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Romance / Re: 7 Facts About Men,ladies Beware by abbey621(m): 5:11am On Jun 24
You want to know the reason you can't seem to find the right men, it's simple: In the old days,women did as they were told and were contented with letting the man lead but nowadays women want equality, preferential treatment and authority all in one combo, women nowadays would leave a gentle man because he's too soft,would leave a disciplinarian because he's too harsh, would cheat on a wealthy man because he spends most of his energy making money and would cheat on a broke man because he can't afford her luxuries. Since the beginning of time,women have always played the victim and have been nothing but a weakness for us men yet men still love,they still spend their hard earned money to attract the right female with the hope of starting a family,when men err or becomes tempted to cheat or leave? Is it because of another man or is it caused by a female? Men cheat,women cheat,everyone cheats. It's life, GET OVER IT!
Celebrities / Re: Why Olamide Might Remain A Local Artiste For Long !! by abbey621(m): 9:04pm On Jun 23
Sorry to say, You so media driven and people like you is the reason the black race would never evolve.

In your myopic view, you trash down my opinion down to ethnicity bias when the Yoruba language is my favourite indigenous language in Nigeria. That's so wrong!

You lack basic knowledge of the positivity I was trying to put out also lack basic sense of self and depends on the Tv to programme your path to life, Actually....that's why its called Tv programme so Enjoy.

It's a shame, I actually thought you were one of those highly educated critics we have in Nigeria until you replied with the hogwash you wrote above. The Black race is not evolving because it is being pulled down by the Black race! You claim to love the Yoruba language yet your main point of critique against Olamide is the fact that most of his songs are not understandable by those outside of Nigeria or those who don't understand Yoruba. I believe you or another one of your entourage stated he should sing in pidgin, so tell me how I should interpret your bias? Now to your final point, I believe my self worth and confidence is at an all time high, how would you know my path in life? Don't tell me you're like majority of Nairalanders always generalizing without context?


Celebrities / Re: Why Olamide Might Remain A Local Artiste For Long !! by abbey621(m): 5:51pm On Jun 23
Well, As much as I hate the Nigeria music industry and the artistes. Olamide tends to be worst in limelight because he gained popularity off indigenous language and models of Nigeria interactions such as slangs, salutations, Nigeria street appeal, Apparel, photo Pose, Flows and flowery, Misongynistic potray of women and the likes.

So why isn't he recognized internationally.

Reason is those indigenous factors aforementioned is difficult for the international community to understand but it makes sense to Nigerian, Not just any Nigerian but the gullible and half baked educated once, the street hustlers, touts, loosed girls and club house.

As a 21st century man who relies on his brain for responsible living, Olamide is a bad influence to me and youngsters looking up to him. Wizkid and Davido are also bad influences but the difference is they use understandable pidgin/English and mostly sing about love to women , club and burning money but in English so the international community easily understands what they saying.

Warning- To you parents who dream of raising the Einstein, Tesla or Bill Gates of tomorrow then Wizkid, Davido & Olamide are all bad influence to your children.

Not only are you using false innuendos but you are also sounding incoherent! Some of the brightest figures in the world enjoy listening to rap music of Future, Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa and so on, do you mean these artiste offer more intellectually stimulating music than Olamide? Perhaps your biased mindset came from your disconnect with the Yoruba language and that's okay. You are entitled to your opinion, as long as majority of Nigerians are feeling him and he's making massive profits on his music, Olamide could care less about international recognition. He has already been on several tours of the US, Europe and so on, yet you think an award is supposed to stamp his arrival on the international scene, brother stop dulling yourself!

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Family / Re: Can Abstaining From Premarital Sex Make You Faithful To Your Future Wife? by abbey621(m): 2:30pm On Jun 17
Studies have shown that majority of those who abstained from sex before marriage are much more likely to be less sexually active than those with sexual experience before marriage. This can be a positive and at the same time a negative, so choose your poison grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: CBN New Forex Rate Policy Announced by abbey621(m): 8:18pm On Jun 15
If dollar does not cross 400 Naira by end of the month, I'll be shocked. Allowing true market value means that the government is truly ready for the world to see the Nigerian economy at its face value. This means 360 Naira to 1 Dollar and the worst is yet to come. I believe we would cross 400 Naira to 1 Dollar soon before the market corrects itself hopefully grin grin


Business / Re: How To Create Jamb Cbt Centre by abbey621(m): 7:23pm On Jun 14
you are already with the proposal now. I sent you on your post requesting investment and you ve bn communicating me via email.

I thought as much.... grin grin
Business / Re: How To Create Jamb Cbt Centre by abbey621(m): 3:13pm On Jun 14
Please send a detailed proposal to me via info@globalsynctechnology.com
Business / Re: I Just Got Published On Forbes. Ask Me Anything! by abbey621(m): 2:48pm On Jun 14
I'm very intrigued by your passion but I do have a few concerns/questions:

1: You claim to have worked with a company like Shopify? Specifically their marketing campaign? Was that this year? I consulted for them earlier this year through auditing and was wondering why I never heard of your company?

2. You claim your company made six figures U.S Dollars in it's first year and you also bagged your degree within the same time period(According to LinkedIn), how many people are employed in your company?

3. Your website looks to plain for a company that makes six figures in U.S dollars, look into upgrading it to meet the demands of global marketing teams. Seems the website was created less than 6 months ago, why did it take you so long? Especially since you've been earning good amount of income since 2014.
Politics / Re: Charles Nengite Graduates From U.S War College As Best With 6 Awards by abbey621(m): 12:21pm On Jun 14
See gum gum people, if he had done something bad or shameful they would all deny him angry angry
Romance / Re: Guys Its High Time You Stopped Making Bad Generalization About Women. by abbey621(m): 9:00pm On Jun 13
Any human(man or woman) is capable of being faithful, they are also capable of betrayal. The truth is that most human relationships are based on conditions. A man marries a woman on the condition that she provides acceptable Reproduction, bears fruits and is loyal. A woman gets married to a man on the condition that he makes her feel loved and cherished, financially capable or at least he tries and his physically capable. When conditions are not met or when expectations are too high chaos happens! There's no such thing as true love among humans, for true love is unconditional and reserved for the truly elite specimen(Titanic, Romeo & Juliet)


Romance / Re: Life Is A Teacher. Jilted By My Fiancee. by abbey621(m): 6:39pm On Jun 13
We live and learn. My own story is something similar and quite different also, fell in love with a girl I knew nothing about. Like play like play, came to Nigeria to meet her and immediately introduced her to my folks. Within 6 months, introduction done and marriage date set, brought her to the U.S and gbam wahala began! All sorts of lies were discovered thanks to my I.T background including the fact that she uses a fake age, still in a relationship with her supposed ex and her history of abortion. Even after all that, as a responsible guy, sat her down, showed her the plans I had for her. Paid 8k per semester in school fees for her, all with the hope that I can guide her to a comfortable life. Mehn was I wrong! This whacko would skip classes, run up debts on my credit cards and drank all my alcohol. To make things worse, when I confronted her, she would vex and repeat her favorite slogan 'Who send am?" To cut the long story short, she packed her load by herself and never came back. I don't know if it was my parents' prayers or if it was the countless number of good deeds I've done in the past but to God be the glory. When she left I was depressed thinking I'm done with relationship but God works mysteriously. My guy, keep doing good and good will always come your way. See it as a learning experience towards your ultimate destination!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Orlando Attack: Woman & Her Son Chat Before He Was Shot Dead At Orlando Shooting by abbey621(m): 6:19pm On Jun 13
In a country where guns are cheaper than phone bills, where people openly display gay pride and it is shoved down people's throat at the slightest chance. A country where kids are no longer allowed to be scolded by parents and the value of a father is reduced to nothing. In such a country, are we really shocked that some mentally deranged person would go kamikaze? It is ironic, the country with the most opportunity for self empowerment happens to be one of the most deadly and demoralizing place to live in. Cruel world we live in!

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Religion / Re: Igbo Woman From Enugu Converts To Islam by abbey621(m): 2:06pm On Jun 13
Now you are becoming phylosophical abi? I want to know how Christians get mobbed and decapitated times without number with several active participants and numerous onlookers without a voice of reason prevailing on d situation EVERY TIME. Now u wanna remonstrate about 'high school reasoning?'. If what makes me reason above high school level is understanding that muslims that witness such barbarism but do next to nothing about it rather than vague lip service (like u r doing here now), then I agree I am a kindagarten dunce. I wonder what will happen d day a mosque is blown up by Christians (who will clain responsibility and show their faces). A cartoonist sketches something in far away denmark, they kill christians in kano; someone posts somthn on fb, he is traced all d way from kano to pandogari in niger state and butchered plus SEVERAL other unsuspecting Christians killed and their shops burnt in a twinkle; a woman asks people performing ablution in front of her shop not to do such and she is pounded to death; a man eats during ramadan in his shop and is nearly killed and u expect me to show 'intelligence' or 'maturity' by understanding that d rest muslims aren't enjoying it? How come it is NEVER d other way round? U know d last three examples happened in three different places within a space of 10 days? Use your tongue to count your teeth my friend.

They say knowledge is power, my friend seek knowledge and stop acting based on emotions. All the issues you typed above could easily be linked to the uselessness of the Nigerian government and the lack of enforcement of its laws. In a sane society, a killer is a killer and would be dealt with by the law but in Nigeria, religion, societal influences and outright wickedness runs rampant with us all. Think for a minute, how come in the South we hardly hear of such killings by Muslims? Are we to believe that Muslims in the South don't read the Quran? Are we to believe that Muslims in the North are the true Muslims? Look at countries where terrorism persists, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq., Pakistan, Afghanistan, Niger, Nigeria and so on, what do they have in common? Muslim dominated countries? Yes but if you look closely, you would realize majority of the people in those countries are poor and illiterate. When poverty and illiteracy rules the day, the minds of the masses are easily influenced. You can blame Islam all you want, I guess that would be easier than actually looking at the root cause of Islamic Extremism!

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Politics / Re: Ultimate Warriors of Niger Delta Emerges, Demands 60% Oil Bloc by abbey621(m): 11:26pm On Jun 08
Hahahahaha grin grin grin grin Hahahahaha, ultimate warriors indeed. You gotta love 9ja, the only truly mad set of people are in the North, they can blow themselves up just to strike fear in people's heart while the Yorubas would never blow anything up but negotiate with anything negotiable, Yorubas no get enemy and finally the comedians(Niger-Deltans)/Biafrans, these ones are chest beaters, gallant warriors of the swamp but they'll never blow themselves up, over calculation too dey worry them. Their own na to collect from Jona, collect from Buhari and keep collecting no matter who or what rules the country. Sharp guys, excellent business model grin grin grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: "Because We Love You Funke Akindele, Don't Be A JJC" by abbey621(m): 1:33pm On Jun 08
See as the post is filled with religious inclinations, one might think it came directly from the Pope, I particularly liked the point 'A leopard does not change it's skin'. So using that method of valuation, we can say since most people are sinful, they should be condemned to hell because they can never change! Funke is no longer a young girl, neither is her man. They do not need advise from someone watching from afar, clueless of the mechanics behind their relationship!

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Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: "Jide Kosoko Should Be Investigated For Ritualism & Occultism" by abbey621(m): 3:11pm On Jun 07
Some people are just daft, everyone knows that a polygamous household is always full of turbulence. while the first two wives died under unusual conditions, there is nothing unusual about the third wife's death. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and in Nigeria many people do not manage it well. From our fatty and salty diet to alcohol and self medication.Even Jide Kosoko is suffering from the same illness.

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Blasted For Writing An Ode On Muhammad Ali's Death by abbey621(m): 2:50pm On Jun 06
The problem with the Northern part of Nigeria remains its leaders. They seem either delusional or completely numb to the value of lives. Human lives should be sacred, in a sane society you cannot decapitate or murder someone and go scot free. In a sane society religion does not give you the right to exercise jungle justice, El-Rufai and the other leaders are guilty of being nonchalant and outright competent!


Politics / Re: Niger-Delta Militants Vow To Bomb Aso-rock, Details Specific targets by abbey621(m): 2:39pm On Jun 06

Please define a terrorist for me.



a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.


a person who terrorizes or frightens others.


(formerly) a member of a political group in Russia aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror.


an agent or partisan of the revolutionary tribunal during the Reign of Terror in France.

Source: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/terrorist
Politics / Re: Niger-Delta Militants Vow To Bomb Aso-rock, Details Specific targets by abbey621(m): 2:23pm On Jun 06
I support total annihilation of all terrorist group or individuals since these clowns have shown us they are no longer small militants but full blown terrorists. I'm glad they've identified their targets and I hope they have the insight to remember some of their brothers and sisters work in those buildings, just like Boko Haram, I doubt these guys care if their fellow Niger-Deltans are part of the collateral damage.

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:18pm On May 31
You see why they are to be left on their own, until when they are ''developed'', and are able to ''tolerate'' others. But some will not learn!

We can't just abandon them, we have to stop the radicalization and make Nigeria better as a whole not just develop some parts and forget the rest. This is why militant groups like Avengers thrive, poverty and neglect!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:15pm On May 31
la ikraha fiddin, no compulsion in religion, there is no 1 forcing the other to accept islam, but saying ill agaisnt the holy prophet is completely unacceptable. And mind you just bcoz i havent been in western skul does nt make 1 illiterate. And all nigerians are living in poverty.

There's no compulsion in religion but what is prevalent in the North is the intimidation and outright cruelty to people of other religion. Burning churches, houses and destroying lives is not the way to solve problems. If someone speaks ill of a prophet, does that give anyone the right to kill or injure that person? This is where illiteracy comes in, the proper education resolves 50% of the problem. We cannot create a life without the blessing of Allah, so why take such a life?

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 1:10pm On May 31
how many people are killing in the name of christ as Islamists do in the Name of whatever. world war wasnt a religious war, it was a fight for control ask google as well and several countries participated, all this sects i mentioned especially al queda has countless members and they all give thanks to thier god before blowing everyone up. even innocent people who were there by chance, why do you guys have so much penchant for killing? there are several means of conflict resolution but your kind always choose violence and killing why?

Now you're just blabbering! The fact that people killed and died in the name of Christianity is enough proof that violence is not synonymous with just one religion. Now if Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram were killing only Christians I would say you have a point but seeing that they've killed numerous Muslims along with Christians, I see no reason to entertain your ridiculous theories! Now the bold part of your comment confuses me? I never referred to World War, so what are you talking about? Please read up on the Holy Crusades, Adolf Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust then come back and show me what you learned!
Politics / Re: Abdulahi Olatoyan Meets Ben Murray-Bruce (photos) by abbey621(m): 12:53pm On May 31

until you learn to have sense and be reasonable with your life, nobody will ever meet you.

opportunities always smile at those who distinguish themselves from the crowd.

This dapper windscreen washer has emerged from the crowd hence the spotlight.

Stop being counted among the millions of unemployed graduates. stand up and stand out!

Where do Nairaland recruit animals like you from? You just believe you can talk to anyone on social media anyhow just because you are fortunate enough to have a phone and enough MB left to browse, are you mad? Who the hell is Ben Murray Bruce when I can meet Johnny Isakson and David Perdue easily? Better stay in your lane!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:36pm On May 31

Sorry I said Muslims, I ought to specify northern Muslims because we don't have issues with the southern Muslims but those mofos up north no be am .

Now you're talking! I also agree that most Northern Muslims have been radicalized, the only way for them to become enlightened is for the government to develop the area and educate them. The youths are enslaved to the clerics and elders and there's no end to the daily radicalization because government is non existent!

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:33pm On May 31
you that have sense how many times have you seen a Christian terrorist organization? boko haram majority Muslims, al queda majority muslims, shitte majority muslim, isis majority Muslims, Fulani massacre una join, idiot tell your archaic religion to practice peace for a change

Just because you are privileged to be in the era of modernization doesn't mean you should be ignorant of the world's violent history! Some of the biggest crimes against people of other religion were committed by Christians, a simple search on Google would enlighten you but that's not even the point! A religion of over 1 Billion people is bound to have radicals and people willing to exploit the faith. All the organizations you mentioned above have less than 100 million members, so I guess the remaining 900 million are just pretending to be peaceful grin grin grin ****

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:25pm On May 31

And you Muslims see anything wrong when you attack the Christian religion abi? You people insulted Christ times without numbers and all that we revere. Am not holding brief for the alleged blasphemer but Muslims use that to settle scores. We have forgotten the murdered Gombe teacher whose female students accused her of touching the Qur'an because she prevented them from cheating in the exam.

egbe eeegbe piakpu kwa gi isi
shatap according to Zebrudaya

Would you stop with your hasty generalization please! If Nigeria truly enforced its laws and human lives are valued, things like this won't happen regardless of religion! There are good and bad Muslims out there just like we have good and bad Christians, no need to make it seem like one is worse than the other. If religion was truly to blame, wouldn't Southern Muslims be just as radical? This alone shows you that the problem in the North is far beyond religion!
Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:19pm On May 31
sharrraaap id.iot , no any real muslim ever even called the name "isa" Jesus christ without adding (MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM) we love respect Jesus, but the problem with you is your followin him wrongly . Hes not a son of god but a slave and messenger god, jst as other messengers. And whats shocking is the ppl that liked your comment it seèm they all knw nothing.

You are also in the wrong, let people practice their religion the way they seem fit! We Muslims must recognize the true problem in the North is poverty and illiteracy, this is why they interpret many things wrongly! Human life is sacred, it should not be cut short because some fools believe they are fighting for dignity of their religion!

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:12pm On May 31
Ignorance, poverty and outright cruelty is prevalent among Northern Muslims. Those responsible should be apprehended and hanged! Now to those who think social media is a tool to spill rubbish, think twice! If you must write defamatory comments make sure you do so anonymously!

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Politics / Re: Niger State: Blasphemy About Prophet Muhammed Sparks Violence by abbey621(m): 12:09pm On May 31
Muslims its like terrorism is in thier blood, doctrines and nature, worst has been said of Christians but i haven't seen a group of christians take up arms to terrorize people. every little thing cause sudden homicidal rage the next thing is killing of people like cow and thier Islamic leaders will feign ignorance, like the way those useless Fulani's killed scores of people in agatu benue state and buhari did nothing about it. i went there and i was an eye witness. i just pray one day christians will team up and we will carry guns and terrorize them even if its only for 24hrs

When someone calls you and your generation fantastically corrupt, you get bothered and defensive, you try to explain that while some are corrupt, you are not! What you just wrote above is the same way Cameron generalized all Nigerians.....get sense!!!!
Politics / Re: Abdulahi Olatoyan Meets Ben Murray-Bruce (photos) by abbey621(m): 11:59am On May 31
Hypocritical humility at its best! Senator go out and meet the millions of unemployed/underemployed graduates out there, they are humans too and deserve every bit of your kind gestures!
Politics / Re: Alimi Sulaiman: Buhari Lacks Educational Qualifications to be President by abbey621(m): 6:30pm On May 30
This issue of certificate or qualification should be dead by now, it's nothing but a charade and it won't lead anywhere. Buhari will serve his full term and in 2019 he'll surely have a say in who's to become the next president. Now I could understand if we want to impeach Buhari based on failed economic policies but qualifications? Really? Una no dey tire abi!
Celebrities / Re: Medical Doctor Gives Olajumoke A Painted Portrait Of Hers (photo) by abbey621(m): 1:14pm On May 28
This is why those abroad keep viewing Nigerians and Africans in general as myopic and senseless at times! So because the guy is a medical doctor, he's automatically in an elevated status? What if it was an engineer,professor or CEO? Why can't the title just say, Olajumoke receives painting? This over-hyping surely cannot be maintained in the long run!


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