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Politics / Re: You Can Ban The Press If They Will Embarrass A Public Officer - Buhari by abbey621(m): 5:10pm
Another propaganda aimed at blinding Nigerians. I implore you all to watch the youtube video in its entirety. What you'll discover is that the general was basically attacked throughout the interview in an attempt to discredit him, first they said he can't speak English, next they said he has no certificate and now he's an enemy of the press, when will the propaganda stop? We all know about military rule, every military head state restricted the press at one point or the other but propagandist only see what they want to see. It would be cynical to believe that a Buhari in his 70s would exhibit the same autonomous control he had back in the military era. We are at the age of social media, huge international awareness, gone are the days of restricting the press. My advice to GEJ paid propagandist, talk about the serious issues facing the country, talk about GEJ's plans for us for the next four years and how it will be more effective than the years he's spent already. Time is running out, the wind of change is now full blown!

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Politics / Re: Threats: Ohanaeze, MASSOB, OPC Back Nigerdelta Militants by abbey621(m): 2:28pm
What a joke! OPC is a group that's basically extinct, the Yoruba people will never support GEJ during this election, we are a lot wiser than 2011. Another shocker, the Igbos that I know will never fight a war alongside the Ijaws, there's zero chance of that happening, the bitterness between both groups dates back to the time before Jonathan had no shoes. So who is deceiving whom? MEND will not fight a war outside of the Niger-Delta, the cowards won't dare go up North, OPC does not have the tools or the support to go outside of the Southwest, seems to me the only group capable of spreading terror is the world famous Boko Haram. I would advice Nigerians to keep focus on the common enemy which is Boko Haram and use this election to vote for a capable leader, a leader that won't negotiate with terrorists/militants.
Politics / Re: Buhari Danced In Ibadan! (video) by abbey621(m): 12:24pm On Jan 31
Buhari's only ideas on the economy is on the extractive industry

Save money from corruption and re-invest in mining?

In an age where countries are encouraging local manufacturing in order to employ more people and diversify the economy?

And the he goes on to refer to PHCN as NEPA. The man is still stuck in the 80s!

Why can't you try to reason instead of taking everything at its face value. The man mentioned NEPA because it is a name everyone is used to. One of the major attributes of a great leader is the ability to reach the simplest of minds, why call it PHCN when the crowd understands NEPA. Furthermore, the general only stated one of his plans, he did not say he'll use the whole economic budget to invest in mining, just the savings recovered from corrupt officials. I think this is very commendable because we all know the Nigerian mining industry is in a state of extinction. Also, this election is not only about the general, no my friend it is about the possibility of change. We are faced with two options, continue with the same PDP governance which has led to the systematic collapse of the Nigerian economy and the outright disregard for the safety of the citizens or give change a chance and vote for the opposition. I am a big supporter of change, I refused to be deceived by useless rhetoric, religious/tribal sentiments and propaganda. I am not voting for Buhari alone, I am voting for his advisers, I'm voting for change, I'm voting for a rebellion; for a new opposition led government that will be eager to prove its worth to the people during its first term. Lastly, what do we call someone that does the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome? Insane! We keep voting for PDP expecting progress yet we are constantly disappointed, in 2011 we fell for the 'I had no shoes' trick, this is 2015, are we still so gullible?

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Celebrities / Re: Prince James Uche In Need Of Assistance by abbey621(m): 2:31pm On Jan 30
As a researcher I can tell you for sure these Hollywood actors/actresses are eating themselves to death. Once they show up on screen and see little money the first thing they do is want to consume all the meat and sweets of food. They get their body system clogged and grow outrageously fat, all of them. You see someone in a movie and one year after if you see the same person you wouldn't recognize them.

To stop these deaths, Nollywood should learn something about dieting.

1. Eat mainly vegetables (avoid meat even though you have money to buy all the meat in the market).
2. Avoid oil and fatty foods.
3. Avoid sugar. Drink your teas without sugar. (if you must use sugar don't use more than a cube a day).
4. Eat fish instead of meat.
5. Don't drink cold water.
6. Drink lots of water.
7. Don't eat more than once (at most twice daily).
8. Don't sleep with the air condition on. Or, reduce settings to minimum.

A doctor at Lagos university teaching hospital- LUTH, gave me this instructions and I follow them religiously.

You may ask why I'm writing this long epistle, but it saddens my heart whenever I hear of this death spree in Hollywood. If every other profession have that rate of death the population of Nigeria would be reduced to 1 million in a blink of an eye.

I was once like you when I first made money, I was at the point of death
because of goodies and all I ate. It's called gluttony and it's the worst killer in
America. Americans live so good that they die of food, obesity, which cause
heart attack, and then stroke because the body system have been blocked by
food intake.

Few people I notice eat well are below.

Ramsey Noah watches his weight.
Vyonne Nelson watches her weight.
I think Ms. Nnaji do as well.
These people will never have diet related health issues which is killing their colleagues.


Are you cursed or are you just ignorant? You do know that kidney or heart disease could be caused by other factors besides poor diet. Furthermore look at the bolded, did you do any research at all, freakin retardz!
Politics / Re: The Broom Or The Vacuum Cleaner? by abbey621(m): 1:54pm On Jan 29
Yes PDP is a vacuum cleaner, very advanced machine but no electricity to operate it which makes it useless. Nigeria needs a strong broom, very affordable and yet highly efficient. Vote for the broom, vote for efficiency!


Politics / Re: Mujahidat Daba Dokubo Reacts To Gen. Danjuma's Call To Arrest Asari Dokubo by abbey621(m): 1:52pm On Jan 29
It's easy to see why Nigeria is in a state of confusion and chaos. When people utter words carelessly without any iota of truth or fact but then again what do you expect from a militant, a law breaking terrorist! What's the difference between Boko Haram, MEND and other hoodlums? They all feel aggrieved and have decided to take the law into their hands. Nigerians listen up, let no person or group intimidate you. We can all see the results of PDP led governance from 2011 till now, without being in a war we can see how many lives were lost; without being in a depression we can see how many graduates are unemployed and how many families struggle for food and shelter. Let them talk about religion, tribalism and other sentiments all they want, it is just a pathetic attempt to hide the fact that they have failed. Let us all shine our eyes and wake up, the president knows the source of Boko Haram, he informed us they are part of his government yet he has been powerless to stop them. Mr. President how about you stop covering for your friends and do your job!

Politics / Re: Apc's Reply To Prof Charles Soludo by abbey621(m): 8:21pm On Jan 27
I am not a fan of either candidate neither I'm I the type to follow the crowd but looking at the events of 2011 to the present day, one cannot help but hope for any alternative. PDP has gotten too fat to fight for the masses, GEJ too nice and slow to tackle blood thirsty terrorists and his advisors are too daft to save our crumbling economy, I would like us to think big, let's use our votes to make history, let's use it to send a message to these politicians, that no position is permanent, this election represents perhaps the best opportunity for the Nigerian populace to voice their discontent. My brothers and sisters, forget propaganda, forget religious sentiments, tribalism and all the menacing rhetorics. Think about your future and the future of those that matters to you, do we settle for the same mediocrity or do we at least give change a chance? There's no messiah anywhere coming to save us, we have the power to rewrite our path starting with this election, rise up Nigerians!


Politics / Re: Why I Will Vote for GEJ by abbey621(m): 2:35pm On Jan 27
It's funny that 80% of those commenting on here either don't have a job or are working in a place where they are highly underpaid. The same 80% have witnessed epileptic electricity over the past few years among other things, yes I must say GEJ is working well. The irony of it all is that most of you deserve what you get, if you vote for a president based on religion/tribal/sentiments be prepared to accept the result. 2011 to 2015....Real progress, Up unemployment, Up insecurity, Up poverty......GEJ 4 life!
Romance / Re: Etisalat Sales Girl Has Put My Relationship in Trouble by abbey621(m): 7:44pm On Jan 26
I would suggest you find yourself another girlfriend, in a civilized country she would have been jailed for assault. Such a woman cannot be wife material. Now let's talk about you, it is obvious you have no regard for your safety. In Nigeria of all places, you invite a total stranger into your house, into your bedroom. That's a no no bro, unless you wanted some side action, I suspect your motives!
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari: Security Should Come First Not GMB's Certificate by abbey621(m): 6:24pm On Jan 26

Sorry for your ears. Please have you applied anything on it? I hear a heavy slap is a good cure.

Go and look at the electoral act as ammended. Yes the judiciary will deal with it like I said the workers just called off the strike today. You know if it was Obasanjo he would have arrested him immediately but this Administration follows due process so just be patient ok?

Another comedian, so out of touch with reality. I'll remind you after the election just how foolish you sound. Regardless of who wins, GEJ or GMB, your ignorant believe in the judicial system is pathetic!
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari: Security Should Come First Not GMB's Certificate by abbey621(m): 6:06pm On Jan 26

1 The judicial workers have been on strike for weeks now so no one can file any case in court but I hear the federal ones have called off today so expect some legal fireworks in the coming days.

2.The law was changed shortly after 2011 election to not only mention your qualifications as was the case, but to also attach photocopy of the qualifications you are claiming but Buhari in his own wisdom is refusing to obey the law so much so that he submitted an incomplete application form to INEC.

Another funny dude, please quote the exact section of the constitution that was ammended to reflect this. At least we have laws in this country, if Buhari has broken any laws, let the judicial system deal with him, all these useless rantings are hurting my ears!
Romance / Re: 9 Reasons Most Nigerian Ladies Don't Get Married by abbey621(m): 3:56pm On Jan 26
What's with all these rubbish posts about marriage. Nigerians and our emphasis on marriage, abeg give it a break! Fathers, train your daughters well and equip them with good moral values. Mothers do the same and teach them how to be strong, yet lady like. Daughters focus less on love and men, focus more on your own brand. Make something of yourself and men will flock to your feet, at the same time keep it simple, know your worth but don't be boastful, be humble and God takes care of the rest. I have yet to see a right thinking woman with good moral values and family support complain of not being able to get a man, it is only the wretched, thirsty, fake living blackberry big girls that end up with such problems.

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Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari: Security Should Come First Not GMB's Certificate by abbey621(m): 3:45pm On Jan 26
ok ,maybe u don't know I will explain . This has been explained various times here. Before 2011 ,candidates only needed to write their qualifications down in their forms that is all,but after 2011, there is a new procedure that mandates contestants to attach a copy of the academic credentials to their forms.

Show me the ammendment in the constitution, please we are all educated here, show me the section in the constitution which specifically states that. I'm very eager to learn..... wink wink
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari: Security Should Come First Not GMB's Certificate by abbey621(m): 3:36pm On Jan 26
and maybe u should ask urself under which electoral law and regulations did he contest those 3 times and under which reformed electoral law is he contesting now. Do ur research,then come back.

Can a law be reformed without passing the legislative branch. Come on dude, you are more intelligent than this, show me the law that was reformed and added to the constitution after 2011 elections, funny dude!
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Has 5,000 Churches So Don't Vote For Buhari - Sambo In Jigawa State by abbey621(m): 3:32pm On Jan 26
But please I want to ask is God almighty an author of confusion? NO! How can one shepherding God's flock go into leadership position. Am thinking was he actually CALLED? Is he actually born again? Because I know very well and understand that CHURCH LEADERSHIP is different from POLITICAL LEADERSHIP. I sincerely doubt the claim integrity osibanjo knowing that if God calls anyone it's forever unless he himself dismisses the person. And he is proposing to bring change in Nigeria. So osibanjo may or can boldly tell us if God has dismissed him from pastoral work because he can't work effectively in pastoral work and as a vice president. I see this a conflicting issue.
It's a personal observation so I need no abuses or harsh replies.


You are confused and I understand why. It's because when it comes to religion many Nigerians see it as a do or die affair. You can carry out the will of God and still actively participate in the society. Nigeria's economic, religious and ethnic issues have resulted in men of God taking the bull by the horn, gone are the days of sitting and doing nothing. Furthermore where did you get the notion that one must be called before preaching the word of God, many people go to ministerial schools or schools of religion to educate themselves, if they walk the right path and live an honest life, God blesses them the same.


Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari: Security Should Come First Not GMB's Certificate by abbey621(m): 2:58pm On Jan 26
I just don't know why people are defending buhari refusal to present his academic requirement as mandated by the law. This has got nothing to do with pdp or apga. If all other contestant can present theirs ,why should buhari be different? All this military attitude from buhari will not work on the nigerian populace. The time spent by Buhari in defending could have been spent in collecting those results from waec.this is just pure common sense .the people u want to govern are asking for it and u say u have ,so just present it and win their votes.shikena !!!

Maybe you should ask yourself a couple of simple yet concise questions before attacking Buhari?

1. If it is indeed the law to have certian educational qualifications before being eligible to contest, why is he not disqualified or taken to court?

2. This is his 3rd time contesting, was INEC asleep the previous times or is all the commotion because he has a high chance of winning this one?

In a country with great economic and security challenges, I cannot believe educational certificates are the number one priority, shame on you all!
Politics / Re: Buhari, Tinubu, Amaechi Meet USA Secretary Of States, Kerry (Photo) by abbey621(m): 6:01pm On Jan 25
Exactly what l've said. Buhari needs an interpreter to communicate with John Kerry or Kerry will tell his ordeal when he gets back to the US. If we fellow Nigerians don't understand him how much more the oyibo himself. God won't let Nig have a president who will not be understood by the international community when we claim to be English speaking.

Stop making a fool of yourself, I'm sure some of my friends here would have a hard time understanding your thick accent. Afterall you are a Nigerian and no matter how hard you hide it, you still have an African accent so shut your stinking mouth!


Politics / Re: Fashola, Tinubu Begs Igbo For Support. Pics by abbey621(m): 11:05am On Jan 25
All it takes is to look at the comments on this page and you'll see why many of the Igbos are detested especially in Yorubaland. The arrogant nature and lack of respect just baffles me, you give them a little space they try to take your entire house, seriously I think Igbos should all come together and organize enlightenment seminars, it does not pay to be too aggressive, sometimes gentility gets the job done.

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Politics / Re: …babangida Defends Buhari by abbey621(m): 10:40am On Jan 25
Less than 3 weeks to election and we are still talking about certificates, it is obvious that most Nigerians have deep mental issues. In a country where unemployment is at its highest and insecurity rules the day, I cannot believe that educational certificates dominates the headlines. No wonder why many Nigerians are unemployable and useless, we focus on getting all the degrees in the world but lack basic common sense. IF a PHD holder can cripple the economy to this extent, I would think most Nigerians would want to vote him out by all means. If this was 2011, I could understand the sentiments and say GEJ deserves more time but for goodness sake this man has nothing to offer. If we are all honest with each other we can all see that GEJ is incapable of solving most of Nigeria's problems, even if we give him another 10 years, he is a decent man but a terrible leader, he lacks guts and therefor cannot lead us to glory. I would advise us all to focus on main issues in regards to the economy instead of this certificate propaganda, if PDP has issues with Buhari's certificates let them go to court or better yet let INEC disqualify him, enough playing with people's intelligence.

One final truth, Nigeria is made up of two classes, the rich or the poor. The rich will survive regardless of who wins, I am lucky to find myself in such a class. The poor however will continue to experience unjust hardship if we continue this way, it's not about Christians against
Muslims or South versus North, it's about doing the right thing, it's about change! The whole world is laughing at Nigeria, everything from security to oil subsidy has been politicized, we need drastic change as the status quo is no longer acceptable, vote wisely!

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Business / Re: Value Of Naira Falls; Now 208 Naira To One Dollar by abbey621(m): 11:34pm On Jan 24

U've just been talking grammar. I don't see a single reasonable point you made. Terrible economic policies lead to our economy growing by 7% last year? Nigeria has no bi lateral relations with other countries? Lol..Perhaps you should give an example of a relationship that was destroyed. I guess your dictator APShit candidate wd do better after all, after making enemies with most western states like he did before?

Get some rest bro, I'm done with you.

I don't even have to say anything, you've just exposed your ignorance.
Business / Re: Value Of Naira Falls; Now 208 Naira To One Dollar by abbey621(m): 9:14pm On Jan 24

How's that any different from what Nigeria's facing? I'm not an economist but from common sense if you claim russia's economy began declining due to falling export of natural gas, one can safely deduce what's happening is no surprise since the US stopped buying our crude cos of their shale. This has nothing to do with government policy in this case, in my opinion.

Your opinion is flawed! A right thinking government builds bi lateral relations with other countries, they don't destroy it and jeopardize the future of the nation. Nigeria depends largely on oil and investments from other counries, our economic policies are terrible right now and it's only a joker that won't be able to see how a weak Naira is directly related to the government.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 8:49pm On Jan 24

Mr. Pathetic, you don't know history more than I do. Who is talking about the mutual distrust that EXISTED between both groups before, during, and shortly after the Biafra War era? Besides, what exactly is your point. . . . .is it that the South East would rather support the North than the South South if it comes down to it?

In the peculiar geo-politics of Nigeria, current interests always outweigh historical misgivings. If Nigeria were to divide into two today - with one half going with the barren, resource-less, and unproductive core North and the other going half going with a Southern region that includes the Niger Delta and it's oil, where do you think the South East would end up? That's essentially the point. It's all about where your interests are best protected.. . . Not about petty misgivings carried over from the 1960s.

Mr. man stop dreaming, just look at the bolded statement. In a country with over 250 different ethnic groups, is it possible to just divide into two? I like to think we are both educated here and we know the difference between theories and practicalization. In what world do you see core Igbos coexisting with other ethnic brethens who do not share their ethnic sentiments? Furthermore, if the North split, do you think they can just split into one or two groups? The problem far outweighs the solution and I have yet to see the genius with a workable solution. Like I said, ask the elders and you'll learn more about the history of bitterness.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 8:39pm On Jan 24

Sharap.. did anybody drag cocoa proceeds from you when you were farming . The oil us in their land and who owns the land owns everything in it .. are you suffering degradation

Coming to Lagos ..let me tell you something and it will hurt you ..Lagos was developed with money from Niger Delta so they have more claim to it than Yoruba

.oh I forgot it not same Yoruba that chased away Ghana people in 80s..and your shouting today Igbo go to your village

Igbo case is difernt cos Igbo have human material and capacity but the Niger Delta have natural resources so they should be given a break or slack

That's my take

When we look at your history on Nairaland, it is a forgone conclusion that you are a certified psycho, the educated Igbo brothers and sisters dare not say what you've just said, it is only demented looking ones like you who has never held a gun before or shown any symptoms of patroitism that could have the audacity to speak in such an ignorant manner. When we look at it very well, is it not the greed of your mentors that led to the depreciation of the Niger Delta area? If your idols Ojukwu and Co. had not sold you and your brethens lies then millions of souls would have been spared and Igboland would have been more developed by now. When will Igbo touts like you learn from your mistakes, you want another Biafrian war, a war you cannot possibly win, militants or no militants when it boils down to it, the military would rather take over than to allow degenerate souls like yourself to divide Nigeria, even your brother GEJ cannot pray for division because he knows just how ratchet some of you are.


Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 8:30pm On Jan 24

The SE is joined with us in the battle ahead. If you cound't defeat the Igbos for 3yrs, add the entire SS and the middlr.e belt, plus we have the luxury of having OIL in abundance. Start growing cocoa now.

Keep dreaming, you can't keep your house in orderr yet you expect your neighbours to support your pathetic attempt of a rebellion. You have oil, please don't make me laugh, oil that you cannopt refine or sell, you have so much oil yet many of your brothers and sisters run to yorubaland for employment and survival, rubbish!

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 8:25pm On Jan 24

And after that, you would run your Abokki government with proceeds from suya, kunu, and groundnuts, right? Some of you need to get your heads out of the clouds.

Besides, don't lump the "whole Nigeria" into your Core Northern/South Western agenda. The good people of the South East will empathise with the Niger Delta if it comes down to it. And we also expect the conscientious people of the Middle Belt and Christian minority North to know where their bread is best buttered if a reconfiguration of the geo-polity becomes inevitable.

You are pathetic, South east align with south south, you are a joker! I suggest you learn from the elders the history of bitterness between the South East Igbos and the South South, it is because of this division that both greoups remain a minority!
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 8:22pm On Jan 24

That's what I have been saying all these while .. they don't want their son to rule but they want their oil ..what have they done for them with their oil

Its their oil that they used to build Lagos or is it worthless cocoa
Its their oil that they used to build Abuja or is it the worthless gwari that will build Abuja these idiots don't want their son to at least enjoy the benefits of the oil that north will come look at north and how they handled the oil money

Look ptf ..who was the crook that headed that parastal anyway

Shut your dirty mouth, who gave the oil to them, Nigeria is Nigeria, one ethnic group does not control the resources of the nation just because the resources are being taken from that area. It's like driving all the Igbos out of Lagos because it is located in the Yoruba region, it makes no sense! This is why I love military rule, who born militants, thunder fire all of una! Na your papa created the oil or na your mama build Nigeria, useless bunch of goats!


Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Threaten War Should Jonathan Lose Election by abbey621(m): 7:33pm On Jan 24
Bunch of jobless touts, your hero GEJ is busy destroying the economy and yet you want to impose him on the Nigerian people for another 4 years, jokers!

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Business / Re: Value Of Naira Falls; Now 208 Naira To One Dollar by abbey621(m): 6:14pm On Jan 24

No need wasting words on you. It's clear u're one of those APshits. I'm sure you're aware of what's going on in Russia currently in terms of currency devaluation. You should blame it on Putin and his government too.

See stop exposing yourself. What Russia is dealing with is mostly Putin's fault. The currency is being manipulated based on the economic sanctions imposed on him for his arrogance, Russia relies on natural gas export for most of it's revenue and when that collapsed due to sanctions the economy began to suffer. Dude you are learned fellow, stop typing and do your reasearch, every country's currency is directly tied to the economic policies of its government, Naira is weaker because of poor economic policies of the current administration, take it or leave it!

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Education / Re: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Study Law In Nigeria by abbey621(m): 5:17pm On Jan 24
What do you mean by study law? Do people still study law? You have to specialize in a particular area of law. This applies to any professional designation, you have to know your niche and make it work for you. It's not enough to just get the degree, you have to constantly network and improve yourself. The school you study at matters but not as much as the connections you make along the way. When it comes to professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on, you must belong to various organizations in order to reach the top of your field, stop dulling!


Business / Re: Value Of Naira Falls; Now 208 Naira To One Dollar by abbey621(m): 4:55pm On Jan 24
I don't understand why some people are just so dumb? How does this have anything to do with GEJ? The N208 is the black market price of a dollar and not what you get at Bureau de change. Why it's that high is because of the scarcity of the dollar. Dollar to naira exchange rate still stands at N190.75 last I checked. Probably the CBN intentionally caused the scarcity to bring back the price of dollar to around 160.

Clap for yourself, you've just written rubbish! $190 or $208, the fact remains that the Naira is getting useless by the day, this directly reflects on the impact of government fiscal policies and economic control. Who is to blame, if not GEJ and his government? Should we blame the helpless masses or blame western influences? Your school age theory of trying to bring the naira back to $160 is a joke and I wouldn't expose you too much cos it's clear you are not aware of what drives the currency of each country.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Permission Required For Confirmation Of Results - Cambridge by abbey621(m): 5:13pm On Jan 23
How sad of a society do we have when important issues like unemployment, security and poverty are swept aside and certificate or educational qualifications are the number one topic on the lips of the citizens. You mofos are so blind to the truth that all you talk about is religious/tribal nonsense and noone is asking the right questions.

1. If this man is not qualified to run for president, why can't INEC disqualify him? Why not go to court? Why is it that he was allowed to run for the past two elections? Are you trying to tell me that this election si special from the previous ones or is that there's a real chance PDP can truly be defeated?

Come on people, stop reasoning like goats, open your eyes, I can't believe how easy it is for many of you to be carried over by propaganda!


Politics / Re: Nigerian Defence Website Hacked ISIS Style; See The Guy Claiming Responsibility by abbey621(m): 3:01pm On Jan 23
Some ignorant Nigerians will actually come here on Nairaland and start spewing rubbish. Consider these three crucial facts.

1: Nigeria has no sophisticated hacker, if we did the defense system and even central bank would have been hacked a long time ago!

2: You can hardly deal with Boko Haram, WTF makes you think ISIS would be interested in Nigerian politics?

3: It's election time, you fools of course propaganda will be thick and heavy. APC trying to paint PDP as evil, PDP trying to paint APC has terrorist supporting defectors.

The only truth we can rely on right now is to look at GEJ's handwork over the last 5 years. If we owned a multi trillion naira company and such a company after running for 5 years has yet to provide any profits to the shareholders(The Nigerian people), should such shareholders stick with the same investment or pull their money out and cut their losses. No one is going to save Nigeria, we have to wake up one day and realize that we are more powerful than we think!

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