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Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:45am On Jul 16, 2016


So you prefer an all out civil war then cos that looks like what the other option would be.

Anyway, there's the regime change option there and that looks like the most likely route. But the military would've been the best option since they can just declare martial and throw the current constitution into the bin. And promulgate a decree to restructure the system of government.

There will be no civil war, Nigeria has outgrown that stage. Tensions would simmer for a while, there would be minor conflicts here & there but that's about it. Ultimately, Nigerians would have no choice but to adjust to whatever misery and hardship is thrown their way.
Nigeria isn't in a position it's never been before.

Regime change would be nice but how do you go about it without causing problems? Who should take over?

The Nigerian military aren't like the ones you see in Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia or Turkey.... These are the most brutal, unintelligent elements you could possibly imagine. Military ruling Nigeria right now would be like sending Nigeria back into the 60s & 70s. They would run the Nigerian economy into the ground in one month.

Nigerians would have to be careful so they don't jump from frying pan into the fire.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:28am On Jul 16, 2016

When you are seeing it, how does Russia comes in here ?

What business does Russia has with this issue

Yes I saw him on face time.

What's your argument? Ignoramus...

Shut d FCK up and stop unnecessary argument.

Hahahahaha So it's safe to assume all you know about Turkey is what you're seeing right now??

You've shown yourself to be completely clueless...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:26am On Jul 16, 2016

Brev, Nigeria needs a change in leadership asap before a civil war breaks out. The naira should fall to probably like N500 to $1 by September and things are going to get crazy soon. And the economy will most likely collapse. Only the military or regime change can save naij as it's.

I'm sure the power that be have already set the regime change ball rolling. Don't be surprised when it happens.

Military takeover could have been a viable solution if Nigeria had a well organised and functional military unfortunately, Nigeria is too divided along religious & ethnic lines for any form of cohesion. Even the military is divided among themselves

One way or the other, there will always be an aggrieved party.

Nigeria is hopeless I'm afraid, except there's a recolonisation
Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:16am On Jul 16, 2016

Sir madman...you can see clearly more than CNN aljezera, Euronews.

I saw erdogan delivering a speech live now...

You and your other baboon are here chanting Russia.

Russia ko Afghanistan ni. Mr knowall

Is this guy for real grin grin what a moro*n

Are you under any impression that I'm not seeing this live?

You saw Erdogan give a press conference where? On FaceTime? Hahaha take several seats, you're clueless


Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:12am On Jul 16, 2016

Lol, imagine. grin

I think the west is trying to save him.

I'm sure a safe passage out of turkey would be hastily arranged for him, the question is who's willing to accept him?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:08am On Jul 16, 2016
The next coup would happen in Nigeria.

Hopefully, the military would beat the shyte out of the illiterate population before restructuring the country. I said it here first.

lol Nigerian military is shi*t and filled with illiterate, low-IQ individuals whose only true skill is brutalising unarmed citizens.

Military would be bad news for Nigeria
Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 12:04am On Jul 16, 2016

You are an idiot. CNN correspondence have foot on ground. We are seeing things on live cam.

Black man share..its the...

What! You a bumbling mor*on. So what has seeing it on live cam got to do with anything?

We are all seeing it live. What's your point?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 11:54pm On Jul 15, 2016
Those of you shouting Russia name. It has nothing to do with Russia. Please don't be daft. Black people

And how are you certain of that? Don't be silly.

You think it's a coincidence few weeks ago Erdogan tried to mend fences with Russia?

He obviously could sense power fleeing from his grasp.

A coup isn't an impromptu action, it takes time and planning, alliances has to be formed. This coup is as a result of a combination of both internal & external factors.

Don't be surprise when Russia becomes the first to recognise a new military government

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 11:48pm On Jul 15, 2016

Erdogan has been a crazed lame duck for time now. He has to go for negotiations in Syria to happen.

There's no way he can survive this.

Well hopefully he doesn't regain control

He's been a barking mad dog hiding under the umbrella of NATO, now he's been relegated to making FaceTime calls


Foreign Affairs / Re: Possible Coup In Turkey, Military Locks Down Bridges That Connect Europe & Asia by 50calibre(m): 11:35pm On Jul 15, 2016
Seems like the day of reckoning has finally come for Erdogan the ISIS supporting Islamic autocrat. He's been playing a very dangerous and divisive gams for quite some time now.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Theresa May Kneeling To Greet Queen Elizabeth (Photo) by 50calibre(m): 7:57pm On Jul 13, 2016
Must the incoming PM curtesy to the queen. An archaic tradition in a modern era, I find this an irrelevant formality
Foreign Affairs / Re: Cameron Finally Leaves Downing St For The Last Time. by 50calibre(m): 7:45pm On Jul 13, 2016
I'm kind of sad Cameron has gone, leaving a scrawny, uncharismatic woman as PM

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Education / Re: World’s Top 1,000 Universities: Nigeria Fails To Make List by 50calibre(m): 2:54pm On Jul 12, 2016
This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, Nigerian universities never crack the top 1000, as a matter of fact, I doubt if any manages to crack the top 5000.

What you call universities in Nigeria are actually ramshackle establishments where young folks go to waste few years of their life in squalid conditions all in the name of learning and earning a worthless degree.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Theresa May Set To Become UK Prime Minister On Wednesday by 50calibre(m): 10:51am On Jul 12, 2016

What would you term Bush and Blair's decision to go into Iraq? Extreme rational thinking?

There was nothing rational about going into Iraq. It was all about lies, false claims and special interests. Blair was slavishly naive to follow bush into Iraq and now he's getting a roasting for it
Foreign Affairs / Re: Theresa May Set To Become UK Prime Minister On Wednesday by 50calibre(m): 5:08am On Jul 12, 2016
Fuc*k political experience, this woman is too bland, too boring & too uncharismatic to be prime minister, her crying-like face is repellant. The U.K. Political scene is really messed up at the momen and populated with clowns who can only read from a script.

Two major western nations are now on the verge of having female leaders, these are really sad times for the world, you can as well say goodby to rationality or logic and hello to emotions and bad decisions

Putin is going to have a fun time with these women


Politics / Re: David Cameron Describes Nigeria As A Fantastically Corrupt Country by 50calibre(m): 8:43pm On May 10, 2016

Increasingly aggressive Russia, rogue states like North Korea and Iran blah blah blah, parotting nonsense like a brain damaged zombie. You do not have the fathingnest idea how the world is run, and I DO NOT want to educate you.

Get lost!

Lol you're just a bitter and delusional individual who's nothing but a failure to himself, his family & his community. You've got your country Nigeria partly to blame for that but instead you're so stupi*d to believe the white boogeyman is the reason for your failures. I come across people like you a lot and most of the time I try hard to prevent myself from stomping on their heads

Your logic is stupi*idy to any sane mind, I don't feel bad for you, I feel bad for your progeny
Politics / Re: David Cameron Describes Nigeria As A Fantastically Corrupt Country by 50calibre(m): 8:20pm On May 10, 2016

You are the quintessence of foolishness. Deterent against who, aliens? Are nuclear weapons a tool in the fight against global terrorism? Defence objectives against who? Russia or America? My friend you are very silly and your sillyness is raised to power infinity. What is the usefulness or purpose of Trident to Britain? On a scale of alternatives they have prioritised the death of the world over its survival and your thick impervious to reasoning and understanding skull cannot see that this is greater corruption inthe world? You cannot see through the duplicity and hypocrisy?

You are incredibly miseducated and lacking in critical reasoning skills. Go and learn pig farming, your education is a waste. wink

Lol its ironical how foolish individuals like yourself tend to see the "foolishness" in others but not themselves. Inane arguments like this not only depicts a guy with mediocre understanding of the basic concept of a trident, but a guy who's completely oblivious to the serious threats facing the western world... be it rogue nuclear states like North Korea & Iran or an increasingly aggressive Russia (at least in their view)

I'm not going to indulge in your stup*idity, I will lecture you by asking you basic questions.

- Why is it called a trident, what's the principle behind it & how many UK citizens are employed as a result of it?

- Why do the Americans not only maintain their triad, but has the most number of active nuclear missiles at any given point, are they under threat?

- Care to elaborate the bolded statement, is the survival of the U.K. Under any threat as a result of maintaining that trident?

- Do you know what corruption means?

Now let's see the scope of your understanding lol
Politics / Re: David Cameron Describes Nigeria As A Fantastically Corrupt Country by 50calibre(m): 6:37pm On May 10, 2016
Britain plans to replace its Trident Nuclear fleet at a cost of 100 billion pounds, if we convert this to Naira at CBN official rates, it amounts to N22,700,000,000,000, 22trillion 700 billion Naira to spend on nuclear weapons. It shows you the 'white' man prioritizes death over you, ordinary poor ignorant and silly Nigerians.


If Nigeria is a corrupt country, how then do we describe a country that budgets an amount 10 times enough to feed the whole world, for weapons of death ten times enough to destroy the whole world?

And cameron has the guts, the effrontery and temerity to say that Nigerians are 'fantastically corrupt'! The irony of life!

O God, when will black people arise from the dead?

You're incredibly silly for drawing such comparisons. What similarities are there between a country which allocates a portion of its budget to updating its nuclear trident and one where public funds are constantly misappropriated and siphoned off into private pockets?

The nuclear trident serves as a deterrent, so in essence it is vital to the maintenance of peace but somehow, you are silly enough to expect the UK to abandon its defence objectives and instead use that money to feed the poor people of the world.

You're better keeping silly opinions like this to yourself


Romance / Re: What This White Man Thinks About Black Women (PIC) True? by 50calibre(m): 8:18pm On Apr 15, 2016
Who released this one from exile?
I thought you left NL. I was happy even. grin

Anyway who told you back women don't take care of black men? If anything it's black men that don't appreciate what their women do for them.
Y'all (well some of y'all) are ungrateful and tend to pay back your loving women with nastiness.

Lol I've been around although not been on NL much

NL has lost its allure, it's no longer the fun place it once was, it's now a haven for kids and silly teenagers.. besides I've also been very busy

I know you were happy, your nemesis was no longer around to spank you whenever you made silly comments grin

Black women who take care of their men are in the minority and many of those who do, do it because their man provides financial security

Most black women are too occupied looking for the latest trending weaves, and once they are able to fix a weave on their head, the suddenly become confident, cocky & arrogant grin grin


Romance / Re: What This White Man Thinks About Black Women (PIC) True? by 50calibre(m): 8:07pm On Apr 15, 2016
and you have never seen good looking black men with ugly assss white women Nigger puhlease!!! undecided
And to ice the cake you added another lie about how 9 out of 10 relationships between the white woman and the black man, the man is in control
A black man controlling a white woman, the way he domineers over a black woman, this the biggest lie I heard this week brother cry

Of course you see black men with ugly white women, it cut both ways however the black men aren't with the white woman for their colour. There's always something else, either she's more loving, takes care of him financially or he's looking for a visa

With black women it's solely as a result of their inherent inferiority complex. They want kids with softer hair

If you're trying to tell me that black men don't have as much control over white women as they do black women,.. Then you're not on this planet


Romance / Re: What This White Man Thinks About Black Women (PIC) True? by 50calibre(m): 1:15am On Apr 15, 2016


A lot of folks don't know how submissive white women are. Apart from Asia/Arabs, cos of their culture/religion, white women are the most submissive liberal women on the planet. If you're with a white chic, you can tell her to jump and she'll gladly do it without asking questions loool. They also look after their other halves. A lot of my white colleagues always bring the sandwich they eat for lunch from home and can you believe it's their missus that make it for them? That's the average white woman for you. So what's there not to like about them?

A lot of these black women are just insecure and they've low self-esteem. Their existence is dependent on trying to be like white women, from bleaching, to straight hair, to chasing blues eyes - but rather than copy the good things white women do, they always copy the wrong ones. grin

I see them from time to time and it's always the fugliest white guys. I don't even look at them too tough cos it's none of my business. The one I chatted just happened to be by herself when I was talking to her at the cash point. Then when some funny looking white guy came out of the shop and she pointed to him as her bf, I just cracked a few jokes with her and kept it moving. The white guy was just standing there loooool.

Of course!! White woman take pride in taking care of their men, they're more open minded, willing to learn and funny enough not as high maintenance as black women.

The fact is; black women don't appreciate black men.. That's why they're losing black men to white women. Instead of re-evaluating themselves black women invest time & money into becoming something they're not.

The weave industry is thriving thanks to black women insecurities

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Romance / Re: What This White Man Thinks About Black Women (PIC) True? by 50calibre(m): 12:42am On Apr 15, 2016

Nah, the average black guy isn't colour struck - he just doesn't care about colour as long as whatever partner he's with would show him love, care, respect, and with less stress. White chics are the ones who desire black guys and I think they just like the physical qualities and mandigo myth (which is true sometimes).

Have you ever met a black who desires the physical qualities of a white woman? grin Heck, how many black guys do even know who use white women as their definition of beauty and their ideal woman? But conversely, a lot of black chics love the blue eyes of white guys. That's the truth

Word!!! You hit the nail at the head. Most black guys couldn't care less about colour, it's about who's most loving, caring & tolerant to them.

When you see a black dude in a relationship with a white woman, 9 out of 10 times he's in control and the woman is totally submissive to him, something black women find very difficult doing for a black man.

With black women it's the other way. Black women place white men so high on a pedestal, you could see the most aggressive & disrespectful black woman become very docile once she starts dating a white man.

Countless times I've seen black women with ugly looking white men (which isn't by business anyway) but you could tell by the black woman's attitude and composure that she feels on top of the world being with a white man

Black women don't feel comfortable with themselves, they don't like their hair, their don't like their skin and the opportunity to breed a mixed-race kid with soft looking hair and pale skin is one most black women would jump on

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Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 9:28pm On Apr 13, 2016

Tyson Fury stands no chance against hardworking Joshua, that is the plain truth. In 2013 when Joshua just turned pro he gave Fury a beating of his life and almost KO him during sparring section That was when Fury started shouting AJ on every interview, but now that AJ is bigger than him he changed tune

Same way Dillian whyte beat AJ in their previous fight, doesn't mean anything. A lot can happen in 3 years.

Saying he gave fury a "beating of his life" is a exaggeration.

AJ is hardworking but so are other top fighters like Fury so it's going to come down to heart, skill & sense

AJ is 6.6 and Fury is 6.7, Fury just seems taller because of poor body conditioning. Fury is white Mayweather boring as hell, running up and down. That is why he will never be respected or even attracts casual boxing fans.

Fury is 6"9 not 6"7 and he has way better mobility than AJ. AJ is stiff, robotic and relies too much on power.

AJ is in good physical condition but I'm sorry that's not a boxer's body, he too muscular and sooner or later you'd see repercussions of that.
Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 11:40am On Apr 13, 2016
Look at Joshua's opponents hahahahahahaha grin grin

Show me one of Tyson's opponent who looked like this

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Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 11:38am On Apr 13, 2016


You mean the same Tyson Fury that got knocked out and put on his arse by two feather-fisted fighters in Cunningham and Pajkic, no? The same one that struggled against Chisora and cab driver, John McDermott, no? - hysterical.

Fury looks like a pub brawler with his skinny legs and Anthony Joshua will bang him up, if and when they meet.

If you judge the current Tyson Fury based on that, then you haven't been paying attention.

It would be fool hardy for any of Tyson fury's opponents to think he's still the same fighter. Fury has come a long way, lost a lot of weight and honed his boxing skills

Besides getting knocked down doesn't mean shi*t if you get back on your feet and win the fight.. It shows heart

Ali got knocked down by Henry cooper and super bum Chuck Wepner doesn't mean anything

Joshua got skinny muscular legs too and yet despite the fact he isn't as tall as fury, he doesn't move around the ring as well as fury does.. Joshua has zero footwork

When dillian sparked him with a left hook, you could see his legs wobble hahaha
Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 11:28am On Apr 13, 2016

Don't bring Ali, Joe Louis, and Rocky into it. Different era when everyone they fought were their size. Spinks was a warrior at light heavyweight and he never fought anyone decent at the proper heavyweight division when he moved up, apart from an aged Larry Holmes who was almost 40. And he retired after the Tyson fight.

Spinks' similar to James Toney, a warrior at cruiserweight but a bum when he moved up to heavyweight division.

Why shouldn't I bring them up when we are on the topic of size? I'm trying to show you that size isn't a limitation for real champions. Ali fought George foreman who was a big bad bruisers who most people feared.

A 40 year old Larry Holmes was in better shape than all of AJ's opponent

Evander Holyfield was a cruiserweight he moved up to heavyweight and captured the title thrice. Haye was a cruiserweight weight, he moved up to heavyweight and won a title so your point here is null

Henry Tillaman was a bum. He had 4 losses out of 19 fights before he met Tyson. How's that not a bum?

Jose Ribalta's record: 38-17-1... How's that not a bum? 17 losses in 38 fights, almost 50% loss ratio. grin

Hahaha so you think it's records that make a bum? Without taking other factors like style & level of competition into account? Lol you've shown you're indeed a boxing novice grin any of those guys would have easily dominated the heavyweight scene today.

Joshua has beaten three undefeated fighters (Dillian, Martin, and Cornish) - something Tyson never did in his career. He's the only boxer that has ever knocked Kevin Johnson out. Even Vitali Klitschko with all his power couldn't achieve that against Kevin Johnson

Three "undefeated bums" who were only undefeated because they came in an era when boxing is at its weakest. You look at these so called undefeated guys and you see slabs of meat who wouldn't have lasted a second in Tyson's world. Dillian whyte a street brawler who thinks his hard life makes him a good fighter, poor conditioning, fat, no defence. Gary Cornish a local level fighter at best who only managed to get as far as his did due to his height (just like David price) and don't even get me started on Charles Martin. The bum who got gifted fury's belt

Look!! Eddie Hearn identifies all these bums and puts them in front of Joshua to receive a beat down in exchange for a pay check grin just look at Joshua's opponents... Fat, out of shape, poorly conditioned, they don't even look like fighters, more like pub brawlers.. How would they survive against a guy like Joshua who's in impeccable condition?

Joshua beat an ageing, fat Kevin Johnson who already had it coming. He'd lost his previous fights and the Joshua fight was his last... Not an achievement for Joshua.

Don't get me wrong! Joshua is an exciting prospect, but till date he actually hasn't faced anybody in good physical condition with good boxing skills...

Frank Bruno was a bum and a British hype, hence he went into deep depression after the Tyson fight. It took him four attempts to even win a title and he lost it within 5months. Bruno had zero boxing IQ, apart from raw power. He's a farmer lol.

I mostly agree! Any looking at Joshua I can't help but think he maybe another Bruno.. I haven't seen Joshua actually display boxing skills against a skilled fighter. He just looks too muscle bound, still & slow. I would wait to see him fight someone who can actually punch back

You're the one who isn't old enough to know Tyson fought mostly bums. You're just jumping on the hype train. Discerning minds knew from way back that Mike Tyson fought only bums, they just overlooked it cos of the excitement he brought to the sport. A guy who was never comfortable once a fight goes beyond 6 rounds and got beat by all the decent fighters he faced. Real boxers earn their money in the later rounds, something Tyson was never comfortable with.

Nah! You definitely weren't old enough to watch Tyson else you couldn't have said these kind of stuff. Only a kid would compare the little noise Joshua is making to the Tyson era when he basically ruled the world. I wasn't old enough to watch Tyson in the late 80s but I was in the early 90s, my first Tyson fight was against Razor Ruddock and he was no bum.

Yeah Tyson has problems advancing into later rounds and so does your man Joshua who's never gone past 7 rounds and has only gone past 3 rounds in one fight.

You claim you're a boxing buff - so it's only right you choose ya top-6 in the heavyweight division ever based on skill-level and who they fought. Let's see if Tyson will make ya list. grin

Even if Tyson doesn't make my top 6 based on skill level, he still ranks way above Joshua as a complete fighter. Joshua is still a novice, why the hell are we even mentioning him in that league? Even Joshua himself would find it ridiculous
Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 12:24am On Apr 13, 2016

You also mentioned Tyson Fury. But who has Fury fought apart from getting lucky cos Wladimir Klitschko refused to throw any punches? The same Fury who almost got knocked out by the cab driver, John McDermott, who's also 6 inches shorter than him, a few years ago? And the same one Chisora almost beat during their first fight? Fury is a bum.

Joshua will knock Tyson Fury out in 4 or 5 rounds. grin

Hahahaha did you just call the win against klitschko lucky? Did you even watch that fight?

Who's fault was it that klitschko refused to throw any punches, were his hands tied? Or would you say klitschko didn't train enough? Lol same critics including me believed klitschko would annihilate him but after see what he did, I became a believer.

Only true boxing heads understands what Tyson fury did against Klitschko. Klitschko didn't throw any punches because he wasn't allowed to and on the few times he did, he got counted with good shots. A rematch would be a more convincing win for fury. A one-dimensional klitschko more than met his match in Fury, his reach was negated, his jab jab hold was negated and he became lost.

Fury has fought far more decent opponents than Joshua... I would like to see how Joshua fares against a Chisora before comparing mentioning his name close to that of fury.

And whenever they do fight, I would be more than willing to have a bet with you, surely would have no fears putting your money on Joshua

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Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 12:08am On Apr 13, 2016

Lol. You just listed bums, an average boxer in the heavyweight division, Spinks (Spinks was a great light heavyweight fighter not a proper heavyweight and he was undersized), who never fought again after Tyson, and a 40 year old Larry Holmes who was already past his prime and had lost twice to Spinks before facing Tyson.

You still said that after I predicted you were going to. Lol you couldn't come up with another excuse?

Tyson wasn't oversized either. At that age he was just 5"10 and 205lbs

Same with Muhammad Ali, Joe Louise & Rocky Marciano. Today would all have been classed as a cruiserweights

1). Tilla was a bum in the cruiserweight division, not to talk about the heavyweight class and he had a weak chin.

Henry Tillman was a bum? An Olympic gold medalist who beat Tyson earlier in his amateur career a bum? What's your definition of a bum?

2). Trevor Berbick was a bum with four losses before he fought Tyson. His only achievement was beating a sick and aged Muhammed Ali cos he was the last person Ali fought.

3). Jose Ribalta is a cab driver with a lot of losses before he fought Tyson and I don't even need to go into details about him.

4). Marvis Frazier was more of a journeyman than a boxer and he never won anything in boxing.

Lol Jose Ribalta a bum? You continue to surprise me. One of the most feared fighters in the 80s a bum? Any of these guys on that list would have floored 98% of today's boxers

I want you to compare those guys to Joshua's opponents. Start with a picture of those guys topless vs Joshua's opponents topless. I want to focus on Joshua's opponents, apart from dillian whyte, what's the resume of the rest? Don't make me go and pull their records for you to see.

The first ever decent boxer Tyson ever faced was Buster Douglas and he got knocked out in three rounds . Then he faced Holyfield twice and lost both. Moved to Lennox Lewis who he dodged for years and got knocked out. Even the bum, Danny Williams, knocked him out. Tyson was more about excitement than actual boxing skills and he never won against any quality opponent. I was going to call him the Ricky Hatton of the heavyweight division, but Hatton actually beat one or two quality opponents - something Tyson never did in his career.

Are you for real? Bruno wasn't a decent fighter? Hahahaha 3 rounds yet you proclaim yourself the boxing expert? A fight Tyson actually won if the ref had counted properly after Tyson connected with a devastating uppercut. The fight ended in the 10th round and if there was a rematch, Tyson would have destroyed Douglas but there wasn't a rematch as he wasn't even a decent fighter, he lost the title almost immediately. As for that KO by Lewis and the super bum Danny Williams, I'm not even going to going into that as any unbiased boxing analyst knows those weren't Tyson, they were his shadow

You don't know anything about boxing - you just hear the hype and run with with it.

Lol you're the one running with the hype here like casual boxing fan who know nothing about boxing. AJ is just a 16 fight novice with only one real fight on his record yet you proclaim him better than Tyson lol that blasphemy.. It only shows your limited knowledge of boxing or maybe you just wasn't old enough to remember when Tyson was fighting

Okay, would you put Tyson in ya top-6 greatest heavyweight boxers ever? Your answer would determine if you know boxing or not.

We've been through this before... It's hard to pick my top six. My choice would depend on what factors I'm taking into account but when it comes to exciting fighters of all time and fighters who had the most impact on the sport, then Tyson would be in my top 6 heavyweights

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Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 6:53pm On Apr 12, 2016

Lmao @ he's no Tyson. But AJ has better opponents in his resume than Tyson had when he was blowing people out and he's more skilled at this stage than Tyson ever was, hence he was able to win an olympic gold medal. Tyson lost the first time he got tested by a bum in Buster Douglas. And he never won all the boxing wars he was involved in.

AJ is Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis in one and he's still growing, not there yet. He's only 26 and has only been in 16 fights as a pro. So there's room for improvements and he also acknowledged that he isn't even a quarter where he wants to be. But right now, even at the early stage of his career, he's the most exciting heavyweight boxer boxing has seen in a long time and if he can remain focused/dedicated/grounded - he'd rule the sport for a long time.

I believe he can beat Fury, Wilder, and even Haye. Fury is a bum that got lucky but very difficult to deal with. And Wilder can't really box, apart from power - just another yank hype job. Only Haye is skilled and has power but he's too short and Haye is just in it for the paycheck. The only person I think will give him a tough time is Joseph Parker cos they're both very similar. That will be a war.

The highlighted statement not only discredits everything you've said, it shows bias.

You cannot realistically stand in the presence of any knowledgeable boxing fan and say this type of stuff, it's ridiculous.

First of all, the notion that Joshua has faced better opponents than Tyson did at this stage in his career is pure fallacy and those who say that are purely looking at records without taking other factors into account.

At this stage, Tyson faced the likes of Trevor berbick, Larry Holmes, Jose Ribalta, Michael Spinks, Marvis Frazer, Henry Tillman and not only did he beat them, he annihilated them. And if you tell me all these guys were bums, then you know nothing about boxing.

The usual excuse most critics give is that Tyson faced these guys when they were past their prime but even at that these were far more dangerous and skilled opponents than anyone Joshua has faced so far and 95% of heavyweight boxers of this era.

Go and look at Joshua's opponents, they look fat, out of shape, they stood no chance.

Winning an Olympic medal doesn't mean much, Audley Harrison was an Olympic champion, that didn't make him a great pro. Lennox Lewis was an Olympic champion as well, that didn't stop him getting knocked out by journey men earlier in his career.

In terms of style, Joshua has never walked into a ring with a physical disadvantage, he's always fought smaller fighters so how do you compare him to a dwarf like Tyson who took on bigger opponents and wore them down? Do you think Anthony Joshua could have beaten a Frank Bruno?

AJ is no where near Tyson, not even close. Go watch Tyson's old fights and be the judge for yourself. The Tyson of that era was simply an animal, he was hard to hit, elusive, great chin, solid stamina, fast and threw more vicious combinations than Joshua has ever thrown. Joshua relys so much on his power, he just keep his head still and we saw what happened when dillian (The only credible fighter on his resume so far) connected with a weak punch... If Joshua ever steps into the ring with Haye or fury, he get beaten.

Joseph Parker fights like Joshua indeed, relies on power, throws wild punches when fighting bums who can't fight back. They day he comes across a credible fighter, he will stopped
Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 2:05am On Apr 10, 2016
Disappointing fight, wasn't worth the hype. Charles Martin is a bum... All the talk of unpredictable southpaw turned out to be bullshit, Joshua completely outclassed him in such a very short time.. After that first shot that sent him to the canvass, he knew it was over, he purposely didn't want to make the second count..

Another American bum after a payday. After all the cockiness & trash talk, I thought he was going to come out slugging & sharp instead he just stood there, no head movement, nothing!

I think this would go down as one of the most disappointing performances from a defending champion, he wasn't worth the hype at all and I think his purse for this fight should be heavily slashed, he doesn't deserve to earn more than £100k for that nonsense...

This fight is somewhat reminiscent of Mike Tyson blowing out his opponents in the first round however AJ is no Tyson, their styles are different... He has power and decent speed for his size but he hasn't been properly tested.

It would be nice to see how AJ fares defensively against top level boxers like David Haye, Wilder, Fury or even Klitschko

In the meantime, heavyweight boxing is back and Britain seems to be the centre of this excitement.. Better days ahead

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Sports / Re: Nigerian British Boxer Anthony Joshua Defeats American Charles Martins by 50calibre(m): 9:24pm On Apr 09, 2016
A lot of people are expecting Joshua to win and I don't blame them, if I was to bet, my money would be on Joshua, the guy is in supreme condition

However we know boxing isn't all about power as a matter of fact, muscle bound fighters are sometimes disadvantaged due to higher oxygen need which means they get tired as the fight progresses, Frank Bruno was a prime example of this

I think Joshua would win but I won't be surprised if Martin stops him, I did watch the guy train and he's way faster than Joshua, if it comes down to technique, he beats Joshua

They're currently showing some rubbish undercard fights
Health / Re: Russia Accuses Bill Gates Of Engineering The Zika Virus As A ‘Bioweapon’ by 50calibre(m): 1:55am On Feb 17, 2016

- Zika is about 70 years old, but we never got to hear about it until now if we'll be true to ourselves. "Zika is 70 years old" is what you have been told and made to believe. If you haven't any empricial proofs for this, it remains nothing but mere tales & hearsays.

- Leave WHO out of it. For what it's worth, they could also be complicit in the whole mission. In 2014, anti-tetanus vaccines being used treat pregnant women, and women of child-bearing age were discovered to contain HCG (Human Chrionic Gonadotropin) antigen, which was developed by WHO in 1992 for the purpose of birth control. These vaccines were administered for FREE by UNICEF and WHO in Kenya at the time. Are you telling me they didn't know these vaccines were laced with HCG? Interestingly, when the UN ran out of funds for the project, Gates & Melinda Foundation continued with the funding till the supposed hidden agenda was brought to light.

- You see, to leave the masses brainless, a smart mind is dangerous. As we evolve as humans, the coming generations naturally (should) become smarter & more enlightened than the previous. This could as well be a threat to current world leaders, hence the development of a virus that could hamper the clairvoyance of the coming generation. Weird assumption, but you'll be surprised how these people think. I mean, why else would zika virus—if man-made—be benign to adults, but deleterious to the brains of unborn children?

I'm not appellating what Putin has said as truth . All I'm saying is, to acquire a better understanding of how the world works, you need to open your mind to new possibilities.

NOTHING is impossible

Lol it's funny you demand proof when the burden of proof lies on you. I've stated what's generally known so far of the virus, you dispute that so its on you to back it up with proof not me.

It's funny how you seem selective with your facts, you chose what you want to believe & discard what you don't want.. For someone who doubts what's being said about the Zika virus, one would thing you wouldn't be so quick to believe vaccines were being laced with sterilising agents especially since there's no proof these women actually experienced infertility

I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself, I love to question general consensus sometimes, but within reason & common sense.. This is one of those conspiracy theories I find silly but of course that's what conspiracy theorists do, they mix and match little truths here and there, connect invisible dots and present it as fact... There are loads of people making a career out of this.

I love your cynicism though, I think I get your point, though I'm a million percent sure this didn't come from Putin but at least we can agree on the bolded.

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