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Nairaland / General / Today's Viewing Selection by 19naia(m): 4:17pm On Jul 30, 2016
Celebrities / Re: Hakeem Onilogbo, Makeup Artist & Hakeem Effects CEO, Who Does Wonders (Pics) by 19naia(m): 4:39am On Jul 29, 2016
He better keep his work in a highly contained and controlled area before jungle justice madmen start to think these things are real or evidence of witchcraft and ritualist crimes.

They will just start beating and burning to death without checking for substantial details or asking important questions.

Its a sad truth when your work is this realistic in a superstitious and rash environment like Nigeria.

Otherwise, it is quite an accomplishment. grin
Agriculture / Re: Facts About SNAKE TOMATOES As A Replacement For The Vine Tomatoes by 19naia(m): 3:49pm On Jul 23, 2016
Just because it is named after tomato, does not mean it tastes like tomato or will suitably substitute tomato.
People need to taste it to know for sure.

There are fruits named after apples that taste nothing like apples. There are fruits named after pears that taste nothing like pears.
Nigerians need to get accustomed to growing smal home gardens like their grandmothers did. Dont lose the wisdom of the elders.

Business / Re: What 1 Trillion Naira Looks Like? Photo by 19naia(m): 2:41am On Jul 22, 2016
Its probably less than .5billion
Travel / Re: Tanker Catches Fire Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway(photos) by 19naia(m): 1:40pm On Jul 20, 2016
See the state of the road. It is contrary to all the pictures of progress always being shown with Govt. officials inspecting. Maybe they have a look nger way to go than being portrayed. At Least no death being reported in this case.
Education / Re: Help A Nairalander Explain This Exam Question To Be Faced In Two Days Time. by 19naia(m): 5:53pm On Jul 18, 2016
There are many approaches to the matter but these links are along the lines of professionals in the working field of psychology and education.
So this is more the medical industry approach and some about Employment screening to be sure to test employees for psychology and education. School screening as well included. This approach may carry you through a doctoral level citation sef.

These links show where it is applied and would be very good info for the argument supporting it. Its hard to find arguments against it when it applies to dealing with children who were born with abnormal dispositions psychlogically such as Autism and down syndrome among others.
Psychological testing plays a significant part in understanding their educational needs, potential or receptivity ,and educational testing plays as significant a part in discovering their education limitations and needs.

One link talks about elderly people and testing for Dementia. Definitely a reason to value the testing, but the issue of accuracy was brought up with risk of diagnosing grandma with Dementia even though she still manages a sharp mind at her age.

No science is perfect and so there is always more to research and learn.

I think the argument against it would be more along the lines of people who are born fully intact with no known disabilities. I added more links besides the first two medical oriented ones. It seems the side of argument in favor is far more common than the side against it.




" Mini-Mental State Examination & Dementia
Br J Gen Practice 2002; 52: 1002–1003
MMSE for screening elderly dementia patients questioned

Researchers have found that using the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) to screen elderly people for dementia may not be as accurate as previously thought, raising a question mark over its potential use in primary care.

Nia White and colleagues from the University of Wales in Bangor found that using the MMSE for screening dementia in the elderly gave a false-positive result in 86% of cases."


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Car Talk / Re: What's The Oldest Car You've Driven by 19naia(m): 2:27pm On Jul 18, 2016
VW Jetta GL 1984 driven in 2007 for a few months and also a 1984 suzuki 4cylinder motorcycle 750cc that same year. I sold my 1999 subaru that year after problems with it, so my neighbor who was a former VW mechanic hooked me up with the car and motorcycle for cheap.
After a few months, i gave the car back to him and sold the motorcycle.
Then I went to dealership and bought a new 2007 mazda on borrowed money to use for healing the suffering from those 1984 vehicles i had in 2007. I enjoyed a good 7 years with that 2007 mazda while that 1984 VW jetta was still sitting in my neighbour's compound when i was last there in 2014. My neighbor used to drive a 1970's VW bus up to 2004. He was a proffesional VW mechanic and still had all the tools of the trade at home.

Same color and same wheels as this photo. Looks identical to what i had except mine was not in very good condition. Only the engine and trassmisson on mine was in excellent shape.

Nairaland / General / Re: Pics: Would You Pay This For Your Child's School Fees???? by 19naia(m): 2:55am On Jul 18, 2016
Not a price i will pay in Nigeria. That is enough to buy a ticket to Europe or America while covering the cost of private school as well. Enough money to build my own nursery school sef in Nigeria.


Travel / Re: Please Help, He Is About To Be Deported From Uae by 19naia(m): 2:22am On Jul 18, 2016
That kind of labour and N500k taken to a village in Nigeria would have been more lucrative and with more control over one's own destiny. One could even be their own boss laboring on their own farm in Nigeria with that N500k invested.

People don't understand or are in denial that all the great countries on earth got that way by brute force and exploitation and enslavement of people from all over the world and it still goes on today in more convoluted ways. What do Nigerians think the colonial history was all about?
It was about enriching and benefiting the colonialist countries and not the colonized.
Business / Re: Naira Falls To 363 As Dollar Scarcity Continues by 19naia(m): 1:57pm On Jul 15, 2016
Price of fuel at the pump has dropped again in USA, i am assuming that is because the price of crude has dropped around the world.

Of course that would mean Nigeria's income of $ will shrink and a scarcity of dollars would loom. Also there was the hit taken in Delta, done by vandals. Those losses are starting to eat their way into the budget just as warned back then.

No way out of it except to diversify the economy day by day and one step at a time. A low value currency means nothing if the country is on track to the right type of economy that isn't bound to a singular channel of income by way of crude oil. The world is changeing and crude oil production is skyrocketing around the world as plans to reduce consumption of crude are being implemeted in well developed nations.

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Travel / Re: Swiss-born Nigerian Faces Deportation From Switzerland by 19naia(m): 6:12pm On Jul 14, 2016

But if he was born there and lived all his life there, where did he learn the badness from? Their society must have taught him what he knows. Is it not their languages he is speaking

Its not uncommon for Nigerians to beat and be harsh on their children abroad in the way Nigerian parents do in Nigeria. In Nigeria there is the general culture of that, and all the children share the same story of the harsh treatment, they will always have a friend who was treated worse at home and that will make them feel normal and less resentful.

But when in a very peaceful country like Switzerland, and the parents are very harsh with words and beatings and he is all alone with that among friends who are not treated that way, he becomes resentful and feels he is being treated unfairly, like a dog, while others are treated better.. So it is more likely he acts out more harshly without concern for what others feel when they don't care what he feels when he is treated harshly. Then he begins to relate to people there with the same resentments and lack of caring any more. From there, they go about a way of life to punish those who would try to live on peacfully while ignoring how harshly they were treated. Same happens all over the world.

Cultural mixing can have some bad side-effects when bad qualities are mixed, and the truth is that when you look at where Nigeria is with dead bodies scattered on the street and little concern given, physical and verbal abuse at every level -even in the senate, traffic driving to kill one another and many deaths on the road and so on and so on, dont be surprised if it is seeds of Nigerian ways yielding dividends in a country as ranking in peace and tolerance around the world as Switzerland.

Even people smoking Indian hemp and using other drugs are not treated like criminals in Switzerland. They treat people very kindly with tolerance for even the worst. He was given many chances and they were kind enough to release him again and again. Now they are simply trying to release him to be free, but this time in Nigeria. If it was Nigeria he committed the first crime in, he would still be in jail to this day or dead from jungle justice.
The Swiss are kind to deport him and even so it is only for 15 years. They prefer people to be free rather than in prison and they prefer their country safe rather than to not deport him to Nigeria.
Nigeria will show him what harshness is all about and he will understand that he did not have true reason for resentment in Switzerland. He will be lucky if he does not get killed in Nigeria. The swiss are treating him very kindly. Nigeria is a far different story especially if he were to see jungle justice in action.


Travel / Re: Swiss-born Nigerian Faces Deportation From Switzerland by 19naia(m): 5:53pm On Jul 14, 2016
He does not have a swiss passport,and doesn't have any document that proves he is a Nigerian(no records with the Nigerian govt). Technically,he isn't a Nigerian even though his parents are Nigerians. I hope I am correct on this. If wrong,someone should kindly put me through.

It said he does not have Swiss citizenship but has a residency permit that is being revoked. People cannot have a residency permit in any country without having a passport from a different country. He is recognized as a Nigerian citizen by Switzerland and that must be because the passport on whch he sustained a swiss residency permit, is a Nigerian Passport. And by that, they determine which country to deport him to. They will likely contact or report to the Nigerian embassy and Nigeria will have to accept him back and possibly even have charges waiting for him at home as some countries will try you at home for crimes commited abroad.
People cannot have residemcy permit in any country without holding a foreign passport as proof of citizenship of another country. His birth in Switzerland did not grant him Swiss passport rights or citizenship.


Travel / Re: Swiss-born Nigerian Faces Deportation From Switzerland by 19naia(m): 5:42pm On Jul 14, 2016
Switzerland is not like USA in the sense that being born in switzerland does not make him a citizen like it would in USA.
Also, Switzerland is a very peaceful and tolerant country with little crime ~unlike USA. For Switzerland to have him there acting like an american street thug and doing serious damage with a knife in a fight, while bearing a Nigerian passport and a Swiss residency permit, it is grounds for immigration review and expulsion from the country.
They are kind enough to make it a 15 year expulsion only, rather than for life.

Swiss prison was too good for him, like a strict hotel with finery to wow the average Nigerian. He was unable to change and cool down after many years of prison and such. I mean, drug use is not a criminal offense in Switzerland. He could have stayed cool and just smoked grass to keep his wild side tamed. Even strong stuff like heroin would not be a crime there and he would have been treated medically if he had such drug problems.

I am just trying to say that Switzerland is so loose and easy that even smoking the bush or using other drugs is taken lightly. It is so peacful and easy compared to any country on earth. If he could not manage that (maybe his Nigerian parents treated him harsh like Nigerians do and he acted out resentfully because the country was so peacful but parents treated him harsh at home like he was in Nigeria), then maybe he deserves the lesson Nigeria will teach him.

If he is lucky, his parents have the money to hook him up well in Nigeria, but he will have to struggle if his english is not well and his education is neglected. I hope his parents have enough Erous € to keep him in school and taken care of when in Nigeria.
Nigeria will do the transformation job for him, it will change him or it will kill him.

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Family / Re: I Am Scared, My Fiancee And Her Mum Treats Her Father Like A Houseboy by 19naia(m): 10:26pm On Jul 13, 2016
I know the man may have abused them in the past, but the issue is that they still hold to punishing him and relish in it to an extent that has become them with a likely sense of power and conquering over all men of the world.
This means that they are so accustomed to and embellished in treating men like that and believeing that men are abusers who must be pusnished.
They will pathologically take this approach now to all men that come to be a close part of their home and way of being. As soon as there is conflict of any small measure between you and fiancee, she will fall back on her training and experience with how to handle men at home and of what merit to give men. Her mom has exposed her to that as her primary way.

They will have the same in store for you at any sign of the smallest friction. They will never change until they can change with the man they have now at home and change to make deep ammends all around. Its not just deep wounds they have festering in their home, but the proverbial knife is still in the wound and they are digging it in deeper rather than pulling it out for healing. Why would you join such a circus of madness?

Run now before they use you like a donkey and mentally restrain you to resignation into whatever fate they determine over you.

Run now before they drive you mad to the point of waking to slaughter them in the night, like the goats they are.

Leave and don't look back because those are women who have learned to hate men yet never learned to overcome their desire for men.
They want to be kings without the independence and strength to be such, so they look for a man to walk all over for the image of strength and power.
A man cannot prosper in life beside a woman who does not have the substance to encourage and support prosperity in her man partner.

Be wise and don't cost yourself a browsing of hell in life before you die. No amount of prayer or hope will help you if you deliver yourself to them . Its them who need prayer and hope, so let them be and pray for them in hope -at a safe distance. Spawn of Medusa who will turn any man to stone. Spawn of Medusa, cursed by God himself and not a favor he would solve just for you just because of a little prayer. You will suffer and risk to life and limb with them... And risk to sanity with them.

Run. Its better to be alone, free and safer than to be locked down to Spawn of Medusa. shocked

They crucified Jesus and Jesus came back not to punish, but to forgive and save souls. That woman is the opposite. She was never killed but she has a home-made hell she is enjoying being the master of, in her house as if she is the devil himself. They will only be happy to add you to the flames. They could just forgive and forget the man and let him go, but they have learned to enjoy making hell for him. It has entered their blood now and will be their personality until they can forgive, forget and let him go with no interest in making anybody suffer.


Health / Re: My Left Ear Has Been Blocked For 4 Days Now... Help!!! by 19naia(m): 6:18pm On Jul 12, 2016
The ones that happen over night while sleeping ,are usually insects crawling inside or foriegn object falling in. I hope nobody molested you in your sleep by putting something in your ear.
Celebrities / Re: Sheebah Karungi's Makeup Washed By Sweat During Performance (photo) by 19naia(m): 12:34am On Jul 11, 2016
thats why you should use a thin layer of clay mixed with red palm oil and shea butter. Simple and natural, but people want to make like oyibo and no sabi say na d traditional one pass any thing wey oyibo fit concoct in laboratory. grin

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Romance / Re: Boyfriend Is Finding Out Details About Me From An Unknown Source. Help!!! by 19naia(m): 9:02pm On Jul 10, 2016
If you cant see that the guy is curious about you, hmmm -and nothing says a barrier more than not revealing your full name. A boyfriend for 5 months and he is just now learning your name without your help -and your first impression is apprehension and sense of distress?
Either you want to hide things from him or you want to get to know each other. He is proving his intent to know you and you are proving intent to hide you from him.
The only thing that looks suspect is you. Are you on the most wanted list? Is your name associated with anything shameful? Has he used knowledge of your name to suggest anything bad about you, or is it your own guilty thoughts fearful that he will find something out that is no good? Confess now, what is your guilt that worries you so terribly..
The guy wants to know you and there is nothing wrong with that unless you have such a tyrranic history that you want to hide. You dont expect him to continue to blindly follow and not get to know you? What if he ends up with a witch ready to sacrifice him? What about you? Do you want to know his full name and who he is?
Celebrities / Re: Bukky Ajayi’s Son, Kunle Fawole Pictured by 19naia(m): 7:10pm On Jul 08, 2016
Good on him there. Where has he been? He has been behind the scenes taking care of his mother who was becoming frail over the passing years.
It wasn't easy as her condition needed special attention and care.
It's amazing he still found time to keep up with acting roles and taking time out to hang out with us and show us around lagos late last year.

He still always practiced his rapping and acting all these years but its not always easy with so much competition and his mums needs.
Rest and reward time has come for his mum and Kunle will be blessed by it all for the part he has done. His time is coming.

Heres photos of him finding time to hangout with a hoard of us crazy people. It was a good time with old friends from way back in time when we were just children and had no idea where we would be in life today.
Let comfort find his heart in this time of loss of his most dear.


Nairaland / General / Re: Pictures Of A Puff Adder Killed This Morning While Working On A Farmland by 19naia(m): 4:45pm On Jul 08, 2016
Its a Gaboon Viper and one of the too snakes to never get bitten by, it would be a horrible death.

Gaboon Viper is the only one with the light colored rectangles running along the length of the spine.

Puff adder is a similar snake but not as hefty and with a different body color pattern.

The photos show pictures of puff adders in the top photo and Gaboon Vipers in the bottom. (I also added photo of a turtle and muskrat i saw when riding bicycle the 0n the r0ad by the lake grin)
OP's snake fits the description of Gaboon viper very well and its more interesting than a puff adder.

Nigeria was found to have the highest density of snakes on earth and it's no surprise that Nairaland has the highest rate of snake encounter stories.

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Food / Re: I Found This When I Opened Blue Band by 19naia(m): 6:36pm On Jul 07, 2016
Either its spoiled or coffee grains spilled inside.
But it doesnt look like a random scattering of grains or growth pattern of mold, It looks like it was hand sprinkled with something. Like someone deliberately spread the contaminant or ritual concotion in there(juju shocked), maybe to poison or annoy you or maybe na you do am to contrive subject matter for fromt page exposure on NL shocked
Car Talk / Re: I Intend To Take My Car Mileage To 500,000km by 19naia(m): 3:33pm On Jul 07, 2016
Can somobody in the house enlighten me mileage in km and mile please.
Your contributions will be appreciated.

Here you go, chairman.
Also included photo of turtle i saw by the road side yesterday. Cheers

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Car Talk / Re: I Intend To Take My Car Mileage To 500,000km by 19naia(m): 3:25pm On Jul 07, 2016
2001 Toyota Sienna. 153,000 miles (not Km)
The engine is so quiet and vibration free that i often doubt the engine is on after it is started. It gets loud only when i accelerate. The feel of suspension and steering is strong, stout and well balanced, i even like the solid sound i hear when i go over bad roads. The sound is like the entire body of the car smoothly absorbs the shock because there is no loose gaps or rattling anywhere, just one solid piece and good shock absorbers that are not too hard and not too soft.

Problems it has are not really concerning because it manages well and seems i will go a long way before needing to fix them. Small problem with rattling under the car only when i accelerate hard, sounds similar to a small leak in the front area exhaust pipe. Then the Transmission is very smooth and works great except for a thump if i am very abrupt in acceleration changes during the automatic shift in the low range. Also when i shift to reverse, if i dont wait the recommended 3 seconds before accelerating, then it also thumps into position. Its all engaging well into gear and smooth but it makes loud thumps in the low range gears if i am too strong and abrupt with acceleration while the gears are automatically changing.

It feels like if i just drive nice and easy on the pedals like its a luxury car, it does fine and gives me full range performance in a solid and smooth way. Being a Toyota, i expect it to manage the transmission issues for quite some time before needing replacement. I use the car hakf the year and park it when i travel the other hakf of the year. I am prepared to replace the transmission any time it goes.
I bought it used with 134k miles on it and i put in new timing belt kit, new pulley belts, always do engine oil at recommended time and miles, replaced coolant, replaced tranmission fluid, replaced front brake pads and serviced the entire brake system(cleaning drum brake housing and adjustments), serviced the airconditioning and 4 new tires.

I expect to have to do O2 sensor at some time, transmission at some time, but no other signs of issues and these listed issue may manage well for a long time as they often do on toyotas. I am willing to see this car through to over 300k miles even if i have to replace transmission and it may only need adjustments. I have more confidence in this toyota and would rather spend money fixing it than spending more on a new car because it is cost effective and i got it at a good price. Sometimes i wonder if the digital readout Odometer has been talered with because the guage cluster lights are partially out, one side does not light up and there is small dust debris behind the sealed cluster glass. I looked all over the vehicle inside and out, for signs of high mileag wear but it seems to show only wear consistent to its mileage or less than that, It is old and it shows more age than wear. So i chanced it despite the guage cluster tampering suspicion, and the car still drives as smooth and solid like new even after the very low price i paid. I have no noy seen one pricing lower or the same since they bought mine and that was almost two years later and it showed over 260k miles. Mine still says 153k miles and i got it over 2 years ago.

Its a part time car for me, i park it for up to six months inside my garage. This is actually the first year i have used it heavily. I even just drove it on a 7 hour trip to another state, and i will drive it back. I plan driving it end if this year a very long distance of about 4 days of driving and do the same on the return trip. If e break down, i go take am to toyota make dem fix am well, because it will always be a good vehicle when repaired and serviced well.
This car has quenched all my temptation to buy a new car, i even enjoy it more than the mazda car i bought new in 2007 and sold in 2014.
Toyota Sienna 2001 153k miles. My own has dents and stains in the carpet but it is functionaly a very good car, i bought it for roughing around and carrying sometimes dirty cargo and also for the toyota reliability. By the time this car is finished, i would likely have enough money saved to pay cash for another house and a new car. Maybe when this car is finished, make i just get another house and a used SiennaAWD 2010 with money remaining to service and repair it well.
Science/Technology / Re: What Kind Of Snake Is This? by 19naia(m): 1:17pm On Jul 06, 2016
Looks similar to mamba but the mouth interior is not the same as Mamba.

These are mamba pictures. The fangs are small on Mamba but they are at the very front of the mouth. I cannot see the front of the inside mouth of the snake in OP photos to see if there are venom fangs.

Also don't be misled by the round eye theory for non venomous snakes. Mamba clearly has round eyes or pupils in these photos. The diamond or slitted eyes are particular to Vipers which are not the only type of venomuos snakes.
Green Mamba is a Tree snake and many tree snakes are non venomous while some vipers are tree dweeling snakes but not in the tree snake classification that Mamba belongs to.

African stiletto snake is another venomous and very painful snake with eyes that are hard to read because they are jet black and a very glossy shine to them.

Everything about that snake looks like a Mamba except the color and inside of the mouth is different. It may be a tree snake that is closley related to Mamba. I would behave like its a Mamba if i was around it because one caution in hand is better than two unidentified Mamba in hand.

Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stoned To Death In Togo (pics) by 19naia(m): 1:05pm On Jul 06, 2016
These people, i hope they enjoy taking care of that baby because now the father who would be the provider is no more. Its not easy and they will have to bear the burden or the worst may be that they all go to prison and the child will be born in prison and live the life of an orphan. lipsrsealed
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Lagos Of The Future Could Look Like— Pictures. by 19naia(m): 1:55pm On Jul 03, 2016
When the projects are tied to budgets and the budgets are tied to corrupt people, of course all kinds of cutting corners will factor into the buildings and infrastructure projects. And thus the simulation has done a very good job at projecting Nigeria's future city scapes. D budget neva fit reach after all d chop chop reduce am, na so d end product wey d money buy look like so.
Behind every failed project in Nigeria is someone driving a car and residing in a house he could not afford through honest work. What is so wrong with living a modest life any way? What is excess wealth if one has to live in a world of fear, dysfunction and chronic mistrust?

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Properties / Re: When The Architect Has Phd In Space Management (photo) by 19naia(m): 1:44pm On Jul 03, 2016
Chai! Even flat screen TV no fit enter dat house. How e fit find money build dat house but no fit find money buy adequately sized land?

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Politics / Re: Is Steady Electricity Possible In Nigeria? by 19naia(m): 3:30pm On Jul 02, 2016
I used to think it was possible until i saw the topic posted about a man who was caught digging up underground electrical cables in Abuja and cutting portions to stow in the boot of his car.

Chaii! wiarisgod Oooo? If the power infrastructure cannot even find safety hiding underground, there is no safety for it any where.

Nigerians will continue to chop away at Nigeria's progress in every level, from those living in the gutter to those living in Aso rock.

Maybe Its a sign of hope that the cable thief was caught in Abuja. Maybe hope will come when people take seriouspy to catch all of those destroyers of Nigeria's progress. embarassed
Science/Technology / Re: Timothy Addigi Builds A Nigerian Tractor by 19naia(m): 4:58am On Jul 02, 2016
I heard complaints today in USA about How strong the dollar is right now. The value of the dollar is at a high point and they dont like it.
£pound has fallen and $dollar is strong in its place ,but many other currencies around the world are falling such as with the Naira. All that is magnifying the $'s strength.
So why are the Sharp economic minds in USA complaining? Why are they not like the Nigerians who have been singing " Make 1 naira equal to $1" ?
The People in USA seem to want to be shouting "devalue the dollar". Why? Why is Japan happiest when their ¥ is over 100 to a $?

Productive countries don't want their currency of such a high value while other world currencies are very low, because those low value currency countries will not be able to afford the exchange rate in international commerce. USA knows vey well the value of export markets and the importance of international customers being able to afford to buy the exports after currency exchange happens. When the dollar is of a reasonably lower value, they sell more exports in USA. When the dollar is too high, they do not sell much. Also, very few americans would want to move to Nigeria and enjoy the N320-$1 exchange rate because Nigeria has very little to offer despite the favorable exchange rate. Americans can enjoy a high quality everywhere at a budget rate.

Imagine a Nigeria Making it's own JohnDeere tractors to boost farming and then exporting those farmed goods and local produced tractors to other african Nations? Nigeria doesn't even need to export beyond Africa to reach the ecnomic stratosphere.
The Local made tractor translates into road maintainace equipment beacuse roads are ploughed up just like fields. Its just a bit of redesign before a tractor becomes a road grader or bulldozer. Imagine all that locally made and the improvement to infrastructure without sending local money overseas and paying added shipping cost to bring back tractors and heavy equipment. ?

Local Productivity at every level is where it counts.
Japanese cars are sold world wide beyond any other car maker, so are their electronic products and heavy equipment. Even the Mighty USA cannot compete with sales of Japanese cars in their own country(USA). Japan is a top world economy with a top standard of living, but they prefer ¥100 to equal $1. They do not want $1 to equal ¥1. They sell to every country, the poorest and richest countries on earth. They want their currency to stay cheap enough for other currencies to survive the currency exchange process and they want to be cheap enough for americans to afford despite their own country being more expensive than USA. The average american cannot afford Japanese prices for living in Japan, but the currency exchange rate helps to balance things out while Japan remains expensive yet rich enough to pay livable wages to every one.

Nigeria is overpriced, underproductive and misdirected. But here we see the solution being born little by little. It may not be a world quality tractor but it is in the right direction for Nigeria and Africa. If the tractor can do real farm work in Nigeria, then it is a success no matter what country makes a better tractor. I hope it evolves into production of other heavy equipment for roads and other infrastructure works.
The more Nigeria produces at home, the less it will have to worry about currency value.

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Travel / Re: Lagos-Calabar Railway: FG And CCECC sign $11.12bn MoU by 19naia(m): 7:03pm On Jul 01, 2016
So where will it cross the river Niger? Will they build a dedicated bridge in the face of the 2nd Niger river bridge that seems to not be able to get up off the banks of the river Niger.

If they can do it, it will be a great benefit and ease added to the major flow of traffic across the Niger river. Its sad that only one bridge serves the bulk of traffic from such a densely populated area, And its helped Onitsha become among the worst air pollution locations on earth.

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Properties / Re: Help! I Saw This On The Document Of The Property I Want To Buy. by 19naia(m): 4:35pm On Jul 01, 2016
It cleary says its a Leased property. You do not need a lawyer to know the seller is actually only a lessee of the property and therefore has no right to sell the property. You may be able to buy out his balance in the lease but not to buy the property outright.
A judge in court will have to pass judgement in honor of the orginal 70 year lease and dismiss any claims to purchase that came in later without written consent of the actual owner.

If you want that property, go and look for the original owner that leased it to the person trying to sell it.

Save yourself the lawyer costs and cease all transactions with the person who is obviously identified as no better than a simple renter on long term lease. It doesnt take a lawyer to know this.
Even if you find the original owner, he may not be able to sell it sef because it is bound by the balance of the 70 year lease.
You may be able to buy out the lessees remaining interests ,but you would still have to settle an additional purchase price with the original owner.
Basically you would need two contracts. One that buys out the lessees lease interests and another that buys out the original owner's title holder interests.
The property may end up being more costly than you imagined if you go the correct route.

If you are still interested in the property despite the potential added costs, save yourself from lawyer costs for now and go find the original owner and discuss sale with him and then discuss with the person it is leased to for a price to release his lease interests.
More importantly, now that you see the property is being handled dubiously, go and do a title search on it to be certain it has no other questionable issues going on with it.
If you reach a deal with the original owner and are willing prepared to pay more than you expected for the property, Your best bet is to first pay to research the property history via the title history and any legal records concerning the property in prior disputes.

Also this can get very complicated if the original owner died and left behind family members who were not bequeathed the property nor made aware it exists under a long term lease agreement. This person trying to sell it to you ,may know that the original owner is nowhere to be found and has no family or trusts aware of the lease drawn up in 1977. The property could end up in legal freeze for quite some time if the legal owner or his inheritors cannot be found.


Car Talk / Re: How A Mechanic Made A Nigerian Woman Drive With A Missing Suspension Linkage by 19naia(m): 2:31pm On Jun 30, 2016
I once had issues with the power window-by my side door,l couldn't operate the electrical window regulator. I took it to this auto electrician (rewire).l almost faint at the way he yanked opened the door panels,the most painful part was the weather sheeting-that flimsy foam-like covering under the door panel.He tore it away and when l complained he told me that it's just a mere covering and it serves no useful purpose there,(wahala eyin alakowe ti po ju)he concluded.l was furious and tongue-lashed him wella.To cut the long story short that door stops giving the usual smooth thud sound anytime l close it.lt started giving the unpleasant clattering sound(associated with danfo doors)and the car was just over a year old-bought it new.l almst sell it for that singular reason.

The technology is so high, that a flimsy thin layer of foam-like covering is beyond the mechanic's sense to know that it has extensive sound dampening qualities to keep out road noise and can act as a moisture barrier when water gets in through the widow trough. Eventually water damage will become an issue on that car door if the window is ever down during the rain. Of course outside road noise will be increased and the door will not be as solid and padded together to cancel out clutter noise from all the moving parts and peices. He probably also removed or destroyed other small damper parts around the panel connector points.
Just a few small things here and there can add up to a chain reaction of problems down the road. Moisture entering can add up to rust and door area electrical problems which can lead to window rolling and door lock issues and if it is a bad short in the electricals there, it can slowly degrade the battery and even burn the wiring through the car if not causing the entire car to go up in flames. All that new noisy door action adds friction which over time will erode the contact points holding the door panel on, and that will cause it to become even noisier if not fall off completely ,years down the road.
One simple sheet of plastic or foam removed can lead to all of that in the wrong set of circumstances. They plan for all of that in extensive safety and quality tests.
Wetin concern dem for safety and quality in Naija?
When you see cars burned down on the side of the road, just remember how some small insignificant thing in the car could have stopped the chain reaction that led to the car fire, but the mechanic said it was ok to remove it a 2 years prior.

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Car Talk / Re: How A Mechanic Made A Nigerian Woman Drive With A Missing Suspension Linkage by 19naia(m): 2:13pm On Jun 30, 2016
That looks like a torsion Bar end point and the missing peice looks like it is used to keep the torsion bar from rotating while in place. If its a torsion bar, then its not as dangerous a situation, but in bad road situations of ups and downs, the car's frame would benefit from the torsion bar that was still in place and functioning. If the torsion bar did rotate in position, the loose ends could potentially catch on something in the suspension area and transfer stress which could add up over time to become damage.
Maybe i am wrong, but it looks like a loose end of a lower torsion bar used to add extra rigidity to the car frame. Cars can still function safely with the torsion bar entirely removed, but it will slightly alter the feel of the car on bad roads that contort the car.

In Nigeria, no matter what, its best to not allow mechanics to drop parts out even if it is of little risk to the cars safety and functional operation, because they will strip a car down to bare minimum for use on roads so bad that the car needs every factory installed feature to keep it strong and functional.

Some street racing drivers remove their torsion bars and other parts to reduce weight. Usually its no issue when racing a straight course. Other racers who drive sharp turns and bends in the roads, will add extra or enhanced torsion bars for tighter handling during sharp turns.

For Nigerian roads, its better mechanics add extra parts for strength rather than remove existing parts.

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