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Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Labour Party Releases List Of Legal Team by annisy(f): 9:38pm On Mar 14
Where is the useless Dino, Reno and PDP
Politics / Re: INEC Has Breached Nigerians’ Trust – CSO by annisy(f): 1:32pm On Mar 03
Don't expect anything justice from the Supreme Court
Politics / Re: Old Naira Notes To Continue To Be Legal Tender Till December - Supreme Court by annisy(f): 1:30pm On Mar 03
And some fools believe this Supreme Court can give them justice! Nigerians wake up
Politics / Re: "Mr. Tinubu, Will You Congratulate The Winner If It Isn't You?" Tinubu:"it's Me" by annisy(f): 10:23am On Feb 27
If Peter Obi can't win it atiku should take it!!
We say no to Muslim-Muslims tickets
Politics / Re: Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Endorses Atiku, Directs Followers To Vote For Him by annisy(f): 10:39pm On Feb 23
May God bless you for taking a stand!! This is what your so called daddy Go's and god of men could not do,tomorrow they will start preaching about body of christ.!! Body of christ my foot
God bless all the genuine sarvent of the Almighty God that took a stand!!
Romance / Re: Should I Let This Girl Know I Saw Her On A Porn Site? by annisy(f): 10:50pm On Jan 29
The most difficult business for Nigerians is minding their own business why?

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Romance / Re: My Side, Abt Halima And Apostle Suleiman's Sex Scandal. by annisy(f): 10:44pm On Jan 29

Okay let's agree it's a consensual sex, why is apostle not accepting that it happened and apologize to his members and move on

Do you know thousands of people following that man?
Apologize to his members for what mbok?!
His life his business if you allow religious leaders to scam you that's your problem

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Career / Re: Do 60 Sit-ups In 2 Minutes - SA Special Police Force Requirement (PICS) by annisy(f): 3:11pm On Jan 13
The only thing they teach in Nigeria police academy is how to drink, smoke and kill innocent citizens


Politics / Re: Osinbajo Receives Jose Manuel Albares, Minister Of Foreign Affairs, EU by annisy(f): 8:55pm On Jan 12
Nigerians needs to punish APC for picking tinubu over @yemiosinbajo
Politics / Re: Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Takes Campaign To Bauchi by annisy(f): 8:52pm On Jan 12
This is highly commendable. 2023 will definitely reshape the political landscape of this nation
Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Blessing's Younger Lover Kisses Her, Sparks Reactions by annisy(f): 1:51pm On Jan 11
It will end in premium tears
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Nigerian Ports Authority Has Office, Guest House In London by annisy(f): 10:27am On Jan 09
Please where is British port authority office in Nigeria located?! Some of you reason from your anus!!
This warehouse economist of a man don come again.
Is it bad for the NPA to have an office in London? The biggest city in the world? What if that’s a way of generating revenue for the NPA to become self reliant at the London office?
How will any sane president not want his country to have an efficient ports office in one of the biggest cities in the world.
Now I agree with Tinubu, Obi is just a warehouse economist and trader who couldn’t transform Anambra but wants to transform Nigeria. Bala bulu economics

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Politics / Re: "Empty Stadium" Reno Omokri Mocks Peter Obi On Attendance At Rallies by annisy(f): 8:48am On Jan 07
This fool thinks atiku will win the next presidential election
Politics / Re: New Year Celebration Turned To Obidient Rally In Plateau State by annisy(f): 10:39pm On Jan 03
Obi should focus his efforts on rural voters
Health / Re: Woman Dies After Gynaecologist Mistakenly Cuts Her Intestines During Childbirth by annisy(f): 10:55pm On Dec 31, 2022
This can only happen in Africa and to an African
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Grassroots Evangelism In Kaduna State (Photos) by annisy(f): 2:44pm On Dec 31, 2022
At Peter Obi needs to take his messages directly to the grassroot!!
Politics / Re: G5 Governors Set To Endorse Peter Obi In London by annisy(f): 9:54am On Dec 28, 2022
If the governor f Enugu and abia states can not convince wike and makinde to support Obi then they are big fools, because is obvious ortom is rooting for Obi

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Politics / Re: Olisa Metuh Hits Back At Arthur Eze by annisy(f): 5:20pm On Dec 27, 2022
2023 will retire so many politicians
Family / Re: Nigerian Lady Serves Husband An Empty Plate For Refusing To Help In The Kitchen by annisy(f): 4:31pm On Dec 27, 2022
AnyEvery just to trend on social media
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie's 2nd Wife, Judy, Shares Christmas Photos Of Herself And Their Son by annisy(f): 1:17pm On Dec 26, 2022
Merry Christmas to you darling, don't mind hypocrite and haters calling you home breaker!!!
Your husband saw you, liked you & approached you. If anyone must be crucified it shouldn't be you but your husband!! Your child deserves a father it is not in your place to school a man on morals
Politics / Re: Wike Shuts Down Atiku Campaign Office In Rivers by annisy(f): 5:56am On Dec 24, 2022
This is absolutely wrong wike should allow atiku and every other candidate campaign freely...
Politics / Re: Wike: I’ll Announce My Presidential Candidate In January (Video, Pics) by annisy(f): 6:14pm On Dec 22, 2022
If wike supports tinubu over @PeterObi and the governor of Enugu and abia win their election to the senate then the igbos are stupid!!!

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Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: Depots Dry Up, Nigerians Face Bleak Christmas by annisy(f): 12:28pm On Dec 22, 2022
You are getting it wrong
Energy security is a matter of national security petrol, diesel, and Co is a matter of national security!!
Petrol is not like bread and should not be left in the hands of an individual or individuals to determine the pricing,,
Energy securities is like DSS

You said affordability is non-issue! Honestly you need to read & do proper research, forget what our politicians are saying

Are you aware that because of Ukraine and Russia war the price of petroleum product and electricity in uk went up,the uk government brought out 10 billion pounds as subsidy or bail out to bring the price down..

And here we are in Africa buying into the cramp our leaders are saying that affordability is not a problem

Anyway reflect on all I have said and do your proper research, please don't use Ghana, Niger and Co when doing your research use serious nation

Petrol is not like bread
Remain bless


Ah, so we come to the real issue.

In response, I am going to ask you a question

If you were baking bread at N1000 a loaf, would you agree for government to force you to sell that same loaf at the price of N200 to help the poor?

How would you fund worker salaries, maintenance, even your own earnings, and pay taxes, and so forth?

Answer that, and you would see why affordability is really a non-issue.

Things, sadly, cost money to make.

(Refining fuel at home would, according to one other Nairalander elsewhere, mean that fuel would have to be sold above N230. )

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Politics / Re: As Long As I’m Alive, I’ll Keep Pursuing Presidency – Atiku by annisy(f): 12:14pm On Dec 22, 2022
Dear Nigeria youth this are thesame set of people that will tell you,
Nigeria youth shine your eye this people don't care about anybody other than their family and selfish ambition
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: Depots Dry Up, Nigerians Face Bleak Christmas by annisy(f): 12:07pm On Dec 22, 2022
I agree with you but I want you to understand that the issue of fuel scarcity has to do with availability and affordability.
Removing the subsidy will only address the issue of availability but that won't address the issue of affordability...
Niger, Ghana and Co is not a perfect example to sight when it come to this debate .
The perfect example is diesel (DPK)
Subsidy is not paid on deisel in Nigeria, because subsidy is not paid on diesel you can hardly hear of diesel scarcity (availability issues has been slove) but many businesses and companies have closed down because of the high price of dpk!!!! (affordability issue has not been slove) if you own a business that requires diesel to function then you will agree that availability of the product is as important at the affordability

The government needs to own its own refiniary and operate the infiniary as a business that way the government can slove the problem of availability of the product and also make it affordable for its citizens.

From uae to Saudi to Oman to Russia and even our brothers in Libya petroleum product is very cheap because their national energy sectors equivalent of our nnpc are state own and properly run

Removal of subsidy on its own won't slove the entire problem

NNPC needs to own and operate more refinnary, that way government can decide to forego its profit to make the product affordable for Nigerians


1.Here is how subsidy works in brief.

Assuming it costs the petroleum sector something like N500 to produce and transport fuel to end user, meaning the price at the pump should be above N500, government then comes in and tells the sector to sell fuel at say N180 to end user.

This means that the sector loses N320 per liter of fuel sold. Government pays that difference in the form of something called a subsidy.

The problem with subsidy is that the cost of refining and transporting fuel rises ....due to a number of factors (refinery improvements, maintenance, upgrandes, transport costs0) ....so eventually the N320 per liter paid as subsidy would be insufficent.

We have been doing this for years...which means NNPC has not made a profit....and as a result all our refineries are in a mess, and unless your name is Dangote, no one would invest in or build new refineries...because they would lose money in the process. Even Dangote is at risk of the same.

If subsidy goes....

1.Govenrment would no longer be dashing free money to the petrol secotr.

2.The sector would make enough money to pay for transport, and refining of fuel in Nigeria.

3.Scarcity would end

Countries like Niger, Ghana that don't have subsides....have no fuel scarcity (and they are crude oil producers too).

The short version to understanding subsidy is: Would you bake bread at a cost of N1000 a loaf, and sell that same bread at N300 a loaf to help the poor? And the government pays you N300 a loaf as 'bread subsidy'? How would your business function...expecially since government has forbidden you to raise your prices?
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: Depots Dry Up, Nigerians Face Bleak Christmas by annisy(f): 10:59am On Dec 22, 2022
For 11yers from 2012-2023 Nigeria and its leader has learnt absolutely nothing.
fuel scarcity is actually an issue of national security but our leaders are not seeing it in that light. Every government officials believe that if subsidy is removed the problem of fuel scarcity will eventually end but this is a big fallacy.
Currently in major cities across Nigeria where you see queue in filling Station they are fuel in those city but the problem is affordability, despite the queues you can still get fuel from the black market but it is so expensive that many people prefer to spend hours on the queue
Removing subsidy won't slove the problem of feul scarcity, removal of scarcity will only make the product available just like the black market, even the so called dangote refinnary will only slove the problem of availability...
To slove the problem of fuel scarcity across the nation the government must own and operate its own refinnary or buy a major stake in private refinnary, that way government can slove the problem of scarcity
Here is the problem

1.NNPC is bringing in fuel above N510 and selling it at N148 to depot as at this month...that is no longer sustainable.

2.From the article above, some indepdendent depots are buying from major marketers...at high prices...which means that they have to sell at a loss to keep to NNPC price of N179

3.Diesel costs are impuigning on overall fuel costs.

At the end, subsidy has to go to bring an end to the crisis.

I know, Nigerians will suffer. I wish it was not so, and to all those who insult me about my support for fuel subsidy removal....I have heard, I have considered it, and God knows that if there was a way to keep petrol at even N20 per liter for the sake of the poor and needy, I would take it.

But we cannot import fuel at N500 AND ABOVE , and sell it at N179, and expect miracles.

Even if we refine at home, we cannot refine fuel below N200 per liter. Before transport self.

You can insult me, you can abuse me, you can call me names, but if you won't sell at a loss....you cannot expect the petrol industry to sell at a loss...because you will encourage them to do sharp practices...which is what is happening.

It is wishful economics to import fuel at N510 and sell it at N148 and pay subsidy, that would have been used to pay for refineries , new and old...to cover the losses...while the cost of production goes up

The DSS move was lipstick on a pig. Lipstick on a pig won't turn it into Miss World...it will still be a pig. At the end, people were not moving product out because they could not afford to do so at a loss. DSS should have stuck to security. Economics is not their forte.

Either we pay the market price of fuel at the pump...like they do elsewhere...or we pay it at the IMF HQ, with them dictating the terms.

GEJ, in a way, was right in 2012. As was NOI and SLS.

Good morning.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Seeks Fresh N819bn Loan, Domestic Debts Hit N22.57tn by annisy(f): 8:10am On Dec 22, 2022
Mr integrity wants to borrow his own fair well package

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Politics / Re: Second Niger Bridge Users Will Pay Toll - FG by annisy(f): 8:08am On Dec 22, 2022
When those from the south east say they are marginalized some people are quick to ask how!! If the federal government wish to toll the second Niger bridge then all other federal roads or bridges Accross the country should be tolled!!!
You can't build a country with double standards

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Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Wife Donates Over 2,000 Bags Of Rice To Northern Christians by annisy(f): 4:45pm On Dec 21, 2022
Our leaders are demons
Business / Re: World ('diaspora') Remittances In The World From 2010 by annisy(f): 4:44pm On Dec 21, 2022
This is not a thing of pride!! If Nigeria is actually working who will want to leave his country to another man's country to work?!
If not FG job you can hardly see a native of FCT in another state in Nigeria working,, we need leaders that will fix this country.
Is our best bet come 2023 anything outside those three na waste of time

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Politics / Re: 2023: I’ll End Poverty In Nigeria, If Elected President – Tinubu by annisy(f): 12:41pm On Dec 21, 2022
Nigerians story story.. Story!
Politics / Re: UK Court Again Denies Bail To Ekweremadu As Trial Begins January by annisy(f): 12:38pm On Dec 21, 2022
At last one of the national assembly landlord won't be returning back to the national assembly all thanks to UK!!

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