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Education / Re: Resumption Dates For ASUU Strike Universities by mercenaryx(m): 8:12pm On Dec 25, 2013
DELSU-----6th of January 2014.

Politics / Re: President Jonathan's Christmas Message To The Nation. by mercenaryx(m): 10:58am On Dec 25, 2013
Appreciated. I wish Mr. President the same. God bless Nigeria.


Religion / Re: Why I Don't Believe In Heaven And Hell... by mercenaryx(m): 11:10am On Sep 01, 2013


Don't blame him or her sir..... Blame ignorance and monism.
Religion / Re: Why I Don't Believe In Heaven And Hell... by mercenaryx(m): 11:09am On Sep 01, 2013
Baybe: Just obey God's commandments and stop thinking about heaven and hell

Celebrities / Re: Waconzy Feeds Less-Privileged On His Birthday by mercenaryx(m): 6:40pm On Aug 14, 2013
So,this is the definition of wacomzy? Chai nairalanders!

He skipped English language in his SSCE..... Be gentle on him sir.
Car Talk / Re: 5 Kinds Of Nigerian Drivers To Keep-0ff! by mercenaryx(m): 6:26pm On Aug 14, 2013
vivacious vivi: You forgot to mention the Keke Napep dudes!
I dislike them with a passion. They squeeze anywhere and everywhere.
Your side mirrors are not safe the moment you see one buzzing around your car.
And when they decide to make a quick U-turn, mehn...my heart skips! I feel the poor (vehicle, bike ) will fall over!!!

Do you own a car?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fan Jailed For Hugging Cristiano Ronaldo by mercenaryx(m): 6:19pm On Aug 14, 2013
Yungwizzzy: but I had dinner with him that same day. and am a free man??

Politics / Delta Forces United by mercenaryx(m): 11:04am On Jul 15, 2013
[color=#990000][/color]Most of us must have heard of the 'legal bull-dog' who hails from our very Delta state, Uvwie LGA to be precise. Am talking about Festus Kenyamo, who have continue to execute the very duty bestowed on him by the gods of Laws. He is a true Nigerian and a proud Deltan. He has come to the rescue of Deltans, he is the messiah we all have been crying for, he is a good leader. He wants to lead the Delta state ship to a nea level in the developmental sea. I am opting for Festus Keyamo come 2015 gubernatorial race in Delta state. I will encourage you all to join the Delta forces united, an avenue created by Festus Keyamo to bring politics and enlightenment into our hands, to drive out god-fatherism from our state. Visit deltaforcesunited.wordpress.com! I am Freeman David and I am an apostle of change, join the #DFU squad and let's be the change we want. "Na our hand e dey O".
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 7:32am On Apr 29, 2013
naptu2: Now my observations. This thread demontsrates the causes of some of the problems we have in Nigeria and why these problems persist.

1) Not my state/ethnic group/political party: Some Nigerians will complain ceaselessly about corruption. You'll hear them rant everyday. However, the story will change if a politician from their state/ethnic group/political party is caught red handed and arrested for corruption. "Why don't they arrest people from other tribes/parties?" "This is selective/tribalism!". Yet they want corruption to magically disappear. This explains why criminals like Bode George and Diepriye Alamiyeseigha were given lavish receptions when they left prison and why criminals like James Ibori and Uba are celebrated and protected.

2) Don't even try/why bother? This group of people have become so used to corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, filth, etc that they don't believe you should even try to stamp them out. They have a defeatist attitude. They don't believe that it's worth it to try and save that child from diseases caused by filth, from poor healthcare caused by corruption, etc. They have a "do nothing" attitude. Corrupt politicians love these kinds of people and Fela sang about them in "Shuffering and Shmiling" and "Sorrow, Tears and Blood".

3) It happens in other countries, so it doesn't matter: "There are filthy places in other countries". "There are corrupt politicians in other countries". "There are bomb blasts in other countries", "therefore it doesn't matter if they happen in Nigeria. Just learn to live with it". I really don't care if these things happen in other countries. Those countries are not my countries. I don't live there. I live in Nigeria! These things, filth, corruption and bomb blasts are unacceptable and a danger to citizens, therefore we must do everything we can to eradicate them, regardless of whether they happen in some other country or not.
Well said! But how does it affect the topic sir?
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 7:30am On Apr 29, 2013

Wow! Hold it right there, missy! A thatched/mud house in Enugu? Now that's a lie.
Hell is her home sir. Liar! Quick-wins.
Business / Re: Forex Trading - Season 13 by mercenaryx(m): 7:26am On Apr 29, 2013
Virgin Finder:

You dropped out of school because of forex?!
O ma se o!!
Shut up sir.
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 7:21am On Apr 29, 2013
Biafra diplomat: I will certainly post the same roads she posted above, every one knows that motorcycles have been banned in Aba for many years, yet she is showing commercial bikes in her pictures, what does that tell you?


Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 7:15am On Apr 29, 2013

Are you telling me that Nigerians have become desensitized to these conditions?
No. I am telling you that Nigerians face reality, we are dirty-GBAM and we want to be better (which we are doing) but flaunting our dirtiness is not part of being better. It is mockery and wanting to be noticed. And please the fact that we are the giant of Africa does not have any connection with our dirtiness. For Jah sake America is the most powerful country but France is by far more tidy than America- so that issue of giant or not is an agumentum ad hominem


Business / Re: Forex Trading - Season 13 by mercenaryx(m): 7:05am On Apr 29, 2013
joseph1013: Hello Poster (that brought all of us here to see technical jargons we cannot even decipher),

See ehn, when it has to do with this FOREX thing ehn, giving up is GOOD oh. You lose all your money on betting and you still want to continue? Please where are you getting the money to gamble, sorry trade? Use that money to stay a viable business or better yet photocopying your CV to distribute all over Lagos. The probability of being called for interview and hired is more than that of winning in FOREX oh.

The thing about this FOREX sef be say, na your people wey sabi pass you (managers) dey bet against you. Can you imagine your professor going for the same job interview as you? How you wan pass am?

I no say some people dey make money, but the percentage that make the money 90% of the time and lose all the money the rest 10% is so fvucking high.

Anyway, I'm not the one giving you the money to bet or gamble or trade, whatever, so you're under no obligation to listen to me. But you be my brother as per OMO NAIJA. So listen to my advice and start photocoping CVs sharperly sharperly. Buzz me I might be able to help with a job (no guarantee oh)if you qualify sha.

I like buy you beer! What's your brand?
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 6:57am On Apr 29, 2013

What do you think the aim SHOULD be?

Realistically speaking.
Nothingness of course! If I see or can think of any I won't be asking you what is your aim. If you think the pictures will gather more sympathy and hates from the readers hence trigger them to act, trust me it won't! We have seen worse! So my dear, this enterprise of yours will only end up here and remains a dirt itself
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by mercenaryx(m): 6:47am On Apr 29, 2013
I have one question for Whoever is posting these pictures! What is the aim? Do you want us to start weeping for what we already know and see everyday? Or do you want us to pick up arms and fight the government for not cleaning up the streets? Or maybe you want us to do it ourselves. Whatever your aim is I am sure it is unobtainable so why not just spare us the visual disturbance and talk of something that will boost our intellect or our pockets? IamAnigerian.. #FrEemanDavid

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Religion / Re: Why Has Preaching About Hell Reduced In Churches? by mercenaryx(m): 2:11pm On Apr 28, 2013
Omo_Tier1: Jesus never sent you to preach about Hell! When He was about leaving to meet our God, He said..."Go yea into all nations and preach THE GOSPEL..." Gospel means the good news of the salvation which God has brought to humanity without prejudice.

No man will ever get saved by the threat of a message of Hell fire, rather, Gods redeeming works and His power to save is in the message of repentance unto righteous by accepting the ULTIMATE sacrifice of Jesus, wherein His blood was shed on the cross and His body broken that ALL man may no longer live under the bondage of sin, death and grave.

I repeat, the message of Hell fire will never set any man free from the bondage of sin and death so why not preach JESUS and let the HOLY SPIRIT convict that soul and set them free for eternity in Christ?

Ignoratio Elenchi
Religion / Re: Why Has Preaching About Hell Reduced In Churches? by mercenaryx(m): 1:51pm On Apr 28, 2013
To say 'Atheist are fools' is enough to conclude the insanity of some of us here! For the fact that you believe that there is a God that controls and determines man's existence doesn't make you sane or a better being and it doesn't make those who differ from your beliefs any less a being than you. I am a relativist and a Pantheist but that doesn't guarantee me labeling those who don't patronize my beliefs as fools- it is sheer mediocrity and absolutism of the highest level. As for the topic at hand, Hell fire gospel no longer win bread for the rabbi'...... #FreemanDavid

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Education / DELSU Assistant Portal by mercenaryx(m): 4:18pm On Nov 26, 2012
Are u a new intake into DELSU abrake? Do u reside far away 4rm sch? If u want to avoid d marathon queue,scorchin sun or endless waitin during ur payment,purchase or screenin come nxt yr,it is nw easy to get a good riddance later. Jt contact me via these numbers 08059027144 or 08067468208 to help make d work less 4 u wen u resume nxt yr.
1. Acceptance fee=11000 plus a bank charge of 1000.
2. Generation of virtual pin 4 payment is 1000.
3. Medicals.=3000

Note: i can also help u collect ur screenin form frm ur faculty and prepare ur file 4 u bt dat attracts an additional charge. So dat immediately u resume u jt go 4 ur screenin and resume lectures a.s.a.p. Dnt 4get a stitch in time saves nine. Congrats to all
Politics / Re: Amaechi Bought The $45m Private-Jet For Safety by mercenaryx(m): 10:04am On Oct 30, 2012


For someone to say that For a governor to buy a jet of his own while in office and his people suffer is an hocus pocus. More tears!

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Politics / Re: Amaechi Bought The $45m Private-Jet For Safety by mercenaryx(m): 9:55am On Oct 30, 2012

I beg to disagree...

Amaechi dey try.. He sold two jets bought by Odili to get the new bombadier 5000 Global..

The jet belongs to the state, not Amaechi..

And its not like he isnt working in the state..

I see no big deal in this news jor..

Tell me say you sef no wan fly inside this kind plane..
I am aghast and ashame! Tears!


Politics / Re: Amaechi Bought The $45m Private-Jet For Safety by mercenaryx(m): 9:53am On Oct 30, 2012
Tears! Tears! What a shame! What a blow to sanity! Amaechi! Woe awaits us if we keep on allowing such bunkums. Flood here, terrorism there, and jet here! More tears!
Nairaland / General / Cyberfraud And Nigeria Foreign Policy/ Image by mercenaryx(m): 4:00pm On Sep 02, 2012
Cyber crime is one of the crimes regularly committed in Nigeria and this has made the federal government to ensure in every capacity that this virus is being taken adequate care of by introducing the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and other law enforcement agencies to help curtail this 'virus'. However, despite the efforts made by government to curb the problem, it has yielded little results and the situation is deteriorating. This is because the issue of cyber fraud have taken different dimensions, using various communication gadgets as the world gradually move into a "jet age". It becomes pertinent to observe therefore that numerous crimes are committed daily on the internet with Nigerians at the forefront of sending fraudulent and bogus financial proposals all over the world. According to Ultrascan Research Institute, about 95% internet fraudsters are Nigerians, the evolution of fixed wireless facility in Nigeria for instance added another dimension to the cyber crime problem.
Cyber crime brings down a nation and no doubt Nigeria has had its fair share. Economic activities have been crawling as foreign investors are not ready to come to Nigeria because of high number of cyber fraud. The aim of this article is to bring to our(Nigerians) consciences that this cyber fraud is a killer of our reputation both home and abroad. Nigeria is seeking a place in the UN Security Council and this have been supported by some nations while some nations also opposes it, with such scenario at hand then Nigeria is vulnerable to the danger of being deprived of the opportunity to be among the countries that make certain "world decision"; we tend to lose global trust and integrity. It is pertinent to note that globalisation have contributed negatively to cyber crime in Nigeria even to the extent that many analyst now wonder if globalisation is a blessing or curse! Whatever the case may be, with the introduction of mobile phones, e-banking, social networks like Facebook, twitter,BBM, yahoo, etc. Which are used by cyber fraudster should be strictly monitored.
Parental guidance should also be a means of combating this virus, I.e parents should ensure that the gadget used by their children must be used for the purpose of which it was bought, parents should ensure that they give their kids strict rules before handing over any of the aforementioned gadgets to them.
Also, cafe owners have been a means by which this virus has been spreading; most cafe owners collect bribes from cyber fraudsters and allow them access to their equipment which has been zapping to the situation.
No thanks to social impetus like Olu Maintain's "Yahooze" and D'banj "Mobolowon" which have been a drive and footsteep for the contemporaries signifying their style and taste!
All hope are not lost as the EFCC. Have taken a bold step in ensuring that cyber criminals are seriously dealth with. Available records shows that from 2003-2007, about £1b illegal transaction was blocked and in addition, about 97 cyber crimes offences were being handled within the same period. Also, 70 websites that provide cloned services for criminality with the assistance of the IC3 Complaints Centre in the United States. Apparently, if these steps continues, Nigeria will be no safe place for cyber criminals!

Play your role in kicking out cyberfraud from our country! It might just be you who's next! Report any "Yahoo boy" to the agencies!

Freeman David Ph.d. - 07069186181.
Celebrities / Re: “I Cannot Marry An Igbo Man Because They Are Too Nosy – Tonto Dikeh by mercenaryx(m): 11:42am On Apr 03, 2012
Nigerians! So this thread has been channelled down to tribalism and tribal conflicts!... Well am not surprised. Get a life y'all and dont forget to wish "tonto" an happy married life if she finally see her Congolesse hubby! /Just my opinion/.
Celebrities / Re: “I Cannot Marry An Igbo Man Because They Are Too Nosy – Tonto Dikeh by mercenaryx(m): 11:07am On Apr 03, 2012
Ejiné: In all, the part I found the most interesting about this outburst, is this:

I'm glad she knows; because a notorious, bleaching, chain-smoking 'general market' isn't exactly my idea of a wife material.
Religion / Re: Ghanaian Pastors Are Proving Worse Than Nigeria’s by mercenaryx(m): 11:03am On Apr 03, 2012
this is what happened when people stop to study the bible 4 themselves
and allow someone else to do the studies and interpretation for them.

The day Christians will decide to do personal bible study at home; that will b the beginning of the
fall of these False MOGs... because of this; thats why the false MOGs make member to stop believing that
they can contact God on their own expect through them...
Religion / Re: Ghanaian Pastors Are Proving Worse Than Nigeria’s by mercenaryx(m): 11:01am On Apr 03, 2012
If they abandone it,what should they stick to?
May be to porn acting!
Religion / Re: Ghanaian Pastors Are Proving Worse Than Nigeria’s by mercenaryx(m): 11:01am On Apr 03, 2012
pd piper pippen: Ogbechee or wateva u call urself u are a big fool, its sahara reports that u get get ur heaven forsaken info frm, I pray u die slow, may ur habitations be 4eva desolate, u son of d devil
Misplaced priorities. How can you curse someone on a public site like this?.... You deserve to be shot*no jokes*
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: UEFA Bans Arsene Wenger For 3 Matches & Fined Him €40,000 For Improper Conduct by mercenaryx(m): 10:57am On Apr 03, 2012
oluoma1: For God's sake why is it dat dis same man(plati) is denying C.ronaldo his blessings, by givin messi d world best player dat he did not laboured 4. Penny wise palm foolish it is not fair. arsenal fan. Man u go 4 it.

Bunkum! Ad hominem.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: UEFA Bans Arsene Wenger For 3 Matches & Fined Him €40,000 For Improper Conduct by mercenaryx(m): 10:56am On Apr 03, 2012

Oluoma1, you should have spent time watching a ram fight, first , we are not talking about c.ronaldo , messi or the balon d' Or here. Sorry maybe you didn't read well or didn't understand what you read. And platini don't give or name balon d' Or , its selected by votes from football professionals , football legends and top retired Managers ok??
Hahahahahahahhahaha... Mute! Seconded!
Religion / Re: Did Christianity Brought Exploitation To Africa? by mercenaryx(m): 10:53am On Apr 03, 2012
oomen: Mercenaryx,i am not in anyway writing this to spite you.Could you please,kindly modify this post and change your "brought" to BRING.A past tense doesn't come after the word DID.You actually meant to say;did christainity bring...? It was a mistake i know,from a slip of finger maybe.I think christainity actually came to salvage the african race.
Thanks for the vocabulary lesson!...(Unsolicited though). How did they salvage Africans?

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