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Health / Re: Help Me!!! My Skin Is Rough by dammysel(f): 9:28am On May 18, 2020
Hello Poster, attached is my sister's picture that has similar skin problem. She tried all manner of drugs and cream in Lagos not until she came to see a Derm Doc in Abuja. Attached are the drugs and cream she uses to cleared her skin.

Hello poster please I have someone with a deep condition like this,even has pimple like stuff popping up weekly. Can you kindly spell out these drugs for me to buy for him?im also in Abuja can I get at hmedix. Thanks
Romance / Re: Nigerian Ex-lovers Melt Hearts With Their Emotional Exchange On Facebook. - Read by dammysel(f): 4:40pm On Apr 19, 2018
Similar to my ex and I, just days to his birthday I sent a message and kept in touch till the day. He was really speechless and extremely happy.


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Travel / Re: Easter Holidaying In Abuja by dammysel(f): 10:10am On Mar 23, 2018
I will be spending my easther holiday in Abuja, my first time in the capital city of Abuja, staying between 5-7 days

I will like to get a comfortable hotel on low budget

1- Ac
2- in a nice area
3- light (especially at nite, the hotel must on their Gen till dawn)

Budget 6k-10k per nite

Recommend hotel and location for a first timer.

Will like to also know fun spot too.

Dear OP someone tagged me to help out on this post. The truth is I don't really know hotels in abuja but one thing is Google can be your best bet as you could have unbelievable cheap hotels in town without knowing sef. I could suggest fun places here and there but for hoyels I really dunno. Best wishes in your stay and be careful in all.
Career / Re: 5 Reasons It Is Better To Work In Lagos Than Abuja by dammysel(f): 5:36pm On Mar 22, 2018

Accomodation is far cheaper in Abuja than Lagos. There are suburbs that you will still get descent accommodation under 400k for a 2 bedroom flat and if you factor security. road network and general serenity, Abuja trumps Lagos. How much is a flat in Egbeda going for now? 500-600K!

Abuja has the best road network in Nigeria and transportation in Abuja is far cheaper than Lagos. You can get a drop from Kubwa to the Airport for 2,500k - a distance of more than 50km! That is twice the distance from Oshodi to Apapa. How much does it cost to take a drop from Apapa to V.I? Or those your useless wooden chair danfos that cost about 400 naira from Allen to Obalende?

Abuja may not have a high density of oloshos but olosho still dey and far better than those smelly Lagos girls. Because I know what you meant by night life you are referring to Olosho joints.

Talk of joints and you have a retinue of serene gardens and parks you can go and relax. Security also makes Abuja far better than Lagos. Out of boredom when I first arrived Abuja, I will leave my then resident at Lugbe FHA and drive to Wuse 2 around 2am. Can I try that nonesene in omota lagos?

Boys come to Abuja and become Men. Property business is booming and virtually any other venture. If you want a 9-5 remain in your urban jungle

You just spoke my mind. It couldn't have been poured out in a better way. I've worked in both Lagos and Abuja. In less than a year na me know how much I save compared to expensive danfos and lagos drops. Let's not even start with rents. OP try again.


Romance / Re: 14 February 2018: Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday Or Soccer Where Will You Be? by dammysel(f): 1:26am On Feb 14, 2018
Celebrating my birthday �����

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Romance / Re: One Simple Way To Know If You Truly Love Someone. by dammysel(f): 12:10pm On Feb 12, 2018

Babes, how about we take a ride on one of my cows with the largest hump around Abuja?

Lol. No wahala oh
Romance / Re: One Simple Way To Know If You Truly Love Someone. by dammysel(f): 10:31pm On Feb 11, 2018
I love my ex...but I had to let go.
This picture doesn't totally say it all.


Politics / Re: President Buhari's Working Visit In Nasarawa State In Pictures by dammysel(f): 5:32pm On Feb 06, 2018
He should branch Benue na it's not far. Shior!
Romance / Re: A Sex Doll Joins Instagram, Gets Followers, Shares Photos With Her Man In Bed by dammysel(f): 10:50pm On Jan 25, 2018
Very boring ������
Romance / Re: Where's The Best Place To Meet Extremely Rich And Wealthy Husband Materials? by dammysel(f): 5:20pm On Jan 25, 2018

true words...
buh in the quest of looking for a rich man the probability of her ending in one chance is high..
just pray for a dude to give a comfortable life and not necessarily he must be overly rich..
nevertheless what does she have to offer..
i repeat she smells of gold-digging..
and if i where to give her to any of my friends the story wont end well for her undecided undecided

Ok sir....
Romance / Re: Where's The Best Place To Meet Extremely Rich And Wealthy Husband Materials? by dammysel(f): 1:43pm On Jan 25, 2018

babe your smart smiley smiley
buh i don't think God will answer the prayer of a gold-digger... undecided undecided

Well I'm not for or against.
but then some people have suffered so much while growing up they believe a rich husband will par way for their family. ...like I said I'm not supporting or against a gold digger ...Na she know where this shoe dey pain her....who knows a rich man might be looking for a girl to colonise too. He just wants her to be house wife and a mother while he spends... this life ehn !
Romance / Re: Where's The Best Place To Meet Extremely Rich And Wealthy Husband Materials? by dammysel(f): 1:18pm On Jan 25, 2018
I live and work in Abuja and NO i don't have a rich boyfriend or rich husband yet. ...of course we all would love to marry a comfortable man and if God decides to bless us with men that are extremely comfortable with legitimate money,we'll be grateful...but sweetheart just focus on getting a job for now,build a career and take everything to God in prayer honestly that man that you're asking for can even figure you out here on nairaland without you searching for him at rich boys hangout places sef..xxxx
Best wishes babes.


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Yahoo Boy In Abuja While Withdrawing £30,000 (Photo) by dammysel(f): 1:05pm On Jan 25, 2018
Eyah. ...unclewasnt smart enough
Romance / Re: 28-Year-Old Lawyer In Abuja Is Looking For A Husband (Photo) by dammysel(f): 1:08am On Jan 23, 2018

yes oo.there is no how on this earth a lady will say she hasnt been approached by a man.even very ugly babes get approached by men for marriage on a daily basis not to talk of someone as attractive as this.something is wrong somewhere.

Permit me to say nothing is wrong anywhere. Our belief system is judgemental and terrible. Yes a lady can be hardworking in this abuja and not find a man till God says it's time. You resume work 8 close 5 and go home straight till the next morning. You go out once in a while. Next is church. You'll only meet your husband when it's time. I'm not supporting or against points but I hate it when people say something is wrong somewhere because a good looking well behaved hardworking babe is single!

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Politics / Re: Breaking!! Darkness Engulf Some Parts Of Nigeria by dammysel(f): 11:14pm On Jan 02, 2018
Almost every part of abuja is dark too maybe all by now sef.
Celebrities / Re: Maryiam Elisha Rikaotobyme Who Gave Bride's Dress To Mercy Aigbe Reacts by dammysel(f): 3:51pm On Jan 02, 2018
Big lie!!!!
Romance / Re: Can You Date Your Boss Or Colleague?: Nigerians React by dammysel(f): 12:00am On Dec 08, 2017
If my boss is single and wants something serious as a young CEO,YES I can date him. Build a future together and become partners.
Car Talk / Re: These Are 6 Signs Your Car Needs An Engine Repair by dammysel(f): 4:25pm On Nov 12, 2017

The guy just probably erased the check engine light.. He dint solve the root cause of the light.. Scan the car and post the codes let guruz help you out..

Ok noted. Thanks

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Car Talk / Re: These Are 6 Signs Your Car Needs An Engine Repair by dammysel(f): 11:02am On Nov 12, 2017
My car keeps showing this Check orange light took it to the Mech guy he used computer to do whatever it is and it disappeared few days later the light came back. The car is functioning perfectly but the light gives me concern honestly.
Education / Re: Futminna Postgraduate Experience (seeking Info) by dammysel(f): 6:21pm On Nov 07, 2017
I have printed my admission letter and payment details. U never hear ni? Join our WhatsApp group.

Thanks but it keeps showing page unavailable oh
Education / Re: Futminna PG Aspirants(2017/2018) by dammysel(f): 6:12pm On Nov 07, 2017
Please oh I need to be added to the whatsapp group
Education / Re: Futminna Postgraduate Experience (seeking Info) by dammysel(f): 6:06pm On Nov 07, 2017
I'm so happy I came across this thread. I just got accepted into the PG School. I'm trying to find answers about fees from an ex student. Thanks
Crime / Re: Jeko Jomo, Lady Missing After Suicide Threat On Instagram by dammysel(f): 11:13am On Oct 30, 2017
I really don't pity anybody threatening suicide,
Because I know what I've passed through in this life to get where I'm now.
They should know that nothing good comes easy despite the route you followed, you can't gain if you don't lose, but have it in mind that at the end of the tunnel there's must be light.

Honestly. But it is well

Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 12:02am On Oct 27, 2017
Don't ever listen to anyone here saying calm down, settle it outside social media or leave it to God. Don't make that mistake.

You worked for your money which he fraudulently collected from you. Make sure you get ALL your money back before taking down his pictures. Social media is all you've got. These evidences are crucial. People like him have a way of getting away with prosecution in a corrupt system like ours. They can easily bribe their way out and police will frustrate you.

His wife must have benefited from the crime either actively or passively, knowingly or unknowingly. It took your posting his wife's pictures to get him pay a part of the money. All he wants is to get you to take down all the images. He is not remorseful at all. If posting his wife's pictures will get you your money back please post it o. I have 30k real followers on Twitter, I will help you repost them across social media.

Only those who have never fallen victim to scam will not know how losing your hard earned money feels.

God bless you my brother that was why myself ,my entire family and friends came for him on social media and that's how we got him to even pay some only for my friends on Nairaland to call me to tell me he's writing shameless things here, please take him.anywhere till he confesses or apologise. Very Evil Human oh. Chai Dan you're cursed! Aren't you scared?
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 11:20pm On Oct 26, 2017
Lastly on this thread....I am my entire family leave you to God. We know God is a God of revenge and Vengeance , he'll come to you like a dragon spitting fire, he'll make very thing you've wished us be your children and even generations to come's portion. The Lord who is mighty in battle would make you cry with no tears,make you ťoil with no proof for it even unto your 4th generation. May plagues fall on you and every one who mocks this pain and stress you've put through. We leave you to the one who can do exceedingly and judge without being biased.
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 11:03pm On Oct 26, 2017
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 8:29pm On Oct 26, 2017
Dammysel, no need attaching any chat history. Just tell u what you want now.

I'm a transparent person biko
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 8:23pm On Oct 26, 2017

Cc Ageva20 why did u rent out an illegal house?
Don't tell me someone will wake up one morning to defame u if u had no link with the house thing? I for no talk put oo, but considering the fact u re married man makes this sad...

dammysel kindly remove the pic that had him & his wife...U re lady, e no make sense...
The wife is not part of this...

Yes I've removed it I guess my anger pushed me to the extreme and thus was the only picture we got. This guy rendered me homeless oh because the legal owner came and Dan ran away . Now for saying he slept with me. I'm thinking of a fresh case.
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 8:10pm On Oct 26, 2017
One of our first SMS in March when my agent introduceD me to him and I paid the same day followed by me asking if all necessary payments have been made. I pay you to eat how can you sleep with me? Lol

Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 7:39pm On Oct 26, 2017
Don't fight with a naked man who has no integrity to protect....I refuse to fight a man who has no integrity to protect imagine you a married man writing shamelessly about sleeping with a girl and she didn't marry you and you say your wife is at home? No sir. I pity the woman that said YES to you. Choi.
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 7:36pm On Oct 26, 2017
Properties / Re: Fake Agents by dammysel(f): 7:25pm On Oct 26, 2017

Is the bold the actual reason why the op opened this thread to defame your image?
cc: dammysel what do u have to say about this?
My dear I was so nice not to arrest this guy after finding out the house was illegal. I will attach pictures of all our messages and voice calls. (I'm not a gutter babe) I'm pretty intelligent for keeping these stuffs. He asked a police to call me and beg me to delete all posts and I did all those on Facebook between man and God because he said his wife isn't happy her husband is being called 419. I agreed but the Nairaland own I didn't know how to go about it and that's why it's still here. I was already pitying this guy that by tonight I'll come and ask oh

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