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Business / Re: Banning Forex Trading And Sports Betting Promotion by abbey621(m): 11:28pm On May 03
Mr.Seun: Please don't turn Nairaland into an over moderated forum in which contributors are no longer free to express themselves. I know in Nigeria we are used to abusing the rights of the citizens but this will only hurt Nairaland in the long run. Forex trading and Sportsbetting are two activities that have made many profitable including simpletons like me. When I first started Forex I was looking for quick money and I lost everything but ever since moving abroad and meeting with real pros, I realize Forex trading is not a do or die affair, to many it's just an hobby and most people would never invest their survival money in it, so far my account is up 145% in 3 years and in Sportsbetting a profit of about 300%. Anyone that gets scammed by Forex or Sportsbetting is probably a novice and a lazy person not capable of succeeding in most ventures. Today it's sportsbetting and Forex, tomorrow it might be religious topics or health issues! Nairaland is beloved for its dynamic views,don't kill it by making it bland!
Celebrities / Re: BankyW's Mother Ejects Teebillz From His House - The Capital by abbey621(m): 4:42pm On May 02
You people can believe anything! Typical blogger crap,they joined two stories together in order to create a pyramid effect. See how the uninteresting story is supplemented with a more tragic and interesting story at the end meanwhile the topic has nothing to do with the first story. Anyways are we to believe at mid 30s that Banky W is still controlled by his mother? Or that his mom had nothing better to do than to watch Tiwa's interview?
Politics / Re: Blaming Fulani Herdsmen For Benue, Enugu Killings Absurd!!! Sultan Of Sokoto by abbey621(m): 6:48pm On May 01
I've said it before and I'll say it again, these attacks are not from Fulani herdsmen but Boko Haram, to think otherwise is to continue to wallow in ignorance! The main point is the fact that lives are being lost by these attacks therefore the government at the federal,state and local levels must respond with fire!

P.S. Bother Herdsmen or Uncle Boko Haram please start targeting the families of those in power and leave the poor masses alone but I guess it's easier to strike terror in poor people's minds than the wealthy.....SHAME!
Fashion / Re: Guy Spends N3million On 3 Versace Handbags, Shows It Off On IG by abbey621(m): 11:57am On May 01
There's nothing special in what the guy has done, our politicians spend more than that in a day. Some Yahoo guys spend more than that at the club and I personally spent more than that when doing Christmas shopping for my friends and family. It's only bizzy body Nigerians that would see this as news!
Crime / Re: Rejected Suitor Butchers MTN Worker, Stabs Victim’s Mother by abbey621(m): 8:32pm On Apr 30
I'm still trying to get over the shock! Although I only met you twice, your smile and voice was so captivating. R.I.P Tosin Ashinwo cry cry cry

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Celebrities / Re: Drake Posts Wizkid's Picture On Instagram And See Nigerians Reactions by abbey621(m): 2:11pm On Apr 29
Drake uploaded a PICTURE of StarBoy and voila, Nigerians are wet and moaning already! *lol* Chill y'all, we need Grammies from our artistes first. I'm no hater, pls. God Bless StarBoy!

Why do you need an American award before recognizing that our artistes are growing? Every year the Grammy focuses mainly on American artistes, the type of music most of our artistes produce is mixed with local dialect and hence won't appeal to Americans so I see no need waiting on a Grammy for validation, shouldn't the Headies and other African awards be enough?
Politics / Re: CCT Trial: You Have No Power To Try Me – Saraki Dares Tribunal Judge by abbey621(m): 3:46pm On Apr 27
Hypocrisy: Saraki: CCT chairman cannot preside over the case because he was accused of corruption.
Senators: Saraki cannot resign just because he's being accused of corruption

9ja I hail thee grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Hold 8 Hostage In Delta Community by abbey621(m): 3:01pm On Apr 27
You people need to wake up, these are not Fulani Herdsmen but Boko Haram! They are gradually becoming irrelevant in the North hence trying to spread terror to the South. Don't be foolish like the people of Borno and other Northern areas, demand that your local and state government respond with force after all Delta, Enugu and most SS/SE States are controlled by PDP, there should be no problem defending the States but the few ignorant/brain-washed nonentities among you will continue to shout Buhari Buhari grin grin grin


Webmasters / Re: Lets Talk About How Blogging Can Help Solve Nigeria Unemployment. by abbey621(m): 1:29pm On Apr 27
Na hunger go finish una die! An average blogger makes less than $50 per month if that's the kind of profit you want to rely on then you better get your head examined! In fact freelancing makes more sense than blogging most times, if you can write good contents and have superior grammatical skills, you can make cool money online far higher than the average $50 per month.
Romance / Re: Dating A Broke Guy (my Experience): Is It Worth It? by abbey621(m): 2:39pm On Apr 26
Here's my philosophy: Even if I have Billions and Billions of Naira, I won't date any girl not willing to make sacrifices.

For example: We go on a date maybe 3 times a month, from January to September I've been footing the bills, never for once did you even offer to pay the bills even though you are earning good income. My dear girl, October is the month you get sacked!

For example: Every month from January to September I give you 200k for upkeep even though you have a job, in October I had a problem with my bank and asked you to loan me 200k for emergency spending, you don't seem to have any money; my girl you've just been sacked!

Conclusion: Any girl worth her weight in gold would not depend on a guy to survive. A guy can foot your bills, care for every expenses but if all you offer is sex, sooner or later he'll realize that you are easily replaceable and nothing but a liability!

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 1:03pm On Apr 26

Atleast you agree that Mopol were sent to calm things down but the manner with which they use to calm things down is what u fail to note.
The Mopol, comprising of mainly Hausa speaking squad were able to first communicate with the Hausa camp after which they started firing into the Yoruba camp to disperse them and subsequently arrest indiscriminately. it was this singular act that embolden the Hausa youth to carry out reprisal on the now volatile Yoruba camp.

My friend stop saying what you don't know! I had family members who witnessed the act, when the Mopol arrived they could not distinguish between the Hausa fighters and the area boys, in order to prevent more attacks, they shot in the air and also opened tear gas. In an act of aggression they started shooting everywhere not just in the Yoruba camp. I'm Yoruba and I do not support your conspiracy theory!
Religion / Re: Suleman: 3 Music Stars Will Die & A List Of My Prophesies That Came To Pass by abbey621(m): 12:13pm On Apr 26
They will always see doom, destruction and chaos. Their religious vision is all about negativity! Three things you'll never hear from a Nigerian pastor's prophecies:

1: Nigeria's solution to fuel scarcity?

2: Nigeria's solution to religious conflicts?

3: Nigeria's solution to reducing poverty?

Yeye pastors they are all in it for publicity angry angry angry angry
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 12:04pm On Apr 26

As much as the gov of the state isn't doing anything you have to note that the police, army, navy etc are all under the FG.
So which security agency will be carrying out the arrest?

So you mean all the police and armed forces in Ekiti State would refuse to protect Fayose on Buhari's order? What about those in Rivers refusing to protect Wike because he's PDP? Why do you guys underestimate the power of a governor? I just don't get it!
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 12:02pm On Apr 26

Opc and other vigilance group are what I sum up as southern security. Now if OPC made an arrest, won't they hand over the suspects to police?
During the mile12 saga, Yorubas were able to hold off the Hausa's until Mopol came and started firing to scatter the Yoruba camp giving enough room for the ensuring massacre.
If this scenario is not enough prove of subterfuge, I don't know what is.

I don't know which version you're referring to but the mile12 saga was basically a stalemate with the Mopol sent by the Governor to calm things down. OPC hand over to police? Hahahahahaha grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 12:31am On Apr 26

Oga the part of the story that says army were arresting the community members you no see am?
The problem isn't fighting these guys the problem is the FG backing them

Please spare me the bullsh*t! If the Governor of the State has any balls,no order from the FG will stop the arrest of those herdsmen!
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 12:29am On Apr 26

You don't seem to get it?! FG and police are ever ready to arrest and clamp down on the indigene for unlawful possession of arms when they try to defend themselves. Even in most Case our security force are quick to label the attacks as reprisal on cattle rustlers(thieves).
And in rare case where these terrorist are arrested, mostly by southern-base security forces, the next is for them to receive order from above to release the criminals in their custody.
So now you see they have backing from the government?

Do you have any evidence to back your assumptions up? At least when they tried it in Lagos,residents and OPC rose up, if the hands of the police are tied like you said,why not form vigilante groups?
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 12:27am On Apr 26

Not ordinary Fulani herdsmen but Boko haram and ur so called Messiah is silent abt d killing, try to defend ur uncle bubu, may be we shld shift d blame on you, mbok go sleep

Must you exhibit your foolishness everyday!
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Trends On Twitter by abbey621(m): 9:29pm On Apr 25
It is only the ignorant ones that refuse to open their eyes and see that these are not ordinary Fulani herdsmen but Boko Haram! The average Southerner cannot differentiate between Fulani and other Northerners so it's no surprise they quickly termed them Fulani herdsmen, the proper term for these psychopaths is TERRORISTS! Instead of waiting for Buhari to do something, does each State not have a Governor? Does each state not have police or armed forces? Okay let's go down all the way to the civilians, no OPC? No vigilante groups? It's easy to blame Buhari but look deep inside and realize there's no one to blame but your own damn selves!

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Celebrities / Re: The Many Pains Of YBNL Youngster, Lil Kesh (must Read) by abbey621(m): 5:38pm On Apr 25
F*cking liars everywhere! E no dey tire una?

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Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Ever Be Faithful To A Single Girlfriend? by abbey621(m): 5:31pm On Apr 25
Seems the OP is confused! There are always going to be one night stands and opportunity bangs but a girl does not become a girlfriend unless there's a mutual based contract between her and the guy(Emotional attachment). A one night stand most times isn't looking for a relationship just someone to pay her bills or give her a good time, so in honesty most guys do stick to a girlfriend they truly love but will bang anything bangable as long as there are no emotional attachments involved.


Celebrities / Re: Top 5 Famous Artistes Who Are Copy Cats by abbey621(m): 4:23pm On Apr 25
Most people don't know the difference between sampling, remixes and out right theft of a song. Most of the famous songs out there were sang by artiste from the early to mid 1900s but none of you are aware because the beat and some of the lyrics were changed to reflect modern times. Go and check out songs from Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and so on and then look up Madonna, Beatles and Tina Turner, it's a revolving cycle of creativity mixed with sampling.
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Invade Enugu Communities, Many Feared Dead by abbey621(m): 2:31pm On Apr 25
This is nothing but cheap PROPAGANDA! News like this one without photos as proof should not be on Nairaland! How can a source tell us about a plan to attack and the same source confirm the attack literally hours later, something fishy is going on and I guess the people of Enugu are the next pawns in line to taste the bitter juice of politics!

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Politics / Re: Doyin Okupe: No Politician Alive Can Stand Buhari’s Popularity by abbey621(m): 12:09pm On Apr 25
Popular or not, if things continue like this all the way till the next election, Buhari will be voted out. My prayer is that he finds a way to turn things around fast!!!!
Health / Re: Woman Pregnant For 3 Years Gives Birth In Ibadan- Metronaija.com by abbey621(m): 8:36pm On Apr 22
My people perish for lack of knowledge! Medically it's impossible to be pregnant for 3 years and then deliver safely due to the fact that the baby will continue to grow inside the womb and there won't be enough space to support the expansion leading to natural fatality! Point number 2: She went for a scan they didn't detect a baby but detected something, this is ridiculous and silly! If they showed something there, they are also equally able to make a determination whether it's a tumor or not, let the lady confess she lost the first pregnancy and when people began to suspect she got another person to get her pregnant, case closed!

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Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why I Am Forced To Agree It's A Man's World by abbey621(m): 3:03pm On Apr 22
The Op is obviously sentimental and not factual! Come to the USA and see how women are dominating yet still crying that they are not being treated equally. See how a man will labor to build wealth and a life only for his gold digging wife to divorce him after a few years,she not only gets the mansion he built but also 50% of his wealth. Can this be fair? How about when a man is having an argument with his wife and the wife calls the cops, the man is always guilty and must either spend the night in jail or be forced to sleep outside of his home in God knows where! Let's come back home, Nigeria a country where men are pressurized to succeed in order to have any chance of marrying a decent lady. Ladies nowadays want a ready made man. They don't want to struggle, boyfriends are dumped after NYSC only for the ladies to seek a working class man or a tycoon. Men are forced to take care of 95% of the financial responsibilities as most ladies would rather open a shop or not work at all if their husband is wealthy. Nigeria where a young male graduate must struggle for a couple more years before getting an average job while the female graduates just go ahead and marry into wealth. Now tell me is it really a man's world?

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Celebrities / Re: Don-jazzy - A Slave Master? (pictures) by abbey621(m): 2:43pm On Apr 22
If Cars and houses represents true wealth then Senator Dino would be the richest person in Nigeria. Forget all this crap you read online,most of it is just entertainment. Real wealth lies in money that can't be seen. From oil assets to shares in top companies,real niggaz don't flaunt unnecessarily they invest heavily for future generations. If you honestly believed that Skales, Orezi and the others made their wealth from singing alone then you are even more ignorant than I initially suspected!


Crime / Re: Ex-girlfriend Set Lover’s Shop Ablaze by abbey621(m): 2:30pm On Apr 22

Guy that's too extreme. Proliferation of guns does not help any society.

In a country like Nigeria where thieves come not only to rob but to kill, I would be foolish not to be able to defend myself. In a country where you can be held up and robbed inside your car by some small boys,it would be insane not to fire back with some pump action of my own! So while proliferation of guns does not help most societies,in Nigeria it's crucial because we've got no defense and if I must go down I'd rather go down swinging!
Crime / Re: Ex-girlfriend Set Lover’s Shop Ablaze by abbey621(m): 5:15pm On Apr 21
It's high time Nigerians learn how to own and operate a gun legally. If this nigga and the other one that got hot water poured on him had guns, they would have shot those ladies before they had the chance to commit further atrocities!
Education / Re: No Graduate Of Medical Radiography Is Unemployed, Anywhere On Earth! by abbey621(m): 3:04pm On Apr 21
I still don't understand how someone can write crap like this without no research whatsoever and present it as facts! Perhaps they are trying to prey on the fact that most Nairalanders don't have the capacity or the patience to verify such claims. To the OP, there are many Radiographers who are unemployed, just like any profession a person can have the qualifications but if you lack the people skills, the ability to deliver consistent results and a good work ethic, you'll find yourself unemployed faster than you can say 'jack rabbit'! Let's take the Nursing profession for example, I know many qualified Nurses that are unemployed due to negative work history, anything can happen especially in advanced countries like the USA or UK where one blemish is enough to destroy a career. So please whenever you present something like this try to let people know it is just an OPINION!

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Education / Re: Re: New National Curriculum: No Merger Of Crs And Irs by abbey621(m): 1:42pm On Apr 21

I laugh in my dialect.
Just let him keep barking??
Is that the answer to my question.
Thank God that you have HIGH IQ!

I have the Quran. So, I don't need the internet to make a point. Besides,you don't know my background, neither do you know.

From your statements I know everything I need to know! For every violent reference in the Quran, I can come up with an equally violent reference in the Bible, yet I don't go around claiming both books are violent or that the prophets are evil! I've studied both books and actually taught classes on theology for a few years, so you're barking up the wrong tree buddy!
Crime / Re: Woman Pours Hot Water On Husband In Lagos For Buying Her Insufficient Food by abbey621(m): 1:01pm On Apr 21
People talking about marriage as if that's the problem but when you look closely you'll quickly realize that POVERTY is the real nemesis here! Poverty can make normal people do irrational things, it makes the strong weak and the smart dull. This is why I strongly advice the youths to forget about love and seek wealth vigorously!


Education / Re: Re: New National Curriculum: No Merger Of Crs And Irs by abbey621(m): 12:25pm On Apr 21

I don't wanna know you. Why don't you also explain deutronomy 13:6-11

Why are you wasting time with this ignoramus? He's obviously a low I.Q guy feeding off of stories on the internet and not capable of doing his own research. He wants to take the angle of violence to demonize Islam not knowing that Christianity's history was far more violent. Just let him keep barking, he's entertaining us!

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