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Politics / Re: Ortom: How Can Miyetti Allah Take Responsibility For Killings And Are Free? by abbey621(m): 4:58am On Mar 13
The real question should be: Why would a sitting Governor allow such terror groups in his state? If Buhari does not act, why don't you? You are a freaking Governor, grow a pair!
Politics / Re: Muhammed Kazaure Gudaji: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Given Too Much Power by abbey621(m): 2:55pm On Mar 10
They say politicians often are a reflection of the people who voted for them. Just go out to Jigawa and interview the populace, you would find that even the women are in support of what the politician said. What a shame!

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Career / Re: Best Banks To Work In Nigeria: List Of Highest Paying Banks - FinancialWatchNgr by abbey621(m): 2:50pm On Mar 10

Many bankers get more than their salaries every month. There are opportunities and deals that you will never know about.

These opportunities are they legal or ethical? Nigerians we are so used to mago mago, imagine having to do back deals just to earn enough, SHAME!
Career / Re: Best Banks To Work In Nigeria: List Of Highest Paying Banks - FinancialWatchNgr by abbey621(m): 3:45am On Mar 10
Bros don't compare miki D with Nigerian banks. Cost of living in both countries are not the same at all.

It has nothing to do with cost of living, if the lowest of workers in advanced countries earn more than bankers in the giant of Africa, it is a damn shame! We should be comparing white collar jobs to white collar jobs but we all know about cost of living and other excuses, which is why I compared it to one of the lowest job in the USA.
Career / Re: Best Banks To Work In Nigeria: List Of Highest Paying Banks - FinancialWatchNgr by abbey621(m): 12:32am On Mar 10
A worker at McDonalds makes minimum $7.25 multiply that by 152 =$1,102 minus 15% tax =$900 multiply by 360 = 324,000 Naira. A burger flipper makes 324,000 Naira per month yet these useless banks are struggling to pay their bankers, why won't these bankers commit fraud when the pay is so low. 9ja which way?
Celebrities / Re: Ali Baba And A Big Man Who Has 10 Police Escorts by abbey621(m): 8:48pm On Mar 07

You call him jobless, but I won't be surprised if he's richer than your father

He is definitely richer than his father, even richer than 10 times his father. People like him only have wealth on social media, so they take the hate out on those who are truly wealthy.....welcome to Nigeria!


Business / Re: Aliko Dangote Builds N1.2bn Business School In Bayero University Kano by abbey621(m): 9:07pm On Mar 04

Stop disgracing yourself..if it were in advanced economy....anti competition laws would be used for dangote

So you are telling me because we don't have enforceable anti competition laws in Nigeria, Dangote is a criminal, Dangote is not a good businessman? The problem with Nigerian critics at times is that we like mixing apples and oranges when trying to prove a point. Argue based on merit not rhetoric. You keep comparing Nigeria to advanced countries but you failed to mention those countries went through their own period of irregularities. Google Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and so many, the difference between really wealthy people and average ones is that one is simply taking advantage of the resources available and maximizing the value while the other CRITICIZES!

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Properties / Re: Land Use Charge In Lagos State. What It Is And What Its Not Part 1 (march 2018) by abbey621(m): 8:11pm On Mar 04
This is really enlightening, as a property owner, I'll be sure to increase the rent to accommodate the increase in taxes. It is how it is done in advanced countries......Tenants you can thank the government for making your life harder!
Celebrities / Re: Nathaniel Bassey: 'Women Are The Ones Doing Favor To Men When They Marry' by abbey621(m): 8:00pm On Mar 04
yes of is actually a favour...

a woman doesn't necessary have to Marry

without a woman a man cannot have children... so is is a favour to men...

imagine if God hadn't brought eve to Adam...we would only have a world full of animals

You are assuming without marriage a man won't have intimacy. You are assuming only married people have children. You are equally assuming that only men need children and that women have no hot desire for intimacy. Stop Assuming!

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Celebrities / Re: Patoranking's Harvard Speech, American Says It's Impossible, He Reacts by abbey621(m): 7:53pm On Mar 04
Harvard is just like a regular school filled with various departments and functions. We have professors focusing on musical heritage, African components and modern implications. Anyone can be invited by the students or the professors to speak or participate. I have been privileged to speak not only at Harvard but Princeton as well through my job, it has nothing to do with the school you went to or your grades. Honestly people, it's not a big deal!


Romance / Re: Man Flies In From Abroad, Proposes To His Girlfriend As She Cries (Photos) by abbey621(m): 12:04am On Jan 21
Very good but why the broadcast? It's good to be romantic just beware of bad belle people that can do and undo just because una loud am. This generation sha...it is well!
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 6:55pm On Jan 18
ignorance is bliss. go on knock yourself out

Said the kettle to the pot grin
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 6:21pm On Jan 18

Your last sentence just answered your question. Again, I insist, most of our rappers are whack and lyrically empty.

So are most rappers in the USA, so what's your point?

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 4:33am On Jan 18
I admire your patriotism but it's a little misplaced

This has nothing to do with patriotism but pure FACTS!
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 9:16pm On Jan 17

very funny, and witty diversion. I give you that.

A Nigerian who thinks Casper was wrong plays the sentiment card on another Nigerian who think he was right.
the perfect irony!

I don't think he was wrong, I just believe he generalized. If he had specified pure hip hop and relevancy like you clearly articulated instead of popularity, I wouldn't even argue...lol
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 9:07pm On Jan 17

hmmm pure rap dead?
in nigeria maybe but worldwide?naaaahhhh

Name 3 pure rap artiste with albums in the Billboard top 100 in terms of sales? Ok ok name 2? lol...dead and buried!
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 8:51pm On Jan 17

I'm the last person to be sentimental, really. Casper mentioned Hip Hop as it relates to African rappers. I'm only sticking to what he said and not presume anything else. He Mentioned SA Hip Hop and rappers, so I'm assuming he's referring to pure Hip Hop Fans, which is the home Base of any rapper worth His salt.

You're not being sentimental at all, not at all grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 8:35pm On Jan 17

so im guessing u didn't hear jodeci or michael(the king of pop) grin
oh btw rap(pure rap) started declining around 07 not after pac and big
u had songs like
hate me now -nas
dangerous,put ur hands-busta
what's happenin-methodman
izzo,big pimpin,song cry-jayz
not to mention other pure rap hits from their deaths to 07
notice how i didnt call weezy cuz most of d new breed science students rappers followed his lead
oh and long as cats like cole,k dot,montana are around pure rap is still alive

I beg to differ again, jayz, busta rhymes and even Nas had to mix in modern pop in other to stay relevant, they started out big and true but after 2000 they had to adapt. Big pimpin is definitely a credit to pure rap but compare it to Numb or even his latest album, it' not hard to see that pure rap is DEAD and BURIED!

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 8:29pm On Jan 17

yes, the topic is who is more popular and relevant. But popular and Big as what? not afro-pop, but hip hop.

even though your argument about Rakim being a better rapper than Nas and B.I.G is debatable, I'll take your word for it for the sake of argument.

But at least, it is a fair comparison. they are all Rappers and Hip Hop, strictly. it is like comparing three Rakims or Biggies Or Nasses, at the end, they are all doing Pure Hip Hop. there is no drake among them who appeal to pop and RnB fans to skew the popularity contest.

Casper was talking about popularity as a hip hop movement or mover, not some rapper who sings on Afro beats and do afro pop.

Shakitibobo is more popular and appreciated than any rap song you think olamide has. I may well ask, is olamide not more pop and Afro beat than Hip Hop?

Tell me how many pure hip hop fans do you think remains in the entire world? How about Nigeria alone? When someone calls you out in terms of popularity saying, "you are unknown in their country and around the world", do you think he was truly referring to pure hip hop fans or in general? come on now, let's not be blatantly sentimental!
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 7:45pm On Jan 17

rap and pop have always gone 2geda
even rap's golden age had bits of pop
big on mj's history,2pac and jodeci,big n total
pure rap is in a bad place in naija right now
we have too many drakes n few kendricks

You said they've always gone together and I disagree! By pop I'm assuming we are talking about modern pop, the kind that blossomed in the 1990s and early 2000s. Imagine Rakim featuring Justin Timberlake or Nas in his prime featuring Justin Bieber, it's a sin man, SIN angry angry

Anyways real rap crumbled with the deaths of Pac and Big, Eminem tried to bring it back but the music industry is in love with all these softies. Niggaz chose to get paid than to stick with pure rap, I can't blame them much tho grin


Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 7:11pm On Jan 17

ur comment is just like comparing nelly to taylor swift
of course taylor swift will win in sales and fanbase
hip hop has many branches and cass was referring to pure hip hop not pop rap like sum of d sounds u hear from drake,phyno and olamide who started as rappers
there is no pure hip hop in naija again and if we are to use ur comment as a yardstick it will be a long time before it returns

Cass generalized and hence is guilty of that fallacy. You said the right thing, hip hop has many branches, to say Nigerian rappers are not aS popular or relevant because they chose another branch different from Cass is just plain WRONG! Pure hardcore rap is dying and even the greatest of rappers like Eminem, Jay Z and so on had to mix in a little bit of modern pop just to sell their albums. Cass reminds me of Mode 9, very good flow but in the end, you remain stuck in the little pure rap fan base that remains.

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 7:07pm On Jan 17

with what you said here, I still think you're emphasizing the point the guy you quoted made.

Olamide should be more popular quite alright. but for what? songs like shakitibobo, Goons Mi, and the likes way I no even care to know sef. Bro, all those songs are not Rap. people might say no be music sef. all the real rappers in 9ja be like underground artists - vector comes to mind.

popularity doesn't make you a better rapper. I've not heard a rap song from our so called popular rappers for ages.

for instance, Drake is more popular and richer and sells more records than Kendrick Lamar or j Cole. are you going to say drake is the better rapper because of this?

This topic is about who is more popular or relevant, it has nothing to do with who is better! Rakim was a better rapper than B.I.G and Nas but definitely not as popular. Forget about the dialect or the language of the rap/what the artiste are doing now; once a rapper always a rapper. Go and listen to voice of the streets, Ilefo Iluminati and tell me those were whack raps because it did not conform to traditional hip hop style.....bullsh*t!

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 5:15pm On Jan 17
After reading some comments here, I can bodily say some commenters are either ignorant or they choose to be stupidly parochial about this topical issue..
Casper corroborated M.I's earlier assertion that Naija rappers are whack and you guys are attacking the dude as if he lied.
Casper simply nailed it....his point is faultless. Whether we like it or not, SA rappers such as Casper, Nasty C, and AKA are leagues ahead of our rapping minnows. In fact, as a Hip Hop lover, anytime I listen to the lyrical iines of Lil kesh, Olamide, Phyno, Cdq,small Doctor etc, I shed tears.

Only MI, Jesses Jagz, Falz, and Vector kinda stand out 'small'.

Who is more popular around the world, Casper or Olamide? Before you answer, you might want to check Itunes sales, concert records and number of albums sold. The fact remains strictly hip hop will never sell in 9ja, our rappers had to redefine themselves in order to stay relevant!

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rappers Are Unknown In South Africa - Cassper Nyovest by abbey621(m): 5:11pm On Jan 17

Guys here don't know what the guy is saying. I believe there is difference between Afro hip hop and hip hop. The guy is referring to hip hop and which is the gospel truth. Nigeria rappers are noisemakers.

Hip hop is hip hop, there's little difference between Afro and Classic, just a different tune but same concept. Nobody knows Casper beyond his little circle, no way in hell he has more fans across the world than Sarkodie or Olamide, this is the real fact. Go to London, come to Atlanta or Houston, you'll see what I'm talking about. Mode 9 tried the strictly hip hop route and what happened? He went up in flames! The Nigerian music industry is not ready for strictly hip hop, you must mix in the razzness and the Afro beats.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Without A Job Yet? Learn These 5 Top Skills And Get A Job!!! by abbey621(m): 7:05pm On Jan 16
Let me summarize for you: BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR.....

Your university education is becoming increasingly worthless in a sh*thole like Nigeria hence be smarter than your peers, go for practical skills that will fetch you stable income!

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Family / Re: ‘my Manhood No Longer Stands Erect’, Can't Have Sex: by abbey621(m): 12:29am On Jan 16
80% of men over 60 will experience impotency at some stage, baba was just looking for an excuse to start afresh, too many fresh kitten out there grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why The Man Rejected His Girlfriend's Proposal At Ikeja Mall, Lagos by abbey621(m): 9:33pm On Jan 15
I've never seen a woman propose to a man and not to talk of doing so in public! My mind tells me she already knew he was married, she knew he was traveling soon and wanted a commitment by fire or by force......Aye le o grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Photos Of Cart Pushers Arrested In Lagos As Government Begins Clampdown by abbey621(m): 8:26pm On Jan 15
You make a ban, there should be time before it goes into effect. Why not give them 30 days to get their lives together? Don't you realize you just took away their means of livelihood? What is it about Nigerian governance that aims to make life even more difficult for the helpless? SHAME ON YOU AMBODE, SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Politics / Re: Ekiti Bars Fayemi, Other From Holding Public Offices In State by abbey621(m): 6:53pm On Jan 15
Why would the people of Ekiti want Fayemi to return as Governor? We've seen so many times how these past leaders end up performing worse in their return to power. Ekiti being one of the most educated States in Nigeria, I find it hard to believe that there are no other qualified candidates for Governor, abi we never learn from Buhari and OBJ? I guess it's true what they say, intelligence greatly differs from being smart!

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Politics / Re: Sultan And I Are Miyetti Allah’s Patrons, Says Sanusi by abbey621(m): 10:30pm On Jan 14

You dey mind the joker called Sanusi? sad When he was still CBN governor, and NNPC was said to have failed to remit billions to the govt, he was a good whistleblower who knew the route to all media houses then, because all his stories got front page attention.

Now he claims 800 Fulanis were killed in Mambilla, yet no media house covered it....does that mean he has forgotten how to get the media to cover such an event? Does he think he is talking to kids or what? angry Such a huge number of Fulanis would be killed, do you believe that with the kind of political influence their people have in this govt, nothing would be done? shocked

Yea Sanusi obviously trying to justify the killings by the herdsmen as mere retaliation. 800 is such a huge number, it would have been a little bit believable if he said 800 were killed over several months or years but 800 at once, ridiculous!

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Religion / Re: Man Posts Bottle Of Beer And Bible Verse To Justify His Drink (Photo) by abbey621(m): 8:29pm On Jan 14
Abstaining from alcohol is just common sense, it is bad for your health. The bible was written by very smart people with common sense,but those that takes it literally today seems to be the opposite. It is the story of life.

A bottle of beer per day helps to lower blood pressure, helps with anxiety and is a good relief for depression. While 3 or more bottles per day increases blood pressure and contributes to weight gain.

Moral: Anything done in excess is bad for you. E.g sex, alcohol, studying, driving, talking e.t.c
Celebrities / Re: Why Funke Akindele's Name Was Removed From Casting Of “avengers: Infinity War” by abbey621(m): 7:28pm On Jan 14
Why Funke? Why did the hacker choose Funke? Illegal hacking is a very serious crime and must be investigated properly. I wouldn't be surprised if the hacker is a Nigerian or was paid by a Nigerian grin grin grin

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