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Politics / Re: Enforcement Of Ban On Hawking In Lagos Starts Today by anulaxad(m): 2:22pm On Jul 04, 2016

You just had to be tribalistic because you saw "uche". What of the Yoruba woman and her kids hawking pure water at Ketu? What about the Hausa man selling tomatoes on Mile 12 bridge? It is really saddening the way some of you reason.

I just hope you understand that the majority of Yoruba people are not as ignorant and as hateful as that tribalist, Ambode indeed does need to help find alternatives for the hawkers.

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Politics / Re: Recovered Loot: Why Buhari Won’t Disclose Amount – Garba Shehu by anulaxad(m): 12:44pm On Mar 28, 2016


How did anyone not notice the obvious mistake in the article :

'has so far recovered over $2 trillion (about N400 trillion) looted from the national treasury'

Such claims shouldn't be tolerated by the average Nigerian, however I would be willing to know if the statement was actually made by the attorney general.

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Politics / Re: FRA Williams On Buhari And Court Orders: Has Buhari Changed? by anulaxad(m): 10:09pm On Jan 17, 2016
The people you mentioned were outright dictators. Yes We have other dictators who held things down for their country like Ghadaffi until he was deposed.

In those cases, they never claimed to be born again democrats. They told America to shove their democracy into their pieholes.

But here, we are talking about someone who claimed to be a changed person and after he was voted in decided to live out the life of his 1984 administration.

Don't forget that for every dictator that got it right, there at least 20 others that get it wrong. I can count so many for you in Africa before going to Far East. Mugabe easily comes to mind. Burundi is boiling, Congo DR etc.

A lawless society hardly progresses. Do not support illegality get you outa a corner wink

i would love if you changed the phrase in bold, Gadaffi was not a dictator, It would be nice if you done some research on Libyan politics and how the government functioned. He had no official power since 1977. I again urge you to rephrase your statement. Mistakes can be easily forgiveable.
Politics / Re: The Economist 2016 Cover Page by anulaxad(m): 10:38pm On Jan 01, 2016
well i just quoted you two verses that tell you they are not the real jews. the real jews are black wink
Who do you believe should own the land.

And by the way Judaism is not an ethnicity but a religion.
Politics / Re: The Economist 2016 Cover Page by anulaxad(m): 10:20pm On Jan 01, 2016
hello my kind Sir. I hope I will not disappoint you when i tell you that the israel in that land is fake. They are not the biblical israel. so i do not support either one of them. i dont care who wins in the fight between either one of them because they are both heathens lol.

revelation 2 vs 9 I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. SO THIS IS THE BIBLE LETTING YOU KNOW THEY ARE FAKE JEWS.

REVELATION 3 VS 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie ANOTHER VERSE TELLING YOU THERE WILL BE IMPOSTORS CALLING THEMSELVES JEWS AKA ISRAELIS.

How about when it tells us how the Jews are entitled to the land.
Politics / Re: The Economist 2016 Cover Page by anulaxad(m): 10:02pm On Jan 01, 2016
technically he hasnt. but he will. you have to remember that story is only 6000 years old. thats not a long time. thats only 60 lifetimes of someone who lives to 100 years old. not very long at all. however, it will come to pass very soon

Mr.Sukkot, I have been puzzled over the issue of Israel and Palestine for sometime now, I would like to know which side you support, and the whether the current jews in Israel are entitled to that land or not.

I think there's so much propaganda on both sides I don't know which one is legitimate.
Politics / Re: $2.1bn Arms Deal: I Will Speak Soon – Labaran Maku by anulaxad(m): 2:17pm On Dec 27, 2015
From what I've read, it is clear to the obvious that this man new something about the funds being diverted and our country's wealth being plundered.

To those heartless PDP supporters who see no wrong in GEJ's tenure here is one minister who is openly telling you that he knew corruption was prevalent.

God bless Nigeria and I truly hope in the new year Nigeria will be gain prosperity.


Politics / Re: Usa Downing Nigeria Against World Superpower Status!!!! by anulaxad(m): 12:30am On Dec 27, 2015
It is obvious that Nigeria is set to become a World superpower without much focus on Arms and Ammunitions or Nuclear weapons but economically we all have the potential.However, the last 3 years has been full of economic turmoil as Corruption,downing oil prices and TERRORISM seems to have impeded Nigeria's economic Growth.Now,one thing that seems to be so glaring is the Game of terrorism which has destabilized Nigeria's economy even with the Global oil glut.
How then does the USA come into play as Nigeria's foe?
IMF, world bank and UN are not Terrorist Organisations but OIL and Weapons are like brothers and sisters anyday ,anytime!!!
Since Global oil glut is bitening hard,one cannot fail to undermine the fact that Arms and armunitions are powered by the same oil.Weapons destabilize an economy when it gets into the wrong hands.The US has an Interest in Nigeria's war against Terrorism and it is JANUS *two sided*.
We may say that in the 1960s an IMF chief once said *over his dead body should the Naira surpass the dollar*.Since that time all means has been used to destabilize Nigeria's economy externally .
Now,the same IMF is saying oil price would drop to 20usd next year.Such would further devalue the Naira.
The same USA that has interest in Ukraine is having interest in ruining Nigeria.
The US knows that we r capable of becoming a superpower.
The war against boko haram may have benefitted corrupt officials in getting large amount of money in hard currencies,but it also aided the US in brainwashing Nigerian soldiers who were being trained to come back and carry out acts of Mutiny in Nigeria upon returning home.
When GEJ now stopped counter terrorism training with the US,they turned against him and disgraced him in washington at the UN congress as world leaders walked out on Jonathan.
Now that PMB is the President, The US may further sit tight or agree in deception.
Terrorism has always increased in countries where US interferred or intervened.The US hides under the guise that it doesn't negotiate with terrorists but they can Arm militia groups that is against their political interests in a country that has other intrests against Democracy.
The war against Terrorism has benefitted the US politically,and economically.
But when you look at countries like syria,ukraine and russia who have no oil,you wonder what interests the US have.
They have to interfere to fight against other superpowers like russia and china.Now that Nigeria has joined the superpower countries, its influence over Africa and war torn countries would not augur well with The USA, therefore,it seeks all means to destabilize this country!!!!
A Look at US's statement on Nigeria
1)Nigeria would break up in 2015
2)Nigeria is not sincere in War against terrorism
3)we didn't embrace Gay marriage,hence US is using oil glut to punish us
Nigeriaans should wake up to reality ,not with Hatred,but lets see the Picture now and properely.
Crimes against humanity or so called bugaboo Amnesty international have been crying about , was it not the same US who trained our soldiers??

Are weapons not sold in United states dollars? After oil market, the next biggest market in the world is Arms and Ammunitions and Nuclear weapons. Terrorism has been the worlds experiment to test and use military might of superpower countries and rubbish others.
Terrorism seemed to have rubbished the Integrity of Nigeria's Armed Forces if not that we got our acts together.
US is still after Nigeria anyday anytime, Its time we wake up to this reality.

In bold, made a very critical mistake. All are oil producing countries, Crimea had old which formerly belonged to Ukraine, Russia is the third biggest oil producer in the world while Syria's oil fields are currently occupied and controlled by ISIS.
Politics / Re: Muammar Gaddafi Designed The World Safest Car Before He Was Killed(pictures) by anulaxad(m): 4:01pm On Nov 15, 2015
Which part[b] of d English u cant understand[/b]. Yes he was corrupt but he discipline [/b]and had good vision for his people. My friend told me they had all they wanted but[b] Gaddafi greed towards power made them angry.

Ok I gave you a chance to explain, your are indeed ignorant of the situation, I have highlighted your erroneous English mistakes. Is your friend a credible source compared to millions of Libyans who would disagree with you or the multiple sources out there that will tell you, just like I am, that Gadaffi had no real power.

You say Gadaffi was corrupt yet this is a man who kids and grand kids went public school, a man that prayed in the desert, parents slept in a tent to everyone in Libya had a house e.g. I will retract my statement of calling you ignorant if you can find and show me any evidence that he was corrupt.
Politics / Re: Muammar Gaddafi Designed The World Safest Car Before He Was Killed(pictures) by anulaxad(m): 2:53pm On Nov 15, 2015
Gadaffi, a leader far better than many Africa has produced.

He had good vision but was corrupted by too much power, but still he had purpose for Libya

Explain in bold, when the guy literally had no power, he was barely a figure head,he officially stepped down from power in 1977. I would call you ignorant for making such a statement, but I'd rather you explain to me by what you meant by that statement.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Commonwealth and Politics by anulaxad(m): 1:52pm On Oct 23, 2015

I accepted it because its coming from an authority not "dem talk say" and I've modified since yesterday so why you wan chop me

Ma Binu, however you made another mistake when you tried degrading Wikipedia, it cannot be modified by anyone( contrary to popular belief) it is moderated by experts, if you don't belive you can try editing it yourself.

Furthermore with Ogun state I advise you go on ogunindicator facebook page, you can witness the development in pictures.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Commonwealth and Politics by anulaxad(m): 1:42pm On Oct 23, 2015
Okutanla is right about the whole GDP thing,Its in dollars not naira.They probably made a mistake

How on earth can a states GDP be around 3 billion Naira, that what less than 12 million US dollars, it's outrageous how you intially accepted that it could be in Naira, but Im glad youv'e accepted your error, so maybe you can now modify your earlier posts.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Economy Can't Cope With Current Population, NPC Boss by anulaxad(m): 8:43am On Oct 22, 2015
Are you consciously trying to distort facts?

Or you don't know the difference between population density and population?

Even if an average Igbo family should have just one child, the population density of Ndigbo in general will still be relatively high due to limited land space

Typical Nigerian professional.
Always easily a disgrace to his/ her profession.

Offering ignorant opinion from the bottomless pit of ut ignorance.. In terms of population density, Anambra has smaller land mass than Kano, but Kano is the most populous state in Naija with huge land mass but fewer resources.

If you had taken the time to read my other comments you would have realised that I have defended myself to best of my extent.

This is how I finished the other nonetity(astrodome) and with this it shall also silence both of you ignoramuses:


Hehe, have I not shown you what the population difference is between all the major ethnic groups in this country already?
grin grin grin grin, you sound so silly, honestly it is so easy to counter all the nosense you say here.
Ok,this is your foolish reasoning: smaller state means bigger population due to less space. Not even kids are this ignorant.
Ok I shall end this argument here, Is Osun,Ekiti,Ebonyi,Abia,Akwa ibom,Rivers,Enugu or even Abuja as densely populated as Anambra or Imo?
They are similar in land area right, so why are they not as densely populated as Anambra or Imo. You don't have to be an expert to understand that those two states are just naturally overpopulated. I won't make a fool out of you, your doing a good job of that yourself.
Admitting this truth at hand will not kill you.

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Politics / Re: Why Use Imported Bitumen? Concrete Road Cheaper, Durable, Says Dangote by anulaxad(m): 3:09pm On Sep 19, 2015
I don't believe that concrete is a better material than bitumen when it comes to road infrastructure, however truth be told how can we be importing Bitumen as an oil producing country, it's shameful honestly.
Politics / Re: Remitted N973Million:Goodluck Jonathan, NOT President Buhari Recovered The Money by anulaxad(m): 5:15pm On Sep 15, 2015
I have one question for you mr. Barcanista what happened to the two billion naira that was borrowed on the commands of Goodluck Jonathan (according to the NGO) from the treasury ?

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Politics / Re: N2.6trn Govt Deposits In 20,000 Bank Accounts To Be Closed This Week by anulaxad(m): 10:22am On Sep 13, 2015
Honestly, Nigeria has no idea of how blessed it is.

Lyk seriouzly

Yes seriously, go and read about William Pitt the younger's financial reforms and how it dramatically increased the UK's revenue, one of his major reforms was a single treasury account.

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Politics / Re: I know what pained the people - Jonathan by anulaxad(m): 7:16pm On Sep 08, 2015
Nonsense you knew and you continued with your reckless and abrupt governance.


Politics / Re: Yorubas Are Jealous Of Ndi-igbo by anulaxad(m): 7:24pm On Sep 05, 2015
Though am Igbo man,but u re a shit to ve put up ht dis shit,u gat no job,look 4 something to with ur jobless life, we are all one,pls my yoruba guys in dat house,ignored dis shit

We are one indeed.

God bless you

God bless Nigeria
Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo Declare Assets by anulaxad(m): 9:13pm On Sep 03, 2015

Stop telling open face, ojukoroju LIES abeg.
Where did you mention PUBLICLY in your original post that I quoted?
Why is there so much affinity between APC, its supporters and telling LIES


I would call you an idiotic troublemaker but your attitude has spoken louder than words.

Did I not ask people to present me Gej's final assets if they have seen it? In other words I am asking if people have seen him declare his assets publicly. Common sense at times will not endanger a man, your arrogance and naive attitude can.


Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo Declare Assets by anulaxad(m): 9:04pm On Sep 03, 2015

Stop telling open face, ojukoroju LIES abeg

Has he declared his assets before he left office?
Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo Declare Assets by anulaxad(m): 9:01pm On Sep 03, 2015

And you with the other dullards wey you resemble go think sey you don make sense abi
Have you gone to CCB to ask whether he has declared his assets to them according to the constitution dem tell you sey e never declare?

Why does stewpidity dress itself in borrowed garments of wisdom for the non-initiates? shocked


Cool, All I was asking is if he has declared it publicly so that I can see it, insults show the level of maturity that you consume inside yourself.
Stop defending your Hero and come and present the evidence or stay away from my mentions.

Secondly I am talking about his final assets, the one that he is meant to declare before he left office.

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Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo Declare Assets by anulaxad(m): 8:26pm On Sep 03, 2015
This is a drop in the ocean compared to GEJ's assets.

Wait doesn't the constitution demand that the president is to declare his assets before he leaves office as well? Why have I not seen GEJ'S, please if anyone has seen Jonathan'S final declared assets please present if forward.

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Politics / Re: Another Look At Buhari's Technocrat Story... by anulaxad(m): 12:40pm On Sep 03, 2015
Mr. whydoilovelies, you haven't answered my questions from your previous thread.

Everyone and anyone who sees this thread should completely ignore it as the thread starter is synonymous with lies and instead of countering your evidence he will just end up abusing you.

Thread closed until you can answer my previous questions of your previous thread.
Politics / Re: What Do You Consider As A Developed State, In Nigeria? by anulaxad(m): 11:28am On Sep 03, 2015
No state not even the FCT Abuja is developed.

The way I see a developed state looking like is if it had proper infrastructure including roads, trains and bus system, less congestions, suitable pavements, tree sidelined pavements, planned housing and neat electricity distribution and underground sewage system, e.g.

Lagos is developing at an incredible pace with Eko atlantic, while there is the centenary city in Abuja and Enugu with rainbow town in rivers state.
Politics / Re: See The First Known African Slave To Purchase His Freedom. by anulaxad(m): 4:20pm On Sep 02, 2015

Stop saying what you don't know. Go and do your research . Equiano wrote a book , in which he stated that he from Igbo. I wonder why you and ur kind are trying hard to reshuffle history.

I was with you until you said your kind, that was out of line. The guy is just ignorant of certain facts.
Politics / Re: Message For The Mods: Nairaland's Names Of Tribal Bigots. by anulaxad(m): 3:09pm On Sep 02, 2015
Mods new names have been added.
Politics / Re: What If The Igbo's & Yoruba's Team Up by anulaxad(m): 3:02pm On Sep 02, 2015

Ab0ki please keep quiet, go chase your cattle

Foolish ignoramus, where did you get the idea that I was a Northerner or a herdsman, you have just touched on my point of how daft some people are. Tribal bigots like you are the enemy's of progress.

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Politics / Re: What If The Igbo's & Yoruba's Team Up by anulaxad(m): 12:45pm On Sep 02, 2015
I am wondering what the Igbo's & Yoruba's are waiting for before they put this stupid enmity between themselves to rest.

We can all see that the North does not like the South at all.

The North does not regard the Igbo's.

The North does not like the South-West either.

The North sees the South-South as their ca$h cow.

The South-South has realized that the Igbo's do not wish them harm,
and are making amends.

It's the Igbo's and Yoruba's that are still squabbling with each other while,
the north who are fewer in number and less natural resources rule over them.
(The population in the north we all know is false)

So I ask the question, can you Imagine how formidable the south will be if they teamed up?

Will you keep quiet, which people are fighting, its only a minority of daft human beings that are causing tribal tensions online, have you seen this sort of stuff in your daily outgoings?

Secondly, which north, the same north that has ordered the Ogoni clean up while there own son negelcted them for 6 good years. Which north the same north that is fighting corruption of which was left by Jonathan and his southern Ministers, abeg thread closed.

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Politics / Re: Barcanista Remains Pro-PDP, Quits Nairaland Forum by anulaxad(m): 5:55pm On Sep 01, 2015

You can take all your GEJITES with you. undecided


Culture / Re: Are The Ilajes, Aworis, Egbas, Ijebus, Ikales And Eguns Really Yoruba? by anulaxad(m): 9:11am On Sep 01, 2015
If you can, you would have done so and gleefully shove the link down our throats. Your kind have been "factory-fitted" to cause trouble and mischief.

I had to qoute you on this, there are so much people trying to divide us ethnically, I have repeatedly told them that I am an Ijebu and Awori and they seem to ignore that fact, you give them wikipedia and they reject it, even though I said editing it is a very difficult task as it has to be moderated.

I quoted you because when you ask these troublemakers where there from they refuse to speak up, are they ashamed to say where there from.


Culture / Re: Are The Ilajes, Aworis, Egbas, Ijebus, Ikales And Eguns Really Yoruba? by anulaxad(m): 10:19pm On Aug 31, 2015
u re still repeating the same thing without proof
my take is that aworis, ilajes and eguns and other coastal pple of south west are of ijaw stock. prove otherwise and stop repeating same thing.

If you read my previous statements on this thread I have told you people already that my mother is from an Awori background, sometimes I wonder if the people typing this nonsense are even human, have you been designed to cause trouble, an information website is showing you evidence and you are rejecting it, how senseless naive and arrogant can a human be? Where are you from sef?

If you are not Yoruba I have no reason to answer to you as you are speaking out of ignorance. Let us know where you are from.


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