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Romance / Re: Lady Rejects Marriage Proposal From Boyfriend Of 6 Years by abbey621(m): 5:40pm
Pure lies! A couple cannot hide the smoking habit from one another for 6 years, unless the relationship is not an intimate one. So many hints, from lingering smoking odor on clothes to cigarette buds or wrappers mistakenly left in the purse or the surroundings.

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Car Talk / Re: Top 5 Cars Spotted In Nigeria This Week -specs And Prices by abbey621(m): 5:31pm
In a nation of over 150 million people, you can't find 1500 people that can afford 90% of these vehicles. Do you know what that means? Not even 0.001% of the population can afford these vehicles, 0.001% unbelievable!
Romance / Re: Ladies This Is How To Ask A Nigerian Guy Out. by abbey621(m): 5:15pm
There's nothing wrong in a woman asking a man out but the way we men are designed, it's just not natural. Men naturally value more what they worked hard to get or achieve. It's true for money, education, jobs and even respect. This is why I wouldn't advocate a female being so bold as to ask a guy directly out rather the best method is to drop subtle hints. Make it a priority to know more about the guy, where does he like to hang out, what are his interests. Once you equip yourself with the necessary information all you have to do is show up, the more the guy sees you the better the familiarity and the higher chance of noticing your advances. It's done in advanced societies, at colleges and at the workplace, it's the modern way of going after what you want and it is perfectly safe!

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Politics / Re: Binta Garba: My Primary Constituency Is To Be In The Kitchen & Other Room by abbey621(m): 12:24pm On Oct 20

Women who cooked for their Husbands # but never belong to the kitchen and other rooms#

Dishwasher Josephine Cochran 1872
Disposable diaper
Marion Donovan 1950
Electric hot water heater Ida Forbes 1917
Elevated railway Mary Walton 1881

Even if you named 100 women, they will be 10,000 more who have stayed in the kitchen. The women you mentioned above, most of them didn't even have the right to vote in a political election. Most of them belonged to a country where democracy is glorified and yet after 100+ years of independence, women still didn't have a right to vote. If this could happen there and they eventually got it right, why are we so worked up about an old man who believes his wife's place is to take care of the home and not in politics?
Health / Re: Why Do Most Nigerian Men Develop A Pot Belly Stomach So Early? by abbey621(m): 11:49pm On Oct 19
Why are people so concerned about six packs and shapes. You all spend most of your lives worried about what others think and before you know it you are old and feeble. Why not just enjoy life, if you are big with a pot belly but feel good about yourself then you have nothing to worry about. If you want to get healthy for yourself then exercise and eat well,at least you are doing it for the right reason and not just to impress someone that isn't perfect themselves!

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Crime / Re: Woman Offered Us N500,000 To Kill Her Husband, Says Suspect (photo) by abbey621(m): 1:53pm On Oct 19
This woman no Luk lyk person with 500k to spare

Obviously you've never been beaten by the police or vigilante group, besides money no dey look face, even chimpanzee looking human beings have millions in their account.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In N1.2million Cape Dress (Photo) by abbey621(m): 10:02pm On Oct 18

@bold, He is.

No the mentioned folks aren't saint.
But Buhari and his family should stop fronting like they are the saintly ones. It's disgusting.

Aisha has never for once said she was a pauper or broke, she owned a well established business before her husband became president and is well known among the elites. It's only the gullible ones that would believe the Buhari family is broke! As far as being saints or not, I'm sure they are not saints but you have no evidence to show they are corrupt either!
Religion / Re: I Don't Pay Tithes And Offerings But I Give To Anyone In Need. Am I Wrong? by abbey621(m): 9:59pm On Oct 18
If more people started giving to the poor instead of paying tithes, Nigeria will become better. There will be less poverty and Nigerian churches would go back to the basics instead of operating like a business!

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Phones / Re: Some Of The Most Ridiculous Selfies Ever Shared By Nigerian Youths Online (pics) by abbey621(m): 9:55pm On Oct 18
These are not youths but overgrown placentas!


Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In N1.2million Cape Dress (Photo) by abbey621(m): 9:53pm On Oct 18

We know. But why are they hunting others with similar lifestyles like themselves?

Buhari is not EFCC and DSS. The people being prosecuted should prove that they are innocent or do you want us to go back to the era of CORRUPTION is not STEALING? Abi you wan tell us say Obanikoro, FFK's wife and madam Jonathan are saints?
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In N1.2million Cape Dress (Photo) by abbey621(m): 8:42pm On Oct 18
I know, I served in the north myself... but what I'm saying is, her position is one with so much attention and as such, it's only smart to avoid giving talking points to fault finders... you don't flaunt luxuries anyhow just because... not even when people are looking to say one thing or the other...

I completely agree, this is why the President is trying so hard to control her excesses but the general is old and this woman can't be tamed grin

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In N1.2million Cape Dress (Photo) by abbey621(m): 8:27pm On Oct 18
I imagine her wardrobe loaded with 100 more of the same worth and then something similar for ther shoes and then the same story o even double goes for her jewelleries too... then do the maths #iPityNigeria

These people had money before they got to Aso Rock, forget all that crap about Buhari being a pauper. Northerners are fond of hustling while they are worth Billions.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In N1.2million Cape Dress (Photo) by abbey621(m): 7:56pm On Oct 18
Do you expect her to be wearing rags? 1.2 Million Naira is chump change inside the political world!
Family / Re: Her Mother Inlaw Wants To Move In Permanently by abbey621(m): 6:59pm On Oct 18
This is why it's best to have lots of money. Mama is coming to stay with us permanently, no problem! Stay with mama get her a personal maid and enjoy your life, once a month tell mama you and your wife are going on a trip, spend a week or two in your other house, repeat and rinse. Diplomacy is the key to everything and money makes diplomacy a lot easier grin grin grin Other than this, there's nothing you can do, a mother has the right to come and stay with her child if she wants, as a wife you must learn to respect that!


Politics / Re: EFCC Confronts Obanikoro With $1m Bureau De Change Receipts by abbey621(m): 4:03pm On Oct 18
Just look at the amount of money we are talking about, this is money meant for our present and the future yet these thieves shared it without any regards for the masses. I'm not contented with just inviting them or charging them to court, if there is sufficient evidence I want them to face firing squad!


Politics / Re: Precious Chikwendu Denies Her Account Was Used To Launder Money by abbey621(m): 3:38pm On Oct 18
Come on, this is just silly! A whole wife of the famous FFK having less than 300k in her bank account? Abegi! If you people must lie at least do it with common sense, even a market woman has more than that nowadays.....SHAME!


Travel / Re: Buharis Sexism Speech! Germany Bans Nigerian Migrants From Seeking Asylum by abbey621(m): 3:16pm On Oct 18
Germany is a country that has battled gender inequality to a stand still.Merkel as the chancellor of the most economically vibrant country in europe and as a mother she felt infuriated by PMB's comments about his wife that caused asylum seekers respite in her country.Worse still PMB went seeking for financial favours only for him to run his mouth like tap.I guess it was simply a ripple effect.

You're just typing jargons. This has nothing to do with Buhari's speech, in fact Buhari's speech should have helped those seeking asylum as it would give them a reason for sympathy. Imagine a female asylum seeker saying she fled Nigeria because of gender inequality, the Chancellor would be thrilled!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 2:54pm On Oct 18
I hope you won't disappear on November 9 after she's president elect. This Trampy bigot would lose in a landslide worse that Herbert Hoover did to Roosevelt in the Great depression of 1932.

Lol....why would I disappear? If she wins it would be just as expected but a landslide? What ya smoking?
Education / Re: Nigerian Dropout Alexander Amosu Bags Honorary PhD In Enterpreurship(photos) by abbey621(m): 2:24pm On Oct 18

Oga u really refuse to understand what he meant?

Guy when u have a scheme u believe in you will use any current situation as nothing but a 'means to an end'

He took a gamble on TIME & it paid off, maybe if he had waited to grad he'd not be where he is today.

I understand him but the gamble was a risk many should not take! Especially in Nigeria where most university degrees cost you 5 to 6 years, why would you wait final year? I hope you understand the physical and emotional requirements of passing through the university?
Education / Re: Nigerian Dropout Alexander Amosu Bags Honorary PhD In Enterpreurship(photos) by abbey621(m): 2:16pm On Oct 18
I hope this guy understands what honorary means grin grin grin Seriously he took a gamble and it worked out for him but for most people such risks are idiotic! If you are going to drop out, do it early why wait till final year?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 2:12pm On Oct 18
Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about. If Romney can't get 270 electoral votes in battle ground States, tell me how a Racist piece of garbage will in a diverse country like America.

Learn to read, I'm not debating Trump's path to 270 is nearly impossible, I'm just letting you know that it will be equally as difficult for Hilary and if both candidates can't reach 270, the process then starts to favor Trump.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 2:04pm On Oct 18
The Clinton's are not 'great'
Bill Clinton was a cool President, that's all.
He had two sex scandals as president.
He was impeached for obstruction of justice and perjury.
He also lied under oath.
Hilary's no better, check out Wikileaks for a glimpse of all the dirty deals she's been doing. Most of my American friends are reluctant to vote for her but they have no choice. In this current election, Clinton is the best choice, the only reasonable candidate. The rest are raving mad. I mean batshit crazy. Especially Trump. She has high political knowledge and has been in the political scene for a long time. Obama has endorsed her, and her admin is basically just a continuation of his. And that's way better than Trump starting a nuclear war because someone hurt his feelings.

Look carefully at the bolded part of your comment, this is why most people are voting for Trump! Americans want change, whether good or bad, people are tired of Washington!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 2:01pm On Oct 18
Don't worry, the racist poo will never get close to the White House. There is no way he will get 270 electoral votes to win. Thank God all the noise makers here on nairaland will have no say on November 8.

And what makes you think Hilary would get to 270? Forget the crap you read in the media, this election will be closer than most people think!

If no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President from the 3 Presidential candidates who received the most Electoral votes.

Guess who controls the House of Reps? Republicans!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 1:58pm On Oct 18

Hilary Clinton , even if those allegations are true, defended her marriage, her household and her family as any smart woman should.
I have no doubts that she was ashamed of her husband's infidelity, forgave him ( the Christian thing to do ?), and moved on to strengthen her family.
It was her choice to make, and it took courage and perseverance, thoughtfulness and a forgiving heart , ..qualities that most people wish they had.

You that openly support an unrepentant adulterer and boastful sexual predator definitely fall very very short of Hilary Clinton's moral loftiness.

Buddy you can't eat your cake and have it, remove the African mentality and think strictly in terms of someone living in a developed society. You hear the words rape, adultery and you still commend her for defending her husband? You hear the words threatened victims and you still applaud? Come on! Isn't it hypocritical that you expect Christians to stand by a woman that defended an adulterer yet you don't expect them to stand by an adulterer? Bill Clinton by all evidence is a rapist, a chronic fornicator and an adulterer yet he is known as one of the best president the U.S has ever had, so your premise that Trump would make a bad president because he is immoral baffles me!


Health / Re: Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water [ MUST READ] by abbey621(m): 1:26pm On Oct 18
This is hogwash! I could understand the dangers if Nigeria was a cold climate area, I could even understand if most Nigerians don't walk more than their counterparts in advanced countries and I can also understand if the person has some kind of disease to begin with but absence of these three factors I see no reason how drinking cold water can cause pneumonia, less nutrient intake e.t.c
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 1:12pm On Oct 18

Pls don't insult us with your schizophrenic morality.

My morals are 1000 times better than Donald Trump's.

For anyone who supports a racist, misogynist adulterer as President, I would have to wonder where you get your own morals from.

Just admit it, and I will respect you a little for it.
You like Donald Trump because you are attracted to the HATE that he excuses.
He tends to validate the tendencies of your inner Psyche.

Mr. Holier than thou, which is worse supporting such a person or supporting their enabler? Hilary condoned her husband's sick history of rape, adultery and even threatened the victims. So leave your morals for the less informed!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump And The Hypocrisy And Shallowness Of Evangelical Christianity. by abbey621(m): 1:09pm On Oct 18
Why do most Christians choose Trump? It's simple really, the other party chose someone that would continue Obama's anti-Christian policies!


1. The next president will nominate a new Supreme court justice, if Hilary is elected a Liberal judge would be nominated hereby sealing the fate of Christians as there would be no way to repeal the Gay marriage act and the policies making it easier to do abortions.

2. Education: Common core is a disaster that has resulted in the U.S having one of the worst educational systems for K-12 students. With Trump, each State would be able to decide what is the best curriculum, this would eventually mean that primary and secondary school students can choose to go to a tougher district in other to get the best education.

3.ISIS: The Christian community believes Hilary can never defeat ISIS, she has jeopardized the lives of military men and civilians with her nonchalant attitude towards the Middle East during her time as Secretary of State. A vote for Hilary equally means that Obama's policies such as giving Iran Billions of Dollars would continue and that money would eventually get into the hands of ISIS.

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Celebrities / Re: Fan Begged Ycee For Iphone 7 And Got This Reply From Him by abbey621(m): 12:07pm On Oct 18
This is why it is hard to help many people in 9ja. Imagine giving someone 500k to make the person's life better and instead of spending it wisely, the person bought Iphone or Samsung, isn't this madness?


Sports / Re: Playing For Nigeria Cost Mikel Chelsea Place – Dimeji by abbey621(m): 1:46am On Oct 18

when chelsea were going down last season, where was matic when Mikel was getting starting places Mikel didn't participate in the preseason and he is paying d price.

Obviously you know nothing about football, you are speaking of last season when we are talking about current form....rubbish!
Politics / Re: You Eat Lagos’ Salt, Yet Speak Ill Of Lagos - Lasisi Olagunju by abbey621(m): 9:09pm On Oct 17

You contradicted yourself by saying Lagos developed a model for itself and in another breathe saying it's not a function of Yoruba magic. Yoruba administrators are responsible for that 'magic model' you speak of. Lagos ceased from being a capital over two decades ago, and since then its administration has been firmly in the hands of Yorubas. Its prestige and acclaim since then rests on the shoulders of its Yoruba administrators who have done everything to breathe life into its abandoned infrastructure, urban renewal and phenomenal IGR increase.

Without Tinubu and his successors' ingenuous and commendable creativity in fashioning out a developmental roadplan and creating sustainable models of development for the state, Lagos gdp and igr would be a shadow of what it is today. The potential may have always been there but it took these men's uncommon vision and innovation to harness that. There's nothing stopping the likes of Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers and indeed every other state/region from doing the same today with the right crop of leadership. We all saw what Akpabio was able to achieve in his state. Give the Yoruba administrators of Lagos their due credit and quit being a hypocrite.

Couldn't have said it better! People underestimate the influence and sheer brilliance of Tinubu. It takes a visionary leader to tap into the potential of an asset like Lagos bringing it to greater heights. Lagos does not need extra attention rather it must become more self sufficient and break the chains of the Federal government.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Misled Yorubas Into Political Slavery – Sen Okurounmu by abbey621(m): 5:40pm On Oct 17
Buhari’s administration worse than Jonathan’s govt

Buhari who is carrying the change mantra all about, his administration is worse than Jonathan’s. The whole country now has degraded very much, our leaders have degraded our humanity to animal kingdom. Buhari has no clue on how to revive the economy and yet we are carrying ‘change’ all about. I am happy with my conscience that I spoke out my mind during the election of 2015, I warned Nigerians not to vote for Buhari. I took out advertisements in newspapers on why we should not vote for Buhari. Even though Jonathan didn’t fight corruption, I asked us to vote for Jonathan so that we can restructure this country but people were crying ‘change’ in an ignorant manner.

I was really intrigued reading this man's viewpoint till the bolded sentence above, how can anyone in good conscience ask Nigerians to vote for Jonathan? Let's admit Buhari is a mistake and won't get anything done till 2019, what gives us the assurance that by the time Jonathan was done with Nigeria we wouldn't be in a worse state? After all Nwelea said the country was going broke and we all saw how they shared Billions during elections. How can anyone ever believe GEJ is better than Buhari? Let's not deceive ourselves, men like this one are the real problem in Nigeria! In advanced countries his statement would have been laughed at and called INSANE, can you imagine! Let us vote for Jonathan, even though he allowed CORRUPTION, he is still better than anyone else grin grin grin

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Investment / Re: Nairaland Must Ban MMM - It Is A Ponzi Scheme by abbey621(m): 5:06pm On Oct 17
Bad people get away with crimes when good people refuse to speak up! In a country like Nigeria it is easy to exploit people due to the hardship and poverty. It is the same philosophy that yahoo boys use on their victims; when you are desperate you are willing to believe anything. MMM cannot show you how they make their money, they cannot reveal their methods or their leaders yet people invest thinking if they pay once they will pay forever. This was exactly how I reasoned back in 2005, they paid me once and I decided to go all in on the second batch, big MISTAKE! The clowns disappeared overnight and that was the end of it, back then they operated under a different name and used forex as a cover up. BEWARE ONLY INVEST MONEY THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE!

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