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Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 1:02am On Jul 15
You are somewhat bias! You should ask or probe "what they had used their received Allocations from GEJ government for? Know that some governors did not owe like Ekiti. All of the governors got their Allocations,but some owed their workers! So they should be PROBED if you know that past government was corrupt. So set the pace, and probe the said debted governors to account for the money received.

Once again you are focusing on the wrong thing! Probing can come later, what was imminent is the welfare of those workers who were not paid. It's easy to complain when you've eaten and you are not being evicted by your landlord but if you put yourself in the shoes of those workers you'd realize how dire the situation was. I have first hand experience because a cousin of mine was faced with this predicament, within a couple of months his life turned upside down. So please excuse me if I'm a little biased, I believe when there's life there's hope and what Buhari did saved a lot of families from starvation, probing can come later jaare!
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 11:15pm On Jul 14

While we are worried..let us ask those Governors what they actually used the funds for payment of salaries for? Aregbe-rascal No 1

I agree, those governors should be made accountable! But we all know say na padi padi government we dey do for 9ja.
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 11:14pm On Jul 14
Any relief sought and gotten in a hurry is only temporal and will surely back fire!!!

Not in this case bro, a government that can't rescue it's citizens from starvation and hunger is not fit to govern. The States failed and the federal government rescued them, the ultimate victors are the workers who finally got paid. We've seen much more money stolen for extravagant expenses during the previous administration, so I'm actually glad those funds actually did something good for the people. The key now is for Buhari to not relent but work harder to ensure the economy gets back in shape!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 11:04pm On Jul 14
Considering the ant-corruption posture of this government, the terms and conditions should have been spelt out and made public. What is in the public domain is that they were given money to pay ''one'' salary twice, with no strings attached. They went ahead to tell the source of funds and that is all they want us to know. If you ask now they will ask you to invoke FOI which will never give you anything. Tax payers are just being scammed or short changed.

You know right from time Nigeria's problem has been corruption and lack of transparency but in this case I don't mind the means as long as the end justifies it. I'm more worried about the workers. I'm worried about the people that have to feed their families, pay for school fees and so on, I just can't imagine how they managed to cope all this while.....
Family / Re: My Wife Is Pregnant For Her Pastor - Husband Tells Judge by abbey621(m): 10:58pm On Jul 14
see ur teeth like that of agbalumo

grin grin grin fear of Gabazin is the beginning of wisdom grin grin grin
Family / Re: My Wife Is Pregnant For Her Pastor - Husband Tells Judge by abbey621(m): 10:53pm On Jul 14
which kind judge u be..nah wa o

Person dey call himself GABAZIN and you still dey act surprised at his wickedness......na wa 4 u ooo grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 10:49pm On Jul 14
Is there sense in bailing out states? From what? The monies earlier released as salaries, what happened to them? Imagine that even Okorocha that handed over to himself is complaining he met an empty treasury? Who empty am?

You're failing to see the bigger picture! How long should workers continue to suffer? The bailout was done to relieve those who've been suffering from the past few months. I think the States that are bailed out should be made to repay the money like an interest free or low interest loan, this would deter future occurrences. I can't imagine what would have happened to workers if the federal government did not bailout those States.
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 10:41pm On Jul 14
Hope it won't rebound in the federal level.

I hope so too but it seems Buhari is starting to put things in order, let us pray he works more swiftly to turn things around positively.
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 10:39pm On Jul 14

mumu e pain u.... i can feel ur pain grin grin grin

na now dem no dey read full article

Is that the best you can come up with? You're a disgrace to clowning grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 10:37pm On Jul 14
Why should they be bailed out? Isn't it a result of their careless miscalculations? At times I wonder if we know where our problems are originating from?

It's not the fault of the workers. It's just the same way banks were bailed out in America, they were bailed out because the federal government realized that if this should continue the masses would be the ones to suffer. I fully support the bailout but the federal government must put measures in place to ensure this type of situation does not repeats itself!


Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Jonathan Generated The Funds Used For Bail Out.- NLNG MD Insists by abbey621(m): 10:17pm On Jul 14
Most fools on this thread won't even bother to read the whole article. This is simple politics and common sense would tell you of course the funds came from activities which occurred in 2014. How can a president with less than 3 months in office save such amount? The real question most of you clowns aren't asking is; if the funds were available during GEJ's term why was nothing done to bailout States owing workers salary? Gullible people will only read the headlines and start shouting; that's why some of you are failures in life......SHAME!


Politics / Re: Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Buhari's Dismissal Of Service Chiefs by abbey621(m): 10:10pm On Jul 14
Do people still listen to this guy? He's a clown, most of his words are outright rubbish! If he was so good with vocabulary he would be world renowned not just some loud mouth local champion!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got A Job In Which I Lied I Had Experience! by abbey621(m): 5:21pm On Jul 14
There's nothing wrong in altering your CV, I do it all the time and have helped people do the same. What is wrong however is filling your CV with skills and specialization in which you know nothing about. Computational positions such as Accounting, Engineering and so on requires specialized training, depending on the company you could be dealing with over 1,000 accounts. At this point the best thing you can do is to remain confident, almost all companies conduct specialized training to make sure new associates are comfortable with the companies way of doing things, brush up on your accounting and just hope for the best!

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Politics / Re: 625 Killed As Boko Haram Gunmen Slit Some Residents’ Throats by abbey621(m): 3:08pm On Jul 14
Isn't it funny how the poster made it look as if 625 people were killed today. Last week it was in the 500's, there's nothing new about Boko Haram again, news like this has no value!
Politics / Re: Id-el-fitr: FG Declares Friday 17, Monday 20 July Public Holidays by abbey621(m): 2:58pm On Jul 14
I an understand Friday but Monday too, that's just wasteful! It's not even the big Sallah, anyways I trust Nigerians sha enough grooving grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Babagana Monguno: Meet The Man That Buhari Made National Security Adviser by abbey621(m): 1:36pm On Jul 14

What was the situation of our military and armoury before Jonathan?... What was it after?...Can we build skyscraper in a day from a hut?...smh...Do they remove your medulla oblongata as a criteria to support APC/Buhari to enhance your fanaticism and inability to reason independently...

You are obviously as ignorant as they come! You GEJ apologists never cease to amaze me, the guy had over 4 years and didn't do squat! If Buhari exhibits the same cluelessness throughout his 4 year term then by all means the Nigerian people should vote him out. Your stupidity suggests that because past leaders did not improve our military that gave Jonathan the right to leave it in abysmal shape, can't you see the daftness of your premise?
Politics / Re: Babagana Monguno: Meet The Man That Buhari Made National Security Adviser by abbey621(m): 1:08pm On Jul 14

What do u use in reasoning boy?

Google is your friend, do some research instead of blabbing on Nairaland!
Politics / Re: Babagana Monguno: Meet The Man That Buhari Made National Security Adviser by abbey621(m): 12:17pm On Jul 14

Check the dictionary meaning of "Underfunded" then pick our budget and alongside our armoury to see if some people worth their school fees cool

And you check the budget and armory of countries fighting terrorism , compare it to Nigeria(The giant of Africa) and tell me you don't see something wrong or maybe your eyes ain't working properly?
Politics / Re: Babagana Monguno: Meet The Man That Buhari Made National Security Adviser by abbey621(m): 2:01am On Jul 14
Fish brain writer, must everything be criticized? Is it not your beloved GEJ who underfunded the military and all defense related sectors. Whether you like it or not, the President has made his choice, success or failure he's ready to face the consequences so keep your trashy comments to yourself!

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Celebrities / Re: Freeze Coolfm Posts Photos Of Injuries He Says He Got From Ex-wife by abbey621(m): 11:29pm On Jul 13
One thing that I'm sure of is no woman can try such nonsense with me. My mama didn't raise no fool and I ain't one of those panties washing brothers who believed even when a woman is hitting and kicking you that you dare not hit back.

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Politics / Re: No Genuine Reason To Remove Oil Subsidy Yet–buhari by abbey621(m): 10:39pm On Jul 13
This is bullshit! I'm a strong Buhari supporter but on this issue he's wrong! What are they subsidizing?
Travel / Re: 20 Million Naira Or Green Card: Which Would You Choose? by abbey621(m): 9:04pm On Jul 13

Still don't understand your point. You make it sound like it is horrible in the state. Move back to Nigeria if that is your point.

Read it again! America is what you make of it but it's certainly not a bed of roses. I'm doing more than okay over here but if I received an offer that could match my monthly salary of about (700,000 naira), I would leave this place and never come back! America is wonderful but there's no place like home, no place like 9ja wallahi!

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Travel / Re: 20 Million Naira Or Green Card: Which Would You Choose? by abbey621(m): 9:02pm On Jul 13

I am guessing you have a green card and you have had to pay for school with fafsa before?

Not only a green card, I just got my Blue American passport this year. Yes, I've had to pay using Fafsa including getting Direct loans to cover the tuition for two MBA degrees.
Travel / Re: 20 Million Naira Or Green Card: Which Would You Choose? by abbey621(m): 8:04pm On Jul 13
I stay in the U.S and I can tell you right now an Average American does not have 20 million Naira saved or $10,000, either way the amount of money does not matter as much as what you decide to do with it and this can be the difference between rundown and wealth!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Names New Service Chiefs by abbey621(m): 5:39pm On Jul 13

I see. GMB spent decades in the Army and should know better. We believed him because of his military background.

Are you saying we should forget campaign promises/blatant lies?

Is that the low standard and mediocrity we now expect of ourselves?

Biased? How? Did I ask him to promise fantasy?

Spending years as a military ruler and coming back as a democratically elected president is not the same thing. In a democracy, there are lots of things which must be put in place by all the major stakeholders. Now let's move on to campaign promises; only an ignorant person would actually believe that GMB would achieve all the promises made while campaigning, politicians all over the world make promises all the time and most hardly fulfill 50% of it, most people didn't vote for GMB so that he can make $1 to 1 Naira or pay unemployed youths 5,000 naira. Most people voted for him because we trust his character and realize even a Buhari that's successful only 50% of the time is better than 4 plus years of GEJ. Finally Buhari has 4 years to fulfill the promise of eradicating Boko Haram, I personally would give him at least a year, I am not deluded or ignorant to believe a terrorist group with ties to ISIS can be crushed within 2 months, only gullible people would believe such fantasies!


Politics / Re: Buhari Names New Service Chiefs by abbey621(m): 5:19pm On Jul 13
Our youths of nowadays are really pathetic.

A former military dictator who spent the last 12 years trying to be president has appointed officers from an institution he should know like the back of his hand and they are dancing etighi.

Is that how our standards for assessing performance in public office have plummeted?

Considering the urgency of Boko and the campaign promise of crushing Boko within months, why wait till now? sad

I wish the new appointees good luck in their new roles.

But aren't you being a little biased in your assessment? If there's one thing we should all know about Buhari by now is that he likes to be thorough, he plans every detail and will not be rushed. The Boko Haram menace is not something that can be wiped out hastily, a lot of you people don't have a clue about what's really going on behind the scenes and a lot of you people are still comparing campaign propaganda with official governmental actions. Election is over, he's now on the hot seat and will not do things in a rush only for it to crumble!


Romance / Re: With 600k, Should He Settle Down For Marriage At The Age Of 32? by abbey621(m): 1:53pm On Jul 13
This is simple, marry someone who has a job! Your salary alone is not enough to take care of a family so do the smart thing and marry someone that's an asset and not a liability. Forget about the crap about love, love comes and goes, trust me you don't want to marry a liability!


Family / Re: Could My Wife Be Cheating? by abbey621(m): 12:07am On Jul 13

You are not mature enough for the commitment which is why you cannot tolerate the smallest of things that can be fixed. So its understandable. If you don't have tolerance or patience you will not survive a successful marriage. For a marriage to be called successful it has to pass through tests, if you cannot do that it cannot be called successful.

You should learn from many that have lost out on many things because they put pride first before anything else. Many have fallen because their egos take over their reasoning. When you end up on wife number 4 and still end up with the same results, you will understand.

Tell me when you find a definition of adultery that does not include the phrase "sexual intercourse" before you give your own new meaning to it.

And if you call cooking for another man, flirting with another man and sharing heart to heart moments with him "small things" then obviously you are one of those I consider classless or undignified. Once again you try to sound intelligent but the result is completely opposite. Just because you are not enlightened enough to understand the different meanings of adultery does not mean they do not exist! For your reference:

ADULTERY WITHOUT SEXUAL INTERCOURSE—The Bible speaks of “wanton eyes” (Isa. 3:16), “eyes full of adultery” (2 Pet. 2:14), and “the lust of the eyes” (1 John 2:16).

Jesus Christ warned,

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart.”

You seem to be one of those people of the mind that a wife can have as many male friends as possible as long as there are no sexual activities, you seem to believe it is okay to flirt around and if caught then it's no big deal, the man should be man enough to accept and work through it. Now to my final point, I don't know about American men or those in European countries but as an African man I'm meant to be the head, I do not subscribe to the notion that marriage is 50/50, more like 60/40 or 70/30 with the man having the majority of the decision making, it is the role which was given to us by God, promoted by tradition and accepted by society. I do not believe a wife should compete with her husband in terms of tit for tat as it is clear the ultimate loser would be the woman as society still judges a woman negatively for being married two or more times but for a man no one really cares if he marries 4 or more times. So spare me the bullshit and focus more on educating yourself wink


Family / Re: Could My Wife Be Cheating? by abbey621(m): 11:33pm On Jul 12

I did not insult anyone's intelligence it just that most intelligent people that i know know that marriage is not a bed of roses and when you go through trivial trials its better to fix the marriage than hope to find someone else close to perfect. Finding a replacement and finding a good woman are 2 entirely different things, sadly some people never know the difference.

Intelligent people also know that commit adultery is having an extra-marital affair with someone not cooking for someone, they usually know the huge difference between the 2 smiley

I'm sorry you might want to check the meaning of adultery again, it's not only about physical contact, emotional bonding is considered cheating nowadays. Now what you are suggesting is for the man to stick with the wife, a wife that has yet to admit she did anything wrong. Forget the westernized crap, as an African man I cannot tolerate such a thing and I cannot advice any man to tolerate such nonsense!
Family / Re: Could My Wife Be Cheating? by abbey621(m): 11:21pm On Jul 12
okay im assuming you will be the "hardy" that will help his children deal with the divorce and you will be able to give him a wife who will be able to handle another woman's children and be the perfect spouse to him that he cant be to her. Arent we all always ready to give the easy way out when we know we wont be there to help people deal with the most hard times?
Are you even married or have you ever had a serious relationship before?

Let me tell you something, the fear of the unknown is what kills most ambitions. A man will always find a wife, it's so easy as long as he's capable financially. The children will be okay, when they grow up they'll understand why their mother was sent packing for adultery. Furthermore if I've never been in a serious relationship I doubt I would be discussing a subject as sensitive as this so don't insult my intelligence wink

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Family / Re: Could My Wife Be Cheating? by abbey621(m): 11:08pm On Jul 12

If African marriages are more stable why are more people running away from them and adopting the western way of doing things?

Please where did you get your statistics? Last time I checked Western worlds have a much higher rate of divorce than Nigeria and the majority of divorces in Nigeria comes from couples doing things differently from the traditional way. Compare the amount of marriages from the 60s and 70s to nowadays and tell me which generation produced more successful marriages.

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Family / Re: Could My Wife Be Cheating? by abbey621(m): 11:05pm On Jul 12
you clearly misinterpreted me. To every action there is a reaction, of you know for certain the reaction will not be a good one why remove the ring in the first place? A ring symbolises a union between 2 people and its only a grossly inconsiderate person who would think there would not be a negative reaction after doing something knowing every well it disrespects that their union stands for.

So what you are simply saying is if a man is not a good communicator something can always be done about it to make it better but if the wife on the other hand is not a good communicator the marriage should be thrown down the drain?

You're still mixing apples with oranges! Let's simplify this; the man took off his ring (Bad), at this point the man is at fault, a good complaint from the wife or even to family members would have resolved this but what did she do? She starts communicating with an ex(bad), she took off her ring too( very bad), she starts visiting another man (worse), she cooks for the man( worse to worst), she starts telling the man about her marital problems (worst). Hope you are getting my point here, it's not until a woman sleeps with a man before she can be accused of adultery, for goodness sake you call all her actions a negative reaction, please don't make me laugh! Screaming at the husband would be a negative reaction, calling him names would be a negative reaction, even threatening to walk away would be a negative reaction. What she has done is a taboo, totally uncalled for and only a woman who does not respect herself would ever do such a thing! You keep thinking marriage is about tit for tat when in reality it's not!

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