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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 8:47pm

If u see the way i jump out of my bed, called my aboki guy only for him to start laffing at me.

I just tire
Hahahaha...Not only you, bros.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 8:24pm
Guys... 1dollar =184 naira at the moment. What's the best action to take in terms of buying dollars for safekeeping

As at 1:00 PM today, it was 1 USD = N360
Please come back and tell us where it is being sold at N184.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 9:50am
wrong if naira is floated ,it leads to more inflow of dollars from portfolio investors ...currently cos of the fixed regime 30 bn dollars that should have come in to Nigeria is stalled...this sum if unlock can crash the rate by 20 percent...the cbn is the main source of forex cos all international transfer earning is ware house in cbn and use to feed the dollars demand
If Naira is floated today, a dollar will go as high as N380 - 400.
Yes, Atiku has promised to float Naira. Once it is floated, Naira will first fall but as soon as foreign investors come in with their dollars, Naira will appreciate. Dollar may later settle below N350 once the economy is a bit stable and Tbills will be around 9% for 364 days tenor. We should just have it at the back of our mind that TBills may not rise beyond 15%.

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Politics / Re: Meet The 12 Presidential Candidates That Endorsed President Buhari Today by Agbaletu: 6:35pm On Feb 21
None of them can deliver their polling unit.

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Agbaletu: 8:39pm On Feb 20
Hello everyone,

I am trying to applying for a TRV for my mum, I have done everything else but I am having issues uploading IMM 5257. I have filled the form a million times cool and everytime I try to upload i keep getting error messages. Please can some one help on a possible quick fix?
Did you validate it?
The file is not up to 4MB, thus, it is supposed to upload.
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 12:10pm On Feb 19
Yeah, Papyrus is quite pricey. I did not visit Tally. I will check it out whenever I visit again.

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Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 9:44am On Feb 19

Did you visit the Genocide memorial? Gorrilla Park and Lake kivu? what about Papyrus, piripiri, Fulcia, 514, +250 pubs / clubs etc ? Convention center as well? Did you eat matoka meal, ugali and kaunga with groundnut soup? Did you eat their tasty/ roasted goat meat brochette & fries? Did you also drink my favorite drink of blended sugarcane with ginger and lime? Did you also visit carwash grin
I used to eat at carwash sometimes because of the meat. It is owned by a Kenyan.
Papyrus, Pilipili, Lemust, Cocobean were my hangout.
You really rocked that place o.
Didn't you visit German Butchery for Pork, Pizza etc?
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 8:28pm On Feb 18

Woah they seem contented to me. The bicycle thing won't work here, we are too rough for that cheesy I still wonder why they hate themselves so much. Did you get to meet Tutsis and Hutus, could you tell the difference?
They hate themselves before the genocide. After the genocide, they see themselves as one. They will never introduce themselves as Tutsis or Hutus. They will tell you that they are Rwandans. No street is named after anybody. It is either you see KG 001 Road, KN 42 etc. They so much love and trust one another.


Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 3:00pm On Feb 18
l am working on developing a small piece of land as (vacation home) l bought at kayonze via a friend whose family owns several real Estate properties in the country, that will be during my next visit cool
Wow, that is great! I wanted to buy a piece of land in Bugesera but I did not follow it up till I finished my assignment there. I will still buy land in that country.


Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 2:45pm On Feb 18
True that, street fighting in Rwanda attracts 6 months jail terms, you will never find anyone fighting on the street, secondly, apart from the regular police you find in almost every Junction in Rwanda, they have plain clothes security personnel, military, local security personnel scattered throughout the country, you also find the military at different Junction and police as well in the night.

Rwanda is the safest country in Africa, all through the period of my visit, I didn’t hear of robbers, kidnapping, cultism, ritualism, stealing or street urchins, President Kagame is doing a good job in Rwanda cool
You are very correct.
Didn't you notice that their banks don't have security doors?

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 10:37am On Feb 18
Please I was charged over 20k for this tb by GTB. Is that what happens in all banks?
You must have invested over 20m.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 3:29pm On Feb 16

If what you think will happen, happens... even money in your bank account will be gone.

Your physical naira note will be useless. Anything that will make Nigerian Treasury bills to fail, anything naira both in bank account and physical note will too. It's that simple.
Same answer I gave a friend a month ago.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 10:04am On Feb 16

Hmmm, your post is very inspirational. I hope to reach your level soon.

I'd love to ask a few "personal" questions. Hope you would not mind answering.

Do you have a conventional 9 to 5 job or you run your own business? I think it's easier to grow your funds in TB with a salaried job.

Well, I will be 28 by June this year and I only have around 4m in treasury bills. You have just inspired me to work harder.

I deprive myself of so many things to save more than 70% of my income each month. No girlfriend, no car and no expensive phones.

Instead of a flat, I manage a small self con in a very quiet town with virtually no social life.
You guys have proven some of us here wrong that most of the younger ones are not serious. If you guys can continue like this, I can tell you that you will be better than most of your mates in the next few years.
Do you know that my driver's phone is even more expensive than mine? He once asked me, why am I living like a poor man? I just hand waved him and told him not to worry. I work 9 - 5, and I still manage to finish my PhD two years ago and my employer is not aware till now.
Aside shoes, I don't use expensive things.

I am always delighted reading inspirational messages form the younger ones.
Guys, keep it up. Hope to meet any of you someday.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 9:51am On Feb 16
I started with around 800 k ,in 2007 now exceeds 50 m..am around mid 30 infact by 2023 my holding with pass 100 m ....and my life long ambition to earn 1 million per month from treasury bill is near..i don't know of am rich or poor but the feeling is nice..
..i don't have an iPhone x this my phone is 40 k ,I used a Honda 2007 (1.4m) and still buy tokunbo shirts (1500 ) jeans 3 k and shoe 5k to 7k ...,I book flight online to get discount and also luv discount shops ...i luv good food so I have a chef that make my meals at time and visit club like quilox or sip atime to spend 5 k...i also give put to charity like 100 k annually ...it a long route to legitimate wealth ....but not easy but very possible ....i don't think am hard working....it a combination of luck ,perseverance, and spirit of keep pushing it will click by God grace ...in 2007 was earning 70 k as a graduate and had a car from my university so I sold the car add my salary saving keep in fix deposit planing to save for my Msc in the UK,I didn't get the visa then I used 200 k to so a MBA in nigeria then the prof taught me treasury bills bond and stock then I became addicted my babe even ran cos I keep prosp the wedding.....so starter don't feel discourage in 5 years time your capital will double and might triple if u keep adding ...am sit.planing to go to Canada via express entry to continue hustling and study for phd...nb typo errors
Despite the fact that I am older, but allow me to call you the BOSS. I am so so impressed, man! I wish many people can learn from you.
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 3:56pm On Feb 15
Yes, Kayonza was my last place that I visited before I left but President Kagame is doing a good job in the country
He is the kind of President we need here, unfortunately, tribalism and religion will not allow us to be where we should be.
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 3:47pm On Feb 15
Solar power is been installed in the rural areas that I visited, but generally, they are trying
They have solar in some places.
Have you been to Bugesera, munzanse, Kamonyi, Kayonza, Nyanza, Rwamagana etc.
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Agbaletu: 3:37pm On Feb 15
Lol, I have been to few East African countries for vacation (Rwanda inclusive) and amongst all of them, l give it to Rwanda, they have been able to put the Genocide behind and the country is making satisfactory progress, Rwanda has 24/7 Power, security is topnotch, corruption is almost non-existent, Rwanda police force is ranked the best in Africa by (WEF) world economics forum.

Rwanda is also a very clean country, you can register a business and get your business registration certificate within 24hours, kidnapping, cultism, ritualism, robbery is almost non-existent, you are safer in Rwanda than lagos, although, the population is about 12million but the President of Rwanda is building institutions across the country and it is just a question of time before Rwanda becomes the coveted bride in Africa cool
24 hours electricity in Kigali being the capital city. The rural areas suffer regular electricity, but still better than here.
Rwanda is already a model for other African countries.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: France Refuses Fourteen African Nations Economic Independence Says Italy by Agbaletu: 12:15pm On Feb 15
Oh my Africa!
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 10:40am On Feb 15

Seems Zenith has one of the lowest rates.

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Politics / Re: First Flight Lands At Bayelsa International Airport Built By Gov. Dickson(photos by Agbaletu: 6:16pm On Feb 14
Misplaced priority.
I don't think so. If you see the number of people that go in and out of Yenagoa daily, you will know that they need one. PHC airport is too far from yenagoa coupled with the dangerous terrain.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 6:03pm On Feb 14

Finally,the debit notice is here...14.85%...... GTBank 364 days...!!
Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiii GTBANK almost gave me high BP.
Yes o!

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 5:52pm On Feb 14
gtb notting ....any body 364 ..
Nothing o. You warned me two weeks ago not to try GTB, now I am restless.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 5:49pm On Feb 14
Finally 364 days with stanbic went through

I would have stopped the general elections

But with this now, make una go vote.

I am cuming
Hahahaha....thanks for allowing the election to go on as planned. We need to decide our future now.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 2:59pm On Feb 14

Not yet oooo...I'm anxiously waiting too.
kindly update us here once you get a debit notice for GTBANK 364-DAYS tenure..
All right.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 2:45pm On Feb 14
No update yet
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 2:44pm On Feb 14

I've never been to Lagos but i made a good research concerning the parthian partners team and i found them trustworthy: I study their respective profiles. Even after registration i made more than 30 transactions and they are always consistent. I preliquidates most of my investments and the cashout was always prompt. The upfront interest holding is enough to give them profit on your investment even if they bought from secondary market and sold to you.

I just googled a recent media report concerning development with the app business activities.
You guys really get heart o. I can't invest 8 digits via any App. Even I can't try 7 digits with the App. Are you guys really investing millions via this App?

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 2:27pm On Feb 14
Any update from GTB?
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 2:07pm On Feb 14

The actual formula is:

I = PRT/(100 * Days in year(365 or 366)) = PRT/36500 or PRT/36600

Thanks, sir.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 12:55pm On Feb 14

Thank you Agba.

You are truly agba[i] jare[/i]

So kindly explain the 91 days thing to me. My thought was that it paid a lower interest rate because the TBill investment was locked down for only 91 days...

S I reasoned it out in a Compound interest thing with the impression that once that matured and was returned/released, it could be put in all over again..
Apply this formula:

I = PRT/100

I = Interest (Upfront interest)
P = Principal (The amount you are investing)
R = Discount Rate (%)
T = Time (Tenor)
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 11:01am On Feb 14

Dear Agbaletu,

I'm quite naive with this, but kindly clarify my thoughts.

I'm wondering, why put your money away for 1 year (364 days ) for 14.5% interest when you can put the same amount in the same investment (Treasury Bills( for 91 days with 10% interest that can be immediately re-ploughed in for another 10% (interest + capital) this giving a larger compound overall interest when that is done four times (91 * 4) rather than simply 364?

It does not work like that my brother. If it were to be so, I won't be locking over 20m for 364 days. The 10% is for one year and not just for 91 days.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 10:21am On Feb 14
Got 14.25% from Zenith Bank as usual for 364 days tenor.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Agbaletu: 6:40pm On Feb 13

Its like GTB 364 days wasn't successful in the bid

Been expecting debit notification since morning but no response yet
Not today...wait till tomorrow noon.

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