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Politics / Re: Jonathan Unveils Vision For Next Four Years by ultraGM: 10:28am On Mar 25
These are vision for the Zoo Animal as long as there is not Plan for New Refinery and Power

I did not take time to read, i just use my browser to search for the keyword, Refinery and Power not Result
Business / Re: How My Roommate Stole 120,000 Naira From My ATM Card And How I Caught Him by ultraGM: 10:26am On Mar 25
You should have posted stuff like this online, The guy is penitent and has return your money, I did not support the idea of Him Stealing your Money (Blame The President for that).

At least you should have let him have confidence in you, that after forgiveness, he had been pardon.

You can Still Corrent yourself, Pull down what you post

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Politics / Protest At INEC Office Kaduna Over Training Allowance & Missing Adhoc Staff Name by ultraGM: 1:49pm On Feb 27
Protest at INEC office Kaduna Over Training Allowance & Missing Adhoc Staff Name

INEC kaduna has Schedule 26 to 28 of February as the date for the payment of the Trainee Allowance of those invited to participate in its Pre election training exercise. Meanwhile some had complained that they participated in the Pre-election training exercise but their names were not in the list of those to be paid their allowance. The aggrieved Temporary Adhoc staff stage a protest at the INEC office and later took advantage of a near by Police Headquarter, Barnawa Kaduna, by ordering the Arrest of the Head of Department.

The complaint lay was that there had been plan to cut down their allowance to N4,500 while other state paid between N9,000 to N10,000.
Also there are some who claim they received SMS invitation to come for their Training Allowance but their name was not found on the posted list, some reverse is the case, while some loss both chance an yet Registered online and participated in training.

Meanwhile, The payment of the Allowance had been postpone till 3rd of march, and the Head of department INEC office Kaduna South had promised to resolve stated issues.

Source: I was There

Phones / Re: Be A Responsible Data User, Avoid Cheats And Tweaks by ultraGM: 6:26pm On Feb 22
If am to ask, are you a responsible software user,
The Windows you are using, did you actually pay the legitimate fee
What about other software

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Politics / Re: PDP Hails INEC Over Elections Postponement, Urges Supporters To Remain Calm by ultraGM: 5:44pm On Feb 08
They are happy because there judgment day has been shifted by 6 weeks.
Only under the PDP that anything can happen.
They needed time to do the abrakadabra.
This is Nigeria, if the election was to favor the ruling party, they will proceed anyway.
But now that the table is turning they are scared.
Lets see how it goes.

Politics / Re: NEDG Cancels Presidential Debate Over Election Shift Saga by ultraGM: 5:32pm On Feb 08
Dont Vote Jonathan he is clueless
Dont Vote Buhari he has no certificate

Vote for me.. am Cluefool and have certificate in moronism

Politics / Re: General Buhari's Military Government by ultraGM: 9:12pm On Feb 05
I'm still wondering how GMB will survive a democratic leadership where there will be strikes, unfounded allegations by trouble makers in the media, criticisms and huge unrealistic expectations.

Trust me Buhari will survived any critics , see what he has endured just in the campaign alone character assassination of highest level and he has never gave up no start defensive media campaign
I guess the campaign has train him in what Nigeria democracy is
Politics / Re: Certificate Forgery: Presidency Urges Buhari To Clear His Name by ultraGM: 9:08pm On Jan 31
PDP + Supporters are behaving as if they have never attended Secondary School before.
196x certificate was issue to him [original ] unfortunately it was lootby by IBB's men who raided his house and took away his docs.

Primary School denude should tell you that Original is gone.

For you to have another you have to contact you school to issue a statement and that was done what else did you want.

The exam body confirm the authenticity you no gree NA ONLY PDP WAKA COME.

Politics / Re: Oracle Predicts Victory For Jonathan In 28 States by ultraGM: 11:01am On Jan 31
That Oracle must be versio 9i
She for tell us where and how to arrest shekua or shekau

And how to sell crude oil at high price

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Politics / Re: Did AIT Really Release Those CSV Files by ultraGM: 8:37am On Jan 30
YES that text is FALSE =>......... <= NO that text behind TRUE
Politics / Re: Katsina Stoning: Niger Delta “ll Retaliate, Says Dokubo Asari by ultraGM: 9:32pm On Jan 21
Since the said he is no longer a Nigerian, why is he agitating , he claim to be enemy of Nigeria, why does current situation concerned him.

This guy is not different from shakau (shakua as he called it)

NOTE: HE REFER TO SHEKAU AS SHAKUA .... conspiracy theory. Shekau id an household name so their is not point in saying he made mistake
Politics / Re: Alleged Fraud: EFCC Probes Rivers, Kano, Others by ultraGM: 12:47pm On Jan 21
Hahaha.... Amaechi is done for!! Amaechi was thinking that he would retire quietly after destroying Rivers state since he joined APC. Well, it seems not to be the case as the EFCC will surely probe him and send his rotten ars.e to Kirikiri!!

Noooo, you are wrong! you are wrong

GEJ say no to jailing corrupt politicians, he will setup institutions rather, so din get it wrong
Politics / Re: If I Hated The North, I Wouldn’t Have Built Almajiri Schools - Jonathan by ultraGM: 10:56am On Jan 21
I Lived in Kaduna The state capital, and am yet to locate or be informed about the locations of the schools of almajiris. Out of 125 each state should get at least 3 while some will get 4. all over Kaduna metro, you still find some the so called almajiri: some hawking, some begging for alms, some garbage collectors, some older bus conductor if he get the chance

pls if you any location in Kaduna state point me the location
Celebrities / Re: Alibaba Blasts Fayose Over Advert: You Put Jonathan In A Mess (Pics) by ultraGM: 9:27am On Jan 20
#20Million For that senseless Advert..... We really need #CHANGE

#PDP are Dead n Gone

YOU MEAN #10NairaChange
Politics / Re: Has Anyone Seen The Silly Advert On The Front Page Of Today's Punch By Fayose? by ultraGM: 9:46am On Jan 19
Now when some people misinterpret the advert went ahead disturbing the peace of the nation ..,...

here they will say febuhari supporters are spilling the blood of dog and baboon

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Politics / Why Did Electricity Bill Increase By 100% - 300% Kaduna by ultraGM: 5:01pm On Jan 14
Its a sad story this morning when the December Bill was distributed in my area this morning. N5750 (+vat) use to be my current charges but this morning I saw a terrible N10,815 (+vat) as current charges.

I dont know what the New Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KAWDCO) is until I check the bill. Since the beginning of the year there has not been power supply during the day time except night hours 10pm to 5am in which someone like me as a shop owner will ever benefit from.

Similarly those on prepaid meter were ask ti pay compulsory N850 service-charge monthly apart from their normal subscription.

Despite all the increments there is no improvement on power supply. Where am lamenting on 100% increase my neighbor adjacent to me increase from N6000+ to N30,000+

Politics / Re: Stella Oduah, Kicked Out Of Anambra Senate Contest by ultraGM: 7:32am On Jan 14

Like I said, pls expose yourself and travel. Expand your views brother. It would seriously help you a lot in life.
In africa women are expected to marry at that age, its only cultural imperialism will make you reference what outsider are doing, lets embrace and pride our culture,

She needs husband at that age, because of everything.

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Shares Chart Showing Arms Purchase Between GEJ & Buhari's Govt by ultraGM: 9:28pm On Jan 12


Romance / Re: My Addiction To Sleeping With Prostitutes !!!! by ultraGM: 9:23am On Jan 12
It is never bad idea to get married quickly, my fear is if you continue one woman nay never satisfy you.

And go for deliverance prayer, devil is working to destroy you, because as I can see you are destined to be great, greatness is on your very soon

Ate you born in June?

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Politics / Re: See Why Dele Momodu Blocked Me From His Twitter Handle [photo Illustration] by ultraGM: 1:43pm On Jan 11
Missleadind front page topic
Politics / Re: Northern Elders Fault Jonathan’s Comment About Statesmen by ultraGM: 7:13am On Jan 09
Ango Abdullahi is a looser and will always remain a looser. Everything in his miserable life revolves around the civil war, unfortunately, when he could get his way, he resorts to Northern this and northern that. However, the issue is, make your point democratically and see how many people you can convince

Man lock-up

Stealing ia not corruption defend the statement
Education / Re: Random Pictures Of What Nigerian Students Go Through To Get Educated by ultraGM: 6:25am On Jan 09
This show the level of seriousness and commitment to study but we were never given such opportunity, Nigerians are intelligent that's why our performance is outstanding abroad. We only need Government serious commitment on education both at federal and state level, also those claims they can hold political office due to their wealth should start doing something .

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Politics / Re: 2000 People Killed By Boko Haram In Baga, Borno State? by ultraGM: 9:27pm On Jan 08
RIP to the dead. Souls



Politics / Re: Jonathan Kicks Off Campaign In Lagos Today by ultraGM: 8:19am On Jan 08
Hope he will not be welcome with #BringBackOurGirls
Politics / Re: APC Planned To Hack Into INEC Database -DSS by ultraGM: 9:35pm On Jan 07
But INEC claimed they used EXCEL to collate the Election results to what benefit would it be for APC to hack INEC computer.
Politics / Re: Photo: Protest In Kaduna By Victims Of 2011 Post-election Crisis by ultraGM: 8:18am On Jan 07


PLS change the topic to RALLY am I Kaduna and very close to one of the organizers he told me two days ago that its going be rally and that food will be given to the affected people.

To make sense why would they took picture in a secluded location why not on the street

Politics / Re: My Experience At Buhari Flag-off Rally In Porthacourt by ultraGM: 7:55am On Jan 07
This is a FALSE report, can anybody see what am seeing in the second picture?

The whole stadium is empty, even nobody is on the podium as well,

Looks like the OP giving us bogus lie or he want to make up something, if major media house did not report this I dont believe it
Politics / Re: Who Is Your Local Government Chairman And What Project Have He/she Executed? by ultraGM: 11:44pm On Jan 04

U are not making sense at all. Pls go and read the function of federal government, state government and local governments very well. U believe federal government will do everything abi? Dey there

I dont need to be repeating what others would or have said am just adding. BTW if this same people refuse to do their Job and people cried loud; why would Oga at the Top keep Pretend not to here, The same thing happen in the Military and they pretend all is well but soliders are crying inadequate resources
Programming / Re: Uniben Student Develops Antivirus Software For Computers by ultraGM: 11:01pm On Jan 04
Can the Virus remove Boko-Haram
Can it remove clueless element from the country (i dont mention any name)
Religion / Re: Shocked! My Cousin Bro Died Of Motor Accident But His Spirit Is Disturbing by ultraGM: 2:36pm On Jan 04
Since He can knock the door that means he can have contact with some object.


Next time he comes knocking open the door and....
Try to write on cardboard for him to read , asking him to tilt or disturb the paper if he can read, if you get positive response then its a spirit you can communicate with.

From there you can try to guess what he want and why he is coming back

Becareful though
Politics / Re: Who Is Your Local Government Chairman And What Project Have He/she Executed? by ultraGM: 8:55pm On Jan 03
But when LG chairman does his work who took the glory?
The state or FG of course, that is why the head must be blame for failing to supervised the work base on the fact that money was given to them
Politics / Re: Nigerian Presidential Election 2015: Buhari's "Non Growth" Theory by ultraGM: 7:34am On Dec 31, 2014
You have a good write up here I credit you for a good reasoning and as well I want to believe that your writing is for a purpose etc.

Now to reply you, Leaderships success is not guarantee by the level of educational achievement (even though education is essential) . If Leadership success is by the level of ones education, we should not be seeing flaws in our democracy especially in this administration. GEJ is a PHD holder but it becomes difficult for him to make decision at crucial times (only to resort to committee that would take weeks to respond).

Education will tell you that stealing and corruption are different, but moral judgment will tell you otherwise.

Leadership success is viewed base on the vision of the Leader(s), what he wanted to achieve within stipulated time.

Buhari may not have PHD in anything but his vision is what matter most. His capabilities in handling corruption is what I admire most, 2011 I support neither of the two nor vote, but the way Corruption and non accountability by this administration, is what I dislike it for.

If am to ask you, will educational achievement help fight corruption or insurgent?

Educational achievement is for the leader's ego, but his vision is for his successful leading

Celebrating under-achievement is mediocracy Nigeria deserve more than what we are seeing, hence any government that has too much flaws should be discarded so their party can learn how to govern better

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