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Politics / Re: Mercy Johnson Excited About Pastor Adeboye's Decison On Buhari/Osinbanjo Ticket by ultraGM: 9:54am On Dec 20
Good one!APC wants to bring dirty politics into the house of GOD.

we are tired of stealing is not corruption


Celebrities / Re: Photo: Chief Tony Anenih & His Young Wife by ultraGM: 4:20pm On Dec 19
That's why Bhuari want to be president at age 72years so that they can supply him with younger women.
majority of women will marry anything call money anywhere in the world. 99% money 1% emotional feeling.
That's the way it has been and will always.
Aninih not Buhari...Oponu

poo-Weed at Work
Religion / Re: Which Church Does Goodluck Jonathan Attend? by ultraGM: 3:39pm On Dec 19
He should be a member of Deeper Life because he so gentle


Nairaland / General / Re: Barcanista Is Back by ultraGM: 3:28pm On Dec 19
i was here
Nairaland / General / Re: Share Your BEDWETTING Experience As A Kid. by ultraGM: 2:33pm On Dec 19
Do it all night, I think too much day dreaming causes mine, as i like to do it a lot to the extent of extending it to sleeping period.
At time over play causes it sometimes. the only person that help is my mum who would wake up every quarter and ask me to go and offload the tank.
Politics / Re: Letter To Gen. Buhari By Prof. Banji Akintoye (A Must Read) by ultraGM: 11:45pm On Dec 18
Ahhhhh, no wonder ppl don't trust Yoruba ppl. Just because of Thiefnibu puppet as VP you guys are singing different songs jus now, jus now. Proudly Igbo man, if you get money Na for your pocket and your house. So long as my daily bread does not come through you, you are OYO. We forget easily and often, the North is in the mess they are now because of some ingrates and wicked ppl like Atiku, GMB, Babanhida that will rather 'selfishlessly' keep their ppl in a perpetual state of poverty just to have foolish illiterates to work with for popularity. In the North there is no middle class, just the supper rich and the paupers.
That's the kind of orientation you guys want for the young youths. Shine your eyes and be wise nawali or forever remain...
Sorry your are misinformed, upper, middle, lower exist in any community. The north you described id not that way, having stayed for more than 8yrs I can tell the fact and cause of poverty in the north.

Majority of youth here DP not bother to save for investment, that is why they spend as it comes.......more later
Politics / Re: Letter To Gen. Buhari By Prof. Banji Akintoye (A Must Read) by ultraGM: 11:40pm On Dec 18
Buhari ruled in the military era, thus he had the power to do add he wished without being questioned......we're talking about democracy here, where the president does not have the full right to determine who goes to prison........he can't even make a law without passing through the house...anything the house refuses can't be implemented. We're talking of a house full of corrupt people....for those of you clamoring for the so called change, I hope you're not bitterly disappointed......before anybody comes to lash me with abuses, I'm not siding with any party, just a concerned Nigerian.
thank you
Politics / Re: Letter To Gen. Buhari By Prof. Banji Akintoye (A Must Read) by ultraGM: 11:37pm On Dec 18
nice...... but still don't understand the purpose of the letter
Maybe you expect accusations as usual
To The man is the most faithful elder statesman that has comments on politics aa regards to Buhari, despite the fact tht he suffer under him, still provide reasonable comments,

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Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Court Sentences Two Men To Death For Stealing Fowls! by ultraGM: 12:30pm On Dec 18
This judgement can not and will not stand! How could the judge sentence them to death for stealing?
The judge forgot that stealing is not corruption ....
Education / Re: What Subject Made You Feel Like This When You Were In School? by ultraGM: 9:21am On Dec 16
Intro tech in junior second then agric in senior sec

You must have school in Government Secondary Day School
Politics / Re: APC Choosing Yemi Oshibajo As Buhari Vice, What Does That Amount To? by ultraGM: 9:17am On Dec 16
story for the gods.give me Amaechi anyday.he is a christian too.

What gives you confidence that SS and SE will not despise him, and he failed to deliver their vote, have not reason this could happen.
GEJ is winning SS and SE, while GMB North, the race is now Battle for the SW and GMB has took advantage of that.
If every thing turns equal you will will is the one with popular support.

Remember what brought GEJ to power was religious Card played in 2011, but now GMB played it first.
Politics / Re: The Buhari Ptf Days! The Untold Story by ultraGM: 9:01am On Dec 16
The same story can be dig out for your GEJ, during his administration in Bayelsa and in present Position, live in our face 20billion or 10billion is stilmissingng

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Politics / Re: What Is Man's Greatest Invention? by ultraGM: 8:41am On Dec 16
Even though it is be repeated gullible mind will still take it

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Politics / Re: Buhari Mate: RCCG Members Will You Vote Cos Osibanjo Is Your Pastor by ultraGM: 8:33am On Dec 16

If APC is so thoughtful and caring, what prevented them from making Osibanjo their presidential candidate?

They are just grasping at straws.
Must we tell you that presidential candidate are sponsored, you make expression of interest, But Oshinbanjo did not but why are you so ignorant.
Maybe PDP style of choose candidate rubbish your thinking
Nairaland / General / Re: At 34 His Father Still Beats Him In His Dreams; What Should He Do? by ultraGM: 4:40pm On Dec 14
Dont worry your problem is over
Just call your dad and ask him to forgive you if you ever offend him. Them leave the rest for God.

I will join you, Lets have a chain prayer

Leave prayer request. Remember to quote me
Politics / Re: APC Primaries Loss: Did Atiku's Native Doctors Deceive Him? - Opinion by ultraGM: 1:45pm On Dec 12
Well he could become One of Nigeria President if he change his ways and repent. We Nigerian dont trust him yet.
If he claim to Love Nigeria and Love to be a president, then he should do something tangible for us to see, not a million naira school, but what the masses will praise him for, then we may consider him.
Even OBJ cant stop him if we Nigerian love him
Education / Re: FG Loses Billions Yearly To Exam Malpractice – JAMB Registrar by ultraGM: 8:16am On Dec 12
I have always respect this man but with this he flop big time, Your so called JAMB sucks, you conduct business not exam.
Imagine a student claim he did not answer anything or much in a subject and he got some high mark unexpectedly.

lamented that billions of naira was being lost annually, to those he referred to as “examination malpractice practitioners

Ojerinde also disclosed that the Board was collaborating with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), to provide credible biometric data.

When and which year did He start combating Malpractice to have claim he looses Billions Annually, the CBT centers created are they the owner or they rented it, we are tired of rubbish infact #DibuMustGo

Sir with due respect you must be high with some weed when you made that statement, dont you know that 18yrs and above are expected to register with NIMC and you have candidate btw 16 to 17yrs

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Politics / Re: Politicians Exploiting Terrorism For Short-term Political Gains, Says CAN by ultraGM: 11:51pm On Dec 10
The Truth is that GEJ was warn not to contest for election by Men of God but he neglected the warning with a FALSE excuse never to contest for reelection. Despite the warning and revelation of what will happen he turn a deef ear to all their saying.
Now we are pretending as if we have forgotten the truth, the warning of God through his prophets.

Now see how he GEJ cant even stand by his word, pursuing reelection despite the fact that he promised
Politics / Re: Court Orders Immediate Seizure of Obasanjo's New Book. by ultraGM: 11:32pm On Dec 10
kids would know that OBJ is doing all these for selfish reasons and never for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

You are a sentimental liar
I want the secret of the politicians to be exposed to use so we can make use of them as a tool to develop our country by avoiding their ways and trap
Politics / Re: Court Orders Immediate Seizure of Obasanjo's New Book. by ultraGM: 11:24pm On Dec 10
Wow! These people and their intrigues.
This promises to be quite a series cheesy

**sipping ma kunun aya**

Which Area u dey pass me the bottle .....
Politics / Re: PDP Challenges Opposition To Present Both Buhari And Atiku Against Jonathan. by ultraGM: 10:49pm On Dec 10
y ιѕ ιт daт ιғ dey тaѕтe dιѕ POST dey wυd rada preғer 2 dιe dιa dan leave.. ιмagιne вυнarι conтeѕтιn ѕιnce 2003 тιl daтe.. aвeg na dιa PaPa ιnHerιтance nι.. ѕнow мe ѕυмвody dav neva вeen dιa в4 nd ι wυd caѕт мaι voтe.. Or else
Broad you schooled in Iran, abeg we no understand persian
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Finally Replies Iyabo, Says She Was Induced To Do ‘dirty Job’ by ultraGM: 4:43pm On Dec 09
truth is, obasanjo is one jobless old man. I actually pity him. mtchew

Liar! He is a farmer
Politics / Re: Politicians Beat Themselves At Kwara PDP Governorship Primary by ultraGM: 8:18am On Dec 09
Abeg make una stop fighting because of us we no send you to that level, but una fit jump fence sha

See how i got Adsense Approve Just Over Night
Romance / Re: Our Pastor Sided Him For "Punishing Me After Marriage" by ultraGM: 10:40pm On Dec 08
No no no

Dont Divorce, no divorce
If you divorce him you find it difficult to get a man that will satisfy you sexually. Remember he is the one that open the enclosed garden, and getting another guy with such a big stuff ......

Try to have a discussion with, let him tell you how he has lived and manage his sexual life from his teenage till the time you met him.
He may be obsessed with sex; probably he live most of his life been a virgin and you disvirgin him or at least been a virgin for a very long period.
To be Honest he really loves you and sighting what comes to his mind might be the night that the flowers bloom and he want the memory to last.
You know what, just try to have a marital discussion talk about sex and each other desire.
You might kill him if you divorce him..

Take care of your husband for me. Thanks

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Properties / Re: How Much Does Face Me I Face U Cost In Your Area by ultraGM: 8:56am On Dec 08
Local Area Low cost 10k - 15k per anum
Local area high cost 15k - 20k per anum

Cost Per Room

Suggesting from Kaduna south
Politics / Re: Court Stops Obasanjo From Publishing Autobiography by ultraGM: 6:46pm On Dec 07

I made my assertion based on firsthand knowledge about the contents of the book . The book ( unapproved ) was made available to all that matters even the judge sighted it too and this is the reason for his pronounced judgment .

Well any part '' content is centered on maligning someone else character" then such part should be remove from the book before publication and that settled the case
Politics / Re: Court Stops Obasanjo From Publishing Autobiography by ultraGM: 6:40pm On Dec 07
Pls Blog the book page by page we will follow and read them all.

Perhaps we will get to know the secret behind NIPP that has not been completed even though wikipedia say some (70%) must have been completed by now
Religion / Re: Share Your Prayer Request, Nairaland Pastors Will Pray For You by ultraGM: 11:44am On Dec 07
I have a pressing desire but can be fulfill if I become PRESIDENT of Nigeria.

My request is to become president of this Country even for three months
Romance / Re: Advice Please: My Neighbour's Wife Wants Me To Have An Affair With Her by ultraGM: 7:52am On Dec 07
If you dont cook the story, you are not firm in your rejection, you seems to be simple to her liking and judgin from the chat you enjoyed her eCompany.
Firstly you stop the fantasies you get chatting with her. block her from that whatsapp, if she reemerge block her again dont respond to her online and offline. Infact stop greeting her or responding to her again.

She will leave you alone sooner

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Politics / Re: Photo Of Obasanjo In 1998 Speaking To The Press On Release From Prison by ultraGM: 2:10pm On Dec 06
The greatest disservice abacha did to Nigerians was not executing that animal when he had him in cage. He would have saved Nigerian youths a lot of tribulations.

Then Nigeria would never had a President Call Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Democracy may have been worse or better

Nigeria would have split or remain

Many things may have been different
Politics / Kaduna:share The PVC Distribution Experience by ultraGM: 8:26am On Dec 06
INEC has scheduled the distribution of PVC in Kaduna and some other state to hold on 8th and 9th. The exercise is expected to commence by 8am.
But by what am experiencing, we are yet to see the INEC officials at their usual location.

what is the experience in. your area

Posting from Kabala West, Kaduna South
Religion / Re: Mohammed's Successor Advances On Jerusalem by ultraGM: 10:15am On Nov 26
Prophecy is coming to pass
All wanted to take Jerusalem

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