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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by baum1: 9:02pm On Oct 04, 2018
I have just been told about this opportunity. If you meet or know of someone who meets the requirements here - https://www.nairaland.com/4769572/lawyer-masters-degree-legal-compliance

Spread the word! Lawyers in the house.
Career / Re: What Is The Highest Monthly Salary Of Someone You Know In Nigeria? by baum1: 3:17pm On Oct 04, 2018
Career / Re: Should I Leave My N200k Job For Abroad Job? by baum1: 12:26am On Sep 23, 2018
Career / Re: Should I Leave My N200k Job For Abroad Job? by baum1: 12:26am On Sep 23, 2018
Family / Re: 'No Difference Between Single Mothers And Prostitutes' - Lecturer by baum1: 9:50pm On Sep 18, 2018
Family / Re: 'No Difference Between Single Mothers And Prostitutes' - Lecturer by baum1: 9:49pm On Sep 18, 2018
Family / Re: 'No Difference Between Single Mothers And Prostitutes' - Lecturer by baum1: 9:48pm On Sep 18, 2018
Education / Re: Age: David Okorogheye Denied Admission From Studying Medicine For Being 15 Years by baum1: 3:27pm On Aug 29, 2018
smiley shocked
Education / Re: Age: David Okorogheye Denied Admission From Studying Medicine For Being 15 Years by baum1: 12:01am On Aug 29, 2018
Please, what is the school fees charged at this school? Can a family living in Costain Area send their child there? Does this school have a boarding school, or is it just a day school?

They seem to make outstanding students.
Education / Re: An Open Letter To All Existing And Prospective Nigerian Undergraduates by baum1: 1:04pm On Aug 01, 2018

Point noted but for the organizations you pointed out , are these not specific programs dedicated to recruiting young professionals and not general employment criteria ? Just so you know the World Bank and IMF is not owned by the US so they are deemed as independent organizations with ability to fashion their own laws. The organizations you mention have immunity and do not have to follow any law of any country. The US specifically for instance does not allow for discrimination based on any ground such as race , religion etc. Why for instance would KPMG US hire a 30 year old intern and KPMG Nigeria will refuse same ? Is this based on Nigerian law or ILO conventions? Its discrimination and my issue is the lack of will to enforce what is in the books in Nigeria. They have been getting away with this for too long

You're teaching me about IMF and World Bank. grin

They don't fully have full immunity per say. They try to please their largest shareholders, so they try to please the US in many ways..I say this because I know. The US has a veto power on some of these organizations..

Yes, the programs I mentioned are specific programs fully dedicated to recruiting young professionals. In fact, one of them is called young professionals program. Google am. The other is called EP, for young people just finishing the highest university degree..

Those 30 years old and co, banks, financial institutions and some others in some western countries have a special internship program called something like internships for returning adults or something like that. This is for experienced people in one industry looking to move into another industry or for some people who have been away from a job, like new mothers, and who wish to return. Quote me, but it will be hard to get someone in a western country who does not have a verifiable job experience at 30..E go hard. Most people in entry level jobs are way less than 30, at least in the finance industry that I know of very well, because they finish BSc max 23 for most. That's why naija employers need to sorry for people, as you guys are advocating., because in Naija many people gain admission at 22, plus strike, plus NYSC, plus and so on..

Finally, yes, as I said early, not all organizations in the western countries accept people of all ages for jobs, some have age requirements. I believe we are all in agreement on this because it is the fact. I have given just two examples, there are some others. Meanwhile, it is true, as you said, that very many organizations in developed countries do not openly discriminate on age and race and other stories..But we know how some managers pick people for jobs, looooooooool. For the same experience and achievements, many managers will always prefer a younger person to their older counterpart, unless that older bros or aunty has something to offer that the young person does not.

The western countries are not as blameless as some of us what others to believe.

It is always a good advantage to do anything young, always always.

I agree with you that everything should be done in Nigeria to fight open discrimination by age etc. But even if they stop to openly discriminate based on age, in general it can be difficult to prove that they are not doing this secretly. This is the problems that the labor ministries in the western countries continue to face

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Education / Re: Nigerian Student Offered Scholarship To Study In US After Smashing WAEC & JAMB by baum1: 4:02am On Aug 01, 2018

I apologise if I offend you. God forbid if I charge any one just for collating websites. When I graduated from the University many years ago (I made a 2,1), a course mate who made a 2,2 was asking our lecturers to write reference letters for him, I was laughing within then that this average guy with 2, 2 is applying abroad when we with 2,1 have not been taken (we never applied then). he has completed his PhD for some time now and is based in the United States. he had some information that helped him.

I said earlier that I have been there (at least to Ghana, South Africa and United States). I have won scholarships (more than one) before and am still applying for and getting more. I will simply put interested parties through the process. Where to look and where not to look. Where to go and where not to go. When to do what and what in the application and search process. Sear all you can for scholarships in the US and you will be surprised you wont find any or much. In addition to my mentoring, I will link you with students who are currently abroad and you can tap from their experiences too. I have a stable job for a living friend!!! The token I spoke about is to ward off unserious folks. I gave an individual all the how to and after a while I asked how far? and he said he never applied for anything. I was sad because that was a waste of my precious time. I will not give details here. Its going to be a one on one thing. If I see you are dead ready and serious and good to go, I can assist for free if you don't have the cash. But in any case you will need some change still to do one or two things in connection with studying abroad for free. I wont say a word on this for a while again please. A word is enough for the wise!

I was holding back, but I decided to sign in so as to encourage you to continue helping, provided you really have the required information to guide fellow Nigerians. Forget all those saying scam. I was told the same several times, and even more. It surprises me that some of our people can't believe that some people really have this information and can help...

What I would however say is that many Nigerians, many of the ones you will find here, may not be able to afford whatever token you ask them to bring..So, it would be much more helpful if it is possible for you to do this as a contribution without getting anything in return. Although I understand money for your time and insight is needed, I just wanted to share this view with you.

Our company does similar stuff..However, we make our money from Middle East/Asian students (it's a big, big business for Asian/Middle Eastern students), and we do it free for selected Naija students..In order to do it free, we focus on well-achieved Nigerian students. Many of them can't afford our fees (and truly we are expensive), so we just do free for them. We can't do it free for all Naija students, lol. So far, we have placed up to 10, or slightly less, Nigerians/Africans into good universities in Europe, Asia and North America, mostly on full scholarships. One of our future business strategies is to assist more solid Nigerian students to get scholarships abroad and then enter into a bond with them to get 20% of these scholarships every year when they eventually begin their studies abroad. We're looking at the feasibility of this proposal. You cannot trust people to honour agreement.

So, please continue the good job, and ignore any shout of scam etc. It's not wrong to request some fees for the experience you're sharing. However, also note that there are many bright students who don't have this money. They too deserve our support.

All da best.
Education / Re: An Open Letter To All Existing And Prospective Nigerian Undergraduates by baum1: 3:20am On Aug 01, 2018

Guy, leave dem. Let them be consoling themselves with their 1st class, and 2:1. undecided It is only in Nigeria, that things are turned upside down, and recruiters use all kinds of shady criteria to weed out applicants, in order to make life easy for themselves, and not because they want to get the best candidate.

Many international firms abroad rate your specialised skills, certifications, work experience (even volunteer efforts) etc, over your class of degree. But their local Nigerian offices and affiliates, are busy doing the opposite. undecided In some industries these days, emotional intelligence (EQ) is rated just as high as your (IQ). But our people are still thumping their chest over 2:1. May God deliver everyone from myopia. sad

I'm not sure what you mean by beating chest over 2:1. However, I must say this. In my industry, finance, most companies will demand a minimum of 2:1 from fresh people without work experience. This was my experience in Nigeria and elsewhere..I can't speak for other industries..

If I was young again, the advice I would give myself would be - blast the blast and get the 'bestest' university grades possible AND also develop yourself in ALL other areas, including managing and dealing with people as well as EQ. Many young people don't want to experience what it feels like to have a below average university degree. Can someone with an uninspiring university degree make it? Yes. In fact, many dropouts have turned out to be billionaires..However, these people are not in the majority, and making a decision based on exceptions is a risky way to approach life.

Young people, a top degree is always an edge, at least for now. Don't mumu yourself oo. If you're not cut out for a top degree, then by all means develop yourself in the area you're strong in and can easily become tops while at the same time earning a degree (just to be counted as being among the university degree holders).

All the best oo.

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Education / Re: An Open Letter To All Existing And Prospective Nigerian Undergraduates by baum1: 3:10am On Aug 01, 2018
This is a matter that I find baffling to say the least. how these companies are able to get away with the age discrimination they practice says a lot about the Nigeria's labor laws. I see no reason why anyone at any age cannot decide to choose what they want to do and where they want to apply. Its just blatant discrimination. These companies would never do this in other so -called developed societies where they are located. reminds me of my experience with KPMG Nigeria after I concluded my Masters in the US. asking me to produce my WAEC and birth certificate all because I wanted to work in the Big 4 after the program. I then decided to take my chances here then and got a job here with their competition. When I was applying and being interviewed , no one cared how old I was. they just wanted to know if I was a fit and if I could get the job done. I think its high time this ageism thing is addressed. its ridiculous!

I logged in after several weeks just to provide a response to your post..

There are organizations in the US/UK with age requirements for certain jobs, so some organizations in western countries DO have age requirements...Some are subtle about it, some are very open about it. In fact, it's on their websites. I can show at least 2.

To give you a simple example, the IMF has an age requirement of 33-34 years old max for their entry programme. World Bank has 31-32 years max requirement. They don't bulge or negotiate on this maximum age requirement..

Sometimes it's good to provide perspectives so that those who don't know will know..All organizations are free to do what they deem best for them, and that must be in line with the labour laws of the countries where they are located.

In case somebody wants to debate, simply go on these organizations' websites and see for yourself. There is subtle age discrimination at many places in the western countries. This is not only in Africa..

I'm for everybody getting the same opportunity they deserve..But the world does not work that way - there are different requirements


Education / Re: See This Wonderful WAEC Result. The Best So Far! by baum1: 5:18pm On Jul 08, 2018

No wonder you students failed your chemistry. I'm sorry to say, you're not a good teacher. How will a teacher say a student can't get this result un assisted? Fyi, I have been in this profession for 10 years and have seen students have straight As unassisted.
And please, stop being part of those encouraging malpractices in our schools.

LOOOOOOOOOL. You dey answer the guy.

Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 5:10pm On Jul 08, 2018
So, hopefully, some helpful info is now available for OP. Good luck to whatever decision your son makes.

It has been a nice time responding to posts of this thread. Hopefully, I didn't give too much clue that will expose me.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 4:55pm On Jul 08, 2018

Yes that practice still exist and would continue for a long time(@ bold part). The foundation is the key that is why many universities are strict on that. You did mentioned sponsoring students with degree in mathematics to study economics but you forgot that economist are made to be grounded in some basic aspect of mathematics. Let's tell ourselves the truth, would a university accept someone that doesn't have the basics of science into medicine and surgery?. The answer is left for you to answer. Even in most schools abroad, you ought to have the foundation of science before entering medicine

Guy, your post sounds funny to me.

I am telling you reality that I know very well, you're talking about something else. The way it works in economics is that you can do a master's and a PhD in economics without having taken any undergraduate course in economics. The mathematics needed in all areas of economics is NOT basic if you really want to go deep into some areas of economics. This is why foreign universities love people with quantitative background and will give them scholarships to study economics that they had no prior background in. I myself I am an economist (full economist) and have taught economics at all levels. The best students at graduate levels, from my experience, in economics are the ones with non economics BSc or BSc in economics and a quantitative subject. I and most of my current friends and colleagues never did economics at BSc level. However, we were accepted to do economics at higher levels at various universities. This is not restricted to the small sample of me and my friends. It is true across Europe and North America that I know very well about. Not that I need to convince you or have you believe the fact I'm presenting, you are free to hold your views. However, I believe someone will see this post, make further enquiries and learn something. That's what matters.

You make me laugh when you say basic aspect of math. Economics uses different types of mathematics. To do economics at a high level, solid math foundation is required, especially if you do theoretical economics. That's why these top foreign schools like and want people with quantitative background, with or without economics, to study economics at graduate level. The economics knowledge can be picked up. I picked it up after 1 year. Others can do it in one year or less.

There is no need to debate for the sake of it. I very much know what I am saying and have been in this business for a long time. I am only here offering advice, though this indeed will be my last post because it appears there is no need.

Hopefully, someone informed and has insights outside the shores of naija will see this and reiterate what I'm saying. The same is true for finance. You can study economics or finance at graduate level with a BSc in a quantitative field, with or with economics or finance content. Although this may not be true in Nigeria, it is certainly true in Europe and North America.

And yes, I did mention inviting top BSc math students to contact me if they want to study economics and other courses at a good school in Europe and North America. This is still open. I have been doing it on nairaland since 2014. I will chose from them and help them. I can't help everyone.

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Education / Re: See This Wonderful WAEC Result. The Best So Far! by baum1: 4:09pm On Jul 08, 2018
That's impossible no one and I repeat no one can get this result with their brain.
I know this because I helped people in this waec


You make me seriously laugh. It sounds as the way we used to say ''no one can graduate with a 5.0 GPA'' until young people proved it again, again and again.

It is over possible! Some people will be exceptional, others will be average and others will be in between. That's life.
Education / Re: See This Wonderful WAEC Result. The Best So Far! by baum1: 4:06pm On Jul 08, 2018
Last two years, a female student from Shalom Secondary School, Nsukka made A1 in all her results. This year, this boy from my alma mater, Saint Teresa's College, Nsukka made A1 in all his WAEC results except English Language that he made B3.



I want to meet this boy. I will not let this result go. I want to dash him something as an encouragement..

But, he must be from a public school and not from a rich home. Does he meet these criteria? If yes, connect me to him ASAP.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 3:20pm On Jul 08, 2018

Even at pdg or masters level, most schools in Nigeria will not accept him, schools like university of Benin are strict on that. Probably he can school abroad to have knowledge of Economics if they would accept such result. Yes the many schools require government because it is offered at first year( introduction to political science as some schools call it). Commerce is needed because of a course called introduction to business.

Chief, in case you didn't know (although I did my best to be explicit but sorry if I failed), I was never referring to a Nigerian university for graduate studies. Some of our requirements are out of touch with current reality.

My advise to anybody has always been ''blast BSc with top grades and leave Nigeria for top schools abroad with full scholarships''. As this place is anonymous, let me boast that we have supported 5 or 6 people here on Nairaland to achieve this....With a BSc in math or statistics, some of them have gone on to do graduate studies in economics at very good European universities without having taken prior courses in economics. These people are fully funded,so it's not a case of ''dem want your money that's why dem dey take you''. It's more of the fact that these people see value in these non economic disciplines and are ready to fund it. In fact, one from another place just got a PhD position in economics in north america. His BSc was in a quantitative field in the physical sciences. All fully funded. Another top 20 UK school, BSc from a quantitative area of the physical sciences.

The schools accepting these people are obviously not inferior to naija schools. The sad fact is that anyone from any field can become professionals in business/social science areas if they are interested. In fact, I know of someone - BSc Computer Science, MSc Computer Science, PhD Psychology,loool. I'm sure this will never happen in Nigeria.

The strategy I articulated earlier still works till tomorrow. You don't need economics BSc to become an economist, and this strategy is not directed at those hoping to do graduate studies in Nigeria. I completely agree with you that in Nigeria, it may be impossible to do graduate studies in economics without a BSc in economics. Just looooool. I was curious some years ago and went to one of the schools in Nigeria and told them I wanted to do a PhD in Finance..Oh, they said ''you're not qualified because your foundation is not business or finance, so you can't do PhD finance''. Looooooooool. I thought they had upgraded, but realized they still had that practice from that response they gave. Amazing.

All my long posts are to educate anyone who wishes to listen to current reality and take advantage of available opportunities. I realize many people are unaware of things and I think having seen many things in education and professional work, it will be unfortunate if I don't drop some of my insights once in a while as I'm doing..

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Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:35pm On Jul 08, 2018

Economics is ruled out madam. The reason is because your son didn't take commerce and government.

I keep responding and responding. Me sef.

Ok, so they still have this requirement? In my view, the appropriate requirements to enter economics at BSc level should be Math/Econs/English and any other subjects. I'm not especially sure why they mandate subjects like commerce/government etc. In this regard, I want to believe the private schools should be wiser and more flexible, though I'm not sure.

That said, he may not be able to enter BSc economics as you've said, because of the funny requirements. However, if the boy decides it is economics he wants to do, he can easily become one. How? Simply study a quantitative BSc (and perhaps take elective courses in the micro and macro sequence), then do a master's in economics (if he does very, very well in the quantitative BSc, he will get full scholarship for master's in economics) and then do a PhD in economics if he is a very ambitious boy (which I think he is by looking at his WAEC and JAMB). He can achieve all these at age 28, max. i.e. he is 17 now, BSc 4 years, NYSC 1 year, Master's 1 year, PhD 5 years max, 17+4+1+1+5=28.. Then he will have most of the skills he needs to function as an economist at any level. This is assuming he really wants to become an economist. My point is that it is ''very, very possible''.

Meanwhile, top economics programmmes abroad, the kind that the madam OP would wish her son to attend at some point even if it's not for BSc because of the cost, are keen to admit and fully fund bright students with quantitative degrees who are interested in economics. This does not mean that BSc economics people won't get favour..It just means that economics at the higher level can be very quantitative. And in good programmes in the US/UK, it can even be seriously more quantitative and very tough. That's why the best preparation for higher study in economics, in my view, is to have a BSc in economics and a quantitative subject - the so called double honours.

Regarding job opportunities for full economists, lol, it's among the best in the world. If you find yourself at a global bank working as an economist or some other related areas, the career can be financially rewarding..I don't know of other rewards sha. Some people might hate their jobs.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:07pm On Jul 08, 2018


Are you behind The Bridge Initiative program?

That said, I love your work on mentoring students. I did same during my days in the university and even where I work is based on the passion I had for students to progress academically. Just that sometimes, the Nigerian situation can make one discouraged to make awesome grades. I'll mail you in the coming weeks regarding the support system (I got a lots of friends with superb grades even more than mine). Does the system also support admission into top Asian universities (Tokyo Tech, NUS, University of Tokyo, Osaka University etc)? As odd as it might sound, I'm not interested in western universities.


Chief, thanks.

No, we are not..Though we run our own scholarship scheme for studying in Nigeria (BSc level or less) and there are very strict requirements for granting the scholarship. Also, our support system for graduate studies is really expensive, it's not free. But once in a while I just come on nairaland to see one or two people I can assist, but they can't be too many, otherwise business go begin fall and other mentors may begin vex. We don't want to lose such very high quality mentors.

Sorry, we don't have solid insights into Asia (our experience is limited to EU/UK/USA), though I must say that we have two people from NUS - one was an assistant professor there (but got her degree from Columbia) and later left to join a team of quantitative risk professionals who support some portfolio managers based in the US and elsewhere; the other one completed a PhD in statistics and left Singapore...In general, my personal knowledge of Singapore or Asian top schools is unfortunately limited, so I can't offer much. But I understand the Asian schools are really rising in ranking and are even attracting some solid researchers from the US. That's a good thing.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 12:53am On Jul 08, 2018

Pls I still can't get ur email. I've gone tru ur profile no email. How do I get ur email so that we could talk further on my son. Thk you.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 12:46am On Jul 08, 2018
Can you mentor me? I'm in 100level already, though Engineering (seems you don't like the course though). But I'd love it if you'd do because I have great plans for the future

I had actually exited this thread..But your post got me thinking. I do not hate engineering, loooool. I was only money conscious when I was a small teenage boy and figured out I could make serious money from studying other courses and using my science IQ in a non-science field. lol. It worked out eventually..When I was younger, my utility was an increasing function of money. And since education was the only way through which I could make it, I decided to do something more unconventional. I didn't want to move with gbogboero.

Abi tell me why I should have spent 5 years+ studying an undergraduate course when I could study for 4 years, make some moves here and there and start getting good money, lol. See, omo oba, study your engineering and do well there. If this will make you happy, I've a cousin and friends' brothers/friends who are engineers and earn 24-30million per year from those oil companies in Nigeria...But how many engineers will enter there?

I figured I could get some level of success by taking a different route, and it paid off..To each his own sha. Read your engineering and make sure your CGPA is not less than 4.5. The closer to 5.0, the better. You will get opportunities.

For mentoring, look for a successful person who studied engineering to mentor you. I unfortunately don't have any value to offer you. But you can come back to me when you have gotten the top grades. Then I can help you. This is my hobby.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 2:15pm On Jul 07, 2018

cheesy Thanks a million times sir.

Good luck. Send an email.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 2:07pm On Jul 07, 2018

Hello sir. Good morning to you. And happy weekend. Yes, maybe I dodged your question because I feel a bit uncomfortable to share my details here and I believe we shall talk about it later... But to do as you wish, I have my o'level result (Neco). I have "c5" in seven subjects and c4 in English language.
The school is now "Rivers state university " and not a university of Science and technology anymore. Although it still carries this name on jamb portal. But the school mode of operations have changed due to the inclusion of other departments and faculties. Thanks sir.

Did you read the part where my post stated that this "This forum is anonymous, so no one will put a face to your results''?

Anyway, I already suspected your above results. I've lots of experience dealing with young people like you and I was once young too smiley. But I won't put you aside. I've seen instances where C students went on the university, worked crazily hard and made an impressive first class, not just oriyomi first class. Perhaps the C was because they attended a secondary school which did not give them a chance to realize their full potentials.

You can send me an email and we will start the mentor/mentee relationship and I will do my best to answer all of your questions. I believe it will be a beneficial relationship. But - I set academic targets for my mentees, every semester, and the targets must be achieved. The target is a GPA of between 4.8-5.00 every semester at the university. You also get gifts for attaining this GPA. Current gift is 55K naira per month. We run a company that funds the provision of the gift.

Any mentee that gives stories of ''oh, this course is hard or our professor does not give an A, that's why I can't meet the target, such mentee may lose their positions. We have over 30 mentors around the world. Very solid solid people with the highest possible degree that is obtainable at the university level. So to work with you, you go good oooh. You go work hard for your academics oooh. But the benefits are good!

In fact, if your GPA nears the perfect 5.0 upon graduation (i.e. A's in 98% of your courses), we provide support to attend the very best universities in the world - think Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, MIT, Cambridge, etc.

Send me an email and I will ask you more detailed, uncomfortable questions grin. But overall, you have a lot to gain, and it's even better that you're just starting your university journey..You don't have any bad university baggage. It will all be in your favour.


Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 2:05pm On Jul 07, 2018
[quote author=BrightForYou post=69157284]
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:47pm On Jul 07, 2018
I don't know why people think Economics is an easy course, having done it in the university, I will advise him to choose Engineering if he is good in calculation, not like economics doesn't have calculation but it is more of graphs and as a science student, he might get frustrated in the process of studying Economics.

Lol. Does anyone say economics is easy?

My best students in economics have mathematics/science backgrounds. The best economists came from mathematics/statistics/physics and sometimes engineering.

Anyone might feel frustrated with economics, not only science students...But empirically, the best economists were scientist. I will give examples to support my position if you push the discussion. For now, let me rest the case.

Sorry to anyone who did economics at BSc, but my general advise is never to study only economics at BSc if someone wants to become a full economist (PhD economics) in the future. A BSc in economics alone does not give the required foundation. I know. However, things like economics AND statistics/mathematics, mathematics/statistics, physics and even engineering are a better foundation for studying economics at a higher level.

And by the way, having seen most (not all sha) economics at all levels, I'd like to let you know that economics is not more of graphs. The graphs are required to build intuition, and I appreciate that in our profession, but those graphs are driven by mathematical theories which some rigorous economics programmes teach. I understand that not all economics programmes are rigorous, but that does not mean that economics is more of graph when taught or studied.

Meanwhile, do you work with your economics degree?


Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:25am On Jul 07, 2018

Hello. Email removed.
About my academics achievements so far, well, all these years I've been struggling to get into Nigerian universities but to all no avail. Reason being that I'm trying to go for competitive Courses and competing with thousands of Nigerians... fastforward, I've applied to study Bsc. Mathematics at Rivers state university.

Hi, I'm not sure if you do not know what I meant by academic achievements even when I gave a hint or if you dodged my questions..In any case, let me be specific. To display your academic achievement means to tell me that 1) in years so so so, I did WAEC and got the following grades in the following subjects and 2) in year so so so so, I did JAMB and got the following scores in the following subject.

That's the academic achievement I wanted from you. Not your history and struggles to enter the university as you have stated.

I'm happy to mentor you, but I need to know what you have achieved so far in your academics.

Meanwhile, math is a very competitive course to study. It's just that most people are ignorant, and that is a good thing for people like you. Unfortunately, people at Unilag and Ife are now opening eyes and because of this, the cut off for math has been going up.

I hope math is not 5 years at RSUST?
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 2:29pm On Jul 06, 2018

Thanks a lot. Pls can you send me a mail at queenolujames74@gmail.com. I will appreciate it.

Hello Madam,

You're welcome.

With every respect, my email is there for you to contact me if you wish.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 2:00pm On Jul 06, 2018

Hello. Please can you mentor me? I'm going for "Mathematics" for my first degree. And I need someone who can put me through because this field seems scary to many,hence a less passed path... Please, i need your consent before i go ahead and message you. Thanks sir.


Remove my email from the post you responded to, please. Write it down before you do so.


Share your academic achievements and the school you want to do the math
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:58pm On Jul 06, 2018
civic is useless! Maths, English, Ecoms, Govt, Geography/Account.
your result is more suitable fr Engineering if u Have the brainpower then go 4 it

I'm not saying somebody shouldn't read engineering. But I do not agree that he is more suitable for engineering. Yes, engineering is one of the courses he is suitable for, not more suitable as it's hard to decide the ''more'' in this instance. Look at the results again. The boy also did well in economics and math and others.

Engineering should only be done if the boy is really keen on this. Otherwise no need. And it's not a brainpower matter. One of the regrets that my brother has till today is deciding to study engineering (coincidentally the same mechanical engineering) in 1990 when he should have done a 4 year course like physics or math and moved ahead with his life.

I do agree that others might have a different positive story. In fact, my cousin who studied the same engineering some years later is now a big boy at one of those oil companies raking in millions upon millions, so no two situations are the same. But as I said, in a scenario like this where a child appears to be talented in several areas, either they go with the child's desire or they suggest something that can help the child get an even better outcome. In my view, only medicine is worth the number of years of dedicated studies. The other 5 or 6 - year courses, well I do not think they are worth the time, but this is my view sha.

I, for example, if you see my O'level, you will also say I'm suitable for engineering. In fact, my friends went for engineering, but I did something unconventional and went for one of those courses where people will say ''you wan become secondary school teacher''. Lol. I'm an economist today and it turned out that my decision nearly 20 years ago was fantastic, an optimal one. And praise God for that. My elder bro thinks I made a great decision avoiding engineering. Lol. I no say make person no study engineering oo. My argument is that a solid future can come faster from other fields.

I've hammered too much on this matter. Normally, thousands are paid for my consulting, but see me giving it free here, likely to go unnoticed because it's free. But no wahala. Hopefully, what I've said will help someone.

Good luck to the boy in question.

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Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by baum1: 1:30pm On Jul 06, 2018

Hello. Please can you mentor me? I'm going for "Mathematics" for my first degree. And I need someone who can put me through because this field seems scary to many,hence a less passed path... Please, i need your consent before i go ahead and message you. Thanks sir.

Good. It's not scary. It's one of the best fields out there. But you need to get a first class. If you're good at math, this is very possible.

Display your academic achievements so far. This forum is anonymous, so no one will put a face to your results.

We can take it from there after this.

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