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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Christmas Card 2019 Family Picture by chineloSA(f): 10:39am On Dec 14, 2019
Kim with 4 kids still hot as ever. Thats how star do

She gave birth to only 2. The other two are surrogate. She also did some few procedures. undecided

No one beats an African woman in terms of bouncing back.
Romance / Re: Traditional Wedding Photos Of Lynda Ebigwei And South African Husband by chineloSA(f): 4:37am On Nov 07, 2019
Gold digger

Not all white people are rich. undecided

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Celebrities / Re: Pre-Wedding Photos Of Lynda Ebigwei And Her South African Fiance by chineloSA(f): 10:31am On Nov 02, 2019

Respect yourself, my African queens. Don't disrespect your body by laying with oyinbos. You're better than that.

In my next life I will choose my black king. kiss kiss kiss
Nothing will ever make me get closer to these p.igs.


Family / Re: My Wife Is Slowly Distancing Herself From Me..... by chineloSA(f): 5:53pm On Sep 15, 2019
When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

If I were her it would be impossible to believe him again.

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Celebrities / Re: Jayce Jeremi Is About To Celebrate 1st Birthday - Linda Ikeji Excited (Pictures) by chineloSA(f): 1:24pm On Sep 12, 2019
Cute little button kiss
Sports / Re: Sierra Leonean Striker Quits Swedish Club Because Of Cold by chineloSA(f): 4:49pm On Aug 21, 2019
There is more to it. smiley

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Spends Time With His Mother (Photos) by chineloSA(f): 10:45pm On Aug 09, 2019

Not all luxuries are good for the health.

A luxurious, spacious, comfortable, clean home is good for all humans.

Yes some luxuries are not necessary, but parents enjoy experiencing and bragging about our successes.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Spends Time With His Mother (Photos) by chineloSA(f): 10:42pm On Aug 09, 2019

Not everybody likes that. My friend's father once told him that if they want him to die they should rearrange his room or take him out of his house. The man was moved, but unfortunately he died 8 months after.

No parent will miss the opportunity of bragging about what his/her children did for them.

Sometimes our parents just pretend like they don't want to enjoy their kids hard work because they feel they are bothering us and probably the kids will be poor if they take from them.

Parents like being spoiled and bragging about us.

I remember how my grandparents were bragging about me when I got my first car.

If you hate responsibility then " old people don't like new environment and things " become your excuse.

Parents like to see us progress and also like to brag about us to their friends.

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Spends Time With His Mother (Photos) by chineloSA(f): 9:58pm On Aug 09, 2019
I saw his mama's house some years ago. I am still seeing the same background. I still don't understand how a man with this kind of money can allow his mama to live in less luxury than he does.

If I were him, I would force my parents into luxury.

Linda Ikeji is a good example. I respect her for taking care of her parents house.

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Crime / Re: Woman Puts Cameroon Pepper In Her Maid’s Private Part For Stealing Her N26,000 by chineloSA(f): 2:05pm On Jul 24, 2019
Having underaged girls as maids in the first place is ridiculous and exploitative. It needs to stop. undecided undecided

Politics / Re: Researchers Use Night-time Satellite Images To Map African Electricity Access by chineloSA(f): 2:36pm On Jul 10, 2019

Paganism is a religion. Our ancestors have been worshipping idols and doing voodoo and juju even before the Americans found the bible or the Arabs found the Quran. Stop deceiving yourself like we didn't have religion before the bible and Quran came to us. We have always been the religious type

Thank you. Tell them. wink
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Goes Bungee Jumping On World's Highest Bridge, Fans React by chineloSA(f): 10:44am On Jul 04, 2019
Even if you can pay me grin grin Never
Travel / Re: Deport Nigerians - South African Twitter Users Call For Mass Deportation by chineloSA(f): 8:34am On Jun 13, 2019
Now where is that ChineloSA lady cool

What have I don now? I was reading people's comments and my Oga called me for a meeting. sad sad
Nairaland / General / Re: Where Some Lagosians Hang Their Clothes To Dry After Washing (PHOTOS) by chineloSA(f): 6:28pm On Jun 10, 2019
I just love Nigeria. These little little madness is what keeps us going grin

Yeaaah ��� It only becomes a problem when we export this kind of madness.
Celebrities / Re: Laura Ikeji: "US Hospitals Will Be Missing Nigerian Pregnant Women Right Now" by chineloSA(f): 7:55pm On Jun 09, 2019

But our polithiefians are expected to cart away our monies at regular intervals without being questioned?
Those monies they stack up for their generation yet unborn can be used for the so called good roads etcetera. If only we had good and accountable leaders and system of govt here, you'd discover the citizens may not even need to pay tax to get these amenities.

Who is then is expected to fight the politicians? We cannot blame the politicians while doing nothing.

Developed countries didn't just become functional by the holy spirit. They fought somewhere to make things right.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 2:59pm On Jun 06, 2019
Hahaha as in eh. That girl is likely a hypocrite, she has probably had many abortions and now claiming miss virtue. Even if you are against pre marital sex, why condemn an innocent child?

I have never had an abortion. Even in my next life I will never. Just because you did an abortion, don't assume that everyone did it.

Yes I always had virtues. I didn't make permanent decisions under temporary circumstances. That's how I was smart.

I will never glamorise it even to my worst enemy.

Babymamarism perpetuates
psychologically unbalanced children,
school dropouts,
cycle of babymama,
emotionally unbalanced children because of unmet expectations and attention from the father,
Juvenile delinquent etc

You and other baby mama's should stop candy coating shit. It's still shit.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 2:50pm On Jun 06, 2019
She is right, for someone that is so happy and fulfilled you sure have a lot of time on your hands hating on strangers you don’t even know.

Sorry from your posts and replies here it shows you have little to no education because your posts lack logical thought.

Again, miss low IQ, you don’t know how forums work. Once someone replies to an old thread, it has a ‘new tag’ and it can get bumped to the front page of a category, that’s how I discovered this thread.

Please take your L and stay off the internet and stop disgracing your ancestors. Use that time to focus on your lonely life and become a better person. Wishing people ill won’t suddenly make your life better. Seriously, who wishes disease on a nearly married couple? You seriously need to get a life.

You are just a random person and your opinions about me mean nothing.
So you expect me to say what you expect of me and not what I want to say? So you are authority and I should listen to what you say online. I don't live in a world where I will listen to you, particularly shameless prostitutes.

You found what I wrote incoherent because it obviously hit home. You who.red and you living with the repercussions hence you are trying to glamorise your profession.
I didn't who.re around. I waited to have kids in marriage. Prostitutes will be oblivious to messages that touch their businesses. I don't blame you.

So low IQ has a new definition grin grin So avoiding having kids by random dic.ks is low IQ? I see!!!!

Sweet pie, I hardly make comments here. My life is so busy. I just take time out now and again and most times when i check front page is loaded with whorish news. Sola was one of them. She is crying foul now when Wizkid is ignoring his gigantic forehead and her child.

Stop glamourising shitty behaviours, younger Nairalanders are reading and thinking it's right to pop kids anyhow.

I will never stop talking against this business of Babymamarism. It's bad and soiling our societies. Whether you agree or don't.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 12:48pm On Jun 06, 2019
wow... your post is just all over the place no coherent thought or logic " I will not be dictated by a ring" WTF? hahahaha I just can't this fine Thursday morning.

At the end of the day you are a lonely uneducated and miserable person that spends all her time on the internet hating on strangers' lives, same lifestyle you wish you had. This would be my last reply to you because I know this back and forth with you has been the most attention you have ever received in your pathetic life. It's like talking in an empty room, you have no substance.

Lonely and uneducated grin grin You wish.

Better be your last reply. I didn't ask you to even start engaging with me over an issue that is over a year old.

Honestly I wouldn't want to get attention from you. Who are you in this life? How will your attention benefit me?
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 10:25am On Jun 06, 2019
[quote author=laudate post=79066230][/quote]

wink wink wink I am glad I touched some mute buttons
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 8:47am On Jun 06, 2019

What an idiot'ic submission. Are you the God of those little children, that you are now claiming they will never amount to anything? I thought such bullshyte ended in the last century....

Another idiot. You were probably a product of premarital sex. I quoted your popular book ( bible ). Look up for it. I didn't pull no verse from my arse. I can pull something from the Quran too.

Just because it doesn't agree with your views, does not nullify it. Religion and culture always had its terms referring to kids born out of wedlock and some culture dealt harshly with such. I did not invent the term nor the taboo.

I am not God and I don't seek to be God. I just hate hypocrites masquerading as Christians. Better in Islam, they hate such and the punishment is very harsh. I am none of those religions and I hate Christian hypocrisy.

Illegitimate kids are that. Period.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 8:38am On Jun 06, 2019
Wow see as you finished her. I never understand how grown women will call children “illegitimate” I also saw her comment were she wished disease on the couple of a wedding post. Very sad. You have to be very sad in your life to behave like that.

So you reckon I invented the term illegitimate. I found the term already existing and will continue using it.

So your children you born for other people's husbands are blessings, bundle of joy etc. You probably had one for a married man.

I apologise I am so sad and I created the term
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 8:34am On Jun 06, 2019
hahahaha you are very funny.

why do you keep quoting the bible to me? I am agnostic. For someone that claims to not be a christian you sure are quoting the holy book for your facts, (same quotes you say you don't believe in) which shows that you are ignorant and dumb because you don't even have your own independent views. I am not Sola and I don"t have to be Sola to know that it is only a vile human being that will talk about an innocent child like that. I have read your other posts and I saw a comment where you wished disease on a happy married couple. You know what that means? it means you are a very bitter person that is a loser in real life and spends her whole life on the internet hating on the successes of people that don't even know you exist. I know your type, misery loves company, because you are miserable in your pathetic little life you want other people to join you. I am sure you live your best deluded life on the internet, there is no way a married woman with children will refer to innocent children in such an evil and callous way. If you free yourself of this bitterness maybe a man might just look your way.

I think you should read where it all started and why I quoted the bible.

You reckon I am miserable when you went and dug up a thread from 2018 grin. Who is miserable here?

So you need to box people just because they have kids. I can never be boxed. I am against premarital whoring. Period. Sounds like you who.red and gained a bustard that's why you are pained.

There is nothing vile about commenting on issues that are put by you and fellow who.res for public sympathy and consumption. She purposely got the kid out of wedlock and carries on to use the child to gain sympathy and attention and also makes money.

I wished disease for a couple grin grin I am bitter grin grin. I spend time on the net on other people's issues grin
I am far from bitter and all you described.

I never post anything personal on the net for public consumption and for likes and comments. The people who matter to me are the ones who know my victories and struggles. And hell NO I don't have to display and explain to a whole stranger whats going on in my life. I don't seek approval from strangers hence I don't post. Sola ( you ) seeks comments and approval hence she gets it.

I doubt you understand how Nairaland works. If the thread is on front page I will comment if I want to. I didn't go looking for Sola with her big forehead just to comment on her who.ring life. I wouldn't. If it was not for Wizkid no one would know who she is. She is a none entity looking for sympathy because she opened her legs in her youth for a man who was not even her half committed boyfriend.

There is no married woman who can do what? Rubbish I will comment how I want to comment and I will not be dictated by a ring and a certificate.

How contradicting, you said I don't have independent views yet you expect me to behave like a married woman. How stupid. You expect me to have my views yet you box me into a marriage box.

I behave like me. My views are clear I dislike who.res who go around making babies for people they are not married to , only for them to cry for sympathy in future. Those who.res destroy futures of their children, future marriages of their baby daddies and they are just good for nothing.

grin grin imaginary marriage and life. No love. I don't live an imaginary life, not all of us have to pretend on the net. Some of us live real lives out of social media without any pressure to look and behave a particular way. It's total BLISS. You should try it.

I am so lucky and blessed to be already married to my best friend. He loves me vile as I come. kiss kiss Bless my forefathers. I am completely blessed. Over 5 years into this marriage thing and we going strong. No bastards. No baby mama who.res. Just us.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 11:37pm On Jun 05, 2019
bla bla bla your life is interesting yet you are spending your time on the internet to hate on an innocent child. I hope you are not teaching your children this hateful behavior.

1 It is better to have virtue, even if it means having no children. Your virtue will be recognized by other people and by God, and you will be remembered for it forever. 2Virtue provides an example for people to follow; when it is not there, they miss it. It has always been the finest prize a person can win, and it always will be so. It is the noblest of all the good qualities a person can have.
3No matter how many children are born of a forbidden union, none of them will ever amount to anything. They are illegitimate; they can never lay a firm foundation for themselves, never take deep root. 4Like trees with shallow roots, they put out leaves for a while, but they sway in the wind, and storms uproot them. 5Their branches snap off before they mature; their fruit never ripens, and it is good for nothing. 6On Judgment Day children born of a forbidden union will testify to the sin of their parents and act as witnesses against them.

Check what your bible say that you Christian who..res avoid. Check the bolded. It your bible and not me.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 11:23pm On Jun 05, 2019
bla bla bla your life is interesting yet you are spending your time on the internet to hate on an innocent child. I hope you are not teaching your children this hateful behavior.

Social media can be educative and entertaining too. Low key who.res like you who put their lives out there for us to consume are part of education. Some of us observe with disgust and learn from your who.rish ways.

I am not responsible for your past choices and decisions. So you are directing your anger to the wrong person.

Of course I teach my kids to make intelligent decisions. I teach them that all choices and decisions have consequences. That's what your mama never taught you until you who red your way to Wizkid. Lastly I teach them to avoid your kids because they spell trouble. Anyone who didn't grow up around both exemplary parents spells trouble.

I hope you have read Wisdom of Solomon from your Christian bible. It curses the byproduct of your who.rish ways.
Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 9:14pm On Jun 05, 2019
Ok. A human being is still NOT illegitimate and you are still a random person on the internet judging someone that does not know you exist. Channel all that energy to your life.

Debate with your bible. Even then Africans never condoned children out of wedlock. It was a taboo.

Random or not, if someone decides to splash their lives on the net for our consumption, there is nothing a random like you can do about it.

My life is so interesting doll. Very interesting and busy. I had even forgotten I once made a comment about this low life random celebrity.

The way you are so defensive I can tell it hits home and you opened this account just release your bile on me. You are probably Shola.

Enjoy your bastard. I have no bastard. I waited for marriage.
Family / Re: This Little, Chubby Girl's Dance Moves Will Put A Smile On Your Face (Photos) by chineloSA(f): 5:22pm On Jun 05, 2019
She is OK. South African kids can dance. I have seen these Southy kids who left me in awe.

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Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday, Pours Encomium On Son, Boluwatife by chineloSA(f): 5:15pm On Jun 05, 2019
Well.. Thank God you are NOT God. NO human being is illegitimate. Go and face your own hardships and leave a woman does not even know you exist alone. What happened to "don't judge lest you be judged"

What am idiot. Did you ever understand what I said? Did I even claim to be God? I quoted the said bible that Christians use. Check the two verses I quoted and come and argue with me.

" I don't believe in that don't judge rubbish blah blah blah" it makes you Christian idiots run away from accounting for anything you do.

Christianity is for idiots like you whose lives are directed by a book written by some white man. I quoted your book. Idiot.
Romance / Re: Traditional Wedding Of Igbo Man And Chinese Lady (More Photos) by chineloSA(f): 6:19pm On Jun 04, 2019
You are starting to sound like that khiaa girl. undecided

Just to let yoh know that I will not dignify you with an answer. I am probably too intelligent for you.
Romance / Re: Traditional Wedding Of Igbo Man And Chinese Lady (More Photos) by chineloSA(f): 4:48pm On Jun 04, 2019

How much genetics have you studied on your lifetime?
Well, from your post I can deduce

I studied English doll. I can deduce you never studied English hence " on your lifetime"

Rubbish undecided If you don't agree with me you don't have to be sarcastic. Ask me and I will clarify my point.

Some diseases are common to specific races and ethnicity and you cannot teach me about that.
Do you know that there is a specific type of cancer just among Jews? Skin cancer has always been common among non melaminated races.

Ask don't be sarcastic and behave smarter.

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Romance / Re: Traditional Wedding Of Igbo Man And Chinese Lady (More Photos) by chineloSA(f): 3:38pm On Jun 04, 2019
Nwanne you catch better meat

She is beautiful

Wishing you guys a happy married life

Half cast kids loading

Genetic diseases loading too undecided
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Featured On Forbes Africa Magazine (photo) by chineloSA(f): 3:36pm On Jun 04, 2019
I am very happy for her. May she grow from strength to strength. kiss

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Beaten By South African Policemen Dies In Hospital(photos) by chineloSA(f): 5:54am On May 24, 2019

To end xenophobia in South Africa, a very deep approach will be needed.

1. Make the labour market flexible.
Because the labour market is rigid, most companies are scared of employing workers that are difficult to sack. By making it much easier to sack workers, employers will be willing to employ more

Presently, only 5m people in South Africa pay tax out of a population of over 50m. This is scandalously low. The rigid labour market has created massive underemployment hence many blacks have no jobs and are resentful. This resentment is piled on other Africans.

2. Crime

South Africa has a very high crime rate. The place is a gangsters paradise.

Simple solution is to increase policing and presence in the most crime ridden areas. If need be, send in the army. Apartheid days are gone. Blacks in the township need not to see the police as an occupation force as they did over 30 years ago.

Low crime rate will help reduce xenophobic attacks as such attacks are easy to perpetrate in areas prone to crime.

3. Fast economic growth.

South Africa needs it's economy to grow very fast to create enough jobs for all South Africans.

Presently, it's growth rate is nothing to write home about.

See us having solutions for other countries, but no solution for our own grin


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