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Religion / Re: Nigerian Anglican Opposes British Govt. on the Selection of Bishop of Canterbury by charlsecy4(m): 11:27am On Nov 01, 2012
[size=14]You mean you quoted the whole body of the post just for this reddened comment "If they don't like it they should go and join African Church which the wise ones broke away to start decades ago?"[/size]

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Religion / Re: Nigerian Anglican Opposes British Govt. on the Selection of Bishop of Canterbury by charlsecy4(m): 9:44am On Nov 01, 2012
I taught the Nigerian Anglican communion had broken away from their English counterpart when they (English) consecrated a homosexual bishop.
Religion / Nigerian Anglican Opposes British Govt. on the Selection of Bishop of Canterbury by charlsecy4(m): 9:09am On Nov 01, 2012
The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) demanded a change in the age-long tradition that allows the British government to appoint the Archbishop of Canterbury, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The Primate of the Church, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, on Wednesday in Abuja made the call at a media briefing to herald the 2012 Divine Commonwealth Conference scheduled to begin in the city next week.

NAN reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is due to retire by the end of the year and according to the the tradition, the British Prime Minister is expected to name his successor.

The appointment of the new Church leader is based on the recommendations of the UK-based Crown Nominations Commission, a 16-member body made up of bishops, priests and laity.

Okoh, who a fierce critic of the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, described the selection process for the new church leader as “politicised”.

The cleric said, “The Prime minister of Britain will have to appoint (the Archbishop of Canterbury), whether he is a member of the Church or not.

“When you consider the political involvement, you can see the point we are trying to make.

“In other words, we are trying to say the Anglican Communion should be separated from the politics of Great Britain."

He acknowledged that since the Archbishop of Canterbury, doubled as the Primate of the Church of England, the British people were at liberty “to choose their own method of selecting him”.

He added, “But what we have asked for is that for the fact that most of the churches that make up the Communion were part and parcel of the British Empire before, the original British Empire has changed method, which is now the Commonwealth, the same thing, the leadership in the Church should equally change.’’

Okoh said the Church of Nigeria, following the request of the Crown Commission, had sent its recommendations and views to the 16-member body selecting the new church leader.

He said, “We have made our input; whether the input will be taken is another matter.

“But for the kind of person we will want to see; somebody who will bring unity to the Church, particularly in the areas of doctrine.

“We will like somebody who will be biblically based not somebody with wide theologies.”

Okoh said one of the recommendations of the Church of Nigeria was for the Archbishop of Canterbury to run a single term of five years.

He said, “The historical position of the Archbishop of Canterbury is alright and he should be entitled to respect and dignity of office.

“But the leader of the worldwide communion should change in the sense that we would prefer a situation whereby we have the president of the group or chairman who will run office for about five years and hand over to another person.’’

Okoh frowned upon what he described “radical redefinition of biblical teaching in the name of homosexuality” saying, “it is evil and unacceptable”.

He said, “The recent same-sex proposal is a misinterpretation of the scripture and some sections of the church are riding rough on the scripture. The radical redefinition of the scripture is unacceptable. The attacks on the scripture is also affecting the people. If you misrepresent the scripture and accept homosexuality, then your radical definition is unbiblical and unacceptable.

“Those who will attend the conference are people of like minds who do not subscribe to man-to-man marriage and woman-to-woman marriage. The redefinition of biblical teaching is abhorrent and we do not accept it.”

Source: The PUNCH

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Crime / Re: Onitsha Car Dealer Killed By Robbers by charlsecy4(m): 10:20am On Oct 31, 2012
[size=15]Oh, my GOD!!! Emeka Ekwerendu was my townsman. I could remember seeing his wedding pictures back in the past. I didn't know him personally, but my elder siblings knew him.[/size]
A source told me he (Emeka) could have been assassinated, not just randomly killed.
May the Light of Christ Jesus Eternally Shine on his Soul, Amen.
Family / Re: How Much Is Too Much To Tell Your Partner? by charlsecy4(m): 7:58pm On Oct 30, 2012
afam4eva: I feel that once you're married, you have to tell your spouse EVERYTHING.

[size=15]Willingly not telling certain important truths about you could nullify the validity of the marriage![/size]



Culture / Re: How Often Do You Mix English With Your Native Language While Talking? by charlsecy4(m): 7:48am On Oct 29, 2012
Antivirus92: This has been a serious problem that run across all ethnicities in nigeria even in africa as a whole.... Are you a victim of that sickness?. How can we stop it?.

[size=13]In our world today, it's nearly impossible not to mix languages for such reasons that no language is complete, social contact, habit, ignorance or you just want to use the two [or more] even though there could be local alternatives.

Do you know that the English Language has borrowed the highest number of words from other languages? English borrows heavily from French, and other languages!

Note: It is IMPOSSIBLE for a language to be complete.....[/size]
Romance / Re: Tips To Mantain Fresh Breath; Kiss Withouth Fear. by charlsecy4(m): 2:40pm On Oct 28, 2012

So to mantain fresh breath even when you wake up early in the morning, here are few tips that works:
1. Always brush your ..............., ur throat, ur upper throat that leads to ur ear and nasal passage.
3. Pls dont use baby soft brush as an adult, it wont scrub off the bacteria entirly, rather use hard bristle brush. Yes u might see few traces of blood, its ok in as
5. Avoid things that could naturally give u bad breath like raw garlic, locust beans, rotten dry fish.....
7. When you brush ur mouth, ensure u feel fresh through ur nose, ear and ur throat otherwise brush again and again. Reason is, it takes just a few bacteria for u to have millions of bacteria in few minutes and then bad breath returns.
8. Lastly, u might need to cure depression and stress, because, its affects ur GIT greatly, i advise u take 1 capsule of multivitamin daily (or see ur dokito).

You post is generally misinformed and unhealthy.....

@OP and other users;
Please read this to know how to take care of your dental health:

Some years ago, I was at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Dentistry Department. I had come to have my teeth scaled. After the procedure, a student dentist asked me, "What type of brush do you use?" "Soft," I replied. "Oh, that's very good." "When do you brush your teeth?" "It depends, sometimes before a meal, other times after the meal," was my response. So, I asked him about a better time to brush. He said, "it is better to brush your teeth after the meal." "Brush your teeth twice daily, last thing before going to bed and after breakfast the following morning. Use soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. Change your toothbrush every 3 months," he concluded. I nodded because it seemed I had doing most of these times he said.


I later found out that there are conflicting opinions on when to brush, before or after a meal. Even a student dentist who lived in the same flat as me back in the University days disagreed with the idea of brushing after a meal in the morning. All agree that you should brush your teeth before going to bed, but they don't seem to have a harmonious opinion on when to brush in the morning, before or after breakfast. Doctors and dentists have their own opinions on things and let's face it, they are human, they are not always correct. However, I personally support the idea of brushing your teeth after having a breakfast.

***Why Brushing Your Teeth After Having a Breakfast Is Better***

First ask yourself this question: "Why do I brush my teeth?"

Now I continue:

You must have noticed a soft sticky layer forming on our teeth everyday. This layer is called PLAQUE. It is mainly formed of food debris and bacteria. Brushing your teeth removes plaque and gives you clean teeth, gums and a fresh breath. For healthy teeth and gums it is mandatory to have good oral hygiene and for that brushing should be perfect. When you eat, some food particles remain in your mouth. Bacteria feed on them, become energized to carry out their "illegal" activities of weighing down your teeth, gum and overall dental health. Brushing remains one of the most, or the most potent "police" checking the activities of these bacteria.

Of what much use is it to brush your teeth before eating in the morning, and soon afterwards you eat, leaving food particles in your mouth, thereby defeating the purpose for which you have brushed? You may ask, "but my mouth is not fresh in the morning when I wake up, so I should brush before eating!" To that I say, "it is because you didn't brush your mouth before going to bed at night!" You see, BRUSHING AFTER HAVING BREAKFAST IS BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT YOU BRUSHED LAST NIGHT BEFORE GOING TO BED.

Another important thing I must I add is that YOU SHOULD WAIT AT LEAST 1 HOUR AFTER HAVING A MEAL BEFORE BRUSHING. If you had fruits, soda, wine or any food that contains acid, you need to wait about an hour before you brush your teeth. The acids in many foods soften the tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to damage from brushing. Rinsing your mouth with water won’t speed up the process. An hour after meal is enough time for the acids to clear away and the enamel to re-harden. In addition, brushing your teeth EXCESSIVELY and brushing TOO LONG can also LEAD to GUM DISEASES and TOOTH DECAY as the enamel is brushed off.


***Caring For Your Teeth***

Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, for two to three minutes each time. Make sure you brush on all sides of your teeth and your tongue. Brushing properly is a must to avoid plaque from accumulating on your gums and to remove food debris on your teeth — both of which can cause tooth decay. You can ask your dentist for a demonstration. It is best to do one of these times before you go to bed, as your mouth does not have the same salivary protection when you are sleeping as it does during the day. Brushing will reduce the damage caused by plaque byproducts and toxins.

Spend time moving the bristles at and below the gum line, where it is most important to clean. The toothpaste can go on after those two minutes, and you can have the advantage of fluoride, whitening, stain removal or whatever works better for you because it's applied to a nice clean surface.

Floss your teeth daily and after any food that will stick in your teeth (i.e. corn on the cob, caramel, peanut butter, etc.). This cleans the other sides of your teeth that you couldn't reach with your toothbrush.

Find a fluoride mouthwash. Fluoride mouthwashes help to strengthen tooth enamel. Teach children between the age of six and twelve good rinsing skills to prevent swallowing. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Avoid snacking constantly. Snacking constantly can cause plaque to build up on your teeth, which can increase the risk of getting cavities. Instead of reaching for the chocolate, nibble a bit of cheese as a snack. Cheese and milk are really good for keeping healthy teeth because they are alkaline. This counteracts the acids that eat away at your teeth. Avoid sugary and/or sticky foods. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which then excrete substances that break down tooth enamel. Eat lots of vegetables, and drink water instead of soda or juice. Remember that fruit juices are full of acids and natural sugars. Keep drinking these to a minimum or only drink them at meal times, when the saliva is flowing most.

Replace your toothbrush every three months.

Visit your dentist at least every six months and every time that you have a problem with your teeth.

Also, note:

Don't swallow toothpaste. Be sure to rinse and spit after brushing.
Less is more. Don't floss, brush teeth, or scrape tongue too roughly. Over-brushing or rough flossing can cause gums to recede.
Some toothpastes are not recommended to be used daily if they are too strong - check the label of your toothpaste for details.
Never brush your teeth right after a big meal. Wait about an hour and then go. Otherwise, you could damage your enamel!
Don't swallow mouth wash.
After having an especially sugary drink, washing your mouth out with water will help get rid of harmful acids
Don't use a brush with firm bristles, as this will scratch away at the protective layer that coats your teeth. USE ONLY MEDIUM- or SOFT-BRISTLED TOOTHBRUSH.

Religion / Re: Confessing Your Sins To A Priest. by charlsecy4(m): 12:25pm On Oct 28, 2012
[size=17]2 Samuel 12: 13;
Then David confessed to Nathan, "I have sinned against the LORD." Nathan replied, "Yes, but the LORD has forgiven you, and you won't die for this sin."

This shows that one can confess one's sins to a priest after due repentance, and be forgiven.

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Romance / Re: Are Ladies Moved More By Sight Or Words? by charlsecy4(m): 7:14am On Oct 26, 2012
Girls are MOVED BY MONEY. Please note this is only applicable within the Nigerian GIRLS CIRCLE

[size=15]There are over 100 countries in the world, how many girls from each and every country do you know and have interacted with? And how many countries have you been to?[/size]
Romance / Re: 5 Ways To Know A Girl Loves You by charlsecy4(m): 5:05pm On Oct 25, 2012
Antivirus92: It's not complete.

Please complete it!
Romance / Re: Silly Things You've Done To Please Your Lady by charlsecy4(m): 7:35am On Oct 25, 2012
pedestal82: a guy was not so lucky back in Uniben He died doing exactly what u did, but from 4th floor, Faculty of Social science.

[size=14]Yes, the guy was taking an exam for his girlfriend. When caught, he jumped from the 4th floor of the complex. He didn't make it; his life evaporated.[/size]


Family / Re: Ways To Deal With Super Talkative Friends by charlsecy4(m): 6:44pm On Oct 24, 2012
[size=14]This is applicable, but the author should learn how to use the word, "BEST."[/size]
Religion / Re: Are All Sins Equal In The Eyes of God? by charlsecy4(m): 10:59am On Oct 22, 2012
Todaynatoday: I've gone through the link & the answers are satisfactory but it still does not address the issue of blasphemy. Thanks for the link though(bookmarked)

How do you mean "it still does not address the issue of blasphemy?"
Religion / Re: Are All Sins Equal In The Eyes of God? by charlsecy4(m): 10:56am On Oct 22, 2012
Todaynatoday: All sins are pardonable but ANY sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven!

[size=15]1 Timothy 1:13; Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.

So, you can see that to sin against the Holy Spirit means to willfully reject the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus:

What does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?



Religion / Re: Are All Sins Equal In The Eyes of God? by charlsecy4(m): 10:30am On Oct 22, 2012
[size=15]1 Timothy 1:13; Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.

So, you can see that to sin against the Holy Spirit means to willfully reject the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus:

What does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?

Religion / Re: Are All Sins Equal In The Eyes of God? by charlsecy4(m): 9:45am On Oct 22, 2012
nettan: Mark 3:29 But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin
Todaynatoday: All sins are pardonable but ANY sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven!
Billyonaire: Can you cite examples of "Sins against the Holy Ghost?

What does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?


Religion / Re: Are All Sins Equal In The Eyes of God? by charlsecy4(m): 9:33am On Oct 22, 2012
inurmind: that jesus talked about an unpardonable sin, I think it was insulting the holy spirit.

He said so, but that was before His Death. After His Resurrection, He told His Disciples that whatever sin they forgave was forgiven.

All sins are pardonable, provided you repent before death.
Religion / Re: What Is The Order Of Events In Your Church? by charlsecy4(m): 3:00pm On Oct 21, 2012
Goldenheart: i attend catholic...........they collect lyk 2 to 3 offerings. Plus harvest n thanks giving. U guys dnt read scriptures except bulletings. I can go on and on

[size=14]Please, where did get that misleading information from? GOD will forgive you if you said it in ignorance, but it will be different if you intentionally and unrepentantly made the spiteful comment.

What is a bulletin? It is a document which contians announcements, marriage banns, readings, and other church programmes and information for the day/week.

All over the world today, the Catholic Church takes her today's readings from:

Isaiah 53:10-11
Hebrews 4:14-16
Mark 10:35-45 [or Mark 10:42-45]

In all honesty, are you saying these are not Bible passages?

Secondly, the Catholic Church observes only one offering. However, during special Sundays, there could be more than one.[/size]


Romance / Re: Retrieve The "Loan" She Gave To Her Deceased Fiancé From His Junior Brother? by charlsecy4(m): 10:32am On Oct 21, 2012
She somewhat has a need for money. If the fiance were alive, he would have repaid her, and even more.
Romance / Re: Retrieve The "Loan" She Gave To Her Deceased Fiancé From His Junior Brother? by charlsecy4(m): 9:36pm On Oct 20, 2012
fluid26: Please, even if the *junior brother offers you double the amount, do not accept it. It would be an abysmal betrayal of love.

If the deceased were alive, he would have given her back the money.... What do you think?
Romance / Retrieve The "Loan" She Gave To Her Deceased Fiancé From His Junior Brother? by charlsecy4(m): 7:00pm On Oct 20, 2012
Should she retrieve the "loan" she gave to her deceased fiancé from his junior brother who now manages the deceased's business?

A good friend told me this, and I thought I should share it with you so you could make some valuable suggestions.

There was this guy I loved so much. He loved me too. In fact, he was my fiancé. We got along very well. He was taking good care of me, and provided some of my needs. Then something happened. He took ill. I even had to resign my job to move to where he was, and take care of him at his sick bed. So many things took place in-between, but in the end, he didn't make it. He was snatched by the cold hand of death about 4 months ago. It was hell for me, but that's not the theme here!!!

It happened that he had my over N100,000, but he's deceased now. The little savings I made during my NYSC year he received the money from me when he had some goods he had to pay for, but haven't enough cash at hand, as most of his wealth was trapped in physical goods then. I heard he also borrowed about N1,000,000 from a friend to meet his obligations. He had a business apprentice who was aware he collected over N100,000 from me.

Now that he's gone, his junior brother now manages the business. It has come to my knowledge that the junior brother has paid off the guy from whom the deceased collected N1,000,000. I was expecting that he should be kind enough to also give me the over N100,000 his brother (my fiancé) received from me, as I am not that financially buoyant now. The apprentice told me he had informed the junior brother that the deceased received over N100,000 from me. I believe my deceased fiancé wrote down that he borrowed N1,000,000 from a friend, but I am not sure he penned down he got over N100,000 from me, probably because of the relationship between us.

I gave him the little savings I had because of how close we were, and what was between us. My senior brother knows the junior brother of the deceased, as well as the deceased, but I don't want him to be aware I gave such money to my deceased fiancé. Maybe, he could have helped me get back the money, but I don't want him to be in the know of the transaction. I was expecting that the junior brother should have deemed it good to repay the "loan."

Now, should I ask for the money from the junior brother of my deceased fiancé? If yes, how do I go about it?
Celebrities / Re: Oge Okoye Bags Honorary Doctorate Degree, Becomes Dr Oge Okoye (pictures) by charlsecy4(m): 2:35pm On Oct 20, 2012
naptu2: What do they mean by "a belated Okoye"?

She probably came late for the occasion
Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Urges Nollywood Stars To Use Talents With Judgment Day In Mind by charlsecy4(m): 2:20pm On Oct 20, 2012
[size=14]Certain professions make it very difficult to be at peace with GOD, and keep His Word. I wonder how por.n actors and actresses will make Heaven. Well, nothing is impossible for GOD to do. That is a very good advice from Pastor Kumuyi[/size]
Religion / Re: Summerise The Bible In One Sentence by charlsecy4(m): 3:34pm On Oct 10, 2012
The Bible presents GOD's Will for man, and what man should do to meet GOD.

uj_sizzle: The Believers' Constitution.

Good, but is that a sentence?
Politics / Re: Mother Of Slain Chiadika Writes A Petition To Senate by charlsecy4(m): 10:39am On Oct 10, 2012
The only truth I know about this whole issue is that nobody truly knows the full truth.

1stCitizen: Rivers state government should seize the whole land covering Alu community and hand it over to Uniport. Those savages do not deserve homes.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Bakassi Effect
Politics / Re: Nigeria Finally Concedes Bakassi To Cameroon: Ahead Of Tuesday's Broadcast by charlsecy4(m): 8:51am On Oct 09, 2012
Does it mean Nigerians living in the area should start learning French?
Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Regain Its No. 1 Spot Beats VanguardNGR.com by charlsecy4(m): 4:01pm On Oct 07, 2012
Whobedatte: A website is different from a blog!

Website and blog are the same thing, just that a blog is usually presented in a diary format. They have, and use the same technology. The only difference is just format.
Family / Re: My Husband Is Threatening To Divorce Me For Petty Reasons by charlsecy4(m): 1:10pm On Oct 06, 2012
Angelahoney: Men in NL sometimes act as boys. What is the sense in kneeling down and serving him? Humility is not by outward display. Ps act as real men.

By your comment alone, one can make a good conclusion as to the kind of person you are! You're definitely not humble, based on that comment.

My advice is this:

Pay attention to simple instructions from your husband. Have a heart-to-heart discussion and find out what really is the problem. Maybe, some thing else bigger is the issue, and his current response is a mere reaction. Beg him, if need be. And finally, get to the market, get materials and prepare him catfish pepper soup.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: An Oil Company Situated Office At Apapa Is Recruiting In Any Qualifcation by charlsecy4(m): 6:48pm On Oct 05, 2012

[size=15pt]GOOD NONSENSE[/size]
Religion / Re: Church Dilemma - Serious Replies Pls by charlsecy4(m): 8:29am On Oct 05, 2012
miomonio: @ Omo Alata. Etise!. Is that all? Charlie, abeggy go learn Ghana jor. Nante yiyie wink

I appreciate your comment, but you didn't have to quote all the post.

Yes, learning the Ghanaian language is not out of order.
Car Talk / Re: Frsc Faults Lagos Policy On Number Plate by charlsecy4(m): 8:20am On Oct 05, 2012
creativeEngr: Would commercial and private motorists have to obtain different plate numbers to visit any State in the country? Would it be fair to drive your car only where you reside?


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