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Science/Technology / Re: Earthquake Causes Panic In Saki, Oyo Community by 19naia(m): 5:11pm On Jun 10, 2016
Its behaving more consistent with Volcanic activity. Normal earthquake activity rarely persist so long unless a large earthquake with aftershocks has occured.
Volcanic activity is most often displayed by frequent small to medium earthquakes over a long period of time such as months. Also it can happen with oil exploration or drilling when they tap into pockets of gas, oil or even water in ways that cause massive pressure release or redistributin under ground. That has been happening in USA where they have been extensively drilling for petroleum.
Some times dams can cause water to seep into geological faults over time and lubricate or soften the friction points deep in the earth where heat and ground water combine to be a powerful force even against rock.

Volcanos can appear in new places at any time because the earth crust is always moving and can move a land area directly above a hot spot and that land mass will be prone to volcano birth if there is sufficient faults gaps for the volcanic substance to rise up through.

I lived on an active volcano for 10 years and abandoned the place finally in 2013. There were days when there were over 13 small earthquakes a day and around 433 small earthquakes recorded in one month. Most were very small and people would not feel them. The dogs would bark a certain way though and I would know.
Eventually the smoke from the volcano became too much.

This case may be ordinary earthquakes and that is actually the best possibility to hope for. If caused by Volcanic or oil drilling or water inundated faults , those make more of a constant or long term issue.

Keep in mind, there are many hundreds of thousands of people living on and around volcanos on earth and they experience frequent small earthquakes and bear with it as is a passing rain. California has many major cities on fault lines with regular earthquakes. Japan has major cities in very active earthquake zones. All over the world it happens ,and people still live and manage.

Nigeria and most of -or all of Africa is blessed to have the least earthquake and volcanic problem of any continent on earth. Nigeria's problem is small peanuts in comparison to USA, Canada, South america, Eastern Europe, Middle east , Siberia and Asia. This issue could even be as simple as dam water entering a fault and causeing the fault to resettle and resettle under the added weight of the rock hills of the area. Eventually things will settle unless its a volcano being born. Some will abandon now and others will stay. I abandoned my own when it started to affect my health because of toxic volcano smoke. The earthquakes didn't bother me and I experienced many over the years including a 6.7 magnitude that broke a few houses and cracked a few roads. The damage was minor considering how violent the quake was. My own house was undamaged but my peace of mind was scarred as was with most people there.

Haiti large earthquake video segments.

California USA large earthquake video segments

Nepal large Earthquake

Swimming pool during earthquake
Crime / Re: Banker Sentenced To 39-Year Jail Term For Stealing N33m From A Dead Customer by 19naia(m): 6:32am On Jun 10, 2016
So, what of the billions stolen from the Nigerian federal republic accounts Where are the faces and long prison sentences for those culprits? Their own stealing sef was often a cause of death to many rather than stealing from the previously deceased.
The Military generals who stole military funds, stole military equipment funds while soldiers were sent to prison for not going to fight for lack of equipment and na those generals sef send them to trial for imprisonment. The generals sent them to die at war without proper equipment and the soldiers used their good sense to refuse going. Then the generals sent them to court marshal where they were imprisoned. And now it has been found that the problem started with the very generals themsleves who stole the money meant to equip the soldiers for combat duties.
Give the generals the soldier's sentences with added sentence for stealling the loot.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Displays Arms Captured After Attacking Yobe Town - Terror Monitor by 19naia(m): 6:21am On Jun 10, 2016
Chai! Na from Nigerian government stock pile dem dey find dash of tooks for the evil trade shocked .?
The left hand taking from the right hand for use to injure the body and so it is the entire body of Nigeria is self afflicted by its own hands.
Sports / Re: Muhammad Ali's Muslim Funeral Service Begins by 19naia(m): 6:14am On Jun 10, 2016
Passed by the funeral celebration today but did not enter. Lots of people and traffic.

I went to his old house where he was raised in early age and first took up the art of boxing. I got these pictures. I am from the same home town as he is, so its not far for me to go and see all these. I even lived for some time on a major boulevard named after him.


Travel / Re: Should I Go To America Or Forget About It? by 19naia(m): 6:02am On Jun 10, 2016
Good day nairalanders,
I need your advice and help on what to do because I am totally confused.
I am 23, holds a Bsc from a Nigerian university.
I recently got into a masters program in the US with full tuition waiver and a generous monthly stipend that would cater for my living expenses. I already have my particulars to apply for my F1 student visa but I'm scared because of the uncertainty that lies ahead; also the exchange rate is not helping matters cry
I am sure I would get the visa but as I'm talking, I only have 100k left on me because I spent a lot during the application processes.
I can huzzle and get my flight fee because I still have 2 months to resumption.
Now, my headache is that I would still need up to $2000(roughly #700,000) to survive for the first month, pay health insurance and other small fees before I start receiving my monthly stipend of $1500.
School resumes August 14, what should I do?
Tried taking up loan from the bank but didn't work out.
I am confused at the moment.
Should I go ahead and get the flight fee, get to US with almost no amount except God provides an helper?
Or should I just forget about my America dream
I have exhausted all my options, God help me.
Please advice a brother.

My parents are old pensioners that only God knows when the government would answer them.

I am at a crucial point in my life.

If you can get to US legally and all you are worried about is your first month, then that is no reason to worry. You have good provision if what stipend you claimed is true. And the possibility to secure a job in USA with a Masters level education is worth more than you can imagine. Salary ranges with a Masters degree can be over N1million a month and easily N2million in other places or with the right position over time.
Do Not Let One Month Define The Rest Of Your Life.

There are americans right now without a penny to their name and other foreigners who arrive with nothing. USA is the easiest place to be broke even if you have no friends or family that can help you. Every city will have charity places that you can search out such as "food banks" and even "homeless shelters" if you really need. Also finding friends and random people to help is not a big problem and the streets are so nice that if you find yourslef having to beg on the streets, you will feel like you are in oppulence compared to hustling publc transport daily on Nigerians roads to and fro a professional job or even compared to attending the finest schools in Nigeria.
You cannot starve to death at all in USA. The very first day any one collapses in the street from hunger weaknesses, ambulance will come to pick them up in airconditined luxury with the best medical equipment. And if you are admited to the hospital and they find it is hunger doing you, you will be fed and even refered for social assistance such as food bank connections. Many people every day are taken like this because of drug and drinkng excesses and rarely hunger.
Test what i am saying and see, you will have to be high on terrible mind bending drugs or lost in the wilderness to die from hunger in USA.
When the weather gets cold, homeless shelters are there and they even go out lookng for homeless people sleeping outside in the extreme cold, to bring them in so they do not die from extreme cold exposure. When the weather is warm, i am telling you, most street areas and under some bridges are cleaner and more well made than the dormitory i stayed in during school in Nigeria at federal government college. Even prisons here fine and clean pass dormitories at any major University in Nigeria. Airconditioning in prison sef, e pass air conditioning in many Nigerian hotels. Come and test it , i no lie grin

Your worst experence here from being broke for just a month, is nothing compared to working in Nigeria with no guarantee that you will be paid your salary for the next three months and still have to go to work. Any one who can rationalize working in Nigeria with risk of 3 or more months of unpaid salary ,but questions going to USA because of lacking the first Months expenses, is missing the real picture.
There are homeless people who live on the USA streets and they are fatter than the fattest person in Nigeria. They chop well under all conditions. The only USA people that truly look starved and like they are not well cared for are the ones who squander every generosity and good sense on drugs and other serious vice. You will be shocked to see how some oyibo here look devastated like ethiopia famine and BokoHaram attack combined, yet their environment is so pristine and generous. They have abundant supply of drug and loss of control of their will power to overcome. And many die young and suffering. Suffering the excessive abundance disease maligned to bad choices.
Other wise, there is no way at all you will suffer from being broke in USA for only a month. People with homes and good jobs in Nigeria suffer and even die sick from not getting paid salary.
I have witnessed cases in USA where the judge awarded foriegn workers millions of dollars and free permanent residency in USA because their boss did not pay them for many months and threatened to deport them if they complained. The boss lost the business and got jail time and the workers became rich. Even the free money Stipend will be paid faithfully. Salary, stipends or allowances are taken very seriously in USA and can bring expensive legal recourse against the boss owing salary even if it is the government.

Depending on what city you are living, that $1500 can be more than enough or not enough if you have to pay for housing out of it. Some places can have housing as low as $500 a month with all light and satelite TV signal expenses included, while others will cost $1500 monthly to rent even a basic small apartment. Shared housing where you rent a room in a house with other students will always bring cost down lowest ,and if you are in a small town, $1000 a month will cover housing and food. That cost can even be less if you learn where to find food banks giving out free food, even clothing can be found for free at charity places. Also ,other income opportunities are possible if you are in real need.
There are Oyino USA citizens who have only $800 a month with children to feed. They manage by accessing charity for free food and free clothing and other things.

Somewhere in USA tonight, there is a Nigerian (actually many grin) sleeping on the street with no home, no money or job. Some are in prison right now sef. And one thing they all have in common from that lowly position, is they fear deportation back to Nigeria more than their lowly circumstances.

I see homeless people on the streets in USA where they are laying/sleeping on the concrete and i look all around them and the place surpasses even the well manicured grounds of sheraton hotel compound. In nigeria, i see people with jobs such as lorry drivers or street hawkers or danfo conductor ,and they sleep on the streets and you cannot find any where as lowly in USA. The homeless people in USA have access to public toilets at many public parks and those toilets surpass anything I had in dormitory life in nigeria where i paid school fees to be. In fact, we had snake infested filthy pit latrines or the bush as the best toilet options.

Dont cheat yourself out of an opportunity so good that you can't imagine how good until you come and see for yourself. I hope the visa and all comes through and you may lose respect for Nigeria's efforts as many Nigerians do when they get accustomed to life in USA. Many Nigerians in USA will refuse to live free of charge in the finest hotel in Nigeria for the rest of their days if they could just stay in USA and be employed under a master degree qualification and earn enough to live and average life in USA and also earn a fair pension after 30 years.

Here is a picture of the worst area to live in in my city right now. And i would live there if my only other option was the finer areas of Lekki in Lagos or finer places of Abuja. Stabilty and functional roads, tap water, electricity and many other public services on top of opportunities.
Look at how people dont use fences and gates to conceal or protect their houses, and this is the high crime are, and still there is less home robbery crimes here than in Nigerian areas with houses fenced in and gated. They park the cars on the streets with no worries.

BTW, this area and that house with the flowers and banner is Muhammad Ali's house where he was raised as a boy when he first took up the art of boxing. It has declined into one of the worst areas in the city and is very cheap to rent there. But the champions house is preserved there and made a monument.

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Agriculture / Re: Photos From My Small Watermelon Farm by 19naia(m): 5:24am On Jun 09, 2016
very nice and tomatos are in need and easy to grow. smiley
Education / Re: As An Undergraduate How Much Do You Receive From Your Parents Monthly? by 19naia(m): 5:44pm On Jun 08, 2016
Absolutely Zero was given by parents to support my university days.

I took education bank loans and then quit university before finishing the first semester, to enter the military with a contract that included education grant money. I paid my old university bank loan with my military salary and the military paid for further university attendance after i completed my time there.
But today in my own time with a son in university, last semester he came home with a ban from reentry to the university because he owed unpaid school fees. The amount he owed was curiously equal to the amount he spent buying a car which fine pass my own car sef.
He came to me for help to pay his school fees and i knew when i paid it, that he had swindled me into indirectly paying for him to drive a car he does not even need nor can he afford to upkeep the car. Mumu flex culture with no money in pocket, borrow-borrow, flexing big with no money in pocket to sculpt a future. I warned him about that. And told him i drive a simple car and cheap clothes and still i can find money to help him and sculpt a future and business investments. He drives a fine car and wears fine clothes but cannot find money to help himself.

I told him that i knew what was going on and that next time he needs help with school fees, he has a car he can sell to make school fees. He has it better than i did and even my military package includes money for my son to use at university and no be small money, but still he finds ways to come collecting more money from us after collecting military family member allowance, education loans and education grants from the government.
Na wa ohh. Even finding money to drive car and asking me to pay school fees when he has more than i did in my university days.
But, not all is lost as he enters 4th year by August. As long as progress with fruition comes.
Make he spend all my money finish before he graduates and he will know why i have no money to attend his graduation unless himself come and collect me in his car he swindled us into buying for him, or i spend his inheritance to come and join him at graduation.

I got zero money from my parents while i was in university. I delayed my university time to give myself over to military hardship to earn generous education allowances and grants for myself and family members. I am thankful though that my son has options other than risking getting killed in battle all for the hope of earning school allowance.
Politics / Re: The State Of Commissioned Akwa-Ibom State Secretariat by 19naia(m): 5:19pm On Jun 08, 2016
When life gives you lemons, its opportunity to make lemonade for the thirsty.

When life gives you deep water at the secreteriat, its opportunity to make catfish farm for the hungry.

Na fine catfish farming that go make sef. shocked

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Events / Re: 2 Ladies Drowned At Elegushi Beach,lagos Afta Attending A Friend's Birthday(pics by 19naia(m): 5:56pm On Jun 06, 2016
So sad. We need to remember that drinking alchohol is a very common factor in drownings.
The news that they came from a party leads to suspicion of drinking alchohol being involved.
Its very easy to get disoriented in water and go into extreme panic especially after drinking alchohol.
I have rescued my fair share of people from the ocean and seen some die because I could not reach them in time. Alchohol was a very common factor and the other top factor was new comers to the beach who had little or no experience in the water. My first time at the beach 28 years ago, was a near drowning experience for me.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Reacts To President Buhari's Twit About The Murdered Woman In Kano by 19naia(m): 6:06pm On Jun 05, 2016
The christian Religion propagates itself on the premise that any other supreme name aside from Jesus is blasphemy.

The Islam religion propagates itself on the premise that any other supreme name aside from Allah is Blasphemy.

The christians say burning in hell fire is the punishment for such blasphemy.

The Muslims say blasphemy is punishable by death and damanation outside of heaven

The governement comes and says it's own law is supreme and imprisonment or death penalty is the punishment for going against their laws

The agbero on the side of the road says his demands are supreme order of the moment that he corners you and there is penalty of punishment for going against his demands.

Your boss at work is saying his demands are the supreme order of the work day and punishment of sacking or docking of salary will be the penalty for going against the Oga's demands.

Then your mother and Father at home waiting with Koboko, teacher and principal at school waiting with cane to make lashes on your skin.

When all is said and done, you will say Jesua most high and muslims will call you blasphemer. You will say Allah most high and christians will say blasphemer. Hindus will be waiting with their own claim to the name of Krisna.
You will give time to Agbero harassing demands of you along side the road and you will be late to work and endure the punishment of your boss.
You will give your money to the agbero and return home broke only to face the punishment of hungry wife and children at home.

You will ignore the time and money wasting Agbero to honour your your boss's time and your families needs, then agbero will be waiting waiting with punishment for you next time he sees you.

Its a never ending game and the source of bloody wars and societal breakdowns of all sorts.
They are all Zombies oblivious to what they are doing and have no sense or regard for the delicate balance of true human nature.

The mental disease of supremacy and enforcement of ideology. sad
Business / Re: Dangote Building Oil Refinery In Lagos (Video) by 19naia(m): 11:56pm On Jun 04, 2016
Imagine that, a single refinery capable of meeting all of Nigeria's domestic consumption needs.. The real surprise is why it hasn't been done before by the government with it's state owned and controlled petroleum empire. All these decades past with nothing like this before? shocked

Its a good thing, but still there will be the future of environmental damage per use of petroleum to face. It is a serious issue not to be taken lightly.
Nairaland / General / Re: Breaking: Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies At 74- Family Statement by 19naia(m): 6:20am On Jun 04, 2016
Our home town fellow here with a major street named after him and a major building with his name and image on it. All that has been here during hs lifetime. Very few people have streets and monuments named after them while they are alive. Only the Greatest.
Look closely at the google maps photos and see "Muhammad Ali Boulevard" and "Muhammd Ali Centre" in the city where he is from. Aslo happens to be my home town. I lived on Muhammad Ali boulevard a few years ago and still frequent the street on my routes. He will not be forgotten.

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Health / Re: Blood In Stool For Years; Please Help by 19naia(m): 4:03pm On Jun 03, 2016
Agbo, Jedi Jedi. And pass plenty virgin Palm oil or virgin coconut oil through your digestive system. shocked
Education / Re: I Was Expelled From School, I'm Destroying My Life And Future, Help! by 19naia(m): 3:58pm On Jun 03, 2016
Go and find items to hawk on the streets to make some money and use your time in a way that will teach you humility, discipline and self responsibility. Give yourself a taste of real hustle in life while being productive and useful. And don't be one of those annoying hawkers who causes traffic hold ups and accidents or swindles customers.
You will benefit from applyng yourself in humility. Obviously you are not accustomed to working hard and carrying good focus if you have time and energy to do the things that got you expelled from school. Meanwhile, others are hawking on the streets with dreams of being in school one day to earn a certificate/degree. undecided
Business / Re: Why Can't A Country Just Keep Printing Money And Become Rich by 19naia(m): 7:01am On Jun 02, 2016
Money is a bill or note similar to a reciept. It does not carry the real value. What carries the real value is the goods and services that money serves to note. You cannot print money beyond the amount of goods and services for it to note. Money is printed/minted in increasingly large amounts in every growing economy, but if it outpaces the economy too much, money will be so plenty while goods and services will decline.
If every one had excess money to spend without need to produce something or perform a service, very few things would be produced and very few services would be performed. Eventually it will be scarcity where no matter how much money you have, there will be no one willing to be a laborer to build your house, farm your food, repair your car and so on. Once scarcity hits, prices will go up and people will bid high with their money to be the one to get the last item available. Because we cannot eat or drink money.
There is a better chance in abolishing money than super sizing it's availability. Just imagine every one being rich today and ready to go on vacation at the Sheraton. It will become clear that someone has to maintain the hotel rooms, swimming pool, cook food and make drinks. It will become clear when every vacationing guest has to do all of the work themsleves, that life requires work to be good and money is just a note to record a value that only work and products of work have.

Kuwait does a unique thing. It has a government grant to all of it's native citizens equal to a sufficient monthly salary to drive a new car and live in a nice house while eating and dressing comfortably. Free money. But, they have Oil to sell to bring in money even though their native citizens don't need to work. What they do is bring in up to 80% of their occupying population as foreign workers from poor countries to work for them while they live like kings. But it has the ill effect of requiring a somewhat slave class to offset the imbalance of those who do not work but spend money.
Even with global Free market economy, many well profiting companies are global for the very reason of exploiting semi-slave class countries as workers. It passes because those countries do not have good economies to do any better for themsleves. But it has the ironic effect of being exactly what contributed to China's rise to super power economy now. China started out as a slave class country used as a labor market for the world. The citizens have a rich country now but the framework of a cheap labor market still persists and keeps a good portion of the population in a semi slave like lifestyle. The Hardest working country by sheer productivity and manpower, has risen to top wealth, China. Work is the real value when it produces goods and services. Please be sure to inform your regional pilfering politicians of this truth.
The truth of economy is that it is best when money is ignored while production and trade of real goods and services is the main focus. Then you will see how much of a senseless burden upon the world and economy the filthy rich people can be, those who have money far exceeding any goods or services they could produce by themselves. Those rich politicians with no works to show behind their wealth other than hands in the pockets of others who labour for those fruits.
Maybe it will be good to make all people equally wealthy because then they will all know scarcity and decide to work for everything they want. No one will want to be another mans pseudo slave, but rather all people work together for common good and equality.

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Career / Re: SNAP A Picture Of Your Workspace And Upload Here. Simple!! by 19naia(m): 3:28am On Jun 02, 2016

All making so much sense. Do you do these in Nigeria or outside?
This may meet your needs,


Thanks for the VW link.
I dont live in Nigeria so i started this outside of Nigeria where i don't really have need for it. I visited Nigeria last year and experienced fuel scarity as well as generator use every where. That made me explore options for making generators run cleaner because i have respiratory sensitivity against always having engine smoke in the air at home.
So now i have completed sufficient research and models of my own to be able to do all of this in Nigeria, Cooking gas to run generator, hydrogen gas production as fuel for use in combustion and the petrol vaporization with refridgeration adaptation.
But its time and money to do that in a place i do not live. Eventually if i find plenty free time and money, i will ship all my models to Nigeria to work with local welders , panel beaters and vulcanizers to make a good functioning generator with triple fuel system and tapping refridgeration all in one. Its not for me because no fuel or electrical scarcity here where i live. Just something that can be made in Nigeria to help the problems there improve.
I was planning to come again this year but i have overspent and may have to wait another year or two before shipping the stuff and coming to have some fun with it. Maybe i will find money this year or wait until whenever i find. I will be sure to play some lottery tickets on the side. grin
Career / Re: SNAP A Picture Of Your Workspace And Upload Here. Simple!! by 19naia(m): 6:09pm On May 31, 2016
This is very clever. The agitation by air intake suction is just simple and beautiful in it's efficiency. I wonder if this is in use in any cars or commercial petrol machines. Do you have a schematic for the process? I cannot think of any obvious factors in design that would make this anything but a winning system.

Its actually makes for better fuel efficiency if you use the vapors as your fuel. Some people claim to double their fuel range but easily a 30% increase is possible. Thats if you use petrol vapors as fuel which burns much cleaner with very little loss of power. But when the agitation cools/refridgerates the liquid fuel, the system stalls because the fuel does not vaporize as well when very cold. I was able to run the engine on petrol vapors alone through the suction agitator for 10 minutes or less before stalling. The container would get very cold and lock the fuel out of vaporization. While the engine was running on fuel vapor alone, I put my face in the exhaust and did not get dizzy or bad smells at all. Then after it stalled, i put it back to regular liquid fuel tank supply, the smell was bad and i got dizzy and headache after 20 seconds. Clearly a cleaner combustion using only fuel vapors. Its just an unstable supply of vapours because of the refridgeration effect slowing down the vaporization. Cold does not like to vaporize, it likes to condense. Heat likes to vaporize..

The way people are overcoming the cold locking of the fuel is using the hot exhaust as a heat exchange to heat the fuel into vapor. Thats a good method for fuel efficiency and clean emissions, but it cancels out the refrigeration effect if you are looking to harvest the refridgeration for A/C or kitchen refrigerator. Some people just run the exhaust through a pipe extension and run the outside of the pipe extension through the fuel container to heat the fuel. The pipe does not release exhaust into the fuel container, it just passes through the container to release only heat into the container through the metal walls of the exhaust pipe while continueing to carry the exhaust on the inside and away to be discharged. There is another system that passes the cold refrigerated fuel through a pipe that enters another pipe with gap enough to carry hot exhaust. So one pipe flows cold fuel and inserts into a second pipe that flows hot exhaust. They each flow opposite directions through iron/steel based pipes because the heat exchange creates a maganetic field in the pipes that then starts a plasma process. Its not easy to do because the gaps and lengths of the pipes are very specific per engine size and there is an additinal metal rod inserted into the center of the cold pipe which will float when the magnetic charge begins to build. That rod is where the plasma reaction begins. The plasma reaction will disrupt elemental and compound structures to break them down and make them useful as fuel. Some have use this system to make it possible to break down water, crude oil and ther liiquid substances into combustible fuel. Its not a well proven system but it works well for common fuels to make much better fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

Engines waste a lot of energy that can be used. The air intake suction is vacuum force that is wasted. The exhaust flow is full of heat and motion and is wasted as well as containing trace amounts of unburned fuel. The fuel vapor approach, burns the fuel more thoroughly so as to not have traces of unburned fuel in the exhaust. Also the vaporization of the fuel makes only a purer fuel enter the engine while the dirty residue stays behind in the container. Same effect as distilling water to collect only pure water through collecting vapor water only. Trace contaminants are left behind. The engine will be cleaner and the engine oil will not be dirty by the time normal scheduled service is due. Longer lasting engines. Some people have found that changng fuels in their engines can have effect on their valves because it changes the delicate conditins they are designed to work in, but its not a damageing effect in all the cases i heard where fuel vapor and hydrogen are used. Cooking gas is not so much an issue. But you can hear the valve sounds change when you change fuel.
One day, the energy contained in the loud sound of the engine as well as the normal vibration of the engine will be tapped and channeled into useable forms of energy rather than the normal waste and nuisance it serves as today.

These are Simple alterations of fuel systems that can be done in Nigeria. It does make it more complex and adds parts and cost, but it saves fuel and environment from dirty exhaust.
Cars have very specialized integration of computers into the fuel delivery, air flow and combustion. So its not easy to do these alterations on modern cars and get results. There are Chips made to bypass the cars sensor matrix so as to foil any attempt by the car computer to react to the alterations as a problem. These computer cars are so smart in managing fuel, air and combustion, that they will sense when the fuel has changed in form or air has changed in ratio or the heat of the combustion has changed or the quality of the emissions have changed. They use all that information to adjust levels automatically. If it senses additional air via introduced fuel vapor or hydrogen introduction, it will try to increase fuel injection to compensate and it could actually waste fuel and double consumption that way. If it detects less air, it will reduce fuel and try to open air intakes more and that could stall the engine. A MAP sensor bypass chip lets you manually tune your engine's air and fuel flow while sending the computer sensor-images that decieve it into thinking all sensors are reading as the computer is programed to accept. But I dont know how or where to install the MAP chip.
Generators and other small engine devices are not so complicated and work well with manual adjustments of air and fuel.
Thats why possibly you could see me driving refurbished 1980 VW beetle or another simple carbureted old car and smiling like a rich man because my fuel is clean and efficient and simple to innovate at home. grin
Career / Re: SNAP A Picture Of Your Workspace And Upload Here. Simple!! by 19naia(m): 6:23pm On May 30, 2016
Interesting. I think it's worth exploring. What immediately comes to my mind is that the extreme agitation required to vaporise petrol will cause rapid degradation of machine parts. But I'm sure you have your way around this.

The agitation of fluid is not very difficult. The suction from the air intake of the engine (the air taken in through the air filter) can be routed through a hose and that hose routed to a container of fuel to suck the air out of the fuel container. Make an air inlet under the fuel and air will bubble up through the fuel and agitate it by force of bubbles. It does not make added stress to the engine/machine. It may put a small load on the engine but nothing compared to the load put on an engine for driving or turning an electricity generating turbine. Actually, the air-filters put load on the engine by blocking the free flow of suctioned air.
I already did a working model and the suction force created by the air intake of common engines is very powerful and the air filter, when removed ,actually reduces blockage of the air flow and that increase in flow is more than enough to make the suction for agitating the fuel.
So it actually balances out while the bubbling air through the fuel acts as a filter by trapping airborne particles in the liquid fuel, the air-filter removal is compensated for by the fuel/fluid catching the particles when the bubbles flow through.

An added airflow source may be needed, so I run two hoses with adjustable valves to control the rate of flow and pressure. One valve for regualr air and the other for the agaitated fuel air. Once the agitated fuel reaches refrigeration temperatures, it will not flow fuel vapors well ,as the cold will lock the fuel in its liquid state. So the other air flow valve can be shut off while the agitated fuel air can be opened and used alone along side another fuel source.
An alternative fuel source will need to be introduced to keep the engine firing once the fuel vapors start to refridgerate. I want to do this with a Cooking gas fuel system run on a generator and add a bit of Hydrogen to make it burn cleaner. If you design a proper petrol agitation container that does not splash fuel up to waste or escape, 1 liter of fuel can create refridgeration for at least 4 hours because it is not being consumed, just agitated. But loss of that petrol will happen through vaporization and that vaprorization reduces as the temperature of the petrol reduces. 1 liter of petrol will not power an airconditoner or refridgerator for more than an hour if plugged to electricity from a normal efficient generator. But also the savings is in not needing to buy the airconditioner or refridgerator when you can make it yourself and use agitated petrol rather than the kV consuming compressor systems used in common A/C and refridgerator systems. Petrol agitation will get cold enough to refridgerate and A/C but it may not work as a freezer to make ice block in a few hours. Maybe it can make ice block but i think it would take a full day and extreme insulation and possible additives. It may be possible to substitute or mix the petrol with strong Ogogoro. grin. I Am Not joking.

Its very easy to use cooking gas to power a generator , its cleaner and cost effective. I did it with hydrgen gas which is many times more volatile than cooking gas. And the flash arrestor to prevent explosions are very easy to make for cooking gas fuel even at home in nigeria -it can be made. The one for hydrogen gas is not easy to make, so i bought those. Hydrogen gas is very volatile and not efficiently produced or managed. Cooking gas will be good enough for Nigeria and an added petrol refrigeration system. The petrol refridgeration is also volatile but not so dangerous when managed as carefully as people manage a keg of petrol used to carry fuel to the generator. Cold fuel is less volatile than room temperature fuel so it is no more dangerous than fuel in a keg stored at home. Cold fuel will burn if exposed to fire(so do not chance it), but it will be slower to ignite as is with cars being slow to start in the icy winter weather regions of the world. I use a simple flash arrestor system beteen the engine air intake and the oetrol agitator. This prevents engine sparks from reaching the fuel in the agitator. Also the agitator container has an intake valve that allows air in but close if air tries to escape. One way flow of air that leads to the engine intake. If this one way valave was not there, the engine reverses suction for a moment when it slows down at shut off and that will push air back into the agitator awhich will push fuel up through the agitatior fuel container intake and spalsh fuel out into the environment and risk fire.

Flash arrestors and adequate one way valves are important for safety.

The bottom picture shows the flash arrestors. The black ones i bought and are good for hydrogen gas. The brass (good color) ones are the ones i made. I bought the brass(gold color) parts from pipe fitting shop and bought steel wool sponge used for washing pots in the kitchen. I fill the pipe tightly with the steel sponge and let the cooking gas pass through that as it flows to the engine. Gas will pass but flame and spark will be arrested at the pipe full of pressed steel sponge. The black ones are for hydrogen and the material pressed inside there is pressed in very tight and it is a mix of material to make it very tight because hydrogen is so volatile and diffusive that it can carry burning pass through sand, the same sand that will quench a petrol or cooking gas fire. The steel sponge method of flash arresting is good for cooking gas and petrol lines. Very simple and can be fashioned by a local welder in Nigeria if only they knew what to do. Hydrogen is another matter and is dangerous especially if you do not understand it or respect the danger beyon the dangers of petrol and cooking gas. Hydrogen will explode like a bomb every time, instantly all of it will flash as an explosion with not residual burn. Petrol and cooking gas will burn ordinarily for some time before exploding and that allows chance to escape. Hydrogen wastes no time, and explodes instantly before you even realize there was a danger of any sort. I deal in small quantities of hydrogen and know the range of explosivity per quantity. Its not a very concussive explosion because hydrogen has very low density, but it can be very dangerous in large quanities and within compressed volumes. I do not store hydrogen, i make it at time of consumption so that very little hydrogen is available between production and combustion.

The top picture shows my grass cutting small tractor with the agitator container on the ground. You can see clear color hoses i use to monitor what is flowing inside and also the container has a thick pipe out of the top with a black mass on top. That black mass on top of the agitator container is the one way valve system the allows air in but not out. It stops petrol from being blown out when i stop the engine and back flow pressures come at the end.
Also along the hose you will see where i inserted the brass home-made flash arrestors. I install them with a meter or more of hose length on either side of the flash arrestor, which gives added safety gaps. Brass pipes and fittings are not cheap but its possible to have a welder cut and weld together old discarded metal pipes into a useable flash arrestor in nigeria. I beleive iron/steel koin-koin is available in nigeria?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Looking For A Job In Nigeria With 2.1 Or Staying In U.S.A Illegally by 19naia(m): 3:20pm On May 30, 2016
Illegal stay in USA is not a good idea if you want to earn a green card in the future. If you are found to have been there illegally, even if you are married to a citizen, they can still deny you Green card and make you return to Lagos and wait years before you are elligible to apply again.
Being there illegally will only prolong denial of your chances to gain residency or any type of visa in the future.
But millions of foriegners are in USA illegally every day, working and making money in lieu of the day they could be deported. Many are never deported, but they always make money and many save up enough to start a good life if they get deported.
Even a visitor who stays 6 months in USA and constantly works small jobs for those six months while living as simple as possible, can return to Naija with N1million or more.
All kinds of things are possible in USA but one thing is it is very difficult to get legal papers/green card during an illegal stay there.


Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman's Kidney In Italy Removed Illegally by 19naia(m): 3:07pm On May 30, 2016
Europeans, still harvesting Africa and Africans for their own profit while selling the Idea that Africa is it's own problem without any Oyibo hand in the degradation of Africans.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hello N'landers, As A Job Seeker Would You Take This Salary For A Start? by 19naia(m): 10:12pm On May 29, 2016
The man with N500k monthly salary is keeping his eye on a raise or higher paying job elsewhere. It is no different than a man with N0.00 salary keeping his eye open for N10,000 monthly salary. Start with the only option you have available to you as long as it is a step forward.
My salary is not small and i am still looking to grow it. If I had nothing, i would take the N50k. If i had senators salary already and I saw a job for over N2million monthly, I would take it. Take anything Better than what you have, Nothing will stop you from applying for higher paying jobs from the seat of a lesser paying job. The 50k job may even be the doorway to oppotunities you never imagined.. How will you know if you dont go, or do you have a better place to go if you do not take this job?
Politics / Re: Customs To Use N285/$ For Duty From June 1 – Businessday by 19naia(m): 3:39pm On May 29, 2016
The Idea of a flexible rate seems right but i hope it doesn't imply that the CBN will hold 199 and other sectors/exchange points bend between 285 and 350. I hope its not about Maintaining a tiered system similar to what Venezuela did by having a black market rate, a bank rate and government agency rates that all varied from one another. Venezuela was forced to devalue their currency after economic collapse under that system which created import shortages in a country that produces very little aside from Oil. Of course Venezuela had artificial rates that made their currency exchange in the government and bank outlets for a value greater than the dollar. Thats how Venezuela became the most expensive country in the world while even toilet paper and electricity were scarce on the market. Also the government could assign flexible and special rates to select people it favored and it created the round tripping effect among the favored people who used it to profit on the black market while doing no investments that produced goods locally.
I hope Nigeria's flexible currency policy is a more uniform rate across all sectors rather than a special tiered system like Venezuela was where it would be 1-99 at the black market and 1-.9 at the bank and then anywhere between 1-99 and 1-.9 at the government outlets. The governement outlets would give the favorable rate to those who applied for it and only their friends/family and partners in corruption were ever approved for the favorable rates at the governement outlets. A flexible tiered system like that is not a good thing. Venezuela economy collapsed under that currency exchange policy with very bad scarcity due to hindered imports and lack of local productivity. They have since devalued their currency across all sectors now so as to regain movement towards balance.

Check out this thread about concerns for the flexible currency exchange in Nigeria.


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Politics / Re: Russia To Establish Nuclear Centre In Nigeria by 19naia(m): 3:11pm On May 29, 2016
So does this now mean such a friendship where they can come and play in the back yard with Naija on Daddy's approval and bring their toys to test detonation of nuclear bombs because they have arleady saturated their own russian land with nuclear waste and fallout?
Friendship or suspicious relationship with ulterior motives in times of desperation to discard nuclear waste and fallout?
Any radioactive activity will involve bringing in radioactive materials and the disposal of such things when time is due. We may see them sending in radiocative material in guise of project materials when in fact it is their own radioactive waste seeking a place to dicard off of russian soil where the Naija officials will gladly and blindly take bribe and accept whatever story they say when depositing the stuff on Naija land. Check out Russias Lake Bikal and other russian areas that are world record areas for radioactivity contamination. They are always desperate now for a place to put radioactive materials outside of russia.

Germany has worked a new policy to remove many of its nuclear plants and replace them with clean natural energy sources and they are making leaps and bounds with solar energy alone.
The damage costs of Chernobyl, lake bikal and other places in russia is enough to have combined with the cost of producing the the chernobyl facility and of producing the other contaminants elswhere, combined that cost to have put in wind, solar and fossil fuel emmission scrubbers/carbon sequestering to create the same amount of energy. Remember that nuclear fallout would continue for thousands of years to be costly, a health risk and render land/water areas economically unviable for thousands of years. All this for a powerful energy source that last less than a hundred years. All while there are safer options that cost less in terms of long term damaging nuclear waste ? Less efficient is better when safety is important.

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Family / Re: 9-Year-Old Girl Describes Her Dad In A Note She Wrote by 19naia(m): 2:54pm On May 29, 2016
Those are most likely all the words that the parents use on each other when fighting each other in presence of the child. Now the child is using the same words to describe the father as the father and mother have used to describe each other when fighting each other.
It's the same when small children run around telling themselves " I will beat you Ooo" every time some one vex them, just like mom and dad tells them "I will beat you Ooo" when the child misbehaves to vex mom and dad.
Dont fight in front of the children and they will not pick up those manners as attributes for themselves.


Car Talk / Re: Must Car Tires Be Black? by 19naia(m): 5:35pm On May 28, 2016
Its definitley Carbon, but the Vulcanization process was the original rubber enhancing secret which involves heating the rubber and i think it was during that time that rubber first came in contact with carbon from the ashes or soot of the fire and proved to make the rubber stronger ,heat resistant and last longer. People observed that the rubber with carbon deposited by accident during the firey vulcanization process, had better qualities such as resisting heat. Carbon does not burn, so it resists heat well and carbon has very strong bonding such as in Diamonds and Steel.
Sulphur is the other secret ingredient that helps with durable elesticity in Rubber.
Natural untreated/unprocessed rubber decays over a short time and more so in the sun. But when they heat the rubber sufficiently as it is formed (vulcanization) the rubber gains a quality that resists decaying over time. In vulcanization alone,the elasticity is vulnerable where the elastic stretching is able to work the rubber into degradation over time. So Sulphur was discovered to enhance the elasticity and resistance to flex related stress. It toughened the rubber. Vulcanization with Sulphur made a huge difference but the rubber would be easily warped or revulcanized every time it came into contact with heat. Ordinary rubber can be vulcanized with low heat, but when carbon is added during the low heat mixing and vulcanization, the rubber will cure and harden in such a way that when the newly vulcanized rubber is brought again to the same level of heat, it will not respond to that heat. It will require a much higher heat to break down. Carbon is a good heat resistant substance and will not burn.
carbon, vulcanization and sulphur are the key ingredients. But today there are other additives discovered to enhance rubber. This video has a scene at the tire rubber factory that shows a type of Silicate added as well as a special sulphur cocktail that adds other substances to the sulphur for better results.
Here is an extensive video on the history of tire rubber.

Properties / Re: Top 6 Reasons Why Real Estate In Banana Island Is The Most Expensive When Compar by 19naia(m): 4:50pm On May 28, 2016
Even Miami is cheaper than Banana Island with these offerings shown in the Photo. Full time water or Electricity supply and the other key factors in Banana Island are not even mentioned in Miami because those are standard ammenities even in the city slums or bush villages far beyond the Miami area cities.
The entire city in general is more appealing and affordable than BananA Island. Overpriced and cheating the value of the Naira out of a fair place on the international currency Market. No need compare that Island to the posh neighborhoods of the world. It doesnt even compare well to entire cities in many countries around the world.

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Properties / Re: Top 6 Reasons Why Real Estate In Banana Island Is The Most Expensive When Compar by 19naia(m): 4:20pm On May 28, 2016
Wow, in USA, all those things come as a basic standard for all people, even with police patrol in cars (and helicopters if needed) for security.
The poorest areas in my city all have those things. And the poorest are paid and subsidized well enough to have those things.
Thats why Nigeria is overpriced and Naira value falls. Dollar buys all those things at a very cheap price in USA while mega millions of Naira are needed for the same in Nigeria. Therefore $1 buys you 4 tomatoes in USA, while N500 buys you 4 tomatoes in Nigeria.
Don't be decieved, Banana Island does not compare to Any of those posh places around the world, maybe ot compares in price but not in quality and offerings. Miami beach area alone is spread out beyond the size of Lagos with a fraction of the population and superb quality beyond banana Island and a price that is within reach.
I can easily think of a hundred places i would rather be than Banana island. And to think even a salary of N1million a month is not enough to get into banana Island, but this hotel in Houston can be lived in everyday for that amount. And lets not talk about what you will find down the road as you exit Banana Island. I am sure this hotel in Houton will still be part of true general quality even when you travel 20 kilometers beyond the vicinity said hotel.
General quality of life that can reach beyond just a few embezzlers and crooks ,is a true sign of quality worthy of pride.

See d hotel i paid $80 a night(on discount price) for in Houston city USA that surpasses any hotel in Lagos charging above $160 a night.
I have even stayed in places in USA for $50 a night that are in areas with ammenities i would prefer over banana Island any day.
Make the Banana Island standard reach general public at a fair price and then you will have true pride to bear.


Nairaland / General / Re: Man Bitten On Penis By 10-foot Long Python While Using Squat Toilet. by 19naia(m): 1:12am On May 27, 2016
I beg, no blame d snake. He saw the man's own snake and thought it was another snake coming to eat him and take over his stinking new home. Naturally the snake struck in attempt to defend against what looked like another long snake. shocked I think the man survived well because he is endowed with a formidable sized snake on his person, even 3 meters python could not defeat it.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Weekly Photo Challenge by 19naia(m): 7:31pm On May 26, 2016
Tomato plant i planted before tomato scarcity. This plant was growing on its own from a fracture in the concrete floor. I just moved it to soil here and this is it after a few weeks of recovery. Plant some seeds from your tomato and dont fall victim of doing nothing for yourself.

Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Weekly Photo Challenge by 19naia(m): 7:10pm On May 26, 2016
Sharks, Lions, crocodile, and one small boy begging me to explain to him why this tomato scarcity is causeing his plate to be free from pepper sauce shocked
Sharks of New york, and lion of Agodi park Ibadan with crocodile of Agodi park Ibadan.


Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by 19naia(m): 7:00pm On May 26, 2016
less than .02 days, his mmey will run down to 0 ,assuming the queues are not preventing him from purchasing the fuel within 30 minutes and the tomato scarcity isn't causeing him to waste more than 30 minutes roaming around to find a good set of tomatoes.

Me, I will harness goats to pull my car while i forget petrol and then i will plant tomatos in the gutters, corners of the compound and even on the verandah and roof if possible to reach there.
Boycott petrol and the air will clear up fresh and healthy. Then walk and use pack animals, and health will further increase. The pack animal droppings will make excellent fertilizer for the tomato plants in added benefits.
Petrol is overrated and not healthy while diesel is even worse.

Politics / Re: Kachikwu Bribed Niger-Delta Avengers With $10m - PDP by 19naia(m): 1:12pm On May 26, 2016
GEJ hard at work again using his hench men to funnel government money his way. And when you see GEJ building another N1billion house in his village, you will know where the money came from. GEJ was the first to pay out large sums to those hoodlums because he was their commisioner right from the start when it was all a means for him to funnel Govt. money to himself. He is also respnsible for arming them and being sure the army never reaches them to do away with them. They are his cash cow and he will multiply them, feed them and protect them to milk them of the ransome $ they produce. Same situation behind the formation and perpetuation of Boko Haram.
Coruption taken to another level.

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