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Business / Re: This Devaluation ‘be Like’ 419!: Henry Boyo by 19naia(m): 12:41pm On Jun 27, 2016
The damage from not devalueing was worse, where even the airlines to the land of $ were ready to pack up and go. Remember the massive losses of Nigerias Economy during that time.

The real difference in this devaluation period versus the period when it was pegged at 199, is that now with devaluation there is still inflow of higher valued dollar income to the government via oil sale. That dollar income now translates to increased Naira income when it is exchanged for Naira as disbursed from CBN through the interbank. The greatest portion of revenue comes in as dollars, it is favorable to have a stronger dollar which will then be traded for even greater amounts of Naira. Very simple.

So actually this devaluation has increased the amount of Naira available to Government if they want it. That does more to offset economic damage than the time of 199-$1 when lost investors and losses to the stock market would have ultimately crashed the economy. There is more Naira income available to the government now and that is better than before devaluation.

Another thing is the return of foriegn investors and the stablization of the stock market. Growth is set to continue. Also the CBN has the discretion to sell dollars at 199 to whatever sector or companies it chooses based on the importance to the economy and growth as a whole. Dangote's refinery project is set to grow Nigeria's economic potential in huge ways and to offset any fuel crisis issues while opening a new export market in Nigeria for selling refined fuel to outside of Nigeria. So those fuel crisis issues are being dealt with in the best possible way. The only way out is local production.

10bn loss in value of pension fund is something that will see effect in the long term, the same long term that will be affected by Nigeria entering a new economic era of expanded revenues via refined fuel. No more need to import fuel and a very good chance for fuel prices at the pump to drop and pension funds to recover in the same way the stock market is recovering. The Pension fund can even be subsidized if needed in the future. All of this is still better than the economic crash that was looming just before the devaluation.

Nigeria had set itself up for serious damage by its own way of living. Relying heavily on crude oil sales in a way that did not even profit the country after having to import refined fuel among other things. Economic damage was always bound to happen no matter what.
With or without devaluation, the economy and losses were inevitable when the crude oil of nigeria lost value on the international market. The world increased production and thats how prices came down. Its odd how fuel prices went up in Nigeria when the rest of the world saw decrease of in price. Its Nigerias backward economy that is at fault. The only hope is to be like the rest of the functional world and increase domestic production of what is needed in Nigeria.

Its truly a new improved era of economy being sculpted in Nigeria now. Domestic Refined fuel in Nigeria at rates enough to export is not to be underestimated. There will be all kinds of revenues coming in for government and private. Investors are coming back in now and that is increasing revenues and markets. The current crude oil revenues can be exchanged for more Naira now and make Nigerias coffers swell with more Naira than before while offsetting some of the losses created by the devaluation. There was no stable way of offsetting the losses during the pegging of Naira at 199.

These problems faced now under devaluation are nothing compared to the benefits of devaluation so far. Also the short and long term growth and stability is very well enhanced by the devaluation. Add the longterm growth with ongoing serious measures to boost domestic productivity and exports, and greater benefits will be there waiting in the future to offset these problems caused by devaluation today.

Even USA, the top economy on earth at present goes through ups and downs, losses and gains. The whole world does. The issue is not that Nigeria is having these issues. The issue is in how Nigeria is structing itself around the issues for the best possible outcome.
There is no better way than to take your losses like a man and in a way that holds a future of overcoming rather than economic collapse.
Every country on earth including USA is always riding on the same road of potential crashing. Its like any roadway, the chance for something to cause an accident and derail progress is always there, and when it happens it will be painful with losses. But the roadway is cleared and restored for continued progress and improvement. And like any roadway, an economy is only as safe and stable as those who operate on it. Are they operating in ways that ensure a future of progress that is free devastation?

No need for all the Banter over the problems now. It was worse before without a future in sight other than devaluation and common sense growth of domestic productivity. That is the path chosen now and no amount of citing problems and issues is going to make N199-$1 work for Nigeria. The government would become Naira poor and dollar would become scarce again if sood of cheaply, then restrictions placed to control the scarcity. Foreign investors would pack up due to foreign exchange restrictions and the market would begin to collapse with a lot worse consequences.
Going back is not progress. The current course is set to see an economic era in Nigeria that will make people wonder why it was not implemeted in 1983. Refining fuel in Nigeria for all Nigeria fuel needs and export market needs. That alone is a serious boost to Nigerias economic standing and it is only a few years away from beginning to flow.
Venezuela is having serious issues and they have less population, more crude production than Nigeria, they own petrol stations all over the world and USA where major sales and revenue are made. Their pump fuel is still cheap for them to buy in Venezuela despite their economic problems.
Nigeria is not experienceing the type of critical shortages of food and basic neccessities that are experienced in Venezuela. Venezuela is seriously deficient in domestic productivity of its basic survival needs.

I beg, Nigeria is doing well considering what is going on in Venezuela of lower population and greater crude oil and refined fuel revenues. But, Nigeria must learn from this when you consider there are so many countries poorer than Nigeria and those countries are better places to live than Nigeria. Countries that dont produce much oil but they see no fuel scarcity and they dont have as rampant inflation as Nigeria as well as their more reasonable cost of living.
No matter what, devaluation or not, Nigeria was always destined to suffer these hard time caused by reckless chop chop coruption and disregarding a need for continually diversifying revenue streams. And to think locally refined fuel was ingnored or taken lightly for so long, what a wasted opportunity. The story of Nigeria, wasted opportunity, but not so much any more. Coruption culture is the only problem to be really concerned for. The level of coruption in Nigeria is such that if Nigeria was handed over to America and america was handed over to Nigeria, -Nigeria would chop America finish and crash it and come begging for Nigeria to be returned from the americans who would have made nigeria a real gem by then.
No amount of economy or greatness can satisfy long throat chop chop coruption culture, especially in a country that has the productivity level of low quality bicycles but is riding around as if it manufactures Jumbo jets. Coruption culture as fantastic as Nigeria's will erode any gains no matter how big an economy it is. Just chop chop and chop and never produce enough to match, that is the equation for accute deficit.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Best Camping Gears For Adventures Around Nigeria by 19naia(m): 5:22am On Jun 27, 2016
Green mamba repellant. Viper resistant foot and leg wear. Malaria cure and prevention. Anti parasite herbs. And much more than one can carry go into d bush of African jungle. shocked
Nairaland / General / Re: Need Help! My Landlord Gave Me 7 Days Quit Notice by 19naia(m): 5:16am On Jun 27, 2016
Landlords usually do this when they habent heard from you and time has reached. Your rent term expired and you did not make or pay for a new lease with him before the expiry date. What is he supposed to do? Assume you want to stay and you are coming on Monday after the expiry date? You must tell him or he is legally bound to assume what he assumed, that you must commot der and he will collect his property.

You said you have intentions to see him monday about renewing the lease. Did you tell him your intentions or just only Nairaland you told? Its you and him get business to talk, not you and Nairaland? Talk to him and let him know your plans and find out if he has made other plans while you delayed communication.

Its normal for him to make a decision and give notice if he has not heard from you at the end point of the lease. He is expressing himself at the very least and you need to contact him to do the same. Let him know your intent and be prepared to meet the cash requirements.
Maybe you legally have more time to vacate, but communication of your intent to stay and your ability to pay to stay is needed or he may have no choice but to accept other tenants while you delay in making a new deal with him. Maybe its already too late for you and he has found another person with money ready to move in.
Its not a good idea to wait until the lease is expired before you talk to the landlord about another lease. Let him know before and even a full month prior or more if you can. If you wait until the last day, he may find someone else asking him and possibly offering to pay more.
Plan ahead and discuss ahead with all persons involved so there is little chance of surprise decisions made without you.
Politics / Re: AirForce To Deploy Surveillance Helicopters To The North. PICS by 19naia(m): 4:36pm On Jun 25, 2016
those look like the quiet helicopters that make very little noise. They used to fly and hover over my place doing surveilance and sometimes i would be outside in the garden holding my shovel ,unclad -and looking at them looking at me grin
Business / Go Buy £ Pounds Now And Thank Me Later. by 19naia(m): 10:40pm On Jun 24, 2016
Now is the time to rush and buy all the pounds you can afford to buy. Maybe if you are sharp about Brexit effects on the £, then you may know if to delay a bit to allow the £ to fall even lower.
Otherwise buy it low now. £ pound is not a currency that will stay down for long ,especially in this drastic period of change. £ will make a recovery and it coincides well with this new period of Naira devaluation that may see naira devalue further as the £ finds its way to a quick recovery.
Pound is probably being hoarded as i type this post. But if you can find £ to buy, buy it now and hold on to it.

A good chance to benefit from currency trading. grin
Culture / Re: Oyinbo Man Dances For Ooni Ogunwusi & His Crew - See Photos by 19naia(m): 2:14pm On Jun 24, 2016
That guy is barely fat by American standards. Come join The Ooni there and see the fattests of the fat in America. America truly has the biggest and the best of them all. shocked

Car Talk / Re: When To Choose Synthetic Lubricant by 19naia(m): 7:06am On Jun 24, 2016
What? This post title was misleading.

I was hoping to find the info i needed on flavored, non flavored synthetic lubes and natural oil lubes infused with herbal antispetics and herbal extract birth controls.
Maybe I should have looked at the topic section it came from before jumping to conclusions? Car Talk. I would have not wasted my few minutes on this thread if i had checked topic section before entering.
A congratulation to OP for a useful,post to someone somewhere, i hope many people benefit from it rather than ending up like me looking here for something else and not finding it. lipsrsealed


Nairaland / General / Re: our too much dependence on pen is sending us backward in Nigeria by 19naia(m): 2:17am On Jun 24, 2016
Yes indeed. If all this finding of "X" were a valuable skill, you would have seen long time ago the finding of the missing loot. shocked

Math makes the mind sharp but there are so much more basics that are applicable to creating useful things in life.
Business / Re: 10 Beliefs And Financial Decisions That Keep You Broke by 19naia(m): 4:16pm On Jun 22, 2016
I was sure it would be on the list but i was dissapointed. How can "Getting Married" not be on the list? Even billionaires in some parts of the world have lost significant parts of their wealth to frivilous wives.
Also using addictive drugs keeps many people in many countries from having money remaining for a future. shocked

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Health / Re: Am I Infected With Measles Or Heat Rash? by 19naia(m): 8:09am On Jun 22, 2016
I don't understand all these people of late. So shamed of their own native culture ,they dont want to be seen eating with red palm oil and bathing with Dudu Osun black soap.
Take red palm oil(not refined, use the thick red one) daily if you can, two tablespoons of it cooked with food or raw, then use Dudu Osun black soap until your skin clears up.
These are miracle things native to Nigeria and should not be underestimated. Even in Ilu Oyibo, my cupboard has thick red palm oil and dudu osun black soap inside. Red palm oil even gave cure for my something shocked burning like fire after I put it inside one oyibo lipsrsealed. I just eat it and no more fire and my skin stays fresh and clear. Then i add dudu osun black soap to my bath to add extra benefit to my skin.

Even after you are cured, continue to eat palm oil and bathe with Dudu osun soap as preventative maintainance.

Some synthetic materials such as used in clothing, can cause bad skin irritation, especially risky if you wear very strange materials for prolonged time without knowing its source. China made can easily include added toxic ingredients to the mix.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Wow Finally Cbn Devalue Naira N304= $1 by 19naia(m): 1:59am On Jun 21, 2016
This is the XE live rate today. They go by the official bank rate rather than general market rates. XE has been showing between 198 and 200 for a long time now, even up until this morning but they have updated to the latest activities now.

Its a big blow for some people with Naira looking to Import, import prices will no longer be able to benefit from the 199 rate that was pegged at the banks. Inflation of Imports is now on track but this will actually benefit the crude oil $ export sales , benefit by bringing in a greater Naira amount per dollar value on each barrel of oil. It seems like they should have done this right from the start when oil prices fell, but they locked up dollar flow becaue they needed the dollars for imports. Nigeria is overly import dependent and that is why they favored 199 to a $. Spending all those oil $ on imports did not profit Nigeria. Now the need to use oil dollars to buy imported refined fuel is no longer on their hands because its been shifted to private hands. Soon, added local refineries will improve the situation even more so and this low value Naira situation will be a real benefit.
In fact, it will benefit all exporters and encourage Nigerians to expand the exportation market. That is the way to a giant and more stable economy.
Many imports will become pricey soon and people will suffer lack ,but Nigerias huge market will encourage those foriegn companies to consider local production to favor the need for affordability. If Nigeria can just get it together enough to be a safe and functinal place for those companies to come and set up production.
Its a good sign though with the major Auto manufacturers who have set up in Nigeria and those contracted to do so.

Family / Re: American Woman's Father Accepts Her Nigerian Husband Finally by 19naia(m): 1:37am On Jun 21, 2016
$-Naira exchange rate has skyrocketed now, thats why the old Oyino man is finally ready to accept the Nigerian and take his dollars to Nigeria to spend like a king. shocked

Politics / Re: Share Recovered Loot Among 36 States‎ – PDP Chieftain Tells Buhari by 19naia(m): 2:33am On Jun 20, 2016
Share it among the states so it can be re-looted at the state level in an even greater scattering of tracings.
I beg, federal government is not yet stable. Use it as a cushion for times to come and later, all will reap the rewards of patience and dedication to a better country for the people.
Federal government gave bailout money to the states to pay workers and still some states were not paying the workers with the bailout money deposited and spent elsewhere. Take the bailout situation as a lesson learned and keep the loot money for federal governement projects which will benefit the states any way.
Family / Re: How Much Is Ideal To Be Giving One's Wife As Monthly Stipend? by 19naia(m): 2:17am On Jun 20, 2016
If you are payng all the bills in the house, Rent, Food purchase, utility bills and everything to survive, what more does she need if she has an income of 150k. ?
I stayed with some family on a visit with N150k monthly budget. They fed me, housed me in a bedroom and i was left with only petty expenses such as my phone bill, my clothes and trips to eat at the mall or buy some foods i like that were not part of their menu at home.
Even with a weekly trip to Shop rite to fill up a cart with food and toiletries , and pay a taxi N2000 round trip - I was struggling to spend more than 50k a month. I even made regular trips to eat at Mr.Biggs rather than eat at the house for free, and a few times i took nephews with me and spent for them. I would even bring back loads of meat pie and such for the kids every week from Shoprite.
50k monthly was all i could manage to finish out of 150k budget.
I gave my hosting family 50k that month and the remaining 50k went toward travels to visit with old friends the following month and spending on friends along the way.

Seems your lady of the house has a similar situation where she is not paying the rent or paying the cost to buy food at market or pay utility bills. And she is saving only 75k. She could save up to 100k based on my experience. Maybe she has a car and pays added cost of fuel and upkeep?
Even with a car it could be tha same because i was paying 2k or more a week on taxi and still never finished more than 50k.

I don't see any reason for her to Need an allowance. She has very good savings per month as well as very good spendable income ,also has very little personal expenses and can even have you pay for miscellaneous things over time. Maybe her hair-do and cosmetic tastes are carrying her into greater expense?

20k sounds very generous since she is offered that despite not lacking surplus money of her own, such as her ample savings.

It is easy to live on 150k monthly In Nigeria unless you decide to live in an expensive area with an expensive car and habits. I was visiting Nigeria from USA and found 150k monthly quite easy to manage despite being long accustomed to USA lifestyle where N300k monthly (at the exchange rate of 199=$1) is the minimum i could manage in the cheapest cities in USA.

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Politics / Re: Sex Scandal: Resign Or Be Recalled, Lawyers Tell Reps by 19naia(m): 1:50am On Jun 20, 2016
boss, I need to discuss some stuff with you! how do I contact you?

What Is it you have to discuss. Let me know at least in vague detail here. If we cant be somewhat forthcoming and open here in public as strangers, then it doesnt encourage me to move into privacy as strangers.
Best place to meet or know strangers is in public.
Politics / Re: Sex Scandal: Resign Or Be Recalled, Lawyers Tell Reps by 19naia(m): 5:39pm On Jun 19, 2016
This is no embarassment or further damage to Nigerias Image. It is all in good standing with the previously world wide declaration that "Nigeria is fantastically corupt"
I beg, make Nigerians take a good look at themselves at home in Nigeria and start improvements there. After that, e no go carry go abroad.
Other wise, continue as it were and be shameless about it while minding noone who disapproves. Those who understand Nigerian ways already know Nigerians do not care at all what people think about them so long as they are raking in loot and embelishing themselves with all varieties of pleasures.
Crime / Re: Man Slaps Wife To Death In Owerri, Imo (picture) by 19naia(m): 3:36pm On Jun 19, 2016
What is going on? Is Economy so bad that Bus would crush baby to death over N150 change? N150 no even reach $1 and now a woman slapped to death in vexation because of N100 N100 no even reach half of $1 anywhere in Nigeria by Monday morning.

People need to raise the value pegged to human life in Nigeria, or better go never reach Nigeria lailai shocked
Politics / Re: Aftermath Of Yesterday's Rain, Ijede Flooded - Pictures by 19naia(m): 3:44am On Jun 17, 2016
Makoko Phase 2 in d making grin Na floating school d children go attend sef.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Shares Shirtless Photo In U.S; Says He Needs To Lose Belly Fat by 19naia(m): 6:21pm On Jun 16, 2016
That will happen to anyone easily if they spend much time in USA. You should see the belly fat of the average person who lives there, and it is contagious. shocked
You should see my own belly fat after a long stay in USA, E pass anything doing him in those photos grin
Business / Re: CBN Floats The Naira, The Implications For You And I by 19naia(m): 12:52am On Jun 16, 2016
Sure this means devalue of the Naira but its the devaluation that has been waiting to float after being held back by Naira Pegging and $ scarcity. The pegging was done to protect the dwindling oil dollar income without having to raise the price of Nigerian oil to compensate for the devalued Naira-(they cannot just raise oil prices because of international price standards,they would lose customers and ALL oil revenue, so they just peg the currency to an unatural high value instead -to stop naira devalution effects in the weakened oil market). Now that oil price is coming up to a stable place and reserves have started to stabilize, there is no more need to peg the naira and risk the imbalance it does to the economy as a whole.

Right now, the CBN stands to gain in this devaluation move because it is sitting on $ reserves valued at 199 per unit , that will soon become around 285 per unit or more. That is a very profitable move for them. They prevented massive losses as reserves dwindled by pegging naira at 199, and now they are ready to rake in massive naira gains by selling those N199 dollars for much higher.

CBN retains the right to *move in from time to time* and that is the clause they need to move in and peg the Naira again down the road for when it favors them to set up for another round of collecting dollars under a high naira value and then releasing the naira peg later to bring in a profit. Also move in when the market goes rougue under wreckless influences. Free Market is prone to all kinds of economic disasters especially in corupt and greedy markets.

This is good proof also that CBN has confidence in stable future $ revenues coming in -but the Niger-delta damage to oil revenues has not yet settled. I recall it was forcasted to dent budget plans in months to come. Selling dollar futures is also a CBN hedge against dollar scarciry in the future, they can always print new Naira bills to pay the $ owed to those who bought dollar futures. Buying dollar futures from CBN is a bit of a risk because dollar scarcity is a clear possibility again in CBN coffers. But, you can get your Naira back even if CBN has to print Naira to pay you.

A devalued Naira in CBN eyes right now is a great profit as it is for any one who has dollars. That profit may be just the hedge they need for the Niger-Delta oil revenue damages to affect budgets in months to come. Eventually it will permeate through the economy and balance out. The lower value of Naira will also come to a great advantage when all the refinery projects come on line in years to come. Other wise the Naira value will be lowered when it comes time to export refined petrol so as to encourage customers to bring their revenues in. Maybe they will lower refined petrol prices instead but that may be under strict international price setting. So, to avoid the consequences of lowering prices, if any, they will lower the value of the currency. Low value currency is a good thing when you have lots to export for revenue income or to attract foriegn investors with money and essential services.

Thats what they mean when life gives you sour lemons, add value to it and make lemonade. When life gives you low value currency, turn it into a chance to attract foriegn customers and investor , then watch revenue flow in. All it requires is productivity. Refinery products in quantities to meet export demand is a major step. Dangote consistently lowered his price of cement as he expanded production, it secures his niche in the market and solidifies his customers commitment. Sugar Market as well but i am not so clear about that. Dangote is in Tomato market also. Produce, produce and produce in variety and quantity, that is the only way out of the currency and scarcity problems.

Any economy and government so heavily dependent on one product, is bound to ups and downs and extreme vulnerability if it is not the world leader of that particular market or does not have formidable military and international diplomatic influence around the world to use to shape market and governement policy beyond its borders.
Saudi Arabia is an example of being overly dependent on one product(oil) but having the advantage of world oil market influence and close support of a military and diplomatic superpower(USA). Saudi Arabia is the one that called for the drop of oil prices that caused all this problem to begin for Nigeria. Also productivity of oil world wide, influenced the Saudi decision and actually makes it better for the customer except in Nigeria where petrol prices have gone up because of complications with the government entwined oil market. Hence the privatization of sourcing fuel to depots and privatization of refineries in Nigeria, which will infact lead to the drop in fuel prices in Nigera in time when fully functioning in private hands. Dangote refinery is yet to be completed. Soon.

All these meausres are right on track and the suffering period would have come any way under any elected official, but the recovery of looted funds now is helping things from being worse, as well as the economic future being lined up very well. Even the Currency devaluation will prove to be very beneficial when the works in progress are complete and bringing in foriegn customers with their money.

I hope the focus on anti coruption continues because it is the prime factor all along the way that has made things harder for everyone than they have to be.

Nigerian Oil revenue is enough to serve the country well as long as NG doesn't have to incur loss by being in the fuel import business. NG needs to let Dangote and others refine oil and export finished product while NG keeps the oil revenue for domestic expenses. That is already in the works.
The Government should never have any hand in any imports. Anything imported in its hands such as executive cars or other advanced tech, should be purchased from local business who imported them as their business or manufactured them as their business. Even NG official Jets should be purchased in Nigeria through private Nigerian importers so that the government has no direct hand in spending its money abroad. Spend it into the hands of Nigerian citizens in Nigeria and let them do the work of importing if at all neccessary. If Innoson can make a reliable car, why must buhari ride in S class Mercedes? If Innoson cannot make 737 jet, then ok let boeing make it in USA but let a Private Nigerian company be contracted or paid for the work of making it avaialable to NG.
It creates jobs locally and promotes NG revenues serving NG people every time those revenues are spent.

Nigeria is on a good track and this suffering period was set up to come before buhari reached office. He made a bad currency exchange policy decision but it prevented worse things from happening in oil revenue reserves despite ruining the comercial investor markets. Maybe things would have been worse if he let Government collapse by having to pay N350 for dollars ,if private market was free to do whatever ,still dollar scarcity would expand and drive Naira even lower than 350. Maybe even crash the Naira to nothing along side a collapsed government and possible create so much civil unrest that River Niger would now be the new border of Nigeria.

The key thing is that a complete collapse has been averted and the strangling currency exchange policy has been lifted ,as well as the needed devaluation being allowed all in due time. Its all working out despite the damages. Worse damage was waiting all along the way and this has all opened doors and set up a future for an economic boost beyond what was there before all this trouble.
Nigeria will have Home made fuel at all the pumps and low fuel prices. The future fuel prices may even be able to fall as low or lower than subsidy prices and do so without subsidy. Nigeria will have increase oil revenues by the added value of refined petrol in quantities enough to export. Nigeira will now have revenue savings from not having to incur net losses due to expensive imported fuel to the pump.
Nigeria will have less revenue lost to embezzlement.
All of this will be better than ever and is owed to the problems faced now and the complete dismantle and restructure approach taken recently(dismantling governemt structure over fuel depot supply and refineries, its all shifting to private now). No more patch work slapstick economic house under a government that looted a combined total of over a single year's worth of natinal budget while under one presidential term.
Huge net gains in store for Nigeria, the pain going on recently is just the pain of removing the metaphoric dagger that was embedded in the nation's back long ago. You cannot expect a doctor to just come and remove it and there be no explosion of pain and bleeding before the healing sets in. Maybe even a slight infection to be treated over time before the complete healing is done. Sadly, the scar will always be there but serve as a lesson and reminder of where to take caution for the next generation.

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Romance / Re: The Most Painful Way Of Breaking Up, Share Your Experience Here by 19naia(m): 3:23am On Jun 15, 2016
All these stories you see on Nairaland about lovers pouring acid on their partners or a husband or wife killing their better half or cutting off his kponmo while he sleeps.
Yes, all of those must be the most painful ways to separate..
My own experience no reach a worthy comment status in terms of pain compared to the ones mentioned.. I am alive and my kponmo fit reach another day.

I always like it smooth and easy, we even go back and knack it one more time sef, just to ease the transition so we part ways with no rough concerns. no need make e be pain na grin

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Business / Re: Foreign Payments With Naira ATM Cards Suspended By Zenith Bank by 19naia(m): 6:02pm On Jun 14, 2016
Is there a cost/price for the dollar nominated card? Is this a fee collecting scheme? If they can dollar enable one card, why not the other.?? Its all electronic any way, unless having people come in for a new card includes collecting fees as a way to make money in a suffering financial market of Nigeria.
Its clear banks are suffering in Naija economy these days and may be looking for fee collection schemes to keep themselves in revenue.
Culture / Re: Sultan Of Sokoto: "There Is No Food In Nigeria" by 19naia(m): 5:57pm On Jun 14, 2016

They don't grow more than Nigeria proportionally. If anything it's less.

What they've done is lower tariffs so that it's cheaper to import into Cotonou than Lagos.

Also, a lot of Nigerians are there hoarding rice to sell when the prices are high across the border.

They have a small population but a significant agric and international commerce level for their size.
I was on the remote border there last year and saw all the games going on with customs and rice transporters. Even my hired car driver was carrying rice across the border in the minimal amount allowed as he crosses the border with passengers several times daily and the small amount of rice eventually adds up to a full sack. He told us about the games and how there is a cartel style group there on the rice smuggling trail who work with customs in secret and do price gouging antics like hoarding. basic Things were so much cheaper in Benin but they dont have so much a population to pressure their domestic markets. And their potential for earnings are not very high. Fuel problems there also but they always seem to have fuel selling by the road side in bottles. No real shortages like Nigeria fuel crisis, they always find a way.
I was in Togo also and saw their extensive port activities with ships lined up at sea as far as the eye could see, waiting for days to unload at port.
Its was strange to see such a small town atmosphere in Lome and Benin, yet their ports were busy beyond belief. And to think all that from togo and benin ports combined was servicing Nigeria demand and still scarcity is an issue in Nigeria. shocked
Travel / Re: Should I Go To America Or Forget About It? by 19naia(m): 5:40pm On Jun 14, 2016
Bro I love the way you patiently encouraged him through your write up, it's really nice of you, am sure the op will be optimistic after reading this as this writeup is more than enough to help him,am certain he won't let go of this opportunity, kudos to you brother.by the way, where in the states are you?

I stay in Muhammad Ali's home town grin
Culture / Re: Sultan Of Sokoto: "There Is No Food In Nigeria" by 19naia(m): 5:38pm On Jun 14, 2016

Benin Republic imports a lot of rice. That rice is then smuggled into Nigeria.

Smuggling goods into Nigeria is why a lot of goods are imported into Benin Republic.

They don't grow much either. Most farming there is subsistence in nature.

Ah ok, i was not so sure where all their rice comes from but i know they have good prices and grow a significant amount to keep themselves filled as well as manage a market flow of surplus (be it import or local). They do really well in Agriculture for their size and stature in Africa, no doubt about that. The Key is that they "do it" . Nigeria as well should just "do it" beyond talk. Grow more crops. Populatin is growing but crops are not. Not a good recipe for people's kitchens.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Denies Buying $15M Property In United kingdom by 19naia(m): 5:30pm On Jun 14, 2016

Anti Same sex bill passed through NAS with 100% vote insupport. Even if GEJ wanted otherwise, he still could'nt have stopped it.

In as much as our culture forbids such, Gay/lesbians are humans and derserve simparty. So notting wrong with GEJ's condolence. Don't be blinded with hate.

No hate here, i am not the one voting for bills to enforce 14 years prison on anyone for any reason. I am just saying that in one mouth he speaks one way of humans in USA and in the same mouth speaks a different way of Nigerians in the same matter. Aks GEJ about his support for the same persuasion of people in Nigeria and see what he says and if he sef would get 14 years for associating or commenting in support of them in NiGeria. Maybe his condolences will also serve well towards the ones imprisoned in Nigeria at the moment, but no comment on that from him as of yet. grin
The reasons that politicians are jokes keep flowing from politicians endlessly. Power to the people, all people.
Culture / Re: Sultan Of Sokoto: "There Is No Food In Nigeria" by 19naia(m): 4:35pm On Jun 14, 2016
Agbaya is the word coming to mind when i hear this description of Nigeria the economic giant. Giant for what .
Tiny litle Benin republic who begs Nigeria like a child, can grow rice to so much excess that it is cheap and abundant for export without breaking their own domestic pantry.
Small Benin republic can supply electricity and tap water to it's citizens in the cities and more.

How is Nigeria The Giant of Africa unless as the shameless Agbaiya who is big for nothing.

Grow up and grow your own rice well and the many other things needed. Nigeria has huge potential but its not by standing around tall for showing off how big you are without bending low into the dirt and bringing up some crops and sufficient productivity for domestic needs. Niara will never be a strong currency if the people dont use their strength for domestic productivity and stop relying on the strength of other countries to import into Nigeria. Na baby cannot feed himself waiting for mama or baba to come and feed him. Baby is no giant of africa, it is agbaiya of africa.


Politics / Re: Jonathan Denies Buying $15M Property In United kingdom by 19naia(m): 4:22pm On Jun 14, 2016
Same GEJ who just expressed condolence and solidarity with the attack victims of the Orlando night club Massacre? The same Jonathan who signed the laws to imprison for 14 years those same victims if they were in the same type of night club in Nigeria or expressing support or association or solidarity with that type of club?
Is GEJ now eligible for the 14 years of prison he signed into law, is he eligible because he expressed condolence for the demise of homosexuals ?
One story this way and the other story that way ,and now wondering what is the truth in any thing he is saying.. shocked
Crime / Re: Akwa Ibom: Man Electrocuted To Death While Stealing Electric Cables (photo) by 19naia(m): 4:14pm On Jun 14, 2016
He died to the cheers of "UP NEPA!!!" shocked
Crime / Re: My Fiancé Disappeared With N580,000, Says Prostitute by 19naia(m): 4:09pm On Jun 14, 2016
Of course, na Ajegunle name you go see as this manner of story's location. Ajugunle living up to reputation as d guy now is holding down guilder and Kponmo well well on the far side of Ikorodu.
Romance / Re: My Virgin Girlfriend Has Kidney Issue, I Love Her For Marriage, Should I Go On? by 19naia(m): 3:02am On Jun 14, 2016
Sebi na you she go need for donation of kidney to cure her. What is love for if not for sharing your body and life as one.
If its true love then there is no fear that can quench it. smiley
Family / Re: 11-Year-Old Boy Maltreated By Stepmum: See The Highest Order Of Child Abuse by 19naia(m): 10:50pm On Jun 10, 2016
My friend is asking for the adress where d boy is located so that the boy may be orphaned of his tormenters. He can find a less harmful environment to stay even with goats his future will be more assured than with those animals waiting to meet their end.
Me at that age in those circumstances? Lets just say that boy is a saint in comparison because I would have murdered more than one person carrying abusive hand. I Would have kept their severed hands as souvenirs after depositing the bodies in the konga. Actually i ran away again and again even under much better circumstance than this boy. I can't believe he just doesn't wander off to another state, and forget those insane people and change his name. And people wonder why so many children grow up to become abusive agberos and cultist/gang killers.
Its true children become what you put into them. If you convince them that you can kill them, they grow up to think its an acceptable way to treat people so as to get what you want from people. Harshness begets harshness.
May he find kindness from this day forward and be spared from the dirty deed of having to kill them all for their wicked ways.

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