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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Clinton: When Did Nigerians Start Having Opinion In American Politics? by 19naia(m): 3:43am On Nov 09, 2016
I voted today and saw that Trump and Clinton were not the only ones on the ballot. I voted for neither of them, yet i was still able to vote for a woman. Media Coverage will have people believing that it is a two Party system, but i saw 5 parties or more to choose from. Also they allow write in Votes. Yes, if you paid me a million Naira, i could write you in as my presidential pick. grin
Business / Re: Nigerians Not Patient With Buhari’s Govt, Change Takes Times —folorunsho Alakija by 19naia(m): 7:50am On Nov 07, 2016
Oh God, her bele so full that nothing like "change" can touch her through her padding of obscene excess. But she is the benevolent voice of change?
Change is when her wealth is out there helping the nation change.
I agree, change takes time -but Chai! ,you know nothing about taking time until your billions become zero as you sit quitley, patiently taking your time in allowing time to pass, in trust that you won't be left wallowing in the gutters like so many have before and will be again and again.

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Religion / Re: TB Joshua: Hillary Clinton Will Win Narrowly by 19naia(m): 11:41pm On Nov 06, 2016
Amen. I believe. VOTE JILL STEIN. She is the most worthy woman presidential candidate in USA today.
Business / Re: Egypt Devaluation To Test CBN Resolve On Naira by 19naia(m): 7:10am On Nov 06, 2016
I already saw signs of devaluation of Naira on the XE report today. I have not seen Naira go beyond 315 to the $ for quite some time now.
Today i saw it at 317 and then i read this post the very same day... Hmm shocked
Even western Union exchange rate is up to N375 to $1 today and it was steady around 336 for a long while.

If Nigeria was not so overly reliant on exports, it would be quite nice to have N450 to $1. Any time Nigeria sells oil for Dollar, Nigeria can then sell the dollars for plenty Naira to spend locally for a robust economy. But Nigeria has trapped itself in a cycle of giving those dollars right back out of the country for imports that Nigeria could produce at home and with a surplus to export.
A Nigeria that is not so deep in an import dependency trench, will be okay with or without low value currency. Japan is a seriously robust economy and they are very comfortable with a ¥103 to $1 exchange rate. It is because their productivity and exports are enough to make a low value currency an advantage.
Nigeria will never sustain a giant status until it is actually giant in diversified productivity. If the biggest person in Africa delivered no product to others and just simply sat big and fat waiting to collect all it can from others to feed itself, it would be clear that he is just a long throat glutton trying to live beyond his means and to take more than he gives. This is the story of Nigeria and is a reflection of what the people have idealized. To get rich and have plenty by doing nothing. Thats been the job assignment of Nigeria's politicians as well. Getting rich while doing nothing. And that being the politician cultured mentality, they have influenced it into the way of the nation's economy. Nigeria is paying dearly for it's own doing and lack of productivity. There was never an escape, all the chop chop and corruption in a mentality that work and productivity is simply about going out to collect money without actually giving something back, it was always destined to come to a crash. The tree that is plucked and plucked without watering it, fertilizing it and caring for it to grow healthy, is destined to fail before it's natural time.

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Career / Re: FG Pays 81 Months Pension Arrears by 19naia(m): 4:43pm On Nov 04, 2016
BABA! Mak una chop well this month Ooooo. You don work tire for so many years. Make Buhari economy no kill any Baba of the land before their time.
Education / Re: Photo Of An Old University Of Ibadan Meal Voucher by 19naia(m): 4:32pm On Nov 04, 2016
Those were the days when seeing more than 5naira was a rarity for me. 1naira was a huge amount for me as a child. Me and my friends together could manage just 1naira for snacks, but of course all we ever had was Kobo.

Some rare occaisons we were given 20naira by a rich uncle who came to visit, but it would be taken away by our parents and that was the end of it.

They feared the things children could by with 20naira in those days. Chai! i could come home with a dangerous pet baboon, a basket of assorted junk foods, a keg of palm wine, some simple toys, and still enough change to buy lunch for all my friends at school the next day. shocked

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Business / Re: How Buhari Can Crash The Dollar/naira Disparity- Ifeanyi Ubah by 19naia(m): 6:33pm On Nov 01, 2016
Isn't that what Dangote is already doing with his mega refinery in the far reaches of Lagos state?
Are there not other investors already working along the same track?

How is this anything new except another scheme to pull finacial strings for chop chop opportunity.

It is a sound idea but suspicious when we consider that things are already in the works to make plenty of locally refined petrol happen.
Dangote and others are already working on a good plan. And there is a good reason why dangote has one mega refinery in his main focus rather than a spread of multiple refineries all along the coasts. Other refineries will follow regardless of the mega refinery, but they will come as the export of local Nigerian refined petrol grows in demand.

Nigeria as a whole, is a management calamity. A disaster of good ideas used and abused. Digging deeper with more of the same is not going to help.
Dangote is tried, tested and proven. Including that he is already on the job of making Nigeria refinery needs happen.
Also, Dangote already has Government finacial backng on his side plus the added advantage of private investors. He commands good faith among private investors from across the globe who make the government financial risk minimal because the investors bring in huge inflow of finance as well as international connections for ensuring the best possible success for the venture.

This idea of sufficient local refined petrol is already tapped and in progress of being made reality. It is being done by the best, the most proven and tested people who have their own finances to add, and the good faith of the global market.
No need for more. Besides, they would rather give Dangote the 2billion and have him make several quick pop-up refineries to start production in 6 months. But, for some reason in their tried and tested experience, Dangote team decided to take their time and do it right, do it bigger and do it better.

Leave good enough alone, the job is already taken and the niche already filled by those who know what they are doing. Be patient and buy more made in Nigeria good and diversify into non oil based forms of production.

Oils prices are falling as we speak and the expansion of electric automibile and solar powered homes is increasing around the world. Soon the impact will significantly affect the world oil markets until no matter how much excess refined petrol is produced, there will still be slowing amounts of oil $ coming in from petrol products sales. Also for the African niche of refined petrol needs, Ghana and other countries are working to produce excess to export. It will eventually drive the price down so low along side the drop in crude sale income, such that the overall value of sales will be low due to low prices of petrol and slowing demand for crude on the international market. The time is coming sooner than we think. Maybe in our very lifetime.

The Long term future is growing nearer and nearer every day. Ford has just released the all electric ford focus vehicle at a reasonable price.
Tesla is on the way with a lower cost version of their electric car as well as highly efficient solar electric systems for the home.
More Auto makers are following with their own electric cars just to stay relevant in the market. Nigeria will need to greatly diversify from oil production if the Nigeria economy is to remain relevant. Even China is up on the Alternative energy movement and they can take the lead soon to supply enough to the world to change the relevance of the global petrol market.

There are laws and resolutions placed all across the world in many nations to ensure a steady decrease in the dependancy on petrol.
The time is coming to change the CD in the music player and dance to a new song. Get with the times and don't be left behind scratching your head cursing Buhari for all that has come about as a result of your own over-reliance on imports while neglecting to produce locally beyond just Oil, oil and oil -for a world market that Nigeria has no controlling hand in for the price and stability thereof.

If Nigeria were the head of OPEC, the world oil economy would quickly resemble Nigeria's economy because of Nigerian Market culture of corruption, mismanagement and unstable price ranges due to shameless price gouging. Nigerians can over price and still sell rubbish for twice the price of good products in very strong economy Nations.
Dangote is a rare breed though, he will honor good market practices in terms of sales to customers. His prices will the closest to fair anywhere in Nigeria.
The global telecom industry giants also rose to massive wealth as billionaires when they moved to make network access cheaper. Their sales exponetiated and they earned more from selling cheaper than from selling higher.
This is why i have no reservations against any Dangote monopoly. All other options are Unproven and born of Nigeria prevailing Market culture. They will just try to become their own monopoly and most likely without the discipline and self control proven by Dangote. They will come in the spirit of the prevailing market culture to lie, cheat, steal and price gouge the customers into slavery. Dangote is a rare and well proven exception in Nigeria.
Keeping up the work against corruption is as important as anything else, because all good things will crumble in Nigeria under the wild beastly feeding frenzy of the prevailing corrupt elitists culture.

See what other innovative billionaires are doing across the world in a way that will redefine what much of the world relies on for Energy.


Phones / Re: Man Buys And Destroys 15 Iphones After Attendant Insulted Him (Photos, Video) by 19naia(m): 1:20am On Oct 31, 2016
He is making a valid point in a crude way.
Life is not about money or Nice things and he knows that.
He has money and he has nice things -no doubt.

The problems in life do not come about because we have or do not have money. They come about from how we regard or handle one another regardless of if we have money or not.

The woman treated him like he was unworthy. It should not be so for a poor man nor a rich man. The way we treat each other keeps us from the peace and satisfaction we need as one human family on earth.

But this man is probably no perfect person himself. He may ride around in rolls royce trying to get people to love him for what he has rather than what he gives. I would advise him to go back to the village, carry a hoe and do some farming for some time until his clothes are very dirty and healthy crops are growing all over the land. I will commend him on that before i commend him for riding around in big cars while using big phones.

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Properties / Re: Security Men In Front Of A House In Abuja Dressed In Queen's Guard Uniform by 19naia(m): 1:03am On Oct 31, 2016
Why don't they just bring colonialism back to Nigeria and let the queen rule grin

I know that many people tired of Nigerian politicians would eagerly hand themselves and the country over to the English queen's rule and sovereign hold.

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Family / Re: How Can One Recover Borrowed Money From An In-Law? by 19naia(m): 12:59am On Oct 31, 2016
If each family member donates a kidney, things can come to a resolution. Its about the only sure thing in this period of change economics.

The truth is, when you set about to borrow money, decide if it is worth it to sell your kidneys to get such money.

If you decide it is worth it, then sell your kidney and do not borrow money.
If it is not worth it to sell your kidneys, then do not borrow the money which may cause you to sell your kidney by force in the future.

Those of you thinking of selling someone elses kidney -shame on you. There are people who give their kidney for free just to see another person survive another day.

There are people with their two kidneys intact, they hawk goods in the streets or hustle for satisfaction with making a few hundred Naira a day. They are happy to not have debt and to have both their kidneys intact. And some would still give one kidney for free if a loved one was dying for lack of a viable kidney.

Chai! Move to the village and grow agriculture. Just consuming, consuming and consuming in the city while making nothing. Then borrowing money and still making nothing. Ending up with a net worth of 0 with 2m naira subtracted from that zero sef shocked.
Nairaland / General / I Saw Petrol Prices Abroad Falling Sharply Yesterday by 19naia(m): 4:50pm On Oct 30, 2016
So what does this mean ? Have crude oil prices gone down again? $2.07 up to $2.17 a gallon fuel in my area which has some of the lowest fuel prices in USA.
Maybe it is just a matter of US oil/fuel productivity and not yet affecting world oil prices? I am not sure what is going on.

If this is another world wide fall in oil prices, its good for Nigeria to keep watch as we all know what it means for the economy there.
Keep up the good work of diversifying the production in the economy there and finding alternatives to importing so much.

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Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 5:06am On Oct 29, 2016
Travel / Re: Lagos Among Best 30 Cities In The World - PWC by 19naia(m): 4:48am On Oct 29, 2016
I can think of 100 cities in USA i would rather live than Lagos.
Another 100 cities in Europe and Asia that would leave Lagos behind.

Lagos is coming together though. It compares well along side some South American cities. The only differences that most of the South american great cities have much older development with grand architecture, but many are slacking in their quality while lagos is growing quality steadily.
Lagos is not there yet but it is growing. Piped water and electricity supply alone make Nigeria rank below 199 cities. Then the cost of decent areas to live in Lagos is higher than many other cities with ten times the quality of living. Lagos is overpriced with very little true quality to offer even when they charge you big money for it. That keeps Nigeria low on the honest lists and leads the Naira to low value. When people overprice beyond international standards, currency value falls beyond international standards. And if you peg the currency, international interests will fall and move on to where quality is better and price is reasonable.
I have been to so many cities where i can live better quality than lagos at a much lower price than lagos. So i will go there next month and stay away from Lagos. grin
Car Talk / Re: Automatic Transmission: Do Their Benefits Outweigh Their Issues? by 19naia(m): 7:04am On Oct 25, 2016
There is a very relevant Auto company that just did away with manual transmission because there is no longer any advantage to having it.
It is just a matter of those who prefer it these days.

The modern technology involved in cars these days is such that they can drive themselves safer than many drivers and can summon the proper braking techniques per the situation under the wheels.
The cars sense the road, monitor the engine activity as well as the transmission. Between computerized engine control that actively governs the throttle response and governs when the transmission changes gears, the cars can decide for themselves for the most fuel efficient function or the most sports efficient driving for quick pick up to full speed as well as slowing down. My own automatic transmission is integrated with traction control so that it is manageing quite a function of drive control. And my own is not even advanced Quattro or trip-tronic equipped. Quattro and Triptronic are not even the cutting edge of drive control anymore.
The modern systems are so well integrated that they can automatically change gears precisely in the most efficient way for either fuel economy or sports driving.
Also -many Automatic transmissions are proving to last as long as manual transmissions. Also the clutch system or torque converter is much easier to preserve in a smart automatic transmission than in a crude manual shift. They have Automatic transmissions that can be manually shifted as well as switched over to fully automatic mode, at the press of a button. Dual function transmission.

Advanced transmissions today work together with traction control, automatic braking and smart braking systems that do what the traction control system requires while also having the transmission shift as needed for safety in loss of control or just for enhanced sports performance.
The best cars can drive so much more efficiently with the technology and engineering available today. Many People still have no idea what is going on with the self driving car technology. They think its just about a system that can relieve the driver from the stress of drivng. Actually it is also very much about the cars having such advanced efficiency designs for the integration of transmission, engine, braking, traction control and situation awareness that drivers are just not capable of doing as well.
Sure the driver must be able to take care of the car because the best technology is not perfect yet, but the smart cars of today know better than the driver in terms of safe and efficient performance driving, while only the driver knows where she wants to go and how fast he wants to get there.

Some people just want to get in a car and drive crazy and feel manual control over brute force. No one is denying that option, its just that a new option is being made available. manual cars will still be available for those who want, but eventually electirc cars will take over and the smart system will be well integrated in advanced traction and transmission control.
Travel / How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 6:29am On Oct 25, 2016
I am planning to enter Mexico soon and it has been over 15 years since i was last there.

I have seen the Mexico travel threads before, so i know there are NairaLand people in Mexico.

For the past few years, Mexico has been a tale of danger from drug gangs wreaking murderous havoc and more. I have taken the US State department advisory report and noted the places to avoid or to be cautious in.

Any input from NL's in Mexico will be appreciated. What are the costs of living like food and lodging as well as any info on the safety there.
I will be driving this time and i have experience of driving there over 15 years ago.
Business / Re: Bank Customer Speaks In Tongues At The ATM (Video) by 19naia(m): 8:18pm On Oct 17, 2016
The revelations of the psychology of money worship in the guise of God worship. His religious conviction is in its' highest mode when almighty money is his adulation. grin
If you want to find high value for God these days, it will be among the madmen wandering the streets doing nothing to aquire or lust for money.
I am sure this topic will be continued on a future thread with a video of the same man caught in bed with another man's wife from his church. shocked
Politics / Re: License Illegal Refineries - Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma Tells FG by 19naia(m): 12:14am On Oct 15, 2016
Nigerians pay more for refined fuel than they recieve for crude oil. Thats is the key. The economy will do better if more refineries are allowed, and the government supplies the illegal refineries with crude oil and subsidies to expand their efficiency and production. The illegal refineries that steal crude, can be upgraded to more efficient production and the means to make better/safer products. When they are done, governemnt can tax them. The subsidies do not need to be cash payment, but the governemnt paying the contractirs who will go in to redesign and upgrade their operationss.
All of that will be cheaper and better for the economy than spending to bomb them in an endless cat and mouse game with no way of seeing the illegal fuel improve to safe quality and seeing the theft stop.
The theft is a greater loss than giving it to them for free and then taxing the profits. The theft makes instability in the nations oil production accoutability.. Giving crude to them free is stable because you will not have to spend to repair the broken oil line or spend on military and police actions amid unpredictable damage to the national oil supply.
Legalizing will balance out with the gains of a safer product and the governemnt being able to tax their profits.

Government should allow and subsidize production. Remember GEJ time when he subsidized fuel consumption at a net loss from the national crude oil business? Fighting production is no good. Helping it and subsidizing it to enable a better and more efficient product will have long lasting rewards. Lower local prices will make the difference and there is still the export market to have.
Politics / Re: License Illegal Refineries - Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma Tells FG by 19naia(m): 11:58pm On Oct 14, 2016
It makes sense when fuel issues are a major part of the root of Nigeria's problems.
You have people trying to make Fuel locally which keeps Nigeria's money in Nigeria to circulate in the local economy. Nigeria has refined fuel shortages and the import of such is a major problem for poor Nigerian.

Let any Nigerian who knows how to refine be free to refine locally, and subsidize them if need be. Also inspect and regulate them for the issues of bad fuel products and environmental safety. So much oil spills and wastes on the land making problems. Let people go to those spill areas and scoop the raw crude from the land to sell to small refineries. It will clean the land more and make work for desperate people.

Eventually Nigeria will reach a surplus and be able to reduce fuel price, export fuel for more revenues ,and also shut down the refiners who are problem causers with bad products or stealing from pipelines.
It is more expensive to fight illegal refiners than it is to allow them, regulate/monitor them and tax them. Go to them in peace, help them to do better and tax them in return. They will profit, government will profit and the economy will grow.
Politics / Re: Senate Moves To Legalise Lobbying In Nigeria by 19naia(m): 3:50am On Oct 14, 2016
Its another way of saying they are looking for other avenues to getting money since government coffers are tight now for their sticky fingers.

Lobbying means that any one from big money interests can come to senate to ask them for legislation or policy changes or additions. Big money people will come with business interests to profit using government policy to bend the market in their favor. There will be billions to be made and it is no doubt that senators will be looking for a share of the gains.
Lobbying is a dirty business in countries with a tight clamp on pilfering from Govt. coffers. Those who lobby senate with their wallets end up getting what they want and it delivers the country and laws into the hands of a very few mega wealthy people. In Nigeria, it will most likely be a very dirty business involving family and friends of senate mixed with big money business.

On the other hand, it also opens the door for the ordinary man to lobby senate whose ears will likely be plugged with money from big money business interests. I hope EFCC knows how to manage the chop-chop festival being connived out of this move.

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Family / Re: Badagry Records 30,000 Failed Marriages In 9 Months by 19naia(m): 11:09pm On Oct 12, 2016
Its the pastors in that area. Thy are the ones knacking wives and diluting the integrity of marraige relationships. Nigeria and the hyper relgious state in wide spread corruption. Nothing is stable in Nigeria, not economy, not politics and not marriages.

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Crime / Re: Kidnapper Caught In Benue By Vigilante While Trying To Kidnap 2 School Children by 19naia(m): 11:04pm On Oct 12, 2016
Sell me his lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed to use make juju to repel kidnappers from the my town... shocked
Politics / Re: Ghana Begins Fuel Exports To Nigeria by 19naia(m): 3:44am On Oct 07, 2016
Anyway, Nigeria is doing its own that will come together soon. Even if Nigeria does not export, there is huge value to gain by supplying Nigeria's needs alone. When Nigeria supplies their own and has a surplus along with Ghana Surplus, export price competition will drive prices down. That is a good thing. Everybody makes surplus in Africa and stop buying from Outside of Africa.

When i was in Ghana last year, i saw new and expanding oil tapping ventures by foriegn investors going in off shore of the Cape Coast area. Also I saw a pipeline being constructed in Ivory coast from the side of Ivoire that is closest to Ghana. I think maybe that is for export or maybe Ivory coast is also tapping crude from the same area off shore from the border of cape-coast and Ivory coast.
Maybe its a pipe line for refined oil from a refinery i did not see?

Nigeria's major issue is security instability where rogue militants do oil production damage as they please. Nigeria must keep pushing towards surplus production of refined crude products and empower the miltary to work in the oil fields.
Nigeria is not lost and is actually positioning itself to rebound into a more functional economic state than before.
Autos / Re: ################# Brand New 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE450...... FOR SALE!!!! by 19naia(m): 3:34am On Oct 07, 2016
Bro the GLE coupe comes in 2 petrol trims namely
The GLE 450 n the GLE 63S.
And for a car to be brand new mileage shd be no more than 100.
All the examples u showed count as used cos the lowest mileage there is over 2k.
If the poster had showed us a 2016 wit ovet 2k miles n the clock U wd hve the reason to vent it on him

Your are still overlooking the fact that he is not showing evidence an AMG model. The ones i showed with over 2k miles driven ,are AMG models.
If you pay close attention and forgo your bias, you will see where i shared info about MSRP.. Manufaturer Suggested Retail Price for a Non-AMG model. It was showing MSRP of less than $70k. MSRP is retail price for a vehicle fresh from the factory with no more miles than are required to deliver and test the vehicle.

I have been trying to tell you, Nigerians do not respect price controls such as is intended through MSRP. Your disregard for my mention and showing of MSRP is a sign that you sef are well cultured in the dysfunctional market practices that make Nigerian economy and currency what it has proven to be since the inception of the Naira after Independence.

Its OP's business and not mine to tell him what price to sell nor how to be as a sales person.. lipsrsealed
But my own is concern for the customer's wallet in the sorry state of Nigerian economy. We are all customers in this life, including you and OP. What goes around will come around and eventually become the state of the entire economy and will also become the value of the currency we tender within the economy.
Don't blame Buhari when Naira value is equal to used toilet paper and the cost of living is as high as the moon. He is not the one in the open market making bad market practices that are destined to crash the economy again and again...


Autos / Re: ################# Brand New 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE450...... FOR SALE!!!! by 19naia(m): 6:01am On Oct 06, 2016
Bro i think your post is very misleading.
A brand new 2016 GLE 450AMG retails between 79k-84k at the dealership excluding destination charge n shipping.
You can then add the clearing and the car dealer's profit markup.
Use 81,500usd(median price) n Naira at 455.
Unless the dealer is Uncle Dangote who still gets forex at official price, i don't think 57m is an overprice

The question is why would you use N455 exchange rate to close the gap between fair price and the price gouging? Unless it is really hard to come by the dollars in Nigeria? Maybe i could be underestimating the currency crisis there but thats still not enough to justify the listed price on NL.

Lets not forget that the advertised car is in No way showing signs of being an AMG model.
My info is not misleading when you see the photo shots of MSRP direct from the manufacturer as the retail price. MSRP is not factory price, it is the price control marketing done by the manufaturer which includes the dealer markup/profit. Of course dealers have the chioce to sell above MSRP but they will lose business if they stray far from MSRP=retail price. Retail price implies dealer profits included.

So if you are justifyng a price based on AMG pricing for a vehicle that is not AMG, you are the one misleading. If you are suggesting there is still US or European dealer markup to add to MSRP value, then you could be misleading.

In the end, the only dealer adding to the price is the dealer in Nigeria and we know why Nigeria's economy and currency will never settle to stability. Price controls such as implied by MSRP are never respected in Nigeria. Nigeria consistently overprices, from food to hotels, cars and so on. Thats why the EU is calling to further devalue the Naira from the already sorry state of 315-455 across the markets. All this overpricing will come back to bite the price gouging import dealers when they have no more customers, and then the dealer will beg customers to buy it for N22m.

Bottom line is that the car is a <$70k car from the dealer Abroad and that is the price if it was overpriced abroad. I was just at the official Mercedes Dealer here in my home city in USA. I saw everything from Maybach, new AMG of various models and all the range of new mercedes vehicles. I can go to the dealer some day again and take pictures for you and post a business card of a sales representative for anyone to chat with in person.
If i am wrong, you best prove it by listing options included in the car ,because only added premium options can justify a $79k-$84k price. If the seller is not clear enough about any added option charges, its just another example of poor quality of service in Nigeria, poor standard of living in Nigeria and an overly priced Nigeria for all the lacking and poor state it has to provide. And that is the recipe behind the perpetual freefall of the Naira as it has since the Naira was born out of the Pound.

If i am wrong, start showing proof of any added premium options that would turn a $67k car into a $79k-$84k car. And the quality of service and envorions the car is advertising in It is hardly calling for such a huge markup in price on the Nigerian dealer side. But of course we know why such markup is being imposed. It is in keeping with the market practice culture of Nigeria that sees it sky jack prices of anything while neglecting quality and prowess over the product being tendered..

No blame Buhari when Nigeria costs more than USA ,but keeps in a state of quality well reflected in the poor state of the Naira with instability of the economy. Price control is a real aspect of any functional economy. Go and revise the fuel scarcity issues of 2015-2016 and how the fuel station dealers caused serious damage to the various local economies by charging fuel prices beyond reasonable standards. Nigeria, will charge you above reasonable price for the car and then come again to charge you above reasonable price every time you go to fuel the car, and then accuse you of misleading when you lay out all the first hand details of cost from manufacturer to retail market and export to beyond.

Sorry, i cannot agree with you until you spell out any added premium options in said vehicle. It would be prudent salesmanship to have included such info in the original for sale posting. I will give credit though, to the seller ,for at least agreeing to negotiation grin


Autos / Re: Very Sharp Reg 07 Avalon 4 Sale In Nsukka,enugu State now 1.4m by 19naia(m): 5:32am On Oct 05, 2016
This is the best used cars you can buy. It was listed as Number one on a top ten list of used cars you can buy at an affordable price. And thats coming from USA where they are made.
If i was in Nigeria, this would be the car i would buy. It has the best ratio of price to quality/reliability of any car out there.
Possibly the best buy on Nairaland today, if there is no theft/fraud or accident history involved. shocked
Autos / Re: ################# Brand New 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE450...... FOR SALE!!!! by 19naia(m): 5:07am On Oct 05, 2016
Buyers Beware.. This is how Nigeria gets overpriced and world investors push to devalue the Naira to keep pace with the overpricing of Nigeria.

Look at what these cars are listing for in USA in slightly used or like new condition. Also one snap shot showing MSRP(manufacturer suggested retail price) at less than N22m. The manufacturer: mercedes benz company is the one saying the true price at less than N22m.

The added costs of Shipping, clearing, insurance and service fees to transaction agent will still be less than N30m if you buy direct from USA and it may even be cheaper in Europe. AMG version no even reach N40m.
Don't let people like this crash the economy and Naira value any lower. This is how Nigeria becomes overpriced with a low standard of living to offer in return.


Autos / Re: I Need A Sienna Or Any Other Space Wagon Or Logistic Bus ASAP by 19naia(m): 4:47am On Oct 05, 2016
Business / Re: Recession: EU Advises Nigeria To Devalue Naira. by 19naia(m): 4:41pm On Oct 04, 2016
Wow. I thought the loss of Naira value over the past year was enough?
They are trying to weed out the desire for foriegn currency by making it so unattractivley high to acquire. If Nigerians have that much Naira to spend on imports, they have enough Naira to spend on local investments for the diminished reliance on imports.
The truth is that no matter what they do, the rise of the Naira will come with the rise of local refined fuel export from local refineries and it will come from increased and new production across the country at every level.
I do not entirely trust the devaluation just to attract foreign investors ~unless the EU has an economic aide package of hundreds of millions of € to dash Nigeria to use as an offset for the problems a devaluaation will initially create.

The import market people are bound to suffer no matter what ,because Nigeria's hope is in local production. How are the Auto manufacturing companies doing since GEJ time when KiA and Nissan were commissined to begin production and sales of cars in Nigeria?

The main issue with devaluation of the Naira is that salaries will not rise to match and local production levels will not immediately rise. That will leave a period of desperate imbalance and Nigeria could enter a period of civil unrest and that could decline into all kinds of problems worse than a few militant groups running around damaging the country.
I think the drop in value over the past year is enough for now and that any needed devaluation should be gradual over the course of the next few years until refined fuel production hits exportable quantities and Agriculture grows enough to bring local prices down.

One thing that happens when agriculture is cleared for exports to high value currency nations from a low value currency nation, is that the produce becomes priced at the rate the high value currency nation is willing to pay and local farmers then want only to sell to export and thus the produce becomes scarce to the local market unless the local market customers agree to pay the same price as the exporters pay.
I was just following a blog from Mexico about how Avocados were very cheap and abundant in one avocado farming area, until USA cleared them for export out to USA. USA pays a high price for them with a high currency rate in pocket. Now all the farmers sell to USA and only the reject quality of the produce remains behind for mexicans to consume.

Don't trust whole heartedly in EU plans. I would not take them so serioulsy without their dash of hundreds of millions of € in economic aide. Even if it is labelled as security aide to help fight militants arcross Nigeria. They are thinking in terms of Foriegn investor profit which is actually their own profit. EU didn't mention how to fill the the gap created by devaluation in a Nigeria where salaries do not keep up with inflation. So is it to let Nigerians wallow in squalor while foriegn investor come in to have their way with the land When Nigerians begin to starve, at least there will be plenty of fat foriegn investors to chop.

No economic plan will work as long as there are corupt politicians in the way waiting to mop up the benefits of any good economic plan. There is nothing that will prosper in Nigeria under the usual way of coruption in Nigeria. Even hundreds of milllions of € in economic aide wll become useless once channeled down the lomg throats of coruption.

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Career / Re: Becoming An American Army by 19naia(m): 6:07pm On Oct 01, 2016

nice contribution sir,,,,but I will like to join the US army because I think they are in best position to train me on how to be a sniper,,I like to be a sniper,,,am not joining because of green card or thereabout but my passion to be a sniper,,, please enlighten me more sir and how can I join,,I currently based in Nigeria

You have to be in USA to join. It is not diplomatically polite to recruit people from within the sovreignty of a foriegn country. Its up there with international espionage actions.
You have to first be in USA and then you can apply to join. To be a sniper, you have to join the Infantry which have branches in the Army and Marines. Army is a broader department to serve in, while Marines will expose you to Naval operations life where the Army is not involved. Infantry are the ground fighting forces and they would also make up the special forces units that also use snipers. You have to join as regular infantry and work your way up to sniper school. A sepcial enlistment contract to sniper school is possible, but you will have to prove yourself first in basic training and advanced infantry training before being accepted to sniper school. I never heard of a new infantry graduate being accepted to sniper school because there is no shortage of older and more experienced infantry soldiers looking for the rare slot to be a sniper.
Infantry has many specialty schools such as sniper school, helicopter rope decent school(air assault), airborne parachute school, pathfinder school, mechanized light tank school, long range fire such as mortar and special light missile systems like the ones fired from the shoulder position.
If you enlist as a non commissioned soldier, you will have a better chance at becoming a sniper. If you have university education, you may be able to enlist at a higher rank and paygrade or be accepted to commisioned officer candidate school. A commisioned officer may command over snipers but it is rare to see a commisioned officer being the actual sniper in field of combat. Infantry value university education and prefer commisioned officers who started their infantry career as enlisted soldiers with experience in both tiers of service.
University education your best asset toward getting visa to go to USA and is also your best asset towards getting rewarded in military service in USA. Many Nigeria university credits may not be accepted in USA but the military will pay for you to take USA university courses while you are in service. So you can actually earn a USA bachelors or Masters or PhD while in the USA military and they will pay for it but you have to also be sure to contract your service with an education bonus so as to get maximum education benefit frm the military. Military contracts are normally signed with included bonuses such as cash sums after a period of years of service, or education fund package. They are usually above $20k per service and the combat role units during war time can be contracts with much higher bonuses. If you go to combat, you will get additional pay added to basic salary and that will be combat pay, danger pay per assignment, TDY and possibly other things these days in addition to tax exemption during combat.

Above all, you have to be in USA first, even as a tourist or student, and then you can change your status of stay in the country via military contract. They cannot accept you from within Nigeria as a Nigerian with no solid ties to USA. You can always try your luck and apply for visa in Nigeria and state your reason as intent to serve in the USA military. The worst that can happen is they deny you and give you a reason, and you waste $161.oo, and then you can always apply again in the future.

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Science/Technology / Re: The Snake My Friend And I Killed On Our Way To Vigil (Photo) by 19naia(m): 1:14am On Oct 01, 2016
Thats a poisonous one. It has a Venom head. shocked

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Crime / Re: Woman Accused Of Witchcraft In Delta Stripped Unclad (Photos) by 19naia(m): 8:31pm On Sep 29, 2016
See d grammar of the description , and sounding like he was among the witch hunting crew.. Na God catch her? Na crazed humans with demented minds catch her and use God vainly as an excuse for evil torture. Even Jesus was decribed in the bible finding a man with legions of demons in his posesion. Jesus did not beat him or hold him to trial for any crime of witchcraft. Jesus simply cast out the demons into pigs and deliverance was the only work of Jesus hand.

Evil demented people with no mercy, masquerading as God's hand. Why is Fraud never finding scarcity in Nigeria? It should be more scarce than NEPA and Tap water supply. Nigerians can be seriously demented by superstious fears. I beleieve there are supernatural things in life, but they should really be left to reveal themselves and God's work should be left to God's hands in a country overwhelmed by false pastors looking for money and errotic encounters with women who are single, married or less than mature age. And now people who will just snatch people up and accuse them and torture them in the supposed act of God.

Where in the christian Bible was Jesus ever involved in Torture? Only one time ,and thats when false accusers among demented men took Jesus on a torturous journey to the cross and nailed him to it to die. And still Jesus is commited to deliverance of humans and peace rather than to fall into the lowly acts of the romans who tortured him to the cross. These witch hunters are not acting according to God/christianity, but according to juju and witchcraft ways themselves. They see witch craft wherever they want because it is their own mind never focused on peace, forgiveness and trust in God. Their minds are always wandering the dark corridors of juju, witchcraft ,fetish and torture rather than deliverance and forgiveness.

There is more hope now for that woman than the people who tortured her under accusation.. I am sure Jesus sef can relate to her pain of being tortured and accused of wielding powers that were not accepted by the status quo of their respective days and locations.

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