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Nairaland / General / Re: Indian Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With Two Heads & Two Necks by Kxy(m): 11:02am On Jul 07, 2012
Same thing here....

Romance / Re: A Letter To My FUTURE WIFE....... by Kxy(m): 9:55am On Jul 01, 2012
Thank me: Letter to my future husband I say may God punish ur present girlfriend....
Romance / Re: Help I Need A Girl by Kxy(m): 10:16am On Jun 30, 2012
190: if you have N500K i can arrange 5 girls for you to date cheesy
Lols....please stop making mockery of his situation.
Literature / Re: Harry Porter, The Wheel Of Time, The Lord Of The Rings. Which Is Best? by Kxy(m): 6:38pm On Jun 29, 2012
For me, the Lord of the Rings still remains the best.
Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl on Nairaland June 2012**GRAND FINALE** by Kxy(m): 6:38am On Jun 29, 2012
davidylan: This thread has solidified something for me... given a chance, most African men would always prefer the light skinned female anyday.
Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl on Nairaland June 2012**GRAND FINALE** by Kxy(m): 6:37am On Jun 29, 2012
Mayflowa: Sexkillz!!! The competition is not fair for the girls in group 2(middle group). Those girls are way finer than chillaz. The Wild chick with the smallest vote there is finer than chillaz.

I found myself voting for Chillaz in that first group because the she beats the other girls in her group not the girls in group 2 and 3. like putting Brazil, argentina, france and Italy in the same group in football world cup and now put kenyan, iran, Nigeria and Saudi arabia in another group. Its so unfair.
True true.
Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl on Nairaland June 2012**GRAND FINALE** by Kxy(m): 6:33am On Jun 29, 2012
Saifullah01: How about there be a run off between the winners of each group on a new thread - say by 9pm today. Coz there are pretty girls on other groups too
That would be a great idea.
Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl on Nairaland June 2012**GRAND FINALE** by Kxy(m): 6:23am On Jun 29, 2012
Na Chillaz ooooo....

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Culture / Re: Funny Pidgin Proverbs by Kxy(m): 6:57pm On Jun 28, 2012
Akpororo the bird talk say him no go perch for tree again since hunter talk say he go dey shoot without say he nor miss.
Romance / Re: My First Love Still Haunts Me: Could This Be Love? by Kxy(m): 3:54pm On Jun 18, 2012
Mynd_44: The guy don jazz you
Politics / Re: AKHWAT AKWOP Gives 7 Days Evacuation Notice To Fulani Herdsmen In Kaduna by Kxy(m): 10:01am On Jun 06, 2012
LocalChamp: Christian Militants In Southern Kaduna Threaten Fulani Herdsmen, Give Seven Days Evacuation Notice
Posted: June 5, 2012 - 03:28
Posted by siteadmin
By Saharareporters, New York
A militant Christian sect that first emerged last year in Christian-dominated Southern Kaduna again, today threatened to chase out Fulani herdsmen if they do not leave the area in the next seven days.

The group, known as AKHWAT AKWOP, said in an email to SaharaReporters through their spokesman, Bukarma Leguma, that it has “watched with disgust the unrelenting murders and killing of peaceful, innocent, and hardworking people by wandering bands of Fulani terrorist gunmen operating in southern Kaduna,” and urged the herdsmen to leave the area.

“AKHWAT AKWOP is also aware that the ultimate aim of the Fulani terrorist is to create a situation of insecurity in southern Kaduna whereby our people will not be able to utilize this farming season thereby leading to hunger, deprivation and famine in the land,” the statement said.
It warned that after the seven days of grace, which expires on June 10, AKHWAT AKWOP will declare “open season” on any Fulani found within their lands.

[Full text of the statement]:
Below is the full statement:

Greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

AKHWAT AKWOP has watched with disgust the unrelenting murders and killing of our peaceful, innocent, and hardworking people by wandering bands of Fulani terrorist gunmen operating in southern Kaduna.

Between January and June 2012, the Fulani terrorist have murdered over 100 innocent southern Kaduna people, the recent one at zonkwa claimed a father and son leaving others injured .

AKHWAT AKWOP is also aware that the ultimate aim of the Fulani terrorist is to create a situation of insecurity in southern Kaduna whereby our people will not be able to utilize this farming season thereby leading to hunger, deprivation and famine in the land

Rising from our national executive committee and field commander’s emergency meeting AKHWAT AKWOP resolves as follows

1. For so long we have restrained ourselves from reprisal attacks against these Fulani dogs from hell. We can and will no longer do so

2. Today 3/6/12 AKHWAT AKWOP gives all Fulani within southern Kaduna 7 days to leave. After these 7 days of grace which expires on 10/6/12 AKHWAT AKWOP declares open season on any Fulani found within our lands.

3. AKHWAT AKWOP assures all our peace loving and hardworking people of their safety in their homes, villages, highways and on their farms.

4. AKHWAT AKWOP reminds all that eternal vigilance in Christ Jesus is the price we pay for our freedom.




seriously, is this a joke? christian militants? Their's nothing that will not emerge from the north o.
Religion / New Group Emerges, Vows To Avenge Killing Of Muslims by Kxy(m): 7:44am On Jun 03, 2012
Another Islamic sect named Jama’atu
Ansarul Musilimina fi Biladi Sudan has
emerged, The new sect headed by a
man that goes by the pseudonym Abu
Usamatul Ansar has pledged to defend
the interest of Islam and Muslims in Africa. The new sect, in a video it posted, said
that it did not believe in killing
innocent non-muslims except “in self-
defence or if they attack Muslims like
the cases we have in Jos.” The Ansar group said it doesn’t
believe in killing innocent security
operatives except if they are attacked
by them or in self-defence. The name Jamaatul Ansarul Muslimina
fi Biladin Sudan means, “the group
that dedicates itself to helping Muslims
in Africa”. In the exclusive video which was
made in Arabic and translated in
Hausa and English, Usamatul Ansar’s
speech clearly indicated that their
understanding of Jihad in Islam is
different from any other group that claims to be engaged in Jiliad for the
sake of Allah. He said the Jamaatu Ansarul Muslimina
fi Biladi Sudan considers anybody that
accepted the khalimatush shahada
(believing in one God and Prophet
Muhammad PBUH as the messenger of
Allah) as a Muslim who must not be killed except he/she has committed an
act that is punishable by death as
stated in the holy Qur’ran. “Islam
forbids killing of innocent people
including non-Muslims. This is our
belief and we stand for it,” Ansar said. Ansar said they will not target or kill
any security personnel in the name of
Jihad but that they will protect the
interest of Muslims and Islam
anywhere in Africa and that they
expect the government to allow them to freely practice their religion and to
always do justice to the people. He said recent attacks on Muslims in
Jos and Kaduna during the Eld-el fitr
prayer and in the aftermath of the
presidential election violence was
unacceptable to them. He emphasised
that the holy Prophet Muhammad had lived with non-Muslims and even Jews
but on the condition that they would
not do anything to harm them directly
or indirectly. But Ansar said they will attack any
group or religion that attacks Islam
and Muslims. He said the rampant
massacre of Muslims in Nigeria will no
longer be tolerated and that they will
never attack any religion or government institution that didn’t
attack them and their religion.
Family / Digital Afterlife: What Happens To Your Online Accounts When You Die? by Kxy(m): 5:09pm On Jun 01, 2012
When Helen and Jay Stassen’s 21-
year-old son, Benjamin, committed
suicide 19 months ago, he did not
leave a note. If it had been 20 years ago, the
Stassens might have looked through
diaries, letters or other personal items
in an attempt to find clues as to why
he decided to end his life. These days,
however, young people tend not to keep things on paper; instead, their
most intimate thoughts are likely to be
online – in emails, social media posts
and personal blogs.
So that’s where the Stassens went
searching. They found themselves
engaged in a conflict with Facebook
and Google as they hunted for
answers about their son’s death and
the companies sought to honor their contracts with their users. “We are reeling with the reality of
being parents who not only have our
son who has died, but a very difficult
death on top of it which is not
anything we ever saw coming, which
has added to our desire to really want to know why,” said Helen Stassen
from her home in Prescott, Wis. The Stassens say that Benjamin, a
college student, had hoped to be an
entrepreneur one day and was a
health food enthusiast who loved to
play the drums and practice yoga. To
keep his memory alive, they built a free library at a park near their home
and their extended family helped get a
bench named for him near the
Mississippi River. “Those have been experiences that
have helped and have healed in tiny
ways that are a contrast to the fight
that we’ve been in,” Helen Stassen
said. The Stassen family is one of a
growing number of families
battling online companies to gain
access to a deceased loved one’s
digital assets. Digital assets include email, social
media accounts, digital photos
and online banking accounts and
records. The Stassens think
Benjamin’s online life might
provide a clue into their son’s last days and as the heirs of his estate,
they feel they have a right to get
access to his accounts. “Social media is a major way 21-year-
olds interact these days,” Jay Stassen
said. “We thought maybe this could
bring us some understanding, maybe
some peace. We didn’t know, but we
felt it was important to try to understand.” A local judge recently granted the
family a court order directing
Facebook to give the Stassen family
access to their son’s account. The
court order says that the Stassens are
the heirs to their son’s estate and are entitled to any of his assets,
possessions or records, including the
contents of his Facebook account. Emails provided by the family show
that Facebook has received the court
order and it’s currently in their legal
department. Legally, Facebook can
appeal the court order or comply with
it. When asked about the Stassen family’s court order, a Facebook
spokesperson said that the company
does not comment on specific cases. Legal experts said that court orders
can trump user agreements. Online
companies’ user agreements are
contracts with the user that usually
guarantee privacy and prohibit or limit
account access to others beside the user. “If Facebook is doing business in a
jurisdiction and the court orders them
to do something, they pretty much
have to do it or face the penalty. If
they don’t follow a court order, they
can be held in contempt of court,” said Peter Swire, a law professor at Ohio
State University. Swire, who served as Chief Counselor
for Privacy in President Bill Clinton’s
administration and as an adviser to
President Barack Obama on privacy
issues, said that online companies face
a “patchwork of state laws” and are usually cautious when it comes to
granting access to a deceased user’s
account. What happens to your Facebook account when you die? “What happens if a 21-year-old had a
safe deposit box at the bank, the
answer is the safe deposit box
belongs to his estate and whoever
controls the estate gets to open the
box,” Swire said. “In the physical world, it’s easy to tell if it’s someone’s
parents or child who has the safe
deposit key, it’s trickier for Facebook
and Google. Some evil prankster
might pretend that a person is dead
and try to take control of the account, so the online companies are
understandably careful before they
turn over the account to someone
who says they run the estate.” Online companies such as Facebook
say they are concerned with honoring
their contracts with users which
require them to protect their users’
privacy. It is possible that a deceased
user may not have intended for his online accounts to be accessed by his
loved ones after he died. “I think it’s a good idea for sites not to
have a blanket policy to hand this stuff
over to survivors. This information is
private and you assume that it’s
private, you assume that your
Facebook account is private, you assume that your email account is
private,” said Rebecca Jeschke of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital
civil liberties group. Jeschke said that the problem is that
people often don’t know what their
deceased loved one’s wanted to
happen to their online accounts. “What's really important is that your
survivors know what it is that you
want, to say to your spouse and
parents, ‘No, you can't read my email
after I die or yes, I want you to.’ I don't
think I'm the only person that would be uncomfortable with the idea of
someone reading my email after I
pass,” Jeschke said. Naomi Cahn,a law professor at George
Washington University, said that there
is “almost no binding legal precedent
out there” when it comes to digital
assets. “It’s a concern of internet service
providers being caught between
privacy and the meaning of their
contracts and being faced with a court
order to which there could be quite
severe penalties if they don’t comply with it. It’s something that lawyers,
state legislatures, hopefully the federal
government, hopefully the internet
service providers are all starting to
think more about as these issues
become common,” Cahn said. Are digital assets part of your estate? Cahn said that current laws have yet to
catch up with the digital age, leaving
families like the Stassens in a
frustrating limbo. “When somebody dies, the person
who is responsible for taking care of
the individual’s asset is supposed to
be complying with what the individual
wanted and protecting the individual,”
Cahn said. “Because so many people have not thought about this, we don’t
know what the person actually
wanted...we can all imagine what’s in
internet accounts. There may certainly
be cases where the person who died
would not have wanted anyone to get anywhere near the person’s account.” Only five states currently have estate
laws that include digital assets --
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oklahoma,
Indiana and Idaho – and the laws vary
among them. Some states’ statutes, for
instance, just relate to email, with only Oklahoma and Idaho clearly including
social networking and blogging as
part of an estate. “Legally it is unclear exactly what you
can do in the 45 states -- and
Washington, D.C. -- that do not have
these laws that address this situation,”
Cahn said. “Even in those states where
there are laws, we’re still in the process of testing how those laws
operate. They don’t cover all Internet
accounts and the laws are new
enough that they’re just in the process
of being worked out.” Cahn said that most people don’t think
about what will happen to their online
accounts when they die, but if they
did, they would likely feel differently
about different sorts of online
accounts. “Some of the ones that we expect to
be passed on, like getting access to
online bank account statements,
doing online bill paying, those
probably we would expect others to
be able to take control over. Many of us probably think that once we die,
our Facebook accounts should either
be memorialized [left up for only
friends to see] or deleted entirely,”
Cahn said. Internet companies such as Google,
Yahoo and Facebook have taken the
position that the user probably
intended for the contents of his or her
account to remain private and crafted
user agreements to reflect this, Cahn said. “They do assume that the user wants
privacy, there’s all kinds of advice on
passwords and password strength to
make sure that there’ s no
unauthorized use,” Cahn said. “One of
the reasons we have passwords on our accounts, one of the reasons we
get so outraged when there’s a
hacking is we have certain
expectations of privacy when we
open accounts.” There also are liability issues. Some
states prohibit internet companies
from disclosing information without
the permission of the customer. With
no clear definition of digital assets in
most states, the companies then look to their user agreements and the laws
of individual states when a user dies. “Right now it’s kind of the Wild West in
most states. The statutes don’t refer to
any kind of digital asset or account,”
said attorney Suzanne Walsh, who
specializes in wills and estates. Walsh is a commissioner to the
Uniform Law Commission and chairs a
committee that’s been formed to
consider drafting a uniform law on
digital assets that states could adopt. Gene Hennig, one of Minnesota’s
commissioners to the Uniform Law
Commission, said that a court order is
one of the few options families have in
obtaining access to a loved one’s
online account. “You’ve got to hire lawyers. It’s time-
consuming. Some people may go to
all that trouble and it took forever to
get the order and by the time they got
it, the stuff had been destroyed. It’s
just an unworkable and very inefficient way of doing things,”
Hennig said. Family fighting Facebook: ‘We’ll be patient, but persistent’ The Stassens, an attorney and
librarian, are fortunate in that their
professional skills are there to help
them navigate the terrain of digital
assets. In addition, they’ve connected
with other families engaged in similar battles and lobbied their congressman
for help. In the process, they’ve also
obtained two court orders: one
directed at Google and another at
Facebook. “Many people don’t have that
knowledge, don’t have that
experience and unless they have the
financial means to hire an attorney to
do this for them, they are very likely to
feel stuck and not know what to do,” Jay Stassen said. After submitting a court order to
Google in September of last year, they
received the contents of Benjamin’s
Gmail account, but they are still
working to recover access to
Benjamin’s Facebook account. In April, they obtained a court order directing
Facebook to give them access to
Benjamin’s account. “We’ll be patient, but persistent,” Helen
Stassen said. The Stassen family said that they plan
to keep private any information they
find from their son’s online accounts. A spokesperson for Facebook said
that their policies do not allow access
to a dead user’s account. “For privacy reasons, we do not allow
others to access a deceased user’s
account,” a Facebook spokesperson
told NBC News. In addition, the
spokesperson said, the company's
policy prohibits them from commenting on the Stassen family's
case or any other specific cases. Facebook has two options for a dead
user’s account, the spokesperson said.
The first allows an account to be
memorialized, which leaves the profile
up so that friends and family can leave
posts in remembrance, but restricts the profile and associated content to the
Facebook "friends" that the deceased
had while alive, the spokesperson
said. A proof of death must be
provided for an account to be
memorialized. In some instances, Facebook allows family members to
have an account deactivated. Other companies have different
policies regarding a deceased
person’s online account. According to
Google’s web site, in rare cases, they
may provide the content of a deceased
person’s account to an authorized representative of the person.
Meanwhile, Yahoo says on its site that
all accounts are non-transferable and
it will delete an account when they
receive a death certificate. The Stassen family, though, say they
don't want to memorialize or
deactivate their son’s Facebook
account until they have seen the full
contents. The only way they’ve been
able to see the public part of their son’s page is because he and his
brother, Peter, were friends on
Facebook. Benjamin’s Facebook profile shows a
smiling young man with photos
showing him skiing with his family
and enjoying a beer with his brother,
Peter. Peter Stassen said that it’s been a
struggle to watch his parents try to
obtain access to Benjamin’s account. “It’s hard to fully reconcile how I feel
about Facebook now,” said Peter
Stassen, Benjamin’s brother. “None of
the people on the Facebook side seem
to have any realization that my parents
are people, that they’re dealing with emotions and that they’re not just an
account.” Facebook’s policy prohibits them from
commenting on the Stassen family’s
case or any other specific cases, the
spokesperson said. “I think Facebook has to understand
that when they push sharing of data,
open sharing of data, they also have
an obligation not only to be fair with
the account owner during their
lifetime, they have an obligation to be fair with the account owner after
they’ve died,” Jay Stassen said. How you can protect your digital assets The growing murkiness over digital
assets recently prompted the federal
government to post a blog encouraging people to create social
media wills. And Professor Cahn said that people
should discuss their online accounts
with their loved ones and have a frank
conversation about what they want to
remain online, what they want to be
deleted and what they want their loved ones to have access to. “We’re in an era of uncertainty,” Cahn
said. “You can certainly tell your loved
ones what you want to have happen.
What you have online that’s not
private, you can set up a joint
account.” Cahn said couples should consider
joint online bank accounts, for
example. In addition, she said, people
can include digital assets in their wills,
but warns that wills eventually
become public documents and that if you list passwords on the will, those
will become accessible to the public. A series of companies have also
sprouted up, such as Entrustet and
Legacy Locker, that allow you to come
up with a plan for the life of your
online accounts after you’re gone,
Cahn said. “As a society, we value the privacy of
our online account and we want
internet service providers to protect
our privacy and that means not giving
others access. If we thought about it,
we might think differently after we die,” Cahn said.
Health / Lagos Suspends Sack Of 788 Doctors by Kxy(m): 5:27pm On May 31, 2012
The Lagos State Government has
suspended the sack of the 788
doctors recently relieved of their
duties from the government
employment. The suspension followed the intervention of the leadership of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and others led by the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Tinubu who addressed reporters on
Thursday alongside State Governor,
Mr. Babatunde Fashola and
Commissioner for Environment, Mr.
Tunji Bello shortly after discussion
with the government, urged the doctors to return to work.
Religion / Pastor Sign Fireman Is A Fraud - Enebeli Elebuwa by Kxy(m): 2:23pm On May 31, 2012
Some days ago, controversial man of
God, Apostle Sign Fireman posted a
video on video sharing site, YouTube
claiming to have healed veteran actor,
Enebeli Elebuwa of his partial stroke
ailment he has been battling with for some months now. The video showed Enebeli struggling
to walk during the healing service
done for him. The pastor thereafter
claimed that in a matter of days,
Enebeli would be able to walk well. In a political programme, Focus
Nigeria aired live on African
Independent Television (AIT) this
morning, the show's presenter,
Gbenga Aruleba reported that
investigation carried out reveals otherwise. According to the report, Pa Elebuwa
was interviewed and he claimed that
his condition has not improved after
his visit to Fireman's church some days
ago. The report further disclosed that the
actor is presently lying critically ill at an
Abuja hospital, where he is currently
being taken care of by Nollywood
actress, Stella Damasus, who is paying
the bills. We called a representative of Pa
Enebeli, who exclusively told us that
the claim by Apostle Fireman of
healing Enebeli is not true. The
representative told us that the video
posted online should not be believed in anyway. We also put a call through to Stella
Damasus on the story but our phone
calls were not picked as at the time of
publishing this story.
Business / Court Condemns 3 To Death For Stealing by Kxy(m): 12:01pm On May 31, 2012
If you ask for my opinion, I'd say this is senseless and an unjust verdict....politicians get sent to a few months/years in jail for stealing millions and now some poor folks get the death sentence for commiting a petty crime.
Abakaliki -A High Court in
Abakaliki on Wednesday
sentenced three men to death by
hanging for stealing. The condemned men Chukwuma
Idenyi, Nwobodo Omebe and
Monday Ekwe of Izzi and
Abakaliki Local Government
Areas dispossessed their victims
the sum of N180, 925. Delivering the judgment, the
Judge, Justice Paul Elechi, held
that the prosecutor proved his
case beyond reasonable doubt. Elechi, therefore, sentenced the
accused persons to death by
hanging. NAN reports that the judgment
was given after the parties
adopted their written addresses. In his argument before the
judgment was given, the counsel
to the defendants, Mr Vin Njoku,
prayed the court to dismiss the
matter. Njoku argued that the
prosecuting counsel and the
complainant failed to prove their
case beyond reasonable doubt. “There were contradictions of the
amount by the complainant and
the prosecutor when the matter
was first reported to the police
and thereafter taken to court,” he
said. Prosecuting counsel, Mr. Roy Ude
argued that his client was robbed
and disposed of the said amount
contributed by his community for
school projects. “If the accused persons were not
properly punished the trend
would continue in the community
and constitute threat to the peace
and security of the people. (NAN)
what do u guys think?
Family / Son Drags 96 Year Old Father To Court For Taking Second Wife by Kxy(m): 11:45am On May 31, 2012
Father says he is re-marrying to get somebody to cook and assist him in keeping the compound clean while Son says Dad should have discussed it with him before taking the wife!!! A United States-based Nigerian, Emeka Mazie,
on Wednesday dragged his 96-year-old father
to court for insisting to re-marry after the
demise of his wife eight years ago. The suit with number HU/54/2012 filed before
the Umuahia High Court 4, is presided over by
Justice Agwu Kalu. Counsel to the defendant, Ebere Orji, told the
court that her client, Israel Mazie, (father of
Emeka), had contracted a marriage with Ebere
Ndubuka under the Marriage Act, maintaining
that the plaintiff (only son of Israel) with his
sisters was duly informed before the marriage was contracted. On the other hand, the Counsel to the Plaintiff,
Ann Uchendu, told the court that Israel and
Ndubuka had yet to consummate their
marriage traditionally, noting the defendants
secretly obtained a marriage certificate from
Bende Local Government Area of Abia State. Israel told the court that his decision to re-
marry was to get somebody to cook and assist
him in keeping the compound clean. “Since my wife died eight years ago, nobody
cooks or assists in cleaning the compound for
me. All my children live in America,” he claimed. The plaintiff told the court that he received with
shock the plans of his father to re-marry at his
age. He said: “if my father must get another
wife, he ought to discuss it with me.” The Judge on listening to both counsel urged
the parties to respect the views of each other,
noting that at the plaintiff’s age he would never
wish away his first son or the son abandon the
father. Kalu added that resorting to alternative dispute
resolution became imperative as there was no
serious dispute to judge on the case. He
adjourned the matter to October 24 for report
on settlement.
Religion / The Cornerstone (JESUS) by Kxy(m): 6:01pm On May 30, 2012
Jesus cares about you. Jesus do love you. Jesus has not forgotten you. Jesus still has you in mind. Dear Christians, Jesus is very much alive.....
Like this page if u do care for Jesus as he cares for you. Follow the link and like the page to fellowship with other Christians.
Nairaland / General / Man Throws Intestines At Officers After Stabbing Himself, Police Say by Kxy(m): 9:51am On May 30, 2012
cut out
front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them. The gruesome scene played out at a home in Hackensack, N.J., where 43- year-old Wayne Carter allegedly barricaded himself in on Sunday, NBC New York reported. Officers got a call that morning when a witness said Carter was threatening to harm himself with a knife. Two cops responded, kicked in the door and found Carter in the corner, the station reported. Carter allegedly ignored officers' orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs. An attempt to pepper spray the bleeding man had no effect, the Associated Press reported. That's when Carter -- disemboweled but responsive -- reportedly threw bits
of his skin and intestines at the officers. They decided to retreat and call in the Bergen County SWAT team, Hackensack police Lt. John Heinemann told reporters. The team was able to subdue Carter and get him to a hospital, where he remained in critical condition on Monday. Heinemann said he believes that drugs or mental illness may have led to the horrific incident, but those details haven't been confirmed. No charges have yet been filed due to the unusual nature of the incident

Romance / Re: 1 Of My Best Friend's Constant Veneration On My Mom :( by Kxy(m): 6:39am On May 29, 2012
corkpikin: OP Post your mum pics here first before i pronounce my Judgement on your Arab friend....... angry
Literature / Re: Young Authors of Nigeria (YAN) -Join Now! by Kxy(m): 9:35am On May 27, 2012
Education / Re: How Many Banks Do You Have In Ur School? by Kxy(m): 5:34pm On May 24, 2012
sanchez4eva: Uniben Tins...we hav first bank,access,int cnt(nw access),fidelity,zenith,unity,wema,bank phb(keystone) and a gtb is unda construction...did I mention d uba
uniben hve got quite a number of banks in my count, I'd say abt 9 or so. Great Uniben!!
Education / Re: Madonna University Bans Camera Phones by Kxy(m): 7:23pm On May 22, 2012
Well, na only private versities dey do these kind stuff...GREAT UNIBEN.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: October Birthmate Needed by Kxy(m): 8:59am On May 20, 2012
Oct. 17
Politics / Re: Oshiomole Advises GEJ To Stay Clear Of Edo Gubernatorial Election by Kxy(m): 4:28pm On May 17, 2012
Kudos to our Gov. Oshio Baba.
Literature / Re: Books That Will Never Exist by Kxy(m): 7:50pm On May 04, 2012
1. How to make heaven by Lucifer( the Devil).
Literature / Re: Books That Will Never Exist by Kxy(m): 7:50pm On May 04, 2012
1. How to make heaven by Lucifer.
Phones / Help With My Sharp Sidekick LX by Kxy(m): 10:42pm On Mar 27, 2012
I just received a Mobilicity Sharp Sidekick LX as a gift, but I need to unlock it with a 3 digit code so it can accept simcards...I need help on how to go about it.
Food / Re: Please Help Me, I Can't Eat Meat Anymore. by Kxy(m): 5:14pm On Dec 26, 2011
It is quite possible that u are a vegetarian.
Religion / Re: Latest Important Prophecy By Prophet TB Joshua- Part I by Kxy(m): 6:33pm On Dec 12, 2011
With what's happening today, I won't be surprised if a third WW was to happen in no distant time, the League of Nations could not prevent a second WW, how can the UN which replaced it be able to prevent a third WW, the UN might be able to keep the world at peace, but it's hold would not last, let's face reality, this earth has turned into a mini war zone, the reality of a third WW actually brings fear in the heart of man, but that does not mean we can actually prevent it by lying to ourselves, with the current situation, I don't think the UN would succeed in preventing a third WW for a long time, no matter how long a dam prevents a river from flowing, it must surely give way for the river one day.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't God Ever Answer Prayers? by Kxy(m): 12:07am On Nov 12, 2011
Your faith determines God's response.

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