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Politics / Re: #IAmANigerianNotACriminal: Nigerians Respond To Buhari Disparaging Remark Abroad by abbey621(m): 9:42pm
Can someone show me exactly where the president called all Nigerians criminals? Are we so filled up with sentiments in this country that we can't separate the truth from plain manipulation! What the president was trying to say is simple. Nigerians should stop seeking asylum abroad because such privileges have been abused by their countrymen in the past due to drug trafficking and other criminal acts. Is this far from the truth? Especially in UK, Nigerians are increasingly filling up the prison system, I dare anybody to bring up facts that are contrarian! Perhaps we feel it's better to be politically correct than being honest but we all know with PMB he speaks from the heart.
Politics / Re: Buhari Participated In Syrian Event As A Perfect Cover For His Medical Visit- SR by abbey621(m): 4:25pm
If it's an emergency and there's no alternative,yes. But not on just medical check-ups. This is one time too many. How would our hospitals here get better if all our "so called" leaders and lawmakers always choose hospitals abroad to go for check-up. Don't get me wrong,not that I'm judging them or saying they shouldn't go if they have serious health issues,but trust Nigerian politicians to take advantage of every opportunity they get and misuse it,for example to launder money,etc.

I can bet you the president is suffering from a serious ailment. For his age he's bound to be dealing with either diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and so on. The president had a meeting abroad and he used that opportunity to see a medical doctor, forget the media trying to make it more than it seems, in my book it's no big deal. Our hospitals will get better when every other sector of the economy gets better, no amount of patronizing by citizens or our leaders would fix this, the main fix is more funding and better administration but unfortunately this is highly unlikely when the country is in huge debt!
Politics / Re: Buhari Participated In Syrian Event As A Perfect Cover For His Medical Visit- SR by abbey621(m): 3:50pm
My question is,is there no world class hospital in his hometown daura? He was the head of state in the 80s. Why am I even asking;all of them are the same-selfish! Me,myself,and I syndrome,they don't care about Nigerians.

If your life was on the line and you had the finances and opportunity to get the best medical care would you prefer a lesser mediocre care?
Politics / Re: Blame IBB For The Weak Naira-buhari by abbey621(m): 8:49pm On Feb 05
Right thinking Nigerians understand greatly what the President is saying. The first colossal decline of the Naira happened in the 1980s and the Naira never recovered again. History is now about to repeat itself with Nigeria needing to borrow just to implement its budget and some fools clamoring for devaluation of the Naira.....Don't we ever learn in this country

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Car Talk / Re: Rolls Royce Owner, Who Lives In A Rented Flat In FESTAC by abbey621(m): 5:00pm On Feb 05
Rolls Royce phantom costs more

The photo provided by the OP is not a Rolls Royce phantom, it's not even Rolls Royce ghost so 70m still seems correct. Also, Rolls Royce phantom costs less than 215m, at most it should be 130 to 150m.
Car Talk / Re: Rolls Royce Owner, Who Lives In A Rented Flat In FESTAC by abbey621(m): 4:37pm On Feb 05
Rolls Royce costs at most 70 million Naira when it's new!

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Politics / Re: Saraki Supporters At Supreme Court Ruling Today (pics) by abbey621(m): 3:01pm On Feb 05
It's 2016, what can you buy with 1k?

10litres of fuel? provided u buy @ 100/litre
One day lunch?
A cheap bottle of wine?
Pedicure or Manicure?
250mb Data? .E.t.c .....just for one time use or consumption right?

What if I told you 1k can get you, 200k in two weeks and 2m in 4weeks....am talking about facts and figures.

Decide for yourself to waste or Use your 1k.
if u re interested, reply with the word inside the bracket below
(Ask me how?)
my whatsapp no is 08035237748.

If you were making 2m in 4 weeks, you wouldn't be on Nairaland looking for potential victims. Please find a job and stop wasting your life!


Celebrities / Re: Blackface Replies Efe Omoregbe, 2face Idibia's Manager by abbey621(m): 2:56pm On Feb 05
Artiste steal songs and lyrics all the time, it's nothing new. That's why it's important to have your work copyrighted but wait o, does it even matter? Both of these artiste are no longer in the game. Blackface is a forgone conclusion and Tubaba is a retiree, can't think of the last song of his that actually made noise in the industry. The only difference between them is that one took his opportunity and made it big, the other however sank into oblivion. The future belongs to fresh artiste like Olamide, Kiss Daniels, Korede and so on......

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Hits 5,000MW Power Generation Mark by abbey621(m): 9:03pm On Feb 04

At the bolded, do you really mean this I mean a supposed adult in Nigeria is saying this What comes 1st generation or consumption How can you say the basis of comparison is consumption Can you consume what you don't generate Besides, if you add up all the electricity generated through generators in Nigeria then you will know 5000mw is just scratching the surface. They really need to do better cos 5000 is nothing to be proud of for a population of over 170million.

If you believe generation weighs more than consumption when it comes to electricity then you are deeply misguided. As much as we like to think that we consume a lot of electricity in this country, it's just a fraction compared to countries like Brazil, China, USA, Canada and so on. For example, Americans consumes 3 times more energy than they were in the 1970s in response the government pursued alternative forms of energy and increased the amount they generate. This is how advanced countries work, no country generates electricity without factoring in the average amount of electricity consumed. A country like Brazil can afford to generate 60 to 90,000kwh due to the consumption in the country and the supply to neighboring countries. Demand and supply my friend! Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying 5000MW is enough for Nigeria, I'm just saying the government is responding to more demands and with time they'll surely generate more.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Hits 5,000MW Power Generation Mark by abbey621(m): 5:16pm On Feb 04

A pat on the back doesn't even suffice. Brazil have a population of 200,000,000 people and they generate 92,294MW. Nigeria with a population of 300,000,000 should be hiding our head in shame for a meagre 5,000MW that is even virtual undecided

Please where did you get 300 million from? I'm interested to know the source last time I checked the figure stood at less than 190 million add 10 million for unaccounted entities and we have about 200 million, oga u can lie o grin grin grin grin. Furthermore do you know how much electricity Brazil consumes compared to Nigeria? This is the true basis of comparison not power generation.

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Romance / Re: We Aren't Married But He Wants These From Me by abbey621(m): 2:38pm On Feb 04
Be careful when using words like slavery, most educated people know what slaves went through and what the OP is describing seems definitely far from it! When judging issues like this one we must think like a neutralist. Is the guy responsible for most of the girl's upkeep? Is the guy facing stress from work? Did the lady ever complained to the guy? Is the guy even aware she's feeling this way?

I hate when women come on social media to lament when they could easily talk to the guy and iron out their issues but I know most wouldn't want to go that route because they don't want to give up their complete dependency on the guy. No right thinking man would make it compulsory for his woman to do his chores when she's got something going on for herself. Stop the dependency! He's your boyfriend, not your daddy!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Difference Between A Cover Letter And An Application Letter by abbey621(m): 2:23pm On Feb 04
help elaborate ur siggy. I'm interested in grasping it better

It's simple. Ever notice when we don't understand something or someone we become fearful. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being loved, fear of heartbreak etc. But we find as time goes by either consciously or unconsciously our fears have a way of confronting us and once we live through the experience, we become wiser, better, stronger and we can truly say that we've faced our fears! This is why they say, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Top 13 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria 2016 by abbey621(m): 2:16pm On Feb 04

You know nothing about economics. Poverty is defined by where you live and not by converting currencies. Someone earning $2,000 monthly in America is just above the poverty line. In some places in America, earning 9millionThat is equivalent to someone earning 50k monthly in Nigeria. You need to get back to class and stop fooling yourself here

So why don't you educate me Mr. Economics! How is someone earning 9 million Naira in America equivalent to someone earning 50k monthly in Nigeria? Perhaps you meant someone earning 900k per month in America is equivalent to the same person earning 50k monthly in Nigeria, if this is true I would give your hypothesis 30% possibility but mr. man stop exaggerating! At this stage of my life I've probably done more schooling than most people you know so young man take your own advice and seek knowledge!
Career / Re: Why I Refused To Confirm Four Trainees After Their Assessment Centre. by abbey621(m): 2:11am On Feb 04

I won't want to challenge you further on your position. It's clear we have different views.
But on a lighter note, it seems you never liked maths during your undergraduate and high school days hence the expression of your displeasure for the Op hiring approach of using high school basic algebra to assess the candidates.

On the contrary, I studied Computer Science with Mathematics and I can appreciate the critical thinking aspect of mathematics both abstract and linear. I've since ventured more into business and management with my 2nd bachelors in Business management, an MBA and an MS in Information Systems, currently I'm juggling working for one of the top 50 companies in America with running my own consulting business and finishing up my PHD, let's just say mathematics is the last thing on my mind.... grin grin grin grin
Career / Re: Why I Refused To Confirm Four Trainees After Their Assessment Centre. by abbey621(m): 1:48am On Feb 04

You also do not know if the role applied for relates to engineering or has a mathematical component, my assumption was if it does, the question asked the 5 candidates is not out of place and on the basis of that I disagree that the hiring process is flawed.Besides you not dictate to a potential employer about questions you want him/her to ask you rather you are asked questions that the employer deems necessary to ascertain certain qualities and abilities that the employer may need in prospective employees.The question could be quantitative, behavioural or qualitative questions.

When I said that the hiring process is flawed, I'm talking from an employer's perspective. I've hired my share of candidates and I've also been to many job interviews. Trust me when I say that you can't hire the best candidates based on one arithmetic or critical thinking question, this is not an opinion but facts based on expert analysis. In fact hiring managers are advised to follow best practices/standards when it comes to the recruitment process, if you visit sites such as shrm.org and become a member, you'll be enlightened at how the best companies in the world hire and retain top talents.
Career / Re: Why I Refused To Confirm Four Trainees After Their Assessment Centre. by abbey621(m): 11:21pm On Feb 03

I graduated in 2010, though have an engineering background. I got that question in about 30 seconds.If I was among those candidates I am sure I would have gotten that job with the slightest of effort. While I agree with you about the mostly used method for assessing candidates for job opportunities, it would again depend on the nature of Job, if the job requires a lot of thinking on the feet and calculations to make decisions, it wouldnt be out of place to ask such kind of questions that the Op asked to the 5 candidates.I am of the belief than an interview process should not be restricted to an expected certain type of questions.

You are assuming the positions they applied for relates to engineering or has a mathematical component. Even at that, choosing a candidate because they can solve one arithmetic question shows that the hiring process is fundamentally flawed.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Difference Between A Cover Letter And An Application Letter by abbey621(m): 11:18pm On Feb 03
in a nutshell, what is the difference between a resumè and a C.v?

Exactly! The difference is marginal grin
Family / Re: My Wife Has Been Poisoning My Meals Since 2008, Husband Tells Court by abbey621(m): 10:06pm On Feb 03
In order to get out of a marriage couples can say anything, where's the proof of poisoning? No medical report no expert testimony.....oga komot here!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Top 13 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria 2016 by abbey621(m): 9:55pm On Feb 03

Man you are High!! why u go dey convert currency... abeggi, money wey tax go chop finish.. how does 100dols look like 100naira..taaar go sleep

The effective tax rate for Middle class Americans is between 12% to 18% and a lot people end up getting some of that back when they get their tax refunds every year so keep quiet! Contrary to popular belief taxes are not the major consumption of paychecks rather the lifestyle many Americans live is the direct culprit. Can you afford to pay minimum of $600(180,000 Naira) per month for a 1 bedroom apartment? How about Health and car insurance totaling ($400 to $500 per month)? I don't think so! Comfort and happiness is what's keeping people from saving, if you can afford to get a roommate or take the bus to work, you'll end up saving a lot of money in America, true hustlers know this cool cool


Business / Re: What Is Devaluation Of Naira? by abbey621(m): 9:40pm On Feb 03
The Naira was devalued less than 2 years ago and we all saw the negative result, what makes people think it would work now?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Top 13 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria 2016 by abbey621(m): 8:59pm On Feb 03

How bout taxation on dem.... Dey hardly have any savings to show for

Taxation is normal for the country to develop. It's tax payers money that makes the country function properly. The lack of savings is caused by individual choice. Most people here live way above their means and in an attempt to live a comfortable lifestyle they tend to overdo things.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Top 13 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria 2016 by abbey621(m): 8:50pm On Feb 03
If any of these companies pay their staffs less than 500,000 Naira a month then it's really unfortunate! The average salary of a floor cleaner working full time in America is about 400,000 Naira, average salary of a secretary working full time is about 600,000 Naira so can somebody tell me what's considered a high paying salary in Nigeria? angry angry angry

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Career / Re: Why I Refused To Confirm Four Trainees After Their Assessment Centre. by abbey621(m): 8:43pm On Feb 03

This is so easy.If your narration is true, then this is shocking that only 1 out of 5 graduates got it right.This is elementary school algebra that high school students should play with and deliver in less than 30 seconds.


I've graduated since 2008 and I didn't get the answer till after 5 minutes. I manage over 40 personnel in my department some are programmers, some are Database managers, all are good arithmetically but I'm in charge of all of them. I was directly involved in the hiring process for 25 out of 40 of them and I can't imagine asking them something as frivolous as an arithmetic question. I still don't understand the usefulness of the arithmetic question when it's been proving times without number that behavioral questions are more effective than quantitative questions when assessing job candidates!

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Health / Re: Rats Chewed Her Toes... Is There Cause For Alarm? by abbey621(m): 8:16pm On Feb 03
I can understand rats or mice picking on human flesh but actually biting it and resulting in bleeding is strange. Tell your friend to say the truth...it might be atomic rats or spiritual ones grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Video: Pat Utomi Boldly Say To Buhari To Keep Quiet If He Has Nothing To Say by abbey621(m): 8:13pm On Feb 03

Not devaluing is making matters far worse. The naira will not have sank to 306 at the black market which os making things harder for the poor man.

All sectors are conplaining of shortages of forex and its affecting operations. The naira will hit 400 by year ending.

Please educate yourself, can you remember the Naira was devalued less than 2 years ago? Can you tell me the result? Don't worry I'll tell you, the Naira crumbled to an all time low against the dollar because too much dollar was in circulation hereby resulting in inflation. So you want the Naira devalued again and you think doing this will make the Naira stronger? Show us proof!

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Politics / Re: Video: Pat Utomi Boldly Say To Buhari To Keep Quiet If He Has Nothing To Say by abbey621(m): 8:07pm On Feb 03

Someone is telling you that 1+1=2 and you are calling him a wailer!

Buharo by calling 1+1=3 and driving the naira to 306 is your expert? The naira will touch 400 this year if these senseless policies continue.

Do you know the meaning of devaluation? It means to lose value, you want the Naira to lose it's value more than it's already losing now? Or can't you comprehend what Utomi is saying?


Education / Re: First Class Graduate Who Can't Spell 'Distinction' by abbey621(m): 7:08pm On Feb 03
I've yet to meet a first class graduate of a Nigerian university richer than Dangote, Otedola or Anyim! I was part of a large graduating set in 2008 and even though I frowned upon my second class lower result, I'm still shocked that most of the first class and second class graduates from that set are still either unemployed or working with a company paying a maximum of 300,000 Naira per month, when will such people build 50 million Naira houses or their own companies? I've come to the realization that degrees are worthless in absence of opportunities and opportunities are useless without action...... angry angry angry
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Difference Between A Cover Letter And An Application Letter by abbey621(m): 6:54pm On Feb 03
When it comes to applying for a job, there's no difference between a cover letter and an application letter. Both must be accompanied with a resume or CV and are designed to influence the hiring manager or HR's decision.


Religion / Re: Primate Elijah Ayodele's 2016 Prophecies: Corruption Will Fight Buhari by abbey621(m): 4:32pm On Feb 03
Religion / Re: Did TB Joshua Prophesy Bristow Crash Last Sunday? by abbey621(m): 3:23pm On Feb 03
I don't know if it's ignorance or just mental disorder but religion has replaced common sense in this country. I can also prophesize, in fact here are my top 3 prophecies for 2016:

1: Dollar to Naira to rise above 330 Naira to 1 dollar

2: Oil price to fall below $25 per barrel

3: A well known public figure will die unexpectedly.

See how simple it is grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Man Demands The Arrest Of Jonathan At The National Assembly Over The Arms Deal by abbey621(m): 2:05pm On Feb 03
This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt, I expected the man to be inside the chambers actually walking around and causing a scene but instead all I see is a mofo smiling for the camera.....nonsense!

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Politics / Re: Bomb Blast In Benin by abbey621(m): 2:23am On Feb 03
Nigerians will believe anything....zomi zomi street shocked grin grin grin grin grin

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