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Family / Re: Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 2:35pm On May 13


Just saw a rat killed just exactly as you posted.

I was hearing smell till I found it.

How did you resolve the issue shocked

A variety of stuff recommended. First, I searched for and blocked every hole I could find connected to the outside. I sliced white onions and garlic all around the house and also threw in some bitter kolas. Haven't had any such issues since then.
Phones / Re: NIN-SIM Linkage: FG Directs Telcos To Bar Outgoing Calls On Unlinked Lines by Bauer1: 10:15am On Apr 04

Source: https://naijanews.com/NIN-SIM-Linkage-FG-Directs-Telcos-To-Bar-Outgoing-Calls-On-Unlinked-Lines

A country where nothing works. I called MTN recently because more than a year after receiving confirmation of my SIM-NIN linkage, my calls were still being delayed by that voice telling me to link my sim. Their response was that, although I had done the linkage, NIMC was yet to confirm. A whole year later! Terrible.


Family / Re: Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 6:16pm On Jan 18
Oga do u know what a shrew is go and do reseaech on shrew its a rat with long snout that has this body smell that makes a squeaking sound they prey on other rats when food is scarce

This is more like it...

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Family / Re: Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 1:36pm On Jan 18
Rats do eat one another fah... Snake will swallow it instantly. Offload those unnecessary loads in your room and in the kitchen if you are living in a self con apartment. I'll suggest you empty your room, probably there's a hole that can accommodate such monster

I resumed a week ago. On Wednesday, I cleared my room and cleaned it.. Burnt lots of books. The room is basically empty as it is and clean. It's why I haven't bothered to reply to those talking about being dirty.

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Family / Re: Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 12:17pm On Jan 18
Might be cats probably in your ceiling

Fumigate your house and your surrounding thoroughly

It's a storey building. I live downstairs.

I was thinking cats too. But I couldn't find a hole big enough for it to have used.

What can I use to fumigate?

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Family / Re: Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 12:15pm On Jan 18
Shebi you want us to tell you that it was a "Spiritual Attack" abi grin

Nope. I need actual analysis. I am neither a fetish nor one who jumps to easy conclusions such as "spiritual attack."

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Family / Help! There's Something Strange In My Room by Bauer1: 12:10pm On Jan 18
I know this isn't the right section. But I don't know the right one and so I opted to post here since it seems to have a lot of traffic.

Yesterday, I returned to my room to find a rat dead in the middle of it. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be bothered. But this rat has clearly been bitten (pictures will be displayed below). I called a neighbour and we examined it. We were arguing if a snake could have done it, and if yes, why it didn't swallow it. In any case, we decided to leave it where it was to see if whatever killed it would return for it. I went to sleep at a friend's.

We returned this morning to find the dead rat gone. So, I called others to join me and we ransacked every nook and cranny of the room. We couldn't find anything threatening. But we did find another rat killed in much the same manner as the first (second picture).

It irks that I can't find what did this. I can't sleep in the room as it is. So please, experts in the house, help me to identify what it could be and what can be done.

Mods please help move to front page.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: ₦400 & A Can Of Malt Shared To Electorates (Video, Photos) by Bauer1: 12:23pm On Nov 04, 2021

₦100.00 ÷ 365days = 28k per day

1.2K per hour


Pets / Re: How To Identify Quack Veterinary Doctors by Bauer1: 4:30pm On Jun 14, 2021

Quackery is claiming what you're not. Your Father is a Paraveterinary worker not a Veterinarian. Your Father has a quite substantial amount medical Knowledge I can't call him a Quack but I can call him a Quack when he goes around claiming he is a Veterinarian rather than a Paraveterinary worker or a Veterinary Technologist if need be.
Pets / Re: How To Identify Quack Veterinary Doctors by Bauer1: 3:26pm On Jun 13, 2021
Well, my father finished his secondary school education and was employed into the civil service as a Vet in the 70s.

He practiced Veterinary medicine both for the public and private sector for 35 years before he retired. He's still a consultant to this day.

So, is he a quack just because he didn't obtain a university degree in Veterinary medicine?

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Religion / Re: Howard Nyoni: TB Joshua & Oyakhilome Had Terminal Diseases, Took Drugs Secretly by Bauer1: 11:43am On Jun 08, 2021
Man can Deceive Man!
Nobody can Deceive GOD
The Prophet is gone to render his account to GOD.
He is either in Heaven or Hell as we speak based on what GOD knows about him.
What Matters is not what people say about you.
What Matters is what GOD knows about you.

He's definitely hell.
Education / Re: Seplat JV Scholarship PAST QUESTIONS by Bauer1: 2:19pm On Nov 23, 2020
Who has taken the test
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by Bauer1: 10:51am On Aug 20, 2020
Hello, my sister's husband whom she just got married to applied for a visitation Visa on her behalf. He wrote an invitation letter to the British embassy as required and she is to write a letter as well confirming her relationship with him and the the purpose of visit. Please, what should be the title of the letter?
Romance / Re: Both Redpill And Feminism are the Consequences Of Atheism by Bauer1: 2:23pm On Aug 15, 2020
Makes sense to me... If you are subscribing to these thoughts, you're also knowingly or unknowingly unsubscribing from God's authority.

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Health / Re: Sad And Depressed!! I Am In My 20s And Impotent by Bauer1: 12:17pm On Oct 22, 2019

I wonder what I did to deserve this, I am sad, depressed and sucidal. Why does God allow bad things happen to people? I feel I am running mad because I cannot stop thinking about this. I just want to sleep and not wake up, or discover this is a dream if I do.

I'm sorry about what you are passing through bro... And I wish I could help you in that regard, but I can't... What I can help you with, though, is the answer to your question...


I implore you to keep seeking a solution to your problems and answers to your questions... But don't ever let suicide be an option...

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Religion / The Truth About Death by Bauer1: 9:14am On Jun 30, 2019
How would you define death?

The definition of this singular enemy of man and beast is quite straightforward yet the misconceptions are so numerous that one wonders, how difficult can it be to grasp something so simple?

Well, "The advanced English Dictionary" defined death as "the cessation of life and associated processes; the end of an organism's existence... And it's return to an inert, non-living state." In a nutshell, many have defined it as the absence or the opposite of life.

Death was the penalty for sin. Adam, who was non-living (nowhere) until he received the breath of life, was to go back to his state of non-existence. If he somehow continued living, then that would contradict the very definition we have given death and would not be a penalty at all.

Consider the first lie ever told (or was it a lie?) . Satan told Eve to eat of the fruit God commanded them not to eat and then he said "you positively will not die." Who lied? God or Satan? If truly Adam died and thus CEASED to exist, then God would be found true. If however, Adam went on living somehow (by means of an immortal soul or spirit), then Satan spoke the truth and God is the liar.

If it's so difficult to see the logic in the preceding arguments then Consider, once more, the following scriptures. "The dead know nothing at all... There is no work nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave to which you are going" (Ecclesiastes 9:5,6,10). "the soul that is sinning, it itself will die" (Ezekiel 18:4). "For dust you are, and to dust you will return" (Gen.3:19).

Again, if the dead are still somehow undead, which implies living (regardless of whether you believe they are in Hellfire/Heaven, they reincarnated, they are in purgatory, they are roaming about around us, they are existing as animals/trees etc.) of what use is Jesus death? "God... Sent his only begotten son so that anyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have EVERLASTING LIFE" (John 3:16). This implies that only those who exercise faith in Christ's ransom sacrifice can gain everlasting life. Would that still be true if we somehow go on living, in soul or spirit, after death? Would his death not be in vain?

Satan made Eve believe she would not die, now he's trying (and successfully too considering the different beliefs flying around) to make us believe that we really do not die, but go on living somehow. What you choose to believe will either prove God a liar or prove Satan a liar.

Again, how would you define death?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Notore PLC #graduate Engineer Trainee by Bauer1: 12:10pm On Apr 08, 2019
Oga hear say show us the person
He's not lying... I am one of them.
Crime / Re: Man Kill His Wife In Plateau, But Claims She Fell Inside Well by Bauer1: 4:22pm On Mar 13, 2019
the prosecutor said he killed her and dumped the body in a nearby stream..

the defendant said he was called to identify the body of a lady that drowned in a stream..

the blogger put the picture of a well and said the husband threw the body in a well...

which one do we believe...

I just weak... Thought I was the only one who's confused.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Notore PLC #graduate Engineer Trainee by Bauer1: 7:20pm On Feb 13, 2019
I've not heard anything... If anyone hears anything, please just say it here so we can all stop expecting.
Celebrities / Re: I’m Not After Femi Otedola’s Wealth — Mr. Eazi by Bauer1: 7:19am On Jan 26, 2019
Oya, leave her for us... We are after it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Notore PLC #graduate Engineer Trainee by Bauer1: 6:51am On Jan 17, 2019
I was invited for an interview with Notore on 26 Jan, 2018 ,I am an OND graduate Electrical /Electronics Engineering, does anyone have an idea how the interview is being organized

It's not interview o.. The mail I got said aptitude test
Religion / Re: How Can I Overcome The Urge For Pornography? by Bauer1: 2:45pm On Jan 13, 2019
Visit JW.org and search "pornography" using the search bar... Trust me, the tips there will help you.
Education / "African Poetry" Competition: An Invitation To Tender by Bauer1: 10:07pm On Oct 21, 2018
A certain dictionary defines poetry as "Literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm"... This genre of literature has been known to evoke the deepest of emotions for those who understand.

In developed countries, much attention is paid to poetry. They understand how powerful an instructional tool it can be, and are appreciative of the fact that it allows one express their emotions in a Therapeutic way. It is sad to say that here in Nigeria, Poetry is viewed as unimportant and even whimsical.

However, a few individuals understand it's importance and are determined to help build interest in it. That is what this contest organized by AFRICAN POETRY is all about.

"Stand a chance to win #5000 by participating in this poetry competition organized by AFRICAN POETRY.
This competition is geared towards restoring poetry in the hearts of Nigerians and Africans at large."


Visit the page via this link to see the rules of the contest
https://www.facebook.com/africanpoetrynigeria/ or search "African Poetry" on facebook App and click on the one which carries this post.

©Powered by African Poetry Nigeria.

Education / Re: 7 Signs That School Is Not For You by Bauer1: 2:34pm On Jul 22, 2018

Yeah, she will end up graduating and can't even defend her result. Right?

if you had half a brain, you would have realized that it was resilience that got her there and with resilience she's sure to go far.
Education / Re: 7 Signs That School Is Not For You by Bauer1: 10:38am On Jul 17, 2018
Op Some of your points make sense... however, some others are just bullshit... take for example, I know a certain girl who loves school so much yet she had F-parallel in three consecutive WAEC examinations... She refused to let that stop her though, she kept trying and now she is a student of the University of Benin...
Education / I Remember... by Bauer1: 7:27am On Jun 11, 2018

I remember when boys were boys
And our primary thoughts were toys
Running around, making a helluva noise
And having no care in the world
When our joys was playing
And our fear was bathing
All we really cared about was the here and now

I remember when we had cars
plates were our steerings
And the girls wore star-pin earrings
When hide and seek was the game
And kelekele was the name
We'd rather run after balls
But all our sisters really cared about was game box

I remember when we were big boys
Yet we didn't need a Rolls Royce
All we needed was a four-button suit
And a pair of singing white canvass shoes
When if you had a pair of plastic glasses
You had the world in your pocket
All that mattered was the world we had designed

I remember when the rules were simple
Like, don't wander off on your own
Don't walk in the bush without your slippers
If you get injured just holla
'cause someone will always protect you
Someone will always call to momma
The rules were not so hard to follow

I remember when we were free
For our worries weren't real
How I wish those days we can revisit
this time every moment I shall relish
Though all I have left are memories, hazy
And the pictures of days gone, fuzzy
I do remember...

TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Teddy A Displays Nina’s Pants, Says "You Always Forget Pants & Bra" by Bauer1: 1:56pm On Mar 21, 2018
If this news gets to front page,, buhari will lose 2019 election..
He just lost, my guy... if we had more important things to do, no one would spend the greater part of his day watching such nonsense...
Sports / Re: George Weah Backs Super Eagles To Win 2018 Russia World Cup by Bauer1: 6:52pm On Mar 05, 2018
is there a cup known as "Russian world cup" in Russian hotels?
Romance / Re: Is It Compulsory To Propose Or Engage A Lady Before Marrying Her? by Bauer1: 10:07pm On Jan 26, 2018
won't you drop the soup from the fire before serving and eating? How else will you know if the person really wanna get married to you?


Family / Re: McCaughey Septuplets: Lady Who Gave Birth To 7 Children 21 Years Ago by Bauer1: 7:38pm On Jan 25, 2018
and how does this put food in my table in this Buhari regime??

Education / Re: Shortlisted Candidates For The 2018 Xfire N'land Undergraduate Scholarship Test by Bauer1: 2:37pm On Jan 21, 2018
I just received it.. thanks
Education / Re: Shortlisted Candidates For The 2018 Xfire N'land Undergraduate Scholarship Test by Bauer1: 2:00pm On Jan 21, 2018

Please don't forget to send your substitute email to Richiez
I have done that twice now.. still haven't received the test.

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