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Politics / Re: FG Unveils North-east Reconstruction Plan by funshint(m): 10:43am On Aug 01
Reconstruction without taking away the destroyer...dead skulls!!!
Politics / Re: Is Any One Having Problem Watching Cnn ? by funshint(m): 7:40am On Jul 31
BRAV0O: I notice cnn stop giving sounds since last week
Or is it my decoder tht is having problem ?
Pls share if u're notice this too...
Na only U̶̲̥̅̊ waka cum O°˚˚˚... Chk your decoder!
Politics / Re: Muslims Living With Yorubas Is a Ticking Time Bomb (tick* tock* tick* tock) by funshint(m): 8:05pm On Jul 29
Religious war can only happen in the North and East definitely not in SW except IIorin. Prof. Ishaq Oloyede is fast becoming a menace in the SW. That man is covertly introducing religious extremism into SW wc is starting 4rm Ilorin. This is very strange to Yoruba culture. It's time to put that man under serious watch...he's a time bomb about to explode!!!


Webmasters / Re: Just Wondering Why Nairaland's UI Is So Basic by funshint(m): 7:39pm On Jul 29

no sir. According to a reputable news site( can't remember ) i read recently, they have continuously exceeded their profit forecast for many months now.

But before we deviate, my point still remains that huge tech coys are working real hard to ensure they remain relevant in today's world.
I believe nairaland should be doing the same even if it means selling off some % ownership to gain funds to do great stuff.
Why cry more than the bereaved; do you know how much Seun makes per month! Though he can go public but that depends on the financial projection and goal of the owner #Seun. Remember its not about making the biggest deal but getting the best result possible. Being conservative for now might just be Seun's best way of remaining relevant. Many companies hv made big decisions in the past that eventually led to their ruin. I believe when nl gets to that bridge it'll definitely cross it. Even LindaIkeji still can't boast of what Seun has in terms of relevance, coverage and money.
Webmasters / Re: Just Wondering Why Nairaland's UI Is So Basic by funshint(m): 7:03pm On Jul 29

looool. Is there any proof to support your argument ?

Even huge tech coys are aggressively trying to stay relevant because they know it's pretty easy to be phased out.
Apart from twitter; isn't Facebook *as a social media; not company alrdy dying. Its usage per day has drastically reduced!
Webmasters / Re: Just Wondering Why Nairaland's UI Is So Basic by funshint(m): 6:19pm On Jul 29
sCross: We can only hope they're doing something about it else someone would come and push them off. This world is becoming more unforgiving; you mess up or slow down and you'll regret it

Nairaland is even LOOONG overdue for mobile apps.

Even when Twitter and Facebook dies; Nairaland go still stand. It'll outlive Seun sef...that'll be one of his legacies on earth!
Romance / Re: Am Dating A Family Freinds Girlfriend Is Anytin Wrong With It? by funshint(m): 3:55pm On Jul 28
No P but just be ready to deal with some awkward moments later in your life...*old feelings can be re-kindled. Few words is enough for the wise!!!
Politics / Re: For Fun: Picture Of A Janjaweedan by funshint(m): 10:18pm On Jul 27
So wats funny about dis?! Where dis man is talking your retadeen president will simply turn to dust!!


Celebrities / Re: How Does Charley Boy Make Money Or Put Food On The Table. by funshint(m): 12:14pm On Jul 27
Curious as well!
Romance / Re: Relationship/marriage Proposals...ladies Can You Propose To The Man You Love? by funshint(m): 11:57am On Jul 27
jennylove7575: Yes if am the bread winner and of course older than the guy. Why not.
That's the easiest way to make a guy run. Men are favourably disposed to relationship but "marriage" is a different ball-game.
Romance / Re: Relationship/marriage Proposals...ladies Can You Propose To The Man You Love? by funshint(m): 11:33am On Jul 27
It's not ideal for a lady to propose marriage to a man. Even as a man it sounds awkward. But I see nothing wrong in women toasting the men they like; totally acceptable by me!
Food / Re: Secret To Party Jollof Rice- Lets Discuss The Secret To Cooking Party Jollof :-) by funshint(m): 11:21am On Jul 27
Party rice rocks!!!

Politics / Re: ONLINE POLLING BOOT FOR OSUN GUBER ELECTION by funshint(m): 8:57pm On Jul 25
U̶̲̥̅̊ mean dis?! Osun is not yet ready for #MaizeRevolution grin

Politics / Re: Gej And Sanusi Break Fast Together(pixs) by funshint(m): 10:56pm On Jul 23
Politics / Re: Why Nigeria May Not Last Beyond 2015...issues And Facts Laid Bare by funshint(m): 4:23am On Jul 22
b3llo: Nigeria will be united forever forget what Ahmadu Bello Once said "“This new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” – (Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960). US is no God to judge our unification as a nation.
All indices are showing a country on the brink of extinsion and U̶̲̥̅̊ are still there ruminating on what someone said over 60yrs ago. If a near sub-continent like USSR can split-up then who is Nigeria. Coming closer former Sudan was the largest country in Africa; they still ended up splitting. See people talking as if they are God. I just believe its just a matter of time b4 everybody find his/her own way. Just a matter of time!!


Health / Re: Pictures Of Blacks With Blue Eyes: Natural Phenomenon Or Genetic Mutation? by funshint(m): 10:54pm On Jul 21
Omo see photoshop!
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Ebonyi Speaker Impeached by funshint(m): 2:12pm On Jul 21
PDPig!!! They'll kill members of other political parties #BolaIge #MarshalHarry #Daramola. They'll still kill members of their own party #FunsoWilliams #AndrewAzazi...this is definitely not a political party; this is more of a cult group.
Pets / Re: Do Dogs Have Supernatural Senses? by funshint(m): 8:46pm On Jul 20
ayusco85: @OP, this is story for the gods grin

btw its none of my business if the have supernatural eyes or not. once they can bark and scare away thieves and spirits at night.

**sips his lipton tea without milk or sugar****
Original #Kermit grin

Politics / Re: Channels Tv---Osun Apc Vs Osun Pdp's Interview 'MY report' by funshint(m): 7:01pm On Jul 19
Na una sabi...anyway Aregbe till 2019!!!


Celebrities / Re: PICTURES Peter Okoye Replies Those Bashing Him 4 Snubbing His Brother’s Wedding. by funshint(m): 4:23pm On Jul 19
That's None of my business tongue

Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie: The Miraculous Deliverance Of Oga Jona by funshint(m): 7:59pm On Jul 18
Beautiful piece; only if GEJ can read dis...*wat am I saying; he doesn't give a damn!!! God bless you Chimamanda....
Politics / Re: I’m Ready To Defend N6bn Debtallegation, Says Nyako by funshint(m): 7:23am On Jul 18
Too late to cry when the head is alrdy cut off.

1 Like

Politics / Re: Guests In Dis Forum Shld Be Allowed To Post A Comment by funshint(m): 6:57pm On Jul 16
Can you send e-mail without opening an e-mail account?


Politics / Re: 10 Words Of Wisdom For Gov. Amaechi & Former Gov. Nyako...!!! by funshint(m): 6:52pm On Jul 16
Don't worry about Amaechi; nothing will happen to him as long has he holds majority in the Rivers state HOS!!!
Entertainment / Re: [PHOTOS] Kim Kardashian Look-alike Spent More Than $30,000 On Plastic Surgery by funshint(m): 10:24pm On Jul 15
She still doesn't look like her....fishbrain!
Sports / Re: Germany Vs Argentina: World Cup Final (1 - 0) On 13th July 2014 by funshint(m): 12:13am On Jul 14
This one that Germany be winning worldcup; hope the price of beer won't increase by 2mrw *saves beer inside tank


Islam for Muslims / Re: Were Muhammad (saws) And Ibrahim (as)'s Parents Infidel Or In Hell-fire? by funshint(m): 5:04pm On Jul 13
That's the problem with interpretation of all these books (Quran and Bible) into English sometimes the meaning is lost. I guess Hell in this sense does not mean "Hellfire". It only implies the grave or a state of permanent rest. This shouldn't be misinterpreted. Just my own submission sha!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Military Uncooperative, Slow To Learn – US Hearing by funshint(m): 3:02pm On Jul 13
3 Israeli kids went missing; the whole country went standstill; 276 girls are missing but our leaders don't give a damn. Everything is all about 2015...I smh 4 Nigeria!!!!
Politics / Nigerian Military Uncooperative, Slow To Learn – US Hearing by funshint(m): 2:56pm On Jul 13
The human rights abuse record and
uncooperative attitude of the Federal
Government and its military authorities have
been identified as factors hindering United
States of America offering Nigeria effective
security assistance.
Speaking on Thursday before the US House
Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Africa’s
hearing entitled, ‘Human Rights Vetting:
Nigeria and Beyond’, the Specialist at African
Affairs Congressional Research Service,
Lauren Blanchard, said the Nigerian
government and its military had not been
yielding to America’s suggestions.
The Congress heard that the main impediment
to America’s efforts to support Nigeria’s
broader response to Boko Haram is “gross
violations committed by the Nigerian forces,
the Nigerian government’s resistance to
adopting a more comprehensive approach to
Boko Haram, and the continued lack of
political will” within the government to
investigate allegations of human rights abuses
and hold perpetrators accountable.
Blanchard told the Congress, “The Nigerian
government also has appeared reticent in some
cases to allow its security forces to
participate in US training programmes. The
State Department indicates that there are
currently 187 Nigerian military units and 173
police units that have been vetted and cleared
to receive U.S. assistance and training.
“It is unclear whether the Nigerian
government has given approval for such
training to occur. A 2013 State Department
audit report noted that, in addition to human
rights concerns, Nigeria’s late submission of
names of candidates for assistance was a
‘recurring problem’ for the US embassy.
“Multiple systemic factors further constrain
the effectiveness of the Nigerian security
force’s response to Boko Haram, notably
security sector corruption and
mismanagement, and some of these factors
impede US support even for units that have
been cleared for assistance”.
Among the cleared units, she revealed, were
Nigeria’s Speed Boat Service commando and
the 101st Infantry Battalion, which the ACRS
specialist said were best positioned to conduct
hostage rescue operations, but “both
reportedly require significant additional
She added that the security relationship
between Nigeria and the US was hampered by
the lack of cooperation and systemic failure in
“The security relationship also has been
hampered at times by a lack of cooperation
from Nigerian officials and by systemic
problems in the Nigerian military. Political
and human rights concerns have been a
prominent factor in shaping US-Nigeria
relations for decades.
“State Department human rights reports have
continued to highlight serious human rights
violations by the Nigerian security forces
every year. These violations include politically
motivated and extrajudicial killings, excessive
use of force, and torture,” Blanchard said at
the hearing.
Despite about N1trn ($5.8b) security budget,
the ACRS specialist said the “Nigerian troops
are not adequately resourced or equipped” to
counter Boko Haram insurgency. During the
hearing, the American disclosed that the
troops were “slow to adapt with new
strategies, new doctrines and new tactics,” and
described Nigeria as “an extremely
challenging partner to work with.”
Politics / Re: OSUN Guber Election: APC Jittery About CHRIS UBA by funshint(m): 11:23pm On Jul 12
menice69: Clearly u are not from osun or ife, if u are u'll know dat ife has 4 LGs namely ife east,ife north,ife central and ife south while ijeshas have 6LGs namely ilesa east,ilesa west,atakumosa east,atakumosa west,obokun & oriade LGs.Never the less d votes of ife zone is more than dat of Ijesha zone despite just having 4 LGs compare compared to Ijeshas 6 LGs dat is just how it has always been in osun u can further research into dat.Another factor is that most ijesha pple are now questioning d paternity history of Rauf go to ilesha is hometown u'll hear amazing stories from d pple themselves.Next time check ur facts right b4 blabbing on social network.Well I'm not surprised u took after Rauf lol.
Obviously U̶̲̥̅̊ don't know what u're saying....Ife more than Ijesha?! Even the Ooni will dare not say that. Omisore will lose even in his home town #Ife mark my words!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: What Kind Of Sleep/dream Is This??? by funshint(m): 4:40pm On Jul 12
Google "Sleep paralysis"
Romance / Re: I'm Confused About My Girl Friend. by funshint(m): 12:45pm On Jul 11
Wats d meaning of this see-saw of a tin...wat do U̶̲̥̅̊ want her to do wen U̶̲̥̅̊ know her father is strict?? U̶̲̥̅̊ better thank God atleast U̶̲̥̅̊ still see once in while. Just enjoy your IT year and don't let your anger and impatience ruin your relationship. I swear U̶̲̥̅̊ never see matter of the heart O°˚˚˚!

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