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Business / Re: Naira Firms On Black Market After Central Bank Action - BDC Traders by abbey621(m): 2:31am On Feb 23
Best things to reduce all this dollar hike. Is to ban black market. And to cancel all individual dollar account. Let bank and registered bureau de change. Sell and buy dollar at cbn rate. This is all order countries in the world are doing. Only nigeria we base on black market rate rubbish

The big countries have a free economy, they are not currency manipulators except for China. If the Central Bank allows the Naira to be free and determined by the market then there would be no need for black market but we all know this will never happen. The government prefers to keep trying to fool the world when we all know the true value of the Naira is about 500 Naira to 1 Dollar.

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Family / Re: Man Places ‘magun’ On Wife, Tumbles Twice After Falling Victim by abbey621(m): 7:07pm On Feb 20

It will work against the person if he doesn't have the antidote

FALSE, stop saying what you don't know!
Family / Re: Man Places ‘magun’ On Wife, Tumbles Twice After Falling Victim by abbey621(m): 6:30pm On Feb 20
Pure lies! Magun does not work against the person who prepared it, true Yoruba indigenes would know this, fake news!
Investment / Re: How I Made $6086.85 Online In December 2016 And Lost All In January 2017 by abbey621(m): 9:06pm On Feb 19
I put it to you sir that you are lying! You never made $6,000, from your won comment we can see that you are the type that invests between 10,000 to 50,000 Naira so how did it multiply all the way to over 2 million Naira? From September to now is 5 months even if you multiply 50,000 Naira by 100% times 5 you still won't have that much. You showed us your blockchain wallet showing 89 cents but what about the one when you had over $6000? Your story is sweet but you exaggerated big time!


Family / Re: After 25 Years, Woman Dumped 70-year-old Hubby For First Love by abbey621(m): 4:47pm On Feb 19
Igbos are wonderful people but this is one aspect of their culture that scares me! A man and/or woman work their entire life to gather wealth and properties yet when they die their efforts goes to only a male child or the man's family because females are second class citizens and are not worthy of possessions....bullsh*t angry angry lesson for every man out there, as soon as you start acquiring wealth get yourself a will backed by the legal system, protect your children from disguised evil known as tradition!

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Romance / Re: Reasons Why Girls Between 20 - 25 Should Not Date Guys Their Age by abbey621(m): 4:41pm On Feb 19
This is the exact backward mentality that has plagued Nigeria for years. We are just a confused set of people! We don't like the Northerners marrying child brides yet we don't want the females to date their age mate. We frown at aristos yet see young adult men in their 20's as not serious and financially unstable. The OP shows a lot of ignorance by believing age has anything to do with maturity, by the age of 20 I was making over 500k per month, by the age of 25 I was making over 1m, so the financial aspect of your claim is a fallacy. Then point number 4 is just plain ridiculous, I know plenty of men over 40 that smoke weed and can dry up an entire brewery. Perhaps the OP is speaking for himself and does not really know anything beyond his little world


Celebrities / Re: Actor Odunlade Adekola Drunk On Fame And Losing His Credibility? by abbey621(m): 5:35am On Feb 18
The person that wrote this is speaking jargon. This guy is one of the hardest working actor in the industry and his humility is beyond this world. If he broke the terms of any contract then sue him instead of writing rubbish! All it takes is a look at his Instagram account and testimonials from those close to him to really know he is not going to trend down anytime soon. The guy is the king of Yoruba films right now taking over from Muyiwa Authentic and for the next 5 years he is perfectly poised to rule, if you have a personal beef with him just say so instead of circulating fake news....RUBBISH!


Family / Re: Is There A Probability Of Cheating? by abbey621(m): 5:27am On Feb 18
It's a shame how lost the human race is and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet. If you enjoy anal sex then most likely you wouldn't mind banging a guy, same concept just different words. As if that was not bad enough, you went out to buy extension toys for love making, come on man! Sorry to say you married a freak and no amount of improvising can save your woman from realizing that you ain't really about that life! You can play the game now but naturally libido will have its day and then she'll remember her ex with the big bazooka and before you know it, it's over. I've heard of eating your woman, trying crazy sex positions even watching Indecency together but buying penile extension in order to have anal sex just so you can measure up to your wife's ex is PATHETIC!


Celebrities / Re: Michael Awujoola Buys A House For Deola Smart In Spirit Of Valentine by abbey621(m): 9:26pm On Feb 14
Nigerians....gullible since 1960 grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Father’s Attempt To Kill His 2 Daughters Fails (photos) by abbey621(m): 11:56pm On Feb 12
FAKE STORY! I almost believed till I saw the part about the police grin grin grin

But that very moment, a police patrol team was in the area. Upon his undue haste and furtive glances, they became suspicious and pulled him aside for routine questioning.
Politics / Re: "I Won’t Return Until Doctors Are Satisfied" — Buhari by abbey621(m): 5:41pm On Feb 11
This is a fake letter, no presidential letter would have such spacing and formatting errors. Let this people speak the truth, let PMB make a public broadcast and address Nigerians....it's not rocket science!
Crime / Re: Lady Raped By A Guy With Small Manhood Says It Wasn't Worth Pressing Charges by abbey621(m): 10:42pm On Feb 09
You went on several dates leading the guy on, you finally landed in his place and you let him finger you but you claim you don't want sex....Madam, are you sick? Rape kor, Rope nii angry angry angry

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Crime / Re: USA - 3 Nigerians Convicted In 419 Scams. Possible Life Sentences (pics) by abbey621(m): 10:26pm On Feb 09
Let them enjoy US jail, it is far better than the lives of ordinary citizens in 9ja. Free electricity, nice bed, quality healthcare, regular food and water grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: 2face: I Watched With Tears In My Eyes As Nigerians Came Out Protesting by abbey621(m): 1:11am On Feb 08
you are one of the people that don't want Nigeria to get better . you only cant see the impact of mko's death but those that are seeing it are seeing it. is tuface the only person that has money and children and for that reason can't sacrifice for his dear country? wasn't fela,gani rich? isn't sole Soyinka rich and don't these people have children? you're one of those cowards that would rather fold your arms and watch politicians loot you dry. you have that typical Nigerian mentality. you are so scared of death that you can't fight for your right. many Nigerians are like that though and that's why nigeria is still backward unlike Arabians and their nation

Stop deflecting and answer my damn question? Are you willing to strap yourself and your family to Aso Rock and die for Nigeria? If not, you are the biggest hypocrite of all! It's easy to talk anonymously online but I dare you to show yourself and march to Aso Rock, I double dare you.....silly kid!

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Celebrities / Re: 2face: I Watched With Tears In My Eyes As Nigerians Came Out Protesting by abbey621(m): 12:53am On Feb 08
why weren't Fela,Gani Fawehinmi,etc threatened? why wasn't Wole Soyinka threatened? these people did worse than protest during military,during Abacha regime for that matter meanwhile these people have everything more than 2face and yet,they never claimed to be threatened. a coward is a coward,period . shouldn't you ask yourself why cowards always have one excuse or the other?

All the people you mentioned were activists with the exception of Fela. The question you should be asking yourself is this, " If I were worth millions and had a family with children, would I continue to lead the protest when I was just threatened by a group responsible for the incarceration of so many?" Unless you have a death warrant, I know the answer is no. You mentioned people who fought but also forgot that so many have died for Nigeria, including MKO. Did Nigeria get better? NO! Leave Tuface alone, if you are so gallant march to Aso Rock and SACRIFICE yourself!

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Celebrities / Re: 2face: I Watched With Tears In My Eyes As Nigerians Came Out Protesting by abbey621(m): 12:18am On Feb 08
90% of those calling him a coward would never risk their life for Nigeria. Most of them don't own a toy house not to talk of luxury houses and investments, the guy was picked up by DSS, threatened with God knows what and yet people still want him to do the unthinkable? People keep forgetting he is human and also a father, if they imprisoned him for treason or killed him, most of the mofos on here would continue with their lives...F*ck y'all!


Celebrities / Re: Tuface Cancels Feb 6 March by abbey621(m): 12:50am On Feb 05
Those of you that wants to die can go out there and protest but leave Tuface out of it, he was already receiving insults from ordinary Nigerians, I can only imagine the level of threats by DSS and other government operatives. Abeg una wan get money or una wan die? Seriously people, the only way you can protest is to support an outsider, someone with zero political experience but with enough money to survive a Nigerian election. This is the only peaceful way Nigeria will ever get better, the only other way is a bloody revolution and I'm afraid majority of the country does not want to DIE!


Politics / Re: Fayose Eats At NYSC Camp, Ise Ekiti (Pics) by abbey621(m): 8:31pm On Feb 04

You are right.

We need to unite in the South

How can the South unite when one part wants Biafra and is ready to die for it while the other part is not ready to die so they make deals with the devil? I call this mission impossible!


Celebrities / Re: Korede Bello Buys 2017 Chevrolet Corvette For N33m (Photos) by abbey621(m): 8:29pm On Feb 04

Why D'banj?
What makes yu think D'banj is broke?

Dbanj is broke compared to his wealthy counterparts but compared to the average person Dbanj is Dangote! With the level of success Dbanj had he should be at the level of Psquare by now but we all know he is far from that at the moment due to reckless decisions.
Celebrities / Re: Korede Bello Buys 2017 Chevrolet Corvette For N33m (Photos) by abbey621(m): 7:35pm On Feb 04
Money wey pikin first see na akara e go use am buy....carry on nothing do you, just don't end up like Uncle D-banj!


Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 7:08pm On Feb 04

Loool I envy your skin tone by the way

Literally goals grin like that of Nikki Perkins kiss

Doesn't change the fact that I don't like people who skipped primary school though grin

cheesy cheesy cheesy angry angry cheesy cheesy
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 6:30pm On Feb 04

Eh nicht

You googled that up johr loool gleich zu Ihnen ko typical Google translator grin

Of course I did, my ancestors are not Germans o grin grin grin
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 6:15pm On Feb 04


Behindertes Stück Scheiße wink grin

gleich zu Ihnen grin
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 5:46pm On Feb 04

Oh which language is that?

Just your classic philosophical language. It basically mocks your conclusion that I need to go back to primary school grin grin grin
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 5:37pm On Feb 04

Dude you need to go back to primary school as fast as possible!

ignoratio elenchi grin grin
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 5:28pm On Feb 04

Cos of the poor countries

Only in poor countries when the woman doesn't have a full time job sometimes even the man undecided

You will always love 1 way more than the other and that's who you are more emotionally attached too. Is it by force they love you looool. If you only bring home money and don't even build a relationship to them then hell naaaaah

Financially = respect
Emotionally = love

Repeating myself over and over again because obviously you didn't do comprehension in school

Ok so you are no longer arguing against my position that more men provide for their family financially than women globally. Good, that is all I wanted. The rest of your argument is none of my concern....shalom!
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 11:38pm On Feb 03

Yh I can see where you are coming from


Of course! Very clever searching 'globally' because those poor countries will push the numbers up uhn undecided Just like you want them.

Only 50 per cent of women of working age are in the labour force, compared to 77 per cent of men. The gender gap in labour force participation remains especially large in Northern Africa, Western Asia and Southern Asia.

However, women and men aged 15 to 24 years have experienced a decline in participation, which is likely linked to expanding educational opportunities at the secondary and tertiary levels.

Of course those countries will push the number of men working more up because most of their females are UNEDUCATED Mr. That's why I said' poor countries uhn' in my last post undecided

Besides like you said, 'I never said women aren't working too'

The statistics I was expecting was 'Being a bank and sperm donor leads to kids being more emotionally attached to their dads'

If your excuse is that the dads work MORE then your excuse is absolutely ridiculous since women work too (except your wife is UNEDUCATED and doesn't have a full time job like you were trying to prove with your 'statistics' ), doesn't change the fact that you wouldn't be a father to your kids but a bank and sperm donor!


Ok glad we got that out of the way, so we are in agreement that globally more men provide for their family? The statistics I was expecting was 'Being a bank and sperm donor leads to kids being more emotionally attached to their dads'? I'm sorry but that was never my argument, I'll repeat it again just in case you chose to ignore it. Women and men have roles, traditionally the woman is more at home with the kids while the man is the provider. Both are equally important and any kid that thinks one is more vital than the other is still naive. This is my argument and it was in response to someone that claimed he loves his mom more because she went through childbirth and took care of him after. Any other arguments you might wish to make is none of my business, call it whatever you may but kids sooner or later realize the value of both parents either financially or emotionally they all miss their mom or dad when they are gone either as a kid or as an adult....peace!
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 10:31pm On Feb 03
[quote author=lovelygurl post=53395522]

I want YOU to bring up YOUR statistics first b4 I go researching the OBVIOUS for you. Who got the time for that. Already told you to bring up yours first and I'must not going to repeat myself like jeez do you have problems with comprehending sentences

Besides nope it does not mean you are a bad father. It means you are NOT a father but a sperm donor

And a bank of course wink cheesy

Oh and the countries you are naming. We see how well they are doing financially, don't we?[/quote]

I can see you have nothing to offer just trying to make conversation for conversation sake, sorry I've got better things to do but Google is your friend but I'm kind so I've also included a link below....happy education!


P.S: In case you can't read or comprehend, I've also taken out an excerpt:

Across all global regions, women's deficit in the good jobs market remains largest in South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where their P2P rates lag behind men's by more than 20 percentage points. But is important to note that women in these two regions are also the least likely in the world to be in the workforce. Roughly three in four women in each region are out of the workforce, many choosing not to participate for cultural or political reasons.
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 10:13pm On Feb 03

Oh please tell that to an European man he'll laugh right back at your face because it's = to rubbish

No such thing as global picture because they way you see things doesn't mean everybody does

Also with your mentality you have already failed as a FATHER all you are to them is a bank nothing else. How pathetic undecided

I'm sorry I've always been the science field so I believe more in facts and statistics than opinions. It is the opinion of U.S and Europeans citizens that women and men contribute equally financially but considering most of the populated countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Japan have a male dominated workforce, I think your argument is null and void! My mentality has served me well because while growing up I saw first hand grown men and women crying because they never had a father to offer financial, physical or moral support so I beg to differ that a man that does his best to provide for his family doesn't deserve to be loved as much as the woman who is always home with the kids. This is my opinion and you have yours but to think my mentality makes me a bad father shows you know nothing about parenting!
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 9:56pm On Feb 03

Aren't you the 1 that has been jumping up and down trying to prove your point? Where are YOUR statistics? That's why I asked which century do you live in! Are you telling me that wives do not work too? Your excuse is absolutely ridiculous! More and more dads are getting emotionally attached to their kids which we see EVERYDAY. It's getting to be the norm. You wouldn't be surprised if you see kids prefer their dads to their mums and noooope not because they go to work and bring money home (because their mothers do too). The best thing you can get if you are or want to be that kind of father is RESPECT NOT LOVE! Love for what? You are just their sperm donor and money bringer loooool

I'm not going to argue with you, if you say more and more dads are emotionally invested as women towards their kids, it still does not mean majority of dads are not less emotional when compared to mothers, unless you have statistics to back it up, the norm still remains the norm. At least admit to that and stop this bickering! I never said wives do not work, I just said when compared overall to their husbands. You do understand I'm talking about the global picture not just a few examples right? Unless something has changed in world dynamics, male are still predominantly the financial provider in the family, women can and should assist but it will never be compulsory regardless of how westernized the world becomes!
Family / Re: Why Do Most People Love Their Mother More Than Father? by abbey621(m): 7:54pm On Feb 03

Which century do you even live in? You are just repeating yourself over and over again and yes there are a loooot of dads who are more emotionally present than their wives

Show me the statistics or show me your source, if you are just going by your opinion then there's no need to even argue with you!

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