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Politics / Re: 19-yr-old Pakistani Nabbed With N228m Heroin At MMIA - by ultraGM: 12:54am On Apr 16
Half Bag of rice size ,looks small for eye but e get weight like cement, bird of the same feather; pakistan and Nigeria
Family / Re: Are You Too Nice? Ways To Gain Appreciation & Respect by ultraGM: 8:49pm On Apr 15
@op I would have prefer using kind or good because :
In English, “nice” is a friendly term; but its Latin source means “ignorant” or “foolish.”
Hence if you behave abnormal and someone say thats nice of you, you know what that means.....

BTW good article
Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by ultraGM: 5:24pm On Apr 13
pDude: That is all that is done in Nigeria these days. Crusades and Night vigils. Yet their hearts are far from God.

You are the most religious people yet your country is in shambles.

Isn't it obvious that there is something wrong with you all?

Mtscheww! undecided

Dont Blame religion, what about Population
Righteous + Unrighteous = Total Population
Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by ultraGM: 3:15pm On Apr 13

Your low level knowldge of the Bible is the problem not Kumuyi. You are one of the blind sheeps who follow the lead of a religious figure. I hope he is doing it for free as I havent yet seen anyone doing God's work in that country for free..

You need to stop defending stuff you have no idea of. Salvation is by faith alone in christ not of works.

Mr Man Stop arguement, if you don't live in Nigeria Ask people in your country if they Know Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church
if you doubt his teaching, check the church website download and listen to his messages then you will understand who he is and his teaching


Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by ultraGM: 3:02pm On Apr 13
Some may consider the Miracle sign and wonder to be lies but those who received from God will never forget

Some may consider in their heart that the Pastor may be fake, but his Bible teaching don't resemble that of anti-christ, He Preach and teach Holiness (Although some of his follower may be adamant to life)

The Miracle, Sign and Wonders you see on Nairaland is not Today, this week or This year, God has been using Him in the time past, Ask the Scripture Union if am lying. Pst Kumuyi has been going on Mission Journey all over the nation, doing for God without expecting YOUR commendation.
If you dont believe Attend the Program your self, or better still just listen to His Bible Study Teaching them you can Judge him thereafter if He is what you think he was.

By the way DEAR PASTOR KUMUYI, Nigerian are expecting you to do something for the Nation Nigeria, and i know there Biblical way of doing Nation Intervention, apart from joining the politics. Probably send Epistles to all the National Leaders Personally (Not an Open letter) Teach them the word and fear of God.

Lastly You shall be welcome to North West on your Visitation
Science/Tech / Re: New Tech Helps Paralyzed Patients Move Their Legs And Stand by ultraGM: 2:10am On Apr 11
honestly, I thought of this on monday when I visited a patient at hospital who has partial stroke, the patient was able to control one hand and one leg. on pitiful observation, I was thinking if electronic current could be passed to the vein it could charge or wake the brain for reflex action,
though dn not medical doctor but am just using computer idea.
it wont be funny if fry up the patient's head. but there is no crime in trying
Politics / Re: National Conference Delegate Playing Scrabble On His Laptop by ultraGM: 10:37am On Apr 08
I think thats is the best way to stay awake, instead of sleeping, do some brain work, but i would prefer if he plays Chess Titans i think he would be more strategic in his contribution
BUT at the same time, "there is time for everything"
Time to speak and time to listen
Time to take not and time to make note
Time to watch and time to observe
Time to rest and time to Work

In this National CONFAB no one should waste time for any unreasonables,
Dont waste our resources, dont lets us regret or blame you for failures
Phones / Re: Glo Bis Now Working On Android And Pc by ultraGM: 4:27pm On Apr 07
Category Package Keyword Rental (N) Validity Data bundle*
BIS Month BISmonth 1,500 30 Days 3 GB
BIS WEEK BISweek 500 7 Days 700 MB

COMPLETE MONTH Comonth 1,000 30 Days 3 GB
COMPLETE WEEK Coweek 400 7 Days 700 MB

SOCIAL MONTH SoMonth 1,200 30 Days 3 GB
SOCIAL WEEK SoWeek 400 7 Days 700 MB

BES MONTH Besmonth 4,200 30 Days 3 GB
BES WEEK Besweek 1,400 7 Days 700 MB

ABSOLUTE MONTH BBAmonth 1,500 30 Days 3 GB
ABSOLUTE WEEK BBAweek 500 7 Days 700 MB
Self Help Instructions:

Text Appropriate keyword to 777 on how to activate a package. E.g: Text “bismonth” to 777
Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 (Glo Subscribers Only) for more information
Text ‘BB’ to 0807 987 7777 (Other Network Subscribers) for more information

Note: For more help and information, please call Customer Care on 333.

Plans are available for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customers
Copyright© 2013 Globacom Limited. All rights reserved.
Computers / Starting A Computer Training Center by ultraGM: 9:36am On Apr 07
Dear Nairalanders, am a Computer operator and am intending to add Computer Training to our business but what gives me problem is how to structure the training activities, and course structure, lecture time. My target is to focus on computer operation, internet and Office suit and i want the Training course to be per hourly, not a monthly stuff. So where am concern is the Curriculum structure and as well as getting good course material.
Please house give me some ideas

I dont mind If you have any you want to trade i.e. Curriculum and or course material just
Computers / Re: Best Laptop Product That Has Good Battery Hour?? by ultraGM: 6:06pm On Apr 06
Has abybody told you Acer Laptops have good battery life too, even better than those listed
Computers / Re: My Compaq {window8} Refused To Boot From Cd/dvd Rom by ultraGM: 6:01pm On Apr 06
If you have BAD DVD ROM or Disk, try installing from USB Storage of at least 4gb in size, its even faster than using DVD.

Google how to install windows 7/8 from usb, the procedure are the same
Computers / Re: Is Your Airtel Bis Subscription Still Working On Pc..?? by ultraGM: 5:56pm On Apr 06
The BBPlan is still working check this link below
Computers / Re: Someone Should Pls Tell Me The Prices Of Palmtop In Nigeria by ultraGM: 5:54pm On Apr 06
Bawss1: Why palmtops when smartphones and tablets abound?

You just say my mind,
Computers / Re: Airtel Is Not Connecting to Net On My Modem by ultraGM: 5:53pm On Apr 05
Am not sure there is a problem with your modem, it may be due to poor or unstable network . My advice is that you check your APN (should be : if you cant still browse try to use your SIM on phone android specifically, if it does browse you are good to go return the SIM back to modem, if thereafter you cant browse wow! Airtel must have rid you off the way.I suggest that you try other plan apart from BB plan, before you finish your data cap topup with BBPLAN it should be ok (not sure) and never allow data cap finished before you topup
Politics / Re: National Conference Proceedings April 3, 2014 by ultraGM: 5:20pm On Apr 05
As long as the implementation of solution provided in the CONFAB will be done this year then Nigeria will be said to have achieve the success of the Century. Also Executives pay should be reduced.

Lastly, they appoints me the Ag President for handing over ceremony.
who no want better thing
Politics / Re: The Blame Game On "TERRORISM" In Nigeria: Who Is Boko Haram? by ultraGM: 2:09pm On Apr 02
This is part of what we should be thinking of some times smiley
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate and Experienced Recruitment at Kaduna State Civil Service Commission by ultraGM: 8:35pm On Mar 26
Thank God for Gov. Ramalan Yero, Your Good Work are shown Forth: Peace and Development
To the commenter, N200 form fee is normal at all level of Govt, But N0,000 is the fraudulent, kleptomaniac and sardonic act.

Up Kaduna, Peace and Unity to the Liberal State
Proudly Northern Yoruba
Education / Re: How Important Is First School Leaving Certificate by ultraGM: 4:52pm On Mar 26
The is noting to worry about FSLC, but you will certainly need it someday, but if it happens that you dont have or have it again, just walk into Ministry of Education with Affidavit of something to claim you attend a Primary school and a Stamped Certificate will be issued to you. Infact Any LGA Primary school should be able to issued it to you, with the name(s) of school you attended and year written with Pen on it.

In case you need one and you are Within Kaduna here a can guide you on how to get yours for free. just PM me
Romance / Re: Sam Adeyemi - "A Woman Can Also Propose To A Man" by ultraGM: 9:40pm On Mar 24
I dont see anything bad in it, if done in a healthy and wise manner . while the need not to be too emotional, its happen a lot in church I THINK
Business / Re: Ghana Must Force Nigeria To Pay For Sabotaging Gas Supply – Wereko Brobbey by ultraGM: 7:39am On Mar 24
vikel2014: They should ask Nigeria what the problem is and stop screaming sabotage. Though I don't know the facts of the matter but whatever the issue is, they should resolve it quietly.
Quite agree with you, but at least they should understand that we have been faithful before, it just that we are having a bad moment just like MANUTD and ARSENAL.
Up Nigeria! Up NationalCONFAB


Politics / Centenary Lottery Scam by ultraGM: 4:11pm On Mar 19
Am not sure where to post this though, but BEWARE DONT FALL for another Scam that will make you lament.

Am not the time that know how to fabricate stories, hence am will go strait to the point.
Today I came across the Daily Trust, Newspaper for March 12, 2014. On the Page 15 you will clearly see "Win Big Everyday!....Nigeria Centenary Lottery..Promo".

With curiosity i notice a certain Etisalat Number 080- i saw the number i know it means something, so i decide to check the entries, then i found out that the phone number appear more than once as winner of prize in Promo as stated on the Page.


To my friend picture or IdonbiliveIit, I have attached
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Become Self-employed? by ultraGM: 6:37pm On Mar 18
The Story of my brother OLA

After finishing my O'Level with hustling and Struggling, i manage to learn at home under my Brother who was yet to graduate a Computer Technician. Then we had a Pentium II PC in which we had to reinstall Win98 each time we need to use it, couple with a hard time repairing and patching the HDD with paper for it to gain balance before working properly, all those days was a learning period and we never know.
As time goes on i pick much interest in Software, on my own; i learn how to design website from MS Frontpage to Dreamweaver, as time goes on i became a Webmaster and i have design many websites for Government NGO and Individuals.

My Investment
While still struggling as a Computer Tech, i learn how CyberCafe business works. In 2009 i setup my how Cybercafe with A Generator, 2 second hand PC and 2 Scrap PC and a lot of people appreciate it in that location. Thanks to MTN F@stlink I dont have to use Broadband, internet sharing do the whole stuff. The cafe brought some cash to my pocket, but i made a lot of sacrifice pouring money into the business. Although i never rely on the Cafe that much, but it do get my Feeding, Transport Allowance from it, and i do pay Salary to Two Staff, send some cash to parents. If i remember I started the Cafe with less than 200K and i have invested more...
Up till today the Cafe is still running and am still investing on it.

All this while am doing this am still under age of 30yrs and am not a degree holder, but i have a Diploma in Computer Science.
A big thanks to my Brothers for their support, Sis. Grace, goodtaofiq [a NLer] who support the running of the Cafe
Food / Re: Why Is Beans Not Served As Food When Having A Party? by ultraGM: 4:19pm On Mar 16
Well you may not have seen it in a party, but i have seen and eat in a Naming ceremony, in-fact i had to go and buy bread to jhoin it. Guest the Location it not even SouthWest, it at North- Kaduna
Politics / Re: Shocking Arms, Bags Of Money Seized As Troops Capture Boko Haram’s Armoury by ultraGM: 3:32pm On Mar 16
First of all the Money looks suspicious, my mind did not agree with the currency, that bulky N10 in bags, does that means the BH Boys and their sponsors are that poor to be keeping N10 bill in sack.
Also the weapons whose Logo do they bear
Whose Trade is on it
And which country produce it,
these are part of what the public should know, so we can deter our international enemies

Did i remember to say that the guns are rusty like its been used for the past 20 years, only few are new, where did they get the rusty one
And again whose trademark do the gun bear, and which country can it be trace to

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Politics / Re: Happy Birth Day Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo. by ultraGM: 11:26am On Mar 05
Happy Birthday Baba Olusegun ObasanjO
Ebora Owu, the Enigma from the Owu Kingdom
Born to Rule, Born to Serve, Born to Save
Olusegun Ajasegun, Obanisola, Oko Iyabo
Liberator of Democracy
Igba Odun, Odun Kan ni ... Aseyi samodun
Happy Birthdays
Politics / Re: Boko-Haram Kill 40 Students In Yobe by ultraGM: 2:18pm On Feb 25
This call for more Communication Infrastructure and more Security Personnel in our Institutions. If BH are targeting our schools too, then we should try to see what we can do to avert such another day incidence, at least our defense ministry must have been intelligent enough to learn the method of attack and target of this Group. Pls lets do something about it soon or we may not able to.
Education / Jamb2014 Cbt Screanshots by ultraGM: 11:34pm On Feb 07
With great expectation from like minded people, candidates eager to sit for the JAMB CBT exam.
Is there anybody in the house who has the screen shots of the CBT platform. At least to see what it looks like
i do not mean the Practise interface used at "".
Programming / Re: I Want To Start A Social Forum Like Nairaland: I Need Suggestions by ultraGM: 8:04am On Jan 30
I will suggest that you make contact with those who have done it before like @seun am sure the broad will open up, because I have read one of his article about that
Phones / My First Open Letter To MTN Nigeria by ultraGM: 4:06pm On Jan 18
JANUARY 18, 2013

I have been compelled to make this an open letter to your organization, and I believed an Open Letter got addressed soon these days.
There have been negligence on your part to meet the interest of many Nigerian and to keep to your business term.

Dear MTN, I acknowledge your effort in making what telecommunication industry is in Nigeria today; I also appreciate your impact on the social, academic, economic and even spiritual life of many Nigerian both home and abroad. Despite the afore said, I have something against your organization.

Some years back I lost my phone operational with MTN SIM card, I call your Customer Care to do Welcome Back but your representative insisted that I go to office because am unable give the details of the old SIM card pack which I have lost also. On visiting your office, I was denied of the Welcome Back because I don’t have the old SIM card pack. About four months later, I decide to try another Branch with the aim to explain myself better, one beautiful attendant, attend to me and explain that since I failed to do WB earlier the MTN line had been confiscated and I force to buy new SIM but threw away few months later because I hate 081xxxxxxxx and hate to hold it in my brain. As if Confiscating the Line would be the end of discussion.

About two years later some of my friends and family members who called me with that Number were surprise to hear a female voice who claimed the owner ship of my former Number, very strange! The number they have called me with even saved in their contact. At first I did not believed the story not until I called the number to confirm it. The woman started to rain down curses thinking that am a fraud and trying to dupe her because of my Bank Alert and other alert she do received (I supposed). This has cost me a lot of apologies to those who called the number and received explosion of curses from the new owner. I wouldn’t have bordered if confiscation is the end of that old number but selling it without my consent as the former older of the number. I your own case how will it be if Nigeria confiscate your Operational License for few month and the sell it to another Firm?

Am sure am not the only victim of this situation but my appeal to you is to think twice before continuing with this unprofessional adventure. This will not be my last open letter and I hope to write to you in future. My advice to prospective MTN SIM buyer is to beware of Second Sim Card.

Romance / Re: He Slept With A Married Woman Unknowingly - Please Advice by ultraGM: 5:25pm On Jan 16
You have done the proper thing by sending her packing once you knew of her marital status. That however does not cancel repercusion of sin earlier committed. That can only be cancelled by the help of God through earnest prayers! In the final analysis we have to appreciate the rule of God for sex only after marriage. God's rule is the best guarantee but we hardly measure up! If we however are not puffed up , defiant and froward, His mercies can see us through. But when we become presumptous and self willed, disaster is most likely. Genesis 20

In addition send eaither an OPEN LETTER or CLOSED to the Husband asking for forgiveness,
WHY: because you have to do restitution, but this do with counsel from elders or your spiritual leaders
Romance / Re: Funny Texts Sent To The Wrong Numbers by ultraGM: 5:10pm On Jan 16
Got this last year,
Sagir, why are you doing this to me, all this while i try to call you but you refuse to pick my call. Lov U

Two days later

Sagir, Pls i have offend you, just call me or pick my call so we can discuss how we can resolve the issue. Lov U

AT 2AM my nokia-touch-light rang out....
you can guess what next.....


Politics / Stella, Turai And Patience Which One Is Your Choice - Rate Them by ultraGM: 6:35pm On Jan 11
Stella Obasanjo (14 November 1945 – 23 October 2005) was the First Lady of Nigeria from 1999 until her death. She was the wife of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. She was not the First Lady in 1976, when Obasanjo was military head of state. She died while undergoing elective liposuction in an exclusive clinic in Spain.
She completed her education with a certificate as confidential secretary from the Pitman College in 1976. She returned to Nigeria in 1976 and soon after married General Obasanjo, who had become Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, following the assassination of General Murtala Mohammed. When she became Nigeria's First Lady in 1999, following the election of her husband as president, Obasanjo established Child Care Trust, for the care of underprivileged and/or disabled children. As first Lady of Nigeria, she joined the Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation and on 6 February 2003, she declared the day the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.

Hajiya Turai Umar Musa iar'Adua (born July 1957) is the widow of former Nigerian President and former Katsina State Governor Umaru Musa Yar'Adua. She served as the First Lady of Nigeria from 2007 until the death of her husband, President Yar'Adua, on May 5, 2010.
In September 2007, Turai was the guest of honor at the commissioning of the Mobility Aid and Braille Centre in Akure, Ondo State. The centre was built by the Handicapped Education Foundation (HANDEF), a non-governmental organization founded by Olufunke Agagu, then First Lady of Ondo State.

Patience Faka Jonathan (born 25 October 1957) is the current First Lady of Nigeria and a permanent secretary in her native Bayelsa state. She is married to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan.
Jonathan has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her philanthropic work and political pragmatism. She received the “Beyond The Tears” International Humanitarian Award New York, USA, in 2008, for her role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS; the African Goodwill Ambassador Award (Los Angeles, USA, 2008) and the recipient of the "Wind of Change" Award from the South/South Women’s Organization.
When Goodluck Jonathan served as Governor between 2005 and 2007, Patience Jonathan served the state in the capacity of the first Lady of Bayelsa State. During this period, she founded many philanthropic and women empowerment programs, among them are the A-Aruere Reachout Foundation (AARF), which she set up to improve the status and earning capacity of Nigerian women and youths. The foundation already has its focus on supporting and assisting children with heart-related problems.

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