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Politics / Re: America Declares Orubebe, Dokubo, Others Persona Non Grata by abbey621(m): 1:35pm On Apr 22
Though the US government did not specifically
name those it intends to punish for their actions
before, during and after the elections, Orubebe,
Wike, Tompolo, Asari-Dokubo, First Lady
Patience Jonathan, Katsina State Governor,
Ibrahim Shema and several other major political
actors made national news headlines by their
heated comments and actions.

People should learn to read, all I see from the garbage posted is mere speculation. Can someone tell me what the above quote means?


Celebrities / Re: Charles Novia Disses Lagos To Abuja Trekker by abbey621(m): 1:18pm On Apr 22
I can understand why so many of us are pessimistic, we don't live that kind of life and are basically lazy! In the North walking large distances is the norm, they are conditioned for such tasks. The question everyone should be asking is where does the man come from? What does he do for a living? How fit was he? Does he have family members or friends who are aware of his daily activities? These questions and more would help authenticate his claim instead of speculations!
Politics / Re: MASSOB Urges UN To Recognise State Of Biafra by abbey621(m): 9:12pm On Apr 20
If Biafra is what it would take to shut up the most irritating set of people in Nigeria, then so be it! At this point it's no longer funny, I would rather give them Biafra in peace than watch them take it by force! I've analyzed the situation very carefully and one thing is constant Igbos are not satisfied with mixing with Yorubas, Hausas or any other tribe, they've tried but can't tolerate it any longer, to them all other tribes stink so please President Elect Buhari, give them what they want and let us all live in peace!


Politics / Re: Buhari Social Program: Laudable, Laughable Or Dead On Arrival? by abbey621(m): 7:03pm On Apr 19
As clueless as Jonathan was, if he surrounded himself with bright, forward thinking minds he would have succeeded greatly. I believe a lot of people would be shocked at how successful the incoming government will be, to those doubters out there thinking this is just about Buhari please educate yourself and open your minds. Yes some of the things said during election campaigns are laughable, yes some of the things might not work out at all but rest assured the incoming government will be very effective where it counts such as stable electricity, safer roads and so much more. Nigerians have shown the elites that the power of change is real and any government would be very eager to impress!


Politics / Re: See What Obanikoro Wore For An Official Meeting With UN Reps And President GEJ by abbey621(m): 1:10pm On Apr 17
Do you know the irony of it all? The man has more money than all the members on this thread put together, yet we are more concerned about his dressing skills. Lesson learnt: Poor people waste their time criticizing, Rich people are too busy to notice minute things. In fact, you people are infecting me already, I've spent one minute of my precious time writing this....chai!

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Religion / Re: Can A Born Again Give A Head During Sex? by abbey621(m): 1:16pm On Apr 16
Everybody needs to just calm the f*ck down! Why must everything be religious in 9ja? I just don't get it! In this life, everyone is unique, what gets some people off won't work for others. Some people need oral stimulation to reach their peak while others are satisfied with regular intercourse. There's no sin in exploring our bodies and discovering ways to make sex more pleasurable, the sin occurs when you do it with the wrong person. If you are married, you are free to give your all to your partner if it will keep him or her satisfied!
Politics / Re: U.S. Predicts Challenge In Protecting Nigerian Citizens By The New Govt In Abuja by abbey621(m): 10:31pm On Apr 15

You are calling Abacha! ehnn!!!!
I think you should not joke with the fact that our neighbours were harbouring our enemies and you Cannot launch an attack into another sovereign nation!
Yes I mentioned Abacha, what Nigeria needs is discipline and a strong leader, when other countries respect us they won't dare harbour our enemies!
Politics / Re: U.S. Predicts Challenge In Protecting Nigerian Citizens By The New Govt In Abuja by abbey621(m): 8:51pm On Apr 15

if Niger,chad and Cameroon had taken the report from Nigeria serious about using their countries as a launch base.we would not wait that long would we!
and let us not forget if the northern elites have been in suppoot of the Military.it would have been a whole lot different.
how many times did you hear the northern elites criticise the BH sect as compared to their press release about military operations.

Why must other countries take responsibility for our inaction. The Office of the President is very powerful, Nigeria is not a country that should be intimidated, a strong president would know how to combat any form of insurgency. Who are the Northern elites? Where were they when Abacha was around? A strong leader puts mechanism in place to ensure the life of the citizens are secured!
Politics / Re: U.S. Predicts Challenge In Protecting Nigerian Citizens By The New Govt In Abuja by abbey621(m): 5:13pm On Apr 15

and it was so easy to judge gej!

Of course it's easy to judge GEJ, what sort of president would call Boko Haram " Our brothers and sisters" ? If GEJ spent the last 4 years fighting Boko Haram as vigorously as he did during the last 6 months, he would have been seen as heroic, instead he chose to play politics with people's lives!
Politics / Re: U.S. Predicts Challenge In Protecting Nigerian Citizens By The New Govt In Abuja by abbey621(m): 1:09pm On Apr 15

Maybe it was because one of the campaign adverts in TV said that we should vote for someone who would guarantee our security.... that's what I thought gave us a lot of hope, so who are you to deny us our security as citizens of Nigeria after winning the elections?

Stop saying jargons, only God can guarantee security and safety. Even in advanced countries, people get killed on a daily basis. Buhari will definitely improve the security of the nation but it might take time, it's not something that can be done in a day.
Politics / Re: See How This White Man Condemned #bringbackourgirls Hashtag On Twitter. by abbey621(m): 8:26pm On Apr 14
He's completely right, tweeting has not had the effect many people thought it would when the campaign first started. It is very important that Nigerians and other world citizens put pressure on the government, government must not relent on its efforts until victory is achieved. Words alone can't do it, more action please!
Politics / Re: U.S. Predicts Challenge In Protecting Nigerian Citizens By The New Govt In Abuja by abbey621(m): 5:41pm On Apr 14
Why are Nigerians so negative minded? I don't see anything wrong in the article, they nailed it right on point! Any government would have a hard time tackling the challenges facing Nigeria. What did you expect them to say? That it would be easy to combat all the problems? That Buhari would magically wave a wand and all our problems would disappear? Come on guys get real!
Politics / Re: We Used Almajiris To Vote Out Jonathan – Kwankwaso by abbey621(m): 2:01pm On Apr 14
crypls shut up. U sound pathetic. No wisdom in anything u have said. Igbos are nt even bitter, we re just giving a needed reply to ur tribal filled talks and analysis. Apc dis apc dat, can't u exist outside govt hand me downs? I voted buhari but dis is outrageous. Get a life and stop exhibiting stupidity on dis platform.

You foolish lair, you didn't vote APC, you're nothing but a PDP scumbag trying to save face. It's even on your profile referenced by the link below

All the criminals in PDP are now in a APC. GJE till 2019..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Answer These Tricky Job Interview Questions From Apple Inc by abbey621(m): 1:12pm On Apr 14
Nigerians, Nigerians, Nigerians, why do we always think everything demands a direct answers, all these questions are not testing for correct answer but for your method of thinking, your analytical depth and the ability to think outside the box. If you look carefully and read each question, you'll notice a lot of variance, it's not something math alone can solve!

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Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye Claims Ownership Of Some Of Psquare’s Hit Songs by abbey621(m): 6:21pm On Apr 13
Why are some people so daft? In a group, we have some songs written individually or as a group, he's just stating fact, why come up with some bullcrap about jealousy or separation? Peter has more dance moves, swag and fierceness while paul has the tune, the lyrics and the emotional side, both of them would be nothing without their big bro (Jude), case closed!


Religion / Re: He Took Holy Communion And Had Sex After Church, Any Repercusion? by abbey621(m): 3:31pm On Apr 12
You no ask Nairaland how to unhook the girl's bra, you no ask us which hole to put your stick, so why disturb us now, if you enter hell fire take am like that at least you don enjoy few minutes of heaven grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Osa Alohaneke Stabs His Fiancée To Death In The US (photos) by abbey621(m): 3:35pm On Apr 10
Life in the U.S ain't no joke, the woman you associate with can make or break you. As we all know by now, women run things here in the States, many men find themselves trapped and stressed out, at the same time we also have many men mistreating women, many men resulting to violence to keep women shut or to keep them from being exposed to their rights. The real question is how does one keep from falling into one of those two categories? May God help all Nigerians abroad!


Religion / Re: Jide Macaulay, Nigerian Gay Pastor Writes Letter To Homophobes With Bible Quotes by abbey621(m): 3:26pm On Apr 10
This life is simple, let the gays be gay and let the others live live as normal. I can't stop anyone from being gay but I'll be damned if anyone is going to force me to associate with them or like them. The gay pastor is definitely confused, the Bible passages were taken out of context, old testaments verses written to reflect the society at that point in time. People should leave the gays alone, let's not use religion to convince them or any other thing, leave Judgment to God and control only the things we can control.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Blasts Party Leaders Over Loss To PDP by abbey621(m): 3:17pm On Apr 10

You sound exposed but speak like one of those people who will trade their vote for a plate of rice.

Who is claiming to have control?
When you rise to threaten a group who hasn't uuterd a word prior to the threat, uve exposed urself amnd shown ur cowardice.
In other words are u saying ibos shouldn't vote? Or if they vote they must vote ambode?
If agbaje wins will there be war? Or what exactly is ur point?
I don't go to synagouge,but tb joshua said there will be surprises during this election...jonathan lost won't be surprised if apc loosing lagos is the other surprise.

Remeber many groups are agitated against fashola etc so be very afraid, aftrall there are many yourubas who I know will vote agbaje.

As it is the oba has put himself in a very nasty spot..(Am exposed and. Propeace so am. Not talking violence)
Am talking of the fact that his case is now in hague....his prayer should be that no blood spills for thw world is watching.

What ever the case no. One is walking any tight rope....stop deceiving urself e warrior...if u see war ull faint, I served in the north and saw some unrest its not pretty! Channel ur energy into something product if get the power!

I'm sorry but you are very biased. Even before the Oba made the negative statement, JK and PDP had been campaigning using Igbos as his tool, even before the Oba's statements, Igbos have been shouting Lagos is a no man's land. These things contributed to the negative atmosphere Lagos is experiencing right now. Stop using vague rhetoric to justify your point, the fact remains that Nigeria is deeply divided by ethnicity, what you can't do in Aba or Onitsha, don't come and start it in Lagos, Eko o ni baje, Igbos can never rule Lasgidi, I still maintain my position as long as Yorubas don't have a say in Enugu or Anambra, Igbos can and will never dominate Lagos a Yorubaland. Nobody is against Igbos voting for Agbaje but do it in peace, stop trying to influence the election by intimidating people, what the heck did the Igbo group go and do at the palace? Did they go there to entice him to vote for Agbaje or not? Igbos thinking they can outsmart everybody since 1960 grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Tinubu Blasts Party Leaders Over Loss To PDP by abbey621(m): 3:03pm On Apr 10

My friend think about what you say, think carefully. These two men are Yoruba's and indigenous Lagosians or are they not?
Those who will vote will be eligible Nigerians living in Lagos who have their pvc's or are they not?
So why do you see tribe as an issue in this matter. If a politicians ideas are of my interest why should I not vote him. Hence if agbaje's vision will favor Igbo's which am sure will still benefit Lagos as why should they not vote him massively?
We do not understand the word democracy that's why the oba can come out and say he owns lagos and Nigerian must vote who he chose is this democracy?
Everybody everywhere should be able to vote any person they want Nigeria must move forward away from these petty issue's.

You are right! Tribe should not matter, everyone should be able to vote for their candidate, I have no problem with that but what I do have problem with is the fact that one candidate is inciting one tribe against the other, what I do have a problem with is Igbos claiming Lagos is a no man's land and that they'll determine the outcome of the election. My friend forget about what the Oba said or didn't say, it's all just politics!

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Blasts Party Leaders Over Loss To PDP by abbey621(m): 11:49am On Apr 10
You are just a pathetic excuse for a human, just like most yorubas. Whats with this your 'host' nonsense? Its only in Nigeria you hear someone refer to a compatriot as 'immigrant'. Most of you yorubas are so disgusting, even more disgusting is the empty ego and braggadocio you lots keep flinging around.

So in your deluded ewedu brain, expressing your freedom of choice to vote and exercising your right is what you call going 'against your host'? [/b]and respecting your so called 'host' includes falling for threats and seeming intimidation from a senseless and irrational oba-werey? and these FOOLS never hesitate to refer to themselves as 'sophisticated'?

BTW, you don't have yo like the Igbos, n[b]ot like we care about your miserable life and existence
, you can as well follow your oba of lagoon and drown with him...not like we care.

Must you drag the entire tribe down with your nonsense. If you disagree with someone's statement does it give you the right to bash his or her race, tribe or ethnicity? You think you sound intelligent but you are so far from it, you can't even argue your case without resulting to insults. I'm sure you can't afford to talk like this outside and can only hide behind the blanket of social media!
Politics / Re: Tinubu Blasts Party Leaders Over Loss To PDP by abbey621(m): 9:51am On Apr 10

modulus...am dispointed in this your write up, i feel its a write up to sulk up to the yorubas which i know your not

you say what is the igbos problem? i say nothing, rather you should ask the oba what has been done wrong to the igbos by his political party that he now sees them as a threat. thats more reasonable a question...your a researcher if you go down this route you will get answers for yourself and make your conclusions and deduce the real reason for certain actions

I believe we live in a democracy which the LAW reigns supreme over every office,individual or society, which part of the law stated that me being a citizen, though i dont reside in my state of orgin, should have no say in the election of a state i reside and which will diretly affect me.

Your an importer modulus..you know that is the main stay of the ibos, secondly nigerians are highly dependent on imported goods so its a huge trade or business, done mainly by the igbos and as it is lagos sea ports bring in at least 80 percent of what we consume...will it make sense you who is an importer togo and stay in zamfara and transact business in lagos?

Lagos is huge due to business from these ports and various business activities from various ethnic groups etc and when foreigners see lagos, New york comes to mind as they claim the two are simlar in that its a place to hustle and make money
now lagos cum fashola has taken lagos foward through developmental projects etc....that the state is seen as the new york of africa and(ikoyi,lekki etc has the most expensive places in the word),(please research on the main tribe that resides in lekki)( i laff when i hear popel say they are very accomodating to the igbos) now because of ethnic blindness and mypopic nature of people as well as greed,do we now chase everybody away and see its my state therefore leave ...so the state can retrogress?

who do you think develops states? business or governments?....ok my guess is right.

West africa shops in lagos...which tribe is most involved in business?

America is made up various races etc..if there thinking was like ours do you think she will exist?

even we on nairaland are past age or stage of threathing people, so when some one who is looked up to does what was done, expect the dared to do his worst.

if i may ask is Agbaje not a yoruba man or lagosian?

also youve read about the agitations of the various market etc, okada, pople from one of the post....we know okada dont like apc..but how come igbos were targeted?...think bro.

remove the triballistic and party affilated speck from your eye, before speak about the tribal plank from your brothers eye

Very lengthy write up but it all boils down to one thing, perception! Can any Yoruba person or group dare go to Imo or Enugu and start shouting no man's land? Can any Yoruba person or group go into Imo or Enugu and shout that the election in those states will be determined by Yorubas? No matter how you look at it, the Igbos in Lagos are walking a very thin rope which might just snap any given day. All these issues would have been resolved if Igbos just maintain a calm demeanor and vote for whomever they like, you don't have to shout no man's land up and down trying to claim what is not yours. Yes Igbos helped build Lagos, yes Igbos should be able to vote for their candidate but that does not mean you all get to do whatever you like, Nigeria is still a country classified by ethnicity, Lagos perhaps is the most accommodating of all the States in terms of diversity and the Yorubas are probably the meekest of tribes when it comes to using force but don't mistake meekness for weakness !


Family / Re: My 2 Months Old Marriage Is Crashing - HELP ME by abbey621(m): 12:10am On Apr 10
Things gets easily messed up when men don't play their role. You married her, not the other way around. Sit her down talk to her, let her know what's bothering you and the implications. Reinforce this with kind words such as "I love you dearly" or " You mean so much to me". Let her know that you can't continue like this, if she truly cares she'll be willing to negotiate, if not then it's better you get elders involve. The key here is communication, if she likes malice then you must be the opposite, talk, talk and then talk some more......

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Politics / Re: Oba Rilwan Akiolu 's Profile Updated On Wikipedia by abbey621(m): 8:32pm On Apr 09
Please Igbo brothers and sisters, stop ridiculing yourselves. The Oba has made a mistake, it is clear to everyone. Joke or no joke those words were not wise but to continue hurling insults at him or any Yoruba person is uncalled for, to create fake Wiki pages with no substance only means that you guys are pouring more fuel into the fire. Everybody should just f**king chill already!
Politics / Re: Igbo Groups Drag Oba Of Lagos To NHRC by abbey621(m): 1:31pm On Apr 09
your so called Oba is an idiott

Everyone is entitled to his or her o[pinion. I can choose to say your father is an slowpoke or your mother is a witch, all join grin grin

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Politics / Re: Igbo Groups Drag Oba Of Lagos To NHRC by abbey621(m): 1:01pm On Apr 09

I have never insulted the yoruba tribe. My attack has and will continue to be directed at the Oba. However, if anyone is dumb enough to support the clueless and ignorant Oba, I may not hesitate to include such person into my list of mad men and straighten such person with hot stinging words of reality. We must not uphold foolishness and stupidity. When I hear that a man is too big to apologize, then he should not be too big for the consequences

Unfortunately I have to disagree with you, in Yorubaland an Oba is not someone that should be ridiculed, his statements were outrageous and should be rebuked but as the person on the throne one should never hurl insults at him. We Yoruba respect our monarchs especially one as big as the Oba of Lagos. No right thinking yoruba person would sit back and watch you insult the Oba, it's just like going to the North and insulting the Emir, it's just uncalled for. There are proper ways to address this issue without causing tribal war, there are ways to do things without both tribes making a mockery of one another.


Politics / Re: Igbo Groups Drag Oba Of Lagos To NHRC by abbey621(m): 12:37pm On Apr 09

Point of correction Chief, the statement was not said to the yoruba ethnic group or to any political party. One would ask why the Oba decided to pick on the Igbos. Remember vividly, this is an ethnic group still recovering from the civil war. Why would you want them to take it slightly with the wicked Oba. Let us be honest, Nigerians, including the yorubas, have been unfair to the Igbos. They do not want to stay in Nigeria, yet they would not be allowed to leave. They go about their lawful business, yet they are been persecuted. It seems the only satisfying thing Nigerians want, including the yorubas, is to exterminate the Igbos, just like the Nazis did to the Jews.

Wickedness in the heart of men.

You are taking things out of context, the Oba made the statement during a visit from some Igbo elders and his friend Pat Utomi. Even Utomi didn't see it as an insult but as a joke. Okay let's agree the statement was senseless why are most Igbos here on Nairaland seeing this as an attack by the Yoruba people against Igbos? Should the actions of one man represent the belief of an entire ethnicity?

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Politics / Re: Igbo Groups Drag Oba Of Lagos To NHRC by abbey621(m): 12:25pm On Apr 09
Honestly speaking, it's not hard to see why most tribes dislike the Igbos. Arrogance,selfishness and outright foolishness. A Yoruba monarch said something he should not have said, most Yorubas are disappointed in him and even the political party APC are denying him yet some morons, some idiotic egghead will make it seem that the Yorubas have insulted the entire generations of Igbos. They want it to sound as if we Yorubas have maltreated them for years, even when we welcome them with open arms into our land, expose them to our culture and take interest in their traditions they still feel marginalized and neglected. Don't get me wrong, we have some good thinking Igbos out there but it seems majority of the rest can never be satisfied until they control everything. Maybe we should just serve them the head of our Oba on a platter of gold or perhaps just hand over Lagos to them since it's clear that they cannot forgive the Oba for his statements grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Poll Outcome May Affect Eligibility Suit Against Buhari by abbey621(m): 1:41pm On Apr 08
You've got to love fools deceiving themselves. The sooner the case is dropped, the sooner the lawyers can move on to another case, this case is D.O.A!
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze gives Oba of Lagos 48 hours to withdraw threat to Igbos by abbey621(m): 2:08am On Apr 07
Which other man's land are we talking about here. We are in Nigeria and Lagos is Nigeria. The Igbiz there did not steal lands. Most of them bought lands and developed them. It is a very great foolishness for anybody to make such statement like the so called Oba.

Why don't you stop deceiving yourself! Wherever a tribe is a minority they are always seen as guests. In the east, Yorubas can never dominate, there are certain things that they cannot accomplish. In the North, muslims are majority, christians will always be a minority. In Lagos even though the Yorubas are the majority, Igbos are able to accomplish a lot due partially to their hardwork and majorly to the friendly environment Lagos gives to all its citizens but don't mistake hospitality for weakness. The Oba is the traditional ruler of Lagos when he makes a mistake you don't give him an ultimatum or make threats against him and the Yorubas rather you involve elders or take matters to the Governor and other leaders of the State.
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze gives Oba of Lagos 48 hours to withdraw threat to Igbos by abbey621(m): 1:52am On Apr 07
I am no fan of Oba Akinolu, in fact I still believe he was not meant to be king but however harsh his statements might sound rest assured it's all just politics. The Igbos should involve elders in this matter not useless youths with wayward statements. Nobody can threaten the Oba of Lagos no matter how you feel about him, he's still BOSS. I know it must hurt to watch a monarch utter such careless statements but that's just some of the things that comes with living in another man's land; this issue should be resolved by dialogue not by issuing ultimatums.

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Family / Re: Read A Lady's Take On Woman Claiming Equal Rights With Men + Photo by abbey621(m): 3:50pm On Apr 05
What women don't know is that this equality of a thing does not favor them. In most relationships when it comes to responsibilities the man takes the higher portion, when it comes to gift giving, the man gives way more and when it comes to security and well being of the family, the man does what he has to, if he does not do these things then he is seen as weak. No female wants a weak man, by demanding equality you are not empowering yourself, you are demoralizing your man. I think the op is right, when men treat women the way they would treat themselves then there would be peace!


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