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Business / Re: Sheriff Shittu Shuts Down Showroom.ng After 12 Years Of Hustle by abbey621(m): 12:06am On Aug 25
Nigerians mostly consider what it costs to start a business, most don't have a long term plan or a good exit strategy. This man could have built the amazon of showrooms but instead he's packing up due to limited vision. The opportunities are out there but don't expect opportunities to translate into success without a maintenance package. A noble thinker dies in the jungle because it lacks the zeal of the tenacious doer. Four questions for all future entrepreneurs:

1: What are my short and long term goals?

2: How much resources do I have to achieve these goals?

3: Are my goals flexible enough to survive in a changing marketplace?

4: What are my exit strategies? Make money and pack up or continue to grow through mergers and acquisitions?


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Culture / Re: This White Man Speaks Edo, Benin Language But Has Never Been To Nigeria (Video) by abbey621(m): 8:33pm On Aug 23

You still do not get it. A language called bini does not exist. Sadly even Benin people make that mistake. Benin people sadly copy what the read in newspapers, written mostly by people who do not really much about Benin.

The Oba & Benin Traditional Council have made it clear that the modern form of the name is Benin, NOT Bini. But we rather listen to announcements made at Buckingham Palace in London than take not of local announcements.

A Benin person is Ovbiedo & a speaker of local language is Unu n'ozedo.
What I am telling you is Edo is both the tribe & language. You would not ask any Esan or Ora person before 1991 if he was Ovbiedo.

The generalisation of all people within what is now Edo State as Edo is a new thing.

If you check your philology text books, those other languages you mentioned in Ora PLUS Urhobo/Okpe, Isoko, Degema (in Rivers State) & some other minor languages in Southern Nigeria that you may never have heard of before, are called Edoid languages. Whether they sound similar to Benin language or not, depend on the lenght of time of seperation from the parent language.

In Benin you ask a person if he's Ovbiedo are you Edo person & if he speaks Edo. That has been the case for centuries. It is the creation of Edo State where people now try to, out of political expediency, to generalise other languages as Edo. Because most languages in Edo State come from same parent Edo language spoken around Benin City, it is also in theory correct to call them Edo languages.

I know it is very hard for people to accept that what they have known (or thought) to be correct lifelong is in fact inaccurate. But if you do not actively seek knowledge, you don't get it.

Interesting! I find myself agreeing 50% of what you are saying and disagreeing with the other 50%. All in all, very educative!
Culture / Re: This White Man Speaks Edo, Benin Language But Has Never Been To Nigeria (Video) by abbey621(m): 7:31pm On Aug 23

Actually the language of Benin people is Edo.

Originally Edo is both language & people. Oba Ewuare replaced Ile-Ibinu with Edo, after 1440 AD. Because (1) he perceived Ile-Ibinu slightly derogatory (2) Ile-Ibinu was a word said by Oranmiyan, a man who grew up outside Igodomigodo as Benin/was called before 1169AD. (3) To honour his loyal servant called Edo, who saved him from certain death as a prince, but Edo lost his life in the process.

The use of Edo to describe Benin, Esan, Afemai, Ika, and others is a very recent thing of political expediency. Precisely when Edo State was created in 1991.

Oba Eweka had to give up Benin traditional rights over Edo Central, Edo North, parts of Delta & parts of Eastern Yorubaland, as part of the conditions for the British to restore Benin monarchy in 1914.

With that, it was felt that calling it "Benin State" would tend to alienate other tribes. Though that would have been the obvious thing since Bendel was first coined from "Benin Province & Delta Province". Because Delta is tribe neutral as a name, it became Delta State naturally. In the 1980s, my Esan, Afemai/Owan & Ika friends would have sharply corrected you if you called them Edo.

Everything is politics in 9ja.

Excellent historical perspective but I still maintain there's no such thing as Edo language perhaps I need to clarify my statement to sound more politically correct. There is no such thing as true Edo language! What most people speak is Bini(60%) and the others about 27 different dialect. Coming from a mother who came from Ora, I can tell you her dialect is definitely different from the more acceptable or known Bini language.
Properties / Re: 10 Plots Of Land @ Lekki Scheme 2 With Lagos Government C Of O @ Available Price by abbey621(m): 5:08pm On Aug 23
Are you able to tell me what the price is per plot and whether it's dry land or not? my email is info@globalsynctechnology.com


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Properties / Re: Dry Lands At Ibeju-lekki For 675,000 by abbey621(m): 4:43pm On Aug 23
What documents comes with the land? C of O, Gazette? How far from the main road?
Politics / Re: Grand Total Federal Allocation To States From May 2015 To June 2016 by abbey621(m): 3:29pm On Aug 23
Mofos will keep shouting Buhari not realizing it's their state and local politicians that are screwing the masses over and over again. Wake up Nigerians!

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Politics / Re: 8 Killed In Zamfara Over "Blasphemy Against Islam" by abbey621(m): 3:25pm On Aug 23

they would gladly kill if the environment permits .. they hot up minor issues. in fact , I was dumbfounded when they were applauding bin Laden's attack on twin towers, hail killings of Christians up North, got really furious when laden was killed .. imagine , a grown up man, a sec school teacher threatened to call people up North to kill Christians because his brother was denied entry into exam hall because the guy came very late for exam. this happened years ago in OYE ekiti.. I think what really calm Muslims wahala in South is the fact they are not the majority, if not we would suffer same fate down here...

You are still ranting based on assumptions, you've not actually witnessed any of them kill and as such you can't compare them to those in the North. There are no Muslim wahala in the South because people in the South predominantly want money more than religious bullsh*t especially in Lagos.
Culture / Re: This White Man Speaks Edo, Benin Language But Has Never Been To Nigeria (Video) by abbey621(m): 12:34pm On Aug 23

who said anything about "Edo language"?

The title of the thread, "White man speaks Edo"!
Culture / Re: This White Man Speaks Edo, Benin Language But Has Never Been To Nigeria (Video) by abbey621(m): 12:16pm On Aug 23
Is there anything like Edo language?
Politics / Re: 8 Killed In Zamfara Over "Blasphemy Against Islam" by abbey621(m): 12:12pm On Aug 23

It has nothing to do with education. I pray the Aregbesolas of osun, and the tebliques roaming all over the place will not bring us to north situation.

Back up your statement with facts! It's well known that Muslims in the South are proportionally more educated than those in the North. It's also a well known fact that the avenue for extremism via influence from Niger, Chad and Mali is more common in the North. You now add those factors in with a drastically more income deficient society and the rest is history!

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Politics / Re: 8 Killed In Zamfara Over "Blasphemy Against Islam" by abbey621(m): 12:09pm On Aug 23

that's not 100%true about the Muslim in the West , have came across some people in the West (Ado ekiti precisely)who have the tendencies to kill in the way they talk,react to minor issues .. I know they will like this news on seeing it..

Have you actually seen any of them kill? I'm not talking about one or two isolated incidents but rather a pattern of violence and blatant disregard for the law!
Politics / Re: 8 Killed In Zamfara Over "Blasphemy Against Islam" by abbey621(m): 3:31am On Aug 23
Want to know why things like these don'treally exist in the South even tho we have Muslims in the South? It's simple,when you mix poverty,illiteracy and fear with religion, you breed extremism. 80% of all Muslims in the North are inherently intolerant not because of Islam but because their religious and community leaders continue to preach hatred in their hearts. They are taught to see other religions as the reason for their poverty just the same way blacks here in America blame everything on racism. The solution is not eradication of Islam but true law and order, in a sane society those who committed the act are sentenced to life or the death penalty, be it Christian or Muslim if you injure or killbe prepared to face the law. So all those bashing Islam and all those supporting the actions of the perpetrators, receive sense!


Health / Re: Mayowa Ahmed Of #SaveMayowa Is Dead by abbey621(m): 4:54pm On Aug 21

If you are ignorant about something you don't make conclusions.


Currently, the standard treatment for Stage IV ovarian cancer consists of both surgery and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, less than 10% of patients experience long-term survival following standard treatment. This is because Stage IV ovarian cancer is difficult to completely remove with surgery and the currently available chemotherapy is unable to eradiate all of the remaining cancer but can prolong the patients life and improve overall survival.

I think you are both saying the samething but from different perspectives, check the survival rate of ovarian cancer at stage 4 and you'll reach the conclusion that majority turns out to be terminal. The ones that survive are rare and requires more money than the little that was raised for her surgery.


Career / Re: Bank Workers Declare Your Assets - CBN Orders by abbey621(m): 1:43pm On Aug 12
Fashion / Re: Nigerian Lady Loses 49kg In 9months (Photos) by abbey621(m): 9:47pm On Aug 08
Mr. Twister, please we are primarily talking of possibility here, not about whether or not it is healthy.

The fatter you are, the faster you lose weight when you diet [or exercise]. Some can safely lose even 1.5 kg per week; it all depends on their initial weight.

The story also says she takes lots of protein; I am sure you know the relationship between muscles and protein.

It is possible.

Stop confusing yourself, you don't want to talk about health yet you make definitive statements like, "Some can safely lose even 1.5kg per week". She can take all the protein in the world, if she's losing 1.2kg per week over a period of 9 months without exercise she's definitely starving herself and losing muscle! Even those with heavy exercise routine cannot keep up that consistency of weight loss without the help of supplements.
Fashion / Re: Nigerian Lady Loses 49kg In 9months (Photos) by abbey621(m): 9:01pm On Aug 08
That was what I was telling @calabaman; when it comes to weight loss, dieting is king.

Losing 45 kg in 9 months means shedding approximately 1.2kg per week. Nothing is strange about that especially in view of the fact that the fatter you are, the more rapidly you lose weight if you diet. The story if highly believable and possible.

Loosing 1.2kg per week without exercise is not healthy, let's not give people false information here! When you lose that amount of weight in such a short period of time, you not only lose fat but muscle mass also; as people get older loss of muscle mass can lead to weaker bones and acute arthritis.
Fashion / Re: Nigerian Lady Loses 49kg In 9months (Photos) by abbey621(m): 10:46pm On Aug 07
In 9 months she lost 45kg which equals about 100 lbs without exercise. This is ridiculous and practically impossible, we are talking of a weight loss ratio of 11 lbs per month. Now I could believe 20, 30 and even 40 lbs in 9 months but without surgery, exercise or help from weight loss/appetite control pills, there's just no way!
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In The U.S With A Hermes Bag Worth N40 Million - The Signal by abbey621(m): 10:21pm On Aug 07
This just needs to stop! Now we've gone from she can't enter to she entered wearing luxury items. This is madness, if we must criticize let's criticize the state of the economy and Buhari's promises to Nigerians. This is just mere distraction taking us away from the real issues at hand!

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Family / Re: Why Is It That Nigerians Abroad Hardly Marry Nigerian Ladies Over There? by abbey621(m): 11:32pm On Aug 06

Don't get my point wrong....
What you listed up there are good values.

I'm talking of the extreme cases......
Like feeling you have the right to treat your wife as poo (many men from Nigeria have no problems with this, we both know that)

Deliberate misbehaviour (We know we are all human and we make mistake, but doing things anyhow, because you feel your wife can not do shot is 19th cemtury thinking)

And the list goes on.

He/She who does not value family should not get married )

Agree! What I believe causes instances of such abuse in Nigeria is the fact that women go into marriage thinking the men are the sole providers and fully contented to be a liability. It is human nature to become frustrated at one point or the other. This is why I partially agree with some principles of feminism as long as it is done in moderation.
Family / Re: Why Is It That Nigerians Abroad Hardly Marry Nigerian Ladies Over There? by abbey621(m): 11:10pm On Aug 06

I think the major problem with we Africans, who live in western countries is that there is this socio cultural expectation(s) that was ingrained in us, about how a man/woman should act/behave etc, and because it is in contrast with the liberal societal expectations of the West, then it causes friction.

Let like minds marry each other biko shocked

If your brain and expectation is still stuck in the 19th century, then you know what to do

If believing in the concept of respecting your husband or wife, honor and loyalty, the self integrity of being a provider, being head of the household and playing your God given role is 19th century thinking then we Africans are so lucky!

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Romance / Re: Dollars Husband Sprayed On Wife At Their Wedding Reception (photos by abbey621(m): 11:05pm On Aug 06
Would you rather get sprayed $1(350 naira) at a party or collect 500 Naira? Nigerians still falling for the dollar hype grin grin grin grin

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Family / Re: Why Is It That Nigerians Abroad Hardly Marry Nigerian Ladies Over There? by abbey621(m): 10:58pm On Aug 06
I don't know about any other country but the U.S is a demonic country that ends up sucking the life out of most men at the same time make women power hungry. Due to the feminist theory, the democrat controlled government tries really hard to over compensate for what they termed as injustice. From women's rights to gay rights,real men are no longer seen as a priority. To illustrate consider the rankings:

1. White Women
2. White Male
3. Asian and Hispanic females
4. Asian and Hispanic males
5. Black females
6. Black males.

The above illustrates the real problem black males face in the U.S. A country with shows like real housewives of L.A or Atlanta, Dr. Phil, Oprah and so on. Men are learning to accept their role as number 2 in the house while women are encouraged to take control. This to an African man is a taboo. Imagine not being able to rely on your wife to cook you a good meal or not being able to give your parents or siblings money without getting permission from your wife. Imagine not being able to have an argument with your wife without her calling the police and getting you kicked out of your own home. Our African brothers believe those women back home though they are not perfect are still respectful of the society and traditions to be humble. Of course this theory is not perfect as we have seen a lot of guys coming back home to marry women related to lucifer but as an African man the reward outweighs the risks!

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Meets With US Senators by abbey621(m): 10:05pm On Aug 06
On Aisha Buhari's Reported Visit To The USA..

Called the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC, they have no Itinerary schedule for Aisha Buhari. The phone number is 202-457-1700. When in doubt, you satisfy your curiosity, I just did. And there is no event going on RIGHT NOW at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington involving Aisha Buhari. Their last event was held on the 28th of July.

Even Toyin Saraki was hosted by the Obamas when she visited the US, yet Aisha Buhari was never hosted by the Nigerian ambassador to the US not to talk of the Obamas. Who are these people deceiving?

Even the wife of the smallest country in the world would have been hosted by Michelle Obama. No media house here in the US has carried her visit despite being the wife of the president of the most populous country in Africa.

There is United States Institute of Peace and the VoA in almost every country so this photo and her VoA interview do not tell us anything about her location, and the angle of the camera in all the photos released are very intentional and thus suspicious.

I refuse to be deceived by the APC spin doctors and I dare say Aisha Buhari did NOT visit the USA.

Stop deceiving yourself. There's no how you called there and expect them to reveal information about their guests. Tell me exactly what you said, was it something like: " Hello , I like to know if you received the first lady of Nigeria(Aisha Buhari) at one of your events recently?". Stop acting silly, how many first ladies actually visits the U.S? It is very rare for media houses to carry such news even if it did occur. I dare you to prove me wrong, show me a CNN or FOX news piece on a country's first lady being in the U.S, show me!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Difference Between Trump And Clinton Brilliantly Summed Up In One Cartoon by abbey621(m): 12:31am On Aug 05
In the world we live in, Hillary sounds more appealing because she's the candidate of politically correct, food stamp pumping, keep small nations in debt and destabilize the middle east candidate. She's also the gay friendly, feminist pushing big government champion. Hillary's plans sounds appealing till you realize she has no plan to bring the national debt down, no plan to curb illegal immigrants, no plan to stop violence except take guns away from people who want to defend themselves against the mental half of the USA. Trump on the other hand is a loud mouth buffoon with years of business experience and a master in making deals. He is the candidate able to bring American debt down and make the country safer. Under Trump, America will be respected but unfortunately he's not willing to suck up to the mainstream media and the powers that be. He's a billionaire and his billionaire mentality has made him arrogant but make no mistake he's shrewd, calculating and would put America back as number 1 if only he would learn to shut his damn mouth!

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Travel / Re: 20 States US Warned Citizens Against Traveling To In Nigeria by abbey621(m): 11:33pm On Aug 04
We don't take the American government serious.
The most ignorant people on earth are Americans.

You can go to Iraq or Afghanistan, stay for 50 years and still be alive.
You can't live for 4 days in Chicago.
Chicago is not even a state, Chicago is just a city in Illinois but every year 500 people alone are murdered, you can't go to someone else's street in the USA, you will be killed.
The murder rate of Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington put together is higher than every country in this world yet the U.S government will not talk about it, they keep calling other countries "security threats"

I get your point but your statistics are skewed. The cities you mentioned are densely populated so they should only be compared to densely populated areas in Nigeria, compare Chicago and Lagos State and you would realize more than 500 people are killed each year in Lagos. Compare LA and Wahington D.C to Borno or Benue and you would get the same result. We shouldn't blame the American government for valuing the lives of their citizens, it's not too much if the Nigerian government did the same for Nigerians around the world.


Crime / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble With Cultists by abbey621(m): 11:21pm On Aug 04
Important things,like what and what? Pls xplain in details.

Important things like my financial status, where I stayed in Lagos and so on.
Crime / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble With Cultists by abbey621(m): 6:38pm On Aug 04
If Cultists are determined to get you, there's nothing that can save you except for the grace of God. You can follow some stupid rules or list all you want but what will be will be. I survived 5 years of O.O.U not by being a robot but by making alliances. I dined with the best and worst of them, I did not judge them but was free. I allowed them to know enough about me but never revealed the most important things. Little things like helping out during exams, helping a brother or sister out when he or she was broke. Little things like those kept me safe when trouble came. I was always in the know, I was warned if there was going to be an attack and never for once did I pass my boundary. Of course even with all that, I was safe not by my might but by his grace!
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari In Washington DC (VIDEO), Defies Critics by abbey621(m): 12:33pm On Aug 04
This is the reason why a certain tribe will continue to be marginalized till thy kingdom come! It's not because they are not hardworking or brilliant, no not at all; it's because of the hatred in their hearts and their over aggressive nature towards their countrymen. How anyone can support a statement from a psychopathic dog still amazes me!

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Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Burn 500 Houses, Kill 4,000 People In Southern Kaduna by abbey621(m): 5:37pm On Aug 03
People just made comments for the sake of commenting, most people here cannot comprehend what they read. 4000 killed since 2010 till now shows one thing, you cannot put all the blame on Buhari. If the herdsmen theory is true then GEJ is equally complacent. Furthermore, those shouting ethnic cleansing, bigotry and so on should please shut up, are we to believe since 2010 herdsmen have been killing in Kaduna and other Northern areas and GEJ allowed it because it's ethnic cleansing or Buhari continued it because he's a bigot? Are we to believe that this group existed side by side with Boko Haram without conflict? I laugh at you all because even the educated ones have allowed sentiments to cloud their judgment!

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Phones / Re: Whatsapp Banned Me Temporarily by abbey621(m): 9:46pm On Aug 02
You are a bloody spammer and in my opinion you should be banned for a year!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Embassy In The US Has No Electricity Because Of Debt - Twitter User by abbey621(m): 12:47pm On Aug 02
Just because that particular embassy had no light does not mean all Nigerian embassies in the U.S are in debt. I was just at the Atlanta embassy and everything works perfectly. There are many issues that could lead to lack of electricity such as damaged power lines, damaged electrical wiring or maybe that particular embassy is being shut down due to low patronage. If it is in fact due to debt then the embassy should be closed indefinitely!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Unclad Photos Of Melania Trump Hit The Internet by abbey621(m): 10:42pm On Aug 01

In the swing states, trump is polling at exactly..0% among Blacks shocked

Lol let's give him a little credit maybe 0.5 to 1% grin grin grin

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