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Agriculture / Re: I Buy Cucumber In Large Quantity by charismaticdave(m): 12:39am On Aug 24, 2018
Contact me if you can supply sacks of cucumber in large quantity
Number :- 070 three 3499 seven 75

Can you buy from Akure, Ondo State
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:44am On Apr 12, 2018
It's possible, but it's not as rampant as people testify of it. To get communicated to most times is by getting into a near-death state, but how many people really got to that state?

Nobody is ready to get to this level to get a revelation from God but I believe that most people that has NDE gave account through what has been stored in their subconsciousness

www.nairaland.com/2938907/doctrine-ufos/71 check the last post. I was told that someone already has a complete history of the Yoruba people from the beginning of the homo sapiens era, 270,000+ years ago, but he doesn't know how to get it to the public view yet. So, don't bother much yet. I believe it would someday go public.
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:41am On Apr 12, 2018

Since 2016 that I have been following the writtens of OtemAtum, I knew that there is no lies in this written..
since 2008,i hav been feeling that am living in a world of lies, then I stop going to either church or mosque because am half of each religions, my mind suddenly refuse to accept all this teaching and something keeps telling me that there are more to what we have been taught,then I reason one day that, bible and quran creation of earth is between 5000 to 7000 years ago but scientists has been discovering many things that was existed about 1 billion years ago , then I started searching for real god in 2012, I can spend the whole day reading many books, going to Internet, searching everything all because I wanted to know the truth, and whenever am home, my mum can't stop pressuring me to go church, raining heavy heavy abusive words on me. An not confused with everything I have been reading either online or in books, even I can spend 24hrs online reading many things, entering many satanic websites... Lol., I think I have been having this kind of feelings maybe because Otem is present in my generation, there was a guy called merlin here on nairalander, he posted something about anunaki or something, I studied his written for 4 days but am not confused then I dropped it not until around March 2016 wen I found OtemAtum written in religion section..

I know that by year 2020, this writtens will come to the notice of the whole world, and it will inspired and motivate people to think and do the right things, I know once it comes to the world recognition, that's when all the world leaders and world super powers will do everything to make the truth stand and protect this our OtemSapien.

A very big thank to Seun Osewa

Welcome to the club, I have been called many names, one which is not palatable at all. People like us are called Ogbanje.

I was scared of dying before I started learning about Otem and the real truth. I embrace the fact that death is inevitable and the beginning of a new journey now. I am more enlightened and I have detached myself from self imposed and society imposed beliefs and I don't argue at all with people or try to make them see the truth in what I am telling them. But they always come back to acknowledge what I have been saying but they are still held in the fantasies of religion. I enjoy my life now than before that I was in the constant fear of the unknown and religious brouhaha

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Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:02pm On Mar 19, 2018
I have all the evidence that this guy is saying the truth.... I believed right from the start but I never shut myself from finding out more on my own. The journey has been long, studious and heart breaking but it has been worth it.

How everything we have been told up until now is a lie. The truth is out there but it has been covered with lies.

If you want more proofs and understanding

You know where to see me

OtemAtum, pleaase drop your number


Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 6:58pm On Mar 19, 2018
This guy has been right all along.... We chose to reject the truth, we choose not to truly see the truth. Everything he is saying is true to the letter.

I don't know how you do it but you are not lying Otemsapien.

I pray you all will also see the truth but till then..... I hold my peace


Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 6:14pm On Dec 21, 2017
Yes there were rephaims? Sango is an example of a rephaim.

Please don't bother answering anyone on this thread about the authenticity of your revelation.
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 1:47pm On Dec 20, 2017
Otemsapien, were there repharims in the land of Odua in time past?

Because I just remembered and researched about an ancient story about my hometown where a repharim is being worshipped as a god
Religion / Re: Advice Needed: Neighboring Church Noise by charismaticdave(m): 9:46pm On Dec 17, 2017
Please how can one condition his/her mind to sleep with the noise?.I find it difficult to sleep in a noisy place.

Start using very good earpiece. Listen to good songs that you love via the earpiece. Before 2 weeks of constant listening. You will be able to sleep wella without them
Religion / Re: Tithing : Talk Is Cheap, Nigerians Are Just Stingy by charismaticdave(m): 9:42pm On Dec 17, 2017
[b][/b] for real??

For real

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Religion / Re: Tithing : Talk Is Cheap, Nigerians Are Just Stingy by charismaticdave(m): 9:41pm On Dec 17, 2017

Are you serious about this?

1000% serious
Religion / Re: Tithing : Talk Is Cheap, Nigerians Are Just Stingy by charismaticdave(m): 9:31am On Dec 17, 2017
You don't use stealing by trick to convince people to give you money.

As someone has rightly said, some of the development of the churches ain't from the 10 Naira tithe of the members.

Some churches have zombied their members that if they don't tithe, they are badder than the devil.

Why will someone call you to come and help pray for a deceased and the first thing you ask is when he was alive, has he/she been paying tithe. If not, they should go and pay all till date before you can come and pray for the deceased.

What's that called

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Religion / Re: Advice Needed: Neighboring Church Noise by charismaticdave(m): 9:25am On Dec 17, 2017
Learn to sleep with the noise. Condition your mind to ignore the noise or else na die you dey so


Religion / Re: A Gospel of TRUTH, UNITY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by charismaticdave(m): 9:23am On Dec 17, 2017
Search through Google and you will find what you are looking for. I have been banned for posting links here and I don't want to be banned again
Religion / Re: Is The Deeper Life Bible Church A Cult ? by charismaticdave(m): 8:49am On Dec 16, 2017
Must you result to insult and curses just to prove a point. Osuho

You are the biggest liar of all time. You are buffon. Keep deceiving yoursrlf. Anuofia

uote author=frosbel2 post=60584621]I was a Deeper Life member and worker and almost a Pastor for about 20 years.

Initially when you join it appears to be one great club of humble believers, but afterwards you notice the following traits of their organisation ;

• They are beholden to one man, Pastor Kumuiyi

• Anything Pastor Kumuiyi says is truth and if you do not like it you must leave or start your own church

• They are so spiritually arrogant, and portray their church as the next best thing to holiness while other churches are either further away from holiness or fake altogether

• They separate families, husbands and wives, children and parents, siblings, co-workers etc .

• If you are in a second marriage and become born again (so called), you must go back to your first wife and reconcile to her, assuming she is unmarried because your second wife is not recognized by God. Imagine the confusion this will cause especially with children involved.

• They lack true compassion and love for everyone else other than their own members

• They use hell fire to threaten their members into paying tithes and to abide by church rules and regulations.

• If you are not careful, the church will take over your individuality and you will become another zombie minion without a mind of your own

• The church also has to tendency to preach against wine or alcohol intake, something that was never commanded in the bible, rather the bible says we should do everything in moderation

• It is difficult to be truly happy in Deeper Life because you are always fighting one sin or the other or chasing one demon or the other

• Their focus is strongly selfish, it is all about your own salvation and escaping hell to make heaven.

• They will often tell off young women for certain styles of dressing, the problem is many of these same women have the heart of Jezebel, very similar to a modest radical Muslim woman who despite dressing modestly with the Hijab will easily blow up innocent civilians in the name of her god.

• They preach the fables and myths of a fictitious rapture (started by a charlatan called Scholfield ) , Trinity and Hell fire

Young ones, do not be enticed to join. God has called you to express your individuality and make choices in favour of righteousness and peace. God does not want any man to rule over you or force his own belief on you. You are answerable only to God and not Man.

Enjoy this life and all that goes with you, don’t live a life of misery in the name or religion.

Religion / Re: Is The Deeper Life Bible Church A Cult ? by charismaticdave(m): 8:48am On Dec 16, 2017

Bro, everyone needs Jesus because without Him you can't see the ALMIGHTY GOD. so you would have said you have JESUS ALREADY instead of I don't need Jesus

Nobody needs Jesus, you need the Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscience Father that doesn't judge, doesn't jealous, is love
Religion / Re: Is The Deeper Life Bible Church A Cult ? by charismaticdave(m): 8:46am On Dec 16, 2017
Was raised in DCLM....as we used to call it then..

...my ishh with the church has always been RESTITUTION in Marriage. It's weird kind of.....

The women and children are always at the receiving end.

It's actually not a CULT but fanatics of the Faith.

What is fanatic?

What is Cult?
Religion / Re: A Gospel of TRUTH, UNITY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by charismaticdave(m): 8:33am On Dec 16, 2017

If only you draw me to thses acts of Jesus in the koran.



Got this from Google

You can go through them

Also, there are references in the Quran about the life of Jesus more than the life of Mohammed.

Try to understand the truth and let it guide your thoughts always

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Career / Re: Argument Over Hijab Needless, We Will Address It – NBA President by charismaticdave(m): 8:26am On Dec 16, 2017
When we are all dead because of the traps and pits we dig for ourselves because of religion. Our eyes will be clear
Religion / Re: A Gospel of TRUTH, UNITY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by charismaticdave(m): 2:26am On Dec 16, 2017

Trust me, they matter to me if they didn't try to pass their Isa as the Biblical Jesus.

Like the Op said, The TRUTH can not be hid for long no matter how hard you tried. If the koran had come first and they had their Isa before the Jesus of the Bible, i will ignore them as i ignore the Epic of Gilgamesh, but they had the effrontery to call that Caricature of a Character Jesus?

Okay, why did they hide all his acts if they wanted the Truth?

And as for your having the truth in your DNA, good for you oo. So you have experienced the truth deep inside of you? Good

Well, for me, i discovered the TRUTH, because i was born in sin and the falsehood of religion.

The life and time of Jesus were more documented in the Qur'an than in the bible. That's why I said don't throw away the baby and the water

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Religion / Re: A Gospel of TRUTH, UNITY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by charismaticdave(m): 8:57pm On Dec 15, 2017

@the bolded came to my mind last night. I read about the LDS, (The Later Day Saints), and i was thanking God i wasnt born there because of the way the treat anyone who decides to leave. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, But, you were born deep into Catholicism. It's the same thing.

Be it Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS, Roman Catholic, or even Pure satanism, if you are the chosen, you'll come out. The little flock will always find where he is uncomfortable until he comes out.

Then i remeber how uncomfortable i was in the Roman Catholic church as a kid. Until i came out then i found fulfilment.

So, it's not about Perspective here, i have seen young Muslim girls who have come out to see things from the perspective you and i are seeing them.

Like you have said over and over, the TRUTH can not be hid, that's why religion seek to merge the TRUTH with lies. Case in point, The Isa of the koran. They believe he us The TRUTH, because, it is written in the koran that he was of a Virgin birth and the rest, but deny his divinty, lies.

They deny him deying and resurrecting which gives humanity redemption.

Thanks for a job well done here.


At the bolded. Don't just conclude anything is a lie until you have seen enough evidence to say its a lie.

The Quran was written with a concept of Judaism, Taoism and Christianity in mind. But when you try to make the Muslims see this truth. They guide their beliefs jealously. But you can never recognise the truth if its only a passed down truth or a truth you hear from people that says this is how it is.

The answer to everything we want is deep within us. Coded in our DNA, I know this because I have experienced it and Guess what, people still told me, its a lie, they are trying to cover their own failings. That's why I don't trust religion or hearsay.
Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With This Girl. What Does She Want Me To Do? by charismaticdave(m): 7:12pm On Dec 15, 2017

No need to argue, the wind of True Love is blowing; it will soon hit you! ( I use to doubt my mom when she talks about love. But now I know it exist).

How far with this matter. You no update us again
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:34am On Dec 15, 2017

Bros, this thing is not rocket science.

Before TRUTH existed in its written form, it is unwritten and handed down from generation to generation in an oral form.

That notwithstanding, there are still valid references and papyruses and ancient documents accurately carbon dated to around 60 AD that confirms the authenticity of the existence of Jesus and His Apostles...unless you are claiming the Apostles are fictitious too...

How was the destruction of Atlantis recorded in the absence of written documents? was it not through Oral forms of Truth passed down from generation to generation?

The major flaw is thinking that all TRUTH must be written before it becomes valid. There are also Oral traditions to consider.


Everything you need to know is inside your head coded into your DNA. All you need is just look deep into yourself just like Otemsapien has always advised and you will see it.

Time and Life is not linear.

The truth you need to know resides deep inside you. Look deep
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:28am On Dec 15, 2017

Yeah... I heard all those too, and these are the questions I ask;

1) If I am to believe Jesus died on the cross or not, do I place more reliance on eye witness accounts of Jesus' Apostles OR do I place more reliance on the Quran which came 600 years after the death of Jesus? Was Muhammad who came 600 years after Jesus also an eyewitness to His Death?

2) If Jesus escaped to France with Mary Magdalene, is there any DNA test to confirm this? Has the Tomb of Jesus Christ been discovered with his bones in there? Can you share the root source of this rumors that Jesus married Mary Magdalene so we can evaluate its authenticity?

Remember that if lies wants to attack the TRUTH, it does so from different angles such that if you add up all the lies...they contradict each other.

The first one states in the Quran (written 600 years after Jesus died and resurrected o) that Jesus did not die but was replaced by Judas on the cross while He ascended into Heaven. The other one states that Jesus escaped with Mary Magdalene to Egypt at first, then due to civil unrest...they relocated to France to start a family.

You can clearly see the lies contradicting each other, which of them do you want to believe at the expense of eye-witness accounts recorded by the Apostles?

You can search online for the documentary about the real burial place of Jesus in France.
There are some factions of Catholics in France that are still going to worship the spot Jesus first laid feet on French Soil.
These Holy Books were passed down to us by humans like you and I, it is not infallible.
Haven't you heard, the Pope wants to change the Lords Prayer.

How are you sure, there haven't been changes like this throughout the centuries just to suit their individual purposes
Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 11:48pm On Dec 14, 2017

The only issue I have on the authenticity of DOCTOFUS is the claim that Jesus is a fictitious figure, and the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are also fictitious.

Would the Apostles of Jesus die a slow and agonizing death over something fictitious?

Anyways...we'll deal with that on the other thread I opened with my alternate moniker so as not to derail this thread.

Afterall, Otem is using this one to document the revelations he's getting from Atum...

Going by what the Quran described about Jesus, Jesus was not crucified and based on History that I know about, he escaped to France with Mary Magdalene where he fathered a child which gave rise to the First Knights of old
Religion / Re: An Evaluation Of Atum's Revelation On Jesus Christ by charismaticdave(m): 5:24pm On Dec 14, 2017

Perfect, your answer is my answer to your question.

By intuition, I am aware of the presence of the Eternal Creator. But I do not know His actual name...neither do I want to know it.

I am not here to start another religion.

Rather, I am here to emphasize on the importance of a direct relationship with the Eternal Creator with no medium or middle man needed.

You got me here.

Let's start to enlighten those that wants to be enlightened

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Religion / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 5:15pm On Dec 14, 2017
I have been following this thread for weeks now... I must really say Otemsapien is indeed inspirational. Before I met this thread, I knew I have always been fed with lies. There is nothing in the Holy Book that I don't understand. So Otem, hold your peace and watch as I will show these magas the error of their ways. Dazzingd, thanks for holding the forte.

Let them all ask any question concerning the authenticity of this doctofus.

readmindz, I really appreciate how your mind works.

The truth is here, no one can ever keep it down


Religion / Re: Tithe Against Poverty Challenge By Daddy Freeze by charismaticdave(m): 11:12pm On Dec 12, 2017
Come o

which one is Bible believing church again o

Are some churches not bible believing church

Can I have their names so that I can submit it to Ifa
Phones / Re: Earn Bitcoin By Just Installing This App On Your Phone by charismaticdave(m): 7:31am On Dec 05, 2017
What If Its Some Kindda Spyware.

Spyware to spy what?
Phones / Re: Earn Bitcoin By Just Installing This App On Your Phone by charismaticdave(m): 7:30am On Dec 05, 2017
This app is scam. I repeat scamm. I installed this apo about 2month ago and had about 58 referrals. So 3 days ago. i lig into the account and had made 0.0748554 BTC. When i withdraw, only 0.0000099 btc was paid to my account. So dont waste ur time like i did on thst app

It's being paid in mbitcoin not bitcoin.

I got 0.000010735 which is equivalent to 1.12$. I was paid 0.01$ which is 0.0000009.

If you want to install the app.

Just don't accumulate too much

For you to get 0.07. You would have accumulated close to a month
Phones / Earn Bitcoin By Just Installing This App On Your Phone by charismaticdave(m): 4:19pm On Dec 04, 2017
Let us teach you how to earn bitcoin making use of your phone instead of just chatting and browsing.

Make money while you make use of that phone. The more phones you have access to the better.

Go to playstore download *SLIDECOIN* and register
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You just earn points on daily basis just for having the app on your phone. You earn more points if u use the app as SMS app.

What are you waiting for

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Join our group


Business / Re: Annoying Things That Happen Every Time You Have To Enter A Bank(Photos) by charismaticdave(m): 6:38am On Nov 27, 2017
With Pilotfish9ja..... All these stress are reduced. This is a goldmine waiting to be explored and Pilotfish9ja is doing that.

Check out my signature for more information
Travel / Re: Terrible Accident At Jakande Estate Okeafa - Nairalander by charismaticdave(m): 8:11pm On Nov 26, 2017
This is the information I can get about the car online

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