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Travel / Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Okontami: 4:42pm On Jul 22

Greetings Mr B,

We don't comment on specific cases. We like it when people tell us the truth in their applications, especially concerning prior refusals. Applicants are welcome to apply anywhere, but the consular officer is reuired to determine a person's ties to their home country--this often becomes more difficult when someone's not applying in their home country.
Dear VO, consider an expatriate who have more ties to his country of operation (The country he is working) than Nigeria, what is the possibility of getting a VISA. This is the case of a lot of Nigerians working in Blue chip companies across Africa , Qatar and South America. When we apply for VISA in these countries, we are requested to come home. It should be clear that most of us have more ties to our bases than Nigeria. Our families are living with us in our operational area, major part of our salaries is paid in our operational area.
Politics / Re: BREAKING : Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Borno State by Okontami: 6:20pm On Jul 21
OP , you are an assole...Thats not am MI-35 ..remove that dirty , filthy pix
Romance / Re: If Loving Rokiatu Is A Crime Let Me Be The Criminal...... by Okontami: 11:09am On Jul 07
Shade Sheist - Cali Is My Main Naughty Lady ft. Sergio Selim: via @YouTube
Travel / Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Okontami: 1:19pm On Jul 02
Hello VO, please for an expat who receives his salary and allowances in multiple currencies and at different periods , how will you advise him to fill the salary part of the DS160.

For example, if allowances comes in twice a year in bulk in 2 different currencies (USD and CFA) and monthly salary comes in Naira.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: My Random Pictures ( after the nairaland wipe out) by Okontami: 12:22pm On Jun 30
aminho: 1 did you go dia for the free food?
2 those dollar bills look ratchet did you pick them from the dancefloor?lol
Chai there is Godu o
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Accuses Jonathan Of Promoting Corruption by Okontami: 9:59am On Dec 11, 2013
@Sincere Nigerian, I know you will be on this thread... Oga how market today?? Keep defending your employers..but remember that Nigerians are suffering please. Remember this.. Tell them. Dont just feed fat alone. Tell them to do what they can to reduce the poverty in this country. While you were in US, did you see the environment? Were you not impressed? Please tell them to replicate such in our country. We know you have to come here daily to defend your employers so that there can be food on your table. But please remember God is watching you if you refuse to tell them the truth about the mess they are creating. God will bless you if you stop being a sycophant , but if you continue....its otherwise. Amen In Jesus Name.


Romance / Re: So In Love With A Nigerian Guy... by Okontami: 1:31am On Dec 10, 2013
@Op just be your self. He will surely come for you if he is convinced about you. Kindly stay focused on things that can add good value to you . Distract your mind for a while so that you can think perfectly.
Romance / Re: Two Undergrads Team up and built an App called KONJY. by Okontami: 7:13pm On Nov 02, 2013
@OP abeg let me advise on another functionality you can add to this application. Can you please add a feature where people wey Konji dey catch can locate them selves and de-Konjirize. You get me. Meaning 2 ho*rny fellas can hook up and do the thang...
Politics / Re: Politics Chat Room - "The Beer Parlour" by Okontami: 5:52pm On Oct 14, 2013
Abeg make una give me 1 pot of Nkwobi with big small stout
Travel / Re: I Am A U.S. Consular Officer: Ask Me Your Visa Questions. by Okontami: 12:56pm On Oct 11, 2013

Just for the record, my refusal rate is totally in line with that of the other officers. smiley Maybe even a little higher, because I love handling fraudulent cases...
Hmmmmm..Stick and carrot approach. We will apply with open mind whatever the case.

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Health / Re: Bosom Cancer Awareness Month :: How To Do A Bosom-Self Exam by Okontami: 4:16pm On Oct 01, 2013
tongue grin grin shocked shocked I can assist you guys to check please. How I will do it is simple. Just to place my mouth on the ni*pple and do a cross examination grin grin
Travel / Re: I Am A U.S. Consular Officer: Ask Me Your Visa Questions. by Okontami: 6:38pm On Sep 18, 2013
Hello Vo, pls i have a challenge with the DS160 part for Month Salary in Local Currency: I get paid in 3 currencies. USD , NGN and CFA. My basic salary is in CFA while my monthly allowances is in NGN. My annual once off payment is in USD. These funds comes in at different period of the year. My monthly salary is the basic and not a true representation of my actual income. What should i do? Should I add these 3 monies together and divide by 12 or just convert the CFA to Naira since i will be coming back to Nigeria to apply. Even though I have a resident permit and work permit as an expat where I am . Am so so confused.
Business / Re: Harvard Business Article Praising Dangote's Oil Refinery by Okontami: 1:15pm On Sep 13, 2013
F*uck this report. Nonsense write up by a re*tard. So what if the economic power is in the hand of one man. If the churches prefer to build prayer camps with the free monies they are getting instead of investing in the economyetc and the other rich Nigerians prefer to buy houses in Florida and Miami instead of investing in sectors crying for investments,,,then the man that choose to take up the risk should be encouraged. Dangote pick it up and buy the Nigeria railway corporation and fix it. We need people with brains to invest in the economy...


Politics / Re: Why Are Workers Of Government Corporations So Rude? by Okontami: 1:08pm On Sep 13, 2013
I really wonder why a lot of these government corporations cant be privatized . Even the local governments should be privatized . There is no accountability. Guys just go to work in the morning and come back in the evening without really adding real value. Its so sad that there are no objective KPIs. The customer interaction is so poor. There is no sense of responsibility to the end customer. I have worked in private firms all my life and i see the way we are being driven to perform beyond our perceived ability. This is not the case in government agencies. I feel so sorry for this country. All they do is to see ways they can reap the public off, yet they will be saying the country is bad..

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Car Talk / Re: Police Begin Biometric Registration Of Vehicles by Okontami: 5:10pm On Sep 10, 2013
I really love this initiative, am only a bit worried about the technology to be used. Dont know why they cant adopt RFID.
Politics / Re: Dangote Visits Jonathan After Signing Refinery Loan Deal by Okontami: 5:11pm On Sep 06, 2013
Revolva: Dangote is a very wise man inDeeD wiser than the oga at the toppest...jona jona...well he took 2 billion naira loan but he needed 8 billion ...i dont think any nigerian bank will lend out 8 billion .....unless he goes from banks to banks to collect 2billion from each...
Mr man, what happens to syndication. Please read wide before opening your dirty mouth
Nairaland / General / Re: Are You A Lark, An Owl Or Hummingbird? by Okontami: 9:18am On Sep 06, 2013
Fu*ck this thread... All these bull sh*it analogies dont get any one any where in life. I am becoming to get angry that people cant use their brain to think. Please dont get motivated by the next man's thinking. Find out for your self what motivates you to success and adhere.

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Family / Re: Your Pastor Or Your Parent? Whose Advise Do You Listen To? by Okontami: 7:34pm On Sep 05, 2013
My parents. I dont respect any pastor but dont disrespect them either. They are human and are prone to mistakes too. I do what i wish. I even go against my parents sometimes. Really dont give a fu*ck about any body's advice if it does not make any sense to me. Am a grown man. I take my decisions.

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Travel / Re: I Am A U.S. Consular Officer: Ask Me Your Visa Questions. by Okontami: 1:06pm On Sep 05, 2013
Welcome to MIAMI grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: ATTENTION!!! A Question For Sincere 9gerian And PDP Faithfuls by Okontami: 6:37pm On Sep 03, 2013
Sincere9gerian is a big shame to the nation, he and his elders are bleeding this country and he does not even have the decency to keep shut. He will come here to spit propaganda as if we are blind. How many guys can afford 3 square meals, but through the support of his corrupt elders he was sponsored to America not quite long (Abi I lie??). Guy please try and put your self in the shoes of an average Nigerian. No body says you should not support Mr President, but dont be a Psychophant ( A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people) , always say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. People in Nigeria are suffering so much. Honestly nothing is working. The citizens are treated like trash. No value for life, No value for intergrity, No social justice, the rule of law is lacking. I shake my head for my father's land


Celebrities / Re: Breaking News: A Beauty Queen Dethroned- From Desperation To Destruction!!! {pho by Okontami: 12:44pm On Aug 30, 2013
@GleeModel, please be sure u are not on a personal vendetta against an innocent girl. I hope there is no form of abuse, emotional, physical , mental , threats, disrespects or se*xual

There are 2 sides to every stories and please dont try to play God over any one. I will also advise that if you have any financial commitment to remit to this lady, please do , because if you try to cheat her or treat her unjustly, devil will treat you too unjustly .

Also, try to have the power of second thought before you take decision.

Finally, if by any means na you dey stress the girl because you wan fu*ck am and she no gree. Infact na God go punish that your small di*ck grin lol
Travel / Re: Visaofficer Has A Question For You by Okontami: 1:07pm On Aug 28, 2013
Make Beliefs , religion , and deceits are the tools used by a lot of individuals here. Because of high dependence on spirituality, a lot of people put their faith in what these spiritual heads tells them. That is why a lot of TTC women fall prey of these scammers. It is not the fault of the victims all the time, they are just victim of an organized crime.

The victims are given stuffs to use to cause a placebo effect on them, which in turn make them believe they have truly conceived .

It is very difficult to explain to them the reality on ground as they can not comprehend it that their spiritual head's pronouncement has not come to pass.

For example, few years ago, a 62 years old childless woman felt a sort of movement in her tummy and went straight to her prophet ; the prophet told her point blank that she was pregnant. She called the family members to tell them about the pronouncement of the prophet . This is a woman without se*xu*al relationship lately and probably in menopause. It took the family members a lot of persuasion to really get her tested and tell her she wasn't pregnant.

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Travel / Re: I Am A U.S. Consular Officer: Ask Me Your Visa Questions. by Okontami: 6:29pm On Aug 26, 2013

Greetiings! Based on what you've written, your friend does qualify for the dropbox. Every day some dropbox applicants are randomly chosen to be interviewed, but the chances of that are slim. If your friend is chosen to be interviewed, I think (based on what you've written) that her chances of obtaining a new visa are good. It's true that she intends to immigrate in the future, but she also has a very strong travel history. Based just on what's written here, my sense is that she should be all right.

Dear VO, please from the highlighted statement above, you are confirming that travel history could be an advantage. Please when you see a non immigrant application without a travel history (2 weeks self paid vacation hotel reservation and tour packages arranged) , what first come to your mind? Do you have any mixed feelings??
Travel / Re: I Am A U.S. Consular Officer: Ask Me Your Visa Questions. by Okontami: 10:28am On Aug 22, 2013
Dear VO, Please,I have 2 questions.

Question 1) Is travel history a prerequisite for applying for a US visa. I want to know if travel history is considered when you are making your decision. For example, in Canadian embassy, travel history is a hidden prerequisite you dont know about until you are refused. And Canada will state it clearly that you do not have travel history. Is this the case as USA.

Question 2) For a first time tourist, will a 7 days fully paid tour package bought from Virgin holidays ,tours4fun etc be a good purpose and justification for US visa.
Travel / Re: Ghana Vs Nigeria,compare And Contrast by Okontami: 1:10pm On Aug 07, 2013
See this one o, I dey tell u now, u dey do strong head. We know your type. just think well before you come cos no help in a strange land except from God.
Travel / Re: Ghana Vs Nigeria,compare And Contrast by Okontami: 4:58pm On Aug 06, 2013
@Op, make sure you are financially bouyant before going to Ghana for studies, else you will become a high class prosti*tute. You may have to start sleeping around for you to cope
Travel / Re: Ghana Vs Nigeria,compare And Contrast by Okontami: 4:09pm On Aug 05, 2013
Scared of Ghana?? you must be joking. Ghana is 100 times safer than Naija. The only thing is that Ghana is very much expensive than Naija, housing, feeding and Social amenities. Other things dey ok o.
TV/Movies / Re: Denrele Attacked For Sending Beverly Osu To Represent Nigeria At Big Brother by Okontami: 3:18pm On Aug 05, 2013
Small boy, u better go and read ur book.
@cokeroo , how I wish you know who you are talking to?
TV/Movies / Re: Denrele Attacked For Sending Beverly Osu To Represent Nigeria At Big Brother by Okontami: 10:54am On Aug 05, 2013

Eediot. In case u didn't know, she is carrying the Nigerian name. When they refer to her, they do so not as an individual, but as a NIGERIAN. At least other gals do theirs behind closed doors. NOT ON SATELLITE T.V. She is a disgrace to her family, the nation and even her friends. Looking at her, you see that she has no moral compass whatsoever. The way she smokes talks.. absolutely no scruples. You are free to put your wife or sister on bba and watch one guy undertake her Unclad on SATELLITE TV. Once again you are a big ignoramus. Ode
Oga pls shut up and face front. Whats the big deal. If you go to that BBA house, you will do worse and spit plenty crap out

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TV/Movies / Re: Denrele Attacked For Sending Beverly Osu To Represent Nigeria At Big Brother by Okontami: 10:52am On Aug 05, 2013
Why are u guys so bitter? someone pls tell me if you have not been involved in any shameful act like this at one time or the other. Nothing big in this pls. You bunch of forni*cators and adul*trers talking.

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TV/Movies / Re: Denrele Attacked For Sending Beverly Osu To Represent Nigeria At Big Brother by Okontami: 10:15am On Aug 05, 2013
You guys are so useless. Whats the big deal, bunch of hypocrites. We all do all these things this girl is doing so what the hell. why the rant. What do u want Nigerians? Nothing in this world satisfies you. No one can do anything right. She has feelings and she could not hold back, so what the big deal.

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