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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DarkRebel69: 10:51am On Nov 08, 2021
Man, shoutout to Darkrebel. One of the sickest textcees of my set. If not the sickest.

I’ve been reading up some old bars and it’s only right I pay homage. This is me giving you your flowers, Darkrebel. You are appreciated.

God bless you wherever you are. No cap.

Long time, man. Hope you've been doing fine?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - 2024 Elections — Biden’s Presidency! by DarkRebel69: 7:56am On Jun 02, 2021
I don't even know who you are, but I log into Nairaland after weeks or months and still see someone mouthing off my monicker. "Darkrebel", "Darkrebel", "Darkrebel" everytime. Ahan! grin

Dude, it's been 6 years, going to 7 years now since I was active here — that's roughly 2,400 days. When will you stop this Nairaland shenanigans and do something tangible? I'm not saying that you aren't already doing productive things though, but surely every man reaches a stage in his life when he'd naturally give up the wasteful exuberance of youth.

You have some talent in writing, judging from your correspondence with Ibime, so maybe you could divert this energy — on a full-time basis — into writing non-fiction, such as creative essays for literary magazines, or perhaps a novel?

I don't know, man, but if I had a gift of words, I'd be trying to get published by The New Yorker or The Paris Review or the LRB, not wasting my gifts on NL.

I've got no quarrel with Ibime, please. Whatever words were exchanged between him and me years ago were typical rap section bants, and yes, I concede that I'd used gone a tad too far at some point, but I'd long apologised to him privately. As I said, "exuberance of youth". I know for a fact that he's successful in his career, is highly intelligent, and that he's a great guy.

Fight with him if you want, but try not to insert my monicker into that murky business.

Thanks, and bye. I won't be responding to further messages. I'm too busy for that, sir.


Now he's playing the victim like he always does when cornered. Like he did when DarkRebel was whipping him with personals which made the reading public beg DarkRebel to stop. A teenager (he was then) whopped you to tears. A teenager you could bear.

Go on Twitter, search "Ibime". You'd read Twitter users saying "Ibime don old o. You remember that guy? E suppose don big pass to dey battle children for Nairaland na." This was as far back as 2012. You were one of the pests on here when Eldee came and retired. Young ones like Limerick came and you were still here.

It's like those thuggish never-do-wells in hidden street corners as kids who still remained there as we grew and became adults. And when folks compare them to us, their only retort is: "I bin dey clean im shoe for am when im be small pikin."

Nairaland bears testimony to your documented uneventful quest to be somebody.

You were a punter on Nairaland before Akin Alabi joined. He moved on to found NairaBet and becoming a NASS member but you are still a Nairaland punter, arguing about Morata and DrinkPetrol like bad mixtape on repeat blaring from damaged speakers on an MP3 player.

Ibimental case!

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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DarkRebel69: 2:08pm On Apr 18, 2021
Really long long time ago.....all these fellas ditched this zone and left it dry

I think text rap battling has been a relic for some years now. Not just here, but generally, even in those subreddits where it used to be an intense affair.

There are crops of YouTube-based, Nigerian rap battle leagues now, with many, if not all, modelled after Smack URL and KOTD.

In BRN (Battle Rap Nigeria), former Nairaland-Facebook textcees like U3 and PenPriest are regulars.

I try to watch some local and foreign brawls, but having little time to spare has made it a mostly inconsistent pleasure.

I also don't enjoy many of the local content. They come off as painful knock-offs — what with their insincere American accents and lingo? — and the overusage of “gun bars” by the emcees makes it a snooze-fest, at least for me.

Twitter is the in-thing now, though the app encourages anything but rigour of thought.

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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DarkRebel69: 1:45pm On Apr 18, 2021
Quite an age.

Airmark. grin

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Rap Battles / Re: * * ~ Match Of Wits III - Ema Prince Vs Ibime ~ * * by DarkRebel69: 1:44pm On Apr 18, 2021
Mr man, where you been all these days?

I dey hustle, bruv. Buhari regime hard wella. lipsrsealed

Trust you're doing great, man?
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DarkRebel69: 7:34am On Apr 18, 2021

Wow grin

Nigga, what's good? Hope you're doing well?
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DarkRebel69: 12:35am On Apr 18, 2021

How far, bro?

I hear say you don get pikin now. grin

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Rap Battles / Re: * * ~ Match Of Wits III - Ema Prince Vs Ibime ~ * * by DarkRebel69: 12:33am On Apr 18, 2021
The good old days.

In your last two fights in this clime/you almost died as a swine/taking on prince?that's a mountain you shouldn't be eying to climb/
Cos these bars I designed..will make you lose your remaining life lines . . Once you puts your life on the line!!

Coog and 3 made some deadly advances/ that weakened him and exposed his flaws,now I'm aiming his lapses/
Cos while they were getting him pummeled,I was digging a '6ft' for bis . . Now its time to 'bury my chances'/

He'll be likely bruised in this fight/ for squaring up to a man bright and oozing with might/
A man with punches so sparkling and 'eye-catching' . . One strike,he looses his sight!!!

Ibime should stay alone and pray for his sins/ cos I'm dispatching goons to his home to slay all his kins/
They'll make him die like Steven in the bible . . They just a 'stone throw' away from his crib/

Prince!! I cometh with my main squad/ 1st and 2nd group of men arrived and made him confess within seconds/
But he'll be lynched once the 'third men land' . . That's murder at the longest bridge in lagos/

Listen punk! I'm back with the facts/ heard talks about kritz,Ice,Prince on your balls and you happy with that?
Truth is...you wouldn't be alive if Ice,Prince and 'co rode' your d1ck . . Cos that's and acid attack!!!

Been married for 4yrs still you yet to have kids/ you aint man enough,your sper.m is killed and dead,that's it/
Or maybe like your name was Nemanja . . . You lacking the skills in 'bed-matic'/
Wifey will soon take drastic/turn/ and pack,she's hurt/since U3's ur new ga.y partner,she sadly leanrt/
You fu.cked him once,his @ss was torn/he came back for more/you started saying stuffs like "U turn,U turn" like traffic terms!

.............You loved it from the back........

Thought u won the blaq? U bragged u'll hold him a hostage/but mik saved u when his personals was choking you rodent/
You never killed blaq! Cos a probe into your past proved you aint a murderer . . I mean,'no BONES in your closet'/

I chase and adore cuties/ with sweet face and warm boo.bies/ but he's chased by who.re groupies/
Even his wife is a b1tch! And his 'ex rated' in the same class with babes in 'por.n movies'/

Prince is a sage and I'm older/ if my rage starts to smoulder/ I'll attack his face with a boulder/
And brutally change his looks in this 'face-off' . . Like cage and travolta!!/

Came around your wifey,daft/she was too proud and high of class/stuffs that came out her mouth was pile of trash/
I said "I know ur blood's boiling,but once I grab the 'mag ma'..I'll make it rush to the ground like pyroclast/
Still spewing trash,not yet cautious/ said she's too pretty to die,I was just left nautious/
So I let the mag speak and had her lifeless on the floor . . . Dam.n!!..she was 'drop dead' gorgeous/

I get riches in tons/ girls die for the prince..with they @ss breath ceasing and plump/
There's nothing to 'write home' about bis . . But I'll make sure the news of his death reaches his mom/

This shouldn't be called a tough bout/ I'll be amazed if the brawl is not rout/
And even football managers could sit and judge this brawl and still testisfy that in this verse,all your flaws been 'dug out'/

Rap Battles / Re: * * ~ Match Of Wits III - Ema Prince Vs Ibime ~ * * by DarkRebel69: 12:33am On Apr 18, 2021
Omo! I feel old!


I’m Aladdin with the flow/ He tryna challenge with the pros/ but Prekky whooped him. . . . last time he tried to battle for the throne/
so any beating 'Ib add on'. . . . should let the fággot nigga know/. . . that you can’t compare Prince . . . .to Alaafin of Oyo!/

They gon’ welcome the homie in heaven/ when I 'send Prince home'. . . like Ghana coach did to Kevin!/
cos he can’t fit my boots. . . . and if he try the 'cap size'. . . I’ll have him playing with the fishes. . . .in 'Ocean’s 11'!!/

Black Canaanite/ I aim on sight/ Even if he carry guns. . . my sabre knife/ will take his life/
I’ll only bring a blade to fight. . . . and have the pússy running with two double barrels . . . . he’s Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce!/

You better wave the white towel!/ This Carl Lewis vs Mike Powell/ A lame duck against a night owl/
He on a wild goose chase. . . .where Kite's prowl/ . . .but I rule the roost . . . so when you lose. . . . don't cry fowl!/

The weak crony/ spit phony/ Every shot he take 'go miss'. . . .I’m Wilf Bony!/
His girl suck fifteen homies/. . . . she’s the village headmaster. . . .he’s Giringory!/

The hómo's mum/ named him Emmanuel. . . . like he's Jehovah's chosen one/ but we know she’s dumb/
. . so one punch will make her 'come to her census'. . . .like Mary’s trip to Bethlehem. . . .to bear Joseph’s son!/

I beat the nigga till he navy blue/ force your mouth open. . . .then shove a grenade in you/
and when it detonate, his body will scatter. . . and leave Prince everywhere. . . . like Ksslib’s shoe!/ (prints)

He celebrate . . . being celibate. . . I’m fascinated/ Before this battle, I had sex. . . .he másturbated/ Ema has been emasculáted/
He shout "Team püssy free!". . . well, his name’s Emmanuel. . . . even his conception was Immaculated!!/

Real G’s already calculated. . . that love don’t cost a penny/ Claim you chasing money over püssy. . . . like it’s bought with levy/
but begging for recharge card on FFR. . . shows your pockets empty/ cos Ema don’t prosper. . . .like weapons formed against me!!/

Broke nigga! . . . his whole future’s etched in sorrow/ If he don’t beg today, he’ll beg tomorrow/
I thought the nigga was from Queensbridge . . . . the way he rep the 'borrow'!/

So if he say he getting money, he talking búll/. . . and if he say he a big baller. . . . that simply means his bálls is full/ I’m a blind student. . . .that means, I’m taking dog to school!/ And since Ema’s a 'knit wit'. . . . I brought needles . . . . to stitch his brain full of 'cotton wool'!/

Niggas see my Hublot. . . they like "Nice watch, man!"/ Jon Snow of Nairaland. . . I’m in the Knights watch man/
Ema ain’t a Prince, nor a Knights watch man. . . .he’s just a "nice watchman". . . . .according to his abóki colleagues . . . . who are night watchmen!/
At night, he watch men. . . . while I’m boning ladies/ and he’s also my chauffer ladies!/
So when I send him to pick you up. . . you'll know it's Ema. . .cos his image doesn’t match. . . with the chrome Mercedes!/

I rose from Hades/. . . my Excalibur from Avalon/ My soldiers slay gees/ like Eragon/ when the battles on/
so if Prince go against the King. . . they’ll chop his head from a tree. . . .I’m David. . . he’s Absalom!/

I run marathon/ from Aragon/ . . . Your bars most filler/ Whichever verse this 'stan field'. . . .I'm 'Marlo’s' killer!/
And we’ll see if his heart hold liver/ when I spark those triggers/ I’m Samson. . . . I bring the whole stadium down. . . .when I shake Kano Pillars!!/

Nairaland / General / Re: Welcome, New Nairalanders by DarkRebel69: 3:27pm On Apr 22, 2020
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of Europe 2021 by DarkRebel69: 6:41pm On Mar 16, 2020

Between 2006-2011 Xavi created 455chances in 5years


Lampard creating 134 chances in 08/09, the most of any of his last five seasons by 20 chances. and creating 114 chances 09/10 (second most of the last five seasons). In 10/11 52 the lowest. If we took an average for the other two years we have 100per season plus lowest possible average 83per season. That's more 480 chances in 5years

I read the content in the two links. Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it. But this isn't what I want, as this isn't comprehensive enough. For one the five-year comparisons you've made doesn't account for the number of appearances that both players had in that five-year period. Also, it seems to consider more of Lampard's best seasons than Xavi's best seasons, so perhaps the comparison isn't very proportionate.

I was hoping for a platform where I could get a complete stat, specifically on "chance created" right from when Xavi made it to Barcelona's first team (1998) and Lampard made his way to Chelsea ('01), and which includes the number of appearances they made per season (both club and country). I want to begin the comparisons when both players had become regular starters for their respective teams.

I know it might be impossible to lay my hands on such a platform, but let me see what Ibime says.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of Europe 2021 by DarkRebel69: 3:39pm On Mar 16, 2020
Nairaland / General / Re: A Thread For Night Crawlers. (late Sleepers) by DarkRebel69: 11:31pm On Jan 30, 2020

Bad guy

Chief. Abeg check your mail.
Nairaland / General / Re: A Thread For Night Crawlers. (late Sleepers) by DarkRebel69: 6:46pm On Jan 18, 2020
Family / Re: Should Bride Price Be Abolished? by DarkRebel69: 7:59am On Jun 11, 2019

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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by DarkRebel69: 7:00am On Jun 08, 2019

Scofield was withal bulwarked by plot armor. Fact is, most protagonist are enshroud in plot armors. It's what it is.

Scofield even more so than Professor... since plot armours are used to prevent protagonists from death or fatal injury, and Scofield got into these death-lurking situations more frequently than El Professor.
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by DarkRebel69: 12:54am On Jun 08, 2019

Please don't compare the Professor that is protected with plot armor with Micheal Scofield.

What does this even mean?
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by DarkRebel69: 7:18pm On Jun 07, 2019
Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) is so underrated... obviously due to its linguistic medium (Spanish). Still it remains the most watched non-English show on Netflix.

The way El Professor draws up a strategy, which accounts for every possible scenario, every possible outcome, every contingency, I'd say he'd give Michael Scofield (Prison Break) a run for his money.

I wonder if there would be a season three (3).

I'm hooked on one of the theme songs used in the series (Bella Ciao) -- the anti-fascist anthem.

Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao...

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Celebrities / Re: Bisi Alimi Reacts To Biyavanga Wainaina's Death At 48 by DarkRebel69: 7:08pm On Jun 07, 2019
Hello there sweet friend. tongue

I've missed you o. Are you still sweet and crazy? tongue
Between the last time we spoke and now I must have had 3 or 4 girlfriends... grin Long time, no talk...
Celebrities / Re: Bisi Alimi Reacts To Biyavanga Wainaina's Death At 48 by DarkRebel69: 10:41pm On Jun 06, 2019
Thats not nice, that’s a person just like you. From all we know about him, he doesn’t deserve to be talked about in the manner you have. You should really think about it. We all sin differently, even if he had any sins, some forgivable atleast. undecided

Hello, stranger...
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Introduces Somadina Adinma To Her Husband, Ned Nwoko by DarkRebel69: 11:59pm On Jun 01, 2019

The old man does not deserve any respect. He looks ridiculous among all these young people. Instead of being a father figure to them, he is interested in bl*eeping their age mates.

Ageist much?
Travel / Re: Everything You Should Know About The “black Box” Of An Airplane by DarkRebel69: 10:31pm On Apr 08, 2019
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 12:51am On Apr 07, 2019
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 9:29pm On Jul 05, 2018
Sports / Re: Uruguay Vs Portugal: World Cup (2 - 1) On 30th June 2018 by DarkRebel69: 11:27pm On Jun 30, 2018

Goal keepers have a longer career span than attackers. The even reach the prime in their late 20s unlike attackers who usually peak at 24 or 25(mid20s)

Is there any logical explanation as to why goalkeepers reach their prime in their late 20's?
Sports / Re: Uruguay Vs Portugal: World Cup (2 - 1) On 30th June 2018 by DarkRebel69: 9:21pm On Jun 30, 2018
In 4 years time will Messi and Ronaldo play in next world cup?

Ronaldo would be 37 by then, and Messi would be 35.

It's more likely that Messi features in the next World Cup, if he chooses not to retire from international football. We've seen players that are 40+ play in the World Cup - Egypt's goalie for example (he is 45 years old).


Sports / Re: Uruguay Vs Portugal: World Cup (2 - 1) On 30th June 2018 by DarkRebel69: 9:16pm On Jun 30, 2018

He doesn’t cry, even when he loses. He’s not a sore loser like the other short man.

CR7 remains the best!

Did Messi cry after today's loss to France?

Ronaldo is more theatrical & emotional than Messi (it doesn't take anything away from his quality though).

The media describe Messi as reticient & “stoic”, and rightly so.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 6:48pm On Jun 30, 2018
Bro, all barka dogs are guilty of this. They may pretend and not admit it, but they all prayed for an Argentina victory over Nigeria. Bloody idiots

“Barka dogs”?

Grow up, man... Football is not all there is to life.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 1:08pm On Jun 27, 2018
I'm surprised no one's talked about Messi's half-time pep talk, which as well proved crucial in Argentina's win - at least it did in Rio Ferdinand's opinion.

It is reported that Messi offered some words of encouragement to his teammates & asked them to take shots at goal whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Extroversion & the capacity for leadership are not mutually exclusive. One can both be a non-extrovert & a good leader at the same time, and Messi proved the critics wrong yesterday who in the past have questioned his leadership qualities.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 12:53pm On Jun 27, 2018

Where did you learn your own football? Only fickle born yesterday fan like you can be swayed by a little blood on someone's face.

Mascherano that was the worst player on the pitch today, misplacing passes upandan. He misplaced like 5 passes in the first 10 minutes, then went to nod his own player to concede the corner, then he gave away the penalty. Inbetween times Musa was winding his waste like somebody dancing salsa.

It seems all one needs to do to be considered a Lion is cut their face and play rubbish.

If Argentina are truly serious about winning this WC, they will drop Mascherano pronto.

I concur, Mascherano is completely washed-up. I watched the game against Iceland and took note of his misplaced passes and ill-timed tackles. It's such minute and unchecked errors that often accumulates until it leads to a debacle. They - La Albiceleste - didn't address the issue after the game, probably because it didn't cause any serious damage, and that was why they got defeated 3-0 by Croatia.

One would think that all those years spent at FC Barcelona - getting steeped in the Tiki-taka culture - would mean that he'd at least be capable of executing accurate passes, but no... He's all brute & no brains.

Some would argue that he's since moved to China & hasn't been playing competitive football in a while, but then Paulinho maintained his form even after a long spell in China.

I think Mascherano would be more useful if he played as a central back like he did at FCB, rather than playing as a holding midfielder - a position that's no longer natural for him to play in. He's not creative and has got zero midfield presence. He has an abysmal presence of mind (which accounts for his poor tackles most of the time), his first-touch control of the ball usually is piss-poor; he's often indecisive & can't get the ball out of tricky situations as fluidly as a Sergio Busquets or Casemiro would do.

If I were the coach and I had no better replacement, I'd field Mascherano as CB rather than as DMF - that way there would be less damage.

But of course, when defending against pacy players like Neymar & CR7 who are very "professional" in drawing out fouls, having a Mascherano as CB could prove disastrous (his old age & poor presence of mind comes to play here).

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Religion / Re: Good Friday: 7 Catholic Devotees Nailed To Cross In Philippines (photos) by DarkRebel69: 9:47pm On Mar 30, 2018
I wasn't shocked when I read a while ago that hyper-religiosity is one of the many effects of frontal lobe epilepsy - the same type of epilepsy that induces hypergraphia and emotional volatility.

I've always reasoned that only a chronic defect of the mind could push a man to do ludicrous, and often self-nefarious, things just so as to get on the good books of some invisible entity which may or may not exist.

This is borderline lunacy.

For all those doubting the legitimacy of this account, I'd suggest you research Ruben Enaje.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by DarkRebel69: 11:21pm On Mar 14, 2018
What a game! Lionel Messi is indubitably the best footballer of all time!

We dominated the game so well that Chelsea were made to look like a struggling, low-tier club.

Força Barça!


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