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Autos / Re: US Woman Shocked To Find Giant Python Inside Engine Of Her Malfunctioning SUV by 19naia(m): 1:58am On Aug 29, 2018
Dem do her for village.
Politics / Re: "If President Buhari Doesn't Win 2019 Election I Will Kill Myself" - Man (Photo) by 19naia(m): 1:53am On Aug 29, 2018
He has made a huge mistake. There are many suffering now in Nigeria, many who will come looking for him to kill him if buhari wins, and now they also know his face well to find him.
His life don finish already, either way the election goes.
Agriculture / Re: Slow Loris: Animal Caught Alive On The Farm By A Nairalander (Photos, Video) by 19naia(m): 10:41pm On Aug 18, 2018
Saying here that Slow loris have a toxic bite and toxin glands on their elbows. Be careful.


Also the ones found in Africa are called Lorisids or Potto or Angwantibos


The one you have is exactly resembling the picture of Potto


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Politics / Re: Law Enforcement Agencies Should Be Allowed To Do Their Work – Presidency by 19naia(m): 9:06pm On Jul 26, 2018
I beg, make we no disturb them while they are working like this.



Please see them working hard. Make una no disturb them.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Administration Set To Fly After Initial Slowdown - Fashola Says by 19naia(m): 9:02pm On Jul 26, 2018
As Usual, “set to fly” -only when election campaign momentum is begining for the bid to stay in office.

Typical. Always a reason to make no progress until the time to renew their position in the job. Less than a year before next election and this is just now emerging, after 3 years already in Office.
Election campaign is what this is about and if they get re-elected, they go back to no fly projects again.
Car Talk / Re: Is Toyota As Reliable As Nigerians Make It Seem. by 19naia(m): 4:13pm On Jul 22, 2018
Burning oil is commn even in my 2001 Toyota sienna.
I took it to the toyota dealer in USA in the same state where the car was manufatured. We have Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet manufaturing in my home state and lots of factory connected dealers.

The oil burning problem turns out to be a minor design defect that has been adressed in later models. Also they said no need to rebuild the engine for new rings and pistons where the oil is escaping. They say it is ok to drive the car and check the oil daily and refill as needed.
Using the recommemded oil is the best way to reduce the amount of oil lost.

Also my toyota sienna has the grinding noise on start-up but only when the engine is cold. After the engine heats up, if i stop and park with engine off, i can restart the engine with no grinding sound during start up. It is just 2 seconds of rattling and not true grinding.

The reliability of toyota is there and that means it will continue to operate for years, with oil burning if you keep topping it off.
It will continue to operate for years, with the grinding at startup.

Toyota corolla suspension parts issue is to be expected on Nigerian roads. It is possible the parts were never original Toyota parts when you got the car, if you got it used.

It is true though, Toyota has had some design faults in their cars especially in the years of 2000’s and onwards. They started to work those out on later models and still they had some issues with later models as they introduce all new transmission types and other new features that have not been time tested.

Above all, the toyota reliability rating is top notch and i would not abandon Toyota unless it was to move to Lexus. I would not even abandon Toyota even for Mercedes unless it was for the older mercedes models that were not as complicated as the new ones.
Some toyota models will not handle Nigerian roads as well as others. Corolla is of course the model with the weakest suspension of all the ones you mentioned. It is a matter of its class and also a matter of Nigerian roads. And possibly a matter of having non genuine parts previously installed without your knowing.

Also, buying any car used in Nigeria is always a hard gamble. The car may have had more miles than it is showing, but they rebuilt the car with lesser parts and rolled back the odometer to make it seem like a fresher car than it is. They even do that in USA before shipping to Nigeria. Non of these things should be overlooked in favor of faulting toyota relability.

No where to run to. You can run to Lexus and have better luck -but when the days of repair time eventually come, the cost will be enough to have bought a second ordinary toyota.

Toyota is not rated perfect. It is rated number 2 in reliability.

The key factor in reliability of toyota, is that when you buy one and it has faults, it is a car that will respond well to proper repairs and it will restore well to give longer periods of trouble free driving. Less trouble after proper repairs, less than other makes of cars that have been restored.

In Nigeria, it is usually a gamble to repair.
I am in USA and go to the main toyota dealer service center in the same state where the toyota was manufactured. I prefer now to buy a used toyota of a model year with a reliability record already established ,and then repair it to top notch condition. That is what i did with my 2001 toyota sienna. It had problems when i bought it but i inspected undeneath it to be sure the frame and body was solid and free from rust. After that, it is a perfect platform for restoration. I spent in repairs, equal to about 120% of the car’s low purchase price.
4 Quality new tires and alignment , timing belt, other drive belts and water pump, new brakes and entire brake system service, full flush and replace of coolant, transmission oil, engine oil and also charge the A/C. Did some work on the stabilizer bar that was broken and got a reacall spare tire stow-mount service free of charge. I also did a head gasket and spark plug replacement after they told me an insignificant leak was coming from the head gasket. I wanted to take care of it right away rather than wait as they said would be easy for the car to handle.
New battery after 1.5 years of using the car. And little things like rain wiper replacement, light bulbs. The rest has just been regular maintenance.

Even if the transmission goes bad or the engine starts to fail, i will have confidence to fix those. I have engine noise at start-up and oil loss, but my research showed that i can easily get another 100k miles and more before doing any engine rebuild. The oil loss is not an issue that affects the engine so far as i keep the engine oil regulary changed and topped off and daily checked. Also the engine noise at start-up is not an issue as long as i keep the engine oil changed and fresh.
So i always travel with spare oil and if i drive long distances, i check the oil level every time i stop for petrol.
In fact, i do not even wait for my oil to turn dark. I change it every 3000 miles even when the oil says i can wait until 6000 mile. I change it
even if the oil looks fresh colored at 3000 miles. It is the price i pay to be sure my oil burn and startup noise do not get complicated.

The oil service discipline will take me far and an aspect of reliability is how long the car can manage with minor problems before it gets complicated.
The Toyota dealer service center has told me not to worry about oil burn or the startup noise and cleared me to drive a 3000 mile journey over 8 consecutive days of driving, crossing international borders. All they say is keep strictly to the regular service and it will manage very well.
I have since done the 6000 mile round trip, twice now, and no new problems have occured. The car is still as reliable and smooth as it was 12k miles ago. And i am set to take the same trip again at the end of this year.

People can say Lagos state has problems and that statement will be correct. People can say Abuja has problems and that will be correct.
People can say Borno state has problems and that will be correct. You must correct yourself in which state of problems you want to live. Will you sell your lagos or abuja home and go buy Borno state home?

Same with cars. All cars have problems. Which car are you going to buy that does not have issues beyond toyota?
For me, when my toyota finally lets me down, i already have my plan B in waiting.
I will commot my old toyota and go look for another toyota in newer and better condition.
Maybe i would even consider Subaru Outback as a good replacement but i still favor Toyota sienna for its interior capacity.
If not for Toyota Sienna’s spacious interior, i would be driving Subaru Outback that has standard all wheel drive.
Maybe Subaru is not easy to have in Nigeria because of limited repair outlets for its different engine design and sometimes complicated front wheel drive assembly. Subaru Reliability compares well to toyota and even better in some aspects, but not as easy to repair Subaru and find Subaru parts in Nigeria.


Crime / Re: Man Stealing Bibles At A Shop In Anambra, Caught. Photo by 19naia(m): 12:46am On Jul 19, 2018
He must have been planning to use them to start a church of followers who would be called upon to put money in the collection bowl he was about to steal at the next location ,if he were to have escaped with those bibles.

As a good christian, it is a good opportunity for him to learn how to forgive those who have beaten and stripped him down, and he can set a good example for his accusers to learn to forgive him.
Family / Re: Man Divorces Wife For Giving Birth To Too Many Children Like A ‘Rabbit’ by 19naia(m): 12:10am On Jul 19, 2018
Is she the one giving birth like a rabbit, or is he the one impregnating her like a rabbit.

She no go jus get bele like rabbit, if no rabbit is there giving her bele like a rabbit.

It takes two to make like rabbits sha.


Politics / Re: How Fayose Lost Ekiti by 19naia(m): 3:24pm On Jul 16, 2018
People got tired of Fayose just like they are tired of Buhari. Wether APC or PDP wins is not a question of interest to voters now.
They will vote any party that displaces the people in office who have disappointed the people so badly.

Some will think that because APC won Ekiti, that it is a sign Buhari with APC will also be supported to win.
APC in Ekiti was embraced as a means to remove Fayose.

Any party poised to replace Buhari, will also be embraced when the time comes. This is assuming fair elections are allowed to happen when the time comes or that impeachment proceedings do not remove Buhari sooner.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Used World Cup As Migration Strategy Stranded In Russia Photo by 19naia(m): 3:11pm On Jul 13, 2018
Winter is coming.
Winter in Russia has defeated even great armies trying to conquer the world.

Na only dem waka come?

Chai! shocked diar is winter Oooooo. Diaris winter in the streets of Russia Oooooo!


Travel / Re: Couple Seen Perching On The Bumper Of A Danfo Bus In Lagos. by 19naia(m): 8:36pm On Jul 05, 2018
D danfo bumper is weak, but the woman get bumper enough to save herself and the danfo combined. shocked
Well done ma’am, with providing original bumper for the protection of the danfo and all occupants.
Nairaland / General / Is Nigeria Playing Against Colombia In Colombia? by 19naia(m): 5:55pm On Jul 04, 2018
I went to buy eggs in Colombia and found this tag on the product. It says Nigeria for egg products in Colombia.
I looked into the egg producer and found they produce eggs here in colombia with a huge poultry farm.

So now i have to assume it is an advertising tag using Nigeria in what looks like an upcoming match in Colombia.
It seems right that they would celebrate and advertise any world cup season matches scheduled to be held in the Country.
Colombia played England, Poland and others, but i did not see any product advertisement tags for that here in Colombia.
Only seeing Nigeria.

Now i am trying to find out if Nigeria has or had an upcoming or recent match in Colombia? Is Colombia removed from the roster after defeat by England?

Or has Nigeria been removed from the roster after being defeated in a previous match?

I am not having an easy time following the lineup of matches.

Properties / Re: A $7.6m Dollar House That Looks Ordinary From The Outside(Photos) by 19naia(m): 3:25am On Jul 04, 2018
Yes. Made my day to see such a house.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 4:48am On Jul 03, 2018

Oga this epistle of yours seem fake. Respect to u sir buh lemme pic some points out da are kinda flawed. We don't demand an extra year security deposit for rent, if u encountered someone who asked for it, sorry on his behalf buh it's against tenancy law in almost all state, sure of Lag. Get urself a good agent he will locate shortlet apartments for u and Air b n b available here too. I'm thinking '80's should be among the best times here bro, workers were not well paid buh not owed salaries, old school people like my parents have confirmed this information to me (civil servants). Bro, giv more details about running out of da country with only ur cloth and nothing else, guy that story to me is a faboo. Malaria treatment for naja was the funniest to me bro its in every chemist n hosp. Ur fibs are interesting to read bro, ride on. Have u met any Nigerian in Columbia/Mexico? What type of business do u reckon might be good there? U said vegetables are expensive there, wud have liked to look into it buh preserving them is da problem

Sorry but i have to go with what experience has provided me. Not what you are trying to convince me of despite never knowing me nor where i came from or never talking to my parents and what they went through from Late 80’s to 1990.

I have my information. I used Airbnb to rent where i am staying in Colombia right now and also used Airbnb to rent where i stayed in Mexico last years and this year. I have been running Airbnb long before you showed up thinking you know what my lesson should be.
Perhaps you should learn more about me before deciding what i know or do not know, but i think i may not be interested in you doing that now that you reveal your nature.

Also i am always scouring Jumia/Jovago as well as Nigeriapropertycenter.com and others like that. I have followed them for years. Also following Airbnb for rentals in Nigeria.
Been doing that for years before you came with your illsuion of falsehoods here. I understand this is Nairaland and it is full of prejudiced mentalities like yours, possibly tribalist prejudice in you as well.
I know they changed the law to 3 month rents up front and i also know it is nigeria where that is still mostly ignored as shown in many listings on Nigeria proeorty center and other web sites for renting in Nigeria. I will rely on the website info before i rely on your info. I have 24 hour electricity and 5G wifi network at my house and a fine computer tablet to surf the world wine web as much as i want.
I cannot limit myself to just you and your few lines of confounded information.
You lost my confidence already by assuming too much in error. It is your credibility that has suffered and not mine.

So far you have not shared anything useful to me and have been a disrespectful waste of time. At the end of all your commentary, you have done nothing but watered and fertiliezed the seeds of prejudice growing into the way of error for your life.
Flasely believeing that truth is false and assuming you are wise by that.

It does not matter what you believe i lived through or did not live through. Prejudice is when you strongly conclude about someone you do not know and also do not know where they have been or what they have experienced.

There is hope for you though. I used to not pay mind to people’s stories if it contradicted my preconceived notions or my own limited sources and experience.
I used to believe that if it never happened to me that it is not possible to happen for anyone else.. But i woke up one day to see the nature of prejudiced thinking and i now strive to be more open minded and respectful of other people’s life stories.

We all learn from stories, even fiction. But if you are looking more for establishing false or real status, you miss the lesson and stay incubated in ignorance. Fake or real is better in the advertisement section formitems selling. I am selling nothing here. Just free share of my story.

My stories are backed up by the lessons i learned from other people’s stories and having them corroborate with what personal experiences provide for me. I pass that on for other who need it. If you are not interested, then go back to what works for you.
I suspect there may be a lot of things not working for you in life, with the blind spots of all the closed minded views you perpetuate.

Airbnb is mostly overpriced in Nigeria and also many other countries. I sometimes find good deals on Airbnb but the best deals are usually not advertised online in most cheaper countries. I do not recommend Airbnb unless you have no other easy options and you can afford to pay what is showing there. There are some good deals on Airbnb but they are becoming rarer every day and some of the prices are outrageous especially in Nigeria where price gouging is put above providing real value.
I am speaking as someone who used Airbnb more than once and each time arrived to find others paying much less because they did not book it online but did so face to face.

Have you ever used Airbnb? I have. Have you ever paid to rent houses? I have in more than a few countries.
Have ever owned a house to rent? I own a house that i let out to tenants while i rent a house for myself now in Colombia.

Tell more about what you are about so we can know what experience has provided for you. Or would you rather i just make assumptions about you without knowing more about you? Should i worry you are 419? Did you try to sell false advertised car in Car section?
Am i being too prejudiced?

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 12:47am On Jul 03, 2018
Spoke with a friend today about mexico and the prospect of black guy getting a job and settling down there. He pointed out about the dangers of drug cartels and how hard it is for blacks out there. canada is very difficult for an average nigerian to get into but i might give it a try. Mexico i think you should educate me more. Thanks for your replies.

I don’t know about getting jobs and such in Mexico. I am based in USA and simply travel to other countries without involvement in employment there.
There are black people in Mexico. Hard part is if you do not speak Spanish and need a job. The only non Spanish speaking people i know who do well there are people who come from abroad to Mexico with money to spend. You can communicate well with money if you do not know the language. If you have no money and look to earn it, you need to speak Spanish in Mexico.
Maybe you consider other countries without language barriers.

I cannot imagine how having the money to travel overseas is not enough to make a living in Nigeria. Struggles can be hard anywhere in the world. Maybe in USA or Canada, you would struggle in a nicer environment but even then the cold there can kill people who are out in the streets struggling.
Struggling in Mexico can be like Nigeria, with people hawking goods in traffic and selling items door to door in housing areas.
Same thing happens in Colombia except i think hawking in traffic is illegal in Colombia.

If you don’t have means and are not bold and ready to face any challenge, then Countries south of USA are not guaranteed to be easier than Nigeria. I am based in USA and there are people in Nigeria living in better houses than i have in USA and driving nicer cars than i have and are far richer than i am. Nigeria circumstances can be handled espcially if you have the ability to just go to a foreign land and take on unknown challenges. You can do the same in Nigeria by taking on new areas of self application. Education is not everything. I know of uneducated people who earn enough selling in market and use it to send kids to school and some of the kids grew up to become salary earners at jobs that pay less than the uneducated market seller parent earns. And even worse, the salary earner becomes a beggar when salary goes unpaid for months, after all that money spent on education, to end up a tormented salary earner who is worked like a slave.

If Europe and USA or any top teir nations are not an option for you, i cannot be sure going abroad will guarantee a better life. Especially if you do not have an amount of money to hold you well for some time and that is normally an amount of money that can see you make a decent business in Nigeria if you are willing to hustle.
I met a lady in Peru who worked reception at the hotel i stayed for 3 months. They never paid her salary for 3 months, so she got angry and complained. They sacked her without pay and forbid her from entering the workplace again, so that she cannot ask for the unpaid salary. And they also gave her bad reference to keep her from finding other jobs. All because she was angry that they did not pay her for 3months. All because she was not happy being used as a slave.

I learned in my young days in Nigeria when i was going to the more prestigious secondary schools of the time, and my Father being a University head of department/lecturer , housing was provided in the best housing estate in town and rubbing shoulders with families of top level officials in town who were living in the same estates.
The time came when salary payment went away and even in school we had food shortages. It was hunger at home and hunger at school even in the elite schools and at home in elite housing estate.
I notice uneducated market workers and uneducated farmers ate better than us. We used to escape school and go to the village farmers to beg for garri. Old Farmers livng in mud huts and less education than us young teenagers.
Children of educated Nigerian officials, begging food from poor uneducated farmers. ?
Our lives were education and books. All we had was paper and educated mindset. When it came to food, we relied on salaried position. When no salary, we did not have a farm to go to for food nor a market shop to turn business for us to provide for ourselves. We had inedible paper and i would eat anything i could find. Even some days scavenging from the wild land for anything i could find to eat.

To this day, there is no argument that can convince me that money or education is better than farms and suplies of food itself.
Salaries stop arriving for many workers and they must continue to work ,pushing paper and pen, not allowed to take up farming to survive. And so they wither with only paper and pen to eat. Education does not make a book edible.
Also Money can collapse anytime. You can have millions of Naira in a bank and one year all that money loses value.
There are countries where a million would buy a house 5 years ago, but today a million is only enough to buy one roll of toilet paper and that roll of toilet paper is scarce to find sef.

Land and farms will survive inflation. Shop Supplies will survive inflation because these are the goods that themslevs inflate when money loses value. The people with money at home will be hungry while the people with a shop of suplies and land to farm, will be having a chance.

Travel costs money. Where are you going in terms of securing yourself in an unstable world? Even USA economy can crash. Are you of a mind that values money, position and mental status, more than the real substances that it takes to survive? Some times, even an uneducated farmer is in a better position to survive than university lecturers. Some will say all you need is Jesus to survive, but even Jesus needed a fisherman and bread baker to suplly a few loaves and fishes for turning into a feast. Even Jesus needed some water supplied to turn it into wine.
I hope you know what to value along the way when you start to shift your life and resources into a new life of hoping for better things.
The world can be a wild and unpredictable ride in any country.

But... Nigerians are some of the most fruitious people abroad. They excel in education and business and yes also in crime. But most are hard working and honest and do very well anywhere. Because Nigeria hardship is one that conditions people to feel comfortable with hustling in places where the hard works is always repaid.
Many work hard in Nigeria and not get paid for many months. So when they find anywhere to work on earth, and get paid regularly, they thrive there and are happy to work and survive. They grow and prosper from there.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 10:49pm On Jul 02, 2018
I and my brother are planning to leave in 2019, we dont no what country will open its doors for us without chasing us back. Do you have any idea ?

I am not sure but i know there are countries that allow Nigerians to come without Visa problems. Also Visa is possible to many countries such as Canada, and even Mexico. It is possible even for USA despite a more difficult era for immigration in USA now.

Barbados allows Nigerians entry for 90 days or a short stay. Most or all West African countries allow Nigerians.

If you are going to the trouble to apply for visa and would like a top notch country, why not try Canada.. ?

Barbados may be easy to enter but it is not cheap to stay, even for average USA citizens.

Mexico has an Embassy in Abuja and visa application is not so difficult. Mexico is not so bad despite dangers there. I spent a lot of time in Mexico lately and enjoy it even though i am based in USA. Mexico is cheaper than Lagos and a higher quality with many well developed regions to choose from. Speaking spanish is the main issue to sort out for yourself.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 10:22pm On Jul 02, 2018
More photos from a new town i moved to.


Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 10:18pm On Jul 02, 2018
Sorry about your experience in nigeria. Its not our fault that we want to leave. Situation has compelled us to.
No apology to me. My Father’s side of family is Nigerian, so i cannot be treated completely like a foreigner. I had 8 years in Nigeria and the last 4 years were tough for me, but it does mot compare to what real Nigerians suffer, those who cannot go to another country for better experience.
My own na small, when compared to the average Nigerian in Nigeria, and my own ended many years ago when i left there.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 2:29pm On Jun 29, 2018
Good day bro. please what is the probability of one getting a job in Ecuador for foreigner, I'd like to travel there in 2019, How safe is it over there and people how nice are they, And what is the visa process from someone who wants to come in from Nigeria. I need to know bro cause I'm planning to come in 2019

I don’t know about visa process to Ecuador for Nigerians.. I have never done Visa process before.

Only once i did visa process and that was getting a Visa to Nigeria from USA. I used Visa to enter Nigeria and it cost around US$180 and was done by postal service.

You have to contact the nearest embassy to Ecuador. I doubt they have one Nigeria, but you can search online to find if i am mistaken.

Unfortunately Nigeria is one of the more difficult places from which to attain a visa. It is not so difficult for countries like Canada, Mexico ans others, if you meet the visa requirements.
Search for what nations have embassies in Nigeria. Maybe that can help you decide on easier options to follow.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 11:18pm On Jun 28, 2018
Again beautifully stated...you said "23" countries?
Wow...quite impressive.
But like the headlines today..just death, death and more death in Nigeria. It's very depressing I must say. The pics are just so heart-wrenching..
This is not helping my case of visiting there.
People in my life have major concerns and are fighting against me visiting.
I was interested in visiting Cote D'Ivoire..if ever I visited any African country other than Nigeria.
What about Ghana and Chad to travel to along with (Benin and Togo as you stated)?

I like how you suggested traveling to Nigeria by way of those 2 cities. That seems smart.
It seems as if you are very cautious and wise with how you are living there in Colombia for the time being.

Yes..the U.S. is pretty violent as well. One never knows when, how, or why his/her life will end.
I have some relatives that live in Chi- town...and although they don't live in the rough spots, they still could get caught in cross-fire or just be an innocent bystander.
How I wish though, that Nigeria could be the great country it's supposed to be.

Not Chad. Chad is not Accessible from Benin or Togo side. I was in Ghana before but not so drawn to return. Also i was in IvoryCoast before but not interested in going there again. Maybe i would go back to Ghana and Ivory Coast if i were in Togo, bored with time and money to spare for the journey and a companion was begging me to go with them.

Chad is accesible from Nigeria in the most dagerous parts where the islamic terrorist groups camp out. Borno state of Nigeria borders Chad and that area is taken over by Islamic terrorism. The only other way is through Niger republic or Cameroun. Cameroun southern land passage is very difficult, almost impassable. The Northern Cameroun land passage is too close to terrorist group hide outs.
There is a boat route from the ocean but then there will be the road trip all the way up to Northern Cameroun to enter Chad and that brings the trip right back into terrorist camp regions.
The Cameroun border side of Nigeria has Sambisa forest and it is famous in Nigeria for being where the Nigerian military suffers the most damage when fighting retreating terrorist.
Chad is out of the question for me.

I may try to enter Burkina Faso while in Togo some day. If i find that there is no border region problems. Burkina Faso was invaded by
Al Quaeda terrorist or affiliates in this decade. So i have to be sure they are gone or routed to areas far from Togo Border.

Between Ebola and Militants of various persuasions, there is only a narrow band of West Africa that can be taken lightly. From Benin republic all the way to Ivory Coast. Senegal is popular. Even Nigeria can be ok often times but not without many other problems already mentioned. Nigeria is a destination for people with specific assignments or family and business to tend to. Otherwise it takes a brave and daring free spirit to randomly go there without solid connections.
And knowing my many other options, Nigeria compares very overpriced for how little is offered. It is what happens in a country whose national past time is chopping money. Before people learn to provide any real service or quality goods, they learn first and foremost how to demand payments as outrageous as possible.
Even renting a house there, they demand 1 year rent in advance and a second year’s worth of rent for deposit or security. And what they rent out is often nothing to write home about. And good luck getting the second year deposit back if you only stay a year and had to spend your own money making the place livable.
Everywhere else on earth, mostly, they all do monthly rent payments and never more than 1 or 2 months rent for deposit. USA will require 1 year contract and still only ask 1 month deposit and then the 1st month rent. Sometimes they may ask for the last months rent in addition to a deposit. But never pay the full year in advance.

Nigeria is never very encouraging to go to and you always see hoards of Nigerian people looking more encouraged to leave Nigeria.
When my family tried living there through the 1980’s, we were all US citizens but became trapped in Nigeria for years before making it back out, barely.
The whole issue with workers not being paid salaries, got us trapped there.
No way i would ever put myself in the position to be dependent on Nigerian economy for my well being. My entire family learned the hard way.
I was lucky to make it out alive with only the clothes on my back, even as an american citizen with family in USA. Getting Malaria and no money to treat and then after treating, no money to eat well enough to fully recover the weight loss and then very soon, getting sick again and repeating always. Skin and bones and anemic after a while. Until we left.
We belonged to a Nigerian foreigner club, via my mother. Foreign Wives of Nigerians. Every last family in that group, over the years, lost family members due to the conditions there. Even the rich ones. The survivors all left.
My family all survived but i had a brother born there who was permanently disabled, affected by a treatable condition that was not identified by doctors there until the top doctors in Lagos went back to research the disease and found it was a well known treatable disease.
Just a small surgery and all normalizes. They did not reach that realization until it was too late and when they realized, they declared they were unable to perform the treatment or surgery. So my brother had to delay more time to be taken to USA where the surgery was done. The issue was treated and stopped but it had caused severe side damage that he never recovered from right from birth. Diabled for life.

Any way, good to be cautious about Nigeria and i am glad you have people cautioning you. Even Nigerians i know in USA who are family connected, they still try to stop me from going and they did stop me on my first attempt to return after escaping Nigeris long time ago. They all know the immense adversity they faced there and eventually escaped.
I go with a return ticket always. And i have Nigerian relatives and close friends from my childhoods days in Nigerian, relatives and friends who never want to go back to Nigeria even though they are 100% born and raised Nigerians. They all do well in USA. Educated, hard working and earn a decent living.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 7:58pm On Jun 28, 2018

Very informative what you just wrote.
I just highlighted the paragraphs I wanted to comment on ...just so you won't wonder when you see the mention.
Well I've never been to Nigeria...the issue right now for me is safety..in travelling there.
Actually it's a concern for many people who care about me.
I get so frustrated with not understanding the daily killings (like the one in Plateau that just occurred). I can't seem to wrap my mind around stuff like that.

But yeah, the drug cartel is the issue with Colombia and even Mexico. Your pics still look nice though.
I had a relative travel to Peru 5 years ago and she said that her friends got sick from the "street meat"..that they had purchased.
Brazil and Guyana seem to be more at the top of my list though.
You must be a world traveler...that's very cool.

I am a world traveller. Only 23 countries so far.
You have all the same concerns i do about safety. Getting to understand the nature of the risks is the real issue. Hard to do from news and internet stories. Never really is a full picture captured in any story. Millions live in Chicago and have a wonderful safe life and oblivious to anything that ranks Chicago so high in murders.
I am currently in a town with Colombia’s highest murder rate and the people i know here are oblivious to it. They said the safer town i am heading to is more dangerous because the general region has more issues showcased in the news because of proximity to old rebel militants.
The murders here are not reported in the news so often, so the locals are not aware of how many actually happen here.
I do not go out and party in big scenes, and i stay home at night unless it is safe outings to homes of friends and family.
But leaving this town soon and do not plan to ever spend more than a day or two here if i come through here again.

I have been to Nigeria and lived there when i was young, from grade school to few years before finishing high school.
2.5 years ago i went back to Nigeria and traveled around southern Nigeria, declined an invitation to Abuja after another suicide bomber acted there. I ended up travelling by road from Nigeria all the way to Ivory coast. Spent about 2 weeks during that road trip. 3 months total in west Africa that year.
Nigeria is still the most uneasy destination for me because there is not a country i have been to with as much rampant issues aside from danger. Issues along the roads, pollution such as heavy toxic smoke randomnly anywhere at anytime, water and electricity supply and shake downs by random people trying to make a scene to create an extortion opportunity.

If i didn’t have so many people connections there, i would not have ever gone back, and even so i had to survey all of the people i know ,about wether the trip was worth it. Many will say yes come, in hopes you come in terms of what they get out of it while having no real grasps on the types of vulnerabilities foreigners have there.
My future trip to Nigeria one day, is going to involve Benin and Togo. The countries right next to Nigeria. Smaller, less hectic countries with reasonable electricity, water supply, cost of living and safety. Having one and a half feet in Benin and Togo will relax me more than being fully in Nigeria with doubts and fears.

Base it in Benin and Togo and then do visits to Nigeria from there. I think that can make it easier to last 3-6 months in and around Nigeria.

I decided Brazil is not worth it for me. Guayana and Suriname may be for me, but they are not as cheap as what i am used to. The cheaper i keep it, the more i save $ to travel to the next place. So the more expensive places stay at the bottom of my list.

Sometimes i am not sure where is safe anymore, like when i was in Mexico hearing about yet another mass shooting in USA and not in the ghettos for minorites, but anywhere at random by anyone of any walk in life there in USA. Found myself telling myself some days that i was glad i was not back home in USA. Mexico has great beaches. Get to the right small town beach and the rest of the world disappears with problems and all.


Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 5:25pm On Jun 28, 2018
This is nice. So you're visiting Colombia?
Interesting. Food looked great in the first pic.
I was thinking about Brazil, Peru or Guyana as places to visit in South America..but this is interesting..although Colombia doesn't have a high ranking in terms of safety...

Colombia does not have high rankings yes, but i fear more to travel to Nigeria than Colombia. Colombia’s violence demographic is similar to Nigeria’s Boko Haram. It is isolated to regions held by militant or violent groups who are driving a political or economic cause.
One is the political rebel armies similar to Niger Delta militants and the other is the drug cartels who run drug production in the jungles and the traffickers who form gangs in the cities where they fight and kill each other for control of routes and markets.

Just like in Nigeria, if you stay out of Sambisa forest or nearby areas or the entire Borno state, your risks are greatly reduced. But now Herdsmens are a new menace currently surpassing boko haram in Nigeria.
So -stay out of the jungle regions of Colombia and stay out of city areas that have gang members similar to area boys who run neighborhoods with violence and extortion. Colombia, is not so much street extortion, but hidden drug deal activities that are part of a billion dollar market. Big money issues among criminals and desperate greed in competition makes them eager to kill each other off for control of the illicit big money deals.
Also some will kill strangers who wander into their neighborhoods. They don’t want anyone knowing their business and escaping to tell tales that can bring police searching around.
But the police and military here are always clamping down on the most violent areas as soon as things get out of hand. I hope the same can be done about herdsmen violence in Nigeria.

Please do not vote cowherders into political office in Nigeria again.

I was in Peru before. Twice. Also i was in Ecuador. Last year i went to Ecuador and Peru, and this year decided to return but i do not like Peru, so i changed by second choice to Colombia and i like it so far.
I was always getting sick in Peru. Prices are cheap there but the quality of environs there is very poor. Similar to Northern Nigeria comparing to South west cities. Peru is Mostly desert.
The main attraction to Peru is ancient ruins, but as a tourist attraction, they do very well to show only the good side of it. I use Google maps to locate Eko Hotel in Lagos and then zoom in to street view to see the streets outside of the hotel compound. It shows a drastic drop in quality of environs. In Peru, it is such and even worse in some places.

I may visit Peru again some day, but not as a preference. Don’t be discouraged about Peru if you want to go. If you can handle Nigeria then you can handle Peru. Peru is mostly cold except in the Amazon jungle areas. The cold may agree with you or maybe not. Have cold weather jackets with you. Not ice cold like USA but colder than Cold season in Nigeria. It can be cold like cold season is in Jos, but Peru will be cold like that for 8 months out of the year. In the mountain cities of Peru, it can be very cold.

Ecuador and Colombia for me.

I spend half the year In Mexico. I just came to Colombia in June from Mexico. Or Came from USA. I drove home to USA from Mexico, stayed 10 days in USA, parked my car in storage and then flew to Colombia. Will cross into Ecuador in August. Ecuador is my main Attraction but i also like Colombia.
Mexico is a favorite of mine despite ranking highest in violent country rankings. The Violence is per region, city and areas of the city. Mexico is a big country and there is room to find towns with regular levels of violence. Every where on earth has crime and violence.
Also Natural disasters like my abandoned home in Hawaii is now plagued with lava erupting from the earth and flowing across the land. It has already consumed many houses and entire estates of houses.
Yet somehow, Hawaii earned the internationally acclaimed nickname “Paradise”.
So why is hell fire coming up and burning houses away?

Travel if you can and if you want to. Life is not forever and the world is there waiting to be seen.


Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 5:03pm On Jun 28, 2018
[quote author=Fallawx post=68906529][/quote]

I am not an immigration expert. I travel with USA passport which gives me free pass for 90 days in Colombia.

I have been in Colombia for 1 month now and i will be in Colombia for another month before i move across the border to the next country Ecuador. Will be in Ecuador for 3 months.

I did not come here for work and would not be interested in work here. I do what work i have, at home in USA and gather from USA my money to survive along the way in other countries. Much cheaper here than USA, so USA income can stretch very far here.

So my circumstances do have me involved in employment situations or immigration laws here. I show up at the Colombia internationl airport and they stamp my USA passport, granting me 90 days pass to stay freely in Colombia. I am doing only 60 days here and then 90 days in Ecuador which i prefer.

Colombia is still among the most violent countries in South America because of the drug trafficking. But it is only per regions and narrowed down to bad areas of cities within regions. I think Brazil may be more violent or compare very closely to Colombia.

You will need to check with Colombia Consulate or Embassy if they have one in Nigeria.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 4:20pm On Jun 28, 2018
MINIMUM WAGE in Colombia is closer to 100k-Naira per month.
Rent may be higher than in Nigeria but it comes with better environs and constant electricity plus potable water supply and cooking gas piped directly to the house and metered for monthly charges.
Also paying rent monthly is the way they do it here.
Food costs are comparable to Nigeria and even cheaper when it comes to decent restaurants. Chicken in Colombia is cheaper than in Nigeria.
Some Nigerian fresh produce may be cheaper than Colombian fresh produce.

No i did not have to go to special parts of the town or city to find pictures that favored the perspective of quality here. This is the general scene here. The shopping malls are not restricted to the better parts of town, but rather have malls in every part of town to serve everyone.

I think i would have to work harder to show shoddy parts of town, because they are not as common as the average parts of town i have shown..

CURRENCY: is Colombia Peso and is trading at 2940 pesos per US$1 today.
Yes 1 million peso here is closer to minimum wage and is worth around 120k-Naira in Nigeria.
People need to understand that having a currency exchange rate next to the USA dollar, is not going to make a nation a USA calibre economy. Only eagerly innovative, fair and equitable practices in industry and market can make a better economy with good currency trade rate.
Currency exchange rate is not even that important. British Pound and some other world currencies are higher value than USA dollar but none of their economies maych USA economy or industry and market innovations.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 3:06pm On Jun 28, 2018
Scenes from a second but smaller shopping mall.

Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 3:06pm On Jun 28, 2018
Next is a shopping mall. About 4 of them in a town smaller in size than Abeokuta. Population around 350,000.
Scenes from the biggest mall in town.

Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 3:06pm On Jun 28, 2018
View of some roads. Some with Bicycle lanes. Also public buses are never as shoddy as Molue. This not even a big city.

Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 2:39pm On Jun 28, 2018
The next one is environment.
Yes, free Wifi connection to internet in some basic public spaces, not even in the rich part of town.

Travel / Re: Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 2:39pm On Jun 28, 2018
The next one here is Lodging.
A very Basic room in a budget hotel. 4,504-Naira per night. Always electricity, always running pottable water from the sinks.

Again, Colombia in South America.

Not the best quality but very good value. No issues with dirty beds or other parts of the lodge.

Even if you go to the up scale Hotels.... Let me just ask you to do an internet booking.com price of Sheraton or Hilton in Cali, Colombia versus the same in Nigeria. Also Compare Lagos Sheraton to Sheraton prices in USA.
And then look at the environs around the Sheraton area in Lagos.

Also do a youtube search of what cities look like in Colombia. Youtube videos for Cali, Bogota, Medellin, Categena, and others. They all are bristling with high-rises that match or surpass Lagos island. Even some lesser cities that seem to be the size of towns, they have more than a few high rises.
And when you go to rent apartments in the high rise areas, you will not pay Lagos Island prices and will be able to rent monthly rather than pay 2 years advance. Also water and electricity will always be there without need for dirty generators or boreholes.

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Travel / Cost Of Travel. Nigeria Vs. Other Countries. by 19naia(m): 2:33pm On Jun 28, 2018
Nigeria is difficult as a travel destination and no need i explain much about why, here on NL where there are many stories about Nigeria struggles and problems.
Travelling within Nigeria is one story and then travelling to Nigeria is another story.

What does one benefit from choosing to travel to Nigeria instead of many other countries around the world?

One benefit is NOT the cost of spending time in Nigeria. Not only do Nigerian visitors have to pay more to visit Nigeria, they have to get less value for what they have paid.
What does this mean?
It means that when you visit other countries and pay the same amount for such things as hotels or or food, you will always get a better deal outside of Nigeria and that better deal will come with better environments.

Here is an example of food served to me at a cost of 645-Naira when factoring the exchange rate given by Western Union.
It was a full plate of food and a cup of natural fruit juice included. All for 645-Naira.
It was in a bakery that also served regular breakfast and lunch meals. Not an ordinary Bukka, but not a scaled restaurant either.

This is from Colombia in South America but the same prices and quality can be had in Ecuador near Colombia.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Man Sees Centipede On His Bed At Midnight, Gets Terrified (Photos) by 19naia(m): 4:10pm On Jun 26, 2018
I was bitten by one in bed before.
My lady used to be bitten regularly because they prefer her bum more than mine. I prefer her own to my own sef.
One night i was bitten by one and it was no big trouble for me.

If you eat a lot of pungent fruit or pungent natural foods, they are attracted to the smell and will follow your smell to your bed after nightfall.
Possibly even the smell of fermented things like beer and wine.

I used to use a cloth to squeeze the juice from a fermented fruit that smelled pungent and then i would hang the cloth in the kitchen overnight.
Every morning there would be a centipede inside the cloth. And if i killed it, there would be another centipede there, the very next day.
They could not resist the smell.

Also i noticed that when i left plenty of pungent smelling fermented fruit for them, they were not drawn to the bed but rather drawn to the pungent fermented fruit smell in the kitchen.

Maybe you can set a detour for them. I am not sure what kind of fruit will draw them in Nigeria. My own fruit was Noni fruit growing in Hawaii. Noni is very pungent when fermented.
Maybe you can try the peels of various fruits, like very ripe plantain peels, maybe try a mix of peels of every fruit you can find or afford. Keep it in another part of the house and if it is fruit that they are attracted to, they will go there instead of your bed.

It can have a backfire though, if the smell reaches outside your house and statrs to draw every centipede in the area to your compound and eventually into your house. It may also attract more roaches and other unwanted pests.
If you try my advice, keep it a small portion in an isolated area of the house. If you notice any rise in pest population, remove the pungent smelling stuff and fumigate the house with insect repellant as well as move all permanent stationed furnishing to clean and spray behind them and under them.

One pest can attract another. Many rats eventually attract snakes. Many roaches and other insects will attract more toads and lizards and those will also attract snakes. The first wild food chain members always arrive with the next link in the chain following behind.
Never let one get out of control or other creatures will follow and possibly diseases as well.

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Politics / Re: Afenifere Tells Nass To Sanction Buhari Over Purchase Of $496m Aircraft by 19naia(m): 2:06am On Apr 26, 2018
They are fine Aircraft Sha. Simple but potent for fighting combatants on the ground.

Buhari himself is the real waste of money and time. The Aircraft are something Nigeria needs anyway.

Keep the aircraft and get rid of Buhari.


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