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Politics / Re: Biafra: Referendum Posters Flood Major SE/SS City's(photo) by Dainfamous: 2:51pm On Feb 18, 2018
I have carefully read all the contributions by all and sundry, and I must add that such healthy debate on whether Biafra should be an exclusively Igbo or Igboid nation comprising of all Igbo speaking communities in the SE, SS and elsewhere or if the new nation we are aspiring for should include the other minorities of SS or elsewhere. However, I must add at this juncture that there is hardly any country that is 100% homogeneous ethnic wise. Biafra of Igbos alone will be perfect but also, Biafra comprising of our neighbors will equally be good only if certain things are gotten right first and these factors includes
1. Are these minority tribes passionate about Biafra the same way Igbos are?
2. There is a constant fear of Igbo domination by these disparate groups and these has led to unnecessary hate and suspicion against the Igbos domiciled in their places.
3 This is similar to factor two above, Igbos alone will comprise over 60% of the population of Biafra, now add that to the enterprising, hardworking and aggressive nature of Igbos, don't you think these people will start crying of marginalization and domination irrespective of whether Biafra is made to be the most free country in the world? Or are we going to allow the same Quota system that ruined Nigeria to take place in Biafra so that the minorities won't cry of domination?
4. How are we going to resolve the Ijaw vs Itshekiri fight in Warri? This would certainly be a hotspot of potential violence.
5. Where would the capital be? P.H, Enugu or Owerri?
6. Based on population & democracy, Igbos will rule forever and the fears of the minorities of being dominated will be justified, how do we reconcile this?
7. If we chose to make Biafra an only Igbo affair, how do we reconcile the status of P.H? Parts of P.H is owned by Ikwere-Igbo while others like Ogoni and kalabari also have stakes, so do we carve P.H or abandon the city?

I believe in Biafra because I know that Nigeria has absolutely no future and will forever remain hopeless but we must be careful on the Biafra we want.

Please l need answers to my questions above.
You have a point I will tell you some few points,it will look at bit unsettled to you but I assure you that people who willingly vote to join the new nation Biafra by referendum that will solve all the border problems we have good geographical landmass that accommodates all the igboid clans which spill over southsouth and some parts of Benue that practice the same market days like the igboid group's that spreed across Biafran territories.

Biafrans are not lacking anything in human resources we build big towns and cities anywhere we are found,we are practicing a free society where you are free to be who you want to be without tribal incite in it.

We are a free nation,a nation that create equal opportunities for everyone to achieve their goal's in life,a free society as you can already see how biafrans civil rights movement show their willingness to get their future off the evil Nigeria which is suppressing their future and lender young men and women worthless and frustrated in Nigeria.
Nigeria is evil,too many innocent blood spill in one nigeria and still counting is a result of evil and unrepentant no reconciliation whatsoever and they act like lifes worth nothing,people get slaughtered in other regions oh yes,they worth nothing to them but common referendum they cannot accept so that all these nemesis will stop.
Politics / Re: Biafra: Referendum Posters Flood Major SE/SS City's(photo) by Dainfamous: 9:13am On Feb 18, 2018
The people of Biafrans soon the world mightier forces behind us, will make referendum reality for IPOBS is getting closer

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Politics / Re: What Is Kanu's Fate Now That IPOB Stands Proscribed? by Dainfamous: 4:54pm On Jan 19, 2018
OOfemmanu actually kill these baboons brain no cure
Politics / Re: Introducing Anambra Sorghum by Dainfamous: 9:25am On Dec 08, 2017
Awka capital state of multi billionaire's in Africa plus out come turns out to be lovely

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Politics / Re: Obiano Donates Made-In-Anambra Patrol Vans To Police- PHOTOS by Dainfamous: 6:28pm On Nov 28, 2017
I wish I hail from ananmbra


Politics / Re: Apo Six: Nigeria Police Reinstates Officer Who Killed Igbo Traders by Dainfamous: 10:28am On Nov 26, 2017
Zoo Nigeria is unfortunate that the Igbos are living with their enemies for a very long time,the same people will want the world to believe that the zoo Nigeria is one and happy country.Nigeria must die
Politics / Re: Gully Erosion Eating Away South East Region , Residents Fleeing by Dainfamous: 1:21pm On Nov 11, 2017
You want to insult biafrans these diabolic Yoruba people the same sariki was crying on every Biafran threads begging for unity.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: 'Vote & Die' - IPOB Members Protest In Onitsha (Video/Photos) by Dainfamous: 8:51pm On Nov 10, 2017
The python can not constrict the SUN

The python can not dance away Biafra because it is an ideology

Ideology never die


Biafra my hope

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Politics / Re: Igbo Muslim Leader, Kabir Orjiegbulam Accused IPOB Of Threatening Him On Phone by Dainfamous: 5:33pm On Oct 27, 2017

Trust has nothing to do with religion dude, i have trusted friends from different religion.

The Igbo's must learn how to remove hate from their heart first before anything else follow.
The igbos are not hate mongers compare to other tribes in Nigeria.I see the way Muslims are being watched in the airport,malls,buses and trains I believe you have never travel out to realize how everyone are very watchful of Muslims around the world.
International laws are changing due to Islam
Politics / Re: "Ojukwu's Lies Sparked Civil War In Nigeria" - Yakubu Gowon by Dainfamous: 5:08pm On Oct 25, 2017
ever wondered why Ojukwu made millions in Ivory Coast? ever wondered why he was 'pardoned'? ever wondered why he recovered all his properties seized by u afonjas? ever wondered why obasanjo restored him to d military, promoted him and paid him all his entitlements till d date he was supposed to retire? ever wondered why his party won two states in d zoo? ever wondered why his wife was made an ambassador of d zoo? ever wondered he was made a posthumous general of d monkeypox militia? ever wondered why he was given a national burial by d zoo and its militia? ever wondered why awolowo, azikiwe, adekunle etc were not honoured like him? keep on wondering bro. d truth has no hiding place. u see d way adekunle ended. u see d way shuwa ended. God is not deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that shall he reap.
you said it all
Culture / Re: Igbos Of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea - A Forgotten Minority Tribe by Dainfamous: 3:25pm On Oct 18, 2017
Igbo women in Israel


Politics / Re: What Boldness! Woman Goes Round Anambra State Preaching Ipob by Dainfamous: 1:39pm On Oct 18, 2017
IPOB is connected with everybody in Biafra land


Politics / Re: Group Slam/Threaten USA On Behalf Of Nigeria For Declaring IPOB Non Terror Group by Dainfamous: 8:38am On Sep 25, 2017
The zoo is fighting with an entity (IPOB) bigger than arewa and federal government put together they will taste the fire � soon
Politics / Re: Hating Them Will Kill Us Faster by Dainfamous: 3:58pm On Sep 24, 2017

I said how are they stopping you from leaving?
by sending terrorist zoogerians soldiers in their regions with their outdated weapons and branded terrorist group by Hausa Fulani terrorist


Politics / Re: I Just Lost A Friend In The Nigerian Army by Dainfamous: 11:29am On Sep 24, 2017
What's goes up most come down

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Politics / Re: Ibrahim Idris Gives Scholarships To Kids Of Policeman Killed At Ariaria Station by Dainfamous: 11:21pm On Sep 21, 2017
IPOB spread out all over the world.They demonstrating according to the international law.they are not terrorist they have expressed your hatred towards them to the rest of the world
They don't want to belong in Nigeria anymore they are fed up with one Nigeria the world knows that.
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Idris Gives Scholarships To Kids Of Policeman Killed At Ariaria Station by Dainfamous: 11:16pm On Sep 21, 2017
They keep shouting terrorist group some of them hating on indigenous peoples of Biafra don't have a common sense, they are still displaying the same hatred they have on igboid groups.The country is not one stop deceiving yourselves agitation will never stop if you hate the truth go and drink rat poison
Politics / Re: I Heard That Biafrans Are Protesting In Aba Right Now by Dainfamous: 1:38pm On Sep 21, 2017

lead the protest or better still pick your weapons and go to war then if the best thing u could thing of now is war
protest is on now so what else do you want biafrans to do
Politics / Re: I Heard That Biafrans Are Protesting In Aba Right Now by Dainfamous: 1:20pm On Sep 21, 2017
ifeanyi uba children, obiano children, gburugburu children,nnamdi KANU children, Peter obi children, orji ozor Kali children and cousins are all abroad.
u dey here dey shout Biafra.dem soldiers go kill nna troway,na naija we dey nothing go happen.smh tua
chase your dream and be great
how many can army kill before it will turn to full war
Politics / Re: IPOB Members Storm UN Office To Protest Against Buhari. Photos/video by Dainfamous: 9:19am On Sep 20, 2017
Biafra will be too loud to the point that the zoo will not take it no more

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Politics / Re: Army Did Not Declare IPOB Terrorist Organisation- Buratai by Dainfamous: 8:28am On Sep 19, 2017
The fear the zoo have for igbos is unbelievable.Looking at how the whole northern governors rush for peace in igboland because of fear.Deep inside their hearts they know is not over

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Politics / Re: We Will Not Use Military Force Against Fulani Herdsmen - FG by Dainfamous: 8:08am On Sep 18, 2017
Nigeria will not last for long

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Politics / Re: IPOB Mobilizing To Humiliate Buhari In U.S - Northern Group Raises Alarm by Dainfamous: 10:36pm On Sep 17, 2017
This people need to stop threatening everyone

All world leaders face protest for their misdeeds

Protest against Buhari is not an attack on the North, if some northern elements want to paint it that way so be it.

Buhari will be confronted with his wickedness and genocide against Igbos when he arrives New York

No amount of propaganda will change that!
Politics / Re: Biafra: Ipobs Across Europe Storm EU Parliament Over Nnamdi Kanu(video) by Dainfamous: 5:35pm On Sep 17, 2017
This is the same ipob poorly equip with poorly learned Nigeria army branded terrorist are moving freely in a civilized nations
Politics / Re: Okorocha "Picks Race" As Kanu "Storms" Owerri by Dainfamous: 10:48am On Jul 29, 2017
Referendum is loading

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Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Dainfamous: 10:29am On Jul 29, 2017
It is true!!

Igbos do control pharmaceuticals in nigeria
I was about to say the same thing these drugs companies in Nigeria are under igbos control I lost count


Politics / Re: Ex-biafran Commander, Ogbonnaya Oji, Is Dead by Dainfamous: 8:47am On Jul 26, 2017
On the 23/7/17 kanu was in Anambra State he said that people where saying that he should leave Anambra state and mind his own state abia,and he ask'in 1991 before abia state was created which state was i from then?crowd echo "Imo state,ok before imo state was created in 1976 which state was I from then crowd echoes eastern region he said then ananmbra state is part of eastern region am in my fathers land

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Promised All Biafran Children This Today by Dainfamous: 11:38pm On Jul 23, 2017
Kanu has won the heart of so many, Joshua of our time have shaken the foundation of the zoo,when a building loses its foundation it will definitely collapsed either you demolish it and build another one or you keep patching it with cement till the building finally washed away.
These people who dwell on fighting Biafra ideology knows they are wasting their time because no of them really like biafrans,if they see development coming to biafraland they will get mad � I don't see the reasons for them fighting the truth but look very closely these people are nurturing their future political career in the zoo.
Same kind of people keep recycling again and again till another 50yrs they will be like ibb or obj and position their own people to continue the dirty jobs
Politics / Re: The Entrance Gate To Willie Obiano's House In Aguleri (Photo) by Dainfamous: 11:28pm On Jul 23, 2017
The elites knows the truth but due to their fellow northern and south west Nigerian friends they intend to hide anything about the igbos connection from their Jewry ancestry "Nri" the son of Gad is really appalling


Politics / Re: The Igbo Problem by Dainfamous: 5:19pm On Jul 23, 2017
hate ? that's too kind a word I despise north and sw with passion and any idiotic Igbo that married from those regions may oduduwa dirty boxers fall on them .why should marry Muslims and uncircumcised people
Those from mix marriages can have dual citizenship just like if u marry a Cameroonian or Ghanaian
Politics / Re: The Igbo Problem by Dainfamous: 4:58pm On Jul 23, 2017

There is no problem with the Igbo, the problem is with Nigeria and their attempts to moderate the way the Igbos think. We are who we are, and we are not stopping others from being who they are.
real talk

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