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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Accused Of ‘plagiarising’ Obama’s Inauguration Cake (photos) by abbey621(m): 4:54pm On Jan 21
Everybody tries to take a dig at Trump, yet he gives no bleeps! Trump is more gangsta than Obama will ever be and he does not apologize for being honest. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to drink rat poison before 4 years is over grin grin grin


Religion / Re: Any Fulani Herdsman You See , Kill Him, Cut His Head - Apostle Suleiman by abbey621(m): 4:05pm On Jan 21
An eye for an eye till everybody goes blind! Now some of these church people would panic and kill any Hausa man or woman that comes near them, this is what happens when we don't have sensible leaders(Governmental or Religious)!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Anti-trump Protesters Vandalise Cars And Banks by abbey621(m): 12:34am On Jan 21
Most of those who vandalized are now chilling in police custody and seeing that today is Friday they won't get bail till Monday. Those who e no go better for, e no go better for but America shall be great again!
Religion / Re: Christian Nigerian Lady Visits Mosque In Abu Dhabi (Photos) by abbey621(m): 8:37pm On Jan 19

God never made, He created man to fellowship with him and have dominion over the elements not to kill and abuse one another for the sake of religion claiming that they are worship God.
Can you tell me the true meaning of worship, Do you think its going to church wveryday or knocking head on the ground five times a day, chanting poems in the guise of prayer.
God is love. Love your neighbor as yourself. If you hate your neighbor (God's image) how can you claim that you love talkleas of worshipping God?
Think about it with opwn mind, it was not meant to disparage anybody, just the Unclad truth, which is an open aound only conscience can heal us all.
Peace and shalom to you.

We are saying the same thing, God is mysterious, hence the so many ways of worshiping him. Whether you are christian, Muslim or Jew, what matters is the goodness of your heart. We shall all be judged according to our deeds!

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Investment / Re: MMM Participants Lose Patience, Attack Each Other, Guiders by abbey621(m): 7:59pm On Jan 19
MMM is a nice and brilliant idea. Crowd sourcing/funding exists all over the world but they exists within the confines of the law! They operate with solid structures and realistic plans. They are registered with government so that when anything bad happens we would know who to hold accountable. Nigerians we too like wuru wuru, mago mago otherwise every right thinking person would ask the simple question, how does the founders of MMM make money? Abi na church business? Even churches make profits!
Religion / Re: Christian Nigerian Lady Visits Mosque In Abu Dhabi (Photos) by abbey621(m): 7:53pm On Jan 19
There is a quote I like to refer everyone to when believing that one religion is greater than the other but before I do that, we all agree on two things:

1. God is powerful and omnipotent

2. There is only one True God

If the above sentences are true then let's deeply think about the quote:

"If God wanted us all to worship him the same way, wouldn't it have been easy for him to make it so?"

God is mysterious, truly indeed!


Politics / Re: There Was Nothing Accidental About Borno IDP Settlement Bombing – Survivor by abbey621(m): 3:37pm On Jan 19
Ok let's play along and say it was accidental. Who ordered the strike? Who were the officers involved? All of them should have been giving a mandatory resignation or retirement. I see no form of corrective actions just plain politics, life lost and all we hear is sorry?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 2:38pm On Jan 19

Wrong! At what cost should we have economic growth? At the cost of clean water and breathable air? Do you want the United states to be like China or Mexico city?

I am sorry but I will prefer a real scientist at the head of the EPA and not some corrupt global warming denier. This is a man who put companies ahead of communities. As the AG of Oklahoma, this man sided with his friends in big oil over the people he swore to protect.

What about Betsy Devos a billionaire that has spent fortune to fight the public school system in Michigan uhn? I am sorry that I want someone with a background in education who cares about reforming public schools in charge of the department of education and not a woman who has fought for decades against public education.
Is that too much to ask?

What you want is different from what the country needs according to Trump. Yea in a perfect world, your ideas would be ideal but we live in a real world with real problems. Trump was elected to bring back jobs, improve the economy and do away with the weak image the USA is now associated with. As the president elect, he is entitled to pick anyone that shares his vision, all we ask for is performance! Why don't you allow them to work and then judge later? All these bickering won't accomplish anything!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 1:45pm On Jan 19

Well, if I want to read about the climate change or the impact of human activity on the environment I will want to hear from an actual scientist and not a political pundit.

I'm sorry a realist shouldn't think like that, you should always compare and contrast. Ask yourself,can a scientist be bias? Is it possible that climate change consequences have been exaggerated just a tad bit? Everybody knows it's good to protect the environment but in a country with 20 Trillion dollars worth of debt and so many job killing regulations, the EPA is one of the agencies that have lost its ways. Challenging every right from property right to State's rights. If Trump is ever to deliver on his promises,the economy must be unleashed, I'm sorry he's going to have to piss off a lot of environmentalist, human rights advocates and so on, no more apologists like Obama, it's time for real and effective policies bringing America back to the days when ordinary citizens can afford to work 2 to 3 jobs and amassing wealth!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 1:29pm On Jan 19

Well here you go
Trump's choice for education secretary raises questions

Betsy DeVos Helped Ravage Detroit's Schools, Which Is Why She Must Not Become U.S. Secretary of Education

Trump's EPA pick took hands-off approach to environmental crisis that shook Oklahoma

Betsy DeVos and the twilight of public education

Who is Scott Pruitt, Trump's anti-EPA choice to lead the EPA?

Betsy DeVos and the twilight of public education

This is a good start, now take each article and research the authors, separate the bias ones from the neutrals. For example, a scientist and an environmentalist would definitely be bias towards Pruitt. Now look at the links below and do the same, then you can form your stance. This is investigative journalism 101...thank me later!

Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 11:39pm On Jan 18

From where?!?! In other to do research you have to get information from somewhere so please tell me oh omniscient one where to get my info from.

One excellent method I use is gather 5 sources with contrasting beliefs. E.g Fox news,Al Jazeera, CNN, Altenet and Reuters. I then compare and analyze their reports, if it matches up I form my stance, if not I categorize the news as bias and wait till there are either more damning evidence or the story is refuted. This is just one of the methods I use, everyone is different but what separates a realist from others is the ability to decipher facts from noise grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 9:43pm On Jan 18

So Faux news, breitbart and Drudge report are more credible sources right? Ok, Gotcha.

No they are all sh*t, stop depending on media and do your own investigative research grin grin
Investment / Re: MMM Sets N31.735 Maximum Withdrawal Limit by abbey621(m): 2:06pm On Jan 18
I can't really blame those who participated out of ignorance/frustration before the numerous warnings came out. However, I emphatically blame those who failed to heed the warnings and kept pumping money into this useless SCAM since October 2016. For those people, you will see paper and call it money by the time poverty is done with you!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 1:58pm On Jan 18

I've Served Under Many Republican EPA Administrators. Here's Why Scott Pruitt Is Wrong For This Job.

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s E.P.A. Pick, Backed Industry Donors Over Regulators

A sobering look at what Betsy DeVos did to education in Michigan — and what she might do as secretary of education

Trump's Billionaire Education Secretary Has Been Trying to Gut Public Schools for Years

A White Nationalist Is The New White House Chief Strategist

Steve Bannon Isn't a Racist. He's Worse.

Do you want more?

You keep making my point for me without even knowing it! Look at your freakin sources, NY Times? Huffington Post? Dude are you kidding me? The same liberal media that kept saying there's no path for Trump to get to 270 electoral votes? Come on man, you got to do better than that, at least try to balance your sources and make it more credible, SHAME!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 4:17am On Jan 18



the removal of regulations or restrictions, especially in a particular industry.
"he fought for deregulation of the telecom industry"

I'm glad you brought out the definition and I love your example. As you can see in the example the telecom industry was not removed or abandoned rather restrictions were removed. True purpose of deregulation is to make the country more business friendly! I'm glad I was able to educate you grin grin
Crime / Re: Female Undergraduate Runs Mad After Being Beaten By Lover by abbey621(m): 6:55pm On Jan 17
Fathers raise your daughter right, make her strong so she would never depend on any man. Make her confident so she can be an asset not a liability. Mothers raise your daughter right, teach her not to sell her body for cheap things, build her independence but also teach her how to be submissive but empowering.


Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 6:17pm On Jan 17

The person engaging you in this conversation has a lot of time in his hands. It's obvious where you stand and all this talk about numbers and some peeps being in the minority all points to the same end.
The glaring factor here is that a set of people are being attacked continuously and the government is doing nothing to help.....would you suggest they rollover and die or what exactly do you think CAN should do.
The SAW you wrote after your Prohepet Muhammad SAW tells me you're a Muslim. Don't see you saying anything different.
You're being the idealist and not the realist cos you've not said one thing you think the Southern Laguna Christians should do or they should just rollover and die without defending themselves?

This is the problem I have with your kind, failure to keep an open mind. The attack should be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians, it has nothing to do with your religion. The failure to condemn these attacks by the North shows that they are hell bent on wiping out the minority. When you now add the silence and cowardice of the government to the mix, things become very CLEAR! Tis is why I blamed the Northern majority and CAN for not helping the situation. If we are to fight violence with violence, the majority would win; rather CAN must use it's influence to engage the government and the Northern elites! Without intervention from the government the minority would ALL DIE! I hope you get my point, I'm all fr the defending themselves but this is an herculean task and the CASUALTIES would be too much.
Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 11:53pm On Jan 16

And I also understand the point you are trying to make; albeit using a very wrong analogy. In your write-up, its obvious you do not really know the true state of things in the north because for you to compare the north and south east is indeed laughable.

Let's take for example Kaduna State where these present attacks on indigent Christians is taking place. Note that I've lived in Kaduna State for more than 20years, thus I'm not just assuming things like you southerners do.

The State has an almost equal number of indigent Muslims and Christians alike; however, the political structure of the State favours the Muslims more as a result of Babangida's gameplan while he was Head of State. That is why its always very hard for the indigent Christians to self produce a Christian Governor in the State.

Furthermore, I'm surprised you are not aware that the indigent Christians have always defended their communities from Islamists in the past. Or why do you think the terrorists refer to their actions as 'avenging the killings of their kinsmen'?

The only disadvantage the Christians have right now is the fact that the govt. of the day is actively supporting the invaders against the Christian communities; that's all. Without govt supporting the fulanis, they would have long be driven by the indigenes. The govt are the ones arming these fulanis with very sophisticated weapons and there have been several eyewitness reports to corroborate same. Note that I live in Kaduna till date, and I was at one of the affected areas about a week ago. The indigenes have confirmed that a particular helicopter is always seen deep in the forest where the well armed fulanis are said to be located, dropping things late in the evening & hovering away afterwards.
This is why CAN has asked the communities to also arm themselves and defend their territories.

And for you to make that Igbo comparison just proves to me that you know nothing abt Kaduna State of a truth. Kaduna State is different from Kano State or Benue. Thus, you can just lump the whole north and refer to it as a dead zone for Christians because northern Christians did not 'migrate' to the north, like the Igbos migrate to Lagos or South west , no. The North has always been their homelands even b4 independence.

So I want you to be rest assured that NOTHING will happen if the Indigent Christians decide to arm themselves to protect their territory against intruders.
BTW, this is not a religious crises even, but a purely unprovoked attack on communities by faceless persons. And the call by CAN isn't a call against every Muslim in Kaduna State, but a call that is solely against the attackers hiding in the forests surrounding these Christian communities. The peace loving fulanis still move freely about in these communities without any harassment, thus, no one is targeting Muslims here; only the hideous killers in the forests.

Finally, you initially mentioned me as not being conversant with history. I just didn't want to create further epistle on that submission of yours because it seems you need the history lessons the more considering you seem not to know that the Prophet of Islam Muhammad is one of the most renowned warlord in history because during his lifetime, he masterminded the deaths of numerous Jews and pagans all over the middle east of old. Then we talk about the bloody Islamic conquests of old, that caused the decimation of millions of Christians from north Africa to parts of Europe to Asia. And back to Nigeria, with the bloody jihad of Uthman Danfodio across the Northern region, forcing several non-muslim communities to embrace Islam. All these killings were religiously motivated.

Note that you don't have to accept because I can deduce from your writeup that you are a Muslim from the South.

There's no need for the long epistle,you obviously live in a world of theories while reality has evaded you! Three fallacies in your write up:

1: Kaduna has the same number of Christians to Muslims(You obviously don't know what you are talking about, can you show me the research which backs your ridiculous assumption?) I not only have friends and family in Kaduna but I served there also so where did you get your information from?

2. Who told you the government is sponsoring these uprisings? Once again another emotional reaction with no facts whatsoever! Perhaps you meant religious leaders?

3. Finally, If you call Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) a warlord then the same title befits Moses and Joshua. You might want to dispute it but even the smartest historians would tell you more people died on the orders of Joshua than any other prophet so your outrageous analysis of the prophet was not only mischief-like but comical!


It might interest you to know that the very first holy crusade was created by the church as a military campaign aimed at reclaiming what is known today as the Middle East. The death toll is over 700,000, you might want to think about this before thinking one religion is more violent than the other grin grin
Investment / Re: Reasons Why I Stand Against MMM by abbey621(m): 10:19pm On Jan 16
People bashing the writer are sick in the head! When MMM finally crashes and people start committing suicides, shouldn't we feel guilty as a society that we didn't do all our best to warn against their risky behavior? Be your neighbor's keeper, SAVE A LIFE!!!


Politics / Re: United Action For Democracy Protests Against Buhari's Government (Photos) by abbey621(m): 9:12pm On Jan 16

Thank you for your reasonable response. I also know that the vast majority of Muslims are not involved in terrorism - and shame to those that impugn all Muslims because of the actions of a few. However, there are some issues that arise in connection with the scriptures. So, could you shed light on the parts of the scriptures that call for the killing of unbelievers? This is one of the ways terrorists are radicalized - by showing them that the scriptures agree with it. Once again, thank you.

Friend why don't you pick up an English translated version of the Quran and confirm for yourself, this would be much easier than taking the word of strangers on the internet. The problem with many terrorist is that they take words in the Bible and the Quran too literal. Just because somethings applies in the old days does not mean it is applicable now. As humans most of us have deviated from the true purpose of religion, it's just unfortunate that history has repeated itself, back in the 11th and 12th centuries it was interpretation of Christianity that was creating Chaos now it's Islam's turn.

To truly get rid of terrorism, we need to understand what is in both books and educate people properly on situational analysis, even pastors and imams(Ones that are still sensible) knows that God/Allah is capable of fighting for himself.

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Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 8:57pm On Jan 16

Funny enough you were the one who authoritatively stated in your prev. post that
"Majority of Northerners and their sick ideology(Notice I didn't use the word 'Muslims' because religion has never been the problem but INTERPRETATION." Hence, my first question stemmed from your assertion that the problem is as a result of misinterpretation of religion. But you deliberately failed to mention WHO are those that are misinterpreting WHAT religion? The likes of BokoHaram and Fulani marauders can be said to be misinterpreting WHAT religion?? Because as far as Nigeria is concerned, this are the primary security challenges bedevilling the north, from north east - north central - north west.

Secondly, self defense has always been the right of every human being. Thus, whether or not CAN directs Christians to protect their lives at all cost doesn't in any way negate the fact that CAN is only reminding Christians of their fundamental right to self defense from these Islamists who constantly invade their communities at night and maim their hapless families in great numbers. No individual can sit back silently and constantly watch strangers cause havoc to his household without doing something to defend his people.
And in case you don't know, self defense is a good defense for murder under our penal code & criminal code i.e to say, if you invade my house with the intent to kill me or cause me harm, I have every right to kill you first because you are the uninvited invader. Thus, CAN only stated the obvious truth.

And without these communities coming together to defend themselves from these terrorists, these attacks will never stop; since the govt. clearly doesn't give a damn and the terrorists are enjoying their successes week by week.

You are still not getting it, perhaps you are deliberately ignoring reality? Religion has never been the problem rather the problem is pure greed and hatred with political influence. It's like an Igbo community choosing to protect themselves during the Biafran war while living in the Western region, ko le work! There is something called home advantage and majority usually overwhelms the minority. CAN can talk the talk but they can't walk the walk. Since the Muslim leaders in the North have chosen to turn a blind eye, what would it profit CAN to continue to anger the majority?

I just can't help but laugh, which communities are you talking about? The majority of Northerners see no problem with these killings, are you suggesting the minorities match them fire for fire? You do realize that for every Fulani that dies, they are willing to sacrifice 100 Christians? How then can such a battle be won? Without rescue from the government these people are doomed! This is my point and why I blame the North, CAN and the government for this tragedy!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 8:47pm On Jan 16

First of all, I think you mean The Art of the Deal not the "art of negotiation".

Secondly, if you think putting someone who is an enemy of public education in charge of education good policy then good for you.

Thirdly, if you hate deregulation so much why don't we get rid of the FDA, FDIC, SEC and the EPA. Let's go back to the 20's where the wealthy and the powerful can get away with alnost everything. Let's get rid of the clean air act after all breathable air and clean water is bad for business. Let's remove the checks and balances that were put in place in the 30's to prevent the excesses that wrecked the economy. I guess that will please you people.

They say those who refuse to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Trump would be wise to learn from that but hey the man hardly reads books.

Another fallacy! Deregulation doesn't mean getting rid of them, it means reducing their power so that businesses can run as free enterprises. Go back and read about Jimmy Carter and his policies and why he is considered one of the worst presidents in U.S history in terms of economic policies. I'm done with you!
Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 6:50pm On Jan 16

And my response to you is:
1. Why Islam is the most widely mis-interpreted religion (by its followers) in matters relating to barbarity & savagery?

2. Its obvious you are ignorant of the fact that indigent northern communities exist from time immemorial till date. And CAN as a body, is there to protect the interests of all Christians from both the South and the North of Nigeria.
Rather its these worthless Islamic terrorists masquerading as 'fulani marauders' (& also referred to as fulanis from neighbouring countries to nig. by Gov. El-rufai himself) that are the actual aliens trying so hard to forcefully take over the lands of these Christian communities via their usual cowardly terrorist night attacks on the said communities.

The questions you should be asking are:
1. Why Nigerian Ulamas would shamelessly attempt to justify the cowardly killing of scores of hapless women & children, while the victims were innocently observing their night sleep?

2. Why these evil Ulamas would prefer to defend the actions of non-nigerian killers(as stated by the Gov. himself) of their fellow countrymen, rather than criticize the govt. for its failure to secure the lives of its citizens?

3. Why a sitting Gov. would chose to pay the same people he referred to as foreigners after they had killed scores of 'his' people in cold-blood, rather than ensuring their arrest and lawful prosecution?

4. Why Muslim clerics have all failed to commiserate with Christians for what these terrorists have done?

5. Why the fed. govt. has refused to address the excesses of these fulani marauders terrorizing christian communities nationwide; and also Why the fulanis are the only people allowed to move about well armed with dangerous weapons in Nigeria

Before you call someone ignorant you might want to chill and understand what is called a premise, if you actually took time to read what I wrote before rambling you would realize that our points are very similar. All your points are easily rebutted using 3 questions/statements of my own:

1. What evidence do you have that Islam is more misinterpreted than Christianity? Perhaps you are not a student of history or maybe you are just a product of modernization but check your history books and see where all the savagery and violence began.

2. What is CAN's usefulness? When you tell your members to protect themselves at all cost even if it means to lynch suspected Fulani herdsmen, this will surely not end well for the minority. In a place where the majority rules and the government is not willing to protect the minorities what makes you think we won't have a genocide?

Finally, this is not a religious problem, it is purely political! Someone mentioned religious rights under the Nigerian Constitution earlier but failed to understand there is no enforcement. In a situation where a certain group dominates a particular section of the country and are hell bent on wiping out the lesser group due to the nonchalant attitude and wickedness of the government, anyone that believes CAN will protect these people are obviously delusional!
Celebrities / Re: Lady Comments Frequently On Peter Okoye’s Photo, To Profess Her Love by abbey621(m): 5:02pm On Jan 16
There's nothing special here, just another fan showing love. She said Psquare not Peter or Paul, get it?
Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 2:29pm On Jan 16

I totally stand against your opinions. In Nigeria constitution, there is right to practice any religion you so choose. Whether, I am in the North, South, East or West. Any religion I so choose to practice is my constitutional right. Whose background are they forming Landlord? If this same situation happened in Ibo land.. Would have said the same!!
Nigeria constitution is bigger than any religious law in this country. But its a shame, reverse is the case in this country!!

There's a difference between reality and wishful thinking. What you just wrote is wishful thinking. If you truly understood the dynamics of the North you would completely agree that there is just no way to defeat their ideology without the help of the government. In a country where justice jungle reigns, where the rich get away with stealing billions of Naira and the poor are jailed or lynched for stealing tomatoes; the reality is your Constitutional rights are only valuable on paper. This is the sad but bitter truth!
Properties / Re: Mini Flats @ VGC; 3bed @ikota Villa, Lekki For Lease by abbey621(m): 4:46am On Jan 16
The furnished ones, what is included? Are you on whatsapp or bbm for serious discussion?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 7:40pm On Jan 15

Hahahaha, chei! You call Scott Pruitt (E.P.A), Rick Perry (Energy), Betsy Davos (Education) people of "tremendous experience"?!?! Hajahaha chai! Wetin person no go read for nairaland. Scott Pruitt has been a notable enemy of the EPA for years. The man even filed 14 lawsuits against the EPA during his term as the attorney general of the state of oklahoma. Rick Perry has also been an enemy of the dept of energy for years also. The man is even on record saying that the dept of energy to be done away with. And don't even get me started on Betsy Davos and Jay Clayton (SEC). Talk about putting the wolf in charge of the hen house.

He might not be the first flawed candidate but hopefully he is going to be the last ill tempered populist demagogue to ever run for office. Talk about someone not meeting the minimum threshold of temperament to even be qualified as the most powrful man in the world. But hey, he got elected. Just dont forget that the Nazi party too were voted into power and were embraced by the populace.

Such poor education! You might want to pick up Trump's book on the art of negotiation and realize why these picks are meant to champion deregulation, a concept many Americans especially business people like myself are so much in love with. Enough of that, now back to Trump. Where were you when Arnold became Governor or let's go backin history, have you ever heard of Nixon, Buchanan or Jackson? You've called him every name in the book and now he's Hitler, seems the liberal media are really good at educating you. Get that idea out of your head that America will never elect someone like Trump again, Americans are themost unpredictable set of people on the planet. Anyways, Trump is the president, he's going to be the president for the next 4years minimum so chill back and enjoy the ride grin grin grin
Religion / Re: CAN Replies Council Of Imams And Ulamah Of Kaduna State by abbey621(m): 7:11pm On Jan 15
Nigeria's problem are two folds:

1. Majority of Northerners and their sick ideology(Notice I didn't use the word 'Muslims' because religion has never been the problem but interpretation. These people refuse to value the life of their fellow human beings.

2. CAN and their incessant lack of respect for other religions. Basically you do not go into another man's backyard and start forming landlord. CAN is basically jeopardizing the lives of Christians in the North, if you eventually fight force with force in the long run the Christians would lose out against the more physical and violent opposition.

In the end, a country without a credible and effective government will expose it's citizens to quagmire like this!

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Religion / Re: "Super Rich Churches That Do Business Must Pay Tax" – Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Ahmad by abbey621(m): 3:08pm On Jan 15
There is no business like church business, this is why on every street there is a church. I know a man who was selling bras, he came back from the village and all of a sudden started a church. Let's be honest, the church has lost its ways in Nigeria. I can understand not taxing the church if the schools built by these churches offered subsidized school fees, I could even understand if some certain overseers used the money they bought private jets with to create a free hospital or clinic but when the sweat and money of poor helpless citizens are collected as tithes or offerings and are then used to flaunt lavishly, they must STOP being treated like a non-profit organization and start paying taxes!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 3:00pm On Jan 15

Nope, the debate is that can a leader so fatally flawed as this one ever be great. Big difference. Not all flaws are equal and in leadership there is no flaw as bad as Trumps. The fact that some of you guys are not afraid that someone as thin skinned as this guy is the most powerful man in the world really makes me wonder how blind the people are.

First of all, in terms of national security you need a leader to be calm and restrained not a thin skinned loud mouth who is so easily provoked.

Secondly, you need a leader who is level headed and has a first rate temperament and who has the patience to work with his party and those on the other side of the aisle. Not someone who divides.

Finally, you should ask yourself why it is that someone with Trump's fatal character flaw has never been elected to the highest office in the land before? Do you think this man could ever be elected in 1932, 1980 and any other election in U.S history

That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, my opinion is that he is not the first flawed president and he won't be the last! He is the president and there's nothing you can do about it, so you can continue with your message of doom or give the man a chance to govern. With all his fatal flaws he defeated seasoned political opponents, with all his fatal flaws he picked those with tremendous experience to make up his cabinet and finally with all his fatal flaws he is putting America first once again, like I said greatness does not mean perfection as even flawed presidents have done some of the greatest things in U.S history!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 2:15am On Jan 15

Yes, FDR had his flaws but he did not have the same temperament nor was he a demagogue as Donald Trump. How hard is that to understand? This is a man who is about to have the nuclear launch codes for goodness sakes. Gosh!


a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
synonyms: rabble-rouser, agitator, political agitator, soapbox orator, firebrand, fomenter, provocateur
"he was drawn into a circle of campus demagogues"

I'm already getting tired of this! No one is comparing FDR's greatness to Trump, for goodness sake FDR is listed as one of the greatest. The debate is can a flawed president also be great? So far, you have not disproved my point that being flawed does not automatically make you a disastrous or unsuccessful president. So leave your definition to the side and argue based on facts! Election is over, Trump is the president, judge him after 4 years like every president!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Blasts CNN Reporter On Live TV: "You Work For A Fake News Agency" by abbey621(m): 1:45am On Jan 15

So FDR was a demagogue right? he attacked the press, he ran on assaulting women, he made fun of disabled people, and he threw tantrums to the press?

Like i said earlier, don't mention Trump in the same breath as F.D.R (who was also disabled).

Was FDR a great president? Yes! Was FDR flawed? Yes! So what's your argument again?

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