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Properties / Re: A Plot Of Land Measuring 859.346 Facing Lekki Epe Express Sangotedo 14m Asking. by abbey621(m): 12:46pm On Sep 29
How far from Lekki expressway is this land? Do you have photos?
Celebrities / Re: Twitter Poll On How E-Money Makes His Money (Photos) by abbey621(m): 12:07pm On Sep 29
The answer is simple, trace the guy's history. How was he raised? Education? Places he has lived? Ignore everything after 2010 and discover emoney the man & not emoney the wealth!
Events / Re: Guys Wash Their Hands With Wine At A Club (Photos) by abbey621(m): 8:47pm On Sep 28
Even the richest of gangsters, drug dealers and Swindlers in the U.S do not go to clubs and do things like this. It's all part of the brainwashed Nigerian youth mentality. Tim ba lowo, wan ma gba! Let's stop this rubbish, we oppress one another more than the Whites all for what? Most of these wealthy youths are only planning for today while some lucky few might plan for their children but none of them are planning for the next four generations. As a race, as a nation and as humans we have to be wiser!

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Business / Re: Naira Falls To N460 Per Dollar In Black Market by abbey621(m): 8:36pm On Sep 28
For every tragedy there's always a silver lining. This is a blessing to those making their money in Dollars....Can't wait for the 500 mark grin

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Properties / Re: For Sale::: Solid Block Of 4flats With 2nos Of 2br Flat @ Ogudu (pics) C Of O. by abbey621(m): 8:07pm On Sep 28

There is no how I can get the interior pictures.

Thank You.

Oh sorry thought you were the direct agent for this property. So let me guess, we call you then you connect us to the direct agent and then he/she shows us the house for inspection? Or won't we see the interior before negotiating price?
Properties / Re: For Sale::: Solid Block Of 4flats With 2nos Of 2br Flat @ Ogudu (pics) C Of O. by abbey621(m): 7:38pm On Sep 28

Don't have that please.

Make sure you get them, it would make more people declare interest smiley
Properties / Re: For Sale::: Solid Block Of 4flats With 2nos Of 2br Flat @ Ogudu (pics) C Of O. by abbey621(m): 7:28pm On Sep 28
Post photos of the interior including kitchen and bathrooms.
Properties / Re: Block Of 4flats For Sale @ Alapere With C Of O For 30m by abbey621(m): 6:52pm On Sep 28
You need to post photos so more people can show interest.
Celebrities / Re: E-money Buys The 2017 Lexus Lx 570 Fully Armored Car (photos) by abbey621(m): 1:01pm On Sep 28
You gotta love Nairalanders, they tap into this and that(Especially Ladies) but most of them are not willing to do whatever it takes to make serious money. In a more compliant society, this guy would have to disclose his sources of income to the Government yearly and there would be enough public information on him to give the masses an idea about his nature of business but this is 9ja! Billionaires are made out of thin air, do you guys even know how many Billionaires we have in 9ja that no one knows? Even people worth 10x the wealth of Emoney, they just remain lowkey. We have zero accountability in this country and as long as that continues 9ja will remain 9ja grin Imagine someone having a Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes G-Wagon and a Porsche as just some of his/her vehicles along with a mansion in Lekki and such a person cannot define his or her occupation, is this not questionable? I know most people will call it hustling and that's ok but let's not grumble when someone outside the country calls us all corrupt because we are! As long as we continue praising these type of people, we are all FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT!

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Webmasters / Re: "Between Mark Zuckerberg And A Pro-Biafran On Facebook" - National Helm by abbey621(m): 4:45pm On Sep 27
we need to table your own social engineering abi na science here on nairaland first, before we start talking about Facebook. Hatred and jealousy is poisonous to the soul of a man.

Jealous of what exactly? Please explain!

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Webmasters / Re: "Between Mark Zuckerberg And A Pro-Biafran On Facebook" - National Helm by abbey621(m): 4:19pm On Sep 27
It's so obvious that this is nothing but social engineering. The grammar, the punctuation and even the response from Mark does not flow like a typical American. I've had the opportunity to watch Mark speak and I've also read many of his interviews. This guy does not use Waooo, he does not use commas abruptly and most definitely would not be chatting with someone in a 3rd world country at 9:15 A.M!

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Properties / Re: FOR SALE -Full plot Of Land(fenced wt Gate)@obadore, Lasu-iba Exp Wit Pic N4. 5m by abbey621(m): 3:44pm On Sep 26
Are you on whatsapp or bbm? Would love to chat more.
Properties / Re: Recession: 7 Proven Ways To Locate And Buy Houses From Desperate Landlords by abbey621(m): 12:36pm On Sep 26
This is obviously a method that won't work for most people in the Nigerian environment. Writing letters, distributing flyers; come on get real!
Properties / Re: FOR SALE -Full plot Of Land(fenced wt Gate)@obadore, Lasu-iba Exp Wit Pic N4. 5m by abbey621(m): 5:03pm On Sep 23
What documents will be provided? Consent, C of O or Gazette?
Properties / Re: If You Are Building A House And You Want To Incorporate Solar Energy, Read This by abbey621(m): 1:23pm On Sep 22
Locally Produced Integrated Solar Energy System, Set to Create Jobs for Youth
Hope for people in need of better electricity in Nigeria

The Urban Dweller is a complete system that integrated every solar component required for 24 hours electricity.

With the ever increasing demand for constant and stable power supply in Nigeria, the quest for sustainable energy in Nigeria has gone through many phases, all aiming towards reliable, affordable and clean means of power supply.

Our newly designed products, the Urban Dwellers (UD) Series, have gone through many stages of evolution over time with each new one having a better feature than the previous. Our driving force on each modification is to arrive at a product that meets all engineering design, a product that customers can trust to be reliable at all time and most especially a product that is simple to operate. The Urban Dweller eliminates the frustration from the shortages of power experienced from the national grid.

The Urban Dweller offers aesthetics to the core, ruggedized in operation and simple user interface. We ensured all electrical connections were properly embedded inside the system for simplicity of use. The only requirement from the user is to plug his Load to the Output of the system and then plug our product to a charging port. With the solar port for charging, off-grid energy is provided for the client.

Why we decided to develop this model?
In the course of our installation work across in Nigeria, we have had course to work in different households were connections are exposed and this hasn't been a good sight to behold. Apart from the above, previous users were exposed to the potentials of an electric shock. The potential of electric shocks cannot be mildly talked about especially when you have kids living in such apartments. We have heard of and seen many of such cases and this lead to the search for a better way to solve the problem and we came up with this embedded system.

Front View

Side / Rear View

Bottom View

How it works.
The UD Series, with Models 1 – 6, features generated power comparable to that of a fossil fuel generator but there is no need for fuel, no need for engine oil, no need for servicing and it won’t stop producing power. It utilizes the power from the sun, and converts it to electrical energy which is used to power your house, even at night. All UD Series Models are available at the moment only in Lagos.
Customers in any location in Nigeria can also place orders for the UD series by calling 08066098146. The UD series doesn’t produce any extra heat and is very eco-friendly with artistic beauty and a one year warranty.

We believe that this new invention of the UD/RD series will spark up a new dimension in the design and deployment of power units within the country. We currently have the product functioning at full capacity in some households and offices and the result has been very awesome. The UD/RD Series is the way to go when you think of a sustainable and efficient power.

Advantage Over Conventional System
A single unit of solar integrated component
It is plug and play
The system is portable with 4 rugged tires underneath, it can easily be moved around with the handle
Risk of electrocution overcome
You can pay in Installments
Inbuilt AC socket/ DC socket
Inbuilt USB port for Phone Charging

Urban Dwellers Series
Model 1
The very first model is a 750 kva solar system with 100AH battery, and a 200w mono crystalline panel. It is designed for low scale appliance and recommended for mini Shops/Salon.

Suggested Retail Price
Backup System: N25,555 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N168,500 for a one off payment
Hybrid System: N37,200 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N250,000 for a one off payment.

Model 2
The second model, a 1.2 kva solar system with 200AH battery and 2 unit of 200watts mono crystalline panel. It is designed for medium scale appliance.

Suggested Retail Price
Backup System: N37,613 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N248,000 for a one off payment

Hybrid System: N62,183 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N410,000 for a one off payment.

Model 3
The third model is similar to the second except it has double sized backup battery. It comes with 4 unit of 200watts panel

Suggested Retail Price
Backup System: N64,458 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N425,500 for a one off payment

Hybrid System: N104,650 monthly for 6 months + 30% Deposit or N690,000 for a one off payment.

Payment Package
You can choose from 3 easy payment options:

Option 1
Pay for your system outright and get a 3% discount.

Option 2
Pay 70% deposit and pay the balance of 30% after two weeks of job installation. There is no interest or discount.

Option 3
Pay a 30% deposit and pay the balance over 6 months with an interest.

None of your models can adequately power my house with my many appliances. Would you happen to have a 5kva model?
Business / Re: In need of people to work from home by abbey621(m): 3:00am On Sep 21
I can't believe this is still reigning, pyramid scheme. Anyways well done, I'm sure enough maga dey Nairaland.

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Car Talk / Re: 11 Cars You Won’t See On Nigerian Roads by abbey621(m): 5:52pm On Sep 20
You won't find most of these on Nigerian roads because the roads are a death trap! Luxury vehicles like these are meant for smooth roads,for Nigerian roads anything short of a 4 wheel drive SUV is putting your life in jeopardy!
Romance / Re: I'm Confused On Who To Choose, Help Me Out by abbey621(m): 5:48pm On Sep 20
You're dating a guy and you still fraternizing with another guy, you deserve to be cheated on, heart broken and pregnant with 3 headed albinos angry angry On a more serious note, I'll advice you to leave your current bf as you clearly don't love him,you seem to have a certain expectation or hope and my greatest fear is that this guy might never meet those expectations. It is better you go for the guy that is stealing your heart so that when he breaks it you can at least say you followed your heart grin

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Celebrities / Re: Khoudia Diop Charcoal Black African Model Who Doesn't Believe In Bleaching by abbey621(m): 5:43pm On Sep 20
Perfect skin, perfect color. Look at how shiny and smooth it is. The best thing is that it gets better as she ages. Senegalese are naturally dark skinned and I'm so proud of her for accepting what God gave her and SHINE!


Properties / Re: 10 Plots Of Land @ Lekki Scheme 2 With Lagos Government C Of O @ Available Price by abbey621(m): 5:11pm On Sep 20

Apologies Mr Abbey for not responding to your mail. It must have been an oversight.

Kindly Call 09090408632 | email: info@kingscourtrealtors.com

And you will be provided with all details. Thank you once again for contacting us. Cheers...

If you are serious about doing business kindly respond to my email(info@globalsynctechnology.com) with details such as price, exact location and so on.
Properties / Re: 10 Plots Of Land @ Lekki Scheme 2 With Lagos Government C Of O @ Available Price by abbey621(m): 2:44pm On Sep 20
WHAT IS THE PRICE? I've sent you email,you did not respond. Are you on Whatsapp or bbm?
Politics / Re: Sorry Lagos, You Don't Have Oil By Ade Damola by abbey621(m): 12:45pm On Sep 19
Since when has oil ever benefited those living where it was discovered? We all know how Nigeria works so this is not news. The oil is a curse, a curse that will ultimately lead into the Great depression if care is not taken!
Travel / Re: Truck Crushes Man To Death In Mushin Area Of Lagos. See Photos by abbey621(m): 12:38pm On Sep 19
That's not Idi-Oro bus stop, that's the Zenith bank opposite Labinjo Street. Anyways RIP to the dead,I hope proper investigation can be carried out to ascertain what was the cause. It could be the tipper driver was speeding or drunk, it could also be that the pedestrian ran into the path of the tipper.

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Family / Re: My Husband And I Just Found Out He Has An 18yr Old Daughter. by abbey621(m): 12:31pm On Sep 19
What is ur conscience telling u? smiley

Is that what you would say in court or when arguing in front of family members? grin grin grin Conscience my foot!

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Education / Re: Adeyeye Olorunfemi: "I Don’t Regret My Action" — Student Rusticated By UNILAG by abbey621(m): 12:26pm On Sep 19

It is not enough to say I am wrong, prove me wrong and stop dialoguing unintelligently. Stop arguing with premises that are void of knowledge. The issue with guys like you is that you love to copy people's ideas but copy and apply it wrongly. Now, compare these two open letters and take a mental note of the difference.

1. www.allrealitygists.com.ng/2016/08/adeyeye-olorunfemi-student-of.html?m=1

2. www.bonfiire.com/stellenbosch/2015/10/an-open-letter-to-stellenbosch-management-re-stelliesfeesmustfall/

In a Feb. 12 ruling in Bayer v. Evans, U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry L. Garber of Miami declined Evans's request for an injunction barring the principal from keeping the student's discipline in school records. But the judge denied qualified immunity for Bayer, holding that Evans's speech was protected under the First Amendment and that the principal should have known he was violating a clearly established right by disciplining Evans.

Like I said earlier we are not on the same level, you can use all the big big grammar you want but it still doesn't change the fact that you lack the experience and knowledge of what a true democracy entails. I won't be drawn into an argument with you, I know you try so hard but this is one that you just can't win. Talk to me when you've actually gone outside of Nigeria and witnessed true democracy....bye!


Family / Re: My Husband And I Just Found Out He Has An 18yr Old Daughter. by abbey621(m): 3:59am On Sep 19
Whar i said is not force, its common sense.
Put aside that "african culture" talk a bit, what is ur mind, conscience telling you? That the woman is irrelevant in marital decisions and shd accept whatever consequences that follow?

Is ur conscience also telling you, a woman without an issue shd keep mum in her home, cos by virtue of not having a child, she has no stake in the home she and her husband built?

I dont think african traditions hve problems generally, i think people hve been dubiuos in interpreting it for a very long time that it now appears to sideline women.

It's not about my conscience, it's about reality! I don't know why most women are so overwhelmed by emotions that they fail to consider the consequences of their actions or inaction. All I'm saying here is that in most African homes, men make most of the vital decisions. There might be a need to consult the wife at times but mostly the decision maker is the man unless he willingly gives up that right. It's a God giving role, a traditional role and a natural role. Now don't get me wrong,serious issues like this one should definitely involve dialogue with one's spouse but for the woman to think she can use force to deny a man's legitimate child or in the name of jealousy or bitterness is just plain silly. Anything short of juju will not work grin. For the issue of not having a child for the man after some years, it is simple. This according to African societal values and tradition is a negative, she's already being judged, making her husband unhappy or bringing up outrageous demands might just be the catalyst needed to end it all! THIS IS AFRICA, FORGET ABOUT THOSE MOVIES YOU WATCH ON TV!
Education / Re: Adeyeye Olorunfemi: "I Don’t Regret My Action" — Student Rusticated By UNILAG by abbey621(m): 3:47am On Sep 19

I would have ignored u but then u'll start thinking you are wise. The 1999 Nigerian Constitution's freedom of speech was adopted from the world referendum on such matter and hence it must subscribe to the generally accepted 'world' view on that subject. That Nigeria has abused democracy doesn't change the fact that the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution on the definition of freedom of speech is consistent with that of the global society. If this guy had written this write up in United States for instance, although authorities would have looked into the matter, nevertheless, he could have earned some charges to his detriment. Therefore, one must engage his right to speak in a manner as prescribed by the constitution. I trust that u're jotting and taking notes of this lecture

Please stop saying what you don't know,I live and work in the USA and the bold part of your comment is a LIE! I already told you there won't be an argument, it would be unfair of me to hold you to the same standards as intellectuals over here in the States. I'm off to bed!
Education / Re: Adeyeye Olorunfemi: "I Don’t Regret My Action" — Student Rusticated By UNILAG by abbey621(m): 11:47pm On Sep 18

I am not arguing with u, I am educating you. Every aspect of practicality has its foundational apriori hypothesis. It is amazing that you still reason in such a pathetic manner having engaged with CEOs, VPs etc. Such rare exposure is supposed to fine tune your perception. The scope of freedom of speech is limited to the extent to which it will not impinge on the personality and dignity of the receptor because dignity and freedom from verbal assault is their basic right to. Get the 1999 constitution and educate yourself on what freedom of speech is. Or better still, google wikipedia. Freedom of speech means expressing your opinion without government's interference and it has its restrictions. You are not to use freedom of speech to promote national disunity. In the process of exercising your constitutionally permitted franchise, you are not to insult or abuse. The young man contravened the latter hence rendering his fundamental right invalid. Read the boy's write up again and see how he insulted the management. It is evident u didn't read it properly and your zeal to comment did not give u ample time to analyse the issues at hand.

I already told you there's no need to argue, we do not reason on the same level neither are we in the same environment. Your idea of Democracy is tied to the 1999 Nigerian Constitution while mine is tied to the Democracy being practiced by advanced societies, where I live anyone can write a criticism of any institution(Democracy), where you live such criticism must be politically correct(Autocracy). There's just no way we can ever see eye to eye, the bold part of your comment alone is like comedy to me grin grin grin
Family / Re: My Husband And I Just Found Out He Has An 18yr Old Daughter. by abbey621(m): 11:40pm On Sep 18
My husband cannot make that kind of decision without my approval.

Is it alien to african culture to respect ur wife? then to hell with it.

If i were in her shoes, the day he brings her in, thats the day we call it off.

Goosh there is a big life out there. I cant come and die ontop being a mugun in my own home.

Once again you fail to see the bigger picture, this is not USA or UK! This is Africa, the male role has not been compromised here. 5 years of marriage no children of her own, that automatically puts her at a strategic disadvantage. Her best option is to use dialogue not force grin
Family / Re: My Husband And I Just Found Out He Has An 18yr Old Daughter. by abbey621(m): 10:58pm On Sep 18
If its me i would not allow that girl into my home. She has been living without her supposed father, she wont die if she continues thar way. H'ever, i wont stop him frm providing for her , as long as she is away, i would support him on that.

My doubts tho: The chances of a mum not opening up to the father of her child, are very slim. Which woman or her family would hide such from a man who impregrenated their daughter? nd for years? hmmm

That man needs to open up more. I suspect he is not saying the whole truth.

I think you are forgetting one crucial fact, in most African homes the male is the key decision maker. He's just being courteous by asking his wife for approval. After a DNA test, he needs to bring his daughter home, half bread is better than none!
Education / Re: Adeyeye Olorunfemi: "I Don’t Regret My Action" — Student Rusticated By UNILAG by abbey621(m): 10:53pm On Sep 18

The problem I have with dullards like you is that you have serious reading comprehension problems. No one is saying he shouldn't speak out but rather, he should speak out rightly. Go and read Soyinka's, Lamido's, Obasanjo's etc. open letters and articles criticising wrong policies by the government and you will sustain wisdom on how to communicate grievances openly. You wouldn't see any form of insults whatsoever. That is how intelligent people approach issues and not throwing tantrums like an amateur that his letter lucidly portrays. People like you always end up relating daft opinions due to myopic and premature analysis in your quest to sound intelligent

You're still a kid and have no experience outside your immediate surrounding,you operate on theories not reality. Come back and have a civil discussion when you've met with CEOs, VPs and other key decision makers on a daily basis. Come back online and have a discuss when you understand the true meaning of democracy and what freedom of speech truly means. Till then to argue with you is not worth neither my time nor my energy!

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Education / Re: Adeyeye Olorunfemi: "I Don’t Regret My Action" — Student Rusticated By UNILAG by abbey621(m): 6:14pm On Sep 18

Go and re-read his speech and come back and edit this poo you posted. There's a tactical way to approach issues especially when you know you don't have a solid backing. There are a number of ways he could communicate his degree of dissatisfaction as well as point out the errors of the administration without being abusive. This wasn't how people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela et al fought for freedom. They were tactical. People like you with much zeal will not weigh the consequences of your words before spewing them. He attempted to do what is supposed to be right but he let his anger dilute the efficacy of his approach.

Would you just keep shut! People like you sickens me, for you have no idea how basic human rights work neither do you have a clue of what justice truly means. In a democracy free speech must not be seen as some kind of privilege but a right! No school, I repeat NO SCHOOL in an advanced society will suspend a student for an editorial piece. The school should have been much more concerned that a student or students actually feel this way about the school's management and take corrective actions to make things right. Students and tax payers are the major financiers of schools like UNILAG, they should not be treated as trash!


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