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Crime / Re: First Time Visitor Left Stranded After This Lagos Uber Driver Robbed Her (photos by abbey621(m): 10:36pm On Apr 25
She was not robbed, she was outsmarted! Unless I'm not reading the story correctly, she left her purse with money inside a cab and went to get food? I love my naija people but I cannot trust even my immediate family with that kind cash, foreigner or no foreigner when coming to Nigeria you must be security conscious!

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Romance / Re: To Get Marriage Proposal, Women Should Date Multiple Men —experts by abbey621(m): 12:27pm On Apr 22
Makes sense! Especially since we no longer have women in Africa but slay queens and pepperdem gangs. The funny thing here is that the so called women can date or bonk 10 guys at a time if they want to yet no marriage proposal. This is how it works, men naturally want a wife that is more decent than them, if your reputation is slay mama to ta lenu, then you cant be in the same category as mama Femi, good wife, good mother. This is how most sensible men think!


Politics / Re: "I Will Not Apologize To Saraki" - Ali Ndume, Suspended Lawmaker by abbey621(m): 10:23am On Apr 17
Any Northern politician especially those from Borno should cover their heads in shame....poverty, death everywhere yet we are worried about forged documents and certificates? I tire o...


Technology Market / Re: Spectranet 4G LTE Modem For Sale by abbey621(m): 10:57pm On Apr 13
still available?
Celebrities / Re: "I Hope You Die And Rot In Hell" - Davido To A Fan Who Called Ntlami A 'Monster' by abbey621(m): 6:56pm On Apr 13
Humanity is lost in most Nigerians, little wonder why many continue to wallow away in hardship. The poor girl never asked for the disease, just like those born with polio or sickle cell disease. To call someone a monster for such is not only sick but worthy of a hot slap. To those who thinks they are just mere words, think again! Internet trolling has killed over 10,000 people last year alone, is it still funny?


Food / Re: Mirinda, Lucozade Unsafe For Consumption – CPC by abbey621(m): 11:22am On Apr 13
Yet Nigerians are living longer than the average expectant mortality rate of 40 years. Yet Nigerians have lower numbers of cancer than countries like America. Nigerians wey don chop things wey fit kill an average man living overseas should now be scared of small benzoic acid? Amala from mama put no kill, air pollution no kill, mosquito no kill, severe heat no kill, na benzo go come kill? grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: EFCC Discovers Hidden Money In Ikoyi Lagos Home (Photos, Video) by abbey621(m): 9:23am On Apr 13

Please stop disgracing yourself. The fact that the cash has been discovered does not mean that it will be spent out rightly.

People that own the house can come forward and claim it and go to court and this can drag for years.

I suggest a special court for these kind of cases. Afterall Patience got about 5m dollars back. What if the Govt had gone ahead and spent the money.

I think the judiciary should also be purged.

God bless Nigeria!

If you don't know the proper grammar to use then stop communicating online and get educated. What do you mean by stop disgracing yourself? Even though your argument has a valid premise, starting with an insult shows you lack proper netiquette!

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Politics / Re: EFCC Discovers Hidden Money In Ikoyi Lagos Home (Photos, Video) by abbey621(m): 9:39pm On Apr 12
15 billion today, more than 500 billion recovered so far, enough to solve the shameful power supply problem in this country yet nothing ever gets done! RECOVERY WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY IS CORRUPTION!!!!


Politics / Re: Senate Plans Law To Harvest 3 Trillion From Dormant Bank Accounts. by abbey621(m): 6:38pm On Apr 12

Will the banks wait for debtors to ever show up.

They should keep the interest and get their staff to go look for next of kins.

They should but we all know Nigerian banks grin. This is why the government is stepping in, unfortunately Nigerian government cannot be trusted!

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Politics / Re: Senate Plans Law To Harvest 3 Trillion From Dormant Bank Accounts. by abbey621(m): 6:09pm On Apr 12
I know a lot of people won't bother reading the entire post before commenting but here is the most crucial part:

“If the owners ever show up, you can pay back the principal to them with 1.5 per cent interest which is very, very cheap. If they don’t, it remains bona vacantia.”

This is very fair as I'd rather have a case to recover my money with CBN than a bank not sure of existing in 20 to 30 years time. As long as the above quote is included in the law, Nigerians should rejoice! The dormant accounts with Nigerian banks are nt useful to the country, the banks are making money off of it with no benefit to the consumers, worse comes to worst the governmnt too will embezzle, in that case no harm done grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 2:25pm On Apr 10
I will gladly be a bigot so long as it grin relates to terrorist like you and your brothers and I have no regrets, since You monsters have refused to live and let live and yes I have never and will not allow myself to be attended to by a muslim (potential terrorist) so hold your breaks, you this international muslim fool and be gone,seems your epileptic brain could not comprehend the meaning of "don't mention me again" even when I said it twice, or you simplywant to have the last say like the cow that you are. my bigotry is justifiable, no apologies to you and your pedeophilic brothers, useless bloody savages,children of destruction grin

Amen...the bold part is my prayer for you, if a Muslim is the only one left to save your life, may Almighty Allah not make it possible. May you die a slow and painful death than to allow a bloody Muslim save your life....Amin ya Robbi!
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 12:58pm On Apr 10
this is neither India nor the USA dumbo,you asked me a question only to now be talking about something else,incase you missed the answer to your question ''i wont allow it play out'', i wonder what would have happened to fools like you who claim intelligence if google wasn't made, as for the cows,you and your brothers fit the perfect description ,ode,i have given you and your stupid brother on this thread too much attention,so dont mention me again,i know you might need to be told twice before you process,so i repeat,dont mention me again

Incoherent sentences typical of a local bigot. I'll quote your answer below:

I can't even allow such a scenario play itself out. pissful barbarians blowing up the entire world with their pissful religion, I bet y'all will be too busy making bombs than going to medical school anyway grin

I think my answer shows even in other places in the world we have Muslim medical professionals not to now talk of Nigeria where dem yapa! Like I said before make sure you are never treated by a Muslim doctor otherwise your hypocrisy will smell all the way from Nigeria to Osaka, most times I ignore bigots like you but I'm feeling generous of late....no need to thank me grin grin
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 10:21pm On Apr 09
I can't even allow such a scenario play itself out. pissful barbarians blowing up the entire world with their pissful religion, I bet y'all will be too busy making bombs than going to medical school anyway grin

Come on even you can't be this ignorant! All your politicians and celebrities going for treatment in India, who is treating them? That is just one example, even in a Christian country like the USA, Muslims represents more than 10% of the physicians. My only advice to you is to use Google, this way you won't be a laughing cow on Nairaland grin grin
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 9:58pm On Apr 09
you and your muslim pedophiles are more of the savaged nonentities

Lol...hope you stick to your convictions when you need medical treatment and a Muslim happens to be your doctor, hope you don't allow the savage to save your life since we are all savages... grin grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 9:52pm On Apr 09
then why don't stupid adults like you take your campaign to the mosques instead of spewing your foolishness on cyber space ,so its the tradition of hausas to marry babies,thanks for the enlightenment ,here i was thinking they were following in Mohamed's footsteps when he married aisha too, go and tell you brainwashed brothers to stop hiding under Mohammed to satisfy their libido,I bet you are also among the nitwits that always remind us of how peaceful Islam is whenever a bomb goes off, since its the tradition of hausas to be paedophiles,then why dont you and your cretins take the campaign to the North? ,How come all of you that know its wrong are quiet? ,silence means approval, just like someone said terrorists are the green snakes and people like you are the green grass they hide under,bunch of pedophiles and pedeophile apologists,now swerve

Your argument holds no water and you know it! So I won't bother defending any religion, just retrace your history, whether you are Igbo, Yoruba or any other Nigerian tribe and you'll see evidence of child marriages in every tribe. Like I said it has nothing to do with religion but tradition, some tribes chose to evolve while others are still stuck in their old ways. It is what it is, your insults does not add to your credibility rather it makes you look like a nonentity!
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 6:08pm On Apr 09
bottom line,this is 2017 ,no one uses the bible or anyone mentioned in the bible as an excuse for paedophilia, folks like you who claim to know the Koran so well should channel all this energy you use to attack people to enlighten you brothers who still use Islam as a cover for pedeophilia, go and preach this sermon in your mosques (that's if you don't get beheaded) tell them how much they have misinterpreted the koran,goodluck with that

You obviously have a comprehension problem. If the Quran nor the Bible forbids such behaviors, who are you to condemn those that practice such? Thanks to enlightenment and western education I know child marriages are wrong but not everyone is privileged as I am. How do you explain to the nomads in China or the almajiris in Northern Nigeria? How do you explain to the aborigines in Australia or the people in Oman? You keep attacking Islam not knowing this is not about religion but tradition. Kids like you can't help but make me laugh, you sit in your little bubble thinking the whole world is black and white but forgetting about those oh so crucial gray areas!
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman: The Lies In Stephanie Otobo's BBM Chat by abbey621(m): 9:31am On Apr 09
This is why I don't believe in all this modern form of justice. Take the Apostle and Stephanie to Ogun shrine have them swear in front of it and leave the rest. All dis na long thing jaare!


Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 9:26am On Apr 09
wait o,are you asking me? why not channel that question to your brother up there who brought up the issue on this thread or rather go and ask your muslim brothers who marry babies. This is the problem with folks like you, instead of channeling your questions to the right direction you prefer to chase shadows, or are you that blind not to see the comment I replied to or you are simply too sentimental to be reasonable

You are still making the same false assumptions, if only Muslims marry babies, what about Isaac in the Bible? How old was Mary when she got married? When is a female considered ready fot marriage in the Bible? While the other poster has his own issues, yours is based on pure sentiments bent on ridiculing one religion. Till you educate yourself and see there's nothing in the bible or Quran forbidden child brides, you will continue to be misinformed! Now because we live in modern times, a lot of us know better but for you to say child marriages or pedophilia is peculiar only to Muslims is the most ignorant statement of all time!
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 9:24pm On Apr 08
Unfortunately this is not a strange phenomenon in the US, as 13 year olds are seen half Unclad and paraded on the streets as a sign of self liberalization. I bet if we took a look at the picture of the 15 year old she could pass easily for a 23 year old. The chemicals they eat and the loose lifestyle makes every female American child susceptible to vices such as rape or unwanted pregnancy.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Pays 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex, Collects Money Back At Gunpoint In US by abbey621(m): 9:21pm On Apr 08
the difference is that he is being charged for it, and will probably be jailed, while in Islam it's seen as a way of life, even in Turkey a muslim man is allowed to rape a teenager and will be allowed to go free so long as he marries her, now that's the difference, I hope your brain can comprehend that now, pedophiles!

When will people like you stop blabbering about subjects way beyond your comprehension? Where does it state in the Quran that it is a way of life to marry 15 year old teens? Why not speak the truth and realize both the Quran and the Bible being written in the olden days considered any female that has reached puberty as an adult? Why not argue based on facts instead of bashing one religion to prove your demented point?


Politics / Re: Letter Shared By A Muslim Brother About Boko Haram & Islam (Photo) by abbey621(m): 5:54pm On Mar 24
There's nothing new here, we all know both Christianity and Islam promotes more good than bad but human errors and greediness are interpreting the messages to fit their own personal agendas. A documentary was shown recently where former ISIS members could not even recite the Quran, people confuse Arabic with being able to recite the Quran and this is very wrong! We have Arab Christians, Arab atheists and so on. At the same time we must acknowledge that the Islamic religion is being hijacked by extremists capable of causing great chaos. The same thing happened to the Christian doctrine in the 12th century, well meaning Muslims and scholars must continue to speak up against terrorists using Islam to commit murder!

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Family / Re: “my Husband Killed Our Baby, Impregnated Two Married Women” by abbey621(m): 10:15pm On Mar 23
Crazy woman, you no go leave am till he kills you? If we are to believe the woman's version then this man is dangerous enough to end her life, if that is the case why on earth does she insist on being married to him? Only reasonable explanation is that she's lying and the properties are much more valuable to her than her own life!

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Romance / Re: Was My Boyfriend Scamming Me? by abbey621(m): 9:58pm On Mar 22
I cannot stress this enough, whether you are a man or a woman; if you want to date a person make every effort to know where he/she comes from, the people he/she associate with and previous relationships. This is very crucial in making an informed decision. It's simple, you are not a magician, you are not expected to know another person's mind. So do your due diligence and leave the rest to God. Go into a relationship knowing you have done your very best and only then do you love with all your heart. Chances are you will be still get hurt, but let it happen on your own terms. If you must be a maga be an informed maga, if it quacks, walks and looks like a duck, my sista it is a DUCK!
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Rape 70-Year-Old Widow To Coma In Ebonyi. Women Protest (Pics) by abbey621(m): 5:48pm On Mar 22
Everything is blamed on Fulani herdsmen, sounds fishy to me!


Politics / Re: "Hameed Ali Is Over-Aged & Unfit', Senate Demands Resignation Of Customs Boss by abbey621(m): 2:36pm On Mar 22
Bunch of toothless cowards, the only person that can make him resign is the President, I'm sure they all know this but prefer to continue this charade of cowardice!
Romance / Re: Ladies, If He Exudes Most Of These Traits, Pls Consider Marrying Him by abbey621(m): 3:18am On Mar 22
All a guy needs to do is make enough money and he'll have his picks in women to marry. It is the single most important factor for men and women. If any girl talks about money not being a factor please check her nose, she might be related to Pinocchio! Even the wealthy ones hardly goes for guys not worth their status, so all the qualities written above are just extras. The Nigerian girls always look for the easiest and surest path to success, it is in their DNA!


Travel / Re: African Business Summit In US has No African Delegates. Their Visas Were Denied by abbey621(m): 5:09pm On Mar 20
This has nothing to do with Trump. Nigerians and other Africans have been denied visas for several years and the trend will continue until a large majority of those on tourist and student visas stop violating the terms of their visas and return home in a timely manner. Conference or no conference, the reputations of Africans is nothing to be proud of when it comes to American visas, not everything can be blamed on the white men!
Properties / Re: Senate Pegs Landlord's Rent Duration At One Year In FCT by abbey621(m): 5:03pm On Mar 20

I hope you said the same thing when Lagos state did a similar law

Of course! It has already shown in Lagos, landlords would say they accept one year's rent but would silently show preferential treatment to the prospective tenant that pays for multiple years.

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Properties / Re: Senate Pegs Landlord's Rent Duration At One Year In FCT by abbey621(m): 4:51pm On Mar 20
Idiotic idea that is bound to fail. Any landlord could refuse any tenant for any reason, thereby giving the prospective tenants the impression that unless they pay for multiple years they would lose out on the property. Scenario 2: Landlords would just continue to increase rent to justify the loss in income, there's no law stopping landlords from increasing rent yearly from 20% to as much as 60% in some areas.
Travel / Re: Trump’s Travel Policy: Nigerians With Valid Visas Denied Entry Into USA by abbey621(m): 5:46am On Mar 20
This has nothing to do with Trump! The 4 Nigerians were refused entries because they failed to impress the officer. They were asked purpose of visit and their phones including other belongings were searched. I can guaranty that something was found in the luggage or the phones that contradicts their purpose of visit. People keep forgetting that just because you were given a visa does not mean you will be automatically allowed entry. I remember even in 2013 I was detained and questioned even though I had my green card with me, it's not a pleasant experience but they are well within their authority.
Crime / Re: Photos Of Hausas Fleeing Ile-ife After Communal Clash With The Yorubas by abbey621(m): 6:17pm On Mar 19
One thing I know is that you don't mess with the people of Ife. Yorubas in Ife got no chill, they gave their brothers in Modakeke hell, what do you think would happen to strangers from far away lands?


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by abbey621(m): 3:11pm On Mar 18

Nope , been busy for supplies etc .. I just replied your what's app mail now whilst driving ! I always pay more attention to clients calling as I know most clients can call for 5hours NON-STOP cheesy

I guess I'll just have to wait till I get to 9ja. I'm still on a business trip in remote Alabama and long distance calling is not an option. I'll hit you up when I arrive. Thanks.

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