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Politics / Re: APC Official Twitter Account Hacked by funshint(m): 10:29pm On Apr 14

- All salary arrears paid up
- All contractual debts paid up
- All Pension arrears paid up
- All money owed Biafran war veterans paid off
- Almost known treasury leakages sealed up
- Treasury thieves being investigated and prosecuted
- Recession overcome within one year
- The foreign reserve keeps growing despite low oil price
- Inflation is reducing
- The Capital market rated highest globally
- The ease of doing business rated high
- Greatly reduced food import bills
- Greatly increased Internal Revenue Generation drive
- Revamped and more effective tax regime
- More efficient and more responsible Civil Service
- All Federal roads being reconstructed across the Country
- Fast rails being constructed between the state capitals
- Gas pipeline being laid from South to Abuja, Kaduna and Kano
- 13 Modular Refineries being built in ND
- Private Financing for our three Refineries being negotiated
- Private Refineries to collocate with the existing Refineries being concluded
- Influx of foreign companies increasing
- Increased investments by domestic investors
- The Electricity Generating capacity at 7000 MW
- Transmission Capacity at 7000 MW
- Distribution capacity being restructured to inject more capital and expertise
- The economy of Nigeria being Restructured from oil based to Agric, Solid Mineral and Manufacture based
- Boko Haram now a distant ding in the orchestra of general quietude
- IPOB now a mute idea ready for discussions at the right time
- Niger Delta Avengers now reduced from a movement to Madam’s Patie military wing for retaining her loot.
- Military vehicles sourced from a Nigeria car manufacturer for the first time
These are not propositions; all these and more will be on the Curriculum Vitae of PMB in the 2019 Presidential Elections. And he did not achieve these by fluke, he was deliberate; the economy he inherited was dire. The country was running on one cylinder and the engine had just coughed its last, the engine was dead and the ”plane” was adrift.
I know all these achievements won’t make meaning to wailers because they are not putting money directly into your pockets. I know that is the only achievements Nigerians recognise. The amount of money individuals grab into their pockets.
Orderliness is more vital than speed"
I swear the thunder that will fire you for all these lies is doing pressup. May God forgive you!


Celebrities / Re: Teddy-A And Bambam All Loved Up In New Photos For A Media Tour In Abuja by funshint(m): 6:23pm On Apr 12
hmmn back to reality....hp they made some cash?!
Romance / Re: Top 10 States In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls – Do You Agree? by funshint(m): 1:02pm On Apr 11
This OP is clueless...doubt u've not seen Plataeu girls b4?!
Gaming / Re: Do You Still Remember These Games? by funshint(m): 3:12pm On Mar 30
Me that still have brick game on my android tongue Old soldier never die grin

Mixtapes.ng to download DJ mixes
Thanks for your post....just downloaded it from play store. Thanks really appreciate.... loving it!
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Lagos State Govt Completes Rehabilitation Of Alapere Roundabout by funshint(m): 6:36pm On Mar 26
Romance / Re: Should I Accept Her Back After Several Months? by funshint(m): 10:56pm On Mar 21
Based on your story she hasn't even asked u directly if she can come back. This matter requires a lot of wisdom. The question is Why did she breakup with u in the first place? Was it out of the blue or u actually did something that really pushed her away? I won't tell u to accept or reject her when the time comes but just be really sure of her motives. Have a very deep and sincerely conversation. Best of luck!
Events / Re: Abba Kyari Celebrates His Birthday With His Family (Photos) by funshint(m): 9:23am On Mar 19
I commend his good work but how many Fulani killers has he apprehended, how many ritualists has he arrested, how many kidnappers has he put behind bars. Hp this' not because he's from the North or I'll classify this as mere ethnic sensionality.
Phones / Re: Most Common Android Problems And Their Solutions by funshint(m): 5:16am On Mar 16

Try this. delete your google account from "Accounts" then add it again. if it still doesnt work then try resetting the factory settings.
okay...Tanx. but how do I go about this?
Phones / Re: Most Common Android Problems And Their Solutions by funshint(m): 8:43pm On Mar 15
Most Common Android Problems And Their Solutions
Got problems with your Android Smartphone? Of course, we all have. However, the best thing of having an android is maximum problems have a solution. Therefore, in this post, we made a list of top common android phone problems and solutions 2016. Read the post if you got any error in android phone.

Got problems with your Android Smartphone? Of course, we all have. We can’t deny the fact that Android offers great reliability, stability, and protection. However, problems always choose to follow you. Running Android Smartphone is not simple if you don’t know much about android. Many times many new Android users face many small and common problems in android phones. In this post, we made a list of top common android phone problems and solutions 2016.

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Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

#1 Battery Drain


DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

Battery drain is one of the most popular problems in android mobile. Almost every 5th Android user face battery drain problem in the Android smartphone. There are many reasons behind the battery drain issue. One of the best ways to solving this problem is enabling battery saving modeand decrease your android phone brightness.

You Can Use DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge to resolve the problem of battery drain. Moreover, DU Battery Saver helps you to charge your battery fast by eliminating the apps running in the background of your Android device.

Open your settings menu, click on the location and enable battery saving mode. Always use low brightness on android phone.

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#2 Freeze Android Phone and Slow Speed


Clean Master

Slow speed is one of the major problems in android mobile. We are getting slow speed because we install lots of unused android apps, open many android apps at same time. The solution to the problem is very simple.

You need to uninstall unused apps, Delete Big files from Memory Card. Download Clean Master for Android Mobile. Clean Master can do all the listed things it can make you uninstall an unused app and can help you clear Big files from Memory card. Moreover, it can also clear Phone junk files using this.

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#3 Wifi not Connecting


Wifi not Connecting

Several times you connect your android phone to wifi and you might be facing a problem in getting the signal or not connecting. Solutions to this problem are very simple to Restart your android phone or enable airplane mode in an android phone at least 1 minutes. Try again with your android phone for wifi.

#4 Syncing Error with Google


Syncing Error with Google

Many times you sync your android phone with google server for backup your contact list and other reasons. Many users face sync problem in android mobile for many reasons. But here I find some solution for solving this problem.

You need to Check your account password if you had recently changed, then you need to update with the new password. If the problem still pursues then Enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds and try again. The other thing you can do is remove your Google account and add it again.

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#5 Forget the Android Unlock Pattern


Forget the Android Unlock Pattern

If you forget the pattern of your Android phone, you can’t do anything on your android mobile. Many users who set complex passwords combination, quickly forget the password of his/her android phone. In this blog previously we posted two methods for bypass/unlock android pattern. If you don’t know how you bypass android pattern lock follow our previous guides. Read more on How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock

#6 Keyboard doesn’t work


Google keyboard

Android default keyboard many times stuck on Android Phone. If you face problems like Keyboard pleasant way too long to respond or stopped responding, then I recommend you to download Google Keyboard it is one of the most popular Google keyboard apps. You can make it as your default Keyboard app and can enhance your typing experience too.

#7 Turn Off Screen When Charging


Turn Off Screen When Charging

When you plug your phone into Charger, your phone screen automatically turned off. Therefore, to recover this, you need to head to Settings / Applications / Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging.

#8 Your Phone can’t connect to Your PC(For transferring data)


If you use laptop or wifi network, so you can try Airdroid app for wirelessly transfer data to the Android phone. Airdroid is one of the best apps for transfer data in PC to mobile and mobile to PC. Sometimes your USB or USB port in PC doesn’t support each other that’s why you face these type of problem.

#9 Google Play Errors

Google Play Errors

Google play is the main hub for downloading android apps in android mobile. If you download android apps in android mobile from google play store and you are getting the error like not downloading, so this is a serious problem. When you can’t download android apps, you can’t do anything in android mobile. To sort out this errors follow some simple methods
You need to remove and add your Google Account, Removing it and add your account can solve your problems within minutes.
You can Clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services. This will fix the problems.
If the problem still pursues, then you need to head over Google Play store in “Apps” and then select the option of “Uninstall updates.”

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#10 Games not working


Clean Master

Games are not working in android mobile for various reasons like your android phone not support this game. Always check android game is compatible with your android os versions. Games are also not running because they do not find sufficient ram in android mobile. Use Clean master for boosting Android games in android mobile.

#11 Insufficient Space Error



As we know, Android gives limited storage for apps, and we don’t have authority to expand it. So, if you are running Android that frequently shows up insufficient space error then let me clear you, there is no fix. You just need to install the app CCleaner on your Android device that will help you free up
some storage.

#12 WiFi Disconnects Frequently


WiFi Disconnects Frequently

Well, we always set do download some apps or games at night and whenever our Android went into sleep mode. WiFi automatically stops which interrupts the downloading process. To sort out these problems, you can open Settings > WiFi > Advanced > and then select “Keep WiFi on During Sleep” to “Always.”

#13 How To Stop Android Phone Using Data When Abroad?


How To Stop Android Phone Using Data When Abroad?

Well, there is a third party app available APNDroid which allows users to turn off all data connections via a widget on the home screen. The app actually helps to change these settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen.

#14 SD card is not recognized?


SD card is not recognized?

Well, these SD cards can get corrupted and the best solution is to format them using a desktop or laptop. There might be a different reason why your SD card is not recognized by Android, however, the reformat options seem to fix out the issue in most of the case.

#15 Display is difficult to see in bright sunlight

Display is difficult to see in bright sunlight

Well, the best option is to look for an ‘anti-glare’ screen protector. Anti-Glare screen protectors tend to be stronger compared to the standard ones, but crucially also reduce the amount of glare on the screen when lighting conditions are extreme.

#16 Android Using Too Much Data

Android Using Too Much Data

Well, Android comes up with an excellent solution known as “Data Usage” you can quickly set a limit to your data usage. Once the limit is crossed your Android will turn off the “Mobile Data” or WiFi. You need to open Settings > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit.

#17 Keyboard Difficult to use


Keyboard Difficult to use

Well, the default Android keyboard is a mess! However, there are many alternatives out there in Google Play store. Google recently released Gboard which you is just awesome.

#18 Apps Won’t install to my SD card

Apps Won’t install to my SD card

Well, some apps are built to be mounted on your Phone. You can go to settings> Apps and then choose the option “Move To SD Card.” If the option is not available, then you can’t move it!

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Most Common Android Problems and Solutions 2018. Try all of these tips for solving your common Android problems. Share our guide with your friends and social profiles. If you have any question comment your question in comments.
cc: lalasticlala
Source: https://www.9jatechguru.com.ng/2018/03/most-common-android-problems-and-solutions.html
I recently upgraded my Infinix hot 2 from lollipop 5.0 to marshmallow 6.0. Now the contact i.d does not show when I receive an incoming call. It only shows as normal number even for contacts in my phone book. Pls what should I do.
Thank you.
Nairaland / General / Re: How Would You Feel If A Loved One Forgot Your Birthday? by funshint(m): 10:06pm On Mar 12
So, Yesterday was my birthday but before that, two days to my birthday, i changed my facebook birthday date to another date. I really wanted to know if my close friends knew my date and won't be waiting for any facebook reminder.

The result i got though have really made me to ask myself if my 'close friends' are really my close friends. My 'best friend' that I've known for nine years now haven't called me up till today to wish me happy birthday or apologize for not remembering. I remember trying to call him on his birthday and his number wasn't going through, i had to call his girlfriend in order to reach him and his comment when I later got through to him that night was 'It's now you're calling me since morning'. Likewise my female 'bestie' that I've known for 6 years now,she hasn't called either. The list goes on. My dad, in his late 60s though, didn't remember my birthday as well. I had to tell my mum and siblings not to remind him so I'll see if he remembers. At 28,i believe I'm not a kid though to be wanting affection and birthday wishes from my old man but I just feel it's something a parent shouldn't forget. To crown it all, I got a girlfriend this past January and Yea, she forgot my birthday as well after most recently telling her last week Thursday. She called and texted today to apologize but I just told her to give me a week off without calls, texts or visits. Although she didn't agree and was still persistent but that's the verdict I have for her.

All in all though, I was and I'm still kinda disappointed with these 'Key' people in my life that I expected not to ever forget such an important day to me but they all did. But still, I don't think it should make me change my mindset towards them even though it hurts.

So guys, passing the speech stick to you, 'How would you feel if your loved one forgot your birthday?'
u're 28 but still a kid inside. Real men don't even remember their birthday!
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Snatch N16m From NNPC Mega Station Employees In Kano by funshint(m): 9:39pm On Mar 12

The armed robbers stole from the nozzle robbers.
No petrol attendant will make heaven.

Those attendants at Hotoro mega stations extort customers like crazy.
At the end of the day, they'd go flex at Darabo joint off that Sabo Bakin Zuwo road.

It's only in Nigeria that you'd find a fuel attendant building his own house and driving a car.

They should jail them all, they know the whereabout of that money.

hanhan...u sabi Kano too. I can safely conclude this guy is not human #JourneyWalker

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Religion / Re: I Was Prevented From Receiving Holy Communion In Anglican Church Over Card by funshint(m): 1:18pm On Mar 04
I'm Anglican but I stand to be corrected; no Anglican Church will ever ask you for a card b4 holy communion. The only exception will be if you've not been confirmed. Confirmation is a the only prerequisite b4 receiving holy Communion in the Anglican Church and also Catholic Church I guess. Hope this OP is being truthful. Happy Sunday to u all.
Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: SDP Emerges As Third Force - Tribune by funshint(m): 5:47pm On Mar 03
nice one...
Politics / Re: Breaking: APC, PDP Leaders To Declare For SDP Tonight by funshint(m): 8:25pm On Mar 01
If PDP becomes too hot...I just hope #SeyiMakinde returns back to SDP... SDP.....Progress!!!
Phones / Re: Which One Should I Go For Btw Techno And Infinix? by funshint(m): 7:55am On Feb 18
In your life, NEVER EVER think of buying an infinix phone because you would regret it all your life. I current ly use one and that has been my greatest undoing till this day.

* I carry about phone charger anywhere you see me.

* phone rings without my knowledge. It can set itself to silent mode without ur knowledge. No sign showing that it is silent

* You want to make an urgent call, contact list suddenly disappears for more than 15mins.

* Once battery reduces to 20%, phone goes off.

* phone hangs like almost forever

* phone always very hot with little activity

* phone refuses to adhere to instructions always.

* phone can ring without showing who is calling

* phone would ring like 15seconds before bringing out the contact name.

Please never buy an INFINIX Phone
I've been using my infinix hot 2 since 2015 without any major hiccups....pls tell us wat really happened to your phone or perhaps u bought a second hand phone?


Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh And Olakunle Churchill Celebrate Their Son's 2nd Birthday (Photos) by funshint(m): 5:12pm On Feb 16

Who would have imagined that these two who spend all day hurling abuses at themselves and serving litigation papers up and down would ever stand side-by-side without wanting to strangle themselves?

It goes to say that the word 'ex' technically doesn't exist if there's a connecting factor like a child amongst two people.

Okafors' Law doesn't even help matters.

So to all of you dating or planning to marry single and divorced mothers, just know that at sunset, the fowl will always go back home to roost.

You're very wrong on this...not in all cases. *But u're crazy anyway *smiles


Politics / Who Is "ERAKAMUS"?! Predicted Gani's Emergence As "Areonakakanfo" In 2015 by funshint(m): 10:44pm On Feb 14
Pls who is "ERAKAMUS"?!...Whether by accident or otherwise, this guy accurately predicted the emergence of Gani Adams as "Areonakakanfo" as far back as 2015. Check below...

Romance / Re: My Fiancée Is 7 Years Older Than Me by funshint(m): 5:33pm On Feb 11
Pls google Macron the French president. His wife is 30yrs older than him. Age is just a number bro....so far your heart is fully convinced of this. May the Lord bless your union. *Pls ignore some of the tins been said here....


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Heineken International Fresh Graduate Programme 2018 by funshint(m): 2:52pm On Feb 11
Are u serious? But the advert does not have a comma
Some countries use . in lieu of comma. Get used to that *winks
Romance / Re: Young Nigerians Are Now Mixing Methylated Spirit And Coke To Get High by funshint(m): 2:47pm On Feb 11
Tot we've seen it all with codeine and tramadol; now this #Methylated spirit. God help us!
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama And His Wife, Promise Loved Up In New Photos by funshint(m): 6:06pm On Feb 10
She resembles Sinach; are they sisters?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Heineken International Fresh Graduate Programme 2018 by funshint(m): 11:33pm On Feb 09
Na wa ooo. All this hustle na for just an initial salary amount of € 3.441 gross per month?
Change that . to comma


Crime / Re: Nigerian Student Killed By Locals In Turkish Cyprus(photo) by funshint(m): 9:41pm On Feb 01
and I was thinking of joining Girne American university north Cyprus by September ...

Ayam not doing again..

I rather stay here and have peace of mind
Don't be discouraged, just go there, be focused and stay out of trouble. Peace!
Celebrities / Re: Amara, Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Blasts Ogbonna Kanu, His Younger Brother by funshint(m): 1:49am On Jan 21
For a quiet Igbo lady to start cursing you in yoruba....that one strong o!


Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Celebrates Gina, His Ex Wife's Birthday (Photo) by funshint(m): 2:53pm On Jan 19

yes it happens my dear
the fact that you are in a relationship with someone or a woman is your wife doesn't mean you guys will be together forever some circumstances beyond you guyz control might arise and it will lead to a break up
but the only thing you guys can do is to remain friends till the end of time.

exactly what I do tell my girlfriend
she has shown me love, care and attention to the extreme.
this is the first time a woman is loving me like crazy. her love for me now make me believe that when a woman loves she loves for real
and they can move mountains for the guy and hardly cheat on him.
they will be behaving as if their life depends on you even if you be the type when nor even dey reason their up keep bills at all.

so most times when we are together cuddling and watching movies i just whisper this to her

"baby I cannot guarantee our love life forever but I assure you we will remain friends till the end of time
True friendship isn't about who came first, and who you've known the longest... It's about who came and never left.
I will never leave you as a friend"
immediately I say those words to her she will just heave a sigh of relief and smile
u don't love your gf....when u truly love someone u'd think of nothing but to spend d rest of your life together!


Travel / Re: Nigerian Woman Gives Birth On A Plane En Route New York - Pictures by funshint(m): 6:40pm On Jan 18
The baby just fall in mama hand...the plan was to born am for US but God pass them. Such a risky journey for someone alrdy close to labour. *Keffy comes to mind #RIP
Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Davido With His Sister And Cousins by funshint(m): 7:50pm On Jan 17
How dare you call Ede in Osun state a village! Ede is the hometown of the Adelekes and it cannot in anyway be described as a village!....Ede is a fast developing metropolis in the class of Asaba, benin, akure, orka, ado-ekiti, owerri etc
Ede is inbtwn a slum and a village....no insult intended; that's just d fact!

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Religion / Re: "Self Defence Is Your Right" - Pastor Paul Enenche (Video) by funshint(m): 7:20am On Jan 17

There's no point for this rigmarole. Jesus expressly spoke against vengeance and self defense in Matthew 5:38 - 40 [
For Christians, the word of the Lord supercedes every other law.
No need for argument; when you see a man running at u with a Cutlass and u have a gun at your disposal, just kneel down, bow your head and smile.


Health / Re: Ibuprofen Linked To Male Infertility- CNN Report by funshint(m): 8:34pm On Jan 09
May God help us!
Health / Ibuprofen Linked To Male Infertility- CNN Report by funshint(m): 3:03pm On Jan 09
According to a latest CNN report, the popular and widely consumed drug "Ibuprofen" has been linked to male infertility. Check link for full report; http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/08/health/ibuprofen-male-fertility-study/index.html
Health / Re: Yusuf Buhari Yet To Regain His Speech, As Doctors Discover Additional Injuries O by funshint(m): 11:58am On Dec 31, 2017
I wish him and the other guy speedy recovery IJN...Amen!
Celebrities / Re: Oritsefemi's Wife Nabila Fash Reacts To Prostitution Allegation by funshint(m): 7:56pm On Dec 30, 2017
This Nabila na fool...she should hv kept silent. Even if she's innocent, her fiery response makes her guilty.

But the truth is whoever is without blemish should cast the first stone....that accuser na confirm eediot. He deserves whatever befalls him!

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