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Romance / Re: Can Guys Ever Be Faithful? by abbey621(m): 1:18pm On Jul 26
Faithfulness is not based on gender; male or female a person's personality would determine if he or she would cheat. Number 1 reason guys cheat is greed, while women cheat cos they are emotionally weak. A guy would cheat if he has everything and yet he is not getting satisfaction from the one he loves. A woman would cheat if she is not close to God or does not see value in her self(Always looking to upgrade). I remember a girl that I dated for many years and she ended up cheating, when I asked her why, she said she felt the other guy could take care of her more financially. Fast forward 5 years later, I'm amazed that she's still in a state of poverty. Personally rather than cheat, is it not easier to leave
Celebrities / Re: Mexico's Carlos Slim Reclaims World's Richest Man Title From Bill Gates by abbey621(m): 1:25pm On Jul 25

Boss I tell you the truth, what has been sustaining Gates is his charity.

What am trying to say is that if Bill Gates has not been giving, his worth wouldn't had been $240 instead it will be less than his present worth.

The Bible made me to understand that its not by accumulating but by giving out. Many are in the same position today because they lack the Giving Ability.

Check out people like Dangote, Gates, Adenuga, Carlos, Page, etc. They always donate. Giving is a principle that works for anybody (believers & Unbelievers, Jews & Gentiles)

You know nothing! Most of these wealthy men you've mentioned donate to charity because it can be written off on their taxes, wetin be charity, in business it's just another marketing scheme. More exposure, more opportunity to make profit. Abeg leave Bible out of it.... angry angry

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Sparks Outrage with Photo Of Her "Maid' Wearing Her Gucci Sandals by abbey621(m): 1:19pm On Jul 22
Jobless Nigerians, always having blood pressure over another person's matter. If Dangote called most of you to become his maid, butler or gateman you would jump at the opportunity, so spare me the crap! A maid is a maid, simple. Half of you probably wish your parents treated you as well as Tonto treats her maid/daughter grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Family / Re: Facing The Hypocrisy Of Men by abbey621(m): 1:32pm On Jul 21
Another gender bashing thread, all is well! Male or female if everyone plays their God giving role then everything would be okay. Majority of men are afraid to get maried because they've either witnessed first hand the devastating consequences of a marriage gone sour or a narrative from frustrated couples. In Nigeria, the male is regarded as bread winner, ATM machine, the sole provider and even though it increases the man's ego, it does not help in the long run. Nigerian males must learn to live and let live, a strong woman can be tamed just as easily as a strong man, it all depends on understanding. Forget culture or traditional sentiments, nowadays the best spouse is one who has something to bring to the table. I rather marry an educated woman, who is financially smart, a hardworker and caring attitude, than marry a woman with low self esteem, confidence and a rundown attitude.

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Celebrities / Re: Very Pissed Off Fans Curse Out Peter Okoye & Lola For Shunning Jude's Wedding by abbey621(m): 4:04pm On Jul 18
Senseless beings..... Their mama died, all hell broke loose. Because of overflowing wealth, they all lost focus on what's mostly important: FAMILY. Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, a wife must know her role, she can't allow emotions to overwhelm her cos when things gets tough between the husband and her, it's his family she would turn to for help. Can't really blame Peter as he's only being a man, anyman would be upset in his situation. The only person that can resolve this is Paul, twins have a way of bonding with eachother, a bond no one else can understand, talk to your twin paul, talk to your elder brother also, use your mama as an example, life is too short for all these trivial issues.

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:14pm On Jul 16

Walai, I can never endure. I grew as the child of an enduring wife, my brothers and I struggled to make good marriages and choose good life partners. We had no good examples. Yet Nigerians keep harping on "endure, endure". Till today, I'm sometimes not sure what Love is, and I used to cling to the worst men, pathetically hoping to make them love me. One day, a christian friend of mine, said "Onegai, they're not your Father. You need to learn how to let go of bad men trying to save them like your dad". Because of me and so many females (including his wife), that guy no matter how tempted he is outside, will always go home to his woman. He swears he would rather die than destroy his kids emotionally.

A person can only take so much before cracking. Go to GH Lagos Island, Lagoon Hospital and St. Nicholas, see how many women they are treating with High Blood Pressure, Depression and more.

No-one is saying quit your marriage permanently. Just get ready to give him space. Get your affairs in order. Even if he comes home, he has to come home humble and penitent. He has to build your self-esteem and trust, daily, every single minute for his life. YOU DESERVE IT. Because one day, his phone will ring, he will pick it happily and you will get scared and start having palpitations, even though you don't know whom is on the line.

All of you saying "is divorce easy, stop telling her to leave", go and look for happy wives. Let them tell you if their husbands ever destroyed their confidence by comparing them to his ex vocally. JESUS! Imagine it! I've been compared to another woman, as a gf (that other woman taunted me with the aid of the silly fellow I was all over) and I lost weight, developed asthma and my hair fell out from stress and sorrow. I wasn't even married to him! I'm so glad I'm free now and I will never accept this in any husband.

People will now say "ah you wan kill yasef ova man you neva marry", then tell me to "endure, pray, find a hobby, treat him well" because there's a ring on my finger. My dear, a ring is a symbol of commitment, not the actual commitment. All good marriages started with good relationships and courtships, short or long.

Story for the gods!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 10:30pm On Jul 15

Get behind me!! I send you message? you were spewing the 'Its a man's world rubbish' few minutes ago. Why are you changing tune? Ehhhhhn Mr man?? Why? are you not supposed to counter me saying Women should be inferior and continue to swallow the trash men dish out? Get behind me Hypocrite!!

It still dey hot for your body, no worry I get am plenty plenty inside cooler for you.... grin grin grin grin

Only paid you a compliment cos you said something that actually makes sense, women should take charge of their destiny, respect your man & he'll respect u back....shikena!

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 10:19pm On Jul 15

The bolded is a food for thought to all women in Naija. A man in the first page of this thread has pointed this out. A man ooooo. A man came out and said women need to take their lives in their very hands. They need to take charge of their lives and learn not take trash the same men would not from women. Well, men know exactly whom they treat like trash. They pick their victims very well. Not every woman takes all these sh1ts anymore. Men will treat you how you ALLOW them to treat you. That is just one thing i have come to learn in relationships. Its very possible to exude Respect from a man if you know exactly how to do it. Its not rocket science at all. I'm in charge of my life and happiness as you see me so. Nobody can take that away from me.

Now you are making sense, not all that asaba talk you were yarning earlier.... grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 10:17pm On Jul 15
fellis: This, this this this a thousand times this. You nailed it right on the head. One thing the people advicing Op to stay and be a dutiful wife do not realise is that mental scars from this type of emotional hurt tend to last for a long time. You might forgive him or at least force yourself to but the thoughts will always be there at the back of your mind, the bitterness, the hurt from betrayal. Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life? Being bitter and forcing yourself to be loving and submissive (lwkmd) to a man that treated you like crap earlier in the marriage?

And what about the stigma from divorce, the emotional toll having to start over entails. You do have a point though, not everybody can endure, life is too short. I just wish the op would try her very possible best to save the marriage before abandoning ship, 4 months with no physical abuse, I can't in good conscience advice her to quit her marriage!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 8:52pm On Jul 15

My opinion sure matters a lot. Thats why you keep quoting me and keep trying to prove your masculinity. Learn a thing or two from quality men who make no noise and are busy treating women as they treat their bodies o.k.. Its not too late to redeem your lost self esteem.

Komot here, lost self-esteem bawo! I only see you as amusement, I'm really enjoying it. It made today's office hours go by fast.... grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 8:10pm On Jul 15

U are.......a boy

A massage from a man
U shouldn't be angry
When wisdom speaks

Heyyyyyy champion man well said, defender of the meek, protector of the loud mouths, oga pack well and focus on your issues!

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 8:07pm On Jul 15

You see why you are just made of Okrika? Okrika men boast and do absolutely nothing to show their fake quality. Okrika men have a huuuuuuge problem with strong women and feel better with themselves when women are weak and below them. Quality men have no time b1tching around and whinning like little girls with feminists because they already know how to command respect from a woman whether she is a feminist or Not. Quality men do not need validation from women to prove they are men nor do not have to suppress women to prove masculinity. thats just inferiority complex!!!! They dnt need to shout or jump about all over the place and show gragra. They do not need to make noise!! They simply show QUALITY. Dazaaaaaalllllll!!! Quality men do not always turn the confidence of a woman to mean competition. Quality men Looooooooove strong women who can stand their own and be themselves. Quality men know that they are to treat women like queens if they really want to be kings of their world. Quality men know what is right and stick to it. The word 'Quality' is their watchword!! You are and will remain far from such men. I will say it again, you have a looooooooong way to go.

If your opinion truly matters I would be bothered, unfortunately sweetheart, I'm too busy with the females over here. I'm the type that support my woman, emotionally and physically, she would never lack. I got the resources, the intelligence and the confidence, if my woman goes out of line I correct her, if she's not willing to play by the rules, I don't chase her, I replace her. Forget that feministic crap, play your role and I'll play mine. Once again I hate to bust your bubble, but the truth shall set you free, I'm the type of guy you can only dream of.... cool cool
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 7:55pm On Jul 15
Maybe you forgot what you originally responded to. Please, I don't like unintelligent argument.

I said, and I quote:

As for your sisters and cousins, obviously they do not represent anything close to "most Nigerian girls". So I don't get your point in mentioning them. We marry Nigerian and African men. That is the norm.

Unintelligent argument bawo, I've enjoyed this cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 7:46pm On Jul 15

I was responding to someone. He said "even here in the US". As someone with firsthand experience, I was correcting him. I rarely mention my nationality unless it is relevant.

As for the rest of your essay, Nigerian girls generally date African men. Not African Americans. None of that pertains to us. And the original topic of discussion between myself and the other member of this conversation was the supposed shortage of quality NIGERIAN men. Believe me, the US is flooded with intelligent and ambitious Nigerian men. As well as the UK.

Wow, madam twister! Show me the statistic that confirms Nigerian girls generally date African men, at least I have sisters and cousins here who dated and/or are still dating white or black Americans. Furthermore, I never for once mentioned shortage of Nigerian men but rather shortage of good quality men......Twister Twister I don catch you... grin grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 7:40pm On Jul 15

You? Quality Man? nope!! You are deceiving yourself. Quality men do not speak as you do. Quality do not make mouth. Their actions speaks. We know them when we see them and when we hear them talk. You on the other hand are just far from such. Look at how you are sooooo quick to mention Feminist here. Shows how insecure you really are. wetin concern femnist for this matter? Whether you date banker or lawyer or doctor, that itself doesnt show quality on your part. Sorry. You have a long way to go. Na okrika cloth you be.

My dear it's not bragging if it's the truth! Quality men are confident, quality men ain't got time for some feminist complex. I don't know about your world but I'm the master of mine; I'm the type of guy you only see in dreams, too far beyond your reach sweetie.... wink wink wink

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 7:34pm On Jul 15

Look at him. Just look at him. First he says there's a shortage of quality men, then when I pointed out the TRUTH, now he says "of course there are quality men".

Sorry, BABE. I don't believe that you are a quality man. Especially not after those two (yes, only two) PARAGRAPH run-on sentences. In which you disparage intelligent women as "oversabi". Then he says women need to "humble themselves" to be with him. Well, I'm glad you know where you stand.

Sidenote: Did you say "bankers"? Are you sure you live in the US?

I can only laugh....I only corrected your assumptions that shortage means none. Baby in my dictionary shortage means scarce or not enough. Again what you believe is irrelevant, the truth however remains the truth, humble thyself so that you might one day deserve a quality man like me...... wink wink wink

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:57pm On Jul 15
bukatyne: Don't make it personal

And a lot of guys are ready to practice the 'rubbish' they see on TV to make their homes happy


Hahahaha.... Sister pls. Any man worth his weight controls his home, end of story!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:54pm On Jul 15

Nigerian men keep deceiving themselves.

LOL at you thinking same-sex marriage has anything to do with anything.

I know the quality of men in my world. No woman in my family would ever settle for fearing of (gasp) not marrying. They're busy getting degrees and having careers, starting businesses and nonprofits. Quality men follow them. It's the ones at the bottom that think women have no choice but to settle for them. Keep deluding yourself.

Birds of a feather flock together. So if there are no quality men in your world... guess what that says about you?

Leave it to a woman to twist every Of course there are quality men, I'm a prime example, well educated, financially independent, great charisma and so on but we are very rare, we don't setlle for over sabi women not willing to humble themselves, no matter how attractive they may be, we know our worth as men and always get what we want, it's not bragging when you know it's the truth... grin grin grin

Honey I've dated nurses, doctors, lawyers and bankers, one thing they all have in common is the need for a good man, stop your feminist crusade and get with the program, it's a man's world!!!!!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:15pm On Jul 15

Please. I live in the US too. There is no shortage of quality men. Perhaps you need to change the people you associate with.

Stop deceiving yourself, U.S has the highest rate of divorce, same kind marriage is quickly gaining momentum and the majority of men here are so frustrated which leads many to do questionable things. Real quality men are getting scarce with each passing day. Not to brag or anything, as a guy with a lot of things working in my favor, women too plenty cos face it who no like good thing.... grin grin grin grin Here in ATL, it's even worse, men don vex, they no want woman again, na men dem dey face but no wahala I'll be here for dem women, mending those broken hearts grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:03pm On Jul 15

And by nonsense I presume you mean seeing a man being faithful to his wife, and longing for same in her own home.

I just dont know how some of you think. When I see you and your type say things like this, I thank God for the Generals I have for brothers, not some egoistic, twisted traditional men.

Pls excuse me.

And by nonsense I presume you mean seeing a man being faithful to his wife, and longing for same in her own home.

Ask and you shall receive, if you don't understand I'll explain: Most girls of nowadays have fallen in love with the fairy tales they watch on tv, when things goes slightly wrong, they panic and are just so quick to abandon ship.

I just dont know how some of you think. When I see you and your type say things like this, I thank God for the Generals I have for brothers, not some egoistic, twisted traditional men.

A man is egoistic when he states the obvious and traditional when he claims his role as a man, sister save your story for the gods! Like it or not, a fact is a fact!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 5:33pm On Jul 15

Oh I see

Goodluck to you in finding a wife that is happy with your opinion

The funny thing about facts is that you don't have to like it to accept it. A lot of our young ladies today watch so much nonsense on television that they try to emulate it only to end up being shocked! In terms of finding a wife that na story for the gods grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 5:26pm On Jul 15

I hope you will have this same advice for a man whose wife behaves like the OP's husband

Small pikin talk! Right from the beginning of time they were not created equals and till the end of time they can never be equals, hate it or love it that's just the way it is cheesy cheesy
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 5:11pm On Jul 15

Is it that there is a shortage of men in Nigeria? I don't understand this desperation for husbands I keep seeing.

Even here in the United States, there is a shortage of real men. Forget this 21st century talk, no marriage is perfect, if you are not tolerant or willing to endure then you might as well remain single.
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 3:42pm On Jul 15
MissMeiya: My dear, I suspect your husband, his girlfriend (not ex, they are still together), AND your mother-in-law are waiting for you to get pregnant and give birth before they kick you out.

I would advise you to leave.

And when she leaves, what's the certainty that the next man would be better?
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 3:13pm On Jul 15
@op The mere fact that you expose your marital life is a sign that you don't have the support system a newly wedded wife should have. I see comments advising you to leave, some even abusing the guy. Let me be frank with you, do not let your emotions cloud your judgment! You have elders in your family, the same for the guy. Start by talking to your husband, plead with him, there's no need for argument, pray for him and believe in your marriage. Give it another 2 to 3 months and see if things get better, if not call a family meeting, I'm sure the guy is not insane, if he did not love you he would not marry you. 4months is way too early to be contemplating divorce and speaking solely from the psychological point of view, your miscarriage also plays a huge part in this discussion. How did he feel? How did you feel? Did both of you discuss the cause and effects? Any counseling?? My dear anything worth doing is worth doing well, if you love this guy, then you must be willing to fight for him, not all guys are strong, some of us need a strong woman to pull us through!!!
Family / Re: Quit 'waiting For Mr Or Mrs Right: Take Action by abbey621(m): 1:51pm On Jul 11
Reading this thread alone makes things very clear, most people are master advisers but are yet to master their own relationships. Talking from personal experience, there is no such thing as a Mr/Miss. Right, in every relationship it takes two to make it work, if you keep an open mind and lean not only on your own understanding but wisdom from above then sooner or later everything would fall into place. Happiness comes from within, if you are not happy being single, why in the world do you think you'll ever be happy married to another human being? When looking for a partner, I ask myself 3 questions:

1: What am I bringing to the relationship?

2: What can she offer me besides the obvious?

3: Can she endure?( Everybody loves sunny days, but how many can stay through the rain?)

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Religion / Re: Bitter Truth About Blessed Virgin Mary by abbey621(m): 9:07am On Dec 17, 2013
Sal C: Are you greater than the angels because you said so?

Bible clearly state we are lower than angels for now but will be greater than them in the world to come.

Stop bragging dear read Heb 2 concentrate on Verses 5and7

You know what our pope and rev frs know yet we don't know them right?

You guys just make me laughgrin

The bold statement is incorrect! Try not to read the bible word for word but look at the deeper meaning, Hebrew 2 verse 7 talks not about importance but physical attributes, the angels are majestic beings and have certain attributes humans do not have but humans were created in God's image and represents God's greatest creation. Furthermore read more about why the devil was cast out of heaven and you'll understand why humans are called God's greatest creations.
Religion / Re: Bitter Truth About Blessed Virgin Mary by abbey621(m): 8:12am On Dec 17, 2013
Drizzyjusti: Nope God sent his son Jesus BUT Jesus is also Genesis 1:1 In the begining was the word(Jesus) and the word was with God,and the word was God

It's people like you that makes Christianity seem like a joke! You offer no proof and yet somehow in your twisted mind you equate Jesus as the word and him ultimately being God. Stop spreading nonsense and get some education!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 5:08pm On Dec 10, 2013
Hi pals, my friend just got her visa today at the Lagos embassy. Her interview was at 7:30am.

VO: Hello pass your documents
her: Hello ma, passed first set of documents
VO: Why are you going to the U.S
her: For my undergraduate studies at Kennesaw State University
VO: Why did you chose the school
her: I chose it over 2 other schools because they have a well structured program and they are genuinely interested in helping international students succeed.
VO:How old are you?
her: 25
VO: Who will sponsor you?
her: My mom
VO: What does she do?
her: She is a retired accountant and now manages the hotel business left by my late father.
VO: Can I see her income statement?
her: passes document
VO: Your Waec result please
her: passes WAEC result
VO: Kept staring at screen and documents, smiled and said congratulations, you can pick up your visa on Friday.

The biggest key here is confidence, she came prepared with the answers to every possible questions thanks to Nairaland, yet her interview was determined by God's grace and her confidence, also a word of advice, when completing the DS160 make sure it is completed as accurately as possible. Research is the key, VO's are humans too, thanks pals.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 7:37pm On Dec 09, 2013
jaskinbo: Hi gurus in the house.....I went for my interview today and below was the transcript.
Me: good morning sir
Vo: good morning how are you doing?
Me: fine sir.
Vo: where are you going to
Vo: what are you going to do
Me: to do my masters degree in safety management
Vo: OK
Vo: what will you do with this?
Me: when I finished my program I will come back to Nigeria to find a mid level carreer position in a multinational company to introduce the modern technology of my profession to the industry in order to contribute to man-power development of this nation.
Vo:OK......where did you do undergraduate
Me: obafemi awolowo uni
Vo: can I see the cert you finished with
Me: I passed him and he look at it very carefully
Vo: you write any test?
Me: yes I did GRE and TOEFL
Vo: can I see your GRE ?
Me: I passed it to him and he looked carefully again
Vo: you are working right?
Me: yes sir
Vo: where
Me: Denro allied agro
Vo: as?
Me: marketing executive
Vo: what are your functions there
Me: bla bla bla
Vo: applied to only this school?
Me: no sir I applied to 4 schools altogether
Vo: why this this school?
Me: cos they have a well structured course curriculum that is in line with my with academic and professional goals. They offer specialisation and actively conducting research in my field of interest. They have quality laboratories in manufacturing ,robotics and vision system and that more reason why the school is classified by Carnegie foundation as among the best research based uni in US. Moreover,they have seasoned professors who are prominiet in the safety management. The like of Dr Daniel Della who have written about 20 books on safety management some of which are presently used as reference teaching materials in uni all over the world.
Vo: gave a satisfactory nodding
Vo: so you are .married?
Me: yes Sir
Vo: are you going with your wife?
Me: no sir she is working here as a medical doctor in ondo state specialio hospital.
Vo: OK.......who is paying for your ticket?
Me: my dad
Vo: what does he do?
Me: he is a wood and timber contractor and he has a sawmill company.
Vo: Hmmmmmm unfortunately you are not qualified for the visa at this time...thank you for your coming.......

House a beg wet in be my error?

The major red flag is the perception that your dad is sponsoring you yet you have a medical doctor has a wife. Also you are going for safety management, yet your work experience is in marketing? What does a degree in safety management do for your present career?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Reasons New Graduates Cant Get Jobs by abbey621(m): 7:35pm On Dec 03, 2013
The number one reason graduates are not able to secure jobs is that the ratio of employers to graduates is highly skewed. Everyone wants to graduate and secure jobs, zero innovation, zero foresight! I know lots of graduates that are still looking for jobs since we graduated in 2008, 5 years ago. How can you secure a job when people are not creating enough. My advice to those in school now is to develop business skills, learn a trade, something that can fetch you income, this will give you the necessary backbone to withstand any economic hardship till your dream job arrives. Not everyone is meant to work for someone, some were born to be inventors, creators, entrepreneurs!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part5 by abbey621(m): 5:23pm On Nov 29, 2013

You still making a fool for yourself cos people are laughing ooo and still yet you still dont understand why i keep saying is equal to zero for now

Her result say not available....
ETS told you they are currently reviewing all score....
ETS told your friend that result is not valid.....

the 3 statements above can shows that is equal to zero over 100 for now until the results were available and valid.

Can someone with not available result and no longer valid gain admission ahead of someone whose result is available and valid even those he apply for admission?

This is all about reasoning and dont think am speculating cos i cant imagine 2 people calling ETS and at the end they cant reason together with the girl whose result say not available and you can still say not available and no longer valid is not equal to zero..

Bro abeg reason and dont think am insulting you in-order words i said apple is equal to fruit and u didnt agree with me. I also said oranges are equal to fruits and u still dont agree with me.. Can u please tell me a general name u will call apple and oranges if u dont want to use their names or another language to call them ? Wont u call them fruits?

I wonder alot about you and why you still dont reason that not available and no longer valid is equal to zero for now until it is valid and available when it will be above zero...

If you are a project you will be hard to bind...
If you are cassette you will be hard to rewind...
If you are a bike you will hard to ride...
If you are a car you will be hard to drive...

Anyway sorry if you think my words serve as insult to you.. but you haven't answer this my question ooo '' When something is said is no longer valid how will you rate it in your your score? Are u giving no longer valid 1 over 100 mark or 5 over 100 marks or which marks will you award for it?''

N.B------ A result can only be valid if its available and if its not available is equal to zero for the moment until its available the result is said to be above zero and be called valid

Well done clap for yourself, you are a true professional! It's no use arguing with you, I know what I know and I'm sticking with it. I do not feed you so I cannot tell you how to act or talk. Good luck 2 u!


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