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Politics / Re: Pat Utomi Criticises Akpabio And The Nigerian Senate For "Mocking The Poor" by Crofton: 9:34am On Jul 28, 2023
Yet it's all these Rich people that usually dies very early, the poor still lives long.
Not true
Sports / Re: Guardiola Announces His Departure From Man City by Crofton: 9:09pm On Jul 24, 2023
Make Liverpool sign him make we also bully English clubs for some years

You Already have a good coach


Sports / Re: Canadian Quinn Become First Out Trans And Nonbinary Footballer At World Cup by Crofton: 9:04am On Jul 24, 2023
Well, she was born a woman but claims her gender identity is non binary, so this is a little problem here.

The problem is having men claim another gender and play in the women competitions.


TV/Movies / Re: Animation Lovers, What Animation Are You Watching? by Crofton: 4:34pm On Jul 16, 2023
Most Nigerians tend to assume animation is childish or redundant genre.

What they fail to realise is that it is a very very efficient medium of storytelling that live-action media could never replicate.

And it's incredibly diverse from animé to stop motion to 3d animation to conventional 2d animation.

Some of the best offerings I've seen this year in no particular order are:

Fired From Mars
The Boondocks (it's shocking how each episode can be applied to the Nigerian setting, we all know at least one Uncle Rukus)
Dr. Stone
Vinland Saga
Virtually all films by Studio Ghibli
When The Wind Blows
Bojack Horseman
Family Guy/American Dad (not as comedic as earlier seasons anymore)
Tuca and Bertie
The Simpsons
and so on.

In summary, animation isn't a genre of media, but a medium by which complex stories are told in an engaging manner.

Arcane is on another level


Education / Re: Top JAMB Scorers And Where They Are Today by Crofton: 11:27pm On Jul 13, 2023

Columbia University is different from Columbia College.

Honestly, most of these highest scorers in Jamb took their exam in special centers. Many of them did not deservedly get those scores. Through the connivance of their parents and teachers, they get mercenaries to write these exams for them and end up getting really high scores. The true high scorers end up in the mid 200's, or much less than the highest scorers. This is why many of the supposed highest JAMB scorers end up as underperformers.

When I took JAMB that year too, I had a friend from school who score around 310. I knew this guy was an average student, so I knew for sure that he took his exam in the special center. The highest scorer that year ended up maybe a few scores above than 310, so he could easily have been the highest scorer in JAMB. Of course, he was an average student and ended up unable to cope in University, eventually dropping out of school.

You can say that about WAEC but not JAMB!
Firstly, the candidates are not in control of the center where they'd write the exams, so if there are actually miracle centers then one has to be lucky to be posted there.

Secondly, malpractice and cheating is going on in any particular center, then I think a vast majority of the candidates from that center should have excellent scores, but that is not the case, the top candidates are spread across different centers.

Thirdly, most of the top JAMB candidates make excellent WAEC result, from time to time there are people who underperform in WAEC but do well in JAMB and vice versa, but usually top JAMB candidates are proven in their secondary schools already!


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Actors To Go On Strike Over Pay Rise And Image Rights by Crofton: 12:54pm On Jul 13, 2023
A working nation that stands as one accord

If it’s in Nigeria now you’ll see sell outs from Yorubawood

Imagine the entire Nollywood wants to embark on national strike

You’ll see people like Eniola Badmus & Toyin Ibrahim will boycott the protest and go ahead shooting movies

Stupid country

If it was Nollywood actors and actresses that went on strike, you'd still insult Nigeria, you just have to find any way to rubbish your country


Business / Re: MacKenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Dan Jewett , Her Second Husband by Crofton: 9:02pm On Sep 30, 2022
you def dont know how the law there works. He will still get alimony. She has made him used to a certain lifestyle. She will have to pay him for some time

I think it's based on the amount of money accumulated during the marriage.
Family / Re: Toddler Takes 'Demonic' Doll Everywhere She Goes, Making Other Kids Cry (photos) by Crofton: 9:51am On Sep 16, 2022
These are one of the reasons why i will always continue to adore and respect Africa/Nigeria parents(mums especially)they are the best when it comes to discipline and moral upbringing.

Yet ?
Pets / Re: US Police Shoot 18ft Pet Snake As It Strangled Its Owner To Death (Pics) by Crofton: 3:27am On Aug 28, 2022
If the decision is mine to make, I would have commanded that every snake on this earth should be slaughtered, They have no domestic value.

They keep the population of rodents in check.


Romance / Re: Why Do Nigerian Girls Love Tall Guys So Much? by Crofton: 10:53pm On Aug 25, 2022
how tall are u?
How many fits?
Nobi only fits !

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta Creekmen Kick Against Awarding N4bn A Month Oil Contracts To Tompolo by Crofton: 8:47pm On Aug 25, 2022
This is disgraceful from our government, shouldn't this be enough to deploy Military personnel across several pipeline transit zones ?

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Politics / Re: 25 Facts About MT Heroic Idun (Crude Oil Tanker) By Tolu Ogunlesi by Crofton: 4:35pm On Aug 25, 2022



Stupid Comment !
Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Eno Ubi-Otu, NDDC Director Of Finance & Accounts Over N25Bn Fraud by Crofton: 8:50pm On Aug 24, 2022
The corruption in this country is mind blowing, how could one man steal 25 billion?

That's simply insane

The system is too fukking open, punishment enacted on offenders are light.

As it stands in Nigeria, it is easier for government officials to be corrupt than not !
Crime / Re: Fetish Items Discovered In Lady's Room In Uyo by Crofton: 8:46pm On Aug 24, 2022
This evidence is telling us there is no way to be rich except through God blessing upon all the juju she couldn't pay rent.

Are there no steadfast Christians that fail to meet their rent payment ?

Traditional worship is another religion, and like every other worship, there are both poor and rich !

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Sports / Re: Women U20 World Cup: Nigeria 1 : 0 South Korea (Highlights) by Crofton: 11:17am On Aug 16, 2022

'look like' is different from real age. Do you think Nigerian girls stature is equal to their age? Don't let us further this so as not to tak the shine of them. That's while I said most of them and not all of them.

If it's not about how they look then how did you reach the conclusion that they are older ?
Sports / Re: Women U20 World Cup: Nigeria 1 : 0 South Korea (Highlights) by Crofton: 5:20am On Aug 16, 2022

The lethal weapon of these girls has always been their tenacity, unrelenting and togetherness spirit. Though they are a bit above 20 years mere looking at them but they will play better than the senior team if they maintain this momentum.

Alright in the next round!

Not true bro, those girls look young, the goalscorer against SK looked like a 15/16 y/o.
Religion / Re: Do You Fake Being A Christian As An Atheist In Nigeria? by Crofton: 7:36pm On Aug 14, 2022


Bro, common . Let's play chess !
Are you on chess.com ? Drop your username so I can add you !
Religion / Re: Do You Fake Being A Christian As An Atheist In Nigeria? by Crofton: 11:11am On Aug 14, 2022

And you don't see the irony with your answer; what's your prove?

They never do, ask them how God came to be and they can't say, but want you to prove how everything was formed.

Truth is no one can really explain how things came to be, there are different theories, the Bible, Koran, big bang, Confucian, etc. But none of these is plausible enough to prove without doubt .


Religion / Re: Do You Fake Being A Christian As An Atheist In Nigeria? by Crofton: 11:02am On Aug 14, 2022

So you believe in the Spectacular Miracle that everything that exist including their programmings came out of NOTHING!?

If one can believe everything on earth was created by a particular (supreme) being without knowing how that being came to be, then it's not far off if another believes that everything was spontaneously created with gradual evolution and natural selection doing the rest .


Politics / Re: 10 Reasons Why The APC May Lose 2023 Elections - Opinion by Crofton: 6:25pm On Jun 17, 2022
As a jara to the post above, Atiku was proud to present OKOWA, but Tinubu as usual secretly sent one Alhaji Kabir Ibrahim Masari's name to INEC. The implication is that the 5 governors Tinubu promised VP, before the APC primary namely, Gandulje, E-Rufai, Badaru, Zulum and Sani Bello will all work against him in 2023.

Even if Tinubu eventually replaces Alhaji Kabir Ibrahim Masari with any of the governors, it will still smell disaster for the APC

How do you know that Tinubu promised 5 governors the VP slot ?
Can I show prove of when he made such promises ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Now Has Enough Uranium For Nuclear Weapon, U.N. Watchdog Reportedly Says by Crofton: 9:50pm On Jun 01, 2022

I doubt Isreal has the capacity to invade Iran...They can destroy all Iran's nuclear capacity with airstrikes but that's where it ends

You know Iran has air defence capabilities right ?
Politics / Re: Shots Fired As EFCC Breaks Into Okorocha’s Home by Crofton: 5:59pm On May 25, 2022
Tinibu is responsible for his arrest bcs he's the one controlling EFCC,his judgement days are coming.
His fighting okorocha bcs he knows notherners love him and fact is that yorubas are the number enemy for an Igbo man to become a president

Can you back your claim ?

How is Tinubu controlling EFCC ?
Properties / Re: Nigerian Cities Should Look Like This (photo) by Crofton: 4:09pm On May 16, 2022

Do you?
Yes mate, what online platform do you use ?
I use Chess.com, I rarely play with fellow Nigerians.

We should have a challenge.

Sorry for replying late btw.
Properties / Re: Nigerian Cities Should Look Like This (photo) by Crofton: 9:51pm On Apr 30, 2022
First things first: let's have enough food to eat

Do you play chess ?
Romance / Re: How She Lost Her Virginity by Crofton: 9:34pm On Apr 12, 2022
Mad people don plenty for Nairaland.
Politics / Re: Judge To Lawyer: You’re Not On Channels TV Don’t Stand Before Me & Talk Nonsense by Crofton: 9:03pm On Dec 03, 2021

Just imagine the kind of useless judgement a state High court judge gave in favor of a PDP governor against a critic of his government. If Buhari or an APC governor had used the judiciary to obtain this kind of insane judgement against a critic, the entire social media would be on fire.

Just imagine what a tyrant like Udom Emmanuel would do to opposition and government critics if he’s given power at the federal level. I really pity those who were too young or have forgotten the kind of right abuses that PDP perpetrated in the 16 unproductive years they ruled Nigeria. I hope we don’t get to see such calamitous years ever again.

Education / Re: Dubai Has Just Built The Largest Observation Wheel In The World. Super Awesome. by Crofton: 10:07pm On Dec 02, 2021
Lol. I doubt Dubai is the goat in terms of construction. You should check out pics from China.

Chinese cities are underrated, these guys are really innovative .
Politics / Re: Salamatu Gbajabiamila's ₦12M Fashion Outfits In One Picture by Crofton: 12:49pm On Nov 30, 2021

Some idiots have entered mute mode on this thread. If it were Dezianni now, there would have all crowl out of their caves and be displaying their idiocy in the name of talking.
Where is the ugly lady working or ever worked? other than spending looted funds
But a woman who has worked in several capacity including serving as a Petroleum Minister would be disparage for buying mere bras.

Mere bras you said, Billions of Naira in stolen funds are linked to her, she has acquired several properties beyond which she can or is willing to defend .

The matter of corruption in Nigeria isn't me Vs you, us Vs them, SS Vs SW .
It's only btw The so called leaders and the masses .

Salamatu and Dezianni alike are birds of the same feathers clogged in Greed.

Please, let's stop being bias.


Politics / Re: Climate Clock Appoints Anyaduba Chukwuebuka Director Of Projects by Crofton: 12:06pm On Nov 28, 2021
Good luck Sir!
Up Nigeria!
You will see how this guy would perform well. But if he were to be appointed or elected a Governor, senator, or Honorable Member, the Nigerian and African factors will make him to do little or no good thing.
Nigerian leaders are a problem, but the people are greater problems. (Structures and the systems are corrupt and nothing to write home about).

I strongly believe that Nigeria will be great again and the good things we crave for will be restored and achieved, but I also believe that it would never happen any time soon. Not in this 21st century walai

We just need one good and strict nationalist to get things going .
Crime / Re: Witchcraft And Charms Are Illegal In Nigeria. Read What The Law Provides On Them by Crofton: 12:03pm On Nov 28, 2021

Presently, the average Nigerian is mostly ANTI-LGBQT. I was asking the person I quoted if they would support LGBQT getting their own rights since they were a n support for African Traditional Worshipers getting their rights. Both ATW and LGBQT face heavy discrimination in Nigeria

The hate and discrimination shown to ATW and LGBTQ community is mostly due to lack of exposure and hypocrisy.

Same people struggling to leave Nigeria to the west by all means are keen on the punishment of LGBTQ people, whereas this people walk freely in the country they wish to live in.

It's all just part of hypocrisy, I have no special love for LGBTQ people but always disgusted at how contradictory we can be in this country .

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Crime / Re: Witchcraft And Charms Are Illegal In Nigeria. Read What The Law Provides On Them by Crofton: 11:20am On Nov 28, 2021
Yoruba Race: You are being manipulated if you do these 11

One thing about manipulation is that the person being manipulated will think everything is Ok and that he or she is doing the right thing. Here are 11 signs to know whether you are being manipulated as a Yoruba human.

#1. You revoke your Yoruba name because it has one of the Orishas in it: Whether it’s your pastor that convinced you by giving you some spiritual excuses or its because you want to travel out of Nigeria, one way or the other you are been manipulated.

#2. You see Yoruba religion as idolatry: all the world religion is idolatry, including all the Abrahamic religion: Christianity, Islam, name it. For a religion to be idolatry, there must be items of worship or of reference to deity like pictures or statutes e.g. the cross, Kaaba of the Bedouin tribes; religion rituals such as the killing of rams, Holy communion; and then Human-God reference or representative and or messenger.

#3. You totally believe the slave trade narration as better explanation for the appearance of the Yoruba race all over the world: This is a lie that we are been told again and again. Yoruba are believed to be part of the pre-Columbia American.

#4. You derogatory call the Yoruba language “vernacular” and shun children and young adult from speaking it: The word "vernacular" in itself is not a negative word as it is simply can mean "indigenous language of a people". If a people are prevented from speaking their language, then who will?

#5. You do not have many Yoruba traditional wears: If you think that putting on of Yoruba cloth will make you look less "corporate", and you don't really care about acquiring Yoruba traditional outfit, you may need to have a rethink about your heritage and start taking deliberate effort about this.

#6. You prefer foreign music to Yoruba: non Yoruba music are all good, in fact you can get spiritual and entertained through music, but manipulation set in when you start making illogical preference to non-Yoruba music and think music about Yoruba Orisha, culture and tradition are bad.

#7. You cannot recite some of the Yoruba poems and rhymes: Poems and rhymes are part of your cultural identity. The poems were created to teach morals and inculcate the Omoluabi character. If you defaulted here, then now is the time not to only start learning but to also teach your children. Teachers in schools should also encourage teaching and memorising of these. Have you seen the beauty of: Toju Iwa, Ise loogun ise, Kini n o fole se laye ti mo wa...

#8. You do not have a Yoruba name or you hate being called by your Yoruba name.

#9. You name your children many non-Yoruba name and prefer to call them by their non-Yoruba names: This is also a sign of been manipulated.

#10. Your children cannot speak Yoruba: They speak other language fluently but you frowning at them whenever they speak Yoruba is inferiority complex and a sign of been manipulated. This is not even in the Yoruba gene. 'A complete child' should be taught to speak not only foreign language fluently but also Yoruba.

#11. You think that explaining of concepts with Yoruba in schools is bad: how better will a student understand than when tough concepts are explained using the student's native language.

See other Entertaining and Educative findings about the Yoruba race on the thread with link below:

Well said.

Although number 3 makes no sense, can you prove it ?
Travel / Re: Qatar Airways To Start Operations In Enugu, Kano, Port Harcourt Airports by Crofton: 4:59pm On Nov 27, 2021

Says an ipig miscreant.

Lol, I'm neither Igbo nor IPOB, I just offer my sincere and non bias view of things.

Btw, what do you have to say 'bout my comment, don't you think Rivers is underperforming to an extent.

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