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Nairaland / General / Re: The Big Puff Adder I Killed In My Dog's Kennel (Pictures) by 19naia(m): 1:08pm On Nov 30, 2021
I wanted to say Gaboon viper but it does not match Gaboon Viper skin pattern.

It is a Puff Adder. Equally as dangerous and deadly as Gaboon viper, but more puff adders dare go around human dwellings and is why more people die from puff adder bites.

It is a Puff Adder.

See pictures of Gaboon Viper below.

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Business / Re: CBN Confirms N410.25/$ As New Official Exchange Rate by 19naia(m): 6:12pm On May 27, 2021
Look at Colombian Peso at 3700 to 1.....
And Colombia has been well above 3000 for many years, while enjoying a nation progressing with high rise apartments in every town and city. In fact many things there making it a more comfortable place than Nigeria. Always safe-to-drink potable water piped to every home even in small towns, always electricity and cooking gas connected by direct line or pipe connection to each home.

Truth is that China with so much to export, has been striving for many years to lower their currency value to make their exports affordable in most countries.

Soon Nigeria will be in the business of exporting Petroleum products after Dangote big refinery is producing to capacity. Selling those products as exports will go very well in Africa if Naira is at 412-1....... More affordable to buy Nigerian products, assuming Nigeria is producing.

I beg, it is good for export economy within Nigeria. Stop Crying...Even Japan is happy with Yen being 100-1. It makes their many Japanese export products more affordable around the world.
Only thing to cry for is more productivity to feed export markets in Nigeria. Oh...and cry for more electric power supply to power such productivity.

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Car Talk / Re: Auto Manufacturing. Inside The Factory by 19naia(m): 5:09am On Apr 07, 2021
110 years ago, Bugatti was casting their own engines and building cars from the raw materials up to final product.
Since 110 years ago -and today Nigeria should be able to design and cast engine blocks, and other parts, but cannot even supply electricity to power a simple light bulb in an entire town.

Even if to create simple vehicles that can service agriculture and other industrial needs, Nigeria should invest in making something from raw materials up to final product.

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Car Talk / Auto Manufacturing. Inside The Factory by 19naia(m): 4:48am On Apr 07, 2021
Politics / Nigeria Crossroads When Refinery Output Reaches Capacity. by 19naia(m): 7:47pm On Oct 15, 2020
I am not sure if this is exactly political, but it will be eventually.

When Nigeria starts refining all the local crude it needs to fuel its transportation and other needs, it will make a tremendous economic change.
Nigeria will keep billions of dollars circulating internally rather than paying it out to Europe and beyond.

Then again, a lot of the crude oil refinery money will be paid out to foreign investors who brought their money in to build up Nigerian production capacity. But that will end one day when debts are paid.
Another cost will be paying the foreign makers of refinery equipment and service equipment, and it is a cost that will remain perpetually as the refineries need perpetual upkeep, rebuilding and expansion.

So, much of the foreign reserve$ from crude sales will stay longer in Nigeria. But will raw crude exports go down as a result of Nigeria refining its own crude? Places that bought Nigeria crude and sold it back to Nigeria as refined fuel, will no longer buy that portion of crude.
Dangote and other refineries will buy it? Yes.
Nigeria refinery workers will be paid from sales of refined crude products. Foreign manufacturers will be paid much more than Nigerian workers. Foreigners paid to supply the equipment the refinery uses.
What amount remains after investment loans are paid?
Is it enough to make a real economic impact? Added jobs for Nigerians is a good measure.

Eventually, loans will be paid. Then what?

The main plan has always been to stop Nigeria’s revolving door of crude sales income where it comes in and goes right back out to buy refined crude which then sells with less gained than the original sales of crude.
When the plan comes full circle, to keep the crude export dollars in Nigeria, it will secure Nigeria’s foreign reserve standing and that in turn will make US dollar exchange cheaper to the Naira.

What happens when the dollar value goes down in Nigeria? It is good for the Naira but will it be good for market where Nigerians are not known for lowering their prices for any reason?
When Naira value goes so high next to the dollar, and people are still paying a thousand+ Naira for a day's worth of meals, what happens to the economy?
Maybe not so bad as long as people are still making 18 thousand minimum wage? Yes but that exchange rate will make it favorable for importers to bring in food from poorer countries and sell much cheaper for Naira that then gets exchanged for dollars that leave the country to pay the food producers in poorer countries.
It will become a situation that once again drains Nigeria of foreign reserve, unless the imported food comes from neighboring African countries that will accept Naira paid to them in their countries. They will use that Naira to buy Nigerian refined crude? Yes Benin republic would.

Still, Nigerians will crave imports from Europe, America, South America and Asia. Foreign reserve will go out and Nigerians will buy imported food for cheaper than local produce that still wants to sell at prices when Naira was #380-$1. Even after Naira returns to #100-$1... They will want to sell high.
It will eventually come full circle and cause Naira value to fall again and also maintain a reputation of instability that discourages neighbouring African countries from accepting Naira for goods they export into Nigeria.
It will all add up to keep the Naira value low.

People will then find out that the single biggest factor in Nigeria currency value is not the sale of Nigeria crude oil for US dollars, but the internal market culture of price gouging and refusal to lower prices when the Naira value goes up next to the dollar. They will probably ignore it and look for another scape goat to frame and deal with.

Crude oil on the global market goes up and down based on production. So i am sure Nigeria will bring petrol prices down as production goes up.
But without production going up on other market goods, what will bring those prices down?

Refined crude oil production increase alone, is not enough to drop prices for the entire market of all things sold in Nigeria.
Food production must increase to bring prices down.
Housing and land is the most limited factor and eventually that will be the main focus for government subsidies in the future of Africa’s most populous nation. Land does not multiply, especially where more of it is being raked up for farms and refineries and other industry.

This whole crude oil focus, with big plans to change the economy through refineries alone? It looks good and sounds good especially when looking at it on paper and investor’s perspective. A lot to gain, but not in the full scope of the bigger economy picture.
The hopes of bringing the Naira value up to nearer the dollar, is going in the right direction with Nigeria refining all of its own crude oil needs and then selling refined oil for export. But as big a share of Nigeria market value that it is, it is not the foundation of the country.

There is no country on a foundation that cannot afford to feed itself. People collapse without affordable food, and as people collapse, so does the nation that people breathe life into.
Will the market prices adjust to the economic stimulus that Nigeria refinery projects bring to Nigeria economy?

What else? People fuel their cars, not just to be driving. They drive to work where they work with resources that cost money and have a price.
They drive to market where they buy household resources that cost money and have a price.
They drive to schools where they use resources for learning, and that costs money and has a price.

Will all these costly things with their prices, adjust prices down if the Naira value goes up to near the dollar?

Imagine the oil and refinery market bringing the Naira to equal the value of the dollar. Will i then be able to go to the Bukka and pay 5 Naira for a full meal and drink? Will i then be able to rent a 3 bedroom flat in an average area, for 15 thousand Naira a year?
And the list goes on. 20 Naira for a new shirt? And the same for the pants and a pair of modest shoes?

Which marketeer do you know, ready to bring prices that low if Naira equals one US dollar? Only the ones who import the goods from Asia and south America.
They will all be willing to drop your salary amount on account of the high Naira value, but not the cost of living.

And that is why south America and Asia will end up the main beneficiary of a high value Naira. People will buy imported, using Nigerian foreign reserve of US petrol dollars.
Government will likely clamp down on import flow to keep local production alive. But it will not be enough because Nigeria simply does not produce enough to service the standard of living Nigeria attempts to live.

What can Government do? Government should do price controls as the Naira gains significant value.
Also subsidized housing and land appropriation will be needed as population rises where land area does not increase.

Another option is to forget about the Naira value. If market people won’t lower prices, let the Naira value stay low by the doings of price gouging.
A low Naira value is actually good for Nigerian exports. People want high Naira value because they live off of imports.
But when they rise to business of exporting to other countries, they can sell well when their Naira value is low and cheap for the foreign customers looking to buy.

More important the Naira value represents what Nigeria wants to be. A seller to the world, bringing in buyers and their money from abroad.
No coincidence that Japan has a low currency value while being a rich country and a super producer of some of the top quality products in the world, and a big world-wide exporter of goods.
Japan cars are a hit all over the world. And their currency is ¥100 to $1.
Why do Nigerians want 1 Naira to equal 1 dollar, when Japan Yen equals 100 to 1 dollar? Because Nigerians want to import and do no work to produce or export.

The time will come, after the refinery business in Nigeria starts to make a big improvement in Nigeria economy. It will then shift the foreign reserve problems into something favorable for the Naira. But the Naira can only be as stable in any position as the market sellers allow.
Not just the people exchanging currency, but the sellers of farm produce and other wares made in Nigeria.

Crude oil and foreign reserves are not the foundation of Nigeria and the economy of Nigeria. Most petrol burnt in Nigeria, is not burnt for the glory of crude oil profits.
It is burnt to transport people and goods. Lots of agriculture goods and the other goods that are the true pillars of any human congregation under nationhood. Even if the fuel is burnt for electricity and pumped water supply, it still relates to produce and consume agriculture and then the tendering of other goods and services that range from education, medical and government.

The cross roads will come one day, and people will have to decide if they want a high value Naira or a market culture that works for Nigeria economy that works reasonably for the people.
It is not any more serious or trivial a problem, than making the right decision while not ignoring the root of the problem.


Travel / Is Nigeria Passport Renewal Still Working In Lockdown Times? by 19naia(m): 6:01pm On May 22, 2020
Can people still renew Nigerian passport during this lockdown?

When will they reopen if they are currently closed for business?
Travel / Re: Lockdown And Lagos Flights landing From Europe And USA by 19naia(m): 5:58pm On May 22, 2020
Is Nigeria Immigration services processing Nigerians passport renewals at this time?
Travel / Re: Lockdown And Lagos Flights landing From Europe And USA by 19naia(m): 5:19pm On May 22, 2020

The answer depends on your status

Thanks for the reply.
Health status? Nationality status?

Still no exact or detailed answers here.

Travel / Lockdown And Lagos Flights landing From Europe And USA by 19naia(m): 5:47am On May 22, 2020
Are flights from London and USA, currently allowed to land with incoming passengers during the lockdown in Lagos?

Will it be possible to land in Lagos with a flight from London or New York? Around June? July?
Religion / Re: Is Taking Alcohol Responsibly A Sin ? by 19naia(m): 2:01pm On Sep 01, 2019
Why did Jesus turn Water into Wine?

Wine to the people in those days, was very crucial to staying healthy because the alcohol added antiseptic quality to their lives in a time when hygiene treatments and medicines were not as developed as today.

Wine in Particular is medically associated with very good health properties and you have very old age people taking it and attributing it to their longevity, as well as sports champions like Marathon runners who said it gives them the properties they use to win the race.

Beer and spirits are not as good for daily drinking unless used for cooking or for soaking herbs to extract the medicinal properties for use when you are ill.
Travel / Re: Aruba by 19naia(m): 11:20pm On Aug 08, 2019
Aruba pictures

Travel / Re: Aruba by 19naia(m): 11:15pm On Aug 08, 2019

Travel / Re: Aruba by 19naia(m): 10:59pm On Aug 08, 2019
Other Pictures.

Aruba is nice and easy-going place with not much to offer aside from the very nice and simple beach island atmosphere.
You can find other types of Ambiance at Hotel resorts with things like casinos, restaurants and recreation facilities like swimming pools.
I stayed only 3 hours touring there and that alone nearly chop my money finish.
They have world class hotels like Ritz Carlton starting at around $500-usd per night, but also less pricey options around $50 a night with very few options as low as $25-$45 per night.
Most hotels there seem to be around $100-usd or higher. But even the cheapest hotels there are of reasonable quality and care. They are not entrenched in 3rd world conditions and mentality.

Travel / Re: Aruba by 19naia(m): 10:37pm On Aug 08, 2019
More pictures again

Travel / Re: Aruba by 19naia(m): 10:36pm On Aug 08, 2019
More pictures.
Aruba is more expensive than South America.
They have catered to the Caribbean vacationers of USA for a long time and is even included in a famous song from decades ago, by “the beach boys” in USA.
Such vacation hot spot status has gained it international fame as a vacation paradise. And that inflates the cost.
It has a desert type climate which means mostly days of clear blue sun-shining sky, and very little vegetation growth. No rivers or natural lakes on the Island either.

Travel / Aruba by 19naia(m): 10:32pm On Aug 08, 2019
I had a few hours touring around Aruba Island. A stop-over point along the way to Suriname.
Part of the Dutch Antilles near the West Indies.
It is part of a group of former dutch colonies in South America, between Brazil and Venezuela.
Also Suriname is a former colony of Netherlands.

Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:23pm On Jul 12, 2019
My sister is an Adventurous girl, I can give her to you so you have a partner going with you on your journey

Thank you sir, you are so gracious. But i will wait for face to face encounters with people along the way of my travels.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 2:35am On Jul 12, 2019
Nice one.

We’re somewhat similar.

Recently retired from the US too but I chose to setup base in Nigeria in a suburb. From here I’ve been touring safe areas of Africa, primarily West.

Lots of US retirees in South America. It’s hard to tell our locals how underdeveloped and backwards Nigeria is. And this is comparing ourself to basic countries like Rwanda, Ghana, Brazil, etc not even first world countries.

Happy trails.

Last time i was in Nigeria, i took a west Africa trip by road. Benin republic, Togo, Ghana and Ivory coast. I stopped at the line where the Ebola risk was high. Ivory coast was the safest country for the ebola risk that had happened before i came to Nigeria.
I would have tried to reach Liberia but the ebola risk was highest there.
I would like to do the road trip again some day, from Nigeria to Ghana or at least to Togo.

I have no interest in South Africa or most anywhere else in Africa, but maybe one day i would like to visit Kenya, Ethiopia and maybe others in that region of Africa.
I am done with Asia after 2 years with stays in Philippines and Thailand. The pollution is too much and i was always sick there.
Also Africa, i have to be careful about pollution. I suffered nearly fainting in Onitsha Niger bridge crossing and also in an area of old Ibadan.
I am sensitive to pollution and prefer rural areas because of that.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 2:24am On Jul 12, 2019
@unitedalliance and 19aia

How did you guys saved up for the future and being able to afford all this trips

It seems to be a rat race here

Wow. Other travelers have joined in to share theirs. We are never alone no matter what station in life.

I do not save money to travel. I travel to save money.
People make the mistake of thinking that travel is only for the rich.
Maybe not only for the rich but it definitely is for the financially secure or those who are wild and daring spirits, and do not mind flinging themselves into unknown situations and then working their way along the adventure.

I have a pension from my time in USA military. It is enough to survive in USA and live an average life there.
But if i buy a ticket to a cheaper country like Colombia, my monthly expenses drop by half or even more than half, in Colombia.
So as i stay 3-6 months in Colombia living for half the cost of USA, i am able to save the other half and put towards a ticket to the next destination. Easy that way to afford round trip airfare every 6 months to a new country.

The key is that i come from a rich country where minimum wage is easily more than 2500 naira an Hour. 2500 naira Per hour.
And where i used to live before commencing the life of travel 9 years ago, $1,100.oo per month in Hawaii was considered the poverty line, and if you earned less than $1,100.usd ,you would qualify for government assistance such as food allowance.
In Colombia, $700.usd a month is more than double the minimum wage here.
Cost of living is drastically different and always scaled differently among various countries around the world.
In USA i can suffer a meager survival with $700 a month, and in Colombia i can live very well with $700 per month.

So the financial scenario is reverse if you are based and retired from a rich country with higher cost of living, compared to Nigeria.
Travel becomes a means to save if you plan the right countries with good value and low cost of living, compared to USA.
Also planning my travels a year in advance allows me to search for airline tickets in advance when prices and special deals are available, good flight prices all they way to 3 months prior to traveling..
Then some places are very good deals with multi-flights where i book one ticket with several stops but i make the stopover for 2-3 months. That way i can split my time between two countries on one ticket and pay a mere $100-$200 extra for the lengthy stopover.
I did that last year with my flight to Colombia and Ecuador during 6 months and then a return flight to USA.
This year i had a flight to here in Colombia and then onward to Suriname. And then it is an easy boat ride and bus connection to Guyana. So 3 countries this year before return to USA.

I think i will reach 25 or 26 countries per my lifetime, this year. I have lived mostly in USA and then second is 8 years lived in Nigeria.
2 years lived between Philippines and Hawaii. Then a year in Nicaragua with bus trips to Panama, CostaRica, Honduras and X-mas time back in USA for a few weeks. I travelled to London, Paris and Barcelona before. Now i decide only 6 month travel rotations every year. 6 months in warm beach locations of Mexico during cold USA winters and then 6 months in high cool mountains of South America during the hot USA summer.

As of now, i am already planned ahead in travels until end of 2020. Mostly Colombia this year and into next year, and then i have to decide in which order i take the other destinations. One destination is a return to Hawaii and that is more about errands to attend to my abandoned home there from when i left because of volcanic activities that have since peaked and cooled down. I am always hesitant about Hawaii visits because it drains money like it is water. The place is too expensive for me, so i delay until i am a bit farther in saving and can survive a big hit.
Also Likely i go to Europe again next year, a stop in London and then make my way to the cheaper countries beyond Poland to the north and maybe i will enter Ukraine. Some of these eastern European countries are more comfortable and cheaper to tour than Nigeria.
Nigeria lodging per night is very high. Similar to USA prices but with less quality and absurd problems with water and electricity supply.
I no dey lie when i say i am considering spending some months saving money by living cheaply in Europe so i can afford the cost of a short visit to Nigeria within the next two years if things do not destabilize so much. Last time in Nigeria, fuel crisis hit very deep during my three months there. No electricity and then fuel became an issue for generator options, and then the electric pump for water made water supply fail also.
Like a domino effect, we were rendered to being better off living in the bush villages where they don’t have those amenities but neither the problems of living in cities full of desperate hustle for scarce resources.

This year was a big expense for me but a worthwhile experience with my son’s graduation, as he finally graduated University in Northern NewYork state USA. I also sponsored him a flight and some holiday experiences with me in Mexico this year, before his final exams when they gave them a two week vacation from school.
So i went from Mexico, to my home in USA, then to NewYork and then back home and then to Colombia.
And i drove my car from Mexico all the way to New York. That is like driving from Calabar Nigeria, to London England.
I parked my car in USA and flew to Colombia where i now enjoy walking everywhere that i go in town for my day to day affairs.

I am not married, so my expenses are rather tame without a woman to tend to.
I am looking for a woman to be with me, but i travel so often that i never stay long enough to know any well, and also at my age women are not as free from responsibilities to just up and go with me and wander without concern for things at home. The free ones are either too young or are aloof because they are not responsible people and would likely ruin my life into being aloof with them and incapable of making anything happen for ourselves.

And then some good women i meet who are poor and free to go with me from their poor countries, but their passport and visa issues are a problem without ease of travel that comes with a USA passport like mine. Also many ladies are simply afraid and inexperienced, they do not understand that people can travel and travel and travel and they can come with me if they truly want to be with me.
Many have said yes, but as soon as i say come lets go get your documents and other things together for the trip, they stand quiet and then go back to their lives. And i don’t beg them or try to persuade them, i just ask and say ok lets go and leave it up to them. I want someone who truly wants to go of their own will and has the bravery and initiative to take the risks and moves it requires for adventure in life.
Some have even collected money from me to get started and they spent the money and asked for more or never contacted me again. I don’t waste time looking for them again or asking them to repay me what i gave.
I am always booked ahead and looking to move on to the next destination and i cannot make progress in the life if i pursue people who cannot get themselves to make a move even when someone is there and ready to support them.

So 9 years of travel and experiences with ladies all over the world and none of them ever made the leap yet.
But it is typical that most people are not able to make the first step to fulfill their dreams or desires, they expect it will happen like they imagine or that it will happen like other people said it should happen, and when the opportunity comes in a different form, they do not recognize it and go back to wait for the way they think it will happen, and it usually never happens the way we think and we wait forever for nothing to arrive.

I have met people who wander homeless and broke just so they can wander and travel to see the world, even if it is from the position of dirty and broke in the streets, and these are USA citizens where poverty does not mean likely starvation and death like in Africa, pure oyibo people doing broke and homeless traveling.
People like that may be broke and homeless but they have a stronger spirit than me in taking the leaps for what they dream even if it comes via inconvenient circumstances. I have met some of them in USA and even mingled with some to learn of their travels.

There was a time after i moved back to USA from Nigeria during my Secondary school days, and i would never travel anywhere outside USA again.
My 8 year experience in Nigeria was so tough and traumatic that i never wanted to leave the safety of USA again.
I later travelled around USA for a few years and eventually settled near the border with Mexico and then 10 years after i left Nigeria, i ventured outside of USA and into Mexico.
It was 25 years after leaving Nigeria that i ventured back to Nigeria, but i had a return ticket with me and only 3 months. I tried to return to Nigeria earlier but my father and uncles bombarded me with fear about the trip, so i traded the ticket for one to Europe and that was when i visited London England, Paris France and Barcelona Spain.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 4:07am On Jul 08, 2019
cartels are not active the way they used to be back in Pablo's days

Yes. While Colombians have forgotten their past ways of troubles, and are making huge progress, the rest of the world who do not see their progress, only remember them by their past.

Funny how the news lavishly tells the world of their problem years and then says nothing when the newer years bring peace and prosperity.

The news just runs now to Venezuela to tell every one how bad it is in Venezuela and leaves people to never realize Colombia has Changed.

Same when i visited Nicaragua. Always warned about the war they had there. The war had been over since more than 10 years prior to my visit, but no news agency was wasting time to constantly tell the world how peaceful they had become in Nicaragua.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 2:18pm On Jul 07, 2019
Tell us the prospect of getting a decent job and work there!?

I am not familiar with the work scene here as i travel on tourist visa only. Not allowed to work even if i wanted, and also i can be charged with visa violation, just for exploring employment options while on a tourist visa stay.

But i am sure you have heard of the Venezuela crisis. Millions of Venezuelan people flooded into Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and they are working everywhere i go in Colombia and Ecuador.
It is causing problems in some places and already Peru has passed new laws to make it easy to expel foreigners and difficult to allow them in.

So right now, the immigration scene is stressed to a historical level and has found them taking international aide just to help them deal with the economic impact of Venezuelan people flooding into their country as refugees.

I cannot give employment advice with my lack of experience in working outside of USA. I go to USA for work.

But i can advise you about the immigration problems faced in this part of the continent. A serious problem with refugees from Venezuela looking for work. Also, they all speak Spanish language and all business here is conducted in Spanish.
So -to compete with desperate Venezuelan refugees needing work by the millions, and you not speaking Spanish? That is a serious undertaking.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 2:04pm On Jul 07, 2019

Nice one bro and very thought provoking.
I'll like to do something like that after retirement too.
But wait o, what about the gang/drug warfare in Colombia and Mexico?
It does not bother you?

All their drugs mostly end up in USA, and i lived many years in USA seeing drug addicts on the streets and having them beg from me for money to buy drugs and also the stealing they do. Also watching the news about drug gangs killing each other in the USA streets.
So i took caution while going to these countries, just like i take caution when i am at home in USA. I cannot just go anywhere at anytime and do anything, even in USA. Same in Mexico, Colombia and beyond.
But... After a few seasons staying in Mexico and a few in Colombia, i have not seen the streets plagued with drug addicts like i see in USA. And i have not seen any drug warfare events in places that i stay.
I stick to small towns like in the village. Always slow pace and none of those fast and dangerous types of personalities enjoy life there. They all prefer the big city where all the money is, and all the air pollution and stress. I stay away from big money scenes and do not hustle for money here as i bring my income from USA.
I do see armed military and police patrols all over Mexico and some in Colombia. While Mexico has gotten much worse with drug gangs, Colombia has gotten much better. Colombia is no longer ravaged by Pablo Escobar or the FARC who used to be the Boko Haram of Colombia. Now Colombia is dealing with ordinary street gang problems like other countries and then they have the gangs deep in the jungle growing cocaine and other narcotic plants. The jungle gangs have only been a problem for people who go into the jungle looking for them to report or interfere with them. And the military is always flying helicopters to search out their jungle farms and drug lab operations.

I simply stick to small quiet towns where drug gangs cannot make money nor find enough customer with money to spend. And also not easy for them to lay low in small towns where everyone knows everybody. Maybe some small towns, they are there in small numbers moving the drugs through to big cities or along the passage to USA and Europe. And they come and go quietly through with no interest in those towns.
And in USA, there is almost no small town or city i can go, without finding drug addiction problems on a significant scale.
I see more evidence of drug problems in USA and i see more people emulating drug gangsters lifestyle when i am in USA. Not in Mexico or Colombia.
Yes Mexico has more murder than USA or even Nigeria, but it is like with boko haram, nobody comes to Nigeria and moves to Sambisa forest. I don’t go to Mexico and move to places where the problems are. Colombia is much more peaceful than Mexico now.
Also, the drug gangs live by a code and they do not target foreigners who are the one’s bringing tourism dollars to the country.
All their violence is their local fights among one another. The number of foreigners from USA, Canada and Europe, is very high in Mexico, like in the millions. And the number who get killed every year, is less than the number who get killed per million in USA.
Less Americans killed in Mexico than are killed in USA every year. And i see more drug addict encounters in USA. So my chances of such danger, are lower in Mexico even with all the violence on Mexico. I simply stay away from problem areas and take caution who i mingle with and what activities i engage in.
I live simple and mostly keep to myself and allow others the right of way when i am walking in the streets.

No people at road blocks always asking for money like in Nigeria, no agbero or police shaking me down every time i drive around.
Very little hawking of goods in the streets and not as much wild acts of desperation by people hustling the streets, like we see in Nigeria.
When you follow procedure and pay the basic fees, all business goes smoothly and nobody jamming the situation with problems used to delay and extort money from people.
Maybe on very rare occasions you see news of extortion incidents, but none of that rampant petty extortion played as a normal business culture there.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 1:36am On Jul 07, 2019
Wow nice, bro are you on vacation or you working

Not working. Retired and taking it easy now. Easier for me to live in nice and more affordable parts of the world.
I rotate between countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and i will be in Suriname next month and will try a short visit to the neighboring Guayana. I am based in USA as my home and for any work i do. Work obligation is low for me at home and retirement allows me to spend more time in less costly countries like Colombia. USA is nice, but why stay there when my dollars buy more for me in Colombia and i can have money remaining to travel again.

And for those who think exchange rate is so important for the Naira, Colombia has exchange rate of 3200 to $1-usd.
Even republic of Benin known to be poor, has exchange rate of 584 to $1.
Yet Colombia manages very well in more ways than quality of living and development. Even with 3200 pesos to $1, Colombia offers very good value for what you spend here.
I like visiting Nigeria but it is always discouraging with the cost i pay for quality living, plus the difficulties and added costs that always follow.
If not for friends and Family, i would never consider going to Nigeria again.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:58pm On Jul 06, 2019
Coffee farming of Colombia. Colombia has been famous for supplying coffee to the world.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:57pm On Jul 06, 2019
At the mall or shopping centre. They have two major malls like this in town and then a number of smaller modern shopping centers with similar offerings.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:56pm On Jul 06, 2019
Other pictures.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:54pm On Jul 06, 2019
More pictures.


Travel / Colombia South America. by 19naia(m): 8:54pm On Jul 06, 2019
Pictures from a small town in Colombia.

No this place is not their version of Ikoyi, VI or GRA.
It is just the new side of the town and the town is a simple small town with a population less than that of Ado-Ekiti.
So even though this is their Ado-Ekiti level of city, it accommodates with the same fare as places like Ikoyi, VI, Abuja and such.
Maybe it lacks rail service but i can walk across the entire town in a few hours and there is a low population using extensive bus services and taxis.
What i like about this place in Colombia, is the mountain views and affordability. I can get a nice condominium in the high rise and live to the same standard and environs as Ikoyi or VI, but i will pay 50% or less than 50% of what Ikoyi and VI offerings want to charge. And that is a place fully furnished and set with kitchen utensils, beddings and more. Ready to move in and just start cooking, eating, sleeping, watching TV or using Wifi internet. Also it is always possible to get month to month rentals charging payments each month.

In addition to the lower cost, the value is even higher with constant tap water treated to potable condition, also cooking gas is piped to the house as is the water, so no need buy gas by the tank or canister. Same with constant electricity.
So i pay much less for much more and no Service fees to run a generator and maintain bore holes or refilling cooking gas from a supplier.
There are security guards and common area custodians in each high rise condominium building, and very easy traffic in town with such a low population at less than 350k residents.

This town is around 5000 feet of elevation and that means it has daily coolness similar to the colder days of Jos. Also nearly daily rainfall and mostly cloudy skies.

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Agriculture / Re: Guitarfish Caught By Fishermen In Lagos Lagoon This Morning (Photos) by 19naia(m): 10:45pm On Dec 18, 2018
This link has a good list of East Atlantic Sting Rays and extensive information about them.


The Photo shows what they look like and at least two of them match the “Guitarfish” originally posted. The Original post photo of the fish caught is matching more the head shape of the “Wedgefish” and not the “Guitarfish”.

It seems to be a “Guitarfish”, after closer look at more of the body details.

It is a sting ray and there is a good picture of one matching it in the stingray and shark information here.

Family / Re: Woman's Wedding Ring Refuses To Be Removed, Finger Set To Be Cut - Facebook User by 19naia(m): 2:12pm On Oct 19, 2018
Don’t cut off the finger. You will regret it when you see how simple it is to remove the ring.
Even cutting off the ring, is better than cutting off the finger.



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Health / Re: How Can I Help My 5 Year-Old Son To Stop Stammering? by 19naia(m): 2:44pm On Oct 05, 2018
Stop beating or slapping the child everytime the child says something disapproved of.
It makes them unsure of speaking and then fear causes distraction to their flow of speech as their head is filled with images of being slapped or beaten for what they have spoken.

Perhaps kind and gentle sessions of giving the child proper things to say and making the child recite them.
Perhaps have the child memorize a paragraph of useful and good things to say, and have the child positively encouraged to recite the paragraphs for you daily. Not read them. But recite them off head.
Teach the child some happy things to recite and do it in ways that do not scare the child nor involve beating or slapping.
If the child can read, then let the child read a paragraph or sentence silently and memorize it. Then to recite it to you everyday under the conditions of not being pressured with fear of being slapped, beaten or verbally acosted.
Even if one word at a time and then move to two at a time and then three and more.
Also look for key words around which the stammering is more present. Sometimes it is even a key letter, such as stammering only with words that contain a certain letter or certains letters. Then use those key words as primary focus in speech practice.

At 5 years of age; now is the time to do speech lessons and even add more subjects to the lessons to make an above-average intelligence child.

Even if the stammering is not caused by fear, using fear to break the stammering is not going to make it easier. Some cases of stammering are caused by fear that derails areas of focus neeeded for fluid speech. It could be complicating to have beatings, slaps and verbal accosting attempted to stop the stammering. Not good if beatings, slaps and verbal accostings were the causse of the stammering from day one.

Rasing children can be hard for those who are too busy making a living and keeping the house in order.
If you can find time for gentle speech practice, it can work wonders. Maybe just 30 minutes a day.

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