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Crime / Re: My Experience With Special Anti Robberry Squad Awkuzu by funshint(m): 8:09am On Aug 20
SARS! SARS!! SARS!!! Those guys are bloody killers. Its time for a judicial enquiry into their operations to be set up. So many innocent lives hv been wasted by these blood thirsty animals. Their notorious activities is thesame all over. God help us!!!

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Politics / Re: Drama As Dino Melaye Addresses Saraki As Speaker by funshint(m): 5:12pm On Aug 05
Shebi Saraki sabi call a whole V.P "mere minister"...himsef na "mere speaker". What goes around; comes around!
Phones / Re: Which Do You Prefer? Operamini Or UC Browser? by funshint(m): 8:15pm On Aug 02
Operamini best for browsing; UC-web best for downloading #Squared
Romance / Re: Gifts You Should Never Give A Woman On Her Birthday by funshint(m): 10:49pm On Jul 21
I once gave my ex a 100naira bread on her birthday,Actually I wanted to know if she truly love me or just after my money..
I actually wanted to propose to her that day so I kept the ring inside the bread hoping to make it a surprise right in-front of her friends
Guess what she did...She flinged the bread away and started calling me names......I then picked up bread and opened it right infront of eveyone she then started crying,all her friends were now begging me that she's sorry bla bla bla, I left them and since that day I've never called her even tho she sent alot of messages,called me severally which i refused to pick
Na so I eliminate that gold digger from my life o
grin grin grin grin
And dat was how U̶̲̥̅̊ ended up losing someone that truly loved U̶̲̥̅̊. *Imagine her doing dsame on your birthday. There better ways of testing love...U̶̲̥̅̊ goofed bigtime bro!
Romance / Re: Send This To Your Crush And She May Finally Say Yes by funshint(m): 10:15pm On Jul 19
@Poster expressway to #Friendzone
Education / Re: Which Switch Lights The Bulb? by funshint(m): 8:57pm On Jul 05
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Lawal Musa-Daura As SSS Director General by funshint(m): 5:56pm On Jul 02
Pmb pls am from the North oooo find me job ooooo no mind say bukola saraki na from my state ooooo
Oyindare claiming North?! *laff no go kee person. U̶̲̥̅̊'re not just 4rm d North; U̶̲̥̅̊'re "Lost" as well!

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Politics / Re: Electricity Situation In Your Area by funshint(m): 11:33am On Jun 27
To say d truth the light situation has improved tremendously even here in Ibadan. Even wen light goes nah to look wrist-watch count minutes! D only tin remaining nah to help reduce the tariff esp. dat fixed monthly charges.
Politics / Re: Gov. Ikpeazu Cuts Own Salary, Travelling Allowance By 50% by funshint(m): 6:52pm On Jun 23
Bad idea #6monthsGov...!
Forum Games / Re: Solve The Riddle If You Are Smart by funshint(m): 11:40pm On Jun 20
it'll be ambiguous for the answer to be "pains" *spain
Romance / Re: Must Read: What We Girls Love About Guys by funshint(m): 7:04pm On Jun 19
Coming from a guy? Just passing!!!
Crime / Re: Final Year UNIBEN Law Student Hangs Self by funshint(m): 10:14pm On Jun 12
Most cases of male suicide is caused by matters of the heart...just a very few is caused by other issues. The present world we live in is becoming hostile to easy going guys because they're wrongly viewed as dumb and silly. Girls of nowadays shld just take it easy with guys and guys shld be careful of the hearts they break in the name of having fun 'cos wat we are gradually breeding is a host of heartless set of girls which is coming back to hunt us. It's so crazy nowadays even at SS2 a girl would have experienced so much heartbrk to the point that she starts to take it on others in the future. What a crazy world! Everyday pple are just becoming senseless not knowing the gravity of their actions on others. The media(visual and social) tends to paint a fake template of what a guy's lifestyle shld be(money, sex, clubs and booze). A lot of girls have been brainwashed to believe that a guy must conform to a certain type of worldly lifestyle to be regarded as a man. Later most cry out of not having a man because the good ones that came their way were regarded as dumb and repulsive thus rejecting them while the "bad" ones are seen as more socially acceptable. And the vicious cycle continues...God help us. Its just so sad but no one has the right to judge others. It really takes a lot of courage to take ones life. RIP to the dead!!!


Politics / Re: Rivers State House Of Assembly Approve Loan Of N10billion To Wike by funshint(m): 10:24pm On Jun 11
In short, even b4 dem start to govern; rivers don dey get debit alert of N10bn?! Wike na confirm one chance!!!


Politics / Re: List Of Some Powerful Politicians Who "Defied" APC And Went Into Oblivion by funshint(m): 9:50pm On Jun 08
Willingness to sacrifice personal ambition by some strong individuals over common gud got APC 2 where it is 2day, #Saraki #Dogara and that lousy Senator from Kano shld thread softly.

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Politics / Re: Abacha Died 17years Ago Today...What Do You Remember Him For??? by funshint(m): 7:47am On Jun 08

I'm here boss!!!

How far?

@Topic... Love or hate him.. General Sani Abacha understood the game of Thrones and he played the game like a real master.

He commanded no love but he had the loyalty of his men. He was unpredictable and feared. And that alone kept everyone in line.

He looted the country dry.. Yes.. But the Economy under him was better than the economy under IBB's and Buhari.

The history of Nigeria will never be complete without mentioning the Kano born General
U̶̲̥̅̊ seem not to know anything about Abacha..there's a diff btw power play and outright wickedness. This guy was in the league of pple like Idi-amin and Mobutu. Their wickedness has no rivalry. Bloodthirsty vampires. And talking about the economy; it was simply in shambles despite the huge revenue being made from oil at that time. This guy looted Nigeria blind even till now the total billions of dollars syphoned by this man to other countries is yet to be ascertained. His yearly address to workers is always "We must tighten our seat belt" while the minimum wage at that time was N500. Wonder how U̶̲̥̅̊ survive with that. The economy was simply on a standstill with infrastructural decay, armed robbery was the order of the day *thank God for groups like OPC,Egbesu boys, etc. May his soul never find rest wherever he is now!!!
Politics / Re: Abacha Died 17years Ago Today...What Do You Remember Him For??? by funshint(m): 7:31am On Jun 08
This guy was not just a bad leader; his devilish bloodthirsty instinct has no equal. Chai! Naija don suffer!!!
Romance / Re: How Do The Successful Combat A Lonely Lovelife? by funshint(m): 8:34pm On Jun 07
They do say "money can't buy love" but the reality is not everybody has the charisma and playa instinct to get whatever they want. What profits a man to have all the riches in the world and yet have no one to love in his life?! That's the real definition of "Vanity". Some will really need money to get love...whether U̶̲̥̅̊ use your mouth, charisma or money to get love no wahala. Just get it if U̶̲̥̅̊ can; no feeling can be compared with knowing someone cares and loves U̶̲̥̅̊!
Romance / Re: How Do The Successful Combat A Lonely Lovelife? by funshint(m): 8:02pm On Jun 07
Mehn loneliness is as real as life itself...mehn #ShitJustGotReal
Politics / Re: 'Confusion At Aso Rock’ As Buhari Fails To Move In - TheCable by funshint(m): 10:01pm On Jun 06
None of my biz; if he likes let him govern from Obudu as long as corruption is defeated, security of lifes and properties is guaranteed, food is sufficiently provided, free and quality education is offered to our children, electricity is constant, petrol and other oil resources is constantly offered at the cheapest prices, our hospitals are well equipped and functional, impunity becomes a thing of the past, our roads are safe and smooth, infrastructures are built and well maintained, every Nigerian worker is well paid and happy....then what is my business if the president does not stay in a glorified prison called "Aso rock" where the occupants become very ignorant and far away from the realities of the Nigerian society?! For the first time we get a purposeful set of individuals in govt. who are not just there by luck but by a deep sense of duty and passion to effect positive change...May God bless and guide our President to always walk on the path of wisdom and love!


Politics / Re: Dogara Rejects Gbajabiamila’s Emergence by funshint(m): 8:13pm On Jun 06
Does he expect him and the Senate president to cum 4rm dsame region?! He shld take a one way trip to d lagoon joor...Up gbaja!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Lady Rejects Guy Cos He’s ‘poor’, But Later Discover He’s Very Rich! by funshint(m): 7:30am On Jun 05
Nonsense!!! I guess U̶̲̥̅̊'ll be all smiles if your daughter comes to U̶̲̥̅̊ and tells U̶̲̥̅̊ she's in love with a security man. Let's be frank with ourselves everybody wants some level of financial stability jare! *Besides how do U̶̲̥̅̊ offer your gf 2 'ur uncle??
Politics / Re: Buhari And Osinbajo Spotted On Their First Day In Office In Abuja(photos) by funshint(m): 6:00pm On Jun 02
Good pic. But this Osinbajo must realize he's now the vice president of Nigeria and no longer a common pastor at RCCG. He should stop this body language always giving him off worshiping Buhari, Tinubu and those power brokers. He's more qualified than Buhari to be president, so should be wielding powers of his own as opposed to looking like anybody's servant. I know he's a Tinubu stooge and wasn't planning to be here but he should realize he's now the vice president and should see himself as such.
U̶̲̥̅̊ talking nonsense; U̶̲̥̅̊ mean he shld start weilding powers more than his boss?! Do U̶̲̥̅̊ undstd what is called loyalty? Even if he's more intelligent than his boss; wisdom and common sense shld tell him that flexing it early is tantamount to destruction...go ask Atiku!
Politics / Re: Nyesom Wike's Adorable Family(pic) by funshint(m): 12:23am On May 31
#Wike #Ikpeazu...so much for these pple jare #6MonthsGovernors
Science/Technology / Re: Woman Meets The Man Wearing Her Dead Brother's Face by funshint(m): 7:10am On May 30
Science would one day destroy the world.
Whatever!! at least it has made someone happy....
Politics / Re: Exclusive: Elected Governors That May Soon Lose Their Seat by funshint(m): 12:36am On May 27
Those of you the keep hoping and dreaming to impose ur will on rivers state over the people's choice should better wake up because wike is the governor elect and will remain soon. there is No room for Backdoor or window governor in rivers state period.
Even Celestine Omehia never taught he wouldn't finish as a governor #Food4Taught

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Politics / Exclusive: Elected Governors That May Soon Lose Their Seat by funshint(m): 11:53pm On May 26
1. Rivers(Nyesom Wike)
2. Abia(Ikpeazu))
The elections in these above 2 states were unarguably the worst ever all around the federation. From voters intimidation, to massive ballot thumbprinting, ballot snatching, several cases of political assassination, voters register manipulation, tampering of result sheets, etc...The list is certainly endless. What happened in these two states is nothing short of a shame of a country and of the two individuals about to take over reigns in these two states. An uneasy ride awaits them. Infact they may be out before they even have time to settle down.
Politics / Re: 5 Reasons Why Wike Cannot Dissolve The Newly Elected LG Chairmen In Rivers State by funshint(m): 11:38pm On May 26
One thing I know and we all know but some pple #Tanoids are afraid to accept is that this is the wrongest time for Wike to hv been elected a governor. It's just a matter of months b4 he joins d league of former governors together with that one in Abia. The reign of impunity is over. Whatever was done by fraud is about to be undone by d rule of law.

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Politics / Re: Nyesom Wike Pictured With His Wife And Kids In Anglican Church by funshint(m): 4:38pm On May 25
Election rigging can make U̶̲̥̅̊ gov. it won't keep U̶̲̥̅̊ there...Wike enjoy that seat while it lasts. #RiversGov2015 worst election ever.

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Science/Technology / Re: What Reptile Is This (pic)?: Killed It In My House In Benin City. by funshint(m): 7:17am On May 21
That's a fresh monitor lizard.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got A Great Job, God Has Done It. by funshint(m): 10:55pm On May 19
congrats bro!
Politics / Re: Abacha Used Lipstick To Coat His Cracked Lips At A Summit In 1997 (photo) by funshint(m): 11:37pm On May 04


But Bros o, would you be kind enuf to mention a SINGLE corruption case directly linked to GEJ thru out his public service as a Dep Gov, Gov, Vice President and President. Just ONE case would do, Plzzz.

I hope you would not have to think too much or conduct emergency research, since GEJ is the 2nd most corrupt Nigerian leader in this nation's chequered history (according to you that is).

He has only been lucky to be in positions where he enjoyed immunity. Ever wonder why he's running up and down?? Sit down and watch d drama about to unfold in the coming months!

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