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Politics / Re: BREAKING: PDP Divides, Faction Wants Jonathan Replaced As President Candidate by CyberG: 3:32pm On Feb 17, 2015
Politics / Re: Seun: Solution To Tribalism, Trolling, Etc With No Loss In Traffic by CyberG: 7:47pm On Aug 21, 2014
neenar: No wahala.

@CyberG: PM Seun your ideas, abeg. I'm not his P.A! undecided

Of course not, in your dreams would you be PA! Did you see his name on the post the first time or you missed it? You are just another poster with an opinion but rather than just shooting down everything, propose your own ideas or improve on the existing ones. Obviously, even Seun wanted to improve on his current ideas, that is why he asked for suggestions and he will know enough not to shoot down everything when current ideas have fallen short of solving the problem. Hint: you are not important, your ideas may be important but with no ideas, you can guess who you really are? cool grin


Politics / Re: Seun: Solution To Tribalism, Trolling, Etc With No Loss In Traffic by CyberG: 7:04pm On Aug 21, 2014
berem: So your moniker still dey around? I remember when CyberG use to attack me like mad!! grin grin

I am welcoming back your moniker ogbeni! cool

Really? CyberG is mostly retired now just read the comments once in a while, only to disappear again. Good some old timers are still keeping the flag flying.
Politics / Re: Seun: Solution To Tribalism, Trolling, Etc With No Loss In Traffic by CyberG: 6:54pm On Aug 21, 2014
TonySpike: I think i support a user ranking system, this should help isolate new user IDs and their notoriety for posting irrelevant materials. In addition, units should be allocated in an hierarchical manner to promote the use of single IDs. This can be done by allocate scores or points to real contributors in such a way that they can climb up the contribution food chain. Infact, this method can be used to select mods later in the future.

Another good spin on the ranking system! Weeds out new users who created the IDs to troll and ruin the user experience of other normal posters.

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Politics / Re: Seun: Solution To Tribalism, Trolling, Etc With No Loss In Traffic by CyberG: 6:48pm On Aug 21, 2014
neenar: Indeed. Posters like Gbawe and berem would be hunted round the forum. Even if they write something as harmless as "praise the Lord", their enemies would still hit block button. Seun shouldn't create any dislike/block button, it would be much bloodier than it is right now!

Well, as a follow up to some of the responses, I think I'd like to make the point that there is no one size fits all solution to this type of problem, but that is not an excuse for not amerliorating the problem and reducing it's impact and spread. This is how progressive people and societies think of problems and solutions. What I'd expect from you is to proffer your own solution or add new ideas on how a suggestion can be improved. If an 80% or 10% solution exists to a complex problem, would you throw out that solution when you had previously a 0% solution? Please think and add value to the conversation and not shoot down every idea while proposing no new ideas.

NL is a business and Seun as a business man would think of how technology or technological solutions align with his business objectives and solve problems, while not hurting the business. This idea does that, but it can be improved and I am sure he is creative enough to add his own spin and not implement only exactly a single idea. For example, I thought of IP blocking, but there are 3 major problems with IP blocking:

1. Reduction in traffic, reduction in business, reduction in revenue = Bad idea, bad solution!

2. An IP block can still be circumvented by a knowledgeable user who all he needs to do is to spread the solution and voila, NL is back in square one only worse because a lot of effort has gone into a solution which has now been circumvented.

3. In Nigeria, an IP address is probably shared by many users on a single network, e.g. MTN. NL can only block that one IP, not the local IPs on a network. If a 1000 users are on the network coming from a part of Lagos, they will all be blocked because only 1 IP is visible, you see how that takes control away from Seun, NL and business? Also, 1 poster's stupidity leads to the withdrawal of access privileges by the other 999!

Work around: Chain user IDs coming from the same IP address AND MATCH on every metadata sent by the device. This is not a perfect solution but the idea is to establish that poster X has 10 IDs and chain all those IDs so that when a banned user creates another ID, his previous ban cascades unto the new ID, which forces him to wait until his ID comes back into reckoning and he can then improve on his posting history and no longer be below the drop zone.

For posters who are tag teaming a user like Gbawe or Berem or whoever, NL needs to create a review system that funnels high block rates to the moderators (human beings for review). When it is found that a pattern of consistent blocks are placed on a user because he is from some other tribe or an undeserving block, then such blocks should be cleared and a warning sent to such people, after which they could be penalized. Note that before it gets to that stage, there are multiple checkpoints like first failing posts that get dropped to the bottom of the queue, which means not visible except you go looking for it, where it can be "liked" out of that position, or the user can have a change of mind and fix what people hate about the post, plus the user eventually getting so many blocks he loses posting privileges, and then to the high block rates that triggers a human review.

If you have a better idea or an improvement, bring out your own suggestions. Do not just shooting down every solution without suggesting a superior one or any one at all.


Politics / Seun: Solution To Tribalism, Trolling, Etc With No Loss In Traffic by CyberG: 5:53pm On Aug 21, 2014
Your other post is already several pages long with more than a few distractions, so I am hoping you can find this more easily and hope NL finds this suggestion helpful and ideal for solving tribalism problem on NL.

Solution: The solution to a this forum is an autonomous, active, graduated post and user ranking system. Let me explain:

1. First, you'd need a new button (call it block or dislike or whatever). When a topic is created and posters start responding, tribalistic posts will rack up blocks or dislikes. Post and user ranking policies that will be implemented will curb tribalism:


- If a user blocks a post, it should not appear to this user subsequently if he revisits the topic because he has blocked it.

- If a post gets say a certain percentage (say 10%) of blocks from the total number of respondents to that topic or post, it should automatically drop to the very end of the queue or post list, while ones that have been liked should bubble-up to the top of the list (closer to the front page). This automatically places the worst post at the end of the X number of pages, reducing their visibility.

- If a post exceeds say a threshold of say 50%, that post is automatically blocked and flagged in your database, it will not be returned in regular seach queries and no one will see it again, until it is expunged from your database during some cleaning process. This way all tribalistic posts are made irrelevant.

- However, 50% is just a ratio, if a post dislikes is less than 50% but racks up a significant number of dislikes (say 400 out of 100), it must also be dropped because a large minority of posters and commenters have disavowed such a post and find it offensive.

- If a user is banned in the current system, he can easily create another ID. This is a waste of time on the part of the moderator to keep running after even 10 of these type of people everyday.

- If a user's posts is consistently blocked by 50% respondents or more, it means that about or more than half of the time, he writes tribalistic, inflaming or out of point contributions most of the time, this user needs to be penalized. First, he should be auto-banned for a few days at a time and if on returning, his posts begin to get likes or does not rack up more dislikes, he remains or climbs higher in rank. However, if he drops below the cut off zone for bans, he should be banned for longer periods of time. Such bans should not need moderator intervention and it frees up workers or moderators for more productive tasks.

- Like the mentions notifications, you can create a block notification where blocked posts can be shown to whoever made them. He can go back and use his common sense to fix the problem. If the post is edited, it can be "liked" back into the queue and be a regular post. How cool will that be? The same way, a poster that is falling out of NL due to multiple blocks can come to his senses and slightly rise back into the ranks of normal or passable where most people are not offended by his comments.

- These measures will be applicable and will not only curb tribalism but people who are clearly trolling or distracting from the topic.

In all, you'd need to invest some hours / days / weeks of writing some new code and testing, but this will not reduce traffic because everyone determines if he is banned on this forum or if he remains by making non-negative contributions, if you can't help the topic by contributing in a positive way you can sit on the fence but do not ruin the experience for others. In turn, moderators will spend less time hunting for offending posts or responding to offensive emails and traffic will certainly improve because this self moderating system is dependent on the poster and the users who are reading it who in turn moderate themselves.

Also, a while ago, I made suggestions to solve the problem of tribalistic moderators, some or most of these would help greatly.



Travel / Re: My Experience With South African Immigration At Port Of Entry. by CyberG: 2:00pm On Dec 28, 2013
Rossy_Bentley: This is my experience to my last trip to south africa, i have been to some other counties in europe and asia.....my first trip to south african was in november, i booked ticket and got on this flight thinking it gonna be a sweet journey.

When getting to OR tambo international airport, we cued for our passport to be stamped on arrival, it's my turn to get my passoort stamped....the immigration officer collected my passport, my new yellow fever card and my hotel reservation.....the next thing he said was that how did i managed to book the hotel, and i replied, my agent booked it for me, the next thing he said was step aside....he did the same thing to another 2 nigerians......the rest of the immigration stamped everyone on the line apart from this cruel guy who refused the 3 of us (nigerians).

Then they took us to a room, we sat there for 2 hours, they did not respond to us, the immigration later guy later came out and took us upstairs where he said we should come sign a paper 1 by 1, they don't even want to hear a word...we all signed and they took us to a detention room where we found some other guys with different storied including 3 nigerians...me i just can't start writing there own side of story too....but i must tell you the south african men don't like nigerians and you need to be aware of this when going there...cuz the immigration office told me that you nigerians come here to take our girls, you going (beck)...ahahahah i was just laughing, they put us back on the afternoon flight to lagos...handed our passport to the pilot, but thank God the visa is still valid and they did nothing to the passport.

When i got to lagos i booked another ticked the next day, i did my hotel reservation at the airport which cost me 50k and i also request a friend who is using the south african passport and also a business owner over there to send me an invitation letter which i print out and his data page, but when getting back to south africa, i was on the same cue again and i quickly sighted a free woman immigration office as a sharp 9ja boy, the lady just asked how long i'm i staying and she stamped my passport without asking for any other thing.....i stayed there for 6days as i have no intention of living in south africa, not even in europe.

I see you only wanted to visit for a few days and imagine the hassle you had to go through? There is something definitely attractive in SA to want Nigerians to want to go there so had but when it comes to their own country, Nigerians want to remain a one-party state, but like to run to countries that have evolved politically which has helped to grow their countries. Anyway na una sabi oh
Politics / Re: 7 Reasons Why APC Will Scatter Before 2015! by CyberG: 1:53pm On Dec 28, 2013


They preach transparency but they won't tell us how much IGR they generate, this hypocrisy will also consume them in the lead up to 2015

To be continued

I wonder what is wrong with people like you? Is it phoolishness or curse or what? There is a problem which everyone can see and some people have refused to just hang around crying and saying God this, God that or complaining for nothing, of begging or running away to America or elsewhere but here are the same people who will and are suffering the most (ordinary Nigerians) who have something negative to say about being given an alternative! APC is a very viable alternative, what is wrong with that and is that not why they have grown?

Nigerians love to cite examples from other countries that have grown their country, people and evolve their democracies and will die at embassies of Germany, US, even India and Israel where they are now being persecuted, where they can have no input into the political process but in their own country, they still villify the people APC who have refused to do nothing but built from the foundation, and now strong enough to draw others in. Politics is a game of numbers and interest, but for the common good. The worst human beings on the planet (for the sake of a better description) belonged to political parties e.g. Hitler, Goebbels, Tojo, etc and it is at the top of politics you have people who can articulate political interests that can match them fire-for-fire before they all accept the best compromise option. People like the OP are still with their cavemen mentality of follow-follow hence this ineffectual government must be propped up at all costs. People like that are losers and they will never amount to anything in their miserable lives.

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Politics / Re: States Assemblies And Number Of Bill They Passed In 2 Years by CyberG: 5:40am On Dec 27, 2013
donphilopus: Good! But SE seems to have the lowest number of bills passed into law. I'm also surprised seeing the North having a large number of bill passed into law, even if some of their Federal Lawmakers do not even sponsor any motion/bill in the National Assembly.

Spot on, good observation!
Travel / Re: Jonathan Transforms Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos - Pics by CyberG: 4:14am On Dec 27, 2013
Still the same USELESS and SLOW CAROUSEL! The place still looks as crappy as ever, your lies don't change a damn thing! For me, as soon as I enter MMA, Lagos, I just switch my mind to the joy of meeting my folks and enjoying my stay in Nigeria as best as I could - the good and the bad. There's absolutely NOTHING in these so called pseudo-transformation as I have been in airports you have never stepped - even in your dreams - and I know the difference!


Politics / Re: Anambra Yoruba Community Leaders Inebriating For Ngige (photos) by CyberG: 4:39am On Nov 14, 2013
Very funny posters! It is their right to do whatever they want but it's funny that Ibos are complaining! Is Anambra not building a brewery, so what is wrong to patronize it? Yes they don't make Hennesseys but its their right anyway! Plus it's funny how another insecure Ibo is denying the location because of the rusted roof?? In Yorubaland, there are several thousands of such roofs because they started building houses as far back as history allows us to know so maybe 1000 years ago so that is justified! However a house built in the 90s with this brown roofs go to be really unexplainable grin grin

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Politics / Re: Opon Imo (aregbesola) VS Laptop (peter Obi) by CyberG: 4:30am On Nov 14, 2013
Itoroetti :
Gov peter obi of anambra recently donated 22,500 laptops to students of anambra state plus 1400 printer at the rate of #2.65billion.
While his osun state counterpart donated just 3600 "opom imo ipad" at #8.6billion to osun state students.
Compare 22,500 laptops plus 1400 printer
with Osun state 3600 Opom Imo fraud
•22,500 laptops plus 1400 printer =
•3,600 Opom Imo ipad = 8.6billion
Can you spot the disparity?
Now who is decieving?who is truly the progressive?

It seems some people are becoming even dumber everyday, as though they were not dumb enough already! Opon Imo WILL HAVE A COST SAVING OF 8.4 B, meaning the estimated value of money that would otherwise be spent! The plan is for 150,000 with 50,000 in the first year of introduction and the other 100,000 is planned to be assembled with the state! Get your facts right!

Remember, in the same way the west ran a comprehensive free education program widely successful in the 50s and 60s while some other part of Nigeria (no need to mention) just copied the idea without understanding it and having the infrastructure, so is the case of laptops now. That money is stolen and wasted because Obi just had to find a way to move the money! He waited for 7.99 years out of 8 and then in a knee-jerk reaction just buys laptops?? Yeye dey smell!


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Wearing Aso Oke With Beads by CyberG: 5:45pm On Nov 12, 2013
Iceberyln: although i 8 em, buh ez cute??

One day, vermind like you will be exterminated from the human space!
Politics / Re: When Will Gen. Buhari Change His Ways----by Wole Olaniyi by CyberG: 5:15pm On Nov 12, 2013
utumunta: For those who do not know general Buhari; I laugh at them.

Sometimes, I wish they would allow the man five months to be President of this country. At least, those that think he is the messiah would learn the other side of him.

To leave this country under his leadership, for four years, would be a risk too much. His ambition is inspired by nothing more than the 'born- to-rule' mentality of his type. He is old and out of ideas

Stop being stupi.d! I am not here to defend Buhari but it is utter stupi.dity to say that Buhari will have the powers to go outside the law to do whatever he personally wants! Yes, he is not a perfect person and no one is, neither is the retardeen but yhou cannot suggest he has no positive leadership attribute! A Buhari cannot singularly and unilaterally run Nigeria like a military dictatorship because he will clearly have opposition at the national assembly and the clear separation of power even at the different levels of Federal, State and LG ensures that it is impossible for him to just wake-up and order anything he wants at a level he has no constitutional authority. To do that will mean he will not be make any impact because he will spend a long time fighting court cases, guilty in the court of public opinion, risk impeachment or lose re-election for a next term.

Even if Buhari is really silly (which I am sure he is not), he might be the elected president but he knows for sure that he is in a party where he does not unilaterally wield all the influence on all members. He will have to convince the top leadership of the party and his lieutenants that he has what it takes from a performance point of view or risk being abandoned and losing the support of the party, creating the kind of situation with the PDP and NPDP (G7) etc, which the party knows is a recipe for losses at future elections. This is what democracy is all about and there's no one of his lieutenants that will let him ruin their joint-achievement with a unilateral weight of hand! Be smart, use your brains and think! APC is in a strong position mostly because they've done better than PDP in the states in which they've been in charge - we know and see that! It will be suicidal to think they could go the way of PDP without destroying their own party, the progress made and handing over the initiative to the PDP or any new party that might emerge!
Politics / Re: Nov 16 Is Nnamdi Azikiwe's Birthday Vs Ojukwu/obi's APGA by CyberG: 3:37pm On Nov 12, 2013
Why do you people resort to fear-mongering and emotional sensationalism? Almost all Ibos who will be affected by governance in Anambra are not asking how their life could be improved by government policies that look out for the common man but are concerned about Ojukwu, Zik, who are both dead and rotting now in the grave and a party that has not bettered the lot of the Ibos in 8 years! Where is the objectivity in this post of yours?
Politics / Re: Remarkable Similarities Between Goodluck Ebele Jonathan And Awolowo by CyberG: 6:20am On Nov 12, 2013
ndu_chucks: For other readers who do not know, the only sin Akintola had committed in his political life is having to openly disagreed with his Party leader, Awolowo on whether or not it was time for the Yorubas to make peace and to join forces with the North. Ever since the disagreement, Awo's interferance and undue influence was escalated until Akintola was ousted.

No amount of revisionism can change this.

I advise that you stop all the lies because your car of lies has spun into the ditch! You have nothing on Chief Awolowo, even a tuber of yam knows better or are you a chronic learner? I don't have time to educate your ignorance tonight and if Kats and Prof and the other posters teach you and you are still failing, then even I split your brain with an axe and dump everything inside, you will still be more clueless than GEJ!


Politics / Re: Remarkable Similarities Between Goodluck Ebele Jonathan And Awolowo by CyberG: 6:12am On Nov 12, 2013
Energito: you have shown us the level of your madness.let me tell you awo is in hell now

Either your father or your hero who are both there needed glasses or have completely lost their sight while in hot hell not to know that it is their own shadows that they saw?? I think the whooping of those couple of years has permanently damaged your own brains and genes?? LMAO grin grin
Politics / Re: Clara Chime Packs-out Of Enugu Govt House, Opens Up by CyberG: 5:36am On Nov 12, 2013
Can Chime like most people in Nigeria who boast to be monogamists honestly look anyone in the eye and continue making such hypocritical claims? How many women is chime the monogamist so called governor of Enugu marry, is this the moral leadership he is teaching his people? This is hypocrisy! He marries one, then divorces or finds a reason to let her leave, then marries another one, then sleep with her sister and get both of them pregnant! It is a shame and this is one reason Northerners are better because you know they will marry their women and the women know he could be a polygamist. Why the hypocrisy??

Another observation is like the Oduah's case, watch the people defending the slimy, immoral chime here...they are doin that not because they pray that their mother or sister be in this position, but to continue to live in their illusionary world that their ilks are always right, the perfect creatures and this whole scandal is the work of their enemies trying to bring Chime to shame and disrepute like Oduah. Just watch the people who will defend the indisciplined Chime man here.


Crime / Re: My Abductors Asked For N100m, I Offered N1bn – GUO Motors Boss by CyberG: 5:06am On Nov 12, 2013

what part of Naija are you in? probably enjoying. Anambra was a den of kidnappers, it was in 2009 though.

I am in cloud-9 boulevard, off Aso Rock heaven! Am I a learner But seriously, I want the real story, full gist! Any takers

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Politics / Re: Clara Chime Finally Ejected From Enugu State Government House by CyberG: 4:12am On Nov 12, 2013
hollandis: [size=38pt]i hope chime sullivan dies of cancer[/size]

Babe but why na?? Come here make I take care of you jawe grin grin


Politics / Re: Clara Chime Finally Ejected From Enugu State Government House by CyberG: 3:15am On Nov 12, 2013
Eze Promoe: Didn't she said that the matter was been blown out of proportion. How come this?

Anyway, I trust Agharareporters to do journalism aghara aghara, and then cause ogbaghara in the family sad

You blamed SR but ignored the abuser-in-chief Chime? Is it because he is from your village or you just like to prop-up that imaginary image that somehow you people are perfect and infallible, now you blame SR! You blame the NHRC! But if she had died you would have blamed her right? Even a tuber of yam would know that all those denials are at the behest of Chime and his criminal gang! Except you were born last night or a chronic learner, every one know that Nigerian government lie and cannot be trusted at any level! She contacts Falana, gets new media organization on her case and then she certainly backs down and you cannot see that that is Chime and his gang manipulating things for political gains? Hmm...some people will be permanently blind whenever any wrong-doer has a name that sounds from their neck of the woods! angry angry angry


Politics / Re: Clara Chime Finally Ejected From Enugu State Government House by CyberG: 3:10am On Nov 12, 2013
OgidiBoy: very pretty lady, she can come move in with me anytime.

Thief! grin grin I know she will be crossing over to the other side but forget you ever get a piece of the action!
Politics / Re: Bill Gates Visits President Jonathan At State House, Abuja by CyberG: 1:48am On Nov 12, 2013
Okonjo Iweala is really short, practically a midget! Add to it her being morbidly obese and a really hideous face, no wonder they moved her far away from the center of the camera action


Politics / Re: Kidnapped Sokoto Businessman Released After Payment Of N50M Ransom Through Dubai by CyberG: 1:43am On Nov 12, 2013
Is this the Nigeria of fresh-air GEJ? It looks like Nigerians will choke on this fresh-air for sure, enjoy it as much as you can! If it kills you, good riddance!
Crime / Re: My Abductors Asked For N100m, I Offered N1bn – GUO Motors Boss by CyberG: 1:41am On Nov 12, 2013
Can anyone tell me where and when this happened? I mean the whole story, which state because this is new to me??
Politics / Re: Awolowo Is Responsible For The Developments In Today's Western States - Clark by CyberG: 10:34pm On Nov 11, 2013

who told u igbos do not support regionalism.
That they prefer outright secession does it mean they don't support it?
And leave ironsi out of this, ironsi has died, 43 yrs ago for that matter.
Wonder what has prevented all of u from reverting to what ever is the ideal.
Hausa/Fulani//MB/Yoruba/Ijaw have all ruled the nation, yet nobody changed to regionalism, y would u want to blame ironsi that died 43 yrs ago for the absence of regionalism.
U ppl are not serious yet.
OBJ ruled naija twice but he didn't do it, is he not Yoruba?

It's good to know that Ibos will support Regional Governments - I think it is the first step to independent countries coming out of Nigeria.

I mentioned Ironsi so that the truth of history is not lost because he is directly responsible. You can argue that it is not the job of another person to fix your screw-up: they may or may not - but it doesn't make it any more correct for you who screwed-up! Ironsi destroyed Nigeria's working regional governments for unitary government at a time Ibos were in prime position at all top levels of government bureaucracy and companies obviously because he knew Ibos would benefit the most when all policies is dictated from a central position by a fellow Ibo! The next day after announcing decree 34, Ojukwu announced to the world that on the basis of seniority, Ibos from the East would be transferred to the north to do what? Of course, to become heads of government bureaucracy, not as messengers but in fact to consign the Hausas who were quite disadvantaged educationally to more servitude as messengers!

When the bottom fell-out from the coup charade, and the supposed victims gained ascendancy, is it justified to expect them to hand on a platter to you what you took from them, by force even when there were dissenting opinions and riots? Think about this and be honest! Yes, OBJ ruled as president but you should know that OBJ's worldview is that of a military man with a unitary view of command structure, he knew nothing else all his life, how would you expect a grown lion to feed on vegetables? Also, the socio-politico-economics situation when OBJ became president in 1999 was so bad, the last thing that would be on the mind of any sensible leader is further division! He did great by unifying the country and improving our image in the reckoning of the world after it had been so battered by IBB and Abacha and there is no way, you would expect that he would break Nigeria into regions! In any case, now is the time for Ibos to support regionalism, the first step to Biafra and independent states from other parts of Nigeria! Godspeed to all of YOU!


Crime / Re: Robbers Kill 2, Injured Two In Enugu by CyberG: 10:18pm On Nov 11, 2013

Brother, let the sleeping dog continue sleeping oo. don't wake em up.

Okay, I let them alone! grin grin
Politics / Re: Lagos Restricts Danfo Drivers To 8 Hours Of Work? by CyberG: 10:09pm On Nov 11, 2013

LASTMA, Omonile etc. All the agboro groups.

If the Police (the prime example of order under the FG GEJ) is corrupt, can you blame LASTMA? No system is perfect and I don't think there is need to throw the baby out with the water, I hope LASTMA gets better. Rome was not built in a day. Omonile cannot be corrupt, they own the land on which you walk but are not give 13% derivation like oil producing companies. If you people will support and fight for regionalism, you can be sure that you will never have to worry about Omonile anymore because we can all truly occupy our resources!
Politics / Re: Igbo Presidency by CyberG: 10:03pm On Nov 11, 2013
Double post!

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