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Romance / Re: The Average Woman's Body Count Is Above 100, Even Your Wife by BarrSly: 6:53am On Sep 23
This YouTube video right here explains what you just said. Funny but true,

Politics / The Nigerian Student Loan Bill Is A Scam. Things You Need To Know by BarrSly: 11:05am On Jun 13
Tinubu just signed The Nigerian Student Loan Bill but is this what we want at this time? Let’s ask the following questions;

The Nigerian government is yet to pay ASUU so why will I obtain loan to go to a school that’ll probably go on strike anytime soon?

The student loan should not be collected by any young Nigerians otherwise;

1. You’ll never pay back the money because there’s no job in the first place that’ll pay you enough to afford to let go of 10% to the govt.

2. If the government puts that money in the hands of the Nigerian students directly, they won’t pay school fees and they won’t do anything meaningful with the money.

The average Nigerian is hungry and will rather buy food than pay school fees. Yahoo boys go use am buy motor and Hennessy and Nigerian girls will buy bone-straights and weave on.

3. The Nigerian government will setup a special organization to administer the loan and the organization will be once again headed by the usual suspects who will later tell us, snake swallowed the loan.

4. If you think you’ll take loan and japa, just forget about it. The world is now moving to a stage of sharing credit reporting system. So no matter where you go, you’ll always remember the road that leads you home.

You can find the rest of my other opinions in my video.

Romance / Re: How I Broke Up With My Babe Of 6 Months. Was I Wrong ? by BarrSly: 10:46am On Jun 11
I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 months because she asked me when was the last time I gave her money to make her hair and nails.I yelled at her when she popped the question out of the blues and things escalated quickly from there which eventually lead to our breakup. I've never been a stingy boyfriend. I have always provided for her to the best of my abilities and whenever she asked even though I must admit that she wasn't materialistic.

I lost my job last year december when my company downsized but I was fairly compensated . Since then,my ex only visited me once despite staying in the same city with me. Knowing fully well that I had no job but still going ahead to ask that insensitive question really made me angry. Earlier this year,I gave her money when she was returning to school. I also gave her money during her birthday. After we had the argument,I still went back to apologize to her but insisted that she is no longer interested.

So,I just wanted to confirm from you guys,Did I overreact when she asked that question ? Did this girl even loved me in the first place ?

Sorry for what happened to you but you did nothing wrong in reacting to her that way.

She knows you’re a providing man so if you haven’t been doing it for a while then she should understand that you just have been unable due to certain things.

Women only take and take and take and never give and the moment you can’t provide anymore they move to someone who can do that.

That is what we call hypergamy.
Food / Re: Nigerian Man Refuses To Pay After His Date Ate N12k Food At Restaurant by BarrSly: 10:39am On Jun 11
I tell guys to stop broke dating, STOP GOING ON DATES IT’S A WASTE OF TIME. You’re carrying her out on dates simply to get access to her confluence region now look at how you’ve embarrassed yourself simply because of t*t*

These girls are very cheap #40k on InMessage and you’ll have a very hot girl letting you dig and stroke her till you burst!!!

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Romance / Re: Single Mothers Have Made Sex So Cheap In Nigeria by BarrSly: 10:31am On Jun 11
Feel free to continue bursting nuts in these women until you become the second baby daddy.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Make A Man Know I Love Him Without Saying It? by BarrSly: 8:15am On Jun 11
Be there for him.

Serve him.

Cook for him.

Suck him off till he burst!

Make life easier for him.

He’ll know you love him.
Romance / Re: Dealing With Breakup,she Left With My Son, Blocked Me From Contacting In All For by BarrSly: 12:44pm On Jan 09
This isn't suppose to be out here,but I have seen others healed ,and I believe I can also,aside eloping with another man,even under my roof,and finally packing everything in the house,and allowing me to see my son,any form to contact her to no avail.

It's fine Sha���,Shebi wen man turn beast una go start swearing up and down,true love doesn't exist.

No insult I no receive from this lady,I agreed to the breakup,and insults,but putting my son in a tight spot not to partake in his life,women una do well, biggest lie of the century her mother and relatives say they don't know where she is,aside the emotional damages,debts incurred ND many more,I believe am still here,I can't just die like a guinea fowl,almost 4 months since I saw my son,poor boy,Shit happens I just pity any incoming lady,men also hurt and they do so more especially when love is involved.

How can one be so brutal to the extent of saying am not the father,if she was desperate for a child , infact let me just say God take control

Mature advise needed I don't want to go into any destructive behavior and am tired of crying

Bro I’m glad you’ve learnt from your experience. What you are experiencing right now is called RedPill Rage and it is normal but you shouldn’t be stuck in this phase for too long.

What you should do now is work on yourself, make good money, improve your status. Then you’ll have the right sense to think if a woman’s presence in your life is really worth it (trust me, they aren’t worth it).

Family / Re: What My Wife Did Yesterday That Made Me Realize She's Special by BarrSly: 12:16pm On Jan 09
There's a lady in my street that's always talking about how her husband is always buying her new hair and new things (I actually think she wants to make my wife jealous) so yesterday both of them were gisting and my wife got an sms alert (from mtn), she saw the text and said "wow baby u sent me money, thanks so much" the lady was like "God when, see love"

I remembered she always tries to intimidate my wife with her story of her husband buying this and that, a lot of women will probably tell her she's lucky and wish it was them but not my wife

I hope when the friend gets a Rolls Royce you’ll be ready to get your wife, a Lamborghini.


Computers / Understanding Packers, Crypters And Protectors: FUD Malwares by BarrSly: 5:14pm On Jan 03
We shall attempt to define the terms packer, crypter, and protector in the context of how malware uses them in this post. Keep in mind that there are exceptions to the principles, all of these categories have overlap, and no definitions for them are absolute. But I think this categorisation makes the most sense.


This is a common abbreviation for "runtime packers," also referred to as "self-extracting archives." When the "packed file" is executed, the software unpacks itself in memory. This method is sometimes referred to as "executable compression" on occasion. In order to make files smaller, this kind of compression was developed so that users wouldn't have to manually unpack them before they could be used. However, the demand for smaller files is no longer as pressing considering the size of portable media and internet speeds today. Therefore, it is virtually always for bad intentions when you see certain packers being used today. essentially to make it more challenging to reverse engineer, with the added advantage of leaving a smaller footprint on the infected machine.


Obfuscation is what crypters refer to as their most basic approach. In scripts like javascripts and vbscripts, obfuscation is also frequently utilized. However, most of the time it's not that difficult to go around or decipher these. More sophisticated techniques employ true encryption. Most crypters provide users a variety of other options in addition to file encryption, making it as difficult for security companies to find the concealed executable as feasible. For certain packers, the same is true. For malware developers, being able to avoid detection by any security vendor is the main objective. However, if they can simply update their files after they are discovered and remain undetected for a time, they will be content with that.


Software designed to stop program tampering and reverse engineering is referred to in this sense as a protector. Both packing and encrypting may be utilized, as is typically the case. What is commonly referred to as a protector is made up of that combination and a few extra functions. Because of the protective layers surrounding the payload, reverse engineering will be challenging.

Code virtualization is a totally distinct strategy that also falls under the category of protectors; it employs a unique and separate virtual instruction set each time you use it to protect your program. Professional versions of these protectors are employed in the gaming industry to combat piracy. The method, however, has also been incorporated into malware, more notably ransomware. This enables ransomware that can transfer the encryption key without a C&C server. The encryption key can be hardcoded into the ransomware because the security is so effective. A project that leverages open-source code virtualization is Locky Bart, as an example.

This article has been able to distinguish between each tool to avoid confusion regarding their capabilities and functions as well as to help researchers understand that although a piece of software may seem legitimate, it may actually be encrypted and call for a deeper investigation.

Car Talk / Re: Is Lexus IS 250 A Good Buy? by BarrSly: 12:22am On Dec 05, 2022
Yes i did get the IS250 and yes i enjoyed it, mad power for speed and reliable to always start up when needed however take note, if you ever have to replace a part, be aware that will take quite a while to find and would definitely be expensive than your average camry and corrola.


Hi there, did you later get the IS 250 and if yes, how has the experience been so far ?

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Computers / Ransomware Recovery Plan In 10 Steps by BarrSly: 5:39am On Jul 24, 2022
If you are dealing with a ransomware incident, you may be working under extreme pressure, the ransomware may still be encrypting files, the attackers may have issued ultimatums therefore making the organization desperate to get up and running again.

Never attempt to resolve this in isolation rather, ask for help, prioritize your actions, communicate clearly, and take care of every portion of the organization.

A Ransomware is made to prevent a user or business from accessing files on a computer. Cyber attackers put businesses in a situation where paying the ransom is the quickest and least expensive option to recover access to their files by encrypting these files and requesting a ransom payment for the decryption key.

Below are the 10 steps which we suggest would assist with recovering from a Ransomware Attack, policy wise.

Isolate Compromised System or Network – Limit the impact of the assault by isolating compromised systems or networks. Containing the assault should be your top concern, but if you can do so while simultaneously protecting evidence by keeping affected systems on, do it.

Determine the Attack Scope – Recognize the systems and data types that are affected, then order recovery priorities for the most important systems.

Inform Affected Parties & Stakeholders – Senior management, public relations, your legal counsel, insurance companies, vendors, and law enforcement are examples of stakeholders and they all should be notified.

Seek Help – Think about enlisting the help of local and international law enforcement, vendors, or other third parties experienced in ransomware recovery.

Protect the evidence – Try to save any attack-related evidence you can with the assistance of law enforcement and other parties.

Identify the Type of Ransomware – This will assist you in determining whether a decryptor is available and provide information about the particulars of confinement and cleanup.

Stop the Breach – In the initial investigation, I need to identify any precursor malware or persistence techniques the attackers may have left behind.

Rebuild Systems – Use trusted system backups and images to restore crucial data. Be careful to keep unaffected systems apart from clean systems.

Upgrade Patch Reset – To stop the attack from happening again, reset passwords, patch and upgrade software, and implement any extra security measures that are required.

Make Note of Lessons Learnt – Ransomware is always changing. Make the most of what you’ve learnt from this attack to be more ready for the next.

I am very aware that a ransomware attack could be very devastating as a company as well as when you are in the role of a CIO CISO or even a CEO and your reputation just comes crumbling. However, what you must know is that everyday, everyone gets attacked and there are attacks going on all over the world. It takes a company a 100 times to stay safe but it takes an attacker only one time to bring a whole company down.

So with that said, stay vigilant.

This article was written by Sylvester Uduosa Esq. a Cyber Security Analyst and founder of SLYTECH Entp. a Cybersecurity firm based in Nigeria which assists companies and individuals with Pentesting their networks and security with the sole aim of discovering vulnerabilities before Cyber Criminals do and saving companies from losses that maybe incurred as a result of such vulnerability.

Investment / . by BarrSly: 10:04pm On Jul 21, 2022
Properties / Re: How Do I Eject This Tenant? by BarrSly: 8:47pm On May 28, 2022
Any magistrate court around the property location is ok and yes you can do most of these yourself but have a working relationship with the court clerks and they could assist you and most times even refer you to a lawyer who would do it cheaper and faster for you.

which court is better to approach in this circumstance? And can I file the court case myself?
Crime / Re: Police Arrest Prophet Benson Nosakhare Over Fake Prophecy (Photo) by BarrSly: 2:11pm On May 09, 2022
This case would get thrown out of court with a good lawyer. I still can’t see the crime the prophet committed .
Romance / Re: Handsome Nigerian Man Weds His Pretty American Bride In Texas, USA (Photos) by BarrSly: 2:08pm On May 09, 2022
Dude just got into a shit bigger than his ass. I’ve dated white girls and they go from 0 - 100 in a jiffy!! At the end of the day the American judicial system will still support them.

If he dare divorce he go hear wyyhhnn

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Romance / Re: Love Between Teenage Boy And Obese Woman by BarrSly: 2:06am On May 02, 2022
First of all he’s a h@rny teenager and would settle for anything and size so far it comes with a pizzit he can deep his stick into.
Romance / Re: Opinion : Some Women Add No Value To Men's Lives by BarrSly: 2:01am On May 02, 2022
Nice one OP this is the gospel we have to preach to as many men as possible to realize this double standard has to stop.

You get what you give. If a woman can’t give anything then she should not expect anything.



I don't know who needs to hear this but
remove s** from relationship and you will
discover that some obscenely huge
percentage of ladies have nothing to offer
in relationships, totally nothing.

Remove money from a relationship and
you will discover that a majority of ladies
won’t see a reason to be in a relationship
with you, they want you to take care of
them, but they add no value to your life
other than s**, Facebook, whatsapp and

Somebody who can’t challenge you
positively, somebody who thinks being
female is like being disabled, somebody
who is expecting heaven from you but
offer almost nothing in your life! Somebody
who thinks her money is meant for her and
yours at her disposal.

Somebody who can’t even send you airtime, let alone lunch! Somebody who can’t lend you money when you are in economic crisis!
Somebody who has parasitic thinking and

If you hate financially broke men then
don’t be a financially broke woman. You
cannot hate what you are, one sided
expectations can destroy you. If you want
a man with a car you will show us exactly
where you have parked yours.

Please men Go for the best, somebody
who is slaying with senses and reasoning!
Not somebody who has only hips, boobs &
birth certificate.

Go for somebody who is ready to push and
provoke you to achieve your goals, not a
thief who’s after your money!

I know most of ladies will not like this but
Iet’s call a spade, a spade; not a big

It's my opinion.

Romance / Re: What Can I Do With 400k by BarrSly: 1:54am On May 02, 2022
I pity who go inbox this OP. A mere investigation of your profile reveals you are promoting a sort of Ponzi scheme. A word is enough for the ….

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Romance / Re: My New Girlfriend Billed Me After The First Round by BarrSly: 1:29am On May 02, 2022
Bro is it that you are blind or too h*rny to know the meaning of non binary or androgynous.

Be careful before you go dig a man dressed as a woman o


Dayummn! Yur way 2 sexcy smiley

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Romance / Re: My New Girlfriend Billed Me After The First Round by BarrSly: 1:22am On May 02, 2022
There is no such thing as “free sex with my girlfriend/wife” or whatever. As a matter of fact, relationship is low-key pr*stitution and this is what I talked about on my Youtube channel (Sly Lifestyle) so guys wise up.

Build your self, work on your income, buy some stocks, invest in crypto, start a business, get a job no matter how small start from somewhere and forget marriage / relationship. It’s all a waste of time and you end up paying even more compared to what you get with an escort and if you need a child, surrogacy arrangement would give you a kid free of baby mama drama.


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Romance / Re: Is It Healthy To Date A Single Mother Of 1 by BarrSly: 1:08am On May 02, 2022
Burna Boy just dumped Steflon Don when he realized she was a single mother. If that one no teach you sense then I have nothing else to tell you.

I have spoken about the reason why men should avoid Single mothers on my youtube channel (Sly Lifestyle) I do hope you find what you are looking for.


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Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 7:47pm On Apr 24, 2022
Apparently your failure to read at all in life is what makes you spell "Yawn" as "Yarn" so i am not surprised if you could not read something as short as that. What a pity.

Yarns!!!! Mehn reading thesame topic everyday with almost desame writings is boring. Thank goodness I didn't waste my strength to read. Yarns!!!; I tire jareh.
Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 6:45pm On Apr 23, 2022
Point of correction there is no “virtuous woman’ or ‘good woman’

grin grin grin

E pain am na by force to be good girl make I kukukma be ashawo and evening newspaper in peace na in peace na cheesy grin tongue tongue
If you don't like it go and be looking for your virtuous woman cheesy grin grin grin tongue

Anyways Nigerian men are addicted to gold diggers

Nigerian men don't like good women

Dey love bad bitches like us

#proudly a Jezebel
Romance / Re: Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 1:04pm On Apr 22, 2022
Of course your type is in existence but I only pity you at old age when you start asking, ‘where did all the good men go’. grin

Oh yes I proudly bring only my vagina to the table

Op you know why because I have nothing to loose cheesy grin tongue

Only pregnancy which is life threatening cheesy

If I make money na for only me, myself and i

Nothing more to bring to the table, and if you are not satisfied you can kindly walk the door and meet a virtuous woman then grin grin grin

Nigerian men don't like good women

Ladies stay wicked and toxic cheesy tongue tongue

#proudly a Jezebel wink kiss
Romance / Women Bring Child Birth To The Table?? by BarrSly: 12:48am On Apr 22, 2022
Indeed, they say that when a woman is pregnant, they all rub her stomach telling her congratulation and good job however no one rubs the man's phallus telling him he did a good job lol. Apparently now, women are saying what they bring to the table is child bearing, if we decide to stoop so low and argue this idea with the women then we must not forget the fact that a baby was not just formed there overnight without the sperm of the man but that is topic for another day.

What do you bring to the table is a question that causes issues in relationships and yet the female counter parts have refused to accept the fact that they bring nothing to the table. Blue Pill trainings inculcated into the male mindset from childhood has made men believe that the man should be the provider and should work his butt off and provide for his woman therefore he should bring money to the table and we have also been brainwashed with the fact that a woman should bring ONLY her p*ssy to the table and enjoy.

Women will argue that they bring a lot more than p^ssy to the table like, love, empathy, support bla bla bla but we can basically sum it all up to s*x and that is the main reason why when you argue with your girlfriend/wife, the first thing they do is to immediately withhold sex. They prevent you from having sex till you apologize and beg for forgiveness and that is the same way a man will hold back his money from his girlfriend till she apologizes for a wrong (if he is not a simp o because some will still be giving money when the girl is wrong).

A man does not need empathy, love or support because he already had all those before he rose to the enviable position which made you to “accept” him. Therefore the man is the prize, he is the table and the woman only brings p^ssy to the table. If you feel we should wait for a baby then why not date us when we are broke and wait for the money to come in future so we can bring it to the table.


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Webmasters / Hackers Infiltrate Corporate Organizations Using Cv's & Cover Letters by BarrSly: 10:34pm On Apr 21, 2022
A year after potential candidates looking for work on LinkedIn were tempted with weaponized job offers, a new series of phishing assaults carrying the more eggs malware has been detected attacking corporate hiring supervisors with false resumes as an infection vector thus making it dubbed 'the CV-WARE' by Sly Uduosa, Slytech's research lead.

"This year, the more eggs operation has inverted the social engineering script, targeting hiring managers with phoney resumes instead of jobseekers with fake job offers," said Keegan Keplinger, eSentire's research and reporting lead.

Four separate security events were identified and disrupted, according to the Canadian cybersecurity firm, three of which happened towards the end of March. A U.S.-based aerospace company, a U.K.-based accounting firm, a legal firm, and a hiring agency, all based in Canada, are among the targets.

The virus, which is thought to have been created by a threat actor known as Golden Chickens (aka Venom Spider), is a stealthy, modular backdoor suite capable of stealing sensitive data and lateral movement across a compromised network.

"More eggs executes by transferring malicious code to normal Windows processes and allowing those processes to do the work for them," Keplinger explained. The idea is to use resumes as a decoy in order to install malware and avoid detection.

Apart from the role reversal in the mode of operation, it's unclear what the attackers were after, given that the incursions were stopped before they could carry out their intentions. However, it's worth noting that, once deployed, more eggs might be used as a launchpad for further assaults like data theft and ransomware.

"The threat actors behind more eggs deploy a scalable spear-phishing technique that weaponizes expected communications, such as resumes, that fit a hiring manager's expectations or job offers, targeting hopeful individuals with current or previous job titles," Keplinger added.
Romance / Re: Man Weds His Seat Partner In Secondary School After Dating For 12 Years (Photo) by BarrSly: 10:30am On Apr 18, 2022
Another one lost to the scam institution of marriage where only the female benefits from it.
Romance / Re: What’s The Main Reason Why You’re Presently In A Relationship Or About To Enter? by BarrSly: 7:32pm On Apr 17, 2022
This is the mistake I see young men make these days. You make a little money and you feel all of a sudden you need a woman to compliment your lifestyle. No!! Introducing a woman into your life would only make you feel good for a few months and then you’ll ‘cum' to your senses when you realize that all the things you are getting from her now, you could get it all without needing her.

Are you lonely, go on a trip, do you feel h*rny get some young campus chicks to come get you happy pay them off after all they need money for handouts and some other silly stuffs but don’t turn them to gf, are you hungry get a maid to do steady cooking.

Life is very easy and we could all enjoy it better when we realize women are nothing but a burden to us.

Why are you presently dating the person you’re dating? If you’re not dating anyone yet but about to start dating someone, why?

For me I am coming of age and I feel this great pressure in my head, not from friends or family or even society but from my brain to seriously go into a relationship. I feel like I need a companion to enjoy the small progress I have made for myself and it feels selfish and lonely to have all these little blessings and just enjoy it all by myself. But I have a serious challenge, billing!! I fear billing like I fear poverty. I dread the idea of her billing me or the idea of me constantly spending to make the relationship work. I was supposed to take a girl I really like out today but could not get past the idea of spending money that I should be saving for things I consider really important. I’m abit in a dilemma, I want to date but I don’t want to spend.

Anyways what’s your reason for going into your present relationship?

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Romance / Re: I Am Finding It Hard To Move On by BarrSly: 7:11pm On Apr 17, 2022
What she is doing in the redpill World Is what we call a sh*t test. The sh*t test is done by a lady to see how strong her man is and how well he could stand his ground. The sh*t test is done while the lady is having an affair so when you fail the test she’ll have an excuse for cheating. I don’t believe in the concept of love nor the concept of relationship or marriage but if you must do it then do it with sense don’t let her use you.

Quit that relationship and focus on you.


She needs me to do something. Truth is, I have not had the time to because of work.
She then threatened that the relationship is over if I don't do it as soon as she wants. To be truthful to you, I know she has asked me for some time to get this thing done, but the threat there is what I don't understand. Like it didn't warrant it at all.
That was why I chose to stand my ground. I haven't and I didn't threaten her over anything, I don't why she would resolved to that.


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by BarrSly: 10:28pm On Nov 21, 2021
Make e no be like say na me dy give bad advice pass, but seriously if to say na me (which it can’t be cause In my sight no girl is worth marriage simply baby manufacturing)

If I was you, I go blast this girl t*t* like never before.. on the introduction day I go blast am, traditional marriage I go blast am, night to wedding sef I go chop again.. just to feel my satisfaction.. Might even get her pregnancy considering our long time connection..

Bro folo my advice, na the t@t@ you go miss pass trust me, so do as I say and walk out a smiling man.


Webmasters / Is Solid Hosting Nigeria Still Working by BarrSly: 12:58pm On Oct 21, 2021
My web administrator created my website using them now my admin is nowhere to be found and I need to pay my renewal fee but I can’t.

I have opened tickets on their website but I do not seem to be making any headway.
Crime / Re: What I Noticed On Nairaland by BarrSly: 8:17am On Oct 09, 2021
I totally agree with OP I make some few sensible topics and the mods would say it’s spam and block me off sef.. it’s about time they take some step to see to what makes it to front page after all no be robot they select which makes front page or not.

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