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Politics / Re: Gej And Sanusi Break Fast Together(pixs) by funshint(m): 10:56pm On Jul 23
Politics / Re: Why Nigeria May Not Last Beyond 2015...issues And Facts Laid Bare by funshint(m): 4:23am On Jul 22
b3llo: Nigeria will be united forever forget what Ahmadu Bello Once said "“This new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” – (Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960). US is no God to judge our unification as a nation.
All indices are showing a country on the brink of extinsion and U̶̲̥̅̊ are still there ruminating on what someone said over 60yrs ago. If a near sub-continent like USSR can split-up then who is Nigeria. Coming closer former Sudan was the largest country in Africa; they still ended up splitting. See people talking as if they are God. I just believe its just a matter of time b4 everybody find his/her own way. Just a matter of time!!


Health / Re: Pictures Of Blacks With Blue Eyes: Natural Phenomenon Or Genetic Mutation? by funshint(m): 10:54pm On Jul 21
Omo see photoshop!
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Ebonyi Speaker Impeached by funshint(m): 2:12pm On Jul 21
PDPig!!! They'll kill members of other political parties #BolaIge #MarshalHarry #Daramola. They'll still kill members of their own party #FunsoWilliams #AndrewAzazi...this is definitely not a political party; this is more of a cult group.
Pets / Re: Do Dogs Have Supernatural Senses? by funshint(m): 8:46pm On Jul 20
ayusco85: @OP, this is story for the gods grin

btw its none of my business if the have supernatural eyes or not. once they can bark and scare away thieves and spirits at night.

**sips his lipton tea without milk or sugar****
Original #Kermit grin

Politics / Re: Channels Tv---Osun Apc Vs Osun Pdp's Interview 'MY report' by funshint(m): 7:01pm On Jul 19
Na una sabi...anyway Aregbe till 2019!!!


Celebrities / Re: PICTURES Peter Okoye Replies Those Bashing Him 4 Snubbing His Brother’s Wedding. by funshint(m): 4:23pm On Jul 19
That's None of my business tongue

Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie: The Miraculous Deliverance Of Oga Jona by funshint(m): 7:59pm On Jul 18
Beautiful piece; only if GEJ can read dis...*wat am I saying; he doesn't give a damn!!! God bless you Chimamanda....
Politics / Re: I’m Ready To Defend N6bn Debtallegation, Says Nyako by funshint(m): 7:23am On Jul 18
Too late to cry when the head is alrdy cut off.

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Politics / Re: Guests In Dis Forum Shld Be Allowed To Post A Comment by funshint(m): 6:57pm On Jul 16
Can you send e-mail without opening an e-mail account?


Politics / Re: 10 Words Of Wisdom For Gov. Amaechi & Former Gov. Nyako...!!! by funshint(m): 6:52pm On Jul 16
Don't worry about Amaechi; nothing will happen to him as long has he holds majority in the Rivers state HOS!!!
Entertainment / Re: [PHOTOS] Kim Kardashian Look-alike Spent More Than $30,000 On Plastic Surgery by funshint(m): 10:24pm On Jul 15
She still doesn't look like her....fishbrain!
Sports / Re: Germany Vs Argentina: World Cup Final (1 - 0) On 13th July 2014 by funshint(m): 12:13am On Jul 14
This one that Germany be winning worldcup; hope the price of beer won't increase by 2mrw *saves beer inside tank


Islam for Muslims / Re: Were Muhammad (saws) And Ibrahim (as)'s Parents Infidel Or In Hell-fire? by funshint(m): 5:04pm On Jul 13
That's the problem with interpretation of all these books (Quran and Bible) into English sometimes the meaning is lost. I guess Hell in this sense does not mean "Hellfire". It only implies the grave or a state of permanent rest. This shouldn't be misinterpreted. Just my own submission sha!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Military Uncooperative, Slow To Learn – US Hearing by funshint(m): 3:02pm On Jul 13
3 Israeli kids went missing; the whole country went standstill; 276 girls are missing but our leaders don't give a damn. Everything is all about 2015...I smh 4 Nigeria!!!!
Politics / Nigerian Military Uncooperative, Slow To Learn – US Hearing by funshint(m): 2:56pm On Jul 13
The human rights abuse record and
uncooperative attitude of the Federal
Government and its military authorities have
been identified as factors hindering United
States of America offering Nigeria effective
security assistance.
Speaking on Thursday before the US House
Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Africa’s
hearing entitled, ‘Human Rights Vetting:
Nigeria and Beyond’, the Specialist at African
Affairs Congressional Research Service,
Lauren Blanchard, said the Nigerian
government and its military had not been
yielding to America’s suggestions.
The Congress heard that the main impediment
to America’s efforts to support Nigeria’s
broader response to Boko Haram is “gross
violations committed by the Nigerian forces,
the Nigerian government’s resistance to
adopting a more comprehensive approach to
Boko Haram, and the continued lack of
political will” within the government to
investigate allegations of human rights abuses
and hold perpetrators accountable.
Blanchard told the Congress, “The Nigerian
government also has appeared reticent in some
cases to allow its security forces to
participate in US training programmes. The
State Department indicates that there are
currently 187 Nigerian military units and 173
police units that have been vetted and cleared
to receive U.S. assistance and training.
“It is unclear whether the Nigerian
government has given approval for such
training to occur. A 2013 State Department
audit report noted that, in addition to human
rights concerns, Nigeria’s late submission of
names of candidates for assistance was a
‘recurring problem’ for the US embassy.
“Multiple systemic factors further constrain
the effectiveness of the Nigerian security
force’s response to Boko Haram, notably
security sector corruption and
mismanagement, and some of these factors
impede US support even for units that have
been cleared for assistance”.
Among the cleared units, she revealed, were
Nigeria’s Speed Boat Service commando and
the 101st Infantry Battalion, which the ACRS
specialist said were best positioned to conduct
hostage rescue operations, but “both
reportedly require significant additional
She added that the security relationship
between Nigeria and the US was hampered by
the lack of cooperation and systemic failure in
“The security relationship also has been
hampered at times by a lack of cooperation
from Nigerian officials and by systemic
problems in the Nigerian military. Political
and human rights concerns have been a
prominent factor in shaping US-Nigeria
relations for decades.
“State Department human rights reports have
continued to highlight serious human rights
violations by the Nigerian security forces
every year. These violations include politically
motivated and extrajudicial killings, excessive
use of force, and torture,” Blanchard said at
the hearing.
Despite about N1trn ($5.8b) security budget,
the ACRS specialist said the “Nigerian troops
are not adequately resourced or equipped” to
counter Boko Haram insurgency. During the
hearing, the American disclosed that the
troops were “slow to adapt with new
strategies, new doctrines and new tactics,” and
described Nigeria as “an extremely
challenging partner to work with.”
Politics / Re: OSUN Guber Election: APC Jittery About CHRIS UBA by funshint(m): 11:23pm On Jul 12
menice69: Clearly u are not from osun or ife, if u are u'll know dat ife has 4 LGs namely ife east,ife north,ife central and ife south while ijeshas have 6LGs namely ilesa east,ilesa west,atakumosa east,atakumosa west,obokun & oriade LGs.Never the less d votes of ife zone is more than dat of Ijesha zone despite just having 4 LGs compare compared to Ijeshas 6 LGs dat is just how it has always been in osun u can further research into dat.Another factor is that most ijesha pple are now questioning d paternity history of Rauf go to ilesha is hometown u'll hear amazing stories from d pple themselves.Next time check ur facts right b4 blabbing on social network.Well I'm not surprised u took after Rauf lol.
Obviously U̶̲̥̅̊ don't know what u're saying....Ife more than Ijesha?! Even the Ooni will dare not say that. Omisore will lose even in his home town #Ife mark my words!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: What Kind Of Sleep/dream Is This??? by funshint(m): 4:40pm On Jul 12
Google "Sleep paralysis"
Romance / Re: I'm Confused About My Girl Friend. by funshint(m): 12:45pm On Jul 11
Wats d meaning of this see-saw of a tin...wat do U̶̲̥̅̊ want her to do wen U̶̲̥̅̊ know her father is strict?? U̶̲̥̅̊ better thank God atleast U̶̲̥̅̊ still see once in while. Just enjoy your IT year and don't let your anger and impatience ruin your relationship. I swear U̶̲̥̅̊ never see matter of the heart O°˚˚˚!
Romance / Re: Why Are Yoruba Girls Difficult To Woo? by funshint(m): 7:39am On Jul 11
Yap that's true...they like 2 form a lot. Na the ugly ones worse pass!!


Celebrities / Re: Celebrity Ruptures Girl’s Cervix After Having $ex With Her by funshint(m): 7:21am On Jul 10
That girl is just a gold digger; infact she has no case. She wasn't Molested, it was a consensual sex so wats her point. Besides he paid the hospital bills wat else *hoes just want money!
Food / Re: Jollof Rice With Pineapple by funshint(m): 8:11pm On Jul 09
@Seun wats your take on dis?!


Sports / Re: A Brazilian Woman Backed Germany To Win 7-1 After Her Husband Predicted The Resu by funshint(m): 10:47am On Jul 09
The question here is who's that her husband?? I think he's the real star here. For her to even believe him means that's not the first time he's doing it. That guy must be a soothsayer!!!

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Politics / Re: I’m Ready For PDP Forces – Aregbesola by funshint(m): 9:16pm On Jul 08

That is Osun people's perrogative.
YOU choose your leader yourself not the frog of ikoyi.
If you still want to remain backwards, then vote RAUF!
I'm outta here.
So wat's your headache if I may ask...Osun pple are not complaining besides for now Aregbe is d best thing that has happened to us in years. Man U̶̲̥̅̊ stink *covers body tongue grin
Politics / Re: I’m Ready For PDP Forces – Aregbesola by funshint(m): 8:09pm On Jul 08
The way Aregbe will gap Omisore infact the whole world will say "KILODE?!" PDP should just savour the joy of winning Ekiti while it last 'cos Osun is going to be a different ball game. If GEJ and Obanikoro like let them empty all the military formations on Osun state alone...Aregbe till 2018!!!
TV/Movies / Re: 9 Films That Were Banned by funshint(m): 2:59pm On Jul 08
Pls add "half of a yellow sun"-Chimamanda Adichie

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Career / Re: Delete thread by funshint(m): 7:31pm On Jul 06
Honest appeal nlanders...pls help a broda out!!!
Politics / Re: Fayose, Fayemi Meet Again (picture) by funshint(m): 3:51pm On Jul 05
Midax & Phoenix:
Errors of opinion can be tolerated where reason are left to combat it..

As Ekiti indigenes seek succour in Fayose and repelled JKF, the APC and the progressives at large, i will opine that the real winners in this elections are Adamu muazu, Bode George, Buruji kashamu and the PDP inner caucus and cimulatively President GEJ.

The collective decision to vote Fayose is a pure political move rather than developmental, that yorubas are vindictive, attention seeking and unforgiven cannot be over emphasised. The so-call political sophistication is borne out of the individualistic tendency in decision making.

The yorubas pride itself in its ability to repel oppression and make individual decision and that it took PDP so long to realise this is really gawking.

History has shown this over time, Awolowo was well loved but lost election serially, Abiola was voted en masse during election but was sent to the guillotine by the silence of some citing that shouted that he betrayed awolowo s reasons.

APC---- the long road to penury in south west

1) The “Man of the year” Bola tinubu announced in lagos after 2011 election that ACN will be joining mainstream politics as a national opposition party, well nothing bad in that except that our local hero now want to go national.

2) He reiterated this by asking Ganiyu solomon to step down for George akume as minority leader and rallied for a standing committee chairman for solomon after vests showing PDP umbrellas hovering above Solomon sufficed in lagos.

3) As election results streamed in, APC jubilates as babafemi ojudu was elected senators, a friend in The news, pm news would not allow me rest, chairman has won he kept shouting. The political gurus in APC opined otherwise, scolded against the choice of ojudu but the man of the year remained adamant, he has to pay him back for his support against fawehinmi. The losers in that election were Fayose and opeyemi bamidele ( he was left in the cold), kayode alufa merely represented PDP. That was the genesis, they were short changed, Fayose shouted to the heavens that ACN promised not to field a candidate against him while opeyemi was perplexed, her served The man and worked assidouly to make fayemi emerge, even stepped down in primary.

4) The local government elections across the states was characterised by anointing of candidates by croonies of the man, political appointment was based on lineage, how connected you are to the man around the man. His attention was in abuja, he left his house to his men and frolick with baba akande around the north.

5) The principle of internal democracy is a taboo in ACN, to qualify as the man;s choice, you just need to have a sterling CV, speak good grammar and plegdge loyalty to the lion of boudillon., which was good initially but a the party becomes bigger, it became the bane of implosion. The choice of aketi in ondo was a political suicide, the think-thank warned but the man stuck to his gun... the fashola experiment worked he kept saying and akeredolu has paid his dues. He kept recruiting technocrats as flag bearers believing that his popularity is enough to win votes..... the grandeur of invisibility.

6) The grand master of political gimmick in south west, Lord mimiko had called the bluff of ACN sequel to his election by telling the man that they were squared. The man helped him with salami know-how to get rid of Agagu and he in turn provided the fund and logistics to prosecute court cases in oyo and ekiti.

Hence he detest Aregbe and sees him as a beneficiary of his political strategy.... and when his friends deserted him to APC, he turned to his friend, FAYOSE and anyanwu for support from abuja, the foolhardy decision to field aketi paid mimiko and the rest is history. But nevertheless another politician felt short changed and oppressed.

7) Across the niger, a man of the people, Chris ngige lost an election due to his affiliation to the man”s party, the personality of the man was the bullet point of the manifesto as i refuse to believe that igbos will not vote for any party except PDP , yes they will, afterall they voted orji kalu party and apga but the character and antecedent of the man remains a clog in the wheel.

cool Now that the party is national and our hero has gained national prominence, the man even went to united state as a democrat smiling like an agbero, seats were won without casting a ballots, governors defected, some even turned to drivers (our brother that stays in the port), others self appointed publicity secretaries (bros Nyako) etc. Yes, the man is now a national name.

9) As elections are staggered in southwest, he suddenly remember that the party has election in two states. The think-tank had relocated to abuja, the normal one year preparatory excercise was done in five months. His return from abuja met a divided party, osoba was fighting amosun, Epes already have a governorship candidate that wiil not step down and the lagos and ikoyi country club boys have annointed one of their own, not negotiable afterall we have done his wish so far, they muttered, badagry is seething and lagos mainland guys have started getting ideas . Ajumobi was fighting poverty, nurtw dissident memebers and akala in oyo, and accord, LP party kept gaining grounds... they now have a slang “no more baba sope” it means no more, the father said” a slogan agianst imposition.

10) The man kept calming party loyalists, the magic wand is still intact. As ekiti approaches, opeyemi voiced his dissenting opinion and was sent packing. A former comissioner under the man, a grass root politician, he left and mimiko provided the platform to contest, not win. The PDP was still shopping for a candidate, the election looks secured for APC and the man kept opening his stained teeth.

11) The recent bashing of PDP home and away jolted the party back in shape, we don't need to win election muazu reminds them, we just need to gain the majority back. And that means apc must not win, support the third party and present a lackey on PDP platform. And it worked like magic, Ondo and anambra was wrestled from APC.

12) But the Ekiti case presented a different formation, the third party is not strong enough and the candidate is a former APC memeber, hence the PDP needs a strong candidate. A man that can mobilise the people, someone that felt short changed and one name kept appearing ..FAYOSE.

13) Muazu gave the go-ahead, George provided logistics, buruji channelled the funds and the magic rice and the national office have to pull the federal might. Polls have shown that fayose will win fayemi in a free and fair election, therefore no rigging. I have always opined that

14) Infact PDP is the largest party in Africa with the most effective rigging mechanism in the world'' but on this occasion, it has no reason to rig, they have presented the better candidate.

15) They don't mobilise voters, they mobilise election officials and the police.

16) APC has the monopoly of intellectual thugs, the newspapers and social network.

The man turned to the last resort, lets buy the votes. A PDP styled modus operandi shows frustration from APC but the PDP have bought the votes before election, they paid with well packaged rice. Feedbacks were bad but the man kept pulling strings, called his new national buddies to come help him fight in his backyard, an admission of failure. He tried the last roll of the dice in ibadan on Friday at arisekola burial but it was too late and too little and THE MAN FAILED AGAIN..

18) This has shown that we need to build party structure around ideology and principles, though we cannot shy away from the servitude of the main core of any party and the tendency to exert influence in the running of events, the voice of the members should not be drowned by the alpha presence of a leader.

19) The people of ekiti respects fayemi but loved fayose. Fayemi represents the elites, well bred gentleman, hence was disconnected from the people. His agenda was elitist to the common man, he doesnt ride bike, talk loudly and campaign in markets, the teachers were intimidated by his CV, his cronies made life unbearable for the common man, not nelecting the lagos factor. Hence the majority settled for the man of the people, FAYOSE, his sins were forgiven.

20) Politics is not a fair game and morals have no place.

21) Congrats to FAYOSE, BURUJI, south west PDP and president Jonathan , you guys outdone the APC.

22)the hasty congratulations and concession of defeat by the APC is a good thing for democracy and a ploy to save face towards Osun, hence the visit to oyinlola on Sunday. The Man has gotten the message and responded accordingly... he has to keep his party intact to have a influence in national politics...even if it means dining with arch enemies like oyinlola to send warnings to omisore.. a show of political capabilities..

The man is likely to go back to his default setting, match PDP thug for thug, bribe for bribe, equal number of inec officials and rice for he battles the Awo effect...

Awo effect... a phenomenon in Nigerian politics where a man is well loved as a local or regional. Hero, respected for his political sagacity but cannot win a national election.

To the yorubas, “demo mo wa, bi o ri owo mi, o ri inu mi”
Omo see as I just dey read U̶̲̥̅̊ like detective post i've read in a very long time. Tinubu's greatest mistake is folding a formidable party like ACN for an abused party like APC all because of going national. Yorubas hv no biz wit 2015 election. It is not our fight at all...he shld hv stayed by the side and watch the North and South slug it out; perhaps cancel eachother out and then act. Another problem is the Nothern elements insistence on fielding a Northerner as d party flagbearer. This really defeated the purpose of the merger and made everything uninteresting. It is not yet over for Tinubu but the recent turn of events only shows that he has to go back to the drawing board, correct some mistake and re-strategise or else he lose all he had laboured for on the alter of going national.


Politics / Re: Nairalander Attacked Fasola's Aide 'Lateef Raji' And Aregbesola's SSA [TWEET] by funshint(m): 1:12am On Jul 05
@ OP "Ayodele Ogunsola" your stupidity stinks to high heavens by publicly abusing pple online and exposing your nairaland identity. Don't you really think you pose a great security threat to yourself? I pity your parents.*even if you are supporting GEJ he will not approve of your unruly behaviour. Besides U̶̲̥̅̊ don't even know anything about the state and the next thing to do is result to abuse, U̶̲̥̅̊ are such a big FOOL!! U̶̲̥̅̊ are indeed untrained... U̶̲̥̅̊ dis douchebag!!!


Politics / Re: Tinubu Adds N250 Million CONSAT to his falling Empire by funshint(m): 12:39am On Jul 05
Firefire: What shall it profit a man, to gain the whole LAGOS and loose his soul

Vanity upon vanity...
Hw much hv U̶̲̥̅̊ even made in your life to even talk of vanity?? Hp u've eaten today sha...?

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Politics / Re: Chibok Girls Are Being Molested And Shot - Senator Zanna (Video) by funshint(m): 1:24pm On Jul 04
The question is "Where is Senator Zana getting his leads from" ghosts? If he truly went to UN to plead the course of his people, that said video would hv been a solid evidence for international communities to know the true situations of things....This guy is a liar and his culpability in this issue cannot be doubted. If the Nigerian security will do nothing, let FBI detain this man. U̶̲̥̅̊ hv a BH informant in your hands!!!


Politics / Re: Chibok Girls Are Being Molested And Shot - Senator Zanna (Video) by funshint(m): 1:12pm On Jul 04
Nosurrenda: Why can't Buhari order the release of these girls na?
Seriously can't U̶̲̥̅̊ just borrow a brain 4 a day...Eediot!

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