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Romance / Re: How Much Bean Cake Will You Buy, If You Come Across This Pretty Lady? by funshint(m): 4:33pm On Feb 17
I will buy Akara, buy Ogi, buy loiloi, Buy unprocessed beans, buy Akamu residue, buy bread (and pay for the nylon), buy wood and oyel for the akara... Then I will now ''Give myself away" as deposit! grin grin
Guy u sabi peel beans?! grin grin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Betting Shop Operator(elebu Area Ibadan) by funshint(m): 12:46pm On Feb 15
The services of someone is urgently needed at a betting shop around Elebu area in Ibadan. The person can be new or experienced. Any interested person should call 07033671498

Thank you!
Jokes Etc / Re: Man In Red: Valentine Dressing Of The Day (Photo) by funshint(m): 8:07pm On Feb 14
His name should be "Mr Love" grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Plane Crashes On Its Way To Syria. 9 Journalists, 83 Others Aboard by funshint(m): 10:09am On Dec 25, 2016
Just hope turkey is not responsible for dis....rip to d dead!
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Finally Crushed — Buhari by funshint(m): 4:12pm On Dec 24, 2016
So far the remaining chibok girls are yet unfound it's premature to declare total victory!

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Politics / Re: Bello Addresses Protesters Over Poor Power Supply In Niger State by funshint(m): 8:31pm On Dec 20, 2016
[quote author=emmasege post=52108960]Una never see anything, no be una vote for (retrogressive) change.

Very soon you 'll graduate from BRING BACK OUR LIGHT to BRING BACK JONATHAN, like your brothers in Sokoto.

Unfortunately, Jona no get ur time again, he's moved on with his life.

In the meantime, you are welcome to the Wailers'club where we wail for a true and positive change for our dear Nigeria.[/quot
Politics / Re: Rerun: Police To Demand Wike’s Call Data This Week by funshint(m): 6:51am On Dec 19, 2016
Wike is in soup....if u think you're strong, just chill FG is not yet ready to deal with you. Now u'll know that police can work!

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Religion / Re: As A Christian Have You Experience Miracle Personally Or Seen It Happen? by funshint(m): 2:38pm On Dec 18, 2016
Yes I hv...I was to buy something worth N1,700 each but I ended up being offered 3 at a total value of N400... I thank God!
Politics / Re: "Video Of SARS Akin Fakorede Hijacking Election Results Has Vindicated Me" -Wike by funshint(m): 10:43pm On Dec 14, 2016
...u really don't get it.,The man might end up goin free,we don't care...what we the rivz people of pdp hav achieve is jus Lettin the world know...cuz we only prepared 4 a calm free fair election..buh 2019 won't be lyk dis....we won't only defend our votes then..we will defend ourselves 1st b4 our votes
u better don't die defending any votes. It's not really your vote, it's their votes....my 2kobo!!
Romance / Re: Man Responds To Babymama Who Sent Him An Incredible Congraulatory Message by funshint(m): 10:13pm On Dec 14, 2016
But like seriously, I pity dis man....chai!!! *pls don't ask me why

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Politics / Re: Rivers Rerun: We Shall Stop Your Inauguration - Nwanosike Tells Wanjoku Of APC by funshint(m): 10:25am On Dec 12, 2016
I wonder how Buhari and his cohort is going to welcome/handle this development and shameful act displayed by the military, police and DSS in Rivers state rerun.Am waiting to see how the military will react when video clips of how military men where busy man handling voters,kidnapping and snatching of ballot boxes.

For those of You across the Niger .Who is celebrating this show of shame by the federal might.When the war wil be ignited in Rivers state,it will not only burn in Rivers state .It will spread across the deltas and your parasitic life will also be affected

Rotimi Amaechi, the lost sheep of Ubima. Your hobnubing with some few northerners to achieve your temporary desire and creating of chaos in your state will never go unpunish.These people are your friends today,tomorrow they will abundant you just like they are doing to Tinubu.
You will dance unclad alone.
Be like say to burn dey hungry u....if una burn; u go burn alone. None of our business...duhhr!!

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Religion / Re: What I Saw In The Bible Today by funshint(m): 7:34pm On Dec 05, 2016
It's very simple and straight forward. U don't oppress pple to become rich. The consequences is grave. And to those that give to the rich with the ulterior motive of seeking one favour or the other(bribery) will also meet their nemesis.
*Everything depends on your motive.
Nairaland / General / Re: A Snake Killed At MOUAU Fish Farm (Photos) by funshint(m): 5:53pm On Dec 05, 2016

Pls ooh remind me again..how does a dead snake bite??to many Nigerian home video..even plus people that liked d comment wonder why??
Search on YouTube and watch diff videos on that. Your eyes go clear

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Nairaland / General / Re: A Snake Killed At MOUAU Fish Farm (Photos) by funshint(m): 5:47pm On Dec 05, 2016
Even when dead Thank God I no touch am, na by God's grace I take this pictures sef....
You guys; sorry to say really played with your lives. Atleast d head shld hv been cut off and buried immediately. That girl shld thank her lucky stars 'cos even in death that tin "Black mamba" can still bite and kill. Ignorance at its peak!!! *To imagine these are tertiary students. I'm not here to condemn you but I really hate it when people die avoidable deaths!

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Disperse Dariqa Muslims In Yobe State. Photos by funshint(m): 8:01pm On Dec 04, 2016
Gradual extermination of other Islamic sects in the North by the Sunni led govt. Southern Muslims should be wary of wats going on nw cos it might soon get to them too.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Dumps Boyfriend After He Kept Malice With Her For 2 Weeks by funshint(m): 5:40pm On Dec 04, 2016
Oga, your babe insults your mum and refuses to apologise! Please tell us how long you will keep malice with her? Its obvious you know why the dude kept malice with her.......Cc Tallesty
If dats d case it's justified if u yourself didn't do anything to warrant such insult....I'll even end it dere if she refuses to apologize. But nowadays most pple breakup because of the silliest of tins. Guys nowadays are so immature I tell u. Sometimes saying sorry is not a sign of weakness....it's d highest way of expressing maturity. Sometimes women will tempt and examine you in different ways u can ever imagine.
*Never miss a chance to marry a good woman (Sirach7:19)

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Dumps Boyfriend After He Kept Malice With Her For 2 Weeks by funshint(m): 4:59pm On Dec 04, 2016
As a mature guy how can you even keep malice with your gf for a whole 2wks!? I pity a lot of guys; many will lose good life partners due to "PRIDE". You deserve what you got bro. *Hp u learn from it though.


Religion / Re: Which Gospel Music Moves You So Much? by funshint(m): 1:18pm On Dec 04, 2016
Bethel music:- no longer slaves

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Politics / Re: Mimiko's Political Doom : Karma Of Betraying Tinubu? by funshint(m): 7:46pm On Nov 22, 2016
I have followed the political development in Ondo state and the only word that describes the loss of Olusegun Mimiko is Karma.
I believe it can be traced to the experience of all those who had betrayed Tinubu in the past.
I recall how Tinubu supported Mimiko to recover his mandate from the late Agagu but to the suprise of most political watchers, Mimiko turned around and betrayed his benefactor like he did to Pa Adefarati.
Now for all his 8 years, he couldn't even get his preferred candidate to win ordinary PDP gubernatorial ticket.
Now, if by Saturday, Oke , Tinubu-backed candidate wins the ondo election, I hope he would have learnt a lesson from the consequences of his years of political betrayal.
Seriously I don't wish Mimiko's fate on any person....someone in position of power without power. Tinubu literally prostated to him to join ACN den. But his arrogance wouldn't let him. This election ordinarily would hv been a walkover 4 him. Karma is indeed a biitch!
Politics / Re: How Russia Hacked USA Election – NSA Director by funshint(m): 6:20pm On Nov 20, 2016
Anybody that believes this crap can believe Obama is Nigerian!


Nairaland / General / Re: Which Bank Has The Most Beautiful Bank Buildings by funshint(m): 6:11pm On Nov 20, 2016
It's btw GTB and Diamond but be like say Union Bank dey try now
Romance / Re: 8 Things You Should Never Do After Your Partner Cheats by funshint(m): 6:09pm On Nov 20, 2016
Well in marriage; "A husband that cheats brings down himself but a wife that cheats brings down the whole house altogether"


Politics / Re: IMN, Iran And New Face Of Terrorism by funshint(m): 6:00pm On Nov 20, 2016
Guy u wrote a long essay full of crap. The Arab spring and what is happening in Nigeria are two parallel scenarios. What is actually taking place in Nigeria is persecution of innocent pple(Shi'ite/IMN) by the Saudi arabia-Sunni led leadership who are currently in power in Nigeria. Most terrorists organizations(Al-qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram etc) in the world were founded by the Saudi led Sunni. Their hatred for anything Shi'ite is legendary. Intolerance and difference in ideology is the main reason behind all these attacks on innocent Shi'ite. Pls if you're been paid to do this just be very careful not to be used as a bait on another man's hook.


Politics / Re: Only Igbo Will Survive If Nigeria Breaks – Fayose by funshint(m): 3:43pm On Nov 20, 2016
Small chieftaincy title wey dem give am...Oshoko don dey run him mouth. We all know if Nigeria shld breakup, there will be so much infighting in the East, world war 2 will be child's play! infact the resources they claim to hv will be so useless to them. Easterners by nature are very greedy and self-centered so also are their leaders. it'll be a case of Congo with the largest natural resources in the world yet one of the poorest due to greed and bad leadership!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Expresses Satisfaction With APC Primary In Ondo by funshint(m): 2:42pm On Nov 20, 2016
Its payback time. All those that frustrated Jonathan's government are been paid in their own coin. From Obama and Clinton to Tinubu and Buhari ( Now u know that Goodluck was not there on his own but on divine mandate, he willfully stepped out and allowed God to fight his battle. una neva chi chum chin)
Jonathan was the chief author of his calamity
Politics / Re: Buhari Expresses Satisfaction With APC Primary In Ondo by funshint(m): 2:38pm On Nov 20, 2016
Okay o we've heard; hope he'll be satisfied wit d result after the election #OkeIsOkay
Politics / Re: Buhari, Akeredolu And APC Governors In Akure (photo) by funshint(m): 8:15pm On Nov 19, 2016
u will always be ranting and wailing here as if u vote for donald trump on nov.8 presidential poll. Almost every one predict that drump will win cos' of his buoyancy in united state politics. Trump is a realist that believe on his words. And let me start from here pls when did u become a prophet and start predicting who will next saturday governorship poll hmmm. U better don't deceive ur selves ok. People of the united states are different from people of Nigeria. So pls do not be sentimental and biased. Since day one av love d most populous man for the job. My lawyer and respected politician rotimi akeredolu, the coast is already clear. He is winning the upcoming gubernatorial election. Just seat back and watch how the peaceful and credible election will go.
Just make sure you collect your full balance from your paymasters b4 d election. Even as an APC fan their loss in dis election will be legendary. Your party chairman and all those who decided to backstab Tinubu in their own wisdom *foolishness should be blamed. Oke is okay!

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Politics / Re: Buhari, Akeredolu And APC Governors In Akure (photo) by funshint(m): 6:35pm On Nov 19, 2016
A body(APC) is only as good as d spirit(Tinubu) within. Once d spirit is gone d body is good as dead. Ondo state election will mark d beginning of d end of APC. We'll show Buhari and his cohorts where the heart of SW truly lie...u don't undermine Tinubu and expect us to siddon look. SW is going AD; Oke is okay!!!


Politics / Re: President Buhari In Ondo For APC Rally (Photos) by funshint(m): 2:26pm On Nov 19, 2016

Owo breed man indeed.
Maybe I need to remind you.

2012: akeredolu refuses to bury his father in Owo (hence owo turn his back at him 2012) so bothing has changed. Remember Mimiko wins even his polling unit in Owo.
Mimiko's 1st term performance won d election for him. This election would hv been a walkover for APC but d best they'll get is a second place. SW govs and Tinubu are not even present to show how much unpopular Aketi's aspiration is. I definitely give this election to Oke(AD).
Phones / Re: Which Smartphone Brand Is The Most Popular in Nigeria For 2016? by funshint(m): 7:18am On Nov 18, 2016
No wonder most pple fail; simple question they can't answer.... Anyway "Most popular phone in Nigeria"-> INFINIX


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Made A Suprise Phone Call To Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan by funshint(m): 11:02pm On Nov 16, 2016
I guess d op must be high on dry aba weed. Who is "Goodluck Jonathan" *in Donald Trump's voice!

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TV/Movies / Re: Can You Remember This Movie, Issakaba? by funshint(m): 8:58pm On Nov 14, 2016

Me too o, I'm just shocked now to see him. Back then we didn't know him as a star.. This movie is one of the best Nigerian movie I've ever watched!
yeah and this epic film too "Igodo"


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