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Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 5:29pm
Call now!
Politics / Re: Ken Saro Wiwa Vs Nnamdi Kanu: Sarowiwa Was Intelligent - Gen. Akinrinade by abbey621(m): 5:26pm
Do Biafrans want to have a conversation or do you want war? The honest truth here is that the North would rather blow themselves up than to have peaceful discussions about separation or marginalization. Yorubas will sit back and watch the Civil War 2.0 and cheer for the eventual winner, we have always been a contented tribe, too contented for my liking but like my friend always says, YOU WAN GET MONEY ABI YOU WAN DIE? grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Problems Started With Awo’s Introduction Of Tribal Politics — Unongo by abbey621(m): 5:10pm
The fact remains that Igbos want the same kind of collaboration that exists between the Northerners and the Yorubas while Yorubas are cautious to side with a North that has shown its might and unity countless number of times than to side with Igbos that have never been unified since Independence. I for one I'm very glad the Biafran discussion is intensifying, Yorubas need to also call for a Referendum, if we must split so be it!

Before anyone attacks, let's not forget that the first ever coup in Nigeria was carried out by power hungry people of the same background against their own brethren causing Nigeria to lose democracy resulting in years of military enforced hardships. So Awolowo might have been a tribalist but our problems today did not start with him but the greed that resonates with the average Nigerian, be it Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. I agree with the OP to some extent, we are different in terms of culture, beliefs and so on, UNITY is not by force!
Celebrities / Re: Tekno Reacts After Losing BET2017 International Act Africa To Wizkid, Pics by abbey621(m): 12:38pm
The award is best International act, this means foreign artiste recognized in their home country and abroad. How is this measured? Your top track in the year how did it perform on international charts? I have no doubt Teckno will get his due recognition soon but for now Wizkid is on another level when it comes to international recognition!

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Lekki Main Gate Flooded by abbey621(m): 8:30pm On Jun 25
VGC is definitely different from Lekki. VGC has been a disaster from day 1, in fact new estates are using the VGC disaster as a learning reference of what not to do. It is one of the worst areas on the island in terms of flooding.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 1:25pm On Jun 25
still available.
Politics / Re: "No Referendum, No 2019 Election In South-East" - Nnamdi Kanu by abbey621(m): 2:38pm On Jun 24

If no vote come from there. It means d are not part of ur government

So who come lose? The government will continue ruling those areas or who wan stop them? Kanu grin grin grin
Politics / Re: "No Referendum, No 2019 Election In South-East" - Nnamdi Kanu by abbey621(m): 10:30pm On Jun 23
After the successful grounding of the entire South East during the Sit-At-Home excercise on May 30th Biafra Day, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has again warned that if the Federal Government failed to conduct referendum on Biafra freedom, there would be no election in the entire Southeast during the 2019 general elections.

Mad love for these people, they sure know how to put on a show! The comedy just goes on and on, if the entire South East does not vote, doesn't it make it easier for the Northern agenda to reach fulfillment? Way to go professors grin grin grin grin
Crime / Re: American Man Sent To Kirikiri Prison For Defrauding Three Nigerians by abbey621(m): 12:47pm On Jun 23
If you are a criminal, you'll get your deserved punishment regardless of your American citizenship, unless it can be proven that it is undue punishment. The oyinbo man's best bet still remains the Nigerian judicial system, split the 500,000 dollars with the Judge and case dismissed. It's unfortunate but it's the way justice works in Nigeria....SHAME!


Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 9:37am On Jun 23
2 left.
Celebrities / Re: Little Segun Wire Blasts Falz For Saying Musicians Should Stop Hailing Fraudster by abbey621(m): 11:44pm On Jun 22
It's very clear that the kid does not have the intelligence and the wisdom to write such an heavy post, this is the work of adults being mischievous!

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Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh Osuofia Speaks On Biafra (Video, Photos) by abbey621(m): 2:02pm On Jun 22

MASSOB was there during Obj, Yaradua/GEJ government. Nnamdi was there during Yaradua/GEJ government. Two things separated the presented government from the previous two which escalated the whole thing:

1. Immediately after election, the present government described some region as 5% and stated openly that is how he was going to treat them. (at least Obj and GEJ made promises). Common sense dictates that a sitting president should take a step to douse out tension even if it means making promises that he may not be able to keep. You can take a clue from how government and ASUU has been running round come each election cycle. But it seems Bubu for reasons best known to him didn't use common sense.
2. Bubu arrested Kanu and the judiciary was trying to set up a kangaroo court against Kanu before the eyes of the very public. How did you think that would play out, couple that he has made it known that he was going to treat them as 5%.

In addition to that, Obj, Yaradua/GEJ at least as size-able number of Igbos in his government, in the present government no single Igbo in the security cabinet.

My brother fear God and be honest!

You are the one being dishonest, Buhari has had almost the same number of Igbos in his cabinet as OBJ, stop being selective and talk about all his appointments not just security cabinet! Next,answer this simple question, were the plights of the Biafran people any better under previous administrations? Even with the so called representation, were things better? If you are honest with yourself your answer would be NO! Finally Kanu or any other Biafran leader never spoke out against previous administrations, if they had I am very sure they would have faced the same harsh treatment from the government, well at least I'm sure during OBJ's era he would have been arrested.

I would want you to be very careful when stating FACTS based on blogs or rumors. What Buhari said is the reality in all government across the world, there would be preferential treatment for those that voted for him over those that didn't, even in the USA it happens via political appointments and funding. This is what Buhari said and as far as I'm concerned he is only guilty of being too honest:

"(Going by election results), constituencies that gave me 97% can not in all honesty be treated, on some issues, with constituencies that gave me 5%. I think these are political realities. While, certainly there will be justice for everybody but the people who voted, and made their votes count, they must feel the government has appreciated the effort they put in putting the government in place. I think this is really fair...." Read more: https://politics.naij.com/497122-video-wont-treat-nigerians-equally-president-buhari.html
Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh Osuofia Speaks On Biafra (Video, Photos) by abbey621(m): 10:27am On Jun 22
Biafra will never happen through peace, it will be through a bloody WAR! I have nothing against Biafrans, in fact I think it is every region's right to fight for its people but not this selective revolution. Igbos were marginalized under OBJ, they were marginalized under Yardua/GEJ and continue to be marginalized under Buhari, so I don't get why it took this long to actually VEX! Let's be honest, if Buhari leaves power and an Igbo man becomes president, would the agitation STOP? If it does, doesn't that mean the whole Biafran cause was and is a SCAM!
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: I Watched Churchill Touch His Mother Inappropriately (Leaked Chat) by abbey621(m): 5:49pm On Jun 21
She paid her own bride price, paid for the wedding even sponsored his visa.......Clap for the dumbest chic that ever liveth! Tonto stop making a mockery of yourself, the guy might be an adulterous, irresponsible fraudster but you entered the relationship willingly, juju has got nothing to do with this.....WOMAN think of your son for GOODNESS SAKE, when does the healing start? When will you have time to move on when you are so full of VENOM?
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 4:12pm On Jun 21
call now.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 10:12am On Jun 21
still available.
Crime / Re: Italy Arrests Nigeria’s ‘Rambo’ For Torturing, Killing Migrants In Libya by abbey621(m): 10:23pm On Jun 20
Based on logistics.... grin grin grin
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 1:18pm On Jun 20
1 upstairs, 2 downstairs.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 8:04am On Jun 20
3 flats left.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 7:43pm On Jun 19

which of the redeem is this?

I'm only aware of one redeem bus stop in Ogombo coming from Abraham Adesanya roundabout.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 7:13pm On Jun 19

Which part of ogombo is this house?

By redeem bus stop where the transformer is located.
Properties / 2 Bedroom Flats For Rent In OGOMBO AJAH by abbey621(m): 5:34pm On Jun 19


A. New house.
B. Fenced
C. Painted
D. Prepaid meter.
E. POP finishing with spot lights.
F. All floor tiled ( cabinets and wardrobes)
G. Water heater in kitchen and bathrooms.
H. Borehole.
I. Compound is interlocked.
J. Adequate parking space.

Ogombo is off Abraham Adesanya roundabout, it is about 3mins drive off the Lekki-Epe expressway, ogombo express way to ogombo town.


Politics / Re: 2019 Presidency: Patience Jonathan, Ekweremadu, Okorocha, Obi, Kalu Shortlisted by abbey621(m): 8:07pm On Jun 16
Even if Nigeria ends up splitting, the same old cargoes will end up ruling each region, it is a curse immune to tribalism!
Car Talk / Re: 6 Advantages Of Over Speeding (counter Thread) by abbey621(m): 8:02am On Jun 16
The only reason for speeding is because you live in a lawless country! Go abroad and try this rubbish and you'll find yourself with more fines with the possibility of jail time because you'll definitely end up killing someone one day or running over a mailbox. Na 9ja you dey so nothing do you, lawlessness is hereditary grin grin grin


Food / Re: The Meals Twitter User Made With Less Than 3k!!! by abbey621(m): 8:53pm On Jun 14
Even if it ends up costing twice as much, any husband or boyfriend should be impressed with her management skills, nowadays wey women go collect 5k for soup and end up preparing colored water with eba.... grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Buratai, 13 Others Taken To U.S. District Court Over Biafra Protests. by abbey621(m): 6:48pm On Jun 14

Under normal Circumstances, I shouldn't indulge you because you are obviously trolling, but since Im bored I will.

You truly think State Circuit Courts are higher than Federal District Courts? You also really think Federal District Courts handle "every trashy case thrown at it"? grin grin grin

Believe it or not the U.S District Court is probably the MOST POWERFUL ENTITY IN ALL OF THE UNITED STATES; EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN THE PRESIDENT. Except the Judges don't have the Nuke codes. If your case is not heard by the U.S District Court, it is not going to be heard by higher Courts like the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. Do you get it now? So, don't think of "Low" in terms of "Worthless". It is low in terms of "hierarchy" and whatever has been decided in District Court is held in high regards by the higher courts.

I believe your country has a similar Judicial system if I'm not mistaken.

Please stop this! When did I ever mention state circuit courts? When did I ever compare state circuit courts to federal district courts? I think you need a chill pill otherwise you run the risk of making even more mockery of yourself. I have never for once mentioned state courts as I believe we are dealing at the federal level and yes when it comes to the federal system all cases pass through the district courts hence why I called them trashy but take a look at cases making it all the way to the Supreme court, you would realize that they are cases of important magnitude and they all passed through circuit courts otherwise known as court of appeals. I never called the federal district courts worthless, that is you putting words in my mouth and you know it! We are talking of international crimes and punishments, this is why I called them unfit to handle such cases when you compare them to ICC, if you take a look at this forum; you yourself mentioned something similar about them dismissing the case. I hate rambling, I'm not into long pointless dialogues rather if you calmed down and analyzed my point without any malicious intent, you would understand that I'm more right than wrong and that our points our differ slightly....shalom!
Crime / Re: Two Men Fight, Complain To Police Over Refusal To Pay After Anal Sex by abbey621(m): 6:18pm On Jun 14
And they said Hausa should leave Nigeria, thanks to the Northerners we can still curb many of the homosexuals out there but once they are gone, it's open season on anu.ss. motel grin grin grin. This one is not about tribalism it's about reality, Western exposure don scatter some of our Yoruba and Igbo brains, but mallam no go gree, they prefer underage girls than to do man to man.....Come to think of it, we are all f*cked angry angry grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Buratai, 13 Others Taken To U.S. District Court Over Biafra Protests. by abbey621(m): 5:58pm On Jun 14

Have you ever heard that saying that "Its better to keep quiet and be thought of a f00l, than open your mouth and erase all doubts?". It is very apt in this case.


You are a lawyer or at least a law school graduate, it's pointless to argue that one of the lowest equals the lowest. What you wrote drastically differs from what I wrote, you might want to do yourself a favor and retrace my posts in this forum, nowhere did I call district courts the lowest, just one of the lower courts. No need to drag things of zero value to intelligence!
Politics / Re: Buratai, 13 Others Taken To U.S. District Court Over Biafra Protests. by abbey621(m): 5:52pm On Jun 14

The man is right. District Courts are the lowest federal courts. It is in no way one of the lowest courts in the USA. Unless you're mixing it up with State District courts. If you say it's one of the lowest then what would you call a town court?

My friend when you qualify something has one of the lowest, it does not automatically mean the lowest. E.g. We have 5 floors in a building, I could choose to say floor 3 or 2 represents one of the lowest floors. Now since we are talking about district courts and in this case federal district courts, I'm correct to call it one of the lowest because compared to circuit courts and Supreme court, it handles every trashy case thrown at it. Now being one of the lowest does not mean inefficient, it only means that cases of highly important magnitudes rarely ever gets settled in district courts. I hope I've been able to enlighten you a little bit....No need to thank me grin grin

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