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Education / Re: History: When Black Men Ruled The World by abbey621(m): 3:49pm On Nov 16
I must sympathize with you, your write up really makes sense but it was formed on an illusive premise. Firstly, there is a difference between Black, Africans, African Americans and colored people. When you ask African Americans to trace their history most of them discover that they have mixed bloods. Either their black grandmother was forcefully slept with by her white male master or their black grandfather eloped with a white woman, thus can you call such a race 'BLACK'? Furthermore, even the white race are not united. We have Jews, Native Americans, Irish and so much more, to unite them all is just a fallacy. The honest truth is that there can never be a completely unified race without considering individual personalities and influences. The plight which many African Americans face is completely different from the challenges of most Africans; just take a look at the societies in Nigeria and that of Sierra Leon and you'll see that a unified black race is nothing but an illusion. The best we can hope for is a unified country, free of corruption, enriched with kindness and patriotism.

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Politics / Re: PDP Rejects Two Presidential Aspirants... Balewa And Abiola by abbey621(m): 7:47pm On Oct 28
Welcome to Nigerian governance.... A one party nation.....PDP® screwing the nation since 1999 grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Defection: PDP Demands Tambuwal's Resignation by abbey621(m): 6:30pm On Oct 28

What is needed is a simple majority and not a two third!

Lol.... U no know book!


Business / Re: How Much Have U Won From Football Betting? by abbey621(m): 5:28pm On Oct 28
Won total of $6600
Lost total of $3850

Net profit: $2750 since 2012

*** Stay away from Nigerian bookies, bunch of amateurs***

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Celebrities / Re: “i’m Not Bothered That People Think I Am Arrogant” – Wizkid by abbey621(m): 3:25pm On Oct 28
The life of a star: Haters will hate, family will hate, coleagues will hate, even fans will hate at some point. It's all part of being a celebrity. The young man is busy making money, I pray for him everyday and I hope he's smart enough to save for rainy days cos nothing lasts forever!


Family / Re: How The West Corrodes Our Morality by abbey621(m): 6:36pm On Oct 26
How pathetic! Blame the west for everything yet even this very forum is a result of western innovations. Are you guys really that jobless or frustrated with your lives

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Car Talk / Re: Lecturer Lynched For Hitting Kids While Avoiding Trailer by abbey621(m): 9:47pm On Oct 25
In a defenseless country like 9ja, one would be very silly not to own a gun. Imagine if that helpless man had a gun, all it takes is to fire one shot in the air and all those cowards will scatter. Lawless country, defenseless citizens angry angry angry

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS- Akinwunmi Ambode Formally Declares For Lagos Governorship by abbey621(m): 1:21pm On Oct 25
People are just wasting their time, the election has been decided and the winner will soon be revealed. FYI....It's not this guy!
Education / Re: Emmanuel Ohuabunwa Earned 3.98 GPA At John Hopkins University by abbey621(m): 12:55pm On Oct 21
While 3.98 out of 4.0 is a great achievement, I see no reason to over glorify such things. In the real world your GPA is about as useful as a car without an engine. I graduated 4.0/4.0 at the university here in Georgia and it didn't do much good in terms of employment, I still had to learn the ropes and gain valuable experience before being an expert in my field. I see many Foreign nationals and Americans graduating with 3.8 and above, it's not rare over here, American grading system is very easy.
Health / Re: Texas College Rejects Nigerian Applicant Over Ebola by abbey621(m): 12:29pm On Oct 20
It saddens me when I see Nigerians(Not just ordinary Nigerians) those capable of schooling abroad physically and emotionally settle for community colleges, it's so pathetic! A college like Navarro is one of the worst in the country, hardly better than a Unilag or a private institution in Nigeria. Finally, Texas of all places, they are as ignorant as a blind man watching television, apart from Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, most places in Texas are just not worth it. Ebola or no Ebola make dem find better school!


Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 4:02pm On Oct 18

The if you support my view as against having hijab in school why are you trying to go again it? I don't understand what you are talking about dude. You seem to be confused on where you stand in this argument. I AM AGAINST WEARING HIJAB IN SCHOOLS! Please, let me know if you were. Gobbledygook master!

I am against the wearing of Hijab in schools or any religious demonstration in a public institutions, however I am not of the same viewpoint as you that Islam is bad or that Muslims were brainwashed. I am not in agreement with you that the actions of a few minorities speaks for the Majority. If you did not base your assertions on invalid rhetorics, I would not have commented!
Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 3:51pm On Oct 18

HATE! You just throw words around for all in the name of making points. Jeez! You are rebuffed by me for using that nonsensical word indeed! If you think I am not in a position to speak on religion matters because you think I am not religious means you are blind to the fact. I am in the best position to do that because I can't be biased against different religion groups when addressing some issues concerning their faith. This is about a particular religion and I speak my mind of their silly doctrine to control girls by lying to them. Why you try to uphold the need to allow hijab in schools there is a clear line something significant has been attached to it which you are playing down on. If not why do they want it allowed in schools in the first case? Please...

Islam in fact modify the old testament and add Hadith as a separate instruction guide. The old testament is as negligibly unimportant to a modern Christians as heresy in the past. You need to stop trying to use Christianity as your comparison in this argument. I would rather have Christian neighbors than a Muslims based on Muslim fanaticism.

There is always a compulsion in Islam. This is were the bane of the hypocrisy lies. They would say something else in the open and do another in the secret. Muslim might not use force to convert people to become members of Islam in few cases but would hold back things which would have be favorable to them if they were to be non-Islamic and taunt them as they would do to enemies. Please, you aren't speaking to somebody who doesn't have much idea about that religion.

The truth that Muslims are hypocrites is an evidence why you see them supporting those terror groups attacks on people in secret. Visiting Muslim countries forums online and see their views on the terror fights in Muslim countries and you would be appalled. Many see the wars as against Christians and Muslims. That alone give us an insight into how a typical Muslim first reason before coming to a conclusion. They are biased and hypocritical!

You really are confused! I'm one of the few who believes that there should be no religion in public institutions, Hijab or Bible. You claim to be religiously indifferent but your statements shows otherwise, you are clearly diluded. It's better you come out and accept that you are a confused Christian than to try to form pseudo atheism. Ok to be fair to you, I don't think you are as exposed as I give you credit for, so let me come down to your level of reasoning. Look up countries like Indonesia, Malaysia to name a few and see how Muslims there behave, now compare it to countries like Iran & Iraq and you can see that the problem is not the religion but the interpretations. You like many other confused souls out there do not bother to do proper research before judgement, you think in a one way direction and leave little to no room for corrections. If you open up your mind, take away sentiments and speak strictly on facts, you would realize that you are a novice on this particular topic, muslims are not the problem, christians are not the problem, the main problem lies with people like you who react without having all the facts, people like you who believes it's either all or nothing, you are just as dangerous as those extremists because you incite hatred with your volatile statements, you give the extremists fuel for their ammunitions and generalize all people into the same category based on their faith!


Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 3:10pm On Oct 18
I don't believe lies like religion doctrines. You should know possibly by now that I don't.

In your mind you think I am a Christian because I am against your religious ideology. That is always one of the Muslims problems, the very reason they fight with different religion groups around the world all to have domination. That is nonsense. From Asia to Africa Muslims are fighting with other religions. Jeez! What a sh*t I can not stand to watch! It is repugnant to say the least.

I don't care about religion either, my dad is a Muslim, my mom a Christian and they have lived peacefully for many many years. The problem I have with you is that you lack the proper education to be considered an expert on religious matters. Don't let your hate for religious doctrines cloud your judgement or reasoning. I took proper time to reseearch the world major religions, even took many courses in religious studies during my undergraduate and graduate days, so I know what I'm talking about. Islam is very similar to the Old testaments in the Bible, mistake most people make is that they believe in the wordings rather than the message. For example: There's no compulsion in Islam, any Muslim who coerce or force another to join Islam has sinned, all true muslims believe this but the terrorists, the manipulators would quote Jihad statements meant for that particular time in history and use it to suit their modern desires. The point is you have no rights to associates all Muslims in the same category or that all of them are spinless and ignorant. This goes for anything in life, the actions of a few minority must not represent the majority, the actions of a few white men does not mean all white men endorsed slavery, the actions of a few black men such as Crips and Bloods doesn't mean all black men are thugs. I have no problem with Islam or Christianity, I do however have a big problem with the extremisim associated with each religion.


Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 2:36pm On Oct 18
I said 1.4 billion Muslim you pointed to are brainwashed and that is correct! The fact that they don't even question the origin of the religion and the lie behind it is from God, a supernatural being somewhere unknown, proves my argument is correct. As to the 90% statement, I said that is possibly the number of those 1.4 billion Muslims in Islamic countries of the over-eulogized Muslim population as though the are winning more convert from non-Muslim. Read to comprehend my posts. Extremists are in every religion and it is human but their is a magnitude to it. There is hardly a Muslim person who would condemn a ISLAMIC onslaught on non-Muslim in the open and in the secret. I know Muslim people better than you in their hypocrisy. Please..., you are talking to uninformed person.

I am not biased! Muslim always see others biased against them whereas they are the most biased and hypocritical human beings alive. Things you cannot do in Islamic countries are done in developed countries by Muslims. What a way to go in biased talk. Jeez! I can understand why Israel is not taking any chances from the Arab nations.

Sir what religion do you practice or are you an Atheist? Your answer would detrmine the proper response to your ramblings above!
Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 2:23pm On Oct 18
Once again you speak without basis. Your initial post suggests that 90% of Muslims are brainwashed and yet you speak as if you have some kind of authority. My friend, I'm glad you said some muslim countries and not all muslim countries, that goes to show you that some countries have standards and are more tolerant of human rights. It's like you are not listening, calm down and read my words! Throughout the history of mankind, ever since the introduction of religion, we've had people or groups who took things too far, it happened with Christianity, today it's happening in Islam, but for you to suggest that a religion is invalid or that it's followers were brainwashed just because of a minority shows how ignorant you are. All I can do is advice you, if you want people to take you seriously in life, stop being biased!


Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by abbey621(m): 2:00pm On Oct 18

No,it is beyond just scarf as there is some fanatical idea attached to it. Stop playing down on the implications of those girls not wearing it to schools.

1.4 billion people who are possibly brainwashed! Give me a break because 90% of those 1.4 billion people are living in Islamic countries.

You my friend are as ignorant as they come! Just because you don't like the idealogies of a religion doesn't give you the right to be offensive. It's all part of your lack of exposure, you sit in your little corner and believe you've seen the world, I suggest you educate yourself, all religion has some form of violence, it just depends on interpretations. The cowards such as ISIS and Al Queda manipulate the verses to suit their needs, such as the way the Roman Catholic Church did back in the days of the Crusades or Hitler during the Holocaust. While I agree that Hijab should not be allowed in public schools and that all forms of religion should be banned from government institutions, I see nothing wrong with people demonstrating their faith in a peaceful, acceptable way!


Romance / Re: A Letter To Single Guys by abbey621(m): 1:28pm On Oct 18
Pointless posting, seriously you've not given any new information, just same old recycled stuff. In addition, what authority do you have to tell people how to live their lives? Print your autobiography and let's see if your life is perfect, my friend I think you are just bored and looking for attention. Like most Nigerians here on Nairaland, offering advice and making the mistake of believing that one size fits all. Not all single guys want to settle down, not all single guys treat women like trash, not all single guys believe in religious sentiments. So my friend in a nutshell, life is too short, let single guys live the way they want to, live and let live!
Celebrities / Re: “wizkid Smokes Weed A Lot, It’s Affecting His Brain Seriously” – Samklef Blasts by abbey621(m): 7:34pm On Oct 17
This guy is what I call a bafoon! At one point in time he was regarded as one of the best music producer in Nigeria and now he has sunk into a well of self pity. Na only Wiz Kid dey market? How about looking for some fresh local talents. Obviously he was not meant to be a musician rather he should just focus on producing young talents and organizing amazing beats. Plenty of Wiz Kid dey 9ja, no need for all the nonsense wey Samklef dey yarn!
Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Ignore Their Male Friends On Social Networks? by abbey621(m): 2:11pm On Oct 14
Maybe if males start behaving like males, instead of classless douchebags, the females would start responding. Especially Nigerian guys, no social media ettiquette. For example put up a fake facebook page with a pretty girl's picture and add a few friends, within 7 days, the number of friend requests from guys would be in the hundreds. Every thing from: 'Baby you look familiar' to ' I like to know you better' or ' I'm dying to meet you', guys stop being so pathetic. The reason most ladies ignore they male friends is because those male friends are acting like poosies.


Family / Re: My Wife Just Told Me She Has A Boyfriend And That There Is Nothing ℓ̊ Will Do by abbey621(m): 7:10pm On Oct 13
A real man would not be asking what to do in this type of situation. The fact that the woman had the gut to tell you there's nothing you can do about it shows that your life is in danger, if she was remorseful we could talk about counseling or forgiveness but she did it intentionally and willfully. My friend unless she pays your bills or you've sworn blood oaths, pack your load and relocate, by now your story is now all over town, do yourself a favor run while you still can. Run o run, don't even think about hurting her cause you might commit murder, just do like Craig David and walk away angry angry angry


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: "How Much Do We Pay You?" Interview Question by abbey621(m): 5:25pm On Oct 11

Bleep,bleep would be?

Any amount you feel comfortable with! It's common sense, if the average salary for that field is 100,000 to 150,000 it's best to stick with something within that range.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: "How Much Do We Pay You?" Interview Question by abbey621(m): 4:44pm On Oct 11
Speaking strictly from experience, this is what professionals call a trick question. The employer wants to see your level of thinking and awareness. The best way to answer the question is to reinforce your answer with what you bring to the table.

For example:

According to prevailing job market rates, an entry level engineer makes 100 to 150,000 naira per month, I would like to be paid Bleep,Bleep amount due to the fact that I have several years of experience in this field and can confidently carry out my job functions.

or a better answer

While pay is certainly a factor in accepting a job offer, I value other benefits associated with working with such a prestigious company. I would like to be paid Bleep,Bleep naira as I feel it would be a reasonable compensation for my services.

The key here is to be confident and smile, don't appear to be needy or nervous!

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Celebrities / Re: Google Removes Linda Ikeji's Blog by abbey621(m): 7:13pm On Oct 08
She's a typical example of a Nigerian entrepreneur, still very primitive when it comes to technology. There's a stage you get to when it comes to blogging and online business that you must ensure your business is protected on a multi level. Who in the world still uses a sub domain after making millions? Anyways I just hope she was smart enough to back up all her data, she can spend a few thousands to buy a domain and hosting.

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Family / Re: Should Working Wives Share Household Expenses With Their Husbands? by abbey621(m): 3:36pm On Oct 07
Reading some comments on here, I can't help but laugh. The reason many Nigerian women are spoiled is that they are based in 9ja where expenses are easily managed with the right set of income. If we were to switch environment and put the same people in a society like America, where bills are inevitable every month and you pay for everything from health insurance to car insurance, no one would tell the woman b4 she starts contributing. The mistake most women make is to see contributing as a detriment; rather it makes you stronger so that when one person loses his or job or there is an unforseen emergency, one can easily handle the situation. To the male who belives that a woman should not share expenses because they might start sharing decision making, such men are cowards and they suffer from psychological problem of inadequacy. No matter how strong a woman is, the right man is able to control her in a way that she doesn't even know that she's being controlled, it's one of the wonders of this world!
Career / Re: Nigerians And Their Graduate Mentality by abbey621(m): 2:50pm On Oct 07
This write up is not only ridiculous but without merit. Why would someone who went through the struggles of sacrificing 4 or more years of his or life to gain education and skills meant for an office environment or a business setting suddenly surrender to starting a business such as selling items in a marketplace. In addition, did you ever bothered to consider that such a venture requires capital?

More often than not, I've seen many people with good intentions on nairaland offering advice but failing to realize that people are different and what works for Joe might not work for Janet. For example, why bother to get a university degree, why not use that money and go into business from the get go, this would save time, money and stress. I don't know about you but university for me was no walk in the park, the stress was enormous, the lecturers were sadists and the environment was chaotic. All in all I managed to graduate with a 2-1 and then subjected to one year of service, after all that if you were the first person I saw and you offered this type of advice, it would take an entire army for me not to punch a hole on your face!

@Op- It's good for graduates to do small side business while waiting for the right opportunity but to completely abandon their dreams that is a huge fallacy!


Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 10:10pm On Oct 03
RaptorX: What proper research? The white man said ebola came from Africans eating bats and monkeys, is that not what they said, and i am calling bs on that assertion.Since you dont believe that and you dont believe me saying its a man made bio warfare virus, so kindly enlighten us where it came from.

Which of the white men? Obviously you are listening to some of the rumor mongers out there, please in the near future try to only listen to credible professionals, not every white person is sane!

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Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 9:41pm On Oct 03
F117A: You are not very smart,are you?
Sawyer became symptomatic right here in Nigeria.
An ebola- symptomatic patrick sawyer would not have been able to travel.
And no , ebola is not something anybody can hide,not even the govt.

It's a shame you represent Nigeria. Total waste of education, I suggest you learn more about the Sawyer case and how he was showing symptoms while on board the aircraft and consequently his arrival in Nigeria!

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Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 9:14pm On Oct 03
RaptorX: Conspiracy theories? I dont deal with consipracies but facts, show me one scientific evidence that ebola comes from bats or monkeys, none, zero its all made up evidence. Dont you know that there is a plan to exterminate you and people like you from this planet? Go tell the people of Liberia and Sierra leone who are being infected at the rate of five people per hr, its because they are eating bats and monkeys.
You obviously don't know what you are talking about, monkeys and bats? Once again you are listening to unfounded rhetorics. I suggest you do proper research on Ebola and get back to me!


Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 8:11pm On Oct 03

you have a point there but i dont think ebola is something any Nigerian would joke with,there was so much sensitisation about it. Besides it's a disease that can't be hidden for long cause of it's severity so if the govt n health workers say it's gone, i believe it is as i don't think any Nigerian would be that foolish,we loove life too much.

I admire your optimism, I lost all hope in Nigerians when they started the salt water thing, let's just hope for the best. I truly want Nigeria to be Ebola free so that my visit this month would not be spent in fear grin grin grin grin grin

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Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 7:57pm On Oct 03
RaptorX: Another American butt licker, let me educate you. Do you know that Americans from Tulane university and Fort detrick army bio warfare center were conducting bio warfare research in Sierra leone right b4 this outbreak? Even whites will tell you they believe this is a bio warfare research gone wrong by the US, but dumb Africans still believe America love them. Go listen to minister Loius Farakhan call ebola a race specific bio warfare virus targetting Africans, you negroes are dumb beyond belief.

Shut your dirty mouth! Another lost soul who believes everything is a conspiracy. Instead of facing the fact, you perfer to believe useless theories. Show me one credible article which backs your statement, no evidence, no research, just a bunch of confused individuals still blaming whites for your predicament.


Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 6:49pm On Oct 03
so what makes you think there is still ebola in Nigeria? are you incinuating that we are not capable of handling it Take it or leave it,there is no ebola in Nigeria. I don't know why some pple never want to hear good news come out of Nigeria. angry
To the topic- I really hope US takes care of this as soon as possible,ebola is not a disease i would want even my enemy to have. I wish them the best and what is it with Liberians spreading this disease

I know my country and I know my people, Nigerians are one of the most stubborn set of people. All I'm saying is that a problem shared is a problem half solved, it's only those that report sickness that the government would be aware of.

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Health / Re: Panic As America Quarantines 81 Ebola Suspects by abbey621(m): 6:48pm On Oct 03

That is not realy tru, first when he went to the hospital they send him away that is the problem because America feel that they cannot get it, it has to do with the goverment, and the health standart in the country.

When a goverment told the doctors what they have to do when y person from such a country come to the hospital and tell that he has fever the first they have to to is to make a test and not send him away.

In my country we had during nigeria had ebola 4 people who went to the hospital or a doctor and they had fever and what we make was that tey get tested on Ebola, it is better to test 100 people and all are negative than send one person away with fever.

Yes you are right, the hospital made a mistake by sending him away but the matter was quickly corrected and the individuals he made contact with are now quarantined. America is very good in containing a situation like this, either through legal or illegal means, so nothing to fear!

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