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Travel / Re: Why Do People Living Abroad Rarely Help Their Relations by 19naia(m): 7:32am On Apr 18, 2017
People see the bigger salaries abroad in terms of Naira exchnage rate and the quality of life in prefered places abroad, and assume it all means money is surplus.
The truth is that even with a Masters degree in USA, Australia or London, you will only be assured to lived comfortable in a decent area if you find a favorable job.

That large looking salary(in terms of Naira exchange rate) is not paying Nigeria rent or Nigeria home purchase prices. It is not buying all of that high standard of living abroad at the cost of living in an average part of Nigeria.

In New york city, and Sydney Australia, you will be lucky to start off in a simple rental house costing 700k Naira a month. And not including electricity and other ammenities.

And if they have dreams of buying or building a house in Newyork city or Sydney Australia, they will only be near the price of a basic house in those cities when they have enough money to buy a very fine house in Banana Island Ikoyi Lagos.
On top of that, they must eat, they must pay medical coverage, they must buy clothes, transport, leisure time to stave off insanity, care for the family and also pay towards retirement years or invest in business or stocks for the future.

It all adds up. So when you think that they are making easily 2million Naira a month abroad, it is huge and they should be living like Naija politicians, but with 2million Naira a month in NewYork city or Sydney Australia, you will have a basic house to rent, a simple car, food, clothes and basics. If you have a Family to care for, you best hope your spouse works. Because a family supported on 2million Naira a month there is not going far during day to day, but they will at least eat and sleep well.

The ones who live in cheaper cities, like i do, we can live off of less than 1million Naira a month and have the same things and a family, but the jobs will not pay as much as newyork. The manager positions, high pay position are not as available as average pay.

So those who are living abroad, building house in Nigeria and helping family, they are fortunate beyond the average situation. The avaerage Oyibo Abroad is barely supporting their basic life in their own country much less than even thinking of sending money to support people in Nigeria. So to assume Nigerians will enter Abroad and automatically be able to pay for everybody back home and build a house in Nigeria as well as Abroad, it is not true except for a few.

I know my family in Nigeria gets rare support but i know that when my grandmother in Nigeria was being sent money and phone from abroad, there were younger family members always there to pilfer her and another round of money and phone would always have to be sent. It was like that all the way to her death bed and still they pilfered despite her generosity to them. They took until she had nothing left but her death bed to lay on. Also the family house was swindled away. The one who took care of everyone was treated that way.
So when Grandma died, the idea of supporting cousins and nephews or nieces was a bad taste and even the desire to go back and visit was with sentiment similar to going to wander into a den of vultures.

Nigeria can be great and Nigerians can make Nigeria great with all their needs taken care of from home, but it is Nigeria that is the cause of Nigeria own problem and not the problem of people abroad. Who is sending them money abroad that they should be sending money to Nigeria?

Last time i was in Nigeria, i was spending half of my available monthly budget that i use to live a simple life in USA with no car expense. I was having an easy time in Nigeria because the exchange rate gave me a lot of Naira for less than $1000 for a month. People still wanted me to spend all my USA money there with them because they assumed i can go back to USA and pluck money off trees to start well again.

Some even asked for the shoes off my feet at the airport as i departed, like i can ride aeroplane to land in USA and pluck new shoes from trees. Some would collect money from me and then bring other family members to get money from me after. Next time i will give less to people so that when they bring their family to collect, i will give the balance of the less i had given before.
They all seemed to not understand that when i got back to USA, the $800 i had spent in one month there was nothing compared to basic expenses for me when i got back to USA.

I required reserves at home in USA to go back to paying rent, buying food, utilities and so on. And the ticket to fly there sef was more than $1000. How money go remain to just be dashing, dashing and dashing? And when police corner me to fire upon me for having no money for them, all those i dash before will have nothing to use to help me recover if i survive hand of police.

And all the random people just see my face on the street asking me money, it was too much. If i gave away all i had and roamed the streets with nothing, i am sure after a few weeks, most people would turn away from me and call me a madman and have nothing to offer me to console. I have been down that road before and learned well. People need to worry about what they can do for others and then their reward will come.
I gave most to those who helped me and were hospitable to me with their home and time. I will do the same next time and avoid all others as much as i can. Nigerians are some very hospitable people but they can chop and chop and chop and leave nothing to show for it and their hunger will still remain. Especially the politicians there.

I beg, go and complain to your politiciams for money. They are the ones who owe you and have robbed you of nation that can be as lucrative to you as Abroad is for your uncle.

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Politics / Re: IGP Orders Immediate Removal Of Roadblocks by 19naia(m): 4:31am On Apr 17, 2017
Even if Buhari never abate recession and make life easy for Nigerians who never recieve salary paid nor find work, at least Buhari made the people's suffering more bearable by catching the people who are chopping the non paid salary money and the ones who are plundering pockets from the road side in the guise of doing real work. shocked
Romance / Re: What Type Of Career Endears You The Most To The Opposite Sex? by 19naia(m): 3:01am On Apr 15, 2017
I like No Job or big career ambitions to keep her from being with me and following me on extended travels. I be single to this days because all the girls i took interest in have been tied down to school, children or career.

Also, so much career is no good for the stationary couple where work-work-work and then come home too tired with only a few chores to do and then sleep with no energy for each other. Too much career is why some countries have low birth rates that cannot keep up with the death rate. Recipe for extinction.

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Crime / Re: Customs Seizes 772 Cartons Of Frozen Fish Worth N10 Million In Ogun by 19naia(m): 8:36pm On Apr 09, 2017
Why destroy am when Nigeria has need for Famine relief and aide to IDP?
I beg, that seizure can be diverted into government projects such as charity to devastated regions of the country.
Nigeria can plan better than to waste food like that when people still die of hunger in this world today.
When did they burn seized illegal Cash?
They keep illegal cash and divert it to where it is needed. And why would they not keep the food that people give their cash away to have for survival?
The food is more important to life than cash, i have never seen anyone eat cash or live inside a house made out of cash or drive a vehicle made of cash.
The real value items that support life are destroyed and cash is kept safe and treasured.
You cannot drink or eat money Oooo.
If only cash remain in this world, we will all die of thrist and hunger.
If cash goes extinct and only food and water reamain, we will live on and hope will rise.
I beg, priorities are an issue here.
Education / Re: Queen's College Orphan Pupil Buried (Photos) by 19naia(m): 4:13am On Apr 09, 2017
That is why siblings and housemates should be charged with attempted murder when they play games of spite with each other by dipping the other person's tooth brush in the toilet. shocked
Dropping filth in someone's food and drink or dipping tooth brush in the toilet and so on is thought of as child's play, but that is how diarrhea can be passed along and obviously it can lead to death. shocked
Politics / Re: A Nigerian In Germany Wanted To Renounce His Nigerian Citizenship & Got This by 19naia(m): 4:08am On Apr 09, 2017
Thats how you do it when you want to create confusion during deportation. If they find him in Germany illegally, and try to deport him, there will be statutory checkmate when they find that he is not a citizen of any Nation.
Smart man but no luck. His citizenship curse is bound to him like coruption is bound to nigeria. shocked

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Business / Re: External Reserves Hit Two-week Low As Naira Weakens by 19naia(m): 8:13am On Apr 01, 2017
Pumping the Currency trade full of reserve dollars is only as stable as the supply of those dollars. As soon as you get enough $ out there to bring the Naira up, the reserves fall low and the Naira no longer has enough dollar to prop up on.
The idea is sound but only when implemented in a functional economic setup. One where the local productivity is stable through diversity and significant foriegn customer demand.
It is always going to be better to have a low value Naira along side a high producing Nigeria. There is no escape from the economic blackhole until Nigeria is Producing more inside to sell outside rather than buying more outside to consume inside. It is Trade, and that requires having something to trade for the dollars. If oil has not been stable enough to carry trade in an economically balanced way, then obviously there is need to get back into cocoa and to get into new things as well. Oil is only going to get more unstable as alternative energy rises and more nations compete to sell fuel around the world.
All of this productivity expansion is in the works in Nigeria and it would be better to let the Market do its own thing(even if it falls) while the government props up local productivity rather than currency value. A low currency value is a gold mine to highly productive nations.
Low Naira value is not the issue.
Low productivity and low quality standards are the issue.


Car Talk / Re: How Carburetor Works Within The Fuel System by 19naia(m): 7:57am On Apr 01, 2017
The engine itself is the source of the vacuum. The carburetor flow is not powerful enough to sustain its own vacuum cycle and ars with carbureted engines still had fuel pump involved. Fuel injectors of course require powerful fuel pumps to work.
The engine works exactly like a pump but uses combustion to drive the pump pistons and the combustion is internal upon the pistons rather than External. External combustion engine would work if the internals were required to pump something else through it while internal combustion engine is simply pumping to create a cycle which is then tapped for its powerful cyclical forces of the crank shaft.
External combustion engine that has internal pump actions tied to it, are very inefficient. Any external combustion engine is inefficient and dirty but very simple to make and maintain. Best to have internal combustion so as to contain the power and direct it as needed and then have that engine drive pumps required to pump water or other liquids around. Or drive electricity generators.

Engine as a pump, when one cylinder faces combustion for an upstroke, another offset cylinder is pushed without its own combustion. Compression happens on one side and vaccum happens on the other in the non combusting cylinder. A very powerful vaccum in an idle cylinder as a counter force to the combustion in an active cylinder. That pump action is what draws air and fuel in with lots of suction power.
Put your hand over the air intake of a running engine and feel the dangerous suction power it has. Best not even to try with your hand nor try at all.
I removed a carburator from an engine and carved a wooden chamber box with two inlets, no venturi or fuel resovoir. One inlet for Air and one for Fuel. The inlets fed air and fuel into an open chamber where they mixed and got sucked into the engine.
As i turned the engine on, it did not ever fire into combustion on the first turn of the electric starter motor. It turns one or two times which is enough to move the pistons into their pump action to draw fuel and air in which then ignites under the spark plugs. Then the combustion cycle takes over as the starter is released. The carburetor was not involved in the vaccum at all. When i realized this, i even removed my wooden carved distribution chamber and left the engine open where a carburetor would normally be. I then dripped Gasoline in and started the engine and it ran. So the engine ran with no carburetor or any compromise version of a carburetor.

The problem i faced with no carburetor was that the vacuum was there and the engine intake was gapping open in a way to suck in particles in the air. Even stray insects. Also there was flow control issues and problems governing the engine power. The vacuum will suck fuel and grow the engine power which in turn will grow the vacuum power to suck in even more fuel which then grows the engine power to a greater vacuum force. The engine will run away with uncontrolled throttle increase. Also the air intake has to be filterd to keep damaging particle and insects out.

That is the primary job of the carburetor. To manage the amount of air and fuel taken in. The carburetor air and fuel channels are sized according to the engine size and power rating. Carburetors can be tuned to add more air and less fuel or add more fuel and less air. They have to remain within a dynamic ratio for best performance and to avoid flooding the engine with fuel or depriving the engine of fuel. To deter flood and famine as the engine consumes air and fuel.
You will notice the throttle body is always attached to the carburetor and that is because throttle is all about controlling fuel and air intake. The carburetor does the fuel and air intake management. The engine piston cycle creates the vaccum and the carburetor manages it.
There may be areas of advanced carburetors that work with vaccum created by the internal expansion of fuel and air flow in the carburetor, but the flow by vacuum originates from the pistons in the engine block.

You can run an engine without a carburetor and experience a powerful vacuum. The problem is keeping the engine power under control. That is the job of the carburetor.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Welcomes French Ambassador To His Ikoyi Residence In Lagos. Photos by 19naia(m): 10:17pm On Mar 22, 2017
The French are colonialist businessmen. They still strong-arm their way in former french colonies of Africa, all for the purpose of investments that enrich France.
Of course they will meet with Tinibu when they want politcal leverage for the purpose of business advantages for themsleves as French men of France.
The French bought out ancestral farm lands in bulk, in Mali, and that displaced many Mali natives to a life in the shanty slums or abject poverty. Of course Mali was later overrun by Islamic invaders and the French came in with military action to free Mali, but the farm land business plans were set back for fear of danger and instability in Mali.
The French went into Mali and negotiated with the right government, political and business leaders to get what they wanted. They paid off the right people and many simple people of Mali on their ancestral lands were fleeced and left to abject poverty so that France could farm on Mali land to feed Europe while Mali people suffered loss of lands that they used to feed themselves.

France has a plan to gain connections in the right political and business circles of Nigeria. Tinubu is a very significant connection point for all major politics and major business in Nigeria. Soon Frenchmen will be squeezing Nigeria for what it can while local politicians are padded to side with France in any matter.
Stay tuned for further news about French development plans in Nigeria. I suspect it may have to do with the west African Corridor which the French have already been working on from Ivory Coast, Togo and such. Trans national Oil pipeline, and more. Also there has been a squeeze on the french speaking west african countries that have ports used to funnel imports for sale in Nigeria.
The french have business and economy on their mind. The economy of France feeding off of Africa.

Religion / Re: "Woman Vomits Lizard" During Bishop Sam Zuga Water Ministration In Minna by 19naia(m): 3:05am On Jan 15, 2017
The woman living in dis Buhari change? Anything for quench hunger is possible. The woman never see salary or food to eat, na so she take chop lizard.
But raw lizard na bad bele thing even as she prays for salary to buy real food. And so naturally she commot d thing by vomit.
The Miracle is that people survive buhari change at all.
Vomiting lizard is just a sign of how bad the economy is. Economy wey send people to go chop agama lizard.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Two Women At Once (photos) by 19naia(m): 5:01pm On Jan 02, 2017
And na 2 ManPower he must to drink every day when he return feom work. shocked
Religion / Re: Is Masturbation A Sin?. by 19naia(m): 3:32am On Dec 24, 2016

Brother, the Angels that will deliver you are on 40 days praying and fasting. I will join them now cos ur case is really serious.

You have no Idea. Who are you to judge how God made a person to be. God made people and all their traits and now you want to pray to God to stop that nonsense?
You and all your minions will never be the voice of God in my ear.
Its best you start praying for yourself and deliverence from self righteous delusion.
You have a serious problem when you are so deluded you pray to God to change his handy work in the way God chose to create.
You can command God all you want to do as you wish but your delusion of grandeur will not stop the weight of your own bad choices and subversion of Gods natural order from crashing down on you and plagueing you with mind racking guilt and shame.

Save your prayers and seriousness for yourself. Allah, Jesus, buddah, Ifa, and the great mystery all be praised in one global humanity and respected for their decision on how to make me and all things. Not my decision and not yours or your minions.
The respect for God begins with respect for how he has made people to be.
When i want an opionion on God, i will wait for God to move my heart. Not distorted men who think because they read a book, they are sure to have interpreted it to God's will above all others that God also created and allowed to read the sane book.
You better start praying and fasting for the rest of your life for God to clear your mind and heart of the all the judgment you have made over his creation under your delusion that your mind and reasoning in the sum total of all of God's intent.
And the audacity to pray to God to help you enforce it upon others. !?!

I am but a grain of sand among all things bright and beautiful that God has made as God chose. Not your choice but God's choice.
You can frown and disgusts at God's creations but for me, i will save mine for politicians ,conniving pastors and those who would impose upon me religiously or other wise in contradiction to what God has made me to be.

I will be praying for myself and praising God for making me as he saw fit.
It is best you learn to pray correctly and not in hypocrisy based detest against God's creatures and the way God created them to be.

My one and only prayer is that God guide me in what to pray for and not my own mind deciding what is right and wrong to pray for.
GOD decides what should be prayed for.
Stop demanding God do for you what you think is right and maybe then things like UYO church collapse will not happen becase pastor said let us pray under a dangerous and false structure because we demand God hold it for us rather than use God given strength and minds as gifts of God to use to build a safe structure.

It will catch up to you eventually, always determining you know best what to declare as a problem to pray against to God when actually God knows all the while what he made and what he made it for.
God is waiting for you to use your God gifted sense to understand that it is all in God's hands and best you put your self there as well without judgement and demand of God to change how he created others he keeps in his hands.
Leave Gods business to God. Let God or the subject decide who needs what kind of prayer. We are best we pray for ourselves and pray for God determine what we pray for or not pray for. That would have saved a lot of horror, pain and death at the UYO church.

It will catch up to you eventually if you keep praying to God against how God has wisely made all things to be.
God is waiting for you and your minions to repent your false religious attitudes and come to your God gifted senses and true nature.

I am but a grain of sand among all things bright and beautiful that God has made. So are you and all who Masturbate.

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Religion / Re: Is Masturbation A Sin?. by 19naia(m): 1:40am On Dec 24, 2016
It depends on where you do it and what you are thinking when you do it.
Right time, right place and in the right frame of mind means all is right.

Don't mind all these bible quoting pastors telling you to cease and desist and enter their church now even though its obviously a shady structure of false stability ready to collapse.

You are better off at home masturbating in seclusion and peace, rather than in some church perhaps in Uyo, laying dead, chopped into pieces by falling building catastrophe.

All because they told you masturbation is a sin and that God will hold a false structure up over you if you demand by prayer.
Make no demands of your Master God and have no fear of what he has made you to be.

Some men sef are singing praises to God for giving them masturbation after crazy women ruined their lives.
Singing praises to God for masturbation which brings you no HIV from an infected partner or cheating spouse.

Those who stayed home to masturbate or were late to that church in Uyo because they were busy Masturbating? They are singing praises to God now. EVEN THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE, HIS LIFE WAS SPARED FOR BEING LATE TO THAT CHURCH.

The Pastor of that church nko?
His prayers did not stop false structure from falling and will not stop kirikiri from being his new church.
- He is secretly wishing now that he stayed home to masturbate rather than become a pastor and catch HIV from women in the congregation who are now dead under the failure of his prayer to hold up the false structure of the church building.

Be kind and considerate to all others, and the rest is as God made you to be.
Seek in your own heart, or your mind will be used against you by men of this earth who don't understand that God made you as you are for a reason and not as a sin.
Praise God for your life and the Masturbation he incorporated into it. Or else don't come back to NL crying a new topic because you catch HIV or your wife or partner cheated on you and/or squandered your destiny. Masturbation will never do you like that.

Overpopulation will catch up to all these people making babies like rabbits because they think masturbation or Condom is bad for them. God made you correct from day one, so do not go astray from you heart.


Business / Re: Nigerians Living Abroad Remit $35bn In 11 Months by 19naia(m): 7:11am On Dec 21, 2016
I suspect some.of it is looted Nigerian Oil dollars hidden overseas, now being sent back slowly along the long route ,cloaked as random remittances.
Of course i am sure a few billion of it is legit from hard working Nigerians all over the world. So many Nigerians around the world. Enough of them to account for billions of $ a year. But also so much loot sent out of Nigeria, enough to account for billions covertly sent back in guise of innocent remittances.

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Name Of This Snake My Brother Killed? by 19naia(m): 5:44pm On Dec 20, 2016

This URL is not of African snakes but my point is to show that there needs to be a comprehensive catalog of snakes in Nigeria.
The OP snake looks like a Garter snake found in USA but i found a photo of African Garter snake that looks very different by skin pattern.
The snake topics on Nairaland are lending well to catalog snakes in Nigeria even if not by name.. The full view picture is the most important identifier. The name can be placed later.
The full picture of the head and under body is also important because snakes can look similar in skin pattern and body shape, but the heads will show different species to include venomous shaped head or non venomous shaped head. Under body patterns can some times differentiate snakes that look very similar from the top side view.

Nairaland is doing well to catalog snakes of Nigeria before they go extinct because Nigerians love to kill them all upon sight.
I saw some African snake catalogs online but none were as extensive or detailed as the link above for American snakes.

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Business / Re: Biko, What Is The True Value Of The Naira? by 19naia(m): 5:41pm On Dec 17, 2016
VENEZUELA had a tiered exchange rate where it was a different rate for goverment compared to banks and then the black market had its own rate.
The government and bank rates of Venezuela were the ones trying to make the currency equal to value or more than the value of US$.
It basically made it nearly impossible for stable prices of market goods .
Government connected people were doing the rounds buying dollars at a low rate and selling it high on the black market.
It allowed them to mop up lots of local currency to hoard. The drop in oil prices made sure the country lost revenue and the unstable currency trade system made international trade very difficult.

Venezuela became one of the most expensive countries in the world by dollar value ,at the exchange rates banks and govt made avalaible to foriegn visitors.
So people stopped going to Venezuela with their money where they would have to pay huge amounts just for a plate of beans. Because of multi tiered exchange rate .

The black market was an option but a small option. VENEZUELA was very hard cracking on the black market and that made it a small $ operation overall. The black market was dealing more in trading regional border nation currencies for goods.
Eventually Venezuela bank and government currency exchange schemes collapsed and the black market prevailed. But by then, no one wanted to be paid in Venezuela currency for importing goods and Venezuela was so hard crashed that it did not want to let go of dollars and other viable currencies it had. That led the crash into a compounding effect where statvation began because of few basic goods flowing into the country and no sufficient level of local productivity of the goods.

I, myself would not be starving in Venezuela because they have a huge area of Amazon jungle and Orinoco river among others full of fish and wild life.
I would leave god forsaken civilization to enter bush with cutlass and a strong long-stick.
Amazon jungle people never starve. The venezuelan people who are starving are the ones unable to rise above pride and shame or bad physical condition.
They will not imagine entering bush to find food and would rather starve in the cities or fall to murder in one of the most violent countries on earth.

Venezuela. Low productivity of diverse basics and wreckless currency value manipulation that overvalues the local currency backed mainly by oil who's price was falling.

Nigeria is doing ok compared to what Venezuela had happen, because Nigeria is allowing the currency to fall and allowing black market to have some space to reign. It's the abuse of the currency system, the coruption that is making it as hard as it is.
If Nigeria had tried to force Naira to equal $dollar, it would be doing as Venezuela did and would suffer as bad as Venezuela.

Its better to let Naira fall while focusing on local productivity. It will keep Nigeria attractive to foriegn buyers and keep Nigeria on a path to self sufficiency and beyond even if for just the basic survival needs of food ,shelter and clothing.

China and Japan economies grew mighty by huge and diverse productivity and letting their currency fall lower than US$.
They still try to keep it low after their strong economies naturally push their currency value towards being equal to US$.

USA has been the best customer to have for so many countries that rose up in Asia. JAPAN ,TAIWAN AND CHINA among others like Mexico.
That is about to change as well as the oil market significance.
USA is starting to focus on producing for itself as a way to restore employment opportunities to the country and that will bring price increases to US products as well as a rise in value of the US$ as it takes production back from China and other Countries. Those asian and latin american countries will still make cheap products for the world but they are going to lose a huge customer base that came from USA.
They will lose revenue and possibly stability, while USA goes into a boom and possibly more wars.

This is in the next 20 years if Trump manages to set it in motion and have it proceed with stability while properly mitigating any risks of a USA crash along the way. Productivity boost to meet local needs and replace imports is always the best way to avoid economic crash while making big ajustments in the economy.

USA can do whatever. They can dictate world trade policy and organize the crash of any global market that is being manipulated out of their favor. Even wars are a part of their economic strategy. Oil pipe wars and then controlling OPEC to raise and lower oil prices in ways that can bring oil nations to their knees if they have poor reserves or poor relations with top economies.

If Nigeria is going to be so caught up in US$, it is best to anticipate USA economy and prepare with prepositioning to be in the right place at the right time to stay afloat in the ever changing global economic oceans.


Investment / Re: MMM: Message From Amaka Who Just Married The Top Guider by 19naia(m): 2:45am On Dec 15, 2016
Of course married to the kingpin and dependent on the loot of it. She will spout what it takes to keep their loot coming in.

The more MMM grows, the more it owes and that can eventually be in excess of what is coming in if not already in excess of what is coming in.
Eventually the amount owed will exceed the amount coming in.
They delay the eventual collapse in the beginning by making freezes to the scheme to let pay-ins grow a bit while pay-out stops to let pay-in catch up.
But the gap quickly widens again and the next freeze will be worse and losses will grow.
Then as confindence is lost and people stop paying in, the amount owed is neglected and even the initial capital of many is forfeited to the kingpins who grab what they can and run as it falls.

The sad part is many do not care if it is a ponzi scheme. They just invest in hopes to be the lucky few who make it out with profit before it collapses and many lose every thing they put in.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Scientists Prove Efficacy Of Nano-medicine In HIV/AIDS Cure by 19naia(m): 4:36am On Dec 13, 2016
Politicians who make and invent nothing other than feeding voraciously off the backs of hard working common people, they have money to fly to europe and USA for medical, shopping and holidays.
Those with the minds and ability to solve Nigerias problems are left unpaid and not funded for progress making feats.
The beginning and end of the long story for why Nigeria sees no real progress.
There needs to be a medicine developed to rid the nation's body of the parasites keeping the nation down in a state of deficiency.
When Nigeria rewards and empowers the right people, true change will come.
For now Nigeria remains in the gridlock of exclusive old boys club where people focus on position and power and neglect learning and real contributions to society.
Science/Technology / Re: How Efficient Are Solar Electricity Power Systems? by 19naia(m): 9:01pm On Dec 12, 2016
Battery storage of the collected solar energy is where the real efficiency issue is.
Solar panels at 10% or 20% efficiency are great because they function maintainance free for 20 or more years. Maybe cleaning them and keeping the connection points free of corrosion and buildup, will be the only real task over 20 years of making sunlight into voltage.

Batteries are where the power goes to hold until needed. How much power does the battery drain while sitting idle? Also some energy is lost along the wires as the current transfers from one point to another.
How easily can the battery absorb the energy put into it? Common batteries take a long time to charge and will have a reduced span of functionality if they are charged with over a certain rate of current. More batteries will help take a bigger charge but when the battery bank reaches a certain size, it begins to lose efficiency by the sheer number of connecting cables for parallel and series links. More solar panels then become neccessary at increased cost.
Capacitors have been around for a long time and are similar to batteries in that they take in current and hold it for delayed release. Capicitors have the advantage of being able to fully charge almost instantly and also take a large input charge more efficiently. The disadvantage has been that capacitors have not been able to hold their charges as long as batteries.
Now progress has been made in battery tech that sees battery/capacitor hybrid. Fast charging and low power leakage. Those will make it out to the common market soon.
I would love to see the day when mega capacitors are available to safely collect energy from a lightning strike and hold a good portion of it. Its not easy, as lightning can throw out a gigawatt with ease and seriously damage just about any material. Grounding systems work well for lighting safety and ground capacitors/batteries are a researched and studied thing. Batteries made in the soil and made of soil. Making one big enough and with a super insulator material is what is missing for capturing the energy of lightning bolts. The transformers tech will also have to keep up with it.
One bolt if lightning can power from kaduna to kwara if it can be safely contained. shocked

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Religion / Re: Reigners Bible Church Collapse In Uyo, Akwa Ibom (Graphic Photos) by 19naia(m): 10:51pm On Dec 10, 2016
Even TB Joshua ministries had a building collapse.
Health / Re: 100 Mental Patients Escape From Kenyan Hospital (Video) by 19naia(m): 4:59pm On Dec 06, 2016
As soon as they escape the mad house, they will begin to recover well well blending in with everyday people on the streets who are all covertly mad behind their demeanor.
For you see, it is the mad house and its keepers who are mad and not those held prisoner within. grin
Phones / Re: 6 Reasons Android Will Always Be More Popular Than Apple's Ios by 19naia(m): 11:28pm On Dec 04, 2016
True. Apple is less variety and fixed to a high price bracket.

Apple has limited input for iPhone and iPad.

What you get in exchange though is a device that is less prone to malware because apple is careful to not let you load up or interface with just anything from anywhere.

Apple is also very long lasting. By the time you go through several other devices, one iphone will still be operating well and the long term cost savings is unbeaten unless you are one who has to get the next generation every time it is released. I Still enjoy my 4th generation iPad with upgraded ios10

Apple replaced my broken iPad with a new one of the same model for the price of a standard repair. I paid only the repair cost and got a brand new ipad of the same specs.

But its true that apple repair access has diminished as they have moved to lock out repairs from any non apple authorized repair service. The latest generation phones will black out of operation if tampered with outside of apple care. I think it has to do with security now that the phones embed banking and finger print details. Why would you trust your finger print and banking embedded data with a road side technician just anywhere?
Apple is top notch for security. People with money, like to know that their sensitive data are well secured.

Its true that Android has the bigger market advantage but i am an apple man all the way even to the laptop for the reason of security from system crashes, malware and long lasting devices.
Apple operating systems are more stable and better protected and do not install on just any hardware. You can find android on rubbish phones like Itel that failed me in the first month. You can find windows on rubbish computers that crash so often.
So while you can easily download and interface with most other devices via android, apple is not so eager to accept any old joystick prodding into it with any kind of spermatoa of data and any viruses secretly secreted with the package.
My iPad is less likely to catch AIDS and die when compared to my samsung galaxy grand prime. Because android versus ios is like a faithful housewife versus the asawo on every street corner available at every price range ,and no serious restriction in leiu of deadly virus transmission.

People are likey operating personalities similar to the operating sytem of their phone.
" By their phone, you shall know them".
Or was that originally "by their fruits.you shall know them"?

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Autos / Re: CALL FOR ALL YOUR CLEARING JOBS VIA TINCAN ISLAND AND APAPA by 19naia(m): 4:29pm On Nov 27, 2016
380,000 will duly get it cleared respectively


WOW. does that include shipping cost from New york?

I assume 380k is just port and customs fees? So will it clear port as an overage 2001?
Autos / Re: CALL FOR ALL YOUR CLEARING JOBS VIA TINCAN ISLAND AND APAPA by 19naia(m): 3:40am On Nov 27, 2016
How much to clear customs and port with 2001 toyota sienna?
Autos / Re: CUSTOMS CLEARING AGENT @ NIGERIA PORTS AND LAND BORDERS.................... by 19naia(m): 3:36am On Nov 27, 2016
Is 2001 toyota sienna allowed to clear lagos port and how much if it can clear?
My concern is age limit i read about for car imports.

Travel / Re: 6 Countries Where Nigerians Can Easily Get PERMANENT Residency by 19naia(m): 6:12am On Nov 18, 2016
Panama will be a good choice for African people. They have a good population of black people. Panama has a serious metropolitan economic power house i Panama city.
Belize would follow and it also has a very good population of black people. But Belize is a low population slow place country. If you agree with village life, then you can enjoy Belize.
Sechelles is not cheap and not such an economic engine like Panama but it is a nice place.

Ecuador is quite affordable and has quite a few large cities for the size and population of the country. All of Ecuador has less population than Lagos alone but Ecuador has several cities with skylines and development that rivals lagos.

Parguay is ok and not hard to imagine what it is like being centered between Brazil and Argentina while being isolated from significant public image. Simple friendly people in Paraguay and Uruguay.

I have been to Belize, Panama and Ecuador. I plan to go to Uruguay but not Parguay. I will also go to Mauritius rather than Seychelles.


Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 5:55am On Nov 18, 2016
Will love to know via which route

I drove from USA across the Arizona border side. You can drive across from Texas, NewMexico, Arizona and California. They are all states in the southwestern part of USA.
Arizona crossing is the best for quick and safe access to the mainland pacific coastal region. Baja California is also pacific access but only through California and does not give more than one road access to mainland mexico where all the cities and habitable areas are. Lots of desert lands in Mexico.

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Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 5:34am On Nov 18, 2016
Hope you are enjoying the tacos and guacamoles.

Nice pictures.

Yes sir, well done. The tacos are affordably sweet and they come with many extras for toppings. Served by beautiful ladies of course.


Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 5:26am On Nov 18, 2016
[quote author=jamooo12 post=51088728][/quote]

I drove across the border from USA which is where i am based. I had to pay some tourist permit fees $21.oo for 6 month stay permitted for US passport. Also a higher price to pay for my car temporary import. $60.00 fee and $300.00 refundable deposit which would be forfeited if i do not exit my car from Mexico before the 6 month permit expires.

5 days of driving every day across USA and half way down into Mexico before stopping for 3 days rest.
Now i am settled in after an additional 4 hour drive to a small beach town.


Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 10:43pm On Nov 14, 2016
Mexico pacific side


Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 10:38pm On Nov 14, 2016
Mexico pacific coast


Travel / Re: How Is Mexico These Days? I Am Going There. by 19naia(m): 10:33pm On Nov 14, 2016
Made it to Mexico. Resting up here after 5 days of travel.


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