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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 11:56pm On Jun 23, 2018

Please oh, I'm still in need of this.

Most of the schools in Michigan do.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 4:46pm On Jun 21, 2018

Volunteering of unnecessary info is bad.

But why

Outcome of volunteering info.

Even an incomplete SOA from your uncle. And why you still put your sister into this again when she's not your sponsor? She's not taking care of your living expense my friend, you're only going to live with her (what you supposed to say)

You don't even have her statement of account. She's only an ordinary student who depends on school funding.

This interview is terrible and shows lots of inexperience. There are many info you volunteered on your own, which in your case don't help. Good you got it but others should learn from this and never state things terrible like this.

Baba imperiouxx long time sir. Everything you said is right jare. In my head, I was just thinking every with all those information one should be bothered that they will be denied because every information she provided should normally make a VO issue a denial slip, but I think the VO perceived this undiluted honesty in her responses. Even though I don’t recommend this approach to anyone, I think there are VOs that sometimes just get tripped by honest people.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 3:21pm On Jun 20, 2018

Yes. But you have already received another mail about refusal and your passport is with you. Once your application change from administrative processing to refusal, you need to start a fresh application and pay another visa fee. Unless otherwise, but this is normally the process

I’m not discrediting your opinion. But did it occur to you that a whole list of things could make such happen. VO May have selected a wrong field mistakenly on her application which in turn automatically treats her as a denied application. The system may be malfunctioning, etc. These rarely happen with big organizations because they should care about reputation, but trust me my brother, it does happen with them every once in a while.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 3:14pm On Jun 20, 2018
I'm just quite confused. The lady gave me a white paper and asked for additional info. One hour later I checked my status and its refused.

In situations such as this...it’s best to obey that Godly voice in your head. Do not be negative. Mistakes happen, though the likelihood of such costly mistake by a consulate is low, still they can also make mistakes; the VO, the computers, etc. So, just assume there is a malfunction with their system and follow the instructions on your white paper. Ignore any negative energy right now and provide the requested documents ASAP as it doesn’t hurt in any way to do that. I’m with you in prayers. God bless your good heart wishes!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 7:14am On Jun 19, 2018
Top of d morning my amiable gurus in d ous.
Plz Wah r d checklist of things to get wen traveling including d type of bag 2 buy. Also d things to put in place here in Nigeria dt myt b of help wen u get 2 d state.

If you be street like me, Biko buy your clothes from naija. I would even suggest you reduce groceries to make space for shirts, shoes. and the likes. Quality ones though. Invest in them as that will save a lot. You end up buying same almost *3 or *4 of the prices in naija (same quality). If you feel a change of environment triggers an homonal imbalance in you, causing skin disorders and other health concern, Abeg take lots and lots of your soap, cream, etc along. Especially if you feel it may either not be available in the US market or too expensive to get. A good way to find out is to look them up on eBay, Amazon, etc (this way you can for some items, maybe not all). If you are on a prescription drug or even some prescription damatological products, Abeg carry enough follow body. Some of them may not be in the US or too expensive. Note: before you buy prescription drugs here in the US, you MUST provide that doctor’s prescription, unlike Naija when you fit rush enter chemist buy some of them. If you be fashion person, buy your wristwatches and the likes for Siemes Jeje. It’s far cheaper.
Then, carry your agba root follow body. Nobody Dey disturb you for POE if you explain what it’s meant for.
If you be person when go like to Dey send money go naija, Abeg keep an account active. Sometimes, instead of using the Apps, you may opt for your naija account and you def will have use of the account someday.

On POE, pls, pls, and pls. That’s the least thing you want to worry about if your are entering the country legally. It’s not another visa interview, so do not fret. The worse would be to be asked just one or two of the generic questions a VO can ask you and this happens on rare occasions.
Also, if it’s your first time traveling, you may want to make friends on the flight so you get directions when you get off, especially if you don’t have someone waiting to pick you up on arrival. Some of the people you ask for direction at the airports are looking out for JJC to scam and they won’t hesitate to give you a hit.
For those that may be in a hurry to catch their connecting flight or bus, Abeg, take a moment to first connect to the free WiFi in the airport. That way you can still contact people. So you don’t get to ask people questions too much. Set up free call apps like IMO, Whatsapp, etc. so you can contact someone when you touchdown.
I will update this if my brain remember anything new. I wish y’all enjoyable flying experiences.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 11:42pm On Jun 17, 2018
Hello Everyone, I was refused a visa on the 14th of May and I plan on going back soon.please here’s my proposed transcript...kindly help critique n correct.I am open to all types of criticism

I’m counting on you guys..

What has changed about your profile: When I came for interview the last time I had stage fright and was nervous and this made me lose my composure (It’s the same thing on my DS160)

Why are you going to the US; To pursue my Masters in Information Systems at Middle Tennessee State University

Tell me about your study plan- I am goind to MTSU to pursue my masters in information technology. The course will require a completion of 30 credit unit hours consisting of 12credit hrs of required courses, 9 credit hours of compulsory courses and 9credit hours of electives.I will be taking courses like project Management and systems development, machine learning algorithm,Data base design n development, mining and predictive analytics, software design and programming,Machine learning algorithms.Having discussed with Prof. Carol Clarke who is currently doing a research on thethe application of data Minng and predictive analytics for pensions data management, i am excited to be in her team because the knowledge and exposure gathered will he used to tackle the challenges facing the pensions industry in Nigeria

Why us; I am going to the US because US is the center of excellence in IT . Most of the big players in IT are located in the US. US is a place where all the best professionals and students in the globe converges, going to the US will give me a better edge amongst my colleagues when I return back into the country
2. It’s a known fact that US has one of the best educational systems in the world.US has a culture that embraces intellectualism and academic freedom.going to study in the US will equip me with the skill and exposure I need to help contribute to the pensions industry in Nigeria

How many schools did you apply to; three schools

Name them;Mtsu,Ohio state uni and Missouri state.

How many gave you admission; The three schools

How did you know about the school- while going through a journal i was reading a publication of risk simulators and machine learning for pension data management, which was a paper written by Prof. Carol Clarke i developed an interest and that was how i first came across mtsu. i further made use of resources such as US school.com,college board, peterson graduate guide to look up for list of schools offering information technology and MTSU was one of them so i decided to apply

Why MTSU; I chose MTSU because they offer information Technology that is dynamic and flexible which also suits my research interest and professional goal.My research interest is in the application of Big data analytics and Business Intelligence on Pension Data Management. I would be working with Prof. Carol Clarkewho is doing a research on the application of Data mining and predictive analysis on pensions data management.Also MTSU integrates computing,project management and Business in there curriculum making me well rounded in providing software solutions when I return.I also got an $8000 scholarship

Why Information Technology; I have always been a tech savvy person, my strength and motivation lies in field of computing and data management. while working in the Benefit and payment department at ******Pensions i realized that there is due to too much lag time in Pensions payment which is due to poor documentation and inefficient data management and this is leaving Nigerian retirees frustrated and unhappy because of delayed payment. Pursuing a degree in IT will equip me with the knowledge and exposure i need in terms claiming pension loss,detecting fraud using Business intelligence. This is useful for me because I want to build apps, software and provide business solutions that will revolutionize the pensions industry in Nigeria

When did you graduate; 2012
What did you study; Geography

Where did you work; i went for my compulsory youth service. i got a job at ***cinemas as a team member, my job roles are selling of movie tickets, i monitored the screen to ensure that the right movies are showing at the right time and also make sure that he guests are comfortable. i am currently working at *****Pensions as a Benefit and payment analyst my roles are i receive, process and monitor payment request sent to the National Pensions Commission For Approval, i am involved in data management and regularly update efile of all payment request to prevent loss of pension claims,I update and authorize change of personal information . I use adope analytics and excel to prepare weekly reports

Why the switch-I have always been a tech savvy person. while working for ****pension as a benefit and payment analyst i realised that we have the lag time in pension payment processing and the major problems are due to poor documentation and poor data management in Nigeria. this program will equip me with the knowledge that i can apply to help me solve the challenges we are facing in the pensions Industry

What will this degree do for you; the program will equip me with the technical knowledge and expertise to solve the problems related to lag time in pension data payment which is due to poor data management and monitoring. i also want to take up a lecturing job at the university of Lagos as an Information Technologist while working as a data management consultant for the National Pensions Commission

Who is sponsoring you;My father, i got an $8000 scholarship. I also have some money saved up

Please help my life..I don’t want to fail again

Sorry about the delay. Have you visited the ambassy again? Have you been issued the visa? I will like us to touch-base if it’s okay!

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 11:36pm On Jun 17, 2018
Visa Approved after two days on AP. Abuja Embassy

VO. Good morning and welcome to United State Of America
ME. (Fear catch me, I thought I am in US embassy). Good morning sir.

VO. Your passport please
ME. Have it sir

VO. Thank you, I can see you are going to Middle Tennessee State University
ME. Yes sir.

VO. Your I20 please
ME. This is it sir.

VO. Thank you, I can see here that you were offer a graduate assistantship that covers your tuition and a living expenses.
ME. Yes sir,

VO. Do you have a letter for your assistantship offer?
ME. Yes sir,

VO. Let me take a look
ME. I passed it,

VO. What does your assistantship entails?
ME. I will be teaching 8hrs every week on the laboratory sir.

VO. Ok! I can also see that your family is your sponsor, which of your family member?
ME. Yes sir, my grandfather sir, though he's late but I have a sponsorship from him company. My uncle is currently managing the company sir.

VO. Do you have a bank statement from your grandfather?
ME. Yes sir, from the company, my grandfather is làte sir.

VO. I can't approved your Visa now, I have to check if your statement is genuine. Do you know if you bring a fake statement you will be banned from entering the US for forever.
ME. Yes sir

VO. OK we will get back to you, I will keep your passport, your I20 and your statement.
ME. OK sir.

My interview was on 12th of June at Abuja. This evening I got a text that my passport is ready for collection and my status has been changed from AP to Issued.

The account I used wasa company account. The statement balance I submitted was 8M but it was withdrawn within 12days to 99k (so basically they are not after your balance just the authenticity of the account)

PS. I wrote GRE twice and I scored 280 and 286 respectively. V140 Q146 AWA 3.0 God showed up for me when I made my application. I got admitted into MTSU with full funding and a comfortable monthly stipends.

My advice is that you should make that application and let God do the rest. Thank you fellow NairaLanders.

Hey! Congrats on your visa success. I am currently at MTSU. We can touch-base if it’s okay!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by cseejhay: 11:33pm On Jun 17, 2018
hello bro do you do a WES Evaluation bc the department is asking for a Wes evaluation?

The new admission rule requires that every new applicant present a WES transcript conversion. I am willing to answer questions regarding MTSU. Good luck!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by cseejhay: 12:36pm On Jul 25, 2017

Special thanks to the Almighty God that showed His might and gave me mercy. He favoured me and made it look as though I was over prepared. He made me experience Him big time and He answered my every prayer concerning this Interview. There was nothing special in my application, the only special thing is GOD. After three denials, first two last year for an undergraduate program and the third for this same school, masters. I encountered small small obstacles on the road, even from home, but God answered my prayers to keep me calm throughout. Also had an encounter with the police men at obalende.... I just dey shine eye like theif with the awareness they might come around... And as I dey reason with keke guy, behold this guy just dey flash police ID card dey come...i just tell God, help me handle this. I just bone am and face keke guy, he dey try talk to me, but I serious dey ask keke guy say I dey go Navy barrack, to put small fear for him body( I know say I don see something like that for road before... The guy say he no know navy barrack, naim I face police man, sir pls could you direct me to navy barrack, the guy still dey flash ID card dey ask which navy barrack? Say no navy barrack anywhere. omo my brain just pick...I come say navy headquarters....the police man come say make I trek, e no far ...keke guy say him go carry me free reach there. As we reach front well well naim I thank keke guy, gave him 50 box and dropped. Boarded another keke to the embassy.

The same woman did my biometrics and I was directed to her for my interview...window 9, after the inner room window.. Advanced white woman... Was friendly and calm with so much experience. Friendly throughout.

Me: Gm ma and how was your night?
VO: Fine (with a big sincere smile), documents pls.
VO: You have been here before, have I spoken with you? No madam. Ok, hold on lemme check through my system. Documents pls...
Me: I was about passing docs, wanted to include SEVIS receipt Then she smiled and said, No just your passport and I20...its confusing right? you get to a point you need to present all the documents and at some other points, you present only some...i only smiled in the affirmative, even though I knew the right docs to present, make the smile just continue. For my mind..baba God thank you, this is a good sign. And it really gave me some calm.

(I cant remember the few questions she asked before this next one)

VO: How many other schools did you apply to? And mention them?
Me: I applied to three other schools, they are Illinois state uni, Georgia southern uni and eastern Illinois state uni
VO: How many admitted you and name them.
Me: Georgia southern, Illinois state uni and Mtsu and awaiting a decision from the fourth school. I was actually admitted to EIU, I just mistakenly skipped it and didn't want to correct myself since she wont verify.
VO: I see you were admitted to schools in three different states. Why did you chose mtsu.
Me: Aside the fact that I was offered a full tuition waiver by this school which includes a generous monthly stipend, I will be working with..vo cuts in
VO: What was the basis of this waiver? is it academic or what?.. Tel me about it.
Me: It was awarded due to my excellent academic profile, My SOP, test scores, vo cuts in.
VO: You took any tests, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT.
Me: Yes, I took the GRE and TOEFL.
VO: What was your score in the GRE?
Me: I had an aggregate score of 297, 150 in the quant, cuts in...oh don't worry, that's all I need to know. The total score. VO: You have siblings, how many of them do you have? How many boys and girls?
Me: 2 boys and 2 girls. All younger ones
VO: Where are they?
Me: Here in Nigeria..
VO: Anyone in the US?
Me: Not at all
VO: So who will take care of expenses?( I asked her to repeat on this)
Me: I have a full tuition waiver and my dad will take care of the rest.
VO: What does he do.
Me: He is a civil servant with the ogun state govt and owns ..vo cuts in again.
VO: How old are you?
Me: XY years old, wll be AB in October.
VO: What's your highest qualification?
Me: A higher national diploma
VO: Ooh you went to a polytechnic...
Me: That's correct ma
VO: What's your graduate course
Me: Industrial maint Engr tech
VO: When did you finish high school?
Me: In 2005...
VO: Ok good...btw the year you finished high sch and your polytechnic , What were you doing?
Me: Told her everything I did, she was patient here to hear my stories and at a point she just said go on, I just want to know all you did during those time( here I mentioned everything that reflects on my ds160 in this area, i could see she was asking those questions from my ds160)
VO: When did you graduate?
Me: March 2015
VO: What have you been doing since 2015 that you graduated?...
Me: I have been working at XYZ nig ltd, as a maintenance technician.
VO: So, Why are you going for this degree at this time?
Me: After my graduation from my first diploma, I set a career plan to work for a maximum of six years after then, then proceed for a higher degree and now I feel the time is right..bla bla bla, can't remember how I ended this ( I almost messed this up, God just helped keep the words coming).... And she returned my papers and held on to my passport and uttered some words.
In everything we do, we should learn to attribute the success to God. This visa officer could also have, after hearing my rapping, said "Am sorry, I cannot grant you this visa at this time"... So for me, no one else could have made this better. NB:When she was picking up the white paper, she made these statements... " I am taking this chance to grant you this visa because I have a feeling that you'll do well over there...pls ensure you stick to the rules of your visa and be serious with your studies". Those were her words. I don't know how you'll explain this, but to me it's just divine.
Special mention to fredoriko, my friend turn brother. I call him my prophet.. Lol..omo nairaland dey carry person meet better pipo o. I hail immensely Funke( small mummy, adopted), gunther06 for the support and encouragement, this brother was there from start to finish(a good man with a good heart) Qasim (for your support, encouragement and all), Dannybrown(igwe of Minot), Stephen (Minot), lovely miss Anderson( she never gave up on me), Marian( my personal tutor), Cassie( friend turn sister), Texrem( greatly supportive), brightify( was handy with info wenever I needed any), Deevick(big heart, was so influential), fortisimo( for paying my second visa fee when it was as if the whole world was on my shoulder), Joel, Tobi, lagosismyhome and Deetus, Walspring and all those those names or monikers I skipped. I thank you all for the roles you. Lastly, i thank from the bottom of my heart this family, every transcript and post here have all been helpful. I wish those with interviews ahead a big success(Amen). GOD BLESS YOU ALL and bless your good hearts wishes. Amen.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 3:29am On Jun 30, 2017
hello guys, God is Great and He indeed answers prayers-
I was finally at the embassy today after so many inconsistencies in my application. 7:00 batch. I must say its really been a rough and long journey, getting into the main interview hall was like heaven to me. I felt something different; that i can explain. Normally i love teaching and love to express myself with my hands whenever I am talking but during my practice in front of a mirror I always sat down and thought that was how the interview would be. Fortunately, I just gained confidence (though i prayed much about that) when i realized it was a standing interview. In the hall, i noticed the VO in the third interview was just giving white paper. He interviewed more than ten people before myself and only denied a couple going for vacation(i must say the man didn't sound convincing).
This is how it went

ME: obliged
ME: (breathes in) I am going to GVSU for my masters in cell and molecular Biology with emphasis in Biotechnology. During a study period of 24 months I would be required to take 36 credit unit hours of courses including 5 electives scheduled for 9 credit hours per semester. After my study I intend to come back to Nigeria and take up a lecturing job at my home university where I would not only teach students but also motivate them to embrace a career in this rapidly developing field(at this point VO looks at me with interest) on the long run I intend to become a major proponent of Biotechnology here in Nigeria, establishing a research and development industry that will aim at exploiting local biomaterials to produce cheap and alternative bioproducts for the local populace.

VO: How many schools did you apply to?
ME: 4, listed them

VO:Who is sponsoring you?
ME: My uncle
VO: what does he do?
ME: told him
VO: What did you study in your undergraduate?
ME: Biotechnology
VO: What have you been doing since after your NYSC?
ME: I finished my NYSC late 2016. Between the periods of January to may 2017, I worked as a voluntary academic tutor where i prepare students for the UTME, tutor them in science subjects like biology,carryout routine revision of past questions and answers. I also advice them on suitable career courses to choose in the University based on their past academic qualifications and dreams.(looks at me and tries to interrupt, i noticed because all this i was saying was not written in my DS 160 then i quickly continue) earlier this month i took up a contact job with Bleep as product contract manager (he then nods: perhaps is because this is what is on the DS 160) then i told him my job responsibilities.

VO: starts typing for few secs
ME: saying my hail mary

VO: So i'll be approving your visa, pick up at isolo....you will be needing your I20 at the POE
ME: Thank you Sir

That was it oooo. I must say some few things which is not quite different from what people have said in the past.
Prayer works: persistent prayer and fasting. specifically i prayed for a short and interactive interview without requesting any document.(my mum had a novena for me i also did my private prayers)
There is nothing there please just read about your school and know it. Please don't cram(i realized i was cramming last night when my sis gave me a mock interview- said i was just talking fast. i had to sit back and see meaning into everything i had to say then speak calmly and confidently)
Finally, pray again.
May God perfect his what He has started in our lives Amen!!!

Congrats man....God has done it. so happy for you. have a blessed journey ahead.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 6:11am On Jun 26, 2017

Ah, you don dey scare me o. Dem bomb Egypt airplane or airport?

Haba, like you dont have a God you serve. Go with God bro. I wish you a great Flying experience.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 1:25am On Jun 24, 2017


6:30am, they gave me white paper. Is that how dey use to do? grin grin grin

Transcript in a bit.

Congrats great one....my belle dey sweet for you. Enjoy.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 12:27am On Jun 21, 2017
Good day beautiful people. please am a newbie to this thread. I wish to apply for MSC in computer science or information technology at US university. but am not certain of any school that will offer me Msc direct with HND certificate. please anyone with an idea of a school I can apply with my HND? Any help or idea will be appreciated immensely. Thanks all

YES, YES, YES you can apply and get admitted into a graduate program with a HND degree from a Nigerian polytechnic, and can even get some level of funding or GA. On the names of schools that can admit you, the 4000+ institutions in the USA are a possibilty, depending on your profile and entire application. If you wish u can PM me or ask further questions. will be glad to answer those ones i am very sure of.I hope this helps you. Best of luck.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 12:10am On Jun 21, 2017
Kirusky4life :
Good day beautiful people. please am a newbie to this thread. I wish to apply for MSC in computer science or information technology at US university. but am not certain of any school that will offer me Msc direct with HND certificate. please anyone with an idea of a school I can apply with my HND? Any help or idea will be appreciated immensely. Thanks all

my advise for you is to apply for bachelor's degree No standard university in US will accept your HND.
Note- I finished from MAPOLY

As much as you wish to help someone, i suggest you be 100% sure of your information before feeding people with it. Though your intention seem positive, . As for the question; "CAN I GET ADMITTED WITH A HND FROM A NIGERIAN POLYTECHNIC, BY A USA UNIVERSITY INTO A MASTERS PROGRAM".....The answer is a YES and as a matter of fact, you can even get full funding or a GA that covers your fee in part or in full, with monthly stipend that comes with it.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 2:30pm On Jun 09, 2017
Visa approved today at Lagos Consulate……
I got to the embassy around 5.45am for my 6.30am appointment. The queue was very long…….I was like una no dey sleep? grin grin grin…… Then my partner in crime arrived......@princegee........we found our way from the back to be amongst the first 5 in queue…… Main Hall…….. I was 8th in queue and 2nd person to be interviewed by one very fine young white Lady at window 4. The first lady she interviewed got a white paper eventually from her sha after a very long conversation with the VO. I was even getting tired sef……. But then I remembered 64K…… Fast forward…….
VO: Good morning, sevis and I-20 pls
Me: I obliged. Good morning and how was your night?
VO: Oh great, Thank you (With a smile) Why are you going to the USA?
Me: I am going for my Master’s degree in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Construction Technology at East Tennessee State University, Johnson City.
Me: (I almost choked, the VO told me to relax before answering the question… …See favour cheesy grin) I chose ETSU because the cost of living at ETSU is relatively cheaper when compared to that of UF and CSUEB. Besides, the school’s Eng Tech Dept offers a concentration in Construction Technology with active research in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy which aligns with my career goal and …..……VO cuts in
VO: What did you study at Undergraduate Level?
Me: I studied Building Technology from XXXXXXX
VO: oooh, Building Technology…….. (Nodding her head) When did you graduate?
Me: 2011
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I did a year NYSC from Mar 2012 to Mar 2013 at XXXXX after which I was retained as a XXXXXXX and later promoted to XXXXX which is my designation till date. My responsibilities are Conceptual planning and design, Monitoring and ensuring contractors deliver the project in terms of quality, time and delivery within budget, Preparing Buildability and Maintainability analysis for …………….. VO cuts in………

VO: What are your plans after graduation?
Me: I will be coming back to team up with my organization's research and design team to address the technical issues…….. VO cuts in………..
VO: So who is paying?
Me: my dad

VO: What does he do?
Me: He is a Building Contractor and also into the sales of building materials and equipments

VO: Did you write any standardized tests like GMAT or GRE and what was your score?
Me: Yes, I wrote the GRE, Quant-148, Verb- 141, Total Score 289/Analytical: 3.0

VO: Good (nodding her head….) she held my passport and picks a white paper. Then she paused shocked shocked as she noticed a visa on my passport (fear catch me small as I no first understand wetin happen)

VO: wait…. Wait... I see you’ve been to Malaysia, how long and what for? Looking at my passport
Me: I was in Kuala Lumpur for Bleep Days for a short training on XXXXXX which was……….VO Cuts in..

VO: I am approving your visa (Types for a while…. returns my I-20 and gave me white Paper) grin grin………I will hold on to your passport but you will need those at POE……….. can’t rem the rest…..Enjoy your studies.
Me: Thank you and have a nice day (smiling) cheesy grin grin grin
VO: You too

Prayer is key...... Prepare well too and leave the rest to God.

Awon Mummy....Congrats!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 11:15am On Jun 09, 2017

Let me also walk in the footsteps of Boss imperiouxx cheesy

@princeGee23,aladex11,Zeng,ogoji,shabol,Capitas7,mudi1012,adewotired,Mitchely,nmarh,Levels731 and every other silent follower whose visa was approved today and still remained reticent cool

Congrats. May God bless your new journey.

Congrats to you all....Enjoy the journey ahead....cheers

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 3:43pm On Jun 08, 2017

Sent you a PM Sir.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 3:25pm On Jun 08, 2017
Left home 4am after sleeping for few hours due to cough Syrup I took to clear my throat (I for no sleep at all). I was quiet anxious and nervous at the same time. Wondering wetin oyinbo man go ask me. Finally at the embassy at exactly 5:30am, naso i see crowd and my liver cut immediately. Where are all this pple going? Same question applicable to me. Rain started and I was a bit drenched.Security checks done, finger print done and time to face the ***bo demons . At this point my confidence was doubled and was determined to give my best and accept anything that comes out without regret. First guy went and was issued white paper and followed by many many Man-City colored paper. Here comes my turn and I stared tripping for the beautiful VO immediately, sexy nose with great smile and who am i not advertise my 200 Naira close up. Here goes the transcript:

Vo: Why are you going to mtsu ?

Me:for my masters
degree in information systems technology with concentration in info security!

Vo: noticed you have a partial scholarship, how did you qualify for it ?

Me: Due to my outstanding performance in GRE and well articulated SOP!

Vo: How many school did I apply and name them ?

Me: Mtsu and uni of Bridgeport!

Vo: what will you do after your program ?

Me: return to my country and assume a bigger position at my place of work.

Vo: where do you work?

Me: xyz networks and luckily I was wearing my office branded shirt which is our Thursday costume.

Vo:What is your current job role ?

Me: I work as a field service /IP engineer, deployment of vpn and internet services using VSAT and microwave technology, I also take part in configuration of router and switches which are communication devices used.

Vo: That's Great! I will approve your visa.

Then I realized the vo was also tripping for me (just kidding). Grace all the way, thank you King of Kings! Special appreciation to my boss Hammed Wahab, Fakos, Agba Kareem, Biodun Adeleke, Juwon (this guy is a guru in answering vo questions). Be bold, audible, precise and on point. To top it all, please PRAY.

Congrats Bro. God bless your journey. Pls can we yan?...URGENT.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 2:54pm On Jun 08, 2017

grin grin grin

Ma, you didnt reply my last PM. i found a way out though. How are u doing?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 2:41pm On Jun 08, 2017

VO: (With a smile) Good morning

Me: (Also replied with a smile) Good morning

VO: Pass me your passport and I-20 please

Me: (Passed it to him)

VO: So tell me about the school you are going to

Me: The school I'll be going to is National University. It is was established in 1971 and is accredited by the WASC. And the Computer science courses there have a good balance in theory and practice.

VO: Okay. So how many schools did you apply to?

Me: Just 2

VO: What's the name of the other school?

Me: Michigan Technological University

VO: And were you offered admission at MTU?

Me: No

VO: What standard tests did you take?

Me: I took the TOEFL.

VO: Did you take the (looking at my I
-20) GRE?

Me: No

VO: Who will be sponsoring your studies?

Me: My Aunt

VO: What does she do?

Me: (told him)

VO: When did you graduate from your Bachelor's?

Me: 2012

VO: And you did you NYSC?

Me: Yes

VO: What have you been doing since then?

Me: Well I worked with .....(a Christian organization). It wasn't a real job, but I worked with them for about 2 years before I moved to Lagos and got a job at .....(my current workplace).

VO: And what do you do there?

Me: Well I'm a Data processor/customer relations officer.

VO: Okay. (bringing out a white sheet of paper and passing it to me with my I-20) Here's your I-20, you will be needing it when you get on the plane...etc.

I'm so grateful to everyone here for their advice. That's why I took the time to drop this as my own way of helping someone.

My advice: ask for grace and favour of God as you go. I wasn't particularly well prepared but just found I just had the answer needed as questions were asked. And please, read as many transcripts as possible to prepare your mind for like questions, but don't cram any answers. It's best to sound natural.

Congrats...When a case is already settled. Enjoy.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 2:36pm On Jun 08, 2017
Been a SILENT follower of this thread for the last 1month, With a grateful HEART to the almighty GOD, VISA was APPROVED this morning at walter carrington. 7:00 a.m batch. Thanks to the house for the experience, GURUS and none GURUS, especially my FRIEND turn BROTHER @donanod.
God Bless US all as we wait for more approval, my brother donanod, you are next in line.


Congrats. God bless you
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 7:20am On Jun 08, 2017
for admission for my MBA program

We can talk if you want to...Send me a PM.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 11:17am On Jun 07, 2017

hello ceejay how you doing? Sorry about the visa they denied you. I must say I really love the way you dealt with it.

and to others in these thread your input had been informative.

I too want to do my masters degree in the states have written toefl score 85; scored above 20 in writing,speaking and reading except listening where I svored 18. I was gona do the masters in canada (southern Alberta institute of technology) but I was 2 marks short in my listening so I opted outed and found a school in pensivania(PA) in usa. Prior to the discovering of these school in PA (lehigh university) I had a registration for transcript and certificate verification which I hadnt fully completed because I was waiting for SAIT to rwply my email for a conditional admission in there school, the mail came in and all indication was that am not qualified.

now that have gotten these lehigh university that my toefl score beats there bench mark, I went back to WES USA to try and register and make payment for there icap parkage- the system keep saying from there records I have a pending registration which I didnt complete, that I should click a link if I forgot my password. Please how do I go about it? I do I cancel the old registration that there records has and start afresh.

please I need help and advice on how to go about it, I tried writing them but not possible because I dont have refrence number. Please its urgent. I need to have my transcript evaluated. Thanks

When a foot slips off the ladder, not enough reason to quit climbing. Thank you for the kind words all the same. I replied your PM sir.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 3:56pm On Jun 05, 2017
Good day nairalanders, I just stumbled on this thread and i need serious help. I want to start my admission processing and I've gone through this entire thread from part 7 and I still don't get how I'm supposed to begin. I'm applying for bsc at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, University of Minnesota, Morgan state University and University of Arkansas pine bluff. I have OND with 3.04 GPA from yabatech and was told it's equivalent to an associate degree but I'll rather just start afresh. My initial plan was to use an agent but seeing as they rip people off now, im prepared to do it on my own. So my questions are;
*what is the first step I should take? Should I write toefl exam before applying to the school or apply first?
*how should I write application to the school and how do i go about paying the non-refundable application fee? I would appreciate all the help I can get right now cos I'm confused and still contemplating using an agent. Sorry for my long post but please help a sister out. Thanks!

Send me a PM. What did u read at YCT?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 6:06pm On Jun 02, 2017
Visa Approved today at Lagos Embassy
My appreciation goes to all my MTSU alumni friends (Phakus, Kenkool) and The Monikers in the House for contributing immensely on this thread. The Good Lord will continue to bless you all and your household.
I got to the embassy about 5.57am with my wife to support me with prayers while am in, both of us are pressed and we want to wee. The hustler boys said to wee is N100/person that for me I can do it by the river side and still pay the money, I said no wahala. Sorry all that I still fall for the hustlers who said I will be needing the coloured copy of my passport data page and is N1, 000 which I negotiated to N500 (Not needed pls). They assisted in stapling my document.
The Transcript goes thus, conversation with a white guy in mid-30’s window 2
VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir, How was night?
VO: Great, Pass me your Passport and I-20
Me: I Obliged
VO: why are you going to the US?
Me: Am going to the US for Masters in Engineering Technology at Middle Tennessee State University (vo cuts)
VO: How do you hear about the course?
Me: A senior colleague who is an alumnus of the school in my company advised me to go for the course since am aspiring to become a Manager in my current workplace.
VO: when did you finish your first degree?
Me: 2009
VO: And you did your 1 year NYSC
Me: That’s correct
VO: So what have you being doing since then?
Me: I work with XXXX Networks Ltd for three (3) year as field Service Engineer where I deploy VSAT and Radio technology for internet services. I was promoted as Team lead and that is the post I maintain till date. And now anticipating to be a manager in my company that is the more reason why am going for this program.
VO: Do you take any test and what is your score?
Me: Yes, I took GRE and my score is 290 Q=150 V=140 writing 3.5
VO: Tell me about Engineering Technology
Me: It incorporate courses like Six Sigma, Project Management and Safety planning
VO: But the course are management courses not technical?
Me: Yes they are. As am aspiring to be a manager to understand six sigma for organizational process and also safety planning so that my field Engineers will be safety conscious. That is also one of the reason why I chose the school which has these combined courses.
VO: So the school teach Six Sigma?
Me: Yes, is part of the courses.
VO: How do you want to finance your study?
Me: I have a tuition waiver and monthly stipend offered to me by my department
VO: Ooh. I did not see that earlier on your I-20 (He looks at the I-20 again and also saw dad as the sponsor though I filled self in Ds-160)
VO: What qualifies you for the tuition waiver?
Me: I had a CGPA of 3.5 of 4.0 scale and my Statement of Purpose explain in detail my intent.
VO: Ooh that’s great.
VO: what does your dad do?
Me: He has a big Farm.
VO: I will be approving your visa, take your I-20 you will need it at port of entry, pick up your passport in the next 3 business day.
I thank Almighty Allah for his grace and favour, for the courage, confidence and the ability to articulate my point. I was the 20th on the queue and when I started seeing blue paper I forgot everything I planned to say and was like God I know you are there watching and will change the story when it get to my turn.
My advice to the prospecting applicant, understand the whole process of your application, understand your courses and most importantly be able to explain why you have chosen the school and the courses.
Please the Research thing has cast, soft pedal on it VO are now particular about your course of study.
Goodluck and let’s keep the traveling transcript Loading.

Congrats bro. I tap into your success story overall. Enjoy Life ahead.

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 9:03pm On May 29, 2017
Should have posted this earlier. Got my VISA Approved on Friday at the US Embassy in Lagos. I want to say a big Thank You to the amazing people on this platform. I really learnt a lot from the good people here. I pray God perfect what concerns all of us.
Yh! I got to the embassy around 5:45am for my 7am appointment. I lodged in Yaba since I am not based in Lag and took an Uber to Walter Carrington. It was a rainy day tho.
Fast forward, went through all the screening and was on queue to be interviewed. There were around 4 VOs on seat and I think they had a half day so they were all kinda in a rush so the interview was much faster, that's if your case is reasonable...I believe you all know what I mean, when you not presenting a rooster and bull story.

Was interviewed by a Chubby man in window 6, In my mind I was actually praying to be interviewed by him cos others just dey drop blue paper up and down.

Congrats and success ahead!

VO: Good morning
ME: (with a larger than life smile) Good morning sir.
VO: Pass your passport and I20 please.
VO: What is your study plan?
ME: I will be going for a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M Uni Kingsville. The course requires completion of 24 credit hours; 16 hours in a Major and 8 hours in electives with completion of a research Thesis
VO: How many school did you apply to?
ME: 4, I listed them
VO: How many admitted you and how many denied you?
ME: 2 admitted, 1 on waiting list and 1 denied me
ME: because the school offers a concentration in Energy and Environmental Sustainability as part of the MSc in Chemical Engineering program with active research in the Institute of Sustainable Energy and Environment. This particularly aligns with my ultimate career goal of being a specialist in the filed of Energy and Environmental Sustainability.
VO: brings out white paper.....sincerely yours all I heard next was "Good luck with your stay" could pick up the rest of his statement.

My short tip:
Study the transcripts on here but dont memorize. Develop your own answers to the questions
Work on your self confidence...Major Key
Above All Pray and Trust God...Tho I wanted the VO that interviewed me while on the queue but deep inside I was telling myself that whoever it is that will interview me...I am going home with an approval.

All the best guys....#TEAMFALL17
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 12:54pm On May 29, 2017
Slept in the office for my 7am appointment because its closer to the consulate. Got there in the rain by 5:30 or so. After all the checks, queued up and the VOs came to their desks. I wanted one other slim vo because he seemed cool and patient lol, but I was asked to meet the Chinese guy - I think he should be about 32. I wouldn't say he's strict, as the interview wasn't as scary as I feared. You just need to give him or any of them good responses..

VO: good morning
me: good morning
vo: passport, i20? so why are you going to St Cloud?
me: I'm going to st cloud state university to study for an MS degree in Applied Clinical Research.
vo: how many schools did you apply to?
me: I applied to 4 schools; the university of Rhode Island, Virginia Commonwealth university, the university of Texas medical branch and St cloud state university.
vo: why st cloud?
me: I chose to attend st cloud because the clinical research program focuses on medical device research which basically aligns with my interests and I will ( vo cuts in)
vo: did you take any tests?
me: I took the GRE and TOEFL.
vo: how was your score on the GRE?
me: it was fair enough, I got 149, 149, 3.5
vo: ooh that's impressive( inside my mind I was like that one na score, you need to come GRE thread for nairaland make you see what brothers and sisters are doing to the GRE, but I was happy to hear him exclaim that way though)
vo: you do correlation and validation studies where you work( he read it off my ds160)
what's it about?
me: I told him we do it on new medical equipments and diagnostic procedures to ensure optimal standards.
vo: what's the difference between correlation and clausation?
me; I told him I wasn't sure what the difference is ( I had not heard that word in the context he was asking so I chose to be honest instead of explaining rubbish)
vo: what will this degree do for you?
me: this program will equip me with the requisite skills to be able to perform proper and ethical biomedical research upon my return to Nigeria.
vo: what's your research topic?
me: I'll be working on biosystems neuromodulation(the guy is super fast with asking questions and typing)
vo: do you have any scholarship ( looks at i20 for less than a second)?
me: no, I do not.
vo: OK, enjoy your time at st cloud.
me: thank you.
Passed i20 back with white form and said to pick up passport in three days.
Thanks to God and everyone on here for all your help. Walspring, Mekurexx, for assisting to pay fees from WES evaluation through application circle, I remain grateful. And to a kind heart Kene for adding his money to complete my sevis and pay in less than 48 hours to my interview- after my bossom friend( not from nairaland) squandered the first money I sent to him for sevis, may God bless you. Goodluck to everyone.

Congrats and success ahead.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 7:12pm On May 27, 2017

You are the best to do this research... I was in your shoes but my research making me to like the school more.

Thats true. I did that prior to my making that post. I just thought been a private school its wise to hear from those who might have more first hand info than i do. From my research the school looks ok. because you may never know. am i right to assume that u are u in the school already or a prospective student?

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 4:24am On May 27, 2017
Hi all,
Anyone knows how reputable university of new haven, CT is? Is it a good school to pursue a masters degree? The schooln is actually a university in connecticut. Pls someone advise.
CC lagosismyhome, oludare,imperiouxx,gunther6,slimmy2005, and other oldies in the house. your response would save alot.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 1:32pm On May 21, 2017
pls I sent my transcript to WES so they reply and saidba copy of my photocopy of my transcript is been sent to my school in Nigeria for verification a and that my whole stuf is on hold stil my school replies.pls wjo do you guyz tink am I on the right track?

When you get mail such as this from wes, try to follow up with your school. wes sends verification to schools in nthe form of electronic mails or courier.pls meet those in charge of this in ur school so they send a feedback quick enough. the whole process is expedited by doing this.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 4:52am On Apr 07, 2017
greetings, pls i would like to know. is there any masters applicant for any of the semesters form Fall 17 with an HND from a nigerian polytechnic who has been admitted by any university? pls anyone who has received an admit or knows someone who has, pls i need to ask few questions.
Also i need to know if the WES report to schools has any page or part that where it is statded that the evaluated result is or is not equivalent to the US bachelors.i will also like to speak with someone who recently completed an HND result evaluation. pls i really need help on this.Thank you in anticipation.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by cseejhay: 10:47pm On Feb 27, 2017
for those who first did the iGPA calculator before the WES evaluation.was there a difference between the both GPAs?

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