real trial begins when arguments are heard by both sides in front of the judge and/or jury. I repeat most cases of ACTA are thrown out while the few that are successfully trialed are those involving U.S corporations or entities with plenty of assets.

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Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:56pm On Aug 28

A civil case that has damning consequences on your military's reputation.
You already have a reputation as a backward militia which Nigeria is still denying so as to avoid sanctions.
Losing a human rights case if even civil would prove that the facts are correct and Nigeria would be put on notice to tread carefully. And buratai himself would lose whatever credibilty he has in western circles.
Another human rights violation with lose of lives from Military bullets would no longer be viewed as a civil offense. That is entering into pariah state territory.

Oh so you think the Nigerian military, police or even government are with positive reputation, you make me laugh! Even the entire Nigeria has a very negative reputation. Buratai does not need any international recognition at this stage of his career, he is a military man true and true, if he is guilty, paying the compensation would not be very difficult but to think he gives a flip about what Western media and politrickians think of him is pure bullocks!
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:44pm On Aug 28

Protected by which government? Nigeri?
You think Nigeria can protect Buratai from american reach? cheesy cheesy
Even Assad is finding it hard to escape with Russia watching over him.
Your only hope is that your murderous army general never get tried. If a US court find him guilty, he is finished.

Once again this is a civil/financial case no criminal liability and as such the government can pay the compensation if found guilty!
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:40pm On Aug 28

The case was filled 30 may,

accept in June.

FG had also assign a lawyer to defend all the accuse.

do your research.

US have jurisdiction to hear Human Rights Abuse.

The you know the psychology of this ongoing case to the reputation of Buratai and Co...

Do you know how this case is affecting the psyche of those that supported Buratai Python Dance..

Buratai is a celebrated soldier... But this Media Trial has hunt is reputation.

If found guilty... His reputation is dead.

because the media would blow it way out of proportion.

Look stop deceiving yourself, yes the court will hear the case but they still have to determine legality, it's called pretrial. Since the start of ATCA majority of the cases have been tossed out, this is what I meant by the court determining if it is worth trialing. Buratai to me has nothing to lose, he will be protected as always by the government so forget about psyche! Once again this case is nothing but a civil case and thus only financial compensation will be discussed.
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:36pm On Aug 28

The issue is... Is not about buhari... Most fools... where celebrating whem army shot those unarmed protesters.

Most fools like you are pushing and expecting Buhari to shoot again same unarmed protesters yesterday at Aba.

If I was the president of Nigeria... I would had close this Biafra issue since, without shooting a single bullet.

It's not too late... But no... people like you want to "crush Igbos " ... fools.

Nigeria Economy is about to crash... with or without Militant restart their pipe line bombing it heading for tumbles..

Instead of dialogue.... and consultation... with all the poverty in the North... plus Boko Haram.. you are hungry for war.

You are the only ignorant one here generalizing everybody into a bucket of your own imagination! Simple question, during the time of GEJ, the issue of marginalization and the realization of Biafra should have been accomplished but for some reason general amnesia took place, all of a sudden within 6 months of Buhari(A Northerner) being elected, the agitation magically reappeared, Wetin happen? Now let's move to Buhari, nothing he does should surprise IPOB since you knew what to expect but my greatest shock is why you would expect dialogue when you clearly know he is not known for such. Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the jaw - Mike Tyson. Most people do not want Buhari to shoot, most people would welcome the dialogue you so clearly think would solve the situation but when both elements are behaving like schoolyard children, dialogue will never HAPPEN, sad but bitter truth my ignorant friend!
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:16pm On Aug 28

Financial Compensation obviously... but trust me the financial compensation is always brutal...

Buratai and Obiano have multi million dollars investment in US.. and Dubai.. that I know for certain.

The accused could arrested if they step their foot in the US...

Nigeria don't need case... they should settle out of court.

Settling out of court is an admission of guilt, the court would have to determine if the case has any grounds, they would then have to determine if the defendants were culpable but even if they were I see no way that Buhari wouldn't step in and pay those financial compensations, chicken change if you ask me and finally I don't know where you got your facts that buratai has multi million dollars investments in the US but I would like to know your source grin

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Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:06pm On Aug 28
Buhari actually destroyed Nigeria....

If only we had a neutral and detribalize and firm president.
He would had use wisdom and love to settle the situation. But we have an "hateful " leader... with dumb and hateful followers.

This case would most likely explode.... most likely.
Obiano would most likely testify against the state to venerate himself

It would most likely graduate to ICC Hague

You mean during the time of GEJ Biafrans had no reason to protest? You mean a civil case like this can and will graduate to ICC, tell me more grin grin
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:03pm On Aug 28

Deluded. Sudan's President has remained hunted for genocide during his administration. He can't move to any country without risk of arrest.

Your President Buhari of Nigeria acquires Mushack fighter jets from Pakistan. What are the jets for? Does Nigeria have invading external forces? Is it not to propagate genocide against Biafra separatists?

Are you questioning a sitting president's rights to acquire weapons of safety for the country? You ok ba?
Politics / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Charged For Extra-judicial Killings In The US Revealed by abbey621(m): 12:02pm On Aug 28

the Alien Tort Statute (28 U.S.C. § 1350; ATS), also called the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA), is a section of the United States Code that reads: "The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any civil action by an alien for a tort only, committed in violation of the law of nations or a treaty of the United States."

In 1980 a Paraguayan man successfully used ATCA to sue the policeman who had tortured his son to death in Paraguay. Others have since filed civil suits against individuals, including Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, seeking compensation for damages resulting from breaches of international law.
An interesting development has been the recent efforts to use ATCA to sue transnational corporations for violations of international law in countries outside the US. If these suits are allowed to proceed, then ATCA could become a powerful tool to increase corporate accountability.

You do realize that ATCA only seeks civil/financial compensation and has nothing to do with criminal acts and one of the requirements is that defendants must be a legal U.S resident. Finally unless the defendants have assets in the US, I doubt there's anything a U.s court can do to harm them, the proper place is the ICC but they have already been rejected there so I don't know their end game
Religion / Re: Facebook Is Gradually Becoming Unsafe For Christians by abbey621(m): 10:33am On Aug 27
Get yourself an expert to maximize your privacy and filter settings. Don't add anybody you can't trust and even the trusted ones can act funny sometimes, just unfriend them....this life is too simple!
Adverts / Items For Sale In Eti-osa West by abbey621(m): 4:53pm On Aug 26
SUMEC FIRMAN GENERATOR ECO 10990ESU WITH REMOTE STARTER purchased 5 months ago, can power 3 Air conditioners, freezer, 3 tv, 10 light bulbs and pumping machine. Start and off the generator from inside your home. 180,000 Naira (Slightly Negotiable)

LUMINOUS 1.5KVA INVERTER WITH 2 200AMPs BATTERIES purchased less than 5 months ago. 200,000 Naira (Slightly Negotiable) SOLD

Family / Re: I Need A Strong Advice Concerning My Sister Who Maltreated My Wife by abbey621(m): 11:58pm On Aug 24

You almost make water roll down me eyes. I also suffered so much with my sisters too. Though, I senior them. Unfortunately, I lost one to the cold hand of death in 2010. They respect me and will never even speak against my wife.

But any useless extended family, Dem no born them even no matter how close, I will completely severe the relationship. I'm not souly attached to anybody except my wife.

So, no stupid person can come and beat my wife. Hennn, beat my wife, yeepa. The person don finish.

Your own na beat beat beat, what if you jam person wey power pass your own or do you think all women are timid? It is only the poster that knows his family maybe the woman is way beyond his physical or spiritual capabilities, let's not push this man from frying pan to fire!
Romance / Re: Pastor Ibiyeomie: If You Are Not Married At 35, You Are An Irresponsible Person by abbey621(m): 11:24pm On Aug 24
Let's face it, the man has a point! If we are to believe that the average life expectancy of Nigerians is around 50 then it is only wise to get married early on in life but the pastor failed to acknowledge one important factor, IMMATURITY! In advanced countries, by 18 children are independent, they can get a decent paying job and even live on their own but in 9ja even at 26 they are still free loading from parents, aunts and uncles. By 30 most men are still trying to put together savings because of the high demands by the women and the over bearing society.


Politics / Re: What APC Did To Abuse GEJ - Reno Omokri Shares Throwback Photos by abbey621(m): 10:07am On Aug 24
APC=PDP=SCAMMERS! When will learn to dump party system and just vote for a new generation maybe then real change might happen! We voted for Yaradua, what was his qualifications? We voted for GEJ, what did he know about nation building? What did he accomplish in previous positions? We voted for Buhari due to frustrations but in all sincerity, the man is not qualified to lead a pack of dogs! Nigeria is f*cked as far as I'm concerned because Godfatherism, cabals and buffoonery is presented as leadership while the helpless masses fight each other shouting up and down APC, PDP and so on...... angry angry angry

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Music/Radio / Re: Olamide’s Wo & Wavy Level, Davido’s IF & Fall And 9ice’s Living Things Banned by abbey621(m): 11:27am On Aug 22
Like everything else in Nigeria....medicine after death! The NBC is a joke thinking it still remains relevant. Artiste have gone beyond useless radio or TV broadcasts. Most make their money from Youtube, itunes, shows and sponsors. Let's even get back to the basics, can you ban the music from circulating from one vendor to another, if you can't stop it from the streets then this ban is meaningless!

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