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Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 5:29pm On Sep 02, 2014
I'm here.

Besides, TiffanyJ, the characters are not complete.
Where is Linda?grin
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 7:38pm On Sep 02, 2014
* * *
'Mrs Annabel David, you are under arrest for the theft of two million naira from one Mr. Anthony Joseph'
'But I didn't take any money'
wailed Annabel David.
'You have to come with us to the station'
one of the policemen told her.
Tara had never expected this. Her mother being arrested was a blow. They had just moved into their new house at Narayi. The only things available were their boxes and a big matrass they bought with them. Tara was about to go and get something for them to eat when a knock came.
She had thought their new neighbours were here to welcome them. Tara unlocked the door to see two policemen. They introduced themselves and showed their identity cards.
The men had asked her mother if she was mrs David. On confirmation, they told her she was under arrest. Both Tara and Shan watched helplessly as their mother, handcuffed was led to the station. Shan, unable to bear it, burst into tears.
Tara asked one of the men where her mum would be taken to and was told the station at Sabo. Tara left Shan at home and quickly went after them. At the station, she was denied access to her mother.
One of the officers on duty adviced Tara to get a lawyer for her mum. He showed her an old newspaper of twenty four years. In it, Tara saw a picture of her mum; she looked young and innocent...and so full of life. The heading reads;
Tara shuddered. This clip implied that her mother had been wanted for over twenty four years but Tara was sure her mother didn't take the money. She alro knew that she wouldn't afford the services of a lawyer for her mum. Most importantly, Tara knew that her mother would not survive the trial!
After pleading to no avail, Tara finally left at 8:30pm. She stopped at a fast food joint and bought chips and eggs for Shan. On getting home, she found Shan fast asleep.
'poor Shan, she must have cried herself to sleep'
Tara was determined to get her mother out of the station. Even if it means swallowing her pride, and begging the almighty Anthony Joseph. If tomorrow came, come hell, come high water, her mother must be free. Unknowingly for Tara, tomorrow had a different story to tell! Tara could not sleep a bit. She had been thinking of their predicament. She checked the time on her phone and realized it was already 6am.
Tara went to the bathroom for a leisurely bath. She washed her hair, brushed her teeth then pulled a towel around her body. She used a portable dryer on her drenched hair. Tara went to the room to see Shan already up.
'Ta, good morning'
'Good morning my dear'
she opened her box for something to wear.
'Take a bath Shan, we are going to see mummy'
Tara saw Shan's eyes came alive at the thought of seeing their mother.
'I've missed her so much; I can't wait to see her'
She came out ten minutes later to see Tara all dressed up in a red sleeveless dress.
'Come on Shan; make it snappy, we are running out of time'
Shan, ran to her box and quickly decided on a pair of blue jeans and pink sleeveless dress. They hurriedly left home for the station, but not before stopping at a fast food joint for something to eat.
Both girls realized they had lost whatever appetite they had. They left the food, paid their bills and left.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:23pm On Sep 02, 2014
PrinceAdepoju: Wow.
I'm here.

Besides, TiffanyJ, the characters are not complete.
Where is Linda?grin
welcome sir. Please don't run faster than your shadow
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 10:10pm On Sep 02, 2014
At the station, Tara identified herself and made a request to see her mother.
'so you are the daughter of that armed robber who doesn't want to reveal where she is hiding the stolen money, isn't it?'
The officer on duty was a fat man with a hard brow.
'you are very ugly...and mean'
Shan shouted. Tara shot a warning look at Shan and admonished her to not say anothdr word. The man left his duty post, and before Tara knew his intention, slapped Shan twice, hard, on her face. The girl began wailing uncontrollably. Tara's anger got the better of her.
'You know that she had spoken the truth, don't you? You are ugly and mean. I dare you to lay a finger on either of us again!'
'what is happening here? What is the noise all about?'
Tara turned towards the direction of the sound. A man of fourty or so emerged from what seemed like an office. The mean officer began sweating. Tara noticed the fear in his eyes.
'Beg your pardon sir; these two girls need to be locked behind bars. They came from a family of thieves'
The man took a lonk at Tara and Shan.
'I am an inspector; tell me what the problem is and why this child is crying her eyes out'
Tara quietly explained to the man what had happened. She told him they did not want any trouble, they just wanted their innocent mother out of jail. The inspector made no effort to hide his anger.
He told the officer to never raise his hands on anyone again. He insisted that the man apologize to Shan, after which, he told them they couldn't see their mother because he had orders.
Tara dragged Shan away. They stood at the gate of the station. This was too much for them to bear.
She turned and behold, the almighty Anthony Joseph. Tara ran to the man and fell on her knees.
'Please, sir, release my mother. There must be another explanation on the missing money. My mother didn't take it'
'I trusted her and she betrayed me. I don't think I can ever forgive her'
Tara went on her knees and Shan followed suit. Tara began crying, pleading hysterically.
'I will let her go on one condition'
'what is it?'
she asked, eagerly
'you must agree to come with me to Abuja as my long lost daughter. Then and only then will i drop the charges against your mother'
He looked at Tara and slyly asked,
'Can you do all these?'
Tara knew she had no choice. It was her mother or her pride.
'I will do it, but before then, I want you to know jus how much i hate and despise you'
Anthony laughed out loud. His plans were working. This daughter of his just didn't know how important she was to him. He needed her for the money she didn't know she had.
Tara was an heiress and everything would work to his advantage. They all went back to the station. Dncuments were signed and within the hour, her mum was free. Shan went to her first. Tara realized that her mother was limping but she kept mute.
'Oh my babies, I miss you too much'
At the sight of Anthony, Tara saw her mother stiffened.
'Hurry up, will you? We are leaving today. Go get your bags'
'Tara? What is this man saying?
Her mother asked. Tara looked painfully at her mum and explained everything to her. Annabel began crying and reigning curses on Anthony.
'You wicked man, you have succeeded in taking my daughter from me. I had forgiven you for all you did to me. I shall never forgive you for taking my daughter from me'
Because Mrs. Annabel refused to get into Anthony's car, tara decided they took a taxi while Anthony followed at some pace. At home, she quickly packed a suitcase. Her mum and Shan had cried and begged her to stay.
Tara couldn't hold the tears any longer. She gave her mother the three thousand, five hundred naira from the money she brought back from school and waved them goodbye. She set off to Abuja with her father without knowing wha awaited her.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by jummy604(f): 9:31am On Sep 03, 2014
Waoh,this is going to b more than i expected

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Maryclaire1(f): 6:54pm On Sep 03, 2014
Loving it

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by silverdam(m): 2:04pm On Sep 04, 2014
Hi! Tiffany J, I'm so in love with your stories, I love it... Please I need your permission to post the stories on my blog www.tosinsilverdam.com. please I beg you. Please I'm definitely gonna acknowledge and credit you as the writer and owner of the story. Please!
Re: The Reluctant Bride by izibemeya: 3:40pm On Sep 04, 2014
Hi Tiffany, i think i have a copy of the reluctant bride because i usually download each page on my phone before reading but i will need to search for it and use a system to compile all and send it to you. You can send me your email... i will be so glad to help you out. You are indeed a great writer.
TiffanyJ: After this work got wiped out during the attack on Nairaland, my oga, Divepen, began reposting it for me but he too doesn't have the complete work and was forced to stop. I've received so many emails from readers to repost 'The Reluctant Bride' and so, i found myself doing just that.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by shakespen: 6:05pm On Sep 04, 2014
Hi guys, www.shakespen.com is a web platform that allows you write books, articles, songs(and upload an audio of the way it is sang) and lots more. ShakesPen does this in a social yet purposed manner. The website launches on october first wink ...yeah i know - independence. Registration is ongoing but you won't be able to login till the 1/10/2014. cool kiss
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 7:10pm On Sep 04, 2014
silverdam: Hi! Tiffany J, I'm so in love with your stories, I love it... Please I need your permission to post the stories on my blog www.tosinsilverdam.com. please I beg you. Please I'm definitely gonna acknowledge and credit you as the writer and owner of the story. Please!
thanks for loving my story but the truth is that i can't permit you to post my work in your blog. You are not the first, second or third guy asking me this but my reply will always be no. To avoid being sanctioned, please don't post my work in your blog. Thanks once again
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 7:15pm On Sep 04, 2014
izibemeya: Hi Tiffany, i think i have a copy of the reluctant bride because i usually download each page on my phone before reading but i will need to search for it and use a system to compile all and send it to you. You can send me your email... i will be so glad to help you out. You are indeed a great writer.
I will really be grateful sir. May God bless you.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 8:35pm On Sep 04, 2014
'Do you know that you have two elder brothers?'
Tara, sitting at the passenger seat of her father's jeep made no effort to answer the question. She simply ijgnored him.
'I will not tolerate this rudeness young lady. I will tame you even if it's the last thing I do'
Tara remained mute. She watched as her father drove past the NYSC orientation camp and realized for the first time that they were at the outskirt of Kaduna. She was now alone. She will soon meet a new family she never knew existed. What if her step mum hated her and treated her like a piece of trash, the same way Shan's father did?
Tara had never left Kaduna. She had lived all her twenty four years in Kaduna. Now she was leaving and she will be damned to let it known that she was scared. She was already missing her mother and Shan.
'We are here'
Tara had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't see them enter Abuja. Her father parked his car in front of a house with a giant red gate. She alighted, removed her suitcase from the car and followed her father inside. Her father knocked and a man of about fifty opened the gate.
'Good afternoon sir' said the security man
'Afternoon James is Henry at home?'
'He just drove in, sir'
'That is good. Take this suitcase in'
Tara handed over her suitcase to the security man. A red salon was parked at the right hand side of the house. The house was quiet that Tara wondered if people actually live here. The sitting room was decorated in red and white colour. The cushions were red in colour and the tiles milk, with a transparent glass centre table.
The place looked so perfect and spotless it intrigued Tara. At the other side of the room was a bar. Tara although doesn't drink, found herself wondering if the bar contained the best of wine, brandy and champaign.
'You did not tell me you are coming back today'
'Henry, is this how to greet your father?'
'welcome dad, oh my goodness! Who is this?'
'who do you think she is?' Anthony asked his son with a smile.
'Is she the lost daughter you went to get in Kaduna?'
'yes, her name is Tara'
'Dad, she looks just like grandmother.wow, wait until Jake sees her'
Tara looked at her brother, he was the direct image of his father. In him, she saw a younger version of her father. They were discusshng her like she was not there. This infuriated her.
'Hello, I'm here and I can hear you so stop discussing me like I'm not here'
'You see, this brat here not only resembles your grandmother, she's got her temper and stron will'
'Dad, she is not a brat, good God she is all grownup!'
Henry turned to her. He smiled and immediately melted her heart.
'Please, forgive my manners, I am your brother. I must say i'm glad to have you as my sister'
Tara nearly laughed out loud. It seemed she will get on well with this brother of hers. He was so easy to like. Anthony cleared his throat.
'I have an important meeting in port Hacurt. I leave Tara in your care for now'
'Okay dad, this will give us ample time to know each other better!'
'just tell your playboys friends to stay away from her'
'Never you worry about them Dad'
Anthony's tone became serious
'I'm warning you Henry, I don't want any story'
'come on dad, am not a kid, please'
'If you say so, goodbye to you two'
He said and strolled out of the house. Henry glanced at Tara, she didn't look happy at all. She looked drawned, tired and sad. Henry was determined to change that look. He hugged her tightly and said,
'Welcome to the family'

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by kadiriafolasade: 10:08pm On Sep 04, 2014
Tiff thanks for posting this work again cos The Reluctant Bride and False Pretence by Repo are the stories I usually read over and over again when I am idle before the crash.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 10:12pm On Sep 04, 2014
* * *
Jordan strolled into the sitting room and found his mother watching her favourite Telenovella, La Patrona. Jordan always wondered what good came from watching these soap operas. It baffled him that his mum created time from 9pm-10pm every night watching these craps. He went straight to his room for a quick bath. He thought of Henry and the surprise he had said will be waiting for him. Although Jordan was curios, he was too tired to drive down to Henry's so he just drove home from work. Tomorrow, he would create time for the suprise. Jordan emerged from the bathroom with only a towel covering his lower parts.
'sweetheart, i have been waiting for you'
He heard a female voice say. He turned to his bed, lo and behold was a semi unclad woman. She looked so sexy and beautiful, his mouth suddenly went dry. She was wearing a transparent red lingerie showing off her firm smooth bosom.
'Honey, come, I can make you the happiest man tonight' He heard her say.
'Who are you?'
Jordan woul have taken what was so freely given but he found himself comparing her with the little vixen he encountered in Kaduna. No, this lady didn't bring out the man in him. The mere thought of that vixen set him on fire.
He thought of his mother downstairs. She will definitely have a fit if she ever found out that her sweet Amanda so shamelessly offered herself to him. Although Jordan was a play boy and a rogue, he respected his mum so much that he didn't bring his ladies home. He also made a rule to stay away from female guests and maids in the house. This lady so looked like a slut he felt sorry for her.
'Get the hell away from my room' he barked.
'come on sweet, your mum doesn't have to know about this'
'you have ten seconds to leave my room, I assure you, i won't hesitate to throw you out'
she slowly left the bed and made for him. Jordan dodged, she neary fell down on the expensivd carpet. He quickly removed a pair of jean and shirt from his drawerr, get dressed and left in anger. Downstairs, the telenovela his mum was watching had just came to an end.
'Oh dear, you are back. How was your day?'
'Mum, what is Amanda still doing in this house?'
He asked his mother.
'I told her to stay here for as long as she pleases'
'Well mother, I don't want her here. Kindly tell her to move out'
Jordan said in controlled anger.
'Jordan Edward Nicholas, this is also my house and you are not my husband to tell me who I can or cannot invite here'
Jordan sense that his mum was angry but he was adamant about not living in the same roof with Amanda.
' Mother, please, for once, do this for me'
'Jordan, for once do something for me too. You are already thirty two without a wife or children. Do me this favouq and settle down with a woman'
Jordan simply retrieved his car keys and stormed out. He could barely control his anger. He decided to drive to his favourite spot for a drink. He didn't have one, he had four
He drove to Henry's flat and let himself in with the spare key at his disposal. Henry lived in a two bedroom flat and Jordan always occupied the second room whenever he was around. He clumsily entered the room, it was dark. He made no effort to switch on the light. He removed his clothes and fell on the bed.
There was a girl in the bed. He touched her, she opened her eyes. He saw the fear in them. Jordan's eyes got adjusted to the darkness. This girl so much reminded him of his vixen. Today was his lucky day; this must be Henry's surprise for him. He took a good look at the girl.
She seemed to be feigning innocence. Most of them do. Jordan was more than sure there was no ounce of innocence in this girl. Henry knew that virgins were not Jordan's type; he won't offer one to him.
He drew the cover away from her and realized she was only putting on an oversize T shirt and panties. The girl fought him like her life depended on it. Although Jordan was very drunk, he tried to gather his scattered wits. He needed to go slowly with her. The girl chose that moment to let out a scream. He quickly covered her mouth with his while his hands did justice to her shirt

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by BashirAhmad1(m): 10:18pm On Sep 04, 2014
Wow! Happy again, Tiffy you really love us as we love you, I can tell you I didn't visit NL more than 5 times since the end of MHO, I really miss it, but now it came back once again.

smiley grin sad kiss

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 8:51am On Sep 05, 2014
kadiriafolasade: Tiff thanks for posting this work again cos The Reluctant Bride and False Pretence by Repo are the stories I usually read over and over again when I am idle before the crash.
thank you ma. You, i'm glad that i am re-posting this work again
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:01am On Sep 05, 2014
BashirAhmad1: Wow! Happy again, Tiffy you really love us as we love you, I can tell you I didn't visit NL more than 5 times since the end of MHO, I really miss it, but now it came back once again.

smiley grin sad kiss
thank you sir, i'm blushing already and i pray you find this interesting.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by MidieMeliss(f): 11:26am On Sep 05, 2014
TiffanyJ oooo...oya post ooo. Na beg we dey beg oo

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 11:39am On Sep 05, 2014
O boy see as d thn dey sweet...

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Komzzy1(f): 12:09pm On Sep 05, 2014
Abeg post this tori too sweet
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Supremor(m): 1:05pm On Sep 05, 2014
So much loving this God bless you Tiffany waiting for the next update
Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 1:51pm On Sep 05, 2014

Poor Tara sad
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:37pm On Sep 05, 2014
* * *
Henry had told her he would not be spending the night at home. He had instructed her to luck up all the doors and windows in the house.tara didn't make the attempt of asking her brother where he would be spending the night. After all, it wasn't her business and Henry was an adult. Henry had also told her that he kept mony in a drawer close to his bed; she was free to take some if the need arises. He had apologized again for having to leave her alone on her second day in Abuja but had promised to take her on a tour around the capital'
As soon as Henry left, Tara had called her mother and realized they were coping well with her absence. She had promised to visit them soon and was trying to tell them about Henry when her airtime got exhausted. She had walked to the kitchen and made a late supper of spaghetti. Her brother seemed to be very neat and organized. She did the dishes and felt so tired she decided to retire early. She quickly lucked up the door and had a bath.
She decided to sleep in the oversized T-shirt Shan had given her on her twenty second birthday. Immmediately she hit the bed, Tara fell asleep. Soon, she felt someone on the bed with her. At first, Tara thought she was dreaming. The person touched her, the hands were big...too big to be Shan's or her mother's. She snapped her eyes open and find herself staring at a man.
Tara was too astonishdd to even make a sound. Theman touched her again and fear gripped her for the first time. She kicked and fought to no avail. The man was simply too strong for her. Tara let out a scream. She knew it was a foolhardy thing to do as no one will here. She screamed again but the man covered her mouth with his. Tara couldn't breath; she fought for air and thought she would die. When the man caught her twn hands captive with his left hand then used his right hands to touch her bosom, she nearly threw up the spaghetti she had eaten.
She fjelt alchohol in his breath. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt so feeble and frustrated. When she felt a sharp pain, Tara nearly fainted. She lay there while the man abused her. When he was through, he immediately fell off her and began snoring. Tara had slowly and painfully left the bed. She felt so bruised and humiliated. She went to the bathroom and threw up her supper. She had another bath and scrubbed her body until it hurts. She dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank top and slowly walked out of the flat. She was crying and didn't see the black saloon parked in the compound. At the gate, the security man was snoring. Tara let herself ou and walked blindly away. She just wanted to get as far away from the flat as she could.
* * *
His head hurts like craze. It felt as if someone was pounding yam inside his head. Jordan slowly opened his eyes and saw a ray of sunshine. He checked the time and realized it was already 10am and he was late for work. Something didn't feel right. He thought of the previous evening then froze.
'what have I done?'
He remembered vividly how he had molested a lady. Jordan had never forced himself on a woman before. He felt so ashamed of his behaviour he nearly wept. He wondered aloud why Henry offered a virgin to him. Virgins were not his type. He shuddered when he remembered the fear in her eyes. He made a mental note to look for the gir, apologize to her then pay her some money. Good God, he didn't even use contraceptive. He had broken three of his rules for the first time last night.
'Jordan, what are you doing here?'
He heared Henry asked.
'Oh Henry good morning. Why did you give me such a suprise? He asked.
'Jordan, where is Tara?'
'who is Tara? Oh the lady you brought to me as a gift? Why did you offer me a virgin?'
'what virgin?' what are you talking about? Wait, you didn't sleep with Tara, Did you?'
'well, if Tara is her name, i was drunk and i shamelessly forced myself on her'
Hdnry rushed at him. He punched Jordan three times, Jordan who was already in a foul mood hit Henry back.
'Jordan, you are my best friend and you just molested my inmocent sister'
'Henry, i've known you for over a decade, you do not have a sister'
'I only just found out about her. She is our long lost sister. I wanted to introduce you to her'
Jordan went stilled.
'My God, Henry, am so sorry, believe you me i never knew. I would have never lay a hand on her'
Henry wanted to kill his best friend of over ten years. He thought of Tara and felt so much anger towards Jordan. Standing up, he looked straightinto Jordan's eyes and spoke in a voice void of emotions.
'You are going to make right what you did wrong. You shall marry Tara immediately or you and I will have serious problems'
'no, i won't marry her'
Jordan shouted in anger

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:12am On Sep 06, 2014
MidieMeliss: TiffanyJ oooo...oya post ooo. Na beg we dey beg oo
ma'am, i am honoured to have you here. Updates will come once or twice in a day depending on how less busy i am. I might also update three times a day.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:16am On Sep 06, 2014
Komzzy1: Abeg post this tori too sweet
you're welcome aboard ma.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:18am On Sep 06, 2014
Divepen: O boy see as d thn dey sweet...
oga divepen you dey so? Long time sir, how have you been sir
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:31am On Sep 06, 2014
Supremor: So much loving this God bless you Tiffany waiting for the next update
thank you and welcome aboard
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:49am On Sep 06, 2014
PrinceAdepoju: Asssssssh,

Poor Tara sad
abi? How fa with u sir?
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 7:32am On Sep 06, 2014
oga divepen you dey so? Long time sir, how have you been sir
Iv been fine ma...See somethn ....

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by arabaribiti(m): 5:19pm On Sep 06, 2014
See my wife you just pack ur bag from house to come stay in the hotel alone abeg if nA play make you stop am nice up date my love

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:57pm On Sep 06, 2014
arabaribiti: See my wife you just pack ur bag from house to come stay in the hotel alone abeg if nA play make you stop am nice up date my love
my oga, i thought you've read 'The Reluctant Bride' that was why i no carry you come with me. I'm really sorry o. How have you been?
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 8:11pm On Sep 06, 2014
'I won't marry her' Jordan repeated.
'The hell you will Jordan, or else, this city will not contain us'
Henry shot back.
'Henry, you know how I feel about tying the the knot. You too have the same feelings. I just can't marry her'
'You can Jo, you must' Henry retorted.
'What if this act of foolishness gets her pregnant?'
The thought of getting a stranger with child set Jordan off balance. Henry marched out in search of the security man. He found him taking breakfast of pap and bean cake.
'When did Tara leave this house?'
'I didn't see her leave sir'
Henry knew he had to go search for her. He went in for his car keys and found Jordan in the sitting room.
'Jordan, you have three days to make a decision'
He didn't wait for Jordan's reply. He went in search of her. Where on earth would she be? He wondered. Tara had told him she had never been to Abuja. Henry found himself praying for the safety of Tara. He quickly made a decision to drive within the neighbourhood first. He has to find her and God help him, Jordan must marry her.

* * *
Tara, dewy-eyed walked and walked around without knowing where she was actually going. When her feet rebeled against her, she decided to take shelter in an uncompleted building. Luckily for her, no one seemed to be in. Tara had no more tears to shed. She sat down in a corner and stared blankly at the sky. She heard the rooster crow and knew it was morning already. Maybe her step father was right; she was a Jinx even to herself. Tara desperately needed her mother but she knew it was impossible.
At Dawn, Tara resumed walking. She didn't say a word to anyone. She walked like a walking dead for hours. Time stopped working for her and when she felt herself falling, she welcomed the warm embracing darkness of oblivion.
* * *
Henry was desperate. He had been searching for Tara all day without success. He decided to take the matter to the police. His father would surely have his hide. Henry thought miserably. He entered a filling station for fuel. After filling his tank, he left with a mix feeling. Could she have gone to Kaduna? So deep was he in his thoughts that he nearly drove past a crowd on the road side.
He halted, his instincts having told him to have a look. If it's an accident, he may volunteer to transport the casualties to the hospital. This good samaritan deed may make God answer his prayers in finding Tara. He elbowed his way into the crowd. He found Tara on the ground. She must have fainted. He quickly went on his knees.
'Tara, Tara, can you hear me?'
No response. He explained to the crowd that she his sister. He carried her to his car and drove away. At home, he found Jordan already gone so he laid on the red leathered couch at the palour. Henry put a call through to Linda, his favourite lover. He needed her help in nursing Tara back to health.
* * *
Jordan drove home looking like he had not slept for days. In truth, he had not slept for three days. As soon as he had left Henry's house three days ago, he had called his secretary and instructed her to cancel all his appointments for the week, after which he switched off his phone. He had lodged in a modest hotel and spent two whole days drinking in misery. He ate little and never left his room. Jordan thought about life and all the time he had wasted womanizing. He decided to marry the girl. It was the best thing to do and it would put a stop to his mother's madness of matchmaking. Jordan never ran from his responsibilities, he wouldn't start now. After making this decision, he had a bath and checked out. He drove home straight and found his mother having a chit chat with Amanda.
'mother, you've won, I'm getting married'
'Are you? Oh Amanda,I'm so happy for you two. Why ever didn't you tell me?'
'mother, who the hell is talking about Amanda. Am getting married to Tara'
'who is Tara?'
'She is Henry's sister'
'But Henry doesn't have a sister'
'Tara is Mr Anthony's long lost daughter'
she rushed to her son. 'I'm glad you are finally getting married'
'Amanda, I will like to talk to my mum in private'
'Oh ofcourse, I will be in my room' she stood up and left.
'what is wrong?' his mother asked.
Jordan slowly explained everything to her. She told him how he disappointed her by stooping so low as to force himself on a lady.
'mother, I want to wedding to hold soonest. She might get pregnant'
* * *
Amanda furiosly smashed a mug on the wall. He plans were not working. She would never let Jordan marry that tramp. Jordan would marry her or no one else. If need be, that Tara of a girl must be eliminated immediately. Jordan's mother seemed to see nothing wrong with her soon marrying a tramp.
'By the time i'm done with you, Tara, you will know that you just bit more than you can chew. I am on a mission to marry Jordan Nicholas. I must succeed at all cost'
she vowed

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INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship / Bukky Alakara / My Complicated Love Story

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