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Politics / Re: Ibom Deep Sea Port: Udom Emmanuel To Sign Deal With China (Pics) by 19naia(m): 5:19pm On Sep 27, 2016
What is up with the Niger river bridge projects? They need at least two more bridges crossing the Niger river for all the commercial activity to flow to and from port . Or is the new port only for the export of oil?
Eventually the additional ports will add up to increased flow of goods across the country, even if the ports are put in Lagos or Ondo or Yankari game reserve.

The real question is why is the Niger river bridges project not finished with at least 2 additional bridges? Where is all of the additional ship cargo going to pass across the river as it distributes across the various parts of the country? The existing bridges that cross the river Niger are already plagued with frequent and massive grid lock.
Nigeria always trying to developing itself into a disorganized jumble. I hope they complete at least 2 more Niger river bridges before they finish a single new port. There is also no guarantee the new port will be a success while exisitng ports in the region are not operating to capacity nor developed to capacity. Maybe if the new port is specifically for oil export, then its no problem.

It is guaranteed that a finished set of additional Niger river bridges will more successful at aiding commerce in every state than a new port for commercial goods. Import or export will still require a fitting infrastructure base for the flow of goods to and from the port in a robust export and import economy.

I watched a 4th bridge built in 3 years ,non stop from start to finish and now its functioning while the 3rd of the older bridges is being renovated. They have 4 bridges crossing into one city all within 2 kilometers of one another. And of course thats in USA where every major river crossing to any city, will have at least 2 bridges into the city and it is more common to have 3 or more bridges in a city the size of Onitsha and to have complex fly-overs to distribute traffic around the city so that commercial vehicles just passing through to farther destinations will not need to congest and pollute the city streets.
I still recall Onitsha showing up on the top 10 most terrible air quality cities on earth. Its because of so much heavy vehicle traffic condensed to one point. More commercial vehicles from ports, through that same location will only increase the pollution and na die be dat one Oooo shocked

If the new port is intended for regionally produced oil to be exported from the region, then don't mind me here. That plan will work so long as they know ships will be willing to dock there. Hopefully more Nigerian owned ships will operate in Nigerian ports.
Business / Re: Nigeria Loses N6.33tr To Naira Devaluation. The Guardian by 19naia(m): 2:20pm On Sep 26, 2016
Look at how much National debt USA has.
Look at how much $ USA loses to remittances to every nation on earth.
Look at how much $ USA gives in aide to most Nations on earth, while spending annually on their own domestic natural disaster recovery.
Look at how much of USA local production is lost to expatriating their manufacutring base to othe countries.

shocked shocked shocked

Yet USA currency is so strong, their economy is growing and relativeley stable. They even waste so much on war and even have time and money to waste on the contrived boko haram problems of Nigeria.

How is Nigeria's National debt even a real issue other than another misdirection away from the real matter of lacking the necessary local self sufficiency ,secure/safe nation and keeping corruption under reasonable control. ? Nigeria can even benefit from going into greater debt so long as the focus is to spend on growing local productivity to sustainably fill the holes perpetuating so much debt. Debt is not the problem, foreign investors will ignore debt and come if the production and commerce atmosphere is set for investment. Stability of infrastructure and energy is the key. That stabilty rests on Safety/security, self sufficient electricity and fuel supply for the entire nation, and a business and governance atmosphere that isn't strangled by corruption at every corner of activity.
Nigerias problem is still the same.. Corruption, bad energy sector and security. I beg, USA debt is more than Nigeria's entire GDP yet still USA economy is strong and is very attractive to the entire world for investment or spending. shocked

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Car Talk / Re: Can Car's Pedals Be Readjusted To Be Suitable For Short Person To Drive? by 19naia(m): 6:23am On Sep 25, 2016
A welder can weld on extensions. Or the short person can wear extensions on their legs or wear shoes with very thick soles, thick enough to close the gap between foot and pedal. grin


Politics / Re: What Will You Do To Save Nigeria If You Are Elected As President Tomorrow???? by 19naia(m): 11:08pm On Sep 23, 2016
Governemnt has to subsidize farming and other food production related industry and then government must manage a food surplus program.
Philippines manages a rice surplus stockpile that the government uses to regulate the price of rice to keep poor people from starving in lean times. They all eat even if the poorest eat meagerly. No one starves in lean times. The governemnt buys up rice in surplus years at the cheap rate and then floods the market with the stockpile during lean years to keep prices stable.
Agriculture and food production has to be subsidized and surplus years have to be exploited by government to create a food stock reserve, Strategic reserves for the food security of the nation.
USA sef ,heavily subsidizes farming and food production as well as manages surplus stock piles and then goes further to ensure food security for all by offering free table-food programs to all who cannot feed themselves because of disability or simple lack of income.
Food is the first matter of survival of a nation. If Nigeria cannot manage a basic food security and feeding welfare program, there is serious problems and priority dysfunction..

Oil is very important to Nigeria and i do not disagree with Nationally owned oil resource. But as soon as the oil leaves the ground, it becomes market product and should become open market fare without Governement involvement or subsidies. The governement controls it and owns it as it is in the ground as a resource in waiting, Companies can then bid for government allotment as in oil blocks or right to tap the oil. Subsidies for oil may be needed from time to time but it should never be cash subsidies for import of oil. It should be more lenient allowances for access to the raw material in the ground. Governement should be paid it's royalties for access to the oil in the ground and then governement should be paid taxes along every step of the trade for the sales and profit from the oil products. Government should not be in the business of tapping oil, refining oil, shipping oil. Only involved in oversight and regulation of those businesses.

Banks. Banks must be forced or encouraged by incentive to make loans that offset needs for imports and to support the local production of normally imported goods. Nigerians must benefit from Imports but also Nigerians must benefit from local production. When imports overwhelm the total consumed where local production could do the job instead, there is terrible risk waiting to ruin the economy when the main sources of the foreign reserve are affected by international markets. Nigeria cannot be so extensively at the mercy of the international market trends. local production will make more local employment and keep more local money circulating in the local economy. Oil money is good but if food and other basic sustenance rest mostly on oil money, serious trouble will arise especially when the oil money comes from international markets while Nigeria does not control the international market trends locally(Saudi arabia does that). Nigerian oil could be refused entirely by the world market and it would not put a dent in the world supply of oil. That is a warning sign to Nigeria that it is in a precarious perch where the fruit is good but the tree is on unstable ground on the expendable fringes of a desirable territory.

Making Nigeria Desirable for local Nigerians and foriegners alike. Ghana is skyrocketing due in major part to the single factor of international appeal. Ghana still has african style slums and other unattractive scenes common to africa, but they have much in the way of considerable effort put towards being attractive enough for americans and other nationalities to move there to live and invest. They have coruption, inflation and other diqualities as can be found in Nigeria, but foriegn airlines that have backed out of Nigeria, have moved to ghana to fill the deficiency Nigeria has stumbled into. Ghana produces oil as well, yet they are able to keep enough order during the oil market crash, so as to meet airline needs where Nigeria has failed.
The Difference is Ghana prepared well and was not as heavily rooted in oil as Nigeria was when oil riches shrunk with the value of oil per barrel. Ghana had other resources and economic activities to rely on. They have seen inflation and salary stagnation like Nigeria but they are picking up Nigerias airline service slack and are well in the economic race compared to Nigeria. Ghana is expanding oil production as well.
Nigeria's safety does not rank as high as Ghana, -what is an investment if it is not safe?
Nigerian roads are not as well kept and safe as Ghana roads. It makes life so much easier when roads are good and safe.
Nigerian electricity supply is not as good as Ghana supply, although Ghana supply can use some improvement. Tap water?
Out of all of west Africa, Nigerian roads are the worst, but Nigeria does have a better Network of roads albeit in very bad condition.
So quality of infrastructure is important.
Some Nations bring in billions of $ a year from tourism alone and it is among their top sources of Income. Nigeria can hardky compet with Thailand and Peru for tourist $, but Nigeria can start by making itself appealing and safe and slowly reap the dividends.

Education infrastructure also must be invested in and to the extent of post education programs that focus on improvising for the enhancement of local production. We had NYSC do well for those who graduated from the higher education institutes. They do a great service to the country, but a program that has graduates actually working in production and innovation to enhance the economy by increasing supply of vital products at a reduced cost, will have a more powerful effect than cash subsidies in a corupt nation always looking for a $pot to loot.

Imagine an educated youth corp that was actually farming to grow crops that can be sold, actually working production lines to maintain or innovate existing production facilities(nigerian steel plant is abandoned) or infrastructure like power supply lines and so. Even just postings to keep watch and inspection over power lines and transformers will create huge leaps in stability and costs savings. There are many graduates of electircal engineering, agricultural sciences, civil engineering -such as applies to road maintainance. Just one year of this kind of service for each graduate. NYSC was a great idea but its application was not as well placed in the economy. Having NYSC members teach and help medical situations and help sanitation activities are ok, but where you can really impact a nation's lives- is through food in their belly, resources and utilities reaching their needs. All the food needed is possible if people would just farm it.
All the needed roads of good condition are possible if enough people would just be there working to build and maintain them. Same goes with power supply and so on. The NYSC members would leave the corp after one year with their agriculture degree and experience with actually making a farm and yeilding food, and its possble they do so well it was a profitable farm selling so well that they decide to stay there and help it expand and grow into a significant part of the regional GDP. Same with the Road working civil engineers and so on. They may decide to stay where their work has done well rather than wander the unpredictable job market for years.

You could have an educated youth corp that is actually profitable and causing a net reduction of government expenses in the sectors the youth corp operates in. They need to be allowed the land, the public work assignments and also a reasonable share in the yield of their productivity. Incentives to do their best rather than just manage as carefully as possible on a fixed meager stipend out of governement coffers. A model that breeds innovation and independently sustainable works. Nigeria lacks enough innovation and sustainability of what works it does implement. Many of Nigerias works were nice but not sustained over the long term and today appear in shambles. New works go in regulalry but the sustainability is still an issue for the long term.

If Nigeria had enough local production, some of the oil sector $ income would remain at the end of every year and add up year after year to a net gain of a perpetually growing economy. A good start is with more local Refineries to make more than enough of Nigeria's local consumption of fuel at the pump.
The privatization of sourcing refined fuel from abroad ,has not stopped the drain of foreign eexchange from Nigeria oil income base. It has just moved the drain out of government hands and into the banks who then take the drain back to the CBN which then gets the foriegn reserve again from the government oil income stock. So foreign reserves are still squeezed, no change except where the move has freed government from the cost of subsidies and that is an improvement for governemnt while the people pay higher prices. Not having to buy imported refined fuel will keep the foreign currency reserve free from so much pressure and able to go towards importing things to grow productivity rather than things to consume and later discard as waste.

Also Agriculture has no reason to not be in a perpetual net surplus every year even if one or more crops fail or do bad in any given year. Enough agriculture to export and balance out imports of crops that cannot be grown in Nigeria. Nigerians should not fall for the trap of Foriegn imports if they are sold for cheaper than the locally produced version. Some major exporting nations do not actually produce their products cheaper than can be produced in Nigeria, but their governments subsidizes the exported products to make it possible for the producers to sell at a loss but still profit from the subsidy. USA is one of the cheapest food to table places compared to the overall cost of living and quality of life. It is because USA agriculture is heavily subsidized. As i said before, Nigeria must subsidize agriculture production and then subsidize food to table production once agriculture farm produce reaches a bountiful level.

Raw materials such as ores can be processed in Nigeria and there is no need to always sell out to china or any other when Nigeria wants to develop a huge factory. Maybe employ Chinese to Build ore processing facilities, but let Nigerians be the company that runs the show. If need be, give China shares or mining rights, but they must in return, develop Nigerian owned ore processing companies for Nigerians to run and own.

Serious environmental oversight in Industrial sectors. Chinese will poison any environment they exploit for wealth and so will Nigerians if they are not watched and directed in safe ways to operate for the preservation of a non toxic environment. What good is a wealthy nation if it is a poisoned land, water and air to make life miserable. People would rather live as bush men than live in EKO Atlantic if they had to die early of cancer of organ failure because the environment was poisoned in the making of a well developed nation. China has made a serious example of such a bad predicament.

Any way, all of what i have listed here is not everything but i assure you they are things being worked on even under this dismal Buhari leadership. Maybe the more dynamically productive youth corp and environmental oversight is not so much part of Buhari leadership, but some things require a more stable economy before we can implement them. When the economy recovers and the governement coffers are stable, a very dynamic and profitable youth corp should be implemented.
A youth Corp where members do not want to leave for fear that no other job can be as good for them. And maybe the job market will be so envious of the youth corp productivity and profitabilty, that they will come begging for the youth corp members to come and turn their private companies into such a similar success. Its a matter of how people apply themsleves within an organization. Free up the limitations and diversify the implementations. Out of that will come innovation and real productivity that goes beyond just giving a service ,but to include making a product. A healthy economy is the right balance of service sector and Product making sector. Product making has to be very significant and must be hand in hand wherever there is service. Life depends on consuming products and those products are served under the service sector. National youth service corp is unbalanced because they are lop-sided to the service aspect and not seriously embedded in the very significant aspect of Production. The foundation of service should be production. Nigeria's major economic problems today are rooted in neglected productivity. We have to train this into the educated youth to change the mentality that defines the economy.

But as we all know with Buhari as well, no matter what we do, if the deep long throats of corupt looting sociopaths are not disconnected from the loot ,influence and power they guzzle, no amount of productivity and wealth will see the nation come to stability and appeal to locals and foriegners alike. The corupt looters will chop it all down, ruin everything, leave Nigerian's in squalor and run abroad to behave as if they have worked hard and deserve respect. Even a highly productive and profitable youth corp would be rendered into slaves by corupt leaders who run off with the hard work of smart and innovative educated youths getting their first fresh start in life. Shameless old vultures who have no respect for anyone yet demand all respect from everyone.


Politics / Re: Senator Danjuma Laah Sleeping On Duty (Photo) by 19naia(m): 9:01pm On Sep 23, 2016
Replace him with young people. Like the previous Pope who voluntarily rescinded his position and urged the cardinal convention to select a young pope who had the energy to manage the work of Pope.
Chopping all that loot and staying up all night romping with young girls will make any old person as good as slump when time comes to do real work. shocked
Nigerians need to learn the value of electing young leaders.

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Education / Re: School Fees At Children's International School, Lekki by 19naia(m): 1:42pm On Sep 22, 2016
They are going to have to show me that all their students graduate with ability to pass the entrance exam to Harvard, Yale and the likes, before i pay those kind of school fees even if i had billions. Harvard and Yale fees per year make these fees look small anyway.
You will get better value for you money if you send them to the best public schools and then pay a private home tutor to work with them at a level to enter into the best university you can afford. Maybe they are paying more for ammenities in this Lekki school but i doubt it compares well to the common free public schools available in well developed countries.
Nigeria is overpriced, paying more for less than than what is cheaper and better in USA. Nigerians are blind to the dupe that they do to their own country and that is why the cycle of economc crash and instability will remain, even after Buhari is gone. Nigerians have to make quality and good value for themsleves, but they rather make money while making no decent service or product to show for it and then export that money to bring in Imports. And thats also why the Nigerian money will perpetually lose value to the currencies of countries Nigerians always import from.
I won't be duped by this school.

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Crime / Re: Woman Bites Off joystick Of Fire Officer Who Tried To Rape Her In Ghana (photo) by 19naia(m): 3:01am On Sep 21, 2016
If you ever see d way woman can chop Kponmo when she is desperate, you will never force woman into a desperate state around your own meat.
Word to d wise. shocked
Nairaland / General / Re: $100 Give Away!! I'm Darn Serious Too!! by 19naia(m): 5:30am On Sep 20, 2016
Already the membership numbers of NairaLand have skyrocketed from this. Most of the new members are copies of a single member who is racking up 100 profiles under 100 names hoping to collect $100.oo on each to how single pocket. Ghost recipients.

Nigeria where even federal government could not stop 40,000 ghost workers from collecting salary for many years undetected. Maybe the ghost worker salaries are where Patience Jonathan got her money from? "Hard Earned" 10,000 salaries for her single hard work.

Good luck with this endevour.. Nigeria is one big charity to looters and good simple people suffer for it.
Travel / Re: How Much Does It Cost To Travel By Road From Lagos To Ghana? by 19naia(m): 1:16am On Sep 19, 2016
Border crossing fees add up along the way. Togo own is notorious. So you will pay in Benin and then pay at Togo and then pay at Ghana crossing.
I paid N4000 in Togo to get my passport stamped. That was when Naira was 199 to $1.
I paid N2000 at benin and another 4k or so at Ghana. It was less paid to return because once they stamp your passport, you are charged a lesser rate or free passage the next time.
The transport fees were about the same as the immigration fees. But i suspect if you take a transport company luxury bus, they have a special processing agreement that reduces the cost, hustle and time..
Don't try it without double the amount being quoted here unless you are a real hustler ready to endure anything.

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Education / Re: NSE Opens 2016 Essay Competition To Promote Financial Literacy by 19naia(m): 6:17am On Sep 16, 2016
Stock exchange is all about "stock". All about Commercial stock of goods made in the country. Let local production grow and see the stock market grow its worth. A stock market is worth nothing and currency is also worth nothing if there is not the locally made product of a country's labour to give value to it.
Don't waste your time with stock market trivia when the real substance and importance is in real productivity. Standing there in suits and ties waiting for all others to farm and create useful things, all the stock traders and buyers would perpetually stand there empty and useless if not for the people out there doing the real productivity work.
Politics / Re: Companies Plead Guilty To Laundering “Patience Jonathan’s $15m” by 19naia(m): 4:31pm On Sep 15, 2016
Chai! Diarisgodo. shocked Na only more than N4billiom waka come meet d woman?

If politicians were truly concerned about Nigeria's economy and people, they would voluntarily come forward with all their loot to help Nigeria recover from the damage they have caused. But they do not care, they just increase their abroad travel as the heat closes in on their loot trail. Going abroad to secure evasion because they never cared about their country. They use the country as a selfish escape for themselves.
They don't work, they suck on the blood, sweat and tears of Nigerians to over size dem own bele and only retreat to sleep in big masions built of loot from the back of common Nigerians. Slap dem like mosquitos, slap them with full charges for crime when you catch them.

The authorities in the matter are going after loot and crooks, not first ladies or ex-presidents. They simply follow loot to crooks and if they
find a first lady in possession of loot, then she was never a first lady but a crook in first lady disguise. The same applies to GEJ if he is also found hiding bitter truths.
GEJ was running around to every abroad he could reach, and now it seems he may have been searching out escape routes as we all suspected from the start, him and others from that regime.


Nairaland / General / Re: Please Where Can I Get This? by 19naia(m): 7:52am On Sep 14, 2016
Glass cups

Nairaland / General / Re: Please Where Can I Get This? by 19naia(m): 7:48am On Sep 14, 2016
Please don't use any of these cups for ritual activities.

Nairaland / General / Re: Please Where Can I Get This? by 19naia(m): 7:45am On Sep 14, 2016
And these.

Nairaland / General / Re: Please Where Can I Get This? by 19naia(m): 7:43am On Sep 14, 2016
These ones..

Nairaland / General / Court In Session And A Snake Is The Plaintiff. by 19naia(m): 7:24am On Sep 14, 2016
Snake was represented in court concerning its welfare. Photos of the snake being presented to the judge by a constable of animal welfare to make evidence of the snake's poor condition. I suspect they have a human being in custody to endure prison so that the snake may roam free, perhaps to grow big and healthy enough to swallow a child. Perhaps coincidentally swallow the judge's child or perhaps swallow the law maker's child who made the laws to imprison people so that snakes can roam free. ? shocked ?

Career / Re: Nigerian Lady Joins The US Army. Photos by 19naia(m): 3:16am On Sep 14, 2016
Why is she wearing E-2 rank as a college Graduate? I was looking for Lieutenant rank or at least a temporary E-4 rank as she awaits course slots to qualify for E-5 or E-6 rank.

E-2 rank is never a rank given to colleg graduate in the US Army. Even if she only went to two years of university and never cmpleted a degree, they will summarize her course credits and translate them to promotion in rank to E-4.
Hmmm. Make dem quickly do right.


Health / Re: Men Should Not Eat Okro Because Of This by 19naia(m): 10:26pm On Sep 13, 2016
Natural birth control. I love Okra and will continue to eat it. I beg make i no born more children as the population future of the world is a delicate balance. Over-population can be such a stressful experience and can reach deadly stages of pressure on the environment.
Earth's surface is not growing and the resources are not as easy to access as before. Its a recipe for disaster if birth control is not considered.
Thats why we have the natural divine provision called Okra. grin
Agriculture / Re: I Lost N3million In My Farm To The Flood In Ondo State by 19naia(m): 4:39am On Sep 13, 2016
There is the field of topographical study and is used by developed nations when developing. They do the topographical study of the entire Nation and create zoned maps that zone areas for Flood risks or volcano risks, avalanche risk, land slide risk and so on.

One of the easiest to do in an area is a flood zone assessment, if you do not live in proximity of a very large river like river niger. Some very large rivers can flood out over hundreds of kilometers from their normal banks, so topographical study wont help much. People select low lands close to water sources to build fish ponds and that is the most basic flood zone. Any where near a stream or river is a flood zone. There is no escape from that reality.

What successful developments do within flood zones is they build up ramparts or dikes to the highest know flood level to keep the next flood from washing out the protected areas.
Observe the levels of this flood and build up the edges of your ponds to be much higher. Or put up high net barriers around the ponds so that water can flow through the nets but fish will remain.
I Suspect you will now have some wild fish species in your ponds. I like pond designs that incorporate some wild influence so the fish live a more natural lifestyle.
The flood level in the last picture does not seem very high. It looks like it will not take much more increase to raise the edges of the ponds.
Sorry Oooo ,but solutions are there for you to make a success out of it in the future.

I hope you did not build your ponds in a way that created a dam in the water source flow? Dams are designed to take advantage of a water source but they also raise the level of the water source bery high especially when it rains. The successful dams build in flood relief gates that bypass the the dam.
If your Ponds are damming up the stream to capture the water, you will need to first work on a flood bypass gate that can be opeded during rain. The flood bypass gate must take excess water to flow around the ponds and not through them to wash out all the fish. And then after making the bypass gate you can also raise the height of your pond edges.
Religion / Re: Pastor "Heals Mad Man" In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State (photos) by 19naia(m): 3:49am On Sep 13, 2016
Yes now the mad man has been delivered safely into Buhari Change to suffer with the rest. Working day to day , no salary paid and all the rest of the story. He can now enjoy slowly dying in misery while cursing the government.
Chai! at least the madness was freedom, no concern for the rat race and change probably never reached him in that lifestyle he was living, every day he wakes it is the same and never any change for him, not even Buhari change could touch him there.
But now he has been delivered into Buhari change when most poeple are considering the so called madness an escape from "Change".
Even Change will change.

He looks like a natural African bush man to me. I don't see him as Mad. Nigerians are so far removed from their own Native heritage and that in itself is a type of madness that goes undelivered.

You won't see him driving big lorry or car sending black smoke into the air to kill people with asthma nor driving like a mad man to kill people in daily fatal trafic accident, but somehow people are more concerned about delivering him rather than the wolves in sheeps clothing who will cause death in traffic every day even now as we read this, making accident on the road to cause death.

You won't see him doing Yahoo boy things, chopping government loot, wearing uniform to extort bribe, doing fake pastor, omo onile or cheating people in 419. But its him everyone has gathered to focus on for deliverance rather than the many sheep in wolves clothing that roam Nigeria.

You won't see him tapping oil wells and releasing toxic oil spill into poor communites and destroying their health and vital livley hood, you won't see him doing boko haram or avenger activities, you won't see him doing agbero pestilence on the streets, you won't see him deceiving people by dressing like a big man so as to lure people into his trust and exploit if not rape, rob or ritualize their body members. But it is him that the focus of deliverance is on rather than the many wolves in sheep clothing in Nigeria.

I can continue on and on with the true madness in the lie of Nigeria where it is so bad that the best chance of finding an honest uncorrupted man in Nigeria is by searching among these wretched street vagabonds.
When you look back at the photos of original African Bush people who live pure lives, they look more like the the man being harassed on the street there in the guise of deliverance. The man has found his Natural instincts in a country that has gone totally mad, people are in such blind denial about it.

I beg, Jesu Cristi sef was a wandering Vagabond with no home and only the life of charity to and from him. In all of that deliverance scene of Abakaliki, the only person who looks even remotely similar to Jesus dying on the cross for humanity, is the man being supposedly delivered. I beg, Jesus hair was not well tended when he was dying on the cross for you, Jesus body was not washed and groomed and dress ready to find employment as he laid dying on the cross for you. Jesus was not in any shape to attract women in a players game as he lay dying on the cross for you.
Jesus looked like a disheveled beaten and wasted man that no one wanted to touch or share destiny with on his Cross of torment. The people who have truly lost their minds and hearts don't even know it and they are blindly out there tryng to deliver what they do not understand. Jesus was a Native man with the wilderness wanderer in his nature. He was a native man in his native lands dealing with the struggle of a colonial master(Rome) and trying to stand up for his native ways and people in opposition of Roman colonial ways violently converting everyone to submission.
The British are so much modeled after Rome, their english language is so full of Latin Roman language as is evidence by their scientific and legal terminology. They are the incarnation of Rome and the same colonial conquest ways for exploitation of natural and native people around the world. Wolves in sheeps clothing trying to emulate christianity. Rome was the crucifixion of jesus but now their ways permeate christian culture of today. John the Baptist was a wilderness vagabond of sorts and i bet these blind fanatics as so called christians would try to aggressively "deliver" John the baptist as a mad man if they saw him on the streets today. Jesus would return today and would hear all the Roman cognates in your proper educated english speech and see you as related in tongue to the Rome that crucified him rather than the native toungues of the native people who suffered under colonialism such as Rome and then Europe as greater Europe learned the evil trade from Rome, and jesus would see the Roman empire colonial tactics in the modern societal order and know that most people are blind to it and lured into the deception of false beliefs.

People are so mad in Nigeria that they have perspective so corrupted and twisted. If Jesus came tomorrow, they would try to deliver Jesus and convert him to proper christianity because he would look nothing like what people expect him to look like. They see any one not dressed up in suits or well groomed as unholy. It is all Vanity in terms of how Jesus lived ,very simple and barely adorned with anything of material value. They would hear Jesus speaking (aramaic)vernacular and try to convert him to english with all the roman words making up the language, the same Rome that tried to kill him for being a healer and peace maker as the son of God,

I beg stop harassing that Natural man as he just wants to jeje be about his way doing no madness activities on earth like polithiefcians, 419, fake pastors, environmental destroyers for profit, and the rest do.


Are the people of the above video Mad ? Or Africans in their natural heritage whilst under the pressure of exploitation from a foreign parasite culture that just chops and chops and chops and lives in denial? This is what i see when i see the so called Mad man in the streets. I see a primordial instinct surviving and springing up through the hardened crust of of a delusional world of liars, cheats and pathological denialists.

Family / Re: My Wife Spat On My Face This Morning, What Should I Do? by 19naia(m): 2:57am On Sep 13, 2016
Chai! Saudi law in not in her favor. Sending her back to Nigeria will be an easy consequence for her but still may work to tame her. Its always a dangerous mix to have so much priviledge to all those things yet gets angry and fights about those things. Maybe she feels humiliated by the Saudi Male domestic mance thing and she was nit raised that way and wants to punish you for what Saudi men instate ober women there.
Its probably relationship problems between the two of you but when she reacts that way, she is not showing the respect and maturity for relationship problem solution. Its best to send her away if you are able. I know if you are allowed Saudi law intervention without Saudi law being prejudiced towards you, they will be very prejudiced in dealing with her and treat her like an animal is if she is lucky enough to survive the dealings long enough to be deported.
Car Talk / Re: Which Do You Prefer - Manual Or Automatic Transmission? by 19naia(m): 7:08am On Sep 12, 2016
Manual is better for skilled drivers. I bought and drove a new manual trans car for 6 years. It was easy and great but it was abuse on my leg nerves over time and especially in busy stop and go traffic it is a lot of leg work. The leg work and hand work is not so hard but over time in very rough traffic of stop and go, it caused pains in my legs that i did not know was from driving. I travelled overseas without my car one year and stayed away for months and my leg pains did not follow me. I returned after four months and drove manual again and after a few months the pains returned. I eventually travelled away from home for so long without my car and eventually sold it because it just sat wasting and being damaged by people driving it for me. And my leg pains have never returned. I now have an automatic and have been driving for 9 months with no Sciatic nerve pains in my leg and rump. Walking is actually the best relief for my legs.

I enjoyed driving stick so much but it was abuse on my right leg in the long run. One three month period i drove extensively in stop and go traffic for several hours a day, and that time was when i used to walk around with a Limp in my stride like i had an injury preventing me from walking correctly.
I will never drive Manual in Nigeria Traffic. In fact i would rely on a driver. Manual is nice and i enjoyed it but i am not physically fit for it. I would drive a manual just on rare occasion for pleasure but not to own it. But if you dash me manual trans. car for free, na him i go drive if i cannot sell am use buy automatic.


Properties / Re: Advise Needed: Buying A House Or Building One From Scratch by 19naia(m): 6:53am On Sep 12, 2016
Building your self allows you to spend less or even go for a bigger/double plot of land and then build the house partially just enough to move in and slowly complete it as time goes on and more money comes.
Ready made houses are often detailed in such a way that custom additions and changes to your taste will be hard to do.

Some places in Lekki with plots of land selling cheap and ready to build are in estate schemes but none of the infrastructure has been put in. So you can get in cheaply and build but will be lacking the benefits of buying ready made in an area with completed infrastructure to make life easier.
It depends on where you buy and what sacrifices you want to make. Some times building your own can go very wrong if you do not have good builders but crooks who siphon cement money and mix in more sand. Then when building collapse happens with life loss or injury, all the money saved means nothing.
Buying ready made is not bad but its just a matter of if you have all the right connections and options available to make a build your own project happen with less cost and be good quality.

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Career / Re: What Salary Range Is Low Income In Recession? by 19naia(m): 6:40am On Sep 12, 2016
The best salary is to stop buying and start growing a garden in any place you can find. Maybe get a few chickens to roam your yard. Go back to the days when self sufficiency was happiness.
Some people see no difference in these times and before because before, they were not getting paid their salary and even now they still do not see salary paid. Even if they get salary increase, it means nothing to them because non payment is still equal to nothing.
Family / Re: My brother is driving me nut - How Should I Handle This Family Issue? by 19naia(m): 2:19am On Sep 12, 2016
Chai, shocked the brother should go to exile and hide because Abel was killed by Cain for lesser things of jealousy.
He sabi Hustle well and drinking d ogogro. Make he go do conductor work. Accident is just a joke for Danfo conductors , make he go manage as Danfo Conductor while you recover from your losses and make no more extension of yourself into other people's waste. You have been generous enough.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria 2016 by 19naia(m): 9:19pm On Sep 11, 2016
Nigerian salaries are small. At todays exchange rates those are small numbers. N11million per annum is a starting point for basic degree holders in low paid fields in USA. And the non degree holder skilled jobs like Brick layers, carpenters, mechanics and so on can also earn N11million annually at entry level if they work full time.
Depending on which state you work, its possible that BRT type bus drivers, police officers, fire fighter, school teachers and basic civil servants earn the same N11million annually at starting level.
And when you got to expensive cities, Police, fire fighters, civil servants, BRT type bus drivers can earn N32million a year if they have worked up through years of expereince and position.
There are instances where a bricklayer, carpenter, plumber or electrician can earn the same N32million a year if they have a lot of jobs to work on and in an expensive city.

Although, cost of living balances out to make the places where N32million a year can be paid to a non degree holder, very expensive places.

I would rather work in Texas or other cheaper states for a salary of N11million a year than work the same job in NewYork city for N31million a year.
Why? New york city house will not be available to buy for less than N320million , the basic houses in average areas.
Cheaper states you can get the same house for 18% of the NYC cost with less traffic, less parking issues, less taxes to pay for the house annually. So the higher salary does not make a big difference if the cost to own and maintain a home is 5.55 times more but the salary is only 3 times more. Food ,clothing and all other things are about the same in every city but the added stress of the bigger crowded city is another drain of value. Although depending on the profession, the biggest cities are the best for having a business or working very high paid jobs that make over $300k a year and up into the millions.

Making N11million a year in Nigeria is actually very good because the opportunity to live cheaply and have a nicely padded savings accounts is easy even in the most expensive cities of Nigeria.
I would still rather live in USA with N11million a year and be required to spend most of it on higher cost of living, because being paid on time is not a worry and the electricity you pay for will arrive always as well as tap water.
The car you buy will not suffer the worst roads and the general environment on average is cleaner and safer in terms of traffic, disease and bandits. Also the safety net for hard times and government subsidized programs are always there. When USA had economy crisis in 2009, the government sent out stimulus money to every citizen making less than a very high wage. I was not even feeling the economic hard times my self because my investments sold at profit before the economy went down, and still the governement sent me a stimulus check enough to buy food to last 3 weeks.

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Crime / Re: UNICAL Professor’s Son Kidnapped, Another Lecturer & His Wife Shot by 19naia(m): 8:32pm On Sep 11, 2016
All these teacher-teacher no be lecturer be your name, no dey for d same category. shocked They need to be careful failing any of the students anyhow. The student's tuition money go finish and they will have no degree to show, then they will enter street hustle until they stumble their way into these types of activities that see them back on campus and up to no good.
Car Talk / Re: Fuel Consumption Ratio; Six Plugs Vs Four Plugs by 19naia(m): 3:35am On Sep 11, 2016
More plugs are better. Most cars waste fuel because fuel is not completely burned in the engine. The added plugs burn the fuel more completely but most cars with extra plugs are doing this to gain power in an already powerful engine but to do so without raising fuel consumption. Also more plugs means less pollutin for my asthma so i beg my friend get more plugs make i breathe well in traffic with you.

See this 6 cylinder motor cycle grin

Business / Re: The Exit Of Shipping Firms From Nigeria by 19naia(m): 1:19am On Sep 11, 2016
In a time when Physicist, engineers and other men well learned in high sciences of their day tried to crack the secret to making machines that would fly like birds, it was common Bicycle mechanics with experience in other trades who unlocked the secret to a lift wing and then to self propelled flight.
This is the reality of the merit culture we live in where we predetermine who has competency and who does not based on preconceived notions or systemic expectations such as the prejudice that puts faith only in degree holders yet the degree program they studied under was managed by computers and software invented by people who never finished university. That the only hope of any one who wants to one day fly and own a private jet is to finish University because a bicycle mechanic, vulcanizer or such will never have the knowledge to work out a way to afford a jet plane? Meanwhile it was common bicycle mechanics the Wright brothers who invented the first working airplane. Very few people who can affrod private jets know how to invent one or fly one. How many bicycle mechanics can afford an airplane? There is a man who left university never graduating and he is a major servicer of NASA and US Airforce rocket science amd weapons systems needs. Everything from laser sytems to physica and engineering intensive projects. He is simply the best and many who graduated from where he never completed, they covet to work for him. Simply innovative rather than educated.

Nigeria is plagued with all the money being in incompetent people's hands who have been bred in a very prejudiced merit culture.
This is the issue behind why Nigeria always sells out to imports and wallows in self loathing of incompetence. Nigerians do as they are told and not as they can innovate to discover with faith in themselves.
Nigeria can do it but nigeria will never have the faith in self until it can have the faith in common people like mechanics, vulcanizers, farmers and people who work with their hands rather than those who work with their mouths and a demented sense of a big man who has never produced a thing in his life other than gone to school and played the expected image of that.

USA is full of top inventors who made very advanced technical products without an education in formal school. Nigeria is trapped in institutional thinking and developed intstitutions before it ever developed the roots of what it is lacking. The institutions for everything is there but it is empty of fruition because the source of everything is in the common man with working hands and innovative mind. That is repressed in Nigeria by big man mentality that allows and encourages only what protects the big mans status, priviledges and the basic continuation of the said system whilst only room to exploit is made.
I have more faith in taking chances with a vulcanizer or street mechanic to go into productive investments. Some one who thinks creatively from his hands and experiences the dirty side of all good things. Na him go sabi how to invent and innovate, not some college educated puppet of institution who does not want dirt to touch his hands or to bend his back to experience hands on and learn real world dynamics of all things enhancing to quality of life.
All positions in commerce, be it banking or government are based on material products that stem from food, to shelter , to clothing, and up from there. Without a product being made or innovated, banks and governments with all their money are nothing. Stock traders will be empty souls lost with nothing but numbers and charts that provide no nutrition, shelter or real value at all. Dangote is full of real product investments and the understanding of the value of performance rather than merit by image. So what if you King Gogo of Ogbowolo, what have you made or serviced other than the show of image of status?

Afrcans used to be humble but vanity has spoiled many of them and lessened their potentials to learn and innovate for themselves.
If Dangote can run a multifaceted mega productive industrial empire in Nigeria, then its possible for Nigerians to run their own shipping companies. Just insert the right minds and trust me a university conditioned mind is not the first meritable trait to present. Nigerian disfunction is full of University merited people who know nothing but self agrandization and an aversion to doing anything productive for themselves, only taking salary and ordering others to do for them while looking for ways to extort money from any stray soul.

Faith in the humanity Nigeria is very important and it will be helpful to place better value on human life rather than just fodder for road kill.
Business / Re: The Exit Of Shipping Firms From Nigeria by 19naia(m): 12:32am On Sep 11, 2016

So why do you think China refused to make their currency stronger ?

Thank you
You have asked the revealing question that leads to the truth.

It Is To keep the USA attracted to Buying from China which has enriched china to the brink of surpassing the wealth of USA economy.
Currency value is never the real measure of economy. Japan is a top tier nation and their currency is a much lower value than Chinese or american currency.

Chinese Juan Renminbi is 6.6 to $1
Japanese Yen is 102 to $1

And yet USA with all of its auto manufacturing and invention of automobile, buys more Japanese cars for the reliability. Japam is actually manufacturing many of its cars in USA to make it cheaper for USA to buy. Same as Auto manufactureres setting up industry to make cars in Nigeria as a means to bring cost within reach of Nigerians. They sell more when it is more affordable.

USA is losing economically in many ways but it still has the lead in some major massive and high tech sectors. Aircraft manufacture, military hardware and weapon manufature, heavy industry machines, computers, oil production, chemical sciences , medical sciences and most other sciences and America sells huge amounts of education to people from around the world. Holding a USA degree is premium product in hand in the eyes of the world. Amd USA degree is not cheap for foriegners unless they get scholarships or grants.

There are countries poorer than USA and their currency is stronger than USA currency. British pound, and some middle eastern currencies.
Currency is not the measure or economy or productivity. China is the most Productive while USA is among the most Innovative.

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Business / Re: The Exit Of Shipping Firms From Nigeria by 19naia(m): 12:17am On Sep 11, 2016
Why should the government do anything to encourage the foriegn shipping companies to stay? The foriegn shippping companies are an imported service and their service is also to import. Its a trap to stay chronically stuck in imported goods and imported services.

The point is that Nigeria does not need to import shipping services. Let Nigeria pay into local shipping companies and even let the government subsidize them to help them grow. Maybe import some ships but let them operate as Nigerian owned as a locally based service that can export Nigerian goods and Import foriegn goods.

Those who are serious and addicted to foriegn dependency and exploitation should go and buy from the Benin republic border from other ports in west Africa. Nigeria's economy is big enough for that and the neighbour countries will benefit and reciprocate their economic gain back towards buying more Nigerian made goods.
But when Nigerian shipping companies are grown, it will make a huge difference for Nigeria. Why import shipping companies to ship in imports. Double jeopardy.

Its bad enough that Nigeria is over dependent on imports, but to go to the extreme of dependency on foreign shipping companies to bring those imports is just a more compounded problem of Nigerians not doing anything for themselves.
Let the shipping companies go and Nigeria can buy its own ships and do its own shipping.
If there are foriegn ports that strategically ban Nigerian ships so as to trap Nigeria in Foriegn service dependency, then Nigeria will know its exploitation to keep Nigeria trapped and reason to avoid buying from those countries. If Nigerians love that Exploitation and trapping in paying all their money to enrich foreign companies, then they should keep quite and enjoy this resulting economic recession that comes with it.

You know its a sign of chronic foreign dependency when the first thought in mind is to beg the shippers to come back when there is the option to do more made in Nigeria shipping services. Eventually Nigeria wants to grow productivity to make significant exports, and that makes a perfect opportunity now to build Nigerian home grown shipping companies that will be there when the time comes to service the export of Nigerias Products. Its a trap every time you look away from yourself and towards another country to do or makes something for you and then pay added fees for them to bring it while able bodied Nigerins are unemoloyed and nigerian resources remain untasked towards stable local development.

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