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Crime / Re: Traffic Robbers Union Reacts Over Arrest Of Members by abbey621(m): 5:04pm On May 11

You are right though, but going to school doesn't stop one from opening and managing a business or trade......My 2cent

True but you know how Yoruba households behave. You must be a doctor, lawyer or Engineer. Any other is frowned upon.....lol
Crime / Re: Traffic Robbers Union Reacts Over Arrest Of Members by abbey621(m): 1:45pm On May 11

Jokes apart, on a more serious note, I have noticed that young yorubas boys hardly do business. Go to any major market in Nigeria, you will see Igbo and Hausa traders.

When you check it critically Hausas match Igbos toe to toe when it comes to business in Nigeria.

It's simple, the average Yoruba boy must go to school before learning trade. The parents and even the community will not allow most boys to abandon school without fierce resistance and shaming. This is the reason why you have more educated Yorubas than any other tribe in Nigeria but this comes at a cost of not actively participating in trades hence why Yorubas are more likely to travel out, settle for a desk job or even stay at home depending on inheritance. Our boys are theoretical while Igbo and Hausa boys are practical, each with its own benefits and disadvantages!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 4:21am On May 10
Let me ask you one question since you are so much in love with Trampy. Does his many lies bothers you. ?.

Absolutely and it is so glaring that he is lying but come on this is Trump. The man who has exaggerated his income for years, who faked a phone call and seems to always over hype himself. Let's be honest, Trump is not a saint, I'm not even sure he believes in God but does he care about businesses in America and the economy? ABSOLUTELY! I know that the man gives you a lot to hate but quite frankly I didn't vote for him because I liked him, I voted for him because he represents a middle finger to the last administration.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 3:59am On May 10
With all due respect, your points are meaningless to me. We will agree to disagree but I resent you saying 90% of African Americans can't think for themselves. End of discussion.

Good let's agree to disagree and no need for resentment, it was a simple two part question not a statement. For clarity purpose I'll highlight it below:

how many of those can think objectively for themselves without relying on CNN? How many of them actually voted?

There's no need to answer, just reflect. End of discussion and God bless!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 2:59am On May 10
Yes for a guy who said openly in early 90s that he prefers the guy with yalmuke to count his money instead of black people. For a guy who championed for the death of four young black men and a young Latino guy even after they were found not culpable by DNA in which the City of New York paid each guys $11 million. That central park 5 I told you about before. Black listing Blacks in Queens by not renting his apartments to them. Master racist about his foaming in the mouth that Obama was born in Kenya. Appointing well known racists like Jeff Sessions and Steve Miller to his inner circle. I can go on but you are entitled to your opinion. There's a reason over 90% of Black Americans find him deplorable. I am not doing this to convince you and i have seen a lot in America over my 40 years of existence.

For every point you make, I can easily attribute them to him being a wealthy, spoiled brat rather than a racist. In the early 90s, Hilary called black men SUPER PREDATORS and was instrumental in passing a law targeting black men, yet she is not called a racist. Trump is a New Yorker and most New Yorkers would rather have the mafia or Italians counting their money back in the 90s. The central park 5 issue I already explained most Americans were guilty of accusing those men wrongly, so nothing racist there. Black listing blacks from renting his property once again most businesses were guilty of this back in the 80s and 90s, some were lucky not to get caught. Everything else you mentioned is just plain politics, you say 90 percent of black Americans find him deplorable but how many of those can think objectively for themselves without relying on CNN? How many of them actually voted? As a black man myself, I know my people can only make mouth online, when it comes to action we are as spineless as they come. Trump is a blabbermouth borderline childish spoiled man but he is no racists. If he was good enough to donate to several Democrats' campaigns and be toasted as the darling of American entertainment surely he is not RACIST! I'm not trying to convince you to like Trump, just giving you something to think about before condemning a man as the next Hitler!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 2:10am On May 10
I have no problem with the Klans protesting because the 1st amendment right is for counter protesters too. I couldn't give a bleeping fvck about confederate flags or statues. It doesn't bother me but the Blacks of nowadays are not Jim Crow era Blacks. I live in a concealed and carry State (Illinois) and believe me I am always packing because this bro ain't gonna go down without a fight. That's why I have my Mr Smith and Weldon and my favorite Glock. Have experienced some horrible things growing up in the belly of chicagoland area. My numero uno problem in life is bigotry and that's why my hatred for the racist pig named Trampy comes from. I do not have any love for anyone who think of me as subhuman period.

What evidence do you have that Trump thinks of blacks as subhuman? I challenge you to go back 12 to 15 years ago and see what you find about Trump. You'll be surprised he was adored by the democrats and the same media who now label him as a racist. Trump's businesses employs blacks and Latinos just as much as most American companies so this let's you know Trump's rhetoric is just for the show, I can't really blame him much, it's the only way he could win. I also have 2 guns but I don't plan on living in the USA forever, 9ja is still home no matter how jagajaga it may be.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 9:26pm On May 09
Any Klan member to me is a devil. I guess we will agree to disagree on that. I was lucky to escaped a lynching in Cicero, Illinois many years ago while I was a sophomore in college. Have seen the ugliness of the Klans growing up in Chitown.

Klan members YES but those wanting to preserve monuments such as that of Robert E. Lee, not so much. I lived mostly in the South and there are two types of whites: those who are ignorantly racists and those who are not racists but come from racists families. The first type there is no hope but for the second ones, some of them are surprisingly more open minded than I thought, they don't want to see their family history completely wiped out. Sorry you almost got lynched but not all whites are bad.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 9:10pm On May 09
No one disagrees with their right to exercise their 1st amendment right but for a racist to run an innocent woman over and kill her is not a right. I hope you are not carrying the buckets for those Southern White Segregationists all over the South because they despise you as much as the despised me.

I have no doubt they despise me and I am not making an excuse for the demented mad man who ran the woman over, I'm just saying not all of them were there to hurt people, some were just exercising their right to assemble peacefully. Some were there to protest removal of statues, some were there to advocate for white supremacy, it's unfortunate that the media continues to label all of them as evil and the ones that came to counter them as saints. Sometimes things are not always black and white!
Politics / Re: Ilorin Imam Arrested By The Police For Calling On Yorubas To Take Kwara by abbey621(m): 6:18pm On May 09

Think before typing.
Stop spreading hatred

Have the Igbos even protected themselves?
Funny enough the bas*ard might even be in Lagos o.

Lol...don't mind the buffoon


Politics / Re: 'Tinubu Free Zakzaky': Shia Muslims Protest In Lagos Over Zakzaky's Detention by abbey621(m): 6:13pm On May 09
This is why Nigeria can never be great! These ones don chop so? You won't protest killings in Benue, poor roads and lack of employment but will shamelessly advocate for religious/political figures.....smh

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 5:28pm On May 09
Whao, getting your junk from the Klan blogs. Blaming people that are protesting the Klan in a place where a Klan man ran over a protester with his car. You are a special breed of Uncle Tom.

Yea anyone that disagrees with your opinion is a racist....got it! America is a nation of laws, just because you don't like something does not mean you can infringe on their rights! The White Supremacists have the right to hold rallies as long as they can get a permit, the same way gays, trans and so on have the right to their rallies. I noticed you won't blame the state or city government which issued the permit grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 5:03pm On May 09
...Any thought on the Central Park 5... Trump pushed Death penalty on them with a front page ad.... even after been cleared... he is yet to apologize to these guys...

Trump is a blabbermouth and often says things without having all the facts, this was one of those examples but so did majority of Americans at that time, the initial evidence against them seemed overwhelming and most Americans listening to the media already condemned them to death. Once again the problem here is the MEDIA, they can kill or save you depending on how they choose to cover the story!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 4:48pm On May 09
It's fact too that he call the Black NFL Players kneeling down against the oppression of their people a*shooole while at the same time calling Klan and White Nationalist marching in Charlottesville good men. That's the skin head you admire. Way to go for you. Go ask Omarrossa if Trump is racial if not and get back to me. He's a racist pig and no doubt about that. Go and Google all what he did and said about Central Park Five and get back to me.

My guy you are spewing nonsense! Omarosa is a two timing attention seeker, the fact that you consider her a good source is laughable. She is hated by both the white and black communities. Furthermore Trump never singled out black NFL players, rather he said any player who does not stand for the national anthem is a SOB and should be fired, we have white players who kneel so your example of racism is weak! Finally Charlottesville was a mixture of many events, white supremacists with a valid permit to hold their rally, counter protesters determined to stop them and the ineffective police. The beautiful thing about America is that you are allowed to peacefully protest anything, from gay rights to white nationalism. The counter protesters were the invaders here and the police should have had the foresight to predict violence. You want to blame Trump because that is what you read in the media but facts are facts, one group had a valid permit and the other determined to infringe on their constitutional rights. Yes as a black man, I am appalled by white supremacists but that does not give me the right to stop their rallies. The real culprit here is the Virginia government which granted them the permit in the first place!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 4:15pm On May 09
He took over the business when his father's dementia got worse. He even schemes out his two nephews out of their inheritance. You are just going about with one of his many pathological lies that he's well known for. Believe whatever you want but there is no alternate to the truth. You wonder why the Loans and the White Nationalist are jubilitating after his election.

Everything I've said is facts and you can read more about them through simple Google search. If any of his nephews felt cheated there is the legal system for that. Finally, think about this quote from Forbes and argue with your keyboard if you still don't understand:

Forbes awarded Donald Trump five out of 10 on its self-made scale, a number the publication says indicates that he "inherited a small or medium-size business and made it into a[b] ten-digit fortune[/b]".

Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 3:37pm On May 09
Trump didn't turn a $1 million loan to anything. It's one of his many lies. The truth is that he took over his father's business that was worth about $300 million when his father was struck with Alzheimer's disease in the late 90s. He even cheated his two nephews ( His late brother sons ) out of their inheritance. Who does that to his own family except a guy that's so narcissistic. One thing I agree with you is that minorities in America will wake up to their civic duties with Trump escalating the racial problems in America. November 6 will tell us which way forward in America.

Your facts are skewed! His father did not die until much later, I'm talking about his initial loans, $1 million in the 1970s and a couple of millions after that. When his father died he gained control of some of his properties/businesses which were about $200 million but he only had 25 to 30% ownership in them. What made Trump into a Billionaire was his ability to invest heavily in Manhattan at a time when Manhattan was a sh**hole. Before his inheritance Trump already owned or partially owned over 10 businesses, most of them failed but he was already heavily invested. He has a net worth today anywhere between 3.5 Billion to 10 Billion dollars, so assuming he did have full ownership of $200 million business, he made a profit of minimum 1750%, either way you spin it, the man remains a genius and a wealthy one at that! Finally Trump did not escalate the racial issues in America, it started long before Trump. The Democrats use race as bait to get the colored people votes and after the election they do nothing for colored people. Police brutality under Obama was at an all time high and he just kept silent, so while it is easy to blame Trump for everything wrong in America; the real problem goes far beyond Trump!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Obama’s Reaction To Donald Trump Pulling Out Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal by abbey621(m): 2:23pm On May 09
Business genius my foot..Trump inherited an already established real estate business from his father, evaded taxes for God knows how long, and has an inflated sense of pride. Whereas, Obama's life is an epic story of 'grass to grace' and not even trump or the Devil himself can change it.

Any man that can turn a million dollar loan into 100s of millions is a genius to me. If it was so easy many people would do it even with their basic life. For example I'm sure you have 100k in your account can you turn that 100k into 1 million? Let's not knock down someone's achievements just because we don't like him or her. Yes Obama's rise to the presidency was miraculous but as the first black president of the USA, I expected more, I expected black lives to matter more, I expected him to develop benefits which targets the black communities especially the ghetto. I expected him to do something about gun violence and police brutality especially against black folks but rather Obama acted like puppet scared to offend anyone and ultimately history will judge him based on what he did for his people. For example: Who's done more for the black race? Abraham Lincoln or Obama? This is the type of enlightening discussions I love to have, not sentimental crap fed on by the media and political establishments. You might not like Trump but he is exactly what America needs, a reminder of how not to take things for granted, how not to take the black, latino votes for granted.


Religion / Re: ''Thunder Uproots Fuel Tanks After Land Battle Btw Pastor And Businesman''. PICS by abbey621(m): 1:37am On May 09
The reason why things are so jagajaga in this country even tho we have a high number of religious institutions is because Nigerians are naturally gullible. Our desperation for miracles and over reliance on the supernatural be it divine or traditional is just plain laughable. Pastor that cannot pray that all the Fulani herdsmen killing Christians should perish yet can pray for thunder, LMAO!
Crime / Re: 3 Nigerians Arrested In USA With Fake Documents, $53k Cash In A Stolen Maserati. by abbey621(m): 2:27pm On May 06
I can understand yahoo boys and hustlers doing so outside the USA but inside the USA, you're just begging to be caught! Seems like this arrest was just coincidental, assuming it was the FBI, those boys are never coming back. Anyways crime does not pay and if you must do it, do so sensibly grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Man Grabs Lady's Chest, Reveals To Continue Sleeping With Different Women. Photo by abbey621(m): 11:38pm On May 04
This is nothing new, the more money you have the more choices you have when it comes to females. In fact just have a car and a little change with a sweet mouth and you'll have a different girl to play with every week but at the end of the day all na vanity.
Politics / Re: Senator Shehu Sani Invites Kanye West To Visit Slave Ports In Africa by abbey621(m): 8:30pm On May 04
Part 1: How did slavery start in Africa? How did slavery start all around the world? The beginning, one tribe capturing another tribe and selling the strong and healthy ones as slave for profit. These tradition was the same in Rome, Byzantine and all over. In Africa, we fell for the awe of the white men, the greedy kings saw nothing wrong in exchanging captured Africans for weapons and gold. These exchanges continued until the white men wised up and realized they could just take what they wanted by force/colonization. So when Kanye said it all started with mental slavery, he was so f**king right!

Part 2: Slavery in the USA lasted 400 years, not 100, not 200 but 400 freaking years, sure the slaves were forced against their will but after 200 years some bought their freedom, some became prominent members of society. They owned lands, businesses and had money. The funny thing here was that most of the ones that had freedom saw no reason to help their fellow enslaved brothers and sisters. This was the main reason why slavery went on to last 400 years. It could have lasted another 400 years, if Lincoln was not used by a higher being. If Lincoln had not freed the slaves, our black brothers and sisters would never have freed themselves.

Moral of the story: The black race is a race still trapped in mental slavery. You look at the white men genes and genes of the black men and you realize we represent the superior physical and mental traits but our potential is limited by the lack of love for our fellow brothers and sisters. This is what the white men know about us blacks and this is what makes them to continue their dominance over us.....Enlighten yourself and share the knowledge with others, don't hate Kanye, try to understand the deeper meaning!


Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 4:38pm On May 04

Didn't I say you were pained earlier? shocked You just proved it. Or is 'pathetic' your new baptismal name? And is 'frustrated soul' your new moniker?

Lmao....that's the best you can come up with? Kids....lol
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 4:29pm On May 04

When people post their opinions or criticisms, did they tell you that they are expecting a response from the person they are criticising? shocked No! They are posting just to vent & air their opinions. Period. undecided

Some even post, so that their fellow nobodies or respondents, can also get an inkling into their own thoughts about the subject, or event. Dat's all!

The fact that you are calling those posting their criticisms a nobody, shows you are pained. sad If you were not, those criticism wouldn't matter to you! Now, go and have a conversation with the Lagos lagoon, while other 'nobodies' and 'somebodies' continue posting more criticisms. I hope it serves to get you further worked up. wink

They are posting just to vent & air their opinions.

Sounds to me like a bunch of frustrated souls, if you ain't got the cash, criticize those who have it and flaunts it freely....You're pathetic!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 4:19pm On May 04

Stop being daft! angry What do you mean by the criticism is coming from a 'nobody?' Ok, if you feel the criticism is coming from a nobody, then why is such criticism causing you such severe pain, that you are jumping up and down, and screaming that people should 'mind their own business?' Can you see how silly you sound?

The minute you post your personal stuff on an open or public space, then expect somebody, nobody and everybody to criticise, comment or give an opinion about it. Period! undecided

What makes you think I'm pained? After all you are not criticizing my life, the subject of the criticism did not even respond or acknowledge the criticism hence the classification 'nobody'. The problem with nobodies such as yourself is that you feel entitled not knowing the somebodies of this world don't give a flip about your opinion...lol
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 3:15pm On May 04

What are you saying?

That your criticism falls on deaf ears, that you don't matter to them and you are better focusing your energy on something more meaningful. In short, make something of yourself!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 1:19pm On May 04

I'm minding my business it is davido that is not minding his business. As long as they post rubbish about their relationship it becomes mine and everybody on social media too.
I don't want my children growing up where girls think endurance is the new name for gold digging and laziness.

Did they give the attention you seek? Do they even you're alive? I guess not, just accept your NOBODY status and be cool grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 1:17pm On May 04

And I repeat: you cannot broadcast your private or personal matters to the whole world via social media, and not expect people to react. And people's reactions are unpredictable, because human nature itself is unpredictable. You or your wife who posted the Porsche online, made it their business, for goodness sake! shocked You made your personal stuff, public! undecided Or is it that people simply do not know where to draw the line between keeping things private, and making it public, anymore? Nobody is asking you to stay off Skype, Twitter etc, but be careful what you broadcast to the public. That's all. Afterall, Skype, Twitter, Facebook etc are just public channels of communication...

If you want people to mind their business when it comes to matters affecting your personal life, then be sensible enough to keep your stuff to yourself, or make it private. sad Social media is a public medium. There is a reason why the Oyinbo people invented the term: "private and confidential." They also added the words "discretion" into the mix. Go figure. If you are not MAN enough to take the heat of public reaction, then keep out of the kitchen.....or social media space!

You are still confusing yourself, people can react but you cannot dictate! My grievance comes from the contents of the criticism itself. I'm not saying don't criticize or offer your opinion but such opinions rarely matters hence why I termed the criticism coming from a nobody. As long as you accept that your opinion, criticism or advise on someone else's personal relationship does not matter, as long as you accept that you are a nobody in the realm of their personal affairs then criticize all you want. As far as I know neither Davido or Chioma has reacted to any negative criticism further proving my point that a NOBODY cannot and will not dictate to a SOMEBODY......Drops mic!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 12:29am On May 04

Wait first.... is Twitter, Facebook or Instagram your personal diary? shocked If you don't want people to criticise what you put out there in the digital space, then don't share your personal photos and other private stuff, with thousands or millions of followers on such social platforms. Afterall, if your photo was kept in a picture frame on your bedside table, or kept within an album under your pillow, who would criticise it?

With that philosophy we might as well stay off social media, skype or even communicate with the world. The problem with most Nigerians who think like you is that you've been oppressed for so long, you no longer know what is right or wrong. If I buy a Porsche for my wife and she posts it on her personal Facebook page, whose father or mother would challenge me? Whose father or mother knows how I make my money? Whose grandfather or great grandmother knows my struggles? I repeat, when it comes to personal relationships everyone should mind their business and if you can't, at least MAN UP and say it to their face instead of hiding behind electronically generated words, see if your a^^ won't get KNOCKED OUT!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 10:49pm On May 03

Is it a personal relationship when the people in the relationship makes everything public? If you show the whole world when you kiss,smooch,eat, bath and sleep with someone you are in a relationship with, do you still have the moral justification to ask people to mind their business?? Davido’s case is different because he needs the public to stay relevant, and staying relevant means making more money from album sales and stuffs..when you’re in the public you have to accept the good,bad and ugly that comes with it...if you want people to ‘mind their business’ then don’t make your business public on a SOCIAL media...

When you post your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter does it mean another who sees them can blindly criticize you or dictate to you how to live yourself? You people seem to think celebrities and their relations are not human being but they cry, laugh, bleed, get depressed just like you and everybody else!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 10:43pm On May 03

So who is defining the terms nobody and somebody.
So because davido has money he is somebody and cannot be corrected please sir check your self

Whether you have money or you are broke is not the point. When it comes to personal relationships those in the relationships are somebody while external influences who are not related to them are NOBODIES! In short, mind your damn business!
Education / Re: Lady Who Turned A Stripper To Pay Her School Fees Celebrates Graduation (Photos) by abbey621(m): 2:33am On May 03
Shut the fork up kid..
have you ever been to a strip club?
Do you know how many strippers guys take home every night?
Do you know what goes on in the VVIP session of strip clubs?
Once again shut the fork up..

Learn to read instead of just blabbering. The girl is in the USA and most strip clubs have rules of no touching or sex in the club. Now if she chose to service a client that is her personal business but not a policy of the strip clubs. You'll be surprised how many female doctors, businesswomen worked part time in strip clubs to earn their way through school, once again learn to comprehend instead of blabbering!


Romance / Re: My Fiancee Is Not Trustworthy, She Had Sex With Her Ex Boyfriend by abbey621(m): 1:16am On May 03
Some people are naturally cursed while others just invite curses upon themselves! You snatched another man's girl yet you are worried she could be snatched right back....yeye man, go and do some soul searching because Nairaland is not your therapist! God is even trying to make you see the error of your ways but you are still acting stubborn claiming you love her....LMAO!
Celebrities / Re: The Chef Chi, Davido's Girlfriend Chioma: "Women Sold To Money Slave" by abbey621(m): 11:11pm On May 02

its pathetic to refer to your fellow human as a nobody

Anybody sticking their nose in personal issues that does not concern him or her is a nobody. If you want to be somebody in life, learn to mind your damn business when it comes to personal relationships!


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