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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 10:07am On Oct 24
I stumbled across this website that provides summary of financial statements for US listed companies going back years: https://roic.ai/. Quite useful for identifying important metrics like return on invested capital, free cashflow/earnings per share.

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Politics / Re: FG Spent N1.25trn On Debt Service In 5 Months by 4Play(m): 10:44am On Oct 23

Debt of $63bn in 2015 becomes $90bn in 2021, is that tripling? Where you study your own maths sef

The FG's debt in 2015 was primarily local currency (naira) debt. If I borrow N160bn in 2014 ($1bn) and another N160bn ($390m) today, I have doubled my debt and you can't mask this by converting the debt burden to a foreign currency.

You are effectively implying that the FG is managing the debt burden appropriately by hiding under Nigeria's currency collapse. Perhaps, if the Naira collapses to N1m to $1, we should pat the government on its back for "reducing" the debt.
Politics / Re: I Was Part Of This History! Congratulations To Muhammadu Buhari by 4Play(m): 8:22am On Oct 19
I was dissatisfied with the government of President Jonathan. I felt pity for my friends, relatives and Nigerians who suffered the excesses of the present government. I joined the fight for the will of Nigerians to prevail. I joined voluntarily, not offered anything by anyone. I am proud, finally.

Never again will Nigerians suffer the severe incompetence of any government. We have registered our presence. Power belongs to all of us and we must use that power till we get justice! I will have something to tell my kids and grandkids. We fought for the liberation of this nation!

Congratulations to General Muhammadu Buhari on your election!

Congratulations to you, Nigerians, you are the real winner!

Our revolution finally happened. The world has got something to learn from us. I remember those who have fallen beyond in the course of this great fight. You will be remembered, your blood is not in vain as finally victory is achieved!

God Bless Nigeria!

The sentiments expressed here, common in 2015, speaks to the grotesque stupidity of my fellow Nigerians.


Politics / Re: Video Of Unknown Gunmen's Attack In Ezeiweka, Onitsha by 4Play(m): 9:04am On Sep 20

Because they are not a threat to the people. This is why any person comparing UGM or IPOB to terrorists must be mad. Can bandits or Boko Haram be operating and people would be walking carefree? The people know that even the police and army are are a threat to them than the UGM/IPOB.

You have forgotten when Boko Haram was popular with some Northerners:


Politics / Re: IPOB: The Taliban Of Igbo Land By Vanguard Newspapers by 4Play(m): 9:59am On Sep 18
By the Op analogy these people aren't Talibans since their aim is simply to enforce a sit at home for a goal after which they don't disturb the citizens

Talibans are actually the group that wants to control the entirety of people's life

The real Talibans should be hisbah that breaks into school hostels to detect if boys and girls are co-habiting

Talibans is hisbah that tells people what to eat (pork) or drink (beer)

Talibans is hisbah that dictates what music people should listen to

Taliban is hisbah that tells you how to dress and hair style

IPOB won't go away even if Biafra is realised. Those men will insist on enjoying the spoils of victory having been emboldened further.

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Politics / Re: Sit At Home Deceit. See The Losers. by 4Play(m): 12:54pm On Sep 14

The students you stopped from taking their exams will get double admission without waec and neco results?

Food sellers will sell double quantity of the soup and rice they use to cook because they didn't sell on Monday?

Taxi and bus drivers will make double gain because those going to work or market will pay double, covering Monday and Tuesday fare??

See how idiotic you reason. Tufiakwa

I was just going to ask this. Many businesses won't make it back as you can't consume the same thing the next day. If it was that simple, we might as well make the work week 3 or 4 days and sit at home longer not just in Biafra but across the world.

If you hated Igbos and wanted to inflict harm on them, these sit at home measures is a good way to do it.

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They could have been killed by DSS or police and pinned on IPOB

We do not kill our brothers

Nigerian security agents should stop killing igbo youths and pinning it on IPOB

This your "reasoning" reminds of the GEJ era when some Northerners and Yorubas tried to blame Boko Haram killings on GEJ or Igbos. Do you remember the stories about how Gen. Ihejirika was the sponsor of Boko Haram that Sowore used to run in Sahara Reporters or Gov. Nyako of Adamawa's claim that Igbos were behind Boko Haram? This was partly because some folks just didn't want to believe that their religious/ethnic bedfellows were responsible for such evil and chose to go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy tales rather than confront unpalatable truths.

Deep down, most of us Nigerians are the same. Ever prepared to excuse/downplay evil perpetrated by our kin with mental acrobatics. IPOB has been in existence for years and it's only now the DSS chose to kill people on sit at home days. You must imagine you are a high level thinker.


Politics / Re: 'Are You Truly A Yoruba Man?' - Man Knocks Seun Osewa Over VAT by 4Play(m): 8:55am On Sep 09
A lot of Nigerians seem to reason that your ethnic group should determine how you see things.

You see this with IPOB supporters who insist that all Igbos should be pro-IPOB, must support their poverty-maximising weekly sit at home strikes, and must speak only good of Nnamdi Kanu.

The idea that each person has their own mind is alien to a lot of people who demand a sheepish unity of opinions.

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Crime / 20 Armed Robbers In Brazil With Drones & Bombs by 4Play(m): 2:35pm On Aug 30
Bank robbers strapped civilian hostages to the outside of their cars as human shields during a huge raid in Brazil that saw at least three people killed.

Around 20 robbers armed with machine guns, bombs and drones are thought to have raided three banks in the centre of Araçatuba city, 290 miles from Sao Paulo, starting around midnight.

Ten terrified hostages are strapped to getaway cars as human shields as 20 criminals raid THREE Brazilian banks then cover their getaway by leaving bombs throughout the city which have already blown a cyclist's legs off

Gang of 20 armed robbers struck city of Aracatuba, Brazil, early Monday - surrounding police headquarters before breaking into three banks

Gunfire and explosions were reported, with at least three people killed in the raid
Video shows how they took civilian hostages - marching them through the streets before strapping them to their cars as human shields

Robbers also scattered bombs through the streets to cover their escape route
Bank robbers strapped civilian hostages to the outside of their cars as human shields during a huge raid in Brazil that saw at least three people killed.

Around 20 robbers armed with machine guns, bombs and drones are thought to have raided three banks in the centre of Araçatuba city, 290 miles from Sao Paulo, starting around midnight.

Raiders attacked the local police headquarters and blocked roads into the city using burned-out cars to stop reinforcements from arriving, before kidnapping locals to use as human shields.

Health / Re: Nigerian Doctors: We Shed Tears Of Joy After Receiving First Pay In Saudi Arabia by 4Play(m): 9:54am On Aug 29

I tell you.

But the thing is, we need something like a budget of 10 trillion for education before we can talk of decent salaries for teachers.

What about soldiers and police officers who are being asked to risk their lives to protect others? Is their pay sufficient? Nurses, prison officers, civil servants in general? Not to mention the millions of youth who don't even have employment. Pensioners who don't get their pensions.

That's before you talk of the abject lack of infrastructure: good roads, lack of pipe-borne water, electricity, etc.

That's why simply focusing on the claim that doctors are paid poorly in Nigeria is annoying. Everyone is underserved by the Nigerian government apart from criminals/terrorists and politicians.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Doctors: We Shed Tears Of Joy After Receiving First Pay In Saudi Arabia by 4Play(m): 9:48am On Aug 29

You still think it is only salary they are complaining about?

Besides who told you they are demanding #1 mil monthly.

Simply make the work environment equipped and provide adequate leave, reduce work load.

You need to read in between the lines.

When have doctors, or indeed any of our public sector unions like ASUU, actually gone on strike where the primary reason was for anything not related to their pay? Sometimes, they tag along other issues in their public demands so they don't look too selfish but strikes are primarily about pay even as the public infrastructure around them is collapsing.

In many respects, Nigeria's leaders reflect the mindset of the Nigerian people in that we are primarily concerned with personal wealth/finance at the expense of the public wellbeing. That's why you don't hear of union strikes to demand infrastructure investments or investigation/resignation of corrupt officials. Everyone is narrowly focused on boosting their bank balance. Strikes are effective in compelling government to change but Nigerian strikes are solely pay related.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Doctors: We Shed Tears Of Joy After Receiving First Pay In Saudi Arabia by 4Play(m): 9:38am On Aug 29

You really do not understand the enormity of our present predicament.

Even if all politicians start earning zero salary, we still do not have the revenue !!!!!

Simple mathematics:

If 75,000 doctors in Nigeria should start earning average salary of say N1million per month,that's total of N75billion per month and N900b per year!! Just for Doctors salary alone!!!!

What is the budget for health, private,federal and all states combined??

What if other professionals now demand equal treatment, what will happen to NIGERIA

Nigerians think good governance requires paying public sector wages for doctors or lecturers that compete with Saudi or UK wages.

Next to corruption, public sector wages bleed the country dry insidiously as only a tiny proportion of the population receive it but it takes up a huge chunk of government spending whilst public infrastructure is left unattended unless we get one of those Chinese loans.
Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 12:45am On Aug 28

It means... u must sell a stock...
Once your loss reach a certain percentage....e,g 5%....10%
The underlyin assumption is the need to protect your capital....
First and Foremost ...while u can think about profit on a later date....
For example.... if you sold your stock at 10% loss....
U will still have some capital available to recover from your loss.......
Rather than havin a 70% loss....
And have to wait for the stock to recover ...
And/or find additional capital to push up your position....

The problem with stop losses is that you are eventually going to be worn down as you get stopped out of a position, buy another and watch your new position underperform the old one. Not to mention the transaction costs as you jump from one stock to another. Activity is often the enemy of outperformance in investing.

My view is that if you are investing in stocks, to get the best out of your hopefully diversified portfolio, you have to run the risk of huge drawdowns. Some of the best stock returns for me presently - Fortinet, Lam Research, Regeneron, Learning Technologies (UK) - went through big drawdowns but their business outlooks still looked okay so I held on. Usually and luckily for me, the multi-baggers (+100% returns) offset the laggards but you have to risk drawdowns, in a diversified portfolio, to get your multi-baggers. However, this assumes you know the ins and outs of the company you bought: this is what I got wrong with SelectQuote as I didn't factor in that their rapid revenue and earnings growth involved a bit of accounting gimmickery.

That's why I recommend index funds (I have almost half of my investing funds in indexes and it arguably should be a higher proportion) as it's difficult to acquire market-beating knowledge of these companies. It's difficult for professionals, never mind us retail investors.

But to get outperformance from stock picking, if you insist on picking stocks, you have to be prepared to ride out some gut-wrenching fluctuations as long as you are satisfied you are in the right company.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 12:53am On Aug 27
me I don't use stop loss I don't even understand how its works, let me ask did you buy at all time highs?

Close to all time highs. And it's a recently IPOed stock so with a lot of existing shareholders taking advantage of the public listing to sell their shares. Too many alarm bells I didn't pay heed to.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 11:05pm On Aug 26
yes it is. same thing with my portfolio. You didn't apply stop loss?

I generally avoid using stop losses for any investments based on fundamentals. I prefer to sell only if I change my mind on the business's prospects or its valuation. With SelectQuote, after 2 sets of poor results including last night's, it's clear it will take a while, if at all, for their large staff recruitment drive to start feeding into higher profit margins.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 7:59pm On Aug 26
Investing is hard: one of the stocks I invested in in May 2021 is down 70% from May. By far my worst ever stock investment.

This is SelectQuote who have been experiencing decelerating revenue and earnings growth and have negative cash flow. They also appear to book revenue before they have actually received it.

It's a salutary lesson that you need to know what you own as a shareholder if you are to pick stocks.

With diversification and as I own 12 stocks, the impact on the overall portfolio performance is moderated but it shows you still need very good insights into each business you are invested in.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG Blamed As Saudi Arabia Recruits Nigerian Doctors by 4Play(m): 12:27pm On Aug 25

Lobby your Representative at various assemblies,sell them that idea may be it might come with the next constitution amendments,as it stands no constitutional provision for it in our present constitution.
Besides what gives you the assurance that you will even win at the referendum

All these separatists have local and state governments staffed with their kinsmen failing woefully in providing good governance, yet they believe that it's other ethnicities in Nigeria, mainly Northerners who are primarily responsible for the abject situation in Nigeria.

The only real benefit of the separatists' movements is that it might motivate many amongst the Northern political elite to cede power to Southerners. Then you will suddenly have a waning in interest in secession in the South.

Make no mistake, Buhari is one of the most incompetent national leaders in the world today. But I think people are being naive if they assume division is a panacea for Nigeria's dire situation.

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Family / Re: Mexican Mum Horrified, Spotting Ghostly Figure Pushing Daughter Down Slide(Pix) by 4Play(m): 12:48pm On Aug 24
This is the Mexican evil spirit often known as Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes known as Clickbait or Fake News.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 8:25pm On Aug 18

How is this possible? How many Nigerians even invest that the capital would be enough to push the naira up? The issue is growing the exonomy which would raise the value of the Naira.

You cant be operating two parrallel exchange rates and exoect your cureenvy to be strong.

You give government appointees and piligrims dollar at official rate and those guys would roundtrip and sell to BDCs. Who is deceving who? They ban BDC, ban crypto, ban importation on some goods, pay people N5 to change their dollars. Yet the government is still borrowing and not producing. It won't work. Let them keep beating around the bush

The most frustrating is the multiple exchange rates which is simply an avenue for them to profit from arbitrage by buying dollars at official rates and selling at market rates.

Having instituted a policy framework to facilitate their thievery, they then set about frustrating entrepreneurs in particular and Nigerians in general all in a bid to ensure a constant stream of loot.

It's just cruelty and greed masquerading as legitimate exchange rate management.

A lot of them are also aging dinosaurs, so they don't appreciate these fintech ventures and want to curtail them in order to ensure they alone get to decide who gets scarce foreign exchange.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 10:56pm On Aug 17
This beautiful thread is now a ghost town..

The thread "died" when the YOLO stocks peaked in February/March 2021. It was very predictable that the buzz/excitement won't last.....selecting individual stocks that outperform is more difficult than many people like to believe.

Now the CBN appears to have delivered another blow. It appears the government's specialty is maximising hardship.


Politics / Re: What's The Future Of Southern Nigeria If The North Falls To Terrorists by 4Play(m): 10:24am On Aug 16
I was watching a documentary today on CNN about the Talibans capture of a major city in Afghanistan. The first thing they did was to get all girls from age 12 and above for the commanders and various members to get married to and it got me thinking. The Taliban and the various terror groups in the north all share the same ideology. No amount of weapons or super intelligence can defeat this guys. I mean the USA poured in over 20 billion dollars in Afghanistan. Sent in high end weapons, trained the Afghan troops yet they still lost the war. 20 years gone, thousands of Americans dead and the war was lost.

Islamists are defeatable, Afghanistan has a unique history of being hard to conquer.

Think of Chechnya, Algeria, Xinjiang, etc. They all had Islamist insurgencies we hardly hear about.

Also remember that the US exercises restraint in the way it conducts warfare. The Taliban, alongside the civilian population, can be wiped out in seconds if the US were evil minded.


Politics / Re: Modu Malaram: Why We're Surrendering To Nigerian Troops - Ex Boko Haram Fighter by 4Play(m): 7:43pm On Aug 10
I think the addition of air assets- helicopters and planes - to the military's armoury is a game changer. You don't need soldiers who are super-motivated/highly patriotic to drop bombs from relatively high altitude.

It won't be enough to defeat Boko Haram but it will make a big difference. This is why the Taleban have taken to assassinating pilots in Afghanistan as it's the airforce that is the one unit of Afghan armed forces they struggle with. Let's hope our pilots are safe.
Politics / Re: APC Suspends Suleiman Adamu (Yola) For Criticizing Buhari In Leaked Audio by 4Play(m): 7:38pm On Aug 10
Nigeria runs a system of government that makes the president a God. You criticise him,you are either arrested and thrown into jail,or sacked if on government job.

Someone slapped one of the most powerful President in the world Emma Macron,he was arrested and charged and sent to 3 months in prison .

But in Naija,just criticise the president can earn you a remand order till infinity.

Nigeria's system of government is so flawed that makes gangsters find their way to power

If you think of it, could our ancestors insult their Obas/Igwes/Emir? I don't think we have developed a culture of viewing leadership as public service. The idea that the President is a public servant is somewhat jarring to a tradition-bound culture that is accustomed to seeing leaders as beyond reproach. This is why the knee-jerk reaction is to intimidate, detain or punish critics.
Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 7:33pm On Aug 10

It is difficult to win a war with PBC and President Jinping on the other side....
Regulatory concerns will continue to overshadow fundamentals....
Which will limit institutional buyers....
Even in the next 10 years...
D only Chinese stock in my portfolio is NIO....
Cos it is backed up by the Chinese Govt ....

I find the China situation just too unpredictable for my liking. Markets are full of uncertainty in the first place, to add extra policy uncertainty from an erratic government was a bit too much for me.

But on a valuation basis alone, a lot of those China stocks are unbeatably appetising. You just have to have the stomach to hold through the slings and arrows, possibly on a multi-year basis, that has become a feature of the Chinese policy making landscape.


Sports / Re: Emilio Ballack's Injuries Were So Severe, Those Who Treated Him Are In Trauma by 4Play(m): 8:40am On Aug 07
If it was in Nigeria, they will take pictures of the gruesome body and post it online. People will start Nairaland threads with it and it will be posted to the front page with the label graphic!

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 9:30am On Aug 03

Please are there apps or reliable ways, we can access these directly?

If you are in the US or UK, you can buy the S&P500 index fund via Vanguard. It's the cheapest available.

If in Nigeria, I am not sure you can access Vanguard indexes but Trove and Chaka do have S&P500 ETF (SPY) or the Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1 ETF (QQQ) which track the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 indexes respectively.

I hope this helps.

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Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Basketball: Nigeria Lost To Australia 64-84 by 4Play(m): 1:38pm On Jul 25
Don't mind the idiot, now that they fumbled and getting dragged by the same tribes they mock they want to use their favorite weapon. Victimhood grin

This reasoning doesn't make sense. How can other tribes be mocking if they're not even good enough to produce players for this team?
Education / Re: 'Greedy' Nigerian Professors And Their Fat Salaries by 4Play(m): 3:46pm On Jul 24
Why do they like to compare their salaries to other countries.

That is how our house of rep and Senate were comparing their salaries with the United states government salaries, now they take home about 20% of the budget.

It's the reasoning that fuels the public sector wage bill so that the government relies on borrowing to pay wages. It's like a Kano Pillars player demanding wage increases and justifying it by comparison to Orlando Pirates or Real Madrid players.

In a country with little or no pipe-borne water, public healthcare, policing resources, electricity, etc, the middle class's primary concern, like the political class, is to be given our "share" of the predominantly petroleum-derived tax income.

The logic that because politicians steal, more money should be funnelled to lecturers is hopelessly flawed. Even if politicians stole zero from the public purse, there are clear spending needs in infrastructure, public health, security, debt repayments, etc that ought to be prioritized before wages come into the equation.
Crime / Re: Jennifer Ugadu Murdered By Her Soldier Boyfriend (Disturbing Photos) by 4Play(m): 7:27pm On Jul 13
It's strange how in the midst of all these daily tales of carnage committed by Nigerian men - Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers, ritualists, etc. It's mainly when a woman commits a crime that analysis of gender comes to the fore with Nairalanders lining up to condemn women.

Stories like this are unfortunately a dime a dozen.

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Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by 4Play(m): 6:06pm On Jun 29

"The UK is currently party to 28 Extradition Treaties (which span most of South America and include much of North Africa and the USA) and 42 MLATs (with jurisdictions as close as Ireland and Spain and as far afield as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Nigeria"

Na only gra gra una sabi. Just like Kanu, all brawns and no brains.

That suggests that Diezani, the ex-petroleum minister, can be picked up from the UK if the government really wanted to.

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Politics / Re: You Will Cry For Nigeria After Seeing These Pics. by 4Play(m): 8:20pm On Jun 06

You have not made any critical point here about how Buhari ruined the economy! You are merely speculating on whether one approach (flexible x) is better than the other (fixed peg).
In 2014/15 the Nigerian people & government were hyper sensitive to the exchange rate and a new Buhari government chose the fixed rate purely for political reasons ( I.e. to defend the Naira and stop it from sliding into a toilet paper within a few months). Unfortunately 200 Buharis cannot stop the currency of Nigeria (an unproductive, highly populated, totally import dependent poor country) from weakening. The Buhari government tried to avoid the political storm that would follow a rapid Naira depreciation hence they opted for the fixed rate to slow things down in the hope that oil price could recover before Naira hits the floor.
As long as Nigeria remains unproductive and it’s people continue with their mad desire for imported goods, Naira will forever remain a weak and worthless currency. Regardless of who is in power!

The people of Nigeria need a lot of reorientation. The alternative is to remain poor forever. And surely we should enforce a 2 children per family population control laws.

The point isn't that a flexible rate will strengthen the naira, it wouldn't have, but that it reduces the distortions to the economy caused by fixed exchange rates.

The naira depreciation Buhari was trying to avoid happened anyway, but it was and is accompanied by destructive multiple exchange rates which allow privileged insiders like Dangote or Govt lackeys to access dollars at a cheaper fixed rate whilst selling it at the black market rate which rate most Nigerians had to rely on.

Fixed rates failed as they always do as they can't work without sufficient forex reserves. The exchange rates reflect key features of the economy (trade balance, export income, investment flows, forex reserves, etc), you can't address a symptom or byproduct of these features, which the exchange rate is, by government fiat.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by 4Play(m): 1:05pm On Jun 05

- First read, read, read... read books on investments, finance, study the lives of rich people, study their portfolios, do your personal research and due diligence before investing.
-know what you want and how feasible it is, also time frame.
- Dedicate about 40% or 50% of the capital to safe investment/ indexes/ETFs such as the s&p 500, Russel 3000, DOW 30, Invesco QQQ etc ( I think s$p 500 is the best)
-have about 10 % in cash just in case.
- look into some dividend stocks. e.g APPLE, AT&T
- 20% to 30% can go to growth stocks such amazon, apple, alibaba etc
- invest in different sectors tech, medicine, mining, sports etc
- 5% to 10% to emerging markets ETFs/indexes such as china, brazil, Africa, even Nigeria etc
- 5% to 10% to speculate on volatile equities such as cryptos, $tesla shares, penny stocks.
- long term bonds might also be included.
- Long is usually the best strategy but always have an exit plan in case.

NB: NOT a financial advise just my personal opinion,
incase you need some investment books(pdf) dm

I very much second this and I am particularly glad a lot of people recognise that a large portion of investing capital should be allocated to safer investments (like indexes). Yes, they are boring but boring is a key feature of good risk management and long term investment success. There is a saying by Howard Marks, a legendary investor with Oaktree Capital: "There are old investors, and there are bold investors, but there are no old bold investors".

If you only have $100 - $500 to play with and you can afford to lose it, then I can see why risky stocks/cryptos might make sense as a YOLO trade. But the larger your wealth is or if it's capital you can't afford to lose, the less chances you should take.

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