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Politics / Re: NASS Crisis May Lead To Buhari’s Impeachment – Lawyer by abbey621(m): 4:33pm On Jul 01
I am sure you can't see it was a response to an earlier statement.
Sorry, i don't give a fucck about the SW as a subject matter.

Yea keep telling yourself that.... grin grin grin
Politics / Re: NASS Crisis May Lead To Buhari’s Impeachment – Lawyer by abbey621(m): 4:20pm On Jul 01
Who defines bigotry?

Akwaibom is far developed than any part of your SW shitthole.
We can see what they use their allocations for unlike those dead-beats states in the SW.
Don't insult akwaibom again.
The SW has more potential yet it has been leaching on other regions for decades.
It has also greater poverty than any other southern region.
Your potential means diddly squat as you guys don't have the entrepreneural drive to harness it.
Btw, i don't care about the FG. Atleast they are not owing salaries.

With the rate of ritual killings and omo-onile wahala there?
I seriously doubt that.
There is no SW state that is as sane and well-planned as enugu.

Your education that made the SW have the poorest people with the highest unemployment rate in southern nigeria comparable only to the north.
Awolowo himself was so educated that he allowed himself to be outsmarted by illiterate northerners before he committed suicide.
Sorry, the education was a waste.
Btw, the SW is no longer the most educated zone in the country.
The SE and even the SS are getting more percentage of people educated than the SW.
The SW is currently being almajirized. Get along with the times, son.

Your infatuation with the SW knows no bound, you started with some nice post but over the past few months you've turned into a major bigot!
Politics / Re: NASS Crisis May Lead To Buhari’s Impeachment – Lawyer by abbey621(m): 4:10pm On Jul 01
Worry about the SW?
Who gives a fucck about the SW?

Apparently you do! You spend most of your days moving from one bigotry statement to another.......
Politics / Re: Criticizing Buhari Over "President Michelle Of West Germany" Gaffe Is Ignorant. by abbey621(m): 4:09pm On Jul 01
I'm a Buhari supporter but mistakes like this should not be happening. International affairs is a strong and sensitive subject, Baba should have advisers who will compose and modify most of his speeches. Yes he's old but if he was not up to the job, Nigerians would not have voted for him. He's not clueless, he's only human and allowed to make some mistakes while adjusting to the new role of a democratically elected president.


Politics / Re: NASS Crisis May Lead To Buhari’s Impeachment – Lawyer by abbey621(m): 4:03pm On Jul 01
You are not sophisticated at all.
Stop deceiving yourselves in that SW.
If you were , you would know better than to tether yourselves politically to the north who is now decimating your politicians.
The SW has played opposition for over 16 years, and is still playing opposition even under the APC govt.
Nobody trusts you guys as the SW is neither here nor there.
The SW is currently losing at both ends and fast.
There has been nothing sophisticated about the SW political choices ,given the results playing out right now.
The SW were used and dumped.
Ikweremadu is the DSP till 2019.
Deal with it.

Mehn you must really hate the SW, I feel your pain grin grin grin Too bad the same Ikweremadu has yet to do anything significant for your region, I suggest you stop worrying about the SW and think deeply about why you guys are not benefitting from having your fellow comrade in power, sounds to me like you guys are the one being used and dumped.... undecided undecided undecided
Family / Re: #beingfemaleinnigeria Trending On Twitter. How True Are These Tweets? by abbey621(m): 2:03pm On Jul 01

It happens
I'm not a sociologist or anything, but from what I've seen so far, any time an oppressed group is liberated and given some certain immunity and rights, they tend to misuse it

The law shouldn't stop at liberating the oppressed, but should try to control their excesses
Like a woman who frames a man for rape knowing fully well that she has the upperhand once the the word "rape" is mentioned

I can't be a muslim in the us and say during an interview, that I don't support gay marriage..........I will be severely dealt with silently, my business will be wrecked

You're absolutely right! The unfortunate thing here is that real men are decreasing in numbers with each passing day. More men have turned into women sympathizers and would rather bring down their fellow man than call out women who abuse the system. The rape thing is an example, we have men in jail all over the U.S for a crime they did not commit, we've seen men whose career were completely wiped out due to a verbal altercation with a female, this has led to many psychological defects in male, the most critical being homosexuality. Only God knows where this world is heading......


Family / Re: #beingfemaleinnigeria Trending On Twitter. How True Are These Tweets? by abbey621(m): 1:29pm On Jul 01
Feminism was and will always be about female domination. Come to the USA and see how laws enacted to protect women ended up harming men. A man works to gain wealth only for him to marry the wrong woman, after a few years, his wealth is cut in half due to precarious divorce laws. When you look at the Nigerian setting, of course women would feel inferior, most of them rather than work and make something of themselves, they prefer to wait for a wealthy man and become a liability. It's not their fault tho, it's the men who encourages them. You want to talk about feminism in Nigeria, let the females start by being more responsible, get a damn job and make something of yourself! If you make a man your sole provider, if you make a man invest heavily in you then prepare to allow him be the leader and stop the feminist hypocrisy!


Romance / Re: ~ Guys: Reasons Why Ladies Dump You For Other Guys ~ by abbey621(m): 7:57pm On Jun 30
Funny how each reason starts with you or your grin grin grin Ladies would never admit that they are at fault or that they are just simply insatiable. This is why I encourage guys to focus more on the things we can control and not on the uncontrollable things such as a female's mind. For example when a guy focuses on being the best form of himself, he acquires wealth, he is sound physically and mentally, he becomes focused and more desirable automatically attracting more females than he could have ever imagined. When a man is the best form of himself, not only would females be swarming over him but the one he gives his heart to would make it her priority not to lose him, true life story!


Politics / Re: FG Stops Paying The School Fees Of N’delta Students In Foreign Universities by abbey621(m): 7:29pm On Jun 30

[b]It's no way possible for that amount you are quoting. I studied in the UK and still here. Not in hell's name is it possible. Tuition fees range from £9000-£11000 and upkeep is stated as £1020 monthly but with £400 you can survive and survive well unless the person fritters money away in clubs or indulges in gambling or other vices. And Bachelor's degree is 3 years here in UK. I can safely say with £50,000 one can study and finish a 3 years course in UK.

That's even the expensive bits there. Colleges here are way cheaper and offer same degrees as the Universities because of affiliations and strategic alliances. There is a college here in London you can actually study for 2 years and get a Bachelors degree in Business or Computing for £7000. And that's the fees for the whole tuition 2 years. Normally you are not required to buy textbooks or handouts. Everything is mainly E-learning and you can access the library online 24/7. You may decide to purchase hard-copies if you're that type that prefers reading from there, else it's not mandatory.

Even the £50,000 i quote self na for London alone. other cities are way cheaper. wink[/b]

I can't help but laugh at your shrewd analysis, you seem to use the word impossible carelessly! What works for Peter might not work for Paul, you can have people finish a 3 year course in the UK for £50,000 or less yet there are many who've achieved such feat spending way more than £50,000. Just like any country, the more prestige the institution, the higher the tuition. The same London you quoted we can see schools with tuition well over £20000 per year, so when you see someone pointing out education cost can reach £90000 don't be so quick to refute!

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Fashion / Re: See Bikini Shots & Fashion Style Of Winners Of Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria by abbey621(m): 5:55pm On Jun 30
Come on now, don't tell me these are the most beautiful models in Nigeria. Maybe they have great personalities but if it was based on looks alone these girls are average at most!
Politics / Re: FG Stops Paying The School Fees Of N’delta Students In Foreign Universities by abbey621(m): 5:25pm On Jun 30

The line in bold is patently untrue. Where did you fabricate this £90,000 from? (That's ~ N27m shocked shocked)

Na wa. Why tell tales that many people here can disprove with first hand experience?

It's the truth, you think £90,000 is just tuition, what about housing, feeding and other expenses for 3 or 4 years. Real education is expensive!


Business / Re: Ladipo Auto Spare-Parts Market Demolished (Photos) by abbey621(m): 5:04pm On Jun 30

U want them to move east so u can have their investment Yet in d Same cesspit of a nation

Why not support their biafra cause so u stop sharing in their oil.

Why do u yorubas always cry anytime biafra is mentioned

Can you people ever be satisfied? You cry that you are being marginalized in Nigeria yet you don't want to go back home. Common sense would tell you that there's no place like home. You want freedom, go back East. You don't come on Yorubaland, insult your hosts and still expect them to care for you. Lagos is a very tiny territory, we have larger lands in the East, plenty of Igbos are successful people, what would it cost to go back home and develop the lands. Why cram una sef like sardines inside Lagos? You mention investments in another man's land yet you claim oil belongs only to you Igbos, aren't you one sneaky narcissist undecided


Business / Re: Ladipo Auto Spare-Parts Market Demolished (Photos) by abbey621(m): 4:47pm On Jun 30
At times I use to wonder what yorubas want from igbos. They rejoice when igbos are hurt.

U Ask them to go to their home, Yet when they agitate for biafra u start shaking nd cursing ur generation.

Can a yoruba with human sense tell me what they want?

Maybe if you tell your brothers and sisters to make the first move, maybe then people would start taking you guyz seriously. It's not the Yorubas that's stopping the Biafrian movement, it is you people! I swear if all Igbos should pack their load and move back home, we Yorubas would not shed a tear, in fact it would be a relief. Like one of your brothers said, there are places like Enugu, PH and other cities that can be developed even way better than Lagos, charity begins at home, tell your brothers and sisters ko wa le o!


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Gay Marriage: Robert Mugabe Asks Obama's Hand In Marriage by abbey621(m): 2:55pm On Jun 30

Re you saying they should be jailed or killed? They have a right to choice and that cant be taken away in any civilized society. Its a fact you will be forced to believe in a couple of years when it trends across the world. The union hurts no one and poses no threat to anything. You talked about animal penetration, these link is for your perusal.

Also please read these article http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150206-are-there-any-homosexual-animals

Where do I start from? Do you actually read the articles you posted or you just look at the headlines? Let's take a few excerpts from the article.

But for all the homosexual pairings the females indulge in, Vasey is clear that they are not truly homosexual. A female may engage in female-female mounting, but that doesn't mean she isn't interested in males. Females often mount males, apparently to encourage them to mate more. Once they had evolved this behaviour, it was easy for them to apply it to other females as well.

All these species might be best described as [b]"bisexual". [/b]Like the Japanese macaques and the fruit flies, they switch easily between same-sex and opposite-sex behaviours. They don't show a consistent sexual orientation.

Only two species have been observed showing a same-sex preference for life, even when partners of the opposite sex are available. One is, of course, humans. The other is domestic sheep. Domestic sheep have been carefully bred by farmers to produce females that reproduce as often as possible, which might have given rise to the homosexual males. So LeVay and Vasey still say that humans are the only documented case of [b]"true" homosexuality in wild animals[/b].

I rest my case on your animal theory!

Now to your theory that their union hurts no one, are you kidding me? Gay couples raising adopted children or artificially created children, children growing up in societies were half the neighbors are gay and they flaunt it out in the public. Religion thrown out the window because no religion justifies homosexuality hence homosexuals and their children are forced to find alternative religions. I can go on and on about the dangers of homosexuality but I'll leave that to the psychologists out there.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Gay Marriage: Robert Mugabe Asks Obama's Hand In Marriage by abbey621(m): 1:46pm On Jun 30

Being gay is not an habit, its a behavior. If i happen to have a son who is gay, i cant kill nor jail him but support him. Its a psych thing that you and i cant change. You cant blame them for who they re and thats why u cant judge them. Animals do it _ http://listverse.com/2013/04/20/10-animals-that-practice-homosexuality/ and we dont condemn them how much more we super humans. Let me tell you something if u must know- "NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU GAY"

Will you just shut up already! How dare you try to use that link to justify homosexuality, if you bothered to go through the article, you'd see that no male animal on earth will penetrate another male of his kind except for demonic gays. The article clearly states that most animals can form male relationship for bonding purposes but none of them actually engage in sexual intercourse. If you have a son that happens to be gay then trust me you've failed as a father, the problem with people like you is that you treat homosexuality as a democratic phenomenon. Gays starts asking for equal rights and actually believe they should be able to do things like heterosexual people, the problem with this is that 90% of a child's behavior stems from their immediate surroundings. If you surround your child with gays, more than likely the child would end up exhibiting homosexual tendencies. Now imagine a world where gay marriage is allowed, gays starts adopting children, those children develop homosexual feelings resulting in more gay couples. Can someone say extinction! It's already happening here in the states, heterosexual couples are taught family planning, most couples only have a child or two. Half of Atlanta is filled with gay couples and they control almost everything, if you disagree with their lifestyle, you are finished! Everyone is fighting for homosexual rights but who's fighting for heterosexual rights? Who's fighting for traditional marriages? A world where gays are free to do as they like is a world destined for extinction!

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Romance / Re: Ten Features That Shows You Have Find A Real Man by abbey621(m): 5:40am On Jun 29
How come rubbish like this is being posted by guys? This type of sh*t should come from a woman, their perspective is much more valuable when talking about the perfect man. Tired of guys on Nairaland displaying signs of pre-homosexuality grin grin grin
Crime / Re: How My Girlfriend And Her Boss Was Scam Yesterday.... by abbey621(m): 7:01pm On Jun 27
How can you be hospitalized because of 300,000 Naira? Funny people.....

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Health / Re: Is it Possible for a AA genotype to give birth to SC.. Are They My Parents? by abbey621(m): 8:41pm On Jun 26
The only valid scientific argument relevant to your case is MUTATION . Mutants are individuals which possess morphological attributes which are different from the rest of the natural populations(same specie). Mutations occur as a result of change in chromosome structure(alteration of the DNA sequence). It is a tool of evolution and positive mutations are rear. But as regards blood genotype, I don't think it mutations could change genotype. Something must have went wrong, there are other tests you could carried for confirmation.
When ever you have a crisis, what kind of treatment do you receive? Does it has to do with blood transfusion+

While I agree with you about genetic mutation, I have to disagree with you that mutation is the only possible explanation. Human error might have a huge role to play in this scenario, I would suggest the OP get a second, third and even fourth opinion from bigger labs.
Crime / Re: Killed For Asking For Dance In A Party(Pictured) by abbey621(m): 2:26pm On Jun 24
u see, na dem dey encourage those guys, i think maybe the appropriate govt agencies or individuals should make a move to talk to those our so-called celeb to see themselves as role models, as people who a lot of young people are looking up to and who those young bloods won't hesitate to copy cos of the undying love they have for them, to start treading softly and start doing the needful, such as what is expected of them to give back to the society not necessarily financial but their general carriage and behavior. No hate

Stop living in fantasyland. Every person is responsible for his or her actions. We have more radical music overseas than in Nigeria and yet the society still values life to an extent. Poor parenting skills and overall ignorance is to blame in this situation not Olamide or any other Nigerian entertainer. There's a popular saying that goes like this "Show me your friends, and I'll know who you are", an innocent person does not party with cultists.

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Webmasters / Re: Pls Advice: A Developer Has Refused My Access To The Website Database I Paid For by abbey621(m): 4:16pm On Jun 23
There's an important lesson here to both parties. To the client, before you accept any contract, read it comprehensively! To the developer, you my friend are one greedy person! Your lack of professionalism will keep you from making it big in your profession. If you keep adding clauses which clearly preys on the ignorance of unsuspecting clients, you'll eventually build yourself a market database of negative feedback. I also develop websites for clients and have also been a client myself to private web development companies and individual freelancers, one thing that I make sure is that I control the Cpanel, I use a web host which gives dual administrative rights to both the developer and the host. If a developer is not willing to work on such terms then we reach an agreement that all work be done on the developer's servers and files released after payment. If you are going to be big in this industry, you've got to be flexible. Stop treating your clients as criminals otherwise you risk going bankrupt!


Politics / Re: Adesola Amosu Declares War On South-south Militants,Orders Air Bombing Of Creeks by abbey621(m): 3:41pm On Jun 20

So,let's leave the millitants alone to do their work.

Then when the oil companies have all pulled out, when importers and businessmen leave the Port Harcourt and Calabar ports, when people start losing jobs as a result.....when the money begins to fall...and when the whole South South soon falls into serious economic crisis........you will then start crying for the Army to come and use nuclear bombs on the militants.

Or you can blame the Hausas.

The problem with you Nigerians is that you are not asking why you have militants and Bokoists. You are not asking your governors and ;leaders why they have given you decades of poor leadership. Instead....you are only interested in chop money.

Continue. Africans sometimes.!

Couldn't have said it better myself! I,000,000 Likes smiley smiley

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Family / Re: Woman Drags Boyfriend To Court For Dumping Her After Marriage Promises by abbey621(m): 6:24pm On Jun 19
All the guy needs is a good lawyer, this is one of those cases where prosecutors just want to exploit the helpless woman. She can't possible win as common law marriages requires great amount of proof. The only thing that can help her is the pregnancy and one or two neighbors testifying of her cohabitation with the guy. What she should be suing for is the responsibility to the baby, he should be held liable if he accepts being responsible for the pregnancy!

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Romance / Re: He Proposed To Her And All She Did Was Laugh! What Does This Mean? by abbey621(m): 4:52am On Jun 19
I'm still wondering why 9ja guys still proposing marriage? Must we continue copying western worlds! If a man is capable enough, it's the woman that would be talking about marriage, there's no need for proposal or bending on one knees and other crap like that. The woman would be the one filling your head with marriage talk such as "babe what's your plan for me?" "When will you come and see my parents?" and so on. In 9ja men reign supreme, stop acting like wussies!


Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 9:31pm On Jun 16

Divorced women and single mothers still get married despite how you view them, this remains a fact.

We all have male friends and relatives that form im smart and im a good catch yet they still are married to women with a past. Oya keep living in your little fairytale. grin

You will faint if you get to know the real history of some of the females closest to you, before you go around words anyhow.

Lol now you talking! Of course we have single mothers who've remarried and are happy but for you to hide the fact that they represent a minority is false marketing grin grin grin I agree with you again, women will be women, you all run on emotions so it's easy to fall for another man while married. Trust me I keep my guard up, when it comes to love expect the unexpected but ain't no harm in trying!
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 9:15pm On Jun 16
go ask the millions of single Nigerian mothers that manage to put their children through school and provide decent homes from them and come back and tell me that they are using juju to do it.

You are still marrying the same women you go around calling sluts every saturday aren't you? grin this is highly laughable.

Still living in denial, millions of women you say? Are you saying we have millions of Nigerian women that are single mothers? Are you saying majority of these single mothers also put their children through school and provide for their well-being without any assistance? Better stop watching Youtube and get back to reality, this ain't Yankee or Jand! Women who aim to have as much sex as men in terms of the number of partners are sluts! Of course some of them are good at hiding their ways and end up marrying some sucker but it ain't me, been schooled in the game, nothing is surprising anymore. I'm a high catch myself so why would I ever settle for a slut, if a chic ain't loyal, I just replace her, end of discussion!

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Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 8:43pm On Jun 16
i can count at least 4 of my aunts that got married in their 30s with kids from previous marriages, so what you are saying is utter bullsh*t women in the real world keep getting married with kids, its only on NL were they suffer.

To every childish act there are consequences. If women cant get as much as sex as men do, that may only mean one thing nigerian men are clearly having sex with other men tongue this is 2015 not 1842 women are working and they can take care of their own children too without a husband, you may need to catch up with the rest of the world.

Do your aunts represent majority of Nigerian women? Hell no! Keep deceiving yourself believing it's a level playing field, I pray you never experience such! Unless you are messing with yourself, you know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Majority of Nigerian women are either underemployed or full time housewives and it ain't changing anytime soon! No one is disputing the last part of your statements, of course women can have sex as much as men, the key difference is men are called BOSS when it happens and women are called slutty, it ain't fair but that's just the way it is. Of course they can get jobs and take care of their children without the help of any man, but how many can actually walk the walk as much as they talk the talk?
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 8:12pm On Jun 16
mouth odour can be solved by a bottle of mouthwash or going to the dentist for a check-up i highly doubt thats the issue here. If she truly had a mouth odour why would her ex be coming back for more? Stop making flimsy excuses.

When she meets someone who can make her feel young again he shouldnt cry foul. He has opened the doors of his marriage for the devil and they will surely be consequences for it. Marriage is made for adults who are willing to make it work, the moment you stop acting that way and neglect your spouses needs,if she gets it elsewhere you will have no one else to blame but yourself if you dont step up to the plate.

Once again you're talking bullsh*t! Did she tell you he's not doing his responsibilities? The only issue here is kissing and I doubt that warrants labeling him as negligent. When the cards are laid on the table, who stands to lose more? A guy obviously capable of taking care of a wife and 3 kids or a woman after 3 children now roaming with an ex using her as a sex pawn? Perhaps the guy discovered her shady ways a year ago with another guy and decided to punish her silently, only God knows! I admit the guy is very childish and definitely needs to work on his communication skills but to suggest he's going to be the one to lose out when his unsatisfied wife leaves is pure comedy cheesy cheesy cheesy

In case you've forgotten the scenario in 9ja, here it goes: Any average looking guy with a good job, a place to live and good finances can get a different woman in his bed for every week in the year, it's not hard at all. The bitter truth is that single ladies are still looking for husband, not to talk of a 30 year old mother of 3, so please stop all your fumbling, the woman definitely has a lot more to lose.
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 7:47pm On Jun 16
i dont think a man who loves his wife has to be begged to kiss his wife passionately its something that requires common sense its as simple as that

Some people don't like kissing, it's not as if she's complaining of him not bleeping her well! Moreover, if the man refuse to kiss his wife, is the best solution for her to leave? As others have said maybe she's got a smelly mouth, whatever the case is, a wife should know how to communicate with her man, 6 years of marriage ain't no joke! The man is being childish but someone must be the bigger person, best advice for the wife is to appeal to the pathos(his emotional side).
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 6:19pm On Jun 16
u already made it sound like a kiss is trivial but at the same time its big enough to make a man divorce a woman. cheesy you are the one who needs to be smarter than that tongue

Sorry but you still not making sense to me! Are you actually justifying her action of kissing the ex? Or what exactly are you saying?
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 6:16pm On Jun 16
last time i checked complaints can be communicated effectively. Nowhere did the OP said she acted like a mad man while doing it. You are the one who made up your own conclusion from something that was never said

Maybe you should read the OP's post a second time, you'll notice the man does not want to hear of it again, which can only mean that her complaint was more of a nag. Typical Nigerian women nags, it's nothing new. Unless the guy is a psycho, there's no way she can talk to him from the heart and not respond positively. I'm talking tears, down on bended knees and all. When women wants something really bad, they can go above and beyond......She can continue complaining or she can start persuading!
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 4:38pm On Jun 16
its only a silly man who will leave his wife over a kiss, since you are trying to make it seem like something very trivial

I know you seriously aren't comparing a husband refusing to kiss his wife to a wife committing stage one adultery? Come on now, you're smarter than that!
Family / Re: Hubby No Longer Wants To Kiss by abbey621(m): 4:36pm On Jun 16
last time i checked u use words to make a complaint so it is communicating

You are right it is communicating but the type of communication we are seeking here is called effective communication. Any mad person can make noise but it takes a reasonable minded person to deliver the message effectively to the intended audience! I'm an Aries if there's one thing I hate in a woman it is one without a sense of direction or time. If you want something from me better cool the hell down and discuss with me when I'm relaxed otherwise you'll just be speaking to thin air!

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