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Ìyàwó Wa (our Bride) / The Reluctant Bride By Tiffanyj. / Child Bride (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Aipete2(f): 12:11am On Sep 12, 2014
Mr Anthony thats not fair oh

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by orla01(f): 6:33am On Sep 12, 2014
I can't get bored of reading TRB well done TiffanyJ.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 10:06am On Sep 12, 2014
Tiffany double darling, pls upload more! I am sooooo hooked kiss

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:10pm On Sep 12, 2014
* * *
'Tara, get back to your room', Mr Anthony yelled at her.
'But I want to go with him'
'And I just said you are not going. After all, I'm back and you are my responsibility'
Henry decided to intervene.
'Dad, please stop yelling at her. Allow me to take her home with me. I promise you, you won't regret it'
'Henry, the last time I asked you to baby sit her what happened? She got assaulted by your friend' Anthony's word annoyed Henry deeply.
'okay, dad, we've heard you but can you kindly stop shouting at us? We are no longer kids. If you continue like this dad, it shan't end well', Henry angrily drove out of his father's house.
'But what about my suitcase?'
'My driver shall get it back for you'
Tara walked back to her room, very sad. Two weeks with Anthony Joseph was like two decades in hell. A tap came at her door.
'come in'' Tara answered
Joy came from the door.
'Miss Tara, should I send up your lunch or will you prefer to go downstairs?'
'please send it up'
The maid disappeared from the room. Five minutes later, another maid appeared with Tara's food. Although Tara didn't feel a bit hungry, she forced herself to eat little from the fried rice given to her. She lay down and soon began sleeping. When she finally snapped her eyes opened it was already 10pm. She looked around the room and found at suitcase. She showered, brushed her teeth and put on a peach nighties. Tara concluded that she would call Grace to send her remaining things in school to Abuja instead of Kaduna. She desperately needed more clothes and she won't stoop so low as to ask the almighty Anthony. A maid tapped on her door and asked if she wanted her supper.
'I'm not hungry'
Tara replied and the maid walked away. Tara vowed to stay as far away from her father...even if it meant locking herself in this room 24/7.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by Ella72: 12:22am On Sep 14, 2014
Hi Tiffany! Hv bn following u keenly frm A man to call her own. I must say u are doing a good job n I cnt help but keep logging on to nairaland to see if u be made updates. I love The reluctant bride too but the updates are nt frequent...pls do update for us. Shout outs from Ghana.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 4:36pm On Sep 14, 2014
Aipete2: Mr Anthony thats not fair oh
madam, I thought you've read TRB already.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 4:47pm On Sep 14, 2014
orla01: I can't get bored of reading TRB well done TiffanyJ.
thanks my dear. May God bless you.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 4:49pm On Sep 14, 2014
Am loving this!!!

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 4:50pm On Sep 14, 2014
moreeni: Tiffany double darling, pls upload more! I am sooooo hooked kiss
tnx ma. Leme quickly make an update.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 4:54pm On Sep 14, 2014
titigold: Am loving this!!!
thank you ma, leme make an update now
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:02pm On Sep 14, 2014
Ella72: Hi Tiffany! Hv bn following u keenly frm A man to call her own. I must say u are doing a good job n I cnt help but keep logging on to nairaland to see if u be made updates. I love The reluctant bride too but the updates are nt frequent...pls do update for us. Shout outs from Ghana.
thanks alot ma'am. The thing is that i'm sort of busy but my updates will become more frequent.
My next work will be titled 'Deceitful couple'. I couldn't start it because I'm a bit busy.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:40pm On Sep 14, 2014
As soon as she realized it was morning, Tara decided to call her mother and tell her about the engagement. No sooner had she hanged the phone when her father cleared his throat. She never heard him come in. She tried to remember what she and her mum had discussed. She had told her everything that had happened and Anthony heard everything.
'Tara, whenever I look at you, I see the woman who betrayed me and stole from me'
Tara wisely remained mute.
'you shall no longer eat in your room. You will always come downstairs and dine with me' Anthony barked.
'It's obvious you don't like me. Please allow me to go home to my mother', Tara sobbed.
'You shall remain here for the next two weeks. When you leave here, it will be that you are going to your husband's house. Now Tara, hand over your phone. You shall no longer communicate with that thief'
Tara took a step backward.
'Please, don't seize my phone. Don't stop me from communicating with my family', Tara now cried in earnest.
'I am now your family, now hand over the phone'
Tara refused to. Anthony unbuckled his belt.
'Tara, don't tempt me'
seeing the belt, her body trembled. She was so scared.
'Please don't flog me, I beg you!'
Anthony used the belt on her. Tara bit her lips to stop her from shouting. He slashed it on her again and she screamed. He retrieved the phone from her and walked out. Tara wouldn't stop crying. Her eyes were swollen. Anthony was bend on killing her! An hour later, a maid tapped on her door. Tara refused answering. The maid announced that Mr. Nicholas was waiting downstairs. Tara ignored her. The maid returned twenty minutes later, still, Tara ignored her. Suddenly, the door opened and in came Jordan.
'Tara, for Pete's sake, stop being dramatic'
He stopped at her bed. Tara was lying on her side, facing the wall. Jordan sat down on the bed. He was losing his patience with Tara already.
'Tara, my mother altered her schedules for you. The least you can do is show your appreciation by going to her'
Tara turned to him in tears.
'Jordan, please, lets get married this saturday. Please'
Jordan realized she was crying. She looked sick and vulnerable in her nightie. It dawned on him that Tara didn't seem to care the least that she was half unclad and alone with him in a room.
'Tara are you sick?' Her temperature seemed normal to him.
'please Jordan; take me away from this place'
Her body was shaking in desperation. Jordan was confused. What was going on here? He asked himself.
'Tara, please talk to me. What's making you to cry?'
Tara jus shook her head. Jordan's instincts told him something was wrong but he couldn't place his fingers on it. Jordan didn't know why her tears break his heart. He pulled her to him and embraced her. She went willingly into his arms crying like a baby.
'Tara, please don't cry'
He patted her back affetionately. His hands moved to her shoulders and Tara grimaced. Jordan saw her. What is happening? He touched her again, this time, she winced. Jordan didn't wait to think. He swiftly turned her back to him and lifted her nightie as high as he could. Tara tried a protest but Jordan's right hand stopped her.
'Oh my God!'
Two big welts were visible. Jordan let go of Tara's hands. He made to touch one of the welt but Tara moaned painfully.
'Tara, who did this to you?'
Jordan asked in a barely contained anger. He turned her to face him. Only one person could do this to her. The person who horsewhipped her was the same person who hit her a day before their introduction. Only her father could do this.
'Tara can you stand?'
'I want you to get dressed. I'm taking you to see a doctor'
Jordan walked to the polour. He knew Tara's stubborness and temper. But still, her father shouldn't have horsewhipped her. Tara emerged from her room twenty minutes later. Jordan saw her grimed face and wondered what kind of man Anthony was. Jordan introduced Tara to his doctor. The man took a look at the welts in her back and prescribed some drugs and ointment for her. Jordan thanked dr. Gad and took Tara home to his mother.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by stunningjudy(f): 7:07pm On Sep 14, 2014
TiffanyJ, nice story but pls try and update often or when u do, mk it lengthy

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:08pm On Sep 14, 2014
stunningjudy: TiffanyJ, nice story but pls try and update often or when u do, mk it lengthy
okay ma. Your observations are noted
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 10:39pm On Sep 14, 2014
* * *
Tara couldn't believe her eyes. Jordan's house was painted in white with glasses everywhere. Tara realized that this house was twice the size of her father's house. She observed about ten cars in the compound with gardens. Gosh, this place was too big to be a house. Jordan escorted Tara to the sitting room. Everything her spoke money. Tara looked at the lemon green leathered cushions in utter answered. A very beautiful and elegantly woman walked gracefully to Tara. Tara immediately sensed she was meeting Jordan's mother.
'Tara my dear, welcome home'
Jordan's mother attempted to give Tara a hug but Jordan quickly stepped between them.
'Jordan, what is the matter?'
'mother, Tara is a bit under the weather'
Tara stepped away from behind Jordan. She bent as low as she could while greeting her future mother-in-law.
'Good afteroon ma! She said quietly.
'Oh mine! Jordan, she really looks ill', turning to Tara, she said ' Please call me mother. Come, have a seat, tell me about you'
Tara told them as little as she could.
'mother, Tara needs to eat'
A tall lady worked in. She was fair in complexion and very beautiful. The lady looked so different from the other Nicholas's Tara had met.
'Tara, meet Amanda, she is a guest of ours. Amanda, meet Tara, Jordan's fiancee'
Jordan's mother cut in. Tara told her goodmorning. The lady didn't answer her.
'Tara, please stop disgracing Jordan. Why are you wearing cheap clothes? Jordan dear, your wife to be needs a lesson in fashion. Look at her, coming here like a begger'

Amanda spit out. Tara felt so embarrassed, she wished the ground opened and swallowed her up. So her clothes were cheap?
'Amanda', Jordan barked ' apologize to Tara immediately'
'but i just spoke the truth, why should I apologize?'
Jordan's mother intervened.
'Amanda, you have to apologize to Tara. As far as i'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with her dress'
'Okay then, Tara please accept my apologies'
'Don't mention'
Tara forced herself to reply. Jordan led her to the dining room. Tara feeling Amanda's gaze on her couldn't take a bite.
' Tara what did you study?' Amanda asked sweetly.
'well, I'm not a graduate. I was in two 200L at the Ahmadu Bello University when I dropped out'
'But why?' Amanda persisted.
'My mother couldn't afford it anymore'. Amanda smiled, happily.
'does that mean you are from a poor family?'
'yes, is there anything wrong with that?'
'well, it's just that...'
Jordan cut Amanda short.
'Amanda, that's enough. I have heard about enough of you meddling in my affairs'
'God, Jordan, whatever did you see in her? Mother, this girl is a gold digger, look at her, looking all innocent. She is nothing but a street gir'
'Amanda, Jordan is an adult , he has made his decision. I won't tolerate this behaviour from you again' , Mrs. Nicholas angrily told Amanda.
Tara excused herself and ran out of the house. Jordan looked at his mother.
'I want Amanda out of this house'
He stood up and went after Tara.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 11:26pm On Sep 14, 2014
abi? How fa with u sir?
I dey oo.
I just dey gbadun you gan.

Well done, ma'am.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 8:48am On Sep 15, 2014
As soon as Jordan left, Mrs. Nicholas said to Amanda, 'You know, you over step your boundaries. You need to apologize to both of them'
Amanda, knowing she had allowed her emotions speak for her decided to make amend. She went after Jordan and Tara. She found Jordan starting the car. Tara sat erect at the passenger's seat looking flush and beautiful. Seeing Tara like that...having all of Jordan's attention fueled Amanda's fury and hatred of Tara.
She smiled sweetly at them. Jordan spoke first.
'Amanda, stay the hell away. You've done enough damage already'
'Jordan, I'm here to apologize to Tara', turning to Tara, she said pleadingly, ' Tara, please don't go. I admit that I over reacted. Please forgive me and come back to the house,. Please'
Tara remained mute. The lady insulted her back there. Looking at Amanda's eye, Tara knew that her apologies were insincere. Tara was an excellent judge of character. Her instincts told her Amanda was evil, therefore dangerous. Tara was glad that Amanda wasn't Jordan's sister. She decided to tolerate her for as long as she could.
'Tara?', she heard Amanda say.
'Okay Amanda, you are forgiven. Jordan, please lets get back inside. I need to apologize to your mother'
They alit from the car.
'Oh Tara thank you so much. I know the two of us are going to be friends' , Amanda exclaimed.
Jordan, leading Tara back to the mansion hoped not. He disliked Amanda and knew she would be a bad influence to his innocent Tara. Amanda rushed to Tara for a hug but Jordan quickly stepped between them. Amanda's temper knew no bound. Who the hell did this Tara of a girl think she was? Is she some sort of gold that even Amanda couldn't hug? Amanda thought bitterly. They walked back into the house. Tara went to Jordan's mother.
'Ma, I behaved very rude to you by walking out on you. I have no excuse for my actions. I'm very sorry ma'
Jordan's mother looked at Tara, this girl was well-mannered and disciplined. Her mother did a good job with her her. She was glad jordan was marrying her.
'my child, I said you should call me mother and to tell you the truth, I'm not the least angry. Come, sit by my side'
Tara went willingly and sat at the lemon green cushion beside Jordan's mother.
'Come to think of it, Jordan, we need to redecorate your room to Tara's taste. After all it will also be her room soon' Her mother-in-law put in.
'Oh yes mother, it should commence right away, I mean with Tara's approval', He looked tenderly at Tara.
'What colours will you prefer, my sweet?'
Tara was at a lost what to say. It had never occurred to her that when they get married, she and Jordan will live in his family house. She wondered if she would ever be comfortable here.
'Tara, feel free to make a choice', she heard her future mother-in-law say.
'Jordan, are we going to live here?' Tara couldn't help asking.
'of course, my swee, I grew up here. This shall be your new home. You will love it'.
Tara shifted uncomfortably. Both Jordan and his mother realized that Tara might not actually want to live in the mansion.
'Come sweet; let me show you my room. You can change anything you want'
Tara remained seated.
'Go on Tara. As i have said earlier, you are free to make any changes you so wish to'
Jordan's mother urged her.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 8:49am On Sep 15, 2014
Amanda na were girl o.I doubt if she has ever heard of subtle hints...oluya!


Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 5:29pm On Sep 15, 2014
moreeni: Amanda na were girl o.I doubt if she has ever heard of subtle hints...oluya!
subtle hints? I've never heard of it too. What does it mean?

Well done, TiffanyJ.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Aliyuozioma(f): 10:43am On Sep 16, 2014
nyc story, waitn 4mor update following
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 12:25pm On Sep 16, 2014
Tara self-consciously rose to her feet. It was obvious to Jordan that she was not comfortable. He took hold of her left hand and led the way to his room. The house was just too big. Everything here was organized. Maids seemed to be everywhere working. Hand in hands, Tara and Jordan climbed the stairs. Jordan led her to another door and they came upon a long corridor with rooms. He opened the door to the third room. He urged her in. Tara, never in her wildest dream expects to see a room like this... The room was large. Maybe, Tara thought, it may be measured up to their tiny flat in kaduna-well; the flat was not theirs anymore. She observed that the room was painted in cream and dark brown. The cream colour dominated the chocolate colour. Her eyes drifted to the large bed in the centre of the room with cream and a touch of dark brown bedspread. Four people could lie comfortably on the bed. The curtains were cream and brown in colour.
This room didn't have tiles. A very expensive looking red rug carpet dominated the floor. A very big television hung on the wall. She observed a big dressing mirror by the side of the bed with drawers which she guessed must have contained some of Jordan's clothes.
'This room is beautiful,no I won't change a thing', Tara told Jordan timidly.
'Are you sure?'
'Come let me show you the bathroom'
Tara hesitated. She felt awkward being alone with him.
'Jordan, I don't want to live here. Can't we just rent an apartment somewhere else?'
'why don't you want to live here?'
Tara didn't know how to tell him she felt out of place in this beautiful and luxurious house. He sat on the bed and asked her to follow suit. She did.
'We have alot to talk about. Why did your father horsewhiped you?'
'none of your business'
'we are getting married in less than two weeks, it's my business'
Jordan already knew she wouldn't tell him. Her pride wouldn't let her!
'Tara, you request we get married this saturday. I'm really sorry, we can't. My father has an important meeting on that day and the wedding can't hold without him'
'okay', Tara answered.
'I grew up here Tara. I want our children to also grow up here'
At the mention of children, Tara shuddered. If she ever had children for him, she just knew they would really be beautiful.
'But what if I...'
Jordan cut whatever she inteded saying with a kiss. Tara tried to resist but Jordan persisted and she soon found herself responding. A door opened and Amanda walked in on them. While Tara tried to hide her flush face, Jordan tried to control his anger.
'Amanda, get out of this room' Jordan yelled.
'But mother asked me to call Tara. She wants to introduce her to the maids'
'Amanda, you are educated and there is a door? Or can't you knock?'
'I thought she's innocent, now I know she's not'
Amanda swirled out of the room. Jordan led Tara to his mother where she was introduced. They had a quiet supper before Jordan decided it was time for her to go back home. Tara bid Jordan's mother and Amanda goodnight. She noticed that Jordan was a careful driver. He dropped her at home and bid her goodnight. She went up to her room, took a bath and called on Joy to help apply ointment on her back. It was no news to the maids that Anthony had horse whipped his newly arrived daughter. Tara drifted into a dreamless slumber.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by debybeautyworld(f): 12:35pm On Sep 16, 2014
mummy Tiffany tnk u oooo, its really delicious but e no belle full me ooo

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by D9ty7(m): 12:39pm On Sep 16, 2014
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Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 3:42pm On Sep 16, 2014
Where is it done to marry and live in your parents' house? Atleast not in Nigeria...or perhaps Yoruba land.

Jordan, change your mind, please. You don't expect Tara to live happily in your Mother's house, do you?

I salute you jare, ma'am TiffanyJ.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Aipete2(f): 9:54am On Sep 17, 2014
Lolz its ntn prince Adepoju. If there's love then . . . . . . .

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:29pm On Sep 18, 2014
'Tara, wake up' her father shouted.
Tara quickly became alert. What had she done wrong? She wondered.
'I'm travelling to port Hacourt this morning. I have an important business meeting and I might not be back till next week'
He gave her an ATM card. Buy whatever is needed for the wedding. Behave yourself because I don't want to have to hit you again.
'Safe trip', she told him.
'thanks', he replied.
She took her bath, Joy came in to apply ointment on her back. After taking a breakfast of tea and bread, Tara decided to read a novel.
'How is my beautiful Tara doing?', Linda said, entering the room.
Tara smiled, quickly gave her a hug, minding her wounds at the back. After greeting and chatting, Linda asked Tara when she intended to shop for her wedding is next week, Linda said in all serousness.
A maid appeared at the door.
'Miss Tara, Mr. Nicholas request your presence downstairs, he said to tell you it's urgent'
'Tell him I will be there shortly'
The maid disappeared. Tara dragged Linda downstairs to see Jordan dressed in a suit. Tara thought he must be the most handsome man on earth. He greeted them and told Tara he was travelling to Lagos. One of the hotels they were building suddenly collapsed. He needed to be there as his father was away on another business trip. He handed an ATM card to her and told her to buy whatever she would need for the wedding.
'When do you think you will return?' she asked him.
'I really don't know Tara; it depends on the situation there'
Jordan bent and kissed her on the forehead before leaving.
The week went so rapidly Tara couldn't believe it. Time seemed to run faster than the wind. Tara hardly had time for herself. Linda dragged her around Abuja to shop. They had bought almost everything. From slippers, dresses, skirts, hand bags, inner wears, jeans to nighties. Tara had been awed by the amount of money they were spending.
'Jordan will kill me', rhe told Linda.
Linda laughed, 'Tara, I kept telling you, Jordan won't even miss the money'
'of course he will. I don't want to be extravagant'
Tara had wailed. Linda looked at Tara and said
'Tara, you are getting married, not to any man but to Jordan Nicholas. You need to dress and appear as the wife of the millionaire'
Tara still wouldn't here of it.
'Tara' Linda continued, 'I don't mean to insult you but do you think you will go to Jordan's house with your old clothes? I'm sure you too had seen how Jordan dresses. All his clothes and shoesare designers. He will expect you to do the same'.
And so, they had shopped and shopped and time kept runing. Tara had adamantly refused to buy any jewelries.
'No Linda, I have spent more money than I can count for'
Linda had seen Tara's stubborn jaw and had given in.
'The last on our list are your wedding gown and shoes'
Linda announced to Tara during lunch two days to the wedding. Tara's stomach churned. She had been delibrately delaying this. The truth was, as the wedding got closer, Tara has been panicking. She was scared, jumpy and woeful. Tara couldn't help but to speculate what shall be expected of Jordan Nicholas wife. She was not silly; she knew she had duties to perform to Jordan. Over the last week, she had bought another phone in which she communicated with her mother and Shan. Jordan made it a habit of calling her every morning by 7am. Their conversations had always been brief. Her bruises had healed. Her father had left a message that he should be expected the next day which was Thursday.
Her stomach churned again at the thought of her father. She had deliberately refused to touch a dime from his ATM card.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 6:50pm On Sep 18, 2014
Tara.... Change your mentality.
You know sometimes, I always wish some stories were happening to me.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by Supremor(m): 8:34pm On Sep 18, 2014
Divepen: Tara.... Change your mentality.
You know sometimes, I always wish some stories were happening to me.
just as I'll also like to put myself in Jordan Nicholas' place but never to stay under same roof with my parents after marriage
Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 8:43pm On Sep 18, 2014
Aipete2: Lolz its ntn prince Adepoju. If there's love then . . . . . . .
Oh, really?

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by PrinceAdepoju(m): 8:53pm On Sep 18, 2014
Divepen: Tara.... Change your mentality.
You know sometimes, I always wish some stories were happening to me.
I'd thought I was alone, boss.

And I hope Tara will hear your voice.cheesy

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by Flow11(f): 8:59pm On Sep 18, 2014
Was following silently,i just hope Tara is prepared 4 wats comng o,great work Tiffany

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 10:31pm On Sep 18, 2014
She didn't need a penny of his. She thought of her last visit to Jordan's mother. Fortunately, Amanda was away. Tara had spent two hours with her future mother-in-law before returning home. Tara wanted a separate bedroom. She shmply didn't trust herself with Jordan. Will Jordan consent? No, she and Jordan couldn't share a room. If they do, what then will happen to her privacy which she so valued? The mere thought of Jordan unnerved her. What if she suddenly backed out from the marriage? Tara shuddered as she thought of her father's reaction. He will make her family pay for it.
'Goodness Tara, are you with me at all?' she heard Linda said.
'umm, please what were you saying?'
'I said what kind of wedding gown will prefer?'
Tara's stomach churned again. Tara was sure she'd be sick. The time has come and she was not looking forward to it at all.
'Tara, are you ill?'' Linda asked in alarm.
'I'm fine. I don't have any in mind'
'worry not my dear;I've really been hard on you havn't I?' linda asked guiltily.
Tara stared at Linda. Although she was three years older than Tara, Linda had been the best of friend to her since she came to Abuja. Kind, considerate and available at all times for her. Linda had told Tara that she was a graduate of urban and regional planning. She had also learned interior decoration. Tara had asked her why she had opted for decorating. Linda looked at Tara and said,
'It's what I love doing and what I know how to do best'
she had also confided to Tara that she decorated Henry's flat. That was how they had met.
'Linda, will you do me the honours of being my chief bridesmaid?'
'Oh Tara, I was begining to think you won't ask me. The truth is, you are stuck with me now my dear'
'I like that, because I think I'm so going to love being stuck with you', they both giggled.
Linda glanced at her expensive wristwatch, 'Tara, got to go, I have a meeting with a client in thirty minutes. I will pick you up tomorrow morning. We've got to buy that gown'
'your wish my command' Tara replied with a little laugh.

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