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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Prophet Benson Nosakhare Over Fake Prophecy (Photo) by BarrSly: 2:11pm On May 09
This case would get thrown out of court with a good lawyer. I still can’t see the crime the prophet committed .
Romance / Re: Handsome Nigerian Man Weds His Pretty American Bride In Texas, USA (Photos) by BarrSly: 2:08pm On May 09
Dude just got into a shit bigger than his ass. I’ve dated white girls and they go from 0 - 100 in a jiffy!! At the end of the day the American judicial system will still support them.

If he dare divorce he go hear wyyhhnn

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Romance / Re: Love Between Teenage Boy And Obese Woman by BarrSly: 2:06am On May 02
First of all he’s a h@rny teenager and would settle for anything and size so far it comes with a pizzit he can deep his stick into.
Romance / Re: Opinion : Some Women Add No Value To Men's Lives by BarrSly: 2:01am On May 02
Nice one OP this is the gospel we have to preach to as many men as possible to realize this double standard has to stop.

You get what you give. If a woman can’t give anything then she should not expect anything.



I don't know who needs to hear this but
remove s** from relationship and you will
discover that some obscenely huge
percentage of ladies have nothing to offer
in relationships, totally nothing.

Remove money from a relationship and
you will discover that a majority of ladies
won’t see a reason to be in a relationship
with you, they want you to take care of
them, but they add no value to your life
other than s**, Facebook, whatsapp and

Somebody who can’t challenge you
positively, somebody who thinks being
female is like being disabled, somebody
who is expecting heaven from you but
offer almost nothing in your life! Somebody
who thinks her money is meant for her and
yours at her disposal.

Somebody who can’t even send you airtime, let alone lunch! Somebody who can’t lend you money when you are in economic crisis!
Somebody who has parasitic thinking and

If you hate financially broke men then
don’t be a financially broke woman. You
cannot hate what you are, one sided
expectations can destroy you. If you want
a man with a car you will show us exactly
where you have parked yours.

Please men Go for the best, somebody
who is slaying with senses and reasoning!
Not somebody who has only hips, boobs &
birth certificate.

Go for somebody who is ready to push and
provoke you to achieve your goals, not a
thief who’s after your money!

I know most of ladies will not like this but
Iet’s call a spade, a spade; not a big

It's my opinion.

Romance / Re: What Can I Do With 400k by BarrSly: 1:54am On May 02
I pity who go inbox this OP. A mere investigation of your profile reveals you are promoting a sort of Ponzi scheme. A word is enough for the ….


Romance / Re: My New Girlfriend Billed Me After The First Round by BarrSly: 1:29am On May 02
Bro is it that you are blind or too h*rny to know the meaning of non binary or androgynous.

Be careful before you go dig a man dressed as a woman o


Dayummn! Yur way 2 sexcy smiley

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Romance / Re: My New Girlfriend Billed Me After The First Round by BarrSly: 1:22am On May 02
There is no such thing as “free sex with my girlfriend/wife” or whatever. As a matter of fact, relationship is low-key pr*stitution and this is what I talked about on my Youtube channel (Sly Lifestyle) so guys wise up.

Build your self, work on your income, buy some stocks, invest in crypto, start a business, get a job no matter how small start from somewhere and forget marriage / relationship. It’s all a waste of time and you end up paying even more compared to what you get with an escort and if you need a child, surrogacy arrangement would give you a kid free of baby mama drama.


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Romance / Re: Is It Healthy To Date A Single Mother Of 1 by BarrSly: 1:08am On May 02
Burna Boy just dumped Steflon Don when he realized she was a single mother. If that one no teach you sense then I have nothing else to tell you.

I have spoken about the reason why men should avoid Single mothers on my youtube channel (Sly Lifestyle) I do hope you find what you are looking for.

Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 7:47pm On Apr 24
Apparently your failure to read at all in life is what makes you spell "Yawn" as "Yarn" so i am not surprised if you could not read something as short as that. What a pity.

Yarns!!!! Mehn reading thesame topic everyday with almost desame writings is boring. Thank goodness I didn't waste my strength to read. Yarns!!!; I tire jareh.
Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 6:45pm On Apr 23
Point of correction there is no “virtuous woman’ or ‘good woman’

grin grin grin

E pain am na by force to be good girl make I kukukma be ashawo and evening newspaper in peace na in peace na cheesy grin tongue tongue
If you don't like it go and be looking for your virtuous woman cheesy grin grin grin tongue

Anyways Nigerian men are addicted to gold diggers

Nigerian men don't like good women

Dey love bad bitches like us

#proudly a Jezebel
Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 1:04pm On Apr 22
Of course your type is in existence but I only pity you at old age when you start asking, ‘where did all the good men go’. grin

Oh yes I proudly bring only my vagina to the table

Op you know why because I have nothing to loose cheesy grin tongue

Only pregnancy which is life threatening cheesy

If I make money na for only me, myself and i

Nothing more to bring to the table, and if you are not satisfied you can kindly walk the door and meet a virtuous woman then grin grin grin

Nigerian men don't like good women

Ladies stay wicked and toxic cheesy tongue tongue

#proudly a Jezebel wink kiss
Romance / Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 12:48am On Apr 22
Indeed, they say that when a woman is pregnant, they all rub her stomach telling her congratulation and good job however no one rubs the man's phallus telling him he did a good job lol. Apparently now, women are saying what they bring to the table is child bearing, if we decide to stoop so low and argue this idea with the women then we must not forget the fact that a baby was not just formed there overnight without the sperm of the man but that is topic for another day.

What do you bring to the table is a question that causes issues in relationships and yet the female counter parts have refused to accept the fact that they bring nothing to the table. Blue Pill trainings inculcated into the male mindset from childhood has made men believe that the man should be the provider and should work his butt off and provide for his woman therefore he should bring money to the table and we have also been brainwashed with the fact that a woman should bring ONLY her p*ssy to the table and enjoy.

Women will argue that they bring a lot more than p^ssy to the table like, love, empathy, support bla bla bla but we can basically sum it all up to s*x and that is the main reason why when you argue with your girlfriend/wife, the first thing they do is to immediately withhold sex. They prevent you from having sex till you apologize and beg for forgiveness and that is the same way a man will hold back his money from his girlfriend till she apologizes for a wrong (if he is not a simp o because some will still be giving money when the girl is wrong).

A man does not need empathy, love or support because he already had all those before he rose to the enviable position which made you to “accept” him. Therefore the man is the prize, he is the table and the woman only brings p^ssy to the table. If you feel we should wait for a baby then why not date us when we are broke and wait for the money to come in future so we can bring it to the table.


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Webmasters / Hackers Infiltrate Corporate Organizations Using Cv's & Cover Letters by BarrSly: 10:34pm On Apr 21
A year after potential candidates looking for work on LinkedIn were tempted with weaponized job offers, a new series of phishing assaults carrying the more eggs malware has been detected attacking corporate hiring supervisors with false resumes as an infection vector thus making it dubbed 'the CV-WARE' by Sly Uduosa, Slytech's research lead.

"This year, the more eggs operation has inverted the social engineering script, targeting hiring managers with phoney resumes instead of jobseekers with fake job offers," said Keegan Keplinger, eSentire's research and reporting lead.

Four separate security events were identified and disrupted, according to the Canadian cybersecurity firm, three of which happened towards the end of March. A U.S.-based aerospace company, a U.K.-based accounting firm, a legal firm, and a hiring agency, all based in Canada, are among the targets.

The virus, which is thought to have been created by a threat actor known as Golden Chickens (aka Venom Spider), is a stealthy, modular backdoor suite capable of stealing sensitive data and lateral movement across a compromised network.

"More eggs executes by transferring malicious code to normal Windows processes and allowing those processes to do the work for them," Keplinger explained. The idea is to use resumes as a decoy in order to install malware and avoid detection.

Apart from the role reversal in the mode of operation, it's unclear what the attackers were after, given that the incursions were stopped before they could carry out their intentions. However, it's worth noting that, once deployed, more eggs might be used as a launchpad for further assaults like data theft and ransomware.

"The threat actors behind more eggs deploy a scalable spear-phishing technique that weaponizes expected communications, such as resumes, that fit a hiring manager's expectations or job offers, targeting hopeful individuals with current or previous job titles," Keplinger added.
Romance / Re: Man Weds His Seat Partner In Secondary School After Dating For 12 Years (Photo) by BarrSly: 10:30am On Apr 18
Another one lost to the scam institution of marriage where only the female benefits from it.
Romance / Re: What’s The Main Reason Why You’re Presently In A Relationship Or About To Enter? by BarrSly: 7:32pm On Apr 17
This is the mistake I see young men make these days. You make a little money and you feel all of a sudden you need a woman to compliment your lifestyle. No!! Introducing a woman into your life would only make you feel good for a few months and then you’ll ‘cum' to your senses when you realize that all the things you are getting from her now, you could get it all without needing her.

Are you lonely, go on a trip, do you feel h*rny get some young campus chicks to come get you happy pay them off after all they need money for handouts and some other silly stuffs but don’t turn them to gf, are you hungry get a maid to do steady cooking.

Life is very easy and we could all enjoy it better when we realize women are nothing but a burden to us.

Why are you presently dating the person you’re dating? If you’re not dating anyone yet but about to start dating someone, why?

For me I am coming of age and I feel this great pressure in my head, not from friends or family or even society but from my brain to seriously go into a relationship. I feel like I need a companion to enjoy the small progress I have made for myself and it feels selfish and lonely to have all these little blessings and just enjoy it all by myself. But I have a serious challenge, billing!! I fear billing like I fear poverty. I dread the idea of her billing me or the idea of me constantly spending to make the relationship work. I was supposed to take a girl I really like out today but could not get past the idea of spending money that I should be saving for things I consider really important. I’m abit in a dilemma, I want to date but I don’t want to spend.

Anyways what’s your reason for going into your present relationship?

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Romance / Re: I Am Finding It Hard To Move On by BarrSly: 7:11pm On Apr 17
What she is doing in the redpill World Is what we call a sh*t test. The sh*t test is done by a lady to see how strong her man is and how well he could stand his ground. The sh*t test is done while the lady is having an affair so when you fail the test she’ll have an excuse for cheating. I don’t believe in the concept of love nor the concept of relationship or marriage but if you must do it then do it with sense don’t let her use you.

Quit that relationship and focus on you.


She needs me to do something. Truth is, I have not had the time to because of work.
She then threatened that the relationship is over if I don't do it as soon as she wants. To be truthful to you, I know she has asked me for some time to get this thing done, but the threat there is what I don't understand. Like it didn't warrant it at all.
That was why I chose to stand my ground. I haven't and I didn't threaten her over anything, I don't why she would resolved to that.


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by BarrSly: 10:28pm On Nov 21, 2021
Make e no be like say na me dy give bad advice pass, but seriously if to say na me (which it can’t be cause In my sight no girl is worth marriage simply baby manufacturing)

If I was you, I go blast this girl t*t* like never before.. on the introduction day I go blast am, traditional marriage I go blast am, night to wedding sef I go chop again.. just to feel my satisfaction.. Might even get her pregnancy considering our long time connection..

Bro folo my advice, na the t@t@ you go miss pass trust me, so do as I say and walk out a smiling man.


Webmasters / Is Solid Hosting Nigeria Still Working by BarrSly: 12:58pm On Oct 21, 2021
My web administrator created my website using them now my admin is nowhere to be found and I need to pay my renewal fee but I can’t.

I have opened tickets on their website but I do not seem to be making any headway.
Crime / Re: What I Noticed On Nairaland by BarrSly: 8:17am On Oct 09, 2021
I totally agree with OP I make some few sensible topics and the mods would say it’s spam and block me off sef.. it’s about time they take some step to see to what makes it to front page after all no be robot they select which makes front page or not.
Business / Re: UBA Publishes Details Of Forex Defaulters by BarrSly: 9:24pm On Sep 24, 2021
This is a very silly move!! When I heard that CBN requested publishing of defaulters I laughed it off expecting them to know better in this modern time and age of Cyber Security and Spear Phishing attacks going on.

With details like this, only a little bit of reconnaissance to gather a few other details and these people could be victims of spear phishing attacks or any other cyber based attack.

You don’t have to publish the details like this, you have their BVN, backlist their accounts freeze it up and request them to show up otherwise they know what they stand to loose!


Education / Re: Auchi Poly Bans Cars Belonging To Students From Entering Campus by BarrSly: 9:22pm On Sep 24, 2021
This is just pure jealousy at its peak. Even in DSU Wilmington students drive cars, even in the high schools kids drive cars to school.

What they should do is, put a fee on parking within campus for students, and if any student is found parking wrongly where a signage indicates that it’s not meant for a student, a clamp should be put on the wheels and the student made to pay a heavy fine to get the car back.

As for reckless drivers, cctvs can be placed all over the school to catch those drive recklessly, meet them up after they park and clamp down for a fee to get the car released.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's That Situation That Motivated You To Hustle Harder? by BarrSly: 5:52pm On Sep 20, 2021
What the hell do you mean by ‘the person would have to be the top three in class for you to roll with the person’? This kind mentality no good at all oooo those pple you are looking down on because they are at the bottom could actually be the ones to lift you up in the long run..

Coming up in life I never had it all good o but by Gods grace I now jet around the world and guess the set of pple who enabled me rise this high? Those who were at the bottom of the class!!!!

I did very well academically but simply because I wasn’t outspoken they rated me amongst the set of failures... well right now those same set of pple are trying to be out friends simply because they want to eat from what I’ve got..

Never look down on anyone cause they aren’t in your category.

No be who know book they pass exam, na who pass exam nain no book.. peace

The kind of friends I keep.

I have always tried to keep highly-focused people as friends. Right from my primary school, through secondary to University, you must be within the top three in class for me to associate with you.

When we started working, successful people and those with potential became my motivation as their successes and achievements were what I wanted to get. So, I am always motivated when I read profile of successful people and the kind of lives they live. I would equally want to live like them.


Travel / Re: What I Noticed In My Hotel Room by BarrSly: 11:56am On Sep 20, 2021
Take note, the red light only reflects if it’s a “Night Vision” camera... for ordinary camera you have to observe the environment in day time and look out for a blue reflection (look at your own phone camera you’ll notice the blue reflection)

When next you Lodge in any hotel and you suspect there maybe a hidden camera, kindly bring out your smart phone. On the camera and gradually take it around the room as if you are video covering. If there's any hidden camera, a red light will be shown on screen of your phone.
Phones / Re: Could My Phone Be Monitored Or Hacked?(pics) by BarrSly: 11:35am On Sep 20, 2021
Well it depends, if you just installed a malicious app then the attacker is attempting to establish a reverse tcp shell connection to your device. Otherwise you are safe.
I recently saw a message on my phone when I scroll my menu down, I have not been seeing it there before.

Message reads 'network maybe monitored' and I open message further, it reads "A security authority is installed on this device, your secure traffic may be monitored or modified"
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Keeps Showing Me Chats Of A Guy Asking Her Out. by BarrSly: 9:10pm On Sep 18, 2021
She is trying to make you bothered and apparently she has gotten you!

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Career / Re: "The Girl I Dumped Years Ago Became My Boss At Work" by BarrSly: 9:06pm On Sep 18, 2021
This story is totally useless!! You were hired cause of your expertise if she doesn’t want your services anymore then they should sack you and you move on.

If you want to break up with any girl please break up!!! Don’t stay anywhere thinking of the future repercussion..

One of my silly ex used to guilt trip me with the whole phrase of “Nobody knows tomorrow” so I don’t break up with her. Immediately my guy told me that if I am not interested I should move on if she like make she go marry wizkid nothing concern me.

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Politics / Re: What I Noticed Today When I Observed Public Waste Bin In Less Than One Hour by BarrSly: 9:00pm On Sep 18, 2021
As much as I’ll agree with you that Nigeria is in a sorry state however this is a common scene in the Bronx New York
Culture / Re: Estate Residents Woke Up To See Bowls Of Sacrifices In Lekki Lagos: Pics & Video by BarrSly: 8:36pm On Sep 18, 2021
So one can’t worship his god in peace again right?
Politics / Re: ACM AMOS SOBOSU: Burial Poster Of 22-Year-Old Nigerian Soldier Killed by BarrSly: 8:24pm On Sep 18, 2021
RIP to him ..(IF HE NEVER WRONGFULLY ASSAULTED ANY CIVILIAN).... otherwise if in his lifetime he wrongfully assaulted a civilian then he can go rot in hell...
Crime / Re: Man Caught Sexually Abusing His Neighbour's Little Daughter In Port Harcourt by BarrSly: 8:19pm On Sep 18, 2021
I always hold the possibility of a setup as a lawyer I have been involved in cases where by the kids all of a sudden open up that they were forced to accuse the neighbor wrongly.. most neighbors out of envy setup a fellow neighbor and then start asking for monetary settlement

Ps: the Nigeria that I know, they’ll capture this accused man naked and paste his picture all over the net..


It's not about being a rape sympathizer (however you came to that conclusion). The point is that when it comes to the issue of rape, you people ALWAYS take off the table the possibility of the man being framed by a vengeful neighbour. This is common with people who have probably been raped themselves at one time or another. No matter the emotions involved in a case, there's no justice until both sides have been heard from.

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Car Talk / Re: How Avoid Police Extortion And Harassment On The Highway by BarrSly: 10:33am On Sep 18, 2021
Your mothers papers have expired. Go and get it renewed if you don’t want problem.

OP, thank you so much boss!

Regarding your point no.4, Please I just checked my Momsy plate number now and this was what I saw.

I would really appreciate your help on how to go about it.

Anticipate your timely response. Thanks��

Autos / Re: Covid-19: Hundreds Of Exotic Taxis Turned To Vegetable Farm In Thailand (Pics) by BarrSly: 9:47am On Sep 18, 2021
When did Camry become an “Exotic” car?

It’s this kind of mentality that makes EFCC think they’ve caught a big fish when they see a person driving a Lexus. undecided

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