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Politics / Re: Why It Is A Racist LIE That No Black Nations Are Developed. by AdekunleScience: 9:10am On Apr 05
I can see only two sets of people on this thread:
a. Liberal Yorubas who have an idealistic mindset of a progressive world without the shedding of human blood that result from wars of conquest. These are the set of people who have made it possible for inferior civilizations to subjugate the Yorubas in Nigeria.

2. IBOs, a highly realistic and aggressive people. A people without a great history but who are very hungry and determined to do great exploits and conquer territories which their ancestors never dreamed of. Territories like Lagos, Yorubaland.

3. As for me, I support the latter. And I'd rather work on how to take over the north, and Iboland before some of them like capitalzero and idikko does same to Yorubas. Than to later start wailing about how they've taken over Lagos. Afterall, those guys support similar actions by Europeans and Arabs.
Politics / Re: Why Is Tinubu And His Lieutenants Not Campaigning In Southeast And Southsouth? by AdekunleScience: 10:18am On Mar 29

More than 80% of current Lagos State were not part of FCT then. It was part of Western region and Awolowo built most of the roads in Lagos.
Lagos is getting more people because of its industries and large market, Awolowo built Ikeja industrial estate. His party, UPN built most industrial estates in Lagos.
Jakande built more housing estates in Lagos than FG.
The seaport in Lagos was built by the British from taxes collected from Lagos residents(whom of course were Yorubas)
Only Island was part of FCT, mainland was Western region and then Lagos State.

Get some history books and start reading instead of gibberish fed by Igbo leaders
Excellent counter. I'll just like to add that when the seaport was built IBOs where still running around in the bush without clothes.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 11:59am On Mar 27

Thank you for helping to buttress my point. I am not against liberalism in itself but it must be in a situation where you have absolute control over your borders, which is not the case for Yoruba people in Nigeria.

Liberalism helps to create a robust society where diversity is inculcated. Every society has its own inherent strengths; bringing such strengths together can help build a progressive and robust society. This is a reason countries are deliberately encouraging immigration and promoting inclusivity. But it comes with a major baggage, those people are going to bring their weaknesses and vices. So you must be in position to screen who gets to your space (border control, immigration, armed forces etc). At the same time, you must have the capacity to curtail their excesses by having an efficient policing system.

The Yoruba does not have all these - even if one of you is the president and you appoint all the security chiefs from your tribe, it will still not work. If the people coming to your space are as liberal as you are, it may be manageable. But if they are not, you are left with only one choice - that is having a conservative society that makes it difficult for outsiders to penetrate your system except they accept and live your way of life. We all know the Yoruba society can never achieve this due to excessive liberalism. For instance, if you meet Yoruba man in the far North of Nigeria, you will notice he is trying to behave like the indigenes there, he lives like they live. The same applies to Igbo land. This is the reason that Igbo and Hausa are always at each other's neck - they are both conservative and unwilling to compromise their ways of life even when in the others' space.

But both Hausa and Igbo live in Yoruba land like they are still in their enclaves. That is what liberalism does to you. Liberalism would have been an advantage to Yoruba side if the Nigerian system functions very well, like having an efficient policing that is able to arrest ugly situations on time and immigration system that ensures only desirable people are allowed into your space, but that is not the case here. Any time there is chaos in the land, Yorubaland will be seriously disadvantaged.

Very intelligent submission. This is like a perfect encapsulation of my thoughts on the matter.
Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 11:50am On Mar 27

Stop being silly. You own no one and can't force anything on anyone. Stop being petty. Many ladies from other tribes marry into other clans. Stop talking like a wuss. Educate and reorientation your brothers to be attractive to your sisters and stop portraying ignorance.
It is in your interest to marry who you love. Similarly, its in my interest to prevent people with divided loyalty from ruling over me and my descendants. I will continue to pursue my interest by any means. You should do the same, IBO girl.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 11:35am On Mar 27

Do you know that Tinubu's son is married to an Igbo babe? Do you know that Tinubu calls his grandchildren by their Igbo names?
Yes I knew.
Inspite of IBO connection to the Tinubus;
1. Do you know why majority of IBO people still want the man dead, and do not wish to see him progess politically?

2. Do you also know why an Nmadi Fu**cking Kanu all the way from Abia would be obsessed about killing Tinubu and his son or destroying his properties during the recent EndSars protest?

3. Anyway, Tinubu and his son deserve whatever they befall them for embracing people who have sworn to see their end.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 11:14am On Mar 27

Marriage isn't politics MrKnowItAll. People just fall in love with one another. The rest is purely coincidental

Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill
1. I never claimed to know everything. Afterall, I'm just a piece of matter.
2. Some not all marriages are political.
3. @ bolded, As a Pure Yorubaman I am only playing my part in the battle to preserve my race and the interest of my descendants. I want pure Yoruba descendants and I won't be happy if in the future they become a minority in their fatherland.


Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 10:53am On Mar 27

This is why I say we're not ready for oduduwa republic just yet....our liberalism and political correctness has left us open and heavily inflitrated, but in the event of a Yoruba republic mixed children whose fathers are yorubas can be seen and recognized as yoruba's but children whose father's are of other tribes would be seen as the tribes of their fathers... citizenship would be through paternity that won't really be an issue, as for the marrieges between Yoruba boys and Igbo women, I'd say that it's basically as a result of the large number of igbos schooling and living in the west and most of this "Igbo" girls have already been south "westernized" and probably haven't been to their ancestors stinkpile, the only issue is that marriages like this tend to breed politically liberal women. Asides that emotional decisions and shouldn't affect political decisions, Yakubu Gowon was fucking and had an Igbo girlfriend while his troops where bombing igboland so I don't think this would be a big issue. Seun fakorede was two years my senior in OAU, he's politically matured and won't make biased or stupid decisions.
I really get your point sir. However, we must continue to tell ourselves the ugly truth about the dangers which most of us pretend are not significant. Cheers.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 10:33am On Mar 27
I swear you are sick.
No, I am very healthy with my thinking faculty intact but you are certainly one hell of an asshole who is most likely affected by the issues that I pointed out, and you are scared about a change in the status-quo.
Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 9:24am On Mar 27

Go and take your bath and cry there , enough water will be available.
I don't read nonsense.
Bleep you and your savage ethnic group.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 9:15am On Mar 27

Tell your men to lock their penis and let it stop dangling unecessarily.
Thanks for the advice. I am already doing that as you should be able to tell from my post which you quoted. The challenge is that majority of my brethren even myself at one time actually feel something akin to superiority and being highly sophisticated about being liberal in such matters. If it does not destroy us before it is too late, the trend will surely be reversed when the general Yoruba public becomed more aware of the cons.


Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 9:03am On Mar 27

Jargons, it surprises me in this present age people are thinking like this.

If England was using this principle, they won't be where they are today, Yoruba being liberal does not translate to weak, our culture is stronger than any one.

If you marry us and you give birth to children, he is already part of us as he carry our blood, that is our principle.

I don't give a shit if you are half breed, or half breed want to be governor, just be a good person or good leader that's all.

Although some tribes like igbo and fulani are the people you are looking for. They will love to hear more about your advice.

Oluwa mi, gbogbo eni keni to sori re latara Yoruba to tun fenu ba Yoruba je, Oluwa da sharia fun amin.
1. You are comparing England to Yoruba but forgot that the English have absolute control over their own socio-political life. Same cannot be said of Yorubas. Yoruba does not control the military, the police, prison, courts, border and even the taxes in Yorubaland. All these, the English control in their own space.

2. Liberalism is not a recepie for success. If in doubt check out China, Saudi-Arabia, U.A.E, even Japan and a host of others. These are all examples of highly successful conservative and homogeous nations.

3. The notion that when a less dominant culture mixes with a dominant one, that the dominant one would win is true for non-aggressive ethnic groups only. That is why the Oshodis, who were originally Tapa are now bonified Yorubas courtesy of their ancestor Balogun Oshodi-Tapa. In the case of aggressive groups like Fulani and IBO who already made their desire to overrun Yorubaland public, you would only end up with multiple Ilorin situations. Sulu Gambari and his descendants might have Yoruba blood running through their vain but we both know that their loyalty is to Sokoto, not Ile-Ife or Oyo.

3. Good luck with encouraging the proliferation of half-Yorubas citizens, half-Yoruba political and traditional leaders and non-Yoruba first ladies, in the name of liberalism, when Ooni or Alafin can't even recommend a Yoruba citizen to go take up an important position at APAPA port built with Yoruba taxes in Yorubaland.

4. May Yorubaland, its people including yourself and myself succeed. Thanks for your time sir.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 8:26am On Mar 27
As a Yoruba citizen, if you claim to love your people and to always defend them and protect them from any harm. In the name of whatsoever you believe in as well as the memory of our ancestors please do not get yoked with citizens of Yoruba hating ethnic groups, notably IBO and Hausa-Fulani. These guys hate Yorubas because of envy, they wish to own what belong to us. They never stop planning how to eliminate pure Yoruba leaders either by imprisonment (Awolowo) or assassination (Akintola), so that they can take their place to pave way for their desire; which is the control of Yorubaland and the subjugation of the aboriginals. A new strategy of theirs is to inter-marry with Yoruba political and traditional leaders, to proliferate the leadership class with their seeds who could help them to achieve their desire. If you marry them believing that you're just being yourself, good for you but its good to be aware of the fact that you might just be helping them to advance their evil agenda over your people, without even knowing it.

Do not take my word for it but just imagine a scenario where Yorubaland becomes a sovereign nation. Do you honestly believe that we would be able to send the multitude non-Yorubas packing when their half-Yoruba offsprings, brothers, sisters, cousin as the case maybe hold top political and traditional offices, without risking a devastating civil war? Please, brethren let us not destroy the future of our descendants with our self-destructive liberalism. Thank you.

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Politics / Re: Seun Fakorede To Marry Sylvia Chioma Nwosu (Photos) by AdekunleScience: 7:45am On Mar 27

Imagine a tribe in 21st century boasting of how savage and how clanish they are undecided don't worry Yoruba culture always gulp up any culture it come across with, you can try your best.

We are talking about marriage, u turn it to society issue grin
His submission is a pragmatic one.

1. A high percentage of half-breeds is not good for any society because they are known to have natural divided loyalty. Its even worse when the political class are the chief culprits. We are already aware of the plans of certain ethnic groups to subjugate Yoruba people by eliminating pure Yoruba leaders. When someone wishes to destroy you, he studies your weaknesses. Those guys are aware of the non-pragmatic liberal nature of many Yorubas, which informs their choice of inter-marriage as one of their strategies to overrun Yorubaland.

2. They understand self-presevation which we Yoruba seem to lack. I know that my intelligent Yoruba compatroits reading this piece would be like; but its our brothers that wooed those ladies, its not like they were coerced by the ladies. For my brothers and sisters with such thought, I'd like us to refresh our memories about how one DJ Switch who unknowingly to the Yoruba public was carrying out a mission for IPOB. DJ switch was able to manipulate public opinion up the the extent that some Yorubas were willing to be party to a mob, that seeks to eliminate one of the strong Pure Yoruba political leaders of this era (Tinubu). Hope you are getting my drift? Those guys have a plan to eliminate pure Yoruba leaders and replace them with half-Yorubas at least, so as to pave the way for subjugation of Yorubas and turn Yorubaland into a land of non-indigenous people, with the proliferation of half-Yorubas.

3. So, it should not be a surprise if a good number of those ladies are part of the evil strategy targeted at Yoruba traditional and political leaders, in order to replace same with half-Yorubas as well as bastards which could be breed deliberately.

3. To fellow Yorubas who are concerned about the preservation of this wonderful race, do not join the chronic liberals in applauding this self-destructive act. In fact make it a point to discriminate against the offspring of such union as its obtainable everywhere. To discourage it on one hand, and to ensure that our pure Yoruba descendants does not become a minority in their father land in the future. Thanks as you take the unpopular and difficult approach to preserve our race.

Cc: Akanbiedu

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Nairaland / General / Re: Lagos Bus Service Deploys "Cowry Cards", Gives Out 20,000 Cards by AdekunleScience: 10:48pm On Mar 23

I understand you omo iya mi..

but it baffles me when you as a true yoruba son reply people like that..

they are out to spite you ,but deep inside they wish they are you..

yorubas dont envy anyone because we are the best in terms of culture, education, exposure ..

ile oodua agbe wa!
Sir, propaganda against Yoruba from any source should be counterd instantly as Badorey6 did. Being Omoluabis should actually motivate us to defend our collective honor, not the reverse. Keeping silent with excuse of being matured or liberal might seem like the intelligent thing to do but it is certainly not a pragmatic approach. It is not pragmatic because in the future our descendants will mostly likely buy any propanda that we refuse to destroy today. Propaganda is as deadly as nuclear weapons, we must shield ourselves, loved ones and our descendants from it by repelling it as soon as we come by it.

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Family / Re: People Were Calling Them Apes, See How God Turned Thing Around And Changed Them by AdekunleScience: 8:19pm On Mar 22
More like God should be axed for making such grave mistakes with all his aclaimed talent of "creation".
Politics / Re: Our Oduduwa Republic Outreach At A Primary School Today (photos) by AdekunleScience: 5:59pm On Mar 21
AdekunleScience, Igbos are not the only people choking lagos. People from my state go en mass to lagos daily. I am from the south south. Everytime i have expected someone from abroad, they always come through lagos. Lets dwell on the solution since the problems have been identified.
Which are ;(i) Creation of atleast one fully fuctional international airport in every 6 geopolitical zones of the federation and making other ports viable by the Government
(ii) Oduduwa nation.
You guys should be advocating for this and it will certainly solve the problem of mass migration
1. Talking about solutions, I can tell you for a fact that most Yorubas including people like Tinubu or even the Alake actually prefer your number (ii). The reasons why they may appear not to be in support of the current aggitation is beyond the grasp of the gullible masses, Yorubas and non-Yorubas alike. I don't wish to go into that now.
2. I wish to carry out an important modification to your number (i). How about, all ethno-linguistic groups in SS and SE support a return to regional system of government. Then you won't have to wait for anyone before establishing any number of international airport, seaport and other key infrastructure in your respective homelands. Please, note that the resource control clamor of people in the SS is not neccessarily the same as regional autonomy being proposed by Yorubas. Also, note that regional system is the only legitimate negotiated agreement ever reached by the reps of the different ethnic groups in all the different regions.
3. I am 100% convinced like Oshigun alluded to in one of his comments that if a pure Yoruba like Mr. Tinubu, Mr. Fashola or Mr. Osinbajo is elected as Nigerian president he will certainly return this country to regional system. That is why there is a lot of attack both physical (Endsars) and propaganda against this set of people, from the usual suspect. Since we are talking about solutions; all ethnic groups who wish to have functional airport, seaport, etc in their respective homelands, and who are confident in their own ability to make it happen with their own resources should vote a pure Yoruba in 2023.
Politics / Re: Our Oduduwa Republic Outreach At A Primary School Today (photos) by AdekunleScience: 2:32pm On Mar 21

Your government in alliance with the Demonic fulani government caused the mass migration. Imagine someone from faraway calabar will come to lagos to clear his goods. Calabar that has a port for that matter. All southern states that has boundary with the sea comes to lagos to clear their goods. There is so much money going to lagos because of this port monopoly. And the consequences that is coming along with it isnt funny. Traffic everywhere and the people there are gasping for air due to overpopulation.
This is what jonathan wanted to stop in his second term. But your people wanted Buhari instead.
I will be so happy to see oduduwa republic so that the proposed port in my state will become fuctional
1. The first time Yorubas aligned with Fulani was in 2015. Mass migration of IBOs preceded that year. In fact, mass migration of IBOs to Lagos and entire Yorubaland started immediately after the civil war. It was made possible by the suspension of regional constitution, and imposition of unitary constitution by the IBOs through the use of force.
2. To the gullible who feeds on propaganda, it is easier to believe that Yorubas who had until 2015 been in opposition used non-existent political influence to make Lagos' port the only viable options. It is amusing that these set of people would rather dismiss the fact that IBOs were in alliance with the north since 1959 till 2015, yet they did not use their influence to make eastern ports viable.
3. With the above exposition, a rational person will come to the conclusion that the congestion of port operations in Lagos at the expense of other coastal cities, even here in the west was and continues to be an IBO agenda. Starting from Zik who colluded with Britain and north to make the then Lagos FCT, despite the objection from Yorubas and Awolowo in particular. A rational neutral person might then as the following question; why would Zik and his IBO people be desperate to have Lagos declared as capital of Nigeria? The answer to the question is that IBOs covet Lagos and would do anything which would diminish Yorubas influence there while advancing theirs. This can be inferred from the actions and utterances of IBOs including;
a. The Lagos is no mans land rethoric.
b. The claim that IBOs who never created any significant pre-colonial civilization are now responsible for the relative development in Lagos.
c. The incessant attack against top Yoruba political leaders by IBOs, starting from Awolowo down to Tinubu.
d. The continuous mass migration of IBOs to Lagos even as they keep claiming that they prefer Biafra.
e. The insistence of IBO political leaders on unitary system, even at the Jonathan confab where they asked for additional state for SE and replacement of state of origin with state of residence. Which means they do not want regional system that could check their mass migration to other regions.

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Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic Should Exclude Lagos From Their Dream Country by AdekunleScience: 11:33pm On Mar 19

They are now bastard abi?

No wahala.

We dont have problem with Yorubas and we don't plan going to war with unless unless they overstep by trying to grab Lagos.

I trust Nnamdi KANU.

Yorubas has never had any historical claim over Lagos. It started in 1991 when the FCT moved and Lagos was made a state.

The only Yoruba claim to Lagos is that it is in the WEST.
The race called IBOs will eventually be buried in Lagos and the children of Oodua will be justified by moral law and otherwise, because if you have a case where a group of people deliberately create and propagate their own version of truth due to their obsession and covetous urges for what belong to others. Trying to reason with such people is a waste of grey matter, it's very unfortunate that the only cure for such self-inflicted disorder is unprecedented violence. Anyway, that is the story of human civilization.


Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic Should Exclude Lagos From Their Dream Country by AdekunleScience: 10:56pm On Mar 19

Nice write up but the only mistake is that LAGOS IS NOT YORUBA LAND.

Focus on rescuing Ilorin and leave Lagos out of your land grabbing attempts.

Thank you.

If you ignore this advice, then be ready to go to war to subject Lagos. During the [b]National Confab, Lagos reps [/b]plainly told the conference they have nothing in common with Yorubas.

They were pursuing separate agenda for Lagos or were you blind when this happened?
Lagos rep hand-picked by Ayo Adebanjo's IBO funded Afenifebi. A group of Yoruba bastards who are mostly half-Yorubas like FFK or Yorubas married to Igbos like Odumakin. Same set of people who collected money from IBOs to support additional state for SE and state of residence, while rejecting regional system of government at the confab. People who collected money from IBOs to protest the making of Yoruba Language an official Language in Lagos. Listen carefullt my friend, it doesn't matter how Oodua Republic is achieved or by whom. One thing that is certain is that after independence from Nigeria, Oodua Republic will go into a civil war to cleans the land of IBO and Fulani allies and their seeds amongst Oodua stock.


Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic Should Exclude Lagos From Their Dream Country by AdekunleScience: 7:13pm On Mar 19

My brother Scots and Welsh have the same rights as English in any London or any other part of the UK. Also, putting racial discrimination aside, people of other races have the same right as English in London and in other parts of the UK, if not how can Sadiq Khan be elected mayor of London? Or how can Boris Johnson, whose grandfather was Turkish, be Prime Minister of UK?

Personally, I think the issue isn't how Yorubas get treated if they go to certain regions (which they hardly go to anyway). I think the issue is how people from other regions conduct themselves and embrace/respect the people and culture of the land when they come to Lagos. A Londoner is a Londoner and is always immensely proud of London irrespective of original ethnicity, and reps London anyway they go. A New Yorker is a New Yorker and is always immensely proud of New York irrespective of original ethnicity , and reps New York anyway they go. The same should apply with Lagos. You are either or Lagosian or not. Your heart has to be there. The power of cities like London, NewYork and Lagos(if it doesn't get derailed by ethnic warriors) is their vibrancy, multiculturalism and ability to attract the best talent from all over their countries and internationally. Unfortunately insularity and prosperity do not go well together.
One thing that people fail to acknowledge about so called cosmopolitan cities like NY, London, Paris is that the final say on important matters always rest with the indigenous people of that nation. They decide the level of political influence which non-indignous citizens have. For example, London and Tokyo are both cosmopolitan cities, with a sharp difference in non-indigenous political influence. Nonetheless, they are both higly susccessful cities. Lagos, Yorubaland is the only cosmopolitan city that I know of, where a certain group of non-indigenous citizens do not want the indigenous to enjoy the privileges that are applicable in all other cities of same status. Lagos does not have a different set of law for non-Yorubas. When Lagos' government pay WAEC exam fees, they do not exclude non-Yorubas. We've not taxed non-Yorubas differently, we don't pay them less. I can tell you that even your so called other cosmopolitan cities are far behind Lagos, in terms of equal opportunity for citizens. When you see or hear Yorubas like myself taking a radical stance on certain issues, you might think we are being driven by irrational ethnic sentiments, but I say to you that we are only trying to secure the future of our Yoruba descendants, because it appears that certain group of migrants are in Lagos/Yorubaland not to actually contribute to human civilization. This set of people say it publicly themselves that their intention is to subjugate Yorubas and take over our land.
The bottom-line is that the indigenous people reserve the right to determine the level of influence to be accorded to non-indigenous citizens. That's what is obtainble in NY, Tokyo, London, Paris, Onitcha, PH, Kano, Kaduna, etc. Nobody, can deny Yorubas same privilege in Lagos or any other part of Yorubaland.


Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic Should Exclude Lagos From Their Dream Country by AdekunleScience: 4:20pm On Mar 19

Personally, I think Lagos, while still remaining in Oduduwa as a Yoruba state, should be protected from tribal jingoists so that the SW can continue to enjoy the ripple effects of being in close proximity to a thriving business city like Lagos. You only have to look at a city like London and South East England to see what the benefits of putting business and prosperity FIRST above any pettiness does to a whole region.
The real ethnic jingoists are those who mischievously call Lagos, a Yoruba heritage no mans land/Bini land. Those who seek to have equal right with Yorubas in Yorubaland. When they are not willing to accord Yorubas equal right in their own space. Those who know that despite being a member of the U.K and of same race, the Scots or Welsh don't have equal right as indigenous English in London and entire England. Yet they demand equal right only from diplomatic Yoruba, while they discriminate even amongst themselves, and will not dear the violent Hausa-Fulani for fear of massacre.


Politics / Re: Our Oduduwa Republic Outreach At A Primary School Today (photos) by AdekunleScience: 2:49pm On Mar 19

Enough of this fight bro. Oduduwa republic isnt an hatred for the peace loving igbos but for the freedom of yoruba. Ignore the guy you quoted he may not even be an igbo
Answer this question with honesty:
Mr. A has an urge to take your most strategic land, to the extent that he says it to your face that the said piece of land is no man's land. His covetous urges later influenced him to destroy a system which previously ensure that you retain absolute control of the said piece land. Although, a third party Mr. B snatched the bounty from Mr. A, Mr. A effort nonetheless was enough to ensure one of his objectives; un-regulated mass migration to your priced jewel and even beyond, under the guise of "One Nigeria".
So, my main question to you goes thus; if you succeed if chasing Mr. B off your land, is it wise or rational to allow Mr. B to remain? If so, give your reason (s).
Travel / Re: My New Lagos - Ibadan Train Trip To Abeokuta (Pictures) by AdekunleScience: 3:26pm On Mar 11

In other words, you know you have a country, Nigeria, which is a plantation of the English.
You are ready to remain in slavery you have been in since 1914. Awuuuu.
We also know and have not forgotten the case of those who made our situation worse because of greed and their covetous urges, which made them to suspend the beautiful regional system that gives some level of autonomy to ethnic nationalities. As well as those who currently perpetuate the unitary system that was imposed by the former. As I said earlier, individuals might decide to forgive and forget but nations don't. The parameters that hinder us from engaging the English right now will not last forever. When the tide turns in our favor, no god/God can stop us from avenging our nation against all her foes in a disppropotional manner.
Travel / Re: My New Lagos - Ibadan Train Trip To Abeokuta (Pictures) by AdekunleScience: 11:18am On Mar 11

You live in fantasy World.

You lie to the birds of the air, not to persons who are in Nigeria and know the revenue generation sources of Nigeria.

You would have since declared Oduduwa Republic if the economic permutations you made above are anything close to reality.
1. Yorubas know the people who are in the occupation of spreading propaganda to distract people from realizing that Yorubaland is the actual goose that lays the golden egg for Nigeria, in terms of revenue. Just remember that no condition is permanent. A day of reckoning will surely come for said people because individuals might forgive and forget but nations don't.
2. The economic permutations are excactly as stated in my earlier post. Now, as to why we are yet to formally declare Oduduwa Republic, this is the answer which you might already be aware of but chose to pretend; The real people who holds Yoruba down are the English in the U.K. Fulani are merely a proxy of the English in their continous drive to steal the wealth of Yorubaland. Yoruba are pragmatic, we are aware that any war declared against Nigeria or Fulani is actually a declaration of war against England. We are not ready to go to war with the English now because we are humble enough to accept that the potential outcome won't favor us based on current parameters. But remember no condition is permanent.
Politics / Re: Wakili's Arrest: Fani-kayode Doing The Bid Of His Northern Paymasters – OPC by AdekunleScience: 10:12pm On Mar 10
We Full blooded Yoruba need to start creating awareness if fact we should never allow half Yoruba or a Yoruba married to non Yoruba to hold any political post in Yorubaland anymore, they always have divided loyalty and they will always sabotage every effort to make Yoruba land great. Family background should start being a major factor in Election across Yoruba land

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