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Car Talk / Re: 2018 Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept Revealed (photos) by 19naia(m): 6:49am On Mar 08, 2018
Car Talk / Re: 2018 Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept Revealed (photos) by 19naia(m): 7:51am On Mar 07, 2018
Business / Re: Africa’s Banking Market Second Most Profitable, Fastest Growing by 19naia(m): 7:47am On Mar 07, 2018
Why did they never mention the percentage of banking growth that looted funds have contributed, in the billions as per politicians and other public officials with access to public funds?
Or am i mistaken because of the looter’s preference of using non African banks?
Travel / Re: Young Lady Survives Ghastly Accident As Vehicle Falls Off A Bridge. Photos by 19naia(m): 3:44am On Mar 05, 2018
Newer cars with crumple zones to make impact easier on the people inside.

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Travel / Tallest USA Buildings In Each State. by 19naia(m): 3:15am On Mar 05, 2018
Wow, so many cities with tall buildings.


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Properties / Re: Which Of These Gasoline Generators Is Better For Domestic Purposes by 19naia(m): 4:25pm On Feb 23, 2018

But oga some body asked u why I are using genarator in ur house in America u didn’t answer that question. Do u use the generator in ur residence or in a farm or building site just to know pls cos the electricity in USA should be reliable I suggest stand to be corrected.

Building site during house construction.
Travel / Re: Dana Air Skids Off The Runway In Port Harcourt, Lands Inside Bush (Photos) by 19naia(m): 11:14pm On Feb 20, 2018
Thank God no life was lost.

If life were lost, only this kind of vehicle fit enter d bush to commot d bodies.

Properties / Re: Which Of These Gasoline Generators Is Better For Domestic Purposes by 19naia(m): 11:08pm On Feb 20, 2018

You sound like the lack of electric power grid have you a lot of headache despite having Solar installed.

Stop what happened. Solar was not worth it?

Solar does not produce as much electricity per cost of equipment. 2.5Kv Generator is much cheaper than 2.5Kv of solar power generation system complete from panel to inverter. But, the generator power supply eventually becomes costly in the long run. I was building a house and spent little on solar panels and batteries plus inverter. That was enough for lights, TV for half a day in an area with #2 or #3 ranking on earth for rainfall. Not always sunshine. Even in the best region if earth for sunshine and with a very large solar power plant, a generator is a very good addition in the rare case that sun does not shine for a few days or damage happens to the solar power system.

I started with a generator first and then added solar. Solar was so expensive for me at the time while needing to spend $ on house construction. So when i got solar, i got a very small output system. I upgraded the system to larger output after some time but still not enough for 24 hour power use.
Solar is worth it but more costly to begin. Generator is cheap to begin but more costly after years of petrol, oil and service and buying new ones. Most people do not have big money all at once for solar, so they spend small at once on Genrators and then little by little they spend more than solar over a 20year period. Solar panels last at least 20years for full output but can still output above 50% even after 30years.
No generator has lasted me more than 5 years -unless you buy the very expensive big ones that will need lots of repairs to last beyond 5 years.
Properties / Re: Which Of These Gasoline Generators Is Better For Domestic Purposes by 19naia(m): 5:54pm On Oct 30, 2017

So ooo oooo dem dey use generator for USA
so oooo oooooo no be only naija get power failure regularly


So ooo oooo dem dey use generator for USA
so oooo oooooo no be only naija get power failure regularly

They sell generators everywhere in USA. A lot of people use them for mobile homes, mobile construction companies that use electric power tools to do their work in locations that do not have electricity. Others carry generators to their mobile market sites for temporary power supply during street fairs or picnic in the park.

My own was from when i bought forested land and started building a house with my own two hands where there was no electricity. I got a generator and also solar panels with inverter and batteries.
I have since moved on from that and given my generators and solar power system away.
I am connected to municipal electric power grid everywhere where i go these days.

It was not an issue of USA power faults, but an issue of constructing my house on rural land before any electric line was connected.

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Properties / Re: Which Of These Gasoline Generators Is Better For Domestic Purposes by 19naia(m): 5:47pm On Oct 30, 2017

How come you are using generator in US?

They sell generators everywhere in USA. A lot of people use them for mobile homes, mobile construction companies that use electric power tools to do their work in locations that do not have electricity. Others carry generators to their mobile market sites for temporary power supply during street fairs or picnics in the park.

My own was from when i bought forested rural land and started building a house with my own two hands where there was no electricity. I got a generator and also solar panels with inverter and batteries.
I have since moved on from that and my generators and solar power system has since been handed over to others to have.
I am connected to municipal power supply everywhere i stay now.

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Events / Re: Man Who Invited Strippers To His Wedding Celebrates Birthday With Scary Cake by 19naia(m): 5:40pm On Oct 30, 2017
Chai! WiarisgodO0oo...
Na chop and die... shocked
Politics / Re: President Buhari Returns To Abuja After 4-day Working Visit To Turkey by 19naia(m): 2:15am On Oct 23, 2017
In the time of his raking in from Abroad, loot from regimes of past, he is under question about huge national funds being handed out while he himself is spending most of his time abroad.
Makes things look suspiciously like he goes abroad and has his conspirator/s in Nigeria, funnel the money abroad through various third parties where he is arranging with foreign parties any laundering scheme he can.
Watch now, 10 years from now they will talking of tracing Buhari contract disbursements to places like London and Turkey.

$2 billion for 2nd Naija bridge construction that has already been previously funded and commenced shocked ?
I will wait ten years from now to see what kind of bridge and road connections it is, if it even gets constructed past a $1million infusion of materials and labor.

Time will tell no matter where on earth the secrets hide.
Car Talk / Re: Hummer Jeep Carries Bamboo Sticks From Market In The East (Photos) by 19naia(m): 11:14pm On Oct 19, 2017
Sebi after you went to America to do well in life driving Hummer, while your mother remained in the village living by bamboo and Akpu, then you return with your Hummer and she ask you to bring Bamboo for her?
Me sef i would Use my Hummer to bring bamboo in the village. If you enjoy Hummer and enjoy Bamboo, there is no reason the two cannot join to make your life enjoyable. Using Hummer just to be flexing is vanity. It is built by a legacy of load bearing vehicles. "UTILITY" is the "U" in SUV. In USA they use Utility vehicles more costly than Hummer to carry rubbish, farm animals and laborer equipment.

I like practical peoples grin

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Car Talk / Re: Coscharis Ford Auto Plant In Nigeria - 600 Vehicles Rolled Out Already by 19naia(m): 4:55am On Oct 18, 2017
I bought a new one in 2007. My own was Mazada B-2300 but that is identical to Ford Ranger American spec.
Even the engine said Ford on it while the car logo was Mazda. Mazda actually makes the engine and other parts for Ford.
All the major American car companies have connections to Japanese car makers.
Ford uses Mazda and Genral motors bought Isuzu and i think Suzuki. Dodge is linked to Mitsubishi.

Ford does not generally make good cars. They make good trucks like Ranger and F series. Toyota still bests them in trucks.
Ford has one or two good cars -but if you buy a ford, it better be a Ranger or F series full size. Dependability and ability to handle Nigerian roads, that is the main factor. They are easy to work on and parts are cheap in USA. I am not sure if the parts will be cheap in Nigeria.
These rangers will easily go to 100k miles before needing real repairs. Just regular service and brake replacements will suffice all the way to 100k miles. And then they can easily go to 300k and beyond with occaisional repairs. U joints, ball joints and the spark managment system usually go bad after 100k miles.
The Manual transmission is the easier investment but not so easy to drive in heavy traffic. It will last long and the clutches also last more than 160k miles if you know how to drive the clutch without grinding it down so soon.

Simple and reliable cars. I still recommend toyota trucks even though they can cost much more new.

Ford Ranger trucks are the cheapest quality truck you can buy. Toyota is better quality at a higher price.
Business / Re: Mad Man Spotted At First Bank ATM, Abaji (Photos) by 19naia(m): 4:22am On Oct 18, 2017
The truly mentally ill ones are the ones who just chop and chop the national coffers via Embezzlement. That have already chop enough to last a lifetime and leave wealth inheritance to their children, and still they come back chopping more and more.

The man is hardly a mad man when it is not his hand wrecking Nigeria.
Nigerians still hailing the biggest theives while killing the smallest pinchers of meat. shocked
Nigerians still hailing those so Mad that they cannot see the misery they bring for a great many in the country while saying mental illness of those who fall to life in the gutter because of the merciless mentality that dominates the land. shocked

Health / Re: Why Do Men Smell Down There? How To Eliminate The Odor? by 19naia(m): 7:52pm On Oct 05, 2017
The regular and thorough washing is the first line. Nothing can replace bathing and washing. Trimming helps but more effective is rubbing all the area from top to underneath with coconut oil. You can even mix the coconut oil with a bit of herbal scents but the coconut oil alone prevents smell or microbial growth. It is also antivirus. Red palm oil is even more potent but is too much of a problem with staining clothes red. So use coconut oil. It is also good for smoothing and healing the skin. Even cuts and bruises anywhere on the body will heal better with coconut oil applied.

When applying the oil down there, do not rub so much for so long, because it can cause the joystick to go erect with feelings of fornicationshocked Also eyakulashun is possible if not careful when rubbing the oil on. grin

The oil itself is not a risk, only benefit. You can rub it on the body anywhere from head to toe and also it can be eaten with food if you have a food grade quality of oil.
See d one me i rub sef. Only on my face and i brush teeth with it as well as eat with it. I have not had reason to rub it down below. Batheing with use of good soap has been enough. Years ago i used to rub it down there for odor when i lived in a very hot and humid climate, i was always sweating everywhere including down there. Coconut oil worked on top of alum salts for both armpits and down below.

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Celebrities / Re: Dj Cuppy: Don't Be A Goldigger, Be A Goal Digger by 19naia(m): 2:50am On Sep 22, 2017
Word games, when clearly their goal is to dig gold.
Wetin be her goal sef but to use her silver spoon to dig out a golden spoon.
I will believe when she marry a man with no gold or money but he get plenty goals. grin
Health / Re: 5 Nurses Caught Viewing Size Of Dead Patient's Manhood In US by 19naia(m): 9:34pm On Sep 07, 2017
Dem oyibo women can reach advanced state of craze sha ,and continue to look as if say all is well. And Naija yahoo boy go still try to marry her and bed with her for green card shocked

Car Talk / How To Restore A Flooded Car's Engine. by 19naia(m): 7:36pm On Sep 03, 2017
Video demonstration.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: The Shocking Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey In Texas(Photos) by 19naia(m): 7:59pm On Aug 30, 2017
Se'bi na Houston be d relocation dream of all the people wey tire for Lagos floods this year.
The whole world is coming to a change and now it seems Fish and amphibians will rule the world, with better sense than people have. shocked


Health / Re: Itching After Bathing - I Need Help... by 19naia(m): 9:04pm On Aug 12, 2017
It happens to me only when i use certain sponges. Also happened to me during travel to certain locations. Water is not the same every where.
If you are not using sponge then it may be the water.

The water is a problem for me only when i travel to new places with different water supply.

Also sometimes the soap. When i use OseDudu, i also get itchy skin but in any case of itchy skin, it last no more than an hour after bathing.
Politics / Re: Nigeria To Set Up “Council To Regulate The Use Of Social Media” In The Country by 19naia(m): 3:21am On Jul 25, 2017

You are living in dreamland if you think social media noise without real action will change anything.

I believe the best way to organize effective action is through effective social media where the thoughts and ideas behind the actions can be shared, debated and reformed by all who are concerned, before the action lands on the ground with real impact. The country and world is full of damage done by actions that were not informed well enough and not socialized enough among the people who were involved.
Only so many people can gather on a site to do action before confusion and clutter ensues to cause damage or go slow(too many hands in the kitchen can spoil the food). But social media allows many minds to be on the same page to know the program and plan and to protest or agree to it before any people gather on a site where the potential for chaos and confusion is higher. Informed action is better than just anyhow action, and social media informs across an extensive range of society.
Social media is the perfect staging ground for mass action and thats why politicians fear it, it is more powerful than their traditional way of riding on top luxury car kicking up dust in the masse's faces while assuming everyone understands the ideology behind their political platform.
Social media allows people to stay informed on their own time and location without the inconvenience of getting to a venue just to be inconveniently informed about any course of social action.
Social media is social action in the womb waiting to be born.
Besides, they have put a serious restriction against social media just with the bad electricity and salary supply. People are not using social media as long as they would if they could keep their phone or laptop charged. I make long detailed social media statements with plenty light to charge my social media device in cotonou. Majority of people make short and limited social media information because not enough light to charged their phones and not enough salary to buy data.


Politics / Re: Nigeria To Set Up “Council To Regulate The Use Of Social Media” In The Country by 19naia(m): 3:06am On Jul 25, 2017
A very tall order that can come to no real good in a country recked with corruption. The most prominent social media are international and based in other countries. Maybe Nigeria will block face book like china does, but in Nigeria's case, they want domain and power over things they do not understand, things they do not know how to make for themselves and things that the backwards culture inherently defeats from being possible to grow from start to finish.
Same reason Nigeria is plagued with overwhelming demand for imports, even among simple things like tomatoes that can grow like weeds in all Nigeria people's compounds. Things fall apart even before they start in Nigeria, and as such, only the same old backwards ways thrive for the glory of squalor for the common man who works the hardest.

You cannot pay salary well enough across the entire nation, cannot provide electricity enough to impress a goat, no municipal potable water supply where it is most needed, cannot reign in corrupt and abusive officials at every level from police to Senators, and cannot keep a livable economy in relative stability, but already trying to graduate to social media to apply control over it.

What would you think of me if i sold service to one person and it was spoiled as soon as i finished the service, and then i went to sell another service to another person with the same result, and then another service and another, on and on and on with same result?
What would you say of me if i told you now i was here to provide social media oversight service to you? You would say social media is ok until the day i put my hand into it.

Please say the same of yourself, Oga at d top, and go home to just be chopping what you have already profited by damage already done, and spare us further damage. Even Baba President get sense to remove his spoiled hand from Nigeria, and he just dey rest in London to spare Nigeria any further dismal change. Very wise and kind of Baba. Be kind and wise and remove hand from this social media.
Travel / Re: Driver, Passengers Land In A Ditch While Running Away From Road Officials.Photos by 19naia(m): 5:38pm On Jul 16, 2017
I really like the under body design of the car. It looks correct and well sheilding. shocked
So sad a good vehicle like that was mismanaged. A good country like Nigeris sef, mismanaged.
Nairaland / General / Repairing Malfunctioning Joystick. by 19naia(m): 12:35am On Jul 12, 2017
Joystick Malfunction is eventually going to happen and much sooner for those who perform with their joystick most often.
It can be time and cash consuming to go outside of the house for professional help, and that is why this simple restoration video is here to guide you on a do it yourself.
If you can play with your joystick until it begins to malfunction, there is no reason why you cannot reapair your joystick until it begins to perform properly again.
All you need is the same two hands that caused the wearing out of the joystick, and a screw driver set. If your hands can make damage, they can also make repair, so have no fear and keep faith in the able hands God has given you. grin
I have not yet damaged my joystick because i do not use it as much, but i have the same equipment as this video demonstrates and that means the video is worthwhile information for me in the event i do encounter my own joystick malfunction.

Follow this video for repair instructions. shocked

Car Talk / After The Floods, Will Flood Cars Flood The Market? by 19naia(m): 4:35am On Jul 11, 2017
Flood cars being sold left and right is usually a thing to look out for after major flood issues. I am not sure how it works in Nigeria but in countries with good insurance compensation for flood damaged cars, owners often use the insurance payments to get another car. They just sell the flood car and add that money to the insurance payment to get a new car.
Serious rugged offroad vehicles can usually handle floods but mostly just during short drives submerged in deep water. I had an old 1984 mini van that was sitting in enough water to drown the engine but it only sat in the water for 10 minutes before being pulled out. It started up well after a one hour rest and never a problem with it after.

It is a different story if the car sits in water for 12 hours or more, at depths that inundate the interior as well as the engine and boot. That is enough time to soak into the electrical system. The engine is usualy well insulated against water damage but when it gets into the front console where the radio and other controls are, you can have all kinds of electrical issues. Also water or moisture can remain behind the inner door panels long enough to grow fungus which can eat away the panels from behind until they begin to sag. Speakers can have electrical short outs.

The smell of the car is the best way to catch a flood car. A car that has sat long enough in deep flood waters will not be able to clear out the moisture fast enough to prevent mold and mildew smell from building up and that smell will be the warning that there are likely active mold and mildew colonies eating the door panels from behind the panel cosmetic surface. The padding and insulation in the seats and floor can also hold mold and mildew. If the cars were stripped and had the wet insulation removed but not replaced, that will be a world of future problems to come ,such as issues with unbearable heat building up in the car even with full AC working.

Let the smell of the car reveal itself. Also a car with overwhelming scent application may be a sign of masking the flood smell, but still it cannot erase the smell without overwhelming the car interior with artificial scent.

If you are the owner of a car that was flooded while you owned it, it is possible to recover the car but no guarantee it will be manageable. If it starts and drives after waters subside, it would be worth it to fill the tank and drive the car for several hours to dry out the power train and to also coax out any issues waiting to happen. Better to spend to burn a full tank of petrol than to wait for residual water to make corrosion or electrical short circuits over time. The hard part is getting the interior smell out but it can be done if you start drying it out immediatley and use high heat and mold + mildew killer to keep it from forming. High heat constantly until it is dry. If you can drive it to the Sahara and park it there grin -but it may be cheaper to run a tank of petrol with the car idling all day and night with the AC high heat blowing with the windows closed except for a small slit for escape of the humid interior air. Use the interior AC heat if you have the feature, otherwise buy a heater to use. Leaving the car to sit after the waters subside, waiting until you have time to deal with it, is the way to guarantee that moisture damage and bad smells can set in very well. Get to the car immediately and start the drying process. Corrosion in unseen areas and mildew do not take long to begin setting in.

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Nairaland / General / How To Confuse Your Tracks To Your Enemies. by 19naia(m): 6:21am On Jun 01, 2017
Expert level #217.

Politics / Re: LAGOS To Introduce Public Utility Levy (PUL) by 19naia(m): 3:42pm On Apr 19, 2017
They pay that in USA but it is part of the Water supply bill.
You pay for the water supply they have provided via a meter, amd they add on the waste water and rubbish collection fees which are standard rate for every house. Only the water portion is billed accorging to meter reading like they do with electricity.

But for Lagos to be supplying No water to most of Lagos and forbidding people from digging their own boreholes, it seems rather backward to then be approaching with this which includes waste water management. What water have they provided that they want to be managing the waste water return? Another revenue scheme for looters?
They have not yet mastered electricity supply or Water supply but they are moving in with fees for other forms of supply on top of the failed supply of paid electricity services. People pay for electricity they do not recieve and they are not seeing sense in this scheme to pay for other services they are likely not to recieve.

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Travel / Re: Why Do People Living Abroad Rarely Help Their Relations by 19naia(m): 3:16pm On Apr 19, 2017

So all these rants are just for you to tell her to go and ask politicians for money? Abeg swerve, we know your type

If you are not the one giving her money, what is your business knocking me about not giving her

Abeg, go and give her your money, or are you the type we know so well?

Put your own money on the table and then i will hear your rant.

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Travel / Re: Drone View Of Victoria Island, Lagos by 19naia(m): 8:23am On Apr 18, 2017
Please, is there anywhere on Victoria Island i can rent an apartment or flat for 1.5mil or less per year?
Car Talk / Re: Why Does My Car Engine Oil Dry Up Without Physical Leakage by 19naia(m): 8:08am On Apr 18, 2017
I was missing two quarts of engine oil after parking my car in a hotel overnight as i was traveling. I had just put fresh oil before the long journey and had taken the car to the dealer mechanic to thoroughly check the car. They said the head gasket was good with a very insignificant leak. I told them to put new head gasket. They also changed transmission fluid and dropped the transmission pan to clean it and the filter. They went over the car thoroughly and gave me a good bill of mechanically sound vehicle.

So how did i miss 2 out of 5 bottles of oil needed to fill my engine oil needs? How did half of my oil go missing after driving 1500 miles? I looked for oil stains where i parked. Nothing. Zero stains on a clean ground below. I looked in and around the engine bay for signs of oil spray or leak. Nothing at all. I even stopped at an oil service place to have them look and they found no sign of a leak that could possibly lose 2 quarts of oil in just 9 hours of driving.
I bought 2 new bottles of oil and topped off. I drove an additional 1500 miles for a total 3000 mile journey over 6 days. The oil has been intact since and i have even done 2 more oil changes since then. No oil loss since and none prior to that night at the hotel.

There was a man there when i arrived the hotel where my oil loss was noted. He came to the hotel as soon as i entered and was begging there, then i saw him later across the street in a car that was the same make and model as mine. Even similar year model. I began to suspect he was exploring me because of my car. Back of my mind said that the guy was broke and could not afford hotel or food. So he was begging for coffee and snacks at the hotel while he stayed in his car across the street. Of course, no money for food, or hotel, his car may not be in good condition and he was looking to take parts from my car as i slept.

That was what crossed my mind as i slept. And in due form, my car was missing 2 bottles of oil and the suspicious man and his car were nowhere to be seen by morning. That route is notorious for criminals on the run.
Nigeria is also notorious as a place where there is nothing they will not steal. They will steal oil from under the car at night.

Places to look for oil leak. Radiator cooling fluid. Open the radiator cap and the coolant resovoir to look for oil in the coolant. The radiator cap may have oil on the inner side of the cap. That is a sign of head gasket issue or internally cracked or punctured engine block.

The engine bay area on the sides, under and on top. Also the engine oil cap can be removed and observed on the inner side for strange coloured oil residue. That strange color can come from coolant mixing in the oil and churning the oil into a colored mix of oil and coolant.

Also the tail pipe as you mentioned. You may not be observing smoke coming out but if you insert a clothe in to the tail pipe and wipe the inside, the black residue should be black, dry and powdery. Basically the residue/carbon from your carbon fuel. If the cloth is stained wet, it may be oil coating the inside of the exhaust pipe.

Also it is normal to see small amounts of water coming out of the exhaust when the engine is running. Fuel burn produces steam that condenses inside the exhauhst chamber.
But you should not be seeing steady regular flow of water coming from the pipe. Even a steady drip is too much. It must be a very intermittent drip to be considered normal. Engine seals and gaskets can cause coolant to mix into combustion, exhaust or oil areas of the engine. Check your coolant level to see if it drops low. If oil can enter the coolant, coolant can enter the oil and burn in the oil and be carried out the exhaust.
If your coolant and oil are being lost together, you should see discoloring in your oil when you change it, possible to also see oil in you coolant.

If all is well in the vehicle, i say someone is making you supply them with oil free of charge while you sleep. Oil is stolen all over Nigeria, from NNPC to Niger Delta pipelines, and even directly from people's cars. They will steal from every area car ,one by one ,to fill a tanker in a week, to sell for quick money. Never underestimate Nigerian theives.

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