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Politics / Re: Bitumen Shipment To Nigeria By Geneva Energy Firm Commences by 19naia(m): 5:05pm On Sep 09, 2016
Ondo state taught pupils as early as primary school that the state has Bitumen as a major resource. I suspect Ondo state is not the only state in Nigeria with Bitumen resources.
So again progress waiting to happen while money is thrown at the wind for uneccessary imports. It seems the cost of importing would be enough to develop a bitumen extraction and supply chain in Nigeria while making employment for many in the Nigeria population. Divert the money spent on imports of bitumen to the extraction and distribution of Nigerian bitumen. Even if it delays road projects, it will speed up economic growth and stability, and out of that growth and stability will come the means to sustain road projects over the very long term.

People always say the cost of producing refined petrol and other things will cost more in Nigeria than importing, but the truth is that not developing the local production is the most costly in the long run. It is cheaper in the countries exporting it to Nigeria because they have well developed centers for production, production support and distribution support while some even subsidise to enable competitive export prices.
Nigeria should do its own and work out the details later, otherwise instability will continue creating a cycle of sufferering that is more costly than doing the needed for local production regardless of how costly. The money not spent on exports stays in the economy and continues the cycle of local development, whereas payments for imports sends the money out of the local economy while many go unemployed.

When this is factored in, it is actually better for the economy to make its own refined petrol and bitumen even if the cost is higher than imports. The local production will provide so much employment ,revenue and eventually surplus can be channeled into export with subsidies. At one time Nigeria was operating at a loss to import fuel. It is still better to operate at a loss to export the same fuel produced locally. Even China subsidizes its own local production to keep the export prices low for international customers. A diversely productive economy will then be encouraging to foriegners who will be able to bring in the means to eventually make production cheaper. A key strategy is volume of production such as the volume of production planned in Dangote mega refinery. The production volume will be so high in one refinery alone that it will be hard for any non subsidized producer in any country to sell cheaper with added shipping costs. The start up cost is the major expense factor but is a neccessary growing pain that all great nations went through.

Although the high cost of local production comes from start up, the start up costs are easily offset by international grants and local government subsidies which are all worthy sacrifices towards real development. Dangote mega refinery sef is recipient of nearly $1billion development funds from foriegn sources. Nigerian government should be paying into the develoment as well, all that fuel subsidy for imports from past should have been going to local production refineries being built and todays problems would not be so much. Priorities.
There is no local production that is too costly. Every local production job lost to paying for cheap imports ,is a high cost to the economy. Every local dollar in Nigeria paid out for import of things that can be made in Nigeria, is a high cost to the economy because those dollars cease to circulate in the nigeria economy and thus cannot add to the size of the economy nor add to the available money for local investments that can pay a Nigerian employee.

Why is bitumen not sourced in Nigeria when Nigeria has a sincere plan to stay in the business of constant road maintainance and development?

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Autos / Re: "Buhari" Plate Number Spotted At Kogi College Of Education by 19naia(m): 5:42am On Sep 09, 2016
Long before Buhari change was known, i implemented my own Buhari style of change in my life.
Cost of living went up for me as i unknowingly moved to a more expensive state and then my income was squeezed when i sold my business on credit to the buyer with 6 months grace period to begin the payment plan. Eventually the buyer failed and i had to shut the business down at added costs to my total loss.
Then i finally settled in the more expensive state and my quality of living went to the pits, but i did so strategically. I could have settled in a rental place of better quality but i wanted to buy/invest despite not having cash to pay. I found someone to sell land to me on credit where i paid very low monthly payments. But it was suffering to try and build a place out of the raw bush while also needing to stay there. I was always dirty with soil on my clothes from digging and my hands were rough from all the tedious work, but within a few months i grew accustomed to it after some vital progress.

I actually had a 4 bedroom house with a swimming pool and boys quarters in the previous state where my business was, but the house was rented and the rent was used to pay the bank loan of the house and other related costs. I made no money except towards paying the house loan. I went from that house to go and live in the bush on land like a vagabond.
Once i grew used to the change, i was very well inspired by my daily work. There is a difference in attitude when it is my own property where everything i put in comes back to me and not paid out in rent to others like Nigeria pays out for imports that are consumed to nothing overnight. I eventually found a second plot of land a year after the first, the 2nd land also sold to me on credit with low monthly payments.
So i settled in at my limit of 2 plots of land in a very rough and poor life style. I was always dirty with torn clothes but i had a big house in another state being rented, and two peices of land at half a hectare each.

4 years later i had to sell my rented house because it had damages from renters and i could not afford to repair. I sold for a good profit and used it to pay the debts related to my old failed business, travel and a car i had bought when i opened the failed business. I still had a small amount of the profit remaining but just enough to buy some materials to make life a bit easier on my land.

Then after another 2 years, the price of land sky rocketed where i had bought two plots. I waited almost too late when i sold one of my plots, the prices were coming down again but i was able to sell for double what i contracted to pay for the land. Just a few months before the plots of land were selling up to 4 times more than i paid. I was happy to at least sell for double.

I sold only one of my two plots and used the profit to pay the balance owed on the one i was living and building on. I was then at a positive net worth. I owed no money on any house or land but i owned a peice of land. I then decided to borrow money again but only to by a new vehicle, a utility truck. It was not easy life living on the land but it was my home and i owed no rent or creditor for it. The new car i bought made things much easier but it was costly payment monthly, enough to pay another two plots. Many people that were looking at me when i was dirty six years before, they were still paying rent and had no new car or nothing they could sell if they wanted money to move or change their life. But they were never dirty like i was during my change.

After another 3 years, i saved a bit of money that allowed me to travel to live in a much cheaper place and i abandoned my land. I eventually saved money quicker in the cheaper place, and within 2 years of moving i paid off the debt of my new car. I then sold the car and had a decent sum of cash and began to grow more savings.
To this day i still own that land free to sell or develop again. But after i sold my car, my savings were easier to grow with no costly car expenses. I rode public transport in the new cheaper area i relocated to ,and i also travelled a lot. Eventually i had enough savings to help after borrowing to buy a big house to rent. I had past expereince and knew what kind of house would be more profitable and what amount of reserve i would need to absorb damages that would prevent the house from renting to replacement tenants.

I went to borrow money from the bank and bought a quadruplex house that brings in enough rent to pay the bank loan, pay the servicing, management fees and remaining enough to repair potential damages with more remaining as profit. From the past 2.5 years the house has been profitable and i take care of it well and spend money to keep it in good order for tenants. Its a big house and the biggest single building on the street. It's the biggest and highest priced house i have ever owned and i also comtinue to have the land i came from before in the more expensive state. I am also close to buying a second house to lease out ,but a smaller one not as pricey, the next one will not be borrowed money. It will be cheaper and paid in full cash. A few more years at most.
I drive a used older car now, i paid full cash for it and service it well to make it last and i have no more interest in borrowing money. I have more assets than debt today. That was a long way to get there, going through change.

I did buhari style economics and my own was for 8 or 9 years. Buhari own may only be 4 years. Its the reality of life when built on unstable foundations. It has to be rebuilt from the dirty bottom all the way up with better understanding about economy to be gained.
I entered increased cost of living and reduced the quality of my life and settled for what seemed like squalor so that i would be in a place of productivity rather than paying outside to foriegn owners for everything i need. Eventually the loans and risky/costly sources of income were all taken care of and i have come back better and more experienced than before.

Past regime was the one living in extensive debt and corruption. It may seem like Nigerians have gone from living in a 4 bedroom house with swimming pool and a self owned business, to now living in the bush with no house ,only a cutlass and a will to survive. But the truth is it can come back better and more stable than before whereas before was a false stabiltty always destined to fall.
Nigeria will come back without the debt of imported refined petroleum product, without the burden of unmanageable looting corruption and very possibly an over-all level of production that will see domestic product prices fall at a rate never seen before in Nigeria. If the prices do not fall, it will be because the products are exported to foreign customers willing to pay more and that will drive the Naira value up making it cheaper to buy things Nigeria does not produce ,there will be a price reduction somewhere to show no matter what -as long as productivity booms.
Also the ability for Nigeria to retain savings in the NGN coffers will grow and that makes way for the chance to invest in more wise choices to properly support the nation.
There is nothing abnormal or hopeless about buhari change times. Things have changed proportional to the quality of the foundation they were built on before Buhari, and rebuilding the foundation from the ground will always disrupt the house negatively until the job is done and the house comes back more stable and stronger than ever before. A net positive gain.

I paid dearly for the change in my life and understand how important it was with the right strategy in place for moving forward. My choices were tough and i pulled through and my best times were during the worst economic collapse of my lifetime here in USA. I was not experiencing any economic hardship when the economy collapsed in 2008-2009. I did all my hard times for the previous 8 years as decribed above -and when the economy collapsed, i began to rise and found a very easy experience in the mix. I have retained my old sense of satisfaction such that i live on less than my income always and i have no temptation to buy all the things i can afford. I am more tempted to reduce and even live in the bush again to save money to invest again so i can rise again. We don't need all the things we plunge ouselves into money trouble for. Experience and applying the experience to life strategy. Nigeria has learned it's oil economy lesson well and the problem was created by many leaders who saw the oil money coming in so easy, so easy that they were more developed at looting the money than learning sound economics and sound strategy for a stable country. Chop and mismanagement causes even multi billion dollar corporations in USA to collapse and or go through suffering periods to restructure and recover.

There is much hope and Nigeria is poised to come back so productive people will wonder why they had never made the change and endured the pains sooner. They were too busy blindly chopping and remaining unaware. shocked
Politics / Re: Buhari To Launch ‘change Begins With Me’ Campaign On Thursday-the Vanguard by 19naia(m): 5:15pm On Sep 07, 2016
Finally some truth and resposibility. Change begins with you.

People on the individual level must take responsibilty for their actions that brought about this change and any lack of changeing the miserable changes.
All those who voted for this government must take personal responsibility for their actions of voting in such government, and change will begin with you when next election comes and people take no part in actions such as voting for another set of government.

Change beigins with each person when they rise up to take responsibility for their own government and physically remove the politheifcians from office and empty their loot laden pockets.
Its true, change begins with the people while the government is far too often the parasite that drains the people and forcefully disempowers the people from manageing their own change. Just think, if there were no politicians, there would be no looting of the public coffers and the people will have all the responsibility with themselves because change begins with each and every one of the people of the public.
People will rise up and change their own country and deal with the politicians who have been in obstruction of the people's change for many years now. Yes Oooo change begins with each one of the people, even the ones ready to do jungle justice to facilitate change.

Good advice: Change begins with you ?
Travel / Re: Has Someone Treated You Poorly Until They Discovered You Were Wealthy? by 19naia(m): 6:31am On Sep 07, 2016
is asa not in the same show buisness. How come we don't know too much about her wink
lagbaja nko wink

Yes Ooo na true. The big difference is Asa has real talent while Davido has to put in extra effort to convince. Go and see the quality of Asa unplugged live performance versus quality of Davido live unplugged performance. Davido would not shine without plugged in equipment to help fake it beyond his inabilities. So he uses his money to show what he does not have other wise.

The whole false image projection is what is wrong with the world and why incompetent people run the world and smart people are stuck behind the scenes trying to forwarn of the calamity the status quo is creating for the whole world to fall into.
The suit and tie culture sef is slowly growing into a bad reputation around the world even in USA of course. Just look at the american billionaires in the "Smart tech" business and how they dress. The smartest billionaires who actually do real work and create real ingenius substance, they dress like Mark zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. All the rest dress to meet an image because they are lacking in real substance.
Unfortunately this is what has been ingrained culturally and enforced on the job market and now the job market is full of fake jobs, false promises of salary payments to hard workers and fake leaders in politics with no real merit other than they are eager to get hands on public money and executive powers.

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Health / Re: Video Of Man Having Sex With Snake Seen On Nigerian Doctor's Phone In The Uk by 19naia(m): 9:55pm On Aug 31, 2016
What I don not understand is why nothing is said about the people in the videos doing those extreme acts..
They are troubling him over being in posessin of the pictures or videos while the people who actually did the deeds on camera are safe to go and continue as they have been.
Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed Tunnel In Owerri Flooded (Photos) by 19naia(m): 11:18pm On Aug 30, 2016
Nigeria, building "electric" trains to carry people in a country with no stable electricity supply. They will be trapped in the trains so often and long enough to roast to death in the heat.
Now they want to hail tunnel systems without ever having developed proper drainage systems.

The same amount of money spent on the elctric trains is enough to buy Nigeria a surplus and steady power supply, but good priorities are as deficient as electricity.
Same with the money spent of tunnels, the same amount of money if spent on developing advanced underground sewage and drainage tunnels would save so much money and suffering in the long run.

I can't blame them though, they never really know what goes on behind the scenes and underground in Oyibo country, they just know they want to look like oyibo country without the sense of what goes on behind the scenes to make it all work.
Its what happens when the country is run by people whose only talent and knowledge is in chopping money from government coffers.

If they put in a pump, it will be issues with fuel scarcity to power it. If the pump is electric, the issue will be no NEPA. Always trying to look more like progress than they actually are. Priorities must be sorted.
Go See the pictures of when Mark Zuckerberg the US billionaire came to Lagos. He was the only one dressed like he had no money or success to wear on his body. The people he went to visit were all dressed up in collared shirts with necktie and so on. When you spend all your energies on looking like an image on the surface, there will not be any energy left to grow the most important part on the inside.
All these Nigerians acting the big boy part wanting to fly private jets in the frame work for a shambled economy, because they are too good to do real work, only money-money-money and no sense, and all the while it is common workers with little money who make Nigeria work despite the parasites at the top embezzling it all. Next time you step up to your jet feeling big and intelligent, remember it was common bicycle mechanics who invented the first airplane in a time when it was out of the grasp of others who had invented cars and other advanced technologies of the day. I have more respect for the intelligence of a road side vulcanizer than i do most of the so called big boys in monied places in Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Calabar Electric Light Rail Ready For Inauguration (Photo) by 19naia(m): 10:52pm On Aug 30, 2016
NEPA will prove again why it is the number one reason Nigeria has been a poor investment choice for investors.
Billions of Naira for "electric" trains when Nigeria is in the dark ages of electric supply. People are struggling to find 1kv of power to charge a phone but people are hailing progress in an "Electric" train that uses enough KV to power a small Nigerian city. grin
Investing the same amount of money in electricity supply would yeild more benefit to the economy of the entire state that Calabar resides in. But in Nigeria, good priorities are as scarce as common sense which is as scarce as a lit light bulb in Nigeria.
Car Talk / Re: Top 10 Cars Built For Nigerian Roads by 19naia(m): 5:15pm On Aug 28, 2016
Don't buy any vehicle made by Jeep. If you have money to spend on repairs and love the look and style, then buy it. They are the least reliable of any of those rugged vehicles. Jeep is very rugged and can survive a beating on the road ,but the many other parts of the vehicle are not as reliable as german and japanese made.
American made cars are among the least reliable but they are not so terrible if you can afford to repair them twice as often as a Toyota and then as they reach old age, they become such problems needing repair so often it can seem like a curse. People manage american cars in USA because there are cheap parts for them and also many junk cars to scavenge from if you dont have money.
Toyota TRD versions will last and last and when it is 10 years old, the resale price will still be so high that it will compare to a newer car of other makes and models. People buy 25 year old toyota off road vehicles and refurbish them and sell them at the price of a new one because they will last forever as long as they are cared for and repaired.
Some american cars will take well to repair only for a decade or two before they become so problematic it is better to buy a new one. There are some american cars from 1990 like ford taurus, ford tempo and ford escort that you will rarely see on the road any more. They just didn't last except for the few that were garaged and rarely driven. Ford SUV and Trucks are the more reliable ones.
Buick and oldsmobile are the rock steady american cars. They last and their luxury is very nice and at a very good price.

I drive toyota and it is worth the extra cost for a new one. Honda/Acura are also good but they do not have the equivalent to Toyota TRD works.
Science/Technology / Re: Man Invents Rocket-Like Vehicle At Oke-Ado, Ibadan (Photos) by 19naia(m): 4:55pm On Aug 28, 2016
Ehen, Nigeria will reach d moon by 2020 in Jesus name.. But Nigeria has no clue what it will do there on d moon or if it will make it back to earth.
Progress... shocked
Religion / Re: Pastors Reading From Ipad And Tablet Instead Of Holy Book. Right Or Wrong ? by 19naia(m): 4:51pm On Aug 28, 2016
God wrote the ten commandments on stone tablets and since then we have strayed from God's etched in stone medium to our own choices to use paper stained with ink.
I can see God's wisdom in writing it in stone because stone will not burn when men go about their wicked ways of setting things on fire to destroy one another. Stone will bury underground or store in a safe place for thousands of years and thousands of years more after that.
Thats why the bible of today is incomplete, the dead sea scrolls and other mediums by which the word was passed down on, were made of leather and paper with ink and much of it withered away.

Also God wrote those tablets in one particular language and since then man has abandoned that language to extinction and taken on other languages. The word has been clouded by interpretive dissonance because of that.

And just now, today, we are going to talk about the word going to iPad? If anything is wrong at all, it happened when people strayed from etching in stone and using the languages from 5000 years ago. Different language, different attire, different media in a different day and age.

I beg, go back home and study your ancestral vernacular if you want to know better things.
Romance / Re: A deeper look into the act of masturbation. by 19naia(m): 5:59am On Aug 28, 2016
Good bless the hands of the ones who have not Aids, gonorhea, and other STD's. God bless the ones who are not out patronizing prostitutes and monopolizing every opportunity to encounter the opposite gender while others are left out and alone at home.
Its most likely a monopolizing womanizer, STD ridden, prostitute patronizing, visceral impulsed dog who is making issues with masturbation.
Like the pastor who was commenting one month how a criminal deserved what he got, and the same pastor convicted of child molestation in another month.
Unfounded people who go astray of themsleves and cannot keep their hands to themsleves, those are the ones to watch out for in this life.
God bless the hands of those who keep their hands to themsleves rather than all over other peoples business, property and person.

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Politics / Re: It's Wrong For Mikel, Siasia To Accept $390,000 Gift - Senator Ogba by 19naia(m): 12:18am On Aug 26, 2016
The biggest crooks looting the country to the point that no money was found to sponsor the olyimpic athletes.
It is wrong for the senators to be such high paid crooks, they are lazy and cannot qualify for olympics or anything useful in an honest way.
They should shut up and eat their shame for sending talented Nigerians to represent with no means to sustain themselves while senators at home live in obscene dishonest excess and tell them not to accept help from kind strangers.
Wicked souls indeed. They are so dissociated from the common people who do all the real work in making the country surviveable.


Travel / Re: US Makes $10,000,000 From Nigeria In Rejected Visa Applications by 19naia(m): 1:48am On Aug 24, 2016
Your desire for the dollar makes the dollar more valuable and the Naira suffers because of it.

Your desire to go to the land of the US dollar makes the land of the US dollar richer and Nigeria stays poorer for it.

$10million invested in Nigeria is enough to grow a business and productivity to make a comfortable occupation for the 65,000 denied applicants.

Nigeria doesn't have the advantage or silver spoon of being a colonial master over lands and labor that it stole from other people, but still it can make great improvement to itself without the stain of colonial mastership and world wars on its heritage.
Where there is life, there is hope. May Nigerians rise up, clean house and use good sense and good temperment to make of Nigeria what it must be for the mutual benefit of all Nigerians.
Business / Re: Sun International Leaves Nigeria Over ‘Hostile Environment’ by 19naia(m): 6:07am On Aug 23, 2016
It may be a good thing that they go. The hotel will remain and will be available for other investors. So many high priced hotels have sprouted up on Lagos and that may be one of the reasons why their business has slowed. People just come and invest in whatever they want with money they aquired in whatever way including government embezzlement, and they don't look at the market to see if it is saturated to the point that some old players will be forced to drop out while new comers struggle to find enough customers.
With all of the big dirty money in Nigeria being spent and invested, it makes it very difficult for more honest people to make their investments work because those who just go and steal governemnt money can continue with more stolen money and saturate a market with their investments even if it is not profitable, and do so until those dependent on honest money are foced out of business.
Nigeria is full of investments of laundered loot. Investments that dont care if profit is being generated because the only goal is to create a false image of a genuine source for streaming income that is actually coming from theft and illicit trades.
It squeezes out more honest investors and destabilizes the investment atmosphere in the economy. When thieves and illict Traders are the main players in the economy, it will make for a continually crooked market culture and make business difficult for intelligent investors. Real progress will come when intelligent people rise in the economy rather than be displaced by ignorant brutes whose only talent is banter and coruption as a means to manipulate their way over other people's money such as public funds accumulating in government coffers.
Sports / Re: NFF ‘Hijacks’ Takasu's $390,000 Dream Team Gift by 19naia(m): 5:37pm On Aug 21, 2016
Japanese man sent them a "Bail out" package for their financial troubles.
NGN sent the states of Nigeria Bail Out packages last year to cover unpaid salaries and state workers were still reporting not being paid even a year later.
Those states happily took the money claiming they would do with the money as intended by NGN, and time came to pay only to find the states saying they had to use the money for other state projects or contractor fees that had been unpaid. Those projects and contractors are all a part of nepotic schemes that see the state government executives getting pay outs while the real state worker remain unpaid. Dynamic looting at work. Very simple, greedy and fantastically corrupt government people.
Some said they put it in banks to reap interest gains. Still prolonging suffering and death tolls.
Foul and selfish people of the worst kind.

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Sports / Re: NFF ‘Hijacks’ Takasu's $390,000 Dream Team Gift by 19naia(m): 5:28pm On Aug 21, 2016
They had financial crisis because Nigeria with all of it's oil money could not find the proper channels to see them have funds for participation in the olympics.
Japanese man donates charitably to team members at the olympics and now all of a sudden Nigeria wants them to believe Nigeria is interested in properly channeling the money to them. Shameless when nigeria never channeled money to the team before ,and now Nigeria is only trying to channel that money away from them. Do not trust NFF because they never found proper channels before when it was time to get funds to the team before winning the bronze. Its all a scam of greed to take it from the ones who deserve it(olympic team) and put into the mouths of wallowing useless swine.
Ask the many governement workers and pensioners in Nigeria who are not being paid through proper channels for up to a year of diligent work and suffering. Some of them dying because of abject poverty.
When Nigeria comes talking about taking money for proper channeling of the money that is already in your hands, its a waste of due process and just a scam designed to pilfer the money from hard workers. Nigerian politicians and executives who cannot kick a ball to score a goal, nor do a job well enough to organize a functional country and they are the highest paid in the world. Because their only true talents are greed and fantastic coruption.
Its is stark raving obvious and they are shameless about it.
The only worthy complaint should come from the other players who helped to win the bronze. They should be asking for a share from the team captain and coach. NFF should go back to their village and do farming to prove they know the value of hard work. Shamless leaches who would embezzle the money and leave the team in destitution.

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Romance / Re: "Girl Infected My Friends With Gonorrhoea & Stole 2 Laptops After A Foursome" by 19naia(m): 5:44pm On Aug 19, 2016
All the cases of gonorrhea i have ever encountered were among people who were sleeping together in party or foursome and more.
There was even a doctors case documentary where in his small town in USA, teenage gonorrhea patients were coming in to see him in unusually high numbers.
He began to question them for details about their activities and found out eventually that they all attended the same parties. Finally one of the patients confessed that the parties eventually became foursome type festivities for them until gonorrhea ensued and they all quietly pursued treatment individually. It was a small town and only the teens who attended the same foursomes were found with gonorrhea.
That doctor then consulted the case with another gonorrhea experienced doctor in another state and found out that it was more common for gonorrhea to appear among people who engaged in foursome type of activities.

Moral of the story is that gonorrhea travels with foursomes. shocked

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Agriculture / Re: See The Coloured Corn I Harvested From My Farm by 19naia(m): 3:41am On Aug 19, 2016
The yellow and white corn are the imposters. They were the modified one. grin

The original corn looked like these in the photos.. shocked

Agriculture / Re: See The Coloured Corn I Harvested From My Farm by 19naia(m): 3:37am On Aug 19, 2016
Thats the original corn. The origins of corn come from Colored varieties that had mix of dark colors and some mixing of the common color today. They selected over time the ones with more yellow or white color until a strain of fully yellow and white were acheived.
I like the colored one better. Some are red, some dark blue and others brown or black. Some are also a nice golden color.
I have chips with me now made from blue corn, The chips are blue color.
Corn is Native to American continent and the native word is Maize(Maheez).

Check out the pictures. ~~~~~~~

Dark colored native corn sold in the market in south america.

Also Carrots original color is not orange. Orange was selected over time for its sweetness but i like the taste of the blue/purple carrots..

Potatoes in the picture are also various colors and shapes and are native to south America.


Politics / Re: How Far With Our Refineries? by 19naia(m): 3:07am On Aug 19, 2016

This are fake economic theories that will never work here ,we are in this shit because some people keep repeating this line that has never work ,countries adopt economic models that suit their situation not some copy and paste, the private sector alone can not Solve a country's problem during the meltdown in the u s a it was still the government that bailed them out. you can't hand over the whole economy to one man monopolist dangote, its not in the interest of the country in the long run, the government has to wake up to its duty like a responsible father not all this excuses

I agree with you, but the Dangote monopoly is not a true monopoly. It is simply a natural selection of the only one at present who seems to do the job well enough for a stable industry and economy. Who are the other viable players whose hands Dangote has tied? And the issue of government involvement for intervention, is on point but is only applicable in countries with actual governments rather than circus of looting clowns masquerading as leaders.

We need effective industrial producers and effective governement and that has simply never existed in Nigeria. There were cement factories in Nigeria before Dangote but something was not quite right until Dangote came along and prices have since gone down with output going up. There was agriculture and other industry in Nigeria before Dangote but something was not quite right until Dangote came in.
Dangote did not come in as a monopoly, he came in as another producer who happens to have a rare ingredient in Nigeria- STABILITY.
Even NGN of Abuja sef does not have stability nor a healthy level of productivity, infact they are known only for consuming/chop-chop until all the wealth is gone into their pockets where they have no sense of how to make it benefit the economy and grow at the same time. Dangote has that sense.
Dangote is not a true Monopoly, he is simply the only one who has done the job with Stability and good progress. So people turn to him always. The door is open for others to step up, but it will take time because Nigeria's legacy as a whole is opposite of Dangote. Dangote is simply the most viable option right now.

Let Dangote lead the way and when there is a robust spread of good infrastructure and vital industry, the government can come in and force dangote to divest if he is running a Monopoly where other truly viable players are being excluded. But first we need a governement that is competent and honest enough in itself to not force Dangote into Divesting his monopoly into a nepotic scheme contrived by politicians who deliver the parts and peices of Dangote industry to their friends and family rather than to people who have the knowledge, moral fibre and personal stability to keep it from becoming another chapter in the book titled "Things fall apart". Lets not forget Nigerias "Fantastic" productivity level in the sector of being corrupt and it makes the break of all other sectors.

We can't let it slip our minds that Nigeria is conditioned in ways that are waiting every day around every corner, to set upon all that is good to drain every last drop of life out of it without putting anything into it to grow or sustain it. Thats why conventional economic theory is not completely viable in Nigeria. Nigeria is still a very corrupt circus where convetional good sense will be abused and wasted.
Productivity is what Nigeria needs most now ,to escape the treadmill of foriegn market dependency and economic instability. If Dangote is the only one doing well enough and fast enough, then let it be until Nigeria is saturated with enough productivity.
The great monopoly era during the rise of US industrial complex was centered around steel, railroads and then oil. The Monopoly issue was not taken up until the country had been saturated with all the productivity that the monopolized industries made. At that saturation level, there was enough of a safety net to absorb any disruption to productivity created by a breaking up of the monopolies. And in reality, the industries were so well organized and already set up as different parts of the same industry as if it was already decentralized other than at the top where all the profit went.
Nigeria is far from that productivity saturation or stability of production. Fuel crisis has barely passed away and matters like tomato scarcity happen in Nigeria. Nigeria has a long way to go. USA was highly integrated with railroads, manufacturing and delivery during their Monopoly crisis.
Let Nigeria take up a Monopoly crisis when the economy is stable and well founded, otherwise its just another stress added to enhance the risk of instability.

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Politics / Re: How Far With Our Refineries? by 19naia(m): 2:16am On Aug 19, 2016
This private refinery ambition will move at the pace of Dangote. He has the capital, the confidence of significant players, government and investors.
When his is finished, it will be a sure thing and it doesn't matter how many other private refineries flounder, he will fill their niche and no one will be concerned if he eventually secures a monopoly over Nigeria's private refinery market.
All we are waiting for is Dangote. It may take another 2-5 five years, but it is no small matter that he is workng right now on a refinery so productive that it can fill all of Nigeria's domestic petrol needs when running in good order.
Dangote just may rise to a level of wealth that rivals any on earth if his refinery business does well where all others flounder. Nigeria has the raw materials and the entire continent needs the product. Its enough to make him the world's richest man if he expands into African export markets.
I just hope the International oil companies don't do the usual games of political manipulation to limit the reach of Dangote's petrol products. The world Oil market is no joke. Militaries go to war for the oil market and nations are made or broken over world oil market status. When Dangote sets foot into that scene, it is going to be a wild ride and there are forces in the world that will not just sit by while an african man secures enough of the oil market to become the world's richest man.

But Africa is changing and maybe nothing can stop the growing economy of Africa from producing the World's richest man.
If Dangote is the only one who can make stable productivity for the people's needs in a huge Nigerian economy, then so be it, let him become the world's richest man.
He makes change in the market that brings very useful things to people's lives and makes it more affordable as well. And you never hear his mouth in Politics or promising change, he is too busy delivering it and in fact he is the major economic plan of the presiding government of Nigeria. They are waiting for him to make the real change while they do the promising and chopping the reward in advance even when there is none yet, so they just take from the coffers and chop reward they did not earn.

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Events / Re: Bride Wears Boobs-Popping Wedding Gown: Is This Fashion Or Madness? by 19naia(m): 4:18pm On Aug 17, 2016
Everybody can see now that any baby wey she born, e no go know hunger because of Mama endowment. And d groom will sleep well with little stress for putting food in the childrens mouths, because mama surely has the task taken care of long before the fact. Its a God given endowment for children destined to be well fed. No shame and worthy of pride grin
Celebrities / Re: Man Finds Frog In Water Dispenser - Bukky Wright (PICS & VIDEO) by 19naia(m): 1:26am On Aug 17, 2016
Thats evidence the water was collected from a stream or an open well. It was not even filtered. The stream or well may possibly be a good water source but it is a risk for being an open source which allows frogs and anything else to contaminate.
Even if they got it from a well, the least of filtration systems would never pass a frog through it, not even mosquito larvae would pass through a simple cloth filter.
They never filtered it and got it from an open source. Simple as that. shocked

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Car Talk / Re: Lines On The Backshield Of A Car,what's The Exact Function?? by 19naia(m): 4:33pm On Aug 15, 2016
It is used to heat the glass by electric current passed through it.
Cars were invented in cold countries where ice forms on vehicles during the winter months. The front windsheild needs full visibility so it does not have the same lines but rather uses air vent to blow hot air. The rear window uses the filaments(lines) embedded because its easier and cheaper than running air vents to the rear window.
Fogging is usually caused by heat during the rainy days in hot weather, so cold actually helps it to stop. In cold weather it is caused by heat and increasing the heat may not always help, but it will keep ice from forming. You will notice cars also have a setting blow very hot air from the ventilation system. Its a design for ice cold climates where cars were first invented.

See my own car and what it looked like during the coldest time of the year in a place where ice forms in the winter months. If you put a bucket of water outside at night and come in the morning to get it, it will be a bucket of solid ice.

Sometimes the ice will pack on the windows so hard like hardened cement and only heat can remove it without risk to damage or scratch the window.
The button that activates it is called the "Defroster", that is evidence that it is intended for frost(ice) removal. In Many modern cars it is automatically engaged when the front dashboard ventilation is turned on to blow heat.

Health / Re: I Was Recently Diagnosed With The HPV Virus by 19naia(m): 2:07am On Aug 12, 2016
Be sure to eat red palm oil every day now for the rest of your life. No need much, just 2 table spoons a day cooked with ood or taken raw.
Make nigerians remember the power of their native foods.
Palm oil is a powerful antiviral among other things. You want the thick red one that hasn't been processed or denatured.
Business / Re: Naira Crashes To N400/$1 At Parallel Market, Lowest Rate Ever by 19naia(m): 5:08am On Aug 05, 2016
Do not forget that there are non USA countries whose primary currency is the US dollar. Ecuador, Panama and El Salvador. They are not very rich countries, especially ElSalvador. Their economies are stabilized by the US dollar and they handle inflation well. Also, they strive for exports to bring in dollars but issues with counterfeiting are extensive because its not a currency they have authority to control or mint in anyway.
Anyway, if a country is seeing it's own currency suffering severely because of the US Dollar, they may want to consider adopting the US dollar as their currency. Of course with the size of Nigerias economy, it will be hard to find and maintain enough dollars to replace the Naira.
I suppose the south and central american countries that adopted the US dollar had extensive deals with the United Sates, like in panama with the US controlled Panama Canal zone. So Panama would be better able to interface with US revenue generating activities in Panama if they adopted the US dollar while the US made sure they had a good supply.
I am not sure how Elsalvador and Ecuador came to adopt the US dollar but i suspect huge illegal drug trade revenues made extensive supplies of dollars.

Nigeria is in a quandry. If Nigeria if flooded with surplus dollar, no one will want Naira any more because dollar is easily available and more stable than Naira, Naira will dwindle and dollar replace it. Not wanting Naira because other options($) are easily available, will make naira so cheap that people would give away N400 or more just for a dollar.
Also, If the Dollar supply is scarce, It creates a devaluation of the Naira because people are desperate to buy $. The issue is that people will live deprived in Nigeria without $.

The only way out is for Nigeria to produce domestically what she is so desperate to buy abroad. No one will Take your Naira abroad, they all demand $.

The issue is the very dependency on dollar and foriegn imports. The reason Naira is not easily accepted abroad is directly related to why Nigerians so desperately want dollar, it is because Nigeria does not produce at a quantity and quality required for economic stability. Also Diversity of products is important. They all want to fly private jets in a country that cannot even produce one rivet to sell towards the aircraft industry.
At the very least, Nigeria should produce and export one component of an aircraft even if only one rivet a day, seat cover textile or carpet for the aisle. Same with the cars nigeria loves to drive and so on. That is how it works into becomeing a full on producer and even encouraging Foriegn manufacturers to come. *China is an abusive joke and a step down for Nigeria. Sure they bring revenue but they are exploitative and wicked people. I would rather live in a mud hut than have China come in the illusion of making life better for me. Mindless Desperation has put Nigeria in the situation it is in. Currency is nothing, as all the value is in Productivity and that is what is reflected in the value assigned to US $. Productivity.. People demand $ because all the things they want to buy are made in a place where the $ is the legal tender.
Money is nothing, only the things we buy with money have real value.

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Business / Re: CBN Blocks Money Transfers Into The Country From Most Operators by 19naia(m): 1:30pm On Aug 03, 2016
Some in Diaspora are already tired if always sendng money to their people always asking for more and more. They have just been waiting for the right reason to just give up and enjoy their foriegn money in the foriegn lands. As soon as the senders see the companies with favorable rates stop services, it will be all the sign they need to tell their recievers its time to stop sending money.
The $20billiom market will see some shrinking because of people who were already tired of sending others money, Na by force to send money? I beg, dem go happy to keep dem money in diaspora.
The old proverb of "Beggars being choosy". Beggars telling the alms giver which hand to use to give and to walk an extra kilometer to meet him in a narrow street before he will recieve the alms. Even in business transactions its a discouragement.

Although, western union and the others have really improved their exchange rate, this thinning of competition will open the door to possible increase in service fees and even the decline of favorable exchange rates.

Nobody ask me to send money again Oooo, I am not sending money lailai. shocked

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Phones / Re: See The 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet In The World. by 19naia(m): 11:48pm On Aug 01, 2016
The places with fast internet don't even concern themselves much with downloading movies or music. They just watch or listen to it as it streams over the internet. I never down load videos, i just watch them as they stream direct from internet connection, and i don't live in any of the countries listed.
Politics / Re: The Deplorable Condition Of Calabar-itu Road (photos) by 19naia(m): 11:29pm On Aug 01, 2016
The water in the potholes is deep and wide enough to raise several tons of fish to sell for revenue to use for the repair of the same road. But as usual all the options for solution are ignored. shocked
Crime / Re: Godwin Onwuneme Udu Arrested For Bank Fraud In Ghana by 19naia(m): 7:24pm On Jul 30, 2016
"Godwin" don get alert. He dey go cash am sef. In the end, Na God win Ooooo grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Today's Viewing Selection by 19naia(m): 4:36pm On Jul 30, 2016

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