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Politics / Re: Senate Changes The Name Of The Nigeria Police Force To Nigerian Police by funshint(m): 6:55pm On Jul 26
They can even change it to Nigeria Police Corps undecided
Politics / Re: Senate Bars Goodluck Jonathan From Contesting In 2019 Election by funshint(m): 5:23pm On Jul 26
This bill is clearly against Osinbajo....#SarakiTheSerpent
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Just Landed Another Job Via Nairaland!! by funshint(m): 7:17am On Jul 19
Hello folks,

Humongous thanks to the great men and women putting up job posts on Nairaland. I am grateful

I am same guy who shared a story of how he was mysteriously asked to resign after series of dreams about his son.

The truth is I just landed another mega gig with an even bigger firm.

Few points: I was out of job for barely 1 month and I am posting this to encourage a few unemployed out there.
Do not loose hope yet!!

Prayer: Most important key. God has not finished with you yet.
Network-Dont fail to tell your friends, family, foes you out of work, you never can tell who has an information to share.
Update yourself: get enough certifications, take courses, online courses, whatever. please always update yourself. The trend is shifting and very quickly.

If your 2017 has not been going as planned, please do not despair, for we all can only do as little as hope and pray. And May God hear our fervent prayers this year in Jesus name Amen.
I remember dat post bro...big congrats to u!

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Romance / Re: Breakup After Being In A Relationship For 4 Years by funshint(m): 11:46am On Jun 27

I guess you are the one who needs to look at the larger picture in the story then you will see why he needs to move on.

For a lady to ever say she is tired then she needs space...if she is truly interested she will come back...

People in relationships fight and they reconcile but when a lady says she is no longer interested. ...no man should force it....if she still want the guy,she will come back and it is left for the guy to give her another chance...I have been there so I know what I'm implying...if a woman has made up her mind to leave a man even after the guy has apologized for whatever he did or did not do,it's a waste of time begging.
Nice point...it's easy for men to put blame on ladies. But sometimes we can also push them to the wall too. What makes most relationship irreconcilable is "ego". Thing will be better if guys can just lower this pride a little!


Romance / Re: Breakup After Being In A Relationship For 4 Years by funshint(m): 11:42am On Jun 27

Lol@ no lady tolerate an angry guy.. Just wondering if you see happenings around or probably you stay in a church.
To burst ya bubbles, ladies are more attracted to the bad guys.. Go figure and stop bringing lenient approaches to op
If you've lost respespe from any lady, then its time to call it quits.. Anyway, Money on my mind.. Most 9ja babes have only sex to offer.
No p...the approach you give a fuckgirl is diff from a wife-to-be. Won't say more than that!

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Romance / Re: Breakup After Being In A Relationship For 4 Years by funshint(m): 7:55am On Jun 27
my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and some months now without sex... but I do pass my weekends at his place and anytime I visited him, h touches me, kisses me and so on I flet it was a normal thing... until one in my birthday when I came to his place he wanted to have sex with me, I refused... then he left me.because of that sex issues I have stopped passing weekends at his place.because he has ask me to come visit him at least... I went to visit him after much talking he started the romance, but I knw he wanted hv sex with me then I stood up from the bed and went to the chair pretending as if I was angry..... at a moment he became annoyed and told me that he doesn't knw wot he is doing with me that lets go our separate ways that is over, he doesn't want to cheat on me but am not helping matters, so is better we end the relationship... I was shocked though I never said anything I left his house with annoyance... he called me and I did not pick, he later came to my place to beg me to accept him back that he doesn't knw wot came over me... he begged me alot.. but am confused! is he truly sorry? should I accept him back? or is he coming back because he has not gotten what he wanted.... help pls
hmmn....I've also been in a situation where I demand sex from my gf to say the truth! But even when she refused it never crossed my mind to breakup with her. U too be sincere with your choice. It's very wrong to deny your boo of something while giving it to others. I'm not saying you give it to him if you're not yet ready; just call him and hv a candid talk together. it's really important you do dis. Tell him about your choice in life; if he truly loves you he'll stay with you sex or no sex. But pls don't use withholding sex as a weapon to hold him down on a journey of nowhere. But also don't be forced to do anything against your conscience. If he truly loves you he'll stay but if he decides to leave then he's not worth your time. Simple!


Romance / Re: Breakup After Being In A Relationship For 4 Years by funshint(m): 7:39am On Jun 27
I wonder how people just advice others to "move on" like its a walk in the park.

Move on from 4 years of his life ? Mine didn't last that long and it still bugs me till date.

Nevertheless, thats the only way forward.
wrong advise everywhere...."just forget about her and move one" bla bla poo everywhere. I don't blame most of these guys here; kids everywhere. I've also been at this point before. I can tell u its very easy as a guy to deal with a broken relationship when you're still in your 20s but once u start approaching 30 I bet u it's no longer child's play again. My candid advise to the OP is this...did u say something extremely wrong or rude to her during the argument? I can bet u no girl ever tolerates a rude or angry guy. I'll advise for now you lower your pride and ego and do the needful. If u really love this girl and see her as someone you'll love to spend the rest of your life with. Offer your sincere apology, sometimes you might hv to do it repeatedly depending on the person you're dealing with here. Don't start transferring blame. Accept your own side of the blame, apologize and sincerely promise not to repeat such. Then give her some space to breathe. I bet she'll come back in no time once she see's the sincerity in your apology. But if after like 2 or 3 weeks she still remains adamant then leave the matter to God. But on the long run your conscience will be clear that atleast you tried your best than to now later regret not doing anything at all.
Pls be careful of the advise you follow here a lot hv not yet figured out what they really want in life.
It's well bro!


Family / Re: I Prayed For Him To Die! - Mother With Autistic Child (Photos) by funshint(m): 8:47pm On Jun 26
What mother in her right senses will pray for her child to die? Those that have children with extreme stammering. The one they'll be banging their legs on the floor before they even talk, no be human being dem be..

People have kids with down's syndrome and othe extreme genetic disorders yet they still embrace their kids happily. Common autism, you were praying for him to die..
Hope u read d narrative before commenting. May life never bring u issues beyond what u can bear IJN!
Crime / Re: A Man Went To Visit A Married Woman In Her House & Was Beaten (Photos) by funshint(m): 3:39pm On Jun 25
That's how they'll be forming good boy...Home destroyer! Thank your lucky stars I bet u u're really lucky.
That's how I had to cut all contacts with a married woman like that....devil operates in different ways. Hope u've learnt your lesson if not expect a bigger one. From your write up and response it shows you're rude. You really deserve what you got. It's a big insult to the husband for u to do any biz with the wife without an express consent by him. You too will become an husband one day, think about it!


Politics / Re: Northern Youths Shortlist 12 Names For 2019 Presidency by funshint(m): 12:16pm On Jun 20
If they like let them draw up a whole book filled with names; I only need God to write one name on a tiny rough piece of paper and that's it. If God says Osinbajo will be president beyond 2019 then so be it.*I wish President Buhari quick recovery and sound health.

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Celebrities / Re: Gbadebo Marshal, KWAM1 Son, Takes Dad On A Shopping Spree In Chicago by funshint(m): 12:04pm On Jun 20
cheesy abeg....is that stud am seeing
u no sabi SARS?! wat if u see dem with Mary J and vegetable oil!
Health / Re: A Mad Man Attempts Withdrawing At An ATM (photo) by funshint(m): 11:16pm On Jun 08
I don't see a madman....all I can see is a depressed young man who needs help!


Romance / Re: You Have To Be Observant To Solve This!!what Do You Observe In This Selfie?? by funshint(m): 8:35pm On Jun 01
lol thesame man head...power of photoshop lol!


Crime / Re: Photos: Meet Nigerian Bishop Who Is A Proud Member Of Dreadly Cult Group Nbm by funshint(m): 11:06pm On May 21
This one just weak me...abeg wey dat pix sef
Religion / Re: Genesis 11 : 4 To 7: How Realistic Is This Part Of The Bible? by funshint(m): 9:53am On May 21
Well, we don't really know the type of advanced technology they had back then...but the Bible remains sure and true!
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Sitting On Ooni Of Ife's Palace Highest Stool (Photos) by funshint(m): 8:22pm On May 19
tinubu just trick this amiable pastor by appointing osinbanjo as vice president to bring the monster called Buhari as president

anyway buhari must resign now

What are u saying eediot?!
Business / Re: Football Betting Agents....lets Meet Here! by funshint(m): 4:25pm On May 17
You know nothing about the business. Maybe you think you know but no, you don't.

It's as simple as that.
I don't blame u really, since u run tins from the company level. Why don't u come down and run tins as an everyday agent. You pple are inconsiderate opportunists. The agents are always the suffer heads in this business. Infact it's better to be a player than to be an agent. As far as Nigeria is concerned it's a pure monkey(agent) dey work baboon(company) dey chop tin. Don't be surprised most ordinary players are even richer than the agents. Most are only recycling the money they have in their account. May God just epp u not to hv an alternative source of income; your own don be be dat.
FYI I hv run both Nairabet and Bet9ja, u guys are crooks. The acclaimed profit is just on your website. Why don't u tell agents they are entitled to N50 per ticket printed and not all your yeye rubbish commissions? Infact most agents will be smiling to the bank every month. U'll collect the agents revenue u'll still come and share in their profit not considering that these agents bear the whole brunt of running their shops in this hard economic time where u solely run the biz on gen and expensive data cost. The agents should even have a higher profit share because you companies benefit from the economics of scale. But no they'll never do that, all they want is to get the whole money leaving crumbs for the agents. Pls stare clear of this biz unless u hv enough money to roast. A word is enough for the wise!!!
Business / Re: Football Betting Agents....lets Meet Here! by funshint(m): 8:32pm On May 16
I pity pple still doing this betting biz....u'll just waste all your money with their ridiculous commission rate. If u have enough money to waste pls join them. Yes the sales is high but the profit is what you should look at. The everyday cost of doing biz in naija nw is way too high for the useless commission these pple will give you. I've been there before #Nairabet #Bet9ja....pls leave these guys to run their business with their mega outlets. The life of an agent is not as sweet as they'll make you to believe. I say again runnn!

Health / Re: (see Photos)wat!! Residents Reveals The Type Of Water Coming Out From Their Taps by funshint(m): 10:27pm On May 09
This one na cholera in 3D
Events / Re: My BIRTHDAY Pictures Today At My Place Of Work.... by funshint(m): 10:09pm On May 02
winkoluwa o see finess embarassed
Celebrities / Re: Funmi Iyanda: Yoruba Men Don't Mind If Their Wives Cheat by funshint(m): 10:01pm On May 02


Business / Re: What Business Can I Start With N70,000? by funshint(m): 12:38pm On Apr 29
Nairaland / General / Re: Huge Cobra Killed In My Compound (Photos) by funshint(m): 11:26pm On Apr 27
Python is very good but black mamba!!! Bro u better be careful of what you're about to eat before u eat poison. *my whistle


Islam for Muslims / Re: Having Sex With Your Wife (islamic Teaching) by funshint(m): 3:07pm On Apr 22
Even as a Christian the indepth practicality of "some" of your teachings is what I like about Islam. Just wish we could look beyond our differences and see that we are all equal in the sight of God. *man brought about the division

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Politics / Re: No Shiites! Nigeria Is Not A Terrorists Nation by funshint(m): 3:00pm On Apr 22
Wonder how much you are being paid for this....I just pity u!


Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide In A Catholic Church In Port-Harcourt by funshint(m): 2:39pm On Apr 22
If someone is depressed and decides to commit suicide, pple open their dirty mouth to pronounce judgment on him. whereas he only saved u d burden of having another mad man roaming the street. The question is where were u when he was going through all those pain?
Politics / Re: "APC May Lose Kaduna In 2019" – Senator Shehu Sani by funshint(m): 4:01pm On Apr 18
What of the issue in Kaduna south?...one sided opinion my take.

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Religion / Re: This Is Our Best Easter In Nearly A Decade – Borno CAN by funshint(m): 9:04am On Apr 17
The Chairman of the Borno State chapter of the association, Bishop Mohammed Naga, said it was Borno State’s first Easter in a peaceful atmosphere in nearly a decad

A Christian bearing Mohammed?

All these northern christians that always act confused
If anybody is confused that should be u. When pple won't travel outside their street, this' the kind of statement they'll make.

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Crime / Re: 5 Reasons Why Men Commit Suicide Than Women In Nigeria-from A Female Perspective by funshint(m): 12:00am On Apr 16
I agree with the posters above me. Men may appear tough, look tough but sincerely they aren't as emotionally tough as women.

Women cry out their pains, they scream out their frustration and pray out their pains. Men on the other hand always want to appear cool and tough but die within.

Men get depressed and frustrated when things don't go their way, they feel like lesser men in the process.
Meanwhile women endure and overcome much more challenges.

I admire women so much each time I reflect on my mom and I hope every woman realise the deep inner strength in them.

Let me say that a man will most likely outlive the age of Methuselah if he has a woman that always have his back irrespective of the situation or the dynamics of life.... (of course, he can't pay her in the opposite coin).
Your post makes sense over all others I've been reading....d truth is no matter what a man faces in life so far he has a woman that truly loves, understands and ready to endure with him, suicide will never cross his mind. The truth is men are naturally "needy" and we require validation from the opposite sex to boost our ego. When all dis is lacking be it in d form of rejection, broken relationship or unrequited love, suicide gradually becomes an option. This is not even an economic issue, this is more of a thing of d mind.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobberman: Real Or Just A Name... by funshint(m): 2:09pm On Apr 09
I've sent hundreds of application via jobberman, most of my former colleagues did same but since the very first day March 2014 till now 2017 we've never gotten a job interview.

Don't crucify me yet, my CV is good...with banking experience. I both applied for lower and higher job in jobberman but I've not even gotten a job interview as a janitor(never me) not to talk of Managing executive.

What do you think about jobberman, is it just there to bear names of company...what's your take?.
Jobberman is 100% real. Atleast I got 2 job interviews through them. Eventually opted for another job but I can testify they are truly worth it!

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TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Moved You To Tears? by funshint(m): 5:12pm On Mar 27
1. Titanic...... When Jack drowned

2. Lone survivor......... Very sad true life story.

3. Brave heart........ acted by Mel Gibson

4. City hunter..... Shame dey catch me to list k-drama but when prosecutor kim died sha.

5. Koto Aye ...... Old nollywood movie... grin.... I was scared as hell as a kid and cried due to fear.

Anyway, I don man up! Gallant!.... You guys should list yours.

Lalasticlala , which movie moved you to tears??
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman And His Wife Dancing In Ghana Church (Photos) by funshint(m): 7:18am On Mar 22
Damage control mode....the wife doesn't really hv a choice.

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