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Crime / Re: 80-Year-Old Saudi Man Marries 12-Year-Old Girl by brightalo17: 1:52pm On Mar 12, 2020
How old was Aisha before Bubu destroyed her childhood?
bother yourself about those that brought you out into this miserable life you find yourself into, not a current first lady and you are saying her childhood were destroyed. Always spewing trash.
Travel / Re: Coronavirus: India Suspends Tourist Visas by brightalo17: 1:48pm On Mar 12, 2020
Our government here is busy fighting Sanusi instead to put measures in place against the ravaging COVID-19
what measures are you suggesting apart from the one already taking place?
Politics / Re: Ozekhome: The Imo S'court Ruling Should Be Analysed To See If Justice Was Met by brightalo17: 12:06pm On Jan 15, 2020
Any youth that still thinks there is hope in Nigeria is just a joker .

Any youth that doesn't have plans of leaving this shithole, needs to be critically examined

come 2023 , I advice everybody to own an international passport
why wait till 2023?
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Judgement: PDP Says The Destiny Of Imo State Has Been Taken Away by brightalo17: 12:00pm On Jan 15, 2020

It is my state. I will prefer ihedioha to hope. It is not about party issue. I don't belong or support both parties. I am looking at character of both candidates.
This is a case of a one eyed man in the midst of the blind. Ihedioha is not the best but he is better than hope.
I weep for my stste
what are the threats of Hope uzodinma?
Politics / Re: IPOB Declares Buhari Missing In Japan, Presidency Reacts by brightalo17: 12:39am On Aug 27, 2019
A whole Nigeria President is japan and no picture of him landing at the airport being welcomed by Japanese Diplomat
and that of Nigeria. why always showing us pictures where he is in a room? and that man shaking Buhari looks like he
is inside shoprite where you have all these Chinkos working.

What is this that is happening to Nigeria. I am forced to start believing this IPOB
Why would a whole Nigeria President leave a world event like G7 and attend rubbish conference?
I dont think Prime minister of Japan knows Buhari is in his country if actually he is there.

IPOB is really creating a reasonable doubt


Is buhari holding back actualization of Biafra?

FFK will address him as buhari whilst kanu addresses him as Jubril so which is which?

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Politics / Re: Will Any Government In The World Sit And Watch A "Revolution" Protest? by brightalo17: 11:41am On Aug 04, 2019

There is nothing like hate speech in the Nigerian constitution
Who's deciving you?
Religion / Do Christians Practice This? by brightalo17: 8:37am On Aug 04, 2019
Can you as a Christian do this?

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.

Matthew 25:40
Politics / Re: Will Any Government In The World Sit And Watch A "Revolution" Protest? by brightalo17: 8:34am On Aug 04, 2019

You still dont get it. We are in a democracy. People should be allowed to say whatever they like. What matters is what people do. You cannot charge a person to court for 'talking'. If Sowore likes, he can protest that he wants Buhari to step down. If Sowore likes , he can protest that he wants Snow to fall in Lagos. The constitution has given him the right to protest for whatever reason. The constitution has also given him the right of free speech as long as what he says is not being used to commit crime. If the authorities have any evidence that Sowore wants to use the protest to fo something unlawful, then they should arrest and charge him to court

But if the authorities arrested him because he mentioned the word 'revolution' or that he said he wants 'bundle Buhari out of office' then this arresting a man for merely talking.

If governments start going after people for what they said, as opposed to what they do, then it is no longer democracy, it is dictatorship.

If you cannot understand all this and still insist that the government is right to go after Sowore because of the words he used then it means you dont understand democracy and how it works

But one can be arrested over hate speech abi? Who charged him to court if i may ask you?
Politics / Re: Will Any Government In The World Sit And Watch A "Revolution" Protest? by brightalo17: 8:30am On Aug 04, 2019

Exactly, you allow people to protest then if the protest turns violent, then you can call in the Army to restore law and order.

This has nothing to do with overthrowing government. When Sowore was calling for a revolution, he said he wants people to come out and join him in protest against the direction Nigeria is heading. He never said anything about taking up arms or being violent.

Arresting Sowore because he mentioned the word 'revolution' would be tantamount to arresting people simply for talking.

Only somebody armed can overthrow a government. So if Sowore and his group are not armed and only want to on a protest which they call 'revolution', then arresting him is only because he talked.

We are in a democracy where people have freedom of speech. The authorities should not be arresting people for merely talking. That is very bad and takes us back to the days of the military where saying the wrong words could land one in jail

Did the English word revolution has a different meaning to you or you just want to keep writing for writing sake? He should have used a different word other than revolution for crying out loud.


Politics / Re: 'Atiku Is Not Coming Anywhere' - Deji Adeyanju by brightalo17: 1:11pm On Aug 01, 2019

It is his residence (house). A person's polling unit might be in a location populated by people with differing political ideology but, that is not to say, the generality of citizenry differ.
So per your argument it means you don't know difference between polling unit and residence, Did Both Buhari and Atiku voted at there polling units or there residence? Many lett there residences during the election to there poling units that includes Atiku, how can a whole Atiku lost in his own very home is that something to cheer about? They were in court yet can't bring any evidence of rigging other than bringing A Kenyan. Smh

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Crime / Re: Monday Chikwunka Arrested In Katsina By The Army by brightalo17: 10:30am On Jul 29, 2019
Buhari is the founder. Nonsense
The dead buhari is the founder?
Sports / Re: Unai Emery Appoints New Captain After Fall Out With Koscielny by brightalo17: 10:29am On Jul 29, 2019
Xhaka as a captain? What a disaster of a captain


Crime / Re: Monday Chikwunka Arrested In Katsina By The Army by brightalo17: 10:27am On Jul 29, 2019
So the Delta man had to be singled out for banditry? Was he the founder of The group? Any attempt to label igbos as fulani herdsmen will not be tolerated.

Who's the founder?
Politics / Re: Pres. Tribunal: INEC To Open Defence Against Atiku, PDP Today by brightalo17: 10:10am On Jul 29, 2019
With the ways things are going, Atiku will not win this case
How can he win considering the wacky evidences testimonies of his own witnesses? They didn't do better thing to his case at all.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Ebuka Vs Tacha - Nigerians React Over Ebuka’s Questions For Tacha by brightalo17: 10:07am On Jul 29, 2019
I felt bad for her too when I watched it,I knew she has a big problem long ago when she couldn’t spell daughter correctly,this little things matter a whole lot ,her brain dwells just in her breast alone,I don’t hate her but I just don’t like it when someone is naturally dumb....

So asking a student characteristics of a best student in a classroom means you're targeting the students? Especially when the said student kept parading as the best already, claiming to know outcome of the whole events in the school e.t.c.

So since when asking someone questions in BBN became a crime?

The girl was clueless with such word propably that's why she disgraced herself.

Ce cee she was emulating was brilliant enough that's why she excelled even more than the winner.

Stop blaming Ebuka for asking a harmless question rather blame the dumb Tacha.


Politics / Re: Buhari’s Ministerial List Colourless, Stagnant, Uninspiring — PDP by brightalo17: 6:24pm On Jul 23, 2019
Maybe they were expecting FFK and Omokri to make the list. Smh


Crime / Re: El Chapo Final Journey To Colorado Prison Where He'll Serve Life Sentence(Pics) by brightalo17: 7:59am On Jul 22, 2019
You re deluded if u think El Chapo is ur average prisoner who will be toyed with .

Dude will probly be running his shits behind bars..

He I'll even get loyal cops and VIP treatment by inmates..
The inmates will be amazed and privileged to be sharing a block with CHAPO himself.

And lastly, many will go down with him..the cops,the judges,the rats, the snitches and the rivals..

Be ready for fireworks anytime soon
This is not kirikiri maximum prison. So stop hallucinating.


Romance / Re: South African Man Heartbroken As His Girlfriend Gets Married To Another Man by brightalo17: 7:51am On Jul 22, 2019
Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion u might as well say urs and shift ..... Don't quote me again cos the next one will be outrightly ignored... Tacha kill u der Mumu
When people comments nonsense they call it opinion, next thing you'll hear is don't quote me again. Don't quote you again say na ur data he dey use or what. If he quote you what exactly will you other than usual noise making? Nonsense.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Gets 55 Cartons Of Documents From INEC, Closes Case by brightalo17: 10:53am On Jul 19, 2019
Even if the Buhari imposed Election Tribunal refuses to grant justice, just bring all the evidences to proof to the world that Buhari is not a saint he paint himself as but a cheap crook that stole the peoples mandate to grab a 2nd term he didnt deserve.

And most importantly, the RCCG ministry shld be forced to suspend and strip the fake Pastot Osibanjo of his pastoral post for being part of this monumental fraud of election and celebrating the scam reelection in church of God.
Whoever supplies you weeds and data should be suspended first , see as you're choking for a case that is already in tribunal. Smh


Politics / Re: PDP List Names Of APC Officials Involved In Electoral Fraud by brightalo17: 1:24am On Jul 17, 2019
My boy, you're still alive? I thought you joined your father last year.

Worry not, I will quickly facilitate it this time around.

Another 4yrs of frustration for you.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: We Didn’t Transmit Results Electronically – INEC Chair by brightalo17: 7:21pm On Jul 16, 2019
That one is left for us to find out.All I know is Yakubu is incompetent.
Yes since he didn't favor a different fulani man to another. Smh

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Politics / Re: PDP List Names Of APC Officials Involved In Electoral Fraud by brightalo17: 7:20pm On Jul 16, 2019
....And some Resident Nairaland Online Cow's tag Baba Lifeless "Mr. Integrity" grin

You begin to wonder the "miraculous" voting that happened in a state like Yobe and Bornu ravaged by insecurity.

Daura is a sure ticket and it's also a ONE WAY ticket to the great beyond for Baba Lifeless.

By the way, take a look at the two miscreants below me.

Just laugh at them.

Smh. Only if trash typing can solve your many problems.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: We Didn’t Transmit Results Electronically – INEC Chair by brightalo17: 6:16pm On Jul 16, 2019
Prof Mahmoud Yakubu you are a thief.But you collected money to prevent Cyber attacks in the budget for the elections,you also collected 1.5billion naira for servers.
Mr Judge. So all this you typed here now has proven that election were transmitted through server?

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Politics / Re: Election Tribunal: How Aides, Lawyers Scammed Atiku – Lauretta Onochie by brightalo17: 3:54pm On Jul 13, 2019
So this old ash*wo can't keep quiet.

Please can Yorubas sell someone to us, and take this woman for free?

She's a disgrace to Igbo people.
is your mother more important in society than the woman? If someone serving a whole Nigeria is ashawo,then tell us where your mother is working. Once she is not in in the party you like piam she's Ashawo. Tufiakwa.


Phones / Re: US To Approve Sale Of Huawei Phone With Licenses by brightalo17: 1:20pm On Jul 11, 2019
What about those nairaland keyboard warriors shouting that Hauwei will suffer?
Travel / Re: Ore Road Helicopter 'Picked Stroke Patient Up' by brightalo17: 9:00pm On Jun 26, 2019
Sounds like a bloody lie.

Are you the pilot?

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Celebrities / Re: Julian Osula Denies Being Involved In The 'Helicopter Incidents At Ore' by brightalo17: 2:42pm On Jun 25, 2019
Naija bloggers at it again.
Religion / Re: TB Joshua Nazareth Crusade: New York Times Celebrates Prophet (Photos) by brightalo17: 2:34pm On Jun 25, 2019

Yen yen yen.....are likes for sale?

Destitute of vision... take a look below...

So you are showing when people are still taking there seats? Have you ever organized anything with population more than 10? Even your birthday.. Child of hate.

Religion / Re: TB Joshua Nazareth Crusade: New York Times Celebrates Prophet (Photos) by brightalo17: 10:43am On Jun 25, 2019
I see a lot of empty seats, due to the fact that most Jews ain't Christians. If this was Nigeria, the overflow would have been jam packed.
what you saw is an imagination of what you felt would've happened but turned out to be otherwise, but your hatred and hunger for worthless likes on NL wouldn't let you stop typing trash. Where is the empty seats? Child of hate.

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Education / Re: Oyo State Abolishes N500 Examination Fee, Declares Education Levy Illegal by brightalo17: 1:46pm On Jun 24, 2019
This guy will soon unveil his true colour,time will tell
Are you just a witch or u are plainly mad?
Religion / Re: Simeon Chinedu Ononogbu: My Wrong Super Falcons Prediction by brightalo17: 10:32pm On Jun 23, 2019
Even if God tells you you will become president of Nigeria, you can still fail and end up as a Conductor if you don't walk in line with the prophecy. God's prophecy is not absolute on any man until you agree and wall in it. Back to the Pastor, I don't know what's dragging Pastors into football prediction when there are many more important issues to tackle in the body of Christ. It seems some Pastors are now into Bet9ja of a thing. It is well.

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