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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Coldplay007(f): 11:46am On Jun 02
Let me make something clear to some Nairalanders. For the fact people put up items for sale does not mean that they are desperate or foollish.

I put up some items here and tagged all of them at 10k. Someone called me and was pricing everything 6k. Another was saying 7k. Unto what na? So the MIFI is now 3k abi? And the Nokia torch 2k? While the Bluetooth music player is now 1k? Atimes, lets be using our senses.

There is something you will price thinking you are smart. Without knowing you sound like a morron.

Lets stop underpricing stuffs even though its tagged clearance. Its better to find a relative and dash those things to than to undersell a working product. People sell not because they are hungry. But to get some cash back from there items that are no longer needed. Not as if we are unbundling scraps. Thankiu.

Anybody interested can still take all these for 10k

Nokia Torch
Blue tooth Radio and Music Player

All are 99% functional and with guarantee.

Lol.. 7k is a good offer.. the Mifi is the only valuable thing in the set.. and at best it's worth 5k.. the phone maybe 1500.. that bluetooth thingy, I will put it as jara.. its worthless ..


Education / Re: Ipod In Exam Hall: Landmark University Expelled My Friend. What Can He Do? by Coldplay007(f): 2:11am On Jun 02

Very unconvincing. He hasn't come clean yet.

He knew IPads/iPods were banned yet he came in with one that had study materials.

Claiming he had no intention of using it is like saying one had no intention to rape, but did it by mistake.

His Family would waste a lot of money on lawyers...that's for sure.

I wouldn't sugarcoat anything here unlike others

Dumbest defense I've heard.. I come to an exam hall with a ipod that has course materials.. then ask them to compare the materials with what I wrote because I didn't bring the materials intentionally...lol

How was he caught then, he must have attempted using the ipod.. If he didnt intend to use the material and it was in his pocket without him trying to bring it out, he wont have been caught

It's like coming into an exam hall with a textbook of the course material, then claiming I didnt use materials from the textbook..

Any attempt to use a lawyer will just cause more sifia pains.. I dont see that school taking him back.. he should goan write jamb again and apply to other schools..

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Family / Re: Just Arrived In Nigeria Items For Sale by Coldplay007(f): 4:24am On May 22
Still available

Lol.. what is available?
You are joking right?. Post pictures or continue to waste your time..


Family / Re: Please Save My Mom From Brain Tumor by Coldplay007(f): 6:25pm On Apr 20
If she has a brain tumour.. A CT scan was done.. A picture of the CT scan..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Don’t Lie In A Job Interview In Lagos by Coldplay007(f): 4:09pm On Apr 12
Car Talk / Re: Are Gear Problems Not Fixable In Nigeria? by Coldplay007(f): 12:07am On Apr 07

Like I said, it depends on the level of damage. Sometimes the problem is just a simple valve or filter or ball check. I had a serious transmission issue that almost made me change my transmission last October but suprisingly it got fixed and till now still going strong, in fact better than when I bought the car. I have traveled from Lagos to Ekiti to and fro 2 times, many trips to ibadan and saganu and transmission is still going strong. I also introdoced someone with same car as mine, working well. And before mine a Lexus rx300 had an issue that had been termed condemned and since last August after fixing it's still working. So I think it all depends on the level of damaged. If a transmission is not burnt, it can be fixed.

If your car is rx300 and it comes with 10 pin.. most of the tranny kazeems can repair them..13pin and 22 pin is where they scam peeps..

Never allow your kazeem to convince you he can repair your 13 and 22 pin gears..
Car Talk / Re: Are Gear Problems Not Fixable In Nigeria? by Coldplay007(f): 7:13am On Apr 06

Toks gearbox are good but u get only 1 week warranty. I've fixed toks gearbox that lasted over 3 yrs before I sold the car, I've also seen someone fox told gearbox that lasted just 1 month. U never know the condition in those gearbox sinve ubwrr buying them used. There's nothing better than rebuilding when done right.

This toks gearbox had been tampered with.. it was damaged and Somebody changed the fiber.. once a toks gear works and it has the right ATF.. witnis highly unlikely it will spoil in 1 months...

But the kazeems and Ladipo boys are terrible.. they can sell you a repaired gear..

Next time you want to fix a tranny, tell them you are from outside Lagos.. they will give you 2 weeks guaranty..

Then make sure you travel a journey of at least Lagos to Ibadan four times within the week..

No repaired gear that they replace fibre can survive that journey. It is when you are driving short distances that the gear will survive till 1 month...
Car Talk / Re: Are Gear Problems Not Fixable In Nigeria? by Coldplay007(f): 7:08am On Apr 06
I can write a book on this.. lol.

No kazeem automechanic in this Lagos that can rebuild your gear. I know them all and Kashif that is an expert is not available..

So buy a new gear.. Never let any mechanic convince you he can repair your gear in Nigeria.. it's a lie..

The fact is the cost of a toks gear in Nigeria is cheaper than the cost of a rebuild in the US.. so take advantage of the ladipo factor.. Buy a transmission..


Romance / Re: Should I Make A Move On My Best Friend ? by Coldplay007(f): 6:30am On Apr 06
I think the guy is gay..
He is not married...
He never made an attempt on you in 20 years, even when you slept on the same bed..
He has a female best friend..

He knows you are not married, and he is unmarried too, yet he is not trying to lay you...

Car Talk / Re: Can I Use 5w30 Instead Of 5w20 Recommended For My ACURA MDX 07 (tokubo) by Coldplay007(f): 2:40am On Mar 25
You can use your 5w30.. Nothing wrong with using 5w30..
Fashion / Re: See The Gown She Wanted Vs What She Got (photos) by Coldplay007(f): 6:23pm On Mar 14
There is nothing wrong with the gown.. the customers body type cannot pull off the look

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Health / Re: Please Look At My Balls And Tell Me What Kind Of Infection It Is..please by Coldplay007(f): 7:51pm On Mar 06
Herpes also called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)..
Has no known cure..can be managed though..
Its a Viral STI..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can One Rent An Apartment Of 250k P.a With 80k Job? by Coldplay007(f): 6:45am On Feb 27
Financial rule 5: Your rent should not be more than two times your monthly salary.

Salary: 80k

Your rent should not be more than 160k/yr

This rule does not work in Lagos. You need to consider distance from your place of work and transport fare.
Some people wake up 4am every morning and travel for 3 hours to get to the office just because they want to save on rent..

They will end up spending more on transport and their health..


Education / Re: Have I Been Cheated? by Coldplay007(f): 2:18pm On Feb 22
Which artiste did you guys pay 350k?
That will determine whether you are cheated or not..
Family / Re: Pls Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Coldplay007(f): 5:56am On Feb 21
Heavy growth of E coli since last year.. lol
That was a dead giveaway..

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Car Talk / Re: Engine Autopsy 3.3L V6 242 Hp Hyundai Santafe 2008 Engine by Coldplay007(f): 3:44am On Feb 01
Sludge build up.. too frequent oil changes.. probably short commune or car rarely driven.. lol
Maybe fake mobil 1.. grin grin

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Car Talk / Re: VSC Lights, Traction Control, Check Engine Lights On Lexus ES 350 by Coldplay007(f): 6:15am On Jan 29
22 pin gbese...
Sorry OP.
Technology Market / Re: Buy Plasma, Lcd And Led Televisions For Affordable Pricein Lagos. by Coldplay007(f): 10:22pm On Jan 06
Hi Acunon. You advertised a USB bluetooth device here but I couldnt find the advert.. is it still available?. Can you help deliver to Yaba?

I'm guessing the device will give any home theatre with USB port bluetooth capabilities?
Culture / Re: Is The Oba Of Benin Actually Greater Than Yoruba Kings? by Coldplay007(f): 7:55pm On Nov 10, 2018

This your post is stupid but I will interpret the picture for u..

First, the sitting arrangement was done by the British. They prefer to have their loyal subject/slave (Oni) who they conquered easily without a fight sitted besides the prince and have the formidable adversary who battled them to a standstill sitted at the back.

Secondly; from the picture you can see that it’s only the Oba of Benin that has his symbol of authority and power by his side.. the Oni’s own was chased far away from Oni.
It shows that while the Oba of Benin is still recognized and revered, the Oni is not.

To the Oni, sitting besides the prince is a great achievement that is why he is smiling like a boy boy.
All these benin warlords. una too like to hype una self. Before it was the king does not leave his palace. Now this one is flying upandan. Later he is the greatest, meanwhile he himself has agreed he is a low rated 1st class king from this sitting arrangement


Culture / Re: Is The Oba Of Benin Actually Greater Than Yoruba Kings? by Coldplay007(f): 8:12pm On Nov 09, 2018
Normally I try my best to ignor stupidity but in this case I will make an exception for posterity sake. Now LISTEN CAREFULLY

The oba of benin is far & above the oni of ife. If you must compare him with any yoruba kings it should be the Alafin of oyo not the oni who's stool never attained the status of an empire & traditional is just a priest who the british later coined to become a king. The kingdom of ife originates from benin. If you want to argue go ask ODUDUWA or any of your truthful Elders. That being said the BENIN EMPIRE in all its regin & glory never imposed its tradition & language on its subjects rather free will & kindness was always the order of the day. All that was needed was for the fallen kingdom in quote must become subservient & pay the require royalty to the CAPITAL & its KING. this mistake made the benin language to be exclusive to the benin people & not the entire empire. This is was diminished the benins after the fall of their empire & of course in todays nigeria, priority is given to major tribes based on their population & the number of states they occupy & as you know it comprises of the fortunate yorubas. This favours the oni much more than the oba. Then again what you are seeing are the first class kings in mordern day Nigeria & they are as well representing their geo political zones of which the oba is from the south south & the oni from the south west. For the avoidance of doubts there is body of NIGERIA TRADITIONAL RULERS & in this body again by the standards I have explained the Sultan of Sokoto & the Oni of Ife are the Co chairmen while the OBA of BENIN is the SECRETARY. All this are facts which can be easily verified if you are willing to know the truth but if you are still confused by their sitting arrangements then I bid you GOODBYE.... & GOOD RADIANCE. ....

You have not said anything. Oba of Benin is greater than Oni. what proof do you have?
The Oba knows his place in the hierachy, and he sat in the right position.


Culture / Re: Is The Oba Of Benin Actually Greater Than Yoruba Kings? by Coldplay007(f): 7:21pm On Nov 09, 2018

Strange, but true..� grin
Culture / Re: Is The Oba Of Benin Actually Greater Than Yoruba Kings? by Coldplay007(f): 7:13pm On Nov 09, 2018

Strange, but true..�
Culture / Is The Oba Of Benin Actually Greater Than Yoruba Kings? by Coldplay007(f): 6:45pm On Nov 09, 2018
I saw this thread below and i immediately became interested in the Omonoba's trip to Abuja. The Benins claimed that the Oba never leaves his palace. But it seems this Oba likes travelling to Abuja. If you ask the Benins, they would probably say Abuja is part of the Benin Kingdom.. grin


I was shocked when i saw the picture below. Does this mean that the Oba of Benin now knows his place in the community of Kings?

I am sure that he wouldnt agree to take that picture if he didnt agree with this arrangement.
Obviously this arrangement reflects the kings traditional hierachy and they all agree with this.

I also know that if the Alafin had been in this picture. He would be sitting beside the Oni of Ife.

So what do you all think? Does the Omonoba now know his place in the community of Nigerian Kings?

Properties / Re: "Lekki Gardens Estate" How Genuine Is It? by Coldplay007(f): 8:46am On Oct 20, 2018
Seems negative news sell better than good news. When Lekki gardens was floundering upandan people were excited to share the news..
Now that they are doing pretty well, nobody is interested in talking about them..
Thanks to the people that replied my DMs..
Properties / Re: "Lekki Gardens Estate" How Genuine Is It? by Coldplay007(f): 7:50pm On Oct 16, 2018
Hello peeps. I am about to pay a down payment on the phase 5. The agent told me all phase 4 properties are taken.
I am worried about the charges. I heard annual service charge is circs 250k which is fair. However the information about the electricity charges is a bit confusing. 65 naira per kilowatts is a bit steep. Can't I just pay directly to IKEDC?

Nobody.. seems everybody is now happy with Lekki homes..
Properties / Re: "Lekki Gardens Estate" How Genuine Is It? by Coldplay007(f): 6:36am On Oct 15, 2018
Hello peeps. I am about to pay a down payment on the phase 5. The agent told me all phase 4 properties are taken.
I am worried about the charges. I heard annual service charge is circs 250k which is fair. However the information about the electricity charges is a bit confusing. 65 naira per kilowatts is a bit steep. Can't I just pay directly to IKEDC?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: South East Governors, Leaders Meeting Deadlocked by Coldplay007(f): 6:49am On Oct 14, 2018
Exclusive: Why S’East govs, leaders moved against Obi as Atiku’s vice
Facts have emerged why the PDP governors and leaders in the Southeast are kicking against the choice of former governor of Anambra State governor, Mr Peter Obi as the party’s vice presidential candidate. The Atiku action has torn the South East chapter of the party apart.
According to an impeccable party source who pleaded anonymity, the governors and some of the leaders of the party in the zone have accused Atiku of reneging on his earlier promise and vowed to work against his candidacy .
The PDP chieftain told Sunday Sun that Atiku had earlier promised to use the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Prof. Charles Soludo as his running mate.
The chieftain who is also a Senatorial candidate in Anambra State said that the Southeast governors and some PDP leaders from the zone were working on endorsing President Muhammadu Buhari, since according to him, Atiku has shown that they do not matter in his political calculations .
“There will be peace if Soludo is made the running mate because that was what we agreed,” he said.
Asked if they still would have protested if former Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, was chosen by Atiku he said: “There is no problem with her, but Soludo is better. You know the woman is difficult, when you go to her for anything she will accuse you of wanting to be given the resources of the country.
“There was a meeting in Enugu over this. Three governors came – Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi. Ebonyi Governor (Dave Umahi) is the Chairman of South East Governors’ Forum, he is angry over what happened.”
Governor Umahi had last Friday issued a statement dissociates himself from a release by his Chief Press Secretary, where the choice of Obi was hailed.
He said that the governors and leaders of the zone were not consulted before Atiku settled for Obi.
He explained that yesterday’s meeting by the governors and leaders of the party was to agree that Obi and his people would not have their way.
He disclosed that he had met with Atiku and his wife and told them that Obi’s choice cannot sell in Igbo land.
His words: “I met with Atiku’s wife on this, she said that I am a businessman, that the business environment will be made good, that Atiku will make things good. That is no promise.”
On where Governor Willie Obiano stood on the matter, he said: “How are you asking this type of question? Obiano totally rejects Obi. Obi has lost four governors from Southeast. APC already has Imo, so the entire five Southeast states are in the hands of APC. The zone is for Buhari. ”
Asked if Governor Umahi was serious on his threats, he said, “very serious. He is ready to work for Buhari.”
Narrating how they came about Soludo, the PDP henchman claimed that he and some leaders of the party held a meeting three months ago where Atiku promised him to pick his vice presidential candidate from the Southeast.
“He told us that the person he had in mind was Soludo and Anambra governor also supported it.
“I was instrumental to him winning the nomination. We started this spin doctor job months ago. Atiku met with me several times alongside Gbenga Daniel. He came to my house many times.
“After he was nominated, he went back on his promise, he changed completely and now brought Peter Obi instead of Soludo that we agreed upon. This is why all the Southeast governors and PDP leaders are kicking. Everybody is mad at Atiku for that singular decision.
“I heard Atiku said he did not consult us because PDP governors from Southeast voted for Tambuwal, that they did not vote for him.
“He said that Wike agreed that Peter Obi should be his running mate. But in doing that, he jettisoned the promised he made to us that we will choose the person that will take the slot.
“Like I said there is fire at the moment. Governors of Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu and Abia are angry. Governor of Enugu said he has discussed with a former governor in the Southeast that he will vote according to his conscience. He said that everybody deserves a second term, that Buhari deserves second term. He said that he as governor of Enugu needs second term, so he will not stop the president from enjoying second term. He said he will support the president if he seeks second term.”
Apart from other reasons they adduced for opposing the choice of former Anambra governor, he contended that
“Peter Obi is not a liberal politician, he is a conservative. His candidacy will not sell. Many of us who know him very well know that he is unreliable, tricky and selfish. He says one thing and does another. There is a problem in the PDP house and if it is not handled well it will jeopardize Atiku’s ambition.
“I will soon come out to say all that I am telling you publicly. I feel cheated by Atiku. I have complained to friends. Atiku’s wife has begged me, but I refused to accept her pleas.
“I have resolved to work for Buhari and I know that several other people are doing same.”

This is why the Igbos will never be taken seriously. The reason they will never rule this country. See the bunch of idiotic self serving goats...

Stupid corrupt fools..
Atiku seived through the whole of SE and found only one man that has some semblance of incorruptibility, integrity and which people from all over the country immediately agreed with. The idiots want to put a stooge they can kick out easily all because they want to be president after Atiku.

What is wrong with the Igbo Nation? I am proudly Yoruba and I and my people are atikulated despite the fact that the present VP is my kinsman and we know he is a better man than the Obi but we want the lifeless man out..

Igbos, if you like, spoil your only chance at a shot to presidency. No other Man will be accepted by the people has VP. The only Igbo man with integrity in the whole of PDP is Obi. If you guys dont want him.. you can as well put Okorocha.. Idiots..
Technology Market / Re: Buy Plasma, Lcd And Led Televisions For Affordable Pricein Lagos. by Coldplay007(f): 11:05am On Sep 01, 2018
Are you familiar with Hisense? What do you think of Hisense TVs
Pets / Re: Dog Food by Coldplay007(f): 7:22pm On Aug 14, 2018
cry cry Booster is 20k to 23k in Abuja oooo

Arion bravo nko?
Technology Market / Re: Spectranet External Aerial Signal Extender + Outdoor Antenna by Coldplay007(f): 1:21am On Aug 02, 2018
Is this still available
Romance / Re: THE CORN: Which of These Images Should I Choose? [PHOTO] by Coldplay007(f): 11:32am On Jul 29, 2018
Make it a full sentence..

"The story of how...."

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