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Romance / Re: Some Very Silly Things Guys Should Stop Doing by abbey621(m): 1:26pm On Sep 02
Apart from point #1 every other point is on point grin grin grin . Seriously, I've said it b4 Guys don't know the advantages they've got in this world, especially in 9ja. Most 9ja girls are desperados, they'll willingly give it up to a clean, mature, capable young man. All a guy needs are the following:

1: Cash, Moolah, Money $$$$$
2: Clean appearance, well groomed, fresh breath, clean smooth clothes & shoes.
3: Confidence! Confidence!! Confidence!!!

I've never seen a guy with all three of these things struggle to get a girl, it's practically impossible unless they are following him from his village cheesy cheesy cheesy

Guys that go on social media to form gentlemen by thanking girls for accepting friend request or liking every pix whether fine or ugly are usually lacking one or more of the items above.


Romance / Re: Marriage Proposal: Does The Quality Of The Engagement Ring Matter? by abbey621(m): 1:19pm On Sep 01
Marriage today has become a thing of mockery. All emphasis on material things, love has definitely taken the backseat. It's good to get a good engagement ring, between $300 to $1500 at most but each man should buy things according to his financial situation. Just because I want to wed a girl doesn't mean I should put myself in heartbreaking debt. Girls nowadays are so fascinated by fairy tales, they turned themselves into Disney characters. Always looking for the perfect man with deep pockets, romantic and faithful, even 80% of those qualities ain't enough for them. My advice to Guys out there, if your girl is not content with what you offer her, then she probably ain't the right one for you. Save yourself the stress and abandon ship!
Celebrities / Re: Davido Lied! He Can’t Afford The Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Private Jet, S by abbey621(m): 8:06pm On Aug 29
You gotta love Nigerians tho, they make it an hobby to critique anything. Nairaland giving haters a way to vent since 2005 grin grin grin


Family / Re: Would You Stand By Your Spouse, No Matter What? by abbey621(m): 3:09pm On Aug 29
Haha. I beat up one boy in my neighbourhood when I was 12 and put him in a gutter. He hit me once when we just moved in, so I planned for him and ambushed him. He never touched me again. Infact he completely stayed out of my way for years. grin
A man cant push me around. Trust me. I am quite hot headed and I have murderous thoughts sometimes wink

Lol....U need deliverance.... shocked shocked shocked shocked
Family / Re: Would You Stand By Your Spouse, No Matter What? by abbey621(m): 2:52pm On Aug 29
U dont understand. I will organise boys to come in the middle of the night to beat shege out of him till he is within an inch of his life. I will see if he will touch me again.

Na lie jor....It's girls like u that will just crawl up in a corner and start crying, u might even start blaming yourself for provoking him.... cheesy cheesy cheesy
Family / Re: Would You Stand By Your Spouse, No Matter What? by abbey621(m): 2:43pm On Aug 29
Guidette: I can deal with DV but not infidelity. That's the worst thing that can happen to me in a relationship.

This is probably the funniest post I've seen today. I can see it now, "Honey you can slap and kick me as much as you want but never sleep with another woman o"..... grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: Would You Stand By Your Spouse, No Matter What? by abbey621(m): 2:22pm On Aug 29
that is true! but that happens when the man is not willing to let go of such! Like I told u, I will feel bad and hurt! That is normal! But the same question I ask myself was that if It happens to be me cheating on my wife and she caught me nko? See nobody is perfect!!! For me I will totally let go and give her anoda chance!!
Mehn the reason why people take actions instantly is becos dey dnt tink of d future but dey tink of d present! For me I will forgive her cos that was d pledge I made before God to her!!!!! #we need to learn how to forgive and let go#

I can definitely see the point you are trying to make but what happens if the man is not the cheating type, always devoted, never for once gave her a reason to doubt but she cheated anyways. Do you think such a man can ever look at her the same way ever again? Yes a broken home is not good but if you are not in the right mental state due to an unfaithful spouse then you are bound to gradually push yourself to insanity and when that happens no pastor, alfa, Bible or Quran can reverse the emotional trauma your loved ones would be put thru. I've seen real live cheaters and statistically 90% of the time they end up cheating again, they are not remorseful because they cheated, they are remorseful because they got caught!
Family / Re: Would You Stand By Your Spouse, No Matter What? by abbey621(m): 1:35pm On Aug 29
Love is one of the most overrated word in the modern society, it's nothing but an illusion. Relationships are all about ups and downs and when you decide to get married it takes more than love to make it work. In a marriage some things are just not forgivable immediately such as infidelity or betrayal, things like these requires counseling and lots of remorse. Let's make one thing clear, men and women might have been created equally but society clearly sets them apart. Some things a man can do and get away with, if a woman should try it she would be ridiculed and judged. To booster that point, a man is allowed to marry as many times as he sees fit but if a woman tries such a thing she is looked upon as irresponsible. I see a lot of women here shouting that if the man cheats then she would leave, such women more often than not end up being alone and misrable, cos they'll fall in love with another man who would do the same. There's no simple answer to the OP's question, it all depends on the situation, for a guy it's usually an easy decision, for the woman it might be more difficult to leave......
Family / Re: Why Are Some Wives Been Denied Next Of Kin Status By Their Husbands? by abbey621(m): 3:31pm On Aug 26
Godmystrength: how does this look? Just know that as we have girls gold diggers so do we have boys gold diggers and also as we have girls chopping guys' money, we also have guys chopping girls' money. So don't be too hard on the girls alone........ Everyone has stories to tell o lipsrsealed

You are 100% right, back in my college days I've seen plenty guys taking advantage of rich, naive girls.
Family / Re: Why Are Some Wives Been Denied Next Of Kin Status By Their Husbands? by abbey621(m): 3:22pm On Aug 26
Godmystrength: Are you trying to say that all girls from very very poor backgrounds are going to ask/are asking to be spent on by their men? And that fewer girls from very very rich background would do same? I just want to be sure i understand you clearly

Absolutely! When I say very very poor background, I mean poverty drenched household. Girls from such backgrounds are usually hard working but they are also very wise, most times they look for guys who can help their situation not one who can make it worse.

Also, girls from very very rich backgrounds are less likely to be dependent on their man's wealth. In fact, they end up being victims because they fall into the hands of guys who will exploit them for monetary gains. Now don't get me wrong there are exceptions to every rule and statistics can be skewed or manipulated but you get the gist....
Family / Re: Why Are Some Wives Been Denied Next Of Kin Status By Their Husbands? by abbey621(m): 2:59pm On Aug 26
Godmystrength: I am worried about this your statistic...........8 out of 10 girls?
So that means 8 out of 10 guys are financial responsibly to their girlfriends/wives?

Yes! Yes! Yes! The figure could be as low as 6/10 girls when you factor in girls from very very rich background and as high as 10/10 when you factor in girls from very very poor backgrounds. The second part of your question is simple, the guys might not honor their requests but girls are still going to ask, they feel it is their God given rights as a female.

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Family / Re: Why Are Some Wives Been Denied Next Of Kin Status By Their Husbands? by abbey621(m): 2:38pm On Aug 26
sexybash: Why do women worry over will and properties? Honestly
Work and save buy your own properties
Abi why una parent send una go school

It's all about the weakling complex. Most women dream of handsome, wealthy husbands to take care of them, they feel it is the right thing and exactly what they deserve in life. It's only in advanced countries that women are gradually debunking such beliefs. In Nigeria however, husbands or boyfriends are known as caregivers, from hair extensions to monthly allowance; girls are just too ridiculous. For every 10 girls in 9ja, 8 are dependent on their boyfriend or husband, the little money their parents provide or their own personal funds isn't enough to keep up with their extravagant lifestyle, they got's to belong... grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: If You Could Rid Nigeria One Thing,what Could It Be? by abbey621(m): 11:09pm On Aug 22

You are unrepentantly stup1d, undeniably foolish and unapologetically re*tarded.

How am I clinging to Shy?? By supporting his points in an argument with you?? Explain to me cos I want to expose your lack of logic and your pathetic need to gain cheap likes.

Like you're meta-quasar-stup1d. Stup1d beyond the understanding of human logic. Get that single digit IQ of yours outta my face; can you imagine the dim-wit?

I would get rid of your statements cos it brings shame to you as a human being. I would get rid of Oil in Nigeria and see what would happen. Finally I would get rid of Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna. Without those cities, maybe people can spread out and start developing other states.
Romance / Re: The Kind Of Self Confidence That Attracts Women by abbey621(m): 2:46pm On Aug 22
There are no rules or laws for perfecting attraction. One man's treasure is another man's garbage. Women are the same and different at the same time. A real man must be comfortable with himself first b4 ever thinking of attracting the opposite sex. When you surround yourself with positive vibes, you automatically become appealing to those around you. Women are generally insecure, they secretly want to be around a man that would make them feel safe and secure. They want a man that is in charge of his life and not afraid to make things happen. The best tip on attraction is to not be desperate, stop looking for women to bang or love and just be yourself, focus more on yourself, be aware of your surrounding and play it cool. Stop liking every girl's picture on social media, stop begging for love, be a man and bring out the king in you....


Phones / Re: Nigerians Are Giving Up On Android, Want Their Blackberry Back by abbey621(m): 1:56pm On Aug 16
It's obvious most Nigerians are clueless in regards to technology or networks. In terms of speed, functionality and excitement, my Samsung Galaxy S5 beats the dust out of any BB10 phone. If you are talking about data consumption, blame the useless networks such as Glo, MTN and the rest. If you are a proper Android user, you would know how 2 configure your phone to enjoy the excitement without going overboard on data. For BB10 users, apart from chatting and social media, I doubt their phones are capable of doing half of what Android phones are capable of without freezing. For example, try running a simulation game such as (Texas Hold em) and try to skype at the same time, this would be impossible on a Blackberry phone but a piece of cake on My Galaxy S5......End of discussion!


Culture / Re: Why Are You Proud To Be Nigerian? by abbey621(m): 8:32pm On Aug 15

All parts of my comment makes sense. I'm afraid you have zero economic sense. Your comment here is downright ridiculous. You earn $750 a month in the US. You prolly pay close to $400 on rent and bills.
Do you know that your $750 monthly salary can pay someone's rent for a full year in Nigeria?. There is absolutely no basis to compare salary levels between Nigeria and the Western countries. N120k goes a much longer way in Naija than $750 in US. That's why most of you cannot save enough to return. Many are trying to, but it takes a long time.

I feel sorry for you bro, you know nothing and yet your mouth runs non-stop! If you need enlightenment just say so and stop ranting. I used $750 as an example of someone making the minimum wage, I get by making 5 times that much in a month and I'm just starting out my professional career. If everyone in 9ja pays their fair share, pay their bills on time instead of looking for mago mago ways then I bet you 120k would not last very much, I don't know about the people you associate with but Nigerians are doing big things here man! Educated and smart young brothers like myself are mixing it with the best of them, we pay our bills, enjoy life and still smart enough to save for rainy days, wise up bro!


Culture / Re: Why Are You Proud To Be Nigerian? by abbey621(m): 2:58pm On Aug 15
maestroferddi: I am afraid your evaluation/analysis is also skewed.

It is not as if I am supporting the vilification of any kind of labour, but someone needs to tell the plain truth.

The attitude of most Nigerians overseas is pretty objectionable. It is so easy to see through the blatant pretense and unreasonableness.

Why is that the moment some Nigerians get aboard airplanes and find themselves overseas, they would start denigrating their country and acting strange?

Do you get to see this silliness among the Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Americans, Koreans etc who all have sizable immigrant communities overseas? What is actually wrong with we Africans?

Let's take the case of flipping burgers above, would the same person bad-mouthing Nigeria be humble enough to take up the same job in Nigeria with the same remuneration as in the US?

The answer to the above is a no. But the moment the Nigerian goes abroad, he would condescend to do an otherwise menial job without complaining.

The next thing is to start painting a false picture of life in a foreign country: how he is picking gold off the streets of America.

Gullible and hapless people would readily buy the pipe dream and collapse their arrangements in Nigeria to jet off to Eldorado!

It is only when the harsh realities of life in an unfriendly environment begin to stare them in the face that they would understand that they were had in the first instance.

Meanwhile, the emphasis should have been on hard work and determination from the outset regardless of where one finds themselves.

Once again I will acknowledge the fact that you made some good points but the parts in bold are just ridiculous. 1. Americans are the most critiqing set of people in the world, they sue for anything and are very quick to cry foul play. Trust me I work with them everyday. 2. If a company hires individuals to flip burgers in Nigeria and is willing to pay them 120,000 naira, I can bet you a lot of graduates would jump at the offer, forget the job, it's all about the pay. The reason many Nigerians abroad bad mouth Nigeria is because they have real and credible reasons to do so, let's be honest Nigeria is not exactly the land of milk and honey. I remember a friend of mine who left 9ja over 10 years ago finally decided to visit 9ja only for him and his family to be robbed at gunpoint, he vowed never to return to 9ja, can you honestly tell such a person that Nigeria is worth being proud of

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Culture / Re: Why Are You Proud To Be Nigerian? by abbey621(m): 1:57pm On Aug 15

You simply cannot afford to return. Period. Many qualified, successful and bigger Nigerians have returned. Many Nigerian professionals in US and Europe are applying for bank and telecom jobs in Nigeria. More will return when the private power companies fully take off.

How can you return when you're flipping burger in some eatery or hanging from a garbage truck. Naija is not meant for mor0ns like you. Besides, you're more likely to be murdered in The US than in Nigeria. Thought i saw you on CNN looting in Missouri. Poor soul !

I like the first part of your comment it definitely makes sense but the second part shows you still have much to learn, for example do you know that a person flipping burgers making minimum wage of $7.25 and working full time hours of 32 hours or more makes about $750 after taxes per month, that's about 120,000 naira per month. The job might look demeaning but the pay outweighs what most banks starts new employees with. The biggest problem I have with most Nigerians is that we confuse the nature of a job with it's relevance. I know many Nigerian graduates making less than 120,000 naira a month and yet they boast of working in banks or one misguided profession, never downgrade a fellow human being based on his or her profession without having all the facts!


Family / Re: Man Kills Wife. Says She Infected Him With HIV by abbey621(m): 1:38pm On Aug 11
This man is heroic, even though his stupidity caused him to be infected with HIV, he stopped the source from infecting anyone else. Well done sir!!!!!
Health / Re: Ebola Latest: US Rejects Nigeria’s Request For Trial Drug by abbey621(m): 1:13pm On Aug 09
HandOfChukwu: Yes, sadly many Africans all over the continent seem to have forgotten who destroyed Africa, they seem to have forgotten about the Belgian massacre of 10 million Africans in the Congo, they seem to have forgotten about over 40 million slaves that were taken from Africa and enslaved with most brutal form of slavery to ever exist for 400 years, they seem to forget who about the apartheid regime in South Africa, they seem to have forgotten who colonized and stole from their land, they seem to have forgotten blacks in South America to this very day are treated as dogs by the whites and hispanics, they seem to have forgotten that African-Americans were being murdered just for being black up until the late 60's by the government.

Africans from the continent are disgraceful many of them even name themselves after the whites that did all of these things, how many Africans are there called John and Mary? Embarrassing. WAKE UP AFRICA. It's time to stop acting like a bunch stup1d monkeys.

Your write up made sense all the way till you used those words in bold. If you can degrade your fellow Africans with those words then what is to stop the white men from doing such. You can't blame the whites for everything, sometimes we must look within ourselves and see the true source of our problems!


Celebrities / Re: Happy Birthday Mr Barack Obama by abbey621(m): 3:36pm On Aug 05

another personal attack without making any reasonable point.
I am not comparing him to Kennedy you dumba55. i said Kennedy had obstacle too just like all us presidents. (everyone knows he is no Kennedy)

everyone obomber wh0re is hiding behind vain words like " u dont know how this and that works" ," i bet you cant vote", i am not in the business of measuring who has the longest di$k . just like another clown was telling me he lived in VA for 8 years yesterday. how does that concern me?

Make your points with facts or keep quiet and try your personal attacks on someone else.

You are just yapping like a tap without control. I said back up your accusations with statistical data or get lost! People like you are obviously sick, you have no idea of your own and yet you criticize those who dare try. Come up with statistics which proves Obama is inept more than any other president within the last 20 years and I'll start believing you. You must be a blockhead, look at your bolded statement, Kennedy did not have half the obstacles Obama encountered, arguing otherwise is just plain foolish!
Celebrities / Re: Happy Birthday Mr Barack Obama by abbey621(m): 2:27pm On Aug 05

funny everyone is quoting me and at the end of the day only making up excuses for not getting the job done.
I have said already that his watered down health care was his only achievement.

using congress as an excuse is shows you how irresponsible he is.
US presidents have always had problems with congress (they never liked Kennedy either) and the tested and trusted strategy they always use if when the congress is not budging is that they take it to the people and by standing their ground . this usually move the poll numbers in their favor. the congressmen only care abut their seats. if this happens they give in eventually.

That was how the shutdown was solved. when Obama was campaigning against the congress blaming them for the shut down and refused to give in, the poll numbers showed the congressmen where viewed unfavorably and they quickly made a deal.

But Obama hardly does that , instead he makes concession at every chance he gets. he even proposed to cut social security without them asking for it and said he will keep 94% of bush tax cuts.

He agrees too much with the conventional wisdom in DC which is very right wing that is no sign of being in charge. he is inept but you can keep making excuses for him thou and playing the race card.

all he does his emmm... hummmm... emmmm.. eummm when he is in DC

Sounds like you have a personal agenda against Obama, I wonder if you are eligible to vote sef, it is well! From the bolded, I can tell you have no idea how the U.S Government works, I kind of think it's cute cheesy . Here you are comparing Obama to Kennedy in terms of obstacles, another joke I guess. All I can say is look at the facts and not what your aunties and uncles on television are saying. Look at the figures, the state of the economy 2008 in terms of unemployment, forclosures, etc and compare it to now, if you can honestly tell me progress has not been made, then I give up!!!
Celebrities / Re: Happy Birthday Mr Barack Obama by abbey621(m): 1:57pm On Aug 05
Missy89: Barack Obomber will be one of the most inept president in US history

I can see you are pretty young and probably don't know a lot about U.S history, if you did, you would realize how much of a joke your statement resembles. Learn to rid yourself of sentiments and focus mainly on facts and you'll realize this president faced an unprecedented level of chaos since Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression. What am I talking about?? 1: Name how many U.S presidents took office while 2 major wars were being fought? 2: Name another one to govern during a financial, hosuing and congressional meltdown 3: Name another president criticized so much based on his experience, skin color, place of birth and so on.

I can go on and on but I think you get the gist. Now wait a minute, I'm not saying Obama is one of the best presidents in U.S history, far from it but given that from 2008 till now, he has turned the U.S economy from loosing over 400,000 jobs a month to gaining over 100,000; He achieved the healthcare reform that has been impossible to do for over 30 years and finally he is teaching the rest of the world not to expect the U.S to rush into war or conflict as we have enough problems of our own. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that you would call such a president inept; a better word would be 'average' or 'satisfactory' considering the many obstacles he continues to face. Finally if all my reasoning still seems shaky to you, ask yourself this: Can you honestly blame the president 100% for any shortcomings in this current economy when the biggest culprit hides in the dark(Congress)?
Food / Re: some Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day by abbey621(m): 5:36pm On Aug 04
Just another scare tactic, cancer does not respect anyone, if you like eat healthy, exercise, be prayerful; it does not matter at all. Life is too short already as it is, you now add fear to the list and you are gone! Look at the ridiculous list, I read somewhere else that bread, butter, potatoes, even fish can cause cancer, these scientists are nuts! Abeg pass me Agege bread 60 naira and fanta, cancer kor dancer ni!!!!!
Music/Radio / Re: In-depth Album Review: 2face Idibia - 'ascension' by abbey621(m): 6:53pm On Aug 02
Petersideman: Thumbs up to 2baba, some of u r here criticizing whereas he has been listed as the 12th best selling album on billboard, no nigerian has ever done that, even ur beloved dbanj nd odas nva near d milestone even wit dere changin record labels lik clothes..... Or have u nt heard that.... Lovly album, to the op doing the review, ao mani singles u don release sef 4 ur life## way u dy review pesin album##

Shut your stinking mouth, you know nothing! Take a look at the other albums on that list, they are all third class albums. It's a list meant to showcase top selling albums from artiste from non major markets such as Africa, Asia, western Europe and so on. They gave ratings based on itunes sales, not by quality. If this album was truly as great as you claim, then you are admitting that it is 2face's best ever album, we all know better than that.... cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Music/Radio / Re: 2face's "The Ascension" Is Currently The 12th Top Selling Album In The World by abbey621(m): 11:21pm On Jul 31
Number 12 on the billboard world top selling chart, I think you guys are mentally challenged.
Romance / Re: Can Guys Ever Be Faithful? by abbey621(m): 1:18pm On Jul 26
Faithfulness is not based on gender; male or female a person's personality would determine if he or she would cheat. Number 1 reason guys cheat is greed, while women cheat cos they are emotionally weak. A guy would cheat if he has everything and yet he is not getting satisfaction from the one he loves. A woman would cheat if she is not close to God or does not see value in her self(Always looking to upgrade). I remember a girl that I dated for many years and she ended up cheating, when I asked her why, she said she felt the other guy could take care of her more financially. Fast forward 5 years later, I'm amazed that she's still in a state of poverty. Personally rather than cheat, is it not easier to leave
Celebrities / Re: Mexico's Carlos Slim Reclaims World's Richest Man Title From Bill Gates by abbey621(m): 1:25pm On Jul 25

Boss I tell you the truth, what has been sustaining Gates is his charity.

What am trying to say is that if Bill Gates has not been giving, his worth wouldn't had been $240 instead it will be less than his present worth.

The Bible made me to understand that its not by accumulating but by giving out. Many are in the same position today because they lack the Giving Ability.

Check out people like Dangote, Gates, Adenuga, Carlos, Page, etc. They always donate. Giving is a principle that works for anybody (believers & Unbelievers, Jews & Gentiles)

You know nothing! Most of these wealthy men you've mentioned donate to charity because it can be written off on their taxes, wetin be charity, in business it's just another marketing scheme. More exposure, more opportunity to make profit. Abeg leave Bible out of it.... angry angry

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Sparks Outrage with Photo Of Her "Maid' Wearing Her Gucci Sandals by abbey621(m): 1:19pm On Jul 22
Jobless Nigerians, always having blood pressure over another person's matter. If Dangote called most of you to become his maid, butler or gateman you would jump at the opportunity, so spare me the crap! A maid is a maid, simple. Half of you probably wish your parents treated you as well as Tonto treats her maid/daughter grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Family / Re: Facing The Hypocrisy Of Men by abbey621(m): 1:32pm On Jul 21
Another gender bashing thread, all is well! Male or female if everyone plays their God giving role then everything would be okay. Majority of men are afraid to get maried because they've either witnessed first hand the devastating consequences of a marriage gone sour or a narrative from frustrated couples. In Nigeria, the male is regarded as bread winner, ATM machine, the sole provider and even though it increases the man's ego, it does not help in the long run. Nigerian males must learn to live and let live, a strong woman can be tamed just as easily as a strong man, it all depends on understanding. Forget culture or traditional sentiments, nowadays the best spouse is one who has something to bring to the table. I rather marry an educated woman, who is financially smart, a hardworker and caring attitude, than marry a woman with low self esteem, confidence and a rundown attitude.

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Celebrities / Re: Very Pissed Off Fans Curse Out Peter Okoye & Lola For Shunning Jude's Wedding by abbey621(m): 4:04pm On Jul 18
Senseless beings..... Their mama died, all hell broke loose. Because of overflowing wealth, they all lost focus on what's mostly important: FAMILY. Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, a wife must know her role, she can't allow emotions to overwhelm her cos when things gets tough between the husband and her, it's his family she would turn to for help. Can't really blame Peter as he's only being a man, anyman would be upset in his situation. The only person that can resolve this is Paul, twins have a way of bonding with eachother, a bond no one else can understand, talk to your twin paul, talk to your elder brother also, use your mama as an example, life is too short for all these trivial issues.

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Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by abbey621(m): 6:14pm On Jul 16

Walai, I can never endure. I grew as the child of an enduring wife, my brothers and I struggled to make good marriages and choose good life partners. We had no good examples. Yet Nigerians keep harping on "endure, endure". Till today, I'm sometimes not sure what Love is, and I used to cling to the worst men, pathetically hoping to make them love me. One day, a christian friend of mine, said "Onegai, they're not your Father. You need to learn how to let go of bad men trying to save them like your dad". Because of me and so many females (including his wife), that guy no matter how tempted he is outside, will always go home to his woman. He swears he would rather die than destroy his kids emotionally.

A person can only take so much before cracking. Go to GH Lagos Island, Lagoon Hospital and St. Nicholas, see how many women they are treating with High Blood Pressure, Depression and more.

No-one is saying quit your marriage permanently. Just get ready to give him space. Get your affairs in order. Even if he comes home, he has to come home humble and penitent. He has to build your self-esteem and trust, daily, every single minute for his life. YOU DESERVE IT. Because one day, his phone will ring, he will pick it happily and you will get scared and start having palpitations, even though you don't know whom is on the line.

All of you saying "is divorce easy, stop telling her to leave", go and look for happy wives. Let them tell you if their husbands ever destroyed their confidence by comparing them to his ex vocally. JESUS! Imagine it! I've been compared to another woman, as a gf (that other woman taunted me with the aid of the silly fellow I was all over) and I lost weight, developed asthma and my hair fell out from stress and sorrow. I wasn't even married to him! I'm so glad I'm free now and I will never accept this in any husband.

People will now say "ah you wan kill yasef ova man you neva marry", then tell me to "endure, pray, find a hobby, treat him well" because there's a ring on my finger. My dear, a ring is a symbol of commitment, not the actual commitment. All good marriages started with good relationships and courtships, short or long.

Story for the gods!

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